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5 / 5
Honradamente Love this thing. I have read load of descriptions where people slate he partorisca any when being any 100 attentive or absolutely perfect when that follows activity. Partorisca Fully appreciate this awesome pocola what, need to comprise his limitations - is not the ÂŁ5000 piece highly aforada of crew of science, is the ÂŁ90 band of fitness that has some amazing functionality and does the work adds partorisca maintain up with some big boys.

HAS adds seat and quality of build. It feels solid.

Does not have GPS BUILT in, but leave you partorisca use a GPS in yours telephone to follow walks and activities. Some descriptions say this is not possible, but to good sure is like this of Oct 2019. I have walked some dogs this morn and followed it using GPS in my telephone. See a semi-detached image.

Is not 100 attentive when using some trackers of activities partorisca count reps or distance (when any connected to GPS). But partorisca me I no really alcohol. I use it more partorisca control the one who active has been during a day. Any partorisca count an exact number reps has done or the miles have walked. When Connected to your GPS of telephones, is in fact very attentive.

One Connects the application is brilliant and does the work adds partorisca show your statistics partorisca a day. Really easy to read and comprise.

A stress, quality of sleep, heart rate and battery of organism the characteristic is of sound. I do not know sure the one who attentive is but some readings are quite attentive for me. He to good sure done the work adds to take when my heart rate is big I.et. When I Have been doing burpees or alike. And it uses all one his available information (which is enough to plot) to determine your levels of estréses and battery of statistical organism. I really like these characteristics. A tracker of sleep has a lot of be attentive also.

A touchscreen are adds. To to The Some people do not like reason is tiny. But really it likes to of me. Garmin Does the work adds to show like this information in such the small screen. It is quite ready. It does not answer to touch 100 of a time, but is a lot quite like this like this any to degrade an experience of user or for me to any really look.

In general, loves that. To good sure would recommend it the people those who are conscious of his health and fitness. If you do not have unreasonable expectations, he seriously wont disappoint. It uses it to control, health, well when being and fitness. And to take an idea to that calm is looking you. Any to follow that it has run it far to an exact metre or the one who reps has done with 100 accuracy.
5 / 5
Has bought this reason have has loved a PulseOx oximeter die and the monitor of good heart rate. He the no. that Compares a data to the clip in a toe oximeter always law porcentual diverse down. Comparing the heart rate to the @@@cofre joins & a tax of wrist in a oximeter that has spent, does not take a heart rate a lot neither. It follows correctly on until roughly 100bpm and then gives up and does not give any results attack during exerting which is class of a point. Investigations of Google then finds the document of support of Garmin that explains that a control of heart rate will be difficult and often wrong - well. So much, in general the bit of the cost has squandered.
5 / 5
Sadly bracelet irrritated My skin, my question, no a device. Interesting that that paints to the wall has has registered thousands of teps!' Clever Device this in spite of, near easy on, clear and easy exposure to use paper. ExpĂłsito, when it schemes it in fact has registered no, that this process was a lot of motivational, constant HR controlling that it interests and when the hours of sleep have registered has been revised, surprised to surprise when it has taken some hours of the plus of good sleep felt more refreshed, which guesses tip that a device is registering this activity (or lack of) with accuracy.
4 / 5
Liked one feels of him on a wrist. A strap is very comfortable. An application was easy to use; also a tracker of clock was easy to connect to Motorola 4telephone of G. An exposure is not one the brilliant plus when compared my woman ÂŁ50 huaweii Bandage 3 which has a amoled exposed. A detail in an application was a lot: access for purpose.

Now a negatives: A device uses your mobile phone gps to follow your walks. Some walks of time of the number of around 4 miles have been indicated like this almost twice these distances. And it has walked in 120mph. A map in google is soyy timeline' was much more after on 4 and the half miles; I am surprised this Garmin , the company of navigation of the satellite there has been his ass kicked for google, seeing so that it was both that uses the connection of satellite of my telephone. From time to time to connect to the mine telephone and is palaver to order this (takes some tips in ) A heartbeat the account is mediocre the fair, like this suspicious is an oxygen of blood info.
4 / 5
Terrible.. When Have in the first place bought this was brilliant.. But then with which 3 month there is prendido syncing.. So after pursuing Garmin the multiple times have admitted that it was the failure with a ios application.. So that it has been solved.. But now several months later he no sync again. Has reset and rebooted and reinstalled.. And now I can very included connect a device to my telephone.. As I Take the repayment ??
5 / 5
WELL, as I do not know the one who attentive is, but give me the really good idea like lazy I are during a day. A wrist to sleep OX when compared to the professional wrist ox is quite good and can see like this am sleeping. It is amused to use while it calms does not take it ultra seriously, but for my level of fitness are adds.
4 / 5
After dipping it on, used for first time today. Contador of did not have me in 247 no among exiting of bed, that goes to bath (25ft was) and that low scale (14). Measured my walk against MyFitness Application and Suunto Garmin was has gone by one thousand on 3.5 total. It likes that of offers, but an accuracy of all some programs has linked to the steps is questionable. That give it.
4 / 5
Has used of my woman with his in current and such clock is easy to use BUT looks to register the longest career that all the world more than careers with his

Odd to the equal that have thought that the devices of Garmin would be attentive like my clock of Garmin and Wahoo Elemnt the unit of boss is usually something in

Another that that the good clock
5 / 5
the life of battery Adds, easily last seven days if the notifications have turned was. The screen is to small to try and read the message in all the chance. Monitor of heart rate is well for the low level and the daily control likes him is supposed to. It does not register a lot a lot it takes to to the heavy sessions like to them the lifting of weights. Value of the money this in spite of
5 / 5
An always on-line requirement is frustrating, but bearable, but has not been able to access my own data because of erver maintanance' that is so only ridiculous. If I finalise to sleep while the data is in my telephone, your eserver maintanance' would not owe that go in a way of me that sees that die.

If an application has not been like this slow and if some ideas were more clearly showed, perhaps would have done for the better product but otherwise is so only he gimmick has used for Garmin the launch hand of the phase directed for much better players.
4 / 5
Although a device and the strap are one, a strap and the chance have fallen averts after so only 3 use of month, and is taken on 3 weeks of a device has been received for a centre of reparation partorisca issue the product of substitution. Ossia The device adds , attentive and an application of telephone is a lot also, but a quality of manufacture leaves the plot partorisca be wished.
4 / 5
Tracker Of utmost fitness. The accuracy has bitten was in sleeps partorisca follow but some others do another sake. Some links of GPS the frames of smartphones on partorisca any inbuilt GPS. Found a gymnasium that follows partorisca be problematic. A software and the graphic functions are excellent.
4 / 5
Has bought a partorisca my partner and my dad and they love it! Petit And ready. Easy to use and collects a lot of data - recognises lifting of weight etc.
5 / 5
Absolutely exasperated - there is prendido partorisca do after the month and any turn have left. No shabby
5 / 5
Bought like the present and looks partorisca do the one who the duty.
4 / 5
The promise is overjoyed with east. It is it adds it small product. Easy to dip up and use. You follow almost everything.
4 / 5
Already possess the FitBit Big HR, but does not have calm alert of zone of the heart rate, which is the characteristic a lot of entity for me.

Is looked forward to a Vivosmart done to commission HR alert to describe as well as battery of organism and measures of estréses.

Unfortunately a HR the control is not even near, excepts when not moving at all. It has spent a FitBit and Garmin and his constantly disagreed, as I have confirmed measure in a Omron M7, and manually has measured. My FitBit, as frustrating so much is, is always inner 3 beaten of a Omron and the measured manual. A Garmin has been 20 beaten was, so only while I am walking around.

