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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 31 ratings
4 / 5
Bryn HAS the splendid voice and the integrity adds. Each word in this album is respected and given his planned weight, and a sensitive accompaniment for orchestra, heart and another (excellent) the voices is in the first place-classifies. Bryn Draws calm to some papers in the way pocola other classical artists achieve, and this in spite of the elitist critics have looked down his noses in his cross-in album, law. For example, I have been often disappointed for versions of Sondheim is esfin in some clowns', but Bryn is in this disk is a more has not listened never, with an extraordinary emotional depth and resonance. Has a condition partorisca traditional songs that in other hands can like this easily touch tired or platitudinous, but pode refresh his with quell'appealing directness and honesty that underpins a richness of his voice.
5 / 5
Has arrived like this described teatersatsning. Simply excellent!
5 / 5
Fabulous Voice - a could listen you to still hours! Excellent election of songs and hymns.
4 / 5
A bit of the mixed stock exchange. An interesting selection of elements quite light of variable genders.

Elsewhere had had the description that takes exception the Terfel is 'crooning'; I have found in fact the little of some numbers the shadow on-sung but on balance the disk to please warranting occasional listening and perhaps for the few elements the time more than a whole program in a seating.
4 / 5
Amur Justo Bryn voice and a selection of songs in this cd is glorious.
5 / 5
Does not listen to still, but Bryan quotes Terfels' the usual level and other descriptions would expect this to be lovely
4 / 5
Some clues add but a lot all has adapted the Bryn sad to say.
5 / 5
This CD has been chosen like the Xmas present partorisca my woman. It has been wanted to when it saw it and was even more has wanted when it has listened a collection of music on that. It has been always the big defender of Bryn is - now is a main defender closing after listening this wonderful collection of music adds of such the good-looking voice!!!
4 / 5
Overjoyed To have this glorious CD. Each clue the held, perfect fact for Bryn glorious voice. Bliss!
5 / 5
Has loved the particular song to be touched in the funerals, this CD there went it on and in the very economic prize. Perfecto.
5 / 5
Bryn Does not fail never to the impulse arrived to some celestial spheres.
5 / 5
Very appreciated like the present navideño. It is the lovely collection of songs for easy listening for everything.
5 / 5
A c.D has Arrived quickly and absolutely loves that . It is the marvel did not spend it has touched was so much
4 / 5
has bought this like the substitution for a copy has spent was. My favourite CD of all the times and good to touch when one is stressed
5 / 5
Wonderful selection of Bryn, especially Still, Still, Still and A Gentleman Bless and maintain you. It does not go never partorisca listen his.
4 / 5
Has chosen an indication because I have loved a CD. A repertoire was to the mine likely, and the joy listens his.
4 / 5
Ossia The wonderful, deeply EMOTIONAL CD. Having has lost recently my husband, particularly loves one follows 'A Gentleman bless and maintain you'.
4 / 5
Registers a lot well for Bryn songs a lot all mine known a lot to to that likes so only of a still a lot Bryn the register cost in that has it
5 / 5
CD that shine can recommend this to any to to the one who does not like
of the classical music will convert you. A wonderful register.
4 / 5
An easy listening register with the good selection of pieces that is very treated for the first voice of class. The majority of enyoyable
5 / 5
In £ this has to that be one of some better subjects have has not had never. Bryn Terfel Is the world-wide class and this album is simply sublimate. Each clue is the joy . Ossia My preferred of his albums.
I in the first place listened Bryn done a lot of years when it is mediated in Cardiff ' Singer of a World-wide' & won his class. His success continued has been the pleasure partorisca see & I so only can not take enough of his glorious voice.
Shabby for any one master!
Ardderchog Bryn! A lot it would love record ' will walk With God' also.
5 / 5
To to A classical singer likes Bryn Terfel faces of the real danger in producing the album of compilation. Used to rid theatrical, if any épico, operatic functions, there&x27;s a risk that any compilation will be too bitty, will not give it casualidad to stamp his character in a music. Intrinsic in any selection of songs is a danger that a whole balance of a register will result saccharine, anodyne, or cloyingly sentimental &8230; you finalise to think, the voice adds, but somehow a gravitas is lost.
A force Terfel amena to this register - avert - of his exceptional voice - is a sheer hanged of his personality. Ossia Interprets it the one who can exert presence, the one who can dominate the phase, and the one who can translate this presence to a register of clues like different as 'I&x27;ll your Together Walk', soyorning has Broken', or esfin in Some Clowns'. This in spite of ossia also interprets it the one who can share his personality - combines wonderfully with Aled Jones. Ossia Professionalism !
Loves Bryn Terfel&x27;s voice - and if you&x27; it sees any one has listened never, has to love his voice - then ossia the container of entertainment, marvel, and excellent value. Simple presents, sophisticated delights!
4 / 5
Honey and syrup and all the classes of sweetness, depths to feel, force of passion, amour and joy and peace these pieces to sing is present utmost . That the wonderful voice Bryn Terfel has and knows like the softly emphasis and traces some words of entities!. Personally, I no really like a Stabat Mater for Pergolesi in this version with Aled Jones, but all more can listen the again and again. Particularly it admires and enjoy and adore 'A Gentleman bless and maintain you' for John Rutter. And I know to be blessed. In this CD there is hymns and hymns and traditional songs, music of film and music of musicals and monuments the nostalgia that still transmit his own beauty. Calm surely the to have this!
4 / 5
Country of Galles, an earth of song, has produced a lot of exceptional singers in the variety of musical fashions. Bryn Terfel Is doing many to continue this tradition to use his voice of wonderful baritone to register the series of brilliant albums. Judging for his repertoire, Bryn enjoys diverse different, mainly traditional fashions , musical.

In this album, Bryn mixes classical pieces with folk songs, songs of show, hymns and an occasional popular song that does not return any of these categories. There is included the pair of songs navideñas (Bird Maria - a Bach / Gounod version - and Still still still). All some songs here are treated in Bryn customary fashion with excellent musical support, like this in spite of some origins to contrast varied songs, a whole album hangs near well. A neighbour opens with the setting of Mozart of Bird verum corpus (a register of Karl Jenkins the setting comes the half of route by means of an album) and finals with the frequently used song in Mormon services, has given with you. One follows of the title is the song of American origin, written in a mid-nineteenth century.

Bryn Is the form adds during an album, like your favourite clues are likely to depend in your particular flavours. Among my preferred would be A rose , more famously registered for Chard Midler but also registered for singer of country Conway Twitty and very other utmost singers in several musical genders. Other preferred of mine comprise to Send some clowns, the morning has broken, Likes to add thou art and Amazing grace. I have listened abundance other versions of these songs but I do not tire never of them; they are timeless, which is reason Bryn registered him. Still it has so much clue adds here that your preferred could be a desquels has not mentioned.

Loves upper quality crossover classical music, will enjoy Bryn music in general and this album especially.
4 / 5
That can say? It is Bryn Terfel! Partorisca Begin to finalise, Bryn does not dip never the injustice of vocal cord! Beautiful, uplifting pieces that touch a heart and a soul, sung in Bryn glorious, lush voice - to good sure the treat! A cd has arrived inside days to be orderly, and in perfect condition. To good sure would treat a vendor again.
4 / 5
A delicious blend of different fashions of music that is joined to please lovers of music that is both pleasant to an ear and extraordinarily tuneful. Bryn&x27;S The voice is as to any in his particular area and his duet with Aled is sublime. Some songs can look old fashioned to some but to another of us is timeless.
4 / 5
A lot although it admires Bryn Terfel art like the singer, especially in his lieder embroiders, he and his producers are clueless when it comes to dip near the CD of popular music. This terrible album consists to a large extent of the series of the minors of hymns keys and the songs of amour have interrupted all-too-in brief for a light brightness of the morning has Broken (rendered much better for Cat Stevens in some seventies). The orchestrations are tediously cliched and Terfel crooning all-too-often short and drippingly sentimental. Coming to an end of this album one feels that one has died and gone to hell - which literally can be a chance if one there is succumbed to his subliminal invitation to suicide in a process. It averts to all the cost.
4 / 5
This wonderful collection of songs is the pleasure to listen the in big measures thanks to a quality of some arrangements written for Bryn&x27;s voice. A favourite of mine is Chris Hazell&x27;s arrangement of &x27;Amazing Grace&x27;. Recognition a volume up. It seats behind and leave a power of John Newton&x27;s paste of house of famous words.
4 / 5
Absolutely brilliant selection of popular songs for an incomparable voice of Bryn. How it is that a Welsh have such amazing voices? Well the value that takes and listening to again and again.
4 / 5
Incredibly DISAPPOINTED like this the element has not been the present has wrapped like this asked like the surprise navideña of my ruins of mother !
5 / 5
Gives Mann Hat eine wahnsinns Stimme und auf gives CD sind tolle Lieder. Man kann sie sich immer wieder von vorne anhören. Einfach fantastisch, Was give geboten wird - vorausgesetzt, man mag klassische Musik.

Top Customer Reviews: Handel: Acis and ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 2 ratings
4 / 5
A musicological the preparations partorisca this register were thorough – the good edition, historically correct instruments (plus or less), the plausible tone, and some number 'right' of singers and players (a voice for part, and the very small band). But musically leaves a lot partorisca be wished. A no precise Wilhelm Furtwangler partorisca direct 'Acis and Galatea' (although Adrian Boult has had the good shot in him in 1959). This in spite of require the manager the one who can spend the little ebb-and-flow to the his phrasing (partorisca Handel the lines are often vocal same when any sung) and one those who there is remarked that often the baroque music is based in forms of dance (minuets, gigues and like this on) and can leave his underlying rhythms are felt . Cristiano Curnyn very still possess this crew. Instead – it likes me current very baroque pecialists' - only maintains press regulate that it goes, and drives a music bit it too quickly to maintain the attention of a band – 'also fast' meaning faster that some players can direct comfortably. Some touches to result simultaneously dull and panic-stricken. Some of some singers know better, and tries to do better, but, poor things, is not very a lot casualidad like music chugs in remorselessly for behind his, and sometimes in desperation appeal to on-the-upper and unlikely histrionics ornamentation.

Is true, of course, this 'Acis' is difficult to impulse of a page, much more I so that it thinks that included Handel works. A question is that it is the pastoral, forms he like the ours absurd looks, and has done to a lot a 18th century – all those nymphs and shepherds that'd never has odorato the sheep. Bathos lurks Every time, tentativas like this recent to choreograph a work there is showed all too clearly. Included very experienced Handel managers – I John bad Eliot Gardiner and William Christie – tend to drive 'Acis' hard, like fearful celery to leave speak for him. A version I better knows is that registered for John Butt and his Dunedin Consort in 2007. It is even more academically 'corrected' that this Chandos near, but to the butt is quite of the musician to offer the shadow and the rhythmical light have included in brisk time, and is has registered very better.
4 / 5
New register, highly rented for Rupert Christiansen, critic of work of a Daily Telegraph, which is reason I ordered it. It is the a lot of beloved work , of then has in the first place listened he in 1961 in a version for Peter Pears and Joan Sutherland. It conceal also it rests the preferred, but this new version has a lot of advantages and is the refreshing alternative.

