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4 / 5
It have not listened a lot of Beecham acts first to listen to this box, although of course it was familiarised with his acerbic witticisms and to reputation likes one of some scenes of English music' the most utmost characters during is golden age. But a lustrous tone, crisp hinge and sheer panache of a LPO Mozart accionas (registered 1934-40) especially there is captivated more than any another Mozart I has listened officially. Beecham Condition partorisca Mozart resplandores by means of the each one attentively notes marked, although it also stamps his own pithy personality in a music - this was in some managers of days before were restrained for misguided, bogus sense of 'authenticity', like another reviewers has mentioned. A sound of a 78s is gorgeous and some glorious scrollings, that leaves the thin discharge of noise of surface so as to coto a ambience and acoustic of some original register. Some tarpaulins of the engineers of street of the abbey really was quite remarkable, quotes one state the record technology at the same time. An only defect is that some of any look of disks to be warped, which slightly Leaves an intonation of an orchestra (e.g. In a first movement of symphony 29). But some limitations of these old 78 registers only look to do them his warm plus and aesthetically pleasing.
Are slightly less enthusiastic in a late 50s RPO Haydn actions. Some of some times the sound bit it slow and lacklustre has compared to another interprations has listened, and a phrasing in timing excessively marked to a point to be that it touches rigid. This has said, there is this in spite of some fine musical moments. Beecham Attention to these pocolos aim more finals that detail - a pizzicato serious in a trio of a Minuet of no. 93, A light accel in a start of a developer of section of a first movement of a soyilitary' symphony - is really the one who conjoint a focus of characters is touching. Also diverse other bits and bobs, he comprising quintessentially version that the English sounds of 'the Seasons' oratorio the one who Beecham apparently repopularised (listens was for a cheeky cameo of a esurprise' subject of symphony in an accompaniment of Simon air 'Now daily runs a farmer' boy', as all Haydn the connoisseurs will know!).
This can look more Haydn and Mozart that it can you to it chew, but is still sincerely recommended for a prize. My interest in this music was to wake so only in some last few years, my fund when being that of the musician of jazz (Beecham certainly has not agreed!) But I have found this plants the fine introduction to the sensational ( idiosyncratic) interpreter of two of some more utmost composers. So it find this the compraventa regrettable certainly calms does not have to that to the ears like to them the mine!
4 / 5
Beecham Registers of Haydn and Mozart is justly priced for collectors and these excellent, and reasonably priced, to the anthology forms an ideal introduction to them.

A Haydn the symphonies of Londra are wonderful actions . Allegros Is finely paced with abundance of before moment. Some adages is fantastically phrased and one bundle of minuets together with elegance and elan. Although Beecham uses old editions and bribed, a music that does is of such big quality that these interpretations remain among a plus end in a catalogue. A Real Philharmonic game superbly for his founder as, in fact, in ome Seasons'. Ossia The thoroughly enjoyable action of this fine work, sung in English, with excellent soloists. Of these Elsie Morrison is an absolute delight and Denis Vaughn have coached the heart is before class .

All a Haydn the actions are late 1950 is and is in his excellent. Some premiers three disks of one Mozart register is much prompter and has been done with a Beecham has founded Londra Philharmonic among 1934 and 1940. Some the new symphonies and two start receive exceptional actions that, with which more than seventy years, rests among one the plus end has not registered never. Perfectly phrased and paced - and wonderfully touched - these are readings of immense height.

A final disk contains the splendid reading of an Entertainment Any 2 (K131) of one 1950 east, some extracts any plus courts other works, and the fine action of a third concert of violin for Giaconda of Vito. This he delighful anthology and amena the glorious collection to the fine conclusion.

Remastering HAS a lot of be done well and some notes of booklet for Lyndon Jenkins is excellent.

Ossia An issue which will appeal to all the one who love the fine music that does. A fashion can not be 'true' except a quality is like this to disarm critique. Highly recommendable.

