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1 first Garmin Vivoactive 3 Garmin Vivoactive 3 Garmin
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2 LIFEBEE Smart Watches, Fitness Trackers Full Touch Screen Smart Watch IP68 Waterproof Fitness Watch for Men Women with Heart Rate/Sleep Monitor Pedometer Step Counter Stopwatch for iPhone Android LIFEBEE Smart Watches, Fitness Trackers Full Touch Screen Smart Watch IP68 Waterproof Fitness Watch for Men Women with Heart Rate/Sleep Monitor Pedometer Step Counter Stopwatch for iPhone Android LIFEBEE
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3 best Garmin Forerunner 35 GPS Running Watch with Wrist-Based Heart Rate and Workouts,010-01689-12 Garmin Forerunner 35 GPS Running Watch with Wrist-Based Heart Rate and Workouts,010-01689-12 Garmin
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4 HONOR Band 5 Fitness Trackers HR, Activity Trackers Health Exercise Watch with Heart Rate and Sleep Monitor, Smart Band Calorie Counter, Step Counter, Pedometer Walking for Men Women and Kids HONOR Band 5 Fitness Trackers HR, Activity Trackers Health Exercise Watch with Heart Rate and Sleep Monitor, Smart Band Calorie Counter, Step Counter, Pedometer Walking for Men Women and Kids HONOR
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5 Garmin Vívoactive 4, GPS Smartwatch, Features Music, Body Energy Monitoring, Animated Workouts, Pulse Ox Sensors and More Garmin Vívoactive 4, GPS Smartwatch, Features Music, Body Energy Monitoring, Animated Workouts, Pulse Ox Sensors and More Garmin
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6 ANCwear Fitness Trackers Bluetooth Smart Watches with Heart Monitor and Blood Pressure, Waterproof Activity Trackers with Sleep Monitor & SMS Call Notification, Pedometer Watch for Men Women Kids ANCwear Fitness Trackers Bluetooth Smart Watches with Heart Monitor and Blood Pressure, Waterproof Activity Trackers with Sleep Monitor & SMS Call Notification, Pedometer Watch for Men Women Kids ANCwear
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7 Fitbit Versa Health & Fitness Smartwatch with Heart Rate, Music & Swim Tracking, Peach Fitbit Versa Health & Fitness Smartwatch with Heart Rate, Music & Swim Tracking, Peach Fitbit
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8 YAMAY Smart Watch,Fitness Trackers Touch Screen Smartwatch Waterproof IP68 Fitness Watch with Heart Rate Monitor Pedometer Step Counter Sleep Monitor Stopwatch for Men Women for iPhone Android Phone YAMAY Smart Watch,Fitness Trackers Touch Screen Smartwatch Waterproof IP68 Fitness Watch with Heart Rate Monitor Pedometer Step Counter Sleep Monitor Stopwatch for Men Women for iPhone Android Phone YAMAY
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9 Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 Bluetooth Aluminium 44mm - Aqua Black (UK Version) Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 Bluetooth Aluminium 44mm - Aqua Black (UK Version) Samsung
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10 Smart Watch, KUNGIX Bluetooth Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor Blood Pressure, IP68 Waterproof Sleep Monitor Pedometer SMS Call Notification Activity Watch for Kids Men Women Smart Watch, KUNGIX Bluetooth Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor Blood Pressure, IP68 Waterproof Sleep Monitor Pedometer SMS Call Notification Activity Watch for Kids Men Women KUNGIX
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Top Customer Reviews: Garmin Vivoactive ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 by Romeo
Any usually write the descriptions but I have read load before buying this clock (Vívoactive 3) has used of Amazon, as has thinks that would do an endeavour like a lot of some descriptions have read was misleading and unhelpful - personal disappointments in cements and probably individual niggles more than an objective or useful view in a clock.

In the first place was, a VA3 is, in mine dress, the clock of sport. He a bit material of ready clock but wants to buy caffè with him or send messages of the text then buys a Clock of Apple (or the telephone!) A VA3 follows your heart rate (all day and all night), said where is (GPS), the leaves is when your telephone is ringing, is waterproof, toughened, comfortable and a hard battery 5/6 days. It is easy to use, if you have read some instructions, partorisci with your computer/of iPad/of the telephone and strap of @@@cofre (need to - more in this late plus) and a Garmin Connects the application breaks it everything down to wise metrics with stacks of detail.

Are the normal, the half has aged bloke and am serious but no obsessive in phys. It likes to spend a HRM so motive, leave me see am improving or any or so only kidding I and the find interesting. From time to time it looks for to coach in of the zones of heart rate but partorisca me, is more a info like to have. Circle 5km with my dogs 5 times the week and train of circuit/of weight of impulse 5 days the week. I also at all probably once the week (more in state) roughly and I surf and snowboard. I have spent HRMs partorisca all the activities and has tried several types with successful variable terracings. I have had the Vivosmart, the Vivoactive (the old place a) my, the Polar, the Fenix 3 and the Suunto. Inferior line - partorisca me, a VA3 is for far a more all rounder partorisca the “normal” person.

A clock is “normal” sized, am not particularly big or small and there is meso sized wrists (I think). A VA3 looks well. It is not flashy or that takes eye, a form and the strap are so only there; the meaning no cries “look in me, has this new thing...” And it is not ugly or looks it odd. It calms that can spend to do and the people will not think calm is trying too hard or the marvel because has an electronic seal in your hand. It means calm does not have to that spend the “thing” of type of the band in yours another wrist to your clock and says to a day/of the date/of the time likes wot the fact of normal clock. Calm does not have to that take is gone in a shower (if you are odd and enjoy that have it mouldy wrists - reasons any taken your clock is gone in a shower!?) Or worry roughly taking it wetted in a group/of rain. As it looks well and all want to when calm is not spending your trainers.

In common/cycling/snowboarding/that traces/surfing - all well. It chooses on GPS in of the seconds and heart rate of clues and location so much with accuracy like any one another device, gives or take. I know roughly another reviewers has had the bad experiences but would guess these are a-offs more than a norm. It is the piece of boxes of the technology and his are not all perfect: some people have had crappy iPhones and other people love. Having has had train of Garmin before and other frames would say some casualidades partorisca be disappointed for Garmin is much less of another mark. So much, assuming calm does not take the wonky element, will have the car that gives attentive readings (uses it to him right) that you then can analyse in yours telephone seated in a hire to the content of your heart whilst yours other half clocks Upper Train/Pointless in telly.

So much partorisca cardio, indoors or was, a VA3 is something on. Each one has bitten as well as £500 Fenix, better in of the terms of consistency in fact (again, in my experience). THIS In spite of... I need read a manual of instruction. If you do not dip a sample on properly, dipped the on properly, synch the properly then guess that? He no properly! Take an hour partorisca take it that does things a way comprises and the situate in your wrist in a right place on a bone of wrist. All concealed and calm will take a better of one looks to the equal that means will take a better of an available wrist-based HRM/clocks of sports of the GPS.

Where No partorisca me is in a gymnasium. But then, any wrist-has based HRM there is still: a technology so only is not there this in spite of a lot of @@subject that launch of cash in him (and has launched to PLOT of cash in the Fenix!) So only it can me be, this in spite of has the subject of alike disappointments, but when calm an exercise where yours the wrists are bent, under estréses or domestic then one pumps of blood by means of them (concealed a HRM relieve) is not easily has relieved. Example: The the 10 circuit of minute of upper organism with virtually any rest, so only 3x30 second pauses partorisca avert the coronary, when I am doing a wrist HRM has said 90 bpm (eh?) But when I remain (and my arms are dangling zombies-free for my sides) jumps to 170 bpm. A wrist thingy is launched has gone by a flow of the blood to my hands has caused of some exercises in question. It is one same with each wrist-has based HRM. So much in a gymnasium has the economic Wahoo tickr strap of @@@cofre, synced the VA3 and guess that? A show partorisca say me are too old to be that he that exercises in 170/180 bpm. Still in a group, love your heart rate when you are swimming, take the strap of @@@cofre.

Personally, hate some things (straps of @@@cofre) and are engreído creates fat-sausages that all the world can see, and take sweaty and gopping and is uncomfortable and does not like me so that it is stupid. But until a technology of wrist improves or an alternative is invented or can have my heart relocated my sinister wrist am stuck with a strap of @@@cofre partorisca a gymnasium. It is that it is.

I like mine VA3. They are not the pro athlete the one who coaches 6 hours the day with probes in of the uncomfortable places and he nutritionist the one who maintain me on the flange of knife of dietary collapse, I the just quantity of phys reason the enjoyed and help me does not want to commit Steven King-esque laws of anger after the defiant day. If I lose the career, any stressed volume reason can fall the place in a Ottery St Mary 5km the fun career but I likes him know my heart still is beating and seat unjustifiably self-riteous when I see the whole month of aims has fulfilled, take it pat in a boss (well, wrist in fact) of my clock and yes, will have another piece of cheesecake thank you. Cost £140 was Amazon , has arrived the day and does exactly that the say . It Likes me he concealed. The desire was more as my clock.

If you are the pro athlete, buy the £700 Fenix5 (and the strap of @@@cofre). If you are the loop of fruit this has to that have the clock that calm say you a time on Mars, rule a central heating and has the while your caffè when it spend each one which Starbucks (and master all the world-wide to know he), take a Clock of Apple or the hat with the sign that says like this.

If you are the person of the type regulates that he abundance of exercise and likes something partorisca look in when you are skiving the work in one rents - take the VA3.

Expect my boss is not reading east...
5 / 5 by Piedad
Are the user of Garmin has consecrated , ossia my third clock . I am using my clock partorisca run, cycling, yoga, martial arts, controlling sleeping levels, verifying my heart rate (addict of official ready clock). After active used Vivoactive 3 music partorisca the month, ossia my experience like this far:
- A clock is easy to use. User friendlier that a forward Vivoactive models.
- A creation is good-looking, has received to plot of compliments partorisca my clock. He also very light to spend, for this he he easy of the have on 24/7
- A VO2 max is the addition adds partorisca measure some activities.
- I has found a measure of level of the stress partorisca be useful and quite attentive.
- Finally that the and/the yoga had been added like the pre that exists activity.
- All the activity are easy to modify and a creation is accommodating easy description during an activity.
- Regarding a characteristic of music, some applications that is compatible with is not amply populate, this in spite of, there is always an option to manually download a music by means of a desk application.
- Can not say a lot in an application of stock exchange, partorisca a be of time, one of some main international banks is not compatible with a clock.
- I are not that it uses a clock partorisca swim like this waters-resistant and waterproof is two different things. My dad Vivoactive HR has taken toasted in a sea inside small, the mine has survived multiple sessions in open waters, this in spite of, there is finally the screen has broken. For like this, I am terrified partorisca try mine £300 same clock in a shower..
- Finally, regarding a control partorisca sleep, are not concealed has impressed. Some hours are not compatible and some phases of look of different sleep partorisca be very uneven, has developed neither serious sleeping disorders a last month or sleeping the measures would owe that be gorings with still pinch of rooms.

In general, to good sure would recommend that it buys this clock, are add partorisca people with small activity in his lives until highly of active people partorisca the quite reasonable prize so that it is offering. This in spite of, if any calm worry you partorisca a characteristic of music, calm to good sure would have to that go for a Vivoactive 3.
5 / 5 by Erinn
Has seen to plot of descriptions that has mentioned the number of failures with this clock and was for like this skeptical before I have purchased a clock.

Unfortunately almost each negative point law is coming to frutition in just 5 days:

1. Monitor of heart rate is clearly faulty like this when doing the intense exercise does not go in 98bpm.

2. Monitor of the sleep no /faulty.

3. The exercises are useless and does not count reps.

4. The application is difficult to use and not softening at all.

5. The interface of clock is slow and the screen is poor.

Will be partorisca return a clock and will look for another mark.

