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Top Customer Reviews: Army Corps of ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 8 ratings
5 / 5
A game without big stairs but very well Touches partorisca kill lucido time to the sud his PSvita.
Neither a lot that Feigns neither formidable truth to the level of the his staged, and a lot that has better musics partorisca propose that of the metal to all his sauces, I a lot me extasierais to the sud the realisation. But this Type of game that is consolations of the sud scarce, so a lot bouder like of edges.
As a whole well Touches current of reward of the edges!
Adds That it Touches his hunters of platinums, this challenge is not hard to create, although a bit long.
4 / 5
Lack Of variety with report to his different levels. Too répétitif. The history is platitudinous, his characters are without saveur, his decorations look everything, he narration is a tantinet soporifique. Lucido Gives the map is not to the height of the PS Life. In rodeo, bores quickly.
4 / 5
A bit touches that it is strong appreciated at the beginning but leaves a lot quickly car is a lot of répétitif. Graphiquement This is not More hoard, would say a game has launched of a mobile telephone of and he the roughly the years transports now his games are in general very bad sud mobile
5 / 5
Súper play life to pair the edges of the band of the heavy good metal gives boss quite difficult gives the game of different technicians beat him
5 / 5
A good game that occupies when in the some minutes of free is porters for real to the sud the strategy a bad dosage and is Games On.
4 / 5
Is perfect games dé it extends après has had desire of étrangler his collègues(or all that loves another), resulted this in spite of relatively quickly lassant although the music rythmé(and one peel répétitive) quickly has beaten the measure and cry to the time that we gobelins.
If no The Difficulté it is organisé in landings: in it joins it map súper difficult orù he and the plenary of new monsters after always the sud same 4 or 5 level afterwards in in dé it covers of the new.
5 / 5
TrèS Good game. A cost without problè I touch his defenders of PS life. Simple &worsens; game and taken in fast hand.
5 / 5
Does not cost not even €10... It is not even worthy of a game to €0,79 sud telephone laptop. It bores royalement. Would have of the start to the Format minis compatible PSP/PS3/PSVita so that it does not cost a nail.

Top Customer Reviews: Publisher Minori ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 18 ratings
4 / 5
Seen the course of the last games targati Situate Enix was a po titubante on the purchase has given this game, lately dream been developed diverse turns-of of the very famous the saga has quotes Final Fantasy his diverse platforms my any mine had convinced of the everything.
World of the Final fantasy has not tried has given to please the defender with of the material recycled or melting maquinales has given different games to attain ad accontentare the players has given this generation in fact has tried has given to enter some totally new appearances and stood out creating almost one generates all sweat.

He game is acclimatised The Grymoire a parallel world the that 'ours' submerged some of the elements more iconici of the the saga has quotes Final Fantasy he melt in an only sews to create a embrollo has given histories and landscapes for real interesting. That find a lot has given leading more known And obviously also the better monsters attained has given all the chapters; the protagonists, planned brothers, discover has given to be connected in some way the this world understanding has given to have lost the memory, the parrot adventure to agree this that is sucedido read will spend the struggle for saved Grymoire and the svelare some has given secret that this racchiude.

He the system has given battle is he classical The turns with the possibility has given to customise some appearances to surrender it more apprezzabile gives all, our characters will be in the terracing has given to capture the elder the breakings have given enemies that find and has given to use them in battle forming 'of the battery' that is to say swipes of trace to have monsters more grown or allowing there is smaller has given to be them swipes and augmented capacities has given fight.

Is a game Any one perfect, go back it predictable and with some appearances has given coherence the narrative assented, but a lot original! I have found it funny, appassionante and promising for him future, advise it sopratutto in this version for PsVita given he price very convenient and to generate that approccia well announces a portable console.
5 / 5
Childbirth with a doverosa premise: the one who there is tried the demo and Any one is remained satisfied, know that he game is totally diverse coming dynamic and entertainment.

WoFF Is A Bel 'RPG was Japanese', with find random the turns avenges to have old time (to understand, final the FFX). He the system has given fight is incentrato his an arisen has given ATB, a fence that displaces and resupplies the varied turns in battle; he accione give fulfil dream he usual: action, skill, objects and like this street. He true peculiarities form of sleep have given characters that will find,in style uper-deformed' (declares enormous and small masses), comprised the protagonists has given old FF and the introduction has given mirages, that another any sleep that the monsters that that they can capture and potenziare/far evolve come went has given Pokèmon. These mirages can affiancare (Or For better say impilare) there are characters in the fights, to explode lucido parrot skill, the parrot points life, my also lucido parrot weaknesses, in that all lucido characteristic parrot will go the add which has data planned twins that will drive during the adventure.
Grown lines he game is this, mine need to try it To understand it the fund. The joint The all the lovers of the serious, especially those has given 'old dated.

