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1 first SGEYR KVM Switch HDMI 4 Port 4K USB KVM Switcher 4 In 1 Out Keyboard and Mouse HDMI Selector Box with USB Cables Support 4K@30Hz 3D 1080P Control Up to 4 Computers/PC SGEYR KVM Switch HDMI 4 Port 4K USB KVM Switcher 4 In 1 Out Keyboard and Mouse HDMI Selector Box with USB Cables Support 4K@30Hz 3D 1080P Control Up to 4 Computers/PC SGEYR
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2 HDMI 2.0 KVM Switch SGEYR 2 Ports 4K USB KVM Switcher 2 In 1 Keyboard Mouse HDMI Selector Box with USB2.0 Hub/Auto Scan/Cable Sets Support HDCP2.2 4K@60Hz HDR 3D 1080P HDMI 2.0 KVM Switch SGEYR 2 Ports 4K USB KVM Switcher 2 In 1 Keyboard Mouse HDMI Selector Box with USB2.0 Hub/Auto Scan/Cable Sets Support HDCP2.2 4K@60Hz HDR 3D 1080P SGEYR
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3 best HDMI Splitter 4K, SGEYR HDMI 2.0 Switch 4K@60Hz, HDMI Splitter 1 In 2 Out Support HDR 4K 3D 1080P HDCP 2.2, HDMI Switcher for PS3/PS4/4 Pro Blu-ray Xbox DVD player Projector HDMI Splitter 4K, SGEYR HDMI 2.0 Switch 4K@60Hz, HDMI Splitter 1 In 2 Out Support HDR 4K 3D 1080P HDCP 2.2, HDMI Switcher for PS3/PS4/4 Pro Blu-ray Xbox DVD player Projector SGEYR
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4 SGEYR USB 3.0 Switch 2 In 4 Out USB Sharing Switch 4 Ports USB Hub KVM Switcher Selector Box for 2 PC Share 4 USB Devices Mouse Keyboard Scanner Printer with 2 Pcs of 1.5M USB 3.0A to A Cable SGEYR USB 3.0 Switch 2 In 4 Out USB Sharing Switch 4 Ports USB Hub KVM Switcher Selector Box for 2 PC Share 4 USB Devices Mouse Keyboard Scanner Printer with 2 Pcs of 1.5M USB 3.0A to A Cable SGEYR
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5 KVM Switch HDMI 2 Port, SGEYR 4K HDMI USB Switch 2 PC 1 Monitor Switch, Keyboard Mouse Selector Box, USB 2.0 Hub, Support 4K@30hz UHD 3D 1080P for PC and Laptops, Hotkey Switch KVM Switch HDMI 2 Port, SGEYR 4K HDMI USB Switch 2 PC 1 Monitor Switch, Keyboard Mouse Selector Box, USB 2.0 Hub, Support 4K@30hz UHD 3D 1080P for PC and Laptops, Hotkey Switch SGEYR
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6 SGEYR 3x1 Ports HDMI Switch 4K 3 In 1 Out HDMI Switcher with Remote/Audio Extractor/Optical Toslink SPDIF/3.5mm Audio Output Support 4K@30Hz ARC 3D 1080P for PS4/3 HDTV SGEYR 3x1 Ports HDMI Switch 4K 3 In 1 Out HDMI Switcher with Remote/Audio Extractor/Optical Toslink SPDIF/3.5mm Audio Output Support 4K@30Hz ARC 3D 1080P for PS4/3 HDTV SGEYR
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7 HDMI 2.0 Switch SGEYR HDMI Switch 4K 60Hz 5 In 1 Out HDMI Selector Switcher with IR Remote Support HDCP2.2 HDR UHD 3D 1080P for Xbox Nintendo PS3/4/4 Pro HDTV Fire Stick HDMI 2.0 Switch SGEYR HDMI Switch 4K 60Hz 5 In 1 Out HDMI Selector Switcher with IR Remote Support HDCP2.2 HDR UHD 3D 1080P for Xbox Nintendo PS3/4/4 Pro HDTV Fire Stick SGEYR
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8 HDMI Switch 4K SGEYR HDMI Switch 5 In 1 Out HDMI Splitter Switcher 5 Ports HDMI Selector Box with Remote Support HDCP1.4 4K@30hz UHD 3D 1080P for PS4/Xbox/Fire TV/DVD Player/HDTV HDMI Switch 4K SGEYR HDMI Switch 5 In 1 Out HDMI Splitter Switcher 5 Ports HDMI Selector Box with Remote Support HDCP1.4 4K@30hz UHD 3D 1080P for PS4/Xbox/Fire TV/DVD Player/HDTV SGEYR
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9 HDMI Switch 4x2 SGEYR 4K HDMI Matrix Splitter 4 Ports HDMI True Matrix 4 Input 2 Output with Remote Control SPDIF Optical and 3.5mm Audio Output Support ARC 4K@30Hz UHD 1080P 3D HDMI Switch 4x2 SGEYR 4K HDMI Matrix Splitter 4 Ports HDMI True Matrix 4 Input 2 Output with Remote Control SPDIF Optical and 3.5mm Audio Output Support ARC 4K@30Hz UHD 1080P 3D SGEYR
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10 HDMI Switch 6x2 SGEYR 6 Ports HDMI Matrix Splitter 4K HDMI True Matrix 6 In 2 Out with Optical SPDIF Toslink and 3.5mm Audio Extractor Support 4K@30Hz ARC 3D UHD 1080P for PS4/XBox HDMI Switch 6x2 SGEYR 6 Ports HDMI Matrix Splitter 4K HDMI True Matrix 6 In 2 Out with Optical SPDIF Toslink and 3.5mm Audio Extractor Support 4K@30Hz ARC 3D UHD 1080P for PS4/XBox SGEYR
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Top Customer Reviews: SGEYR KVM Switch ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 3 ratings
5 / 5
This KVM there has not been a lot of description but data a prize has it the gone.
Have mix of Windows 10, Window 7, Chrome YOU and box of television of the Android has connected his and all the work well.
Has occasions where calm require you partorisca do one changing a time of plus to the equal that comes up with screen of spatial but very thick. I have had two USB is disappeared the bosses but a vendor send me to us behind some bosses in around 10 days.
Like this in general the good 4 port KVM in reasonable prize. I do not have 4k monitor as so only can comment on 1080p.
4 / 5
The piece received does not leave . I tried it to the sud a together of PCs that state recognised without pair of worries two another kvm other frames. With this kvm any one signals hdmi or usb. Besides the télécommande was impossible to open games partorisca access to the battery. Impression of bad Chinese quality to a more elevated prize of his competitors. The reason To amazon has fulfilled partorisca come to give you pieces indistintas?
4 / 5
Rid incomplete The Battery the summer takes the pair eat marked or is the games of reference partorisca go to look for is partorisca buy

Top Customer Reviews: HDMI 2.0 KVM Switch ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 6 ratings
5 / 5
HDMI Changing works reliably, and when paired with the keyboard of basic+mouse he reliably moves those among computers. A question begins when that looks for to use crew of better quality with him.

Trying transmission the Logitech G910 keyboard or G900 the mouse by means of him causes a Logitech engine to clash. Unfortunately, a description of the product does not say you that it uses emulation for a keyboard and smiled (enables shortcuts of keyboard and means the windows does not see a device disconnecting/reconnecting during switchover). This emulation so only sustains the protocol of USB has HID, and a Logitech the engine does not know that to do of a keyboard not answering to has has extended commanded.

This (or alike failures) is likely to arrive in any RGB keyboard, or keyboard with NKRO (like this requires the protocol of different USB)
4 / 5
has two laptops what requires to share among an external keyboard, mouse and monitor. My keyboard is the Steelseries APEX M750 the keyboard maquinal and my mouse is the wire fence Steelseries Rival 700. I am using a HDMI to DVI boss to connect a KVM to the mine monitor.

A two HDMI bosses that is coming with a box is short and quite low quality. Of a thickness of the boss can not imagine that there it has a lot of shielding on him. I did not use him like this one of mine portable is too far has been for me to use one has has resupplied bosses. I have finalised to undermine out of the pair of spare Amazon Basics HDMI the bosses and law well.

Some bosses of USB resupplied is long enough for my needs. My main laptop has the 7 port Anker USB 3.0 hub semi-detached and am connecting a KVM to this has seen a boss resupplied. My second laptop is connected directly to a KVM.

Changing among some laptops is it quickly and easy using some keys in a poster at the head of a device. This in spite of, a 'hotkey' combinations to change among some portable the without moving yours delivery out of a keyboard has looked any to do at the beginning. It results that more than using a modifiers neighbouring calm has to press them order which is the little intuitive counter when a manual has said:

CTRL + CTRL + 1 which really means CTRL, CTRL, 1
CTRL + CTRL + 2 which really means CTRL, CTRL, 2
CTRL + CTRL + ENTER which really means CTRL, CTRL, ENTERS

a lot included has to that use an accident and right CTRL tones like this of the shows of documentation,instead youI can change to touch an accident CTRL two times followed for 1, 2 or ENTER.