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5 / 5
The majority of Delius the compositions have been multiple times has registered for Beecham.
Partorisca This seven CD box, Warner has selected a representative EMI register of the each one (usually Beecham final endeavour).
Warner Had left so only four additional CDs, could have comprised all some published and unpublished EMI registers.
Has contained:

- Appalachia with Heart of BBC (1938)
- Eventyr (1934)
- Hassan Incidental Music (four excerpts) (1934-38)
- in the Garden of Summer (1936)
- Koanga "The Calinda" (1938)
- Koanga Scene of Enclosed (1934)
- Parigi, A Song of the City Adds (1934)

- Concert partorisca Piano with Betty Beecham (1946)
- Concert partorisca Violin with Jean Pougnet (1946)
- Rhapsody partorisca Dance Any one.1 (1952)
- Mass of Life, Prelude partorisca Separate II (1948) NEW To CD
- Paa Vidderne (1946)
- Drift of Sea with baritone of Clinton of Gordon (1951)
- Song of some Big Hills with Luton Choral Society (1946)
- Village Romeo and Juliet, complete work (1948)

- Brigg Fair, An English Rhapsody (1956-57)
- Rhapsody to Dance Any one.2 (1956)
- Fennimore And Gerda: Intermezzo (1956)
- Continuazione of Florida (1956)
- Irmelin: Prelude (1956)
- Leave Whim (1956)
- On listening a Prime minister Cuckoo in Cradle (1956)
- On some Hills and Far Was (1957)
- Sleigh Walk (1956)
- First Song of Sunrise (1956)
- Songs of Decadence with Maureen Forrester, John Cameron & Beecham Choral Society (1957)
- Late of Summer (1956)
- Night of State in a River (1957)

-- Five Songs sung to Gild Labette (1929) has accompanied for Beecham in a piano: "Song of Cradle", "Irmelin Rosa", "A Nightingale", "Twilight Likes", "Lucido Heaven is pair -in lucido ceiling"
-- Four Songs sung to Gild Labette (1938) has accompanied for Londra Philharmonic: "I-Brasile", "Klein Venevil", "Violeta", "Where" (orchestrated for Beecham)

Gentleman Thomas Beecham was one of mine all-time favourite managers.
Is been born in 1879 and lived until 1961, which qualifies for my select cast of "Nineteenth Managers of Century The one who has Lived Long Enough to Register in Stereo" (together with Bruno Walter, Eight Klemperer, Pierre Monteux and the little another).
Gentleman Thomas has maintained whenever Frederick Delius was one of some for real composers add:
"A last apostle adds our time of romance, emotion and beauty in music."
Has found always this difficult to accept.
In some last fifty years, has listened (and king-listened) to the plot of Delius directed for Beecham:
Every time begins with hope in my heart, but avert more mystified that never.
A lot quite music, but Delius was the contemporary of Rachmaninov, Sibelius, Mahler, Puccini and Richard Strauss (any to mention Elgar and Vaughan Williams).

For EMI, Beecham has registered a music of Delius on three decades, of 1927 to 1957.
Some 1927 registers were with a "old" Real Philharmonic, an orchestra that disbanded in 1930.
Beecham Has been in to found two orchestras: Londra Philharmonic (1932) and Real Philharmonic (1946).
In this box:
-- Two CDs of pleasant registers with Londra Philharmonic (remastered 2017)
-- Three CDs of pleasant registers with some Real Philharmonic (remastered 1992 and 2017).
-- Two CDs of a complete stereo registers with some Real Philharmonic (remastered 2001-2011).
-- Nine songs sung to Gild Labette (remastered in 2017).

In a @@@1930s EMI sponsored two series of byline of worthy, but the music down has registered: A Sibelius Society, and A Delius Society.
After the sales for advanced sufficient, a music has been registered and mailed to subscribers.
-- In 2015 Warner reissued a Complete Sibelius Registers of Societies on CD: Some Tejanos Sibelius Edition (7CD)
-- A Delius Society 78s looking Beecham and Londra Philharmonic looked among 1934 and 1938.
A Complete Delius Society CD Edition would be at least like this historically of entity like Sibelius,
but apparently Warner no suitable .
So only seven of Londra Philharmonic the registers are in a new box.
Nine is remained was (sees Commentary A, the course has dated 12, 2017).