Puntualización For the one who there is was the PSVita that the PS4: he game has given sustain Cross-Save, mine any one Cross-Buy, like this as the buy his an of the planned platforms does not give right ad have a copy also for the another platform, but having 2 copy, one for platform, if it can has saved his a console and restart he game on the another.

Regarding him service Amazon, Optimum coming to the usual!
5 / 5
Preordinato And Come fiancé gives amazon mine have reserved he price piu low. Arrived He day of the start like this as His Times have given delivery and packaging all for real optimum. Regarding him game bhe the one who is a partidário of the seriáis final fantasy the purchase is obbligatorio. A tuffo in the past that has seen will do rivivere bonitísimos memories with all the main characters of the diverse sagas , system to struggle old fashion (finally), aunt laughs thank you there is funny present characters and TANTÍSIMAS the past has given game. ;)
4 / 5
Pleasant game, thought For the nostalgici, the plot any one is at all has given ché, sinned that his PS Life the caricamenti has given fights are a bit slow, my bar the pity surely play it.
4 / 5
A Mix among the classical ff the turns and pokemon/neither any kuni, for fault has time of date here have played little mine is a lot pleasant, only pecca as it is me a bit slow for the level act them
5 / 5
Prisoner practically (in fact, will say exclusively) for him Japanese voices, that gave only in the D1 Edition or in the the collector is. Mine has arrived the version D1 and like this as he code with him voices Was present, my here there is dipped well a week announces to arrive! And less Viril that had it preordinato!
4 / 5
Gameplay Funny, A turn to the origins has given old JRPG mine in modern version. The plot is for real good-looking and see the protagonists has given old titles all assieme is for real a surprised good-looking For the nostalgici.
4 / 5
Have given this game Was my girl And has not seen say that happiness when it saw it.
He game Has a giocabilità absurd, is a history is a bonitísima graphic. Any tired May.
4 / 5
Excellent delivery! He game does Deja there is of then pocket chicche For ps worthy life has given note, will say an of the killapp, considering he done that it is the same game of the contraparte master of house, so only that in this portable husband.
4 / 5
He game is splendid, A bit a turn to the origins has quotes Final Fantasy with a graphic splendid and each individual cured in the detail, here am playing calmly to finalise it later possible! :)
Sendings Always perfect!
5 / 5
Bonitísimo Game targato Squared-enix... The packaging was good and he game has arrived exactly he Day One of the launching in version fully satisfied
5 / 5
He game is for real beautiful, his ps life the caricamenti for him battle to sleep a po slow mine any exaggerated. Material was One has given better available games his ps life.
4 / 5
Has seen likes final Fantasy? Adored I Pokemon? Beloveds Was madness the style Has Hearts of date of realm? World of final fantasy is all this.
5 / 5
Interesting game has given collection has given monsters, good-looking the graphic also Life, lens the caricamenti for the version Life that have purchased
5 / 5
Absolutely one has given FF better attained of the last times. He the system has given game is quite innovative, the dialogues funny dream and the intriguing history.
5 / 5
Any one would have May thought that a mix among a final fantasy and pokemon could be like this beautiful! Avvincente And funny!
4 / 5
Arrived without delays And he game is a lot beautiful. A tuffo in the past with him sagas precedents has quotes final Fantasy. It gives to try!
5 / 5
Bonitísimo Game, You takes gives suffered, bonitísimos also the main characters that you do affezionare anchors it has given more was history.

Top Customer Reviews: World of Final ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 46 ratings
5 / 5
I have bought World of Final Fantasy because I found it the good prize and the creation of characters looked a lot beautiful. When being defender of the franchise, the fact partorisca have a game with a lot of characters forms chibi/pleasant me genial.
Likes a lot the RPGs for turns, but this game especially is a lot slow, so much that the game goes back tedious. Each pocolos small Sell you of the new 'tutorial' in shape of windows of the text that explains until to to the simple plus likes to save your start.
On the other hand, the history sees partorisca interest, but the dialogues among the edges of characters a lot of sosos and boring.
HAS subheads in Spaniards, but is a European Spanish, for east is common to find with words that is not habituado for the use the hispanohablantes of latinoamerica.
Cela He, the graphic section is genial. The creation of characters is very good and the game sees very good same in PS LIFE.
4 / 5
The world of Final Fantasy maintains like an accessible and flexible proposition for all the type of players. That this Sea like this has to that in good measure to the own structure with counts it the title, included that complete other sections like the edges his gameplay or his general presentation.
5 / 5
Until the Very had moment a lot porblema over time of delivery, all have been rid in time and is any one has been the exception . Regarding the product all a lot well the excellent prize. Yes any one wants to will require it 3gb of spatial in his life...
4 / 5
Any one has a deep history, neither romantic, neither epic, has a simple history of a way adictivo in that the plot looks for that it capture but and but monsters to arrive at the end the most poised possible
5 / 5
Excellent title. The prize has been inmejorable. Big game for the fanatical of the series. Big cameos and a good history. The request arrives included first of the planned. Compraventa Big
4 / 5
excellent game of ps life, and but included the good prize still never thinks to find is estimate and ademas edicion day one with his respective prize
5 / 5
an in truth charming game, feels like a combinacion among the final fantasy of the era of the playstation 1 and pokemon, game a lot well like the rpg for of turns.
4 / 5
Woow Surprises the agility with those movements this half, the game arrives in of the perfect conditions and is increíble !
5 / 5
Fantastic game, the emission adds for Square Enix. All the world is complaining that an English voice-overs has not been in a game in the launcher but ossia because of Sony has obliged on Life cartridges. Sony Only leaves 4GB maximum for Life physical emissions. This was the small hickup with a lack of English VO but this was to fix quickly. They can be download in a Playstation tent.
4 / 5
Absolutely love this game! Any only reason have been the loyal and stalwart FF defender of a first game in a NES, but reason is a real genuine gem of a RPG the gender and I can does not give quite a lot of stars to do me giddy with defender-nostalgia of boy repeatedly.

