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5 / 5
Here we have the real value partorisca alcohol of money that bands the punch and compliments the cocktail or the long drink when used like his main ingredient... beware An afterwards has fallen... Certainly it tugs on on you..

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 5 ratings
5 / 5
The cost has checked Happy with some sakes the service adds to thank
5 / 5
The cost has checked partorisca be sure partorisca be sure this'll has paste you harder then a blarney bone. Recommended
4 / 5
The cost has verified Ossia the good substitute partorisca alcohol of grain, the liquor in fact of good house. A bit pricey but would recommend it.
5 / 5
Partorisca Be sure partorisca be sure this'll has paste you harder then a blarney bone. Recommended
4 / 5
Ossia the good substitute partorisca alcohol of grain, the liquor in fact of good house. A bit pricey but would recommend it.

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4 / 5
No in that has the shot adds of experience with poitin, was enthusiast partorisca give another the gone, and a Hare of Crazy Part is certainly any one the reticent has produced. In the modest 40%ABV, is not especially strong relative to some cask-alcohols by force, and of course, perfectly legal - is the long way takes of illicit bathtub distillates here. Going in bounces he of classical squat, with marcación attractive, looks the product of quality , also can so that it is pitched in roughly one £40 group (at the same time partorisca write, June 2021), gives or take. A focuses of has beaten well is resupplied in a cup, which, slightly surprisingly, is the ray-spent more than a cork that could be expected at the beginning looked. Personally it would prefer the cork, but ossia the subject of individual flavour.

In inaugural, a prime minister, note very obvious that strikes, is a powerful wave of the fruit dried -mainly sultanas, with some raisin. There is some creamed honey in a fund, but a sultana / raisin dominates, to a point that confesses my first reaction was 'distilled Blue Nun with essence of Black Tower' (another economic Liebfraumilch riesling the wines are available). This can, or can not be flattering according to your palate. I can not say it is the mine , but is everything of us different, and if another enjoys, ossia well with me.

In flavour, an arrival is very resembled a nose: weighed in a sweet of fruit has dried, to a large extent sultana and raisin. Atasca-I seats is half-hanged -this is not a greasy alcohol, quite smooth, sustaining to an annex ilky', and cut well with gel prefer . I have done; I have found he damps was some of a sweetness, although this will not be never one especially alcohol 'dry'. The arrival is half -period, softens again, certainly animating, a creamed the honey that does an appearance, a fruit has dried that persists the little longer. I do not have very relieved in a way of a lemon has declared, vanilla or French toast, but of course all the palates differ (for a same reason, a scent has included a lot necessarily does enough a same way in of the different skins); there is remarked some clues, although they looked enough in a character of adicións/background additions. I have not tried a caffè has suggested, but imagines it will do well.

Frankly, this is not to my flavour; it is too sweet / silky for me, and sustains too much to a profile of fruit has dried. This in spite of: ossia so only me, and that I raisin to like. They are perfectly able to recognise the product of quality, included if it does not spend to vary with quell'I enjoys, and ossia clearly the good example executed of a race. It is presented well, certainly has the profile of concrete flavour, and would have to that appeal to the wide row of people that loves something different, which also would owe that try relatively that the easy drinks. When be distilled traditionally is the good movement also -in today and age, this would have to that be celebrated. In general, the good product and recommended yes calms like this classifies of presentation: the hair of Crazy Part has done an excellent work with him, and will be interested to research some plus of his products in a future.
4 / 5
Claim of Hare of crazy Part that Poitín is an alcohol an old plus in a world... & Some books of look of history to be them in accordance with. Fact of venue malted the drunk & has distilled three times in the small discharges stills, his then has left down cut/ with water of Irish cradle to do it 40 for volume.
Has there was poitín & his prime illicit Scottish clearic before but has to that say that an alcohol of the hare of Crazy Part is to the smoothest plot. Ploughing a calm boot of the the waft of steps, with the fund of anise & the vegital clues of candied angelica. His quite smooth in a tongue that is the surprise like this usually a-has aged-alcohol whack calm in a mouth & leaves the in to call them feeling. His quite the clean flavour, any oiliness likes volume with to some to clear to alcohol like the ginebra. As his no aged although has the slightly flavours 'raw' as some of some more volatile alcohols have not evaporated was likes in the one of forest cask. [Legally poitín is not left to be aged].
His very drunk orderly, or with the little water & or gel boat concealed of yours fleet. Calm also could use he in the cocktail; in fact they put web of the hare of calm Crazy Part of the some few examples. I have been my own way and has tried some in my favourite cocktail, the gibson.[Basically the martini with to pickled onion in place of an olive]. I swapped out of a ginebra for a poitín, was really quite well, although no like this dry & bit it sweeter.
Among the good heavy, boot of glass of the squat with well labelling, there is sealed was with discharges he of ray [unusual has thought] & to focus of foil of the metal.
Would do the good present for the drinker of alcohol like his something a lot of wont has tried.
Like his no aged has thought one £ to seal of the prize was the little empinado. But like his fact in of the small batches imagine the costs of units are quite big for a company. It would buy it again this in spite of as it would like to experience with of him the little more his & the handy thing to maintain in a cupboard of drinks.
5 / 5
Poitin (Or 'Poteen' to some) is something that has known a name of (any one contrives reason?) But no never it has seen, never sampled and never has known really one rear-history.

