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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 16 ratings
4 / 5
The films add but Oliver has had has broken bits that has maintained salts the distracted and annoying. This in spite of Madeleine was a lot. It has not tried other films still
5 / 5
together Adds film in the prize of @@subject. One all time preferred old partorisca share with my boys.
5 / 5
Has taken this partorisca my father of 90 years and was happy with a quality and he was very packed and easy to find on here. A lot happy with cost of mine
4 / 5
Absolutely in amazing films. The girls and the adults that enjoys them throughout again.
5 / 5
Loves these 4 in a Dvd - value really adds. And the one who the selection adds film - three of the preferred of my daughter
5 / 5
the girls have has wanted to all an old classics aswell liked
5 / 5
fabulous of dvd very looked madeline still but has looked oliver matailda and annie brilliant value for money
5 / 5
Thank you Partorisca Your punctual service. I am pleased with this element.
Good quality DVD, can recommend this vendor
5 / 5
I have not looked everything of some films but Annie was really good!
4 / 5
Has purchased for my age of edges 27 those who still loves a memory of this infancy
4 / 5
has Arrived punctually...... Some the glorious daughters have loved some films.
4 / 5
Lovely selection of musicals and the value adds for money.
4 / 5
It has wanted to Oliver ONLY DVD but more economic that buy all 4, the product adds and speedy delivery
5 / 5
It was the present navideño partorisca my musical fond mamma, enjoy them and same has seated them with his to look Annie and yes has had them A life of the hard swipe stuck in my boss partorisca a rest of a day
5 / 5
the films Add but Oliver has had has broken bits that has maintained salts the distracted and annoying. This in spite of Madeleine was a lot. It has not tried other films still
4 / 5
fabulous dvd no looked madeline still but has looked oliver matailda and annie brilliant value for money

Top Customer Reviews: The Discreet Charm ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 8 ratings
4 / 5
With this 1972 film, master of a surreal satire, Luis Bunuel, has digs he in enough everything of some aims of establishment that the the habit of lambasting in his longitude and illustrious pursues - a bourgeoisie (of course) and his (historical) cohorts, specifically, a church, army, police, and faceless government and diplomatic officials. That, for me, turns TDCOTB to the classical of the his (relatively scarce) gender, this in spite of, is mainly his script has sawed-written for Bunuel and Jean-Claude Career, has followed immediately of his exceptional fusion - essentially a together of some French actors more final that a period. His script is the true joy the behold, with his anarchist and scabrous feels to be still in a tradition other films add of a gender like a same manager is Angel to Exterminate and Renoir The Principle Of the Game.

Bunuel The film is narrative-light, instead that resupplies the series of viñetas has built around six head office (bourgeois) the characters that tries convene the party to dine (almost fashionable farce), but when being thwarted every time for the canal of odd chances (some dream, some reality). Of course, underpinning TDCOTB is subject of social class, ways and 'etiquette' as, on when being is-routed' to the restaurant for a sextet is tried 'dining experience', Stéphane Audran' Alice Sénéchal quips, 'Economic and any client - ossia odd', or like and husband Henri (Jean-Pierre Cassel) takes refuge in of the next shrubs for the extreme of pre-prandial lovemaking. French colonialism (and possibly ignorance) is Bunuel to to aims likes him to him Fernando Re apologist, sexist ambassador to a fictional outpost of Miranda, Rafael Acosta, dispute with the terrorist in some relative merits of Mao and Freud, as well as affirming. 'Any one fixes will not enable never some concentrates to purchase refinement'. Completing Bunuel' the impressive centrical sextet is Paul Frankeur aristocratic Gentleman Thévenot and woman Simone (Delphine Seyrig), and the youngest sister of Simone, Bulle Ogier kooky social commentator, Florence (' hate a cello'). Acting-wise, mentions it also would owe that be fact of Julien Bertheau brilliant action (and Bunuel spicy characterisation) like pedestrian Bishop Dufour (' has had the automobile but has sold he for a profit of a poor') of the that 'ambitions of gardening' can not mask his lack of spirituality.

To the equal that can expect, finds curious and odd abounds, like the 'tea-littered of the careers out of teas (and caffè, and tins, etc) and Bunuel increasingly blurs a flange among (Freudian) sleeps and realities to the equal that are to treat to a outlandish sleeps of a lieutenant of army and sergeant - a last pleasure splits of troop of cavalry of the army that marijuana of smokes 'in of the manoeuvres' those who burst in in a sextet to dine in the scene that called to import Spend On On A Khyber. And although the sleeps of a sextet result more extreme (and violent), veering among imprisonment for outrages of drug and the soyassacre of party of terrorist dinner', Bunuel is repeated (and 'unending') has shot of an intrepid (and privileged) are strolling down the street of country says that his likes is not 'going was' any punctual time.
4 / 5
69uk Loves discreet of the bourgeoisie for Luís Buñuel (1972, 102')

Some six main people of a film - An Ambassador of Miranda, his Secretary of Prime minister with woman and niece, the any bourgeois has defined further business pair (Fernando Re, Paul Frankeur, Delphine Seyrig, Bulle Ogier, Stéphane Audran, Jean-Pierre Cassel, all a lot a lot concentrated) is seen in three different sequences to walk quite energetically to the long of a street of empty country, in the landscape of flat agriculture. This scene looks three times in a film. Out of feeding, of transport, of purpose?