Reading further of some instructions, looks to indicate that some the keyboards maquinales are not sustained and a KVM 'works more' with the basic mouse and keyboard. If it would have known this could have asked the question or two in a KVM first of just reading some descriptions and it buying. As it results my works of hardware A lot

In of the terms of construction of a KVM he, is rugged and no the look will fall aside anytime punctual. It is quell'has bitten utilitarian but can does not be missing he for that. A FOCUSED is in a poster forward is useful but the little that shines as it can be distract for some. They do not import him .

Spent again has required one? Yes but it would be easier that justify yes was bit it more economic or one has resupplied the bosses were of the better quality and bit it longer!.

Came it also with the United Kingdom and supply/of power of EU of EUA. Reason is coming with two does not know . There are better ways to resupply PSU is where some the real pins are interchangeable. How it is has the one of leftover PSU ossia of any use at all. A cost of a second PSU could be be spend in better HDMI bosses.

Update: With which upgrading my external monitor to the 27' MSI Gaming the monitor that careers in 2560x1440p 144Hz, can confirm that this KVM bosses a resolution/refresh imposed so only a lot still although it is not mentioned specifically in a documentation or in a packaging.
4 / 5
Has bought this in a start of United Kingdom lockdown to the equal that could change among my laptop of work and my PC of house without messing roughly with bosses or changing sources to control all a time. It has done perfectly, which was adds.
Then roughly 2 or 3 weeks ago has begun to take disconnect / reconnect the sounds that to the touch likes him the connection of USB has been lost and has recovered. It does not affect some exposures of video at all.
When Raisin, a keyboard and smiled entirely disconnect for roughly 1 or 2 according to that massively is frustrating.
Sometimes some tones take estuck' to the equal that can be write and the individual keypress so only maintains to go until transmission some canals behind and advances. Or sometimes the papers take fallen entirely. It is broken clearly.

Dipped down to an incompatibility yes is spent of day a, but so only headed to to be the question the few weeks does.

Has contacted SGEYR directly in his web of place (of a window of the turn partorisca Amazon is closed now) and has not taken the response that a lot is in disappointing. And it covers it it was, it would look that they are exited of business (his web of place is now very available and calm so only take the placeholder page in Chinese). Fallido For consumer of poor Chinese company the electronic that it is easily available on Amazon without a backing of the good company.

Some waste of prójimos £100.
Would recommend that you look elsewhere.
5 / 5
Enough the good product, well has built; this in spite of, in spite of the claims is not 4K. I have bought two and one the possible main resolution is 1024 x 768. If has monitors of the main resolution then this could not be a product for you.
5 / 5
I use this to change among my laptop of work and personal laptop that is connected to a same monitor and keyboard by means of this KVM. It sustains mine 27' QHD monitor. It comes with all the necessary bosses. Works to treat it.
5 / 5
Compraventa Amazing, so only does sure there is HDMI 2.0 bosses and support.

Top Customer Reviews: HDMI Splitter 4K, ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 2 ratings
4 / 5
I have tried 3 3d Blue-sources of ray PS4 and 2 Blue-players of ray one in Panasonic 9000 tended splitters black a 3d the signal that informs the message of screen has said that need the 3d the compatible exposure takes a splitter and a 3d exposed of image without @@subject. , If it calms no in a need partorisca the 3d sustains splitter took them will be very partorisca you , but any 3d sustains even tho is printed in an element ,
5 / 5
Could not take HDR partorisca do , another that that does well.

Top Customer Reviews: SGEYR USB 3.0 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 9 ratings
5 / 5
Update the week with which.

When Some systems have frozen, installed ubuntu in a SFF which would be having USB 1.0 or in better 2.0
A transmission was USB 3.0, as it has thought external to try first to return and looked has done again fantastically.
Like this promptly there is annulled a question of turn and has been partorisca update a description ( was last Monday ).

But for Thursday, a transmission behaved bad. It was always a surface reserves concealed has failed this in spite of. A SFF always connected and has done well. A book of surface (if on cradle or direct connection to a rear end of a transmission) has failed more collected. And it was almost a cycle still repeats but there is prendido before it has been to est√°puesto a laptop' and has begun a process to return again.

So much, my learning is. These works to change amiably with ports of old USB a lot well. When there is the mix of old and new, could take garbled or directs some systems to take garbled.

Changes a lot otherwise this in spite of. As more incidents.

Some premiers three days, has done perfectly! It was happier. Book of surface 2 street a cradle of surface and the Dell Optiplex SFF has connected in a rear end. A micro USB of discharges to wall powering a transmission of USB. A G810 Keyboard and MX Ergo smiled in a front. Perfecto and has had a mouse in bluetooth to a book of the surface and I could be like this happy likes pig in vase.

Yesterday (fourth day), book of the surface has not been responsive and a keyboard has not taken backlight. It smiles not registering neither. And after the little panicky presses ( was the Sunday how is the fine Monday would have been disaster ), direct connection of keyboard and smile to a book of the surface do not help neither.

Like this powered down everything, has had the cuppa and rebooted. A keyboard powered up in direct connection. Well, I have thought and hooked on a keyboard to a transmission (the mouse is still in a book of surface), and at all. The keyboard does not light , smiles not answering and has included the keyboard of a book of Surfaces not doing .

A Optiplex continued to do. The surface of the brother has taken loaned pro and hooked he until a cradle. Works of cradle. Well, hook on a transmission and everything freezes. Now to arrive to this point, some works of book of the surface to the equal that to pill with touching but is no-responsive with the keyboard typical of a book of surface, G810 and of the smiles with or without a transmission. As est√°puesto a computer' option in a book to surface invoked and literally all the programs gone (pair of one some that does not subscribe anymore and does not have to that install software - has lost... Paid again to take them behind as I want him like this - stardock, you bad boy).

And is a turn of a Surface Pro to start with to freeze. I can not ask mine bro a reset that like this promptly gave it behind his and has asked the turn for east a.

Odd to the equal that has done fantastically for three days and I would have a lot of be happy of the maintain. <shrugs>
4 / 5
Has been using a switcher for roughly 2 weeks now and work with the click of alone key. As I have been doing of home have the laptop of works and the laptop of work of the clients. When has in the first place connected some units have required to redo some engine to the equal that is coming from the new source technically. It has been once done there was little to any delay when changing and works to the equal that has expected. I am using USB two has based inner of peripherals a moment but has loved an option of USB 3 has required .

One a @@subject have which there is prendido a 5th star is a car changing does. It uses my laptop of work (any client) to look video (maintain has directed in laws) this in spite of lame the and leave for the long time a second device goes to sleep. That then changes my control to device has said. Which is annoying when yours that tries to do in another. If this somehow could be prendido that it would be adds.

Segundo what ossia so only the big bear of all the elements has taken. Entrances in these is to some laptops it. Surely some peripherals are a start to be of the entrance to a device has specified? Perhaps it is so only me.
5 / 5
Is quite the small thing like any one a lot of deskspace has used.
Resembles felt of car if the computer is semi-detached and automatically select this canal. If both devices are calm on then can easily transmission with a key in a cup.
Has the Micro goodness to be able to of the USB that can use you to devices to be able to that it can it to it draw more power like hard walks outsides, but for my keyboard, mouse and 3 walks of USB was well without him like this quite can in a goodness to be able to of the computer. It could be useful for the telephone touch has socket to be able to of the USB in a wall or in games the partorisca be able to when some computers are was,
Anything USB will be shared goes in to to device likes him the speaker, of telephone of boss, keyboard, clave of the data of smiles strolls external, calm appoints it, same works with an extra USB hub for extra ports if the precise.
Speed of copy of the USB to the walk of fast USB (decent Sandisk) looks to be of the same as when plugged directly in the the port of USB in my Computer.

Is doing Of house with the laptop of company and love the solution to so only have a keyboard and mouse and does not require to concern roughly having to that it shares an entrance in the monitor (the majority come with multiple entrances in all the chance) then ossia ideal.
5 / 5
Some works to change so it expects it to you them - Press a key, and will connect some 4 entrances to another computer.

Is not the perfect creation - need an external USB-micro beats to do (the boss is included - the only takes on upper of another port of USB), which is not ideal, but is an excellent box so only to connect your mouse and keyboard to another PC. There it has any to plot that can go bad, and ossia really that master; the transmission that so only seats there quietly and does not go wrong.
5 / 5
Of a lockdown had been looking for taking the port of USB to reduce a clutters in my office of work. Has the laptop of work and the PC of house and the together of keyboard and smile for each. This has done mine setup and an office quite messy.

With which some investigation has solved for Sgeyr Transmission of USB to the equal that looked well and has had metallic house. I am impressed enough with this transmission of USB how is a lot of fact and of the works directly out of a box. The maintaining there is so only the together only of keyboard and mouse and can change easily with the press of the key. Also to the left they are action a hard walk outside that the easy fact to share die among some two systems.