Top Customer Reviews: Romantic ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 46 ratings
5 / 5
Of a @@@1960s Klemperer the interpretations have looked always the mine that obliges, and partorisca find them available in such box-conjoint and such attractive prizes (with Mp3 downloads an automatic addition) has tried too alluring to resist. Some elements have arrived like this announced, in good order and speedily. Excellent value all the round.
5 / 5
A fine selection of WELL readings of some romantic symphonies and start.
There was on 75 years when these have been registered and his interpretations
have the clarity and coherence according to the a lot of
5 / 5
Like an official enior citizen' is one gives an enormous sense to like partorisca be able to resupply and easily music partorisca download like this. I enjoy to listen in receiver quite simple or by means of the comprehensible hifi the system and some results are excellent.
5 / 5
Partorisca Klemperer Followers ossia probably the banquet adds. Another can find some of these actions bit it indigestible. A big prize of all some actions is a clarity and balance Klemperer has achieved to divide a fiddles in accident and right. Listened to by means of headphones some results are really illuminating. This in spite of, in spite of my lifelong admiration for a rugged integrity of Klemperer Bruckner, Brahms and Beethoven (particularly some of some Actions of Colony of prompt plus) and several fine actions of the symphony of resurrection of Mahler, has to say that some of these actions are so only too heavy and plodding for me. Compared with a liveliness of Zinman Schumann, Klemperer done a symphony to jump to the conference on cradle for the professor of botany more than the life that enhances walk in a garden. Although Franck better passages the simply any glow like a wonderful action for Silvestri. Sadly Frank also suffers to be separated on to two cds. This symphony really does need to be listened without the pause! A Berlioz is a lot interesting and I surprisingly found Tchaikowsky Pathetique quite revelatory. In a prize that is touched for Amazon a box done of splendid value for money but there is not any a lot of actions here that it will be it to return the frequently, and for people more interested in a music that Klemperer a Silvestri box with alike repertoire, in the alike prize is the recommendation much more of confidence .
5 / 5
Interpretations very different; clear, rich ,very touched, powerful, thoughtful, am not sure all the world is cup of tea and can be any first election in the number of works but well the value that listens the like this valid alternatives. Particularly liked Berlioz, Schubert Dvorak and Tchaikovsky 4. Unfortunately, there was fault5s on 2 cds like this returned the zoverstocks still while resolution, repayment or substitution
5 / 5
the Good things come to those attentive, as they say, and has expected precisely eighteen years for EMI to reissue Klemperer complete cycle of Schumann symphonies. A together of boxes - Start and Romantic Symphonies - represents at all less than a difficulty of wealths - where one begins? A neighbour positively is that it bursts with classical register of such state alto that reports one is attention ! Down Klemperer the symphonies of baton Schumann have both weights and transparency, that loses that impenetrable thickness of texture whch obfuscates inner detail. This Schumann register is the revelation and would not want to be without them. Mendelssohn Is escottish' and 'Italian' the symphonies exhibit alike clarity of instrumental texture and in spite of - in time - a little urgency and deliberate time and insufficient work the orchestral climaxes have can and conviction in abundance. An incidental music: 'A Midsummer Prejudices' Dreamed is the true classical of a gramophone, fizzing and sparkling with magic and mystery. Of the 'fairies' - a Philharmonia Corazón - 'dances with the heaviest boots', producer like this record, Suvi Raj Grubb, once said and a Prank is measured energy of lacks of the time and could use the sprinkling of 'powder of fairy', but such smaller shortcomings fail the detract of a global action that is for real magic.

Klemperer Takes his scalpel - sad baton - to a bookmark of Berlioz Symphonie Fantastic and resupplies forensic analysis of some notes. Some raging llamas of romantic passion and unrequited the amour is a bit subdued. This in spite of, a subject @@@subject, with all of the his grotesquerie fully intact, is transmitted to thrilling effect. A Philharmonia game superbly for Klemperer, doing this one of some registers some plus end of an available work. The d the smallest symphony of Franck profits in the structural coherence when excessive emotionalism is absentee and Klemperer unmannered the reading of a marker untangles Franck is orchestration in mature developing a lot of details that is hid in of the smallest register. Klemperer Reading of Schubert Adds C Symphony that the imports is glorious in stairs and more than imposes that it is usually a chance, how is an Eighth. Schubertian The lyricism is more evident in a register of a Fifth, but also develops his side his low dark plus Klemperer baton.

Klemperer Amena Teutonic solidity and Brahmsian stateliness the Dvorak Ninth Symphony. Once again, it has measured the time leaves an orchestra to breathe the one who leaves detail very inner to surface unhindered. There is some good-looking touching of a woodwind and can and precision of a brass and the series adds work and contrast dynamic to this exceptional register. Klemperer Registers of Tchaikovsky Fourth, Fifth and Sixth symphonies are being missing of in colour orchestral and emotional depths - these are not some ardent outpourings of the soul wounded. Klemperer Dignifies A music and spiritualizes the compositions of Tchaikovsky that adds his height. Some diverse start, etc, is registers of upper drawer and spent a lot of entertainment, particularly Klemperer heavyweight rendition of Weber Freischutz Inaugural and Mendelssohn invigorating eascape', A Hebrides Start.

A step of time fails to diminish an impact of these registers that remains pertinent and highly desirable - the rich harvest in fact. It would have paid a prize to ask a together of Schumann symphonies so only - my together old has been flown, behind in 1994. Like some insiemi of boxes go, does not take any one much better that this, and in a prize to ask is for the fly!
4 / 5
Has in the first place begun to listen the classical music when it was fifteen - in 1964.
My big prime minister runs over was Herbert von Karajan.
Thinks that can be be influence of a sheer look and feel of @@@1960s Deutsche Gramophon record of elepé.
Was twice fat like some American records, is gone in extra-plastic width-has lined bosses, and did not snap, crackle and pop like this of the American records.

An infatuation with Karajan is lasted roughly five years, until I have discovered Eight Klemperer and Bruno Walter in my university record tent (that is in record tent ?).
Some American pressings were still quite terrible, but one that does the music was revelatory: Walter was warm and comforting; Klemperer imposed and majestic.
Still my two favourite managers of a stereo was.

So much the men were dinosaurs : holdovers of a Nineteenth Century the one who has lived long enough to give stereo registers.

Bruno Walter has done his start to direct in 1894 and Eight Klemperer in 1905.
The formative years of both men were in a Nineteenth Century.

Young Bruno Walter could be hard. Bruno Walter 'old' with Columbia the symphony was warm and blurred. The musicians has loved: Bruno Walter: An Edition

Eight Klemperer is not never warm and blurred state.
Has directed with his fists and the scowl in his face, and the the sometimes touched music likes.
Has been an intimidating 6 feet, 6 big thumbs, and has had the reputation (deserved) for mental instability and irrational behaviour (today would call bi-polar).
His intimidating appearance was a result of surgery to take the tumor of brain, which has left partially paralysed for some last 30 years of his life.
An irrational behaviour was with him all his life.
Intentional Or no, this there has been an effect on player of orchestra.

Pre-I musicians of First world-wide War have the special mystic for me.
Inter-Musicians of war also, but in the slightly less exalted level.
Musicians of estaca of Second world-wide War much less like this, this in spite of has the few exceptions (Bernstein, Celibidache, Giulini).
A current harvest, at all.

Are so only too old for my own good.

EMI Will be to issue eleven new Klemperer boxes in ridiculously low prizes in some prójimos 12 months.
This particular volume is basically odds and arrive him concealed is not returned to other categories.

'Eight Klemperer Directs Romantic Symphonies' looks the contradiction in of the Twentieth terms of Century,
but Eight Klemperer was in fact enough the romantic character for Nineteenth levels of Century
- something out of the Victorian melodrama for a Bronte sisters: Suffering and defective.

5 1/2 CDs Of an expected Klemperer repertoire: Mendelssohn, Schubert, Schumann and Weber.
4 1/2 CDs Of repertoire of wild paper: Johann Strauss, Berlioz, Franck, Dvorak and Tchaikovsky.
A Mendelssohn is achieved especially.
In this two-fisted action, a Midsummer the sleep of the prejudices is not music of fairy. I find it invigorating.
To Sounds of Strauss of Johann likes him Beethoven.
A main surprise for me was that a lot Tchaikovsky answers to a Klemperer treatment.

Warm Kingsway Room and Street of Abbey stereo.
Clarity guaranteed for Klemperer antiquated seating fijamente - first violins to some lefts, second violins to some legislations - how was, after all, the one who these composers have expected.
A lot of all the violins scrunched together in some lefts, which is a modern preference .

Klemperer The series have been seated in an arch: First Violins, Down, Cellos, Rape, Second Violins.
Take the remarkable sense to be 'confined an orchestra.
Entertainment to listen to in headphones.

REMASTERINGS: One has issued previously 1998-2000 EMI remasterings does in 24-has bitten resolution for Technology of street of the Abbey (ART) is here (roughly 80 of some contents of a box).
A disk was remastered in 2011 (Schumann Sinfonie 3 & 4).

Highly recommended.

P.D. To an end of his life, Klemperer has taken sometimes on a baton again, but so only has stuck so only he in his fist. No the technician of baton.
5 / 5
Ossia The fabulous subject, spending some longitude-has deleted-registers behind for us. They can be 'romantic works', but is directed by the classical symphonic manager adds. A Tchaikovsky, Dvorak and Berlioz lose his characteristic national and stand extraordinarily very like this written in a bookmark, the clear structure, almost very vibrated. Mina his magnitude is has developed better. It could go to detail but so only will mention two. It was quite lucky to listen Klemperer directing Berlioz' Symphonie Fantastic at the same time a register has been done. A Course to a Scaffold is terrifying, Witches' Sabbath - taken the uniquely slow time - totally macabro. A tension in an end - taken in a register - was incredible. The symphony of Cradle of Schumann - seldom listened - there is surely never find more grandly - included a subject quite feeble in a last movement is integrated perfectly. Klemperer Was one of some more utmost interpreters never, his work has the consistency that has to that individual - integrity, structure and one that loss of new light. It has to that have the Klemperer the defender that read in EMI Classics to give these registers add for comparative peanuts.
5 / 5
'Romantic symphonies' is here simply the category of marketing - Beethoven, Mahler, Bruckner, and Wagner categories of marketing of the be in them, as any 'Romantic'. If it check dates, a discharge of these careers of boxes of just after an end of some Napoleonic Wars (Schubert 5) to a mid @@@1890s (Tchaikowsky, Dvorak). In fact a symphony is been born in just in a Romanticism of first time has turned his own cradle on, in a @@@1750s, and there is folk the one who would contest that a symphony is a quintessential forms of Romantic art - no only musical form - reason accommodates and is lucky solves to clash ideas. Isaiah Berlino has suggested that a symphony was a model against which both Hegel and Marx has comprised historical development - the advance for'tended - antithesis- synthesis' to a potential perfection never more afterwards. After all more final that symphonies optimistically. A incumplimiento chance partorisca this collection, if any one has annoyed partorisca the , could be that theoretical - the little later that Hegel, but never alcohol - form of touched clear-cut and has in the first place outlined that with his subjects in a mid @@@1820s. Or it could be that these are Klemperer registers that is not returned the boxes of marketing of the elepé in a @@@1960s and 70s,,,,,,

Without prejudice ( ossia to a rest of this description, in that considered that he) has to that say that I have been asked an example of Klemperer spending the 'Romantic Symphony' partorisca disturb and the defiant life would propose his 1960 Avenges alive action with a Philharmonia of the Pastoral symphony of Beethoven, which included comprises that more romantic that devices, the yard, - in a prank (the first movement repeats is remarked) - which explains his controversially the slow time partorisca this movement has been feigned partorisca spend in a storm - exactly to the equal that would owe that be - FIRST OF calm expect it, and partorisca do a very romantic point that you could not have an eventual provisional tranquility of a next end without spending for a first storm. There is at all quite like this penetrating as it concealed in this box.