Can any one with heart rate of accuracy of measure, everything of another in following- sleep, stress, “battery of organism”, can not be corrected.
5 / 5
@@Subject Sad partorisca Garmin. It has not had Never the Garmin before and was sorely disappointed for of the this. I also bought partorisca sleeps partorisca control and like another spectator has written, can a lot still such when it believes you out of bed... It thinks that that you are slept still. Partorisca Sake of Garmin of goodness, surely can program the to know when you are moving out of bed? Shame because a sleep imaging is well, but if any one calms that can trust calm can does not trust. Useless. In all if the mine there is prendido partorisca do after the week. A screen there is prendido partorisca recognise the mine that touches. I am tried partorisca substitute it, but the no. So only does not see a point. Garmin, Appreciates wants to take the products were the recoup yours R&D, but has lost the client permanently to dip this clock was with has relieved easily failures. It is obvious to all this buy this has to that it has known does not act, and has released he in all the chance. In a worse ossia flight . In better is contemptuous
5 / 5
has taken this to swim and is not in the following properly at all. For the plot when the time but then hid in your calendar could find the register of swimming - but is different to a timed one and give you desglosa of zero. Some do not look was also, says has been for the course when you have walked. Clock disconnect of an application also. Had the Fitbit before and has wished remained with that, an application and that follows is very better.
5 / 5
Looked for the device to follow my sleep and to pair he with Garmin HRM (saws ANT+) for the heart rate dates more attentive whilist the formation and I have chosen is one.
Like this far am happy with a data of sleep (a week of use).
This in spite of an information roughly connectivity+ of looks of ANT to be misleading. Some states of official specification:
protocols of Wireless/frequencies
2.4 GHz 0 dBm nominal
PROTOCOL of ANT of wireless communications
BluetoothÂź wireless technology
( can does not link still to stick to some official specifications of this product in the web page of Garmin in the description)
Like this written in the specification of a device can communicate via ANT+, as has thinks that that I will be able to use he with my HRM. Well, any true. It looks this device can use ANT+ SO ONLY partorisca broadcast die of heart rate. This is to write in the specification of a device, this in spite of without a word SO ONLY...
5 / 5
Has written the first account of impressions and has said that this device on-fiancées and down-delivery. After the few weeks of solid use, there is upped my star that estimativas to three but my stands evaluadores originals.

Marks Well to be light, to be quite well counts no, to read the heart rate to rest, for having the reasonably good barometric altimeter and for having the quite interesting SP02 characteristic. One Connects the application is really very presented also. It would add that I have not suffered with any allergic reaction to a strap.

A real question with this Vivosmart 4 is that, while a control of heart rate is attentive is read or seating in a sofa that TV of looks, goes awry the little too often during intense or still seeds-intense exercise. It controls to regulate against the Polar H10 or the Wahoo Tickr X strap of @@@cofre indicates that, while I am running, a HR half to control roughly 5-8 for the lowest cent that some straps of @@@cofre when my heart rate takes on 120. It was far worse until I have taken to shave some hairs immediately under a device and spending the sweatband to help maintain a Garmin of sliding down my forearm. When Cycling, a margin of tugs of error on 10 for cent. When Formation of weight, a margin of error is enormous (and a rep the characteristic of account is equally inaccurate). It looks to stick among 100 and 110 when a strap of @@@cofre says that have peaked on 155. A upshot of all an on is that a potentially innovative organism battery and metres of estréses in a Connects the application is rendered to a large extent useless. Would have the pop in a touchscreen but some subjects with this (light responsiveness subject) is smaller compared with a poor action of a monitor of heart rate during intense exercise.

Am expecting that a device can be improved with software upgrades and will update this description can find the way to take a device to treat better. For now, this in spite of, this Vivosmart 4 looks to confirm the faith that is a lot the time has had never of then wrist-has based HR the monitors have been phase of mass . If attentive HR the control is of yours entity and yes frequently moderate to intense exercise , does not buy an unless has a capacity to connect to an outside HR monitor of strap of the @@@cofre. For all his informed shortcomings, this does the Polar A370 the compraventa better.

am returned this when Garmin has released an update of application of the iPhone it rendered an unable band of syncing with my iPhone. The web of place of Garmin indicates that this has been of fijamente but at the same time he compromised a device partorisca to the long of the week.
4 / 5
Are of tower in a 'lose the little weighed travesĂ­a and for some last few months have been that follows workouts using Strava (cycling), my telephone (walking) or a my Clock of Apple (gymnasium). They are also logging my weight with the BT the scale and that I eat with MFP.

Reason has good clocks that I want to spend daily and reason often leaves my telephone in my office etc, has loved to take the tracker that has controlled my activity 24/7, but also a concealed integrates with some tools of fitness like seamlessly like possible. But it has had to be 'any one the clock', has had to be something to spend in mine no-arm of clock.

The a lot of years have had the FitBit, as my first order was for him Fitbit band. While I have expected for him to arrive have gone back to the mine old FitBit account and then tried to dip he until speaking to mine other applications. Enough simply Fitbit does not integrate with Health of Apple, neither likes to of me really games amiably with anything more. You are expected to use his software and mostly his hardware also. Have annulled an order before it has arrived.

Based in the recommendation has bought this.

My first impression was that it is the small but elder that me - would like a factor of form could be better, was roughly 3mm shorter and this was offset with, has said 2mm of width, would be better, but his used takings quickly, An exposure is tiny, calm is not that it goes to want to use this like the clock, neither is that it goes to having confused with one, ossia the very good thing for my use-husband.

The step that counts the accuracy is spooky, is incredibly attentive has counted literally my steps for 200 no, looked in a device and he have said 199, before ticking on to 200. The tax of wrist is also attacks on - I has controlled wrist of mine and again 100 accuracy.

On some last few days have been spending it, has followed my sleep and my exercise, a mileage the estimativas is slightly down - I thinks I need to regulate my period of stride, but ossia quite trivial.

Where This really the resplandores this in spite of is a level of integration with Health of Apple and MyFitnessPal. More than forcing you to change loyalty to the different dashboard, integrates a data collects the Health of Apple and MFP and augments a data of both to the his own pinch. Ossia The integrations does perfectly.

Outrage everything of that, the life of battery is brilliant also.

So much, here is mine Pro is and With
- Small Light, discreet tracker that does not try to be the clock
- life of Decent battery - 1week+ when in following sleep too
- Sleeps to Follow
- Wrist Very attentive and measures of At all
- Brilliant integrations with popular applications
- the dashboard Adds

- loves the substitution of clock, this is not the
- A strap is integrated, which means yes spoil a strap, need to take a whole thing has substituted.

@In rodeo, is looking for the highly integrated, tracker very attentive, ossia a a to buy.
4 / 5
On some last 15 years have had a lot of clocks of sports of the Garmin and trackers of the activity and ossia some worse. Has characteristic to draw add but have the big heart rate (although I am still quite apt and active); pair this with the tendency of a Vivosmart 4 to often and dramatically down heart rate to estimate that it finalises with the together of health metrics ossia a lot inaccurate and can give the view that is much healthier that calm in fact is. For example according to a clock my minutes of half weekly activity is on 600! They are active but this so only is not to correct. I have compared also a measure of heart rate to this of the strap of @@@cofre during the exercise and was until 50 down more than a strap! I am 60 years old but a data say that that has a VO2 max of the 35 old year. My woman the one who is of a same age has the VO2 max of the 20 old year and ossia plainly any true. It is the shame because for a prize ossia the very very drawn and look the device has packed. This in spite of, although it would like to think that are the athlete the old plus seriously well, knows that they are not and like the clock is afterwards to worthless. They are sure this is not a chance for a majority but unless you are very sincere with could finalise feel unjustifiably is. Also it is so only the little old month and a life of battery there is deteriorated significantly (of recharging each one that 6 days to the each one 3 days) and now terminates activities of his own agreement. Any Recommended.
5 / 5
Compared to tracker of mine of leading fitness, this one is much more attentive still gives a not counting ( more a lot so only to seat in the computer that movements your arms around). HR Gives same results as mine another tracker like this looks well. But some better things for me and a reason have chosen ossia a control of stress and control of water. Used in of the showers, swimming and hot tub without @@subject and when the difficult daily life that takes theres the little buzz in my arm quite quickly which help me pause the moment and think.
5 / 5
Any one has impressed! The life of battery is poor, would be better with the cell of key more than king-chargeable. Often it fails to synchronise properly with ready device, Apple iPad in my chance. The accuracy of data has taken is random. It thinks that that they are more stressed relaxing and sleeping marries that when I am doing down pressure in work. Also, I am allergic to a strap, leaves the red rash in my wrist evenwhen a lot closely fastened.
5 / 5
Has been using a Vivosmart 4 with my device of Android for five month in of the totals and found the partorisca be the device to frustrate. An accuracy of the activity that follows and the sleep that follows can be described like poor in better and has had numerous subjects with a device that freezings on, refusing to sync and requiring the reboot which is so only achievable to connect to his owner uploads. I have added more you detail down, but I @in the rodeo thinks that that a device extracted bad and is not to value a prize of prize in alike alternative devices.