A diplomatic pouch full of drugs, neatly packed for a resellers, the young woman casually selling pets maquinales small of a footpath in front of an embassy. Of his window, some shoots of ambassador in an of some toys of small walking, a woman disappears hastes, is later prendido like the terrorist. A monsignore that offered to do like the gardener. A young lieutenant, in the noble café, begs to remain to say some three women his history of infancy.

Likes Wikipedia dipped it: 'Some looks of films of a lot of thematically has has linked scenes: five meetings of the group of friends of bourgeoisie, and some four sleeps of different characters. A start of a house of film in some meetings, while a house to separate last in some sleeps, but both types of scenes are intertwined.' Counting and attributing the scenes is quell'has bitten delicate - an equally could call series of aborted
dinners and other interruptions - and that it is real and that it is the sleep can not import a lot the surreal perspective.

In a phase, the group of agents of French army in of the manoeuvres joins a dinner, that directs to the counter-invitation for a French colonel. A French colonel is dining the room is, in fact, the phase dipped in the theatrical action, and once some ploughs of curtain, some fly of guests was one for one. This in spite of, some agents a lot undiplomatically ask an ambassador in a state of things in Miranda: boy-nappings and killers, police brutality, drugs, corruption, the poverty has read roughly, which an ambassador of course everything denies.

In another dinner in the house of a pair of bourgeois, some police go in and paralización a lot, takes him in police prison for trade of drug, but the call of a Minister of an Interior (a masterful mini function in his telephone of office for Michel Piccoli) dips him free again. Some finals of films with another sequence of energetic walking to the long of a street of empty country, neither in the neither alarmed haste, but clearly to a future 'opened'.

69uk the discreet amours of the bourgeoisie for Luís Buñuel (1972, 102')
23 Part 2012
5 / 5
I once overheard a following conversation for two people behind me in an art-cinema of house:
'think that is the one who this film is roughly!'
(crossly) 'Has not been prendiendo attention.'
Has not been 'Loves It Discreet of the Bourgoisie' looked (although I no longer can agree which are) but was appropriate to the east a.
Is in the group of people that does not direct never have the together dinner and is incredibly pleasant and satirical.
Comprises the series of bad sleeps, but is all the bad sleep?
Perhaps some characters can not have the together dinner reason any one really connect with each another, is mostly more interested in his own preoccupations that each one which so another, so only follow some conversations among them.
A party to dine of half class is even more of an institution in France that it is in Big Bretagna, how is roughly one the fault of institutions of half class?
Is the dadaesque bit of chaos?
Have look and form your own opinions, reasons do not know . So only I want to look this and laughing at all some moments of comic, included although you are a lot really takes a joke.
4 / 5
'A Discreet Charm of a Bourgeoisie' unfolds with an absurd logic of the recurrent sleep, and of a DVD is fantastically state restored, one is able to dream an in colour vivid sleep. Elegantly It dress It the guests arrive for the party to dine so only to have a host informs him that they are gone in a wrong night ; like this, they maintain to do dates for dinners that is interrupted constantly for a reason or another--all of some reasons that is like this patently ridiculous how is some characters : the bishop, the one who arrives in a house and ask to be assumed like the gardener, and then relates a history of his macabra infancy; the soldato, the one who arrives in the restaurant (this has run out of tea and caffè), question to join some ladies, that has not fulfilled never first, and relates a history of his macabra infancy; the General, the one who arrives with his platoon the prompt day in a same house with a same host in timing to dine, and then, after a General invites the Deprived to relate a history of his macabro sleep to some hosts and one has has invited guests (those who listen attentively), both Generals and platoon depart for manoeuvres (but a lot before inviting all some guests in his house to dine, where even more macabra the chances unfold.). Like this, some sleeps contain sleeps inside sleeps inside sleeps inside sleeps inside sleeps etcetera ad absurdum.

This film is for any the one who there is has not had never recurrent nightmares of while to the bus in a wrong corner; to be for apresamiento the test so only to discover that one has studied a subject wrong; to be roughly give the conference so only to discover that one has left one is house of notes; or to treat on phase with the mouth stuffed with peanut-butter when one is cue is coming up. All some cliché absurd that marks perfect sense when one east dreaming. And a lot a 'discreet charm' of some characters of the bourgeoisie in this film derives of a fact that one east dreaming his nightmares and no an own east.
5 / 5
Career diplomats and his women try to eat joints, but is interrupted constantly for circumstances.

