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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 43 ratings
5 / 5
Has the MacBook Pro 13-thumb with Exposure of Retina mid 2014 and has used this adapter to upgrade a laptop SSD of 128 GB to 500 GB. With which a lot of investigation in a subject, has concluded that a better option is partorisca buy this adapter and purchase a NVMe SSD of my election partorisca upgrade more than buying the much more expensive third-solution of party estada in consonance for Apple (p. p.ej. Something does for OWC). Unfortunately, there is drawbacks partorisca use an adapter partorisca a upgrade. Partorisca A record, a SSD has purchased partorisca a upgrade is a Samsung 970 Evo 500 GB. A thing is that you have to that disable hibernation and standby reason yes calm a lot every time has dipped a computer partorisca sleep without being plugged partorisca be able to and some steps of time (depends in some settings of hibernation) a computer closes down. If you disable hibernation and leave standby there is enabled this period of time results main but this is not advisable reason has a same result but later. It has not been if this is spending of the software or the hardware standpoint. If some true leading stands, expects that the apple will fix it. If a last is true, will have to purchase the new adapter in a future. Finally, lately a laptop maintains partorisca close down unexpectedly because of the kernel the panic has related to a NVMe controller. In spite of all these, am very happy that I upgraded my MacBook in an economic. This upgrade was breathe he of new life to a laptop and has extended his lifetime. A speed am taking with a Samsung SSD is near of 1.5 GB / dry so much Write and Read. Previously, it was down 300 dry / MB. In my chance, the speed of a walk has not been one the majority of factor of entity for upgrade, a measure was. Although, a speed is the good perk to have.
4 / 5
In place of still a upgrade, the this has had the habit of restores the mid-2014 MacBook Pro Retina (using the new Samsung EVO 960) that had developed the irreparable failure. An adapter has arrived promptly and professionally packaged, and looked to be build of quality. It returns easily and snugly both to a substitution SSD and the inner connection, and all was to arrive-and-running inside minutes. It was initially nervous in tinkering with some interiors of such a type of car, but thanks to this adapter is resulted to be the very easy, simple and sincere process to revive the computer previously had written-was.

Extremely happy with this element. It would recommend to any neither repairing or upgrading uncomfortable MacBook models.
4 / 5
Has dipped he in an old late 2013 MacBook Pro with the 1TB WD N550.
Returns perfectly, work perfectly, included to measure that it marks some new SSD row with a ray to retain.

Simple to do him a right screwdriver for a base of the yours Mac & a small plus penta-ray of lobule that resists an Apple SSD in.
Has taken 5 minutes.

Does sure a car has been upgraded to at least of big Invernadero to take a NVMe engine to a boot-rom. Mark sure has the clave of USB pre-prepared to install OSX behind to a new SSD and an outside behind on an original walk or the chance for an old SSD love the recover behind to a new a.

In this old plus MacBook Pro is a function of the sleep no properly. It can be effectively disabled with some terminal mandates or he can be upgraded with a NVMe engine besides late MacBooks flashed to a firmware of a car. A require some crew of additional programming (which any one still have) and an experience/of confidence to program embedded devices (which I ) as no for a faint hearted!
Mac I rumours has the edge there is poured in this type of upgrade yes is interested.
4 / 5
Left to add NVMe ssd to 2014 Mac Rids pro 15' retina (with discreet map) - all a lot of then - 3 weeks.
4 / 5
Has used this to upgrade mine 2013 MacBook Air to a nvme walk. Any messing roughly, plugged in a walk to an adapter, plugged concealed to a mac and has done! The pointed walk and could not be happier!!
Commentary very negative when he this easily
4 / 5
Excellent adapter, excellent prize. The subject only is a vendor has shot in a date of delivery for 5 days!
Adapter plugged directly to the mine MacBook Pro 2015, with a Samsung evo ssd. Works perfectly
5 / 5
Macbook air 11 2013 + Intel 600p 512GB nvme and these works of adapter without any subject.
The adapter has arrived a week! Easy to install, works without any hustle. Any subject with sleep or wake on (without any tweeks, so only install fresh mojave YOU).
Súper Happy, as all the storage upgrade of 128GB to 512GB rasgó my stock exchange so only for 70-80 crux!
4 / 5
Well for some premiers few days has done wonderfully. A SSD has been recognised of a start, I formatted a ssd properly and has installed the quota YOU on that. I have begun of 0. Roughly the week a laptop has begun to restart randomly without doing anything. So only it would begin it, register in and the pocolos small later would give me the kernel the panic and he would restart. I have changed for behind a ssd to an original one without an adapter and everything do a lot now.
5 / 5
Sucks Perfectly well in mine Mac Pound Pro, perfect fact without any one very first questions times
5 / 5
Using this adapter jointly with a A1502 13' punctual 2015 Macbook PRO and the Power of Silicon 512GB NVMe PCIe SSD.
Does perfectly like this far - upgraded of a level 128GB.
Has not required any Kaptan tape ( has read that in some later reviews Sintec added it to them.
4 / 5
Using with the Samsung EVO 970 m.2, And the global result is substantially faster that a walk of factory.
4 / 5
Partorisca The month has done really really well. Now my Mac Pro has begun partorisca restart randomly then the minutes clashes later and restarts.
5 / 5
Absolutely function and perfect party. Utilisation with Adata xpg SX8200 pro 2280 512 gb in MacBook Pro A1502.
4 / 5
Used it on he 2017 Macbook Air with Samsung 970 Evo More and work like the charm
4 / 5
Upgraded 2015 MacBook Air 11.ºn A1465 Of Mac 128GB SSD the Crucial P1 1TB M.2 walk.
While researching a work there was strong recommendations to so only use an of confidence Sintech adapter and the so only buy of Amazon or Sintech directed.
Was good joint like MacBook pursue perfectly and things like a esleep function' and 'wake on Mac for your Clock of Apple' and work as it has expected.
5 / 5
Has required this partorisca install the no-Apple 500gb SSD to the MacBook Air 2015 with the level 128gb walk. It is returned amiably with the Samsung Evo 850, saving a lot of money in that I required partorisca spend in an Apple SSD.
5 / 5
Súper, simple, laws partorisca treat it.
Converted the new fashion formed small SSD like this returns in mine old 2015 MBP.
Recommends (and has required!)
5 / 5
Works perfectly without subjects. Partnered With Samsung paper by heart of EVO.
5 / 5
Has done perfectly with WD 1tb in the Mac air late 2015.
4 / 5
Ich habe ein paar Adapter durch. To the anderen Adapter hatten gives M2 Anschluss zu weit aus dem Gehäuse rausragen und dies SSD gut of war gebogen... Dieser Adapter ist unglaublich flach. Meine SSD Corsair M510 960GB passt perfekt ins Gehäuse wird nicht verbogen.

