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Rating: 5 out of 5 with 1 ratings
5 / 5
Utmost extras To 82 uk classical with the majority of crew of some alike professionals gritty tone to a seriáis scenes of good action for Bob 007 Simmons and good bookmark partorisca the political work based in real 1980 chance. Involving extra. Value a lot £10.

Top Customer Reviews: Basic Instinct 4K ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 1 ratings
5 / 5
Ossia The description of a 4k the edition of the collector. A new scrolling is excellent and the enormous improvement in blue forward ray and dvd emissions. It has included it Is the new doing partorisca look which is informative. A packaging is the strong box , is initially state disappointed has not had an original poster to the equal that has spent. But in person these looks of version very better that in of the images as has the front of the his gloss. Recommended, Especially if the defender of a film.

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 1 ratings
4 / 5
収録内容: 7、8話
音声: リニアPCM 2ch (48kHz/16bit)
音声特典: 7話オーディオコメンタリー
字幕; なし
 大人のたしなみ対決 Lv.4(fourfolium+日笠陽子のトーク映像、約9分15秒)

 PS VITAゲームの宣伝


Top Customer Reviews: Joker [DVD] ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 59 ratings
5 / 5
Formed: Blue-ray Absolutely brilliant film, my preferred of a year like this far! Any same was where partorisca begin the description as I will not say too much, but has been blown has gone by the action of Joaquin Phoenix and felt was near of the perfection is cinematography , modifying and the script and has has wanted to I also a soundtrack, a lot of eerie.
Has not seen the little of these years big emissions still partorisca do the final call but the interior a moment would dip this in a cup partorisca 2019 and easily can see that it remains there.
4 / 5
Formed: Blue-scrape any partorisca write the plot like this im so only that goes partorisca say action of Oscar of Phoenix of Joaquin and a film is almost perfects would give 4.5 stars but cant . Sample of must
5 / 5
Formed: Blue-scrape film of Better comic iv never seen. Shining
4 / 5
Formed: Blue-scrape My more advanced film partorisca a rest of a year of Avengers: Endgame'. Joker' Phoenix of Joaquin of the stars likes Arthur Fleck. A suffering of man with mental illness and neglected for society. These chronicles partorisca film his transformation to a Joker. This film there has been heaps of praise and more recently the plot of controversy. It is both of these livestocks? A response to ossia Himself.'

Partorisca The studio of character like this partorisca do has to that have the a lot of writing and character of actions. Arthur is essentially in the each scene of Joker and if it is not is usually reason is of his perspective. Phoenix Gives the fierce and in to good sure of iconic action here. It is the function that subtlety of questions, physicality and devotion. Phoenix really rid in every aspect, the launching begins in the first place to a function. It is it has lost clearly the plot of weight, and really researched the schizophrenia and mental illness and really the frames seat sad partorisca Fleck. A laugh also is fantastic, is the medical condition Arthur suffers with, he chokes, covers his face and clearly is ache when it is laughing, is hard to look and is like this well would think the in fact suffered phoenix with him in real life. When He fully fallen to some presents of Joker is the intense and terrifying still there there is also the sense of his liberty. Phoenix Adds more and more to to Arthur likes him the progress of film and loses it more and more and a scene where is in the full dress that goes down down some stairs that laughs, dancing and smoking is that it pays era. There is pair of almost interlude sections where Arthur so only will be lost entirely in the almost ritualistic dance routine whilst that tries to calm he or prepare for something is for real fascinating to see. Regarding a last section... Coupled With Of Niro, the one who there is recapturing his A King Of Mark of Comedy of days for an epic, devastating and refinadas perfect.

Speaking of Of Niro, is not telephoning he in here at all (which has in the smallest functions recent less than impressive films). Has the smallest function here but is to add while it is on screen like hostess of show of the habladura Murray Franklin. Brett Cullen are adds like Thomas Wayne and I likes him like abandoning some shots of positive plus of a character of some of some materials that has seen in an animate series and of the comics. Zazie The beetroot is well likes Sophie, his and his mother (Frances Conroy) when being an only two positive in his life.

Of thematic and perspective of history a film sustains and take loaned strongly of A King Of Taxi driver of Comedy' (two film add to be inspired by) and is the definite slow burn which appreciate in my films, this does the time means some scenes go in bit it too long and little there is concealed is slightly repetitive. Yes, there is nods of more than Thomas Wayne so only in this film which will not spoil , because of them having the enormous impact in a plot, will try devisive, personally has not had the question.

Some technical appearances are also impressive. A creation closely of 80 Gotham is the bleak, dirty, violent mass with the plague of sper rats' been due to some rich not helping or that funds a cleaner of a sewers. A cinematography and lighting is perfect, doing it filthy the sincerely good-looking city in time. A bookmark and soundtrack of this film also really the student to another level also and to good sure will be to listen his when it is fully relrsssd, pursuing, pico and horrifying it really is the only sound, especially paired with some songs of excellent authorised soundtrack.

Joker' Is the game-transmission inside a gender of book of the comic. A prjimo-perfect take on an iconic villain with the action of exceptional advantage, visually impressive lighting and cinematography and one of some bookmarks/marcadors better has listened.

Sends some clowns.'
5 / 5
Formed: Blue-the ray to This likes to be die of mixed descriptions elsewhere but see like this far here is been taking compatible five stars. Elsewhere there it looks partorisca be two camps. That that wants to and that the hate. And they are a bit rasgado among a two.
Have gave It five stars because I think that deserves five and in some respects is the masterpiece in some vain of 'Taxi driver' or soyidnight Cowboy' these gritty sixties films callejeras darkness. While looking sometimes thought is is slow and tedious then according to hard would be to think that a lot of crafted and gripping is. But for one felt of the end had experienced possibly the classical film of morning.
A history, an origin of problily Batman the majority of famous villain, is not the sper hero, or has included sper history of villain, as I rid of comic superheros is not your cup of the tea any one concerns it to him can be seen like this that the melodrama regulates. Batman Is not seen likes Bruce Wain is still so only the school boy at the same time of this history and is seen but so only like this school boy without reference to the resulted, excepts in some alcohols desquels already know.
Arthur Fleck (Joaquin Phoenix) is the down in agency of heel jobbing clown, and no the very a lot one, the one who has questions of identities, to condition that gives to laugh access in time of stress, concealed can be more than embarrassing in public and of the advantages of more than one clashes and violent reactions of strangers, and an inability to always distinguish fantasy of reality. It is his fight to do way of boss and be indorsement in the cold and disinterested world and like his torsion of questions out of control and advantage of social inadequacy to self defended manslaughter, crime and finally murder. It is uploaded with social commentary of a rich when being unable of empathising with these less a lot of was and a war among some classes.
In general the much more intelligent history that that has dreaded so only a lot quite Shakespeare but for something born out of the character of the book of the comic is very good but those while something more faster paced and it exciting can be a bit in disappointing.
PS. A small element that surprised was that in the scene was Arthur Fleck is dancing down some street gives a no a music in a fund is 'Rock a part of circle 2'.
Is really in of right payment to Gary Glitter?
5 / 5
Formed: Blue-the ray has seen this film in of the cinemas another day and I have to say it was one of some better films has seen in the moment, would consider it partorisca be the cinematic masterpiece, an acting, performaces and the cinematography was to good sure some signals underlined, all more roughly was partorisca add but is a performaces and filmaking concealed the amazing fact
5 / 5
Formed: Blue-ray Arthur Fleck is the man that struggles partorisca find his way in Gotham fractured society, some time during one 1980 east. Work like the clown for hire for day and desperately is trying stands up comedy by night. Alive with his mother, the contact of woman got obsessed with Thomas Wayne, the use of man partorisca do for and believes could be his way out of a day partorisca struggle of day in some streets of Gotham. Gotham Has not been Arthur bondadoso and continuous press down to an earth until one the fateful decision sees increase like the new person and he gives an attention there is always craved as it takes on to his new person likes them the joker.
The joker was a studio of excellent character of the man broken for a uncaring society. Ossia The Joker can believe would exist in today of world-wide more than in a page of touch he of book of the comic. It is the darkness , tense and impressive walk and Todd Phillips, a man the one who has spent such ridiculous films to the equal that travels of street, Starsky and Hutch and Some films of Hangover has done the surprisingly glorious work partorisca look in this character. There are obvious influences of Scorsese so much in a way is filmed and some characters but this man has there is for real does these films his own. One absolute stunning tarpaulin, was hooked all a way by means of. Seeing Annoying but also immensely entertaining. Certainly DC film more order, ossia a class of the film would owe that be do.
4 / 5
Formed: Blue-the ray has FINALISED Joker of only look and taken partorisca say Joaquin Phoenix that was absolutely the brilliant would be very surprised if it does not take a oscar! The perhaps slow film partorisca some so that it is not your film of book of typical comic, but says the dramatic history. An acting, a feeling and emotionally intrepid storytelling is realistic still darkness.

PS. Please ignore a critical PC of toallita humid wetted that gives the negative critiques that says it will do the people drive mad . So only go and enjoy a film so that it is.
4 / 5
Formed: Blue-scrape the film Adds, very dark but an acting was like this amazing!
5 / 5
Formed: Blue-scrape Better film of a year
Touch the must sees. Cant Has said anymore, otherwise could spoil a film. Show partorisca maintain while you can. Evita spoilers. :)
4 / 5
My more advanced film partorisca a rest of a year of ‘Avengers: Endgame'. ‘Joker' Phoenix of Joaquin of the stars likes Arthur Fleck. A suffering of man with mental illness and neglected for society. These chronicles partorisca film his transformation to a Joker. This film there has been heaps of praise and more recently the plot of controversy. It is both of these livestocks? A response to ossia ‘Himself.'

Partorisca The studio of character like this partorisca do has to that have the a lot of writing and character of actions. Arthur is essentially in the each scene of Joker and if it is not is usually reason is of his perspective. Phoenix Gives the fierce and in to good sure of iconic action here. It is the function that subtlety of questions, physicality and devotion. Phoenix really rid in every aspect , the launching begins in the first place to a function. It is it has lost clearly the plot of weight, and really researched the schizophrenia and mental illness and really the frames seat sad partorisca Fleck. A laugh also is fantastic, is the medical condition Arthur suffers with, he chokes, covers his face and clearly is ache when it is laughing, is hard to look and is like this well would think the in fact suffered phoenix with him in real life. When He fully fallen to some presents of Joker is the intense and terrifying still there there is also the sense of his liberty. Phoenix Adds more and more to to Arthur likes him the progress of film and loses it more and more and a scene where is in the full dress that goes down down some stairs that laughs, dancing and smoking is that it pays era. There is pair of almost interlude sections where Arthur so only will be lost entirely in the almost ritualistic dance routine whilst that tries to calm he or prepare for something is for real fascinating to see. Regarding a last section... Coupled With Of Niro, the one who there is recapturing his ‘A King Of Mark of Comedy of days for an epic, devastating and refinadas perfect.

Speaking of Of Niro, is not telephoning he in here at all (which has in the smallest functions recent less than impressive films). Has the smallest function here but is to add while it is on screen like hostess of show of the habladuría Murray Franklin. Brett Cullen are adds like Thomas Wayne and I likes him like abandoning some shots of positive plus of a character of some of some materials that has seen in an animate series and of the comics. Zazie The beetroot is well likes Sophie, his and his mother (Frances Conroy) when being an only two positive in his life.

Of thematic and perspective of history a film sustains and take loaned strongly of ‘A King Of Taxi driver of Comedy' (two film add to be inspired by) and is the definite slow burn which appreciate in my films, this does the time means some scenes go in bit it too long and little there is concealed is slightly repetitive. Yes, there is nods of more than Thomas Wayne so only in this film which will not spoil , because of them having the enormous impact in a plot, will try devisive, personally has not had the question.

Some technical appearances are also impressive. A creation closely of 80 Gotham is the bleak, dirty, violent mass with the plague of ‘súper rats' been due to some rich not helping or that funds a cleaner of a sewers. A cinematography and lighting is perfect, doing it filthy the sincerely good-looking city in time. A bookmark and soundtrack of this film also really the student to another level also and to good sure will be to listen his when it is fully relrsssd, pursuing, épico and horrifying it really is the only sound, especially paired with some songs of excellent authorised soundtrack.

‘Joker' Is the game-transmission inside a gender of book of the comic. A prójimo-perfect take on an iconic villain with the action of exceptional advantage, visually impressive lighting and cinematography and one of some bookmarks/marcadors better has listened.

‘Sends some clowns.'
4 / 5
Has finalised Joker of only look and taken to say Joaquin Phoenix that was absolutely the brilliant would be very surprised if it does not take a oscar! The perhaps slow film for some so that it is not your film of book of typical comic, but says the dramatic history. An acting, a feeling and emotionally intrepid storytelling is realistic still darkness.

PS. Please ignore a critical PC of toallita humid wetted that gives the negative critiques that says it will do the people drive mad . So only go and enjoy a film so that it is.
4 / 5
Has been the lifelong Batman defender of then while I can agree and among my preferred in a Batman pray the gallery is of course a Joker. Lea in this film of Joker that is exited the moment before it was liberto and looked forward to to see an interesting to take on a character without a Batman taking a limelight. I have directed to see a film in a cinema done three weeks and has loved to share my thoughts.

Unfortunately that has in this film is the character that is like this far take out of a character of a Joker that a manager of a film would owe that be request under a law of descriptions of the trade.

A Joker in this film suffers Schizophrenia and a disorder of anxiety that causes the involuntarily laugh in of the stressful or chaotic situations. A real Joker (of some comics) is the Narcissistic Psychopath the one who laughs reason causes chaos. This two illness is like this far take out of the each one another that can very never conceivably be compared.