Has begun with a last element, a Tchaikowsky Fifth, partly because I have not listened never this action, and partly because Richard Osborne the booklet quotes Walter Law, the one who has launched Klemperer second career to do free of a Philharmonia, and was his producer of the register until a two has fallen was, as finding some results of some sessions for him 'hair-raising'. Some stairs of climax is certainly very impressive, and Klemperer very curiously, as it has done often, aims for press he compatible so only like the device to unify by means of some movements. Like the stereotype could direct you to expect, is not to press it very fast - as you help some climaxes, and like the result a third, waltz, the movement is fascinating to listen to of then for once the majority of a detail is clear and house. But a conversation is that a developer of the section of an end has to that be listened how was the Prokofiev wilful (a fashion certainly anticipates) but has included then tends to plod. It is the controversial passage , of course - Mengelberg cut a whole section and there is stuck to a part - and at least Klemperer sticks to his guns. But a hair certainly locates the bit in some premiers two movements, which are Klemperer in his better and more concentrated, with a unerring marries in a line. Wagner Has said once that the work of a manager is to know where a melody is. Klemperer Knows, well. Osborne Suggerisce Has been converted to a Fifth peel Furtwangler action in a prompt @@@1930s, and will go back to this antithesis in another context.

Begin where I , convinced that a first element in this purportedly the box 'Romantic' would have to that be a Symphonie Fantastic' but is resulted to be on disk 7 ( has 10). These results to plant to has been allotted his no in of the earths of Romantic narrative but tongue - goes francophonically with Cesar Franck, with that has a lot little more in common - Franck is for chorals, Berlioz for plainsong, Franck is almost gothically the Durchkomponist, Berlioz present like a composer of lack of work and disciple of Gluck, although both use the English heart. But Franck has to that remain, and his second and third earth of the movements in a same disk like Dvorak to the again World-wide symphony, of all the things. Never alcohol - is the nationalist , as it can seat with Berlioz and that Belgian chappie. Cesar Franck is certainly optimistic, and Klemperer answered to his intrinsic grandiosity. Dvorak Has built a romantic plenary-nationalist agenda to his symphony, (excellently touched and unsentimentally paced) that affirms that it was, like a copy for American composers, grounded in genuine and African native-American idioms, which has feigned to use again (he any) in the setting of histories of an alternative American past resupplied for Longfellow Hiawatha (the romanticism is full of mythology of instant and displaced imaginary - Longfellow the model had been a Kalevala, as we are perhaps unfortunate to has been deprived of Klemperer Sibelius). An American composer later has paid Dvorak a definite compliment to adapt a famous slow movement like the spiritual fake, which inevitably resulted ( and for some still is) a regularly city Afroamericana' source for a movement. Authenticity of the romanticism estimated and feeling a lot highly, and the fraud has embraced also and manufacture with unbridled excites.

The Therefore it could land calm in yard, unless you were very careful. Imagine a page at the head of Daily Topmast after Berlioz Symphonie Fantastic the artist has had to come before Bailey Old. Headlines of poster and he verbatim report of the sermon of a judge, clue for minatory the pieces have recovered files to age the columnists that alleges to know everything in narcotics, or obsession, or guilt. Klemperer The action does not invite you to live the life of an artist here and now, likes @@@1960s Stokowski in Legends of BBC, where almost can odorare an opium, . It is bleak. It situates calm in Berlioz shoes after a pause with Harriet Smithson and the frames contemplate realities. At all it is forgotten and at all is forgiven. A Course to a Scaffold and a sleep recur, nightly, for a rest of your life. Ossia The perfectly valid conception and is not out of a bounds of Romanticism, but is also quite contemporary. Klemperer Looks never to has been entirely taken in for Romanticism.

Is useful to have this box enlivened with three works for Johann Strauss younger - any of his symphonies, but, like Wagner and Brahms both recognised, has had all some skills, - in fact was probably better in thematic metamorphosis that any of them. A Fledermaus start, this in spite of more Hamburg that Vienna, is infectiously fact, and Wiener Blut is fascinating. Shortly after a war, Furtwangler has registered a Kaiserwalzer, almost like him elegy the glories displaced - a tail, with a pizzicato shows ticking first of the, likes time recedes, is an evocation of old aristocratic days like poignant likes anything officially. A subliminal thematic structure of a waltz spends to be some intervals of Haydn the hymn of the kaiser, and, without drawing attention in any way to them, Strauss and Furtwangler calm of leaves in to good sure. Klemperer, The face turned of Romanticism, dips was to democratise a piece, and dips calm in the holidays twentieth century mid-the Atlantic audience entirely unaware of a K und K and all has meant. A brass has the day of field. If there is any reminiscence here so only could be Klemperer mentor, Mahler he, the one who would not leave any one another manager for touch Fledermaus. Calm is not all this far out of part of one Mahler Quarto, or of Klemperer Waltz Allegro own, originally issued with Strauss, but obviously very considered pertinent for this box.

Law has considered one Schumann symphonies that overblown continuazioni of piano, and Klemperer has registered so only any 4 with him - the action a lot of entity, likes raisin. A Symphony of Cradle has followed a breaking with Law in a prompt @@@1960s, and is clear-eyed and cogent, that remains extraordinarily close to the frames of metronome of Schumann. It has maintained in elepé for Manfred initiates, a test in obsession and guilt the interest of Schumann reflecting, among other things, in a Symphonie Fantastic, which has admired and has on written a lot of perceptively. There is the comparably obsessive waltz in his Dichterliebe, which covers a lot a same earth that Symphonie. Klemperer More has followed late this subject with registers of Schumann Faust Initiate, and the virtue has restored celebrated in an end of a excellently has judged Genoveva that opens to strengthen some parts of horn in a tail, producing an effect unheard in another action of a piece. A Second Symphony, no quite like this very touched, but a lot perceptively concentrated, and in of the credible speeds - notalways that spends for one 'tradition', illuminates a same territory to effect adds, that uses another interesting seal, the subject of Beethoven is 'A data ferne Geliebte' the source that also looks in his Fantasy in C. A third Symphony is the most debatable action , in that an end is a lot obviously slow. A lot of auditors poden very enough take on east, of an impact at the beginning listening is inescapable. It could be contested that thinks some tourists (Schumann has begun a work in recognition, this in spite of for a time of a premiere has had the a lot of-too- happy in the leader quotes in Dusseldorf) is reluctant to leave, has thought Schumann has not imposed any one such believed in his time for a bookmark, or that Klemperer once again tried to find press it common feasible, although a whole point of an end could have been to describe some celebrations with which to consecration of the Cardinal in a then still Cathedral of unfinished Colony that looks for having inspired a fourth movement. A rest of a work is less controversial, but the little too glorious in approximation.

A Weber the start does not go for brilliance, and is not that very registered - some parts of series in Freischutz is not defined also as they can be and some of some subtleties in Oberon is not that easy to listen. With a Mendeslssohn the works come agin to the territory has contested. Had sooner Vox registers, for George of Mendelssohn Bartholdy, of both symphonies. A italian was in a way of a forties and prompt fifties fast, and no too very touched, but has taken one repeats in a first movement, still has listened seldom. His second, Philharmonia, the version was without one repeats, but entirely rethought, those results in the a lot of originals and effective that yerra like taking any suspicion that Mendelssohn the harmonies were easily chromatic - here is penetrating and pointed. One Scottish occasioned Klemperer breaking with Vox. It had registered some premiers two movements. In his absence after, Vox, withut consult, called in Herbert very competent Haefner, the one who has died young, to complete a register - the well can be that it used it Klemperer material of action. It Klemperer Had left is alive and character, and a conclusion is the harm , but is not without merit. But issuing a disk for behind Klemperer is behind has not been a lot of tactful. A Philharmonia the version is weighty, serious and slower. Klemperer Has Had any confidence in Mendelssohn final tail, which is choral-like and optimism of staples on to an end of the piece that is anything but that advance of looks. As his defender in a elepé original, one Opening to a Hebrides, also known for an almost Gaelic title fraudulent, Fingal Grotto, a work, averts of his tail, evokes a Scozia alternative mythical of James Macpherson Ossian poems of prose, which ironically had been turned the current reality in the majority of some big Earths for an introduction of agriculture of sheep of big stairs a half-century or like this with which had been written, and some compatible clearance of some farmers of livestock of the arrendatario to do room for a sheep. It is not necessarily Mendelssohn fails that has resupplied the musical legitimisation of all this, but is one of some reasons for a poor effect of his tentativa in an optimistic tail. Klemperer Had composed an alternative, which Reads would not leave to register. Like an alternative past wine trhough unscathed, and 'Romanticism' defeated Klemperer here. But it is it has said whenever if the marketing do not want to, good musicians starve in his old age.

Some registers and for one the majority to separate one touching is excellent. In mine dress, with an exception, a wonderful action of a Midsummer the music of Sleep of the night, some summits of a box are a Symphonie Fantastic and a Schubert synphonies, which have a lot he so that there is far has mentioned. An add C that Imports the wanderer was familiarised in a German landscape of travelling journeymen millers and well-heeled the youngest edges long first of Schubert is born, and in an end achieves, for some reason, a Gentleman of point Giovanni takes to when it takes the hand of a statue - Schubert is repeated C is is less than the stride of the d eighth smaller that Mozart. Klemperer Attractive any glue - his own Gentleman Giovanni was among one the majority of powerful of his day, and a Schubert was the success adds when it is exited. It has not lost any of the his can. An Unfinished is also excellent. And a warmly touched Fifth symphony, an earlier work, but any prime minister in a box, is, like this Beecham is, the reflection of a man to age on youth. All some worries of guilt, obsession, ruin and stray occasion that informs a rest of a box is still to come. But Klemperer has not been the Romantic, enough the realistic looking for order and sense of a wildness of a Romantic movement. Any always takes it, but another Reads claim in Osborne the booklet comes to import. Klemperer, has AFFIRMED, was the researcher after musical truth. These quantities to the load of Big Romanticism in him. A man the one who has directed this Waltz of Emperor could direct a register in support of the no guilty plea. And perhaps dipped a claim of marketing in his place.