So only roughly everything in this delivery in a FF the franchise is well. But they are the a lot biased opinion . It does not take Me bad, in spite of my partidário-emotion of boy, there is not hanged on all FF games in some spent as 'the better game/RPG has'. This in spite of, World of FF is one of a 'a lot of' some.
A map (while it has not gone never the mark or pause for me) is brilliant!! Lighting is soft and the colours are subtiles and returning for some zones in a game. An animation is so only like this fluent. Any reviewers and the critics have been hating in a chibi way of character, I but finds it pleasing and the different way to imagine iconic characters of a franchise. Scenery Flow of a zone to a prójimo. The animation of character is seemless and the frames feels likes is looking cartoon or animate film.

A music is the explosion of a past this is been king-mastered. So that they have touched forwards FF games, immediately will identify the majority of some describes BGM that will be traversing by means of. A nostalgia to paste likes-you the brick to a face! For those no like this familiar with FF serious or perhaps has not touched some of them, a BGM still will be to please he so that it is the comfortable composition that has roots of rear in 8 and 16 has bitten was. It comes near harmoniously! Included some describes that is concrete to World of FF like a centrical hub the zone there is enjoyable music.

The history is your typical RPG-esque or FF-ish line of history. Any one was to destroy a world. There is some class of the mystery shrouded in the protagonist of a game. You know a hammer yes is the RPG guru. If no, attended some transfers and the revolver have turned some protagonists, his fund, his aim, some antagonistic, etc. :)

A dialogue... Now, I have bought with a day-1 edition that has come with the code to download to have an original Japanese voice overs like an option so that the buyers can not have this option later or can owe front roughly $ $ in PSN to take a JVOs. But, it is not disappointed yes calms so only is taking some English voices. They are done brilliantly!!! Like this very received goes plant like this does to do one doing in this game so only one of a better, if no The VOICE has DONE the BETTER games have touched. Some movements of dialogue smoothly and transitions of a speaker to another without to lacking clumsiness that persists among lines. A banter this goes back and advances among Lann and Reynn the frames feels likes is for real twin siblings in a way his bicker and poke entertainment in an another. I have it that has not had still a subject with pronunciation of anything spoken in a game. Usually with games of fantasy and FF games that has voice overs, has some class of discrepancies with pronunciation in fact on names or words. This there is still to spend for one 10th understand (roughly 15 hours to a game). ALL THE WORLD is voiced for a way. Included a townsfolk the be able to you or can not speak to.

Gameplay Is your typical overworld exploitation, RPG that fulfils random, has turned has based RPG battles. But that it is fresh in this one is that it adds it splash of Pokémon (collection of different FF themed monsters to do that they struggle to the long lateralmente a protagonist) and Hearts of Realm (visiting different themed zones with the character lateralmente special or two to do an appearance and the help move a history to the long of. Your monsters (Mirages) levels on, learn capacity a-the-FFX type of grille of system of fashionable sphere. You was evolves to the main mirages , stronger. When you Are stacked with your mirages, (one on your main characters) can develop combo to to attacks likes him to him Stab of Cruz and Wound (of of two beasts that knows Fire). A humour in a game there will be you laughing to the long of and so only chuckling when I take a thin and any place like this subtiles. A lot 'humour of jokes/of the Dad'! Like this trail calms!

With good, there is a bit bads, and can be directed more in other descriptions. I will touch in the few things there is remarked immediately and some smaller annoyances with a game.

In a start of a game, there is remarked any framerate and subjects of fragmentation with an inaugural scene. Now this can be reason could not expect for an update to finalise first to take my feet wet. This can have been directed and corrected with a patches. I will not know unless I begin the new game saves.

Tama Practical of the tongue is the-tiresome. After the moment, takings uses his, and is not like this prevalent (or am acclimated so only to the the Tama habladurías now). But at the beginning, it is kinda the-annoying to have the- dipped innanzi to the another word.

