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Top Customer Reviews: War Eternal: The ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Danuta
Wow That the read, action, action, action all a way, absolute glorious read absolutely would recommend.
5 / 5 Dave
It has finalised finally this last night, and Chico, done my boss hurt in time! They are not esciency' in a slightest, and a 'future-displaced, displaced-future, spent-displaced, future-future' transfers and turned really registered my old could do not dipping down. A sign of the good book partorisca me is when I wants to slap an author to kill to characters likes him, and has has wanted stap Of M R Forbes several times, so only to change my alcohol in a next recursion. Lol.
5 / 5 Duane
The history adds calm maintained hooked until it take to an end.
4 / 5 Danna
Amazing piece to write. More transfers that manufactures it of corkscrew. It was not that an author has directed to maintain clue of him everything. It can it do not dip down.
5 / 5 Bud
Any for adventure but in timing difficult to follow a plot has complicated . Excellent and a lot recommended
4 / 5 Fransisca
Adds! Wanted each one that like this bite of him. A lot of hero, villains and a bit the one who could any on alcohol. Torres and utmost transfers in a history. A ‘eternal recursion' the bit has fried my brain sometimes but in the good way 😁. Thank you! It maintains it on
4 / 5 Winter
the series has Better read in some last 10 years.
To start with to finalise never the full moment.
Well the characters written , fantastic, and he spellbinding history.
4 / 5 Rebekah
Serious excellent, the nail that bites to an end. A lot of enjoyable.
5 / 5 Otto
Ossia The serious very good of books, hope a writer maintains it up.
4 / 5 Arthur
A history of the time and the eternal war very written on 7 books a enjoyable serious
A lot of value a reading to time

Top Customer Reviews: Dead Force Series: ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 3 ratings
5 / 5 Roman
A lot enjoyable read, a lot of paced.
Entertaining,And well the wile was
a bit those that small, or the hours yes there is
the time.
4 / 5 Adell
A small confusing partorisca begin but value a wait
5 / 5 Margo
To good sure the different concept other books of this gender. It begins well that dips the scene of soldate of elite that has been genetically and physically changed partorisca do them the upper struggling forces which can be spent behind partorisca time of life and again saws special pods on board his aircraft.
Has thought was a guard partorisca the specialist dipped of settlers that looks for the life that sustains planet, results that a majority of some passengers to sleep is in fact feed partorisca a species of alien,the soldate of elite owe that try to agree his pasts and reevaluate his future plans.
A second present book some aliens those who are using a self-evident passenger like the alimentary supply, the trafficante of people, the friendly species of creatures of type of the lizard and a discovery of city of floating alien that spends his own only questions. This second book has too much transmission with very very explained the enough spoils a ppl points further of book 1.
A last book is the mix of some leading books but little is explained until a lot near of an end. This enough spoils a law how was the disappointment .
Of the fast rodeo of a prójimo 4 books, looks to be the continuazione of some premiers three books like this so that I doubt will read more. An occasion has lost of an author but perhaps the future review of a series would do it the most attractive proposition