The mental health of a real Joker disintegrated when it suffer the multiple catastrophic chances that directed his resultant horribly disfigured after escaping a Batman by means of the container of chemicals that has bleached his aim of skin, his brilliant of red lips and has turned his green of hair. A Joker in this film has no such backstory. In this film a Joker (handily) already suffers mental ailing health (albeit a wrong type of mental illness to do very felt inside a context of some Jokers long 80 history of year) and simply has painted his face with trick of clown. Strangely A trick used in this film not even resembles some Jokers expect usual and is more compatible with the trick of clowns of the circus.

A real Joker does not have any name. In this film a Joker is Arthur has called apparently Fleck ( A. Fleck...…...Affleck...….Well Affleck. Yes, very good. ) This destroys a mystery of a character and he turns to something is not .

A Joker in these bears to film absolutely any appearance anything to a Joker this has been consistently present for some last 80 years. A time still a version of Thomas Wayne has presented in this film and particularly a version of Alfred has presented in this film also has any similarity physically, morally and behaviourally to some characters that is coming to know on some last 80 years.

An inclusion of the backstory which can link a Joker to Wayne family is ham-fisted and unnecessary and again has any place in a Joker backstory or history. You calm interests to him the one who some Producers of a film annoyed even for the feign was the film in a Joker at all. Unless it was reason have imagined that they could do the plot more money for the feign was the film of character of book of comic more the one who that in fact is, the film in a collapse of social morality and a lack to concern available for some the majority of vulnerable members of societies. There have it to good sure the place for this class of film and the d has had the plot more respect for these costruttrici of films had been bit it sincerer in the quell'had done and any one has feigned that ossia the film in a Joker of a Batman universe. It is not . It does not have any connection anything.

Whilst The joker is to good sure the a lot of crafted and the film has done well is not entirely responsible is representation of mental illness inevitably that directs the violent laws to another of a sufferer. Further of people of chances those who suffer the schizophrenia is not bent to commit violent laws and generally is concerned more with giving the support that tries, like this more can, to live his alive peacefully. Usually the people with Schizophrenia are some members some vulnerable plus of our society and is the little sad to see another film that present the person that present with Schizophrenia like the murderous violent. Prpers Having said that this film is certainly an interesting commentary in an alienation of vulnerable people in todays societies. It is so only the shame that a film has not been released like such and has been instead dressed until looking the film of Joker. But some producers have had the diagram to do a lot of money of an unsuspecting audience and he looks has directed for the attractive was and fool everything.

I supposition some Jokes on ...………..
5 / 5
Absolutely brilliant film, my preferred of a year like this far! Any same was where to start with the description as I will not say too much, but has been blown has gone by the action of Joaquin Phoenix and felt was near of the perfection is cinematography , modifying and the script and has has wanted to I also a soundtrack, a lot of eerie.
Has not seen the little of these years big emissions still to do the final call but the interior a moment would dip this in a cup for 2019 and easily can see that it remains there.
4 / 5
Last time has seen them the film this a lot was Street of Fury of Max Crazy . That The trailer of this film was like this a lot the take to ask if a whole film is the averages like this very like this trailer, is in still the walk. It Likes him raisin MMFR has surpassed all the expectations.
A Joker he the teaser trailer is possibly one of some more final trailers have not gathered never dipped a scene but saying at all more. Again it has thought them one same. Again it surpass each expectation, and then some. This is not it superhero film but place in a same universe like the early films of Martin Scorsese likes him Taxi driver and Rey of Comedy as well as to to the films like to them the desire of death. Although purportedly dipped in 1981, feels a lot 70 is. A last hurrah for the American cinema adds.
The action of Joaquin Phoenix likes Arthur Fleck is a start, average and final of this neighbour masterpiece. A screenplay, music, to the cinematography and the direction are first tax .
Controversial reason he humanises insanity that that can be the question for some. It touches everything too close up of a world-wide clashed has created a 21st century.
A screenplay launches quite curveballs to do it all does the sense in him is conclusion. Oh That conclusion. That that joke. That the Joker. As that the hips the fact a lot that scares, for this a backlash for people that does not want to think besides his popcorn.
A lot so only one of some films some plus refinadas of a year, but of a decade.
4 / 5
Yesterday, there is rid my curiosity, been born out of the “rave” informs that it bed in the monthly magazine (one of a lot, am sure). Like the principle, like studios of character, and does not like me the films that too much the unnecessary confidence gimmicks or special effects (the joker there is neither, felizmente). A cinematography is excellent; dark, dulls, dingy, wet, still never consciously looks for to be atmospheric. As you can be conscious, a storyline mixes around some origins and development of a main character, of humble and turbulent starts to that finally results. Yes, there is violence, with a scene especially to the equal that has stuck in my alcohol with which some the final credits has gone. This has said, thinks that that a 15 indication of age is so only in legislation. If any still has any doubts roughly Joaquin Phoenix is one of some more utmost actors of the his (or any current) generation, goes and look this film and prepare to have this good doubt and for real blown was. His action is an amazing recognition by force, fully that takes an essence of a main character. In a film, the things finally begin to untangle, and begins to struggle behind against the society that sees like this deeply uncaring and unfair. Some critics have, er, has critiqued an use that considers to be politically wrong music for Gary Glitter in an of some scenes approaches an end of a film, but perfect fact of mine felt ( is everything roughly context). Calm perhaps will comprise when you look a film . Have Deliberately averted it to go to a lot of detail as they are not a so that it loves to spoil things for more. Finally, I have seen a lot of film my time, but a lot seldom have I seen the film that has calm in his grip to start with to finalise. The joker is one of these films.
4 / 5
Chairs of reservation E7 and E8 in a soyiddle row' - like this transmitted our for a picturehouse computerised to reserve system. This in spite of, our arrival our hopes were dashed for prpers finds has situated four rows for behind a centre.

My husband is infested with compromised vision, and need his lenses upgraded annual, as his recognition of this theatrical exposure was soured of a principle.

Complain to a manager (Gentleman Boon) coming from an aiming, and he a bit abstractedly has blamed a bungle in a fact of a picturehouse the be built to some foundations of a fray of 11th century priory (!).

More the chance of Spoon of Ladies that Gentleman Boon
5 / 5
to to This likes to be die of mixed descriptions elsewhere but see like this far here is been taking compatible five stars. Elsewhere there it looks to be two camps. That loves it and that the hate. And they are a bit rasgado among a two.
Have gave It five stars because I think that deserves five and in some respects is masterpiece in some vain of 'Taxi driver' or soyidnight Cowboy' these gritty sixties films callejeras darknesses. While looking sometimes thought is is slow and tedious then according to hard would be to think that a lot of crafted and gripping is. But for one felt of the end had experienced possibly the classical film of morning.
A history, an origin of problily Batman the majority of famous villain, is not the súper hero, or included súper history of villain, as I rid of comic superheros is not your cup of the tea any one concerns it to him can be seen like this that the melodrama regulates. Batman Is not seen likes Bruce Wain is still so only the school boy at the same time of this history and is seen but so only like this school boy without reference to the resulted, excepts in some alcohols desquels already know.
Arthur Fleck (Joaquin Phoenix) is the down in agency of heel jobbing clown, and no the very a lot one, the one who has questions of identities, to condition that gives to laugh access in time of stress, concealed can be more than embarrassing in public and of the advantages of more than one clashes and violent reactions of strangers, and an inability to always distinguish fantasy of reality. It is his fight to do way of boss and be indorsement in the cold and disinterested world and like his torsion of questions out of control and advantage of social inadequacy to self defended manslaughter, crime and finally murder. It is uploaded with social commentary of a rich when being unable of empathising with these less a lot of was and a war among some classes.
In general the much more intelligent history that that has dreaded so only a lot quite Shakespeare but for something born out of the character of the book of the comic is very good but those while something more faster paced and it exciting can be a bit in disappointing.
PS. A small element that surprised was that in the scene was Arthur Fleck is dancing down some street gives a no a music in a fund is 'Rock a part of circle 2'.
Is really in of right payment to Gary Glitter?
5 / 5
Are sure are one of some a lot of hundreds of 5 star reviewers on here revising this wonderful film.
Are the big comic buff and would say equally like this big the Joker buff.
Are a lot of versed in Batman history and some Jokers a lot of histories and incarnations.
Well, Ossia he spoiler-ish description, please to stop that law now if you have not looked a film.
Well, For a film... I have not seen never east takes on A Joker before.
Has been expecting the ‘Joker' of Brian Azzarello (control out of a graphic novel for another fantastic visual take on a Joker)
are an Autistic man . The any secret of him and I have fights of mine and always will continue to have his and ossia where relates to ‘Arthur'
is shockingly pessimist film, with tones of dystopia which am shockingly resembled our own world, hell, can be our world . We are really looking to DC films?
Have Always prpers has attached to symbols, like A Batman for example like this east takes on the joker does not come like this too of the shocker for me personally. It can down some the right circumstances possibly spend if a wind has blown a right way so much to speak.
The phoenix of ladies has taken the a lot of psychopathic murderous with my a lot of mental health to focus has attached his psyche and has done... Relatable? I do not seat empathy a lot, does not comprise it , but a parallels of my life is shockingly alike.
This door up for me a depth of mental health, neurological subject and a view of external worlds of them.
His shun, launch was, has launched was thy presents a does not comprise .
Is fantastic cinema and believed to look reason spends.
Has to that launch compliments to DeNiro also, touches his usual and his faces to act is like this stellar to the equal that has been always.
Conroy And Beetz (That looked stunning) and a gentleman a small plus Leigh Gill was all amazing.
To the equal that have said, has not expected this Joker.
Saw him all and read more than Mischievous clown to Murderous of Serial and this one east one of my cup 3.
Is fresh reason steps out of a box and the joker is still anonymous (Adoption by means of his Mother)
has been concerned with him having the name that a mystic of the joker would disappear. His lies of the depth in a fact knows at all of him, like the ghost almost.
Is the film in of the slow llamas in my opinion, but concealed is a lot of reason touches like the work more than the traditional DC/Marvel superhero flick. For the @back cover the time so that it has to that it weaves to digest.
An end is for real he masterwork with the death of cinema later of Wayne, but with finalising lines, so only finalises fantastically.
A soundtrack is triumph it also. Real rustic And grating music that hammer some ears but flows with a way like this perfectly.
A mark on the joker am quell'has bitten iffy with, but any less a smile of final has on fact for him.
Much less, the true cinematic masterpiece.
A dvd has received of the amazon was with the sleeve of map and the basic aim dvd box.
The box is flimsy like this expected but a disk has touched well.
Is is 117 minutes long.
The tongues are English, Castilian and Spanish.
Subtitles Is English, Castilian, Spanish, Danish, Greek, Finn, Norwegian and Swedish.
Apparently is the disk of format of dual discharge or at least says like this in a box.
Characteristic special that I skimmed by means of looking to be Manager Todd Philips that pause and several scenes to modify and alt scenes.
In general, chair for such the long description and has read everything of him then thank you.
Is a lot the value that looks and is has thought work of cause.
4 / 5
This film has utmost acting but would give it the big loses. It is the dark dystopian history in some the origins supposed of a character of Joker but is really in the boy terribly the fraction grown to the terribly broken man the one who lurches to any so only the new life as to cartoon nemesis but the murderous really ailing, simply dipped (by means of any failure his own, when being the message of a film). It is terribly sad, violent and has any message to redeem excepts that when our people of rubbishes of the society, all suffer. It is an obvious message but gone through half of in the brutalizing and frankly degrading way - a the spectator, to a film he and to a wonderful acting. Has all been anaesthetised to brutality and violence in these world-wide but eating the films like this is resembled still be sated on 'feelies' in Huxley' Brave New World - are like the society and a spectator. It conceal it does not mean it is the bad piece of cinematic art. But the difference of a violence of the add canvass (Guernica) this a does not have any beauty and His Majesty. So only it is ailing. It gives it the big loses.
5 / 5
I have not gone at all sure like partorisca expect of this film before the look, as I approached he with an open alcohol. I have thought always Heath Ledger the glorious portrait of Joker in a forward Batman the films and I have asked if the phoenix would be able to locate to a challenge as well as Ledger has had. But Phoenix more than has surpassed any expectations and he have touched this part perfectly, is effortless. I have looked in an interview and he have declared that when has the part in the film, suffers terribly with anxiety whilst on place and also at least two first weeks of the film begins partorisca shoot. If it has had any anxiety in him while doing this film, certainly no tip . Certainly it was 'fully in character' and never flaked at all during east, was invested strongly and was the flawless action . His part was very intense and augmented by his sheer presence partorisca synchronise that it is strong and intoxicating. Obviously it has the deep element of a Joker already embedded in him partorisca he partorisca touch a part like this well. It has done Heath Ledger proud and yes Ledger is looking down heavens in this action for Phoenix, am sure would be clapping in awe and saying 'Bravo, well does JP!' This film is one of a greats! Adding in Of-Niro was the good touch also, touch his good part. Highly it recommends this film, is the masterpiece and shines the light in mental illness and a uncovering of some a lot of discharges eat the hide of society. JP Has done the remarkable rendition, which so only can be applauded. This film is an experience of flavour , as it wins it or the hate, at all can take out of this mesmerising action for fine it talented actor. A wonderful epic!
5 / 5
Ossia Quite easily a film has better looked some time, years, if no, decades. It is the difficult clock in some points, but consider it to be triumph it on like this levels. It is a perfect antidote to all this strong and bombastic CGI'd arrive atrocity that film of the book of the comic is today. It seats like the much more personal and grounded film, and gave serious lunch for has thought roughly like people with extremely the poor mental health and the physical harm am treated in modern society.

Seats that Joaquin Phoenix quite rightfully has deserved Oscar wins for Better Actor thus film. The sound that does in these transmissions of films of sympathetic to repulsive the impressive, often inside small, is powerful but understated. A scene especially underlines, like the character done the impressive discovery and some implications of him the hard paste. Never in my life has I seen an actor with accuracy portrays of the so many emotions to clash inside a space of simple seconds.