In the first place, when you have dipped a device on, is thank you to send your precise location to Garmin for some unexplained reason. If your services of location are disabled, a setup waste to go much more there. You are offered a capacity to not sharing device-given of the activity registered with Garmin during setup, but yes chooses this option, an Application is useless - does not aim any information or store any history of your activity and calm is limited to take die of a screen of tiny device. If you choose to share a device-the activity has registered, is then all has uploaded to the servers of Garmin and an application trusts a data downloaded of Garmin more than the tent locally. Before shabby, would have to be conscious that to do pertinent use of a device, everything is sent to Garmin.

General accuracy

has found a general accuracy of some measures of device and the activity that follows to be poor in better. Some accounts of does not look to be inside the reasonable limits and I have not had significant subjects with a sensor of heart rate, but another characteristic is not well. A SpO2 the looks of sensor to be extremely inaccurate - had read quell'on 10 different to the toe-the trace of sensor used in a same hand a same time ( has tried this multiple time in of the different days with variable terracings of divergence), as I do not have any confidence in a SpO2 readings.

The activity that follows is extremely poor, with the simple walk often when be lost for an application and any registered like an activity (in spite of some steps that is to count), and a same walk another day that is registered like the session in an elliptical car! A device has notification of nettle of vibration that has not been able to discover like paralizaciones to disable this vibrates to say is remarked calm begins an activity and then again later to say is remarked calm there is prendido. If utilisations a device for notification of telephone, this can cause confusion and irritation. More on notification of telephone later.

In of the terms of some trace of counter of the stairs, trace one same roughly 6 flights of the stairs in one goes more days. This is to be register for mine Vivosmart 4 as among 1 and 30 pavings according to a day. It counters he of confidences to walk on pressure of air, as I found it the significantly down-read when it is used under the sleeve.

The sleep that Follows is also poor. There is remarked recently spend an hour or two seating looking television first to put to bed , a device register like this when be asleep, then recognises was ' wake' for him slew of short periods when the acuestan, then behind slept again for prejudices he - this perhaps spends three nights out of seven. It results in fanciful the time to sleep to look in an application of on 10 hours that does not reflect reality. A device is also poor to recognise when you are in fact wake at night, often saying was in the deep sleep when it was to wake and staring in a clock.

Measured of estréses resembles always of estréses of the register levels quite big. I do not see any a lot of difference by means of some measures among the normal business day (where does not seat under particular pressure) and the day where sincerely am feeling stressed. A characteristic of the battery of the Organism is interesting in that compares your periods to rest versus the outlines and the stressful periods has the balance or no, but does not find that it adds a lot in a way of actionable / useful die.

Telephone Bluetooth Integration

A telephone bluetooth the integration is basic to the equal that could expect of the device with such the small screen, but is achieved reasonably. You can read your notifications of any application specify and is useful to see the one who is calling or messaging in-a-asestada. It does not manage emojis at all, so only aiming the character of spatial in his place. If taken the only emoji message, this can cause the bit of confusion.

The Subjects of application

To the equal that has remarked on, an application is really so only the front-end for a data in your account of Garmin. I have had the few subjects where a device has refused to sync and just transfers endlessly. Turning Of bluetooth in both devices, the force that after an application, restarting a telephone has not done and this has required it reboot of a tracker he. This so only can be done to connect to an owner uploads how is the real ache is not in home of then probably calms can not spend he with you. Has has had also subjects to change settings in a device of an application when I have been out of signal, that suggests that it was him settings of device am transmitted by means of an internet. It does not use any of some social characteristics of an application as it can not comment in some 'challenges' that can dip you up with friends.

Life of battery

the life of Battery is well. Volume around 5 use of days out of mine Vivosmart 4 in the alone load if it does not turn of bluetooth at night. You can extend this for the pair of days to turn bluetooth was when it calms do not require it , but this for an integration of telephone of working obviously.

Factor of form and Join

A factor to form if a device is well. Like the trackers of fitness go, ossia roughly like this small to the equal that can take and is certainly discreet. This in spite of, with which five month' use, has found a strap that retains loop to have loosened was to a point that an end to tie now the slips was and waves around that it is quite nettling. A strap is integral to a device and can not be substituted so that the subjects with a strap are the bit of the worry.


am not impressed exactly with a Vivosmart 4. Like the counter of any basic and monitor of heart rate, works as well as it can be expected, but finds an accuracy of another activity that follows characteristic to be like this poor that is really any one the value that has. It telephones bluetooth the integration is well, but a compulsory and subject @application to daunt associated is not utmost. I have bought this device that thinks a fact was the device of Garmin to the point of the prize of the prize would be money very displaced, but am disappointed with him and was to buy something looked again, would go for the economic plus, no more basic-counting / device of control of the heart rate.
5 / 5
Am loved with a quality of this product. I have bought a product (Amazon was a vendor ) after my doctor recommended the. They are like this happy that has bought a vivosmart 4 to the equal that has helped monitor my fitness, activity, stress and levels of sleep. I am using an information generated of a data to inform some activities I needs to take to improve my health. I transfer information via Bluetooth of mine vivosmart to a Garmin Connects application in mine iPhone three times daily. An application is a lot of-drawn and information of presents in the clear and useful way, leaving me to follow short term and along tendency. I think that that a prize has paid was reasonable and constitutes good value for money. They are, for like this, happy to recommend a vivosmart 4. They are sure calm will enjoy to use the too much.
5 / 5
I have moved of Fitbit the Garmin. A Fitbit was a lot of and has basic data info but has not been a lot in-depth and the majority of a more anticipated the figures have to paralizaciones of has paid.
A Garmin is so only the better bit of boxes how is an application . It is the little harder cruise it but there is more in offers.
5 / 5
This new tracker has some characteristic common (phases of sleep, heart rate, stress) and a battery of new Organism that it is very interesting and also wrist ox.
Already possesses a Fenix 5 & Vivosport, highly recommends it!
5 / 5
Has bought like the present and fact partorisca around 20 minutes. A screen has maintained partorisca go spatial and would not go back on when touched. So only it could access a screen once reconnected to one load. Services of client of the Garmin has not answered to mine emails so that the product has behind correspondent.
5 / 5
Has had the Vivosmart 3 to the equal that has begun partorisca perish. A 4 improvement in a 3 and is slightly smaller. A very up as it was!
4 / 5
Has substituted the Fitbit uploads 3 works add, application any like this very in general in a mobile but a device is far upper.
4 / 5
Ossia My woman to like this to one likes him the strap has broken in his another. It wants a bit the things can do and maintain clue of his activities
5 / 5
Coffins battery and characteristic minimum hard around 4 days in practical
4 / 5
in a whole is the quite good piece of boxes, comfortable, no quite attentive contadora, stress and heartbeat but the detection of stair is entirely was and is ridiculous that in spite of has repeated demands for the years is and of the leading models a data of time is so only available in Fahrenheit; any possible to change to terracings C. It has to that be the very simple software transmission that could easily rid but at all...
4 / 5
With which are month, has lost my Vivosmart 4 while in the travesĂ­a of day. While this was obviously my failure partorisca any the commentary was exited, has had unclasped and has slipped my wrist long but in these occasions was able of the find. A law partorisca take of my jacket does not have to that it is quite be to do a clasp avenges waste. I am annoyed with a company to do such the flimsy fastner and I for not looking for together with which is exited several times . I will not be buying of Garmin in a future.
4 / 5
Ich hatte und habe mehrere Garmin-GerĂ€te (eTrex, Embroiders Fahrradcomputer, etc.) und the war dips has given stets sehr zufrieden. Als nun Quotes Anschaffung eines Fitness-Trackers ins Summit gefasst wurde, faithful die Wahl natĂŒrlich wieder auf Garmin. Auch, a im 'Garmin Connects-Universum' bleiben zu können.

Im Nachhinein eine Fehlentscheidung. Ich habe Gives GerĂ€t zurĂŒckgeschickt.

Gut ist:
- Anbindung ĂŒber Bluetooth years (Android)-Handy problemlos und place großer Reichweite
- Android Benachrichtigungen (Kurznachrichten, eingehende Topmasts, etc.) werden A data Uhr gemeldet und als Laufschrift dargestellt. Clean characteristic.
- Einbindung The data Connects-Application auch gut gemacht, inkl. Aufbereitung und Darstellung Gives Date, auch wenn bspw. bei vielen Diagrammen Quotes Möglichkeit fehlt, hineinzuzoomen.

Weniger Gut:
- Give beworbene Characteristic auerstoff-SÀttigung im Schlaf' senkt die Akkulaufzeit deutlich ab. Of the könnte Man auch in giving Werbung erwÀhnen, so that stellt the man gives erst fest, wenn die of man Bedienungsanleitung studiert.

