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Auch wenn mich Quotes Einspielung nicht in allen Teilen überzeugt, as ist sie doch durechaus hörenswert. Im booklett hätte ich mir mehr Hinweise zu Gives Interpretation gewünscht, vor allem zu gives the passage of Love are Ende give Lacrimosa. Of the Gerassel, gives are Ende ertönt, bleibt mir fragwürdig

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I see another was convinced more thus I register that it was and are well with this - all one same I offer the few doubts/of thoughts. To my alcohol one the majority of @@subject achieved in Currentzis Mozart/Dà Dipped you the trilogy was his Like this defender all: adapted his odd use of dynamics and prendiendo and beginning better. Any only is an intimate work any need a step of Figaro and Gentleman Giovanni. This is not partorisca say that Currentzis does not have some very fast speeds in his Gentleman Giovanni - mostly is too fast - but an action is bogged down for ponderously on-elaborated recitatives. I rid that Mozart and gives Dipped chose in fact where an emphasis would owe that be in an action when they have decided that those parts would have the full musical setting and that separates no: here a real weight of an action is out of a musical-dramatic interest of the bookmark of Mozart (which is not an only error the Currentzis on some last 40 years but still debilitating). A music whizzes for, then we dulcemente down or stop. A really perverse chance is in an end of one opening that Mozart bridged to inaugural number, but Currentzis pauses - no only is quite obviously a lot that is to be feign, is hard to know the point is has done. So only I attacked once that Currentzis has had a better time - in Masetto air - where mostly another is too slow.

The hips looks mine that Currentzis the amour of flange very soft is undermining. Frequently it touches caseous and weakens a moment to number with which number. Very thick an orchestra is on-choppy a flange on-soft - of course Mozart a lot mostly specific the vocal dynamics but his context here is artificial near arrive which would not be possible in any theatre, big or small. The for now ineffective majority is a terzetto for Anna, Ottavio and Elvira in th first final law that is sapped of any vocal power - bland more than imposing.

Again, Currentzis comprises lutes in some continuous, which are prescribed neither or forbidden according to a paper of a bookmark, but how is conscious would be virtually inaudible under normal theatrical conditions. This certainly embroiders to whim when we take to the serenade of Gentleman Giovanni where apparently have two lutes, or so only possibly a lute and a mandolin (the be has touched ultra-soflty), near in duet. It is the very beautiful effect but changes a character of a scene - probably that Mozart has has wanted to was a superficial, tinny sound.

Currentzis Offers a view in an accompanying interview that Gentleman Giovanni is a character that audience the majority of empathise with - I are not to the empathy takes is a word but the curious characteristic of Dimitris Tiliakos otherwise characterisation quite simple is a soiled laugh does in an end of 'Aleta ch'have of the has come' and again in scene of cemetery. It is a oddly alienating effect, as motivated more for disgust of his prey that want.

Are sure he a lot in fact @@subject - has hundreds of versions to explore, but yes is looking for a dramatic truth of the work of Mozart this a perhaps stumbles.
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Neither go for a Curentzis approximation or calm no. But I , and finds this dips something can listen the again and again been due to his 'life'. There is real meaning in here - is that Mozart would have listened has not been - but says a history of this masterpiece better that almost all has joined other versions.
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Well, here is the surprise. I have turned in a radio yesterday so that a start has begun. I have not had any idea the one who an action was but was instantly has involved. Similar attack! Such atmosphere! It seats that here it was the crew the one who knows the one who this work is roughly. As it touches, I have looked for to guess an orchestra and manager and could the no. There is a flange and the emotion could not situate. The ones of way that there is then has discovered was of a same crew the one who already had registered Figaro and Cosi. I have found these registers that interest but any corridor forward. This Gentleman Giovanni is in joins it different. It is fresh, exciting, quite believed but always servants a work.

So much has listened now to a complete action two times. It is a lot involving. There is at all routine roughly that. It can not have singers of star or a VPO but really the attractive calm to a work. An advantage of manager fast time and crisp rhythms - has something of the with the one of pause feels to a proceedings which to some can not liking . Recitatives Movement to arias and dips a lot quickly, contributing to one feels of the tight action, urgent.

Looks for voice of a quality and level of Fences, Schwarzkopf, You Kanawa etc then is not here but a mould is strong, without weakness. Each singer pleased. One could nit choose but a main point I mark is that all the singers and the players do fault a work. There is considerable beauty here also - a trio of masks is perfectly in tune (the external difference, actions more celebrated) and resupplies the wonderful oasis of first tense reflection of an end almost maniac to a first law. One touching here and in a 'dinner' the scene of a second law is virtuosic. And tremendously exciting.