I implore any one reading this to not buying this clock.
5 / 5 by Aurea
Has bought this partorisca substitute it fenix 5s, and partorisca my needs, is the better clock . A touchscreen marks a remote device more usable, also a creation done one looks of the small screen far better (ossia a variant of music ) a steel bezel in one any-music and fenix the row done one looks of screen boba, and although a casing can look the clock, a screen is not a lot quite partorisca the spend was, he so only done one looks of bad screen, like this aesthetically thinks that this better work. It is the smartwatch/tracker of fitness and a lot that feigns partorisca be anything more. Also it adds characteristic that NFC and music in a 5s, although a music has bitten at present does not act, as it does not buy this clock partorisca this characteristic. It declares work with deezer and iheart radius, but at present has the glitch and he no, this in spite of, this would have to that take ordered in a future and is not the breaker of extracted partorisca me. An only reason partorisca purchase a variant of music are has thought was better looking. In an end looked in everything available and has behind finalised in Garmin, his fitness is a better, and a characteristic dips vs the life of battery is advance of way. An only thing that really the lacks is a resolution of screen , but I supposition is for this that a battery is well, would be disturbed enough partorisca spend £800 in a new fenix more this in spite of and take that same screen. In general I am happy with a compraventa and will remain the user of Garmin until the wear of android orders his battery and other subjects was, or Samsung take Bixby and dips the mandate is life of battery also. The sum on, has bought this partorisca VO2 max, resting heart rate, analysis of sleep, notification of telephone, NFC, waterproof and 7 battery of life of days. One signals partorisca remark, NFC the support of paper is limited, has it Starling the paper and work perfectly, and I in fact so only looked to Starling reason maintain , am like this happy has done and is now result my daily account, has on signed in 5 mins and so only takes all a traditional headache out of banking, is revelation mine, and has has resisted friends roughly the, like this calm am likely to say.
4 / 5 by Yevette
The life of battery adds. Reasonably near sincere up. More partorisca have the ready clock to pair he with. Used partorisca golf and walking, has tried attentive. A golf quickly gives meso advance and for behind a green, the greenest form and the averages the locations of the flag of the dozen can select. For clicking a key can see distances to hazards or layups.
One walking info is one same like my woman is consecrated running clock, and viewable in smartwatch, pill and computer.
One seeing of daylight with his transflective the screen is the delight that has lost of prime minister of mine pda!
The hips measures heartbeat, sleep and gives a no taken automatically.
A backlight comes in the same odd time when concluded. It likes- one contrives that it can close you a screen like any calm accidentally touch something and muck he up.
Shame that need paired and connecting with a telephone to upload the golf are, although it can do that in a car first to close a telephone was.
I looks of synchrony partorisca take the long time after finalising an activity.
Take one the majority of out he partorisca use League of Garmin in your mobile, to pill or The PC but calm take for more information in an activity.
Was a lot of disappointed partorisca find a the connector of USB is a totally proprietary a ossia the totally different anything more has.
Some prizes (eg the aim has achieved nnnn any) is not my thing, but can be turned was.
There is also the enormous social coverage could join, and compete with the friends or the on-line strangers.
Has not explored another myriad of activity that could be measured.
5 / 5 by Charise
Has moved to a Vivoactive 3 of a Forerunner 235 and in general am impressed.

An interface of user is incredibly easy to use, almost would describe it like this intuitive due to the fact that easily it can be elected on, in spite of a clock so only having 1 physical key. When being able to change an orientation of both a clock by means of Connecting is the good touch, useful partorisca some different ways in that the people spend his clocks.

A clock is very light and comparable in weight to a FR235, but does not feel like this economic likes FR235 fact.

Has used a characteristic of Paid of the Garmin (with the paper of Santander) and work without taking or @@subject. A system is also really easy to dip up by means of a Garmin Connects application. Ossia Useful partorisca when you are in the long career or walk of cycle and trying the limited a quantity of boxes is spending.

Be conscious that does not have the option partorisca swim of the GPS in a clock that has found like this far, but a group that the records does well and automatically relieves new period - the just mark sure has dipped an option of correct period when that begins an activity partorisca take useful die once an activity has been synced.

An only negative there is remarked is that a altimeter is not one the majority of attentive, that means that a sample a lot always record flight of stairs correctly. Otherwise, Is the good clock in the reasonable prize.
5 / 5 by Angele
Oh Coming any Garmin - I really loves like this some products of Garmin, but actuate his bad products. Has an original vivoactive to the equal that of a start has looked dated, but the dipped up with him like this he the one who has required them. Now it comes to the long of vivoactive 3

Looks slick
Very light
Extracted a lot (GPS) Accuracy
Amour a 3GB storage partorisca music
Easy to add headphones

resolution of Screen - 240x240 seriously , Ossia Poor and annoy me that show of Garmin of the pictures does not represent a true screen. It sees picture. The models he the economic plus is out of wirh 480x480 - any one wants to see the dull pixalated screen
Analysis of Sleep - inaccurate and no really work. It was on partorisca 3 hours another night and he suggest the asleep soundly.
Heartbeat - Inaccurate Again very returned partorisca purpose, apparently can them run with a half heartbeat of 70bpm, still can them feel my heart pounding fast.
Software - the creation is quell'has bitten poor and glitchy
Battery - partorisca take the decent life has to that turn heartbeat and the music was and then still a lot last which esuggest'

Unfortunately only no the short . 4 new years that an original, still so only improved in a physical creation. Garmin Is for behind a curve.
4 / 5 by Shila
Tried it on and dip the up. A sample has done well and looks really that pleases how is the shame of then no a way is supposed to. A HR the sensor has given readings that was the way was. I know it is not supposition partorisca give the attentive readings but I have not expected such the enormous difference go in my real HR and some readings. For example walking around my house, my heart rate has surpassed purportedly 200bpm! Seating or resting it would show 140bpm partorisca me. Manually I have measured mine HR while it look in a HR resupplied by a clock and a difference was enormous - mine HR was around 70, this in spite of a clock has maintained partorisca aim 140-150 bpm. I have tried to follow all some pours partorisca do one reading more attentive - and.G that spends it on a bone of wrist and presionando some straps - to any avail. Never you try it included exert with him like this probably would see my heart rate skyrocket in the @@@300s, is returned immediately.
5 / 5 by Efren
Julio has updated 2019 with which 4 month of use - typically coaching 8+ times the week by means of multiple sports, comprising approx. 50km to 60km partorisca run for week:

has been long the loyal user partorisca run the clocks have produced for Garmin and mine the majority recently (and a lot has wanted to) the clock is this Garmin Alive Active 3. Have Also issue it tried it a Polar Vantage M, also when being the Multisport clock, is the good side for competitor lateralmente partorisca an Alive Active as in this description I also compare an Alive Active 3 to this clock.

Dips Up:
- beat it dipped You on a clock with or without an Application of Garmin. It is recommended partorisca use an application and for this I (I also loves analyising my data of fitness like looks he as it is not syncing with an application is has amused no partorisca me).
- A clock was easy to dip up and both a clock and the application were intuitive to use.

- A clock has been ready partorisca touch on arrival. It comes with the USB uploads (note: any discharges of hands, neither will require partorisca touch via the laptop or the hands the USB uploads). A clock attaches uploads it street one each magnetic connection.
- A clock has been of out boxes partorisca be 100 touched less than 1 now (saws hands).
- One load is the small clip in that attaches to a backside of a clock.

Aesthetic, general wearability and day partorisca use of day
- A Garmin looks a lot well in my wrist, is the good small measure partorisca day partorisca spend of day (is slightly smaller that a Polar Vantage M)
- is light and like the result was easy to forget spent the.
- A strap is soft and pliable (to to other clocks partorisca run like of some the Polar clocks have straps quite rigid).

Facilitated of Operation:
- A clock is operated to a large extent for screen partorisca touch ( has so only a key in a side of a clock). Really It likes Me one intuitive and easy to use qualified of screen of the touch – feels modern and up to date but more importantly is a lot quickly to cruised.
- Partorisca Begin the coaching selects a key in a device and then go to find an activity wants to begin. You can dip a clock up like your more frequently used (or preferred) the activities are listed on front partorisca the fast start. There is a lot of pre-has programmed the activities but I have has used mainly one running (alfresco), treadmill running, force and inner cycling that activity of bus.
- An activity is prey partorisca press a same key and then a screen to touch gives final and save options.

Register of GPS in
- there is at all more frustrating then your clock that takes the slow time in registering to a signal of GPS when calm so only wants to begin to run, has been concerned roughly this that has read other descriptions of this clock.
- I has had any siginifcant the subjects with one links of GPS up. I have used a clock in the small city, the city, in a start of a lot of races and in a field when to trail that cut and a register of GPS on was adapted in all the locations (usually almost immediate but in scarce and more frustrating occasions until 1 small).
- A lot of commentary that a Polar clock has issues it has tried GPS FOUND often signal before a Garmin.

The activities that/GPS/of Career of Accuracy/of the Distance
- As the corridor ossia that it is more than entity of mine.
- An outside that careers the looks of accuracy partorisca be incredibly well. There is matched (with tolerances very small) with the official race has has measured distances in anything of 5km to 30races of km.
- In the place has selected on automatic pause like this when arrest partorisca run, for example in of the lights of traffic, a device automatically the pauses and he then restarts partorisca follow once are that it runs again. This characteristic has done well.
- I like a force that bus rep counter although any always use it (unless they are that it loves deliberately retards down my tax of work)

screens of Data
- To the long lateralmente an accuracy of data an availability of data whilst that the career is of entity of mine.
- Each screen of data can resist 4 pieces of data (e.g. At all, distance, time etc.).
- Can customise that the ones of data have seen an application.
- A data was easy to see whilst that careers and gave an information has required partorisca control and improve my action.

- An exposure is graphic is not that it surprises but has not interfered with entertainment of mine of a clock.
- I really enjoy a fact that can customise you that the ones of data in your screen of regular clock. Has the mine dipped until aiming digital time, date and account of no.

Interaction with other devices and of the applications
- In common with all the corridors know flavour be able to analyse my data partorisca run and look in of the details like my heart rate, any one and like this on in a course of the career.
- A Garmin uses a Garmin Connects application partorisca do east. A clock is quickly to syncronise and this he after the activities. Also it can be forced invernadero an application.
- A have my Application of Garmin (and for this a data of clock) also syncronised to MyFitnessPal so that calories of mine have burned is sent on to MFP and the calories have eaten is sent of MFP to a Garmin (clock and application).

Like the consultor of formation
- when being able to pre-program workouts first to dip mark partorisca a lot of formation of the easiest interval.
- I use a Garmin partorisca write the plan of formation with concrete work-outs (p. p.ej. Formation of interval) and these then result available in a clock in syncing a two joint.
- A data locates a clock in an end of a career is not that along (the Polar clock can be better partorisca want to this in a clock) but a data in an application is extended and useful partorisca the race of estaca or run postmortem.

Life of battery
- A life of the battery in a Garmin is a lot well, but outperformed for a Polar when both have had some characteristic was engaged (e.g. Control of continuous heart rate).

Application of Garmin
- A Garmin Connects the application is the one who apresamiento this clock of the a lot of very 4 product to the 5 clock partorisca me.
- Is the tracker of real life . They are my weight (and mine BMI which is automatically clues), my steps, mine menstrual cycle, calories of mine in (and was, the street links it up with MFP), analyses my career and of the results of race, neighbour and no of monitor (and another activity) objective – I look of must in an Application in meso 10 times for day.
- An Application is easy to use, intuitive and honradamente create it has contributed mine developing a lifestyle even more is.
- An application is a reason because you can no partorisca see me moving out of Garmin when I need my prójimo in common tracker/of activity of the clock.

Another characteristic
- A ‘sleep' the characteristic is not very attentive as it looks partorisca think am slept of a minute takes partorisca bed and reading partorisca begin until I create in a morning. All sleep the trackers have tried this in spite of tend partorisca have a subject same.
- I has had a clock paired with my telephone all day has seen a Garmin Connects application to the equal that can receive message etc. Notification – the useful function but he drains a battery more quickly

@In rodeo a Garmin Alive Active 3 is an amazing clock sustained for the brilliant application and I would not doubt partorisca the recommend.
4 / 5 by Garrett
Arrived yesterday morning, and has been partorisca the course in an evening partorisca try it was...
Amur Everything in a clock.
A face of big round is the perfect measure partorisca me.
A screen to touch is easy to use.
Easy to sync with telephone, has had any question with setup at all.
The favourite activities can be easily bet up in shows, and look in upper of a cast.
An activity of the aims of the application detailed, and easy to cruised by means of different pages.
An alarm has wake me on this morning, without questions. Amur An analysis partorisca sleep info in an application also.
There is at all does not like me on this clock.
Is perfect....

Top Customer Reviews: LIFEBEE Smart ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 by Tiffaney
It is gone in the good box distributed with touching boss and good English instructions, Easy bluetooth setup once a very apt program has been downloaded with load of functions. The screen is quite brilliant for outside and responsive to some touches to access some the a lot of screens has. A sample is a lot of fact and very light in only 35 grams, A clasp stays in of the tight.

Has used he for 3 days and his has lost so only 20 battery that is impressive compared my old plus samsung the clock is lasted 2 maximum of days, these new a 90 of some same things. One 1.3 colour of thumb the screen is a perfect form but would have liked me see the protective screen in a box.

In general, Very Happy
5 / 5 by Noe
This loan is for far a better value for prize! Compared to some ready clocks in this row, ossia so only in another level and take my word for him. They are very impressed for a screen to touch and a system to touch, especially previously actuate estimates of ready clocks possessed with alike prizes. This basically is that he the plot of the like frames of ready clock populate , but for only the fraction of a prize, which the entirely cost fact a prize.