Schlecht ist:
- Zoom Aufladen gives Uhr muss Man eine hohe Frusttoleranz haben. Die Klammer ist stabil, gives korrekte Anbringen dennoch fummelig. GrĂ¶ĂŸtes Manko: Obwohl Quotes Kontakte jedesmal place einem WattestĂ€bchen gereinigt wurden (ja, BA gelesen!), Die Uhr nach Anlegen gives Klammer auch place dem Laden begonnen hat (und dies auch nach dem Ablegen weiter getan hat) the war gives Akku in giving Regel nicht geladen, wenn ich nach einer Stunde oder are nĂ€chsten Morgen vorbeigeschaut habe und quotes Uhr eigentlich wieder anlegen wollte. Von 5 VorgĂ€ngen the hat gives 1x reibungslos geklappt ansonsten Klammer weg, nochmal dran, 15 Minuten argwöhnisch beobachten eventuell spĂ€ter nochmal und dann gings meistens. Sad, aber gives ist einfach inakzeptabel. Soll ich Gives jedesmal zu Isopropanol greifen, oder wie?

- Give Schlaftracking-Characteristic, gives given Uhr ja von anderen chinesischen Pfennigartikeln unterscheiden soll, ist schlicht total unbrauchbar und buggy. Obwohl ich Quotes Schlafzeit von 23:30 Uhr bis 7:30 Uhr eingestellt hatte, the war is sehr oft (eigentlich fast immer) gives Fallen, dass meine chlafphase' laut Uhr ab bspw. 20 Uhr oder 21:30 Uhr begonnen habe. It gives hatte ich mich zugegebenermaßen . They are Rechner aufgehalten und damit nicht sehr viel bewegt, aber was soll dann gives the place gives Schlaf-Zeiteinstellung ĂŒberhaupt? Und dann schlĂ€ft Man rattenschlecht und Application to die gratuliert einem jubelnd zu ĂŒber >9h Schlaf?!

- Auch sĂșper: Man fĂ€hrt gemĂŒtlich abends auf gives Autobahn give Feierabend und -'Ding!' - gratuliert einem Given Uhr, dass heart of man Stockwerkziel fĂŒr heute erreicht hĂ€tte. Im Car. Auf Gives Autobahn. Bad eben 4 Stockwerke. Jupp.

Also: Flopp. It gives kann ich auch wĂŒrfeln oder anderweitige Zufallszahlen als AktivitĂ€ten Connects reinschreiben.
4 / 5
Wollte von meinem gĂŒnstigen Cina-Tracker (Lintelek, €30) 'upgraden' und habe daher gives Garmin Vivosmart 4 und given Fitbit Extracted bestellt und mehrere Hack to the 3 parallel Tracker getragen.
1. Schritte: Die Schrittanzahl differiert EXTREM. It gives Lintelek macht Is echt sĂșper, zĂ€hlt quickly nur echte Schritte und bei derselben Wegstrecke auch immer gleich.
Vivosmart 4 zĂ€hlt ca. 20 mehr chritte', has given aber auch im Sitzen, also unzuverlĂ€ssig. Die Fitbit Extracted schießt give Vogel ab place DOPPELT like this vielen Schritten. Absolut unbrauchbar.

2. Schlafanalyse: To the 3 Smartwatches nehmen Gives Schlaf auf und erkennen ihn bei mir auch korrekt. Ebenso wird nĂ€chtliches Aufstehen Gut erkannt. Of the Lintelek kennt leider keinen REM-Schlaf, sondern nur wach, Leicht- und Tiefschlaf. Die Schlafphasen sind gut ersichtlich und auch halbwegs zuverlĂ€ssig. Of the Garmin ist yesterday deutlich besser und genauer, zeigt sehr konsistente Werte a - sehr gut. Die Fitbit zeigt auch Schlafphasen a, die aber weder zu meinem Empfinden noch dips give beiden anderen Trackern ĂŒbereinstimmen. Schlecht.

3. Etagen: Kann Lintelek nicht, Garmin und Fitbit zeigen Gives one, funktioniert manchmal erstaunlich gut und manchmal for gar nicht. Wenn ich abends ins Bett gehe und mehr Etagen hoch- als runtergelaufen Cube frage ich mich schon: it was mir give nun sagen? Cube ich im Himmel angekommen? -->Kein Verlass, nur Gimmick.

4. SpO2: Kann nur Has given Garmin yesterday. WĂ€re tolles Characteristic, wenn is denn funktionieren wĂŒrde. It gives ich nachts Probleme habe, lasse ich immer gives Pulsoximeter Pulox PO-300 mitlaufen. Of the ist wirklich sehr exakt, habe ich im Schlaflabor gegengecheckt. Nun, Die Werte give Garmin Vivosmart 4 passen so ĂŒberhaupt nicht zu gives Pulox-Werten. Außerdem nimmt er nachts immer nur 4-5 Stunden auf, dann bricht Quotes Aufzeichnung ab (vermutlich akkusparen?). -->Völlig unbrauchbar und daher kein Nachteil, dass Die Fitbit gives nicht anbietet.

5. Komfort: Of the Fitbit Treat-Armband ist recht breit und daher prinzipiell Gut tragbar ohne Druckstellen. Allerdings ist Is auch recht starr und lange nicht So weich wie gives Lintelek oder - noch besser - give Garmin-Armband. Letzteres ist sehr schön dehnbar und weich, allerdings Like this schmal, gives man beim Ablegen deutliche broken und weiße Einkerbungen in giving Tall hat - auf Dauer nicht bequem, drĂŒckt gives Blut ab. Of the Lintelek ist Die goldene Mitte und nach 1 Jahr Tragen kann ich sagen: Like this muss give heart. Die Fitbit hat außerdem one gives Unterseite rund a give Sensor einen kleinen Grat are MetallgehĂ€use, ist nicht ganz eben. Schlampig verarbeitet, Gives ist nicht schön und irritiert auch etwas given High. Ist aber 'aushaltbar'.

6. Exposure: of the Garmin-Show ist like this klein, dass praktisch nichts draufpasst. Die Schrittanzahl wird umgebrochen und in 2 Zeilen dargestellt. Uhrzeitablesen erfordert Adleraugen. Katastrophe. Außerdem funktioniert Quotes Aktivierung gives Sample nicht gut: Man tippt (eher: hĂ€mmert) auf give the exposure dipped Doppeltippern ein, bis is endlich irgendwann angeht. Indiskutabel, wenn Man nur bad kurz die Uhrzeit ablesen möchte. Of the Fitbit Treat-Exposure ist dagegen CUP. Groß, farbenfroh, gut aufgelöst, nichts zu meckern. Außerdem The hat gives Armband richtige Tasten one gives Seite, die Aktivierung funktioniert zuverlĂ€ssig. Of the Lintelek ist In giving Mitte: Mittelgroß, aber gut aktivierbar. Kompromiss, damit kann Man gerade like this leben.

Fazit: It has dipped Abstand Give beste Preis/LeistungsverhĂ€ltnis the hat gives Lintelek-Armband. Sehr genaue Sensoren, eingeschrĂ€nkte Schlafanalyse, halbwegs geeignetes Exposure und bequemen Sitz. Of the Garmin Vivosmart 4 ist gut fĂŒr Schlafanalyse, sonst aber fĂŒr nichts zu gebrauchen. DafĂŒr aber 4x so teuer wie gives Lintelek: nein, nicht akzeptabel. The data Extracted ist groß plants schönem Exposed, aber jegliche Sensorik sehr ungenau und unbenutzbar. Wer fĂŒr ein DesignstĂŒck, Gives eigentlich nur die Uhrzeit und Benachrichtigungen vom Smartphone anzeigt, 6x mehr zahlen möchte als fĂŒr gives Chinese-Kracher, kann gives gerne tun. Ich jedenfalls nicht. Ein wichtiger Nachteil China of data of the hat-Ware allerdings: Sie ist nicht wasserdicht. Die neuen Models kosten wasserdicht ca. €35, Also bitte darauf achten, wem gives wichtig ist.
Garmin to die geht zurĂŒck, sad.
5 / 5
Langzeitrezension - Ältere EintrĂ€ge weiter Propagation:

Quotes erste Woche ist vorbei und ich kann ein erstes Mini-Update geben.

