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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5
David Crosby is one of some voices partorisca define of music of rock.  Like the member partorisca found of a Byrds and then Crosby, Stills and Nash his songs, way of the electrical guitar and the flange have been with us of then a sixties and has been run of a soundtrack of my life, perhaps yours also.  Until 2014 it released it so only 3 album of solos, but ossia number 8 - a fifth of Croz in 2014.  It is 79 and a next plus that takes the death a more has to that say roughly the and life. These albums this late plus  is all the utmost, but this can be a better.  A voice can have the limitations have compared to 29 year Croz, but to the equal that is coming final , arrivals partorisca add complexities, and and his songwriting is like this strong.  Of an Increase of the river of opener adds with Michael Michael McDonald collaborating in vocals, to I will not remain A lot the time written for his edges James Raymond, ossia a class of album that you so only go and game of the press hardly is the calm finishing so much can listen again.  The production of Raymond is opened, precise, layered but scarce, class of as the Steely Gives album.  Saying that Donald Fagen has sawed-write Rodriquez Partorisca A Night.  One follows of title Partorisca Free is the good-looking coverage of Joni Mitchell song. - David with Sarah Jarosz sings and Raymond on piano.  Achingly Beautiful.  It goes of expensas partorisca jewels.  Spent this.
5 / 5
A renaissance of Crosby continuous in his record his late plus where sees cruises for Stills, Nash & Young. A death of CSNY has been very documented and astonishingly his Crosby the one who has been that does a better music of all four in some last ten years. Joined here for to the like him to him edges James Raymond, Michael McDonald, Greig Leisz, Parcos of Dean and Donald Fagen that shares the song that writes has to that in a Steely Danish 'Rodriguez partorisca the Night' touching like something of Gaucho. I guess all the world will look was partorisca a glorious coverage of Joni Mitchell is 'Partorisca Free' and here is in good company. Crosby To the sounds of voices likes them has done in 1970, of remarkable.
5 / 5
In 2014 with an emission of Croz David Crosby has paste the lived partorisca patch which has continued never of then. Partorisca Free epitomises all some album has released of then. All these albums comes from/come from the alike territory, this in spite of like this are everything different. Partorisca Free has the groove of smooth jazz in the Crosby effortless the harmonies return perfectly. It is warm and reassuring. It is the perfect of-stressing album. Contributi Of Michael McDonald (Increases of River) and Donald Fagen (Rodriguez partorisca the Night) stimulates a tone without disturbing a ambience and a clue of title, Joni Mitchell is Partorisca Free, is a cherry in a cake.
5 / 5
Of an empty among Crosby first two albums of suns was almost two decades, is cut at all of miraculous that Crosby is now in his fifth album in so much of a lot of years.
Having has spent so only one dips of the his eightieth year, his age does not look any impediment to his prolific start.
For Free is appointed with which one of his leading lover Joni songs more accessible of Mitchell. As For a way is the beautiful duet with Sarah Jarosz two times Grammy winner.
An album opens with another Increase ‘of River of the duet' this time with forward Doobie Brother Michael McDonald bars an auditor was with his glorious harmonies, something Croz has been a master to take a lot of decades.
But is not misled this is not the Crosby and superstar chums beanfeast, averts of a clue of title and McDonald the duet is mainly Croz and his exceptionally talented edges James Raymond, whose arrangements are hauntingly good-looking.
Likes Croz openly faces his unavoidable death, is in danger real to leave his defenders with an incredible legacy.
Are an admitted fanatic, but for real Croz has not touched never better or more accessible. If so only east another three dullards could bury a hatchet, oh boy that would be the real to treat for defenders and a subject of music. A minimum Five Stars of me, master quell' has loved this album of an extreme to the another. Sum of inaugural collaboration with Michael Mcdonald of a Doobie Bros. Rodriguez for the Day costs of the money so only.

Sounds like the Steely Harm numbers still with Crosby voice throughout that.

