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5 / 5
Have has had to that 10 piece of metre of ancient fence partorisca derrumbar with some of some roots until 2 fat thumbs. This looked the reasonable prize (like opposed to a £300 Bosch a) to the equal that has given tries it.
Does quite well in of the good straight pieces but twisty some are the bit of the ache. The jam-on occasionally when fact very hard but gives sustains more works.
A car there has been the real hammering during a scrolling of fence and has directed a work his capacity. State fact had like this last that has had to rest he of paralizaciones to time to time.
Is surprising that quickly a hopper of big capacity fill up.
Calculates this extracted as well as crushers two times or three times a prize, as while you are conscious of some limitations of cars is the good compraventa
4 / 5
for any apparent reason this car has died today, is not lasted long and has not received excessive use. 3 Or 4 times the year at most...….. This car a work, in that possessed that the Bosch in fact a lot of years purchase one again, a Fast 2200, sadly he no last more than 15 mins, as we have had to look for another model. Prpers Having hunted big and down to find the description really well finalise to go for east a, which there have been some less bad descriptions. He felizmente chomps by means of anything until a thumb in diameter, would not feel sure in anything main. Until takings used to some blockades of car, but has found concealed having a box opens slightly in a subordinated and looking to ensure a shreddings is coming by means of punctual teaches you what to dip in the time. It does not like having to that exert greenery shoved in with a plunger but he felizmente he has fill firmly. A shreddings majority by means of finely enough for composting, but some leaves and the twigs pardon this process and coming by means of integer, but a lot enough to be frustrando.un the plunger there is nowhere to seat in a car but this is to be solve to join to a boss with series. It is not the fast car, but if your purpose is to create read or compost for your own garden then concealed is not the a lot of the question. If you are that master shred big quantities quickly to then situate of (ie garden clearance) is probably any one a car for you. Blockages Is easy to clear, a car is light and easy to move around, included in of the slopes and uneven is the noisy car, as timing his uses like this like this any to annoy the people can be the consideration .
4 / 5
In a good side an engine is powerfull (and noisey, but concealed can be said of the majority of them) and a box to collect is wonderfull and he the ribs stuff down fo the good small measure, excellent for composting. I have been using he for leylandii hedging which is green and wet, how is quite the difficult material to manage. I have found at the beginning that would block on a lot easily, far too easily. The inspection has developed that a space in a base of a cutter fallen has the rotating fences in by means of still take idiot of shoving his hands until a cutting chamber and paring his toes. Take a bar has done an immediate improvement. Another snag is that a space by means of that you ram a matarial to be the cut is tightened too much and a anti-dipped-yours-hand-in-the-cutting-fourth-the device is too rigid, wait that takes more flexible with use. It is quite toil to use compared with a Bosch diagrams that substitutes. Finally one Soiled Pro the tools of diagrams has been drawn for any those who has not seen never the real tree. Work well with stir straight (likes Hazel) but anything concealed has the curve or stirs it light that exited of this totally captured in a overstiff feeds empty. A Bosch was better to the respect when being the plot less fussy. Next week I start in a Laurel!
4 / 5
Has used he for the week in September 2018 to shred waste of garden. ' Will shred Until 40mm stir fat' is was one of some specifications of this car and a reason (together with some indications) reasons has bought the. It is at all true. It gives endure you stir them smaller (15mm stir dry), so only roughly. With which 3 sessions a brota was blunt and a shredded the material has maintained to take stuck inside a crusher. No it likes Him To Him the short garden recently waste! I suppose that takings that has paid takes. I have bought this in spite of this product because of some indications: any these are not true, or took it substandard car. I am stuck now with the crusher that is not to return for purpose. A lot, very disappointing!
4 / 5
My husband there has been his boch the crusher sees wrong and l has decided to buy the different mark. This one looked well but on receiving it and it using has been disappointed in action still with the main engine, has finalised to pay Bosch £100 and has been chosen up and has repaired. It is it manacles new engine. And it is returned ours. As he wont be using new soiled pro crusher. His words has been no cut on some big twigs and Bosch this. As it looks l will have the spare crusher. For the smallest works. His a lot to clear veg the plot of things likes plants of grain of the corridor. Or shredding sweet corn stalks. More for plants of small garden. Petit cuttings.
5 / 5
Good prize. Good car .. The woody material is easy the shred with this car. His no fantastic with green leafy material how is wetted too much and clog of car of the cause up but ossia easy to clear. Cleared the garden of friends in an evening,3 value of years of growth... He exactly that says in one has beaten!.
4 / 5
Excellent value for money. Chip well until 25mm stir wide. If it leaves so only it can clog on, but easy to clear to unscrew the @@@knob and ploughing up. They are very impressed. Of the that Goes for expensive crushers, this one is far better that other crushers that has used. Bkades Bit it spent, but still works 3 years on...!!!
5 / 5
Tin a lot really lacking this product. It was more economic that the majority, how was bit it apprehensive, but extracted a lot well. Taking extreme to cure any to leave any bones to take his, as this immediately blunts some leaves. Felizmente I leaves to spare are distributed and is very easy to record.
5 / 5
Reduces the big battery of tree and shrub trimmings, to very small chippings to the equal that has on taken less space in our cube of waste of the garden that the hand that cut to an acceptable measure. In addition to the levels of noise how is expected with this type of product, a unit has on blocked enough easily during use. A diet of empty to a hopper of collection is to be quite tight so only so only in a deep thumb, which does not look to clear a chippings quickly enough. This requires a unit to be verified for blockages in the regular base, but another that this small annoyance a unit extracted a lot well.
4 / 5
Has bought this crusher to the equal that has had good descriptions to substitute my old qualcast which had done the service adds for 5 years and munched his way by means of a overgrown the garden but an engine has spent.
Has tried to do my way by means of a battery my active old crusher has taken felizmente, to find the pieces and the constant jams have refused. As this was quite woody I some recent prunings to see yes was better with these but no such regime. Thye Would not feed in well.
Has used now he for 2 hours and are like this disastified I wouldnt included the give was. The pours goes but am disturbed in such the waste of resources.
He rib a material finely but tends the jam in an out of flow, I of the that needs he chopped well , so only chopped. It shoots taken almost reason a outtflow was blocked basically with sawdust.
Could not say of a description but this a lot of self feeds calm like this precise maintains to press a material in. Has the habit to dip full stop of the bramble in and when being a lot behind likes the other usually so only takes drawn in for him. At all lik that it is one . Painfully Slow to feed.

Has looked in a battery of material refused and has gone to buy the new a.