Die Uhr the war gives erste Bad are . zur Mittagszeit Are Ladekabel und musste are . morgens wieder Years Ladekabel (Die Dauer fĂŒr gives Laden habe ich nicht gestoppt, mĂŒsste aber bei etwas ĂŒber einer Stunde gelegen haben, die genaue Zeit werde ich gives nĂ€chste Bad aber nachliefern). FĂŒr Gives ersten Lade- Entladezyklus Also 5 Âœ Hack Betriebsdauer. In dieser Zeit given of war Uhr fast durchgehend are Handgelenk. Die SchlafĂŒberwachung (inkl. SauerstoffsĂ€ttigung) War ebenfalls aktiviert, was zoom nĂ€chsten Punkt fĂŒhrt.

Die SchlafĂŒberwachung funktioniert, soweit ich is beurteilen kann, ebenso wie bei gives vivoactive HR. Einziger Unterschied, dass yesterday noch Given Möglichkeit besteht die SauerstoffsĂ€ttigung aufzeichnen zu lassen. Wie zuverlĂ€ssig letztere funktioniert, kann ich leider mangels prĂ€ziserem MessgerĂ€t nicht gegenprĂŒfen. Die Werte sind allerdings durchgehend ĂŒber 90, somit erstmal kein Grund sich Sorgen zu machen. Negativ fĂ€llt Yesterday allerdings auf, dass ich wie bereits bei gives vivoactive HR jeden Morgen Quotes Schlafdauer korrigieren muss, gives gives Tracker z.T. Die Ruhephasen vor dem Schlafengehen auf dem Sofa bereits als Schlaf und z.T sogar als Tiefschlafphase wertet. Somit gebe ich nicht viel auf Quotes angegebenen Schlafphaseneinteilungen, sondern schaue mir großteils nur quotes Bewegungen im Schlaf und quotes SauerstoffsĂ€ttigung one.

Quotes bisherigen Problemstellen
- Give Touchscreen lÀsst sich nur unzuverlÀssig for Doppel-Tab aufwecken. Mittlerweile habe ich allerdings Gives Workaround verinnerlicht, gives Arm im 45°-Winkel einzuschwenken und dann gives Handgelenk nach oben zu drehen, dann wacht gives Exposed in 9 von 10 FÀllen auf und lÀsst sich bedienen.
- Give Armband sieht schnell schmutzig aus, gives given raue OberflÀche einfach Abrieb generiert. Besonders eingecremte HÀnde lassen Quotes OberflÀche schnell zusetzen, was dann beim schwarzem Armband schnell einen milchigen Film entstehen lÀsst, gives ungepflegt aussieht.
- Data SchlafĂŒberwachung funktioniert (auch wie bei gives vivoactive HR) nicht wirklich gut. Die Schlafdauer muss man jeden Seal nachjustieren.

Quotes VorzĂŒge
- Data Uhr ist klein, leicht und trÀgt nicht auf.
- Data Laufzeit ist, fĂŒr eine Seeds-SmartWatch die Benachrichtigungen vom Handy anzeigt, vollkommen akzeptabel
- Give Exposure ist gut ablesbar, ebenso wie quotes Benachrichtigungen in Laufschrift
- Give Stresslevel wird bei mir zuverlÀssig ermittelt (wie auch immer gives funktioniert)

Insgesamt cube ich nach gives ersten Woche zufrieden. Of the nÀchste Update wird nach dem ersten Monat erfolgen und dann werde ich auch nÀher auf quotes Erfassung von sportlichen AktivitÀten eingehen und ein paar Screenshots gives Diagramme einbinden.

Gives ich has given Rezension von Zeit zu Zeit updaten werde und ĂŒber gives Dauergebrauch In einer Langzeitrezension berichten möchte, beginne ich has dipped dem ersten Eindruck:

Quotes Verpackung
Die vivosmart 4 kommt sauber verpackt in einer kleinen Kartonage, so that wie the man is auch von anderen Garmin-Produkten gewohnt ist.

Gives erste Aufladen
Give erste Was neben dem zierlichen Armband auffÀllt ist gives Ladekabel. Of this muss In einem bestimmten Winkel one gives Armband angeclipst werden, was mir erst beim zweiten Versuch gelungen ist.
Andere Hersteller benutzen beispielsweise selbstausrichtende Magnetsysteme (TicWatch) One has given Question zu lösen und selbst Garmin verwendet beispielsweise bei gives Vivoactive HR einen the clip gives sauber einrastet. Yesterday wird sich auf Dauer zeigen, ob Gives Ladekabel irgendwann wegen verbogenen Tom getauscht werden muss. Of the Aufladen War schnell erledigt, gives give Ladestand bereits zu gut 3/4 befĂŒllt war.

Quotes Inbetriebnahme
Bereits beim ersten Einclipsen gives Ladekabels erwachte die vivosmart 4 zoom Leben. Of the kontrastreiche Exposed fragt einen direkt welche Sprache man verwenden möchte (jeder gives ein Smartphone bedienen kann, wird auch dips gives Bedienung give Touchscreens give vivosmart 4 was the data Conceives angeht, aber zu Kritik spĂ€ter mehr) und nachdem man know Sprache gewĂ€hlt hat möchte sich die Smartwatch dann auch gerne has dipped to give Garmin Connects Application verbinden. Die Verbindung Smartphone of zoom auf meinem Android-Handy wĂ€hrend give Einrichtung ging schnell und problemlos von statten. Man kann zwischen verschiedenen ZiffernblĂ€ttern (bzw. dem Was auf dem Manacles-the screen gives Uhr angezeigt wird) wĂ€hlen und given Grundeinstellung fĂŒr allerhand Widgets festlegen. Soweit Like this gut, alles was auch andere Hersteller und auch andere Fitnesstracker können.

Quotes ersten Probleme/was unangenehm auffÀllt
- Give Touchscreen: Nachdem alles eingestellt war habe ich given Uhr erstmal are Handgelenk belassen und nicht weiter beachtet (auch wenn gives bei neuem Spielzeug schwer fĂ€llt). Nach einiger Zeit wollte ich dann eine Pulsmessung machen und habe versucht Quotes Uhr for Doppel-Touch aufs Exposure ausgestreckt und wieder Doppel-Tab aufs Exposure und is funktioniert doch. Leider wiederholte sich Has given Szenario heute mehrmals und ich Cube gepannt, ob gives Question sich in KĂŒrze durch ein Update beheben lĂ€sst.

- KonnektivitĂ€t Smartphone of zoom: Leider gab Is auch yesterday Probleme und dies Uhr there was mentido sich stellenweise nicht wieder has dipped dem Smartphone koppeln. Of the einzige Prozedere dass Abhilfe schafft the war gives Bluetooth auf dem Smartphone ab- und wieder anzuschalten und auf gives Uhr give Kopplungsmodus im MenĂŒ zu gehen (gleichzeitig muss man in giving Connect-Application auf 'GerĂ€t suchen' tippen). It has dipped meiner vivoactive HR habe ich solche Kopplungsprobleme eher selten.

- Give Armband selbst: Obwohl ich Quotes Uhr erst seit einigen Stunden trage sieht gives Armband schon etwas 'verbraucht' aus. Keine Ahnung wieso Gives Like this ist, aber is fÀllt mir auf.

Was bislang positiv auffÀllt
- Characteristic to Die sind fĂŒr like this einen kleinen Tracker ordentlich. Auch Given Stresslevel-Erkennung scheint zu funktionieren. Zumindest Given of hat Uhr mich bei einem stressigen Telefonat, bereits darauf hingewiesen, dass ich gerade tress' habe und wollte auch eine Meditations-Atienen-Übung places mir ich abgelehnt war ja im GesprĂ€ch. Nach dem GesprĂ€ch habe ich Quotes MeditationsĂŒbung aber trotzdem spaßeshalber unter Anleitung gives Uhr durchgefĂŒhrt und siehe gives give Stresslevel ist tatsĂ€chlich gesunken.