A quickly has bitten to undermine develops that Poitin takes it (prójimo mythical?) State, how is survived to be 'outlawed' for 300 years in touching to native Ireland (going subterranean), before being legalised again in 1997 (how is is taken me this long to find this was would have to that be the separate crime!)

Poitin Is seen like the class of Irish soyoonshine' (totally different country and any 'good old boys'), or at least some class of illicit 'pot stilled' alcohol.

In all the chance, all that averts, soyLiebre of Part of the ad Poitin' looks (good boat, very presented, with clear information), present (easy games, with the pair of the recipes in one bounce) and the test adds ( has opted to try the little orderly, first to mix).

Is remarked as '100 malted barley' in 40 abv. With the colour 'clear' natural. Nose / of smell ( says 'noses' if you are by train to be elegant?) I give it waft of trong alcohol' (obv), but with sugars and of the citrus fruits. Certainly odora quickly punchy, but a lot totally overpowering.

The flavour remember the little of small batch, pot stilled whiskies of some the EUA (more than Whisky, besides next house), with this dry, alcohol of grain, flavour that solves to flavours more subtiles that it is predominantly 'lemon and file' mine.

This would not be my normal ip', but I certainly found has done the ingredient adds in the mixed drink (simple flavours , cleaned). It is sweeter that has expected, and chairs to somewhere in my spectre among the whiskey (the Irish / USA) and the alcohol flavoured (like that vodka of quality a lot).
5 / 5
Well, left to start with to dispel some myths..

1) Is illegal. It has been illegal in past of time, and the licence is required still for legal production, but this version is perfectly legal.

2) will do goes invidente. Of then IT WAS illegal for around 300 years, and the a lot of people have considered that like the challenge, some terrifying moonshine has been produced, sometimes with a ABV of 90 and concealed in fact could have such an effect (for this a term 'blind drunk') but ossia safely (and quietly likes seal charmingly dips) has reduced with water of Irish cradle to the respectable plus 40.

Cela Is not to say is tins of mothers or anything; far of him, has has fallen likes to mule, and of the bad-mule revenida in this (has any another bondadoso). Now it would owe that have the point of reference here, reason have had Poitín (usually pronounced 'potcheen') before, but a lot so only does not agree that it has tried it likes, also looks for having lost several weeks of my life around a same time - I thinks has had an illegal material..

Like this basically am going in this invidente (aha) and a point for of the most next reference would be me Tequila Mezcal more than anything that approaches whisky but with the slightly 'nutty' aftertaste with just the clue of peel of apple and anise. It is much thinner and lovely that his outlaw the history would suggest, and really likes to of me.

Ordered (of course).
5 / 5
Well where Begins?

Sees 'Poitin' and thinks behind to drink the material done for people grandad and in an etc. material park Very legal for any half, but was that has known like this Poitin all this time. This material was rough, would blow a boss was, and was miserable and has taken the bad batch, could do some harm. Ossia At all that material.