A quality has built is first and a life of battery is very very impressive. One load is magnetic which are adds! A whole screen is to touch so it can see in a video has attached. In general, highly it recommends this ready clock for Lifebee. Well done to do this for such prize abordable!
4 / 5 by Colleen
Ossia The fantastic ready clock ! A product has been rid a lot quickly and packaged really well in the orderly box. In the first place I can you say that a strap is very comfortable and does not nettle your skin like them to them some of another some. Your able to regulate a measure according to your measure of wrist a lot easily to the equal that has a creation of agujero.un look of fantastic show and feels to surprise the spending. A life of battery is really impressive also, have still for the touch like this far and is been 5-6 días.un the show has to the a lot of functionalities also likes them to them the tracker of of fitness, monitor of sleep, monitor of heart rate and much more.
Very happy with this compraventa.
4 / 5 by Cher
Has not expected any one a lot for an economic prize but was pleasantly has surprised. A clock has the good quality feels and was very easy to use/begin. One load are add, is the magnetic type that snaps to a backside of a clock and a lot to the left attach a round of wrong way.

Any active used the clock of heart rate without the strap of @@@cofre before, has been concerned roughly accuracy to the equal that has hairy arms. This has not looked to cause any questions this in spite of and a sample there is showed my heart rate and looked to update quickly when I have moved around more. I have not tried the one who waterproof a clock is or life of battery, but first impressions are of sound!
5 / 5 by Jamel
Has taken an age to dip on possibly been due to mine place of telephone. An election of dials is limited with only 2 of 4 aiming a date and in a lot of precise ways upgrading. A manual of user is in such small impression that it is almost impossible to read but concealed so only could me be. I have bought this clock in a force of 100 Revise which has been amended because of doubtful activity for this mine 3 description. Life of excellent battery but there is the cheapness on one looks how was is dipping. Annulling movement of wrist a lot always spends and constantly fails to calendar and of the chance of record emails and when he a virtually impossible writing to read. A screen to touch no like this responsive like another is and the sum he on, in general the simple look which could be improved and takings like stops of pay.
4 / 5 by Rolande
And while it was in a Web, has chosen on this punctual clock This contains applications that is seen usually so only in better, samples more expensive. I have required always the pedometer is, but now know that the devices like this included can offer characteristic sure. It has it enjoyed having a device paired with a computer and using it to control my behaviour. Also it uses a handset to be able the Soundcloud to listen the music and Skip the clues that does not want to listen reason my computer is connected with my Bluetooth device. It is the amused little way to move to a next album without requiring to take my transmission in my screen to unlock L.

Packed well, Present well for a prize
4 / 5 by Denisha
the clock Adds! I have been that uses this clock for the activity that follows - especially in a water. It touches the plot of deport them underwater and this clock is utmost to register my heart rate and levels of activities. A monitor of heart rate is attentive and some laws of clock exactly like appearances, with the wide variety of functions. A compulsory process was very easy - I has an iPhone - and communicate with each another exactly like calm would expect him to.
4 / 5 by Jacinda
Has bought this clock to use in place of Fitbit to the equal that has more characteristic and uses. Arrived quickly and in the professional looking container. The clock comes with manual of instruction and magnetic usb upload. Arrived has touched fully to be to prize . Easy to imagine was, election of 4 exposures. Connected the iPhone easily once the installed application. Monitor of heart rate is quickly and attentive and the sports that follows is very good. The value adds for money.
5 / 5 by Jayne
Has been attracted to a big screen in this ready clock and a clear, negrito and easy to read figures. Ossia Perfect for my eldest edges. It arrives neatly packaged and with the boss to touch. It was already fully touched - to prize!!!
After downloading an application my sports the crazy edges is really enjoying some ways of sports - 9 in of the totals!!! A 24 activity of now that follows has been brilliant and has been able to maintain an eye in his steps, the step and the calories and the heart have beaten. This punctual clock does of course also boast an usual sleep, clock of alarm and functions of clock of the stop to appoint but the little.
A life of battery is a lot pleasing and is also waterproof that means my edges can take full advantage of his 24 now that follows so that it does not have to that maintain the taking on and era.
GPS that follows is an interesting to look which will be perfect to run and is a next function for us to explore.
Can does not be missing these loans of clock at all.
4 / 5 by Katherin
A present that has finalised to maintain reason does like this well!

Are everything roughly trackers of the fitness but I likes him go was mark and this one is like this as well as my own (in frames) looks that has. So like this, that I swapped averts him.

Usually find that a wtach the straps do not return my small wrist and finalise free and falls off it. No it likes him to Him a pocola especially or clip on one is run like this or itch and this a no.

A sample itseld has had an attentive reading and there have been a lot of functions. I have it quell'has revised in fact the little of this type of clocks and a last a there is had the really bad heart rate monitor, as this is gone in and further some expectations have had thus type of product.

Top Customer Reviews: Garmin Forerunner ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 by
I have bought this in June partorisca enhance my formation partorisca a marathon. Like the leading athlete, has has wanted to do my formation like attentive and effective like possible. Has has bought produced of Garmin before and be impressed. This in spite of, of that spent this clock he constantly dysfunctions and reads inaccurate time and registers inaccurate die. Extremely it is frustrating and entirely counterproductive to a point of the have. I have been extending out of my careers, and the feedback of a clock is supposed partorisca be fundamental to improve. In mine last 16 one thousand career, record to some last 2 miles the like that is to be run in 2 minutes (I desire), the mile duquel was down Hudson laugh.
A worse part is, when I have contacted the service of client has been said that there was often subjects with this particular model and was frequently that they have to that treat complaints and consulting troubleshooting methods (the photos resupplied). This in spite of, the amazon chooses to continue selling this product. Partorisca A prize and a Garmin appoint as purportedly it speaks to the sure level of quality. Nettled partorisca say a less.
4 / 5 by
Has thought long and last roughly that buys this clock. I have loved in the career and tracker to walk mainly, more than the clock/of fitness of the lifestyle, as it was enthusiastic to take a concealed had built in GPS and control of the heart rate and something concealed would operate independently of my telephone (I hate that spends the telephone when I am running). It was intially concerned by some of a one-the star revises to complain in a complete inaccuracy of a HRM and which time a clock has taken to locate satellites of GPS. Honradamente Can say that my worries were unwarranted and can any one really commentary now in the subjects other people, but a GPS has like this far taken the subject of seconds to locate some satellites require (sometimes when I am still indoors!) And of the mine warm-on typically takes the pair of the then concealed small any any difference at all, and has found a wrist is trace HRM to be like this attentive likes strap of @@@cofre of the Garmin that I pair there is already with my computer of cycling. This has said, loves to use a strap of @@@cofre then can be (and has been) has connected to that too much has found so only a lot that required it. Coupled With a Garmin Connects the application gives the whole host of insightful statistical and characteristic and also syncs directly with my Strava profile.

To the equal that has mentioned sooner, has not gone really looking he in as the bus of lifestyle, but has included this has very tried insightful- particularly like models of controls of sleep and general background activity. Any really spend any one another clock these days.

Another more is that a battery, included with 3-5 careers/locate the typically hard week 5-7 sails the recharge is required.

My smaller flu so only (any enough for him to lose the star) is that a sync with your notifications of mobile phone is almost useless like the screen is like this small and text like this big that calm grieves volume a first pair of words of any text/msg has received. You can move for down but like this easy to look in your telephone.
5 / 5 by
Initially bought for a functionality of GPS that it is absolutely notch upper. Followed each course to the accuracy adds. A capacity to share your location of career the real time is also piece adds of alcohol for security. A strap was also astonishingly comfy very better that my fitbit.

Bad side. An ease to touch the leaves have produced down. It has had 2 it was the amazon has to that return both like this inside the week has refused to touch. Very very poor technical service of Garmin. Never answered to emails or of the messages of Facebook. His ease of help horrified. Amazon this in spite of are brilliant and substituted and refunded immediately
5 / 5 by
His brilliant! I am spent for three other frames of clocks that all has had to that be envoy behind for several reasons (sync, touching, application). This in spite of a Garmin is that it shines in every aspect. I have used he in the ParkRun, 20 hike of one thousand, and daily running/activity of cycling. Any only are the impressed in a syncing the Strava but also with my telephone, touching, life of battery and accuracy.
4 / 5 by
Has taken really. I have it quell'has tried always run successfully has limited. They are terrible in pacing I so that it begins to run faster out of impatience. Now I am older this tends to result in me taking wounded that is frustrating. Now I have this and exits your speed and of the helps to maintain me in bylines and no too fast. Also measure uploads other things that is useful and connecting to an application of Android is simple and interesting. I do not have any question with life of battery - hard roughly 2 weeks in the load, with 3 4 one thousand cut the week. Sometimes it takes the short time to find satellites, but use this time for loosening on, which was also rubbishes in before, so that it is class of the prize also! Oh And it arrives in good time and exactly to the equal that has expected.
4 / 5 by
After reading several descriptions in this product and another was slightly rasgado in that to purchase .
The bit of the access has not been compatible with my Huawei P20 so that it was the any judge of start .
To the equal that has taken one submerges afterwards reading descriptions and has purchased A Garmin Forerunner 35, and am pleased like this has done like this far .
Like this easy to dip up in my telephone , has taken small and not importing boggling .
The life of battery is a lot very like this far
has taken was partorisca to 7 test of One thousand career .. GPS has begun immediately without subjects.
Any sure heart the one who attack the monitor is maintained the saying was too big , but know was a lot .
The burned calories is excessive but has read that will regulate.
Monitor of the model of the sleep is that it shines I amour this characteristic .
The clock said when to the movement has seated for too much long .
Is waterproof , watchstrap looks very
A liberty to run without the telephone for me is that it shines
Yes would recommend this clock , adapted my needs for now .
4 / 5 by
Loves this clock. Some characteristic is ideal for regular fitness.

The usually hard battery the week according to use and does not take long the recharge.
A GPS can take time to close in some rural zones but usually any plus of 1 min in some urban surrounding.
An expensive is the reasonable measure to show information without looking the big and chunky for the wrists of the women.

A monitor of heart rate can be the little was if it is not quite tight.
A strap is not like this durable to the equal that can be. If it takes during exerting it can rasgar quite easily. The substitutions are available quite economic.

In general would recommend this the women that do regular fitness and is looking to maintain clue to progress
5 / 5 by
Although this has the pocolas characteristic basic casts (i.et. Connecting with your telephone and aiming calls, texts etc.) Ossia a lot the clock to follow sportive activities.

Like such he the quite good work. There is the few profiles to choose of - Run, Inner Course (any GPS), bicycle, cardio and walk. I Have liked him it has seen at all added to this also, but this remains to clocks more expensive, together with a capacity to combine sport for the duathlon or triathlon.

An action of GPS is WELL. I choose on the signal inside the minute or two the majority of time. Some looks of the reasonably attentive clue, but has seen better. Often it finds the corners are cut or am pointed running beside a street, by means of the houses of the people.

A unit is quite small for the clock of GPS and looks quite ready to spend all a time. A screen is good and clear, both to read a time and to verify die when furiously sprinting to the long of.

The life of battery is well, touches it each one that 7-10 days according to quell'I am doing with him. Obviously a More the uses in way of GPS a fast plus some drains of battery. Still in way of GPS a beat hard a lot enough. With the full load has not had any question that follows the whole day in a bicycle with GPS that follows for on 7 hours.

An annoying thing has found is that when I take an activity (usually the walk) and no king-I initiates interior little small finalise my walk without me knowing. Still although it looks then he continuous my walk after, when I the load to League of Garmin (and Strava) to to aims like 2 of separate walks. I can not see that I am doing wrong and has not seen this behaviour in of the leading clocks.

+ clear screen that Shines
+ life of Reasonable battery
+ Heart rate Monitor has built in
+ Spent some basic activities (career, bicycle, cardio and walk)
+ Simple to use

- Question with him leaving walks to 2 takes partorisca longer that the pocolos small
- would be good to have swim profile
- GPS could be the little more attentive

In general ossia the GPS of level of clock of decent entrance. It is sincere and simple but comprises to to the few good extras likes him to him the monitor of heart rate. For any to the the one who likes run, bicycle or walk and master simply follow his activities this are adds. For any the one who is more obsessive roughly that follows tonnes of data on all his workouts, has options more expensive that probably would be better has adapted.
5 / 5 by
A very useful tool for all the serious corridors or no ,good Bluetooth connection to the equal that can download die to garmen application ,finds satellite quickly,good to be able to see which am not doing so it can moderate it
Like a heart rate and monitor of sleep in an application and well the stops gives a not counting also
5 / 5 by
has had this the month now, has followed several careers for week and the few walks also. Lightwieght, Looks attentive, updates of any much faster that the TomTom the corridor has had previously. BT Syncs Quickly every time, the control of Music is the good touch . The hard battery well the week with at least 3 45min+ careers during a week also. Really happy with east.

Top Customer Reviews: Garmin Vívoactive ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 by Evelyn
Modification: I am updating to to this description likes them raisin more time with a clock.

Goes partorisca take the repayment partorisca east. Simply it does not connect to any of my headphones the one who read perfectly with all more. I have contacted support of Amazon, the one who Garmin says then partorisca contact me roughly solving a question. I have received a totally useless email with the links to the page in a web of place of Garmin which has not offered any joint at all.