Again, this film is not for a faint-hearted, but if ossia orientative of a direction that WB/DC standalone the films will be to take, then I for one am looking forward to that it sees the one who the films are released in a future. I agreed, it likes him another has said, of Taxi driver and Goodfellas, but agreed also of A Raven, A Dark Knight etc in his character. It does not feign to be it Batman film, included although has the Batman character in him, and is all a better for him. I think that that all the world is the wee has bitten fed up of an integer Batman be of the what of the origin has said umpteen time.

Highly recommended, can not say quite a lot of good things roughly that.
5 / 5
There has to that well sure that this film is very dark and does not appeal to those of the character he sensitive plus. But you look further that sees this like the true work of art. They are quite sure that a Joker is a character of book of only comic to win prize of academy for one doing of this function. Any one once but two times. Film of book of the comic so only does not attract this level of recognition. A lot I owe that way that Heath has loved Ledgers action, ossia far upper like the action. Calm in fact seat his ache and question some values of today of societies (still although this it fictional societies) . A work of film, doing and the music is for real adds and deserves everything of a praise has received. It is not the film with the happy message, has no glimmer to expect here, has to the fashion likes one Scorsese old film and for me is not I so that it adds the film if there is not this perspective. If has the complaint is that I can not see this main to the sequela that would match this quality. Really I can not see any when being able to match an action that spends some cloths of bat, ossia the shame but can live with that at least this film will not be never has diluted. The one who in the earth could expect party or has beaten this action.
4 / 5
Ossia The fantastically done film in a sad psychotic desglosa of the clown. A Joker of title, and the general appearance of a promotional material involves has something to do with a Batman universe. It can like this easily you call it Clown and be place in New York of present day, and there is exactly a same impact, perhaps even more like this, for having some guts to be in his own two feet. I do not see any reason at all for the connect to Gotham, Bruce Wayne etc. These all looked to like add-ons, as if any one has scared could that any he without these connections, am sure of course this has not been a chance. That have it this in spite of is to attract millions Batman the defenders to the film can very has not given never the second has thought. It is the film adds , if a lot depressing and class of pointless. I imagine with the be of shoots of the smallest actor the pieces for having any history or flow. So only the series of chance in a life of. And that of another character, is map any establishment, totally forgettable, there like this background noise partorisca east a show of man. A fantastically has has done phenomena, that has lost the, now knows would have lost a lot little.
4 / 5
The one who the disappointing film. I have purchased a 4K steelbook while the film would see several times.

Ossia Dip it F.ou. The film that trades in an army of Jokers of defenders of book of the comic.

Sheer Money grabbing to the equal that was Joker2.

Does not look It never no. The quite excluyente out of my eyes with the blunt spoon.
4 / 5
The joker is the book of the film of comic has based to different plot to a norm.

All the world, that comprises that they do not read Batman comics, is according to conscious look of a character of Batman enemy of arch. It is the villain whose origin is not known to his enemy More adds them. There are comics that he dictate it. Or enough, that can be. But so that the once said joker in the history ometimes, agrees things a way, Sometimes, another. If I owe that have the past, thinks that taste when being of multiple election!'. And of course a Heath Ledger the version has had a lot of different version of a history of scars.

This film has said the origin of a Joker. It has not connected with any one another dc film of comics at all, and technically is not under a same poster. As you can think of him like this the one who an origin could be. Or a elseworlds, if calm , one of an imaginary out of the histories of continuities do. So much for this is not based on anything of Batman comics.

In Gotham the city of a 1980 is - a film takes is detail of period down well, of one a lot beginning of some inaugural credits to an end of one concludes a lot of - Arthur Fleck [Joaquin Phoenix] is the man the one who bolt so only. It sees the social worker to the equal that has subject of mental health. Work as it clown. And it is looking for to be stand up comedian. It idolises Host of show of the habladuría Murray Franklin [Robert Of Niro].

But a city is taking bad. Any extracted any with respect. A city is in a cut one that funds that it gives the social worker. And then Arthur has a prime minister of a lot of bad days. His descent the madness begins....

Will not forget one doing in this film. Ever. Joaquin Phoenix is surprising. Calm can not take your eyes was for an instant. A film is a lot ready in that sure always is seen when being by means of the eyes of Arthur. And calm will not be able to take your eyes of a screen likes him the chance unfolds.

Some have accused he - probably before they took it casualidades to see he - to promote violence. But a calm message averts you of a film with this be well to other people.' A violence sees is limited, but realistic. And for this suitable calm of as this unpleasant .

A lot of lunch for has thought can be obtained of a film to the equal that to that is trying to say. Or calm so only can look he for one of one the majority of amazing character the calm works any summer never. DC USED to use the saying of slogan 'DC Comics are not so only for boys', behind when his first places out of materials of mature readers. Esperanza so it has left some films go a same way. Reason this tip the one who the results can take. And sinister hope his all have such bookmarks/marcadors astounding like this, also.

There is absolutely at all extra slope or with which some credits of finals.

A dvd has a following tongue and subtitle options:

Tongues: English, Castilian Spanish.
Subtitles: English, Castilian Spanish, Danish, Finn, Greek, Norwegian, Swedish.

A disk goes directly to a paper when uploaded without trailers or ads.

So only an extra, the three min characteristic long 'Please !'. Quell'Objective some a lot of different approximations Joaquin Phoenix has used for just a scene of a film. It is the fascinating clock.
5 / 5
Is quickly be that goes of a whole Comic the Franchises of Films, & in spite of being the big defender of DC Comics behind in a 80 east, some DC Films have, up to now, be quite bad, especially compared to some offerings of Marvel.
This film has been point and averts, mainly down to some glorious acting skills of Phoenix of Ladies, but also an atmosphere generated for a Manager & a cinematography generally. I dipped in alcohol of some classical films of one 70 east, likes Cowboy of Taxi driver or Half night for example. A violence is not almost like this bad as been portrait, to a discharge that recommended that to my partner, the one who deplore all the violent things. It is used when necessary to aim the fast descent of the joker the madness, in an end of a day is the psychopath & for a sake of a history lines this precise to be reflected.
Joachim Deserves each prize takes thus film, honradamente has seen never to to the the action likes. This film will go down like the classical is right own in this reviewers humble opinion.
Highly recommended, is a lot the looks would imagine.
Update My partner has loved JP action, & a film, tho finds it very dark, which, has left expensive he, is. Directed to warn so only previously to some 2 violent scenes in a film.
Update I need to also recognise Oscar very deserved to Hildur Guonadottir for an excellent & atmospheric bookmark, is the perfect returned thus film.
5 / 5
Ossia A History of Origin of to the Jokers roughly likes them Arthur Fleck Bruce resulted Waynes Arch Nemesis A Joker. A Backstory are to add and full in the plot of holes for people those who perhaps never Read some Comics. It have Read the little likes Chico but could very never Find a Reason for a connection among some two Characters that is seen in of the shows of Films and numerous comics on some years. A Real Hero of this Film is Joaquin Phoenix for his Portrait of DC Peasant Comics more infamous that tongue duquel Joaquin Phoenix more than Merit Oscar Congrats. This Film is the Sample Adds for almost all the audiences he so that has the deep plus that bad to the equal that surrounds the Mental illness and some in the Challenge all face in the Daily base. In general this Film has to that be a Better of all DC comics Liberta like this far and Sad to Jared Leto but DC needs to maintain to to Joaquin Phoenix likes them the joker some Foundations have been dipped for some Films Add to come..
5 / 5
Joaquin Phoenix is mesmerising like you Arthur Fleck. A man has disillusioned, solitary that feels detached of the society does not comprise . Tragically It Leaves his anger the taking does not leave to go. They are really happy and relieved JP Oscar taken nods for his action. It is a lot it has deserved it. Some means comunicacionales of the legacies looks for having lost a point of this film for a mile of proverbial country, (sinister of just leaves in this) but ossia at all new . They are informed to like this of the means comunicacionales of legacies for the reason. It ignores him and just clock.
4 / 5
Has done the merit of phoenix Oscar partorisca east? Sadly, Yes. This is not the film of book of the comic. It is the studio of character of reason a lot in the modern world finds has pressed to an extreme and with one turns of the chances finds is no longer in control. That in this chance defines that you are resulted. Arthur has to that condition, is living hand the mouth in the city that is falling averts. His life of house is bleak, his work is everything has. When I chances take everything of him nowhere has left to go. A scene where he finally the pauses are valued with the simple orchestral piece. The one who was has gone. The one who is takes time to evolve, but in that look the fall is more painful that any origin of book of film of simple comic. This will not change a mainstream film of origin that will come. But it marks the hard to take on a gender. One this deserves some prizes and recognition.
5 / 5
Well This was the macizo has left down, has been expecting something embroiders really cutting and gritty and 'disturbing' , has taken the half assed DC comicbook film that really failed partorisca take the one who the joker is, averts of one nods to sure leading batman flicks and an inclusion of Wayne familiar this really has not been a Joker, Arthur Fleck is not quite ready to be a Joker, a film tries to feel compassion for a clown of murderous but finally fails to .
In the positive note was good to see some real gratuitous gore in the film of book of the comic for the transmission , this was a thing some writers and the manager have taken well, blood splatter and shots of the next row of the revolver is frames of room of a joker.
Objective that has launched you the eserious' the actor and the phase to a film likes the art and in the mental health can clean up with the quite mundane film.
4 / 5
Looking this in a fug of Oscar buzz for Joaquin Pheonix and with one goes he of controversial draped in this film, both me and my woman had lost he in a cinema; my woman especially seeing with trepidation in a controversy that thinks was graphic in character.

This simply is not a chance although some killers spend for surprise and drenched in blood. A controversy is aimed a lot in those these films means. Pheonix Character Arthur Fleck is the man with subjects of mental health, comprising a uncontrollable laugh, and this man is launched down with a soddomites to Gotham underbelly where all the wait concealed is doing like the clown for the poverty and unfulfilled sleeps to result maintain comic when it is not ape at all. Cold do fault with the dish of the similarly pyschotic mother and the world-wide that of the good terracing has fallen this man down in each occasion, sadness and turns of frustration the reprisal against an elite and a mockers and before I know it, Arthur Fleck is a catalyst for revolution - and ossia a controversy , if such the murderous anti-the hero can be galvanised for a folk of a city. A phenomenal film and an exceptional king-imagining of a history of origin of the Joker where Pheonix is his own Joker but adds one odd splash of both Nicholson and Ledger his action (and felizmente any Leto), wholeheartedly recommends the clock.
4 / 5
Has loved this film. It was nervous was to avert to see he in a cinema depress. This in spite of have not felt in this way. This film is dark and menacing, faces subjects that need to be faced. Mental health. It does like this in the fantastically dark but insightful way. I have been entertained and has educated. Joaquin is an amazing actor . Ossia The film adds .
Bought it to the common and am looking forward to looking it later. A must goes.
4 / 5
If you are an old skool enthusiastic of joker then this will not disappoint , the film is like this obliging in a sense of mental heath, and in fact Murray has appointed a joker with which was ridiculed in his show. Felt the very deep sense of the sadness that looks it. It Likes him the society against Arthur was horrible. He clearly swipes, and these shows in a film. It was the little confused like this when his neighbour has asked to leave, and am thinking is to be yours is show , he March is in his plan that lips of plants in his. But after the few clocks, and many more to come, is his imagination . Absolutely I love this film, amd any does not have a lot of vat of chemicals or a ludicrously crazy joker. But ossia to plot more obliging, and any one struggling with mental health immediately, relates and sympathise with Arthur. One for real production of epic, and acting is out of this world. Already tried to discover yes goes to be there to sequela, was the blunt no, but the manager has been in to say this number 2 is always a better as it always can live in hope. Ossia Have to that it goes. Very dark, deep and saddening. But also it inspires in the odd ish way. Enjoy this film has a lot already. Joaquin Phoenix is awesome. As it has seen in some brothers of sister of the film that is also excellent. Western film. But to see a transformation has to that of experienced Is for real extraordinary.
4 / 5
So that they have read a Batman boos this can like this always be problematic - although that looks for to integrate a character to a history to exist line all knows A Joker there is always the bit of the ambiguity has been roughly comes from/comes from. One gives to comprise that it is somehow a darker shadow of a chaotic character of an existence of A Batman- no only his nemesis but somehow required to justify Batman - a balance of bad.
Has this in spite of in a film a question in an alcohol to the equal that to fact to the traumatic infancy inevitably heads to an adulthood of bad. Clearly this is not a chance in a reality of a world-wide alive in - but in a world of Batman is the real question that is counterpoint to Bruce Wayne own history - perhaps a difference is that Wayne has an amour and cure of an adult caregiver (Albert). You will owe the mark on your own alcohol looks this dark history - likes is of a tragic place that goes to direct.
A film is the stand so only so that any precise to know everything in BM and a rear history - but sweats everything there so that they love rear history and hopefully could draw some another in a world of Gotham City if no.
Is the dark and in timing violent film and if any like you to them the clowns probably more to give lose it! :-)
5 / 5
ALL THE WORLD has seen mesos comunicacionales social looked for the say was roughly adds anti social justice totalitarian sign of a film of time

this in spite of was perhaps so only some jumped on progressive films
with seeing he-tho analogy roughly triumph and Antifa, dipped in a prompt 90s I supposition
there is a Antifa dreads the wide mile
and Thomas wayne a mayoral presented for NY I bad gotham was clearly he Trumpian character.. Well wing and 'elitist' etc but so only like real world-wide Antifa and progressive , a film perhaps and no self reflected in his own transgressive standpoint
does not see like his poosilbe for a 'new right' people to lacth on to this character / of clown of white knight like hes roughly mention right type, and the champion for like this called 'incels'... A focuses new abusing btw