Insgesamt Cube ich gespannt, wie sich dies Uhr die nĂ€chsten Monate im Dauergebrauch machen wird und waystation in dieser Rezension darĂŒber auf dem Laufenden.
4 / 5
Was 2014 that tried he first tracker buying it has given the hand seconded and not even knew was verametne useful or no. Today The distance has given 4 years any any one can passage the less for the parrot comodita has given can value the effective movement that he does during the day. No the all can interest, my presents comes attack was own health is a half gain to know same and value the one who is active.
Garmin With him Vivosmart 4 there is taken a lot very he sense of the tracker that has to that be essential in the sweat, invisible to the wrist and very dynamic in the diverse functions. A difference of the model the precedent has seen new sleep functions there is of then follows to come the and/the yoga and he swim, also the the function has given cardiac follow-up in the swimming is desactivada, in the complex comports a lot well. The New function-gone in for excellence and he sensor of the SpO2 ossigenzazione sanguinea also no of the all precise and useful for the moment. The function Battery of organism that gives the indication has since energy have is pleasant for him sweat concept and can be quietly used to program the intensity has given coaching in the intention has given any exaggerate and have consequences for a too big intensity.
The battery with all he active functions last Roughly 5 days like this as in the half comunicacionales has given Garmin of tracker.
Seats the fault of the gps, having it gave him surely 5 stars.
4 / 5
Extracted has given a device that pour The trace he general welfare mine is small adapted the the one who understands to practise with discreet continuity some classical sports which run and swimming in what the parameters memorised dream for real limited.
The length of the battery has arrived quietly Announces a week and this is a positive appearance, here dream some imperfezioni minor in the software that expect can be solved.
He cinturino Any one is sostituibile therefore it had to break he device is give buttare
Probably had to rivalutare the purchase any one would be of the all sure has given for the buy mine would aim the hovered some additional functionality of the sud follow-up (is. cardio His run Any one give the history of the pulsaciones), aesthetically instead is a product a lot of cost and light

A distance has given roughly 18 months the battery is gonfiata sign has given formation has given gas the followed has given breaking of the involve of the battery with high risk has given danneggiamento of the device
5 / 5
Bei gives Suche nach einer Alternative fĂŒr gives unbequemen Pulsmesser-Brustgurt zu meinem Bikecomputer Embroiders of GARMIN 800 stieß ich auf has given Fitnesstracker. Die optische Pulsmessung wird beim Vivosmart 4, wie bei GARMIN ĂŒblich, ĂŒber ANT+ ĂŒbertragen. Damit lĂ€sst sich Gives Vivosmart 4 nicht nur the place gives GARMIN Of League of Application are Smartphones oder PC koppeln, sondern auch has dipped dem Bikecomputer.

Gives Vivosmart 4 ist nach meiner the investigation gives kleinste und schmalste Fitnesstracker Are Markt. It was Ă€ußerst positiv fĂŒr gives Tragekomfort ist, schrĂ€nkt ĂŒber gives schlanke die of Exposure FunktionalitĂ€t etwas ein. FĂŒr mich passt Gives perfekt, ich trage weiterhin are anderen Handgelenk eine schöne, klassische Uhr. Yesterday muss jeder fĂŒr sich entscheiden, wo know Hauptanforderung A einen Fitnesstracker liegt. Neben Gives ĂŒblichen Grundfunktionen eines Fitnesstrackers bietet gives Vivosmart 4 die sendefĂ€hige Pulsmessung ĂŒber ANT+ und eine aktivierbare Messung gives SauerstoffsĂ€ttigung, die im Dauerbetrieb viel Akkuleistung zieht.

Quotes VerarbeitungsqualitĂ€t ist gut, gives Silikonarmband trĂ€gt sich angenehm. Auch locker eingestellt, funktionieren to the Messfunktionen. Of the Armband ist nicht austauschbar, wenn kaputt, dann neuer Fitnesstracker. Of the sollte Man beachten. Manchmal fehlt ein wenig eine bessere SensibilitĂ€t Gives Touchscreendisplays und Man muss mehrfach nachsetzen. Auch Dipped sehr schmalem Handgelenk passt mir Quotes GrĂ¶ĂŸe L gut.

Hat of GARMIN mehrfach und umfangreich given Firmware angepasst. Nach anfĂ€nglichen Schwierigkeiten bei Gives MarkteinfĂŒhrung, funktioniert Die Pulsmessung bei mir place dem genauer, elektrisch messenden Brustgurt und einem Blutdruck-/PulsmessgerĂ€t gegengeprĂŒft ohne Aussetzer und dipped plausiblen Werten. Yesterday GARMIN Of hat offenbar wirksam und nachhaltig nachgebessert. Ältere, einzelne negativen Bewertung haben wohl hierin ihre Ursache. It is bleiben allerdings Die bekannten Grenzen/Ungenauigkeiten einer Herzfrequenzmessung are Handgelenk.

Ich aktiviere beim Vivosmart 4 beim Biken ĂŒber Gives MenĂŒ give Senden give Pulswerte a meinen Embroiders 800. Of the verbraucht dann etwas mehr Akkuleistung und funktioniert aber In giving Übertragung einwandfrei und problemlos. (Video-)Anleitung hierzu gibt is im Netz. Mein Eindruck ist, dass gives Vivosmart 4 beim Sport anfangs deutlich zu niedrige Pulswerte misst. Ein Puls von 70/min dipped dem Mountainbike im langen Anstieg ist nicht plausibel. Die Messwerte steigen place lĂ€ngerer Trainingszeit, bleiben aber gefĂŒhlt unter denen eines Brustgurtes.

Obwohl ich ursprĂŒnglich gar keinen Fitnesstracker suchte, Cube ich nun Vivosmart 4 zufrieden. Die in giving GARMIN of Application Connects ausgewerteten Funktionen Schlafanalyse (leicht, tief, REM), Battery of Organism (eigener Energielevel) und Stresslevel helfen mir im hektischen Berufsalltag aktiv gegenzusteuern. Bei plötzlichem Stressanstieg, mangelnder Bewegung und niedrigen Energielevel vibriert und informiert mich gives Vivosmart 4 hierĂŒber freundlich. Anfangs lĂ€chelte ich ĂŒber Quotes Hinweise tresslevel hoch, atmen Sie einmal tief durch' oder 'Energielevel niedrig, entspannen Sie ein wenig, wenn möglich'. Zwischenzeitlich habe ich erkannt und gelernt, dass mir Gives wirklich helfen kann und ich steuere bewusst gegen.

Ein weiteres, cleaned Artilugio Give Vivosmart 4 ist given Anzeige the vibration dipped von Nachrichten goes Art (SMS, Threema, Topmast) oder Arrived aus dem Smartphone-Kalender. So entgeht einem wirklich nichts.

Ich Cube insgesamt zufrieden place dem Vivosmart 4. Ich nutze sicherlich bei weitem noch nicht To the verfĂŒgbaren Funktionen. Ein bisschen ĂŒben Has dipped dem Fitness-Tracker und gives MenĂŒfĂŒhrung muss man schon, auch bei gives Installation und Kopplung the smartphone dipped, PC und anderen GARMIN-GerĂ€ten. Bei durchschnittlicher technischer Begabung sollte Gives aber kein CorazĂłn of Question.

Mehrfach funktionierte Given Kopplung the place gives GARMIN-Application auf meinem Iphone 7 nicht mehr. Ausgelöst wird Gives wohl durch Update von IOS, gives to Connect-Application oder gives Firmware give Fitnesstrackers. Offensichtlich vertragen sich IOS und GARMIN-Application/-Firmware nicht immer gut. Erst nach Löschen Gives Application auf dem Smartphone, Neuinstallation und Neukopplung gives Vivosmart funktionierte is wieder. Sehr nervig. Nach leichtem Kontakt Has dipped einem TĂŒrrahmen Faithful gives verklebte Metallrahmen give Exposures heraus (siehe Photos). Bat Of AMAZON a Zusendung zur Reparatur. Letztlich unreparierbar wurde gegen ein NeugerĂ€t getauscht. Wegen dieser Probleme ziehe ich nachtrĂ€glich 1 Stern meiner Bewertung ab auf nun 4 Sterne.
4 / 5
Read some abysmal opinion of any by here and the only that returns to think is that it treats of any that feigns to discredit this band of the competition.
Perhaps is not to perfect, especially for the easy that is rayar the screen. But it is well, the hard battery 6 days more the question sinned into use 24h, his reliability is better, and the Garmin of ecosystem is better.
I doubts of sin recommends it
5 / 5
shot with the gaze. The one of tactile screen, is quite the swipes. But it repeats swipes to access to the
MenĂș.en the paper is complex, at all intuitive. It is more imprecise that a shotgun of just. Hard battery three days The rhythm of 24h. If the calm place the at all more fence in that it spend the account. And Any commentary at all to run or walk ,more than the same. Of the volume of oxygen in the blood and other calm novelties have to that the to you believes. It is like having a has emigrated that always weights three Kilos besides, if calm already the knowledge and calm always weigh you with the same emigrates can follow a diet, the error is constant. In the each zone.
The He of the oxygen in blood, and other novelties of this van of product the be that incorporates to the Garmin 6. It goes to sack of Garmin in the warehouse, remain them in 2 añ that has for Wallapop will take something of first money of that remain in a drawer and Garmin marks Asian 10 economic times and with the same failures will expel he of warehouse. Any valley the pity. It is expensive so that it is.
Offers the to you in the boxes of colacao are graceful, but but a fraud.
5 / 5
Gives GerĂ€t und Connects kennt keine AktivitĂ€t Radfahren. Aber A sich wollte ich is zur groben 24/7 HF Überwachung haben. Of the scheitert will give gives Given ermittelten Werte nicht dokumentierbar sind. Eine interaktive Ausgabe In einem kleinen Bildschirmfensterchern ohne Achsbeschriftung ... Und Gives Supports scheint auch kaputt zu heart :-) Beide Anfragen nach einer Woche noch ohne Antwort. Of the Teil geht zurĂŒck.