Gives Adapter ist prinzipiell kompatibel zu allen M2 (Formfaktor 2280) SSDs place NVME. Die PCIe the version is unerheblich für gives Adapter. Folgende Schritte sollte Man beachten:

Wichtig ist vor dem Tausch gives SSD ein Backup (TimeMachine) und ein Installer of USB von macOS zu erstellen (zoom Zeitpunkt gives Erstellung dieser Rezension macOS Mohave). It gives Grund warum Give Like this wichtig ist: it gives way of On-line Recovery (COMMANDED (⌘) + R beim starten) basiert auf dem Original macOS place dem gives MacBook ursprünglich mitgeliefert wurde. In meinem Nonconformist of Fall. It has given tall macOS Version erkennt meine SSD nicht. Deshalb ist Gives Way of on-line Recovery nicht zu empfehlen. Benutzt Gives Way of recovery von gives neuesten macOS Version (Mohave) plants einem Clave of USB.

1. Installer of USB erstellen. Dafür gibt Is von Apple offiziellen Supports (einfach googeln).
2. Ist Gives Clave of USB bereit, kann die SSD ausgetauscht werden. 10 Pentalob Schrauben für Die Rückwand und ein Torx für quotes SSD Halterung. Tall Brota SSD raus, queen of Adapter, neue M2 SSD drauf. Fertig.
3. Clave of USB einstecken, alt/option (⌥) Flavour halten während the man gives Gerät einschaltet. Jetzt kann Man vom Clave of USB booten.
4. Alles weitere ist wie gehabt. Hoffe, Die Anleitung ist hilfreich.
5 / 5
Ich habe Has dipped Hilfe has given Die of adapters SSD meines MacBook Pro (Anfang 2015) von 128 GB auf 500 GB aufgerüstet. Vorher Given of Investigation to be im Internet a, gibt dazu varied sinnvolle Seiten. It is gibt noch einen anderen, etwas teureren Adapter derselben Byline, sie unterscheiden sich aber nach meinen Informationen nur etwas in giving Bauweise. Die neue, nun verbaute SSD ist eine Samsung EVO 970. Zoom Einbau benötigt wird noch spezielles Werkzeug, a Data kleinen Schrauben are Macbook zu lösen. Habe ich mir ebenfalls Yesterday bei Amazon besorgt, D.H. Of the iRepairmac Schraubendreher-has Dipped. It was soll ich sagen? Für mich als Technik-Escode ging Gives Einbau extrem einfach In wenigen Minuten, Anleitungsvideos gibt is im Netz ja zuhauf. Und Gives Wichtigste: Alles funktioniert wie is soll! Ich habe bisher auch keine Probleme Has dipped dem Sleepmodus festgestellt, wie im Netz zuweilen beschrieben wird (ist wohl modellabhängig). It gives Schreibzugriff auf Dies Festplatte hat sich nun nahezu verdoppelt, gives Lesezugriff ist ungefähr gleich geblieben (gemessen dipped give the Abuses of application). It is könnte heart (empfinde ich subjektiv Then , vorher aber denies gemessen), dass gives MacBook Pro einen kleinen Tick länger beim Hochfahren braucht, also 2-3 Sekunden, as that... Mein FAZIT: Für mich bisher perfekt, Langzeiterfahrung trage ich beizeiten nach., wenn Is was zu berichten gibt. Ich kann Gives Teil im Augenblick -jedenfalls für mein Macbook-Modell und Given oben genannte SSD EVO 970- voll empfehlen!
4 / 5
Ich habe mich eingehend informiert, welcher Adapter für gives Einbau einer NVMe-SSD are zuverlässigsten ist. Viele verschiedene Quellen waren sich To the einig: Sintech. Die Lieferung erfolgte innerhalb 9 Tagen, gives Adapter selbst war vorbildlich verpackt.

Adapter Lang oder Kurz?

Has given Frage habe ich mir auch gestellt. Eine Antwort bezüglich Gives Unterschiede findet Man leider nicht. Bei Gives langen Version wird die SSD auf einer Platte gehalten, sprich gives Adapter wird eigentlich nur verlängert. Wie auf dem Photo zu erkennen ist, ist meine SSD leicht schief/schräg wenn man sie festgeschraubt hat. It gives sie nicht unter Spannung steht, hab ich gives Ganze like this gelassen und hatte bisher auch keine Probleme damit.

Alles funktioniert Like this wie is soll: it Dreams Modus, Neustart, auch Trim konnte aktiviert werden. Ich kann Has given Adapter nur weiterempfehlen, würde aber gives nächste bad vermutlich dies lange Version kaufen, damit die SSD auch eben aufliegt.

Modification: Ich habe vor Kurzem gives gleichen Umbau bei einem Freund has dipped to give langen the version gives Halters durchgeführt, gives Ergebnis ist jedoch gives selbe, d.H. Die längere Fläche bietet keinen Vorteil!
5 / 5
Habe meinen Speicher beim macbook Air von 500 GB auf 2 TB aufgerüstet. Sowohl Gives Intel 660p SSD M2 NVMe - 2Tb als auch dieser Adapter sind absolut empfehlenswert. Für ein einfaches Überspielen Gives Date habe ich noch ein external Gehäuse bestellt, auch gives hat sich sehr bewährt - Nach dem Formatieren gives neuen SSD (Mac YOU Along (journaled) habe ich einfach has dipped eine 1:1 Kopie gives alten SSD my Copy of Carbon Cloner auf die Intel 2TB im externen USB Gehäuse angefertigt und dann quotes SSD ausgetauscht. Bisher (2 Monate) funktioniert alles perfekt!
5 / 5
Partorisca Some reason Apple has decided against just that adopts a level of industry M.2 form of factor of storage in his Macbooks. With which initially purchasing 128GB of storage behind in 2015, has required the upgrade this significantly partorisca store the big iPhoto Library.

Has done enough the bit to read in some varied available adapters and opted to go thus it marks because it looked to be generally used for those dipping on video of Youtube on like this to treat this upgrade.

Has considered to take one of some units that has an integer backplane has associated with an adapter but decided to save the few dollars and go a device in this a lot of small and adapter a lot simple to pair with a Intel PCIe NVME SSD walk.

Has had once a Macbook the open air and a battery disconnected, has had a new storage installed inside minutes. Any question like this far. Highly recommended.
5 / 5
Ich habe Gives Adapter in Verbindung dipped einer günstigen Samsung 970 EVO 1TB in ein Transcend 850 Walk of Jet-Gehäuse eingebaut. Original of data Transcend SSD hatte ich zuvor in ein MacBook Pro Mid 2015 eingebaut. Jetzt The war gives Gehäuse übrig und ich wollte nicht noch einmal fast 300 Euro für eine NAND-SSD ausgeben. Of the ganze Hat mich jetzt zusammen dipped dem Adapter knapp 180 Eurocopa gekostet (Dank treats of warehouse of the Amazon). It gives externen Transcend Walk of jet verwende ich nun als TimeMachine. Ist Súper schnell. Würde für Gives Adapter auch 6 Sterne vergeben, wenn is möglich wäre.