There is disappointed enough in him. I saw it abundance of the times and I agree likes the very good film. That Looking again for a first time in probably the few years develops it to be simply well, and any one some minors masterpiece has expected.

A centrical idea of a history is interesting and Luis Buñuel finds abundance of unusual ways to derail his lunches. It is so only any of this gob smackingly that shines or inventive.

Some premiers twenty minutes were bit it plodding and easily can imagine a no consecrated spectator that gives up. It chooses up after a sequence of innkeeper has died.

Am bent to say that a film maintains to improve he like this continuous in. Two sequences of sleep of the smallest characters in a second the averages unfortunately sea a film slightly. They are more to be the support given that there is enjoyed. The sleep of a messenger of army to fulfil the defunct people in the street is uneventful, pointless and boring. An agent of police death the one who pursues a police commissariat is too bobo and random in such the late point in a film - is not filmed slickly enough to really of work.

A surrealism has been resembled a point where that can be the little in an upper and intruder. This is not necessarily the bad thing. It is so only he can interfere sometimes with saying the tonally compatible history - a constant diversions to avenge the parents are died no really gel to perfection with a main history of people that tries to eat. A lot a material of fantasy is clunkier that has expected. You can see one joins moments like this unconnected is crooked -sweep the scenes. I think that that I have used to want to the one who random and unsubtle Buñuel could be when characters suddenly has begun to go is gone in surreal tangents, and all some other characters have followed to the long of. Now it looks the little messy, and the bit like bad writing. It supposes no longer it likes to see one joins among his ideas?

Any looks to film side but is not like this visually enough like an earlier film like Good-looking Of Day of 1967. Some insiemi look conjoint, and a camerawork and lighting is not like this elegant or ornamentadas.

Is a enjoyable film and no hard going at all. It is so only a lot like this strong like the memory to be. There is abundance to amuse moments in him, although it is not like this pleasant to the equal that has a potential to be. It is a lot the value that takes a time for the look, but can not say is essential.
5 / 5
This was a prime minister Bunuel saws of film and still remains my preferred. I have seen he in a theatre of film and for an end 70 of the spectators had left. A reason was that they have not been prepared for Bunuel ( was in Gorki, Soviet Union, 1986 or 87). I have not gone neither but I have fallen enamoured with a film of one a lot of begining. The Stupid to try to develop a plot, reason has any one. If I ask, a plot of this film is one same as in this Dark Object of Desire (my second better Bunuel): calm can not take that you crave stops. For it is not a plot that @@subject, is a way , the half. And these few things like a history in Brigadier. If it calms it has not seen never the Bunuel film, beginning with east a!
5 / 5
Fellini Has said that it wish to having done the film like A Discreet Charm. It is like the bad sleep perfectly filmed, and is a lot, a lot pleasant. They like him all the works of art add, there is at all for the compare to. It excepts, Perhaps, Bunel Dark Object of Desire. But this would be greedy.
5 / 5
In spite of a title adds and an extraordinary reputation, Bunuel DISCREET CHARM OF THE BOURGEOISIE never quite bolt until expectations. Ossia Late Bunuel, and like a lot a work of this period there is to sure clumsiness in an execution and he reticence to offer any concrete form to mean to the series of characteristically surreal chance.

A history is in two half. A prime minister, mix around the group of friends of bourgeoisie -- all gloriously unsympathetic -- and his constantly thwarted endeavours to eat the dinner has jointed; a second, probes some sleeps -- and sleeps inside sleeps -- of a group, again to a large extent mixing has failed around tentativas to eat. There is also he recurring image of a group according to looks, and quite obliviously, in a street to nowhere.

Of course there there is a lot to admire. One the figure of stunning scene some women of a be of the group has said the history of murder and infancy dreads which moves him a lot a bit. Another sequence in that it lodge to dine harm his lunch is taking place in the phase, leaving them exposure in the world-wide the wide plus with at all to say, is equally brilliant. It is also, in time, a lot pleasant. And some sleeps achieve it disturbingly your realistic in his iconography. But among all this is a nagging that feels that both manager and writer (regular collaborator Jean-Claude Careers) has the series of potentially that ideas of interests but no real purpose. And then, it is necessary terrible clumsiness that in his use of real exteriors and the studio has built inner, often leaves a film that looks the comedy of British sex of the 70!

In general, the film of utmost moments, and the value that sees for defenders of European cinema of this period. But never like this powerful or brutally satiric like the earliest work of the manager, particularly VIRIDIANA and ÁNGEL to EXTERMINATE.