Projects afterwards? A whole album in society with Donald Fagan would be something more.
5 / 5
An absolutely stunning turn. It likes to take older so only improves. A coverage of Joni Mitchell is 'For Free' is extraordinary, wall behind and beautiful. Some collaborations with Donald Fagen and Michael McDonald is sublimate. No the note has squandered. Glorious.
4 / 5
Are the big defender of Crosby Stills Nash (and Young is ) classical pair of the utmost albums of one 1970 east with these fantastic vocal harmonies and strong memorables songs. We like me a lot of some albums of Youngsters of Neil subsequent, and in a last pair of years has taken to retrospective album and later of Graham Nash, both were a lot of enjoyable. This in spite of, had not explored previously David Crosby estaca CSNY album, but his later offering in his 80.os looks of year to attract universally good descriptions, as I have given tries it.

A clue of title is rendition of Joni Mitchell is For Free in a duet fulfilled with Sarah Jarosz the one who read surprisingly well. A rest of some songs is all the new originals, sometimes with his vocals the half spoken, his edges James Raymond produces an album and electrical guitar of games and keyboards to good effect. Donald Fagen of Steely Harm has sawed writes Rodriguez For a Night, and there is the sophisticated relaxed jazzy feel to a whole album. The majority of some songs is commendably short, clocking in in any more than 3 1/2 minutes ,and a whole album of 10 slips of songs for a lot pleasantly. Everything of some songs and touching is of the consistently big level throughout, and a whole album hangs near well. In general very better that had expected that, well the value that takes, strongly recommended.

Inevitably With any of his age a lot of some songs are reflective, looking behind in his life and a step of time. More than being the melancholy is surprisingly upbeat and positive creating to animate sweet vibe for an album that is lovely to listen to, relaxed, and comfortable. An Increase of the river of inaugural clue is quell'has bitten more upbeat and characteristic Michael McDonald on shared vocals and is the joyous start to proceedings. I think that that it is the song of personal investigation,calm,calm, and that underlines that it found it his way in life. Shot In me is the political song more contemporary that speaks with the type behind Middle East that underlines that it is that it imports to maintain your life.
5 / 5
David Crosby is almost 80 and tip any sign of loosing a Magic .. A Brilliant album of Good-looking Songs with the Small quantity of appearances of Guest ...Included My Preferred Sarah Jarosz Guests in a clue of title .. To the left it is everything expects that for a Sake of Music Adds Croz continuous go ..
5 / 5
Three songs on underlines 'Increase of River', 'Stops Released and 'will not remain me For Longitude' that is immense. David Cosby' the sum of sounds of the voice, the arrangements that stuns. An emission very refinada. They are not the auditor of Spotify, taste cd is like this of this album will take very touched sure.
4 / 5
A wonderful album , David so only improves with ageing harmonies and lovely melodies, is good-looking music , is the master of this type of the music and his recent albums have been excellent, calm will not be disappointed, enjoy a music , he never cut his hair !