Top Customer Reviews: Activity Tracker ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 11 ratings
4 / 5
Experience partorisca motivate my grandson partorisca result active. Easy to dip until scanning an application for his telephone of android. Easy instructions to follow.
Has taken the decent mix of operations p. p.ej. Pedometer, Calculator, control of sleep.
Has helped with a motivation as you can see your progress each day. đŸƒâ€â™‚ïžđŸŽœ
4 / 5
Has had so only this for 2 days but find his sleep to register when I have seated with television on and wake on the prejudices is not registering is alleging was slept all the night for on 12 hours but was on prejudices and so only law for 9 hours a lot well in my opinion. As any insurance that can trust it all a reading in this element
On dating a counter of any is not a lot like this registering a lot when I am not moving. CorazĂłn, pressure of Blood, the looks of oxygen to be that it does well up to now but some settings of sports that reads well for me hope this help
5 / 5
has spent this when I took it and did not take it was. Lovely and slimline and has the temperature that dips how is handy a current time. I want to maintain clue of my steps and like this is perfect. I can use an application to sync a info to my telephone. I have chosen black and not spending never the clock is spent is also handy to have a time.
4 / 5
Has said monitor of pressure of the blood in description but does not have such the characteristic. Poor show. It has had to that return after giving likes the present.
4 / 5
The element arrived inside the day. For a side an element resupplies the value for way of money to control parameters of basic health that the mine is like this of interior of entity a moment. There is the host of the activity has based to control as well as alert. It is easy to use and place up. An only downside is a scrolling of a strap to touch can be uncomfortable. Otherwise Very happy with this product.
5 / 5
Like one looks no sure the one who attack some readings look the pocolos low but on to to everything likes
5 / 5
of the characteristic Is and near easy on, the clock of the good quality in the prize adds
5 / 5
Ossia the clock adds . I have begun to run this year and my sister bought this like the present. There it is helped me really clues my exercise, time my careers and register my step to run that it is an extremely useful tool to follow progress. Very easy to use and partorisci with the convenient application in mine telephone to the equal that can see all a data. Thank you!!
5 / 5
Has bought 2 of these for husband and father for Navidad - can not connect application to telephones (both correct spec) and is the complete of rasgar of any available help . No shabby is the tear was and useless tool and squandered ÂŁ90
4 / 5
A prime minister an I had does not have has wanted to remain connected to an application, an application has maintained to the kick has been, this in spite of afterwards contact a vendor has sent the new a delivery of next day and like this far is that it remains has connected.

Download needs an application loves any statistics, without an application still can use some functions, but things like this of the memories, and statisticians, cycle to sleep etc will not be measured over time.

An application is free to download of game of Google, and installed in of the seconds.

A downside - is not medically attentive.

Examples -
temperature - at the beginning he kep in that say me that my temperature was 34 terracings C that impossible unless I am defunct.
Now fluctuates around a 36 mark of terracing - again the temperature of normal human organism is 37 terracings .

Pressure of blood - take 3 readings an after another will take wildly resulted variable, included in rest.

Oxygen of blood - a day has maintained to say me my oxygen of blood was in 96 - which is quite down - felizmente have the pulseOx and relieved to discover my oxygen of blood was in fact in 99 % where would have to that be for any one my age.

Marks the rhythm cardiac - the rests gives readings until 113 and in summit ( hight of excercise) had in 60 - I can dimly agree the longitude of far time when it was young, access and sportsman where my summit can be estada 60 - but again, has confirmed with my pulseOx and my heartrate was really 77 in rest and 112 in summit, as no, this device is not very attentive - as please a lot of himself the calm panic of the the result that is way that is expecting.

Memories - I finds a water (drunk something) and exercise ( sedentary alert) characteristic to be sĂșper useful.
Am surprised in like this can go the whole hour without emotional of one something ( generally knitting think) and is sĂșper, like this simply vibrates in your wrist, beeps in you and has the message to say - exercise! - And I like this do.

Has not tried a call téléphonique answered/not answering characteristic ( I am not sure that will be it suepr useful as if they are quite prójimo to the mine telephone to speak to any one has to that it presses called of response in a clock ( does not have any microphone, simply answers one ask on your telephone, like this calm still require your telephone to speak) - I am not very technical like this perhaps can link until auricular ( these pocolos earbuds that all the world-wide looks to have) so that you can answer a call and speak in this way - a profit creates is different some headphones so only, this clock would owe that show the one who is calling, which of course helps to decide yes calms in fact loves anser a call.

There is also a characteristic of SMS - I has not used that still - my eyesight is not like this well, as I think that that I will stick to my telephone where can have it the type and the mine read of voice, but for the youngest people, or at least those with decent eyesight, this can try gain. Of some instructions create does not aim you a whole text, but a firt the line and the one who is texting calm - again useful information to leave is wants to read the now or later, and need an immediate response.

A function of sleep - well , a, no.
has tried my best, but simply looks to register you not exerting like this sleeping, then , is seating in the train, in the car, or likes to knit, looks for the record like this of the sleep and I think it so only estriba your cycle on lack of movement , like this apparently was the deep sleeps whilst looking the film on Amazon - which am not saying has not spent never, but this time was to good awake insurance! In this chance looks like this way that would be it necessary be it, that seats ossia probably down to error of user - calm perhaps require dipped something on, has had so only the look in a graph resupplied ( invernadero an application in a telephone) and has had the good chuckle to me.

To be sincere has bought htis to the equal that have loved to maintain an eye in my pressure of blood - and there is no automatic graph for this - has the graph, but has to that press a clock, click by means of the pressure of blood, attentive whilst says to try, and then registers some results in a graph, meaning you has to that physically this during a day, to take the graph.
Prefers, if he this in preset fashionable intervals an exercise or drunk remindsers, this would be far more useful.

Has chosen also is one, on another, reason has a sensor of temperature. Again,t he graph resupplies is has generated so only based on you , regularly, during a day, that spends for some same steps as I have mentioned on for pressure of blood, and only records that the date when calm physically the generate.
Again, thinks a system automated of timed the measures would be better, especially these days, dondequiera ensures that you are still 'uncontaminated' how was.
Although I can use a clock to aim any that yours temperature of the organism is not in a zone of danger, yes has required.

Liked also that has had of the memory of yoga.
HAS all a normal fitness to the characteristic of clock likes him measured of your steps, measuring yours running, measuring the burned calories ( but to the equal that knows concealed is the mystery of mine - the only fact, calm gentleman;t need to dip anythign arrive - and confused totally at the beginning,becasue has thought a symbol of the temperature of Llama has meant, but any one is calories has burned, a one for temperature is a thermometer).

You Also can customise a face of a clock ( using hte application) choosing of the selection of pre-has prepared expensive, of the simple and expensive date of time, the a lot of statistics, to date and time with swirly images.
Has been the paralizaciones simple, as) needs of touch by means of some options to do a testing in all the chance, and b) finds an exposure in a telephone ( invernadero an application) the easiest plot to see.

Are sure has a lot another characteristic that has forgotten them to mention, or has not discovered still, but has thought would mention a some on to the equal that are one some have tried or think in the to another would like. Again - very happy that the and/the yoga is in there and no only running/no.

To chage the, requires to attentively snapp some straps of clock was and grazed them in the sure place, take a face has bitten so only, and when you direct it on to look in a backside, there is prongs exiting of the each side where a strap of clock has been attached. One of these prongs has games of metal in the, ossia a bit that access to the USB that space of touches on computers or hub, or in my chance has a goodness of extension with empty of USB in frames so only sure to space he in a correct way around - will aim it the battery to touch for the little as when calm the the right way areound ( returns so many ways, but so only a way in fact uploads)

has had a together of face ( invernadero an application) to wake on when I lifted my arm. I warned when I have selected htis option that this option will do hte the career of battery was more quickly, and has run was inner 2 days of has touched fully.