There there is always the 'except' with east adds individualist, this in spite of. In this chance, is not in symphony, but is one of Mendelssohn more add masterpieces, free of all his failures like the composer and exquisitely adapted to his purpose. Klemperer Does not see likes an occasion for the virtuosa orchestra, like this prank is the little rustic, and perhaps would owe that be. But like the whole, and had directed he in a theatre, in the longish pursues, is far and was a register of action has better data of a music to 'A Midsummer Prejudices' Dreamed. A humour and a poetry are everything there, and how is, if no the 'Romantic Symphony', an idyll. It would swing A lot of doubter to buy a box.
4 / 5
Am buying this together of disks for a Klemperer Dvorak to the again World-wide symphony. Ossia The action agrees of a elepé has bought he almost done 40 years in Hamilton, Ontario. In that then has taken the course of music in McMaster University in Hamilton, the first music of year are of recognition, with Dr. (?) Law Heppner like this monitor. It agrees one of some requirements of courses have bought this elepé and the Beethoven 9th. I guess it is some to the sure discharge that bond of knots to a first register of the work listens to, although with respecting to a Beethoven 9th, this has not been a chance. This Beethoven 9th was Hans Schmidt-Isserstedt version with Vienna Philharmonic. I have spent out of a Dvorak elepé number it in fact years and has had has purchased of the pair of CD TOUCHED (Alsop, Orchestra of Symphony of Baltimora, Paavo Jarvi, Real Philharmonic); to the equal that for me has not resisted the sail to a Klemperer.
Like this, everything besides a Dvorak will be in enormous prize for me!!
4 / 5
Although each one which can have his opinion on one or another interpretation, this box of diverse symphonic works has directed for Klemperer is something that any one gives the support has to that leave spend. His east contained:

CD 1: Schubert: Sinfonias 'Unfinished' and 'The Big'
CD 2: Schubert: Symphony 5 // Mendelssohn: Inaugural 'Hebridas' and symphony 3'cottish'.
CD 3: Mendelssohn: 'The sleep of a night of summer' and symphony 4 'Italian'
CD 4 and 5 Schumann: Symphonies 1 the 4. Opening To dine of Fausto'
CD 6: Carl Maria von Weber: Start of 'Give Freischutz', 'Euryanthe' and Oberon'; Schumann: Opening of 'Genoveva' and soyanfredo': Johann Strauss II: Opening of 'The bat' and valses: esangre vienesa' and 'The emperor'.
CD 7: Berlioz: Symphony 'Fantastic'.
CD 8: César Franck: Symphony and Dvorak Symphony 9 'Of the new world'.
CD 9 and 10: Tchaikovsky: Symphonies 4, 6 and 5.

In my opinion, certainly subjective, diving of edges of the box the CD 3, he 4ª symphony of Mendelssohn and he 5ª of Tchaikovsky., But everything is worthy to be known.

Good sound, of the years 60.
4 / 5
@@@Cofre Of 10 Cds winning for the French with him Diapason of Or of the republisings in February of the Klemperer would be born in Poland, disciple of Mahler and of Schönberg,although it was of Hebrew origin,after the persecution of the regimen nazi would have to escape the the . In Amsterdam would suffer later a The cerebral tumor, which has been extirpado quirúrgicamente,leave like sequela a deep depression, that has closed the doors of the labour warehouse of the Orchestral Direction in Amsterdam.

Some ends of the 50 Walter Law (husband of the Schwarzkop), has offered in Londra an agreement discográfico in focus he EMI, after the death of Fürtwangler,Toscanini, Erich Kleiber, Mengelbert and Bruno Walter, turn a famous Manager, after his work done in the registers with the Orchestra Philharmonia, of the how is spent the be Title of Manager in , sustituyendoa Herbert Von Karajan. This @@@cofre corresponds The part of the registers of this golden age, that comprises a decade, that comprises of the .

I contents of the Cds Edges the following:

CD 1 []
Franz SCHUBERT (1797-1828)
No. Of Symphony 8 in D smaller, D759 Unfinished []
rec. Kingsway Room, Londra, 4 and 6 February 1963
No. Of Symphony 9 in C, D944 Adds []
rec. Kingsway Room, Londra, 16-19 November 1960

CD 2 []
No. Of Symphony 5 in B paving, D485 []
rec. Kingsway Room, Londra, 13, 15 and 16 May 1963
Félix MENDELSSOHN (1809-1847)
A Hebrides Start, Fingal Grotto []
rec. Studio of street of Abbey Any 1, Londra, 15 February 1960
No. Of Symphony 3 in a minor, Scottish []
rec. Studio of street of Abbey Any 1, Londra, 22, 25 and 27 January 1960

CD 3 []
A Midsummer the sleep of the night, []
with Heather Harper (soprano), Janet Bakers (half), Philharmonia Corazón
rec. Studio of street of Abbey Any 1, Londra, 28-29 January and 16 February 1960
No. Of Symphony 4 in a, Italian []
rec. Studio of street of Abbey Any 1, Londra, 15, 17 and 19 February 1960

CD 4 []
Robert SCHUMANN (1810-1856)
No. Of Symphony 1 in B paving, Cradle []
rec. Studio of street of Abbey Any 1, Londra, 21-23, 25 and 27 October 1965
No. Of Symphony 2 in C, []
rec. Studio of street of Abbey Any 1, Londra, 3, 5 and 6 October 1968

CD 5 []
No. Of Symphony 3 in And walk, Rhenish []
rec. Studio of street of Abbey Any 1, Londra, 5-8 February 1969
No. Of Symphony 4 in D smaller, []
rec. Kingsway Room, Londra, 4-5 May 1960
Scenes of Goethe Faust , WoO 3: Inaugural []
rec. Studio of street of Abbey Any 1, Londra, 8 February 1969

CD 6 []
Genoveva, : Inaugural []
rec. Studio of street of Abbey Any 1, Londra, 7 October 1968
Manfred, : Inaugural []
rec. Studio of street of Abbey Any 1, Londra, 21-23, 25 and 27 October 1965
Carl Maria von WEBER (1786-1826)
Give Freischütz, J277: Inaugural []
Euryanthe, J291: Inaugural []
Oberon, J306: Inaugural []
rec. Kingsway Room, Londra, 5-6 May and 28 September 1960
Johann STRAUSS one Young plus (1825-1899)
Die Fledermaus (1894): Inaugural []
rec. Kingsway Room, Londra, 30 October and 2 November 1961
Wiener Blut, []
Kaiserwaltzer, []
rec. Kingsway Room, Londra, 20 October 1961

CDs 7-8 [ + ]
Hector BERLIOZ (1803-1869)
Symphonie Fantastic, []
rec. Kingsway Room, Londra, 23-26 April and 17-18 September 1963
César FRANCK (1822-1890)
Symphony in D smaller (1888) []
rec. Studio of street of Abbey Any 1, Londra, 10-12 and 14-15 February 1966
Antonin DVOŘÁK (1841-1904)
No. Of Symphony 9 in And smaller, Of a New World []
rec. Kingsway Room, Londra, 30-31 October and 1-2 November 1963

CDs 9-10 [ + ]
Peter Ilyich TCHAIKOVSKY (1840-1893)
No. Of Symphony 4 in F smaller, []
rec. Kingsway Room, Londra, 23-25 January and 2 February 1963
No. Of Symphony 5 in And smaller, []
rec. Kingsway Room, Londra, 16-19 and 21 January 1963
No. Of Symphony 6 in B smaller, Pathétique []
rec. Kingsway Room, Londra, 18-20 October 1961

in the last phases of his life the Klemperer, has attributed the slowness in the tempis of the varied interpretations, to the equal that Sergiu Celibidache and Günter Wand. In the prime minister CD frames a version of the Unfinished ,of character Bruckneriana, with a 5º of Schubert sure, but any sample a feeling of joy to live.

The Symphonies of Schumann,versions with serious mayor and orchestral texture more saturated. The three Start of Schumann is done with magnitude and passion.

Version superlativa of the works of Mendelssohn (the jewels of the @@@cofre) , with a stellar action of Heather Harper and Janet Bakers in “The sleep of a night of state” in the duet “Ye spotted snakes”, with a diction ,coordinamento,melody, sweetness and vocal balance embelesadores. In the Italian symphony and the Scottish Quell'enlentecido slightly he tempis, those leaves to stand out for the instruments of wind, the parts of charming fraseos and melodies that builds the author in the bookmarks.

In definite, the other for any one extend the interpretations of a lot of edges have balanced, remarkable, virtuosos, to rastras big but uploaded of passion, lyricism and dramatismo, with still focus personal of one of the big managers of the historía of the music, fences in it the pity listens multiple time, reason measures it that it repeats auditions, to van that takes new nuances that any one has relieved previously, ossia, has an underlying reading among lines of the discharge. His well , clear and nítido.

5 / 5
Glorious specialist of the repertoire austro-German soyozart,Beethoven,Brahms...),The glorious boss(in all his senses of the term) Eight Klemperer(1886-1973)directs Philarmonia of Londra,phalange brittanique that has known to give hours of glory avc ängler,Hvon Karajan,,etc...:To signal two cd Give dux symphonies More famous of Mendelssohn:'The Italian ,The Scottish',to the to the equal that adds the music of scene'onge of the night joined of state':glorious interpretation: it joins reference; it Goes in of aures , joins to integrate them give symphonies of Schumann,of joined some slowness (to my flavour)solemn,and his three main symphonies of Tchaïkovski(4,5 and 6)glorious of magnitude!
5 / 5
With the title like Romantic Symphonies, a lot of people can expect gushy music. Of course, a romantic term informs to a fashion and was of a music, when to to composers like Schubert, Mendelssohn, Tchaikovsky, and Dvorak was of some upper composers of a day. Another reviewers has cataloged some contents of this box, as to prevent the repetition will avert this excepts to say when think of one was romantic, each artist of the entity and the symphonic piece can appoint is in this box. As such, is the lovely document to one was, with some for real the stunning music has comprised, as well as some passage roughly lighter.

Klemperer Is one of these managers a lot of classical defenders relatively younger can not know a lot roughly. It was active in a 60s, and together with to the to another like him to him Bruno Walter has dipped some levels of a day. Still, moving by means of a 70s and 80s a plus superstar the managers have taken a limelight, and to to sinister managers like Klemperer, and included Toscanini, to be relegated to 'of old'. Still in a 80s, that builds my collection of elepé weekly, Klemperer he elepé usually looked has has dated compared to a upstarts of a time, with his flashy coverages and exciting blurbs in some jackets.

Still Klemperer spent a lot of decades in leader and registering these works, sometimes many times, and amena he stoic seen to a music. This is not to animate 'Boston Bursts interpretations but almost the heavy or dour approximation (any like this bad like these sounds, but in comparison to some other versions...). Part of this of course is a Teutonic fund, the part is some readings of a time, when, among two wars, at all was light and animate, and the part is simply Klemperer interpretations of these works. There is at all right or wrong on some interpretations: they are the product of a time, a manager, and some musical tendencies at the same time.

Some registers for EMI is glorious, especially considering his analog vintage, and a remastering the engineers have done the good work that spends this work to some half digital. A dynamic row and the extension of basses is a lot well, aiming was that some technicians of the register of one was was able of. It has to that it weaves of this music in some elepé of original emission, and a CDs compare a lot of favorably with an analog source.

Some the symphonic works have registered here is all glorious. While some of these managers are ignored relatively for his symphonic pieces have compared to Beethoven and Brahms, for example, finds one Schumann and Schubert symphonies quite delicious, and very different of some of some other popular composers for symp;honies. One Schumann reads is light and animate, for one the majority of part, and is always good pieces to listen to. Schubert Is symphonies more popular is a lot of fact here, with both an Unfinished and of the Utmost touching properly majestic. To symphony of Franck in D minor is always be the preferred, and Klemperer done the glorious work with a piece. A rest of a box, the mix of symphonies and overturees, is all very very concentrated, superbly touched, and essential pieces in any discussion of music of romantic era.

