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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 14 ratings
5 / 5
Ossia A lot the blues album - very almost like this whimsical, mystical material in poets, meditation, peaceful visions or folky Irish rootsy material. It is the Van Morrison steeped in his sixties displaced blue revisiting the. There are airs of Celtic Soul here and there, this in spite of. In general, this in spite of, the van has changed his message the little. It is no longer so much of the plenary-in spiritual investigation neither for meditative, blissful self-awareness or a nostalgia of a world of his infancy, although has patches here and there. There is the little bit of the jazz launched in too much, particularly in a third final of an album, something concealed would look on enough the little of his subsequent registers.


1. Too much Long In Exile
2. Surgical of big Time
3. Solitary avenue
4. Ball And Canal
5. In a Forest
6. The box takes A Cure Done
7. Gloria
8. Hailing Little Schoolgirl
9. You squander Years
10. A Lonesome Subject
11. Moody Way For Amur
12. Enough near For Jazz
13. Before A World has Been Done
14. I will cure Of you
15. Instrumental/Say me That loves

A clue of title is the shuffling, groovy, organ-driven and soulful number. He so only dulcemente cooks, with some saxophone adds in an end. Taking quite powerful in an end like the van improvises vocally and one has fallen of band in. He the muses on how is also 'been long in exile' and wants to come house. Almost it has taken it twenty-five years to take there.

'Surgical of big Time' is the glorious, grinding blues number, one of these clues Morrison does like this well. It finds time to access in that is quickly that results his pet lyrical subject, this in spite of - of the 'surgical of big time' go like this infesting a soyusic business scene' and probably any in that pay so to the equal that loves. Esolitary Avenue' is another mecer solid blues number with the powerful, thumping song. 'Ball And Canal' has some horns of lovely Celtic soul and the soulful vocal of Morrison, together with a upbeat, melodic blues harmonic. An old mystical the beauty and the spiritual awareness is on duty, this in spite of, for a beguiling, organ-driven 'in a Forest'. 'For some ancient streets will take you home again...'. Those certainly are papers familiarised for any those who had listened the Van Morrison start in a forward fifteen years or so many. 'The box takes A Cure Done' harks behind to a classical clue of 1978 this 'To A Music', 'And A Cure has Begun'. It is nowhere approach like this very this in spite of (this would be quite impossible), but is an acceptable clue that to to the sounds like to them something of 1982 is 'Good-looking Vision' or 1986 is 'Any Guru, Any Method, Any Professor'. It Likes him the progress of clue, this in spite of, grows in potency and appeal, pressing on and on and Morrison rids his more urgent. One that under blues riff underpins he throughout. It finalises roughly eight and the half minutes in period.

After that slightly spiritual interlude a blues for real returns with the storming version of them sixties clue, 'Gloria', looking a veteran blues the talents of John Legge legendary Hooker. Van and Hooker point gloriously (as to speak) near. It is the glorious duet . Big, bluesy, exciting and full of balls. A blues continuous with an old sixties British r'any b preferred, 'Greeting Little Schoolgirl'. Morrison Rid some risky papers marvellously, is done to give to sustain this class of material. It is blues rock of a main quality, again. ' You squander Years' is another excellent duet with Hooker.

For 'Lonesome @Subject' a jazzy ambience arrives, complete with the sure melody and an use of vibes in a backing. It is full of appeal, in fact. A fifties, jazzy the continuous thing in a slightly clumsy, seeds-spoken soyoody Way Partorisca Master', this an any quite a lot of laws for me, are fearful. A bit too caseous and 'easy listening' for mine in pleasant. 'Quite near For Jazz' is the animate instrumental this was reworked with the vocal on 2012 is 'Been born to Sing'. 'Before A World has Been Done' is the lovely piece, sweet of jazzy soul. ' I will cure Of tea I volume of knots for behind a blues with the cookery in of the slow llamas that goes back to an initial atmosphere of an album. There is a hell of the solo of the saxophone in a final has extended instrumental, esay me That loves' that has a vibes in using again like this jazz, blues and Celtic soul all melt perfectly.