Losing of this box:
---- Fifteen pre-register of pleasant war:
One with a Beecham Symphony, one with a Symphony of Londra, three with a "old" Real Philharmonic, new with Londra Philharmonic + a song with Gilding Labette accompanied for Beecham in a piano.
---- Sixteen estaca-registers of pleasant war:
Three with Londra Philharmonic, thirteen with Real Philharmonic.
All some the missing register has been issued on CD for Naxos, Dutton, and Somm (sees Commentary A).

A new box is very attractive.
Seven CDs has modified "original jacket" formed.
More-or-less art of coverage of elepé original (sees photo), with listings of clue and discographic information in a backside.
Twenty booklet of page with the useful test of four pages in three tongues.
Any text or translations for some vocal works.

-- A jacket for CD 5 erroneously attributes in the Garden of Summer (1936 register) to Real Philharmonic. It have to that be Londra Philharmonic.
-- A jacket for CD 7 erroneously attributes A Song of some Big Hills to 9 November 1934. It have to that be 22 November 1946. An orchestra is Real Philharmonic.
-- A front of a jacket for CD 6 (Appalachia etc.) erroneously Credits some Real Philharmonic. It have to that be Londra Philharmonic.
-- Some fronts of jacket for CDs 5 & 7 Real credit only Philharmonic. Londra Philharmonic Is also in each CD.

Sees Commentary a (the course has dated 12, 2017). Click in " it Classifies for Older".
5 / 5
Down £14, this neighbour is a subject absolute , included partorisca to to any one him me like the one who does not love everything of him. To explain a last: in the third looks of a “lyric work” Romeo and Juliet and several cycles of song, while my interest is in a rest, which is orchestral with some choral.

This value means that well the punt same if I do not know a lot of Delius or is in two alcohols lucidos. His lush, elegiac the fashion does a bit of the composer of Pot (which is probably that like this attracted Beecham, like another nonconformist he); to give an idea of popularity, a Classical FM the room of Fame there is so only three Delius pieces, everything in a @@@200s, likes opposed to, said, Elgar and Vaughan-Williams. I can any overstate a value for money of this collection – a more has not seen never.

My first reservation to listen it was a quality of some clues has registered pre-WWII, like this –deliberately – has listened to some of this prime minister. I have listened enough quite tinny old register, and some so only one has bought is a Naxos Historical “Lehar behaviours Lehar”, which was quality very disappointing . A king-mastering here is very better. There is audible hiss on some of some songs and choral music, where an orchestra there would be to be being quietly so that a singer could be listened, but ossia probably unavoidable, and in any case has not bought a together for some songs.

A first asks has listened to was Song of some Big Hills (so that they do not know , no the song but an orchestral piece that comprises the heart). I had it that has not listened never this first, and is the real extracted; it is a lot I last to believe this is to be register on done 80 years. Also I am finding some preferred new, like an incidental music to Hassan.

A neighbour does not feign to be “complete Delius”, but has to that be quite near of the together complete of a Beecham registers. A late @@@1950s look of registers to be a same selection like a EMI DOUBLE CD has titled “Beecham Driven Delius - some complete stereo registers”. These stand up well in comparison with other registers of an early stereo period.

Some disks are presented in map slipcases inside a box. At least some of some individual coverages are animal-cycled of the earliest emissions, giving the pleasantly offbeat impression.

A lot surprisingly, a collection comprises everything in mine two (any-Beecham) Delius CDs. If I have had a lot already take these, probably would have been happy with this new collection. It averts of anything more, that could be better that these registers have directed of a champion the one who has saved Delius of obscurity?
4 / 5
Has left to begin with an obvious - 7 CDs of Beecham that directs Delius for just £12 is incredibly good value. A Warner / EMI CD so only 'Beecham behaviours Delius' material to offer of CD 1 & 2 of these neighbours is available in £ wants to pay more paralización less. Inevitably, With the registers that diverse of 1929 to 1957, a sound is a bit compromised in a sooner of some registers, but a magic is in some actions. Beecham Interpretations of Delius initiated and classics when they are exited. It enjoys them in remastered his and perhaps supplement this together with the register the late plus where the sound the modern plus for one of some earlier elements is to be preferred.
5 / 5
Good to listen Delius again (of Bradford, taste) in of all his nuances. Highly loved with some disks and a service.
5 / 5
More Delius bar of no. of manager Delius Music like this pastoral and celestial. It goes compraventa now you lovers of music!
4 / 5
Well to listen Delius again (of Bradford, taste) in of all his nuances. Highly loved with some disks and a service.