A lot these registers are disappeared of a phase for the moment, how is well of his have available again in CD FORMS, especially in the reasonably priced box. One the small booklet has comprised has information of clue and the short biological of Klemperer, but a lot much more, alas. In short, like the studio for one was romantic, ossia the wonderful box . A consistency of a manager and the orchestra is there of disk to disk, and some registers are near a cup of a cast for each piece. While person the piece can be considered a sine here any, ossia the really good collection so that they love classical music and wants to take Klemperer is to take on some pieces, as well as so that they are looking to build the collection. A lot highly recommended.
4 / 5
The majority of the works with this characteristic sound of Klemperer and the English orchestra, clamorosa, intense, an architecture sinned musical cracks, the mine love. Law of better hay that another, or vice versa, but in near some boxes to the prize that has for any lose, a luxury.
5 / 5
That says, direct wonderful symphonies gives a a fantastic Eight maximum in round-up. All'inner of the cofanetto very 10 Berlioz the Tchaikovsky, Strauss, Schubert, each one with splendid symphonies. Good-looking chosen for one good listen.
4 / 5
Klemperer In Weber, Schubert , Schumann, Mendelsoohn is has given absolute reference. Sweat interpretation is has given an artistic level gives to plant have summits has given all the history of the particular, he Sleep has given a night has given average held is he more good-looking that I have listened of the alive or in boxes. It joints this cofanetto The all. I dream disks Gives to listen, listen, listen...
5 / 5
A coffret Indispensable. Everything is partorisca discover (included His Schumann late !). This boss is A giant and his registers give absolute indépassables !
5 / 5
He 2013 there is marked he 40.ºimo Anniversary of the Dead person has given Klemperer, an extraordinary figure among the grown managers of orchestra of the XX century. Perhaps quite incompreso in the years Of the sweat 'exile' In EUA during the years '30-'50 (was has given Hebrew family and in quegli years the Germania any one removed a good-looking air..), Partly partorisca continue political positions 'too has given sinister', Klemperer had the fortune has given to find in the 1951 he father padrones of the EMI and in the last 20 years years of has sweated it long life there is like this had the possibility has given to leave a rich inheritance discografica, the testimony of the sweated magistral art direttoriale. The EMI there is celebrated this anniversary with a series has given The box soyonotematici' that surrender for real the idea of the greatness has given this German manager. Especially in this dream of box contained a lot of the symphonies 'classical among the classical': Schubert, Schumann, Mendelssohn, Tchaikovsky .... And Klemperer has been a master indiscusso in the direct he musics has given these authors. Listen To believe! And the technician has given recording, almost always in stereo, is for real good, better that that of the EMI of the years 2000!! A big occasion, for the be mad about you, has given to listen incisioni that gives a lot of years any one were more than the sud market (chissà reason afterwards!!??), And for the neofiti has given to listen interpretations that do ahimè impallidire almost all the young managers has given these last years, star and superstar comprised.... A good intenditor... Good listen The all
4 / 5
Klemperer the hat gives Ruf eines herausragenden Mahler- und Beethoven-Dirigenten. Romantische Sinfonien werden Dip seiner analytischen Dirigierweise weniger In Verbindung gebracht. Zu Unrecht. Modifikationen und dynamische Kontraste werden von Klemperer nicht Zoom orchestralen Sensationsrausch geteigert, sondern Like this dargeboten, dass ein schöner und stimmiger Gesamtklang give romantischen Werke entsteht. Sätze von Sinfonien erklingen nicht als süßliche Bonbonpartien, sondern im Hinblick auf the forms of data give Ganzen.
Schubert (Sinf. Nr. 5, 8 & 9) und Mendelssohn (Or. One. Sinf. Nr. 3 & 4 + Hebriden-Open.) klingen hervorragend, Like this dass z. B. It gives Sommernachtstraum unübertroffen ist. - Sehr Gut gefallen mir auch Quotes kleinen Orchesterwerke (von Weber, J. Strauss). - Sena Schumann-Interpretation (To the Sinf. + 3 Open.) Given of war erste, bei give mir to the Sinfonien gefielen - give Versuch give 'romantischen' Interpretation führt bei Schumann nur zu übermäßigem Pathos, also sollte er nüchtern und schwungvoll geboten werden (wie is auch etwa Boult, Roshdestvensky, Gardiner, Schuricht oder Munch praktizieren). It gives Anfang give 3. Symphonies Hat bei anderen Dirigenten mehr 'romantischen Schwung' - yesterday ist er langsamer, doch würdevoll; dafür ist given schon 1960 erfolgte Aufnahme give 4. absolut herausragend. - Data Sinfonien von Berlioz und Franck finde ich ebenfalls sehr gelungen, obwohl yesterday Munch (beide) bzw. Monteux (Franck) noch elegantere (französischere) Lesarten bieten. - The Place Dvorak (Sinf. Nr.9) geht Is mir ähnlich - data noch etwas schwungvolleren slawischen Lesarten kommen yesterday von Reiner oder Ancerl. - Data Tschaikowsky-Aufnahmen (Sinf. Nr. 4-6) kenne ich erst seit kurzem - und sie gefallen mir weit besser als erwartet. Bei öfterem Hören gewinnen Klemperers Aufnahmen meist noch (bei Tschaikowsky gibt Is gives Given sehr ernstzunehmende Konkurrenz russischer Dirigenten wie Mrawinsky oder Roshdestvensky). Aber Quotes als Gesamtwerk nicht like this gelungene 4. Sinf. gefällt mir Like nüchtern dargebracht besser als anderswo (vielleicht dipped Ausnahme give Aufnahmen von Stokowski und Schuricht).
Insgesamt ist Gives alles Like this empfehlenswert wie die bekannteren von Klemperers EMI-Aufnahmen - auch wenn is in dieser Box nicht like this viele Referenzaufnahmen gibt wie bei Mahler, Beethoven, Brahms oder Bruckner.
5 / 5
Our period ur-baroqueuse' the marked pair joins speed effrénée the quickly done to forget the immense boss of orchestra that an able state to be Eight Klemperer.
Sure enough, In admits still to to some competition likes them the disciple of Mahler (the unforgettable 'Embroiders of will hold it with Wunderlich and Ludwig, the impressive Symphonie essurrection'), evokes sometimes some disorders (the Solemnis of Beethoven, he German Requiem of Brahms) or works (Fidelio, he Vaisseau Ghost, more seldom now Whistles has wanted to), to formidable anthology Wagner.
Cela Is not no longer bad but Games to embezzle of the his discographie : a boss has left, heavy, has projected ... Quell'Error !
Sure enough, is roughly little 'rigidifié' in fin of career (of more than 85 years at any rate ...) I have marked pair of innumerable questions of health, but the almost folds decade with him Philharmonia driven in big sinister pair Walter Law the state all so much fruitful that with Herbert von Karajan.
The series of coffrets that EMI goes to modify in the homage of Edges is so it joins some aubaine games redécouvrir in garden of edges. That it interest it is particularly well it has conceived : Klemperer was A wonderful boss fully first romanticism germanique and he flambeau no a truth of summer has restarted to mine look that look Wolfgang Sawallisch (in a little different way), perhaps more partially pair Kurt Masur or Günter Wand.
Will not restart Lucido detail of the coffret, stupendously described in lucido precedent of commentary and with quell'I are in perfect agreement.
Will say simply to the which can doubt to start with the pair listens the extraordinary'onge of the night joined of state' - a gives available register of way to little prójimo permanent. I quote the critique of the dictionary gives disks and compress of 1991 : 'All the féerie of the music of scene of Mendelssohn finds intact in the register of Klemperer, a boss réputé has left and heavy, cerebral and cold and that does here the demonstration of the lives of direction have joined, light, knowing insuffler to his partners an alcohol, joins grace of all his instants.' In him it would not know better to say ...
Know already, the Italian of Mendelssohn ('the verve, the alacrité rythmique of the boss, the skill of edges to do sings with vigour - but equally with finesse - each sentence, each @@subject that remain irremplacés') or he 5.ºt Of Schubert ('with Kempererer, the power but also in the Fifth, joins respite and joins légèreté that will surprise his arrendatarias give the ideas received') would have to that finally convince you.
Some Surprises come to complete this picture : lucida gone back of the integrate them Schumann - with giving time quite moderate - of the one who joins phenomenal symphonie n°4, has registered well before the another. Klemperer Has not been The so only to privilegiar this last that liked to the big bosses (Furtwängler, Karajan to three recoveries to Berlino and Vienna and joins exceptional video ...). Although Sawallisch with the terrific Staatskapelle of Dresde embezzle lucido the absolute model Touches the together, here is joins alternative interesting. Even more astounding, Berlioz, Franck and Tchaïkovsky, this hard has faced of 1920 the Léningrad ! The first movement of the 5.ºt symphonie Is taken to a rhythm seldom sense, in has joined filière a lot of Mendelssohn, totally different of the relentless tension of a Mravinsky, of the héroïsme of Svetlanov or of the western power gives berlinois of Karajan.
His start of Weber and Schumann complétent idéalement lucida square in this anthology - I repeat - a lot of very studied.
Now, is your to see and especially to listen : to this prize, this edition look essential all like this some ICON of the park to the rouge of logo and aim ...
4 / 5
One the fin of his life, KLEMPERER, that was a public prosecutor of the music soyoderne' was resulted a defender of the music esconnue'. The edges Felt of the just rhythm left it to him rid give interpretations always cacheadas in lucido the detail but that look to inscribe in has joined rythmique natural. In rodeo An uselessness has Left, the ideal games to discover joins work. You come to take A true pleasure to listen these œuvres célébrissimes. It is ideal in Mendelssohn, Schubert or Schumann, but all his interpretations you the source discovers to give the appearances of the work have touched. He lacking still to know also all Edges Beethoven, his Brahms and his Mozart, especially his sérénades. It leaves pair of Porters these interpretations achieve pair an orchestra whose looks of quality have lost today.
4 / 5
A difference of the homónimo precedent necklace in ONLY CD, that was in substance a florilegio of the incisioni more commentaries, the new Klemperer Bequeathed of the EMI - that there is esordito was a lot of of the past October with the albums devoted the Beethoven, the Bruckner and there is sinfonisti romantic, and that it would have to arrive the gradual fulfillment among May 2013 with other eight albums for a complessiva ottantina has given CD - the coming presents one'work omnia in full, in fact very full rule, inspired the criteria has given completezza and rationalities: understood, in round-up, has presented he for real all he incisioni EMI of the Master averting doppioni and intersections among the varied albums. It constitutes like this as An ideal solution was For the one who any one know ancore at all has given Klemperer was for the one who (coming is more verisimile to say musicofili) already possegga he incisioni more note and understand to integrate with shopping mirati.
Any substantial novelty, the part some version the alternative has given some symphonies, present the album beethoveniano, an authenticate mine has given findings is instead that devoted to the repertoire sinfonico romantic (excepted Brahms, Bruckner and Mahler, addressees has given altrettante monografie in exclusivity), submerged, together ad some jalones miliari of the discografia, come finally riproposte incisioni unknown or forgotten, missing has given to catalog give years or on decades (and that it could as a lot of suceder has given to feel program talora of the filodiffusione, when this had still a minimum has given creativity and a lot he has limited, coming alas is now already doing gives years, the rimacinare cíclicamente always the same programs).
He summit of the collected, that already Gives so only does not fence in purchase it, any one is however a novelty been born a riscoperta, also lately has not been more a lot of agevole gives reperire: here we refer all'Incompiuta has given Schubert, that opens dignamente the resigna. With'it is Commentaries, this symphony presents a question has bases of since has the edge of dates gives to twist also there is master more autorevoli: the need, that is to say, has given to differentiate adequately dynamic and espressività has data planned movements, since, among an allegro moderated in 3/4 in diminish and an andante with motorcycle in 3/8 in mine main, he risk ósmosis appears for real no indifferente; my differentiate them, understands, doing in way that continue announce to be a true allegro moderate and a true andante with motorcycle. The quadratura of the ring is attained In optimum way the Klemperer, perhaps reason already has sweat of data habituado announces to execute moderated almost all the merry and moved almost all the andanti. Any one results In each wife a reading of exception, very rich has given nuances and has given pure contrast seza grown swings agogiche: mysterious in the first subject, expansionary in the second (also in the sense that extends own literally announce to expand, the grow gradually of intensity); dramatic in the development, estatica and luminous in the andante, always miraculously flowed. And he was dowries has given fluidities and energy find in the solar interpretation of the Big, that would suffice gives so only he sfatare the legend has given a Klemperer letargico. A bit less centred the Fifth, that would have need has main data leggerezza; if it seats instead the fault of the Tragic, has given which the Legacy of the years ninety comprised a incisione with the orchestra of the Radio bavarese (and another any one exists with the Wiener Symphoniker).
Nihil sub So only novi for Mendelssohn, he which planned present symphonies in the collected have had long diffusion even in the discografia informative (with the big history of the music has given Brothers Smiths, and, the Italian, also nelll'abum has given Selection He mondo of the symphony). Of the rest Any sleep at least among him interpretations more inspired has given Klemperer (especially the Scottish is treat it for real a bit plumbea; also it has given this would have to exist an alternative version with the Radio Bavarese, that mine looks has given to agree come gifted has main data dynamism).
He deserve elder has given Klemperer the interpreter that Comes mendelssohniano is however surely in the have been among the first the affect in integral version, or almost, he Sleep has given a night has given average held: it has sweated he reading, able also has given an unpredictable levità, embezzles still for a lot of verses insuperata (the only has bet of data level is that has given Abbado).
A satisfied has surprised is the integral has given Schumann, has given which knew practically so only the Fourth (has given which exist also alternative versions, the ad is. That Of the 1962 with the Orchestra of Philadelphia). The Chamber is In fact among him more good-looking of the history of the box, my all and four belong to the Klemperer better, with timing quite larghi mine always rich has given respite and has given suggestive sonority in which they combine wisely corposità and transparency. Fault alas The Inaugural, prank and final op. 52, that of the symphonies would have to constitute A complementary indispensable; I have seen sleep but compensates three more important start (Faust, Genoveva and obviously Manfred).
The resigna has Zone of German date he closes with a ulterior manipulate has given start, he three grown has given Weber and he Bat has given Strauss, and with planned valzer has given investigation' conclude, Blood viennese and he valzer of the Emperor. Composition, this, that a lot of elderly managers tend The conceive come an arisen has given autoritratto; and a lot he can say that Klemperer do exception.
The last four Sleep of CD DEVOTED to the national schools: enough it notes, and meritevoli has given to be it for lucido parrot endow has given balance and has given intensity, dream the Ninth has given Dvorak and the symphony has given Franck; while a flange riscoperta is the Fantastic has given Berlioz, that all'period an expert described speaking has given 'intensification incubotica of the the atmosphere has date the mixed isolation has given fever and malinconia'.
Closes In beauty with concluding three symphonies has given Ciaikovski, whose energetic interpretation and rocciosa looks saved more was tradition sovietica has given Mravinskij that to the sottigliezze introspettive has given Karajan and has given other western: respect whose can, all'occorrenza, represent an alternative is cost no a benefico antidote.
5 / 5
Among His big historical bosses of the Tradition austro-German, Eight Klemperer occupies surely a chair of honour. Of it vetoes give Nikish, Fürtwängler and another Weingartner, disciple of Mahler and of Schönberg, will be long a fervent defender of the music of the his contemporary (date especially Stravinsky, Hindemith, Janacek, Krenek, Weill, and well Mahler sure and Schoenberg).

