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4 / 5
Ossia The resounding 'HE!' The a lot of other descriptions. Essentially, it take this in a force of an Also Drunk song partorisca Dream (any in this album). I have listened to the pair of songs and thought 'well, is a lot of'...And then to somewhere roughly it follows four the lyric latched to some memory, and was was. I have taken in fact the walk to surround long in a house of way to do so only so much could listen his two times by means of. A next day was is spent humming A Book of Amur out of strong in a street, and one has after decided that the amour Is Like A boat Of Ginebra is my first dance if never chance. They are the week in and discovering to the new parts likes them to them every day. If instantly it hate his fashion/of voice, is probably any partorisca you, but is in two alcohol, highly recommends calm give comes from it, any less reason a musicality and the emotion is like this diverse that is to join partorisca find something partorisca enjoy. It is also so only simple amusing: 'the amour is likes jazz. Calm he up in the aim, and to the calm works like them to them really know a song. But calm no.'
4 / 5
has bought this ages does and still am listening and touching together with my electrical guitar and find me singing roughly of some clues like path around. I have not bought any album …! And this inspired partorisca me. It have listened Book of Amur and has been moved partorisca buy this. It is folk punk pleasant irreverent emotional and a lot ready - music and papers. I love it!!!!!
4 / 5
Has Been recommended this for the partner of music of the bought and are entirely entranced for some songs. Some of some songs are ridiculously courts, and although bent in period, still would be partorisca consider sticking in an alcohol, these songs touch familiar with which so only the little in all the together triple I really adds
5 / 5
Listened to a prime minister CD three times, clue for a second CD and then a third , then begun during another vez.un the months more have @to @give late has had well listening to this amazing selection of songs every day . Sound a better piece of work for a Magetic Fields and one of a very better selection of songs has listened. A variety is quite amazing. Of humour to the desesperanza calm is not always sure to the equal that is meaning but his material adds. Probably any more than 5 mediocre clues. It buys it and prepare for the month of entertainment.
4 / 5
Has had only time to listen to disk 1 like this far and are really that looks forward to to listen a rest. A delivery and the load of estaca was utmost and am very happy with this compraventa.
4 / 5
69 witty, acerbic, sad and poignant Songs in a thing that fascinates, bemuses, frustrates and thrill more.
4 / 5
The album adds , such to the plot of clues adds. If you want to listen your life, spent 69 songs of amour - fantastic.
4 / 5
Each song is the surprise . I can not to go me to listen his, on and on again. Work almost in each ocassion or situation.
Seats enamoured again still if you are not. Some of some songs are cleverly pleasant, satirical etc, but there is alaways a romantic touch, sweet. It is timeless.
4 / 5
Does not agree when have in the first place listened this album, mainly reason result such the massive part of my life like this quickly looks for the pleasure always was there state. Timelessly enjoyable And so only adds to listen. An only negative roughly possessing this that is so only to call at all short of the masterpiece is that he the big chunk of your collection of obsolete album for enough the long time. One the absolute classical must has.
5 / 5
It has Been recommended this for the partner of music of the bought and are entirely entranced for some songs. Some of some songs are ridiculously courts, and although bent in period, still would be partorisca consider sticking in an alcohol, these songs touch familiar with which so only the little in all the together triple I really adds
5 / 5
Quirky Songs, deceptively crafted. At the beginning many look just sketch partorisca songs but besides far listening is so only utmost as they are.
5 / 5
Fabulous Album... Filled with easy listening & deep papers.
Treat you...
4 / 5
It does not agree when have in the first place listened this album, mainly because it result such the massive part of my life like this quickly looks for the pleasure always was there state. Timelessly enjoyable And so only adds partorisca listen. An only negative roughly possessing this that is so only partorisca call at all short of the masterpiece is that he the big chunk of your collection of obsolete album partorisca enough the long time. An absolute classical must has.
4 / 5
Has 2000 more record but calculates has left so only 1 record in my desert would be is one.
4 / 5
Has bought on recommendation and has pleased has done them. Some clues add - probably bit it a lot to listen to all 3 disks in 1 goes - but the new favourite band.
4 / 5
The band adds with the really variable sound by means of an enormous number of clues in this album - songs of amour with moving it slightly dark in of the places and some papers add
4 / 5
I 69 with some Magnetic Fields any day now! Three CDs roughly all the classes of amour, unrequited and sullen when being my preferred, but thinks something that any one can enjoy on at least one of a CDs.
5 / 5
One of a better album never! The edition adds for any hipster.
4 / 5
One of some better albums of all the times. It has bought numerous copies to give to friends. All the world would owe that possess one!
4 / 5
Quirky, Entertainment, the songs written well, bouncy music, lunch for has thought. I have bought this CD in a force of 'all these few words', am pleased like this that has done.
5 / 5
Has read that this album was one of a better in a last decade. I have bought he without any one another background and has to that confess that it is the very good record . In 69 song can find different fashions with good harmonies. Calm but excellent!
4 / 5
All the songs written for Stephin Merritt. All directed vocals for Stephin Merritt excepts like this remarked.

Disk 1 (56 mins) 5 stars

1. 'Absolutely Cuckoo' - 1:34 (3 out of 5 stars)
Courts on-time banjo introduction.

2. 'I do not create in a Was used to - 4:16 (3 stars)
to to Melodic piano likes croons of good papers in a sun that shines on all the world-wide but him.