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4 / 5
These remastered the register is taken of films and soundtracks of prompt register. Some rows of music of ballets Holst is Perfecto Fool and Failure Amur Wizard, by means of incidental music partorisca the game Delius Hassan, to film, with music very known for Vaughan Williams, Walton, and Bliss and bookmarks/marcadors smaller known for Alwyn, Parker and Boughton. Some managers are all neither some composers they or the managers have associated with some works and some registers are idiomatic and strangely poignant.
Of some work well sweats Bliss' Run of Things partorisca Come, has not touched never better that here under a composer with a LSO. Vaughan The prologue and The Epilogue of Williams of a film 49th Parallel is majestic in Muir Mathieson is, original register of a soundtrack. Walton, Although a little ready manager draws wonderful pathos in his excerpts of Henry V. Parker and Alwyn the works are classics of a gender and has transferred extraordinarily well.
An odd man was is Fails ballet Amur Wizard this in spite of writing in 1914 has been used in 1958 film 'Honeymoon' and is Beecham' only register of a work. The wise sound has quite some sprain in of the strongest passages and on some sounds of occasions like the castanet concert.
For his age although some registers sound extraordinarily well; so only a flange of a Boughton song of Lorna Doone, and a form of choral song Delius Hassan is stylistically of his time and quite trying.
A liner notes for Stephen Connock is extraordinarily detailed and a lot readable.

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4 / 5
This three cd the neighbour is the @@subject in fact. A sound is very a lot that sees that the number of some clues has looked in a nineteen thirties and a presentation is before class . A Gentleman Thomas Beecham banquet..

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5 / 5
Quality and brilliant value of audio a lot that considers an extreme age of some of some registers in offers. It ignores it revises partorisca suggest that some of some pieces have been mine-has labelled. If this failure existed it' s be dipped well in this copy. As it Can you go bad in this prize partorisca actions of this magnitude.
5 / 5
A compilation adds of some hours of master manager of enjoyablr listening
5 / 5
Ossia he 2006 king-@@subject in his new format of the 2000 together [ soyaestro Impetuous'] originally issued likes 5 double CDs in the chance of slip.
The serious errors remain: the purports partorisca be a Mozart 4th concert of violin with Szigeti is in fact a concert of violin of the Beethoven, which Szigeti has registered around this time, this in spite of with Bruno Walter that directs. Any commercial or alive register of a concert of the violin of the Beethoven has directed for Beecham is known partorisca exist. Like this the one who purports partorisca be one Opening Gwendolyn is alleged by a reviewer partorisca be the movement of Rachmaninov second symphony, the work Beecham never has treated even to the left has registered so only! In general all a genuine Beecham the registers here can be had in of the better scrollings of Dutton and/or EMI/Warner. Some 1932 EUA Columbia records of Ladies of Strauss Quijote with Alfred Wallenstein sounds like this soloist quite well for his age; and to the equal that can be hard to find elsewhere, can cost purchase this neighbour so only for that. It is the harm that Membran any question to correct some egregious errors in his 2000 documentation thus king-@@subject.
5 / 5
GENTLEMAN THOMAS BEECHAM (Manager)(1879 - 1961)

CD 1


No. Of Symphony 40 in minor of G, KV 550

1 I. A lot Allegro 7:25

2 II. Errando 8:08

3 III. Menuetto: Allegretto 4:43

4 IV. Allegro quite 4:41

Londra Philharmonic Orchestra, rec. 1937

No. Of Symphony 41 in C that imports, KV 551 'Jupiter'

5 I. Allegro vivaz 8:14

6 II. Errando cantabile 8:16

7 III. Menuetto: Allegretto 4:27

8 IV. A lot Allegro 6:12

Londra Philharmonic Orchestra, rec.

