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Top Customer Reviews: Homefront [DVD] ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 22 ratings
4 / 5
They are the enormous defender of this gender — especially “Down Seats” and “Took”. It is a lot that satisfies partorisca look inept baddies has gone down in the violent and entertaining way because they have failed partorisca do his planned diligence and deduce that trying takes on the nuclear-@@@portaaviones armed where Casey Ryback is doing like the boss is the for real terrible idea . Or, of all some adolescents of EUA backpacking Parigi could have kidnapped partorisca sell the slavery, that selects a daughter of Bryan Mills was quite ailing-judged to say a less.

In “Homestead” some vicious bikers tentativa to go down ex-DEA agent Phil Corridor of stock exchange. East differs of usual “messed with some films of wrong” type in that a bikers knows on-front exactly the one who is treating; simply they have any idea the one who the colossal bad-ass Phil east. Also, compared with “Low Seats” and” his sequela, some bets are not like this big (million be people nuked versus Phil and his ten year-be of the old daughter has clashed was).

This in spite of, ossia still the fun film, with several incidental fights where Phil kicks serious butt against the variety of bad types that — guessed it to you — seriously underestimate his skills to struggle.

Like this yes is looking for the film where some for real the bad bad types take his comeuppance in uncompromisingly violent ways, this film is for you. Now, all master is the film where Jack Reacher, Casey Ryback and James Vincolo tries to go down John McClane, Phil Corridor of stock exchange and Bryan Mills. I ask those who would win?
4 / 5
Has looked Law Neeson film recenly. Neeson Was the widower that protects his edges of baddies. A lot of mixed martial arts struggling, car persecutions and gunfights with the few explosions. Still like this 'Homefront' starring in place of the edges.

This film, likes all Statham endeavours, endsl on when being so only another thriller, packed with Neeson is (erm Statham) mark of badass action.
Formula of same old Hollywood.
4 / 5
Typical Sly action film. Attended at all more or at all less. Statham Looks to be Sly preferred inner a moment, understandably after a good collaboration in Expendables. Sample for the film of before directly with 2 D characters. A point of plus, Statham is not a lot convincing like the father!
4 / 5
Jason S that the one who his well in. Standing up for justice and kicking some bad types outta of a way. Popcorn And film of beer. Shining.
4 / 5
Jason typical Statham action film but still quite entertaining any less.
4 / 5
Loves Jason strathoms film and this 1 was like this as well as his another has not been disappointed at all like this a lot happy with this film
5 / 5
are the statham the partidário but this film is complete rubbishes , bad plot, pathetic in fact, scenes of fight no until his usual level, would not recommend it .
5 / 5
A realy good film that would look them again, Very acute blue picture of ray.
5 / 5
Has seen the glimpse in television. Bought in spec. The headline says it everything. Enjoyable.
5 / 5
So only that I orderly and has arrived punctual. A lot it thanks.
4 / 5
The film adds , maintained looking to an end and ossia well for me ! Usually it falls asleep
5 / 5
This film was oh also , gripping to an end , aiming his side his sweet more
5 / 5
the film Adds. Looking Jason Statham is always value while.
4 / 5
Excellent film to start with I arrive it thoroughly enjoyed it
4 / 5
Love this Father-film of Daughter,abundance of action and colgante and protect familiar to maintain you enthralled
5 / 5
abundance of Brilliant film of the action has not been disappointed with Jason Statham films still.
4 / 5
The vendor adds delivery a lot quickly the film Adds seen the little time is now lol ..But now I can look more and when I want to
5 / 5
Could look his films all day every day can not say iv seen the bad film hes been in.
5 / 5
Enjoyable Film, Jason typical Statham quality, ( a type resembles so only be able to touch 1 character) but in general the good film.
5 / 5
Good action film, has violence in film, but has line of good history, likes violence any in an upper
4 / 5
The film that the full shines of colgante and pending doom, has lost partorisca count what time has jumped out of my chair, starring Jason Stratham knows calm does not go partorisca be dissappointed.
4 / 5
A much better the film that thought it would be, highly recommended.

Top Customer Reviews: The Expendables ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5
An absolute stinker - caseous, pointless and cringeworthy. It says Script, doing volume (excepts a bit entertaining cameos of Schwarzenegger and Willis), superficial, down-developed and unlikeable characters.

An hour and the half of my life that will not go back , and would have been more enjoyably is spent partorisca clean a basin.

Any to to a deception still likes to avert me - this atrocious turkey to all the cost.
4 / 5
That is not partorisca like in this film. It has been said that when sly has written a scrip that has had so many ideas that a main history has been lost as it has wanted to ensure that all the world-wide has had there moment. This has said that ossia a definite action film 🎥 and while the critiques there is complained at the same time sly there is showed that some works of formula with two other films and to the left expect another
4 / 5
A 4k ultra hd blue version of disk of the ray of a film has improved a lot his and quality of picture on some levels blue version of disk of the ray when touched by means of the ultra hd blue player of ray and he 4k ultra hd TV with hdr (big dynamic row) Disk 1 is a characteristic main and is the free region 4k ultra hd blue scrapes 2 is the blue disk of ray with main a characteristic and extra of prize and is the region has closed the region the (use),so much or will require fine it blue region player of ray or fine region 4k blue player of ray to look disk 2 or take a uk blue ray also to look some characteristic of prize!!!
4 / 5
The mould adds and all a punch of action in a. They are happy that the amazon has mentioned to look the sound that leaves a punctual prime minister.

Good history to accompany with good mould. His no the big thing for a young generation now but yes for a 90s kids his súper fresh.
5 / 5
The element has arrived punctual and undamaged, cd has touched without @@subject, if it likes-you the action will want to this, of one 3 film ossia for far of the best, yes can suspend your brain for 2 hours, this will entertain you! Recommended!
5 / 5
A Expendables was an excellent film in him is original version - a subject only has had with an original version was a climax - some sequences of the action has not lived until that is to be see in a start of a film -

This the new version has titled A Expendables: it has Extended Yard of Managers - fixed this @@subject with an end - and an end is far more dramatic and spectacular now - some sequences of action are longer in a climax that mark a when finalising more in satisfactory.