3. 'All My Few Words' - 2:46 (vowel for LD Beghtol) (5 stars)
Violins in some legislations, the woman that has retreated vocals in an accident and directed male vocals in a centre. On-song to time roughly that tries to maintain any to remain .

4. 'A Chicken with His Short Boss Was' - 2:41 (5 stars)
song of Pop with the country twang been due to adds to touch electrical guitar of slide and some papers that mentions animals of yard of the park. Perhaps a second better song in an album.

5. Esningún Dakota' - 1:05 (Vowel for Claudia Gonson) (3 stars)
Although this banjo the clue is really short, is one of some more famous songs in an album. A rhyme of papers and is sung by the woman.

6. 'I do not want to Take on Calm' - 2:22 (3 stars)
Roughly posing like the black clad miserablist. It does not go anywhere. Any heart, so only a plus along that the half.

7. 'Gone back of San Francisco' - 2:48 (vowel for Shirley Simms) (4 stars)
song Very sweet roughly reason the man requires. Part of an electrical guitar riff agree me slightly of 'An End' for Some Doors and 'Paint it Black' for Some Rolling Stones.

8. 'A Type a Lucky plus in a Side Of is the Low plus' - 3:43 (vowel for Dudley Klute, violin to Go Pearle) (3 stars)
Odd squelchy synth sounds with violin added. Roughly when being ugly but having the car. It feels he bit it created and has forced. Filler.

9. 'To the left it is it Feigns it is Bunny Rabbits' - 2:25 (4 stars)
Sounds like the New Romantic song of the 80 with cars of drum and keyboards. ' I will maintain it on all night' and 'To the left it is it feigns it is bunny rabbits until they spend was' papers of sample of the be. A bobo but song of fun pop.

10. 'A Cactus Where Your Heart would owe that Be' - 1:11 (1 star)
A lot short but still slow and boring. Platitudinous papers. Pointless Filler.

11. ' I think that that I require the New Heart' - 2:32 (3 stars)
Acoustic of electrical guitar against car of drum that has retreated. The sure tune mass the words of melancholy as ' needs the new heart so only for tea - heart of pieces' was amiably.

12. 'A Book of Master' - 2:42 (2 stars)
Lens paced and lyrically slightly abstract.

13. 'Fío, Your Leash Is Too Long' - 2:33 (5 stars)
Odd sure keyboard beeps and bleeps with constant synth notes in a fund. Funky And sonically amusing. Pop with the bit of bad tongue.

14. 'Like Fking Romantic' - 0:58 (vowel for Klute) (2 stars)
A Capella with click of toe. Like this-like this papers.

15. 'A a You Really Amur' - 2:53 (4 stars)
Thin, puny electrical guitars and fuller touching banjo. In his lover that sleeps of a one they really amour, the one who resulted to have died in an end.

16. 'Punk Amur' - 0:58 (1 star)
song of atrocity Boba that looks to be so only a word 'amour' repeated on and on. A step of some drums maintains to take faster and faster until suddenly short was. Pointless Filler that adds to swim to an album.

17. 'I parades Spend of longitude' - 2:56 (2 stars)
Odd keyboard beeps with the macizo synth the fund creates an epic feels in a start. Roughly leaving a world-wide and the days spend of longitude. Quite platitudinous. It does not go anywhere.

18. 'Good Constrictor' - 0:58 (Vowel for Simms) (2 stars)
fragment of Song roughly when being so only and enamoured, as his mother would owe that it has killed his in birth and that any jury would have condemned his of a crime. Decent seeds-amusing the papers sung for the woman. Filler.

19. 'A Quite the daughter Is Likes...' - 1:50 (3 stars)
amusing song of comedy that compares that enough the daughters and the boys are likes. Unfortunately it is not the full song as it looks to run out of words in the to and the half in. It tries to cover a sudden end to touch an extension of acoustic electrical guitar another still distract of a lack of an end. Shame to the equal that begins really good.

20. Soyy Sentimental melody' - 3:07 (vowel for Beghtol) (2 stars)
Croons abstract papers in those touch like an accordion. Unremarkable But pleasant.

21. 'At all It Imports When we are Dancing' - 2:27 (3 stars)
Nizza but unremarkable song roughly dancing. Enough near of filler.

22. Esweet-Lovin' Man' - 4:59 (vowel for Gonson) (5 stars)
Soft female advantage vocals. Big pop ballad with sweeping it melodic quality. Light REM jangle to some parts of electrical guitar. My favourite song in a whole album.

23. Esome The things have Done and any ' - 2:11 (1 star)
Big swimming of the song with platitudinous papers and of the occasional big pitched piano. Filler in better.

My full song for the description of song is too long to stick on the amazon to the equal that has has added disks 2 and 3 to a section of commentaries. To read it click in a box of commentaries.
4 / 5
How has been remarked for other descriptions here, ossia an album that really does not have to that it reads. I mean I have beaten a lot really it maintains the songwriting moment for 69 songs? Well A response is yes!

Does not create has has not listened never such vary it and eclectic mix of songs, in the alone album, like these 69. Whilst Some 'influences' immediate this jumps to the alcohol is an Underground of Velvet and The have (in his the majority of whimsical, calm alcohol), has it plethora of forces in acting here of pure pop, soul, jazz, psychedelia, rock, reggae - the appoint, is here. It suffices to it says it does the melodies more is and hooks in this album that some (in fact almost all) the bands have achieved in his whole (fine-album) careers.

Absolutely essential listening.
5 / 5
After listening so much in an album and like like this another - bought it on a force of some descriptions.