So that it is? Well, it is the grain has distilled . Like poitin. But it is not that poitin has been stops really known. Ossia Soft. It is cut to 40abv. A low plus of a low, to do it friendly. It is not a swipe your boss was type , but still has fell it his. It is concealed that would love of 40abv??? I am not sure.

A flavour is short, has fallen he of big ethanol, clue for some liquorice and notes of fruit. An arrival is dry and fast. This is not the drunk orderly games. It would owe that it has known that of a description to the equal that loans two cocktail immediately a bat. Like this to the left it is to try those.

Has done to mule with east, resembled this described with bear of ginger and file. It was delicious! I can see this be s the alternative really adds to common alcohol like mezcal or vodka. But for me lacking of a character of real poitin or whiskey same.
5 / 5
I really has known no that to expect with east. As has an Irish father, am conscious of poitin (pronounced puch-een, in the chance is by train to ask you), which has been done illegally in park in poverty stricken to rural Ireland, of potatoes.

Ossia The light alcohol in 40, but no worse for that. It is the light alcohol , perfect for summer, and fact to drink any potato.
A smell when you plough a boat is fragrant and intriguing - fresh, slightly the fruit of summer odora which promote you to love the try.

Comes with still seal that has 3 has has suggested recipes on - Mooney Cider of Mule, beer of ginger, file and cinnamon; Blood Mooney - resembled Mary version but with juice of lemon; and the Poitini, with vermouth and orange bitters.

Has tried a prime minister has had like this all some ingredients in a house.
And is resulted my drink of the favourite alcoholic summer new!

Is looking for The alcohol of light and elegant summer that come from something different - calm the the so only found.

I hope has found my useful description.
4 / 5
This arrived in perfect condition and is the a lot of looking boot and focus. (Some bottle the better look that another)
are not the big drinker more but when have the drunk I quite alcohol of drink in of the small measures that more than drinks for a pint, ½, or boat.
I always has to it add mixer to mine shorts but has tried this with thought of gel so only would be better able to revise this better drink. It was bad, the ones of the one who has a palate to drink the orderly alcohols. As I have added lemonade, enough for the do so that it was able of the drink easily. This he so more acceptable.
Like the flavour is an individual thing his difficult to revise and describe a flavour of something. . It likes-me a flavour of vodka and ginebra, with to plot of mixer and the gel and think that ossia more than the flavour of the vodka but calm can not adapt.
This go to last to to the moment likes does not drink in of the regular base but he will take finalised finally.
4 / 5
Has lived in Ireland in fact a lot of years and has tried different versions of Poitín, illegal for the very long time, can be potent and unpredictable. This Hare of Crazy Part Poitín is the really smooth and wonderful version, the potatoes were usually an ingredient but does not think this Poitín is done of any, a description says malted barley. Distilled 3 times in of the traditional copper pots this it gorgeous smooth and luxurious drunk. It is strong and can tug on on you, tries to surprise in a recipe for BELFAST CAFFÈ - 2 leaves Hare of Crazy Part Poitín / 3 Cold parts Brew Caffè /1 part demerara syrup / the Double cream / Topped with nutmeg.
A boat is the creation adds , short and squat, does not come with the packaging of boxes/of the presents that is the shame , ossia the wonderful present to give so it would look adds in the present of Hare of boxes of Crazy Part. Instead it calms to the left with that annoying I wraps a boot but always look scruffy present. Distilled in Ireland, perfect!
5 / 5
Ossia A lot very presented and has to that it weaves of history that mark the conversation adds jueza of start in the party or when the ones of round of friends.
Poitin (To the pot pronounced-cheen) is apparently an alcohol an old plus in a world, distilled by Fray Irish a 6th century. It has been illegal behind fact in 1661, this in spite of is now legal and can be found up in a counter now in place of has hid was.
Is done of malted drunk but does not leave this plant a lot coeliacs bought this, is the offer has distilled that he the fact he free gluten.
Still produced in a traditional fashion and of the water of fresco of Irish cradle door a ABV to 40.
All the world has different preferences with alcohols, ossia a lot smooth and can drink it orderly, also try add with mixers, in some rocks or used in of the cocktails. A wide variety of the uses and a boat looks utmost also and would do the wonderful present in planting to buy it bog bounces level of drink. It acclaims :)
4 / 5
A group of knots has tried this. If little they had tried poitin before, the majority there has been no.

