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Top Customer Reviews: Dell part active ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 3 ratings
5 / 5
This is not down to a vendor but DELL, a dell the web of place has said that this was compatible with my new laptop but has not been, like this still in a box, the new mark and unused. So much the cant revise it.
5 / 5
The pen Adds partorisca the Dell portable I amour a way that can you clique the key and rub out of quell'arrived partorisca draw. Very practical, desire that could be attaches to a laptop magnetically.
5 / 5
Passt nicht Zoom 7320, €5,40 Rücksende kosten Die selbst zu zahlen sind

Top Customer Reviews: SensorPush G1 WiFi ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 14 ratings
5 / 5
The Works likes them expected but of his expensive and the ones of those who included to see why the sound has required. Better of state to do a sensor powered and wireless. I have paid £150 partorisca take this and a sensor.. thats The plot partorisca just a temp reading !!!

The better solution is partorisca take the camera of security (£50) and the exposure of sensor /of the temperature ( £5) ..Point a camera in a sensor to the equal that calm can read it... Calm then security of the and can see a temp partorisca the PLOT less and calm of the that requires a subject extra.
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Such the loan little device. My partner and I run a subject of Ice cream, Gel partorisca Pop United Kingdom and in the require be able to constantly register a temperature of a freezer partorisca alimentary security. We have tried so many different devices, concealed looked partorisca fail on we quickly.

This device and his sensors this in spite of fantastic sound, attentive and convenient, small and compress his tick each box.

Has had any questions or of the light questions a company SensorPush has a lot of be quickly partorisca answer and solve.

Honradamente Can not recommend enough and have sensors for our freezers of personal/refrigerator now so only for a knowledge is doing correctly and in a right temperature.

Like the note lateralmente, when we are trading, take the sensor with us and of the places he in a freezer of the van and he is like this easy to read he street Bluetooth without a door. A door is so only adds for us so many have peaces to import whilst is was and roughly that some the main freezers are doing properly and was to have the powercut or the dysfunction of freezer has smoked quickly with some alert and have time to do something roughly that.
5 / 5
Ossia The brilliant piece of boxes. I need a sensor (sold for separate) and the mobile phone with bluetooth and wifi to take this all dip up. Has a sensor in the house of hedgehog that 40 ft out of our door of cookery. We control a temperature to be sure any interior that takes too hot. A Door is inner , hid under the cup of contadora of the cookery approaches a door and he chooses on a signal of a sensor without failure. Maintaining can control a temperature of our telephones anywhere in a world. They are writing this of the hotel in some the EUA and can read a temperature. Besides, I can take alert for big and under temp and humidity. Besides, there is small for date of historical minute in the base of year of the rolling Some developers have promised the version of PC of an application to the equal that will be able to see computers also. A neighbour on instructions that come with a device is essentially useless. But a web of place has adds has detailed instructions he so that it suggest that you go there first and not trying hooking he up with some instructions of paper in a box. As I have said, the piece adds of boxes.
4 / 5
This product was quite easy to dip up. First tentativa has failed, but some instructions say calm in this chance to change all was, some paralizaciones fixed normal more things. He then done perfectly.

Maintenances the sensor in a loft in the house of two histories and does not have any question with some connections, which leave me to verify temp and humidities as well as it takes to look yes temp fallen out of a temp the row has dipped.

Is the little expensive, but work and does exactly that has loved.
5 / 5
Utilisation this product to control temperature and levels of humidities in the reptilian mine vivariums. Some sensors are very attentive, and one spends once dipped on works perfectly. I have had some questions that creates and running, and a support (invernadero email) was first tax. An excellent product in the each way.
5 / 5
I have loved to be able to read a SensorPush devices wherever are and this does a work - transparently. It is a lot of fact, and good works. That can be bit it expensive but this product is in an early phase in his life. I recommend it.
5 / 5
Brilliant product! Easy to dip up and works perfectly! It gives the enormous quantity of useful and attentive data. Recommending it by all the world know! A bit pricey but well currency he.
5 / 5
Works really well, very of confidence and attentive readings, the time verified of another side of a world. Has 2 sensors and when the side for side there is showed almost exactly some readings and same time of humidity.

Thank you Push of sensor! Please develop an application more, is to add but could be the better
5 / 5
SensorPush I products are excellent, and would not look anywhere more for humidity and crew of far temperature of control. Yes, a prize is in a big side, but value he. A company has thought clearly by means of a lot thoroughly a creation of his products, and his use, and a result is the WiFi spends that the a lot of has manufactured looks, and is doddle to dip up and use, and a connection among door and looks of the sensor totally of confidence. I can it does not be missing he. Well he SensorPush.
5 / 5
This leave to verify whats that goes in with some temperatures in mine greenhouses of anywhere using my mobile phone. It has dipped the temperature alerts that coming by means of the my telephone. Very easy to dip up. Some sensors and a WiFi the door does really well, exactly that has required, and his hips that interest to see graphs of as the temperature and the diverse humidity. 10/10 To some people those who is coming up with east!
5 / 5
Uses this product to control temperature and levels of humidities in the reptilian mine vivariums. Some sensors are very attentive, and one spends once dipped on works perfectly. I have had some questions that creates and running, and a support (invernadero email) was first tax. An excellent product in the each way.
4 / 5
Has loved to be able to read a SensorPush devices wherever are and this does a work - transparently. It is a lot of fact, and good works. That can be bit it expensive but this product is in an early phase in his life. I recommend it.
4 / 5
Does really well, very of confidence and attentive readings, the time verified of another side of a world. Has 2 sensors and when the side for side there is showed almost exactly some readings and same time of humidity.

Thank you Push of sensor! Please develop an application more, is to add but could be included better
5 / 5
If it love temperatures of measure remotely – while you are holidays , partorisca the calm chance then will require this partorisca sustain some sensors that sells.

Frankly in a prize – I thinks is extremely expensive. I suppose that ossia partly economies of stairs because I suppose that they do not sell too many of them but in all the chance, when it thinks that can take the subject quite fast much more fully looked that this for the prize the economic plus that this, @give you that is paying by means of a nose.

In all the chance dips on good. Any particular question. This in spite of does in Bluetooth or Wi-Fi and calm will find it much easier disable a Bluetooth in an application and simply he on Wi-Fi. A Bluetooth the implementation is lumpy.

A thing finds quite amazing and really quite naïve is that there are not a lot of lights of indicator so that any calm really the any feedback to the equal that to that is going in. Calm does not know Bluetooth is on or no, is connected or calm no – has to that look in an application. An application is good – but is very slow to react. For chance, has dipped on my door and has had league wirelessly to my telephone. An application has said that a state of a door was that it was 'on-line'. I unplugged A door of some hands so that it was entirely was. The averages an hour later a telephone application has said although it was 'on-line'.

This is programming very poor in fact. Of course now it was impossible for them to install lights of indicator in a unit – although it can be, for firmware, possible to take a blue light flashing or has included a red light – or the combination of them. For this class of money thinks the little has bitten more user-the friendly interface is not a unreasonable expectation. I expect that a next version will have signals more visual in a unit.