This album there is never quite taken a credit deserves, for some reason. In my opinion, is an adventurous and slightly different album to a lot to the equal that had gone before. Any necessarily better, but so only slightly different in yours and way.
4 / 5
In the condition adds for the used CD, adds to this the classical album for Van a man and are a very happy client.
5 / 5
Likes -you to van with Georgie the fame that does R&B the levels would owe that buy this if any calm already the him. It can begin the section in mine shelf (for coverages of Ooh Pooh Pa Don & Solitary Avenue) and file this prójimo to Taj Mahal is 'Phantom Blues'.
4 / 5
cd Is gone in perfect condition in abundance to time another excellent cd of Van Morrison
5 / 5
I amour this album, there is so much of him and an alone of brass in an end for a Man is wonderful.
4 / 5
Album a lot very a lot relaxing dipped behind listening
5 / 5
Van Morrison 22nd album of studio of 1993 is the blues inflected does much less because of a presence of John Legge Hooker on two clues that comprises the reworking of Morrison Gloria own but also because of fabulous Hammond the organ that has retreated Georgie Afamada throughout as well as the very done coverage of Sonny Chico Williamson is Hailing Little Schoolgirl. Clocking In up 77 minutes is adds feels throughout, with inflections of jazz also rearing his boss more notably in Enough Near For Jazz. A majority of some actions aims the real turn to form for Van, with one 13 small segued sequence of closes of me will cure Of you/Instrumental/Say me That loves especially effective. A good touch in Lonesome Street and Moody the way For Amur is an use of vibes which really adds something. To the van is to good sure on forms here.
4 / 5
Van a man that feels a mystic call of home - fantastic
4 / 5
If it likes ''jazzy'' blues, does not avenge of any very better that this. Operator of big time!!! More the words have required? Well I am cost well.
5 / 5
15 clues duquel 12 delivery. They are in accordance with a reviewer the one who comment ossia like this near the blues like this Van Morrison taking. But, has rhythm of mark and blues/blue eyed soul with celtic underpinnings. With Georgie Afamada torching a hammond the organ and John add Law Hooker that the free cut on some mecer clues and then together in the bit of jazz. It is an odd mix but work. Well The little of some clues of jazz are to fill of mesos . But he on partorisca he with the cariche of monster follows concealed this Van of mine has favoured Morrison album-John Legge that rasga on Glory with barbed electrical guitar of boss. A acerbic 'Operator of Big Time'. Van Virtuosidad in gob iron and sax. John big vocals to 'has squandered Years'. A good-looking melody of 'in a Forest', celtic to a core. But partorisca me one covers of the show is an end ' will cure of tea and esay me That loves'. To the van has improvised Morrison dovetailing two clues add and when finalising with some big in satisfactory sigh. Although no like this polished likes some of the music of the van, is directed more, sincere and tongue to a heart. Utmost musicians, well crafted the songs and ossia an album has fulfilled. And like- one coverage. Blues In fact.
5 / 5
Of a line on folks doing with Van here, looks as it rigs for a prompt 1990 concerts that was emission finally as 'Alive in San Francisco.' That is material adds, and ossia excellent also. Georgie Afamada, Candy Dulfer, and John Legge Hooker among another is manually, and the work adds here. The majority of of entity, to the van is in fine voice, and a quality of his of a register is excellent. There look to be the few different classes of music here -- in some early clues, the looks of van to be that it solves some bookmarks/marcadors, and solving them with flavour. 'Surgical of big Time' is wonderful, and how is a song of title, where Van revels in a scatty iterations that is part of his mark. Then it has a bluesy olitary Avenue' and bit it later, 'has squandered Years,' in the lovely duet with John Legge Hooker, the one who also helps Recovery of Van 'Gloria' to the effect adds. There is the Celtic touch -- 'in a Forest' -- and finally has any jazz, inflected with blues in of the places, but going in the purest form in of the places. Soyoody Way partorisca Want to' is so only charming. There is the pair of the sections notarises them, with Dulfer sax to a fore, and the good end with ' will cure of you.' In general, a eclectic and program very attractive. Highly recommended.
5 / 5
Felizmente Would recommend this vendor. All like this expected and to the equal that has announced.
4 / 5
This 1993 album of Van Morrison is the mix adds of Blues, Jazz and R&B influences. A man is in shape vocal sum during an album.