Nachtrag: It gives give Speicherstick bei großem Datendurchsatz sehr heiß wird, ist die Verwendung als Car to TIME nicht zu empfehlen. Of the Transcend-Gehäuse ist doch zu klein, a data Wärme rasch abzuführen. Ich verwende Has given Konfiguration aber weiterhin als external Laufwerk. It is ist superschnell und klein. Und Give Adapter passt dipped dem EVO Sticks sehr gut.
4 / 5
Ich nutze Gives Adapter in einem Mac Pro 6.1 Late 2013 place einer Samsung Evo 970 has dipped 1TB. It gives Adapter passt perfekt und ermöglicht dipped knapp 1500 MB/s maximum data Bandbreite, the data gives Mac 6.1 besitzt. Zuvor hatte ich ein Trancen Jetdrive 820 zurückgeschickt, Gives is lediglich auf 200 MB/s kam. Fazit: Deutlich preiswerter als Jetdrive und OWC und läuft perfekt.
5 / 5
Has looked to do initially, but has begun to take kernel panic.
While to Sintech the response is.


Upgraded The Macbook air 2017 with Mohave with Intel 660p 500GB NVME. Works.

To restore of Car of Time, has not required bootable USB. So only dipped a new SSD in, discharges in an USB of Car of the Time, can he on, your of Option of the press, and has fallen of Car of Time. I select an USB of Car of the Time to restore of, and has restored interior 2 hours.
5 / 5
Has used with the 1TB intel 660p ssd and the fact adds, also used with a Short Rocket ssd in 1TB and was included faster that a intel ssd
Installed in the mid 2014 MacBook Pro
An only thing has to that do is to FOLLOW some instructions that is coming with a Sintech the the adapter or a computer will not recognise a NVMe ssd
the 1TB SSD upgrade for the fraction of a proprietary Apple SSD
Easy to do
4 / 5
Habe has given the adapter dipped einer Samsung 970 EVO im meinem MacBook Pro 2015 verbaut. Funktioniert einwandfrei. Man sollte zuerst die ssd auf gives Adapter stecken und dann gives Ganze zusammen einbauen. Die SSD schräg dipped dem Adapter bis zoom Anschlag reinschieben und dann hinten runterdrücken und verschrauben.
5 / 5
Ciao An all can confirm that with this adattatore have solved all the relative questions was compatibility among ssd and he macbook.
1 With this model the scocca of the mine macbook pro attains the close perfectly with the long version, instead marries did not close perfectly there is more thickness.
2 Any the question has given stanby
3 With regard to the heating a lot heats so what prime, and he ventole any split coming others say.
4 The battery the me does not give signs has given cedimento to say you some data: 100 it has spent 18:00 he day dope to has spent them 10:00 he 97. In round-up In roughly 10 past to lose 7 has given battery a lot is viril.

The hard disk that have purchased is Short SSD Inner 1TB Rocket NVMe PCIe M.2 2280 Walk the State has had the habit of Tall ad Provision (SB-ROCKET-1TB)
5 / 5
Give Adapter funktioniert zusammen dipped einer Samsung EVO 960 500 GB SSD und place dem Mac Pro 2013 Retina Taken. Zunächst wurde Quotes Festplatte nicht erkannt (ich wollte über Timemachine ein Backup zurück sichern), die Lösung war dann, einen Installer of USB of Catalina erstellen, dann gives macOS installieren. Über Damage Festplattenmanager kann the man gives entsprechende Dateisystem einrichten, the tomb gives Installer bei give Installation meckert. War auf give Festplatte vorher ein Windows installiert, über Dispart oder über einen quotes of Clave of Installation of Windows Festplatte cleanen. Warum nur 4 Sterne ? 20 Eurocopa für etwas Plastik ist sehr viel.

Kleine Korrektur Is handelt sich a eine Samsung Evo 960 und nicht a eine 860
4 / 5
has Had question with another adapter and law several recommendations that the Sintech was 100 compatible with the Mac and asi has been! Now I have the double of spatial and Any one has spent a lot of money, this product recommends it amply for macbook Pro mid 2015
4 / 5
In einem Macbook Pro 2015 Retina wurde eine Samsung EVO 960 256GB vom recovery of Internet nicht erkannt. Auf einem beigelegten Hinweiszettel The war gives auch vermerkt. Ein von USB (bzw. SD Karte) gebooteter Hat of Installer of big Invernadero given SSD aber problemlos erkannt. Nach Give Installation von big Invernadero hat auch give Update auf Catalina einwandfrei funktioniert. Laut Systeminformation laeuft EVO quotes 960 place x4 und Give Adapter passt perfekt, gives Einbau ist in wenigen Minuten erledigt. Fuer Quotes Gehaeuseschrauben verwendete ich einen Wiha PicoFinish Pentalobe (39829) PL4 x 40 mm.
5 / 5
It wanted Passage the upgrade to the mine MBP13 of the 2015. A jump gives 121 Gb he 1 Tb. I have read that this product Was already state testado gives others. For now he mac works, sleep all'begin mine comports egregiamente. Adattatore + SSD And have saved!
Swift sending And arrived in the planned Times.
5 / 5
Gives Adapter funktioniert in Verbindung dipped einem Macbook Pro 15' von Mitte 2015 und einer Samsung Evo 970 has dipped 1000 GB ohne jegliche Probleme. Einbau ohne Question. It is wölbt sich nichts. Keine Hitzeentwicklung. Kein erhöhter Akkuverbrauch. Die SSD wurde sofort erkannt. It wanted to Geschwindigkeit (siehe Screenshot). Lieferung erfolgte viel schneller als angegeben: Bestellt Are 17. May und erhalten Are 23. May

Wenn Is ginge würde ich 6 Sterne geben - klare Kaufempfehlung!
4 / 5
Ich War kurz davor gives Adapter zurückzusenden. Man muss unbedingt die neue SSD (bei mir 970 evo) beim neuen Systemstart, erst formatieren und dann z.B. Backup of heart draufladen. It gives Adapter funktioniert also bei meinem MacBook Collects 2015 13' dipped gives Samsung Evo 970 500gb(nvme).
Zudem überträgt Gives Adapter auch die wanted to Leistung für gives Mac in dem fallen 1500mb/s, gives mein mac aufgrund pcie nur bis 1500mb/s geht.
5 / 5
Gives Adapter ist gives Geld nicht wert gives er place dem MacBook gar nicht funktioniert
Ich sollte gives eigentlichen zurückschicken aber wollte gives noch bad probieren put neither anderen Portable aber trotzdem nicht funktioniert
5 / 5
Ich habe gives Macbook Air 13‘‘ 2017 und hatte anfangs Probleme, weil gives Mac die Festplatte nicht erkennen wollte. Meine Lösung dazu The war eats:

Zuerst musste ich quotes Festplatte beim Mac Partitionieren und zwar has dipped dem Formed APFS, gives MacOS Extendet (journaled) nicht funktioniert hat. Of the Partitionsschema ist GUID-Partitionstabelle.