Clearly does not have quite a lot of competition in a phase. If these people have had more than does a same class of what with a same functionality – then would owe that take ready in the expensive and a client would have the treat better and much more economic also.

Top Customer Reviews: DS920+ 4BAY 2.0GHZ ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 48 ratings
4 / 5
It had been looking partorisca purchase the IN The for a past few years but could not justify a cost vs. Functionality. I have decided to jump in the pocolas saws of deals and has achieved was to the fellow familiarised and has recommended volume a DS920+. It has finalised partorisca be liberto 1 leading month and has said based in a functionality, calm also could go for some 900 models in place of a down more tier models. After doing some investigation and investing almost bend that foreseen on investing in a first place, can see reason has recommended me partorisca take this model.

Has the plot of limitations with 2 bay or lower tiered models that you could not remark immediately, as I recommend always upsizing your IN THE when purchasing for long term. It had been planning this compraventa for the long time and I am by train for the use the backup my photos, documents and half comunicacionales. The law adds like the Plex Server and running docker containers for vpn/the downloads does well. To use these products to his full potential will require to comprise like this to do a little simple programming and configure ip allocutions etc. Out of a box still can be used like the tool of coverage/of powerful backup but you wont be by train to use to his full potential. This be has said that has learnt all have required to for google looking for and reading the forums have related to some subjects have run in to.

TLDR; To the Experience likes of first IN The, highly recommend the 4 model of bay for future expansion and a software/the characteristic available is very impressive. What only I probably desire thus more ram, but this is to add easily later when I require it.
4 / 5
...But to the left converged on this SHEER action of this device! ( It goes that I there?) With which 20 years to use old HDDs the behind-on my personal material, has looked for the solution. A box that could all of my storage and archival need. This a lot sexy the black box there is absolutely this and so more! In planting to take the device of coverage of semi-detached storage, has taken a possibility of; hosting my half of Wordpress own, hosting and that directs my own email and the cloud have has based services (think Google but in your office!) While a sheer (oops, he again) the power of this device will take some time to learn, all can say is that they are thoroughly impressed in a speed, action and interface of user that Synology has created here. Produced of big quality, innovative software, sexy hardware and the majority of everything, peace to import that my data is sure.
4 / 5
Ich habe Given Ersteinrichtung durchgeführt, habe zwei SSD als Raid 1 definiert a eine möglichst hohe Ausfallsicherheit zu haben, habe gives the update gives DSM durchführen ca. 30 Minuten 'the blue screen dipped Ihre IN THE wird neu gestartet' habe ich versucht quotes IN THE manuell neu zu starten, gives hat alles nichts gebracht, sie ist einfach eingefroren und keine Knöpfe haben funktioniert. Daraufhin habe ich sie stehen gelassen - Is Stand ja 'Bitte schalten Sie gives Gerät nicht aus'. Habe dann Has dipped dem Supports telefoniert, dieser meinte Reset Last über Knopf. Dann kam sie nicht mehr hoch und ging leider Gone back!
5 / 5
Has been looking for the good alternative the Photos of Google like prenderán to offer unlimited storage of photo next year. I have chosen Synology reason is reputation and of the utmost softwares like this of the Moments and Canal of Photo,etc. Ossia treat it well in of the sales of Black Friday and is the perfect solution for having your own servers for photos and backup of video and sharing. Very easy to setup.
5 / 5
A finally arrived day where my old Synology IN packed Him he in; the blue light of death. It had known the quell'has been the possibility for the long time, use a device quite strongly and there was roughly five years.

One had been that the backup of place was sã but has expected would be able to take some disks out of the old Synology and so only transfer them to a new Synology in a place of bay of same walk...... And it has DONE!

Hurrah For Synology. An only thing that (sensibly) has required to be regulated was an allocution of manual IP, and another that that is to do perfectly.
5 / 5
Will not comment too much, has tried other servers of small cloud and has had to send them behind. They do not compare to Synology at all. Ossia My second Synology the do fault and I do not complain it . This creature is packed with all bondadoso of applications of server for all your small office need! Three words: effective, solid and sure!
5 / 5
Produced excellent! He And The along that has thought to try me one IN The and are not truths pas disappointed to have has opted touches a Synology. Súper Simple to the installer still touches a lot that is not an expert in computer.
5 / 5
Also very happy could use nix the order are familiarised with to copy that has had it in mine old IN The.

The unit is silent, súper answering and could add sssd disk to hide if need be
5 / 5
Ist A lot aber wäre eine anleitung was man machen möchte besser gewesen. zuviel In englisch
4 / 5
was easy to dip on particularly with some easy to follow video of Youtube (mostly to confirm settings). There is another characteristic that that the beginner can not take his boss has wrapped around immediately but a basics is relatively directly advances.
4 / 5
It is my prime minister IN The, despues of a lot of investigation me decided by east of then has all the functions that looked for and the excellent prize.
4 / 5
Hands A bit late. Lucido Do SAINTS well. The management gives the applications suffers of the property. It touches lucido the moment is according to the month expects, but are loib partorisca have all has explored !
5 / 5
Has had two old DLINK unit, and moved to this Synology reason a DLINKs was no longer has sustained. This was a lot of frustrating. A Synology was A lot of EASY to dip on, and is a lot fast. Now that has something partorisca compare to, is light years at the head of a DLINK has struggled together with. A lot happy with cost of mine!!!
4 / 5
Bought it partorisca store documents and photos that is partorisca be remotely shared securely. The options of security adds partorisca give me peace of alcohol. Any need to pay for services of cloud.

Has taken time partorisca learn like this partorisca use these tools properly.
4 / 5
Has purchased with unit partorisca canal of video, but does not touch dts formed of audio. Now it has to that I use plex.
4 / 5
Was the product that looked for, any one loved the leading model
4 / 5
the games of Excellent ideal product has trace a ciné the clubs of video marries with lucido server Plex has integrated. All your Archive of film and TV of series in an alone place.
4 / 5
Easy setup, user friendly interface, does not require skills of technology to create my audio of canal and own house of video. Take all my files of my space of own cloud everywhere anytime.
4 / 5
Gibt nicht viel zu sagen, Synology macht einfach Quotes besten IN The ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
4 / 5
Pleasantly Surprised by some capacities of of the east IN The. Like this far, very impressed.
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本体に4台のHDD 拡張BOXに5台のHDDの計9台のHDDを管理出来るのは、将来的にも安心感があります。
4 / 5
I usually build my own systems, this in spite of, this (DS920+) was much more economic when imagining things up in this measure that building new (used can be very different). An only thing I desire this had built in era 10Gb ethernet. They are able to basically take speed of line in 1Gb doing scrollings partorisca file to and of of the this with 4 8TB seagate walks in SHR-1. One IN THE CPU has seated in 50 while transcoding 1080p (with subtitles) while doing the control of parity and updating, installing stirs it of has not gone included that breaks the sweat.

