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5 / 5
Rings an alternative to a lot of some traditional or albums of explosion navideños has based, and this CD fulfils a brief perfectly. Has A lot another Sugarland CDs, and has considered an album navideño has produced for Jennifer Nettles when I have discovered this.
5 / 5
Although I have meant long partorisca buy some of Sugarland the earliest albums, has do not close so that ossia my first album of the his. Certainly I remember that really I owe that buy these other albums. Ossia One of a more imaginative Christmas album around, with several original songs and the sprinkling of old chestnuts, everything does in typical Sugarland fashion. Jennifer Nettles sings the majority of an advantage vocals, but Kristian Bush takes an advantage on Holly jolly Navidad and Perhaps creature the day of the new year.

Although Sugarland the music is rooted in country (some follows in fact use the electrical guitar of steel), has the contemporary urban chair his, clearly illustrated for an inaugural clue, City of sleeps of money. Songs of the traditional country usually contrasts some big bad cities and some bad people those who alive the with a rural life that recognises like this hard but at least some people are well, the examples when being cities of Detroit (Bobby Coffins), goes partorisca be the daughter of country again (Buffy Santa-Marie) and Big city (Merle Haggard). A country of aims of inaugural clue the one who far the songs have changed, as it pays enthusiastic homage in New York, comprising a to in St the cathedral of Patrick and another roughly 5th Avenue. In planting to consider to New York likes heartless and soulless, of singers of the countries now recognise that New York can be enjoyable.

In as the opener is the pair of levels (Winter wonderland), which are given the signs Sugarland treatment but still stick to a basic original arrangement, as they still would owe that touch reassuringly quite familiar to satisfy traditionalists. After coming three original songs. A prime minister of these, coming house, any reference the Christmas and could be in the turn any time of year, but he certainly access in here comfortably. One follows of the title describes some of some good feelings navideñas, while a sad song, Perhaps creature the day of the new year, finds the man that reflects on like the Christmas has used to be with the woman the one who is so only the memory.

Nuttin' For Navidad, the in the first place registered song for a Fontane Sisters, is the wonderful upbeat fun song that it is has registered seldom. Afterwards it comes a regular Or come Or Emmanuel comes, which Jennifer sings with a dignity requires. An a lot of stately song, an instrumentation comprises two banjos, which is not exactly to the equal that could expect, but is touched with the restriction adds while resupplying the differential touch. Any deception Sugarland version of this carol for any another.

A last original song here, Little electrical guitar of forest, is in the present navideño given to the daughter (Jennifer?) The one who the eventual results have achieved. A song of history adds, rows beside an inaugural clue and a clue of title likes one of some three better clues here, although a whole album is brilliant. Some finals of albums with an excellent bilingual version at night Silent.

This album has taken the few transfers to grown on me, but appreciated it more every time touched it. While an album is generally upbeat, are not engreído that read like this music of party, but was adds in any one another time of a festive season.
4 / 5
Excellent offering of one of some better bands around interiors a moment, countries or otherwise. Sugarland Has written his own excellent songs for this album remained with the versions add of some classics. They are not usually enthusiastic in Xmas the albums but ossia an exception adds!Now well and Green
4 / 5
Same if no like him to him some few albums navideños the plot of American artists tends to spend was around some days navideños ossia the cd can listen you the out of a Season vacacional. Of course this cd contains a like this good known Sugarland his with a 'country' adds voice of Jennifer Nettles. A cd comprises the pair of songs navideñas caseous but the majority of some songs is new and well the value that listens to. So it likes -you it his music, does not doubt to buy this cd. A lot a lot of cd of one of a better country rockbands! They deserve to break by means of in Europe.
5 / 5
So only another fab cd of sugarland. So only I love this band, that looks forward to a prójimo a
5 / 5
would not expect anything less than a hotter entrance in Music of Country right now. With the mix of songs navideñas traditional and some new Sugarland material, ossia the must buys for any defender of a band.