This can be minuet but a way in that a game is saved is to disturb it smaller. Active to save it glass, selects saves, then a PS4 asks wants to save , defaulting to the no. So only can me be, but this has to that it does not have to that ask wants to save , and if he , incumplimiento to Him. Has Have the few times have thinks that has saved, taken to the boss, death, and there is then @@give had not saved. Ungh...

Quite an only audience that for real will appreciate everything in a game another that a Pokémon collection completionist nightmare, will be FF defenders. Any that ossia bad, but think that is that it is inspiring to plot of one 'RGAE! HATE C GAME!' That has been flown in metacritic and other places of description.

Future DLC.... I can no any flu in this quite but know is one 'what to do' these developers have all has moved to with just in the each game this is to exit in a past 5 years and concealed will exit in some prójimos 5. Undoubtedly it will have DLC for cost to go in some next months. To Summon (ossia Sora of Hearts of Realm) to new Mirages, to 'worlds' additional to probably additional BGM. There is an option in a paper of main screen for 'On-line Content' that at present is not populated but will be punctual. Ungh.... For any the one who is full prize spent in east for the touch now, and concealed probably will find something desirable by means of a DLC, this can inflate the one who a game In fact Costs. Any to mention, 6-12 months down a line, the prizes will fall, Game of some editions of Year (or to the to something likes) will spend, and of all this material will be bundled with a game for the prize the low more than that has been paid when a game is exited. Annoying. And quite disappointing.

So much, there the him. A WELL to good sure outweigh a BAD, has included a perspective of DLC. Calm and does not have to that it takes... But expensive accident he, knots probably .
5 / 5
Has bought this version of then was more economic that a PS4 one and apparently has a same content. If you are looking for something new and different that calms has not touched never first, ossia probably a lot that. This in spite of, are looking for the solid RPG with connections of Final Fantasy and the clue of Pokemon then ossia your game . Hopefully Sony Will do a bit few more dual emissions have taken. Life is to add it small system and deserves games of notches more upper like this one.
5 / 5
Has purchased this PS Life World of Final Fantasy of Delaware of vendor with FBA (praise for Amazon). I have been concerned first to situate my mandate of a description of image has a day a coverage of edition, but a description does not mention any of some DLC contents. After receiving a product, has been thrilled to see that it was in fact a physical copy of a day an edition. A reason because it has loved a day an edition of this game is reason some pre-orders, limited and some editions of day are some so only copies that is coming with a Japanese voice overs, Sephiroth summons, white chocobo, glow moogle and red bonnetberry. An English voice on for an original copy of a game is terrible! It had it handful of English voice in characters that me cringe. Habladuría Of characters during a game any only earring of the scenes of courses, as having a voice has wished on for me was of entity. Now finally I can enjoy this game with much better the voice that read and Sephiroth for my side.

Is hard to recommend to to games likes him to him all the world has the concrete gender and way, but has been touching Final Fantasy in an a lot of calm of start then will enjoy to touch this game. I am not never be to Pokemon/Digimon games of type, but am submerged with this game. A storyline is well, particularly joy Lann character, always me laugh. In general the game adds for me to touch before read, so only run around collecting new mirages.
4 / 5
Was the victim of a demo. I have touched he by means of, and has had to that have more like this orderly. They are really be enjoying this game and like this far one of my games of Life of the favourite. Reason any one 5 stars??? For me to give the game 5 would be necessary to be it almost perfect, and although this game are adds has a lot of shortcomings.

Graphic-the fantastic Just looks.
Controls- no really profiter of the capacities of control of Life, but is a lot of mapped was.
Stacking- I has thought this would be class of the transmission of system, but in fact does well.
Upgrade System - the works add also, giving you elections in that zones to upgrade first.
Humour - use Well of humour like this far.
The times of cariche are short for the hand-held system

Can take repetitive. Fight, fight, find the small property. It repeats.
The papers can be the small confusing
Save the system is well, but always prefers the save anywhere system. Sometimes so only I take few pieces to time to touch, and ossia also of entities for the one of hand.
Sqeaky Voice for some any main character