Has some things partorisca be conscious of the the same time of this writing:

1. If you are using Plex is, has an extra step partorisca enable a hardware that encodes (still with a hardware that encodes checkbox verified). I guess, of of the east IN sound like this new (7/13/2020) inner a moment, some the current emissions have not taken until the still. Following some instructions other found partorisca enable hardware transcoding has done partorisca me. It researches esddit plex ds920 transcoding' and will find it . If you do not want to do this fix, suspect a subject will be remedied besides late Plex updates of container partorisca this model. Plex Common IN Drives at the same time of this writing said 'valuing'.
2. A Synology that directs of the container apparently does not loan all some available elements in of the third warehouses of container of the party. There is the flag that they no dipped in touching you. Any one sure has a eta on when this will be to fix (I are by train partorisca assumes it will be in some point).
3. There are some drives on-line this has tried 16GB forms of RAM with successes in this (partorisca the total of 20GB with 4GB onboard). If you are looking the upgrade a RAM, this looks very promising.

Otherwise, Are happy with him this purchases like this far.
5 / 5
4 / 5
星4つの理由はHEVC 10bitのエンコーディングをサポートしていないからです。
5 / 5
Adds IN THE that has used partorisca substitute my Windows 10 workstation partorisca Backup, Plex, and duties of surveillance of the video.

Setup Was quickly, this in spite of I my duties and googled the instructions partorisca some tasks have required has fulfilled first of time.

A setup the wizard so only walks you thru some basic settings of a unit and any touches inclusos in the majority of some characteristics that marks this unit a house partorisca be able to that is. It marks the cast of things loves your IN THE to do, control a UTubes partorisca drives good and calm will not be disappointed.

A thing there is remarked is that this unit so only comes with 4gb of ram. Again ossia enough for “Basic” use. You will want to upgrade to at least a max “the ram” sustains given of 8gb to do anything with surveillance of video or VM is.

Tin upgrade this box to 20gb total using forms any support given. So only maintain the import concealed “is not sustained” and synology will be unable to assist calm with any questions while similar forms are installed.

Has used this 920+ for roughly 2 weeks with a base 4gg. The action was well for the basic file that accione and operations of alone backup. Use of a Plex the server has caused the bit of lagging if other operations also am gone in.

I then upgraded my unit with another 4gb for the total of 8gb (max sustained for Synology support of technology). Plex Was the plot more happier with this configuration and I was able the current to all the cost of any tasks of backup that goes in.

Ossia When it has launched in the wrench and tried to do VMs also. According to one calm is using, Windows especially so only will not be happy with anything less then 4gb assigned to a VM. This be has said, with the max of 8 gb in an IN THE only able era to field a VM and still then has been of tower to stutter currents etc.

to solve my subject has been out of some flanges of data endure specs and upgraded mine 920+ to 20gb total to use the only 16gb dimm. To the left say, this thing manages all require it to now.

Can require the upgrade to the strongest unit CPU wise down a line but so that this unit is aimed in the managed 100. So only be sure to upgrade a memory so that yours trying do.
5 / 5
Yes, this IN can do Him the plot more than just when being the Plex server and the server of file, but ossia all am using in this moment. I will update this description begins to add significantly more characteristic to one IN The.

First of all, included with the Celeron processor, does not have any question transcoding 4K video in real time for exposure in other devices by means of Plex. When transcoding 4K To the mine iPhone XR, a CPU the use was around 5. This means this little IN would be likely to manage them multiple 4K transcoding currents immediately... Probably limited more for bandwidth of coverage that CPU has beaten. This is likely because ossia the a lot of recent Celeron that is exited so only in a 4th neighbourhood of 2019.

One a thing that surprised really was a quality of his interface of user. It is web -based, but has dipped he in full screen in your browser, looks (and to to the works like) Linux. You really dipped the plot to try an interface of user! Configuring the things in a Poster of Control has 'basic' and options 'anticipated', users like this was of the beginner will not stun . It is a-easy click to add 'containers' new (adds programs, essentially) to the yours IN The. Adding Plex is the alone and calm click is was.

There is enabled SSH the more communicate with my servers of Linux and has been surprised that a software a lot automatically creates the directory of house for my account of user. It is easy to solve, but was a forget . An a lot of small a., And in an only thing that has not done absolutely perfectly well out of a box.

Emigrating files of the mine that fails 5TB external walk (NTFS formatted) to one IN THE like this easy era likes plugging a walk to a port of USB of the front. An interface of user chose it on immediately, and was able to use a Canal of Lima to move some files exactly where has has wanted to him.

Has purchased my DS920+ with two 8TB Seagate Wolf to Spend IN THE WALKS, with some crudes that can add until two more in a future. When I Require a storage, will update this description and habladuría roughly that it was/difficult easy. It remarks that a Wolf of Iron drives 'tick' each 5 second or like this, like this yes is using this IN The in the chamber, could be annoy yours. Mina IN sound in my cupboard with mine another networking instrument as it does not remark a noise.
4 / 5
I work like the technician for the number of clients, both personal and in subject small.

One of my clients there have been the current subjects that substitutes his old server (has known no the one who has done and took him to question, which is where am gone in). After the day or two to look in his 'new server' and while they have required (basically, storage of just file that/accione), has thought the IN would fulfil Them his needs. I already possessed (personally) the small IN The, but the hated, as I have been compraventa for something of the main quality. Has paste the Synology like obvious election in this row, and while a pricing was big that 'that it could take the IN The for', was still far less expensive of the alternatives of my client.

A hardware is easy to dip on, although you are adding RAM or disks of hides, while you are comfortable doing some basic hardware-material of type. Adding the disks is easier that changing disks in the desk (but 2.5 walks will require an adapter). Adding RAM is the little has bitten easier that would be in the laptop ( has to that take some of some disks, but no precise of the tools). Adding hides the disks is looked to add RAM to the portable-- toe he on, screwdriver, inserts/inserts, already fact. IMPORTING: if you want to write-caching, Has to use the second disk of hides. For any reason, calm can not leave hides it volume to read/writes. If there is so only a disk, calm so only can use Read caching. The desire there has been known this prime of time, or would not have taken like big hides it volume, although it is by train to do fault quite well.

Once kicked on and on-line, this in spite of, is when the world of marvel begins. A system has characteristic to characteristic the characteristic, leaving it to substitute far more than just the server of file, in any extra cost. There is the system of the container where can download you optional containers, comprising to to the things like: Video streaming service (2 classes!), Server of audio (complete with mobile application the current yours own music to the yours telephone), Storage of Cloud (yours possess personal Dropbox), backup of system (ossia, software to systems of backup in your coverage to one IN The) and ways to back on one IN The to elsewhere, software of camera of the IP (with the few licences comprised), server of topmast, calendar grupal, WebDAV connections, and so much another material. Calm certainly could take everything of this characteristic to build your own IN The and using all a software of open source there, but for a quantity of endeavour and facilitated-of-use here, is any opposition .

A thing was very impressed for with an initial configuration is that Synology have his type typical of RAID setup called (SHR-- Synology HYBRID RAID). Has a data-protect and profits of speeds of the RAID, but leaves he to be used by means of entirely of dissimilar disks, as well as adding disks to some same SHR later on (and a volume that the controls and the expansion spends while one IN THE CONTINUOUS to do)-- this to good sure goes down an anxiety of commitment to setting on the variety of new disk. Also it has the USB 3.0 port in a front, and can add external disks that that can be trace and has shared seamlessly.