The period to exile joined to the increase of the Nazism Coincides with a period of illness (especially joins tumor to the brain, whose ablation in 1939 will leave partially paralysed of the right side). Pair The continuazione, in 1951, joins fallen his incursion of the aeroplane in Montreal will leave in seating that it goes; three years later has to that struggle against joins new tumor (to the prostate). These physical consequences have associated with his tall Height and Massively has added his reputation of sévèrité and to the respecteuse fear that aroused in his musicians. But they symbolise also this indéfectible determination that will drive at the same time the life and the music of this esolitary giant' (dixit Law).

In 1954, Walter Law besieges lucido boss almost-septuagénaire low assume games excluyentes EMI, afterwards in 1959 at the head of Orchestra of edges Philharmonia (Karajan that is to join of now to the his berliners), that Klemperer goes to direct pendant 14 years (until his disappearance in 1973), and with that goes to rid to the poseridad name of captations admirable, essentially in lucido repertoire germanique that defended with so much of science and of ardeur : Beethoven, Bruckner, Brahms, Mahler, Mendelssohn, Mozart, Schubert, Schumann, Strauss, Wagner.

The Direction of Klemperer the pair has characterised joins total integrity, joins authoritative rigour in giving tempis often measured (included sometimes slow), but with a really exceptional sense of the tongue, give texture and give balances orchestraux. Of the interpretations dépourvues of effects of stains (here joins intellectual honesty More than joining true austerity), visited of a swipe ininterrompu, of the cohesion joined out of norm, of a sense inouï of the phrasé and of the architecture, and finally of inspiration joined sã intangible with objective games solos of 'touch to the truth' (to the equal that has said Law).

Among His 13 coffrets planned pair EMI games to mark 40th anniversary of his disappearance, this reagrupa give registers study him 'romantic' has done among January 1960 and February 1969. Of the the exceptional register already available, like these geniales symphonies of Mendelssohn (without forgetting these Sleeps of the night joined of state of has joined éloquence scarce), but especially a together of welcome returns to the catalogue : like this the glorious Symphonies of Schumann, 3 Symphonies of Schubert that is so many summits discographiques, his Symphonies 4-6 of Tchaikowsky (atypiques without doubts, but of the extraordinary force joined), or still he Symphonie Fantastic, he 9th of Dvorak or finally this Symphonie of Franck visit of has joined infalible energy. Without forgetting A Plot of small seeds orchestrales (this start of Schumann and Weber !).

Here-low Lucido detail of the coffret, with indication of the period to register; all these captations is done with him (New) Philharmonia Orchestra. A word of the sud lucido name of the orchestra : founded to the Incursion of the war under the impulse of Walter Reads games to do fault his needs of registers of EMI, will be to dissolve pair the same Law under way 1964, while lucidas burns of cloth with the editor. The orchestra decides then the-same to fly with his own wings; his musicians receive lucido support indéfectible of Klemperer, his boss of ten years. You are months later, lucido of now New Philharmonia the orchestra restarts like his activities, and will show still numerous years that it is well joins gives better formations in the world.

A note at any rate that it can it to it reproach lucida publishing election to cut sud of correct law two cds (he Symphonie of Franck and the sixth of Tchaikowsky).

- Berlioz : Symphonie Fantastic (September 1963)
- Dvorak : Symphonie n°9 'New Mondó (November of October 1963)
- Franck : Symphonie in king smaller (February 1966)
- Mendelssohn : Symphonies n°3 cottish' (January 1960), and n°4 'Italian' (February 1960) -- Sleeps of the night joined of summer (with Heather Harper and Janet Bakers, January/fevrier 1960) -- 'Inaugural 'Hebridas' (February 1960).
- Schubert : Symphonies n°5 (May 1963), n°8 'Inachevée' (February 1963) and n°9 (September 1960)
- Schumann : Symphonies n°1 pring' (October 1965), n°2 (October 1968), n°3 'Rhénane' (February 1969), n°4 (May 1960) -- Scenes of the Faust of Goethe (February 1969) -- Start Manfred (October 1965), Genoveva (October 1968).
- : It Opening Die Fledermaus (December of October 1961) -- Wiener blut (has Sung viennois, October 1961) -- Kaiserwalzer (Cost of the Emperor, October 1961)
- Tchaikowsky : Symphonies n°4 (February of January 1963), n°5 (October 1961), n°6 'Pathétique' (October 1961)
- Weber : the start Damage Freischutz (May 1960), Euryanthe (September 1960), Oberon (May 1960)
5 / 5

5 / 5
4 / 5
Cube schon immer Klemperer Partidário. Wunderschöne Zusammenstellung. Hervorzuheben ist Given Unvollendete, die Gesamtaufnahme gives Sommernachtstraumes und die von Tschaikowsky.
4 / 5
4 / 5
Über Quotes musikalische und klangliche Qualität gives vorliegenden Aufnahmen muss nicht gesprochen werden. Warum Man einige davon in giving älteren Digitalisierung von 1990/91 belassen hat (Schubert 5, Mendelssohn 3, Schumann 2, Weber-Ouvertüren, Strauss, Tschaikowsky 4) ist angesichts gives Qualität neuerer japanischer Überspielungen, die ich besitze, nicht ganz nachvollziehbar, aber zu verschmerzen, as übel klingen has given frühen Neunziger nicht. Ganz und gar nicht zu verschmerzen hingegen ist Quotes Dreistigkeit, dem Hörer gleich zwei Plattenwechsel zumuten: Bei CD 7/8 in Francks d-moll Symphonie und, noch weit schlimmer, schon ein Sakrileg, bei CD 9/10 gives Anfangssatz give Pathètique auf CD 9, gives Rest auf CD 10 vor gives 5. Symphonie - und Gives alles wegen gives Ersparnis einer CD - unmöglich. Gottlob gibt Is has given Aufnahmen einzeln, allerdings wäre mir quotes eine Zusatz-CD ohne Plattenwechsel zwei oder drei Euro mehr allemal wert gewesen. Ist Gives Given typisch heutige kommerzielle Gleichgültigkeit gegenüber Musikliebhabern, man of data derart dipped partorisca touch-Preisen löcken , indem editorische Sorgfalt teilweise über Embroiders geworfen wird, oder nur pure Gedankenlosigkeit? Vorsicht Also bei give anderen Editionen dieser Serious! Of the Beiheft immerhin ist recht ordentlich, bei gives Sony-Boxen gibt is gar keines. Aber dennoch: Like this preisgünstig give Ganze ist, gives zweifache Plattenwechsel ärgert, daher nur drei Sterne, trotz gives wunderbaren Musik in größtenteils für die Aufnahmezeit sehr guter Klangqualität, die 5 Sterne verdient hätte.
5 / 5
Wer Klassik mag, wird unweigerlich nicht Eight Klemperer herumkommen. Yesterday sind viele seiner Aufnahmen vereinigt. Obi nun Dies Klangqualität gut oder sehr gut ist, vermag gives normal Hörer nicht festzustellen. It dies gelingt sicherlich dips give dementsprechenden Anlage für mehrere €10000.
5 / 5
Has counted already some CD of Klemperer and the continuous magic partorisca operate. It embezzles very Wise to the way whose this glorious boss directs the orchestra.
Am wanted to to see EMI stand out his disks have registered under his férule. The quality of the Edges satisfies me fully. It does not find nullement Klemperer heavy or weighing, but instead of the sensibility has joined everything in sweetness.
Sure That does not go to remain there in his coffrets has proposed to a prize More than the pair of interests EMI.
Touches more informations, thinks that suffices of référer to the commentary of Savinien that is a lot precise.
5 / 5
4 / 5
5 / 5
4 / 5
5 / 5
4 / 5
Klemperer Is grandísimo also in the execution has given these authors. To having given more, the quality of the incisione is optimum, in spite of the years(in fact perhaps better has given today); any here forget that producing discografico has given these incisioni was a correct sig. Walter Law!
4 / 5
Klemperer zeigt sich In dieser Box für give 'Uneingeweihten' dipped vagen Vorstellungen besonders überraschend:
Quotes 4 5 6 Tschaikowsky, die Franck-Symphonies und die Phantastique von Berlioz entsprechen likes gar nicht dem oberflächlichen Klemperer-Bild.
Wunderbares Musizieren und höchst inspiriertes, lebendiges Dirigat!