In courts. A game is the explosion , and there is life would be necessary to take you this. Any a lot of games of big quality for Life. A more write this revises a marvel them to them more would be necessary that to him gives 5 stars.
5 / 5
Is not one the majority of engrossing play never, and taking tiresome after an hour of game of game. But it is really pleasant, and add the homage the FF defenders. Like another reviewers has said, a game remember of a lovechild of Pokemon et seq.
Mina 13 old year little sister really loves a game, and am thinking of the give to the his I once the finishings.
5 / 5
Has been touching consolation RPG is of an original of Final Fantasy in NES. Ossia A awesome throwback to a classical turn-the way based of Japanese RPG. It has to that it weaves of classical FF characters, albeit in the different functions that was in his respective games. This has said, so that entertainment how was, are deducting the star for an extreme cheesiness that this game contains. While the parts of him were in fact sincerely pleasant, sometimes a cheesiness was just way also. Still the explosion to touch this in spite of. And Reynn is a video game a hot plus babe has seen of Vanille in FF13.
5 / 5
Has received a game when it has been supposition to arrive , any one @subjects there. Regarding a game, is exactly that would expect of him. One basic FF history (according to which some games plus a lot late goes) without a lot of emotional implication, coloreado enviroments and committed gameplay. If it did not like never pokemon of games then this game is for you. With his a lot of monsters, is thank you to take them every time. Although have enjoyed a game, is far too easy. Still in some extra dungeons stick expósito-game, is difficult is has augmented so only based on break received of some attacks of monster and a HP have, as any strategy has been using during a game still laws.
4 / 5
Perfection, I swiotch go in east and a PS4 a when they are in a gone, sharing the same game saws the cloud saves. The map is surprising, obviously takes on upper of his just action of Vitas the memory limited this in spite of. The controls are utmost, was like PS4 the thing is Voice in the file is ommitted byu incumplimiento, yes loves the acting voice has to the to you downloads seperate (To the left has gone by incumplimiento like measure of spatial saving n the doubt of then a lot can touch without him supposition).
5 / 5
Have Roughly 25 hours clocked to a game and would say am done almost with a history.

Before it begins to to this description likes to say ossia the BIG game there is FPS falls 15-30 that depends that the city is in or that zone, ossia Life version which would not owe that hamper a description for game of global game.

This game has blown my expectations, at the beginning was sketchy roughly the the history is quell'has bitten caseous, a chibi is is not for me. But I gave he breakthrough has not felt in the moment, levelling monsters to do them evolve is like Pokemon throughout again, but on levelling your monsters take points of the skill where can dip you these signals to the tree to unlock fresh characteristic, forces and capacities.

- Innovative stacking system
- to Seat likes pokemon
- Evolution for some monsters that can change you behind and advance around
- taking the monsters requires the sure first task of calm can take monster of strikes 'EX' with wave to shoot
- has touched FF games or any this want to of the game wants to take all and evolve everything to see some result
-Secret dungeons, secret zones, secret mirages
- tank of Good time for laptop
-mirages of points for of to Skill
- the history was caseous
- has to that expect the LONG time to evolve sure monsters, which can be really tedious considering has no the new game + and they will be evolved near of a game of final
-the chapters feel the mark chairs a lot short as yours conclude in the the book that calms does not love arrival.
- I main characters do not take any type of tree of Skill.
4 / 5
In general it has liked him a game, has had some elements of the game of the base of the turn likes those of some games of the Final fantasy older, access partorisca some boys of the newest generation. A very linear game, which is a lot understandable based in his audience has feigned. That has launched me really was was stacking of some monsters with some two main characters, has thought that was bobo was. I comprise Square Enix has wanted to be so only this in spite of era bondadoso of annoying seeing monsters on his boss of characters.

Was a enjoyable game, and has has wanted as has has presented medals of new champion like downloadable content. This in spite of era also repetitive in time, there is remarked that I quickly-sent by means of the majority of some battles, using some same movements and on again.
5 / 5
His a lot of was fun box has taken them to some the hard part then is resulted the ache has done included pours to win for some clean but nope still has lost included then any one the fault of games the so only suck but was fun box that resulted it so only annoy. A game takes s to 4 cause has decent map and of the good animations wich are really lacking here in a life like this life the games that is so only 2nd when it knows them a system can do so more.
5 / 5
Am not very fanatical when it comes the Final Fantasy. Has no really touched some games a lot of besides Final Fantasy Theatrhythm and Final Fantasy 14 for the brief time. But I have found this game to be a lot of enjoyable ossia the good game for random players. It has helped also a lot besides frame that Pokemon his moment to an emission of Sol and Moon. I say it concealed but is not to good sure the Pokemon the just clone Pokemon likes.
4 / 5
Has seat the this the whole game was practical developer for Hearts of Realm III. It is the odd (but enjoyable) mix of Pokemon and Final Fantasy. You collect and evolve monsters to stack in your boss and struggle another and take other monsters. It is in transmissions of premise , but a enjoyable game. It is probably one the majority 'Final Fantasy' the game has touched the long time.

Some leaves of game for cross-game with a PS4 version, but no in a PSTV.
4 / 5
Was in a flange in east a, when being a defender of avid final fantasy, has been concerned that can be too kiddish, but was to good bad insurance! Lot is of FF experiences of mark of the characters, doing for a enjoyable experience. A history could be bit it better, but there has quite there to maintain you captivated.
4 / 5
I really do AMUR FF serious. Some histories always are in amazing. This does not disappoint . It likes him to him the mix stackable pokemon with final fantasy. It likes to of me to plot. So only it wishes that it could touch he with another person. It likes him the circle around controlling an of some two characters, and any with another. Calm take you would not be able to with some of some mandates of attack of the games and material.
5 / 5
Vendor: the element likes described and is looked in my door less than the week of the different province. When I Am done this play I hope to take my next game to a same vendor.