Top Customer Reviews: Earth Alone ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 42 ratings
5 / 5
A good bed. It take the moment partorisca establish some characters but well value a perseverance! Man against alien again with moving it. It leaves hope a future is not quite has taken. I create he other books to follow, will read these also to see like a 'instrument' trace.
5 / 5
This book is ski Do in his better. An author weaves the hefty the history of adolescents has thank you to result soldate young in national service. On earth & in espacial.un variaous characters and there change to to the soldate likes them to them the history of young men believable. Some diamonds of characters. If any always aimed in his better light, taking there in an end. East rid merit 10 stars. With wide praise to Daniel Arenson, an author I found like this on the leading book. It enjoys.
5 / 5
Like the enthusiast esquíe-fi defender, there is enjoyed this history to the equal that follow some adventures of the young man conscripted to a Force of Human Defence. Although a plot is uncomplicated, and follows the plot looked the Heinlein is estarship Troopers,' some adventures of a characaters, and some form of friendships is resulted to oblige. I asked frequently 'that was in his situation?'
A critic is an use of rockets to take to situate to situate, and still to other worlds. This does a narrative feels outdated. Sub-Orbital rockets? Well, but starships is an order of a day for travesía interstellar.
5 / 5
This book has been mine recommended for my fellow better, the one who there has been has finalised so only read the and has thought would enjoy it too much. It is LIKE THIS RIGHT! This series of six books is a lot very in fact. They are already in a final book and, although I want to finalise it, knows will be sad to finalise my travesía by means of spatial with Marco, Addy and a rest. Highly recommended.
5 / 5
Felt an Earth so only is a enjoyable has read. A line of plot is quite simple but the writer has concentrated in characters more than way that was a hook of entity for me. I will say (Without spoiling one plot) that final of book with you that loves more. A subject only is some similarities go in east and starship troopers film. No the bad thinks entirely but has attacked of the star been due to he. I will recommend it still and look forward to a next book.
5 / 5
Has loved this book. I have read the plot of novels of Thrones to Tolkien to S Rey. I love a humanity has expressed here. A dark futuristic earth where the band of girls conscripted to struggle coming near in a face of the sinister reality that they could have died anytime. Ossia The page adds turner and the a lot of-writing book1. hopefully Heading to the series adds. Book 2 experience and ready to start with.
5 / 5
No the bad book the global plot is quite simple and apresamiento has loaned enough strongly of starship troopers (films it any a book) a lot down to the soldate that hordes of fight of bugs of giant alien with machine guns. His character driven and any bog he down with science that the abundance of people likes, personaly I any so that it finds a science and technical detail a part of entity of a world-wide that builds like these lacks of book, another that that has been a enjoyable read and can see a book like the decent if any point of exceptional start for the series.
4 / 5
Informs of a whole series
Take each only Ski-fi,film of war trope never invented , rests with the friends and calm has some idea the one who this is likes.
Strangely Does incredibly well, extremely dark in time and a lot of bobo in another. A ewoks will find you in this series is better that some Wars of Estrella some but a dad issues no like this good (pounds later)

Loves the
4 / 5
there is enjoyed this, the real page turner. Well, it is the little derivative with the a lot shabby plot line. Especially it owes the plot to this 'A War if some Worlds', and estarship Troopers'. In spite of, it is written amiably, in spite of some cliché. I certainly read one follows up.
4 / 5
A bit has derived;
has read Ender Game or has looked a Starship Troopers film, will have feel a lot strong of already seen.
Are roughly 1/3 to a first book and unless there is some plot of differences / of twists of entities to come on, then say that this goes a lot near of plagiarizing an on.
5 / 5
Begun dulcemente and, after each chapter, asked there is has wanted to really read a prójimo but finally choose on a step and finalising with a climax that is mad about as it has left that it wants to more like this, I supposition, will be to buy Book 2.
5 / 5
First novel was the good bed,class of agreed of starship troopers in a way a line of history has been. Read some another también.un good start.
5 / 5
Complete waste of time. Justo simple terrible in the each way. I can not find anything positive to say in this book.
4 / 5
Wow wow wow That the fantastic book took all of the subject of 10 pages to does not want to dip this down. The fantastic characters and I can not expect book read 2. Thank you Daniel still is introduction to ski fi. Door in a scum.
4 / 5