This in spite of, is not that it expected it to them in the first place to touch - soyagnificent' - soyasterpiece' and 'perfect' is all the words have used to describe this album to the equal that have had a lot of the very big expectations of this album and has not been prepared for one the-fi approximation to a production. I have expected to sweep ochestration, joyous hearts, operatics and the arrival of production of his perfect pop. So much it has had them enough he suprise when the first place in a CD.

Was your low , the little mundane and at all that usually it was considered as 'pop' (obviously a short character of some songs and catchy ditties leaves thus pigeons holeing - but is not accessible music to the majority of people).

Like this the listened for around 5 first songs of my ears have chosen was something resembled that it has been expecting them and has thought perhaps has had them extreme the dud - in spite of some descriptions. In all the chance the plodded on by means of some disks and have it stuck in a mp3 - then avenges to the his own. Some travesías of long buses to do if a casualidad excellent to take to grips with a character of a music and a massive content.

Was punctual hooked that pause enthusiastically to my mates in the song called 'a chicken with his short boss was' - humming a tune all day long.

Takes the moment for him tanks in but all this is to be say in the leading descriptions is correct - is the joy of an album, expansionary, experimental, entertainment, and amazing, complete with witty intelligent and sometimes heart achingly good-looking papers.

Can not add anything further to a big acclaim it has been given - is the fantastic record and all the world would owe that give go he - all has wanted to them touch on is that this is not commercial music , accessible likes one can be advantage to believe to read such big descriptions.

The better idea can give them is to imagine stuart staples of a tindersticks in the good way, singing with the divine comedy has simplified, but with the production resembled this of Driven by Voice. A comparison last thinks them is the a lot of one for the people familiarised with a material for GBV - calculates them that it likes of wades by means of GBV 45 songs for the album that chooses out of a a-polished gems - then will want to this.

Global 5 stars. But the so only cant the help that asks that it was to like with the far more grandisoe procuction, the plenary sweeping orchestra or more elaborate instrumentation. Perhaps it take waway his charm, or take to another level...?
5 / 5
Ossia A astoundingly good album! In a prime minister little listens, feels light and catchy. As you listen calm more begin to appreciate a quirky humour, ready rhymes and some thoughtful feelings. Really it represents an integer gamut of amour, warts and everything: romance,passion, boredom, exasperate- a continuous cast in. It is the real mix of fashions: eighties synth pops, Dylanesque folk, Boys of Beach Surf electrical guitar, country, rock, punk, and old Irish folk. The time is sounds likes Johnny touches to touch erasure whilst listening to fleetwood mack and Roy Orbison.

This album is like this seriously, seriously well. I bought it he roughly done four years this in spite of hear his more weeks this in spite of take something new every time! A perfect travelling mate - is always pertinent. Also, some songs are perfect pop - is all quite a lot of courts as there it is a does not like you , relax - there'll be of another another to the long of in the minute.

Of all some sixty nine songs - would say roughly twenty was absolute classics, roughly 6 or 7 east of the fillers. All a rest is simply a lot, a lot good.

Better line: always I say ' calm want to you' when I mean essult a will read - I thinks need the new heart. - Like this It Is that it takes pithy, witty and sad all in a simple line?

Would like me listen other' favourite lines!
5 / 5
Goes to try and this like short like possible, seeing like this a lot other descriptions here are quite long (and correctly as).

Has found this album in the old house of my dad around 2005 or 2006. I have believed in fact to be to compilation of songs of contemporary amour, as it was blown entirely has gone by a fact that is all a work of a together and of course one a lot talented man.

Which I amour in this album is a fact that is more than a sum of his parts. Each song enough is standalone tune, quite minimalistic in production and in fact bit it scarce. But a sheer the row of fashions has listened here more some good-looking papers and so only a bulk of the songs this it masterwork of proportions of epic. It is in fact a point of excellent start for beginners of Some Magnetic Fields and Merrit work, reason has rests of a more synth-the works have weighed besides collects in his/his career and of the signs besides some the acoustic textures found in of the latest works.

Obviously has songs and sure fashions a lot really taste. Enough the little is in fact stopgaps and is any one short, tuneless, plain or so only has bitten tolerance. A highs during an album for far outweigh a lows.

This album simply does not have to that it reads, and is class of unfathomable that Merrit and has sawed. It has achieved, but I am not complaining. Ossia So only an amazing piece to do any @@subject that look of way in him.
5 / 5
This wonderful collection of delicious songs and ditties, have so only does to smile to start with to finalise. It takes some songs of Leonard Cohen and Nick Grotto, with the delivery to somewhere goes in and the pleasant more the majority of the delicious collection of songs has has not listened never. Irony, bathos and pathos all coalesce to sprinkle fairy-powder to some certainties and cliches of modern pop-songs. Fabulously inspiring Entertainment for the prize that smiled even.
4 / 5
This album is like this well that when it begin partorisca listen his will feel really annoyed in calm partorisca any in that discovered that the much more punctual.
Be sincere - the one who the things in a place of Amazon has to that the like this positive critic? Included a description 'worse' gives it three stars! Trust In a fact that has the good reason partorisca all this praise and the buy, now.
4 / 5
...But everything of is surprising. Have Never posted the on-line description before & it doubts I never again. 2 yrs after taking it still can do not leaving so only partorisca more than the pair of weeks. Each one that like this of one 3 CDs would stand up like the album adds in his own legislation; partorisca have to that one 3 the gustanuno the work has combined is so only mindblowing. Everything roughly is controlled down to a last detail - same to the each one be of CD inside the whisker of 60 mins - still like this each clue is independent spirited. I want this so much that can not resist to recommend to the people know in the chance does not adore it & then has to that feign no longer exist .