He wedding has given Figaro, KV 492

9 Opening 4:00

Londra Philharmonic Orchestra, rec. March 1937

Die Zauberflöte, KV 620

10 Opening 6:57

Real Philharmonic Orchestra, rec.

Total time: 63:08

CD 2


No. Jointly of the Violin 4 in D that imports, KV 218

1 I. Allegro moderate 9:26

2 II. Errando 8:23

3 III. It has averted: Allegro 7:36

Joseph Szigeti (violin), Londra Philharmonic Orchestra, rec.

Marco for Flute and Harp in C of entity KV 299

4 I. Allegro 9:01

5 II. Andantino 8:51

6 III. It has averted: Allegro 9:16

René lucido Roy (flute), Lili Laskine (harp), Real Philharmonic Orchestra, rec.

Total time: 52:37

CD 3


A Messiah

1 Opening 3:59

Orchestra of Symphony of Heart of BBC, rec. 1927

One Adds Elopement (Continuazione of the ballet fixed for Beecham)

2 A Room of Bomb. A Linleys 4:20

3 Dance to Hunt. Scene of amour 3:55

4 One Tired Flunkies. A Plot 3:55

5 Sarabande. Hornpipe 3:29

6 Beau Nash. Second Scene of Amur 4:08

7 Interlude. Gigue 4:39

Londra Philharmonic Orchestra, rec. 1945

JOSEPH HAYDN (1732 - 1809)

No. Of Symphony 93 in D that imports

8 I. Allegro quite 6:44

9 II. Along cantabile 6:17

10 III. Menuetto: Allegretto 4:08

11 IV. Early my no too 4:39

Londra Philharmonic Orchestra, rec.

No. Of symphony 104 in D that imports, 'Londra'

12 I. Adage. Allegro 6:58

13 II. Errando 8:52

14 III. Menuetto: Allegretto 4:26

15 IV. Allegro inventive 4:38

Londra Philharmonic Orchestra, rec.

Total time: 75:14

CD 4

FRANZ SCHUBERT (1797 - 1828)

No. Of Symphony 5 in B paving of entity, D 485

1 I. Allegro 5:43

2 II. Errando With motorcycle 10:07

3 III. Menuetto: Allegro a lot 4:39

4 IV. Allegro vivaz 5:51

Londra Philharmonic Orchestra, rec. &


Marco for Piano and No. Of Orchestra 4 in G of entity, op. 37

5 I. Allegro moderate 16:41

6 II. Errando With motorcycle 4:42

7 III. It has averted: Vivaz 8:38

Arthur Rubinstein (piano), Londra Philharmonic Orchestra, rec.

Total time: 56:25

CD 5

CARL MARIA VON WEBER (1786 - 1826)

Gives Freischütz

1 Opening 9:14

Londra Philharmonic Orchestra , rec.


2 Opening 8:30

Londra Philharmonic Orchestra, rec.

RICHARD WAGNER (1813 - 1883)

Given Meistersinger von Nürnberg

3 Prelude to Do I 9:05

Londra Philharmonic Orchestra, rec.

JOHANNES BRAHMS (1833 - 1897)

4 Tragic Opening 12:24

Londra Philharmonic Orchestra, rec.

EDVARD GRIEG (1843 - 1907)

Peer Gynt No. of Continuazione 1, op. 46

5 I. Morgenstemning (Way of morning) 3:28

6 II. Åses Død (A Death of Åse) 4:21

7 III. Anitras In (Anitra Dance) 3:50

8 IV. The Dovregubbens Room (in a Room of a highland King) 2:19

Londra Philharmonic Orchestra, rec. 1939


His Histories of Hoffmann

9 Barcarolle 4:00

Londra Philharmonic Orchestra, rec.

JOHANN STRAUSS JR. (1825 - 1899)

10 Frühlingstimmen, op. 410 6:26

Londra Philharmonic Orchestra, rec.