A general consensus was that it is the bit likes vodka. Has more heat that the vodka and a paste of aftertaste you harder. It is necessary initial punch , like when you drink vodka directly, but then has the sweetest aftertaste.

A bit those that people those who had drunk these drunk before it has commented that the is not gone in fact that strong, in spite of being 40 test. I have been expecting the hardest drink, stronger. I guess ossia a drunk when it is the bit has commercialised more!

Thinks like -you it vodka, calm probably like this - a subject only has is that it is not drunk usually with the mixer. I think that it that it would prefer it it was with the mixer! It concealed probably I mean no really like a flavour! But ossia one same with vodka. Always it has with the mixer and then loves that!
4 / 5
Ossia The smooth alcohol , sweet , sweet of half more than dry. I agreed in some ways, of tequila, and thinks that is drunk more in a same way, which is directly on or in the cocktail. If you are the true connoisseur of alcohol, calm will not leave gel anywhere after his, but could store vodka or ginebra in a refrigerator or included a freezer. It would recommend dinking this in temperature of room or slightly cooled, partorisca take take a full flavour.

Can not say that I have recognised a row of flavours has described in a description of product but all have different senses of flavour and smell. I have relieved the definite clue of coconut, which suggests that this would go a lot well in the cocktail with tins of coconut.

You Certainly would owe that give these drinks partorisca the try.
5 / 5
Partorisca Be sincere, has not listened never of poitin, but that I can see, is one of some alcoholic drinks stronger (40-90) in a world. This alcohol has been cut with water of Irish cradle, taking it down to 40. He also used partorisca be illegal but legal result again in 1997 and of then 2008 is now like champagne in a sense so only can call poitin yes comes from/comes from Ireland.

Ossia The present , as although it can not comment in a flavour, like a focuses of to draw. A way to do this better same look would be the not having focus of sticker and partorisca a creation to in fact be in a boot partorisca the arrival of the main quality and the element of the collector.

To good sure the a lot of looking boot partorisca give to any, but any one creates yes tries a lot well!
5 / 5
In the first place, gave it 4 stars although it is not partorisca me. Strong test and can feel an alcohol. I have tried shot likes the vodka (chilled) but does not go partorisca spend again. I have it quell'has had so only another test with him partorisca give some class of sincere description. I have had the sip (orderly) and is has come finally mine that agree . So only I can it describes like the cross among vodka (perhaps more been due to a fact is clear) and brandy. If it was the brandy the drinker probably would take used to this but brandy is among a bit those that shorts are not enthusiastic on. I can way down below estimate it so only because of my own flavour but I think it certainly has potential for some. I drink the plot of whisky but I no, would say that this whisky was terrible. Material this one east the subject of the flavour but is not to be refused.
5 / 5
In the first place has tried this like any taster a lot - right! Perhaps any for me also although the shot like this trying very strong this in spite of as the base for cocktails is delicious.

Has tried a variac. In the Negroli - the Poitini strong and delicious🍸 but my preferred was Mooney Mule (the recipe with a boot) this was absolutely delicious and very easy to drink.

A boat is impressive and far take out of one a lot rough and potentially dangerous original Poitin - ossia 40 alcohol like this still strong (has used apparently to be like this strong one saying “invidente drunk” caused of illegally produced poitin)

Anyways enjoy - acclaim or has to that say “slainte” 🍹🍸
5 / 5
does not drink often but when I drink alcohol usually whiskey, has been excited to try this like this never listened of him before.A boat is attractive and contains the clear aim has tried directly and is not to my flavour was very sweet and has had odd aftertaste. It has loved to give it casualidad this in spite of like this tried a recipe of cast of caffè Irish and was much more pleasant although still no the drink would order was But the flavour is the personal thing to the equal that have spent a boot almost fill to familiar barbecue in of the daughters and was a lot populate with pocolos lodge. I think that that a prize is well to measure to bounce and be drunk well to have he so that it is that it speaks for me but is drunk interesting.
5 / 5
Difficult one this. I am not Irish but has had tried the few illicit versions of Poitin on some years. Those have been potato based and force of absinthe. This one is cebado based and normal United Kingdom force of alcohol. Weirdly Has tried more than the potato is that another some. Ossia A lot the drink that to to flavours likes him to him the mine of raw alcohol with the floury (any flowery) with which likes that it hangs around like a unwelcome of guest a day after the party of rubbish.
Some bounced good but this is not for me. I will try it on some Irish friends and can change an indication according to his feedback. It would not recommend he in a moment.
5 / 5
Has not had any idea that to expect of this so no never has listened of Poitin (pronounced PUUT-cheen), but essentially results to be Irish moonshine. It is done of malted drunk, and essentially is the aim whiskey. It is quite sweet, but takings that undernote of mustiness.