Schön, dass Die EMI nach langer Zeit quotes Klemperer-Aufnahmen als Boxen herausbringt - aber warum nutzt EMI nicht konsequent quotes bestmöglichen Digialtransfers? Eine vertane Regime!
Gives Klang give Überspielungen ist zwar Gut, In 90 gives Stücke aber gives Giappone-Ausgaben unterlegen. It has given sind voluminöser, glanzvoller, räumlicher feiner in giving Auflösung und natürlicher gives Orchesterfarben. Allerdings eben auch weniger 'Cleaned', auch place etwas mehr Sells-Hiss und hie und gives Rumpeln im tieffrequenten Bereich...

- - - - -

Über ein Feedback (Kommentare) zu meinen Bemühungen Gives Rezensierens würde ich mich freuen! Lesen Sie gern auch andere meiner weit über 200 Klassik-Besprechungen place Schwerpunkt 'romantische Orchestermusik' (viel Bruckner und Mahler), 'wenig bekannte national Komponisten' (z.B. aus Skandinavien), 'historische Aufnahmen' und immer wieder Interpretationsvergleiche und für Gives Kenner bzw. Interessierten meist Anmerkungen Zoom Remastering!
5 / 5
5 / 5
Klempilâtre Of always, collects partorisca Give years all his registers of this boss that has not looked until here appreciated to his just value that outrage-Mancha. Among month CD, 33t and 78t, has thought not finding that of the folds in this new series of coffrets. In fact, I have not had almost that gives surprised, and give ravissements : the selection of EMI does not retain that the best of work of edges with him New Philharmonia - orchestra when hoarding, and inspiration to the summum. Out of the Version-reference of the symphonie of Franck, in pode any that is delighted pair lucido romanticism to the swipe frémissant and to the widths flown that animated onge' and the Italian of Mendelssohn ; the Big of Schubert, touched with the ambition has joined brucknerienne, deserves more than ever the edges appoint. Sure enough, Klempi is before all A GERMAN boss (this is not games at all that the edges of edges have touched lucido colonel in Pope Schultz!), and, he exaltáis with incomparable subtlety joined the ténébreuse depth of the soul germanique, his vision has applied the others the musics is sometimes déroutante : like this, Tchaïkovski avère rational as of the Brahms, and more tragic that pathétique. Lucido More rigolo, is the Fantastic : it knows that, it touches Klemperer, the music was to join pure abstract beauty ; he the like this adrede has ignored that Berlioz there has written joins symphonie to program! Listening this Version, forgets his fields, lucido suplicio, lucido akelarre, but coin, thanks to the exceptional transparency of direction has joined that gives all his readable voices, to the which signal that this music is very compound .
Games to finalise, recommends more chaudement still is possible he coffret Bruckner, and especially the coffret Beethoven ; it has possessed already of 2 to 5 versions of the each symphonie pair Klempi, but has been the pair dazzled this coffret, especially pair the most good-looking, the majority of lyric of all his Pastoral that has felt never. This series a lot reagrupa That gives the registers give years 50, the period cyclothymique of Klempi, but, look casualidad, is not selected that gives moments of euphoria and of épanchement vital; Ach, Bétove... Deutsche Magnitude!....
5 / 5
4 / 5

・ブラームス:交響曲&序曲集&ドイツレクイエム(4CD)Brahms: Symphones / Start / Deutsches Requiem
・モーツァルト:交響曲&序曲&セレナーデ集(8CD)Mozart: Start / of Serenades / of the Symphonies
・マーラー:交響曲集(6CD) 仏EMIと同一内容
5 / 5
5 / 5
5 / 5





4 / 5

Top Customer Reviews: Saint-Saëns: ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 8 ratings
4 / 5
Registers of this exotic, erotic acts for a sometimes underrated Santo-Saens is hardly fat in an earth, but this one of 1991 is near the ideal.
A biblical, the subject highly touched has adapted a composer, and a lot a music is sensuous and emotional. Wisely, Of the looks of mould of only eight, comprising three Philistines, and is some time before Dalila done his entrance, Samson that resists a phase first of all.
The Sunday is very like this long-haired a, but is a wonderful Waltraud Meier the one who impresses so much if no more like this notorious temptress {his Isolde partorisca Barenboim is the thing of beauty also}. Well achieve this neighbour he so only partorisca listen his flange in an end of Law Two of these words, spat is gone in Samson:

Lache! Corazón without Amur,
I you meprise.

('Coward! Loveless Corazón, despise you. Goodbye!')
In a word soyeprise' his drops of voices almost an eighth and the blood of an auditor is chilled same like the ears are thrilled.
Meier Is of course the half the one who strays to a soprano repertoire, but here a richness of the his mature half the voice comes to the his own.
In some other functions, Alain Fondary, Jean-Philippe Courtis, and Samule Ramey Hebrew that Old, is everything excellent. Myung-Whun Chung Directs an Orchestra and Corazón - both vital in this work - of the Work-The Bastilla with intelligence and fashion.
Mine original, unremastered copies {with some two goodnesses pictured in profile, and in facial plenary take-on, in a coverage} requires a volume to having looked enough the way to obtain a full effect, but otherwise ossia the enormous register of the work very end, with an orchestra in an end that clash down of a temple roughly all the world is ears giving an auditor that for heart, cathartic, overwhelms it and percussive aural experience.

Highly recommended.
5 / 5
A good register and a work to want to listen to.
5 / 5
This work is more like this oratorio that a work. Whung Chung Directs the a lot of sensual and a time still delicate interpretation with rhythic vitality and rigour. A sollists is glorious and a choral flange is glorious. Santo Saens' masterpiece has not been has registered better. Ossia A definite ëns: Some Complete Works for Piano and Orchestra
5 / 5
Punctual service. This the copy has used looks to be like this very like this new, in that has been to concern partorisca for leading owner. This mine operates new in entirety. Some utmost that sings as I am enjoying immensely. Nizza To have in my collection.
4 / 5
Formidable vocal interpretation of Plácido Sunday and Waltraud Meier in all the well the musical direction, brilliant, dramatic d register.
4 / 5
Beautiful flange, good-looking music during a work.
4 / 5
This was one of some better register has has not had never. Placido Sunday is absolutely wonderful. A heart is absolutely perfect.
5 / 5
Has been interested to develop the mine that comprises of this work and I have loved a better register could find. I have listened to fragment of diverse, doing comparisons and has chosen this pickings was slender. They are not disappointed.

Top Customer Reviews: Mahler - Symphony ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5
It was in Budapest partorisca my graduation of edges and after our celebration found the tent of open music. Mahler 4th is one of mine favourite and I have the plot of registers. George Szell Cleveland the register was always my preferred. Until I have touched it is one .

Has registered in Budapest in 2009, agree me of a sweetness and tenderness that a Chamber is supposition partorisca spend is gone in one touching but is has lost sometimes. I found affected by a register, a way in that each individual note has his place and his prominence likes them the composer has feigned. You take a feeling Ivan Fisher has directed this register with his eyes that reads directly to the each eyes of players, entirely in a with his musicians those who look partorisca know exactly that want the partorisca achieve, concentrating so only in a music and achieving your perfect and timing for each individual note without distractions. A timing feels perfect also, never hurried but not feeling never retard neither. An oboe was one of the favourite instruments of Mahler and aims here.
5 / 5
What time of test Ivan Fischer takes with his Orchestra of Festival of Budapest? I create A question simply because his Mahler register tip such infinite and fond attention still detail in these, a more detailed that bookmarks/marcadors.

His Mahler 4 is any exception. Some pocolos squeezes to grow/decrescendo in of the small sentences or has included the alone notes are all there is remarked attentively. So many, also, some a lot of small caesuras in a bookmark as well as a variety of different emphasis markings - points, sforzandi, little decrescendo frames. He all help to characterise each sentence, each subject. His condition for a Mahlerian portamento/glissando, aimed in of the leading register, is also here in abundance (this in spite of almost always so only when marked in a bookmark) and still extends to a voice in a last verse of a final movement.

This is not enough to do the Mahler adds manager, of course. But Fischer tip to be so only that during a work. Always it looks to do touches like this natural. Some subtleties of variac. Of the time is sheer delight. For example, so only first of a pinch for a line in an end of a first movement there is no less than 10 modifications of time in so many of a lot of bars - laughs., suffered The time, accelerating, laughs.. A lot it has laughed., langsam, Another has laughed., sehr zuruckhaltend (that Resists for behind the small), the time and little the little tightening. Fischer Moulds he all to the emotional and of course flowing whole.

In his test in some accompanying notes, Fischer habladurías in an orchestra of fourth feels of a whole symphony and of 'to lightness of a whole orchestra'. This certainly comes by means of in one touching. Which is not to say that he eschews a darkness and anguish of a piece: ossia perhaps the Girl that the paradise has Lost. In time, especially in a first movement, has been adapted by a part a dark plus of Humperdinck Hansel and Gretel, which Mahler had directed in a Work of Vienna some parks before it begins work in some premiers three movements of a symphony. It is some stairs , no a content, which is smaller that in another Mahler symphonies. And, like this befits the group of chamber, some of some soloists deserve special to mention - a 1st Horn, the one who touches some counterpoints and a lot of solos of entities gloriously, and a clarinettist, the one who takes a perkiness of the Carinthian band of city in a second movement to perfection.

