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A born Canadian songtress has broken to a scene of music in 1995 flange 'Dipped A Movement in Corazón' the song Quincy Jones penned partorisca his then lastest album the few years later 1998 partorisca be Tamia precise has released sweats to Begin that considering of the single treating well in a R&B the map has failed to grab the villages have gone around Tamia has released 'A Nude Day' that aimed his maturity and a power spends in this good-looking voice of his.

Some starts of albums with a acapella version of tranger in my House' breaking to a feisty 'John Has loved' an of my songs of Tamia of the favourite! The fantastically produced song with a contagious heart. 'It can not Go For That' was an alone advantage that has done enough well in some maps of EUA has produced for Missy Elliott ossia the history of the report thats so only died in a water extracted domestic abuse and so only generally like the men can be horrible to the women backed with the dancable sings lower that usually but sum of sounds stop. 'Aller' Is an instantly likeable clue with stabs of horn during a song a heart spends this. Estranger In my House' is a real winner in an album one of one the majority of beautiful R&B songs ive has not had never a pleasure for the listen was the massive swipe in america achieving 10 in an ad sings roughly not knowing that lucido the man is anymore hes the entirely different person of like this use for ser.un the video stunned Tamia wades it around in the group of points has underlined comprises produced of Sermon of Erick 'An Or' that is one of the little hip-hop orientated the clues looks quite regular R&B music but the so only think has something special agreed of Monica some old days. Esay Me That' that was one 3rd so only without the video was the radio and main swipe even remixed like the club of sound beats vocal actions ive has not listened never this mid-the beautiful time so only underlines to start with was quite soft then breaking to the hard drum has beaten.'If you have Been' a song to close that it is so only one of these teary eyed the songs sings with such emotion again another stellar vocal action.

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Although 6 his years probably still better that whats was is the a lot of slept on artist the one who deserves a praise and the applause the control was.
4 / 5
Bought it and surprised. He realy touched me and. I think that that it have to that fulfil the hip hop star and think of the remezcla for a clue wants to be with somone to the equal that Gives Bratt or Missy Elliot. I have bought he of Amsterdam like an import and he am cost to attribute of money like this the think that is to say the value adds so that yours buying. I in the first place listened of tamia in 1998 in a 'LL FRESCO I PHENOMENON of album' and sum of sound. I say that all the world would love to the true music likes them Tamia is 'Of Nude Day