Has answered to an email that asks more support. Any response.

Honradamente, Types, save your money. Spent something more than confidence.

Original description:

Like the regime there would be it, look partorisca be a prime minister reviewer partorisca this clock. Sadly, Probably it is not the Garmin has wanted to see. I have had a clock for 2 hours. Any long enough for the description detailed, of course, but also a lot quite long to pair with the together of headphones, apparently.

Some times have had this clock, are around has spent 30 minutes that tries pair a clock with one connects application in my telephone, trying and failing, trying and failing.

But finally, with which a umpteenth time, and the second search any real reason, an application chosen on a clock. I add. Left download some music and try this function was. After all, ossia which excited more roughly that takes this clock. Leaving my telephone house and listening to tunes in some gone. It was directly he advances quite dipping arrive Spotify, although some instructions certainly would not spend a granny tries.

Went it now an hour has downloaded of mine in current playlist this in spite of have not listened to the song, or has tried any of a clock is another characteristic. Reason? Reason he a lot of pair with my headphones. Simply it fails repeatedly to pair. So much, that asks if a question dips with some headphones, has tried three other insiemi. A clock has failed to sync with each only a. Turning a sample on and offf again swimming.

Early descriptions of a clock, especially, DC Rainmaker is, has done to mention of software glitches that imagines Garmin would fix before emission. Sadly, conceal it has not been a chance.

Update 1: it results, although I have bought this clock grieves was liberto, a software has required to update. It was probably he has bitten he naive thinking it would upload with a software a late plus. My headphones paired with which so only the few tentativas this time.

Update 2: I have spoken Perhaps too punctual. My two other pairs of headphones any pair with my clock. I have tried near fifty times in the each conceivable way, but a pairing has failed every time has tried the different method. Basically a calm clock leave to pair with headphones by means of a section of Music in of the Settings. This has not done never for me. Instead, it has had to that go to a section of Sensors and add the new sensor. Cela Done for both insiemi of the headphones but he have taken still he tentativas of dozen or so much.

Has tried to run with my headphones for a first time today. If you are having the difficulty that connects your already paired auricular, this can help. If attacks up in your clock, is taken to a music widget. This has the convenient option to connect your auricular there is disconnected him. The mine does not act, sadly. But when I go to a section of Music in of the settings and connect in this way, work, but a lot every time. Again, ossia something that has to be you persistent in. Or take the different clock.

Spotify In general does well, but does not leave you to follow new podcasts. Like this when I logged my account, connected it to my telephone, all podcasts of mine were there and ready to be listened to, but any one new some have followed later does not look in Spotify of my clock. I have tried everything to fix this but without success. Also I take a screen of error quite often when that tries to connect to Spotify (Sees an unable to take image of semi-detached content).

One another thing--as if this description has not gone too much long in all the chance--is that an application of Spotify for a clock has terrible descriptions. It looks he is a lot unstable, and cause it reem of questions with which updates. It was disappointed sincerely has lost Spotify in this telephone of of the this is a reason bought it.

In that said the one who, am not marking this description based in the experiences other people. So only they are that it adds this part, and a semi-detached image, so that we dip more pressure on Garmin to improve a work and the sound affiliates is doing.

In of the terms of my own experience with a clock and music while it runs: a GPS has connected interior 15 seconds, which is extremely quickly compared to the mine another Garmin and Suunto clocks. Looking in a map after a career, a GPS was like this attack like appearances. One in current metrics are add, also, and a lot of customizable.

A music has not cut out of my headphones once. It has been it adds to run without the telephone has joined to my arm. Have enjoyed some pocolas alert would dip until saying me run too dulcemente, or if cadence of mine was too much down.

Has not used a monitor of heart rate of the wrist to the equal that are like this inaccurate (any Garmin so only is: everything of them), that is little more than battery drainers. A counter of is not useless.

Has of the recent plus reviewer has rented a clock for his enormous variety of functions. Honradamente, HAS in a same functionality like his competitors but a metrics is mostly unreliable, which the fact bondadoso of redundant. Ossia Well for there is it to me wanted to so only a Music, GPS (those careers), and paid of Garmin.

For a face of clock, has download he 3rd celebrates one which aim me a height of current tide (to the equal that likes to swim in a sea) in enough the fresh way, and also when to high tide and to the low tide will be.

To to A thing does not like on a clock, and the one who looks to have has has annoyed clients with a Vivoactive 3, is a way has to that unlock a telephone (him him the lock dipped on car). You owe that resist one of some keys for an uncomfortable quantity to time to unlock the. Instead, so only pressing an upper key two times would be in plot more convenient and faster. Been due to of the this, there is disabled lock of car, but that also the half has to that disable a shortcut.

A shortcut leave to attack left and access something quickly. It has on dipped Garmin Pays which had expected to have easy access to, but a thing of the lock of the car was the ache every time. And some locks of remote screen too quickly.

Gramin Pays has done perfectly.

Am considering taking the repayment for this clock.
4 / 5 by Niesha
One of some main reasons has wanted to take the sample like this is to maintain me out of my telephone, as well as the fitness that follows. I have had the Fitbit Uploads 2 first of this clock, and concealed adapted me well. But has has wanted to something with the little more characteristic and an always-in writing.

To That likes
In the first place, of me really like an exposure. I have found the face of good clock, and when being able to look in my wrist this in spite of being able to see a time without pressing the key is breathe he of fresh air. My face of clock has a essentials likes percentage of battery, icon of notification, heart rate, and does not disturb indicator. I have it like this some lights of exposure when I the tone.

Some things have found more useful in this clock is:
- I can dip timers and alarm a lot quickly
- has the force of vibration of good alarm, enough to wake me up in a morning
- I can see all my notifications of telephone, can refuse him, and answered the people in Telegram/Whatsapp with my own has has configured messages
- I can see stirs it of information with just the pair of swipes, e.g. Time, chances, the fitness that follows information
- A sp02 that follows has been that it interest, although I am not sure the one who attentive is. Material after the while more with a longitude to collect a data, will turn a characteristic was that drains a battery bit it at night
- is easy to begin an activity to follow, and can configure a data sees like this calm an activity
- An information collected during an activity is extended
- I enjoy to be able to see stress/of battery of organism/of heart rate/sp02 etc graphs in a face of clock without going to an application
- the life of Battery is decent - with sp02 on at night take perhaps 4 days or like this

to That that does not like like this
Of An application of Garmin is not like this streamlined like Fitbit a, in my opinion, but do a lot enough.

One the main flu has with east, when that comparing to Fitbit, is that a sleep that follows is not like this good. But after the moment there is @@give I no really do a lot with this information to start with with. I think that that an information takes of this clock is mine like this useful like Fitbit information, although it is less attentive - I still can compare days, and an information is decent. I owe that regulate one despertador on time, as he no @to give are awake likes I twelve law in a morning. But it is not too question.

Also have the bit of a subject with a heart rate that follows when that does an activity, which for some reason is inconsistent or there is retarded. Has the legislation of low scar a sensor, so that it can be because, or possibly a sweat interferes. Changing to the mine another looks of wrist to help, in all the chance.

In general, has grown to really like this shows. I have tried out of a Fitbit Extracted 2, and a number of taps has has had to that do to do that it love (p. p.ej. See a time, dipped an alarm) was too damn big, more an always-on-the exposure was inferior. This clock is far more effective.
4 / 5 by Bret
Has bought this looks several years to use the first-generation TomTom Corridor to the equal that can say that it is mine real prime minister smartwatch. As such I find a quantity of data collects really impressing. Those fewer clear rests is like this to interpret a data. While resting the heart rate and the heart rate during activity is very established metrics, does not have any idea the one who the continuous measure of Wrist Ox could be a lot of stops. (Unless calm take it to the hike of multiple day in a Himalayas where would use it to you to measure a level of acclimatisation the big altitude.) That the be has said does not consider a quantity of data the disadvantage to the equal that am curious to see benefit it spends in the longest period of time.

Speaking of a clock sees several advantages and the unfortunately a disadvantage which can try the breaker of extracted for a lot.

- Creation and measure: Finally a mark established has created the 40mm smartwatch with men-draw compatible. I add informative for everything of born knots with small wrists the one who only can not sustain 45mm monsters
- Application and connection: All has done smoothly for me and I have had any one @subjects up to now

- battery of Organism: concept that Interests which can try gains the more comprise like a this organism in fact works. Unfortunately there is not any way the account for the periods when calm the physical activity where a sample so only can not be displaced (like some martial arts).

- Life of battery. ANY WAY this looks last 5 days likes promised for Garmin. I owe mine to upload every day and am using he with incumplimiento settings with some 30-60 GPS of the activity of small enabled.

In general these works of clock well while I remain in a city and he touch every day. This in spite of am maintaining my old rusty TomTom still take on a travesía next to a Himalayas.
4 / 5 by Nicholle
Has received a prompt product here is KNOWS. Quickly, money of confidence and no additional has touched.
While to see has perhaps the repayment in some taxes.
The expensive the small plus is perfect for my wrist, and all the screens are crisp and clear. The clock is hanged also perfect for me.
Amur A workout screens -- especially those can do in my office during time of lunch.
The application is easy to upload and to comprise. Any one still have the spotify or deezer account, but loaded music of mine portable to a clock (a lot easy).
Has used he in my classes of gymnasium and are busy learning to the equal that to use all some statistics to better improves mine workouts.
Has has not used still he to run.
Are the office joined and find some memories to take moving and to drink water a lot useful in fact.
Bluetooth earphones (taotronics) Has connected easily and there is there is has not had questions with connectivities. I actuate Still to upload audiobooks to clock.
Mina of connection Huawei P20Lite was easy and receive message, whatsapp and calls of telephone in my clock. Like a pre-has programmed the responses can give. Amur Has joined several faces of clock can access by means of Connecting IQ
Like this far am a lot happy with a clock.
5 / 5 by Erminia
Has moved of a Clock of original Apple to this Garmin. At all enormous on, has had a product almost two weeks and a fitness that follows is something on. Any one @subjects that connects the iPhone X. Any one @subjects that connects to Aftershockz auricular wireless. The life of battery is probably more after 4 days go to alternate the days that career. 6 days without gps careers but in pertinent Apple anything looks of day well. Contador of does not look attentive. Any one pays of Garmin with my bank to the equal that can cost verify with your first bank. Amur A characteristic of clue of the water, the mine has to that daily the reset against other descriptions has seen. All other characteristics to the equal that would expect. You recommend.
5 / 5 by Wilber
I a lot seldom write the description, but was mine really lovely when buying mine 4s, which has taken the few weeks and a lot of investigation to solve on. It is my first ready clock and has has wanted to one this was quite small for my few wrists and that that could use entirely independently of my telephone. Having Music of Amazon, a provider I use, is the prize for me with Garmin, but while a clock has had storage of inner music (which this also ), was happy. In fact, also that has built-in GPS has meant the Garmin was an only one has found certainly inside the diverse prize concealed has fulfilled everything of my needs, as narrowing down to a mark was quite easy. This in spite of, am spent the long time rasgado among a 4s and a Come. A measure a smaller that a 4s is as it swung he for me in an end, this in spite of, is not sure state would be happy with a transflective screed in a AMOLED. I in fact really like a screen, is add indoors and alfresco, and has not felt likes desire had taken a Come instead - are are to good sure happy has taken one 40 mm in a big plus 43mm measured of a Come. It has given a clock he 4 indication for accuracy, any reason this clock is any less attentive that a lot another, simply reason these clocks will not be never like this attentive like medical crew (particularly a wrist oxy). I have seen to plot of the negative feedback roughly measured to sleep also and certainly, has had of a clock, the mine has been out of time in when, but that resists to import a fact a sample is trusting the guestimate based in other factors (HR, RR, etc.) quite - and to read around some results @subject more attentive over time to the equal that builds on data of vital sign. I have taken I press it manual the little time and matches quite closely if any one exactly with a HR a clock is choosing on, and RR is quite something on too much. One in-fitness of clock and breathing the activities are utmost and easy to use also, how is an application of telephone. A subject only has had with a clock has arrived a day arrives: A web of place to pair an account of music of the Amazon with a device heads to a page of EUA, which can not be accessed in United Kingdom, this in spite of have changed so only a URL of .With To . And works well. I have had also it subjects to download Amazon of mine playlist to a clock, but probably has been able to because it looks of almost 400 songs and while it can store 500 internally, can not give support that downloads that a lot in a go. I have not had any question with smaller playlists of until 40 songs (has not tried any one big). To good sure he 5 that estimativas to a crew of technology of the Garmin; I called him up in a second the question and I have taken by means of súper quickly, a type has spoken to era really friendly and useful, and is reassuring to know this level and the ease of supports comes with such an expensive product. In general, a lot happy, everything of my investigation has paid was and some the good descriptions to good sure can be trusted!
5 / 5 by Delpha
This product is total rubbishes . One load is falling was if it is not perfectly delicately situated (any one the question of boss likes work perfectly well with mine Fenix). A screen is hardly readable indoors unless the measure of source is used that it mark these looks of tracker to the toy of the boy. But for far a worse is life of battery. It can hardly it does for two (!) Days!!! Last night it lose 25 at night with the notifications have turned is gone in both of the telephone and a tracker. A tracker of cockroach of Chinese fitness with amoled screen (!) I am trying a time although he exactly some the same things with him have lost 2. It was to send this a behind me grieve can
4 / 5 by Jackson
has bought this that a upgrade of the Vivomove HR (that it was it happy with, but has wanted to more options of exercise).
Take some time to explore all some characteristics. Of one 'basics', likes all-the day HR, wrist ox, imposed of respite, level of stress, hydration, no, stairs, by means of one 'battery of organism' that reflects rest vesus exertion, all a way to driven, customizable workouts with animations for exercises and yogas.
Has used he to walk and running, and any yoga. Tip and the animations are utmost and some capacities of description have seen a mobile application and the web of place are a lot full-has looked. A GPS looks a lot attentive, quickly to close, and can use GPS, GLONASS or Galileo. The clues can be seen overlaid on Google or other maps without, cadence, heart rate and like this on.
Some faces of clock are customizable and third expensive of party can be downloaded of a League IQ tend so you can others applications and widgets.
He sync Your own music, or Spotify or Deezer playlists: this does well for me but can be bit it fiddly and precise it wifi connection for Spotify while syncing. With which conceal this in spite of, a music is in a clock and is utmost to be independent of the telephone. Bluetooth headphone The connection was question -free with the economic pair of Grundigs.
Has a possibility to do a adaptive program of formation with a 'Bus' characteristic. It looks to be doing well like this far.
Uploads of golf material this is to squander on me.
The life of battery can be disappointing: a Vivomove HR is lasted several days, and thinks this also yes calms dipped that to retorted so only these functions (i.et. At all, HR and basic activities). But a temptation of course is to use all some characteristics and management on GPS, all-wrist of day ox, and listen the music, calm then is down to the few hours of the load. I can live with that instead for a together of characteristic rich.
4 / 5 by Fermin
Has bought this after returning a Samsung to Active galaxy 2 to be a ready clock that surprised and tracker of terrible activity.
One first what that calm swipes once yours take it and the turn on is that basic a screen is compared to a beautiful screen in a Samsung, is likes look in Casio of 30 years.
Has some ready characteristics, can receive and calls of response on he (but not speaking directly his) and take texts , WhatsApp and the alert to other applications likes them Twitter. You can dip timers and there is the few faces of clock to choose of but they all look a lot basic.
An activity that follows is a lot well, taken for ever to purchase GPS but some calories and the distances look well, there is to plot of information to see while you are excising and can dip alert to maintain calm in the zone of heart rate sure etc where a clock vibrates is too down or too big.
A life of battery is better that any ready clock or that the tracker of activity has used. Volume 5 days any question and am using GPS the majority of days for my walks and of the walks.
Found quell'attentive to swim but has not used he to run or dipping music to.
At the same time to write this description has had the mine in the first place fails in a clock where a touchscreen result unresponsive, he turning on and of fijamente this but a lot well for the clock that is 3 old weeks.
5 / 5 by Layne
Was excited like this to purchase this clock. It move on a Fitbit 2 and that attracted me it this clock has been he is measured and a row of options and different functions a sample there is on that. This in spite of, a life of battery is so only 48 hours. I so only that uses this clock to run/walking. Has a rear light has turned down to one dipping a low plus so that I still can see a time. It does not use any of some another characteristic in a clock and the certainly a lot now reason a battery would not last at all. Really it disappoint it really. That has listened them to the oldest version (vivoactive 3) is much better.