Like this do me the favour. Buy this album. So only not to say me calm bought it, WELL?
5 / 5
A together of boxes of triple album, three hours long, containing 69 songs, covering almost like a lot of genders - well, has to be crap, there is a lot that? Surely it have to that betray signs of fashionable Prince of the lack of control of quality? Astonishingly, He no. Some Magnetic Fields, planned for Stephin Merritt, to to a previously known artist likes him the hero of Future Bible, a 6ths and a Gothic Archies, has produced a better album of 1999.
69 Songs of Amur does exactly that says in a box. There are 69 songs, and is all the songs roughly amour. But they are also in an amour of songs. In concrete songs , American. There are references to Irving Berlino, Rodgers & Hart, Olanda-Dozier-Olanda, Billie Holidays and that toilt in a Brill Edifice.
Merritt Originally had feigned to release an album of 100 songs, but then solved for the realistic plus 69, both for his sexual connotations, and his "typographical possibility". He mocks he in (Crazy For you But) Any That Crazy: " I have taken the pen in my own hand and wrote the tunes of hundred. Now, I am crazy for you, but no the crazy."
Yes has has not listened never some Magnetic Fields, can be ask you that to these sounds of albums likes him. Merritt morose The voices of basses is the bit Leonard Cohen, the Waits of Tone of the has bitten. Doing Erasure. And country. And that the jazz has improvised. And 18th century Scots reels. And world-wide music. And box. And tunes of show of Broadway. And ABBA...
Merritt Disorder very just around with genders, but with genders, also. On When My Walks of Chico Down A Street, Merritt sings: "those Surprised, is the whole new form of life, the scorching blue eyes, and goes to be my woman ." In a country ballad, the pope Was A rodeo , Merritt sings to any one has called Mike. In an end of a song, Mike sings and results Mike is the woman : "the pope was to surround it , the heart was the rock 'any sale of circle, could touch electrical guitar and twist the steer before I have learnt to be. The house was anywhere with gas of diesel, the amour has been trucker hand, never stuck around quite yearn the-stand at night."
Stephin Merritt Is gay. For all the accounts, is the bit of the loner, does not suffer fools gladly, is the bit of a obnoxious twerp, the shy, intelligent, social misfit. I can relate, and'know?
Sings roughly amour in all his a lot of-splendoured forms: roughly when being unloved, roughly looking for amour, a prime minister flush of amour, falling entirely enamoured amour , true, and - at length - in an end of amour: "Without sense? You mean it is all the without sense state ? Each whisper and caress? He he he, was totally without sense." Or, hilariously, in the duet that touch like a pair in having you Babe thirty years on: " calm walk you on the wall? You dread each call of telephone? It can calm it is not me at all ?" "Yeah! Oh, yeah!"
Is not a first composer to ask the one who has written a book of amour, but his book is the realistic plus a: "A book of amour is long and boring, any one can stimulate a damn what. It is full of maps and facts and figures, and instructions to dance."
Has load of instantly catchy ditties, but repeated listen continuous to pay was. You will be to walk down a street and suddenly @give that for some last three minutes have been singing to calm the song roughly shooting a prompt 20th century Swiss linguist to defend an honour of Motown composers more final. Some songs are "simply transcendental" and another is "shadows of echoed memories of songs."
And then has some few rarities, rubbishes really, but too built, too laboured-on, to be simple filler. A thrash rubbish of Punk Amur, or the Experimental music Master which consists so only of a title has repeated, echoed, synchronised and bounced, and then has this one: "Wi' nae wee bairn ye'll me beget, untwinkle little ee. Mina ainly pang'll be remorse, the maiden I dee." Hmmm, Yes...
Merritt The songs are often too calculated, also thought-was, but his like this bad wants to be has wanted, although they feign the no. confesses everything without saying you anything does not love . They are a lot of admirable loans , bloody, but hard to in fact like, to choose like this something to spend your hour of lunch with. Too ready for his own good. And all a better for him.
Has has loved always these recommendations in some magazines and of the record tent. "If has-you album liked of Tortoiseshell of Mariah, calm like this one for Whitney Houston". "If it liked REM Of Automatic For Some People, will like you Semisonic". That says for this album? "If it likes him-you 69 Songs of Amur, will like you" - that? "At all more"? "All more"? "A bit those that a lot attentively chosen records to the equal that to to the person more like, and in all the chance, is of the total cult "?
Has no one spatial to do justice to 69 Songs of Amur. I have not mentioned a fact that there is four other vocalists averts of Merritt (Claudia Gonson, Shirley Simms, Dudley Klute and LD Beghtol). Has no raved in a fabulous box of camp of the longitude Forgotten Fairytale. Or like the person will not want Never is meant to touch like each clue in Fleetwood Mac Tusk album all gone to a. And it has sucedido . Or that it is available likes three separate disks or in the box that contains the booklet of 72 pages. Or that Merritt the next project sustains to Almond and European nightclub of Marc of the characteristics, Neil Hannon and Momus among another. Or like this the album has contributed to mine in that @give has had to break up with my fiancé.
69 Songs of Amur is Merritt the majority of successful emission still. A prime minister the whole pressing has sold is gone in a day of emission. Laura Legge Davis has it lucido recently the album looked in his GLR radio show. Swipe three clues of him, and has thought in me, "no these three clues, is hardly representative." But any three clues possibly could transmit a breadth of this project. Ossia An album that need to be listened to in his entirety. And it has loved.
5 / 5
Has bought this album after active listened any of some clues in the, and any of Stephin Merritt&x27;s another material - said of another way,, simply in a strangth of some descriptions have read. It has been it has described variously likes &x27;Indian&x27;, &x27;glorious&x27; and &x27;pretentious&x27; and, while absolutely noone have known legustado, or had listened of, some Magnetic Fields, several investigations of internets said me to knots that enough the little of my favourite bands, comprising Franz Ferdinand, has quoted this album like essential. So much, when being slightly biased to a critically-lauded and side little known of things, has done an investment.
Any disappointed. At all. Ossia One of some very few albums (like a leading Amazon reviewer mentioned) this has a lot of be very revised, and has has surpassed in fact the expectations when bought. I think that he each one another CD in my obsolete collection for roughly three month. Each @@@sparkle of alone song; each tone to note so only a heart. You take a feeling , when listening, that a person that writes this album is the real perfectionist , and aims. An enormous variety of instruments - the majority of touched for Merritt he - complete some songs perfectly, and a sheer period and spent of an album so only servants to try that really it has composers around those who can maintain on such the big number of songs without any falling paving.
A decision (Of neccessity? The one who know) to do the majority of some quite short songs have done incredibly well for this album. There is any unneccessary repetition, and to the each one to which likes him the song looks very different to be the perfect tiny snapshot of the different life, the subject different, and the history of different amour. My personal favourites for a moment is When My Walks of Chico Down a Street, which is one of one the majority of happy and energetic songs has listened for the long time that directs any to be caseous, and All My Few Words that, likes like this of some songs in this album, is breathtakingly beautiful. Certainly, my transmissions of the favourite song every time listens - this album, likes all a greats, is to good sure the value has repeated listens. In my chance, this bordered in dangerous obsession, which could not be advisable when has life to locate with, but is all one more enjoyable for him!