Top Customer Reviews: The Very Best Of ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 9 ratings
4 / 5
Jake Thackray And Pot - both resemblances in an essential zone...
... Masters 'in, or hate 'in - without half earth.
More than half age and musically the malleable auditors can have listened Jake some early days of black & white TV, with only 2 canals and has limited partorisca broadcast time. Similar programs as 'Braden' Week', esel ad is Life ' and a Report of the frost regularly would see Jake that extracted one of the his - a lot of witty - ditties, in the strong, but clipped emphasis of Yorkshire.
Unfortunately, is the result disillusioned with showbusiness and take the relative obscurity, alcoholism and financial hardship - dying in 2002. Ido - but any forgotten.
If you have not listened never of Jake Thackray, ossia an ideal place partorisca begin - and him him , this collection contains the majority of his more famous songs. Excellent.
5 / 5
Takes JT of 'This is Life ' in a 70s and there is enjoyed his deep-voiced, north-accented, witty, whimsical, [troubadour-like?] ditties. With the flash of the inspiration has chosen on this collection like the farce of meso partorisca the niece of eclectic interest him and say me that it has loved it to it to him. It was the emotion a lot recently to see the pair of almost launch-was references the Thackray in a @@@1970s-seriáis the current based of Endeavour.
4 / 5
Thanks to Jon Richardson (and his lovely woman) to adapt me how much has used to enjoy looking / listened JT behind in a 60s & 70s. Ossia The very pleasant / bawdy / bucolic / lyrical album of compilation. They are sure he have never has been with treating average of this clue in a half current. Thoroughly Recommended to any the one who still has the sense of humour.
5 / 5
Has bought this CD for the partner, has listened his on-line and is to treat it, Jake was a underrated literary character as well as the talented music….The songs are poignant, sad and hilarious, but especially, a lot ready….. Has maintains has taken all the world-wide hooked on he 😀
4 / 5
This lovely collection took behind to a time when I have had 2 small boys and lived in the village.
Jake Thackray Has come to the venue to Camp vacacional look for - and the group of us has been to listen. It was big, darkness and good-looking, and all time spent with him, having the drink and the laugh.
Has loved his voice and his only fashion, and this record is the good memory of him, and to very good compraventa.
4 / 5
Jake Thackray Was one of some the majority of intelligent composers there. This has chosen to do the career of out the ready parody and the linguistic athletics has done appeal when selecting more than wide audience.

But agrees by means of his television work in East is Life or his concerts in small theatres and folk clubs, will appreciate this compilation.

If you are the budding composer and wants to inject work of yours observational comedy, this was a master . Funnily Enough, yes I want to use the classical electrical guitar to accompany song, learns regarding the do here.

All an old corkers is here. A harm that has an orchestra for some of some songs, lose his flange.. If, I like him, memories to seat in of the box of forest because a pub had run out of chairs, in the full room with an audience howling with laughing and occasionally lost in deep thought by means of something has said or has sung, will want to this.
5 / 5
Agrees this gravelly voiced singer and his electrical guitar of some years of television facts with Bernard Braden when Esther Rantzen was so only fell it lateralmente. All is remained waiting for the his irreverant and highly pleasant songs that was a interlude in a show, and this CD has spent a better backside. It is still pertinent, entertaining and just damn good entertainment.
4 / 5
Re-discovered Some songs and 'ballads' of this iconic songster, with memories of his appearances in a show of Braden of Bernard. Good selection of his start in his career, although it would have been add if some papers had been also comprised in a literature.
5 / 5
That is not to like on Jake wonderful Thakery. Shame this abum is exited befor On Again On Again because it concealed;s still his best never song.