This in spite of with this new widespread yard comes the few informative extra scenes in a beginning that class of slow one a lot down - and no really anything new for a plot.

For example has some music-type of video narrative scenes, if you do not know that I bad there is the number of these types of scenes in TECLA and ROCKY IV - these ruin a step and is really very required - if the scene can be done without sticking the song in the, would have to be fact that way - is just lazyness in a moviemaker breakings.

Also has the sequence he quite moved aiming Dolph Lundgren character somehow exiting of a plan that Sly and Jason Statham has travelled on to an island of Vilaina in a start of a film (somehow Dolph has directed the misaculously averts to be taken by another 2 expendables in-street.) This so only servants to ruin that it was otherwise alread excellently has has modified scenes in an original film. Which is reason I gives this an excellent 4 indication of star more than a perfect 5 would be necessary has been it.

Out of two versions prefers of the forwards without cutting bluray emission - this in spite of this disk is still the must-buy so only to see some sequences of action of excellent final in his again modified form.

Sly Has had simply slapped a new end in a otherwise excellent original this would have been a perfect special edition .

Ossia Still an excellent version to look this in spite of and a piece of excellent mate to an original and worthy film to be part of your collection.
4 / 5
Has purchased this film because it has had state gives the
Expendables 2 & 3 of any the one who there has been only
has changed all his films to Blue-ray, This film was
bought to complete a together, happy the , was like this
involved in a film of fist that has looked all 3
in a night / of Saturday and thoroughly enjoyed
all three, will be to look again, to any the one who
there is so only this film, buy a rest, you wont be
there is disappointed.
5 / 5
Has had two possibility here:

has Dipped some nomination some the big plus in action films near and do an absolutely TERRIBLE film......


has Dipped some nomination some the big plus in action films near, has plots fo entertainment with him and do the realloy entertaining film!

Has been for a second option... And there has been sucedido. Have enjoyed really this film. It will not win never of the masses of prizes in some oscars, but does not allege to be trying neither. It is the action film of hard core , seats behind - dip the big stupid grin in yours expensive andwatch all yoru heroine unexpectedly of favourite of recent action film A lot of material on, and shoot ridiuclous numbers of balls everywhere!

5 / 5
Has expected more than this film that gives! Some stars (a bit those that of them) is in a hill thus type of action film - perhaps done twenty years yes but a lot now. Jason Stratham would owe that it has been a main character with another around his own age any one glorious-dad the one who stop think that can cut. Disappointing considering some names of mussel but then is not in his thirties/fourties anymore. If Sly and Dolph has not done like this in a cup in all his scenes finalises to be plausable. It thinks that that I will give a sequal the lose like this this one there is not coming until expectations - perhaps has been expecting a mould to live until a hype of his people.
4 / 5
Some waste of time, the plot is things pocola realistic that goes in. A lot bad.

Top Customer Reviews: The Expendables 2 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5
Ossia A history partorisca animate of the heart of a patriarch of aging (portrait for Stallone) battling against his deep feelings partorisca the a lot of younger Christmas (touched for Statham). They owe that face an overwhelming enemy; homophobia, here represented for a group milite the oriental European focused for Van Damme. Repeatedly homophobia investigation partorisca rasgar his as soon as budding idyll the sunder until they are adapted of the his masculinity for a tear jerking action of Norris with his character Booker. Reinvigorated For his self image Stallone and Statham take a battle the Homophobia with a thrilling climax and poignant place in an Airport, the place any one wants to be in but directed-you-á to your fate chosen where attended for more than sun in your life. Have spilt a lot when tearing him GustanI Stallone and Statham apresamiento to some heavens to achieve to his final fate likes equals in of his amour with some blessings of a government of United States personified for a mesmerizing action of Willis. For real the beautiful film.
4 / 5
Has bought this like the present for my Dad as it already had seen a prime minister Expendables film and loved it totally. This sequela there is not disappointed.

Again, another is roster of names of Hollywood of big cast goes in another romp full of humour, action and violence that is a lot of reminiscent of the good old action film of a 80s. Sylvester Stallone has done the movement adds that he these films.

Enjoyable. Fun. The action has packed. Calm can any gone bad!
5 / 5
Expendables 1 has AIMED that still with the plot slightly boba and some deliberate on-acting, calm still could melt comedy and thrilling action to blistering effect. Number two directs some of some same, but to seat likes is has lost slightly his way.
Ploughed with the mission of fun rescue this is to weigh in a gunfire and light in a subtlety, but early leaves 1 is soyr Church' (Willis) comes to call to allege the debt, and the crew of Stallone is beginning is gone in the mission to recover the secret container of the downed aircraft. A silliness the quota has been already established thus point - Arnie is on duty, doing like this stiffly like this before, Stallone is 'Barney' has used his toe as you are it-shooter in the ridiculous sniper takedown, and is aimed some old fashioned sweet chauvinism to the member of mysterious oriental mould that know will finalise to be more than able to manage she. Oh - And I have been Luke presented Hemsworth like the character like this virtuous and perfect is almost sickening.
Felizmente Van Damme the bad type looks quite quickly and tests some genuine charisma and sadism, and the crew of Stallone among investigation, to take his plans of bad.
A history feels freer this time - more than the film of persecution by means of some quite grimy and muddy 'to Oriental Europe' looking zones, without the very strong sense of place. Certainly it feels the plot more aimless that leaves one. Also it makes a mistake of shoe-horning launch Norris in the cameo ossia like this ridiculous some same characters begin crowbarring disguised 'Launch Norris' jokes to a screenplay. It is a class of uspense of disbelief'-that pauses that I me cringe (although the partner of mine has loved a moment, as it will not annoy all the world-wide). This in spite of, a film also finds an excuse to have Arnie & Willis look and take far more involved in an action, like this for an end really begins to feel likes is so only an exercise in wedging more and more stars on screen to a detriment of a plot.
Has some the good action appreciates the goodness - Statham flies a show with the stunningly virtuosa piece to rid to rid struggle the half of route by means of a film, and a final confrontation among Stallone and Van Damme is done also with charisma and utmost violence. It is an odd balance : CGI blood spatters and arms of aircraft that would clash a plan, excessive self-referencing and breaking of illusion in a script, and lacklustre scenery is remained with enthusiastic actions and some occasionally fun action. Like the sequelas go, is amused. But it is also an object-lesson that soymena' is not always 'better'.
5 / 5
He EXPENDABLES 2 [2012] [Blue-ray] A Better Action film Of A Year! A Spectacular Action!