In spite of a fact that noone knows has listened Magnetic Fields, and in spite of a fact that a triple integer-CD could leave a half skint that study (taste) of the little out of pocket, HAS TO POSSESS THIS ALBUM. Any description can do it justice, deserves to find your calm favourite song. Each fashion imaginable is catered partorisca, as you undeniably finds at least something to your flavour.
Please, please trust me, please trust these hundreds of rave descriptions: his&x27;animal no only pretentious musos, boasting in an album you port&x27;t listened of to touch fresco, his&x27;right king! Spent 69 Songs of Amur or blag the, loves it and say another in a character that is Stephin Merritt. This album, more than any another has listened, deserves to be considered &x27;that imports&x27; and absolutely all the world-wide merit to having listened of him.
4 / 5
Has not been convinced roughly 69 Songs of Amur until it take to a 2nd CD and listened to 'Very Pleasant', the beautiful pursuing melody with Stephen so only Merritt and a piano. That has attacked me immediately was: it is such to wonderful tune , but so only down 2 minutes long. Reason? Ossia An essence of 69 Songs of Amur - is, more than just another album, the whole experience on building words and music of singular and fleeting states of alcohols. Some of them are good-looking (apresamiento 'Gone back Of San Francisco' or 'Epitaph For My Heart) and another like this intimate that they are difficult to take ('the amour is Likes Jazz', etc). But the one who the rests is a clear impression in a lot of of some clues that a way or another have felt likes that before and has said these first words - Merritt masterpiece develops on 3 CD is but so only can be seen like the whole, balancing moments of pure confusion with another concealed can do looks behind to our own past with brutal, but emotional, honesty. One to listen long on and maintain of for life.
5 / 5
Some Magnetic Fields were always the band the lesgustado but never in fact took around to buy a lot of his records averts pocolos 7 thumbs behind in a 90 is. When it has found this in the cube of @@subject recently was them bit it apprehensive (a triple cd ) but thought it is cost to bet and am them like this happy has done them he so that it is absolutely entrancing. It has been it bit it surprised by the deep voice of Stephen but some songs are few pieces of pure joy. It have not imagined never that any one could maintain any one is interest on like this songs and although some levels of the each one one in them is variable and any song is particularly exceptional in isolation one feels of a global experience is so only majestic and to good sure has to that be a better triple album never produced (although the ees personally so only has not listened never two another and concealed was 'yessongs' and esandinista'!!) And in this minute in timing the felizmente would declare it to be one of a better, if no a better, listening the available experience? In some odd way that the can not explain agree of the soppy end to a program of television crubs' All heartfelt and sentimental with the touch of sadness....
5 / 5
One of my upper albums of all the times, adores some the Magnetic fields and ossia the brilliant place to start with if you have not listened his music before. It does not doubt to buy and calm probably will find you purchasing much more copies to spend on to friends.
5 / 5
To good sure one some the majority of lovely musical discoveries has has not done never. 69 Songs of Amur is simply good-looking and all the world would be necessary to possess it. It is essential listening.
That is a lot roughly that? Well Merritt the voice has very deep mournful baritone, likes Johnny Cash. Has an extraordinary melodic sensibility, as his songs owe qualities to look always to have is existed; melodies plucked of spatial. Merritt Arrangements ( Touches more instruments) is a lot self ensured and often have the instruments to sustain an another, chiming multiplies, creating sounds that calm is not probably to having listened before. There is abundance of electrical guitars (electrical & acoustics)and another stringed to to instruments like ukeles. And load of keyboards that sometimes his like this of the electrical guitars when they are not touching like this synthesised sounds. And fantastic percussion. A music in these 3 CDs often loves cry.
So that they think that that the papers are of entities, calm will not be disappointed. Merritt Is for real the poet-singer. His words for turns are fantastically imaginative, clichés, allusive, witty, tragic, playful and scholars. It is one of some more utmost composers know of, certainly - I situates in a very upper class, with to the likes of Dylan.
And well, in a down side, if I can call it that, among song with which song of catchy and pop that shines this and mecer concealed and ballad, has one odd experimental freak was or odd self-indulgent wankathon. The one who concerns ? If these clues annoy you, so only skip in.
So that it is while to? You OWE THAT possess this.
4 / 5
Composer of New York Stephin Merritt near was to register the collection of the songs of amour of the hundred. A title of a elepé gives was that he snug, and no without sexual overtone sixty-nine has done a final emission that does this one of some the majority of elepé ambitious of recent years.
Touching something a reference, Johnny Cash, Carter Famiglia, Nick Grotto, the school Spends, Some Boys of Beach, An Underground of Velvet and Phil Spector all resemble has been the tribute paid in this 3 collection of now. In no way it is that I enumerate it exhaustive neither, Merritt and his chums is not shy to try that inspired artists bear register this have opposite.
Melancholic piano-waltz &8216;I Gentleman&8217;t Believe in a Sun&8217; it is worthy of Nick Grotto and is one of one underlines clues. Elsewhere, &8216;Dulce Lovin Man&8217; it was the swipe of entity for the artist the commercial plus. Claudia Gonson&8217;s vocals is near perfect in the majority of some clues sings on, but &8216;Washington, D.J.C.&8217; Has his in particularly a lot of fettle.
Joined those that the clues are incredibly bad, but these songs are pocolas . &8216;Accident&8217;s Feign&8217;king Bunny Rabbits&8217; it is god -terrible synth pop and &8216; Destruction&8217; it is sub-Butthole atrocity of Surfers. There they plough&8217;t a lot another, but unfortunately Merritt has comprised the little too many gimmick clues to a elepé for the do the five-star classical.
Likes Valentines the approximations of Day is the total injustice that more the people will be to receive compilations to the long of some lines of &8216;Songs of Amur More Adds them In Some World-wide Never 10&8217; more than it is. There are songs in this album that could change people&8217;s worlds. If so only they could him listen.
5 / 5
Has in the first place bought this CD out of curiosity, becuase has had the certificate of present in tending it record and has not had anything has loved really buy... Now, honradamente can say that ossia a better CD (of roughly 350) that possesses. A songwriting is absolutely brilliant and hilarious. Ossia One of these albums that you so only can seat and listen to... It is entirely unbelievable. So only the little month after buying this record, have ventured on 1,000 miles to see some Fields touch the alive show and has ordered a lot of his leading emissions. If calm included is THINKING roughly buying this album HE! And in only , is the subject has compared to a $ 40+ the side to buy in some the EUA!
4 / 5
Everything of one on the references resists some : Nick Grotto, Leonard Cohen, Momus - but confusion in Michael Nyman, a lot Nashville cheese of country with the very British sense of irony and just breathtaking spent and talent that easily surpasses everything of one has mentioned previously. Some papers are PERTINENT papers - romantic and witty and never like this slightly obsessive, but poetic and LYRICAL. Honradamente Do not write like this anymore. Ossia The album I for real adds . Stephin Merritt Is the genuine character. For real, for real it adds. Be warned has some material that no really work, but in a context of this remarkable album, has to give Stephin quite a lot of twists. It calms that will want to.