Would not suggest that it launch out of your Guilini, Davis, Krips, Furtwangler the registers but ossia the for real tended action that for real servants a work.

Has the sure quantity of vocal decoration gives boss sections that founds no overdone and really quite amorous - once again, swimming of a routine roughly the and always used to augment an emotional temperature. A fortepiano can imagine nettle roughly but was taken like this up in an action that accepted it easily.

In general, enough a better, more thrilling and involving Gentleman Giovanni in a lot of years. Right now, it is the five action of star .
4 / 5
Ossia The wonderful action of the work adds. It is, especially, dangerous. The times are quickly, some the original instruments damage the wonderful clarity to an orchestra, one in the leader is inspired, a continuous the brilliantly inventive player and all some vivid soloists in his characterisation. Ossia Up there with Giulini, Fricsay and Klemperer in his utter truthfulness, attention to detail and emotional authenticity. Prpers Having listened his three times I maintaining goes it to listen again knowing will discover more in this masterpiece.
5 / 5
Take Karajan prophecy: “ we will stun with things that is tenth-has imposed.” This day is manually.

Same for a lowly levels of some Penal Settlements, the question comes to import: it is this a worse action of Gentleman Giovanni in existence? And it suggests this with planned respect to Norrington whose K 527 in EMI continuous irradiate down to to him some years like to them the plutonium-238. To the control of the Gentleman Giovanni the one who is any threat to any, a fly-hanged breathless the mould invites scorn and compassion in equal measure. Unless I am deceived, a type still is singing Leporello and a Gentleman he – and a commentary is applicable to some ladies. By means of both genders, a Fairy of Tooth would have done more than an impression yes dates the casualidad. Coming a Scene to Dine, an attentive vanamente that a rest of a mould joins a Gentleman in his entrance of some ways to some deep Basses.

Take that Furtwängler grudgingly has recognised that Karajan was the master of legated – one the majority of difficult facet to be the manager. It is not hard to guess like Uncle Wilhelm would answer to Teodor Currentzis and his lumpy, line-less than directs. Yep, A one Celebrates to take his hands in the Luger or two and then hunt down this miscreant!

More than squandering your money here, buy actions in Enron or Lehman Brothers; it invests in of the cars of video of the BETA or Disks of Lasers. An election is yours .

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Ossia A exhilarating and amazing action – said of another way,, the a lot of unorthodox Mozart Requiem. It is also unforgettable. Bernard Michael Or'Hanlon has adds amused giving it the-stars partorisca kick in this focus and a forward a, and enough so only: I can see why one could hate it. An inaugural movement has his cradle that faintly suggests the polka; but a beauty of a music is intact, in my opinion. One Dies Irae is hair-raising, even more like this so that has moments when some touch of serious 'with wood', attacking some series with a forest of a bond. I have been thrilled. Of the 'bells of troikas' this Hanlon informs to represent ( would guess) a sound of the thurible; he no hurt to be adapted that the requiems are Catholic liturgy . In a Confutatis, a flange is like this pure likes one could ask. One touching of Music Aeterna is disciplined superbly and coloreado – but yes disturbed this class closely then will disturb this Mozart Requiem. It was like this delightfully surprised to the equal that was all these years does when I Joshua has listened in the first place Rifkin B the smallest mass. In fact, I can not taking listening his.
4 / 5
Ossia A Mozart the better requiem has not listened never and has listened abundance. It is almost savage (Mozart , Savage?) And work. Far better that some versions 'polite' sung fantastically. He harks behind to a Baroque. I do not think never I will listen to another register of this work.
4 / 5
Ossia The special and unusual register . For the serious idea and accolade, sees Damian Thompson in a Spectator of 14 April 2018, under a title 'A register More adds them of Mozart' Requiem', of the like the east is a excerpt:
'Famously, a composer has finalised so only a first movement and there is detailed sketch; these were orchestrated and the missing movements have composed of his pupil, Franz Süssmayr. This I leaves with the cloudy cocktail of Mozart pure, Mozart-cum-Süssmayr and pure Süssmayr. We know where some pauses of manuscript was — but any where Mozart well, reason a composer has left verbal instructions (although a deathbed dictation in Amadeus is fiction ). We can listen that some passages are clunky — has been once has signalled has gone by scholar. A question is that we relieve some have dreaded Süssmayr in of the different places, like quell'expert has listened to.
To complicate subjects, some editions of a plum of Requiem Süssmayr to do translucently Mozartian, while another tries to delete and fill some empty with pastiche. Also, in 1962 a start of one ‘Love' fugue has allocated for a Requiem is looked. The last 20 seconds.
Has there is not enjoyed never ‘conclusions': it is impossible to forget that an authorship of some notes maintains to change and that calm often is listening to two composers immediately. I give a simple sketch instead. When it Comes to the requiem of Mozart, is so only able state to relax during a finishing Introitus, of the that discords to melt are authentically spooky reasons know the one who wrote him — ‘a man staring his own tomb', to quote Jan Swafford.