Total time: 63:41

CD 6

LAW'ICH SMETANA (1824 - 1884)

Prodaná nevesta (A Bartered Fiancé)

1 Opening 7:21

2 Polka 4:33

Real Philharmonic Orchestra, rec. 1947

ANTONÍN DVO'ÁK (1841 - 1904)

3 Slavonic Rhapsody In a plan of entity, op. 45 No. 3 13:17

4 No. Of Legend 3 in minor of G, op. 59 No. 3 4:25

Londra Philharmonic Orchestra, rec. 1935


Prince Igor

5 Polovtsian Dance 10:41

Londra Philharmonic Orchestra, rec.



6 Dance of some Persian Slaves 6:45

Real Philharmonic Orchestra, rec. 1947


7 Francesca gives Rimini - Symphonic Fantasy with which Dante, op. 32 19:36

Londra Philharmonic Orchestra, rec. December 1939

Total Time: 66:40

CD 7

HECTOR BERLIOZ (1803 - 1869)

1 Lucido Carnival Romain, op. 9 8:56

Londra Philharmonic Orchestra, rec.

2 The Corsaire, op. 21 7:57

Real Philharmonic Orchestra, rec.

GEORGES BIZET (1838 - 1875)

The Arlésienne Continuazioni 1 & 2 (excerpts)

3 Prelude 7:31

4 Minuet 3:25

5 Adagietto 3:34

6 Menuet 4:26

7 Farandole 3:37

Londra Philharmonic Orchestra, rec. 1936

Carmen Continuazione (excerpts)

8 Prelude 3:42

9 Entr'law. Intermezzo 4:39

10 Saves It Quantity. His Dragons of Alcala 4:10

11 Dance bohème 4:43

Londra Philharmonic Orchestra, rec.

CLAUDE DEBUSSY (1862 - 1918)

12 Prelude to the evening of a fauna 9:25

Londra Philharmonic Orchestra,

Total Time: 66:11

CD 8

CÉSAR FRANCK (1822 - 1890)

Symphony in D minor

1 I. Slow. Allegro 16:14

2 II. Allegretto 10:42

3 III. Allegro a lot too 9:45

Londra Philharmonic Orchestra, rec.

EMANUEL CHABRIER (1841 - 1894)

4 Spagna - Rhapsody for Orchestra 6:09

Londra Philharmonic Orchestra, rec. 1939

5 Happy - Part for Orchestra 3:34

Real Philharmonic Orchestra, rec.


6 Opening 9:13

Real Philharmonic Orchestra, rec. 1955

Total Time: 55:40

CD 9

FREDERIK DELIUS (1862 - 1934)

Appalachia - Variac. In a Song of Old Slave

1 Introduction 5:40

2 Subject 0:27

3 - 16 Variac. 27:11

17 Final: Slow. Piu Moved 4:28

Corazón of BBC, Londra Philharmonic Orchestra, rec. January 1938

RICHARD STRAUSS (1864 - 1949)

Quijote of Ladies - Variac. Fantastic for Rape, Cello and Orchestra, op. 35

18 Introduction 6:17

19 Subject: Quijote of Ladies, a Knight of a Sorrowful Countenance 0:55

20 Sancho Panza 1:05

21 Variac. I: An Adventure With a Windmills 2:27

22 Variac. II: A Battle With a Sheep 1:34

23 Variac. III: Dialogue of Knight and Squire 7:38

24 Variac. IV: An Adventure With a Penitents 1:57

25 Variac. V: A Knight Vigil 4:01

26 Variac. I SAW: Dulcinea Uselessness 1:08

27 Variac. VII: A Walk By means of an Air 1:00

28 Variac. VIII: An Adventure of a Unchanted Bounces 1:44

29 Variac. IX: A Fight With some Two Magicians 1:05

30 Variac. X: A Defeat of Quijote of Ladies 3:54

31 Final: A Death of Quijote of Ladies 4:33

Alfred Wallenstein (cello), René Pollain (rape), New York Philharmonic Orchestra of Symphony, rec. April 1932

Total Time: 77:19

CD 10

JEAN SIBELIUS (1865 - 1957)