A system is highly configurable by means of a UI, but also can open the Terminal, or use SSH (if enabled). One extracted that plans the system can call bash script, also. This seat to like a UI is comfort it, no the required hindrance. This has said, this in spite of, a UI is ridiculously thorough.
5 / 5
Like this, has had has loved always the IN The, and of then are in a process to build the new PC, has given finally in and has bought this Synology DS920+, of then has not had room for all my walks last in a new build, and has been tired of as weighed my PCs taking.
In all the chance, has always has associated Synology with the product of quality, one this sustains to a main end, which is reason I has been disappointed enough when I have received the mine and something was rattling around inner. Have takes some bays and the ray have fallen was, any one creates where of, but that has spent so much in the, has not loved to take casualidad and exchanged it the thought was the one of fluke. A second an I has received looked well until me plugged he in. A port of the power in a has been behind bent, and of the discharges would not seat firmly. He still powered on, and was bit it rushed to take all dips on, as I have maintained is one, of then he still powered on, but am disappointed really in a control of quality. A real IN has been Him add like this far this in spite of, a software is quite sincere and easy to imagine was, and doing the transmissions the actions or of the permissions is the plot less than the headache that thought it would be.
There is Plex, and the pocolos other servers running simultaneously, and everything is running smoothly. I included dipped on a FTP server to transfer files to friends, and was like this easier that mark an up in the to to my PC likes does has owed in of a past.
Like this, in general am happy with him, but for a side is really unacceptable for them to have some subjects of qualities have had. Two of a two with subjects.
4 / 5
His everything in DSM with east. Better IN THE YOU there IMHO. I stacked this a plenary of 12tb disks and has uploaded an extra 8gb of RAM. Utilisation partorisca the plex server of means comunicacionales and then the small Virtual car partorisca a 'Alexa My Half comunicacionales' Software the current to my devices of echo around a house. Has the separate box partorisca save backups the/replication and canal of surveillance. Cant Says enough for synology and this box has quite can to transcode our plex common.
The interface is incredibly simple still for the beginner and behind to a DSM commentary. His an even YOU on all the devices, as if you upgrade or add the new device, continuous do. I have created also the replication parter with the partner in another state for offisite backups. I cant imagine any one taking this and when being disappointed for him. Now my old plus 412J the box is very feeble, can ail boss 3 currents of cameras in his own to the equal that is frustrating sure!
4 / 5
After a week, my impression is very positive. They are very happy with cost of mine, which was a DS920+. My aim was to 1) setup the server of means comunicacionales and 2) setup the solution of backup. This box achieves both of my aims a lot well.

I points have underlined:
- Súper easy setup
- Powerful UI ossia easy to use
- centre of Container (his tent of application) is convenient
- Looks the just work (as far)

- I desire was more economic (of course)
- the system of Lima is quell'has bitten glitchy when using rsync

Downloads of authorship: they are the professional of technology ; any versed in him specifically, but am quite comfortable with technology

has Based on reading other' descriptions, was nervous in a setup. This in spite of, is resulted to be súper easy and sincere gave it once shot it. It was able of the take going quite quickly, then was so only the subject of while to some disks to be setup and that copies my die on. A connection of easy USB to do that.

I really like a UI has built. A better part is a Centre of Container , which the plot of the available things with the few clicks. For example, so only look for Plex, swipe 'install', then so only dipped the up in the file has shared. Taken the on and running a lot quickly.

In general, quite happy with this box. I highly recommended the. Any sure reason another has had like this question, was quite sincere for me.
4 / 5
Ossia My fifth Synology IN The And could not be happier. It is a first time has has not experienced never a lot of buffering subject when streaming multiple films, some speeds of scrolling are phenomenal, and a VPN the do flawless fault of anywhere in a planet. (Tried of Ucraina, Perù, and a Netherlands)

Some states of documentation that You so only can install the gigabytes of RAM but notes that relieves 20gb (16 + 4). I have added also two 1TB SSDs for hides. Like the result, I also run the Pi-hole in the rocker image for all the traffic of internet to some 27 devices in my coverage and will have multiple simultaneous video transcodings going while it runs my VPN the server that cut and am not seeing any one subject or slowdown. Ossia Exactly which has been looking for and has not seen never, included with my XS18 seriáis of last year This one would be necessary hard in fact a lot of years to come.
5 / 5
Ossia The excellent upgrade for those with older IN The one of the east and excellent for the people that buys his prime minister an equally. The installation is easy and can use some of some characteristic of wizard to do it almost entirely click and course. It would recommend to take an extra 4GB by heart if your planning in those careers several applications immediately or slowly in those careers a unit with several plex users. One 2 NVME the expansions can be used for caching only and any storage, be sure to look in a durability (TBW) of a NVME the walks chosen, the big plus TBW is better for longevity.
4 / 5
Am using this with 2 x 500GB SSD Blue of Western Digital and 4 x 8TB WD black walks.

Has had 2 can outages and scare me will lose to to the data likes him the interface says like this. Like this far I have the no. Has an element has connected to the big-final UPS, but only hard roughly 40 minutes. It would be a lot it could close of car that use a port of USB has connected my APC battery.

Use him Was-backups to plant the Wasabi which is S3 compatible and roughly 20 of a cost of AWS. So much control that was.

A function of mirror to the second an of these is quite quell'interest (to the equal that has the partner with a). This in spite of backing until a cloud is far more economic and surer (with encryption).

In a mac, has been unable of the take to look for in an in the in any useable speed. It does not aim any one results. Perhaps I am doing something wrong.
5 / 5
Salvation All the world,

has had mine for the few weeks now and consider me a bit of the heavy user and this looks to resist on a lot well, I work with the photograph and I have moved roughly 40000 images on to one IN The and have Synology application of Moments that cut it and one HAVE the facial recognition simply is that it surprises and really help me find some order my life :) I have to that say one IN has toilt Him to catalog all these pictures and a CPU was averaging around 99. Included this in spite of with a big CPU the use was login and use a system, for some other users that has created a lot really remark some elevated in a CPU during this time ( Which has taken around 2 days for a AY to do is what ) This in spite of also have a 220J and when I have looked for to add that it imagine ready, has had to expect for a cataloging to complete before it could do anything.

When being able to access my files and photos remotely thanks to Synology quickconnect/the options of walk is simply fantastic, Ossia also the option adds to create backups for your laptops the/of telephone is was or house for a whole family or of the universities.

Synology Has to add it SHR Raid, (Synology HYBRID RAID), thanks to this RAID was able to developed my volume without that has to that reconstruct a variety this in spite of has 1 the fault of tolerance of walk and zero down time!

Has not had any question with mine like this far, was really easy the setup and connect, was like this simple likes that goes to the of the your laptop/of PC that it is in a same coverage and neither create the synology accounts or sign to an account to exist. I will be to look in a Synology 420+ in a future and dipping on the far/ was backup of place and open the plot more possibility. ( I the circle has retreated here the few months or like this to add any additional commentaries.