But then, look it in fact weeks, has listened the register of one Mozart Requiem like this radically different of any one another that all some distractions textuelles look irrelevant. It is of Siberia, of all the places, registered in Novosibirsk for some New Siberian Singers and a band of Russian period MusicAeterna fact eight years and now king-issued for Alpha Classics.
These musicians have been drilled to within of a thumb of his lives for his wild-eyed Greek-Russian manager, Teodor Currentzis, the one who sends him hurtling the fugal the passages that attended — and receiving — pinpoint accuracy. And ‘pinpoint' really is a word: stab of individual notes, twinkle and snap, creating the pointillist effect that agree of Webern, and especially Webern fixed of Bach are-splits to Research.
The critiques are divided in a subject of Currentzis. Ossia His question . It is a world-wide manager More adds them of Mozart. You can disapprove tricks with prójimos miking, but here a sound of the series that snaps behind to a fingerboard adds the new terror the death. It likes Note of @Barbero of Patrick in his accompanying test, the d the minor of a Requiem is also a tone in that I allocates to take up with Gentleman Giovanni. No another register done that connection to such effect to devastate, in a process that derrumba a theory that Mozart had spent his first summit of an end.
And Süssmayr? Currentzis Any only leaf in but touches his contributi with ferocious conviction. In this reading, a true mystery of the requiem of Mozart is like a pupil is coming to be like this absolutely possessed for an alcohol of his master, and ossia one am happy to live with.
So only once done a bond of action to some musicologists. Currentzis Gives the love ‘of 25 bars of Mozart' fragment, uncompleted. But there is no sudden silence. Instead it has the noise that touch like some soft rattle of the thurible or some bells of the transport of funerals. Perhaps it is the sleigh-clave of bell. No respecto . It is the desperately sad moment : the empty in a music that leaves staring to Mozart is stray tomb . And he stares behind.'
5 / 5
President to be of an Australian Knappertsbusch the association among train with the row of authorship. Inspired by a ghost of Charles Bronson, sometimes am impelled to “take out of some rubbishes.”

Is so only to say that Teodor Currentzis' register of Mozart' the requiem is not the success. There is not a lot his line – a lot of anything. Ossia More corrugated that one issues to Birdsville after a Wet Season. So only listen to a Confutatis: it is the succession of swipes. If anything, a Lachrymosa is included lumpier – and following Süssmayr chordal conclusion, altar-the bells look like this accompaniment to Love fugue . . . . . . To exacerbate subjects, TC Music Aeterna is more scabrous that a Rough Beast he. Those touch ugly. One vibrated-less Simone Kermes resists looked to the counter-tenor in a Requiem Aeternam and terrifyingly so much. At all here it is redemptive in the musical or metaphysical level. I never revisit this.

Confidence: this K 626 there is so much substitutes his like this 2014 Australian Knappertsbusch the association is All the ones of is “ them Recognition” Died of Bangkok and Phuket. With a help of antibióticas, has of sordid subject behind me. Calm does not want to go there, and a mandate still applies to a here and now.
4 / 5
Ossia A Mozart the better requiem has not listened never and has listened abundance. It is almost savage (Mozart ? Savage?) And work. Far better that some versions 'polite' sung fantastically. He harks behind to a Baroque. I do not think never I will listen to another register of this work.