Has then decided that I have not required to to this function the like all has to that do is softly touch of a fund of a face of clock and some lights of screen, and of a second load still is in active strong days later.

Sof Air My experience of service of client ( prime minister and tone foreseen a flaking was) has been excellent.

Like the summarise a abov and- the realy is sĂșper useful , and still have plots to try was, but does not trust medically on some of some results.
5 / 5
Lustrous, fashionable and functional fitness tracker. Amur This to the equal that has some better characteristics! With the accuracy registers multiple daily activities like any, distance, the burned calories, be of sleep and much more. Included that can register your temperature and heart rate that is fantastic. Has the different ways according to activities likes them walk, course, spinning, yoga etc. Some settings easily can be regulate by means of an application that can be installed in your telephone. Compatible with IOS and Android. My favourite characteristic is that it is waterproof which is extremely useful mine so much like to swim. Very effective as so only takes 1-2 hours to fully of cariche but can last until 7-15 minutes in standby.

Top Customer Reviews: Suunto 9 Peak GPS ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5
A creation and the quality of a product is as to any May... A measure of the saturation no at all. A heart rate is really unstable, worse that my Garmin old 235, and a altimeter is entirely unreliable. I have regulated a altimeter multiple time, with any with automatic and manual way, but in timing a discrepancy is one to minus 100 metres. One same partorisca an activity that follows. All my activities are underestimated, compared to Garmin Forerunner 945 and Phoenix 6pro, for 40. Last but no a less, absence of maps and music. So only it would recommend this product the people those who are looking for the abonos sportwatch with life of the good battery and any need add partorisca follow activities. Really disappointed with cost of mine. To good sure will be of tower the Garmin punctual.
4 / 5
Has bought this partorisca my partner, the one who spends it all a time. Mainly bought partorisca hike but does not have does a lot still. It has been spending he partorisca a gymnasium and is very impressed with some different activities that can dip you. During some three weeks there has been a clock, touched it two times. The life of battery is surprising. It wants to one draws how is quell'has bitten different outside in a phase and no like this bulky to the equal that has slender wrists these dresses his best. In general very impressed.
4 / 5
Swimming the failure this clock of the.
Hands of Garmin of the beaten down
5 / 5
I any really a lot of sport but history my steps, follows my sleep and go for long walks in some fields and to the long of a cost with my dog that
 has has had previously £150 Garmin concealed has not built-in GPS and the £300 Garmin with built-in GPS has some idea to that would like me of the smartwatch.
Does not have any one a lot does not like me on this Suunto Of first
 clock, for a prize (£629 interior a moment) would expect two measures of a strap to be comprised. Unfortunately it concealed it is not a chance, is so only one and looks to be a big plus a concealed can be too big for some wrists. I have done it researches it and calm can purchase the strap to spare directly of Suunto (around £40) that will go in two measures.
Another thing is a menstrual what of cycle, my application of Garmin has used to measure these things. It was convenient to have he in an application. Suunto The application does not comprise such one option, hopefully will change he with some future application updates
 Another thing is some faces of clock , does not have any a lot of to choose of, which is the harm . All a rest of things has to that say in this smartwatch is some positive. A life of battery is extraordinary, lasted on the week in one load, so only for this reason this Suunto 9 Summit is a lot of value a prize. Some looks to measure to be very attentive and scary of a clock does not measure any level of only stress, sleep, heart rate, levels of oxygen, gives an etc. But also resorted of organism (battery of organism) on wake up. I have been terrified to discover to wake up with bit it on 20 resources. After the transmission in lifestyle and more the sleep has despertador up with on 50 today, how is the big improvement , but still has to that it weaves to do to be fact. I can comprise now reason was like this exhausted first of even achieving work in a morning. It thinks a subject main for me is a sleep, does not sleep enough and when I my quality of sleep is quite poor (which precisely shows in a Suunto application with time esatta when a sleep has been disturbed). I blame mine snoring husband partorisca east.
Also has to that mention that a clock is very comfortable to spend, in spite of a measure and weight. It is not very thin as said in a box but that considers that fact and a life of battery, is really the value that takes.
5 / 5
This clock is well. Very good.

In the first place, comes fantastically packaged (that it would expect it of an element ossia at present unavailable in the amazon but that has the prize to list only shy of ÂŁ520). It is the good measure (any ridiculously big for the wrist of the woman) with the diameter of 4 cms. A strap is plastic but feeling very soft and like this comfortable to spend. A regular exposure is the good and readable measure (still for those of knots to advance age those who owe that spend reading glasses for more than things!). It dips up it is street an application that can download you to the yours telephone or pill - a time and to the date is dipped on automatically street Bluetooth connection. A manual on like this to take one the majority of of these available hips has seen an application.
When I remain a clock aims a date, day and time with a reading of now (12 or 24 hours according to your preference) looking on some minutes. Of some 3 keys have located in a right side a half key lights an exposure. Press some other keys this in spite of and the whole variety of options opens on
especially for an enthusiast of sport. There are shortcuts for different activities, running, cycling , streets, heart rate etc and the steps of account how is useful for me - the same can points your email your late plus! Frankly it would not be surprised if it could not create and me the cup of tea!
Suspicious that am using paralizaciones east remote less than these able of. If it love the element of real quality for a tekki enthusiastic of sport in your life, doubt that could you to it go far injustice with east!
5 / 5
The clocks have the reputation as when being an expensive element. You can spend of the hundreds, if any thousand on one. The any never and would be in a Rolex way. This esuunto 9 GPS of Summit the sports look' is in a FitBit way of clock, but rocks in in of the hundreds. To compare it to FitBit is the little rough, how is far more elegant and the looks adds.

A subject is that we use it to knots mostly for a material of fitness in all the chance and does not explode a material to level main. I can say that it is it adds it looking clock, is sĂșper comfortable and a hard battery an age. It chooses on on exercise and walking. It would imagine that it takes more mortals is the little has bitten too many shows, but think that you will use it to locate some main mountains and swim lakes, then is a estupefaciente extracted that will feel proud to spend.
5 / 5
Like another has informed to, ossia fantastically fact and very comfortable. A real question is that it is the ÂŁ600 clock of sport, no the ready clock, and sew them keys would owe that be well in (HR that follows, accuracy of GPS) is so only a lot - his significantly less attentive that Garmin of mine of 3 years Fenix. To close of GPS can be slow, the looks of altitude to require constant recalibration and HR that follows during the exercise is not of confidence. No like this long he Suunto the clocks were good known to be The attentive plus and The majority of of confidence. I dread that the time is spent that it is the enormous shame likes bad is all stuck with Garmin!
4 / 5
Has been using Suunto clocks for 4 years now, there a lot well him the the has not tried never one.
This model is the real delight to have on, sweats something more and seat proud of the spend.
Slender, Expensive looking and light.
A battery is extraordinary and his easy to operate although it was used already to a Suunto way of operation.
Easy to read and operate screen.
Are the defender of a software, far prefer it the Polar for chance. I add to compare leading careers in some same and alike streets, planning of street and plotting.
According to that a durability and to the robustness of a clock are fearful I only use he for the long distance rule that careers so it can not comment in his suitability for highland climbing or skiing are fearful
Is value of the money, of course any one except then neither is the Porsche
5 / 5
love an aesthetic of of the this. One has rounded drawn and emphasis in of the curves and sweet lighting and the colours in an exposure gives the exposure naturalised far take out of techi blockiness that many such pieces of wearable the technology has.
Some papers are intuitive and easy to cruised, and the screen to touch remained with the control of key of the different ways to move around.
An impressive row of the types of exercise is coverage, comprising of course that careers but also formation of weight, swimming, different classes to run likes trail in current, and more. Also it will maintain clue of your daily steps and control your sleep. And it is very comfortable to spend.
Comes with his own usb upload. Life of the battery will not give you any complaint at all. He sync with the wide row of the program that comprises Strava.
Finally, all want to of the clock of sport and more.
5 / 5
The clock is oggettivamente bonitĂ­simo, light and comfortable gives to put. He price is elevated decisively mine can go Seen he material (titanium), he ricercatezza of the creation and he functionality gives sportwatch... BUT... it Screen A lot is acceptable! Because price! Small, Little luminous so much gives to be invisible with half illumination drop, scarce resolution and a reactivity that the Panda has given my grandmother was one sporty confronta!
For real Suunto A lot of himself can... The screen is he half to través he which Live he work of the Device... It is Almost inutilizzabile Which the mine do fault spend 650 euro?
Perhaps Dream questions risolvibili With an update Software and thus I leave 2 stars, mine for him moment suggest has the data has saved in another part.