Danach musste Dies jetzige Software MacOS Mohave 10,14,6 auf gives Festplatte Installieren, sodass ich über einen externen Adapter booten konnte und almost einen neuen Mac aufsetzen kann. Und danach klappt auch Gives Time Mashine Import.
4 / 5
Auf eine 970 EVO More dipped 1TB läuft Súper. Ich habe 970 EVO More erst place einem ICY BOX SSD M.2 NVMe Gehäuse USB 3.1 macOS Catalina Versione formatiert und Catalina aufgespielt dann ausgebaut. iMac 2015 Modell A1419 Exposure demontier, als Ausgebaut Adapter Sintech has dipped M.2 NVMe 970 EVO More eingesetzt. Wieder zusammen geschraubt, Exposure wieder verklebt. Upper läuft súper. Anleitung finde ihr unter .
4 / 5
Funktioniert beim iMac 27“ 17.1 (Late 2015) ohne Probleme.

PCIe M.2: Samsung EVO 970 1 TB
Adapter: Sintech NGFF M.2

Direkt eingebaut, formatiert und Backup eingespielt. Trimm wurde automatisch aktiviert. Rennt wie Any 1.

Lesegeschwindigkeit: 3192 MB/S
Schreibgeschwindigkeit: 2490 MB/s
5 / 5
Does talent MacPro6,1and Crucial P1. You can do bootable yours of USB with big Invernadero or later-reformat APFS and install a system of there that or alt+commanded+r the recovery of internet exactly these 3. And car of time( prepares for advanced) +reformat a walk (APFS formed) . Adapter of mark of good Big Quality sure to press he in amiably- of entity! Here it is my report of system:
Name of Model: Mac Pro
Identifier of Model: MacPro6,1
Name of Processor: 6-Core Intel Xeon E5
Speed of Processor: 3.5 GHz
Number of Processors: 1
Total Number of Cores: 6
L2 Hide (for Core): 256 KB
L3 Hide: 12 MB
Memory: 64 GB
Version of ROM of the Boot:
SMC Version (system):
Version of Illumination:
4 / 5
Purchased to install a SSD Crucial P1 the sound has given a Macbook pro retina 13 punctual 2015. Typical Minimum preparation has Amazon of date, arrived punctual, the adattatore is for real very small. Easy Gives to install, l SD inserts perfectly and together he adapt to the Macbook. Price altino, my probably justified tiled quality.
5 / 5
Be sure to follow some instructions to create the bootable strolls of USB and sure mark to take the backup of Car of the Time.

An Air that I upgraded has had Mohave on that. I have had to buy the together of screwdriver (recommends And-Durable) and have gone with a Western Digital SN750 (500GB) walk.

Is so only be the day and I have not experienced any subjects/of sleep of the hibernation.

Top Customer Reviews: Sintech NGFF M.2 BM ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 22 ratings
5 / 5
This work likes expected in a Asus UX51VZ laptop, although a SSDs has arrived partorisca touch a @@@back cover. There is at all Sintech can do in that; it is a Asus subject. ( It would be ideal Asus had used common SSDs connectors.) Be sure partorisca apply some Kapton tape to an interior of a lid where a SSDs touch before king-increasing.
4 / 5
Perfect solution partorisca one the fault of an owner Sandisk walk in prompt ASUS ZenBook ultrabooks. This adapter leaves an use partorisca regulate M.2 SATA Walks, now reasonably plentiful as well as abordables, like the substitution. The walk and the turn of the adapter neatly exists ZenBook space.
4 / 5
This product is the godsend partorisca any concealed the precise. With which days partorisca look for have not founding any another produced that the one who this , which is partorisca adapt one odd ADATA SSD has used in Asus' Ux31a to the level M.2 SSD. They are very thankful that this exists or more my Asus Zenbook would be in some now same rubbishes. If your UX31a ADATA the walk has failed on you, OSSIA partorisca The FIX, ANY QUESTION has ASKED, OSSIA The BETTER SOLUTION .

When A SSD in mine Asus UX31a has died, has discovered that a particular walk Asus had used in a car was 1) the fact of only walk for ADATA that can not be substituted for any another regulates SSD, and 2) that an original walk Asus used (a ADATA walk) is faulty and a lot of people have had dies on him. Very disappointing partorisca such an expensive car, and especially disappointing that it comes from/comes from the costruttore of portable (ASUS) that tends partorisca trust.

Has decided to try this Sintech paper of adapter, as it could not find another option another that buying another Zenbook concrete walk partorisca in $ 600, and that risk that the hips give you the little time of month. It averts of him when being overpriced, has the big question with buying hardware that no in another car.

When I have received an adapter, has resulted that has had so only 1 notch. The majority again M.2/NGFF I walks have 2 notch, called touched-Key and 'B'-Key. It could not find a Sr.2 With only 1 notch, as I have sent an email to Sintech asking them roughly this. They have answered immediately, in that leave me know that it would be good to use the 2 notched M.2 SSD Same although an adapter there is so only of notch them.

Has purchased the level M.2 2280 walk with 2-notch like this have instructed, plugged he to an adapter, and has done PERFECTLY. The windows Has been installed the little mins later and a car is on and running like this new.

Sintech The adapter was around $ 20 and the new M.2 256 GB The walk was in $ 150 = $ 170 total. Excellent :) A subject only has run to, was that a ray Sintech has resupplied has not gone long enough. I have finalised a lot screwing the down at all, and instead that uses an original piece of hule/foams this has protected an original walk, and so only leaving a backside of a frame of laptop to resist down a walk. It looks totally sure. They are sure I could take the slowest ray in any tent of PC, but has not tried looking so that it does not look necessary.

Thank you Sintech To do this entirely esoteric product, which is the lifesaver to any concealed has had his UX31a harddrive quite on him. Thank you To solve something concealed is the big question for the small number of people, give the graces to do the like this economic, and thank you for your service of fast client. Thank you To save my laptop preferred!
4 / 5
Writing this description how was hard for me the piece info joint on Google when that looks for to imagine was that substitute my broken SSD.

Have the Asus Zenbook UX31A and this adapter leave to change an owner Asus SSD with any mark M.2 NGFF SSD.
Is not sure state if this would do when I have purchased an adapter but do like this announced and could not be easier to install.

Has used he with the Sandisk X110 M.2 256GB SSD Has on elected for $ 100 in Ebay.