is Remained on boxes 6 am reading east. A plot was predictable but some characters and a way interact there was turning some pages and softly giggling to me until a scene of final battle. It was in a flange of my chair impacted in some deaths of characters has thought them was to be around until his at least paste a first planet. Highly it recommends this to any that wants to take the Ski-fi or any one looking for the economic but the brilliant has read.
4 / 5
Premiers pocolos capitulate felt bit it slow and tedious to take by means of, but after an initial build on, was hooked. There is enjoyed really a travesía of these has coached again hire and some reports among them. Sure, a book is to good sure fill of cliché, but is an easy enjoyable read and maintained going back paralización more. Now to a prójimo a, 'the Stray earth'.
5 / 5
Is like this slow. Pages for a first day in coaching like the soldato. Pages for a first week. At all a lot of raisin until an attack of scum in an end. A very slow introduction to a series.
4 / 5
A lot well read careers to the long of well many in a fashion of starship troopers can give them any praise any big plus
5 / 5
Good book. The one who concern is the bit of the ripoff, has loved that. Beginning number two.
4 / 5
Brilliant history, writing very good. I have taken like this involved that has laughed and cried, angered, felt some assume the keeper!
5 / 5
Brilliantly write it can not dip down some characters are exited yours likes ski fi will enjoy of this history that looks forward to next book
4 / 5
A start adds to the serious very promising. I am looking advance a lot to a next book in a series!
4 / 5
Adds read ... It has while taken partorisca build up but boy when it does with the bang ... Go partorisca buy book 2 and 3 now ....
5 / 5
Stumbled By means of this book and has begun partorisca read a book and taken engrossed in a history and some characters in a book
5 / 5
The one who the good book! Had gripped of a start to an end and that looks forward to book partorisca read two, amour some characters and storyline, the spend on!
4 / 5
Maintains that it wants to read on by other pocolos small, will do to dine in the minute I so only read this page ! Yeah yeah Etc.
5 / 5
Really enjoyed is one, read he in two evenings! Looking forward to a next delivery
But does not take my word for him, the give the gone
4 / 5
One adds read to start with that expect is the series adds books . I am looking forward to reading them all
5 / 5
It is the good to read looks partorisca take semence loaned of alike history of Starship Troopers and other films but does not leave this calm stop partorisca read.
4 / 5
A writing is simple and clear but unfortunately a history is too much resembled Starship Troopers. Concepts more original and the ideas have helped embellish a storyline .
4 / 5
Can not expect book read 2. It was riveted of a first page to a last. Book 2 has uploaded like this here go 😀
4 / 5
A really a lot of bed and the value that buys some rests 3 books. At present in Bk 2
5 / 5
Slow start, asked where this have been WHAM! Directly to the very intelligent and strong history line. I have taken hooked and could do not dipping down. I give book 2 NOW!
5 / 5
Adds law partorisca remain expecting other books in a series
5 / 5
A thoroughly enjoyable book, that interests premise and good characterisation. They are that it likes him he advances to an after reserving which have has bought so only. It enjoys
5 / 5
Very written, a lot paced, involving, exciting, good row of relatable characters. It can not expect take stuck in the sequela!
4 / 5
I took the chapter or two partorisca take to of the this but some characters have grown really on me and early could not dip this book down. Excited partorisca read a rest of a series.
4 / 5
Has begun of the little slow but persevered and turns to the very very read.
4 / 5
The line of history adds. Gripping To an end lf continue in this way is in partorisca the utmost bed ..😂
4 / 5
There is enjoyed really this book, some characters were varied and captivating and could do not dipping down! It can not expect read a second book.
4 / 5
Has chosen this book up like the title of estimativa and the way behind in the reading ski-fi after the few years were. Some the inaugural chapters dipped a good scene and has done the reasonable stab in developing the ours impressions of some main characters. A step of a history was same and advance of a plot in bylines. I have had this in spite of the few subjects. The knowledge of an author of ballistic weaponry looked basic. A way describes partorisca upload and doing sure a rifle of the assault has not been realistic. One of some characters of entities has been described like this when being grieve big that a weapon-something concealed would prevent any military force partorisca leave them partorisca the use.
The capacity of an alien to withstand the fire of arms was inconsistent. A minute shrugging of massive quantities of fire, a prójimo succumbing to the pair of round.
Plotwise Has anticipated punctual in an arrival if a sequence of final battle that was a bit formulaic. Somehow it has known it that the characters were allocated to not doing a second book in a trilogy and how was vital to a storyline continuing and for like this immune the death.
In that said that all that there is enjoyed a book enough to take a second an and will buy a final episode in a trilogy so only to see if a hero will do it. Well written in an integer but no real shocks.
5 / 5
Had read Daniel leading ski fi the series of adventure & there is enjoyed some leading series have bought so much this book in a hope was like this good.
Was bad.
Was better for the longitude has shot. A book has the gripping history with characters those who are not so only believable but for an end of some arrivals to reserve almost acclaiming them on.
Does not go to spoil a history but will say to touch the long time of then has taken like this taken up in the history of books that read in the each moment to spare has had.