He EXPANDABLES THIS OF THE TOWER And THIS TIME is WAR ! Some signs of crew on for the mission that looks a control of easy pay. But the things quickly go wrong for Barney and his band of old-mercenaries escoles when one of the his own is murdered for the psychotic terrorist-for-hire. Hell-bent in payback, has cut it swathe of destruction by means of territory of enemy and wreak havoc to his opponents. In a midst of a mayhem, has to also closed down an unexpected threat in a nick of time and preventing five tonnes of arms-plutonium of note of falling in some wrong hands.

Has launched: Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, Jet The, Dolph Lundgren, Spear Norris, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Bruce Willis, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Terry Crews, Randy Sewing, Read Hemsworth, Scott Adkins, Nan Yu, Amanda Ooms, Carpenter of Charisma, Nikolette Noel, George Zlatarev, Alexander Moskov, Nikola Dodov, Wenbo The, Borislav Zahariev, Penka Kodova, Arkanay Boonsong, Dimo Alexiev, Velislav Pavlov, Liubo Simeonov, Liubomir Simeonov, Aleksandar Belovski (uncredited), Novak Djokovic (uncredited) and Antoaneta Yordanova (uncredited)

Manager: Simon West

Producing: Avi Lerner, Basil Iwanyk, Boaz Davidson, Danny Dimbort, Danny Lerner, David Varod, Eda Kowan, Guymon Casady, Jason Constantina, J. Celeste Salzer, John Thompson, Jon Feltheimer, Kevin King Templeton, His Weldon, Lonnie Ramati, Matthew Or'Toole, Robert Earl, Trevor Short and Zygi Kamasa

Screenplay: Ken Kaufman (history), David August (history), Richard Wenk (history/screenplay) and Sylvester Stallone (screenplay)

Composer: Brian Tyler

Cinematography: Shelly Johnson

Resolution of Video: 1080p

Proportion of Appearance:

Audio: English: 7.1 DTS-HD Master Audio, Lunar:X playback, English: 2.0 Dolby Digital Stereo optimised for the late night that listens and 2.0 Dolby Stereo Description of Audio

Subtitles: English and English SDH

in common Time: 102 minutes

Region: Region B/2

Number of disks: 1


Andrew Blu-Informs of ray: Sylvester Stallone admits that he no quite nail a tone of ‘The EXPENDABLES.' This paper of amour to @@@1980s action flicks and some stars that the ass kicked in them felt bit it slipshod in spite of some enthusiast in leader for Stallone and anxious help of recent star Jason Statham. Stallone rids some queens to direct on to Simon West this goes-round, but is still strongly involved in ‘Him EXPENDABLES 2,' that is the upper film in almost each way. Statham, Dolph Lundgren, Terry Crews, Randy Sewing and the jet Read returns, as Bruce Willis and Arnold Schwarzenegger has developed work. ‘He EXPENDABLES 2' adds to pinch of Jean-Claude Van Damme, as villainous Jean Vilain, and two pinches of Beds Hemsworth and Launch Norris to create the cinematic museum of legends of immortal action. ‘He EXPENDABLES 2' has not obtained suddenly Oscar Aspirazioni, but sequences of the main action and more believable results of interaction of the character in some spectators of films have loved of a start.

Barney Ross [Sylvester Stallone] and partner Expendables Navidad Read [Jason Statham], Yin Yang [Jet The], Gunner Jensen [Dolph Lundgren], Hale Caesar [Terry Crews], and Street of Toll [Randy Sewing] travesía in Albania with hires Billy Ragazzo new [Read Hemsworth] and agent of CIA Maggie Chan [Yu Nan] to recover the underlying computer in the downed aerial. Some careers to group to Villain and his henchman, the one who loves a computer to the equal that can locate the giants stash of abandoned plutonium. Vilain Plans to sell a plutonium to a main bidder, and CIA handler Church of Ladies [Bruce Willis] strong-arms Barney Ross to Peasant continuation with which flies a computer and leaves a Expendables in shambles.

Some weeks before ‘He EXPENDABLES 2' paste some cinemas, an Internet was abuzz in a possibility of him landing the indication of PP. Something roughly Launches Norris the demanding. It Norris Master, Norris taking, well? Any one has begun that the rumour was bad – a lot of concealed or a filmmakers has retreated in a last now, reason a film has blood of abundance and gore. The majority of a carnage is a CGI-splatter Sylvester Stallone has used in Rambo, but a boss to explode is a boss to explode . Some take of the film was with a sequence of long action in Nepal, where a Expendables unknowingly Trench of rescue [Arnold Schwarzenegger], Barney Ross' enemy of arch, and the things any prenden that go booms until some credits of finals.

A whole concept so only does better partly two. A film retains his beaten of action that it hard paste, and inserts/inserts a pertinent quantity of self-depreciating humour and nifty ee that knots there' dipped to remain buoyant. In his core, ‘He EXPENDABLES 2' is the generic, rasgado-of-@1980s accounts of the regular-issue terrorist and a patriotic ass-kickers the one who struggles for country and cause, but ossia a beauty of him. Jean-Claude Van Damme looks in a better form of all some veteran actors, and his Villain do fault on the bad roundhouse has fallen to a @@@cofre. Jean-Claude Van Damme resupplies so only quite a lot of whips to be taken seriously, but an actor seasoned is clearly in in a joke.