basically nah any so much
more the mix of the crap mouse with the odd key in an amazon lateralmente not leaving a movei to be 'looked of a began half I perhaps know that pass in a film
4 / 5
Ossia the powerful film , any so only the look, calms that seats and rests with you long after an end. It is dark and brutal, still has to that it vetoes to oblige of compassion that pursues throughout for a main character. Spectacular action of Joaquin Phoenix, if to the sequela is considered in a future, so only has to that be with him in a function of title, door a Joker the life.
4 / 5
Was concerned a bit first to see that it would be it to it, like a misguided the description declared 'A King of Comedy with painting of type.' The bad this could be. Far of mirroring this he transcends. Joaquin calms. Ossia For far one of one the majority of heart-wrenching and emotionally draining DC themed the films have not done never. I create in this world. It is real. I create in this version of Gotham. I create in a representation of Thomas Wayne, he hardened plutocratic scumbag the one who run over all this displease him. It is wrong to be satisfied to see these greedy and cruel mortals has destroyed for Todd Phillips darkness and deeply uncomfortable Joker? Taxi driver of no. (1976), Bellowing Tauro (1980), and A King of Comedy (1983) as well as Phillips' Trilogy of Hangover, Serpico (1973) and One has Flown In a Cuckoo Nest (1975) and a silent film A Man The one who Laughed (1928), and a lot musicals all jump to import when looking Joker. It does not listen to any of of the this. So only the look. The one who precise Batman when Todd Phillips and the joker sublimate of Joaquin Phoenix?
4 / 5
Seriously one of some films more is has not seen never. Big DC defender but that I really loved in of the this was that chairs like some Indian films in time and was like this vastly different to a typical superhero film of universe. Development of brilliant character and he really remained with me with which have finalised. Some extras are really add also yes wants to know more in a creative process to brining some origins of one of a character more add and more iconic in any universe to film to a small screen!
5 / 5
Jaaayzuz The one who the load of tiresome tosh. Looked the family, row of age 18 to 60. One 18 old year the request was after 30 minutes noisily declaring “ boooriiiing”. A rest of knots has stuck with him but he was painful. We have decided, if the film is “critically acclaimed” or appointed for the full fist of Oscars can guarantee it will be codswallop. Daniel Giorno Lewis self indulgent disappearing on some the own inferior prize goes to Joachim Phoenix to lose a lot of weight and gratuitously showing his skeletal frame in each occasion. Booooriiing.
5 / 5
I have not been sure like partorisca expect of this film. I have enjoyed some films of the book of the comic has done in a past decade, particularly Marvels, mainly partorisca not taking he also seriously. In comparision, some DC films leave me disinterested and the bit there is bored. Poor dialogue, lack of any and scaly storylines is resulted in me wishing would found something more partorisca look.
The joker is worlds averts of both Marvel and DC. A setting is fleshed was and realistic. A backdrops the looks could be spend out of your window. Some characters of support have personalities and of the addictions. A camera follows Joker by means of a series of the chances that gives an audience the flavour that could be it like to be in his situation.
Likes -you the solid piece of the history that says that it do partorisca consider the character of the entirely different appearance, then would recommend Joker.
4 / 5
With this undercurrent of social ills and the descent of a man the madness this is not an easy clock but well lovely viewing partorisca the sensational action of Joaquin Phoenix. A lot few films leave to to such the durable impact likes him to him the joker, without only the worthy centrical action of the each prize there but the acute eyed house in of the subjects that can all relate to in our contemporary World. The inhumanity of the man to man, a never widening empty among rich and poor and an impact of course of welfare to one the majority of vulnerable in the society is all feigned travers some eyes of a man-Arthur Fleck.
Ossia The brilliant film with much more to say that some origins of the DC character of comic. I recommend that all the one who concern in a direction our society is beginning would have to that look this film.
5 / 5
Having has PURCHASED RECENTLY he 4K Blue player of Ray to go with a TV has spent last year my main disappointment that considers 4K and HDR is that there is absolutely ZILCH there for the music and ossia reason postpones to buy a player the year later. There is not probably to be anything for music neither simply reason a main majority of artists likes still dipped his concerts on DVD or 1080p Blue Ray and his far too expensive for them to film the concert how is without adding more raisin so only for a sake of 4K.

Are not the film buff and does not buy the plot of film at all and there is roughly 50 - 60 in Blue Ray which is at all in report to the common of hundred and more have on BLUE & DVD Ray for music. A last film has spent in Blue the ray was History of Toy 4 last year and this was one first film has spent in roughly 4 years. It was also quite impacted to see that have practically at all in a way of figure first especially in report to that all of a forward 3 issued to have the tonne of them. But having the gaze in a 4K the emission there is remarked has had to weaves more in this emission and this so only goes to aim like this is trying take people to spend more money on 4K and enough frankly is so only another ploy in a tear was phase .

One of some other reasons have decided to take the new Blue the player of Ray was down the Sony taking was Prime of Amazon in my old player and that neither has had never a Netflix application neither and when being that it looks an odd film in First and Netflix and the joy surrounds his has required both of these applications in my player to take a profit out of mine AV Auricular. When being has spent like this a player has thought well also can buy some 4K HDR the contained and I am remarked the pair of subjects on to amazon and The Earth of Planet has purchased II for 13 bucks and Man of Spider To a Spider-Extracted for 10 bucks and honradamente has been impressed. I have had also pre-has ordered a Joker basically reason inform of 4K HDR was raving roughly the, as I have thought reason not going an integer hog and take a Steelbook for 30 bucks.

Results that one the majority of expensive 4K HDR the contained has purchased out of a three I has purchased was a Joker in a band. When being that everything of this three compraventa has done has come also with 1080p Blue the disk of ray was quite easy for me to upload a regulate blue ray to a player and a 4K to another to do comparisons. With all honesty for a life of me can not see the one who a hell a difference is among a two still calm like this can something the he one thousand is gone in these another two compraventa has done takes less than half a prize. Have enjoyed a film and had not seen the but has to that say spending 30 bucks in the film taught the good lesson and any way in this earth I that again.

From now on will stick to the oldest films that it is less than 15 bucks and, with all honesty, 4K HDR Bly the rays have to so only cost the pair of crux more than the regulate blue ray. 4k is not 4 times a quality of picture and in a more is so only two times like this well with a right film that it is. It was impressed not even with a picture has stuck in a Steelbook. A film could be very but a format was the tear was and some 4 incident has the data was for a film. Considering a 4K HDR quality that was very disappointing.
4 / 5
Considering the joker loves the help clears something on this a lot DC comic look of lovers to have the question with. When Todd Phillips Has been approached to do a film loves he prequal to a respect and Dark Knight to a character of Joker that Heath Ledger has touched like this well, saying the history on like the Joker of joker resulted and that evasions of a vat of acid that has done a character of Joker in an original DC history of comics. This has all state done before and seat a reality of the portrait of Joaquin Phoenix of the man has defied mentally narcissistic has spent a more up to date character.
I found when I have looked a film for a first time that as you look transmission of Phoenix of Joaquin by means of a film has found Arthur Fleck totally believable like the real person with an unstable mental condition that bolt in of the miserable conditions in some eighties American city. Every time I look a film sees more and more elements to both his together of alcohol and his own inability to see a world-wide around the so really is, a music is incredible and is planting in the each scene of a film has been done like this well, a cello a perfect instrument to aim his death like the character and person.
Seats a manager so only situated a pointed violence in a film where was essential to a history and a subterranean scene have done question like this to do one same was to him in this place, again calms has to say you that ossia he DC character of comics and no the real person but thinks .
A sequela to a film to arrive to this point is spoken roughly but raisin I arrivals of hope calm so much can look A Dark Knight directly afterwards as to sequela that objective to a character disturbed in this film.
In general ossia the glorious film that spends a Joker to this millenium, fantastically fact and perfectly touched for Joaquin Phoenix!!!!!!!!!!
5 / 5
Does not go to take to a controversial this is bellowing go in hardcore dc defenders and another. They did not like him never of of the books of comic. So only I know some characters by means of some films of then was to ‘prize ' of my work to be invited or taken by defenders to see the books of comic have turned to alive action film, among another. I have done in traditional animation, has fulfilled to plot of Marvel, dc, dic, etc. Defenders.
To some defenders a bit are politely say “is not a Joker of real psychopath? The one who concern while this interpretation is brilliant”. I guess I add “to take the life” this commentary will not look , but I must he for a sake of good cinema , deep , thoughtful.
This film is like this well has researched has a seal of approval of a lot of psychiatrists.
A psychopath can not be cured. It is not an agreement of illness, is the state to be. They are scary but there is so only a tune, lack of empathy, enjoying that it causes ache to another, any idea of the difference among right and wrong -end, ossia three- but hand of law manually.
Nicholson is scary he or is not spending trick. Heath Ledger Was the wonderful actor, his action of Joker was order -although still it psychopath of model- but he often felt to to the mine likes was of somehow impersonating Tom Attended in some of his alive work or interview inclusa. (I amour Tom attended them but I have maintained to expect Ledger to break to ‘A Piano has Been drinking”).
The purists have been that goes in and on in details the majority of people a lot included know roughly, in that has come to Joker via Batman film, no a comic.
This film has very deep. Everything of a script, a work of camera, a music, (does not take me begun in another querella: “Oh mine! They have used Gary Glitter song”. It was perfect for this scene and a perv is for behind bars...
A storyline and a way develops is surprising. The joker is not the psychopath, is the downtrodden, abused, laughed in, the man has refused , beaten the one who already has cerebral lesions or neurological the questions have caused like the boy for his mother and his lovers. It is odd. And the society does not concern for rarity. Our very neither.
HAS empathy, loves his mother, is full of emotions, loves people of laugh to mark included although his life has has not felt never right or real his, and these take trampled the again and again until for real it results Joker: one very last scene when it leaves bloody footsteps like regime an interview has with his psychiatrist.
Am not condoning murder, but is speaking in the fictional character that is been born in the book of comic. A little suspension of disbelief and the little tolerance is not too much to ask.
Each person has killed until this point does not deserve died, but is decayed, comprising like this resulted his lying delusional abusive adoptive mother.
The murder of a psychiatrist marks an entrance of Joker, no the merit . This in spite of is still a lot it psychopath. Psychosis yes, psychopathy the no. has crossed the line, and is unlikely to turn behind, but is not another psycho peasant the one who does not have any history. A history of the psychopath any elicit a lot of compassion.
And ossia a beauty of this film, a fund gives to an interesting maladjusted man that the society fails again and again.
Has not spoken of the action of Joaquin Phoenix still reason is likely that the smallest actor could not have directed to transmit this variety of emotions, his original naivety, some symptoms of the his lesions, a development of his character. Every time bundle I shudder. It has absorbed Arthur Fleck down to some bones.
Has utmost actors there, but any one could have given this action without turning he to the caricature. Arthur Fleck is like this real likes Joker. Last a lot of the one who has deserved really Oscar, and received it a lot to rent, thank, and flatter; but to draw parallels among a rejection and belittling of his character with a rejection and belittling of races, gender, especially. Of difference. To be another. It was beautiful.
Does not see reason this film would owe that it has cut a cord with Batman. Gotham Is exactly a city that sales to go in some less lucky More all the world. Reason owe the father of Bruce is the good man reason usually is?
Forget these details. Maintain a more imprecise outline of Batman in you boss, reason some elements of future histories are there, be open-imported, and calm perhaps will wish is a real Joker in Batman -a person has complicated, no the rancher of map, any so only another gratuitously cruel psychopath.
Shows again again and discover more and more subtleties.
The hat was to launch, writing/of production that/directs crew, not forgetting a crew.
In an age of fluff that confidences of the special effects and gorgeous advantages, the joker underlines proudly.
And again, the hat was Phoenix of Ladies .
5 / 5
One dark broading studio of character of a legendary villians origins.. Propiciado A screen of an alcohol of Todd Phillips and driven of inspiration of influences and a lot of sources of some graphic novels of Alan Moore, and Frank Miller, to a cinematic classics of Taxi driver and a King of Comedy.. Falling, and another.
Jaquin Swipes of phoenix he out of a park in his stunning portrait of the man that struggles with his condition of mental health, and that looks for to obtain acceptance and look in the world of torment and ache of a unforgiving uncaring society that is infested of course to social services, and cure of health in this dystopian vision of nightmare of the dark depressing Gotham city where a class divides and to the oppression is unmistakably evident. After the series of unfortunate if, and deeply discovered personal in Arthur flecks (Joaquin phoenix) life dulcemente drop to paranoia and madness, with him ferocious traumatic despear, and sledge intensity partorisca hammer like this seldom portray convincingly with total conviction, and infested with to to the the nervous tic likes to condition where is ailed with him maniacal of painful laugh in of the inappropriate social moments the one who does not have any control on. All duquel crescendos to the equal that to steamer that leaves of steam when it learns in his past of infancy and a horrirfying truth of his ganadería.. A Joker is born, and does not take any prisoner this modern day estupefaciente Oscar that wins throughly deserved accolades classical.. Brilliant material.
4 / 5
Staggeringly Well.... One of some the majority of phenomenal acting actions and studio of one view of social condition the long time....
5 / 5
Salvation. Looking this (for me) has tried the harrowing experience. No a film, but a fact that my partner and I have seated to the look am near and loves it, whi!And you slip to the comma and a time although it tries to think of something more could nip was and do without offending? In all the chance, roughly 30/40 minutes in me have fallen asleep. The work done. I quite produced of dry clock.
4 / 5
Quickly rant, could go much deeper:
are the Batman/defender of Joker with six decades under my tape; of some original comics/graphic novels, to the films of one 90, to a slick Heath of Christian/Bale Ledger epics. This film disappointed. They are everything for the approximation of slow burn, but this never included smouldered. An atrocious and scarce plot was the waste of the acting skills of Joaquin Phoenix. If you are going to detract of the needs of plot finds something to substitute some holes. An advance of character was thin and feeble. A bit those that nods to a history of cannon was predictable and bad executed, does not have to that it has annoyed. A precise Joker Batman, without loses to mean. His report is very powerful. Substituting to to Thomas Wayne likes him to him the joker of Arthur/of the character bounces was has not done at all. Ido is one bundle fantastically complex and intricate among Bruce and Arthur and there was at all in his stead.
Are sad to say this Joker was to dull, dulls dulls. You are not a Joker, is the man in the trick that has it desglosa violent, nervous.
4 / 5
Leaving take all a hype and a very deserved industry prize, has the sense disappointed. It was the good film , a lot concentrated, a lot done with an interesting history-line. A Joker has has required always the rear-history and has had a lot, start, partorisca me, with Jack Nicholson that falls to the vat of chemicals (that thinks was an original DC history). Heath Ledger Behind-the history of the abuse of boy was powerful. Recently, a Gotham seriáis portrays it the start of a joker in crime has organised, plotting a mob against another, and after his mother, and also the action of Joaquin Phoenix like him deranged comic, also close his mother, has another thing in common: they are both much older that Bruce Wayne, like this Batman or a Dark Knight would be partorisca beat up in the pensioner for a time Bruce has matured. I have a lot of preferred a Gotham line of history out of a two, and is for this that has been them disappointed for a 2019 film.
4 / 5
Im Sad has listened them so many good descriptions in this film but the just cant has spent was like this slow means them painfully slow found them quickly in that send it the plot. His just plain boreing, yep the tiny tiny bit of action but WOW the habladuría roughly builds up. Only reason has maintained them to the look is the paid for him near of £5.
Sad didnt enjoy it the think his a partorisca snobs to film the one who can go in in Ambience and a meaning of an art and true meaning of life etc and all these rubbishes, for a rest of knots normal people-Whose annoying.
5 / 5
A lot this is to squander 2 hours of my life will not go back , the one who the film to depress.
A lot acting of Phoenix any one quite action in film.
Was happy and could not expect joker of look but in an end of a film have depressed So only.
Dark taste and depressing joker of look of the films but otherwise would not recommend and the remorse that buys a film.
5 / 5
I bed in this film after seeing and apparently Todd Phillips a manager, has not decided that Arthur Fleck is a Joker of Batman afamada. Enough it is possible, a Joker esal' bases in Fleck. In the way I desire would read that before a film, reason has been expecting to see the development of Arthur of deadbeat artist to a real Joker, at least to an end of a film; say a final neighbourhood. One this has not spent of the leaves a film the a lot of studio more afterwards to the decrease of Arthur the violence. In spite of some of a revise this is not the really violent film , and with Joaquin Phoenix in a centre, is absolutely brilliant and totally believable which is reason the'not being hesitation in the give 5 stars and when being happy bought it. As I will look again.
4 / 5
Brilliant film and the glorious action of Phoenix likes Arthur Fleck.
A different Joker to ledgers but equally like this good.
Thus concerned in a violence, is not , is intense but brief. To to I Film likes him-John Wick with his senseless the murder and the glorification of gun is far worse.
Some means comunicacionales furore was totally unwarranted and thinks based more in a fact one of some main subjects of a film is uncomfortable for some rich and powerful in societies.
4 / 5
This film was a better and more disturbing the film has seen the long time, has been rasgado with compassion and horror for a main character. It can you do not look it was this in spite of the times have loved, a main star looked entirely absorbed like the alcohol to a touch of character, included although it is like this very known. It is it is remained pursued by a 'feel' of a film for the long time afterwards. Everything of some actors has has deserved prizes for his endeavours in this film. It is the moment this in spite of before I am ready to give the second viewing!
4 / 5
Fantastically sensitive Portrait of the vunerable, mentally ailing man decending the madness. You are rasgado among feeling deeply for his treatment and suffering and fearful of some extreme period is pressed to for society. Both the realistic studio of some cruelties of people and the glorious transformation of the man to our favourite master of mayhem. The action of Joaquin is instinctive and crude but with a indefinable his elegance. Cinematically Stunning. It is really a Joker? The one who knows. Defenders of a Joker to exist the histories can be ask questions , but like this with almost each one which Batman the character there is several versions of his origins. For me this films cleverly weaves some histories of Arthur Fleck and Bruce Wayne. A really thrilling time for DC film. It can not expect see that it can be fact with a rest of a Batman universe in this alternative vision. To the sequela pleases!
5 / 5
A darkness, troubling psychodrama this is to go besides an usual comic-to-film storyline. You explore An ambiguity of one 'advantage' of mainstream society and his impact in mental health. Joachim Action of the phoenix like centrical character has disturbed is strong and convincing, how is Robert of Niro like the cynical and manipulative host of show of the habladuría. A deep leitmotif of constant treachery for any one so only the society that does not concern but how is has created also people that any one neither works, reasons does not go like this far like this for excusarse the atrocious behaviour of the joker. Those some lacks of films is more force in some female characters, which is the limitation of a script and in some measure a storyline more than some actors they.
4 / 5
Has been it Batfan of my early years and master Batman nemesis Joker.
Another it Heath Ledger (TEAR), Joaquin Phoenix is a Joker embodied. Although this has not been a character of a Joker and the possible history of his starts, the portrait of the phoenix of the mentally patient character in the downward slope is surprising. Yes it is bloody depressing, yes is dark, yes looks to smoke to plot, but the man can tugs in the cigarette and scare one craps out of you that asks the one who a hell is going in in his boss. Tip that can spend to character the one who is dipped constantly down and that it can result in the society that does not give for the crap, although it is so only the history.
Phoenix of Ladies of the Bravo, bravo!
4 / 5
Forget all a hype saying ossia the film in mental illness and all some means comunicacionales that goes in &on on some morals of film.
Think of this like this the fresh film that takes batman in the new interesting realistic down the way of the earth dipped in gotham.
Ossia The film of as the joker has come tobe joker and that joker of advantage to take a street has. A really interesting and new way gotham the lore is staged and the hope the just hope will take this film and can do much more with joker and different characters.
A new batgirl took has concerned the little has thought them maintained after the joker has been done to well please no among batgirl direction so much good work could be done of Joker for a future.