With him when being moonshine expected it to take my boss was, and a smell would look to suggest this goes to spend, but when the calm test is very better that has expected.

Does not go to substitute my normal tipples, but is interesting to see where Whiskey comes from/comes from.
5 / 5
I a lot to to the vodka likes them the aroma but falling to somewhere among vodka and whisky in flavour, this poitìn of the hare of Crazy Part is very smooth with an unusual flavour. It is in fact quite pleasant with the pair of cubes of geles or water; although any immediately take his. I did not think it he he that as well as the substitution partorisca bourbon in an Old Fashioned, but good fact Or soyartini that substitutes Ginebras/of Vodka.
A boat comes with the small booklet that describes the little Poitìn cocktail - Belfast the caffè touches delicious.
Something the little has bitten different.
5 / 5
Is looking for An easy drinking alcohol, this is not a a.
Are more than the GnT and drinker of red wine. Ossia My first time that tries Poitín and interested to know the little background//history of this alcohol. It is the strong material , 40 ABV (although a Poitín the behind these days was much stronger),
Mina, is quite hard to drink directly or on rock. Mixing with Indian tonic water or elderflower tonic the softest fact and easier drinking. But ossia so only my personal flavour.
5 / 5
My initial impression of this poitin was of as add some looks of focus – a lot of that takes eye and so only. An alcohol is quite sweet and fruity, any that has been expecting at all. I found it to be quite refreshing with some tonic water and the gel but am not sure that could drink it too much of him, how is quite strong.

Relatively expensive in a current prize of around £40 but still the good quirky the present for any drinkers can have in a family.
4 / 5
My partner the one who is a drinker of ginebra avid has not been the defender. This in spite of me enough like whiskey and quite liked a flavour of of the this. It is the little hard to drink in his own but was quite well in cervecero of ginger that has has had now the little time.

I quite a history that comes with east, that gives a drunk some history.

I lovely draws to a boot that integrates a history of a drink. Shows a costruttore is proud of his heritage and always will rid the good quality beverage.
4 / 5
I really liked these Irish alcohols has the series but good flavour
notes of Delicious malt, with coconut and cooked apple. I LIKE him - Silky and creamy texture, layered with has has dried fruits, vanilla and French toast. ARRIVAL - Along and brimming with sweetness of honey, spice of malt, has has toasted almonds and persisting clues of lemon.
Personally has wanted to do fault with some do 🧊 any the fresco and the better mine have tried.
The prize is quell'has bitten expensive but would buy again
5 / 5
is watered down for your security with water of the Irish cradle but any one have left that fool calm this will take you drunk and dressing up like crazy hatter any time.
Would want to try an original but concealed technically would be illegal and so only the wee has bitten dangerous.
This has has fallen to add his and will dip this fire in your belly.
Abundance of alcohol for your money. A boat looks quite fresh also.
5 / 5
Has has not tried never Poitiun before, so it has had any idea that to expect!

Is delicious, heating, smooth, has some fire in him, and s Caffè glorious Irish!

Is also deceptively potent!

Presented in adds it looking boot also the fact adds he on the dot of speaker also.