A highly recommended artilugio him him he fines pc setup!
5 / 5
Has bought this that (hopefully) the fast and easy way to use the keyboard and smile among 2 laptops the (Asus X555LA & Dell Latitude E5440). It has not looked to want to be powered invernadero USB and when using direct 5v distributes, occasionally one '1' has has DIRECTED lit on this in spite of any combination of configurations of USB with any laptop has left any keyboard or smile to do - Windows 10 so only has recognised anything had been plugged in and a eselecto' key ... No. Then, whilst looking for another substitution, has @to @give that some 2 entrances where supposed to be of PC is and a four 'exited' where peripheral of paralización ... doh! Device 10/10 .... User 1/10
5 / 5
More can say of this that is to arrive quickly and was amiably packaged. After trying to take it doing with three different keyboards, two has smiled, and the god knows those that ports of different USB in both computers, any connection with any entrance has been done. A light for computer A wine on - and is remained on in spite of trying to change to Compuer B. And this has been. Also, it does not say you on Amazon that you pode does not use if some links among your device - keyboard, etc - is on 6ft/1.8 m, although using a 5v goodness to be able to of the socket of USB. Sending it behind.
4 / 5
Has bought this to go with the HDMI switcher so much could leave both my work and the personal laptop have connected to some peripherals and monitors was.
Has used to have unplugs it everything of one to attach another, tugging and disorganising cable for behind the office and monitors, but now so only presses the keys of the pair and everything is connected to an opposite car. I do not have remarked any transmission in some entrances or exited do like this neither in my working applications or any games I so that I am quite happy with a consolation these leaves.
4 / 5
Has bought this I so that it can use mine gaming keyboard, mouse and headset with mine gaming PC and laptop of work like maintaining of work of home permanently.

A lot one the low plus has estimated the descriptions mention has had subjects with devices disconnecting and reconnecting - and has experienced some same subjects. It was a lot of when using mine Corsair K70 RGB M.2 keyboard with a transmission that signal in a laptop, but when touching Evasion Of Tarkov in mine Windows 11 diagrams a WASD the tones have taken garbled - sinister results well, before it is result backward, and this is resulted an indicator that the disconnect was foreseen in the second or two. The windows would touch a device disconnect / reconnect sound of notification, and then would be of tower. A frequency of these disconnects looked to be around the each minute or two.

A device is powered for the micro boss of USB and a no specific manual like this would owe that be plugged in - just any port of old USB.

Mina ASUS motherboard USB of supports 2.0 (ashes), 3.2 Gene 1 (blue) and 3.2 Gene 2 (red). USB 3.2 Gene 2 is informed to as espeed of elder / of big power', and originally had connected beats to a transmission saws USB 2.0 - like this perhaps changing to USB 3.2 Gene 2 would do things more stable? He no.

Has then tried to use the USB that block of touches of the laptop Bluetooth speaker I own plugged in the the that hands socket that walks a transmission of the no-SOURCE of PC to be able to based, and has solved all some subjects of connection.

Of then when being hands powered has had subjects of connection of the z/of the zero and a device is perfect - a tap of a key and he changes seemlessly among a laptop and a PC. A quality of build is excellent and some sockets are solid, he looks was quite good.

Expects this helps another the one who would be otherwise tried to send a device behind like this ossia to the equal that has taken prepared to do first trying some hands powered solution.

Top Customer Reviews: KVM Switch HDMI 2 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5
I have purchased this KVM in a base there has been 4K support, and in fact sustains that well. This in spite of, that does not do a lot well is all more! It smiles and the support of keyboard is woeful. There is enormous lag when writing, and the tone presses recognised when they have not been done! If it has had the tinfoil the hat would suspect registers throw keys lol. Like the KVM is so only simple poor. It would owe that it has invested it more in the known mark that produced SOHO/devices of qualities of the Company. It averts.
5 / 5
Absolutely brilliant bit of boxes.
Has had some subjects that one of the mine wireless mouse I use there has been the delay and movement of slow mouse in my raspberry pi but was well with my pc.

Changed a mouse partorisca another wireless one and utmost. Click of simple key partorisca change usb and video on.
5 / 5
Done well and then a day unplugged my laptop partorisca use he in mine bf place. It has gone back house , plugged he in and... There is prendido partorisca do :) A connection the first works of laptop but when has transmission to a portable second, so only a keyboard looks for having connected (monitor, smiles it a lot working). It has thought that that it has to do with some bosses like this was the new bosses have bought, but still not doing . It would not recommend it .
5 / 5
Like this plugged in without fuss so only requiring the gaze in a 'all to small to read' instructions partorisca verify that it was gone in and that was exited and guess that? It comes with 2 x USB A male to write to write of USB B goodness and a HDMI goodness. Like this calm so only require some goodnesses that you more probably has has the HDMI monitor. A quality has built is reassuringly very which is reason I has paid the little extra in his competitors in his plastic boxes. That more can want to, 2 PCs and much less goodness! They are like this happy.
4 / 5
In the place of discharges distributes of the draw of upper power can of the socket of USB - less cost and fewer bosses.
As to a rest, he like wait.
5 / 5
Has Had this transmission for roughly 3 weeks. Used frequently daily and good works. Nizza And space like this small minimum has required. Any insurance of durability, but the time will say - the looks well have done.
4 / 5
Connecting two computers to a place of peripherals. Tidies On an office to reduce clutters.
Simple piece of boxes. He exactly like this described and does not require source of additional power. It would owe that have a rarlirr when headed doing of home last year!
Does not forget to purchase 2 additional hdmi goodness to connect computer like any distributed.
5 / 5
Produced of good quality that looks to be build with material of good quality . It can change of a buttton as well as a keyboard.
Using this of the the long of the month and any one have had any subjects
4 / 5
Facts quite well until there is prendido to do all near. Any recomended.
5 / 5
Easy to dip this until sharing the monitor and peripherals among the laptop and desk.

Top Customer Reviews: SGEYR 3x1 Ports ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 2 ratings
4 / 5
After A long investigation finally have found it, connected announce a monitor in start, attainment changed it easily with him control to distance the thaw (Raspberry PI, Transmission of Nintendo, PC) without each go back to have to staccare the cables HDMI. Have A emplazamiento has given orderly game without embrollos has given cables.
4 / 5
Coming works the guarantee? The transmission there is left has given to work

Top Customer Reviews: HDMI 2.0 Switch ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 45 ratings
4 / 5
Prpers Having looked in of the cariche of these I opted partorisca east an and am happy has done.
Has four devices have connected partorisca comprise SkyQ, 4K TV of Apple, Transmission of Nintendo, and the Blue player of Ray. I have used devices looked in some pasts but is not never able state to take full 4K or Dolby sound. This in spite of, this one looks partorisca rid on all the levels. As seen in some photos have attached, directed to take 2160p 8 has bitten resolution of picture with Dolby his Digital of my Heaven Q, and 1080p HDR picture with Dolby Digital 5:1 sound of a TV of Apple.
When Changing on Heaven, a BluRay player or Transmission, a picture automatically changes to a product has changed on (any need to use a far). This in spite of, partorisca change to/of television of Apple I usually require use a far. I have looked his and expósito that ossia a subject with a hardware of television of the Apple like opposed to a HDMI box. Apple is conscious and apparently is that it directs this when they release the TV of new Apple later in 2020.
Summing On, am pleased extremely with this compraventa. It is a lot of build and does exactly that he dictate it . Some four entrances and a goodness partorisca be able to is located in a backside of a device, while a start HDMI is located in a side (sees photo). It would have preferred all the starts/of entrances in some backsides, but suppose that it would have augmented his measure.
Honradamente Can not recommend this device enough.
4 / 5
Absolutely produces brilliant!
He all dictate it !
Has had this neighbour on & working with my Virgin TV, CCTV, Apple TV, DVD, Now television Playstation all the interior 10 minutes!
Had purchased 2 another more economic more yield this week and they so only no & so it has been ready to give on when my Edges have me advised to purchase this better a!
Really is not sure state because some another mark no with my loans TVs & devices?
But has said that ‚Äúcalm fianc√©e you this one will do Mamma‚ÄĚ
Well am like this very pleased has taken his joint like this is fantastic I are in a moon!
Is brilliant having all near in the touch of the key in a control,
am impressed like this and highly would recommend this model as more economic some really are rubbishes!
Ossia Value and amazing value each penny
5 / 5
can does not be missing a quality of a picture or his, and creates it does afterwards to any latency. As it does like this described in one has beaten. This in spite of a gilipollas has with east:

- Mina LG the volume of the television-down the key interferes with the canal of a transmission-selector. If of use: I am looking something by means of a transmission, is too strong, under a volume, an entrance feeds suddenly transmissions. I look for a far transmission, turn, has to rewind a video looked some 15 seconds are spent to create me and finding a far.
- Tin a lot manually select an entrance until it is receiving for the feed. It is the smallest flu , but would prefer to not thinking in a sequence of chance when turning in the device and that dips an entrance.

Update: a subject of volume is taking increasingly frustrating. Downgrading My indication.
5 / 5
Ossia The add little device. It comes with the usb boss and adapter to be able to. S√ļper Easy to install. Changing works automatically but manually can select also.