Top Customer Reviews: ANCwear Fitness ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 by Thelma
Rings the ready clock that shows the one who any volume and wrist. Partorisca Be sincere, like the prize is like this reasonable, has not expected partorisca the good clock but ossia very better that has expected. It is really in good quality, a lot-has drawn. Work with the bluetooth and can be controlled for an application can download. Among the really good box and comes with an extra band - I like a colour also - orange. It is recommended highly.
4 / 5 by Dee
Has ordered yesterday recieved today thanks to prime minister. You take the together simple of instructions to follow takes minutes to dip on beginning to finalise a lot easy to follow and complete. The clock is durable light looks with 2 straps that is fast emission to change them a lot easily. The quality of screen is a lot vibrant and easy to read. A lot of functionality ie pedometer, alarm, notification ect like this all could love. In general I am very pleased to spend it and ticks all some the right boxes require of the smartwatch and a prize is a prize added .
4 / 5 by Hal
Now that it has received them my product felizmente, has to them that say that a quality is glorious for one £12 that the paid for him. It looks to add and all that a description of product has said. It has Been surprised by a weight but once in your wrist, does not feel to like is included there, although it is not tacky. It remarks that a whole thing is not the screen to touch and there is the 'key' virtual in a fund. He look well to an application that is quite good and a row of connection is quite good. Calm probably will require partorisca scan a QR code of a booklet and no of a clock so only does not choose it up but averts of that, is the brilliant clock for £12 like has seen them £20-£30 clocks that has worse quality that this. In a ios device, a sample also can be integrated to an application of health that is also well, as well as some clocks standalone application that has thought them was better that has expected. In general, cant has beaten a quality for £12, brilliant for girls or any one adult really. It comes with two insiemi of bands and any cariche interesting. This in spite of, a boss the touch is no detachable and a lot short to the equal that can require the usb boss of extension of calm loves it to go of discharges fall to the table and no of the computer in the office. ive The waters taken on the and has been a lot although the did not take it swimming still... Also, a clock has the race to wake the function asked ...
4 / 5 by Sandi
A reason has this clock is that it is waterproof and reasonable priced compared to another resemblance looked some.
This device is the fitness /of gymnasium friendly tracker that it is for incumplimiento the pedometer.
Connects to a telephone has seen Bluetooth. It is easy of the place up has any experience with Bluetooth devices.
The characteristic lateralmente is pressure of blood and information of heart rate of a person, time, pedometer, control of music and some to other basic functions likes them the text, llama etc.
Is waterproof (confirmed this to try) and uses for my outsides that run sessions where he occasionally rains.
Download needs an application in your mobile device to control this tracker.
This tracker of the fitness is not the loans of the fully functional clock but that it is necessary in the ready clock. I have had a clock of apple but has not used never his a lot ready his characteristic is the waste of money. But this one is quite real for daily needs.
4 / 5 by Trinh
Different for another compraventa, had not done a lot of investigation to the Bluetooth sample, as this. Has has wanted to something simple that it can control my heart, counts my steps and say a time. Anything more would be the prize, but no the requirement. Like this after narrowing down my criteria of investigation, has found this.

For a prize, does not have very expected that. This in spite of, when it arrives, was pleasantly he surprised it. It arrives promptly and a lot of packaged, as the majority of the First sakes does. In a box was a clock , the orange/strap spare black, the USB that adapter of touches (I really like an adapter to touch) and the together of Chinese/English instructions.

Pause so it has left he down. In front of all a strap. Now to plot of clocks that has straps of hule, one joins him tends to be quite hard and prone to do your sweat of wrist (or concealed so only could me be). This clock has the strap of hule soft (holed), with the tongue of metal clasp and two hule soft bands of strap. I spent it every day/ it prejudices of then taking it and is a lot comfortable. A strap to spare the black/orange is exactly a same and a lot easy quality to change on.

An USB uploads, as I have said before, taste. It has dipped your organism of his clock (strap in any side) and then close an open coverage (meaning that you still can see a face of clock). It covers he to discharges he of USB and a sample will show the green battery that locate/ down tills fully touched (still although it comes partly touched, would recommend to touch the at night before use).

A clock: it is black, all hard plastic, with the exposure by heart. It is a lot light and comfortable to spend and easy to use, as so only has a touch-key of screen in a face. When Calm touch he once, in a main screen tip a time (the friendly blue figures big), a date (month/of day), life of battery, a current number of any one and a link (will come to the this late plus). Tap he again and takings the picture of some trainers and a current number of Tap of no. he again and tip the picture of the heart (to control your wrist etc.). It maintains to touch take Sport , Message and More. (Alert of calm message of the yours telephone that the message arrives and more is some other diverse settings of clock, that comprises remotely that takes the photo that use your camera of telephone.)

Pairing A clock to your telephone is likes pairing a lot another Bluetooth the device and my iPhone have connected to a clock in of the seconds. In some instructions, he QR-the code is pointed and this calm takes to one downloads of precise application. If it calls FitPro and is free (any one the extra cost has involved, neither is there any advertising whilst using it (does not use Android, as it can not comment in this)). Partorisca iOS, a software also links the Health, as anything enciphers concealed in FitPro also will look in Health (instructions on like this to do that it is inside an application). A software is a lot easy to use and constantly am controlling my heart (now that is to link to a clock). An application also has the option of register of the pedometer that shows the map of where has walked you, some burned calories, gives a no taken etc. An application is quite attentive also, especially for a heart rate and street/of has not walked.

Like this in general, am impressed with a cost, a look and feel of a clock, like this easy is to use and happy with like this some works of application in mine iPhone and information of record of a clock.
5 / 5 by Nelle
Connected it to a Fitpro application and first time in fact everytime. A clock has all calm never the need and all the work perfectly and syncs perfectly. A screen is easy to good and big number ready and simple to use and cruised and an application is also good and simple to use with graphs and timings.
5 / 5 by Genia
Has taken this clock for my father. It likes him a big screen. It is easy of the bed. It comes with two different colours of shots and he usb upload where has dipped a clock in anr load. A box among him is a lot also. Well to give so that it is like the present. It is easy to dip up and use.
4 / 5 by Saturnina
Was really any while any one a lot for the £12 ready clock, bought it to them to see the ones of fact would use one. The law adds for the £12 clock. It suggest any when buying master iwatch quality as it is not , but does not feign to be neither. A pressure of blood is the little was, but those that require to control more afterwards will have designated box thus purpose. Some works of contadora of the have a good time, a function of the push of the message is quell'has bitten sporadic, some frames of function of the sleep partorisca fascinating viewing in some mornings . The value adds partorisca compraventa of money for these exploring an end of entrance of ready clocks.
5 / 5 by Julius
Good clock. Bluetooth Is to connect to a telephone to register your information to follow. This look of punctual clock adds and quality of product. It liked a lot reason his the values of utmost for money.
5 / 5 by Maryellen
This ready clock is light-hanged and the good record. It does not swing around while it runs or you prevent movements at all. It take a basic functionality would expect and no unnecessary bs. They are vvery satisfied with him.

Top Customer Reviews: Fitbit Versa Health ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 by Chiquita
So much, I have expected the few weeks partorisca stick my description of a Fitbit Extracted so it has wanted to give it he casualidad so only before doing like this.

Before buying, has had the few worries in a clock of leading descriptions some main of the when being life of battery (a bit of the people that informs this disappeared after using in a group), compatibility with my telephone of Android and facilitated to change straps. Although some people are annoyed for a GPS that is linked to your telephone, concealed does not annoy me so it does not use a clock for things likes run.

Directing these three worries in the first place, I needn't has concerned :
1. I have swum in a clock in Centring Parcos recently. Any so only does perfectly in and out of a water without adverse impact after but he also done perfectly choose on that has swum to control my activity that are adds.
2. Has a LG G6. Any of a LG is is listed for Fitbit like the devices the support given but have taken one submerges to all the cost. I have not had any question syncing one two at all. Some notifications that loves to come by means of doing like this perfectly and has had any @subject anything with a two working together. You do not leave this place have been you buying.
3. I have bought some shows of lavender of special edition when it was in special offer for a same prize like regular clock. Therefore have 2 straps (a lavender and a hule black) and changed them the little time. I have not had the question at all changing these around. Yes it is the little fiddly but this goes to be a chance in any loans of sample simply been due to a measure of some connectors.

To to Some things like more in an extracted is:
1. Control of looks of heart rate to be streets at the head of mine Uploads old HR that was the little iffy.
2. It is comfortable. It likes him to me he says, have had the Load HR before this and I has had to that take that spends that reason a rubberised the strap has maintained to rub in my skin and it doing really sore. I have not had to that question at all with one extracted in any strap and an only time am not spending is in a shower (ossia when I he the tone!).
3. Control of sleep. I love a fact that you volume more in depth sleeps to control with a treat, saying you some times to spend in the each phase to sleep etc.
4. Recognition of automatic exercise. A fact that one Extracted automatically will relieve when you are exiting is the helps adds. In mine old Fitbit, yes has forgotten to press a key to start with when it take to a gymnasium, is the real ache that looks for to exit my zones to exercise etc. With this - I knows that this will begin automatically for me that is the real help .