Top Customer Reviews: Journey of the ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 6 ratings
4 / 5 Shelba
I have read all the Gentleman Cussler has written in a lot of years and enjoyed them everything. Some reservation some the late plus was bit it less breaking of the earth but the writing prendieron never or exploring each legend of a sea or antiquity. A fact that he also sponsored and is mediated in exploitation of a wrecks has added to the his credentials like the writer.

Will lose his work but I am sure now has a response to all some questions can not answer. Rest in Knowledge and Paz.
4 / 5 Kerri
Touch the harm that Clive has bent was with another less than perfect offering.

Has read each book is writing and this lacking of something. There is glaring the deceptions have done because of lack of investigation - for example the engine in United Kingdom would not be sure and the registration asked when leaving a country - an only requirementscare Passport and reserving.

Clive Maintained distracts it of 1978 and will lose his 'rasgando yarns'.
5 / 5 Elane
His clive cussler.... That calms more precise knows.
5 / 5 Kirstin
Cuddled Can partner with to the that likes but of some never sinister histories you down. Another typical yarn of a master of an old fashioned boys the own histories except these are read for adults. Maintaining expect with anticipation for a next adventure.
5 / 5 Eleonora
Once again Clive Cussler has produced the really good history
5 / 5 Aurelio
Whose Annoying read a sample... So only it contains a cast of characters... Any line of history at all. Which is quite disappointing. It has to that be the deception ?

Top Customer Reviews: Outcast Marines ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 11 ratings
5 / 5 Macy
I have bought a whole there is boxed dipped, exciting, very written, maintained gripped to an a lot of well, is remained that it wants to know that it spends after, I marvel if a outcasts will locate again, expects that do.
4 / 5 Charlie
This box dips cost so only .99pence. The value adds so only partorisca to to the money likes him the history excited with characters very strong and a lot of technology of Alien. The sequences of action were very very written and resist your attention all a time. It can it do not dip down it has begun it once.
4 / 5 Ernestina
Has bought a whole there is boxed dipped, exciting, very written, maintained gripped to an a lot of well, is remained that it wants to know that it spends after, I marvel if a outcasts will locate again, expects that do.
5 / 5 Xenia
This was an easy goin the spatial work like marine place and in an increasingly evolved plot that unfolds a lot well until an end.
A lot of Writing with involving characters and the plot of depth and history still to be said also in this universe the worthy 5 stars.
4 / 5 Shanell
Has finalised so only read this series. It can it do not dip down it has begun it once. A very a lot of bed had it turns and a lot of transfers concealed maintained me that asks that it spend afterwards. The enjoy really.
5 / 5 Carlene
There is enjoyed that law this series of books, entertaining and well paced storyline, sudden end, but only pair for a course.
5 / 5 Ryan
I really enjoyed a storyline and was a lot of disappointed when he all has finalised, Can not expect for some next books. It maintains on a good work.
4 / 5 Stacia
Excellent value for your money. Any action of stop of an a lot of start. It can it do not dip down and it has finalised he in three days.
4 / 5 Andra
Ossia The fantastic history in spatial, cyborgs, and to struggle of the man for survival. It can not dip this series of books down.
5 / 5 Dana
Well Writes like this l the wait of this author remains to expect further of emissions of these these characters in of the new adventures .
5 / 5 Nancie
The history adds could not take to a next page quickly maintained quite totally in a flange of my chair that the rests that expects further of this Author

Top Customer Reviews: A Rain of Fire (The ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 6 ratings
4 / 5 Lannie
Because I want to have the personal interpretation of world-wide war 2 in spatial?... It feels lazy.