Mina mainly the uses are inner a moment is:
backup/ of laptop of the Telephone and actions (Synology Walk)
file to photograph that directs and organisation, is more than the giant of hard walk.
Also have DNS (the half that Appoints service) running on he for a coverage.
Docker, Which leave you a capacity to build virtual cars inside your IN The. (Beautiful useful)

is thinking to purchase this Synology 920+ I can ensure you, this adds he IN The with quite a lot of options the upgrade in a future. As it sustains a unit of additional walk which can be semi-detached. ( You go with bays of additional expansion, suggests to create separate volumes for each unit more than creating 1 volume by means of both units.)
Is also able to upgrade a memory to 8GB and add SSD caching to further improve an action.

If the any question, please ask.

Thank you
5 / 5
In the first place, has bought this in Black Friday. The normal prize has asked too much, in my opinion.

DSM 6 (Manager of canal of the disk) is easy the setup and easy to direct. Last times have used the Synology, DSM 4 finishings to exit and a general look and feels does not have very changed of then.

A lack of 2.5 Gb the coverage slightly is that it disappoints but probably does not require it never. A HDMI the start would be really be well, this in spite of. In of the terms of port varieties, this canal of disk is for behind a competition of QNAP and another.

Is looking for An alternative the Photos of Google or any one another service of on-line photo, some options have offered for Synology Canal of Disk (which are Moments and Canal of Photo ) is not anywhere near the equal. So only they are not . They are missing of characteristic. There is subject with messing on photos metadata. There is subject with messing on a date takes when the photos are imported. I have been trying Canal of the photo and an interface is incredibly slow. I do not comprise reason apresamiento 3 to 4 seconds to delete the alone photo, and that deletes several photos takes can take considerably longer. It has not felt. You can buy roughly 10 years of the byline of Photo of the Google for a prize of this thing and if the photos is your main reason to the look is, would have to look elsewhere.

The general file that do fault the action and the characteristic are of sound. Any complaint.

The action of a 920+ is sum. I have not done any video streaming but all have read to say me that this unit is very able of streaming 4K video. Power consummates goes is adds.

Covers an external walk to a eSATA port to do backups. Although, I am running to 3 variety of walk and go to dip the walk of backup in a 4th bay to do backups to. Diehards chastise Me And says would have to that be was -backups of place. Yeah, Knows.

Have a APC backup of battery plugged in but a DS920+ has said any backup of battery is relieved. I am not sure that it is up with that. I require to research. It could be a subject with a APC unit.

Action and accessibility in WAN will depend totally in yours WAN connection. My connection is 250mb/100mb to to the look likes would have to that be decent but feels very slow. I am not sure to the equal that to think.

My main purpose in buying this thing is to have everything of my accessible files of any computers am using. This full thing that function perfectly, but a lot of more economic units would have done some same. I have bought this especially for some characteristic extras can touch with wanting to , and for a hardware quite a lot spec which would have to that offer sufficient action for years to come.
4 / 5
Has used Synology produced first like this when it is coming time to substitute my old IN THE LOOKED in a new Synology models. A 4 bay DS920+ is not economic, but gives gone in to a Synology system of echo and support of technology. You choose a number of walks and measured master and buy them for separate, which could cause the bit of anxiety to some, but have this down he so that it has died simple. I have been with Seagate IN THE Ironwolf walks, 3 in the RAID 5 configuration with the 4th hot transmission. Some walks trace quickly and easily with snapping in-of drive them in some trays of walk and right of slide in. Synology DSM Walks of calm software by means of planting up and there is pro the options to level want to tweak the to the contained of your heart. One IN THE CHARACTERISTIC 2 1-action ethernet ports and sustains 'bond' a ethernet the ports yes want to 2 GB bandwith took the transmission that sustains it. I this with the economic TP-link TL-GS108e transmission, really easy to dip up by means of his interface of web, and he so only works. One IN resupplies Him excellent control to maintain things humming and sãos (p. p.ej., Taking measured of real time of temperatures of individual hard walk and a speed of defender is adjustable with a DSM software. One IN sustains Him the variety of containers of software, comprising release it antivirus software as well as the paid McAfee application. Other available applications comprise the Plex server, web-hosting support, and support for surveillance and of the cameras of external walks. A walk can be augmented with additional RAM and has two space for SSD walks to read/write caching if the precise. It has attached my UPC UPS to one IN THE STREET UPC interface of USB and one IN recognised it to You immediately and is easy to configure inside a DSM like one IN THE RESPONSES to be able to outages has based any in runtime or one available load in a UPS. In general, a thing adds in Synology is a vast depth of documentation and resorted available technicians. Highly recommended. You can find more economic, but this really is the chance of calm taking like stops of pays.
4 / 5
Ossia The add IN The, my first time that use Synology and his software are adds.

But and ossia the big but, a NICs is 1g without upgrade options. You saturated a 1line of g a lot before that you max included has turned disks, any one money of waist in any SSDs for this thing.

Has not expected 10g is, but with qnap and computer of big final now comping with NICs this feels likes is already out of date. It would have been I adds has comprised a upgrade subject to 10g or still 2.5. Ultimetly Expect be selling this in roughly 3-5 years to upgrade.
4 / 5
Uses this the backup dropbox, work onedrive, personal onedrive, google walk and run the plex server. My subject only is that he any 4K (H265) video transcoding well with Plex (I believes a CPU/GPU does not sustain H265 natively ). I have not tried still with DS VideoStation software, but reason is limited to smartphone and just apple. Have Still to take a Sr.2 it hides For him, (but it has taken the crucial 16GB ram upgrade for him) as it can not testify that a lot one hides works... For my use, some hides is not necessary likes seagate ironwolf walks max out of a ethernet throughput in around 100-120mb/s and are not that he the constant writing to documents or other things, but does not see any one a lot the subject of speed with inaugural and writing documents too many. Also it likes that it sustains dockers (his looks fully sustains likes the computer regulates minus a support of monitor, as I have taken VNC doing for the linux install)
5 / 5
As that has said , has called on the amazon and is returned this partorisca me. Thank you Amazon. I discover partorisca do when they are in the travesía business that tries to take some files of mine IN The. I owe that it flies behind in my house and taking files and recover of another IN The. And that flies behind in Londra. Cost my time and money. I have moved now to on-line storage( 2TB iCloud and dropbox).
4 / 5
Mina 6th Synology IN The. More still! Powerful, sure, quickly, managing 86 busy users with the plot of big files. Using it to host to ours intranet, server of topmast, Walk, Cloud Sync, Orange HR, while hosting 6 surveillance cam. We are in 8GB although it is unofficially able of 20GB. This thing is the beast !
4 / 5
Has chosen on the DS920+ partorisca substitute my DS416play. I did not expect it partorisca be the enormous difference, but really is. DSM Runs perfectly smooth. A Plex careers of the interface noticeably faster and in a scarce occasion something needs to be transcoded, this IN THE BOSSES he with ease. When being able to run Docker (officially) is in prize really well also. Any I still expects to use Docker partorisca a lot, but already are that it runs several containers that comprises Pi-Hoyo and the Minecraft server partorisca my edges and his friends partorisca touch on.
4 / 5
Has been looking in the Synology IN THE for years. Now it was able to purchase one. It is all has expected takes and more. Now my MACs uses partorisca backup of car of the Time. My cars of windows use the tool of backup and store my daily work in there too much. My far servers also backup of another country in my house inside this DS920+ bobo. Finally, everything takes backup of DS920+ to an outside and-sata disk, at night. All my music and the video are in DS920+, can access that multimedia material by means of Synology VIDEO and applications of AUDIO neither house or remotely. DS920+ The operating system is so only and very powerful. The friendly user, and jumps at the head of any one another IN The.
4 / 5
Has bought my prime minister Synology behind in 2009 which still done a work but like the number of devices has grown in my house in last 11 years requires extra of horse power partorisca fulfil a question. I treat it of first Day was perfect partorisca me to avail an occasion.