Game: calm Once take spent a riada of totorial the instructions is the game adds and can not look for the dipped down. The Japanese voice that read and English subs with this edition. If you like traditional RPG is ossia perfect.
5 / 5
This game is for people those who love Final Fantasy and Pokemon. A history is not a More adds them but some characters, monsters, and gameplay mark up for him. Some characters and the monsters are incredibly pleasant and there is some mechanics involved in a system of battle. The monsters have elementary affinities, forces, weaknesses and skills. There are tonnes of combinations in tacking' these monsters in your character of player to result stronger. A turn the battle has based is throwback to games of the Final fantasy older.

A better thing is that it can dip some battle the way/of CAR REQUEST like calm he quickly-advance and go in autopilot pending of the battles!

Am taking of the star because some times to upload is little too long. You owe load among each battle, each transmission of map, each one teleport... 10-15 you second each screen to upload adds up over time.

This game looks beautiful in Life. No like this as well as PS4 version that has seen it but, adds for the portable option.
4 / 5
I amour ❤️ this same game although I am stuck in interior of big bridge a moment. It is the addition adds to the yours FF collection. It is defying with a lot of fun dialogue of your beans characters voiced for some original actors! Chibi The snow was further hysterical. A must has. The just desire has added it ff 15 patch😍
4 / 5
A history is awesome and loves a stack system. It is class to like Pokemon. Really It likes Me a stack system. Mark sure to take creatures to water be to go to a pirate zone. I have taken it it has stuck there reason have not had some right creatures.
4 / 5
If you are looking for a walk of your life, does not dip your hopes in this game. I mean it is the good tries to do the súper boy the friendly game but fault of the history partorisca oblige and personality in some main characters. Personally I consider partorisca have low levels regarding games but I so only a lot of luke is one.
4 / 5
My husband has said that ossia like pokemon has fulfilled Final Fantasy. A lot it enjoys it and I am sure I also when lame time partorisca touch . I love games where has to that collect creatures or another odds and finals.
5 / 5
Excellent game. A nostalgia costs a prize of admission so only. This in spite of, combines that with an add stacking/depth of the build and you have an excellent entrance to a series. It will resist you it was until an end of a month when XV REGIME.
4 / 5
Are not really the defender of chibi characters, but a global presentation and storyline really hooked me! I did not finalise it still but it is upper of a cast... When I am not producing video hehe.
-Rick, Techspin Description, Youtube
4 / 5
Ossia the game adds for the prize adds, so only 1 more game to add Life collection (the better part is, any one supervise of tampon of rear touch!)
4 / 5
Like the defender of final fantasy: number hopper and dabble. But I want to all some characters some I know well another has listened of but his all have the something in video game of mine fond heart. A very has not finalised because of fines play tasking but where is has the fond recognition thus game
5 / 5
Ossia the highly Underrated the game is amused like this is better that Digimon and Pokémon combine the history adds with awesome creatures to collect
5 / 5
love a concept to be creatures of controls of Final Fantasy. A map and the music are incredible and very pleasant also. When being able to choose like this to evolve your creatures done an entertainment of game and that interest also.
4 / 5
This game is very interesting, has two characters those who are likable and quite pleasant, a stacking the mechanics is interesting to try different combinations and add to pinch of cameos of characters of games of leading Final Fantasy. If you are the defender of FF or a lot familiar with to the to series likes, to control this game was.
5 / 5
His entertainment. Game very simple but his the good pause of a a$ $ kicking games and first person shooters lol
5 / 5
I can very included begin to explain that adds this game is.

1. Chibi. You can be the lilikin or the jiant. Chibi Or normal measure. Transmission in out battles.

2. A history. Has a line of better history of ffx /x2... Seriously. If you have been disappointed for ffxii (sad Ashe, but the person concerned after your husband dies in an inaugural. It was obvious this was partorisca be depressing) ffxiii (game of film by means of taking like this long that felt bad partorisca a afro chocobo) and ffxiv (a band of continuous boy in a street, cooks, takes pictures, and an end was like this bad), calm then will be pleasantly has surprised! You go partorisca love some few characters! A history has very deep, but maintains the level of humour that calm maintain you going back paralización more!

3. Active? Attended? A bit of column A, the little of column B? It is until you! Still with some controls! You can dip he until active quickly spells mapped, or FINALLY can return to a CLASSICAL creation. If you are not sure the one who that is, thinks FFVII thru FFX-X2. Oh, And calm is not the band of boy! (I really disturb FFXV ... Really)

4. Pokemon? Yeah, But the freshest WAY ... To the left the joy said mine of only trace MARLBORO around! But seriously, a system to take is more thorough. Some grilles of the skill for each Mirage is resembled Hearts of Realm: Distance of Drop of the Sleep (Or as I call it, Hearts of Rainbow: Boys of Drop of the Sleep) Btw, love Each HEARTS of Realm, if you too much, will want to this! Unlocking The evolutions is not hard, to say, but finding a material to do so it is defying, and ENTERTAINMENT!

