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4 / 5
He a lot of years, has listened to this time of diverse album but forgot it then of then does not have it expósito memorable. I gave it another little listens this in spite of no it fulfilling very memorable. It does not touch Metal like this Nude like his earlier albums but is quite alike. Mainly it has the heavy sound, but there is the little ballads on here. My favourite clues are “Ugly” and “Shadows In of the Red”.
4 / 5
sevendust Has been around the long time,while a lot of some nude bands of the metal behind a day has on left or has evolved sevendust is remained how were, is enormous in america and while sound that is still in a uk and ireland isnt vast some impressive aiming download this year can the pause to help some earth,the question is this in spite of that is a lot his career like this the one who knows.
After,is his 5th album and is the nudest metal in all his varied forms and is a enjoyable album and while it can not touch fresco or urgent but is enough in firm to maintain me happy. I am spending for the nude phase of metal again in a minute like the sound is well with me.
A mix of hard rockers with solemn heartbleeders is the regular mix and sevendust is well in him because have is the talented band and vocalist of advantage lajon is like this as well as they come.
This album can not be essential but the value looks for it sure.