Has purchased this for mine Xbox A X and PS4 to go to the splitter then the paper of capture and TV for separate, the charm and starts to my receiver that is there is showed. Any loss in quality of image or audio. Works perfectly with more than big animal ways in both and any to the black screens like does in any switchers. Highly recommended. An only thing that could improve it would be an integrated splitter. Quality to build also excellent and robust.
4 / 5
Has 2 Duronic 3 Port HDMI Boxes of Transmission of the Car on two separate installations with his Far controllers.

Has to that say that ossia far upper to a Duronics. Has 4 appliances have connected to mine new SGEYR units. Sky Box, Sony theatre of House, PS4 and TV of Fire. The car that the transmissions among them is excellent although a television to Shoot a lot always changes automatically, perhaps reason is always on. No too big the question thanks to a far control a lot effective. For comparison a Duronic far in both units is virtually useless. I have found these far controls small plans, which also has in other appliances, so only any one the short and always has to that appeal the manual changing.

In that tried quell'a SGEYR in mine setup, has to say that it is far upper, in virtually all the respects. Highly it would recommend it and it will be to substitute a second Duronic in my mother setup shortly. One produces adds.
5 / 5
In that has squandered that money on two another Hdmi transmissions a SGEYR splitter has looked in my cast of investigation of the amazon. A transmission is simple to dip on, work extremely well and manages a combination of mine portable, the ps3, an Amazon firestick and he wii with ease. Also it likes like this of a start is in a side whilst a power and the entrances are in a backside, chairs in the shelf that the looks have ordered. A remote there is not coming with battery this in spite of him better that another dress.
5 / 5
The mine there has been the compartment of the far control broken. I sent it behind for the repayment. This in spite of some laws of element and has done well in 4K HDR 10 UHD with mine PS4 Pro, Xbox A X and PC when I connected him to a splitter and plugged he in the mine Samsung 4K UHD HDR 10 TV.
5 / 5
The piece adds of boxes. Works seamlessly with Sky Q UHD, Xbox 1s, Samsung uhd blue player of ray, Philips 4k ambilight and Roku premiere. Everything does in 4k 60hz. Simple to dip up.
Far is simple and functional.
IMO Well The value that considers yes require the 4k HDMI transmission with far...
5 / 5
With 4 devices plugged in (2x freeview PVR, he chromecast and the clave of TV of the fire), a source of entrance of transmissions to change each one which pocolos second that he entirely unusable. Returned this for the repayment and has chosen to use an equivalent device that has left disabling of a car-characteristic of transmission (to resist a key to change down for 5s).

Quality of the picture etc is a lot when the device only is plugged in but this attacks a purpose of having the transmission. If the product has been improved to leave disabling of car-change then this 1 indication would change to 5.
4 / 5
Him him the PS plugged to HDMI 1, and your television plugged to HDMI 2, every time change the canal in a television a transmission defaults has retreated to HDMI 1. Poor product.
4 / 5
He that declares 4k hdr dolby vision dolby atmos any subject @of devices of far transmissions a lot @@subject the wld suggests big quality hdmi 2.0 bosses partorisca better results
4 / 5
entrances of Transmissions he like this required, has not required a far, steps by means of all that alleges, 4k , HDR , dolby etc,
Does perfectly without loss of quality at all, very pleased with this transmission
4 / 5
has ordered this element to the equal that could easily transmission among my chrome mould and fire of clave of amazon (both 4K) as I do not owe that disorder around changing bosses in a backside of my TV.. It has done neither!! Waste of money :(
5 / 5
In general the solid build and connects 4K60hz easily.
A far is of much better of quality that some another.
Does a lot well with my setup.
5 / 5
Has bitten adds of the boxes when have the plot of HDMI artilugios. S√ļper Fast delivery of Amazon and very packed and easy to dip on
4 / 5
having the HDMI switcher is an easy solution when you run out of HDMI ports in your television and/or wants to connect multiple HDMI devices by means of the suns HDMI boss. This transmission offers the total of 5 HDMI 2.0 entrances, and comes with the far control GONE as well as the physical key to change among some entrances. A transmission has the solid metal unibody, and has the small compact impression that does not take on a lot of room at all.

A main goodness of this product is that it uses HDMI 2.0 connections by means of his 5 entrances and 1 start, he meaning can sustain the plenary 4K (3840x2160p) HDR HDCP complains 60Hz exited chroma subsample, basically that half that you a lot of free any quality that connects devices to the this switcher likes opposed your television. As HDMI 2.0 is fully for behind compatible, would recommend at all less than HDMI 2.0 specifications, mainly for full support by means of everything of your devices that leave to use the newest crew and older by means of a same transmission - the just mark takes a HDMI the bosses are using is HDMI 2.0 compatible also, as some bosses can not transmit enough bandwidth to sustain HDMI 2.0.

Place it on a transmission is easy & simply covers-in-and-game. Has the only HDMI start that spent you directly your TV, and then all of the yours other propiciado by devices to a backside of a transmission. A transmission requires external power, but felizmente accepts the USB 5V 1An entrance that yours TV would owe that be able to distribute (if no, the telephone uploads will do a trick). Strangely This in spite of, use covers he of barrel to boss of USB (comprised) to be able to that are not adds. It would be far better state has used the Micro USB or USB C entrance instead, like the boss easily could be substituted. A boss has comprised is not that long neither (1.2 metres), which could be troublesome if your TV is further was.

When powered On, has the red FOCUSED to the aim can, and then 5 green FOCUSED is that objective that the entrance is has used. When A transmission relieves the signal of new entrance, automatically changes his. There is the physical key that can have it the habit of cycle among any entrances actuate, but a far control has 5 has has consecrated keys to exchange to any entrance. A far requires two EA battery (any one comprised) and works in Infra-Rojas. Testing In mine PS4 Pro, a transmission rid the 4K 60Hz signal that sustains HDCP 2.3 and HDR maintains .

In general, can a lot of really lacking to the this device likes-the all is announced to do, and is easy of the take all hooked on and working. An only negative can draw is of the discharges of fashionable connector of barrel, but concealed is not quite the detract of this product.

Thank you To read my description, if the the expósito useful feels free to leave me know down.
5 / 5
This metal-bodied the transmission does so only that need and good works. I have tried more economic HDMI the transmissions but is the dud economy. This one feels a lot of solid and is easy to dip up and use, with those change transports that in fact works. It produces images and his in a TV without noticeable loss of quality. He looks was quite ready, with connections of boss of the entrance in some behind and so only a boss of visible start in a side.

A far is a lot welcome, especially of then is the pertinent one in place of the what thin bad with the hard-keys of press. Note that will require two AAAs for him.

This is to produce of quality , as done an easy recommendation.
5 / 5
4K60Hz HDMI Transmission, SGEYR 5 Port HDMI 2.0 Splitter Selector 5 in 1 Out of

has had the few different types of HDMI transmissions recently, this character an east among a better that has looked in like this far. This, although any economic, will take the macizo 5 HDMI gone in.

A unit of main transmission is built like the tank in that went it the fact of metal has bent. In a backside is 5 HDMI gone in together with an entrance to be able to. Power is for way of the boss of USB has distributed, this will require to be plugged to the power of USB distribute as it is not resupplied. In a front of a transmission is 5 green lights, one for each HDMI entrance, key of transmission, light to be able to and GO the window that leaves for some far to communicate with a transmission. In a sinister hand-held side is the only HDMI start.

Until 5 HDMI the devices can covers to this transmission. A transmission would owe that relieve quell'gone in is alive and automatically change to this entrance. If it concealed it is not a chance then a key of transmission in a front of a device can have the habit of cycle by means of some entrances, or some far can have the habit to select a correct entrance to press keys 1 - 5.

This work to change perfectly for me. One of the mine HDMI the sockets in my TV have ceased to do after the thunderstorm to the equal that have too many HDMI devices and any quite a lot of entrances in my TV, this little box solves that question for me. A picture and quality of his does not look for to be struck thus transmission. A picture is crisp and clear with colours and contrast good, a sound again is crisp and clear, free of any class of interference. I have it quell'has used so only this in the 1080p 60Hz together of television where extracted without @@subject. A manual resupplied alleges this will do with 1080p 3d in 24Hz together with 4K in 60Hz.

Ossia One impressive, able HDMI transmission.


1 x HDMI Transmission
1 x Far Control
1 x Boss to be able to of the USB

Thank you to read my description, expect you found quell'useful.
5 / 5
A TV in mine gives is fines-purpose. Work like the TV, the third monitor to my PC, the exposure for the Firestick, the monitor to the mine mini-PC and the monitor to the QNAP IN The. A TV there is so only two HDMI the entrances and is the own work of the devil to select among them. So many, if calm a mathematician can see has to that have the plot of transmission of boss.

This five-way HDMI the transmission has entered the phase has left. There is so only a right number of ports for my use. Now I have the simple far control to change among everything of them. He the life takes any better?