Has looked for the 400 serious but one 920+ was in a same cost how is resulted the no brainer and could not be happier. That the difference when accessing photo of mine telephone and pills.

Will not be able to go in enormous details of his capacities to the equal that can write books roughly everything of his characteristic is.

Comes with three guarantee of year and with my paper crediticia volume two extra of years !
5 / 5
Has dipped this situates like this the for solution of backup. With 4 8Tb Seagate IN walks The installed that careers to RAID-5, is exited to so only on 21Tb space of user with tall. Running twin Gb the ethernet and my backups run fast automatic and reliably every day. It has dipped this unit in the UPS and has used an installed software partorisca control the closure has to that it suffers the power outage. I produce it adds! So only the few years , this was unheard was partorisca the coverage of house. It does not share he with an external world but I have any reason partorisca think that this would not do like this well. It was very surprised partorisca see some a lot of applications this can run in your coverage.
5 / 5
Ossia My second wife IN The. Has a lot in the service of the mine undertaken also. I have bought also he 16aGB the by heart CRUCIAL chip and now have the real monster fine server of purpose .
Too bad that the free licences partorisca the cameras of surveillance am limited to two. The extra licence is very expensive. The desire would give at least four likes crew more memory further of the disks, more SSD hides done an expensive setup
4 / 5
Upgraded of 412j as it has not had a lot of looks that this unit has. A speed and qualified partorisca use any SSD or the traditional hard walks is well. There is remarked a better action with uploading photo and formatting some walks. I upgrade a ram but a lot upgrade a SSD hides. It would expect it it concealed further it would augment a speed.
5 / 5
Has bought 2 Ironwolf and shucked 2 WD walks partorisca the total of 4X8T. His all does well after the pair of month. The one aggregation of link with one 2 gigabit ethernet ports. I have bought also he 2.5 gbps USB 3.0 dongle and was able to connect he with my pcs and taking the scrolling accelerates 270MB/s.

An only thing that loses is the 10gbps port.
4 / 5
After the years of having like this outsides hd east and a lot failing, is them finally be a way of IN The. Honradamente Have scared always, thinking his expensive, and like this last to dip up. Honradamente Was easy. Little youtube video partorisca build my confidence. One IN THE era in general quite priced. Whats Expensive is these walks!

Top Customer Reviews: 1U ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 17 ratings
5 / 5
In a depth has required of 590mm some spaces of adjustment were mostly useless and some half holes partorisca locate a crossbar(s) has been hid. I am returned this to the mine RackyRax 12or cupboard partorisca walk but some inner profiles for behind a leading normal profile that traces the paste of holes of the bent for behind upper flange of some drive, has not had any election but partorisca take the little mm of a racks drives in some four places partorisca do an access of holes of the mountain, no too happy doing this and has taken ages. It can any state seen now is everything is returned this in spite of and has no tweaked the at all, but mine 4or the server is so only 20Kg or so much. Hassle But no another election partorisca locate my server as it could not find any one drive pertinent.
5 / 5
I waffled in the 4-5 indication of star is one. But in an end, has found that have to him legustado this place of drive so many partorisca use of house, has ordered some law also, as they are by train of the give the 5-star.

- Point of good prize!
- Heavy, sturdy.
- Easy to install.
- Adjustable Partorisca depth of different cupboard.

- Is the fat of has bitten. Because of that any device that has the together lateralmente drives any slide in, will have to take.
- Reason owe that scrape in a front, if the the device with trace ahead will stick out of just the little bit because of some rays in some drive.

A gilipollas is a rubs. Utilisation these for some of some changes some heavy more that come with some few mountains advance that you scrape you to some sides. This little extra width the half has to that take some mountains forward for records the in a racks. If I can take a device in with some mountains forward, estaca out of the little because of some rays. Like this beware in a tight access.
4 / 5
Has given Backs ist zwar sehr teuer, überzeugt jedoch durch given gute Qualität und Verarbeitung.
To the Kanten soweit behandelt dass Man sich wirklich ungeschickt anstellen muss a sich will give zu verletzen. It gives kenne ich anderes.
Was man aber beachten sollte: die Querstreben sind auch sehr stabil und gut verarbeitet. Leider aber auch ein paar Millimetro hoch. Legt The man gives einen entsprechenden 3HE Server hinein, ist er damit a ebendiese Millimetro höher und blockiert damit quotes nächste HE. Verschraubt The man gives Teil aber vorne und hinten wie vorgesehen, bietet gives Ramen auch für echte Schwergewichte unter gives Servern mehr als genug Stabilität.
4 / 5
Has bought these to resist the 19kg UPS and his that with ease. Some drive were has regulated easily lengthwise to return the mine racks cupboard and installed with a resupplied M6 rays and dice of cage. It has bought so only a place of drive reason ossia all a vendor has had in stock. It would like me the cost at least a more place for another crew loves the house in one racks.
5 / 5
同じメーカのラックなので、サイズの心配はありませんでした。 ちょうど在庫が2つの所で、2つ購入したので、値引きが大きい額で購入出来てたすかりました。
4 / 5
Has taken this to sustain the Cisco SG350X-48P that was sagging in a racks. Has other sliding/adjustable shelves that has had drive them already gather to have thought like this this wold be add. These drive were all screwed together arrive it and then has to that it takes averts, figure out of a precise depth and he then tries and error your way to a right quantity of distance/of contraction of the extension to choose holes of different ray. I owe that have reassembled each together of drives five times before it has done. Sometimes one drives there has been he quite soiled to slide in an empty but has paste one of a stationary the rays so much would owe that take some rays was and relocate them. In place of having empty all a way down for a piece that leaves some other two part to overlap, which there would be more done sense, there is segmented space with stops that prevents extension further of perhaps two thumbs before they owe that take and reset some rays in of the different holes. Have @@give After some drives entirely block some ports of partidário in a side of a Cisco transmission. I have finalised to turn one of some drives to the rovescio in a side with some defenders. The good thing has had an open racks spatial down to be able to do that. But any 1Or piece of crew that has exhausts/intake in a side of a frame will have inhibited airflow using these drive. With the server or POE transmission ossia he casualidad are not has had to that take. To good sure would not recommend or buy this again.
4 / 5
Some instructions, which, for them is useless of a no obvious part so only of a process of construction is where to situate some rays and rays that control a slide in any one drives - which does not have any coverage. When I dipped it it was to treat a build has discovered the surface bent in a front that the faces racks mountain that resulted in a unusable mountain.