This now will be the characteristic to regulate in my cupboard of drinks!
5 / 5
70cl Of Pocheen
A flavour is extraordinary
Sweet in a tongue the little fire in a backside but smooth and gorgeous
is now legal to buy and drunk once again
has think that this could be too strong but any one is 40 to the equal that in accordance with another drunk
This is to do with a plus refinadas of ingredients
Locally sourced in Ireland and has distilled 3 times
A beautiful flavour
4 / 5
This Hare of Crazy Part Poitin 70cl are adds! It is my first time to drink something like this for has not listened of this forward to touch an Irish alcohol that can mix you he with another drink. But I tried it like this simple like east. And for me personally it tries well. Good smell. And he a lot bounce it has presented well. Good value for money
5 / 5
row of Wide application. It can be used internally or be used for utilisation of cells of ash of brain has required. It can be used like this it tranquilizer,can be used for sanitation, can be used like the solution to degrease or cleaning your car engine. Produced excellent, for real universal or fine universal use!
5 / 5
Did not listen It never poitin first like this remained waiting for the giving the gone. Has the surprisingly good flavour and he is utmost mixed with Helmet of cherry. It is the bit likes fuel of rocket this in spite of. This first swipe is potent but then results easy to drink.

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5 / 5
I have bought this out of curiousity, wow are has impressed them! Simply excellent!!

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 3 ratings
4 / 5
I have wanted always try this like this was them excited really when it received it to them. It has been it likes at all the expected, suffices the will not be in that has it anymore his strong material and has left my feeling of mouth as it has finalised them to eat fire
But am them happy tried it to them.
4 / 5
has Arrived quickly and was expected like this that. The present for my brother loves
4 / 5
Has arrived quickly and was expected like this that. The present for my brother loves

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Rating: 5 out of 5 with 1 ratings
5 / 5
Bought this like the present partorisca an Irish chap that me the good deed in Big Canarian was in a moon with him

Top Customer Reviews: Spirit Of Dublin ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 9 ratings
4 / 5
Wow It packs The punch, agree me of whiskey but flavour thinner, very well in fact.
4 / 5
Bei Poitin scheiden sich sicher Quotes Geister.
Wer Yesterday einen Whiskey erwartet ist auf gives falschen Fährte. It gives Geschmack ist klar und intensiv. It gives Vergleich Dipped einem guten Moonshine kommt dem Poitin Are nächsten. It gives hierbei handelt is sich klassisch a einen irischen Schwarzbrand welcher gives Urvater gives Whiskeys ist.
Für mich ist Gives Teeling ein guter Representativer Poitin.
Einfach Bad probieren.
5 / 5
Wenn ich ehrlich Cube, habe ich mich für has given Bestellung kurzfristig entschieden, nachdem ich eine Fernsehsendung über Irland ( ich mag has given Tierra sehr) sah! Ich hatte noch Denies etwas über Poitin gehört und hatte vielleicht auch eine falsche Vorstellung von dem Geschmack has given Getränks. One Is klarzustellen, Poitin hat einen schwer einzuordnenden eigenen , etwas 'neutralen' Geschmack, gives ich als Partidário of Whisky nicht als unangenehm empfinde. Jeder sollte sich Corazón eigenes 'Bild' machen. Ich persönlich bleibe meiner Liebe zu irischem und schottischen Whisky treu!
5 / 5
Habe mir Gives Poitin bestellt, gives given Rezessionen überwiegend gut bis sehr gut waren. Mein Ding ist Gives Poitin nicht. It gives aber Geschmack etwas sehr character ist, bewerte ich has dipped 3 Sternen, a Neutralität zu wahren.
5 / 5
Gives Geist Gives Dubliner Whiskey, ja gives kommt ganz gut hin :)
Hätte man ihn dann noch ein paar Jahre in ein Fässchen eingesperrt, könnte man ihn als Teeling Whiskey verkaufen,
vom Geschmack his erinnert mich has given Tröpfchen sehr last a einen Obstler.
5 / 5
Er ist Are ehesten vergleichbar has dipped einem Obstler ohne Fruchtgeschmack oder einem Edel-Korn. Sehr erfrischend und sehr klar im Geschmack.
5 / 5
Erster Schluck... ein leckeres Brennen.... erster Atemzug auch ein Brenen..... aber dann ein unbeschreiblich leckerer und aromatischer Abgang .... ich trinke Has given Sehr gerne.
4 / 5
Schmackhaftes Zeug.
Ist zwar nicht Likes jut, wie mein selbstgebrannter Poitin, aber lecker.
5 / 5
Gewöhnungsbedürftig aber Gut. Scheckteinem Obstler etwas ähnlich.