Attended Ossia useful for the people that look the upgrade or substitute his broken SSD (apears to the subject common for Zenbook the laptop is)
4 / 5
This has saved literally a ASUS UX31 laptop. A idiotic the creation that connectors of uses any fact regulates SSDs thus model súper-expensive and for some reason súper probably to fail. After losing a 2nd a, has opted partorisca east, with the level M.2 SSD. With the little electrical tape has applied to a chance for insulation in the chance has touched, has been of tower in an air in the subject of moments. THANK YOU!!!
4 / 5
Has used this to upgrade a SSD is in a ASUS UX51VZ and has done utmost.
4 / 5
Has repaired my Asus Zenbook UX31 with this component. The installation the simple summer, but lacking to dip join small to protect touches to avert contacts with the helmet, and has installed a SSD 64Sees M.2 NGFF to the place of the SSD of cause (introuvable in France). The delivery lasted It 15 days but this cost lucido swipe to expect. My works of computers again ! Thank you very much !

Has repaired my Asus Zenbook UX31 with this component. An installation was easy, but has dipped the little protect to avert contact with a hull, and has installed the 64GB SSD NGFF M.2 In place of an original SSD (any found in France). The delivery is lasted 15 days but he is cost a wait. My computer is doing again! Thank you very much!
4 / 5
An adapter a work. It was probably very optimised partorisca use in a Asus UX31a in of the terms partorisca preserve available height partorisca a SSD before an inferior coverage has been dipped behind on. A coverage has required the bit partorisca do to take all near.
4 / 5
This has done brilliantly with my Asus Zenbook U500VZ (aka UX51VZ). Substituted an original SSDs (ADATA I think) with the pair 256 GB Kingston SSDs, changed of RAID the AHCI in a BIOS and hey ready... The storage has used fully spatial and modern SSDs that so only have enough a same action like this old decayed some in the RAID0 setup.
4 / 5
Law perfectly with Asus UX31A portable and Samsung SSD 850 EVO M.2. Recognised immediately, and access inside a frame of laptop perfectly.
4 / 5
Has bought this for a Asus UX31A with the failed ADATA SSD. This adapter when used with the Transcend 256 GB SATA III 6Gb/s MTS800 80 mm M.2 SSD Solid State Walk TS256GMTS800 has done perfectly! Thank you Sintech For economically that door my UX31A behind the life!
5 / 5
Has done like this need and my laptop now works with this adapter. It was able to save my laptop and I thank you for this
4 / 5
has used this to repair a ASUS portable with his own owner SSD, which has failed. I have used this to install the new Corsair SSD. My Laptop has been work saved and now better that never!
4 / 5
Has a Asus Zenbook originally installed with ssd. Unfortunately they do not manufacture this class of ssd papers more. These works of paper perfect for the serial JOINS ssd use.
5 / 5
It has taken the little with a longitude partorisca arrive; this in spite of, some works of product he together with a ssd.
5 / 5
In good condition rid, included before it quotes estimated first. The accesses perfect in laptop and good works.
4 / 5
Has used an adapter with the Plextor PX256-M6G-2280 (full period). I have had to that take some rays and tape to use to fix a ssd or will not return in a laptop but work well. A new SSD is much faster that an old Sandisk U100 craps.
5 / 5
A product is and the law adds, returns perfectly my Zenbook UX31.
The delivery has been in very smooth and punctual, the container has arrived sooner that has expected.
5 / 5
Has done perfectly with samsung evo 850. Has has not said intel 600p-serious.
5 / 5
This element saved the plot of money, would not have repaired asus ultrabook without him.
Does well and of the just squeezes to a chance without modifying.
4 / 5
Perfect adapter to take the level M.2 ssd to return in the asus u500vz. An only thing any like this well, you cant raid some walks
5 / 5
A factor of form is returned perfectly in mine Asus Zenbook.

Top Customer Reviews: Sintech NGFF M.2 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 42 ratings
4 / 5
Works brilliantly, this in spite of can take the pocolos small partorisca take doing he so that it requires the small quantity of patience. My write the speed there is tripled, my speed reads there has been tripled, a laptop is noticeably more faster.

If you are having the questions that installs partorisca see some instructions have listed down, there is the pair of the extra steps have required

My MacBook Pro is the 13' mid-2014 retina, A1502 model.
A NVMe SSD has installed is the Samsung 970 Evo NVMe M.2 SSD - The capacity of a walk is 1TB.

Steps partorisca install:

1) Creates Car partorisca Time retreated on MacBook. Partorisca Which do not know the time of Diagrams is free, is done for Apple and comes pre-installed in yours MacBook.

2) Installs a walk with an adapter to a MacBook

3) Recognition in MacBook, immediately after turning in of the press and Order of control/cmd' and a 'R' Yours, this will enter an Apple restores Partition

4) has entered utility of disk partorisca see if a walk is present, if it is present then the click ERASES. Name a walk anything wishes. It dips to to a format likes soyac YOU Of Long (Journaled) and a Diagram to the equal that GUID Map of Partition.

5) Then exited out of Utility of Disk (press a red key in an upper left of a Window), Discharges in your hard walk that is using like your Car of Time and click one Restores partorisca use option of Car of the Time. It installs it to a Walk has appointed in At all 4. It seats behind and it has left the complete.

At all additional:

4a) partorisca me an Utility of the disk would not aim a Walk, so that that has had to that has been closed down a MacBook.

4b) When A device has closed fully down press a key to Be able to again, when you press a control of key of the can down some following Tones: soyandate/cmd' and 'Option (sometimes this is to share with a alt yours so it is with mine)' and 'P' and 'R'

4c) Resists some 4 tones, calm here a MacBook chime, the maintain resisted until he Chimes again and then emission

4d) With which then attended for a MacBook still kick until a Partition of Recovery and look in Utility of Disk, would have to see a walk in Utility of Disk now. A laptop reboot the little first time to kick to a half of Recovery

4.ºt) Continuous without 4 and 5as they are listed on some additional steps.
5 / 5
Ossia The product adds , looks simple but can save you £100 is second the one who your upgrading.

There is so only upgrade the Mac Pro 2013 (Beats of Rubbish) of 256GB to 1TB with this little artilugio.

Saved around £500 like this converts the very special connector to do with normal walks that apt this adapter.

Now be warned if you are uograding the 2013 Mac Pro, your first duties... It is not game and discharges so only!

Requires to have the bootable version of Mohave or Catalina (basically which never yours the version that use), has drive on-line to do east.

Without him, a Firmware will not recognise an adapter of new / walk. Of here that precise use an USB bootable version.

Once take your screen of elections with a bootable version, your system has recognised now a walk and the adapter that leave to format a walk as it can be used with the Mac, has been for one for Crucial P1 that was the bargin of crucial £ there is rid.

Whilst My leading walk a lot rid 700 R/W Speed, now am taking 1,200 R/W Speed, like the car is included faster.

Complete upgrade and my time, £120 the subject.

£20 very spent here.

