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Top Customer Reviews: Ravel: The Complete ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 3 ratings
5 / 5
Prpers Having seen this end pianist recently treating Ravel Concert of the piano in G has verified partorisca see registered the but unfortunately has no. This in spite of in 2011 partorisca Hyperion the records register everything of Ravel Music of Piano of Only Complete, so that it is certainly enough to be that it locate with. It have listened of his excellent reputation and that has seen alive has punctual @to @give a special talent has with a understated but sensitive and scintillating touch that is a lot beautiful to listen to.

This fashion finds perfectly in this two record CD of Ravel music of the piano and some signals underlined for me was cost It, Lucida tomb of Couperin and especially Valses noble and sentimental.

Now are while his to register a Concert of Piano in G and give Martha Argerich the state announces his money.
4 / 5
Osborne È One of a scarce pianists the one who goes further adding gloss or the new wrinkle. For a first time, nacee on me that Ravel world of the his of the keyboard has affinity with Scarlatti and another predesessors! That the emotion to compare Osborne wide horizons with Gieseking is limited closely, micro-world-wide of crystalline perfection!

Is impossible to overstate a revolutionary outreach of Osborne perceptions of Ravel. This is not so only any one groups to twist of note in of the novel ways. Awake resonances with some pieces of keyboard of the only of 16C Germania north and with Scarlatti & his peers. I recommend to begin with CD2 and skipping judiciously to close the clue 7 and then spend on without interruption.

Bavouzet Has presented Debussy with the new wrinkle, but was always Debussy. Gould Milagros With Bach had limited always the Bach when you touch Bach. Osborne Ravel transcends Time, place and composer & each one Ravel the purist will shudder with recognition and approval.

CD2 Is a property trove. CD1 Is far less revelatory.
4 / 5
Salvation There The two cd is was excellent reproduction and touch a lot good.
reccomend The To any one.

Top Customer Reviews: Tippett: Piano ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 1 ratings
4 / 5
Version acts master Of the Concert for piano has given Tippett: pianista excellent and impetuous, optimum orchestra, excellent direction. The restarted Audio nitidissima does embezzles. Good-looking also He touched.

Top Customer Reviews: Messiaen: Vingt ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 1 ratings
5 / 5
Like this riveting like Osborne magisterial action in a Wigmore Soiled some 5 years or he more done in a Wigmore Room. Together with a Quartet touches the Fin of the Time penetrates to an essence of our debt the Messiaen.

Top Customer Reviews: Claude Debussy: ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 2 ratings
4 / 5
Ossia Wonderful touching of the works of the shortest piano of Debussy - all some insiemi of entities averts Preludes and studios, in fact, and Game Lucido Piano. Some do any the a lot of involving sequence, feeling quite substantial and entirely self-when be - was columns of the temple, would be the little further averts that some Preludes and certainly that some studios. A sheer tonal beauty of Bells he travers his leaves, said, gives the pleasure adds. And The The low lune of the sud lucido temple that was is the rapt meditation, while some Fish of or dart with a lot gleaming energy, especially in Steven Osborne hands. Sooner he on ameno virtuosidad glorious to the Isle Happy, in that a big tune sounds particularly elated. There is a lot of light and shadow in his interpretation, but a shadow is the source of joy also, that exists so only in report to a sun, one could say. The corner of the boys amenos the tone the light plus, while Images to resupply complete perfection - like this can a does not love this suggestion of an a lot of essence of scenes that can be distant a lot of ours real listening place? You are taken there as if to the place knows intensely by means of your senses. Osborne È An exceptional interpreter of this repertoire, both solid and imaginative - any listen game Messiaen Twenty the considerations by heart will adapt that it is absolutely a real thing.
4 / 5
Wonderful touching; each piece is like this fantastically and intelligently has characterised. This disk is pure joy , and although it is part of the flurry of Debussy CDs out of this January, this a special east.