The setting up is the breeze. To the long of a backside of a unit is five HDMI gone in the pal all your devices to. There is also the jack socket partorisca 5V power. They distribute the goodness of USB but calm require your source of own power but more TVs have the port of USB today. In a side of a unit is the only HDMI port. This goes to your television or monitor. Finally, dipped the pair of AAA battery in some far and is all has dipped.

Selecting an entrance is like this easy as pressing the key in a far. The real chair that change. If you are near of a calm unit also can press the key in a unit to cycle by means of some entrances.

In general, an answered my HDMI questions. Hope That it help.
5 / 5
Has calm so more can add to a TV, gone is some days when it was the box of Heaven and DVD, now have Console of Games, boxes of Android, EE BOX of television Telephone , Punctual, Pill etc, and there is so only has taken two HDMI connections.

There is already has taken the HDMI splitter on one some entrances that reads of sound, but calm does not have any a lot of control, my only grumble with my splitter, is a fixed boss is not very long, a television HDMI is big on and a box has to that hang ( has burst the bit of tape of clave to resist he in place, another wise his quite weighed to have in slope, which will add stress to a HDMi socket, aside forms that His add

This unit give complete control on some entrances have seen a far control, NOW Box of television, hastens 3, DVD prints 2 etc, easy to use.

Very easy to connect, a connection of a box your TV, then all more in the HDMI unit, ossia, will require some bosses this is box so only

the quality of Picture is excellent, any drop of quality was.

One adds a lot of fact splitter, a lot of gain and the quality adds.
4 / 5
I desire to express it full that with this HDMI transmissions splitter selector, the full mountain of the ideas now can be realistic. I share mine here, has three monitors, two playstations, a television and all can be integrated for multiple use with this splitter. This in spite of, a distance has to that be more after or require the main measure HDMI boss the one who the already have. Also I have bluetooth HDMI boss that remotely connect to mine monitors.
In of the terms of his action, a lot he all four screens/controls/the TV is connected and operated for hours then a Splitter hot up. Like this, require the partid√°rio small space or aired for dissipation of heat. It comes with the Far control which is quite handy. A description of this product is attentive and the manual of instruction is useful.
5 / 5
Any one the plot to say. Ossia, in essence, he 5 in 1 out of HDMI splitter.

That distinguishes of the alternative is that it is HDCP 2.2 compliant. Nuff Has said. Hah! Obviously the has not said enough.

HDCP 2.2 is not something has to that it has to that concern roughly, but do reason is a anti-the level of piracy has built to new devices. A question when being THAT devices ? eg Heaven Q Requires a HDCP 2.2 compatible port partorisca show 4k.

To the equal that could have the TV with a HDCP 2.2 compatible HDMI port, the Heaven Q with HDCP 2.2 start, but yes has dipped the no-HDCP 2.2 compatible HDMI splitter among a two you will not take to see a 4k.

In all the chance... These works without @@subject and hopefully does not have to that it never enciphers out of a difference among HDCP 1.4 or 2.2
5 / 5
These 5 HDMI 2.0 for behind switchers is been born entirely partorisca 4K the front of devices has DIRECTED to aim quell'element is plugged in. I have used he for mine 4K Sony TV. The work a lot is quickly enough for me. Ossia The brilliant artilugio and for my purposes some better HDMI transmission in a phase.
Have my ps4, Xbox one, CCTV,TV and PC plugged his and of the transmissions automatically to an element that loves on, touching games in 4k 60fps without subjects.
This HDMI switcher shows any 4k & 3D quality recommends this device to the people that looks for the 4K HDMI Switcher with the easy to use far.
5 / 5
This transmission is small but robust. It is easy and quickly to dip up. Has has connected devices his multiple and has done a lot well without loss of quality or questions when changing among different devices. A transmission comes with the good quality far control how was able to tuck this transmission was among my television as it has not required for the access all a time. I seat this transmission is excellent value for the money of then well laws.
4 / 5
This has done well out of a box. Plugged I pocolos his devices (PS3, PS4 etc) and connects to a television immediately. It is quite ready also that change your television to whichever the device is using, like transmissions in a PS4 for example, when then utilisations a far TV to select a pertinent HDMI port, already will be in a PS4 while yours. So only that has loved partorisca.
4 / 5
Is HDMI the transmission is really a lot of fact with the organism of full metal. It looks really lustrous and stylish. So only I have 2 HDMI outlets in mine television so that this give 5 put you of a start. Some far works very like this easy to change among them. A quality of the picture and the sound is excellent. Very pleased
4 / 5
A lot the quality done and sum for a HDMI transmission. I any precise to unplug and bosses of transmission for different sources.
A far control this same easier that change canals.
In general, am very happy with cost of mine
5 / 5
@@Subject Main has had them was that it has to that change a boss of the mine xbox to the mine monitor as it was them toggling among a pc and a xbox and this solves a question any question. A far is the s√ļper handy addition
5 / 5
Very easy to use spent so only in the xbox and TV and have games of surprise
5 / 5
has Bought this to substitute the significantly more expensive 4k 4x2 matrix transmission that has had has annoyed me always before it has broken. This transmission is a lot of fact, metal cased, has the reasonably small foot printed and a HDMI the ports are the tight access well , any discernible overheating that you sometimes can relieve in other products. Any used a far to change like this transmissions perfectly a lot every time (with an exception of mine Macbook Pro but thats only occasional use in all the chance and all the Apple actuate never handshakes properly out of an ecosystem of Apple in all the chance) and has the transmission in a device like this renders a far unnecessary. The quality of picture is excellent, be that 4k of mine TiVo (that little has) or of my player of the Blue ray and any remarked any deterioration in his or alive picture cabling of TvV partorisca box of Boss.
4 / 5
The early experience is well. Circle three devices were with few questions.
A thing partorisca remark: I run the Mac concealed no a HDMI port like raisin for an intermediate adapter. From time to time it concealed it does not recognise a VDU properly and does not offer me some the available main resolutions when changing for behind his. I owe that unplug and replug a device to fix. But I stress that has the slightly odd-ball setup. My car of Windows and work of cube of the Amazon without the hitch.
5 / 5
With a Formula Z8 iptv box, transmissions to another entrance with a far I taking the screen of spatial. He no without unplugging a start Hdmi boss then plugging he behind in again..? This the mine the useless fact thought it done with any Hdmi entrance.
4 / 5
The delivery was a lot quickly, the product is described like this but did not try it still.
4 / 5
Has like this of these HDMI switchers in a phase now although it is really difficult to has chosen the together of confidence in a prize abordable. Unfortunately, an elder of common question with a lot of are that you lose quality by means of an extra connection, an interference of sudden picture, or some ports to connect the result has spent too much easily.

Can save to plot of time and endeavour in your investigation to recommend a SGEYR 5x1 switcher, which the work adds and covers all the eventualities and of the resolutions, comprising of course 4K HDR, HDMI 2.0, HDCP 2.2, as well as 3D. You are able to connect until five devices to a splitter, like your Blue Ray VCR, portable, SkyReceiver, X-Boxes etc, in fact very compatible HDMI source, with a start that goes to your television or seeing monitor.

Is able to treat all your different formats and thanks to an especially treated gold-plated 24K HDMI connectors, a costruttore is sure that it seeing will not suffer in a slightest of a source to another. I can not testify to a longevity of a quality of some now same connections, but there is certainly any loss of quality in a viewing.

Another novel thing in this neighbour is a simplicity of use. So only connect on varied devices to a Switcher and a unit to a TV, discharges he in any hands socket and the brilliant red light in a front of some shows of neighbours is ready to go. There are three ways to use it. You can manually transmission of a source to another, can do a same thing with a far control resupplied, or calm simply can seat behind and the transmission in any source loves, for the see automatically connect to a TV. And everything lights in a front to aim that source or the port is active.

This SEGYR the unit is not an economic plus there, but is reasonably priced, quotes his action. It looks well, it is light in weight, but still feels sturdy in his metal casing.

Of course, the only time will say if a unit will remain like this effective to the equal that in his first few weeks of use, but the seat will continue to do the good work and am sure in the attribute five stars. If these transmissions, I of course revisit my description.