Top Customer Reviews: Tenet [DVD] ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
Bloated. Pretentious. Cliched Likes Hell. The just plain dulls throughout. And with easy to deceptions of continuity of the something tip in that is at all at all partorisca do with travesía of time.
A lot a hype around this film has done partorisca think that a flipping behind and the forwards in time will be hard to follow. Well it is not . That is harder that take this in spite of is a fast paced conversations, and a choppy modifying of the small car announcing. For two hours the Tenet are them so only to tired to give the damn anymore. And more than a swipe of has found them have thought of a 'Fast that pause, big trousers' bits in Type Familiarised. But any quantity of fast in the speaker can distract of a total B.S. Of this film.
Speaking of Type Familiarised, agrees a scene where critiqued the writer of Hollywood partorisca call his main protagonist 'John Everyman' ? Well a protagonist in this film calls 'A Protagonist.' Seriously!!
And this film is also fill of incident-revelations ossia at all of a class. They are any character , but has seen them each only some advance of coming hours. If it looked them this in the cinema, then for a time this film goes esurprise! It has been all to the long of' can them easily marks 200 people all yawning immediately. For a time of one develops, would be more be of the surprise had been any more at all.
But like the defender of some films concealed is concealed bad is very' the perhaps could spend for big all of of the this, if it has not been paralización Kenneth Branagh. If this man has has won previously any prizes partorisca acting then would be necessary to give them all back right now. Imagine all a worse Bond the villains have added together, but worse that that, and muttering in the totally inaudible level throughout. I have connected the big pair of external speakers my TV, turned them until full, this in spite of could has not been almost anything has said in a whole film. Rey-Looking Tenet with subtitles there is enabled the pair of time (just to do sure that the has not imagined simply that bad is) has underlined so only that absolutely godawful Branaghs the character and the action are. I can imagine it goes in to take it says of Nolan of Christopher 'He, so only like this amour, but so only very very worse east times'. Ossia Simply a worse that read that it has seen them of then 'Paving 9 Of External Space'. But at least that the film has been meant to be bad. Ossia So only terrible. It marks it few senses, reason so only first to look east has looked them soyindhorn', where Kenneth Branagh touches the class of spoof version of him. And it is absolute gold in that!!
And if any one tries to say that the so only did not take it, or that it was to loan for me, well is bad. This film is nowhere approaches like this ready as it likes to think is, or wants to be. It averts of an appearance of travesía of the time, and a lack of gratuitous sexy women, this film is basically James tears of worse Bond-never was. More repeat viewings, so only to help mine of priest insomnia, has confirmed so only for me that ossia easily in a cup five worse films that the has not seen never in my life (and the recently binge-has looked all five harknado' film!)
4 / 5
Has had some films concealed was to dip take it to the pandemic then has been to be always Tenet. A film so much shatters it Earth in measure and spectacle that the people would burst in his masks (or coverage to face is the one of half age twat), sanitise his few hands and seat some chairs averts of all the world-wide to experience a prime minister blockbuster of the crown has come and there is ruined our lives.

Christopher Nolan tends to divide opinion with the people that thinks that is a prójimo messiah of a world of film or the pseudo-intellectual bores the one who situates near big-pieces in fine-layered characters and to significant plot. They are a lot in a leading side of some stairs. Seldom it gives the film 10/10 but has given Nolan films this estaca of indication A Prestige and therefore consider like this one of a More adds them filmmakers of a 21st century. Therefore I me ameno the pleasure adds to say this Tenet is full-throttle, porn of Nolan of Christopher shameless.

Descriptions for Tenet was decidedly mixed when the previews have been given to critics last Fridays and have had like this some in those doubts of tug when I have seated in front of a gigantic IMAX screen in Nottingham today. This in spite of, these doubts have been dipped to rest interior literally some premiers fifteen seconds of a film that begins where has @to @give quickly that there was simply to to any experience enough likes them the look he thunderous film of Nolan of Christopher.

A plot is almost impossible for me to spoil because mine teeny the tiny brain could ail comprehend any that went in it. Also the has not helped that the averages of a dialogue has been lost because of a booming bookmark. Any sure if this has been due to a cinema has seen he in or the poor sound that mixes that Nolan has been critiqued for before, naughty man. Frankly, I have not concerned me. A clue is given early on for an exposure-character of friendly scientist the one who try to comprise a whole time inversion basic of a film where she quips, ‘does not try for the comprise. Feel it.'

Some results of the concept slightly clearer like the continuous film in, blowing our helpless alcohol in a process but does not import particularly. Part of an entertainment to look Christopher Nolan for a first time is taking like this lost in a labyrinth of the plot likes the protagonist is. Inception And Interstellar felt almost like this impenetrable to first clock and has been now broken thanks to multiple views and of the video of countless explanation on Youtube.

Still if I can not be arsed to think, is joined to be daunted of a spectacle of him everything. Nolan Never anything for half and for Christ is pulled out of the each stop thus film. There is the series of sequences of insane action that has had me scooping my jaw of a paving countless time. A backside some extras of scenes go to be fascinating reason still can not wrap my boss around the half of these tricks have been done.

The things so only take more spectacular like the continuous film in with the sequences that touch backward and advances sometimes a same time. An intensity is also ramped until 11 thanks to Ludwig Goransson is thumping, bookmark that induces headache. It was the little has concerned that the things could feel the little odd with an absence of Hans Zimmer, but dreads no, ossia still a relentlessly that thrill Nolan blockbuster all wants to be submerged in. It is the real cinematic experience which can not be put the words.

Detractors Goes to find Always things to critique. One revises called he ‘humourless' quell'I finds the little odd. Really they want to Kenneth Branagh to treat that it dance routine tap how is plotting to destroy a world? In fact real, has been surprised to find enough the little witty scrapes that I have left to take in resistant our respite and breathe for just the second or two. If it was to find any critique with a film then would be that Kenneth Branagh character (although brilliantly touched) is the bit of the two-dimensional villain. This in spite of, is like this memorably vile that found in fact when being quite terrified of him.

During a third explosive law, my boss was mixed entirely and found me that asks if this whole film was a work of the character or he madman. The one who a heck could conjure on something this intricate and convoluted, still remain like this blissfully entertaining? That never your opinion of Nolan you surely has to that admire a sheer ambition and innovation amena in a world of film. So only I can imagine that some discharges of Tenet is the character will be developed to the multiple viewings and are viewings that the majority of knots is going to want to take. My entirely turned boss when I have stepped external in a real world. To utmost Tenet up in the-palindrome of word, WOW!
5 / 5
All is subjective & the subject of opinion. This in spite of, the think some people are taking the bit has spent was on here. This film is not that it goes to only handedly save an industry of whole film of a covid pandemic. Not even it is going paralización to save it. I need 800 million books in an office of boxes so only to break still. It finalises to limp past 350 million books by all the world. This in spite of suitable that a film is to massive cinematic spectacle ... BUT (& they are numerous) ... Some characters are cold & far (with an exception of Robert Pattinson the one who is exceptional); there is a lot little (ossia any) chemical among JDW is character & Elizabeth Debicki character & if any one the this chemical among your calm goodnesses does not invest in this character & like the calm consequence a lot really cured in that spends to one him; that then directs yours that has to question it some of some motives that propel a narrative; the random chances arrive; the groups of look of soldate; there is the big battle for some reason; at all it is it has not explained never; there is an odd plot contrivance and the jaw that falls revelatory moment in an end that is not the jaw that falls or revelatory. And it does not take me it began it on him him them seagulls would fly behind ! It is all spectacle , noise & pizzazz with any too or any substance according to your perspective. You choose ... 🤷🏻‍♂️
5 / 5
Has had is remained really waiting for Tenet, has loved absolutely Inception, Interstellar, DK Trilogy. But I have struggled unfortunately to remain awake during Tenet, inverted to the entropy is not particularly complex concept to take, but in this film the averages a screenplay looked the roughly that explains that it was all roughly in planting to locate with a history. Elizabeth Debicki the same function touched has touched in a Manager at night and Kenneth Branagh same function of deluded Russian oligarch with the incurable illness has touched Assumes of Shadow of Ryan of Jack. JDW And Patzi never lived until expectations, sequences of action with pincer the movements of entropy were as it dulls has fallen so only asleep. Christopher Nolan and creature bro' Jonathan Nolan with his Westworld the franchise has fallen the same cheat to try and failing to take his audiences to futures that does not resupply any base for the decent script, in interesting characters neither play of thrilling neighbours. Very disappointing, the leaves expect that the next times can find a magic of leading films.
5 / 5
This film is lush with the soundtrack of bomb and sequences of terrific action. This in spite of, is far too ready for his own good and has been lost for the majority of him. I have had the suspicion that something past very fresh but has had any idea that was. Nolan Looks for having forgotten that need of complex ideas to be explained dulcemente an audience is to be any casualidad to suspend disbelief. A Matrix, for example, commits at least 50 of his time of screen that leaves an audience takes up with some complex ideas. Sadly, Tenet Only bombards with a never more outlandish sequence of bewildering chance. Like the result, has the sense excluded of a heart of a narrative and disengaged of some characters.