Top Customer Reviews: Schubert:Impromptus ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 2 ratings
5 / 5
Wonderfully dexterous And sensitive touching like this never of Scozia more final!
4 / 5
Steven Osborne has the repertoire that diverse wide and there is attacked me particularly in Messiaen, in that is for real unforgettable, Ravel, and Beethoven Bagatelles, while it gives the vivid projection the Prokofiev with Alina Ibragimova. Anything has turned the looks partorisca do to pure gold, with his strong but very sensitive touching. His Schubert is also wonderful as listened in this disk, which presents a place a late plus of Impromptus and a Drei Klavierstucke D946. In both there is the sincere unfolding of a music with the sense of a lot of intensity behind some notes, the resulted in the very poised action. A inward the quality is present, perhaps also the sense partorisca listen some melodic lines always as they could be sung, so that a form and mate figuración begin partorisca touch well, although it was a lot last to see that it has to that be of a note of arrangement in a page. With Osborne, feels as if it is the line sung , which is in a heart of Schubert same creative impulse where any directly a form has used. A prime minister Impromptu has the second beautiful subject where a sinister hand constantly crosses a legislation - Osborne sentences he with the attractive light to a centre of the each group of notes, like the series that attractive in around the purse, which rid his essential form. A work is practically the touched, as it remarks excellent for Mischa Donat say. An end - some Variac. In the subject for Anselm Huttenbrenner - is an original direction partorisca take, more than comprising a Op. 90 Impromptus. They can not have a depth adds other pieces but have vary it emotional plangency, another time contained in Huttenbrenner remarkable tune, this door out of a sublimate in Schubert. They are the brilliant discovery partorisca which do not know ...

Top Customer Reviews: Medtner/ ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 3 ratings
5 / 5
This individual conceptualisation of Rachmaninov Second Touched is attacked that for real stunning , sumptuously registered and worthy of a place honoured in any pianophile library of Rachmaninov works of piano. The I has has collected registers of this touched (and his masterpiece sibling, Touched Any one.1, , In D smaller, which would be it wonderful to listen Steven Osborne has treated) partorisca on 40 years, in all 3 versions, of some initiates one in DGG elepé for Roberto Szidon (unfortunately never issued on CD). Entirely for this have amassed some 60 registers, all (fences in the small) lovely partorisca some idea or another. This late plus, so only in this Osborne there is devised his personnel conflation of some original and revised versions (of 1913 and 1931), has to go to a lot almost a cup of mine shortlist of favourites. Has a technician, stamina, resorted poetic, and all-virtuosidad stellar round, coupled with a instinctive 'Rachmaninov touched to do an anxiety his renditions of some laws of integer, more some concerts. Has, of course, already given we some complete Preludes, and these correctly garnered rave descriptions. A more anticipated Corelli Variac., the work of piano of alone end of a composer of character, is like this thin and memorable, how is also a Medtner Skazki and Touched Romantic. Hyperion Is to be fill on giving this pianist a liberty to register this repertoire, when his catalogue already spends versions for another of any same do that it is hardly populist or mainstream. This disk deserves each accolade and prize that surely will come his way.
5 / 5
Amazing and ravishing is my opinion of this action of a Second Touched. I have listened all some versions and this one east the curious blend of Rachmaninov and strangely modernist elaborations. To start with to finalise ossia the action is virtuosic in a better possible way - the ally of technical capacity the real expression.

A must has record. Simple as it concealed.
5 / 5
Steven Osborne present with music and crushing security to veto romantic of piano of two composers and also excellent pianistas Russian that has appreciated mutually: Sergei Rachmaninov and Nikolai Medtner. So much it is then , in fact, both have consecrated his Concerts for piano and orchestra n.4 And n.2 Respectively.

To the equal that has done in 2011 in another big box has consecrated the the Russians Mussorsgsky and Prokofiev (the pictures of some Sarcasms/ of Exposure & have aimed fugitives) Osborne goes back to teach with formidable and deep technician convencimiento a program underlined in where they project two compound sonatas in the same tonality of him bemol smaller: Touched n.2 Of Rachmaninov (in a version of the own Osborne that combines both versions have left of the composer) and the onata Romantic' n.1 Of Medtner (that is that list twelve of fourteen sonatas that has composed and figure four successive movements or the interruption sinned).

Complete the cd (until the 72 minutes) the Variac. In a subject of Corelli Op. 42 Of Rachmaninov and Skazki of Medtner, two compound works that interest in of the clave of moments of the life of both composers, and that Osborne moves of flawless way.

The Digital sound is excellent, with a piano clamoroso and resonant (apresamientos of the 21 to 23 December 2012 in the Room of Forest of Henry of Londra). Hay Also good informative notes (any in Spanish) the load of David that Followers and a reflection of the pianista the purpose of his own version of the Touched n.2 Of Rachmaninov .