A film also Has ‘It EXPENDABLES 2' dipping some actors keys in a lot of together scenes. In a first film, was obvious that Arnold Schwarzenegger, Willis and Stallone has not gone often in a same room, that results besides few errors of continuities and there will be it general of half-assedness. ‘He EXPENDABLES 2' solves that question to line on a talent for exposure. To avert a esound/is not they' scepticism Michael Mann has run to with ‘HOT,' Simon West leaves his big guns interact in of the tight spaces and slope of the sequences of action too much complex to deceive. It concealed it is not to say all some actors were together in each sequence; early shots on board the aeroplane joined in Cina has been shot in different soundstages.

I defenders of some materials know this series roughly is celebrating stars of action, and, while Sylvester Stallone and West of Simon has left a core Expendables spend a film, Bruce Willis, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jean-Claude Van Damme and Launcher Norris all the his taking near up. Bruce Willis is written to a sequence of action this time, how is Arnold Schwarzenegger, the one who speaks so only in the lines have recycled of his main blockbusters. Sylvester Stallone has left apparently a leading governor to write the dialogue of his character, which was the questionable decision , but has laughed out of strong when a Terminator rasgó one spends entirely out of the Ready Car. West of Simon of the manager of ‘WITH AIR' the afamada maintains an action that comes. West is not so it articulates to to the manager likes him to him Stallone, but has of the enthusiastic eye for carnage and explosions.

The things wrap on amiably after an extension of final confrontation, and has It ‘left EXPENDABLES 2' much more excited in a perspective of the future films that has done in 2010. Sylvester Stallone has partner in of the big places, and of course see all some original actors, more the little new band to assume for the whole new action has packed legends for some prójimos outing of ‘Him EXPENDABLES 3.' But of this film, he to good sure strong, violent and on-the-upper, ‘He EXPENDABLES 2' is to do fault exactly like this orderly and something I really enjoyed, like this the franchise is totally magic and has all some actors have loved in action has packed film of this gender.

Blue-Quality of Video of the ray – ‘Quell'EXPENDABLES 2' arrives in Blue-ray with the proportion of solid appearance of in the stunning 1080p the scrolling has encoded. Shot with Panavision Panaflex Milenario XL2 camera, a film has the bold, gritty appearance throughout. I want in the first place hypothesise the bit in a final look of a film, as it appears some visual tweaks has been done in estaca. Material a filmmakers the bit to soften, perhaps to soften a shabby mugs of some veteran actors, before upping a grain digitally. These results in any mismatched models of grain that overlay slightly waxy expensive, but all signal of signs to this when being intentional and any one some scrolling-concrete defect. Otherwise, The detail is frequently exceptional. Near-on the shots develop characteristic facial intimate, and the wide shots have very deep and textured. West shoots with the softest house in some scenes, but this does not diminish a clarity of an image. The black levels are solid, and a browns, the greens and the red of a diagram by heart is intrepid and very saturated. A film retains the discharge to please of grain, and the sequences of action retain clarity. There is remarked only minor aliasing, and machineries of the compression is not a subject. Please Note: Playback Region B/2: This will not touch on more Blue-the players of ray have sold in north Amsterdam, centroamerica, Amsterdam Of the sud, Giappone, North Korea, Korea of Of the sud, Taiwan, Hong Kong and To the sudeste Asia. It learns more on Blue-specifications of region of the ray.

Blue-Quality of Audio of the ray – Audiophiles rejoice, ‘He EXPENDABLES 2' is a never Blue prime minister-ray to offer the 7.1 DTS-HD the mix of Master audio concealed is optimised for 11.1 DTS Lunar:X playback! Your humble reviewer has no unemployment upgraded to such impressive technology, but can appreciate a awesome can of 7.1 mix. Those of calm with 11.1 setups surely will enjoy a clarity added and selection of a long mix. A main mix is consistently impressive. Ossia A immersive, aggressive surrounds mix that the calm mark @of the a value of the wife to him the theatre surrounds-touch setup. The dialogue is absolutely clear throughout, and there is the just quantity of directional dialogue that casseroles a field of sound. The spectators are situated among an action, like this environmental and the effects of use of action to add of one surrounds speakers. A hum of propellers of aerial buzzes in some rear speakers, a pop-pop of gunfire explodes for a sinister part of a room, and calm the giant explosions kidnap a subwoofer and force it to shake a paving. The clarity is point and averts, and the scenes calms the plus of dialogue is like this pleasing scenes of action like this stronger, which try the excellent row of a mix. Ossia One of some better mixes has had a pleasure to experience in home, and Lionsgate really book in this Blue-ray, which also comprises one 2.0 Dolby Digital Stereo “optimised for the late night that listens” and 2.0 Dolby Stereo Description of Audio. More English and English SDH subtitles.

Blue-extra and Characteristic Ray Special:

Commentary of Audio: Commentary with West of Simon of the Manager: Simon West is a commentator here. Still although it was appreciated to be fact with Stallone shaky-cam ways, has lost his presence in the commentary of a manager. A commentary in a first film was extremely insightful. Full of the vision of Sylvester Stallone like the manager, his methods to do things, and his true amour to do film. Here Simon West resupplies the quite anecdotal commentary that is neither like this involving neither perceptive like the commentary of Sylvester Stallone was.

Characteristic special: OF THE ONES OF WAR: increasing Earth more Powerful Antiheroes [1080p] [21:00] A behind-the-commentary of scenes with launched and crew that has directed a process to write with potential of franchise in alcohol, a transition of ‘The EXPENDABLES' to a sequela, developing a mould and creative crew, that gives an audience his cost of money and giving every time of character of sufficient screen. Also they speak in brief in ‘Him EXPENDABLES 3' and tease that is spending in the new wave of apprentices of heroines of the action to coach. One the majority of the interesting part here learnt likes Sylvester Stallone and West of Simon has divided his workload.