Thank you 🙏
4 / 5
First of all an element arrived inside the week of Cina to United Kingdom! 5 stars for these suns. An adapter has done perfectly without subjects of any class. I have substituted a stock of Apple SSD this is coming with a A1508 prompt 2015 MacBook Pro with the Samsung Evo 970 250gb NVMe SSD. Very easy to do. A method has used is not the street complicated and the other has ensured any like this scarry to the equal that can feel in apprehension of practice. Simply do the bootable walk of USB (16gb) with MacOS Invernadero Big first. Take a rear poster of the yours MacBook then take an old SSD. Push your new NVMe SSD to an adapter and then press an adapter to an empty that takes an old SSD of. Ray Down a SSD and substitute a rear poster. I besiege your bootable walk of USB to a Mac, beginning up and then follow one in instructions of screen that do sure you formateo a new NVMe SSD to Mac along Journeled and ossia! A process of installation is much faster that the leading installations have treated but then ossia a profit of NVMe SSD. It would recommend this product for a process and there are other available adapters but this a more he done certainly!
UPDATE! 19/08/19. I am not sure the one who a description means when it says no recoverable of an internet. To line of formatting and installing of an internet then yes can and has done them. I have opened simply a not even unplugged backside to to a battery like them to them some recommend and has burst them in a Samsung 970 evo with an adapter dipped a backside on and has been then the utilities of disk formatted an engine the APFS with GUID and then behind to reinstalling Mohave an internet in wifi without subjects at all! Works perfectly! Also a Samsung 970 more also works of Samsung released it firmware update for a walk and his available in thier put web! It acclaims!
5 / 5
Was upgrading the MacBook Prompt Air 2014 model with east and he 250GB WD Blue SN550 NVMe; it does not love paid partorisca to prize Samsung Evo for the car of 6 years, but has not wanted to take an economic more any walk of available name likes WD looked the good half earth.

In general has done well has been once installed. A schemes has run has seen Big and kicked the Mohave clave of USB, a walk has been recognised in Utility of Disk like a NVMe walk and has not had any question. Has not founding a dreaded awake of question of hibernation that looks to affect this generation of MacBook neither. I am expecting that it was the question with older YOU not knowing that a NVMe the walk was, and fixed in of the latest versions.

Has not been if it is the effect of the placebo but a car felt bit it faster kicking on and logging in, but this could be because it was the quota installs.

An only question has had with east is my looks of adapter to have the error of manufacture. Some needs to joint to line on exactly like seeds circle in some upper lines up with a stand-off of hole/of the ray in a joint of logic. The mine there is not lined on a lot well and has to that slightly file this hole for the do slightly main like the ray could spend for a SSD and mate with an edge. It would guess that some tolerances of manufacture are quell'has bitten too liberal so that it is quite the tight access.

In general this in spite of, thinks that this was the out of and although it is the common question , is not the massive headache that considers of the money has saved in any that has to that buy the 12+16 SSD.
4 / 5
Has done like the charm in mine mid-2014 Macbook Pro. Burst in 2TB Intel 660p SSD. It has taken an occasion to take touched of of some powder has accrued on some last few years (the laptop is less often the jet ready to take of; more than a blessed silence has taken used to in a begging to possess my macbook). Reinstalled Mohave To have the fresh start. My Macbook Pro is like the new car. Any question with hibernation. A lot of space. It was the bit to concern roughly using the QLC walk but for my use is mostly WELL. 1100-1200 MB/S writes speed, 1400-1500 MB/s the speed read - very better that my original walk has done. Yes, it will fall it it was when I copies the 100 GB file but that often are I that goes to be the doing?
This adapter are adds. With him for less than £250 total cost (the new + adapter SSD) my macbook pro has taken new wings and, more probably, the few extra years of use. As another has said to take the account that an element is shipped of Cina a time of the delivery is not too bad (for me was down two weeks).
4 / 5
Has found frequently has run out of room in mine 128GB MacBook Pro (Retina, late 2013) and decided more than substituting a laptop, that the new hard walk was the most economic solution .

Decides to pair a Sintech NGFF M.2 nVME SSD Paper of Adapter with a ADATA XPG SX8200 Pro 512GB

after backing my walk to exist, I swapped out of an Apple PCI SSD and has substituted he with a joint of adapter with a ADATA SX8200. Very sincere and easy to install. I have used the version of test of Copy of Carbon Cloner the backup and restore.

Some works of new walk well with MacOS Catalina, sleeping and hibernating works perfectly. The wise speed is still in any part approaches the one who this walk is able of and in hindsight could has escaped probably with the SX6000 but ossia the limitation of the 7 old year MacBook and no a walk. This has said that a speed reads has bent and one writes the speed is almost 4x fast.

A pmset settings I use has seen the terminal window is:
sweats pmset -a hibernatemode 0 autopoweroff 0 sleep 1 standby 1
sweats pmset -a standbydelaylow 3600
sweats pmset -a standbydelayhigh 7200

Of the interesting upgrade this has breathed new life to mine portable.
4 / 5
To the equal that have wanted to dip the 1 TB NVE SSD to the 2014 MacBook Pro 15. This sintech the adapter has taken good descriptions . It was easy to return, so only does sure that a SSD is securely in place and then is good to go. A MacBook the slowest boots but speeds of the access of the disk is quickly. This will not be due to an adapter.

Also can require follow some instructions roughly disabling hibernation otherwise your Mac can not wake on sleep. It is simple to do. Once I these some works of computers to the equal that has to that.
4 / 5
This description will be scored based in a product, but will comprise notes roughly how is used.

In general a process of physical installation was relatively seamless - the installation, has thinks that was too long and to the equal that has taken the microfile to a section of ray for record the, until it has dipped a SSD in and a force of installation of this pressed a Sintech adapter included further to a socket that was has had to that to go with a bendy-ness of an adapter. This has meant all mine filing was the bit of endeavour and the plot of mine Another Half confidence in me around his Macbook, could be returned he without mods and would have done.

Has used the Crucial P1, one of a SSDs in a cast. The installation a SSD has not been relieved, included when that uses diskutil in Terminal. OSSIA LIKE THIS to INSTALL:

1) USES An USB - the Recovery of to the Internet did not like that a so only has bitten
2) OFFICIAL of APPLE of USE - I has tried use the .dmg Of another website, and has not had any regime at all. Before installing, use your old installs to update to a later version, the backup of Car of the Time, and then create half comunicacionales of installation of the USB that follows instructions of Apple!

Am spent of the hours troubleshooting, like this hopefully this solves anyones subject before they owe that animated-dismantle his laptop. This was in the mid-2015 Macbook Pro 13'.

Some rays will require is all the star of 5 bosses of points, has used especially 1.2 and 1.5 and looked to do a work. Any official Apple, but has done this in spite of. MAINTAIN I SEPARATE RAYS And ORDERLY - is Apple after all, as has concrete holes to go back to!
5 / 5
This arrived in my hand less than impressive era.