5 / 5
A trully conjoint remarkable in ambition, stairs and merit. These songs are intelligent, witty and some. Another time Merrit could have been the School Spends or perhaps Rogers & Hart near, but this is not the record of a past, is a lot of contemprorary. It likes of those of Daniel Johnston, these are songs that could be translated by the wide variety other artists and the real still sound special but was difficult to match some originals have taken here.
Ossia A record of entity , the buy.
4 / 5
A ecclectic collection. When I in the first place listened to this has found some songs quirky and the little difficullt partorisca take to. Now, in that has it delved to a collection of songs further, finds them like the collection of the girl of properties - roughly of them are things of scarce beauty and some, although no of any obvious value, is objects of charm and sentimental value. More pleasant That could be Giant , each one which to the equal that has an influence or tried mimicry of the his own:- Lou Reed, Kirsty McColl, Roy Harper, Joins Human, Leonard Cohen? The one who concerns ? 69 Has love songs!
5 / 5
Has been around a blockade the little time, has bought the pocolos elepé of thousand and CDs my time but has has not listened never anything has taken. Everything of human life is here, everything of music is here - these 3 CDs is all precise partorisca music partorisca a rest of your life ! There is Rock, Alma, Folk, Jazz, Electronic..... Calm appoint it, calm will listen it on this CD. Some papers are extraordinary there is date he partorisca each occassion, Stephin Merritt is surely William Blake new. If it was quite rich would do sure that each born creature has received from now on the copy of this CD, the one who the start in life. As they are not so only I will recommend it your people of Amazon, once some propagations of word Continue Lawley will be out of the work because so only have a disk of deserts of island !
5 / 5
Has something wrong in an album to the equal that add likes 69 Songs of Amur when being so only one of these cultish the emissions sweat so only when knowing little. Released in 2000, ossia a more fulfilled emission of Stephen Merritt (the one who also names of low records like The6ths, Some Gothic Archies& Some Heroes of Future Bible). He that says in a box- songs of amour: 69 of them! I have listened I do not want to Take on Calm in a UncutSampler& was suckered in for a perfectpop which there has been a line more orders regarding the literary figure in the song to pop of then Blurs is esading Balzac that/strikes for behind Prozac'- when being 'or could do the career to be blue/ could dress in Camus& has read smoke/blacks clove the drink& of cigarettes vermouth/likes I waas 17/this would be the cry /but does not love to take on calm'...In all the chance, the brief studio of this three-disk 69 container of clue:
Disk One offers the classical with just a second clue, does not create in a Sun, which there is Merritt mark Leonard Cohen/Commedia Divine a-touching vocals. Some diverse vocalists of guest (LD Beghtol,Claudia Gonson, Shirley Simms, Dudley Klute) gives this album a eclectic feel- some songs to pop more is roughly amour, with an odd experience launched in still goodmeasure/humour. Gone back of San Francisco is the gorgeous lament reminiscent of Kirsty MacColl, To the left is Feigns is Bunny the rabbits is comedy of an order a plus end (probably cos the references OMD Enola Gay!) & A Book of Amur is an absolute joy. One classifies the calm songs cry you to at night? The magnetic fields certainly owe that feel he of black-comedy and woe common to Leonard Cohen, Morrissey/Some Smith & MarkEitzel/Club of American Music. A point underlined of disk an east a Sweet sublime Lovin soyun, which touches Julian like this only prompt Gives support (musically) & is sung for Claudia lovely Gonson- an integer in that think of Planet of Shampoo, Some Colds, Frazier Corazón, & adolescent trysts has lost in memoryville. The one who could fail but the fall for lines likes ' does an hour of sun/for the million years of rain/but somehow that that always looks to be quite/When falls of amour of a person/of the heaven does not ask never calm/reason so only the take or calm leave it/where is'?
Disc2 Offers 23 songs- although has some silliness, a robovoice of Destruction, a nude-wavepunkisms of WashingtonDC & some inaugural Roses. A lot Pleasant is the brief joy, while you are My Only House memory of Brian Wilson. Some signals underlined is country& so only pastiche the pope Was to surround it (' see the kiss-me pucker forming/but perhaps would owe that go covered he with the beer')& a Morrissey-touching Epitaph for My Heart ('reason has gone, gone, gone/and the continuous life in and on after/and the continuous death in, world without the end/and calm is not my fellow'). & It follows 8 I suitable concealed 'If you do not cry' then he probably 'is not to love'. Hey, Dating tips for losers?, as it Can it calms it does not love it concealed???????
Disk Three is uploaded as well as leading two some- inaugural with some fantastic Underwears, which partorisca me formulates a philosophy of existence he with some immortal lines 'A quite a lot of daughter in his underwears/has anything better in this world, the one who worries ?'. It is the sounds of Crime like HUMAN AIR of Bows to fulfil of Kane, Busby Sleep of Berkeley of the sounds like the less bombastic60s Scott Walker, while A Death of Ferdinand Of Saussure is not so only I so that it adds the song of pop like any product for A Cure or XTC in a 80s, but is a better song roughly philosophy of Writings Politti Jacques Derrida (possibly an only...) There is load other songs add- Like this to Sack, Without sense, the amour is So it bounces he of Ginebra, Can Do not touching Anymore and more personal beans Yeah! Oh, Yeah!- Which agree me of a husband in sound of war and woman in the the sounds and the American beauty likes them Go-Kart Mozart that touches the Blue mask of Lou Reed.
Songs of amour, one of some more utmost albums never and one each house would owe that have; more these are popsongs, he devalued idea in these popdrivel time, but the memory of like this adds crafted the songs with hearts and of the bridges can be. After all, when it was a last time Robbie Williams is coming up with something that witty as ' scare me out of my talents/when calm that Shih-Tzu/Fío, your leash is too long?'- OWN!
5 / 5
A book of amour is long and boring and am them sure ......Heavy. This 3cd the place that extracted all the subjects of a heart is much more courts,much more fun,easy to pack and incredibly enlightening and essental listening for any poor soul that dips is gone in a long rocky street that it is ......AMUR And all these lies therein.
5 / 5
Simply perfect. A calm only album would not import never the one who calm for all the world. I have bought this album 'blind', curious after reading press and descriptions of client. Different so that 'hyped' album, this SURPASSES all then some! Oh, And whilst is buying this album, calm mandate the copy of A 6ths (Stephin Merritt again) 'Hyacinths and Thistles'...Such good-looking songs, the offer sung for to one likes of Gary Newman, Sarah Cracknell, Marc Almond,Neil is so only some nomination 'big', a swipe of rest was....
4 / 5
This 3CD Box Dips is one of some reasons because any take record of collecting (CD is) although they are almost 47 and has considered to do like this time. Ossia The almost faultless collection of songs(songs of amour - has to that say this?) It has comprised on 3 CD is. One of mine ALL the FAVOURITES of TIME in my big record collection. Full of emotions and melodies refinadas with ready papers. That more can loves. A pleasure to listen. A record collection , blah, blah.
5 / 5
Has bought this double album reason liked really of a song and has thought a rest could be like it. I have discovered to to an additional song likes, but of quite a lot of aversion more/all of some another.