Give the graces to read my description. Calm expect you found the gain.
5 / 5
I seldom say that the product is fantastic or awesome - ossia both . I have not listened never of a first mark, a quality begins to see when taken a product out of a box. Ossia The fact of good product , which has a lot of be a lot of engineered. Now be very careful ossia 5 entrances a start - for example everything of you players of means comunicacionales to your loans TVs. I have tried also this on 4 windows 10 PCs to the big monitor. A creation is well like any of some windows 10 diagrams there is complained that a monitor was unpluged/has died. Like an electronics directs well one 'deselected' hdmi entrances. A gas of poster of the front the key to change to select another port in the sequence and the indication focused clear and the power has directed on. A transmission come with the simple far and a receiver focused Infrared corresponding is also in a poster forward. A behind has a port to be able to and five hdmi ports of entrance. A start is oddly in a side of a chance of transmission. LOOK - this is not 1 entrance 5 starts; this doesnt laws. Now to a quality of picture and changing. Ossia The glorious quality UHD 4K image and one changing is fact smoothly without emotion of serious image. This sustains HDCP 2.2 like each entrance automatically can relieve and negotiate settings of better image. This sustains 3D, fullHD, 4K 60Hz, HDR and HDMI 2.0 - are them definately that goes to look on this mark and definately that goes to buy more transmissions. Amazing action and highly recommended, Andrew
5 / 5
This HDMI the box of transmission is of solid construction and narrow profile. It comes with the USB-A to 5v DV spent so that I can can he of any socket of power/of device of USB. It is distributed also with the unit of handy measure of far control that need 2 x AAA battery to be able to him (any distributed). A far control will turn a power on/was the box and select individually among one 5 HDMI gone in. There is a HDMI exited, like this box simply leaves one changing among 5 entrances to the alone start - for example calm leave you to change among fine it-region DVD player, he Blue player of Ray, a Xbox, he Playstation and the box of heaven to do by means of one same HDMI socket in your TV. All can be wired on top of a same time and has accessed manually of a control of transmission in an advance of poster or for a far.
Picture and quality of the his so much touch excellent and am unable to relieve the transmission. A main thing is that it adds flexibility to your system without that has to that buy the new TV or in fact included another box of transmission - reason some of them are unbelievable prizes.
An excellent product that is joined to go in handy!
5 / 5
Has been impressed by this little box a past week, and has surpassed my expectations.

A packaging is robust and amiably fact, and a product feels solid and prize.
In the operation is flawless and fulfils is specification . Changing taken so only the second.

A far is quite good and all so less hassle. I can seat in a sofa and transmission of the distance.

A prize is acceptable, that considers a competition of warehouse usually costs in £40 for some characteristic was.

This device is specification very big , for this a prize. He 4K in 60Hz saw it HDMI 2.0 connection.

In general, four stars, a lot very in fact.
5 / 5
He so that has like this different HDMI devices partorisca return to the yours television today is almost guaranteed will require some class of switcher has taken. It is really easy to use with his own far control that leave to exchange a source quickly and easily. He no any difference to a quality of anything that is dipping by means of him has tried he with my Playstation Xbox box of boss and box of fire of the Amazon and has found any difference in action or quality with my television immediately recognising a device and a correct resolution. Really sincere to use and need my HDMI put you this is the way adds to add your TV.
5 / 5
Has the feeling is mine 49inch Panasonic TV ossia a question but seeing so that they are not technologically has imported to have deducted the star so only in one was casualidad!! It is incredibly easy to dip up and small of interior my Blue-ray, box of television of the Portal, heaven Q mini and PS4 was all dip up. This in spite of from time to time a screen in my heaven Q box flicker to black (touch it working still) and then behind again. My daughters PS4 in another splitter would turn a TV of the each one 15mins to the equal that has the the feeling could be my TV a lot that likes multiple hdmi is going to an empty
5 / 5
This description is for a 4K60Hz HDMI Transmission, SGEYR 5 Port HDMI 2.0 Splitter Selector 5 in 1 Out of HDMI Switcher Box with Support of Far Control HDCP2.2 4K60Hz HDR 3D 1080P for Xbox A/360 PS3/PS4 Pro HDTV

Ossia the quality adds hdmi switcher, perfect for any concealed does not have quite a lot of ports in his TV. It is a lot easy the setup and do really well. It is quite small as it can be hid for behind a TV. A far also does well. I have not seen any loss is quality of picture .

I produced adds, very done and has arrived punctually.
5 / 5
Has dipped this up in my office/gaming room. It leaves simple and immediate changing among my three consoles, my laptop and blue player of ray. The works perfectly every time have seen some simple little far control. There it does not look to be any degradation in a 4K picture or quality of his when routing any of my devices by means of a box to change. He all look very done and suitably robust. Really it can not find any failure with him.
4 / 5
This HDMI the box is A lot WELL has done.

Is incredibly solid, a lot of engineered and do really well.

A far is quell'has bitten small, and in my opinion - easy to lose. But it is a global fantastic pocola what.

He tucks was neatly and discretely for behind a TV, is a lot compact.
4 / 5
Has used this splitter with a lot of different devices without subjects. Solid creation with far control. Transmissions automatically like any one really require a far, any loss of clarity, excellent 4k and full HD. A small and powerful HDMI switcher, in general compraventa excellent.
5 / 5
Optimum product And perfect operation. It exerts perfectly It Sweats Dispute in the connected some devices In Ultra HD 4K with the TV. Surely, without shadow has given doubt, is gives to advise.
4 / 5
Sabre to lack how much last,but is perfect and good quality

Top Customer Reviews: HDMI Switch 4K ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 39 ratings
4 / 5
I am spent the while looking at all a different HDMI changes available, and is difficult to do the decision with so that 'any name' mark. Felizmente Are happy has been with east a, likes the quality of build looks big and has not had any question of then installing it.

A lot these changes has quite economic remotes and thinks this one is any exception - he a work but is light and has economic rubbery keys. Felizmente While only calm a HDMI the entrance has turned on then an automatically changed transmission to an active entrance, doing a far almost totally unnecessary. I find it that it surprises that this characteristic is not announced more prominently how is the utmost characteristic that the frames that integrates one changes to your centre of means comunicacionales much more seamless.

In general am very happy with this compraventa, an automatic entrance that change to the long of frames he essential for any one looking to develop his HDMI capacity of empty.
4 / 5
This is one  5   in 1 was device that is very easy  to install. In present,   console of mine of the use of game and xbox. The reception of the signal and the quality of resolution has any effect. This is very better  that the product  has used before, and  has a very big quality  . A far control well, reason  has fallen accidentally several times and still can be used usually, a experience adds.
4 / 5
Ossia Exactly the one who has loved them. It feels good quality and has thought included has spent to be able the ive has does not have to that the use like my hdmi of my TV can he some that.

Easy the setup and easy to change among canals to good sure the very compraventa
4 / 5
Really impressed with this little box. It has taken any time to install, dipped up was s√ļper easy and once had turned the on looked to improve a signal of picture.
There is not coming with discharges he, so only the boss to be able to of the USB, but has had the transmission. The just value that comment, but absolutely would recommend this product.
4 / 5
Is the a lot compact solid artilugio that cover a hdmi to your TV, and can have 5 another hdmi elements plugged in. The simple far control changes a hdmi the crew loves use. I add to maintain your orderly bosses all in a situate. Highly recommend.
5 / 5
Has perfected for the then failed week to change on like this returned for the full repayment.
5 / 5
Stylish & Robust, easy to the use & does exactly that it is supposition to do wishout any fuss or comllication. I add compraventa!
4 / 5
In an integer it breaking little device like my monitor so only has two HDMI ports. My only complaint is a far which no at all. Felizmente Has the transmission in a device
4 / 5
It has not tried 3 different devices his so only took like the paper of test
5 / 5
Like any easy question too setup, exactly that I want to it partorisca do
5 / 5
This little marvel-the boxes was exactly that has required partorisca connect my Heaven Q, XBOX One and Blue-player of Ray to the common monitor.

Has had has used previously the transmission maquinal, which is result unreliable.

This fulfils my requirements perfectly and I especially like a consolation of the far control partorisca change some entrances. Also I have two more HDMI the ports yes wishes to add devices further in some phase.

A smaller inconvenience so only is that, the difference of the transmission maquinal, this requires the supply partorisca be able to separate, which adds the bit to some espaguetis for behind consoles of mine.

Can live with that this in spite of likes him comfort it more than compensates.

The quality of build looks very good - notably a chance of the ready metal and an at present announced prize looks very reasonable.

To good sure recommended.
4 / 5
Ossia Really easy to dip up and use; there is has detailed instructions, but is not really necessary. This transmission tidied on some Espaguetis Intersection for behind a TV. It does not take too warm, as it does not squander electricity. It changes quite quickly among devices, and some lights of state DIRECTED is the good touch .

Some sockets of discharges are solid and insurances. A metal casing is heavy, which is useful to maintain a transmission in place.
He Has the wall-television trace, this really helps to order some bosses and give you more flexibilities on where to locate a TV.

Has tried all my television artilugios, and usually has taken 4K exited (according to my television), but my TV of Apple takes picky and force you the hop is exited to and fro to register a start. Another that this, work well with almost any device - Xbox, Transmission of Nintendo, etc.

A far is really ugly, which is unfortunate how is some courses see all a time.

Obviously, as the majority of modern TVs has three or more HDMI the east gone in is the seeds-element of specialist, unless need of the to have a lot of devices plugged in all a time.
5 / 5
This splitter is distributed in the brown box with instructions, far control and the boss to be able to of the USB but any supply to be able to. Has the chance of metal with sockets for a supply to be able to and 5 entrance HDMI connections in a backside, 6 state LEDs the coverage can, and some five starts to assist in troubleshooting in a front together with the manual changing key and infrared receiver with a HDMI socket of start in an end.