Was likes look the video of waters to fall in reverse, those interest for roughly 5 seconds.

Likes First (2004) first of the, Tenet there will be you undermining by means of Reddit long with which some credits to imagine was calm would be necessary has it enjoyed or no.
4 / 5
Tenet Is the film written and directed for Christopher Nolan. The one who has done Dunkirk, Inception, and a Batman film with Christian Bale. Among another.

Tenet Is the thriller of spy with elements of fiction of the science in him.

Sees the spy that takes to an investigation to something odd. Which is so only a tip of the iceberg he far big plus.

Ossia The film that is more to discover for calm. It is probably a more complicated film has not done never. It could take my boss around Inception easily, but this apresamiento twisty plotting until the integer of new level.

There is a bit a lot a lot doing in fact, especially Kenneth Brannagh likes antagonistic of boss.

Looks realistic.

HAS his subjects, which will result apparent enough collects on. How it is drawn to do thinks. And no only in that is going in.

And is the film that, calm once knows that it is going in, will leave to repeat the viewings where have taken can choose you on the calm details could not have remarked first time around.

Some can find a bookmark and a quality of a sound has combined that could do hard to listen dialogue in some points.

You Neither exited of this experience to see that it is blown has gone by an ambition and the execution of everything is. Or be thoroughly stray and no for the pleasure at all like the result.

There is at all extra slope or with which some credits of finals.

Ossia All precise to know in a film for advanced.

A dvd?

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Tongues and subtitles is as follows:

Tongues: English. English audio captioned.
Subtitles: English.

Does not have any extra in a dvd at all.

And ossia all can say in a dvd.
5 / 5
Is almost impossible to listen a dialogue in one first now which do not help that it comprises a too complex history. Once some the main characters are in of the masks and of the helmets a dialogue is again has hid. It averts of Branagh an acting is quite feeble and some characters uninteresting. Branagh Chews on a scenery in way of villain of full arch.
Is like this long, two and the half hours of our time squandered in these rubbishes.
4 / 5
So only there is not locating with east. I love the bit of Nolan and I amour, and means LURVE that alcohol of curves, that time of twist, that moves the reality has bitten of ski-fi (if ossia a correct gender ) THIS In spite of this particular time-warped conundrum had confused me of an out of, and I never quite taken up. I have had to look he in three separate sittings because of boredom. And I will admit that it is resulted like this detached that has spent that any I paralizaciones same for pauses of basin! Gutted. They are clearly a lot like this intelligent to the equal that have thought.
The So only looked too thin, too difficult to comprise a plot and included comprise the one who some in fact has said characters throughout - really suffered this hushed/question of the yours muttered - especially a Russian baddy bloke and his woman, but has included a protagonist had also pulling to listen. Any joke, had had the scrolling of full wax and full bill of health of the test of has listened two leading weeks! Coincidentally, No in preparation :) Neither suddenly I have taken old or gone soft or Nolan has gone of a boil. It felt like the normal baddy film of transfer with a travesía of complexity of unnecessary time has added that has added very little, that could imagine was at least. The averages some times are looking material raisin in reverse and so only could does not imagine era. Perhaps I have the form of dyslexia to look too many Betamax films during rewind --said it always was bad for you! Sure, you see the scenes come full loop (rear, thinks?) But WHAAAAT! They are sure he is my question and Nolan is. After enjoying his history that says in another alcohol-benders, this time unfortunately is remained the feeling has deceived. Especially after a true delight of Interstellar. I have looked that to bend-figures. Tenet To to Senses likes him to him Nolan has struggled to find the good history, as seated and has asked one questions “that there are any knots done with time”. He then dipped roughly shoe-horning the history around this inverted premise of object, more than beginning with the good history. The desire had found the better method that simply touching material in rewind. Perhaps we can blame Covid thus shambles also.
5 / 5
Ridiculously overhyped. Perhaps this was so only one First emission also, but an audio is terrible - difficult dialogue to listen in mine THX setup. It has given up after an hour and bit it. They are not joking when it has said enough would have been @@subject to the season of Boys of Brown of the Lady.
4 / 5
No for the long times have has seated 2 and the half hours am boring Terribles.un actor of goodness Denzil Wahingtons edges,anything his name is reason I of the one who priest,his bad doing done a worse same film that era.un the travesía of time is confusing theres hardly any action untill an end and same thats craps.unla The history is terrible & a value of what only that sees is Micheal Caines 10 screen of time of minute.House turned it has been has wanted I desire could go back in time and send a blue ray still gives you an extra disk?Whats That arrest,to rub your nose in that the terrible film east or a compraventa & clear FATMAN with Honey Gibson this film will not maintain your girls ,TERRIBLE & RUBBISHES.
4 / 5
We pay 13 pounds partorisca enjoy the lockdown extracted. A film is terrible. Some actions of goodnesses are of forest. One 'transfer' regarding a third character is obvious. A whole thing has been created to indulge timey-wimey obsessives, but am not touching a game - a concept has not done any sense of mine and is not my work like the spectator partorisca take my boss around reverse entropy; it is a work of manager partorisca ensure that I concern.

There is repeated toe curling moments when characters, likes Dr. Exposure In a first law, says to to the things like does not try partorisca comprise' - of download he of the manager the one who @gives that remains the concept partorisca infect his art, with fatal consequences. I have taken Joint of Exposure of the Dr., which was the deception , reason not comprising inexorably heads to a lot that concerns ; it could it has not concerned me less than past to a criminal character to the point of pívot of a film, in spite of one has has repeated assertions that a future of humanity was at stake.

Professional reviewers the one who has thought partorisca mention a impenetrability of a plot has suggested that a spectacle of some frames partorisca film on partorisca east, somehow. He no. Beethoven is complex still beautiful and finally revelatory. This film is any of these things. It is not even like this ready as it thinks that that it is - of the distance of an hour or like this, can see that it is Song of River fulfils a paradox of Grandfather - that done an impenetrable, mumbled on-disorder of screen less still forgivable.
4 / 5
Is has determined any partorisca resupply any spoilers, and so only would suggest that calm the works were partorisca calm. Calm possibly will find an inaugural 15 minutes partorisca be the little jaw that falls and well can think to calm, 'That a hell is going in?' Stay with him, does not take your eyes out of nip was partorisca the cup of caffè, the just clock listens and learn. You will require partorisca be in a ball and quite intelligent to included begin to comprise some nuances that is spending. This in spite of, are achieved and comprise the one who this film is by train to say you will be very proud of the yours self.
Some Actors deserve some extra thank you; Kenneth Branagh is a embodiment of a psychology of a function is touching and if it do not want to Oscar I then will be surprised extremely and there is disgusted. John David Washington was, in my opinion, a character the one who for his Exc in acting has drawn a spectator by means of this incredible history. In fact, it has done all a difference and is another the one who deserves Oscar. Any description would be to swim without the strong mention for Elizabeth Debicki the one who has resupplied a exceptionally the action has balanced that done like the point of reference to all this past. Oscar I hope.
Tenet Is the film will look the little more time in a future, or past, and am sure that will learn every time.
Thank you Christopher Nolan, is the genious.
4 / 5
When in a midst of Londra Tier 4 lockdown, one aspires to some films of inventive horror, he scintillating work with adding acting and the script or for example the fact of good blockade bluster with the terrific mould, scenes of action, script, plot and hips adds to do is quite lucky. In a row last this paving of falls with the big thud, leaving me to exit roughly 45 minutes in. And any to go back, neither. A challenge was problematic taste grieve taken by means of Inception of the few years behind, the thriller of warp of time looked for manager Christopher Nolan the one who apparently thinks to redo travesía of time of plots of reverse order on and on again paste ...Perhaps once in the moment. Inception Baffled and hardly understandable. Here with alike subjects, one loses a plot roughly 15 minutes and then hands on desperately, or boredom. In brief, A hero has touched well enough for John David Washington, is the súper the agent retained for some stranger possibly organisation of type of the CIA to undermine or stop some plot to destroy a world-wide that involves in fast sequence, the short explanation like this on for a unnamed upper, the travesía in Indian to fulfil some middleman the one who is in fact a woman of a suspect, the one who can direct our hero to a supercharge plutonium (which, well, would not destroy a universe but the small part of him probably), the one who then taken was to Italy or Swiss to pursue the Russian/ Ukrainian (not clearing) oligarch (plaid a lot strongly for Ken Branagh) has surrounded for farcical heavies, with a estranged woman the one who worries any except his charming edges almost do not see never, with the subplot involving some sketch of art in the warehouse that is supposed the unlock ...That ? I forget, oh he, and occasional glimpses of giants widget sized pieces of metal in of the plastic chances that is spent around and apparently is supposition to be a plutonium that a hero is looking for reason then.... The god knows in this point (and this was so only roughly 45 minutes in). A script is a main culprit here a/ reason he no any sense : the edges are declared and fallen, any one has followed b/ a reverse time schtick can be expected after Inception but here there is not signalling at all : we see some tricks of pleasant magnet with the balls that traces to the fist vs. When prpers have fallen and the shots that goes behind and while ? At all c/ a bridging 'explanations for Washington' dapper sidekick, preppy outfitted Robert Pattinson, goes nowhere, signifying swimming and d/ consistently a nifty the scenes of action fall very very flat : reason is these people that pursues each one another, that is a motive , to fulfil that ? And on and on. In the evening vacacional is cost plunking down more than an usual GBP to give come from that and sustain a streaming industry of film, but please Gentleman Nolan - can do you sequences of action, well, but goes back to a basics of well filmmaking ( is starts with a writing) and then calms so only can have the significant career in an industry vs so only in winning money like this after all to be add precise to do the films add that touches a soul and clave (one Joins Reigned Gambit Serious, or heck one of mine favourite old, Ran Silent Ran Deep) . Any when being pas bad here (likes the hate writes negative critiques) but sincere and constructive. Happy new year your Gentleman Nolan and everything.
4 / 5
Terrible film! That is a point to look the film that mark any sense at all and everything behind? There is the thin line among taking it legislation and very wrong! Inception Was very right ..... Tenet Is very wrong.
A line of history of the writing, doing was terrible ladies and has wanted to have dipped me out of my misery with a quality of sound. John Washington was likes look his law of dad (the tongue, a swag, all - need his own identity not doing like his dad as we are not morons). Elizabeth Debicki was literally out of a character of Manager of Hotel. For real it disappoints it to see Kenneth Branagh that goes this low and to an only end of the cheque of good pay? My surprise Robert Pattison was OKish (another that an end a lot taking). SURPRISING the one who the plot of marketing can do excepts can not hide..... Total rubbishes.
Averts at all side!!! £ Could have it gone the charity in the better end.
4 / 5
I quite enjoyed Tenet but has not been adds. A concept is surprising, some effects also is that they surprise, some pieces of neighbours of the action ditto, May...
...The history and characters.
Has not given the alone to crap in any of some characters in fact a protagonist is like this bland is in some credits as 'protagonist'. A history was well, grieves, and has failed a 'look in telephone of mine' test. Any that is not the concept of good history, is so only very executed all this sake.
5 / 5
Boreing Like Bars- I could leave he in that but has to that dip more for the description. Looked forward to this film and expected for a prize to fall to £5 seated in the night has seated all happy 30 mins later boring stiffless, has spent on 1 his hour the couldnt taking anymore and was has been.

First of a film bores cry Ohh requires to look it all, ANY I BLEEDING whose good film would have to that be enjoyable all a way by means of him would have to that have a lot doing a lot of storyline, good plots and visual effects and good actors etc etc enough to resist your attention of a start this has ANY of that and his Boreing likes hell, a actings terrible a plot is pathetic and a storyline sucks.
Like it has said that this can be thus film nerds the one who tries and find film a lot of lese likes so that it can considerthemselves in general simple , knows likes some alimentary snobs those who eat the tiny carrot with running over Juice onit and paid £150 then rave roughly the to his darlings!!! Well Ossia one same to everything normal folk his COMPLETE And UTTER BOREINGGGGG RUBBISH.
4 / 5
Highly entertaining plot with a lot of transfers and of the turns. Both writing and directed for Christoper Nolan and looked in complexity the Inception with a lot little said in the each calm scene once knows that it is looking for. Some utmost doing all the round. And yes, there is a hole of edge or occasional plot to pull on yes is exasperated to find them but hey, suspend your disbelief for the pair of hours and be entertained, all requires the little concealed this year!! So only really a niggle for me. A sound that mixes the quality was the bit to frustrate . It is the plot that calm require you to listen to and quickly information to process this is rid often during mid conversations of action, and has had to rewind the the little time because a sound that modifies/to the mix is like this out of balancing you can very always listen that it is has said. There is remarked this the plot recently with an emission of film directly home streaming. It thinks perhaps it is mixed for cinema any house that sees. Often explosions, SFX the sounds and soundtracks of bookmarks/marcadors/musical dominate a start that riadas out of crucial dialogue. It is not an only film has experienced this with recently. But, in this chance, would not dip me was that it looks it again. Appearance he a lot of things you something a second time to look that lost a first time, like currency the second and perhaps included the third clock. In spite of some subjects of the his is still 100 better times that some of some rubbishes have looked concealed is the state has released recently. Well value the clock and the very fresh and enjoyable way to spend 2.5 hours of the year of rubbish.
4 / 5
Ossia The description of an All the Blue Region-ray, released for Warner Bros the 14 December 2020. A quality is excellent, and comes with the disk of prize of special characteristics - value add for money.