Are 50 by means of and usually Would have finalised It, but so only can no me look submerged it I in him. My brain maintains nagging me roughly as it does not want to read something was that the touches was. I have studied everything of this ad nauseum. Although there is movement he in an end (probably any one?). It feels lazy... It is the decent book where some characters are built and in spite of my nagging the brain is an easy (would have to that be) has read. Ossia Reason still has likes the positive indication. Enough cliches also to unfortunately (can gives it the 2.5 smack half indication?)

Even if you are that alive in a olden days of WW2 and have misty eyes of any tongue dates for Winston Churchill (or another leader) concealed to inspire you... And histories of heroism, real and fiction equally, fill your boots.

Are personally fed up especially that has the turn the preeminence of WW2. We use for everything under a sun of flakes of corns to subjects of entities. When being teaser here but would have to that take my point... otherwise Will use my car of propaganda to king-educate you.

Unless he departs of a WW2 history... I think it that it was the series of a reservation for me. It is the shame a description of a book in the amazon is not more attentive. It have taken me another and would not be reducing an indication Of a current perfect 5 stars... <Sigh>.

Has annoyed...
5 / 5 Londa
First active Ralph taken Kern laws by means of his excellent Locus serious, this looked very different but the boy has been no disappointed.

In his the majority of basic, ossia the he counting again of a history of Dunkirk. The army of a Realm is captured in the world-wide ossia low attacks for a force of overwhelming enemy. And fleet of rescue is pulled joint to go to take them.

Like this far, like this good. But that really dips this averts of all another military science the fiction is, likes in a Locus, some characters. Some movements of history among the pilot of fighter, the captain of ship, the deprived in an earth, and a commander of enemy in load of the blitzkrieg attack. Each one which as really it underlines and is diverse and take to the each one which of some bosses of characters. It seats that it seats. Invernadero Which have seen. Each one that like this of his class of histories to weave around the each one another until he all come neighbouring in some thrilling, but climax that heart of pauses. And the really builds to the massive stairs.

Another thing I really liked is - has had a lot of battles and dogfights etc. But in too many books, only turns to the shoot of turkey for some heroes. It is, the sound like an enemy is like this very coached like this of the good types. For example, when a pilot, Rick, is dogfighting, some pilots of enemy celery likes is struggling like this last to win and remain alive. It was not if his only, but his certainly scarce. Our hero is certainly is done to do!

And that final! Any spoilers but if this dips a tone, does not go to be able to assume any character is sure in this series that really adds to a sense of peril is in. But it was gutted.

Also really loves a easter the eggs have dipped throughout in a WW2. Has the interest of any in a war and I have chosen on the small and am sure has plots more. It is class of one of these books that sent googling and love a concept to turn a war to the military SF. It was pleased really to see that it was done respectfully too much to some people those who has struggled.

Buy now. Have Already pre-has ordered a second book. That, if I am not deceived goes to be the he counting again? Reimagining? Of a hunting for a Bismarck. I can not expect and think this could be a big series prójima in fiction of military science.
5 / 5 Kay
Reason wants to have the personal interpretation of world-wide war 2 in spatial?... It feels lazy.

Are 50 by means of and usually Would have finalised It, but so only can no me resemble immersed I in him. My brain maintains nagging me roughly as it does not want to read something was that the touches was. I have studied everything of this ad nauseum. Although there is movement he in an end (probably any one?). It feels lazy... It is the decent book where some characters are built and in spite of mine nagging the brain is an easy (would have to that be) has read. Ossia Reason still has likes the positive indication. Enough cliches also to unfortunately (can gives it the 2.5 smack half indication?)