Thing that would like me improved in an Extracted:
1. It wins to see the application of Spotify has added. Although this was so only the control has linked to the yours telephone to be able the skip follows etc. In a that goes would be adds. It was not any a lot of people those who use Deezer or a lot of those who would want to do a transmission after dipping on playlists etc. In spotify. Material Fitbit can be missing the trick here.
2. Control of sleep. Although I am happy with a control in a whole, an old plus Fitbit is will recognise when you sleep is the short nap or at night. With a treat, so only recognise your sleep if it is on 3 calm hours so that it loses that capacity to control your sleep has the short nap. It is not the breaker to treat, but was well to have this information.
3. Tracker Of period. One extracted has is the tracker of own period has built his which are to add but again looks to spend for big a fact that other applications are available and that the people can has built already on the history elsewhere that they do not want loose. Integration with applications like the clue thus it would be utmost.

In general, whilst has the pair of small points that could be it improved, am really happy with cost of mine and would promote any one thinking to buy Treats it to take one.
4 / 5 by Marlena
Having has HAD PREVIOUSLY numerous question-free Fitbit the cariche in our house have taken one submerges and has decided the upgrade to a new Extracted.
Good points:
- the look adds
- I has bought he of Amazon like this returning it was easy
Bad Points:
- the desires would read a Fitbit first forums to decide to buy
- Dips up is the nightmare, takes age and constantly loses connection
- Constantly fails to connect the Wi-Fi as it can not update applications etc
- Constantly reboots for any reason
- the Frequent black screen that force for the restart
- Reboots forces the sync of an Application
- Constantly fails the sync, sometimes for days
- When he sync some statisticians is correct but an application has said that last synced the few days done?
- The reset Of factory force to spend for a torturous software upgrade again (1 to 1.5 hours)
- A dead battery and when I king-has touched tip a wrong time for days until it is returned

I really tried hard to use this and for the pleasure, but finally after several resets of factory was so only too much frustrating.

There is absolutely any way included could begin to recommend this product in any slightly user any technician.

Has had perhaps the bad a (read a fitbit first forums this in spite of)
Very disappointing, not even value 1 star.
4 / 5 by Alvin
Having has POSSESSED SO ONLY is Extracted 3 weeks, can imagine my dissatisfaction in a screen that develops the crack massively in him of any obvious accident or incident!
And have the gel protective screen on that!

Ossia Way the fragile and absolutely pointless like which use it the tracker of fitness that can not survive 3 weeks of wear! Left to the long of any sportive activities that some people can mediate in.

Bad show of Fitbit am not forming part of substitution neither
4 / 5 by Ashlea
has purchased the Charcoal on its own name and the Lavender for my partner. The questions have begun immediately when a Fitbit the application has asked to update a firmware. One download was very slow and an application has clashed three times during an update that use the Samsung Galaxy S8. A firmware the update was able to resume every time but take on an hour.

Marcos on top of the control of music was also on complicated (page 58 in on-line manual), is not very intuitive and some needs of clock to be paired the on first second time to time setup. And he no for an Application of Spotify in mine telephone until it have gone to some application has left in mine telephone and has left all the permissions (probably only need to leave a permission of telephone).

My Lavender of prime minister (present for my partner) has not had the working HR monitor. A green light in a backside did not flash, and a face of Clock has aimed so only two dashes --. I have tried all, resetting to settings of factory, king-pairing with telephoning etc. In the working clock stimulates to join you sample slightly of your wrist will see a light flashing or flash momentarily when the volume was yours wrist , until it relieves a sample is was. I am returned a clock and a substitution (bought directly of Amazon his) has done well.

My Charcoal has purchased of a trader of to warehouse still likes faulty , initially looked to do well except it there is taken on an hour to dip up like the application has clashed the number to time like this updates a clock firmware. A clock there has been some nights where has has not followed fully my sleep but I have dipped this down to a clock that remain awkwardly in my wrist in these occasions and has not spent for the moment.

In a 10th August there is remarked that a no longer pointed sample Alive that Is still in a Fitbit Application in mine Samsung S7. Ossia Where after syncing take the heart to beat in an application and tip your heart rate live. An application has done well for my partners Samsung S8. This really bugged me, has tried all, restoring a sample behind to settings of factory, king-pairing, clearing some hides in my telephones bluetooth applications of system but at all has done. It have fixed to return a clock when I have found the edge in a FitBit the Community forum that recognises that a Fitbit Application that had gone alive in a tent of Game of the Google, has had the bug that has broken alive that is still in a lot of telephones. I uninstalled one 10th August Fitbit Application and downloaded Fitbit Application apk of an internet (in my own risk) and this has behind spent control of alive fitness. A heart rate WAS and tip live it to feed in a face of Clock but for some reason this has not been communicated to the mine Samsung S7 and looking in a Fitbit Application. I have found an episode tremendously frustrating and indicates that Fitbit does not try there software sufficiently first of the emission to an audience.

To the equal that has has had questions with 2 extracted is a duquel has been returned (my partners) and a substitution is doing well and how is mine to treat but using are an older version of a Fitbit Application that reads in a Samsung Galaxy S7.

Fitbit Treat:
Draws 10
Looks 7 (any GPS)
Consuelo 10
Reliability 6

Clearly has room for the improvement with controls of qualities so much hardware of paralizaciones and software but for a prize can has not beaten really this clock on Android. But you recommend users of iPhone to purchase a Clock of Apple for better reliability (but for the prize he big plus), if yours looking for an everywhere Punctual Clock. Unless to four battery of appeals of day of yours life. And a Fitbit the application is really easy to use and has to that the plot of fitness looks like this perhaps is the tracker of better fitness to the equal that along (unless it requires GPS that follows and does not spend your telephone with calm). A Fitbit Extracted has connected GPS (to the yours telephone) and any built in GPS. Ossia Probably is weakness order more together with subjects of reliabilities.
4 / 5 by America
Has bought this like the present to substitute the Fitbit blaze. Prpers Having read some descriptions and visas the mix of positive and negative, the desire had listened to a negative some. A bit those that of the his shortcomings: Extremely life of short battery - the quantity has announced media ... No with activity of accuracy of clue (this one has registered on 700 a lot of whilst was in touches at night, and diverse thousand in the 60mph travesía car) ... Torres was for any reason ... The sporadic notifications (mainly very existent) ... Difficulty syncing to application ...
In general knots persevered for the pair of weeks and sadly is returned. If you are looking for essentially the £200+ digital clock without another characteristic, give it the gone. If you are looking for doing it tracker of activity/of ready clock, was it of good stay!
5 / 5 by Yung
Absolutely love mine Fitbit Extracted. Bought of Amazon in July 2018 to substitute mine trusty Blaze old. I add that it comes with two straps. A cloth of lavender is fab but could litter easily, like this more to use a strap of black silicon in the daily base and maintain a strap of cloth to exit. Both comfy and any subject. I have bought the protective screen as well as the protective to go around a frame (to protect a gold of ascended) and happy with both. Extracted Work well, has not added music still or Fitbit paid like my bank is not in a cast still, but hopefully this will follow. Pair Well with iPhone for GPS has CONNECTED that use to plot. You recommend... :-)
5 / 5 by Joe
Has purchased a Clock of Apple because has an iPhone (probably will change punctual but right now, has an iPhone). I have imagined he one the majority of sense. They are not that it revises a Clock of Apple here but here is some facts: a Sample of Apple does not have an on-line dashboard to see/analysis your results/runs/sleep/of heart - Fitbit fact. In fact, a Clock of Apple a lot included has the built sleeps to control function (yes, 3.as the applications of party exist, but ossia besides a point), has to touch a Clock of Apple around once every day, or according to the yes lucky day. A Fitbit extracted? 3-4 days among the load, and has built sleeps to follow.

Is extraordinarily last to disturb a Fitbit extracted. Not to dip it was to be the smartwatch, although there is smartwatch characteristic and.G vibrates/to notify calm of a incoming SMS/iMessage. But it is taste, and walking gone, running, of martial arts, or swim, then calms seriously will want to consider a Fitbit. A control of heart rate is continuous, the difference of an Apple Looks that so only controls once each one that 10 minutes. This means will take much more attentive, actionable die. Works of GPS CONNECTED like the sleep - and saves can of battery. It likes Work? Calm simply attacks on to 'exercise' and touch, then select an activity wants to do and.Career of g, and then paste an icon of train in an upper left of a clock. Some explosions of small paper arrive and move for down, calm leave to use 'GPS CONNECTED'. Simply clicking a sinister key in a Fitbit Extracted calm to take you behind, calm then begins your career/of walk. It is much easier that touch.

Reason the people complain GPS has CONNECTED roughly will not know never. It saves the tonne of power of battery. When I have used GPS in of the alternative clocks (Sale of Microsoft, looks of Apple etc), drain a battery. One extracted controls on well in this department. Usually inside 3x 20-30 dog of walks of minute for the day and I lose perhaps 5 - then when I take home, simply sync a Fitbit the application and you instantly can see the map of your walk in your telephone. If you want to, you can it registers to Fitbit on-line dashboard and see a map of your walk there. The additional information comprises heart rate during walk together with to the information further likes them the step, calories, elevation and impact your day in of the terms of which did not take on your walk vs that of the a no feigned to do this day.

A bit more on life of battery: I have touched mine fitbit the 29 May in 2pm to 100. It is at present on 52 battery (31st May) with which: 101 minutes to exert on 29th, comprising 7 walks of GPS, each one that like this around 20-30 mins each one that like this, and 6 workouts.... And 2 sleep of nights to follow, 2x alarms and notification when I take life of battery !

A product feels quality quite good and like this far, there is enjoyed every second of him. A screen of house 'expensive' that comes so calm rule to leave you to touch and aim you heart rate BPM, any and calories, or can go to a Fitbit application and choose hundreds of faces of clock. In short: ossia the clock for people of fitness. This is not he smartwatch for , is not the gimmick.

In general, has the life of battery adds, characteristics of utmost fitness, that the on-line dashboard adds, the resistant water to 50m and the fantastic application to agree it. Easily value of the money and does not leave any one calm said otherwise!
4 / 5 by Lyndsey
Has researched several trackers of on-line fitness before finally deciding in an extracted. I have loved the sample with all some functions of the tracker of fitness/ready clock but loved it also to look the clock more than the flimsy sale of fitness.

Has had a clock for the pair of the weeks and I have to that say is really be impressed with his functionality and like looks. I have loved the strap has painted different to an ash one that came it he with but 3 for £11 didnt adds to plot more to a cost of a clock.

This clock and the corresponding application have me really does to think in that that has not done the day, minutes actuate, which well have slept and help me to maintain better clue in a quantity of waters has drunk daily. Also I like him a bit characteristic for female health.

Does not have any complaint with a clock a time that the there went it and hope that the really will help me to fulfil my aims of fitness.
4 / 5 by Avril
Has given finally in and has purchased the record has bitten!

So much am autistic and have bad anxiety how is really well to measure my heart rate to see that it is by train to annoy me and would recommend it to students of mine (I work with special needs young people).

Also have bones of kidney and PCOS... If taken an application in your telephone has called My Water some notifications can come by means of in a Fitbit more can follow your periods in a Fitbit and your model of sleep!

Likes that it can choose you your face of clock and included have one with the picture would like !

A Fitbit the application is amused has competitions to walk and can take trophies and materials to walk... It is it adds in a gymnasium because I can follow all some the different types of exercises do. I also subscribed to Fitbit the bus and you can see a trainer in a Fitbit aiming you an exercise and to the left say is the real starts calmer can do him home without crew for the days when calm any volume to a gymnasium!

A life of battery has been decent and with mine Bluetooth on and in that use it to the plot is lasted 4 days !

Is well that I can use my paid of Apple in a bus and there is load of the fresh applications the only desire has had Spotify!
4 / 5 by Yi
I so only could not justify a Clock of Apple (I has the looks of dress how is now almost 25 years and he there is not costing much more but know is not quite a same thing). One extracted is at all likes like this ready but can be the clock , it tracker and looks ready like this works for me.
The Arrived when it was meant to, simply packaged and like this easy to setup (so only does not have to that it has begun in 23:10 it likes to take roughly 30 mins!). I have changed a strap also like any taste to him one feels of a plastic (shame because a colour was to add) and all the look of functions to do like this effectively as his other trackers.
A screen is the enormous improvement in another Fitbit the trackers have possessed (because of measure, colour and qualified to read alfresco) and am pleased with him.
Like any new toy (any excuse), has to play with some capacities although probably it calms will not use it later. So much, to a function of Music. Oh It has wanted it. This day and the age feels painfully slow (a lot of his in fact a reason am writing this like this downloads says it will take 37 mins partorisca roughly 50 clues). It is also very very intuitive. Some instructions are clear but, reason there is not to plot of feedback of a desk application (in the Mac at least) does not know if in fact it is doing anything - I thinks is busily collecting all mine has taken enough the moment. Finally my iTunes playlists all alike and can choose one some want to. Ossia All well until calm @give you that an interface of poor contrast in your desk in fact are saying yours music any one is returned. It has had no another feedback for roughly 5-10 minutes (always feels more along) and calm then take an error that could not recover of. This in spite of, on leaving a desk application and reconecting one Extracted has then selected 2 small elements and I can see is beginning to download (still 16 minutes have left...). I have not tried connectng Bluetooth earphones still but has listened the people have had issues.
This has said, is the smallest flu for me still can do not taking to do. A clock is clear, some faces of clock to choose to adapt me and some functions of tracker are also Fitbit and taste that reads (happy to see have Walk behind after a Big HR took him was). In general very pleased (but still 13 mins to go). Oh A lot Require write another description...