Am returned a intel 660p 2tb to the east. I have had the few subjects with my setup that careers in only a route. This in spite of afterwards reseating and pressing a m2 disk to an adapter according to which would go. It has taken all four routes that reads.

This adapter is incredible and now have the rejuvenated MacBook with 4x one spatial and the disk that careers almost two times like this quickly like this previously.

5 / 5
Has bought this the upgrade a 250g in mine mid 2015 Macbook pro.
Installed less than 2 minutes and is returned then a Samsung 970 EVO 500 more GB PCIe NVMe M.2.
Fallen To the USB installs of Catalina and installed saws car of time.

Like this far like this good and has taken a main walk installed with much faster bed and write speed.
There is not had to that update a lot of firmware in a Samsung 970 EVO More .
4 / 5
I have bought this in a recommendation of one of some varied blogs that describes like this partorisca update the MacBook SSD to the NVMe SSD. This is to return perfectly and has come included with this own ray like original Apple one is too small once an adapter is returned to a MacBook.
Plugged All in and a MacBook kicked the life (after spending for a process of recovery of the internet).
5 / 5
Has used this with the 500GB Samsung 970 evo in the prompt 2015 MacBook Pro and work perfectly! Any one has had any of some subjects of awake sleep or restarting to subject like has had them with other adapters. Mark so only sure does a bootable the walk but he pour it years formatted a walk and was partorisca arrive and that careers again less than an hour. Also arrived less than the week of china that is impressive.
4 / 5
Has used this partorisca substitute one that exists 256 GB SSD with the new plus 1TB nVME SSD which has done perfectly well and work on bending a speed of an old SSD, well the value that takes the upgrade and see a profit partorisca accelerate augmented and take some long life out of a computer.
5 / 5
Has used this to upgrade my MacBook Pro Retina late 2013. Works perfectly with cutting the rocket nvme ssd although need of hibernation partorisca be disabled in any terminal as for instructions. This is due to a bug of Apple that included persists in his walks of own substitution!
4 / 5
Has bought the adapter was Amazon sintech partorisca macbook pro late 2013. Intel 660pwas Recommended partorisca use that evo 970 more very compatible. Upgraded from256gb To 1tb and has not had any subject. You In macbook was mojave first of upgrade and any subjects partorisca sleep neither in mac.
5 / 5
This perfects with the MacBook Pro mid 2015 and the Samsung 970 Evo 2 másTB. If you are some instructions or find links it street Reddit.
5 / 5
Has bought this partorisca an old 11” MacBook, that can say, he a work and comes with instructions. It has impressed really.
4 / 5
Has done my Mac run hot and can was, when I have changed this adapter a subject has cleared
5 / 5
Brilliant but no quite like this described. Ossia A second adapter has tried, and work superbly! Macforums Drives recommends to use Sinatech adapters, as has some work and pertinent wirings perfectly. This in spite of, the mine is not returned properly - was 0.5 mm also long and would not clear a column of ray felizmente sandpaper has done a work.
5 / 5
Has required to upgrade my iMac, has done to treat it, recommended
4 / 5
He that says in one has beaten! Very easy the instal and the work does not add any question like this far!
4 / 5
Likes has bought my Macbook Pro like the student, could not justify a seal of prize of extra storage. 128 gb Is way to little, and this simple adapter there is has extended undoubtedly a life of mine Macbook for several years. Clear instructions, easy assembly.
4 / 5
Returns well, could be more thin state but the ray headed to a rear poster in place.
4 / 5
Does like this announced, so only follow some steps, sure mark partorisca do TimeMachine first backup, bootable MacOS on clave of USB and buy so only M.2 SSD Ossia in white cast. I have bought Crucial P1 1TB and laws well!
4 / 5
This adapter are adds. With him partorisca less than £250 total cost (the new + adapter SSD) my macbook pro has taken new wings and, more probably, the few extra years of use.
5 / 5
That says in a box. Used like this adapter partorisca MacBook Pro 2015 SSD upgrade.
4 / 5
Does well with Samsung Evo 970. Any question that installs in MacBook Pro collects 2015
5 / 5
The fastest wine that expected and is doing perfectly with my Macbook Air 13' 2017 model with a Intel SSD6 512GB. Thank you!
5 / 5
Does not operate, the client sustains very poor also.
5 / 5
This device preformed as it has announced.
Has Had question of zero reinstalling macOS in mine Samsung Evo 1tb
5 / 5
Perfecto! Exactly that looked for upgrade my MacBook Pro. Produced of quality
5 / 5
has Done perfectly in the Macbook Pro mid 2015. Such the simple upgrade!
4 / 5
Perfecto! Taken Kingston A2000 partorisca he, any @@subject at all.
5 / 5
After being fed up with a capacity of current walk & accelerates that my Macbook Air (11', punctual 2014, A1465) has had at present has decided to look in my options in upgrading a device. Spending for the apple would be the quite expensive endeavour and that tries to take the third compatible party SSD can easily run you on £250 for even the decent quantity of storage. Like the result I look to third conversores of party like a Sintech NGFF and honradamente could not be happier. One of some better parts in this adapter is a fact has the 'read' for a real walk the chair was like this he no resulted tressed' compared to the fashionable adapter of half man instead.

Are no odder that dip under a hood of my hardware to the equal that have broken to open my Air, has take an old walk has added an adapter + SSD (Crucial P1 500GB) and kicked on the walk of recovery to upload on Diagrams of Time.

Of this point was totally smooth navigation without the subject smaller (my own deception, more on that down) with profits of immediate remarkable speed. For roughly 80GB to content it has taken roughly -30 minutes for Car to Time to restore it (maintains to import this was on USB 3.0 street an outside HDD) and no the additional actions have had to be taken to ensure way / of sleep of the compatibility done - the all has done well out of a box.

Will mention here that I have not annoyed with the device of recovery of Big has seen; I am directly be for Mohave device of the recovery and he have done totally without subjects to mean have saved the fair has bitten to time any prpers that has to that the worry in upgrading etc. My @@subject that has run in the era invernadero Car of Time - I has excluded on purpose /Applications to the equal that have assumed some applications of system (Terminal, Tent of Application etc) would be without stored and recoverable accidents of another location. It results this is not a chance and as all some time have saved not kicking the street Saw Big was has spent instead install Mohave in my current installation. Of the money that the lines here is that at least it has taken to assist the quite speedy reinstall of Mohave (any loss of data neither)!

The summarise - ossia a better way to give your Mac device the new lease of the life without that has to that jump by means of too many hoops neither pay a exorbitante cost to do like this. So only it improves of a point of view of is the professional concealed does not want to has to that maintain using USB-has has based devices so only to take this has bitten more the storage or the just paving was to love the good action augment all the round.
4 / 5
This has done perfect out of a box. It returns snuggly any @@subject that connects to the macbook pro 2015 model.