Top Customer Reviews: Rare Birds ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 8 ratings
5 / 5
In a past few years Jonathan Wilson is almost is resulted an obsession of mine. His two leading albums (Fanfare and Sweet Alcohol) was probably my two favourite albums of a leading decade. As I have been with thrilling anticipating this new album for the long time. I have listened his of an extreme to the another long now. I have seen ten of some thirteen clues have treated alive in his show of Londra recent. And I have to that say that they are so only the bit underwhelmed.
That is clear of an a lot of the start is that there is the significant transmission of direction here. Some songs touch more mainstream, a bit has augmented 'electronic' feel to a production, and some influences have experienced the turn of time of five or are years, of, to the left is says, CSN and Jackson Browne, the ELO and Bob Seger (but any to my ears, Rosa Floyd, the one who a lot of critiques have mentioned).
A global impression for me is the patchy, on-and-down album, with only the few clues that comes anywhere near near of some better of some forwards two albums. A watchtower of production to flood some songs in time; a better is one some with the sparser his (that Bolt With me, superbly atmospheric and for far a better clue; Mulholland Reina, which sincerely is affecting; and a War In fashionable drug In a Midnight).
Unfortunately there is also some disappointments; there is A Light, which is incredibly caseous; and Miriam Montague, which touches totally out of place here.
A lot of some songs have touched better in the alive context, which the mine tends to suggest that some of this album is overproduced. If you are not familiarised with Jonathan Wilson, would suggest that it listen the Fanfare or prime minister of Sweet Alcohol, or look for out of a 'lost' first album Frankie Ray, which is full of leisurely paced, has produced simply songs that the time has one feels of demo registers. Considering east an although, are still has not convinced totally.
5 / 5
Another emission of quality of Gentleman Wilson although I still am taking to an album. Like this far no until a level of Fanfare for me and calm certainly can listen a 'Rosa Floyd' influences!
5 / 5
Wilson is a better Indian artist together with wilco of EUA. It combines in the only way psychedelia with pop and of the visions of rock of 60s and 70s but under his own brilliant recipes. The scarce birds is one the majority of intellectual of everything. Strongly recommended.
5 / 5
A turn to form for me, has not been the enormous defender of the his last album, ossia wonderful. Wanting to is mesmerising.
4 / 5
This when being his third album , has think that this could be a difficult one to follow another two. But it is directed to pull it was again, he cracker. It is been visiting Roger inner Waters band and some of a music there is rubbed was. Another fantastic album, especially by means of headphones. Five stars is too many pocolos.
5 / 5
Some a lot retro put in this album and well does also.
4 / 5
Each album of Wilson of Jonathan is the musical adventure . Of a Laurel, Canyon-inspired 70s rock of the his breakthrough album Sweet Alcohol' to a more expansionary 'Fanfare' released in 2013 which has touched likes Dennis Wilson had joined Rosa Floyd. Curiously Wilson has been touching in Roger Waters sale of late as well as producing some recent albums of Father John Misty. It is alleged in some seventh rests of day.

His his album late more carce Birds' tends to show that a Father John links it Misty is the influence of two ways . Ossia The very diverse album with to to the clues like soyiriam Montague' touching likes does appropriated Of Traffic, although perhaps a lot of Stevie Winwood ear for melody. Very better is a title follows how is Wilson classical , full of spacy papers and underpinned peel fiery electrical guitar that propels a forward of song in the very good step. A ballads the present is also very strong. This reviewer is attacked particularly with a clue of enclosed soyulholland Reigned' the piano ballad where Wilson his canals Debussy inner and produces the song to hurt melodic remorse. '49 hairflips' Is also notch upper and is returned felizmente on 'Fanfare'.

Like this with all the albums of Wilson of Jonathan, has the pair of clues that is easier that admire and more than amour an or two east needed a skip key with which one listens. For the chance soye' is technically proficient but dull to a centre of the his plodding core. A jury is also was in unset Boulevard' that also fails to spark. Alternatively 'Hard to take on' of the one who electronica themed pounding has been produced for Trevor Horn is very impressive, while a gloriously languid 'that Bolt with me' really demands a sinking of sun to an ocean and a presence of the weed likes substance.

carce Birds' is the sprawling, ambitious album and often that shines also that comprises the one who looks so that a directly advances song of traditional country 'Have Have To a righteous' until studios some papers. This eclectism is also the weakness of an album. Calm sometimes reflect that the little has bitten more judicious modifying and the strong disciplinarian in a cabin of control could rid the tightest record and more directed. Each clue is a lot on four minutes and some that presses a mark of nine minutes. Any of this will surprise leading defenders of the work of Wilson. Essentially all these foibles is part of his charm his disposal to experience and take the risks is to be applauded. Ossia One intriguing and obliging the album for the artist adds
5 / 5
that Revises a version of vinyl that is the beautiful container of heavyweight disks and packaging. A good booklet of the papers and the accompanying illustrations rounds era. Shame any lining to some bosses to protect some disks.

The wise music - ossia my first flavour of Gentleman Wilson. Clues of ‘Floyd, War in of the Drugs - some good tunes in time - but no quite sure the one who this album is looking for to be. A forward reviewer suggests some first two offerings are more accessible. It will owe that see.