No. Of Symphony 2 in D that imports, op. 43

1 I. Allegretto 9:28

2 II. Time Errando, my stolen 14:11

3 III. Vivacísimo 6:51

4 IV. Final: Allegro moderate 12:56

Londra Philharmonic Orchestra, rec. December 1946/February 1947

5 Tapiola - Symphonic Poem, op. 112 17:53

Londra Philharmonic Orchestra, rec. 25 November 1946

Total Time: 61:22

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 1 ratings
4 / 5
So that far there is it so only has listened it a two Haydn symphonies - Any 99 of 1954, and Any 101 of 1959 - because it quotes Gentleman Itter looks partorisca have upgraded his crew. I have not listened the Beecham partorisca some time, and has found his 50s dipped of Londra Haydn symphonies very disappointing. This in spite of, another day has listened to the his @@@1950s version of a Schubert 'Unfinished' - which have thinks that has known enough a lot - and has been surprised by a sheer stairs of a conception, both Schubert is and Beecham is, probably assisted for a prompt millennial been of Sony tapes, which has not been ideal. But no never it was really be convinced of any of his registers of Haydn Symphony Any 99, which looked the on-emphasise 'individuality' and never quite leave a (big - but normal for a period) orchestra so only to touch, although a LPO better that a RPO. This one is certainly individual - on two occasions at least Beecham goes for much more extreme allargandos that anything in some commercial disks - but is also the full action of life and perfectly integrated - all one knits it of some disks of studio is swept simply on of course to a music. Ossia A real Beecham, the manager the one who has begun his career that is in the Finds concert in St Helens for Hans Richter, touching an adage with the feeling, liberty and comprising, light-years out of superficiality or 'tradition', in that adapt you that both Beecham and Richter was contemporaries of Gustav Mahler, and with a fire and humour almost entirely absentee of the his famous and oversold quell'elepé dipped of a Haydn symphonies of Londra. An energy of a 'Clock' to the symphony here is quell'has bitten too much for some players, and can have him has surprised the little. Beecham To the spontaneity here would cost a prize of this together although a rest was so only of level of recording studio - but the snatch of one 'Linz', which would look less docile to spontaneity and rough and tumble that a two Haydn symphonies, suggests a rest is a lot the value that explores too much. (Later. It is - an And Flat symphony, which directs to be both relaxed and vigorously punctual, almost as if a listened for a first time, especially, and a slow movement of a Linz more than frames up in serious for an absence of a final polish that shines in both his commercial register of a work ). A sound, included in some 1954 registers, is very better that it ICA has directed to dip up for the emissions of Bruno Walter of a same year.

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 1 ratings
4 / 5
It is returning that it would have to have it any description partorisca date of this monumental register of a WTC. It is not that Samuil Feinberg is forgotten further of russia; it was simply never a lot-known in a west. Any date of register, any fanfare, any travesía official or officious partorisca remark to another side of a wall of berlin, and partorisca good measure a russian the powers have arrested him often partorisca treat in russia he, retorts it to the no-conformist jew the one who has refused to join a communist party. This has left partorisca teach a piano like the main vocation. Having diplomado of a moscow conservatory, has won a stalin prize in 1946 and has lived the life of obscurity until his death in 1962. In spite of his lack of presence in a west, in russia is revered - has considered an equal of any richter, gilels or sofronitsky.

This WTC is looked in 1959, a second complete overview of this work on piano after edwin fischer @@1930s record for EMI. This is a definite romantic interpretation , that surpasses the tentativa of Richter in a @@1990s, and for me, nonpareil. Gould, Tureck And interpretations more modern his as it acts of pygmies in comparison to this giant; the earliest interpretation of Fischer is marred for wrong notes. Richter WTC comes more near in alcohol to this, and would situate that as in my cast to add WTCs. But this is a one I turn to, time and again, and the suspect will continue to do like this until they are 80. Like the work to add spiritual, moral and philosophical resonance, any one touches to a soul to like feinberg. Highly recommended - has the handful of of second hand was-of-print CDs of this left to buy on-line, grab a before they disappear totally. It does not look the reissues will be afterwards anytime punctual, at least in one west.