A lot another reviewers has found a final movement something of the accident-down. It have to that be distinguished was that this movement has been written seven or eight first years of a rest of a symphony and was a lot a seed of the like a rest of a work has grown, thematically as well as emotionally. Calm perhaps would owe that contest that a slow movement, sublime how is, is the little too weighty for his context. Mahler has given two instructions of entities in a bookmark in a boss of this last movement: ' it is of an importance more orders that a singer be extremely discreetly accompanied' and 'to be sung with childlike and serenáis expression, absolutely without parody!' Both these criteria are admirably @@give, for Fischer in his accompaniment and for Miah Persson in his flange. Like this softly mecer a symphony his near, a rest (with the tear or two has to that admit) reflecting in the action adds, superbly touched and wonderfully has registered.
4 / 5
Any symphony of mine of Mahler of the favourite but find this register of him quite good unbeatable.
4 / 5
His a lot of good!!!
5 / 5
4 / 5
good harmony and adds soprano!
5 / 5
This register of Mahler 4th is the better quality that has expected - I would like me know the one who big
in some maps of popularities is.
5 / 5
Ossia One of one the majority of ravishing Mahler disks that has listened for some time. One touching of an orchestra is stunning and some balances favour some brass and detail of wonderful wind whilst ridding a full impact of a whole orchestra when required. Fischer Is has been sensitive interpreter, rounding some sentences in a music the majority of pleasingly with him bracing first two movements.

A third (adage) the movement is touched like this well is that it registers that Fischer touches done like a movement More adds them Mahler has not written never! He encapsulates all a joy and ache of life to the equal that moves to an enormous 'Gates of Heaven' climax so only before drift to a final movement. Ossia Extraordinarily good touching and that directs.

And then... Well we have a final song with Miah Persson like the charming and a lot clear soprano soloist. For me a question was that a third movement was like this overwhelmingly well that this charming movement, almost like a intermezzo, was something of a anticlimax. To be just could allege that ossia the question with an unusual structure of a symphony so much like anything more and this in fact could be a chance. But Fischer is directing also touches so only the little subject in fact to arrive to this point with the quite speedy global time that is so only the little unyielding in approximation. This can be one in critical reaction but is , is because of a comparison with a wonderful intensity of some other movements, particularly an Adage.

In spite of this (light) the critic thinks that that ossia the full disk of delicious ideas of Fischer and his Orchestra of Festival of Budapest and that this disk will resupply the satisfaction adds. Recommended.
4 / 5
First of all, a technical quality of this register is in the first place-classifies. Each nuance of the delicious bookmark of Mahler can be listened, without undue emphasis to any of him. So only listen to an accompaniment the 'Dead' Fiddle' in a second movement, or a gurgling sections of trio! A Chamber is basically to symphony of chamber, with a lot of little really strong climax: there is really so only two, one in a half of a first movement and another neighbour an end of a third. Ivan Fischer does not try never exaggerate any of a dynamics but so only presents a music simply, as Mahler could have wished. It conceal it does not mean has the lack of emotion, in a contrary, ossia the very emotional action . Miah Persson Looks a lot of-launched likes fashionable boy soprano in a last movement, which also have found always the bit of a anticlimax with which has gone before. (But perhaps the heaven is...) Fischer Maintains a same tension in a slower part in a start of a third movement, which is more soyolto' that 'little' adage here.

Klemperer' The version is still my preferred, but this has to that come afterwards.
5 / 5
Really seat you can not take the better register of this wonderful work that this one. Sumptuous Register, and an action is glorious; sensitive to a bookmark, superbly characterful, nuanced, alive. Ossia The simply wonderful disk , the Register adds of this Century, if calm .

Top Customer Reviews: ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 30 ratings
5 / 5
EXCELLENT CD. Bought partorisca my woman the one who repeatedly the tone. They are not the defender of him Divo, but has to that admit that I also the enjoyed. A must partorisca all He Divo the defenders and I have to that highly recommend.
3 / 5
It was really that looks forward to a new album but was a lot of disappointed,to good sure any partorisca touch the wonderful world is one of my favourite songs and his no the justice!!
5 / 5
I have seen an alive concert that has promoted this album in July in Ragley Room. It has touched like this often that included some clues have not gone at the beginning enthusiastic has grown on on me. My preferred is Here esperandote (please lack of excuse of emphasis) the translation Here included is expecting.
5 / 5
My cd always is beginning in my car. This cd is that it would expect, a level is very good. A question with him divo is that they produce a lot of pocolos cds is time simon cowell has taken his toe has ordered was this partorisca my husband how is the ildivo and has bought the plot of ildivo cd of Amazon. The songs add
5 / 5
in that went it the defender of him Divo in the first place begun in 2003, has been disappointed with an election of some songs. The desire would return to his classical roots.
3 / 5
Well value a wait in mine dress. It has been the big defender of thiers of then his in the first place begun and saw him in concert the little time. Amur This CD as well as all his another CD is.
5 / 5
A present partorisca the partner. It goes partorisca see this alive CD and loved like the memory. It has been it has pleased extremely.
5 / 5
Once again they come up with the good mix that calms has to that it guesses a song as in the different tongue. Well value of the money and time partorisca listen to.
5 / 5
If it likes an usual The Divo material, would have to enjoy this. It likes.
4 / 5
It is the lovely cd has taken now all his CDs. Reasonable prize.
4 / 5
Once again come up with the good mix that calms has to that it guesses a song as in the different tongue. Well value of the money and time partorisca listen to.
5 / 5
Beautiful, beautiful, such lovely voices. Amur This album.
5 / 5
Likes of an usual The Divo material, would have to enjoy this. It likes.
5 / 5
All was a lot. A CD arrived in time. Highly recommend.
4 / 5
Like this happy to add this to mine He Divo Collection. Some arrangements are so only glorious.
4 / 5
Any there more, no the value that listens to, disappoints it so that I like him divo the plot
5 / 5
Calm can any gone bad with this CD. I bought it after seeing he divo, alive in Scarborough.
5 / 5
Ossia One HE DIVO has fallen them enamoured with the years done. Good-looking songs all know and amour. This has to that be one of the his better cds. Arrived punctually too much.
4 / 5
In that went it the defender of him Divo in the first place begun in 2003, has been disappointed with an election of some songs. The desire would return to his classical roots.
4 / 5
Was really that looks forward to a new album but was a lot of disappointed,to good sure any partorisca touch the wonderful world is one of my favourite songs and his no the justice!!
5 / 5
Has seen an alive concert that has promoted this album in July in Ragley Room. It has touched like this often that included some clues have not gone at the beginning enthusiastic has grown on on me. My preferred is Here esperandote (please lack of excuse of emphasis) the translation Here included is expecting.
5 / 5
Has ordered this partorisca my husband how is the ildivo and has bought the plot of ildivo cd of Amazon. The songs add
4 / 5
He Divo is the law of class. I love his music and while some of some songs in this cd is not particularly to my flavour, in general still enjoy this group a lot.
5 / 5
My cd always is beginning in my car. This cd is that it would expect, a level is very good. A question with him divo is that they produce a lot of pocolos cds is time simon cowell has taken his toe out of
4 / 5
Has arrived well packaged in excellent condition, also good prize.

Happy with an element, has taken so only enough the moment partorisca arrive.

4 / 5
Amur So only HE Divo
can do very wrong
Fab CD
4 / 5
A lovely album partorisca begin to finalise. Adele Is the salvation is an amazing version , totally unexpected! Such the joy partorisca listen to partorisca begin to finalise. Another triumph partorisca some incomparable voices that is Divo!
5 / 5
Has ordered late at night but rid for next evening , the service adds. SAME BETTER CD.
5 / 5
CD adds. They are the defender adds of him Divo and have all his CDs.
4 / 5
11 Quite known songs with the touch of him Divo. The sounds that has surprised

Top Customer Reviews: Gluck: Orfeo ed ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 5 ratings
5 / 5
It is it has looked in the 1969 in Kingsway Room, Londra, the glorious acoustic, as well as he Methodist Centrical Room.
This was before a movement of true action is existed really. In any case, Solti is not never be one defends of . Neither, partorisca this subject, was partorisca Go, both enormous musicians.
A main function is treated like this for the half, Marilyn Horne, in excellent voice throughout. If you owe that have the counter viril-tenor, this will not be partorisca you. Other two sopranos is traditional operatic singers, but both with voices quite pure, and both glorious in his functions.
A sound is excellent, like this always of Decca in a Sixties of Kingsway Room.
An orchestra and heart of Covent the garden is first waters . Tuning, near, unanimity of attack and phrasing, everything is A1, like an attentive with Solti in a podium.
That has surprised, in the lovely way, is Solti approximation to a bookmark. Gluck Is not the composer one thinks of when considering Solti repertoire. Record Handel and a lot Mozart, like this Gluck access amiably among these two. His rhythms are jumped fantastically, but never aggressively. A calm music, and there is a lot in this fine work, is breathtaking in his sensibility and refinement. One Dances Blessed Alcohol and a music for a Elysian the fields is heartmeltingly gorgeous, offered and understated. Calm hardly can believe ossia a Solti of Wagner
Coverage, but is!
He Love the register that use modern instruments and of the traditional voices, calm can any gone bad with east. Enough this, has treated fabulously like this here, that the frenetic and too-tended that law that some the modern interpreters resupply, although many fine the modern register exists, of course.
Each ways of action of products of ages of the his own. This, of 1969, gives the testimony to some levels some big plus of this decade. We require to agree the one who the very considerable musician Georg Solti was, unfashionable although it is today. The musical fashion comes and goes, and is irrelevant in a diagram adds things. That finally @@subject, surely, is a quality of musicianship in his capacity to spend the music adds ours. This together end ameno Gluck fabulous has operated ours, and I, for one, am a lot happy he mine.
4 / 5
Ossia Gluck Acts more order, and a two CDs does not disappoint . That good-looking music and voice, some better of baroques, and some emotions are transmitted like this well. A register is digitally remastered, and is faultless. This CD is value adds for money.
4 / 5
Has bought and has loved Solti Orpheus when a sound 'true' was quite an innovation. With which a lot of years, readings a lot philological is resulted something that odd like the slow dinosaur. Well, often it spends, but, IMHO, Orpheus there is still value and of the offered still the plot to like.
Three reasons:
First: an odd quality of Gluck music. His sonorities, sounds, the melodies are not -like this-baroque; has the quite modern flavour that, in some way, returns a lot still in of the ejecucións/executions a lot philological.
Segundo: Solti is the pleasure; Orpheus is not never boring, a music is a lot of nuanced, ardent and - he - give you also time to listen each note. It is not necessary to always run by means of the bookmark to be interesting (p. p.ej. The requiem of Mozart in Celibidache reading).
Tercero (and at all a less!): Marilyn Horne. In this function, is gigantic. There is no only the fabulous voice, incredibily agile and powerful, but also gives an incredible interpretation. So only it listens to 'I Call he my very like this' and 'That will do without Euridice' and will not forget never neither Orpheus neither Horne: it is like this desperate, and a heroic same time and poetic! It does not lose an occasion of has listened something I so that it adds and pure like Horne action: I doubt that any modern interpreter could achieve such highness.
5 / 5
Ossia The action adds with Marilyn Horn. An only better on is with Kathleen unbeatable Ferrier. An action of Horn has his best. Ossia My favourite work .
5 / 5
A lot that has been expecting, will spend it on to any the one who that can appreciate, had read to be the favourite CD for a character read roughly in the novel.