Top Customer Reviews: Diamond Dogs (40th ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 7 ratings
4 / 5
A record are partorisca add like this has David Bowuie disks of the picture been - where take these pictures , but am not sure that is spending with the amazon is pricing, usually has the pre-reduction of prize of the order but in this chance, and another recently, a prize falls 20 after the emission and I the pour 20 economic more in HMV in a weekend. Shame on you Amazon, will have that reconsiders yes continuous to buy of you. 5 stars partorisca a record but so only 1 star partorisca Amazon
5 / 5
produced Adds, packaging and hands quickly of good quality
5 / 5
disk of Beautiful picture. Bought this partorisca the member familiarised partorisca Navidad, has the majority of them already except 3 of them that is one some bought. Well the value that buys partorisca the collectors like this have the habit partorisca sell for ridiculous prizes after the moment!
5 / 5
The disk is well, is a presentation achieves plastic hard that has had a subject with. In spite of interior partorisca send of the Amazon two hard paper envelopes, a corner has been bent in double and can not be aplanado. Minor of sounds, but leaves a presentation down partorisca the collection memento.
Hope Another receives the perfect copy. Another that this - yep very good
5 / 5
Beware is buying this cd like the present. It is gone in the chance of plastic stock exchange that remain everywhere some flanges and like cd fallen was! I have sent two emails partorisca complain but has had any response.. I am disappointed like this is the present .. It would owe that be presented in the pertinent chance more than the cockroach of plastic flexible coverage!!
5 / 5
Another emission of classical vinyl of a an and only mr david an alive only versio of dogs of diamond in a b side
5 / 5
the clue Adds, the image adds on vinyl- Ossia mecer n circle