Top Customer Reviews: YAMAY Smart ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 by Augusta
Amur This smartwatch!! Lustrous and slender creation, no too dissimilar to a Clock of Apple. Nizza Touches clear-screen that is a price added of this tracker of fitness. A red sport-the fashionable strap is soft and comfortable. A clock is light and thinner that other trackers of fitness have tried. There is the hostess of the functions built-in - music playback, notification, answering calls, any partorisca mention all some sport-has related partorisca follow that that can do.

A software is easy to download and setup - I paired mine up with an iPhone. They are the windy partorisca statistical to the equal that want to all an information that is presented in a clear and easy to read application - sleeps partorisca follow, running, biking, heart-estimativas partorisca control etc. A plus a big plus partorisca me was able to control my music of my wrist while it runs. A iphone is now safely tucked is gone in the sports-rear-band. No longer joined to my arm and I can take, game and skip by means of clues of music.
HAS GPS CONNECTED (requires your telephone) partorisca run or biking so much can control your half step, the distance has covered, heart rate and see your street mapped was with which are finalised.

An element has arrived quickly and a box looks a lot of professional and of the quality of price. Partorisca A price are more than pleased with a look, feels and function of these sports-based smartwatch. Really happy to recommend.
5 / 5 by Devon
I have used this enough bit it! Has a lot does health and of the tools of fitness! A monitor of heart rate is quite attentive, as compared to the mine Garmin and was a virtually one same .A system of notification is a lot handy & easy to dip up. A screen is the good measure the one who half that there will be a subject when using your toes. A strap for him is good to use and does not cause any discomfort when used. Has the very brilliant and calm screen can choose a lot of faces of clock and different ways to show things like a pedometer. It looks well when when being legustado on or splashed. A lot quickly to touch and a lot easy the setup! In general, I am impressed extremely and to good sure would buy it again in a future!
5 / 5 by Ashlee
Bought this like the substitution partorisca clocks of expensive mark, and was very surprised in a quality, way, measure and returning of this clock. Has the strap of hule wide lovely with two pins partorisca ensure a strap, which feels a lot comfortable in my wrist. A clock is a lot light and perfect for a gymnasium. The by heart big figures good-looking and works of screen of the good touch partorisca explore around a paper. A Heart-the monitor of tax looks quite attentive with which have compared with another expensive monitor that has. An application for my iPhone has done immediately and maintains clue of everything. In general I have not been disappointed. For a price is the add to buy compared to mark clocks more expensive. Some dimensions of a clock is perfect. All the world is by train to ask me where has taken the. You update a description after verifying life of battery. Doing a lot very like this far after the few days.
3 / 5 by Kirsten
A next day with which have situated an order, has received a clock. The amazon rid it very quickly. The packaging of a clock is very delicate. It contains the ready clock, upload it and instructions. I have used he partorisca several days. A screen can be clearly view under a sun, which is very better that other bracelets, and has the screen the big plus that a bracelet, he doing more comfortable, and his step that the accounts and the sleep is also very attack.
But that seat inconvenient is that it is touching method, requires partorisca use the base partorisca touch to touch, which there are a bit inconvenience when that spending. I have used some other bracelets in this tent, which is also very good. And an interface to touch is built directly in a device, and can be touched for plugging directly to an USB. This creation is more convenient.
In general, this ready clock is still very practical, although touching is inconvenient partorisca me, but full of the electricity is quite partorisca me partorisca use 10 days or more, use he every day!
5 / 5 by Bettye
I have had already the clock of tracker of basic fitness but looking in my husbands the Ready clock was still jealous of a fashion and looks that his clock has had. I have not wanted to pay a price of big mark. I have found this clock for the very reasonable price, and a lot of people have deceived he for a main mark, is a lot of stylish and looks expensive! A screen is brilliant lovely and still in daylight of summer, and any I same have a brightness is looked all a way. A life of battery is immense, has spent he for the week without the touch and a life of battery follows announces likes 49. With other frames require to be touched every day!

Uses this clock with a free application VeryFitPro to the equal that follows my steps, distance, heart rate, calories and sleep. Also I can follow to to the concrete activities like to them the walk and that careers.

One of some another characteristic is notifications in a clock. As I can verify my screen of clock if my telephone buzzes and read a message or see the one who is by train to call me, without taking my telephone out of my stock exchange. Also a capacity to control my music of a clock is in big price.

Love this clock and spend it every day, am expecting to buy some extra straps so that I can change some paints easily to adapt my ways and outfits.
5 / 5 by Ardelle
It take this product partorisca my sincere description, the next day arrived as I am first member . I have been using he partorisca few days now and am enamoured totally with my ready clock. It counts any, distance, has burned calories, wrist of measures, meassures sleeps how long and the one who deep was your sleep. You are by train of the connect Yours is telephone using Bluetooth and the application has called very apt pro. It is like this easy to dip up and fun partorisca use. I connect with my telephone to receive messages of text, messages of Facebook and those who is by train partorisca call me and totally want it. They are new mamma to the equal that am running around a house and I know the one who is by train to contact me and can read messages immediately. In a clock can decline if any one is by train to call you. You can dip on alarm in a telephone and connect he with clock. You can choose so many activities in a clock to see that active for example is running, walking, biking, hiking, climbing, treadmill, spinning, yoga. Really it likes that a screen is big and of a clock is well in a half with big numbers so many can it to them see clearly that the time is. There is option to save of battery, torch, does not disturb dipping and where is my telephone which is perfect for me also although my daughter always hiding my telephone and took hours for the find or was box of lucky wait any telephone me, now have esecret can' to find my telephone with my ready clock. The product adds totally enamoured with him
5 / 5 by Alvaro
Sooo, Was time partorisca change it and finally decided partorisca try something new. My old ready clock lasted partorisca 2 days on one touches so that it was frequently was when I have not been able of the transmission.
Fast investigation, and has fulfilled this type here this has promised life of long battery, exactly that has required. Reading all some descriptions and all his characteristic convinced me to us partorisca the give the gone. Chico did not complain it! He all concealed I need, especially long durable battery. Dipping up was simple after fast registration in an application in a telephone and was very partorisca go. Exercise of abundance that follows options, good diagrams, as well as control of heart rate. Really it looks stylish, a strap is very comfortable, and a screen is good and brilliant.
Been using it on the week now and will not be going back to my old ready clock that cost me 10x more.
In this seal of price is the any brainier, can to good sure very gone bad with this clock!
4 / 5 by Amira
MODIFICATION: I have had this clock partorisca the little the month and the half. It is state to add like this far, but there is remarked the lack continued of accuracy when it comes to record details of sleep. A sample is not like this attentive to relieve when has despertador on, like this often looks that have despertador on way later that really I have. Partorisca Any the one who is enthusiastic on controlling my cycles of sleep partorisca improvement partorisca sleep based in data, this is not too useful. The description has fallen to 4 stars, this in spite of, still considers value partorisca money like takings which pays stops.

In that used that the wearable partorisca a past 3 years, was enthusiast partorisca try something new reason my forward wearable kicked a cube. A sample is quite well, with sleeps to follow and register of heart rate as mine Uploads leading 2. I will admit that a software is not like this polished to the equal that would like and of some controls of selection for the options are not like this intuitive to the equal that would like. Felizmente, ossia something concealed can be upgraded in time. In general, that considers that my leading wearable was 150+ and these produced offers characteristic alike, the consider to be excellent value for money.
5 / 5 by Giselle
The show adds has thought for now that is to be send a Clock of Apple for deception.

I really love a life of battery my prime minister is lasted the plenary 7 days. Easy the clip on touching cradle. There is not Had to that take a strap of clock,to touch but has the loaded cradle clasps for fast emission of a strap. An alert to call still done well of the distance further of 7 metres. I have compared a heart and account of any to my old apt bit and has been surprised with an accuracy but found this clock there has been the most graphic view that a global heart rate by means of out a day.

Comfortable and access well in a wrist and hanged light.

Fast and easy to connect to the mine iPhone 7.

In general found this clock there has been the most detailed interface of some characteristics in comparison to a more expensive mark that has used previously.

Good value for money and to good sure recommend like you the cost.
2 / 5 by Emely
This is not really the Smartwatch, is so only the tracker of fitness and partorisca the call the Smartwatch is the bit of the piece. They are dubious roughly all some 5 descriptions of launches and the marvel are incentivized somehow.

In all the chance, has taken a sample today, paired he with my telephone of Android that uses a VeryFitPro application and was initally quite pleased. A quality of build is well for a price. I have been disappointed with an election of faces of dial, there is so only four, and any of them is that I add, as I have stuck with a incumplimiento a. A screen neither is a lot of responsive and has taken often 3 or 4 tentativas in striking of the take to do anything.

Justo tootling in a house, I easily racked on the pocolos 100 no. In an hour later, has been gone, a reset of contadora of the step to zero for any reason.

There is enabled all some notifications have loved, calls, SMS and WhatsApp and any of his facts, as I have followed a joint the unbind/joins a telephone again. All some then have done notifications, but 10 minutes more there is prendido late law again, now look the just work when they feel to like, perhaps roughly of 20 of a time.

But an absolute worse thing roughly is a VeryFitPro application, is absolutely terrible. It looks it has had a udpate recently like a lot of descriptions in a tent of Game mentions some same subjects. An application constantly is that it runs in a fund, essuperior by force' the in firm but turn immediately. This causes the drain massively in a battery of telephone. The settings are not saved and maintains to say join me the telephones is not paired was although east.

In general am a lot disappointed, am spent of the ages that read some descriptions that inspired me partorisca take this clock, but has not thought to read some descriptions in an application. A sample is quite decent for a price, but without an application that read them properly is quite useless.

My woman has the economic My Band 2 that cost in 19 and does quite all this looks does without any hassle. I am returning a clock as it is not really any use if any one same a basics.

Top Customer Reviews: Samsung Galaxy ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 by Isobel
I have been that uses this clock partorisca just the week now and am very pleased with him.

Different a lot Samsung phase of aim, does not have any interest in using he partorisca sport or health, averts of a pedometer. I have loved the decent ready clock for emails, informative, Twitter etc and this has looked a better option. I have chosen a 44mm expensive with his screen his big plus.

That version to take?
Has given very easy deciding if to take a 4g (lte) or Bluetooth version, but was very helped for the description of Andrew Martonik, ‘Has to buy the Samsung Shows of Galaxy with LTE?' (It can not resupply link, sad) the one who distinguished pocolos benefit and cost very additional with a 4g. As any always have my telephone with me, had expected that it can space in the paid to the equal that go yes, but a sample does not take the he at all, as it means another agreement of telephone. As I have been for a wireless version.

Avenges with the dinky small load, the magnetic disk in a measure of a clock he, this in spite of has felt to see a boss of touch was so only a metre long. Ossia The subject real like the majority of mine sockets is in levelling to walk, like the clock has achieved hardly the table or surface to do to touch. It does not take long to touch (a pair of hours perhaps) and one hard load roughly two days, which is well. I have ordered the Samsung wireless upload like the transmission, but this has not done for a clock, although it was well for the telephone. I have been advised that Aieve sample chargers work well, like orders one.

Pairing A sample
is very easy to pair a clock with my telephone. They are an old hand in pairing these things so it has had the Samsung loan to show before.

Expensive of clock
has stirs it of faces of clock of course, and can dip on a clock to be always on, and regulate his brightness. There have it has included he subdued way ‘of theatre will read as I can be especially considered to other members of audiences.

While it was enthusiastic to try out of a face of clock of the fashion, which matches your outfit, objective stray patience with him. Calm offer you roughly 6 variants in yours outfit or a incumplimiento version. One was the quite a lot changing palette of rose and yellows but any of some another was to my flavour. While you can choose a one master, with a tone of a clock has gone, and has to that toggle by means of a quite naff pointy and jazzy clock of models. As I have on data and gone back to the mine old favourite, ‘flow of moon of time of Ladies', which aims the emotional daytime heaven, and in an evening, a moon and clouds with the digital exposure. A lot enough, although he bizarrely reverts the equivalent when resting.

A Tent of Galaxy has the row of applications to download and customise, although it is so only to say an election is limited, and a lot is geared to sport and health, more any end of applications of Bible.

Was able to dip on email a lot easily and he also pulled in my calendar and of the contacts. I add! It take the bit of fiddling before it can find some settings for a pedometer, and especially dipped my number of the aim of no. has taken there in an end.