Characteristic special: in the ASSAULT: A Real-Life Weaponry of ‘Him EXPENDABLES 2' [1080] [14:00] A look in a real-life weaponry this is to use in a film. To good sure the characteristic for any enthusiasts of gun there. But for me it was the a lot of excruciating the uncomfortable experience that sees this characteristic, where looks of people to be like this dipped behind in his approximation the such dangerous arms in as looked at all a horrendous horrible arms for sale and the very announcing to see reason the guns would owe that be forbidden, that Amsterdam does not look to comprise or learn of his deceptions.

Has has DELETED SCENES [1080p] [5:00] A selection of five has has deleted scenes that was mostly so only alternate or along takes on conversational scenes in a film. One of one has deleted the scenes was the frescos has bitten to struggle in Nan Yu run in that beaten in baddies with the clave of hockey; another scene to struggle that it Instrument of Terry of the looks and Randy Sewing was also unfortunately cut. Bruce Willis is has appreciated always!

Characteristic special: GAG REEL [1080p [5:00] A bit those that the minutes of some stars that laugh and messing on his lines. This better-that-half gag reel shows some stars that cut on on place. It suspects the fat emphases have had to weaves to do with a flubs. There is included the scene “of random fight” with Novak Djokovic that exerts his racket of tennis. A better course could be a zany the alternative actions have turned in for Jean-Claude Van Damme.

Finally, Sylvester Stallone again directs the troop of veteran and current action stars the war in ‘Him EXPENDABLES 2.' Sylvester Stallone spends to direct are due to Simon West, the one who quell'acts lean plus, film more exciting that strikes the good balance among serious action and self-referential humour. Arnold Schwarzenegger And Bruce Willis takes beefed-on functions, and Read Hemsworth and Jean-Claude Van Damme joins to return stars Jason Statham, Dolph Lundgren, Terry Crews, Randy Sewing and Jets The. ‘He EXPENDABLES 2' is the tear that roars rollercoaster fun film and a lot of improvement in a first mediocre film. LIONSGATE Blue-The ray situates solid picture and 10 out of 10 has optimised 11.1 audio beside the slew of characteristic interesting extras. Highly Recommended!

Andrew C. Miller – Yours Definite No.1 Ardent Film
Lucido Cinema Paradise
United Kingdom
5 / 5
To the left is to be sincere, if you have chosen or is thinking to choose this film, knows that it is taking to. It is all your favourite action stars of some last 3 decades (with the preference for a 80 is), comprising the little more than a last expendables film.. Spear Norris and van of Claude of the Tejanos Damme join a melee this round of time. It is mindless to plot that mixes around mindless violence, with van Damme especially clearly enjoying eat (thoroughly) bad type, whose henchmen has like this inexplicably poor aim with his arms of assault likes them Stallone I instruments have perfect aim every time with his pistols / knuckle / of knives / of the machine guns dusters. Stallone is spent some reigns to head to Simon West (With Air) which is a step of improvement -wise in a prime minister, but although a ludicrous the action with all these faces familiarised is the explosion ( escuse a pun) so that they have on grown on 80 film, a film suffers more than the little that has it so only too many characters to treat. This means Spear Norris look it self deprecating joke of type more than the character, and is odd having the jet Read on some titles when in fact it is in the blink and will lose function. In a side besides - more Willis and Schwarzenegger is entertaining , although a wisecracks is a bit overegged, and one Stallone - Statham duet in a heart of him all the still works well, as well as some recently arrived Nan Yu and also Read Hemsworth (Some few Games to Win) in a function of entity. Bookmarks/Marcadors if no the hundreds of bad types are murdered in outrageously bloody and noisy scenes, and is all tongue done in cheek.
Looks to the half hearted roughly he - well, has this nagging that feels that with the decent script and perhaps the averages a mould there could have been the really much leaner more entertaining film here. The people often say that the films are not like this as well as they have used to be - but when you see the film adrede riffing on 80 film, can not help that it thinks that that the films ARE in fact better that has used to be. Prpers Having said that, is so only simple old fun seeing these types in a big screen, and expendables 3 comes to the long of then does not go to feign will not finalise that it looks that also...
4 / 5
Has think that a first film was really good and this better! Well, you go to these films that expects some deep plot with to plot of transfers and ideas to some motivations of characters go to be disappointed. If, in another hand, look this film with the beer in your hand and an expectation of the riotous, rollicking good explosion of the antiquated action then will see reason this well the solid 4 stars.
Is not to perfect, of course - I follows mostly the defender of Jason Statham (when being bald I, sees like this something of the hero lol!) And it does not take quite time of screen, and one same can be said for quite all the world excepts Sly he. But when Launch Norris looks and do little in-of the jokes roughly that it last is, calm can not help that it laughs along with them, is brilliant.
When Some fists and a flight to start with of the balls this is when the things take was and is so only the relentless emotion-walk. An inaugural section learns especially is outrageous.
Is looking for it mindless Action at night of the Saturday flick that I can so only the cold was to, ossia perfect. Highly recommended.
Also could add - I has looked this on Video of Instant of the Amazon, but so only paid for a SD version more than a HD one. Looked adds in 40' telly, as it could save the crux!
Steven A. McKay, Author of the boss of the wolf: 1 (A Gentleman of Forest) and A Wolf and a Raven (A Book of Ladies of the Forest 2)
5 / 5
Although I can say. Some old timers really still has it.
Adds to see like this of them. It leaves 1 it was a lot of but ossia included better. So only it expects any disorder he up in a upcoming Leaves 3.

OTT Sure but just pure entertainment and action! And with him storyline to go with him!
Some bits where admit his age, is not that apt to the equal that have used to be or the help to need has beaten on the big type so only complete a film more, objective his humbleness and that they are human and that is not the show of man that takes was all the world!
Included Arnie taking beating he in the chair with his boss has on covered!
Tin a lot to be everyones flavour with a current harvest of modern films, but for me, ossia old fashionable action with some real hard types.

Look Mickey Rourke was occupied that has tattoes fact or something so that it does not look is one.
4 / 5
A: Left his clock Expendables 2.