British-born manager Christopher Nolan clearly has the ‘what' roughly time: some effects can have in of the conscious people and unconscious alcohols; like the time affects reality; like the time is relative. It is the edge in current by means of like this of his films, of ‘Memento'(2000), the Lunar-Black that extracted murder and amnesia; by means of a thriller ‘Insomnia'(2002), dipped in Alaskan the summer and is eternal daylight; Ski-fi law ‘Inception'(2010) where the sleeps and the reality am manipulated; ‘Interstellar'(2014) treating some effects of travesía spatial punctually. Included ‘Dunkirk'(2017) Uses the term of different time to run parallel, to cover an action of June of May 1940.

In his his blockade late plus-buster, which hanged in in him whopping 2 hours 30 minutes, Nolan again the frames time a centre-piece of his plot. It is another Ski-Fi thriller, and again is written for Nolan he, using the ideas has been doing on, literally, for years. But you have struggled with some ideas of time in a notoriously complex but scientifically attentive ‘Interstellar', or a notoriously controversial “Dunkirk', is in stops the torrid time here. Reason a timelines here is running advance and behind, sometimes for separate, sometimes at the same time, and a complexity is such, calm probably looks to need this film with the calculator in your hand!

Whilst Has followed both some 2 earlier films quite well, at the beginning seeing, here, was totally flummoxed enough collects on. Finally, I so only decided to seat behind and enjoy a walk. And a walk is quite good.

A film is in the first place, A lot generously filmed, with sweep and spent glorious. We take world-wide recognition of good-looking places, everything fantastically has photographed. Also we take some seriously together that shine-pieces. It would recommend especially the spectacular scene with the flat load, and another with the pair of F50s, bounced them to run to cruise faster that a world, those careers in a Solent (when being in still a Amalfi cost!); And also he bungee jump to do a water of eyes. There is a lot equally spectacular car persecutions, armed excursions of several classes, and fights.

American footballer forward and actor John David Washington, the one who is coming to prominence in a mordantly pleasant ‘BlacKkKlansman'(2018) done an appeal, muscular and effective heroine, surrounded by several excellent British stars, comprising the viscerally Kenneth unpleasant Branagh, the a lot of couth Michael Caine, and the amiably understated Robert Pattinson, doing up for his serious thespian own-objective, in ‘will do(2019).

So much, taste ‘Tenet'? He-ish. Probably I require at least another viewing, but the first view, does not estimate it like this highly like the quota of Nolan is other works. I thought that it that it was slightly on-ready, in a cost of sympathetic, and also bit it chilly and a-involving. Besides, it has been it has left also ask ‘Reason?', Enough noisily. So much, so only 4 big Stars , brutal.
5 / 5
Christopher Nolan the majority recently directorial endeavour and a film this has been a leader to try to save an office of boxes in possibly a worse cinematic year of all the times. Tenet Sees the Protagonist (John David Washington) armed with a word ‘Tenet' and struggling for a survival of a whole world to the equal that travels by means of the twilight world of international espionage in the mission that will unfold in something besides real time.

Nolan Once again presents his knowledge of and interest in time in the only, those thrill and and brain to time that way of mixes in this heavy intrigue ski-fi thriller of action. Looking roughly very original and creatively choreographed sequences of action and an excellent mould lineup giving strong actions. This in spite of in of the terms of depths of character and development and some jumpy pacing questions a film falter.

A film is heavy dialogue and requires to plot of concentration like a lot of of some conversations are almost all essential to help workout that is arriving and learning more roughly like time, manipulation of the times and the time structure all the work in this universe, although a film has the line directly declaring to a Protagonist - “does not try to try to comprise this.” This in spite of that when be said for a majority of a film some elements of time are explained and presented in a understandable and any too complex way. A history feels slightly choppy in time and has some very heavy exposure moments of dump.

A time that mark of movements of sequences partorisca to myriad of creative and entertaining sequences. Of a sheer visual creation of one rear that vehicles of movements, people, elements and more. It touches of the whole scenes was simultaneously in some pasts and present, with some of these comprising behind dialogue and creation of the his revoked. Some pieces of neighbours of the action is like this thrilling and dramatic likes expected of Nolan. A trick of accident of slowly of épico and one visceral rewinding and scene of fast sending to struggle that accompanies is thrilling. An extraction of the street and the car persecution is the brilliantly choreographed to the spectacle and an end is utter chaos of a past and present colliding. In report to a creation of the his and the difficulty has alleged to listen a dialogue I personally has not had any questions with him.

Although any of some characters are developed particularly or obliging a mould is one impressive lineup. The protagonist of John David Washington is the strong and commanding direct the one who takes everything in his stride when it comes to some elements of time. Robert Pattinson is as well as his astute accomplice and very spoken. This in spite of unfortunately his function mostly is taking shouted in for his husband and Elizabeth wounded Debicki give the broken still courageous action. Said husband is touched for Kenneth Branagh the one who is scenery chewing and biting in his visceral dislikability.

Tenet Is the time and the alcohol that explosion of curves of fast paced, pieces of neighbours of original action that use excellent visual effects and choreography. One mould lineup all rid the actions add, in spite of any when being a lot of some the majority of interesting characters and a pacing can feel jumpy in time.
5 / 5
Looked forward to to see this film has looked of the little of the films of Christopher Nolan in a pair spent of years. A history for me, was totally odd and took some time to take his. To do the worse subjects, has the Cinema of House dips up and a sound was terrible. One surrounds the sound and a bookmark of music was far too strong; a dialogue grieves audible, which mean has had to use Subtitles to be able to follow a history.

Any desire to say much more in this film, all that can say was the disappointment. One Blue-the picture of Ray was quite well, has left down for a soundtrack.
5 / 5
Terrible soundtrack - too layered and noisy, the poor diction and mumbled throughout.
The woman has given on with which 20 minutes. I have looked to an end as it had paid £ but OMG the one who the load of .....
The impressive special effects but plot far the convoluted and complex - especially like this couldnt listen hardly anything says for actors .Tried subtitles of for the half way and that at least to the left classify me partorisca know a plot but this would not look again - NEVER.
Wouldnt Squanders Your money and time on this would be my view .
4 / 5
Ossia The ready history and in a lot of ways a lot well has done.
A lot of ready plots and transfers. 'Reason is there the car clashed in a half of a street.... Oh He, now comprise!'
THIS In spite of, a music too much strong with heavy base and mumbled fast that pause the frames that follows an almost impossible plot without subtitles and constant rewinding (ironically).
Besides, one bases strong in fact begun partorisca do me feel nauseous for a half. Well it has launched that it would have to that it has been it excellent. Michael Caine, Kenneth Branagh partorisca appoint but two. It felt it that has not used properly.
A main protagonist called 'A Protagonist' loses. Search to be any one the hard or wise man that cracks with lame jokes. Both lacking . Had any confidence in him in fact saving a world. Thought a timeslip the bit could improve his character but sadly no.
Like this in general, no the value that paid partorisca look (taste ). A farce of the evening when free in First, but agree a subtitles
4 / 5
has loved like this film, as have enjoyed a fashion, storytelling, and bookmark of a trilogy of dark knight. But a Tenet? That he flop!

A plot is full of holes, the majority of him any sense to the equal that to the one who is the one who and like his , a 'hero' is not relatable, some villains are plainly crazy/insane. An endeavour partorisca do this ready film with puzzle of time, the majority of that is irrational, is Nolans only hope partorisca do this successful with critics.

Some effects of the his and the bookmark so only adds some work to a film. Suspect if it has not had any effect of the his dramatic, calm could not look 10 minutes more, although there is almost has achieved an hour to a film.

Is lucky that has not been stuck in the theatre partorisca film that has to that look this but unfortunately calms can not take repayments of any streaming service. Disappointment and terrible film of Nolan.
5 / 5
In that went it a bit unimpressed with a series of Dark Knight and entirely disappointed for Interstellar and Dunkirk has not had big hopes partorisca east. This in spite of, looking Tenet has been useful reason are has convinced now that a tendency will continue and does not have to that spend the time that looks more film.

Again has had dialogue that was too calm, as in Interstellar, and scratchy noises that has been meant partorisca be the music thinks (Dunkirk).

Is easy to critique a pomposity of this film, the concepts have done on-complicated by a fact that is explained in throwaway lines; on-acute modifying preventing developments in time of scenes and again, for example, when JDW has been to a yacht partorisca fulfil Gentleman Kenneth.

Like my trace of disappointment on some premiers 30 minutes was very relieved when we take to a scene with Boeing 747 – “Shirley you can not be serious” and Leslie Nielson is coming partorisca import of course. A corralling of a truck was quite pleasant also.

Some have said that will take 3 viewings partorisca choose especially some subtleties of this film and concealed well can be a chance. This in spite of, do not go partorisca invest other 5 hours in seating by means of of the this, has directed partorisca take enough a first time around. It would prefer film partorisca be no more than 2 hours and some creators partorisca be able to express they and communicate some first salient points time by means of.

The photograph was good and special effects quite good.

Gentleman Nolan has his defenders and he is spent entertainment the a lot of people so that it is a lot of course, perhaps So only does not take It but partorisca me this was another example of CN when being pretentious.
4 / 5
Can no partorisca spend me partorisca recommend this. It is absolute dross, stupid concept, bad his writing , bad, fact launched and very bad bad, thinks is in a class of Inception but is not , does not peel shot long. A bit those that known good names but would have to that be embarrassed of them when be seen is.
4 / 5
The good idea but is the like this slow. The direction of Christopher Nolan has taken can be. Included a step of lack of scenes of action.
Does not think a premise and controls of plot up.
Bad launched film. Kenneth Brannagh like the Russian gangster? Hmmm...
Like terrible likes Dunkirk.
Any patch he in Interstellar. That has had the history adds and add doing partorisca do on partorisca the slow step of Nolan. I think that that it is often too sedate in his films. So only they tug.
As there is disappointed has taken the repayment . I have lost so only any interest after trying for the look two times. Before any one abuses my intelligence, the take and that it is roughly. His so only like this cold and unengaging. Interstellar has had to feel and spent... Any of some actors has chemist here. Some looks of female goodnesses partorisca be main that each man in a film. Justo odd. It is it likes man in a big castle. Utmost idea, so only too long and goes nowhere in the slow paced, dulls way. For one same token does not like me the films that is all fast paced action. I need the balance and has to that involve with some characters... One One thousand Green.
Thanks to Amazon partorisca a repayment. Reason has to that paid partorisca rubbishes? I know it is subjective but some films are boring besides subjective flavour. Ossia One of them. I more produced of harvest of dry clock.
5 / 5
A film arrived in perfect condition and promptly, fulfilling some pre-terms of mandate.

Regarding a film he, is masterpiece of storytelling and action. A callback to a time of old where way, scenery and the stairs was hallmarks in thriller partorisca spy escapades. A fusion was glorious and daring, each captivating in his functions. A bookmark perhaps an only disappointment, any when being pas bad in any level and thoroughly enjoyable but left intrigued partorisca ask that Zimmerman there would be on come with the returned the subject of a film a lot like an excellent Inception bookmark.
Partorisca More a history will require more than a playthrough the one of truth take a intricacies expertly halftone partorisca begin to finalise.

Where He inevitably and often unfavorably will be compared to the leading works of Nolan thus far less appreciative of an excellent dynamics, does not leave concealed or his place six state in any way. Each one that like this of the personal works of Nolan explores a marvel of a character of the time and is careful any to retread or revisit the streets has walked before. Tenet Is any exception but stands like the far adventure more directs his passion and fascination with time.

Ironically Some films Achilles the only heel has been he is timing like this this year upheaval the undue expectations have situated in the and neither left it never a be promoted as it has deserved.
Hopefully Now is available partorisca the direct emission will find recognition in of the spectators although his probably never again take an occasion partorisca be impacted by a feigned iMAX the presentation has been done partorisca.

This there is easily result one of some better films has seen in recent time. And it expects it given the reception to for a lot of more, partorisca 'posterity'.
4 / 5
I image if any one gave a estimativa and the complete free hand partorisca do the film probably would be this bad. But they are not the manager, the writer of history, the man of camera, the manager of casting, an editor or the designer closely. There are people those who can do all these things well, unfortunately was neither very involved in this film or any left partorisca do a work. And, Gentleman Nolan is not that they are somehow too unintelligent partorisca follow your brilliant concept, your blistering a lot or your brave jarring modification - Lost a plot. As he 15 short minute on Powder in some hands of any those who still has to that struggle to take his work seen, the one who CURE still, a 'concept' (spoilers - stuff partorisca move by means of time in of the opposite directions) could resist up. But this train squanders bad wreck? And for a Gentleman of way Nolan, has kittens the one who have presence more threatening that Kenneth bloody Branagh. That roughly launching a REAL Russian? Have quell'has fulfilled Russian blokes? They are all frigging terrifying. And And, and prenderé now but, mashing yours a lot of so that it adds Ski-fi concept up with him remake of a Manager at night that it use a member of same main mould in exactly a same function?! Seriously?!! Yea. Save your fiver and assume quite anything more.
4 / 5
'Better film partorisca exit during covid'... No, really it is not .

So much is looking for another film partorisca try reason are ailing to hell partorisca look an endless quantity of films really bad has released in this glorious 2020... Well It Guesses that, this flick does not go partorisca change concealed!

Took the moment partorisca imagine was the one who a hell is gone in with this film. I mean yea, revoking time, when being able to manipulate a future... It classifies of... It is the quite decent concept , but scripted REALLY BAD in this film. Acting was a lot. Ossia Roughly that.