Like this far has not located an informative application has had in my old clock, to the to the equal that liked like this the informative appeal of of the variety of sources. But have CNN and Squads of New York. Any British publication up to now.

A clock comes with to torch (torch if you are American) and the calculator, which are adds.

Has the a lot handy characteristic to protect your clock in of waters he. I have directed to ruin the leading clock to swim with him, as I am very pleased with east.

Another very thrilling ease is application of translation with enough a variety of tongues. I did not try it still, but it touches it adds.

Has not tried out of Samsung paid up to now, and am not sure where this is indorsement .

Still am exploring a tent for applications of interest. I have downloaded the pocolos play or puzzle, comprising the jewel runs over, to the to the equal that likes this in spite of annoyingly has of the calm sound can not turn was, tic tac toe (noughts and cross) and the puzzle of photo.

Was able to download maps of Google, and am thrilled enough with him. As you would expect, it finds your location, and can have the election of terrain or seen of satellite, among another. You can look for the fate, this in spite of inputting the text is the palaver (further down). Calm once have your fate, can go the directions, and choose quell'option, ie walking, transports etc. Then the very American voice calm of the directions! It is also possible to manoeuvre a map to your fate.

Inputting Text
Inputting the text is in fact he faff, like the sample is not quite big for the qwerty keyboard (any one has offered in all the chance) to the equal that owe wave out of a word to choose stir of three papers, abc, cde, etc. Invariably Chooses a wrong paper, but felizmente has the upper paper with some elections there. As it takes the moment. To the date has required to use this ‘keyboard' for him google investigations of map and to answer the messages of text.

Have Twitter. Another reviewer warned against an application of Twitter in a tent of the galaxy how is third party , but are by train to use it this in spite of and taste. You can see tweets, obviously with some manoeuvring in the small screen, and can like you and retweet. I do not think you it can compose and send your own tweets in a clock, and in fact, this would be tortuous.

Correa of clock
Finally, a strap of clock. It is well! It have been he bit it wary of the fashion of buckle, so only for security, in that had it the clock lifted of my wrist once, but is very better that has expected. Cleverly, A tongue of a strap tucks in, as it was quite the challenge for another person for the take was. Needless To say you can dip on security, ie pin or lock of model, in a clock he, which of course is recommended.
5 / 5 by Colin
4version of G is the joke ! Samsung Requires the carrier to sustain eSIM to actuate a 4connection of G. My carrier (Vodafone) sustains it and law well in a Clock of Galaxy of leading generation. In spite of buying a 4version of G in looks of Amazon to be only available to be actuated in EE. It is this same legal to prevent limit in other carriers in spite of them fulfilling all some technical requirements?
Leaves so only a fact that Smasung the questions of manufacture rid retarded for the month.

Another that those looks of clock and feels well, but am clearly unable to use he for a purpose have bought it.
4 / 5 by Cristen
Am sending this backside with which less than the week.

Will begin with a good,A screen is beautiful, a clock is very light and comfortable to a point where forgets is by train of the spend. Some papers are very easy to cruised, some notifications come by means of and work well when apresamientos called of telephone in your wrist, is the punctual clock adds .
A setup the process is very easy and he the good work to follow your sleep.
A bad, has received to look it which has not been new, has to has had the protective this wraps around a screen and hr monitor in a backside but the this has been missing. It has to that the plot of gymnasium has has based activity that does not do a lot well but then there is has not had to to to popular sport like to them the tennis. A HR the monitor is bad, very bad. In the session of lifting of the weight that lasts around 30 record of minutes for the half some calories have burned that my clock of apple 4 used to and the half the one who a type coached with taken with his Garmin with strap of @@@cofre.
Also registers the lowest distances that know is attentive when walking and again some calories have burned is too down. One the majority of what annoying is this simply decides has begun the workout (the mine has registered to 20 bicycle of minute strolls while it drive that it has had it a burn of same calorie like the session of gymnasium, see photo) once is decided calm is by train of the start will not be spoken he of him.
Can not taking this workout, for when a clock decides that you are prendido. One goes it has begun to read and says adds to see is active. For the clock that the Active llama this simply is not a lot enough.
5 / 5 by Sharita
This clock is fantastic. I have ordered a 40mm version for my woman as well as this 44mm version that both have been now rid but am sure has had release it Samsung EP-N6100 Wireless Uploads Duet if you pre-has ordered some clocks therefore there they would owe that be two of these chargers there is rid. Where it is?
4 / 5 by Patrice
Such the shame. Having ditched my iPhone some time has think that that this was to be the worthy substitution for my clock of apple. Sadly It Is not even close to 1.os shows of gene of apple in of the terms of election of application and integration.
Neither the cost loves use with Strava.
Has sent mine behind.
4 / 5 by Sarina
The better sample there is never has possessed. The life of battery is surprising easily last for 2 days. He never lags, step very fast. His characteristic is useful and entertainment. Utilisation to exit also and is everything would require.
An only with would say is that that has not Paid of Google. There is Samsung pay but I do not use concealed.
In all the chance, would recommend for all the world!
4 / 5 by Jena
Has has possessed trackers of fitness/of ready clocks of all some producers of entities and while they were all excellent in his particular area, always felt each one which has been missing something another has had. I sceptically bough a Active2 after reading roughly adds and any description so that it is, and honradamente can say loves it. The hard battery almost 2 days with HR on constantly (which is unbelievable that considers an interface and quality of screen), the interactions with a clock are fast and there is still to experience a lot of lag, a screen is beautiful, the sleep that follows with the accuracy identifies my sleep And naps, has included some works of account of the good paving for me (in spite of reading the descriptions that declares otherwise), like this in general can very really find anything to complain roughly excepts perhaps that a stainless steel would owe that be announced how is Trace Gold and no simple Gold (as it is not really the yellow gold but he pinkish a). It recommends and it has recommended this clock to any one looking for 'a bit of all' in the piece of technology that easily cross to an elegant side also.
5 / 5 by Sharri
A sample so only comes with one (big) strap, which means it will not return properly and is very free during exercise. The music so only can be downloaded to a clock yes is disconnected of a telephone. Calorie And HR that follows is broken in of the exercises. The activity that follows randomly start (p. p.ej. When Raining) and can not be prendido. Quality very poor has compared to another smartwatches has had in a past, with terrible gain Samsung service of client.
4 / 5 by Sharika
As well as month in........

Is still the sexy piece of boxes, looks the millions bucks the d feels well against your skin, May.......... And there have it always the May, but a life of battery is ridiculous (and I of the one who bad that in an ironic down with some boys kinda way) as in his quite poor.
Has not directed 13 more-15 hours in the load, as this is to mean to follow sleep I of the that knows. Precise touch every night.

In general is the thing of beauty, but until a battery is useable am fearful is the defective gem


am quite lucky to have a clock of apple also, theres a lot little to choose among them, would say that one do one more but a samsung is the better thing in general.

I games of supposition to lose to is the boy of defender of any ego-system, does not have any preference but his. Gel That this clock worls so only well with an iPhone.

In general a lot recommended
4 / 5 by Siobhan
life of the battery in this clock is utmost, hard two times while specified, usually take 4+ days ( management of help on 'Goodnight Way' before it heads to sleep).
Contador of any and that follows is quite attentive especially in comparison to another smartwatches.

An only thing that has been disappointed roughly with this clock, is that it does not avenge with the protective screen. At the beginning, having the protective screen for a clock has not looked necessary mine until I have clashed my wrist in the door slightly and leave the scratch in a screen (small but noticeable).
Has been impacted that a clock has been lined like this easily for such the smallest swipe, and unfortunately, an only way to repair ossia to send a clock was for reparations in a centre of local reparation, which does not touch economic at all.

Finally, a clock are add global but is buying an I strongly suggests to purchase the protective screen also!

Top Customer Reviews: Smart Watch, KUNGIX ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 by Twila
Offered this smartwatch to my edges. A hard clock partorisca just the week. It comes with some the majority of complete characteristics partorisca sensor of heart rate and one the majority of amazing is a control of sleep, my Clock of hard Apple partorisca just the day but this goes partorisca the week the one who apresamiento this smartwatch besides an Apple but a lot near of a row of Garmin.

Highly recommended

Can please press an Useful key down. I have added the few pictures partorisca you. Thank you
5 / 5 by Carley
A lot of very good sample. A bit expensive, but deserves his money. Doing very good. Good-looking and digital creation thins on that. The present partorisca my man was impressive.
4 / 5 by Cheyenne
One first what is fulfilled with afterwards receive this product is that a box of presentation is lovely and has drawn amiably.
Chooses a rose wristbanded look that the looks adds, chairs in a wrist amiably has abundance of whole partorisca take a right access, some characteristic of a clock is of sound.
A system of notification is a lot handy & easy to dip up. A screen is the good measure the one who half that there will be a subject when using your toes.
HAS the very brilliant and calm screen can choose a lot of faces of clock and different ways partorisca show things like a pedometer
In general, am impressed extremely
5 / 5 by Clemencia
could not expect try in a Kungix Shows of Tracker of the Fitness when it arrives! Has the whole host of characteristic to the equal that quotes & time, pedometer, notifications of SMS, Pressure of Blood Monitor, Sleep Monitor and much more. A chair of clock adds in a wrist, has the lovely creation and has the quality feels his. You can direct and access other settings thru a HBand quite easy and will touch with him-:) Good prize so that these offers of clock and looks better that the readiest show imo. This clock to good sure will assist me go in form for a summer and are not disappointed at all-:)
4 / 5 by Gracia
Cant really give the description because he no on Galaxy 7 Flange, any pair with my telephone. It gives the message to say refused for KG07 . I will give it to any concealed has the different telephone. I can it has to that buy alternative but no the Kungix took it included to the tent of the mobile phone and they have had any pairing of regime he neither. So has the 7 embroiders to not buying like this he wont work. Sad.
4 / 5 by Fritz
Has impressed really of this that this look of Ready Clock freaking that has surprised, a creation is of a clock is very good and stylist of looks . This punctual clock has plot of functionality that I quite like this and this functionality is useful. One of a functionality is contadora of exercise, counts a quantity of time spends on exerting as well as tip the one who the calories were brunt during this period. A clock is also able to maintain clue of your sleep, and maintain the record of him on your clock and telephone a quantity to sleep you has taken. Another functionality is a capacity to verify heart rate and APDO that is useful for some people, mostly uses a function of heart rate during an exercise. A sample also can have the habit to take picture of your telephone(far controlled) also can have the on duty habit in a music also so only of a clock. You can the message read also of a clock also. The only thing has to that do is for the connect to the yours telephone and was synced with your telephone, all this of the loans of clock down £40 wow just excellent.
5 / 5 by Tamisha
In general, for a prize is the good clock . My only disappointment was that when I the long career, a clock to stop so only registered until 99 minutes 59 seconds. It have expected it to last longer like the majority of looks to stop to do. It averts of that, is well. Obviously it can not compare with Garmin, but thus prize is very good.
After the few months of use, the number of the questions now are aiming: A sample disconnect of an application at least once the week, meaning all the data in a clock is reset. Calm then has to that spend for resetting everything to a way has dipped. Also a register of the models of sleep is A lot of SWIPE and lose. According to an application, has had last night 3 sleep of hours - go in and !! Another time am said I has slept for 11 hours!
To the equal that have revised when have in the first place purchased some samples - take that paid for
4 / 5 by Lashell
A clock is a lot lustrous looking and dresses almost any of the mine outfits both sportive and work, connects well with mobile device and feels a lot of comfy when exiting, adds for the ready clock if that looks for the daily clock more economic that aple!
5 / 5 by Millard
The clock adds. I have been that looks for a newspaper of the ready clock without that has to that it pay for the prize of the big final and I create found that. It is it adds it looking clock, looks really lustrous and stylish, very comfortable in a wrist and no too bulky neither. Some screens of ready clocks are oversized but this one is so only a right measure. The screen looks good and very clear; the sensibility the touch is well with smooth transitions. Has counter of any, monitor of heart rate, and pressure of blood that is a main reason reason has bought the. Look to be something on and access for purpose.

The life of battery has been order, with which 5 days of constant use; there is still abundance of the battery has left. Connecting it to the yours telephone and the application is simple and really easily explained in some instructions. Also found In general a clock is the a lot of well, stylish ready clock with all some calm characteristics really needs without gone overboard! It is a lot priced and the decent clock.
4 / 5 by Wilmer
Has used this clock of fitness for 2 days. But it has begun to take irritation of skin. As I am returned a product .
A pressure of the blood has not been attentive at all. I am not sure to the equal that calculates, every time tip a APDO normal. And I have verified a pressure of Blood in another device and he gave me to knots entirely reading of pressure of different Blood a same time. And one same can be described to a heartbeats. Entirely miscalculated.
An only thing that liked me is a calculator of sleep. It gives some figures of exact/data.

Very sure like an irritation of skin has arrived. Perhaps a material of low quality used in a Tracker of Fitness.

Will not recommend this product, instead, goes for some quality and product of Tracker of true Fitness.