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There is not any way to solve argue in that pleases calm - this will not be the longitude and disputatious description.
Wants to this registering particularly for his energy, freshness and value as well as for some brilliant musicianship of all has involved. A flange is cut wonderfully, beautiful in his understated tenderness.
Can any never have a way to touch the music adds that it is felt in any one 'the right way'. Always it was necessary want to as others hate, as well as those entirely indifferent - and all the possible shadows go in.
4 / 5
In spite of a brilliance of Jacobs and Ostmann ossia the real extracted. Good flange, and interpretation this 'works' to listen (repeatedly), the sound adds and an orchestra is incredible - wonderful!
4 / 5
The one who an abomination. Currentzis Is the conundrum: some of his start - as his Rameau resumido and Rite of Cradle - is admirable and refreshing, other things - especially his abuse of the works of Mozart, which clearly despises - is risibly poor. This an of course belongs to a second category; it averts of Kenneth Tarver, the one who has the good-looking voice but is squandered and everything in sea in this tub - an usual setting of third-voice of tax, crooning and twittering ineffectually, is enough to reduce a Mozart seasoned lover the tears or laugh. Currentzis HAS a inexplicable annex to the aim-voiced soprano the one who poden a lot remotely give sustain a fioriture, coloratura or has breathed long sentences of Fiordiligi music and simply wheezes his way by means of a part under voice, never once singing was. Ella huffs and aspires his way by means of his showpiece air which is no longer the satirical parody of the diva big number but the test fracasada for fire. Dorabella Sounds like Marcellina of 'Figaro' - any one is querulous old auntie, a archetypal old stock exchange. All three female singer to his likes boy in separate treble and is interchangeable in his mediocrity and anonymity - and some two voices viriles lower is equally unmemorable.

Some opinions are there immediately in a breathless frenzy of an inaugural and during Currentzis hacks and ribs his way by means of some hearts and of the passages of orchestra without a slightest concession to line or legated, asking his series the yowl to the long of in vibratoless compassion with singers those who can not sustain sufficient resonance to spend one musical load. A obtrusively strong and insistent piano in a recitativo accompanied and the numerous courses complete a hatchet laws.

Reviewers Those who want to this is to title to his flavour but I can not conceive of touch having any one real acquaintance with some operatic traditions and vowels that has developed in a last two hundred and more years.

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A CD with Mozart Requiem for MusicAeterna & Some New Siberian Singers is excellent, also a very fast delivery of a container with a CD.
Thank you very much !
Wolf Rüdiger Ohlhoff
4 / 5
Brinkmanship is the hallmark of an Australian Knappertsbusch Association. If at all more, it calms a Borgia-way cabals and that blood of leaves. Often it takes a cook of Russian Roulette. I have suggested recently the JL, an Agent partorisca Gather of the Boss, that listens the Rattle action of Brahms' Third Symphony with Berlino Philharmonic. Stoically Has accepted a challenge. When In the after praise, has failed partorisca recognise my brother-in-of the arms. Had some Ten Plagues of the biblical time found the new house? A suggestion is credible. In reprisal, with a toneless plus of voice, invited partorisca revise Teodor Currentzis' action of a Requiem. I knew it it was the cheat and the vicious one in that. In spite of, in that dipped those my subjects in order, the honour felt -joined partorisca accept a mission. Cannae, here come !

With all respect foreseen the Music Aeterna - mutter his name when a howl of wolves for prejudices he - ossia one first action of a Requiem where has laughed aloud in some inaugural bars. Really, it was so only the @@subject to time before any one has substituted series with cats (of your variables) and, in those joined that rope to his rows, yanked is gone in a dictation of a bookmark. In him, ossia the feat . The one who knows? Perhaps it is an invitation to canal a moggy-inner. The subjects have worsened of there that. A sense of lack of line for in one Dies Irae and astoundingly so much; in the macabro way, his boulder-as the deliveries are the health the Harnoncourt in his muesli-worse. The affectation is an order of a day partorisca a lot a Sequence, evidenced in a lumpy, has exaggerated partorisca sing New Siberian Singers (yes, all eight of them or thereabouts). Ices, A Greek God partorisca Laugh, is evoked in some inaugural bars of a Confutatis for some choristers of men especially: this gives normal wine the bad name. Some soloist is Pale Riders , one and everything. In his sensatez, Master Currentzis adds bells of troikas to some prójimos of a Lachrymosa and fragment of Love (bugger - I had been moment partorisca a tram didgeridoo). Needless Partorisca Say, this action is like this elegiac like recognition of a brickworks or tannery.

Knows a fund. They are familiarised with a travesties this has been perpetrated in K 626 and feloniously like this for Norrington and Maximianno Tecla. Currentzis Belonging in a podium with our friends.

If my old mate Giordan . . . Sad, Father Melchizedek PROFESSIONAL WORKER, a Big Priest of Practice of Period, was the reconvene a Cut of one The majority of Saint Inquisition, Teodor Currentzis would be a prime minister partorisca be indicted: undoubtedly, it is an agent provocador. It suspects his paymaster is a Devil he. These rests partorisca be seen. In an interim, averts to to this parody likes them something red-itis!
4 / 5
No longer counts his versions felt to the disks and in concert of this work that amour all particularly.