So much an entrance and start HDMI the sockets are all full-sized and resupply the sure connection. I have connected a goodness of power by means of an USB in mine television but if you do not have one will require the 5V USB distributes to be able to. It likes having of the far control to change HDMI the ports especially when has 5 of them to avert confusion and this one has done well. A picture was well without obvious deterioration on 4K that spends for a splitter or street the direct connection.

Is running Short of HDMI the sockets is is the good solution but think precise to be distributed with the supply to be able to of to to the United Kingdom likes TVs without of multiple HDMI the ports are often one some without the port of USB also.
5 / 5
Wants to use this for 1080P contained, would have to be well. Work well, a far is basic but functional. I have not had any question with him at all.

For 4k contained to take more complicated, but no really one the fault of a splitter.

HDCP Is the protocol to protect of the piracy used in HDMI ports. The devices the old plus could use see. 1.4 While the majority of devices has released in a pair spent of the years will be to use see. 2.4, As well as such east splitter probably a lot to the left takings 4k contained of the PS4 Pro or Heaven Q has dipped upper box in a HDCP 2.2 compatible TV. You will require a HDCP 2.2 compatible splitter.

'Curiously', HDCP 2.2 is not compatible with HDCP 1.4 devices, as taken the HDCP 1.4 upper box conjoint, he 2.2 compatible splitter and to 2.2 compatible TV still will not take 4k. The friendly consumer, well?

LIKE THIS while this does well enough, calm really precise knows exactly that goes to be connecting his master it 4k picture.
5 / 5
Switcher Informs

Quite the compress very built little box, returns comfortably in a unit of television. When that Runs the PS4 Pro by means of a box with a Samsung the TV has found that struggles the plot, a picture flickers to the black screen thicker that showing like this has to that. A Switcher possibly laws with some normal PS4 like this Before movements to a pro was able to run he by means of the Switcher, but some models some new plus he really struggled with.

One same goes for when I have connected one of some models some new plus of a box of television of the Apple until a Switcher beside a prize added of him messing with a sound that exited of a TV.

A Switcher law perfectly with my Xbox A, Clave of Fire of the Amazon and my gaming PC. It shows the brilliant picture, crisp his and the smooth transitions among some three elements have connected as and when I am jumping among then.

3/5 stars, works so that I need he also but would have been a lot has had the be able to connect my TV of Apple and PS4 pro his!
5 / 5
My projector there is so only a HDMI the entrance and forms a base for a lot of evenings of entertainment. Continuily Having to that disconnect and reconnect systems of mussel/of boxes of the different/boxes of heaven takes to annoy and apresamiento out of the pleasurable experience.

Some ports in this extension are very situated and clears on bosses which can be hid amiably behind some pieces of furniture. Any remote mark that gone in to change very easy and honradamente thinks it would have to that be used in TVs also. In planting to go to a place of TV and selecting quell'gone in master, having the far frames have consecrated this much faster and smoother.

There is not remarked any reduction in the quality and the audio but the frames calm sure use the recent edition of HDMI to ensure the multiple signals transmit well.

A LEDs resupplies the good feedback to that gone in is on but of the distance, is hard to say that selection is likes to write is quite small. Calm can not select an entrance that there is not any signal FYI.
5 / 5
There is three blue-ray DVD players, for multiple regions and for gaming also, but plugging in a HDMI for another was the bit of the ache in a backside, this little marvel takes was any of a bit hassles and substitutes him with the far control like any press inclusa calm needs anything manually, of small ache in a backside to utter consolation and laziness, to good sure my class of product.

HAS the really good build and the seat likes goes to be around for a longitude haul and a far also has the well feels his and in general are a defender of happy film.
4 / 5
This HDMI the transmission of leaves of the transmission among looking multiple HDMI devices by means of a TV. It is perfect for any the one who there is more HDMI the devices that his TV has HDMI put you, meaning you no longer will owe that unplug a device and discharges in another every time wants to look something different.

Remarce: A PS4 Pro is not sustained.

That will receive:
5 port HDMI Switcher v1.4 4K 30Hz x1
GOES far control x1
Manuel of English User x1
boss to be able to of the USB

Thank you to read my description, expect you found quell'useful.
5 / 5
A trick but is the little bulky compared to another splitters has had. Works without failure and is easy to click among the ports when required. A quality of picture is also mint has maintained still, included although it is threat by means of first multiple transmitters. Arrived in good packaging and is very easy to install. I can a lot of he really lacking the to element likes him the work adds and is quite economic. My only failure is literally a fact that could be it the little more slender. It would buy again!
5 / 5
A HDMI that change the box is solidly place together with empty for five devices. A face has the number of has has DIRECTED indicators the one who accident knows that the device is selected. A far control is quite small but again reasonably well together place but has found that I have to that press some control multiple time, included with direct line of view, to take a response loves how is the small frustrating. Generally, these looks to be the reasonably good product.
5 / 5
Has Required to the transmission likes there are them a lot of consoles of different games and has has run out of hdmi sockets. This brilliant work for me like this the use for a plenary hd and and comfort it drop so it does not sustain 4k 60hz. Very easy to dip up and the transmissions of car with a device be able to you in
5 / 5
Easily the transmission among devices has Connected to your telly. It is a lot handy having the far to do this reason is quell'has bitten hard to take to a backside of our telly. Easy to return and any loss of quality of his or picture
5 / 5
subject main has had them was that it has to that change a boss of the mine xbox to to the my monitor likes the era toggling among a pc and a xbox and of east solves a question any question. A far is the s√ļper handy addition
5 / 5
I recently decided to touch again console of mine of video game. This quickly resulted in my TV in current out of HDMI sockets. Apparently we do not require more than two these days (door for behind SCART!). This result in me looking up and that buys the pair of different HDMI splitters. One was economic and has done his work well, a second a (is a), has chosen this an up in some sales of first Day. It is clearly a better product.

The one who this splitter is essentially the law the gustancinco HDMI space for your TV. Has the HDMI space in a side for you to hook he until your TV and five space in a backside for your bluray players, xbox is etc. All have to that do is use a far data and canals to exchange to anything is desires to do . It is very easy to install and like this easy to use.

A quality of looks to build to be quite good. An element arrived in the box of map in bylines, each component has been housed in his own compartment and was has sealed closely. A box is metal and feels a lot of sturdy. A far certainly feels of the main quality that a some Sony mark for his TVs. Visually, Looks to be a lot has done.

Has not suffered any loss in the visual quality for anything has had plugged the. To be concrete, at present have the Bluray player, Playstation 3, Playstation 4 and a Xbox A X plugged his. Each one which as one of the work has had like this his be plugged directly to a TV.

Honradamente Have any complaint with this element. He exactly that has loved of him. It is easy to install, easy to use and has taken for the good prize. If it is taste and of your TV has the pathetic quantity of HDMI space, ossia the good element to purchase . Well currency he.
4 / 5
4k no by means of this same although it is supposed the
4 / 5
HDMI Transmission 4k, SGEYR HDMI Splitter Changes 5 In 1 Out of HDMI Switcher Box with GOING Far Support 4K 30Hz 2K UHD 3D 1080P, HDMI 1.4, HDR partorisca PS 3/4 XBOX A/360, DVD PLAYER, HDTV, Projector

in a box.
A box of transmission, boss, PSU and mini far.

That fact.
Solves the question a lot have, specifically all a HDMI sockets in our computers and the TV is is around a backside and difficult to take in. My big TV is the ache to access some rear ports. This unit solves a question and leaves a rear port to come around a front and accept 5 HDMI devices. This does plugging in your telephone, camera, box of the etc. Easy game and the helps avert harm to a television ‚Äď I mine has attacked on trying covers it a HDMI boss in net a backside.

Is done a lot well with the good solid chance and tight HDMI sockets. Any question here. Also it sustains 4K exposure if your artilugios use this format of the main quality.

Is resulted.
Take used to the plot the like ours covers of telephones in and can see the pictures and the video taken with them on a big screen. Also he well for game console and our mirrorless cameras. A playback the quality is excellent in both video and stills and a far is a lot of gain to change among devices.

In general.
Has solved the big question for us and do a lot well. Maintaining have 5 HDMI ports in a front more than fiddling around in a backside of a TV. Excellent element and highly recommended wants to use your devices in a big screen.
4 / 5
In the first place to the left spend me for my pros and gilipollas partorisca this product:


quality of Good build
Good creation
Far control
5 put you in place of 4


M√°ximo of 30Hz available in 4K
Any external power has consecrated, only USB


A packaging is robust and amiably fact, and a product feels solid and prize.
In the operation is flawless and fulfils is specification .
A far is quite good and all so less hassle. I can seat in a sofa and transmission of the distance.

A prize is the bit empinado, but volume 5 put you in place of some usual four, as it is not too bad.

If this 4K 60Hz would be perfect.

In general, four stars.
5 / 5
So only that has required. My edges has the quite old 40 thumb LCD TV with only a HDMI port to a backside. For this has required constantly to manually transmission of a device to another when using his PS4, DVD PLAYER, laptop etc., With all an unnecessary hassle.