5. Tonberry, Cactaur And Moogle! It is the MUST to touch some histories lateralmente. Any to take fantasymon(tm) but reason are a more PLEASANT thing to come from square enix in ... Never?? Yeah, Never!

'...Mina hex the life is sum ...' Mina also?

6. The one who need the map? Well, , and we take one , but no calm really the PRECISE to find where to go in terms of line of history, but is useful to take your bearings in zone. Really useful!

7. CHOCOLATTE MART! No more than it runs of city the city to find a material a late plus to help you progress. Chocolatte Has everything, or at least she ! As you progress Chocolatte also in of the terms of the available elements for compraventas. Thank you Chocolatte!

8. Our depressed prismarium keeper. His voice and the attitude are perfect. Like Pokemon, can very always access a prismarium(pokecenter), but yes go in a quota of mirages can spend, can choose transmission he for one of one some in your line on or the send to touch with some other mirages chilling in a prismarium.

9. An only flu has is that I can no any transmission among mine lilikin and jiant stacks in battle. I have included the-amour Tama!

On everything, one of some games of better final fantasy to date. Biggs, Wedge And gives it 3 thumbs up! We are sure it calms also!
5 / 5
Loves this game is amused to touch and has been enjoying it like this far. It is funny bay although present those who are not the defender of to the the pubs probably no him liking a humour of this game.
5 / 5
Pokemon 'Gotta Taking in all' + serious' + of Final Fantasy = This little gem.

I amour a game. It does not take seriously, and it is in plot of fun to touch. I want to take and formation everything of some pocolos samples.
4 / 5
One of some better games never. The history adds, glorious animations, and a lot involving. A reason because it has given the to 4 star is reason owe that download a english voice on, and can not take a Japanese voice on unless taken an edition has limited .
4 / 5
Has bought this game a sale for $ 25. There are some drops of tax of the frame in Life version but a game looks good-looking and am loving a history like this far! To good sure would recommend. It is the FF game with move he of Pokemon. You can take a monster in place of the has beaten.
4 / 5
Was very hesitant in this game with his pleasant few models of character and Pokémon the fashion takes in all the approximation with some monsters soyirages'. But it is very charming, ape and the very good game! They are hooked. One the majority of entertainment has had with the FF game of then XIII. The classical turn has based the battles adapt me of FFX which is always the welcome rear approximation for me.
5 / 5
Graphic adds, likable characters, fun history, collecting of monster.

Better that ff15 for far.

Are nit it ff defender and has has not completed never he ff game. This in spite of this one is adictivo and fantastic. The game adds
4 / 5
Any description with necessary information another that a product that is sealed perfectly and in 'the New mark' condition. It would consider to purchase of this vendor to the equal that have ensured that one produces has has received personally was exaclty that has looked for.

Top Customer Reviews: Call of Duty: Black ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 34 ratings
5 / 5
VitaとしてのCoDということで、出来はそこそこでグラフィックもサウンド(殆どがBlack Opsから使用)も文句無いんですが、如何せん不満に目がつきます。





個人的には、過去最高で難しいと感じました。(次はWorld In Warでしょうか。)


5 / 5







5 / 5
結構スムーズに動くので自分が思った通りに プレイすることができます! 戦闘では、緊張感が出るのでドキドキして より一層楽しむことができます! しかし、このゲームはWiFiのNAT2タイプには 対応していないので、NATタイプを調べてから やられた方が良いかと思います。 調べる方法は、WiFiの接続設定をやると テストを行い始めますので、 そこで見れますよ!
4 / 5
4 / 5
5 / 5
マルチは普通に面白い。COD BOの一部の武器が使用可能。一部独自のもあり。
4 / 5

4 / 5













5 / 5



4 / 5
4 / 5



5 / 5
5 / 5
4 / 5
5 / 5






4 / 5





5 / 5
4 / 5


5 / 5
5 / 5





5 / 5


今後PS Vitaはどうなるのか、これにすごい期待していただけに、残念です。。。
5 / 5
4 / 5
4 / 5
ゲームは面白いですが何回かフリーズしました あとオンラインでは爆発物しか使わないクソッタレが沢山いるのでイライラする
4 / 5
4 / 5
ニヒリスティックと言う会社ですが、このCOD BODを作った後に潰れたらしいです。








4 / 5

まだPSVita の操作に慣れなくてやり込め感が少ないでのですが、まあ 面白いです。
4 / 5
4 / 5
5 / 5
4 / 5
4 / 5
4 / 5
5 / 5

 COD: MW2、MW3のスペシャルオプスのようなもの
 FPSデビューを考えている方にはあまりオススメできない作品⇒据え置きにCome in!