Well, left so only say that, like the man grown, felt suitably ashamed for fond A Expendables 2 so to the equal that has done. Perhaps it has grown up in some eighties with Schwarzenegger and Van Damme like this hero of action my generation? Any way, for a first time on screen, taking to see Stallone, Arnie and Bruce Willis struggling side for side... In the Ready car.

And there have - the Ready car. It concealed so only it would owe that you say any to take A Expendables 2 too seriously. It is deliberately in a cup, boba and daft. Spear Norris is like this hard can dry out of a whole army in a goes. Too much? If it thinks so, calm better not looking this film. Considering me, find it perfectly plausible that any as hard likes spear can take out of the tank and he platoon less than five seconds, then , is for this that A Expendables 2 east for me.

The men and the boys will be one and some same when they look this . An action is wonderfully in an upper and a caseous a-liners flow almost so it likes blood of fake of one hundred and a stooges the one who take used like this cannon fodder for our heroes.

Can not see like any self-respecting action junkie does not love this. They are sure he is one for some boys. Especially like the fellow woman of mine looked it and commented as it has not been happy that Jason Statham has not been in him so how was in a prime minister a. With more than hero, a time of screen for Statham (and Jet The) is cut slightly short.

Any way, is the entertainment of action has packed that you would not owe that take too seriously.

Surrounds in Expendables 3.
4 / 5
Touch an usual formulaic approximation thats a question with this film. Throughout they try hard in succouring the desperately created (terribly cliched) dialogue that often fails. When you Look behind, it appears as if His the series to dip pieces cobbled together, especially when you take cameo the functions of one likes Launch Norris concealed a lot really adds on, like this later looks again to succour them (solitary wolf now saying will give tries it that careers with a band!). The calm supposition simply would owe that it takes up to now other shoots in up films with the tongue in script of cheek and any line of real history... Prpers Having said that has bit that you chuckle and also be entertained for Jason Statham repartees and slick movements.

This in spite of, goes was that it thinks like this can have so many very known stars in the film that promised so much but delivery like this little...
4 / 5
Has has loved a prime minister Expendibles the film has known so when a second is exited would owe that go and see/the buy

has seen a prime minister, is basically in the group of mercenaries has directed for Stallone that does good deeds to struggle some bad types.

Ossia More than a same,but far stronger and explosive,is also to plot more fun. There is much more of Arnold in this film,and Launch Norris is such the laugh.

Really, is all stirs it of 'has beens' but does not hide his ages,in fact the use to do a film. You owe that listen to a banter and of the wise-cracks,each one which so one uses some other lines of paste. His obviously all locate together and has had amused the doing.

Does not read anything to a film,any moral investigation or anything,so only enjoy he for a strong brash mickey apresamiento is. Calm take you the brain was before the turn on and enjoy. It is brilliant entertainment and looked it the averages the time of dozen and take more every time.

Top Customer Reviews: Escape Plan 3 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5
They are really very sure like this the series of film has directed partorisca spawn he to the trilogy. I mean a first film with Sly and Arnie was half, something the way concealed arrived too much evening in his careers of action. A second was terrible and a third?????? They are the bit has confused. Slowly of evasion 3 is more to good sure aimed in an international stage, mainly Chinese. But a question is not that it is not that the import blockbuster, no, is still again the film that thinks it can be well is shot well (which ossia) but this any never on partorisca any name bad actors all with stubble of designer or beards of vanities. There is almost 40 producers, logos of company of endless film that takes 90 seconds to take by means of pre-believe you! A main Chinese actor is apparently the star of entity. I am not sure in that capacity because it could not say was the bloke or the woman the averages a time!

Sincerely, Stallone the decent work, still a lot convincing and has to that scene of violent fight quite brutal. And it has gone with the pair of baddies effectively. So only I do not see where has to that think that this franchise was? Stallone has has conquered already a world of action and has quite a lot of credibility to try new things that you can no . But just game, is dipping things there for other no American audiences. So only I ask it would have to that it has bought it Arnie behind?

Now, knows some indications of star of the press that is plastered during Blue-coverages of ray, ruining some illustrations. On slowly of Evasion 3, has the four indication of star...... Of A Sport of Sunday. Haaaahaaaaa..... How it is that never information of confidence of the informative paper thats the contained is at all but smut and porn of soft core. Elvis has alleged still was alive and well that bolt in the double decker buses in a moon! And all knows a whole mould Brookside was homosexual martians!
5 / 5
Another month, another directs the adventure “of video” of some producers of such “gems” like this ‘In the first place Calm', ‘Gotti', ‘Backtrace' and ‘Extraction' the one who have curled out of… sad, graced with still like this another sequela to the series to film that has deserved very better. Reason ‘Paving of Evasion' has gives to the for hire low franchise but still directed to retain his members of original mould is the most sinister mystery for the alcohols more are - closings like this here is, a turd… sad, third entry in the befuddled serious that so only as it looks exists like the tax writes was or money of beer for his star…

returning heroine of franchise Ray Breslin (Sylvester Stallone) is a ‘better ‘ ‘ ‘ in a business' (natch) when it comes the breaking in and out of prisons of maximum security. This in spite of, the things take the downward turn when it is assumed to succour Daya (Malese Jow), a daughter kidnapped of technology of Hong Kong mogul Wu Zhang (Russell Wong) of the formidable Latvian prison - which also resulted in a capture of Breslin has promised Abigail (Jaime King). Angered, Breslin Crew up with old mucka Trent (Dave Bautista) and Daya leading bodyguard Shen The (Max Zhang) to infiltrate a bastion, but an old adversary of his launches have spent a mission of rescue learns the confusion, those results in the life or the death bid to save some daughters and start of an alive prison. Or somethin'.