Dares partorisca Say, today go back often partorisca listen he of this version that to my sense éclipse curiously all the 'has resulted my Requiem of Mozart, and little imports the orchestra, he choeur, his soloists and lucido boss, is that transfigurés pair Mozart the-same.

Atypique, yes, but A such moment partorisca fulfil with Mozart, where all the edges that writes is dipped in light, conceives, in voice, joins correct transmutation of the paper in music vivante, dazzling, tragic. And the one who lisibilité...

In all His others the versions felt, his bosses have dosé, Currentzis accosts and he to the likes the person that talent!!!

The apresamiento of the edges is besides very natural and retranscrit the dynamics and the wealth give bells that can perceive in concert, a sublime artéfact, like this often in Alpha.

Congratulation to all those that have has mediated in this disk Indispensable truth.
5 / 5
Sang Requiem 3 or 4 times in twenty five years, under the direction of different bosses... And here it is That I redécouvre give things, thanks to the interpretation has joined inouïe, that well sure will have his detractores, but that, me, satisfy me... Has Six versions of the boss-of work, but there, truth, hat !
5 / 5
Fantastisch, Interpretation, Orchester und gives Chor. Simone Kermes und quotes anderen Solisten sind erste Wahl, wie immer, wenn Currentzis einlädt.
4 / 5
Version very amazing of the esquiem' of Mozart.
In spite of some excesses and exgératins in his contrast, is uned versionb of reference and very original.
5 / 5
An Alpha of the disk is not never to to a disk likes him another. Seldom, it leaves indifferent. Treating of the Requiem of Mozart look Theodore Currentzis, has known, of instinct, before still to slip in my reader, that roughly has chosen of special expected, although, as of numerous melomaniacs that has versions of multiple of this œuvre mythical, has thought to have all felt of the his. This was without counting to the sud the unusual vision of Currentzis that confirmation here that it is a lot gives it his more engaged bosses of the moment, if any one gives it more interesting - those that know his version of the 14.ºt Symphonie Of Chostakovitch will comprise me. I have endowed of a Big and open alcohol, leaves to the music to express freely, while with others, looks to repeat invariablement. Although it redeems of censorship, the focus of edges embezzles according to the religious morals. The addition to the Accentuation gives contrast, his big dynamic and his transparency is this in spite of of character to cause the auditor in his convictions. Sure enough, the translation of this Mass gives died is not , if it dares to say, of all the other. More joined to the baroque ideas that to the romantic aspirations, all that tip the pair of abstemiousness the decrease of his effective, focaliza to the sud his details - of the sud too much of details, will say his detractores. It results it the interpretation has joined to the Multiple rebondissements. If the majority is judicieux, is well has forced to admit that some can agacer : calm his contrast clumsy of the Confutatis and his grelots unnecessary that clausuran Lacrimosa, example of pair. Except these some light bémols, The together dégage joins strong impression. I have animated the pair joins spiritualidad sincere, lucido the quartet of soloists is worthy and amply convincente - more especially the ténor, Markus Brutscher -, without touching so much be unforgettable. The cohesion and his colours of the chœur of the Work of Novossibirsk are aventajadas. Likewise, the netteté give attacks and give contrast, the individualisation gives bells and the total clarity of the orchestra of fourth do fault the musical direction has joined, sure enough often more theatrical that saint, but always respectful of the text. It is not-this there The essential ?
4 / 5
...And well it has registered.
Orchestral cloth limpide and a lot of aéré. The orchestra is detailed more than his voice : example in him Confutatis. It feels less his low and his ténors riada in l orchestra. Taken Of Edges very big and afterwards gives instruments at the same time.
His soloists are well. Simone Kermes is more to the consolation in Vivaldi that in the religious music of Mozart but this goes. Pair against the ténor Markus Brutscher is thrilling truth.
Interpretation that does not leave indifferent : he any And That to feel his scansions of the Lacrimosa (the 8 premières and famous measures).
One the fin of this same Lacrimosa Currentzis the chosen of and joint l Love inachevé of Mozart. With An Odd addition of grelots. Fantasy or originality musicologique ?
Master or but lucido deserves more glorious that Currentzis is to dip of the life (sic !) In his mass Gives died. And ossia already a lot when it Feels moult insignificant versions of this work that engluantent his incursions and republisings discographiques.
An ideal complement gives big historical Versions like Böhm or Walter.
5 / 5
Has joined if it marvels I all points of view: the apresamiento of edges, lucido climate, the commitment of the boss, musicians, and give singers!
Attire of the vision joined of the start to the fin, contrariamente the the last version of Harnoncourt ,that looked brusque and a collage of passage without continuazione!
Some result of classical Versions inécoutable after, type Boehm!