Included is that alive in a olden days of WW2 and have misty eyes of any tongue dates for Winston Churchill (or another leader) concealed to inspire you... And histories of heroism, real and fiction equally, fill your boots.

Are personally fed up especially that has the turn to preeminence of WW2. We use for everything under a sun of flakes of corns to subjects of entities. When being teaser here but would have to that take my point... otherwise Will use my car of propaganda to king-educate you.

Unless he departs of a WW2 history... I think it that it was the series of a reservation for me. It is the shame a description of a book in the amazon is not more attentive. It have taken me another and would not be reducing an indication Of a current perfect 5 stars... <Sigh>.

Has annoyed...
4 / 5 Roseann
A lot of ski fi reservations well the good writer that writes a lot of transfers and turn a lot of skirmishes , fights , battles , ambushes and treacheries.
4 / 5 Alec
Done well, there is enjoyed a history, some glorious stairs, a POV characters and included a premise is amused.

WW2 In spatial and ossia a Realm Dunkirk.
5 / 5 Sybil
Flange of a reading of chair! One of a better that has read in the moment. Looking forward to a prójimo a!

Top Customer Reviews: The Forgotten ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 9 ratings
4 / 5 Bridgett
The start adds to the new series a history has a lot Adds , adds storyline easy to read,the author always rids could do not dipping down the box has finalised. Some scenes of action are very written and the characters have developed very loved the , can not expect for next book !
5 / 5 Kathleen
Same old history, with the little originality. A confederation is a Hocklyns, a human empire is a human federation of worlds. Old reports was. I wish this author reads his descriptions, or if it does not do to them.
4 / 5 Tracy
A history with an interesting and involving premise. I owe that admit to be be nettle early on for an use of an illicit word when a context clearly indicates it would have to that be elicit (understand 3 I think). The romantic interaction is quite clumsily managed and does not add any a lot of to a narrative. Also it has the fundamental supposition of heterosexuality. There is the linguistic question that change of the needs of tongue focused over time but have the characters have separated of the able millenium to immediately communicate.
5 / 5 Moses
His another book adds of a writer, is the good storyline that that am expecting will continue his interesting storyline.
The empire of some humans has been swipe and a royals has been banished of the barbaric world, some hid and preparing to recover the empire has lost there. This is to bomb all a time so only to aim there place.
This pound take on the travesía that spands more then 1000 years.
5 / 5 Lydia
Has read the little of these books of authors. Whilst Ossia The new series with all the new characters and all the new aliens some ideas have been already done for this author in of the leading works. A book entertained me for the short flight and I can have the look in a prójimo in a series. Like this always this in spite of with this author a prose. And the exposure can in timing be bit it painful. I think that that it aims not saying really would help here.
4 / 5 Kiesha
Wow The action of history adds of a word goes the new slant in a renaissance gives movement he well. Looking forward to that it will spend it with which
5 / 5 Estell
A fact of link of the history and fiction that suggests that the any race of the earth had 'helped' to nudge scientific of earth, inventors and scholars to do has discovered that have propiciado our current technological state. I add read. It can not expect for a next episode.
4 / 5 Ermelinda
An interesting idea to begin with and has developed well to an interesting spatial history with good strong characters and some, any plot, romantic potential. Well it is part of our human condition. Thank you Ladies Weil. Down waiting for book 2 of this series.
5 / 5 Angla
I really found the hard to take the pause to read this book! I found it that well!! Well writing and gripping to an end and am looking forward to a prójimo a! Well he 😀

Top Customer Reviews: Mountain of Mars ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 7 ratings
5 / 5 Celine
I hate to say it, as the majority of this series is quite enjoyable, but this an is not lovely reading in my sincere opinion.