Spending the majority of some film' scant that run the time that lines my boss to the equal that to the that a point is - these serious really is not going anywhere fast. Honradamente Have enjoyed a first ‘Slowly of Evasion' and was the joy to see both Stallone and Schwarzenegger having tonnes of fun touching with his male heritage, but now with a first immediate sequela and this third endeavour - that the original film is now the memory to erase that it could have been. Ido is a big five, entertainment 'n frolics yours - substituted by sinister digital cinematography the one who looks to give of the launched the look of jaundice perpetuates and a never aggressive tone where all the world is some steps out of muttering ‘muthafer' or impaling any in a with the each one that five minutes. So only he grimy, any amused at all 90 minutes are spent with miserable characters those who operate in underlit locations without any sense of humour anything. Sure, Stallone is always value his weight in the gold and His any one would attack never - but reason feels a need to look in dreck like this is further me. Guy is so much in the and one wishes no tarnish his flawless cinematic legacy with dross of this Manager… bondadoso John Herzfeld (the one who oversaw ‘A Expendables documentary ‘Hell' and ‘Two Days in a Valley') helms this one with the most ensured hand that ‘Leaves 2' manager Steven C. Miller, but when his (and Miles Chapman is) a note screenplay swimming more than going of A-B in monotone fashion, no among while the visual banquet: His all a lot dull both in some terms of storytelling and value of production.

United Kingdom of the blue byline-the emission of ray admits a film the very acute scrolling with vibrant audio, but when some looks of films has been shot in an iPhone 8 with the green carrier stock exchange taped in a camera… well, does not take your hopes up. In a side besides, Stallone is excellent like usual (and strangely in a film to plot more than has thought he ) and the partidários that the old plus will take has fallen he out of seeing ‘Bloodsport' mainstay of sequela Daniel Bernhardt as the heavy and ‘Go them Owe of the hand Sawa that feigns to be bad, included although it looks more likes Gerard unhappy Butler. But hey, his your money and am sure this can have the spike in an awake of ‘Rambo Last Blood' but like this always, approximation with precaution and maintain your expectations in control - his just another heads to time of video waster that has an accident of name of the uses to sell the stale has produced. And'Know, so only like all these other films a mark of producers. Ahem.
4 / 5
In the first place there is enjoyed really one first film. It has taken an interesting concept and there is rid he in the loan, detailed and interesting way. Good characters, the history written well and touched in of the different emotions that both one 'jailed' and his 'jailers' would spend stops. A second film has begun a slide to try to do he more than an action film and 3 dimensional characters less.
A third film has abandoned an original concept and gone for the film of simple revenge has on dress like the poor man is 'Expendables'. A centrical protagonist is the toneless willed, almost that the adolescent brat spoilt in place of the serious, intelligent, pursues criminal brain that shouts roughly when being. One there is kidnapped bodyguard of the daughters also looks quite a lot of lack in 'grown on' skills of life and finds like this a lot 1 dimensional. Davis Bautista has the simple eshoot his or paste the' function and is not never really annoyed likes mainstays of his material by means of a maze likes prison. And to be sincere, Sylvester Stallone (the one who with thrilling has followed of Rambo: First days of Blood) looks tired, bored and that enough would be anywhere more. Altogether The thoroughly disappointing film and I honradamente attended until his free in Cousin of Amazon or Netflix really has to that it look.
Likes of go @@@1980s súper stars of heroines in the modern thriller then shows Jackie Chan in 'A Foreigner'. Altogether In the different class.
4 / 5
Entirely abandons a premise of Stallone be imprisoned and escaping by means of one elaborates flat, going instead for the dull kidnapping & plot of rescue.

Can be you impacted to learn that it took it 17 days to do, leaving you to ask that for two weeks. Probably animal-writes.

A film is not done for you, unless you are in a CCP. Each one another scene is setup for a casualidad afterwards to the aim was that awesome some the Chinese characters are. You would think the film dipped in Cina would have a Chinese henchman do fault an antagonist, but he no.

Perhaps so only are when being unfair there is prendido of then look in a 45th small of rubbish and a rest of a film is the cinematic masterpiece. It doubts it to them this in spite of.
5 / 5
Of the that takes Me badly the have at all against chinease films some of them are excellent but ossia the hybrids that tries to aim two-phase and with another that has seen them recently they all lacking . It is that it is his one film very that spends a time but his I does not add in cinematographically, doing, storyline or anything more. So only I can say that his 50 concealed gave it 5star is involved neither with a film or fake. A more frustrating for me where a subtitled sections again the have at all against subtitles the looks enough the small and enjoy them. His a unecessary transmission to chinease boasts them to appease a chinease phase but his just stupid when all some actors can speak english and some time that has done so only unecessary. Do a thing or another. Again you go to like amazon to look in some votes that this has like this the really cant believe so many people have think that that this was to 5 star how is any blockade buster, the classical cult, or uniquely orginal the film that deserves such the description.
5 / 5
And is ... Chewing gum for a brain.
' Sad in a steven what of miller, so heres the better film for Herztfeld to do up for him'!

I wouldnt has called escapes anything, but perhaps 'Rambo fulfils Bruce reads' the grandson adds'?
At least see Sly in action this time, and have the something exerts for a type is that I distract me so on some years, and is sincere ossia that loves of him, has beaten all some bad types up in a way that so only Sly has beaten!

Would not take involved to complain on some espónsores neither a politics of one doing of this film, simply reason concealed is not that it thinks roughly when I want to choose the film, so only wants to go to somewhere more for an hour and this have done a trick. (For a way to another reviewer - all the actors are ignored in some point !, like Boring life be without new talent.
4 / 5
To the equal that have written in my plan of evasion 2 description, any 1 is film quite well , while No2 is one Stallone the worse film has has not looked never. A lot of dish of evasion 3 is probably a worse film has not seen never. Somehow it has directed it to create the film with zero line of history, is the just things that spends on screen without the purpose and this is coming from the write the one who is favourite actors is Stallone and Arnie.
4 / 5
Geared To an international stage with minimum implication of Stallone or Bautista. So that it leaves any room for characterisation or included to plot a bit interesting. This leaves calm with an action film of regular revenge. A question is, an action is trousers also. So only stick to one first film would be my joint . At least this was to amuse.
5 / 5
Has been the long times have seen of the like this bad film has has had to that the the turn was before it has taken to an end. Like this bad that caused to have that writes this and warn other people. A history any any sense and is during a place. The majority of a film is like this dark you can not see that it is going in that it is a lot of unhelpful in the film ossia very light on dialogue. This in spite of a worse crime of this film is that they call slowly of evasions but there is not any evasion and does not have any plan. It is more the generic thriller with some characters of some first two films shoehorned in. Stay out of this film.... Or to the launch was an hour and average of your life. Until you.
5 / 5
Looks a prime minister a, are adds. It shows one 2nd one there is at all more to do. Not annoying with east a. Like this empty in a storyline, any relevance with a rest of film. If it look this , skip a whole film under a last 10 mins, for some scenes of fight. Ossia A plus has bitten of the bad film.