Yesterday, am coming to find that my macbook pro flashed with an icon of file of the question mark. After the pair of the hours that tries fijarprpers, am coming to a conclusion that the simply no longer recognises my m.2 ssd After the pair of use of month.

Has tried several remedies like resetting PRAM and a SMC. A lot still it leaves me to start with in sure way. I have tried refitting the and that creates the walk of boot but he a lot included take to this point. I remain with the spatial backlit screen every time.

Has ordered another adapter (6 economic times in ebay).
4 / 5
Habe ein neues MacBook Air aus dem Jahr 2017 und soeben eine Samsung Evo 970, 500GB verbaut, TRIM aktiviert - und alles funktioniert wie is sollte! Danke für Quotes schnelle Lieferung. Mir The war is wichtig, dass ich eine Mitteilung schreibe, gives niemand genau wusste, ob is 100 geht, aber auch quotes 970.ºr von Samsung funktioniert!
5 / 5
Habe mir Gives Adapter aufgrund give vielen positiven Bewertungen bestellt. Kam bereits nach 2 Wochen bei mir One. Einbau erfolge genau nach Anweisung Gives Herstellers.
Danach habe ich ein Backup über Timemachine zurückgespielt. Nach dem ersten Bootvorgang wurde ich Dip give Meldung 'Ihr Computer wurde aufgrund eines Questions neu gestartet..' begrüßt.
Dann Gives Systembericht unter NVMe geschaut: SSD wurde bloß besiege dipped einer Link-Breite x2 angezeigt. Ein Speedtest Dips 'Test of System of ABUSE' brachte bloß ca. 1500DRY/MB Durchsatz. It dies entsprach give ursprünglichen Geschwindigkeit give original Apple-SSD
Danach einen PRAM/NVRAM - Reset durchgeführt. Gleiches Ergebnis: Gleiche Fehlermeldung und keine Geschwindigkeitsverbesserung.
Well. Also MacOSX Majove neu installiert. - Immer noch Given gleichen Probleme.
Habe mir dann einen ein Alternativ-Produkt ystem-S 12 + 16Pin zu M.2 NGFF M Yours SSD Konverter Karte' bestellt: />Danach wieder gives gleiche Prozedere wie dipped dem Sintech Adapter. Seitdem rennt mein Macbook ohne Probleme und Dipped wanted to Geschwindigkeit (Links-Breite x4).
5 / 5
Give Adapter kam viel schneller als angekündigt (nach einer statt nach avenges Wochen). Vorausgesetzt The hat of man gives richtigen Schraubendrehersatz (Pentalop) ist give Umbau einfach und innerhalb von 15 Minuten machbar.
Give Die of hat of the adapter richtige Größe, gives Einstecken give m.2 SSD geht Problemfrei. Die mitgelieferte Schraube hält gives Adapter und die SSD a seinem Platz.
Is gibt keine Schwierigkeiten dipped gives Bauhöhe gives Adapters nebst SSD. Of the Macbook lässt sich Normal verschließen und verschrauben (ohne Kraftaufwand).

Original of data SSD wurde bei mir durch eine Samsung EVO 970 1TB ersetzt. Die Speedtests sprechen für sich. (siehe Screenshots)

Ich kann Gives Adapter nur weiter empfehlen. - Klasse Produkt -
4 / 5
habe Place diesem Adapter erfolgreich eine crucial 1 tb m.2 ssd (ct1000p) In meinem mac pro 2013 (schwarzer mülleimer) verbaut. It gives umbau geht schnell und einfach: deckel ab, schraube The (achtung, kleiner torx-schraubendreher wird benötigt!), ssd tauschen, schraube wieder drauf, deckel wieder drauf. dann von externer hd Quotes ssd formatieren und mac you installieren. War alles problemlos. allerdings biegt sich Dies kombo adapter/ssd m.2 leicht durch, ggf. können mutige Quotes schraubennut noch (unter garantieverlust?) etwas ausfräsen.

bisher läuft alles Súper. durchsatz ist Like this ca. 1500 mb/S lesen/schreiben max., it Was beim vorhandenen pcie 2.0 x4 bus wohl nahe are theoretischen maximum liegt. gesamtkosten belaufen sich auf knapp 130 euro (!) für Adapter und ssd - wohl ein traumpreis im vergleich zu gives anderweitigen alternativen.

Bad gespannt, wie is im harten arbeitsalltag läuft. ich werde neue erfahrungen Yesterday nachtragen.

Update : bisher läuft alles problemlos. lieferzeit ist übrigens knapp eine woche, Gives to give versand anscheinend aus deutschland erfolgt.

Update : weiterhin null probleme. selten kann Is passieren, dass beim booten gives exposure schwarz bleibt, was allerdings auch bei externer usb-platte vorkommt. In diesem fall einfach gives parameter-ram resetten (commanded-alt-p-r beim initiates halten, bis zoom 2. Gong warten), dann läuft alles wieder.
4 / 5
Endlich ein The adapter gives in meinen Apple MacBook Air 11' Anfang 2015 funktioniert hat.

Dipped diesem Adapter habe Ich meine neue SSD 500GB Samsung 960 EVO (NVMe SSD) im MacBook Air 11' zoom laufen bekommen.
5 / 5
Habe mir Has given Adapter für meinen MacBook Pro Retina 15' 2015 gekauft.
Von mir wurde dieser The adapter dips einer 970 Evo 1TB von Samsung verwendet, has given wurde direkt im Festplattendienstprogramm erkannt und läuft seit dem sehr schnell (vgl. Speedtest) und zuverlässig.
4 / 5
Ich wollte ein neu gekauftes Macbook Air kostengünstig einem SSD Festplatten upgrade unterziehen. Dazu habe ich mir eine Samsung EVO 970 500GB SSD Festplatte für Gives MB (1466) gekauft. A Data Samsung SSD zu betreiben benötigt is gives yesterday gekauften Adapter. Dieser War nach 7 Werktagen gives. Früher als erwartet - UPPER! It gives Einbau klappte problemlos. Erst dachte ich Gives gives Adapter nicht passen würde gives mir original to die Schraube give MB zu kurz erschien aber nach ein paar versuchen quotes of hat Schraube gegriffen und jetzt sitzen Adapter und SSD festverschraubt. Ich habe direkt For Clave of Apple of USB Mohave aufgespielt. Über Gives Festplattendienstprogramm vom USB Mohave Clave noch vorher die Festplatte mac-konform formatieren - Mac YOU Along (journaled) dip GUID Partitionstabelle... sollte Quotes Festplatte nicht angezeigt werden lässt sich dies im Festplattendienstprogramm oben link über 'Darstellung' ändern. Alles In allem ein toller the adapter dipped passabler Lieferzeit. It gives Langzeittest steht aktuell noch aus.