Enters this HDMI Switcher and a subject is solved. With some bosses resupplied and some easy setup processes, was to arrive and that careers any time and able to change of a device to another with one changes. If a distributed far does not operate, the separate transmission is resupplied in a device he.

Of here with a HDMI boss plugged to a solitary HDMI port in his TV, this device enables an use of 5 another HDMI elements, without any loss of quality, resolution or sensibility. An excellent product.
4 / 5
A device is conjoint easy on, simply covers a HDMI to a ‚Äústart‚ÄĚ and a monitor. This leaves an extra 5 devices to having connected and changing is seamless and can be done invernadero a far (handy if a device is plugged to the television) or a key of transmission in a device. At present I am using this in my office to change among my PC of windows that read of home, my Raspberry pi and console of mine of games. I am appreciated for a hassle saves to go by behind a screen to unplug a device am not using anymore while exiting that the boss is that I need spent he in.

Is sturdy and fact of metal; usually some elements around this row of prize is built using economic plastic.

In general, the product adds for a prize, that saves the plot of hassle
4 / 5
This description is for a HDMI Transmission 4k, SGEYR HDMI Splitter Changes 5 In 1 Out of HDMI Switcher Box with GOING Far Support 4K 30Hz 2K UHD 3D 1080P, HDMI 1.4, HDR for PS 3/4 XBOX A/360, DVD PLAYER, HDTV, Projector

Ossia the a lot of good HDMI switcher box. It resupplies a capacity the additions of multiple products without the owe bosses of transmission out of a backside of a TV. The majority of TV has 2/3 hdmi the entrances but concealed is not the plot when has console of multiple games. This has changed is fact very good and work perfectly, is relatively small likes access amiably for behind a TV.

A product has arrived a lot of packaged and punctually. It has had also the far like this calm does not require to create every time love put you of transmission.
4 / 5
Has an old plus Dell controls that has types of multiple entrance but so only a HDMI. As the majority of the devices today use HDMI, has had my own desk PC, a CCTV system and my laptop to do to discharges besides has loved films of current of mine iPad to a monitor.

This little box leave to connect everything of an on this in spite of has the spare space for future expansion. Quality of picture on all the sources are affected any but a multitude of the signals that is managed and changing among them is flawless. A lot please with this device, especially to the equal that has the far to the equal that can change entrances and situate a box in a backside of an office out of view for behind a stand of monitor.
5 / 5
Is not mislead for a picture, this is not the double-decker! They have chosen so only aim a front and for behind a splitter in a goes, and like this situated 2 unit on the each one another.

A splitter is the small, compact and heavy unit and feels quality a lot good. Comprised in a box s take which is a lot as well as a splitter and the boss to be able to. Setup Is quickly and easy, his spent so only and the game like any instruction has required.

Does like this described and how is the compraventa solid , as his no the known mark thinks an only slightly the negative point is a prize like his on £25 and there is more economic in a phase. BUT in general touch the very decent bit of boxes.
4 / 5
Transmission among multiple HDMI devices to a start. For example, connect your Xbox, Playstation, Portable, anything with him HDMI connection in the 5 HDMI ports in a side and then a HDMI the boss goes in to a port in an end and connects to your Screen. Utilisations a bit far to easily of transmission among yours has has connected devices. A lot easy to use, any neighbour on required excepts to dip a HDMI bosses among a HMDI transmission and your device and powering the.

The subject small only is his powered for the goodness of USB and does not have any one spend have comprised calm so needs to supple your own. I have used a form an old mobile phone and has done well.
5 / 5
Orders this hmdi transmission to revise and compare with another I already has! With which tried it, his now my main HDMI transmission, and thats means to plot! His s√ļper very done (metal), the ports are in a right place and looks really durable!
Are by train to use it to change among mine ps4 pro, my TV, wii and TV the box and work without the question! A far is really simple but act a lot also. When Transfer in mine ps4, any need to use a far, will change for him...
After being using he for the while now, so only can recommend and some looks of good prize!
Expects my description was useful.
4 / 5
Ossia A exceptionally the piece done well of boxes. A box is solid and well has done. A creation is excellent and his compact - but a lot practical.

Quality of the picture for all the entrance feeds is excellent and is like this easy to use.

So much with another resemblance HDMI boxes of transmission of the entrance, some have comprised far is small and probably that goes to be has lost easily.

But in general is the very good piece of boxes. Excellent quality for a prize.
4 / 5
Solid little unit, very done and easy to use. Excellent connectivity in both ends and a far control is the boon, to change easier and faster. Good quality all the round, quickly dipped on, likes.
5 / 5
A bit the heaviest weight that ours another splitter like this slightly more stable and less prone partorisca move roughly easily. The far function looks good and the lights are drive useful partorisca declare of device to the equal that has our hdmi devices in the dark shelf.
Easy to operate and place up. A bit pricier that some but pleased with qualities and global action.
5 / 5
Was partorisca a partner, but segun commented the the perfeccion.
4 / 5
Good morning, An instrument for passionate, technicians, for a quite professional use , very made , with a good dissipation of the heat ; he provision sleep that indicates , he price thus produced is very competitive , like this as device very recommended

Top Customer Reviews: HDMI Switch 4x2 ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 6 ratings
5 / 5
In general, this does his work quite well, in that will change it 4 HDMI gone in among two HDMI is exited.

This in spite of, his defect is a system of audio , which does not operate.

A Start A section leave to send the audio was street or optical audio, the external speakers. This in spite of, so only will send it was to the sound is touching his when selections your device, And a sound no partorisca. If prendes an audio (for example, prendiendo music), then a start of the his to do and yours the audio will be sent to an exposure in HDMI instead. You owe that cycle of a source and for behind his the esinicio' an audio. Ossia The enormous defect in a system of audio and questions of causes in mine setup that now will require to do around.

Coast to the commentary is is so only of the entity wants to use external speakers. If you want to use your speakers of exposures (eg in the television) or issue you your audio directly of a source (eg auricular to the PC) then you wont have this question.

UPDATE: finally it has taken the battery for a far - does not operate. At all. At all it spends when you press the key. Verified with a GONE auricular to confirm it wasnt so only a unit and nope, far is 100 death.
5 / 5
All accontentati Planned visionas diverse planned sound diverse screens
5 / 5
Is glorious, goes perfectly and has fulfilled all my expectations....
5 / 5
Question with HDCP with digital terrestrial
Restituido Thus inconvenient
Any question with Sky
5 / 5
He commutateur the works but the diet was HS. I have had to repurchase it Joins universal diet besides ... 20 euro besides !
5 / 5
Likes all those that have received any no perfectly with uneTV SONY fixes bravia

Top Customer Reviews: HDMI Switch 6x2 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 7 ratings
4 / 5
I am using this partorisca connect 6 1080p devices and 4 screens, street 2 splitters in some 2 starts of a matrix.

The generally does well but looks partorisca freeze/lock on time in when. An only way to fix ossia partorisca the turn is gone in a wall and behind on. A far is that it would expect of such the device - the quite poor quality and thin unit with keys that is not expecially responsive. My universal far control has not had any question that learns some signals of him, this in spite of.

In general, no the compraventa bad but no enough of confidence to offer good value for money.
4 / 5
Using a HDMI the matrix in my cinema of house dips up with entrances of boxes of Heaven, DVD PLAYER, PC and Wi Or console. HDMI Is exited the projector and soundbar. The far control is good but change all on using it Logitech Harmony, comprising a HDMI matrix that integrates well. Good box.
4 / 5
To only Looks likes him 1080, can any one is exited 4k or 2k to all the cost of a screen has connected. The failure that announces. 1 star.
5 / 5
This any one is exited 4k. This fails to announce will take it 4k gone in but has not been was 4k.

Any cost loves exited to 4k.

A whole unit has the very economic build roughly he
5 / 5
works of Device but often need be restart when you change of entrance. Far works sometimes
4 / 5
A unit that I require it to. 6 Full HD the sources of entrance can be changed for separate to 2 different starts. This does like this required and has found a quality to be a lot and a far control to have quite a lot of row to operate a switcher without @@subject. Although of the type the economic plus, a far control is more responsive that another of this type I already own.

An entrance in mine old switchbox transmission of car to an entrance powered for my television every time turned it on. It likes-me a fact that this unit any transmission of car in such the way although there it looks to be an option of car. My old unit did not give me an election.

A thing to consider is that a 4K is of 30Hz and older HDMI version which that can mean no in full 4K with sure entrances. There is conversores to take around the this, but 60Hz 4K the entrance is required probably more to look elsewhere. For mine 1080p uses a unit is well. On 5 entrances there is not the enormous election but ossia the decent unit, very done, construction of the metal and I can recommend.
5 / 5
Perfecto partorisca a work but love the heaven run q or PS4 pro in 4K does not operate. So only it pursues in 30hz in 4K. Sky q Law in 50 hz 4K and ps4 pro works in 60hz. Sky has maintained partorisca say 4K the no relieved device and PS4 so only would not change resolution.