Top Customer Reviews: Antz [VHS] ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 25 ratings
5 / 5
Obviously ossia roughly life in an ant of ant any happy with his plot like the worker, helped by his fellow the ant of triumph of soldato in the ant of soldato bad a good type has taken his daughter .
HAS all some classical needs partorisca the abonos wanted does not want to say to a lot of or can spoil a film.
A lot everything around film familiarised - ours adolescent sneaked in to look, like the film adds.
4 / 5
would not have thought any one could beat Woody Allen, but has been done: Woody animated is included better that a real a! A film is, in my opinion, for adults, like the girls can lose some references (some minutas, some visual) to totalitarian diets, crazy generals 'taking obscene in young blood' etc. Like an example: a severed the scene of boss would be tragic, has gone any like this ridiculus. An animation is obviously adds (with a drop to water probably one the majority of imaginative scene). But ossia mainly pure, unadulterated entertainment, with Ant Z feeling '... Like this insignificant. - He you real progress: you ARE insignificant.' And some aristocratic Wasps that has sure obligations to a less priviledged insects'.
5 / 5
Still one of some films of better familiar cartoon around in spite of being done a 20th century. No a film a pleasant plus will look but think that warm feeling of the film familiarised. There is the few transfers and of the turns here and there but in general a storyline is quite basic and easy to follow.
5 / 5
Ossia The fantastic film the one who the best to look now am older! Has like this comedy in him, the calm jokes of those who comprise when you are young! Like this me and my partner was very happy to seat for clock of film and look this!
4 / 5
has not seen this film of then was the small boy , as I have decided to take the. It has loved the like this a lot, if no more so much of him on done 10 years. A bit those that subject of adult in him too which entirely spent in my boss when it was small!
4 / 5
Well It Has it wins this partorisca substitute my copy of video partorisca a grandad boys
5 / 5
the boys so only love this film, is the a lot of the clock has loved the film and has had to that buy the second copy like the film was on look this DVD there is prendido to do. The delivery was good and the in good condition element, thank you.
4 / 5
Súper Surpasses swift - the element adds in the prize adds - the thoroughly recommended Amazon vendor.
More the certainly will use again.
4 / 5
When has in the first place bought this of amazon was them really exiting for him to arrive. I thought that it that put you for behind the plot of memories of happy infancy that that . When you Arrive it has been them wanted. A film was orders like usual but found it to them that lacking of in quality of video. The Bondadoso of has looked an old copyied of the dvd and was them has bitten he disapointed. Cela Lost it some stars for me. But the totally recopmend the reason has taken them that it had asked them - A fantastic disney film.X
Gives the graces to read
5 / 5
was in a moon to find this DVD to the equal that has been looking in some tents for the long time. My daughters favourite film of infancy, good service and the really good prize. Excellent.
4 / 5
Would not have thought any one could beat Woody Allen, but has been done: Woody animated is included better that a real a! A film is, in my opinion, for adults, like the girls can lose some references (some minutas, some visual) to totalitarian diets, crazy generals 'taking obscene in young blood' etc. Like an example: a severed the scene of boss would be tragic, has gone any like this ridiculus. An animation is obviously adds (with a drop to water probably one the majority of imaginative scene). But ossia mainly pure, unadulterated entertainment, with Ant Z feeling '... Like this insignificant. - He you real progress: you ARE insignificant.' And some aristocratic Wasps that has sure obligations to a less priviledged insects'.
5 / 5
Has not seen this film of then was the small boy , as I have decided to take the. It has loved the like this a lot, if no more so much of him on done 10 years. A bit those that subject of adult in him too which entirely spent in my boss when it was small!
5 / 5
The film adds. A lot cleverly done and pleasant characters. A lot witty dialogue. A must partorisca any adult and boy equally!!
4 / 5
My boys have loved this history when they were little any one some look of boys can enjoy these wonderful histories, those who precise technology?!!!!!!!!!!!! (In the Still enjoy them too much!)
5 / 5
Thoroughly There Is enjoyed this film with ready interpretation of some characters and especially a value of entertainment. I recommend this film highly.
4 / 5
Film of classical animation with line of good history and some voices of actors of qualities that more can have put in the film.
5 / 5
Ossia The classical film ,no like this very so much Life of Bugs, and the animation is not like this slick like this films more modern... But has a lot of humour in him for all a familiar and is the good prize, rid superfast.
5 / 5
Has loved a film that has seen them years, although the any one there is @@give the to him wouldnt be new and come wrapped. Hardly any semence and games. In general, compraventa well.
5 / 5
So only love this film, My edges those who is 17 has did not look it never and he same estuary in is one of these films would enjoy with a familiar
5 / 5
Ape and entertaining and take this, some boys will love it. His something can in fact shows with them.
5 / 5
The film adds the wine when expected and was in the condition adds perfect work
4 / 5
the condition Adds fast service good film partorisca adults / of boys
5 / 5
A sum of film familiarised. Bought this partorisca mine 9yr edges of any old but all has finalised partorisca look the! More than a swipe!!
5 / 5
My boys have wanted to look this in our travesía slow in France
5 / 5
I amour Disney the films and am substituting some video have they I so that it can look him like this I of the one who has the player of video anymore.