Has the few feeble clues, noteably a duet with John Legge Hooker on Gloria which so only does not act. I want to JLH but his flange in these just looks entirely out of place. As it have been better with 2 or 3 songs less. This in spite of that averts his the fine collection of songs with Van Morrison shows it his musicianship (electrical Guitar, Sax of Big and Harmonic), that writes song, and his capacity to dip his focuses possess in other songs of villages also.

A band of support comprises Georgie Afamada in Hammond Organ and backing vocals. Hopefully This will take another emission in planned course, but in a moment like him to him to van a Man ossia a lot of hunting of value was.
5 / 5
This is to be announce as new but has not been sealed with cellophane and has had 2 little sticky blobs in joining it to him to disk likes him the chewing gum, so it has had to been open and probably state touched!

Top Customer Reviews: ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 8 ratings
5 / 5
A defender of big rum but some of these clues are the version of has bitten of the ones of the that like this mondays is really very this in spite of.
5 / 5
Has taken to Ron Sexsmith quite belatedly, which is not my norm. Taken the program of television in his group to grow partidários that included some have respected seriously musicians, inc. another singer-composer (the one who seldom compliment his own!).

This was @@subject spent on Amazon as it bought it so only to listen more than that had begun to to that likes of some clips in of a program of television (low risk) and has been blown has gone by some real gems.

He, there there is a bit sloppiness in a production, but a rawness dresses Sexsmith fashion. Yes, there is some the scaly papers so that they owe that be in a right way to enjoy them - p. p.ej. A 'A lot of Ol' Office' song.

BUT, when the as 'of the Tears Behind some Shadows' and 'of the Words do not use Never' - any those who is has had to that to treat relate (parents, lovers, boys, no really @@subject), loneliness etc. will feel this house of hammer of the strong words 'any one true - still like this also can enjoy some melodies that accompanies that it marries -words for real.

A lot of perceptive lyricist those who has to that treat his own demon also. It has bought more Ron Sexsmith of then and would want to see/listen in the alive action.
5 / 5
This CD of previously unreleased material frames fascinating listening Ron of paralizaciones Sexsmith defenders. Many of some songs have been previously released like B sides, but has the number very that there is not finding ready to listen some real gems: Tears Behind some Shadows, In the Whim and my personal favourite, a hauntingly simple Leaf of Herb. I am not sure in his coverage of the his any like me to them the Mondays; and the Kiss for Regime is the bit in some lateralmente languid May..
Ossia Another CD adds of one of some better composers in a world. The cost come!
5 / 5
When you Buy the 'rarity' resumida further of artists, takes to plot of terrible songs that has not gone well enough to release and the little hard to find the smallest swipes. And calm sometimes take the clue gives concealed does not touch well reason have not gone properly registered in the studio. Sexmith Is 'Rarity' is different reasons almost everything of the these songs likes them abonos like this of his clues of usual album and was has registered properly. The majority has been takes in some last phases to gather some premiers 6 albums because they have done an album also long, or have too much clue that touched it equally, or any one is returned a way has feigned/feels/of an album. But they are good songs , any farce, although they are not of the 'potential swipes'. Like this while ossia a full album of good songs, fault of standout swipes and a class to flow the pertinent album would have. Now I have everything of the emissions of Ron and does not touch this a like this often like another for these reasons. There are the coverages of pair included which are hard to find elements.
4 / 5
Ron Sexsmith is A smaller composer to good sure but, touches those that want to lucido gender, he gars is not to négliger of then classifies regularly give album racés and a lot corrects. That is interesting with this 'Rarity', is That, like the edges appoint the indicate, is constituted so only of raretés. It has been it Gives pieces A lot retained to the sud these albums. And these pieces, any truths finalisés, finds finally the breakings of form gives pair of better things has produced Sexsmith. Reason ? It touches the simple and good reason that the instrumentation is spartiate, mostly acoustic and fleure well the apresamiento directed. That is always ideal In truth Touch this gender of music.