Has the few things that is absolutely bad, for example in a description of a book Kiera loses both his father and his brother. This in spite of still there is churning the crowds, it smile, included in some funerals. I know it is the novel of fantasy of fiction of science , but ossia not even legitimately plausible.

Sincerely expects that an author the better work in a next book in a series, this in spite of doubt will read it like this this dipped entirely go.
4 / 5 Lashawnda
Once again Damien calls to do fault a mountain in the stunning new delivery.
Is gathered in the old and new friends some, more the old mystery is is solved and new some come to a front.
This book answers the little unanswered questions and wraps on pocolos fine loose.

Has had a pleasure of having a copy of ARCH and has finalised he the day a liked the one of way that has bought a book also
5 / 5 Paul
This book covers the a lot of hectic first month for Damien Montgomery to the equal that assumes the new function that does not love never. An action is no-to the paralización likes him to him Damien takes on a Regency for Kiera, of a new Mage-Reigned of March, while maintaining the plans of Desmond to change in the clue and that researches a death of Desmond and his heir. With a death of like this Hands in a course of some leading books, Damien is “forced” to involve it a direct action that clearly prefers – I suspect that, although it has had other available Hands, still exit you the action. There is more revelations in a Keepers and some movements of universes of whole history to the long of a lot of satisfyingly.

Has had a copy of the description advanced of this book. Having this copy of the description advanced has not been that depends on writing to 5 description of star - I has loved sincerely this book and look forward to a prójimo a. I wish that any one would read slower or Glynn Stewart would write faster!!
4 / 5 Laticia
This description is writing of a book of ARC has received. They are the big defender of Ladies Stewart is' the writing and ossia my favourite series of all his books. And it does not disappoint . The characterisation adds and a plot has involved maintained me to us reading until I have finalised a book in two days.
4 / 5 Suzi
A continuazione adds of some serious and more adventures for Damien. Ossia The well has thought was history that brings together chance of leading books but also continuous evolve a history in a insightful way.
5 / 5 Cleora
Still a better series there are them not reading never, this was an emotional rollarcoaster, the has not expected in a slightest and so only a blurb prepared the tiny quantity for a heartache, extremely rid well cant recommend these serious enough. Cant Attended for a prójimo a!
5 / 5 Clementine
Fantastic addition the saga.
To the plot adds, modifying, development of character and advance of history, which calm to maintain you on embroiders of your chair.
Can not expect for next emission.

Top Customer Reviews: The Complete ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 2 ratings
5 / 5 Kathaleen
Ossia The one of truth that has surprised blend of magic and dragons with spaceships and the technology advanced. Some grips of calm history immediately and then is hooked until an a lot of well. It is such the roller coaster walk of emotion and work that will finalise you leaving breathless. Chris Fox is author that surprises the one who is partorisca touch really with his defenders. I want to all of his work but this was one first what I read and now are the massive defender .
4 / 5 Stepanie
They are school wargamer in that touched that a lot of rpgs in my youth like this seeing an alternative gender of Fantasy was adds.
Dragons, but in spatial with some means......
I characters written well and the really a lot of storyline.
Extremely good value but with adds it storyline.
Some May of must.

Top Customer Reviews: The First Wall (The ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 3 ratings
4 / 5 Eleonore
A first Wall for Gav Thorpe is a third delivery in a Chair of Sotterrato, a final arch of a Horus Heresy. Going back to these books is like coming house, albeit the house ravaged for war and of the demons. Still this in spite of, feels he likes home, and find me grinning with glee while the new book is liberto (any quickly enough!). Here it is my thoughts . Minor spoilers advance.