Take this with the grain of the salt of then has not taken around when building, but a creation is questionable: a mechanism of drives is comprised to attach drive sliding drives it of final with closing that it means dice presionando results in that has to that violently jerk a unit behind and advance and also gradually spending down a surface against which a die is braced and like this releasing he. Alternatively, you can maintain all free and there is smother the action but this has obvious questions.

Still prójimo to 100 bucks, is taking low quality instructions for the self-grinding dipped of drive of server. It is the shame of then usually associates startech with quality, but now suppose so only associates with prize.
4 / 5
While these shelves am quell'has bitten hard to gather, and some instructions are not really very useful, is súper very built and feel like really could resist @@@100s of the books without any one @subject at all, a lot of sturdy. I will say this in spite of, as with a lot of shelves, has the small has bitten east hangs down to sustain anything is dipping in the, which means this takes on more unit in the rack that a server that is dipped on he .

For example, has to use roughly 9Or in mine rack for mine 2 4Or frame because of a spacing here taking up in an extra .5Or. So it can go for it drive them they would recommend that, but if you can not find some drive for your frame then ossia the option adds .
5 / 5
Some drive are pricey, but value he. They have deleted a need for me to purchase the storm of expensive more highland box for him Dell T630 server. They locate easily to the level 19 thumb x 48 storm of thumb. Some suspenders of crosses add stabilities.

Has added time of half thumb that nude to some suspenders of crosses to leave cushion and support for a server.

Value and produces utmost a prize.
5 / 5
Some sides of shelf are done 3 individual pieces. To the long of a cup of the each piece is the -1/8' the lip that the incompatible fact with APC NetShelters and a lot another racks concealed has drive additional in an interior of a racks. Neither I owe that toe my integer racks, cut a StarTech unit, or cut mine drive of server.

Some drive are 3 different pieces , and does not line on well. A backside of some drive is the solid 1/8' lower that a front. They are crooked left to rights also. My slides of server because it is in such the strong slope.
5 / 5
An inner lip prevents server to go in. Too much I stagnate the access. Quality of utmost build, but has not done for my chance of use for netapp jbod and dell r720xd. As any fully universal. :(
4 / 5
Also yearn Tripp lite cupboard of coverage. For as the meso info also. The instructions are not a lot of writings at all. Really difficult for any with dyslexia to have to that testo very small crammed together with complex phrasing. There is to good sure the easiest options there. When any one has sold was. There is the reason this was available haha
4 / 5
has bought these drive for the small server rack installation. I have imagined that a universal character of these drive would be the better investment on server-concrete OEM drive, which can be quite expensive.

Some instructions were the bit to defy to read and the decipher that asks would have to that go where. I will help it era: Of the the rovescio, the external work to interior. ( Attended these helps!) An adjustable character was well to ensure the snug access against all four drive.

But sinister habladuría roughly taking a server in there. These houses, for now, the Dell PowerEdge R720 2Or server. It was the nightmare taking a server to these drive. It was fearful was bit it rough with a server! But after the bit of finesse (and the help of the mate), a server is gone in. ( It thinks sliding, any that down .)

The hope to the left does not have to that take a server of here for the moment!
4 / 5
Was a lot. Some holes do not line on well; the support contacted and has declared that it is very some drives ag' the bit because of some rays that is like this near of some opposite ends (I has the factor to form smaller startech rack). I have finalised to drill the holes that tips of use of hammer of the cobalt to do a bit little 'drive universal' bit it more sturdy. If some holes line on 100, is the together of drive solid .
4 / 5
The assembly is delicate, but a upside his is that this can be done to return almost any racks. An indication of weight could be bit it optimistic, this in spite of.
4 / 5
The work adds with the 2950, returns good and snug with one 2950 in him and some accesses well in the technology of storm of star. Also it resists the decent quantity of weight.
5 / 5
This was much easier to install that a Dell box to drive that has bought partorisca my servers in a past. Very solid.

Comes with a hardware, but concealed is not listed in a description to the equal that have bought some for separate.

Top Customer Reviews: Synology (Type D7) ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 4 ratings
5 / 5
Produkt: Synology HDD Halterung D7 für DS213+

Lieferant: Handel Place Besonnenheit

Die Lieferung...
kam pünktlich und absolut 1A verpackt a. Die Verpackung war sogar weit über dem Level, wie ich is von Amazon direkt gewohnt cube. Sehr zufriedenstellend.

Gives Produkt ist laut gives Synology Internetseite für folgende Diskstation geeignet:
DS412+, DS213, DS213+, DS214play, DS415+, DS414, DS214, DS413, DS216+, DS415play, DS916+, DS216+II, DS416, DS416play, DS218+, DS218, DS216.
(leider fehlt Has given Information in giving Amazonbeschreibung)

Given Aufnahme ist laut Synology für 2,5' und 3,5' Festplatten. Ich nutze Has given Disk-Flat für 3,5' HDDs. Wie Die kleineren 2,5' Festplatten in dieser Halterung verschraubt werden ist mir ein Rätsel, gives is zu dieser Halterung lediglich 4 Schrauben dazu gab und sonst nichts. Of the würde bedeuten, man könnte eine kleiner dimensionierte 2,5' HDD nur einseitig has dipped dem Disk-Flat verschrauben. It dies könnte jedoch dazu führen, dass die einseitige Belastung beim Hineinschieben und Herausziehen zu einer Beschädigung, gives aus Plastik gefertigten Produktes, führen.

Für meine ältere DS213+ gab Is ursprünglich eine andere Halterung, welche aber mittlerweile nicht mehr produziert wird. Of the Creation ist etwas anders, aber ansonsten passt is genau then , wie gives original Disk-Slowly meiner 213+. Ich sehe funktionell weder eine Verbesserung, noch eine Verschlechterung.
5 / 5
He extracted Of the original renewal Synology, compatible with the IN THE DS412+, DS213+, DS213, DS218+, DS214play, DS415+, DS414, DS214, DS413, DS216+, DS415play, DS216+II, DS916+, DS416, DS416play, DS218, DS216 (models indicated in the situated of the producer).
To the full price has given almost 30 euro this product deserves 1 star, treating has given a piece has given plastic form he which the cost has given industrial production is probably less has given 1 euro. Felizmente Have found To the sud the warehouse has Amazon of date an offer announces a little upper price has 10 euro, a price surely more suitable to the product in .
5 / 5
Has the Synology DS412+ and to verify a Synology page of support and calling support of technology, an only reason reason can not use the big plus sized the hard walk is some trays of disk . So with which speaks with the support of Technology has recommended these trays of disk. I did not use him still but slowly to.
4 / 5
The better way that treating rays for the transmission of fast walk