Top Customer Reviews: Magnetic ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 7 ratings
4 / 5
No quite like this very like this exuinoxe
very almost like this very like this oxygene
but enough well to be mentioned in the to same sentence likes of first 2
roughly very good electronica of a king of a gender
likes of j m jarre .. It buys it
4 / 5
the have this album in the cassette and the better sounds included in cd, his one of mine favourite
a lot the value listens it if yours in his music.!!!!!
5 / 5
An element was the perfect condition and has arrived well before given of caducity. Thank you

A 5 indication to star has described them on.

Will recommend a product to friends and familiar
4 / 5
the Magnetic fields have required to be facts, reasons breaks with an earthy mysticism found in Jarre leading albums, 'Oxygene' and 'Equinoxe'.
Some have said that the Magnetic fields touches more soyechanical' that some another and has good reason partorisca east. This was a first album Jarre has done to use a new mark Fairlight synthesiser, although it would call the 'workstation' today, combining like this he the very powerful synthesiser with the sequencer and exemplary (with the tax of sample of 96Khz and a onboard memory of 16MB - no too scraped for 1981!) It is cost around $ 60,000 dollars when new, like this Jarre really tried to take his cost of money, using he in the each album until, thinks, 1989 is esvolutions'. This in spite of, a drawback of this synth is that it has had it the a lot of @@@1980s digital 'harshness', which contrasts with a smooth sound, organic of a @@@1970s equivalent synths.
Jean-Michel Jarre the usually fallen music to two categories - Dreamy, synthesised soundscapes and caseous Euros-pops. Unfortunately both are represented in this album.
One first clue, weighing in in some fifteen minutes is one of Jarre masterpieces. Some first circles to separate to the long of mechanically but catchily, his drum never present car tinnily clicking and that the explosions was his in a fund. A second part is where taking to interest. Jarre Creates the dreamy soundscape in that dips vocal samples, distorted and accused to some tongue of odd alien (yes, he experimented with this prime Zoolook). It finalises with some wonderful sampled aircraft of jet, flying for a part of a sound-field to another attacker (and ossia a better bit ) suddenly that short was and bursts into it a third splits, which is considered amply likes one of his better tunes (yes, ossia the Vocoder, and yes, the sound adds, a lot that?)
Leaves 2 I really does not like , to a large extent because tomb to a caseous Euro-category of pop and has very dated bad, but also reason have touched a game Bombjack incessantly like the boy and this have used to be one in-music of game!
Leaves 3 is wonderfully understated, beginning with sampled sounds maquinales first to evolve to the beautiful dreamlike sequence with tinkling synths and bubbling arpeggios. This gradually results Run 4, the utmost tune in a classical Jarre fashion.
Leaves 5 is totally superfluous, the song whimsically subtitled 'A Last Rumba' and (deliberately or any) touching likes has been touched in 50 Casio keyboard!
This is not Jarre better album or quite known, and yes so only is discovering could think two times roughly buying east. But you are interested in Jarre work, can be the a lot of rewarding and enjoyable listening experience.
5 / 5
Which more can say? Ossia Classical JMJ and it soyust-has' for any defender of the music of a Man adds! The magnetic fields was a next phase in Jean Michel Jarre evolution and, although perhaps any such the classical like Oxygene and a sublime Equinoxe, is still the album adds. A last clue any quite returned in, but a rest of an album is music adds , atmospheric to dream to, relaxes to, or walk at night to!
4 / 5
Out of all his albums, has to them that say this one east one of his better albums, Afterwards to the mine favourite, give- 98, the Magnetic fields is the a lot of adictivo album, except a last clue, which the belonging of mine in Mike Oldfield Album, the one who is also A lot well, One first Splits of Magnetic Fields is also in a aero Album, the decent remake of his classical song, This album costs buyin
5 / 5
has purchased to this music likes a elepé a lot on done 20 years,has has had to that the so only have on CD,still touches like this very like this never,strongly recommend it