A main house of a novel is a battle for the door de León Spatial Port among some Imperial Fists that can of build and some Warriors to Spend that chair of pause. A chair is like this epic to the equal that would expect. Bloody exhilarating is some words to describe it. It was also pleasantly surprised by a quantity adds of humour in both sides of a battle. Of course, both Dorn and Perturabo is a main primarchs to look and neither disappoint. There is the confrontation, one this has been in a doing by means of a series, but will not spoil when and where. Other utmost characters also touch the function, comprising a temper Sigismund, a warsmith Forrix, a berzeker Kharn and Horus' right of hand-held man, Abbadon. I really enjoyed Forrix POV. Abbadon The continuous edge dip a groundwork for his future increase to a Warmaster of Chaos.

A recurring the subject during a novel is a question of faith. Faith in commanders, strategy and tactical. Faith in of the brothers and of the sisters in of the arms. And faith in religion. A hard has been the edge of centrical plot during a Horus Heresy and here assist some foundations of an Imperial Cult Buried. We experience this by means of one of my favourite characters by means of a warhammer knows to populate, a Adeptus Custodes, Amon, and see a turn of one of some the majority of influential characters of some earlier books in a series. A essolución' to this edge in a book has implications of entities for both arches of character and a lore. I can see the bonds that is done among a heresy and a future setting of warhammer, one Dark Imperium. Also, Malcador continuous the 'captures a scene' every time looks. In the same taking to see in action in some signals. Again, any spoilers.

One of a more appealing characteristic of a Chair of Buried the books is a scaling POVs. We experience a chair a lot so only by means of some eyes of godlike Primarchs and half-godlike Astartes but also some common folk, a hive-to to the rats like Katsuhiro and Zenobi. Any so only do fault like this of the eyewitnesses to chances keys but like this characters in his own legislation. As 'human' main protagonist in a leading novel, was loved to see Katsuhiro look, albeit for the short period of time. My gut say that there is the big moment in of the subsequent books, perhaps has included one of some moments some big plus in some integers Horus Heresy and Warhammer 40k Lore (Vengeful Alcohol perhaps?) Unfortunately, Zenobi POV felt like a course a feebler of a book. It is the fascinating character in his own right and there is enjoyed his travesía by means of Sotterrato to a palace. This in spite of, feels it the be be tug out of the little too long, and there is remarked his main moment that goes in the third of a way by means of. Prpers Having read an author afterword, appreciates his apporach to a concept of mental attrition in sound of war by means of his arch. Unfortunately so only you do not land also for me.

In general, there is enjoyed really this book and with excites to anticipate a prójimo a. There is date he for Abbadon halfway by means of that has resonated with me. In some signals that says the nagging Layak 'is my destiny, then spend it accepts it to him or calm … does not look enthusiastic to persuade me has to that do the election whilst in that say me that that has any one.' I seat this more describes an experience of the each one warhammer the defender that reads a Horus Heresy. Finally we know a fate. This in spite of, continuous be the walk of emotion to take there.
4 / 5 Emmy
This book is appallingly writing.

A history has to that be read to take an idea that is to come which is annoying like the history is quite terrible and some scenes to battle totally created and redundant. Some scenes are simply glossed on with the alone sentence more than taking to a difficulty to explain a which/reason of them. Clearly we can assume Gav Thorpe has not considered that khov gun like a principle of entity in this book.

An interaction among characters keys are forced, with stunted dialogue and idea to do fafnir rann particularly look the complete moron but also takes out of a mysticism and appearance of a primarch the characters has written here. A writing of a addaba hub troopers is frankly horrific and Gav would have to that be totally embarrassed to write roughly lines of dialogue.
5 / 5 Beth
Are at present for the half way by means of and this remote some the imperial fists have done some attacks of counters against a traitors, has been of then attacked of orbit, and now infiltrated for the warriors of iron of the thousand to a spaceport without remarking, reason some imperial fists, experts to chair warfare not even is controlling some corridors of axes/of the interview. Cuz Dorn I edges are knows for his blind spots in the defence. It has had so only a day of warrior of the iron there is at all for 700 metres in auspex. 700 metres?! Some the imperial fists have the 700 blind spot of metre? Very disappointing.