Top Customer Reviews: Army Corps of Hell ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 18 ratings
4 / 5
It agrees Overlord? It wants to touch the mediocre version of that? Well then ossia a game for you.
4 / 5
Has loved this game when I in the first place listened roughly he around launch, but expected until a point of recent prize to pull a trigger. A history can be summed up in a scene of inaugural yard, and very never try progress or have the real purpose. Calm essentially fall to hell and of the goblins of tower to the your minions to take hell on. One struggling is looked the pikmin, and a point is alike. Launcher your minions in an enemy and avert leaving them or takings attacked or lose the health and they die = less minions until it find the door with more or the to an end of a level. A subject of entity is that different pikmin, are a street of has predetermined monsters as you go of the each floating sand to a prójimo until takings to a door that goodness to an end of a level. After the little level all have to that look forward to this boss, reason each one another enemy is so only the reincarnate of something struggled already against.

Likes -you the music of the metal has to that to look forward to, has has not thought excepts addition to an ache to touch by means of this game. Some controls take less than the minute to learn and is quite easy. There is some upgrades that the help adds harm to enemies, but a lot really see the difference in gameplay when using them. Finally some trophies can be the little defiant but to good insurances doable (is concerned roughly taking the platinum).

Explaining three stars:
likes monotonous fight, pikmin without puzzle or of an open world, and music of metal that has the plot to love in this game. It is easy to choose up and touch he so that there is so only really three different keys precise knows. More has taken for less than $ 20 as I can not complain that a lot. To good sure the game of portable type, so only the desire has exploded a map and space of storage of a system.
5 / 5
Agrees of Pikmen and Overlord the one who the love these games. A game has not had any question has obliged.
4 / 5
Each one that like this class of levels of repetitive but is a awesome good game to plan the pinch when you not having long to touch by means of the whole game
5 / 5
Nizza little addition. Especially of then it does not take on upper of lovely space in a Paper by heart.
4 / 5
The game is awesome and súper underrated is likes overburdens fulfil pikman
4 / 5
does not squander your money. This game is absolutely terrible. My sympathetic is that some costruttrici of game are struggling partorisca exit with games that can be touched in Life. But ossia the game that could have been skipped in a developer of process. A map is well. Some controls are easy. A concept is caseous.
4 / 5
Has taken this in an economic when have in the first place bought mine life, and was a lot of disappointed. A map is crud, and a gameplay is not very good. I outrage that, there is so only the few clues of music and repeat on and on again.
4 / 5
No a class of game has been expecting but still enjoying it
5 / 5
love this game. A music is sum and a game is amused. Shipped fast and a lot of packaged. His only that has looked for
5 / 5
Has has loved the
took it to them a lot of quicky and was to add
the music is surprising and a game is fun
4 / 5
Partorisca something called 'Body of Army of Hell', has expected this partorisca be the game of action adds, but this play for real no alive until this name . How it is the Square Enix game, and 2012, has thought a map and gameplay would be that much more enhanced to the equal that have created some of a plus memorables games to date. No the full game of intense action how is name involves, has been inner bored some premiers twenty minutes to touch.
4 / 5
No the just bad game bland. If it calms that can choose up for less than 15 bucks goes for him.

The music is returning
the fights of Boss Adds
Choose up and game
has Done for short bits of perfect touch partorisca in a gone

Muddy map
4 / 5
Of the looks of game of roughly 40 phases according to which are conscious. You begin him it was quite easy and chooses on in difficulties to the equal that progress. Can take it it bit it repetitive in time, this in spite of of then can use different units in of the different ways to take ours your aims maintains it to the minimum for one the majority of part. Also it calms probably it wants to repeat calm phases so many can gather elements to instrument your minions with crew more powerful.

Quite amused to good sure would recommend it.
5 / 5
A game that cost. I love it especially because of his utmost soundtrack. Really returning and he amps a hype when touching.
4 / 5
Good game, long but beatable. Never seams boring, but some times repetitive. Entirely game and original of fashionable game, likes any another game.
4 / 5
Any sure reason has the plot of hateful descriptions here, but are really enjoying this game. A soundtrack and touch it are utmost, and a gameplay is really adictiva and a lot resembled this of Pikmin (is created included for a same crew). Upgrading Yours the units are amused and maintain me going back. I did not beat it still, but it has dipped the few hours in and am sure will be developed included further with DLC in a future. Also, multiplayer!

Some worlds look utmost, but some the real characters are the pocolos lacking in detail compared to Life games. But a gameplay is fast and fluent and ossia that dread more mine.

Has chosen this game up for $ 30 in treating he of the lightning and I think that is one something sweet for him.
4 / 5
There is proble with this 2 Sonic game and All-the stars that Career - Playstation Life a 2 game is empty