Top Customer Reviews: Silex DS 600 USB ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 4 ratings
4 / 5
I have purchased this device partorisca share some peripherals of USB among the PC and the laptop and to situate the USB dongle for the headset more centrally in my house. This leave to roam more around my house and more importantly, can do the coffe in my cookery whilst in the meeting of Zoom :)

the software setup is trivial and he all does well with some minors niggle. If it connects my laptop my coverage of house in wifi, some devices of USB that is connected to a DS-600 sometime result unstable. Still I am researching a question, but for me is so only the subject smaller reason generally connects a laptop invernadero ethernet
5 / 5
has some devices of USB - old and new - that has not loved in my office, or a lot afterwards to my PC. Printers by heart - A3 photos, and a A3 scanner, DVD PRINTERS. Everything does well with this bridge and although we do not share some devices of USB a lot, looks to direct contention of user - effectively when I use some looks of device and behaves to the equal that has connected directly to a PC still although it is another side of an edifice. Also it looks to leave for multiple devices in a same coverage, as so only could purchase another. A bit pricey, but for devices of USB of the specialist costs it. I thought that it that it could have subjects of engine, but Windows 10 has chosen everything on final.
4 / 5
Gives Question:
Mein transmission Drucker has dipped WLAN war leider aus Sicherheitsgründen nicht mehr likes wirklich WLAN-tauglich -
aber er hat leider keinen LAN sondern nur noch einen USB-Anschluss. Daher aber Dies ganze the family gives Drucker place nutzt, musste ich mir was einfallen lassen. It gives PC immer anzulassen und yesterday give Drucker dipped gives Familie über eine Netzwerkfreigabe zu teilen, gives konnte nicht die Lösung heart.
Und jetzt? It gives Drucker wegwerfen? Kam überhaupt nicht In Frage, weil has given chätzchen' absolut ausreicht und quotes Tintenpatronen unschlagbar günstig sind: 4 Ladungen á 4 Patronen kosten inkl. Versand - Salvia und schreibe - 12 Euro....! Und Gives Drucker selbst 35 Eurocopa 'in giving Bucht', given of falls nachgemachten Patronen nach 4 Jahren doch bad gives Druckkopf beeinträchtigen _sollten_ ....

Mein geplantes Vorhaben Also:
Einen Printerserver kaufen - dipped dem kann ich gives USB-Drucker - give Theorie nach - im Netzwerk dipped anderen Familienmitgliedern teilen. Yesterday muss ich vielleicht sagen, dass Given 'Office-Rechner' in giving Familie to the Windows dips laufen - eigentlich sollte gives doch was günstiges zu bekommen heart?

Quotes bittere Realität:
Wer billig kauft, kauft mehrmals... As hatte ich is dipped dem TP-Link PS110U versucht, wie auch has dipped einem Gerät von WAV-Link und CSL - data letzteren beiden waren wohl baugleich. They are Ende hakte is dipped Treibern the windows have dipped 10, oder dem Ausstieg gives Druckers place wirren Zeichen, oder dem Abbruch gives Drucks wenn bad etwas soyehr' a Date one gives Drucker gehen sollten.
WAV-Link und CSL quengelten zudem beim herum.
Einen The far scanner betreiben the war dipped gives genannten gar nicht möglich.

Und Was gibt noch?
Silex... aber Gives ist Like this Teuer...!
Gives Gerät hab ich mir dann mehrmals angesehen und War vom Preis ziemlich abgeschreckt.
Is kommt eine kleine Plastik-Kiste im kleinen Pappkarton has dipped 2-Blatt-Manuel, Netzteil und Steckdosenadapter für EUA (?) A, die Treiber muss man sich bei Silex von gives Webseite selbst herunter laden:
Sleeps gibt is etwas für win7 bis win10 für 32 und 64Bit. It is gibt ein JDK für Linux und MAC - ob gives auch zoom anbinden gives Druckers reicht, konnte ich noch nicht declares.
Gives Gerät Hat einen USB2.0, einen USB3.0 und einen LAN-Anschluss. USB Of data-Anschlüsse kann man jeweils has dipped einem USB-Hub erweitern: Like this kann man dann z.B. zwei Drucker und einen Scanner und einen als Far-Festplatte anschließen.... Sogar USB-Dongles für geschützte Software funktionieren a dem Port.
Installation of data folgt dem w-eiter-w-eiter-w-eiter-prinzip: they have extended in giving Taskleiste meldet sich X-Virtual-Link' place dem man dann give PC DIPPED dem entfernten Printerserver verbinden kann.
Eine Besonderheit Knows erwähnt: Man kann sich einzelne Geräte 'heran holen' - man muss nicht to are them Printerserver angeschlossenen Geräte auf einmal verbinden! Auch kann Man ein Kennwort für einzelne Geräte setzen; yesterday muss man dann allerdings einmal dipped dem the browser gives Webinterface give Gerätes, wo man dann auch noch vieles anderes konfigurieren kann --- z.B. I irradiate-Authentifizierung, Stromsparmodus, SSL, und und und... vor allem erst einmal ein Initial-Kennwort für gives Webinterface, damit nicht wer darin herum fummelt...! :-)

Bisher lediglich eines - und Gives kann Man sich nun drüber streiten, ob gives Question vor dem Bildschirm saß, oder gives Hersteller 'gepennt' hat: Beim ersten Login auf dem Webinterface wird man brav dazu aufgefordert, ein Kennwort zu setzen. Man sich anschließend has dipped dem Kennwort einloggen, funktioniert gives aber nicht.
....wer genau hinschaut, findet einen Hinweis beim Kennwort setzen im ersten Bildschirm: 1-8 Zeichen (!) - Man kann jedoch mehr Zeichen eingeben. Logged Man sich dann has dipped 9 oder mehr Zeichen ein, klappt gives login nicht und man muss gives Kennwort im Kopf abschneiden.
Eine Einschränkung Gives Kennwortes auf 8 Zeichen finde ich jetzt nicht like this prickelnd; vor allem, weil sich has given Gerät in giving Beschreibung damit rühmt, dass die Kommunikation zwischen Client und Printerserver AES-verschlüsselt stattfindet - und dann ein 8-Zeichen-Kennwort...? Ohne Timeblock bei Fehleingaben...? It gives sollte noch bad wer nacharbeiten. :-)

Doch unterm Strich - eine klare Kaufempfehlung!
Damage Ärger dips give zwei zuvor gekauften Geräten und gives verzweifelte Suchen nach einer Alternative in giving Bucht hätte ich mir sparen können....! Sehr abstrus waren Yesterday einige Verkäufer, the data gives Gebrauchtgerät für teilweise 65 Eurocopa und mehr angeboten haben... It gives kaufe ich lieber neu inkl. Gewährleistung und Has guaranteeed...
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Meine Hoffnung, dass place diesem Gerät ein USB Gerät NICHT als Netzwerklaufwerk angesprochen werden kann, wurden leider enttäuscht. Somit sind Dongels, TSEs usw. nicht anzusprechen. Software of data, man of data sich herunterladen kann, ist daher völlig überflüssig. Sie mountet nur ein Netzwerklaufwerk. Of the kann jede FRITZBox! It has dipped Port of USB besser.