Lucido Behind the medal, is that these pieces are not like this also any truth produced and to the equal that touch a bit bad. Lucidos I do I a bit crispant to the edge of listens it, too criard, any súper very balanced. At all Of well of Tomb, wins when-even more for a part that loses of the another. And My aside this small reproaches, 'Rarity' develops a strong thankful album.

16 tender pieces or sweet-bitter, in the together, composes, of the that joins good recovery of the famous 'does not like me of the Mondays' give Boomtown Rats. The Force of Sexsmith is not the quality of his voice, that no a nothing special, but does is that it does not possess lucido talent, says, of Nick Drake, is able of composer of beautiful small melodies that, especially, distills each one a an own climate. It is like this already a lot and the force is of reconnaitre that the album spends all so only, gentiment, without any anicroche. It is that it feigns, soyeux, slightly évanescent and diaphane and, to the arrival, any unpleasant fully. It is lucido gender of disk that the necessary rests, finally, in all discothèque, history of aérer a bit his esgourdes. Without being essential, Ron Sexsmith knows to want to, and is already frankly pas Bad.
5 / 5
Dipped meiner Sexsmithneigung stehe ich im Bekanntenkreis ziemlich alleine Give. Gut That! It is ist schön, Rons Stimme für sich zu haben. Of the ist Musik für Given einsamen und existenziellen Stunden. Of the kennen nur Eingeweihte:'in my darker hour' give ist'box the spatial to believe, someway, somehow'.

Rarity to die zeigen Ron Sexsmith in sehr ursprünglicher, in direkter Beziehung zoom Hörer.

Dieser Sänger ist In meiner Sammlung 'begnadeter Composer' give reinste, verletzlichste Seelenkenner.
4 / 5
Ron Sexsmithというアーティストを今頃知りました。完全にはまりました。よくよく考えてみれば、オールアバウトアスのサントラにも彼の曲が入っていたんですね。あのサントラは良く聴いたのにね。こんなに心に染み入ってくる優しいサウンドは久しぶりです。全部気に入りました。
4 / 5

Top Customer Reviews: MORRISON VAN-MAGIC ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 1 ratings
5 / 5
Three and the half stars really. The ploughs of magic time with a sweet Stranded this dips a tone partorisca an album. A prójimo a, the Celtic new year is the meandering ballad with jazzy touches. Some transmissions of time partorisca a rhythmical and lilting Maintain Mediocrity in Bay, the song of powerful message.
The train of evening is the sweet uptempo number of rock with the jerky beaten and involving saxophone flourishes, whilst so much This Amour Of Mina and Gypsy in my Soul is living room jazzy excursions, how is his rendition of a Solitary And Blue level. So only it likes him Greta is the soulful ballad of east expresses a solitude partorisca yearn and León This Time is the sad slow song with the melancholy undertone.
A clue of title, the relaxed ballad, is the celebration of happy memories, simple but moving. There is the way of dismissal in a face of treachery in a bluesy the piece Sold was. An album concludes with Spending On To all the cost, the tuneful and rhythmical attack in a subject of the music and some means comunicacionales.
Has against measured Van Morrison own brilliance, supposes that this merit of album three stars. But compared to the plot of another music, merit four. In general, it say that lacking of real passion. But then again, some papers and some melodies are well. Some songs so only a lot of grab like his work he better fact. Still, the Magic time is essential partorisca defenders.