Totally any value one £ seal of prize.
1/5 stars of me.
4 / 5
This film is like this boring, some actors mumble and habladuría in odd riddles, some riadas of music out of a dialogue (which is odd) and a whole plot is an only known secret to some actors and crew. The desire has not squandered my money that buys a film.
4 / 5
Yes they are fearful this film is terrible!
Is the shame could does not give the averages the star.

Likes some another has signalled out of a film is the disorder massively - is as it has taken the series of scenes and pasted the together with any real connection among them.
One doing for an actor of principle is of forest, essentially has not inherited any of the acting capacity of his father.

A film is long and very bad structured, which direct me to think that a film was included more along but has has had to that the shorten and do so it takes holes all a material this chairs to mark helped of him.

Imagines is a class to film some people will mark highly to the equal that feign for the comprise. A question is this , is not possible to comprise a film as it has not felt.

Has looked this film so that it calms has not had to the to him look.
4 / 5
Possibly a more confusing film never!
Has not had any idea that is gone in the majority of a time.
Included after reading several on-line pieces to try and comprise it, are any wiser.
One revised recommended that looks this 5 or 6 times to fully take a plot! Any thank you. Once it was quite.
Inception Film of Disney of the look
4 / 5
This goes to be the shortish informs so there is already has squandered an hour and the half of my life in this film.

I amour Christopher Nolan film. Sincerely it believes it it has done so only a film (before this) concealed has not been adds: Some Increases of Dark Knight. And this was still quite good.

This film has broken that pursues. Almost everything roughly is terrible. It excepts Robert Pattinson. It is well. And Kenneth Branagh is not bad. But all more!?

A goodness viril is the character of hard type as they have chosen to if an actor the one who is a measure of an average 12 year; it is tin like this small a lot included hide it one do one with Tom Cruise. While a female goodness is 6'2”. This would be big prójimo in any actor. But against THIS TYPE!? It is so only absurd. That has been thinking?

Worse, this in spite of, is a film he. I can not think that it is not deliberately that tries to confuse. It jumps of here to there and the besides without shots to establish, any coherence, any explanation. And there it is exposure in a dialogue that is feigned to fill this empty, well, CAN not LISTEN THAT it is SAYING!! LITERALLY NEVER!!!!

Worse still; it is like Nolan has agreed to film all some together big pieces, but has then run out of time and has filmed so only 30 of some scenes of connection that marks on a film among dipping pieces. He no ANY SENSE!!

In short, is like any one has taken the 200 million books presupposed and the brilliants cinematographer ( look beautiful) and gave them then both to one of these types in a 80 is the one who has directed incoherent, bad modified directly the material of video likes Any one Retreats, Any one Surrenders 2 or American Ninja 5.

So only thinks that it would look him again before has has wanted to Tenet again.

Seriously. This film is rubbishes !
4 / 5
Full of holes of plot. Kenneth Branagh Is terrible like the rancher.
Michael Caine explosions up for any reason.
A woman of the trafficante of the art is of forest and calm no really empathise with sound.
A baddies henchmen is Eastenders quality at most.
There is enjoyed Robert Patterson but has found John Washington the bit dulls.
All some scenes have been shot in of the forwards of real time and behind me then rest waiting for looking some extra DVD. If no, I am disappointed.
A special agent Q the scene in a start was like this fill of holes of plot.
The one who concerns in a product forged? Or some free ports for trafficante of art?
Honradamente..., I have loved interstellar but this film is rubbishes .
Saves your time and money and look something more.
5 / 5
Is to 2020 fiction of action of science-film of the thriller written and directed for Christopher Nolan, the one who has produced he with Emma Thomas. One has sawed-production among United Kingdom and the United States, stars John David Washington, Robert Pattinson, Elizabeth Debicki, Dimple Kapadia, Michael Caine, and Kenneth Branagh. A plot follows the secret agent (Washington) to the equal that manipulates a flow partorisca time to prevent World-wide War III.

Nolan has taken five years more to write a screenplay after deliberating in Tenet centrical ideas partorisca to the long of the decade. Pre-The production has begun in late 2018, launching Leaves 2019, and the main photograph is lasted three month in Danimarca, Estonia, India, Italy, Norvegia, United Kingdom, and the United States, of May in November. Cinematographer Hoyte Van Hoytema has shot on 70 mm and IMAX. The scenes of the manipulation of time has been filmed both behind and attacker. For on one hundred glass and the thousands of extras have been used.

There is retarded three times because of a COVID-19 pandemic, Tenet has been released in United Kingdom on August 26, 2020, and the United States on September 3, 2020, in IMAX, 35 mm, and 70 mm. It was one first tent of Hollywood Polo to open in of the theatres with which a pandemic closure, and grossed $ 362 millions by all the world, he doing an island-a big-grossing film of 2020. This in spite of, has failed to break even because of his expensive production and estimativa of marketing, losing revendedor Warner Bros. Pictures like this like this $ 100 millions. A film has received generally descriptions favorecedoras of critiques in Metacritic, with the Decayed tomatoes that says it had 'all a cerebral spectacle the audiences expect of the production of Nolan of Christopher.'

An agent of CIA, a 'Protagonist', average in a undercover operation in the Kyiv marries of work. His life is saved for the soldato masked with the red trinket, the one who 'of the-fires' the ball by means of the hostile gunman. After taking a machinery, a Protagonist is taken for mercenaries. It gives tortures to sustain before eating cyanide. Awake to learn that a cyanide was the test of his loyalty; his crew has been killed, and a machinery has lost.

A Protagonist joins the secret organisation has called Tenet. Some balls of aims of the scientist with 'inverted' entropy, which leaves them to move behind by means of time. It thinks that that they are manufactured in a future, and the weapon is necessary can dry out of a past. Assisted for the local contact Neil, a Protagonist locates some balls to trafficante of arms Priya Singh. It discovers that it is the member of Tenet; his cartridges have been purchased and inverted for Russians oligarch would go Sator.

Some approximations of Main Sator estranged woman Kat, an art appraiser, the one who authenticated the Goya draws forged for the man appointed 'Arepo', which Sator after purchased for $ 9 millions Arepo; Sator uses a drawing to the his blackmail and maintain his under his control. Some plots of Protagonist to fly a drawing with Neil of the free port ease in Airport of Oslo. There they find the car, the 'turnstile', and fend was two has masked men. Priya Explains that a turnstile has beaten invert an entropy of objects and people, and one there is masked the men were a same person .

In a Amalfi Coast, Kat presents a Protagonist to Sator, but learns that a drawing is intact. A three goes boating, and Kat tentativas to flood Sator, but a Protagonist saves. Some offers of Protagonist to help Sator recover the chance, which, said, contains Plutonium-241. In Tallin, a Protagonist and Neil ambush an armoured convoy and fly a chance, which contains a stray machinery in Kyiv. They are ambushed for a inverted Sator, the one who resists Kat hostage. A Protagonist gives Sator an empty chance, and retreats. A Protagonist saves Kat but is taken and taken to Sator warehouse.

A inverted Sator shoots Kat with a inverted round, while a normal Sator ask a location of a machinery; a Protagonist gives dud information. Tenet operatives Directed for Ives succours a Protagonist while Sator evasions. A group takes Kat by means of Sator turnstile to invert the, revoking an effect of a round. Some returns of Protagonist to a place of ambush and pursues Sator. His vehicle is overturned, and Sator together he on fire; a Protagonist is saved for Ives' instruments again. Neil develops that it is the member of Tenet.

A Protagonist and Neil travel behind in timing to a free port in Oslo. There a Protagonist struggles his past self and has entered a turnstile to revert he, clue for Neil and Kat. Priya Explains that some machineries are part of a 'algorithm', which Sator is gathering, able of catastrophically inverting entropy.

Kat Develops that Sator is in decline of pancreatic cancer. It will cause an algorithm with the transmission of the dead man, that thinks that that a world would owe that it quotes with him. Kat Thinks that Sator will kill during his holidays, when they were last happy together. A Protagonist, Neil, Kat, and a Tenet forces invert behind to this day, like this Kat can retard Sator dead, while Tenet ensures an algorithm.

Tenet Follows an algorithm to Sator hometown of Stalsk-12 in North Siberia. In the estorm pincer movement', troops of advances of movement of red crew in time, while some troops of movement of blue crew backward. A Protagonist and Ives are aided by the cadavere masked of the blue-crew trooper with the red trinket in his rucksack after seeing dying in reverse. To Vietnam, Kat near Sator yacht and kills, like the protagonist and Ives ensure an algorithm.

A Protagonist, Neil, and Ives pause on an algorithm and ways of part. A Protagonist remarks a trinket in the z/in the rucksack of Neil. Neil develops that it was recruited for some years of Protagonist in some futures and that this mission is an end of the long friendship. Priya Tentativas To have Kat killed, but is murdered by a Protagonist, the one who there is @@give that it is a future brain for behind Tenet.

Always master Nolan film of Memento to Dunkirk and now Tenet. In a first clock, can take the little stray but this so only will spend you behind another time and @give that simple a history really is.
4 / 5
Was a balance of sound has changed was when they have done this film? Unintelligible tongue, with the background music that riadas out of some actors. Included a music has not reflected a be of the scene has filmed. Regarding a plot? If, it likes the quota has suggested, the look needs a film 3 times for the comprise, like ludicrous! Two and the half hours that look this junk the film was quite. Not giving on other 5 hours partorisca untangle such the foolishly in complex, in engineered 'new dressed emperors' films. Drivel. Rubbish, Pointless.
5 / 5
Present of Nolan of Christopher with still like this another masterpiece, that so only the brilliant alcohol like his able east of.
A quantity of the sophistication and the attention to details is uncanny, and Nolan spends hope once again that an action blockbuster can defy an intelligence of his audience. A film is exited a terrible time that, partly, has prevented he to be the feeling like Inception and Interstellar has been of tower his day. Cela And, of course, a fact this film is cut at all of an investment, this requires a spectator for the look at least 2-3 times to fully comprehend. They are really optimistic that this film will age a lot well, and the few years of now the people will appreciate it much more that more do now.
This steelbook the glorious and totally worthy looks for the film of the his caliber- Nolan amena hope for a future of cinema once again and his the very worthy edition to celebrate this tarpaulin. A 4K the looks of qualities to surprise, of course.
4 / 5
There is enjoyed really Tenet in spite of all some the valid critiques have levelled in him (which there is not reading until with which saw it, as I am gone in cold). Yes, it has had to have a subtitles on but looks to have to that that to plot these days but this was 100 required for me this time. I have comprised a plot, has comprised that some characters have looked for to achieve, has comprised his explanations of as it went it to achieve. But when all this has touched was in the screen was in timing unfathomable like looked in. It was such the big concept that only leaves to go and said, WELL, confidence that this is to spend ossia that would look, my brain can does not accuse but is adds to look decrease. And for me this has not been something concealed me aversion this film, honradamente can say that this that the only experience, totally import boggling. A bit slow in a first half, has bitten it bland with some characters but dang so only in general. It likes to be forced to drive the way deports car too powerful with also can of the keys, artilugios, flashing lights and claxons, any jammed an accelerator and calm can any take or start, any one is yelling the instructions but calm can no to listen them in a noise. Yeh, Was that that. Some of ours likes him this class of what. Attacked the star was reason a clue of same dialogue in Blue the ray with the 7.1 system of sound was too far down in a mix, any question and because of a lack of memorable the characters except Kenneth B but looked totally miscast.
5 / 5
Studios really needs to begin that it thinks roughly touches to mix when it comes to viewing of house. This has been the chronic question for some time now but this film is fence any worse chance of him has not seen never. A dialogue is the hardly discernible mumble but each scene of the action etc has a volume looked for roughly ten strong times. The only way to look is to maintain a subtitles on but still then some sounds of effects are still ridiculously too big. Nolan Is disgrace to leave the film like this be caused in of the audiences without annoying if a mix of his good east. In general, it has given up and it will try to ask Amazon for a money behind. Total waste of time.
5 / 5
Inaudible, Painful almost to listen to. A history is like the really feeble Doctor The one who weaves, with some quite incomprehensible action the scenes have launched in these maintained me untertained.

Has comprised a plot, but so only reason have dipped a subtitles on. A dialogue is entirely inaudible, and am using the very serious sound dips on here.

Saves your time, has left so only of the money. Utter drivel Of an extreme to the another. Rubbish. Terrible. Dreaful. Painful.
5 / 5
Inaudible, Painful almost to listen to. A history is like the really feeble Doctor The one who weaves, with some quite incomprehensible action the scenes have launched in these maintained me untertained.

Has comprised a plot, but so only because I have dipped a subtitles on. A dialogue is entirely inaudible, and am using the very serious sound dips on here.

Saves your time, has left so only of the money. Utter drivel Of an extreme to the another. Rubbish. Terrible. Dreaful. Painful.
5 / 5
An action film basically would owe that be the 'any-brain' show: there is the plot that can be like this twisted to the equal that likes but has to that have of the logical edge that leaves a spectator to follow some chances (frenetic, breaking, spectacular, but ossia a bondadoso) distracts it and relaxing. Here we begin well with the hostage according to platitudinous look-free action then some plots begin to take beginning garbled of a inversion of an entropy (sic ...) Curious Scientific phenomenon that it is a base of a history and begin the series of adventures (with scenes of good action, although some leave perplexed, likes that of some trucks that surround as if at all it was a convoy to attack ) that goes in to and fro inside a film, images in reverse, scenes that rewind, with the mysterious agency that has to save it a world (sic ...) Against 'acquaintances' or unknown enemies, present and future, the one who then does not comprise that goodness would derive of a destruction of a planet. Ossia, if an idea to ​​destroy a planet is so only of a man to die, reason any he takes ? Or perhaps they are a mysterious protagonist the one who locates and down in time?
Has left is says that in an end a film, like a forward one there is poured in a Dynamo the operation disappointed me. I am beginning to think a manager is overrated. You see. Probably to see his next film (perhaps) will expect for the economic version another that a pre-compraventa in an original tongue.
4 / 5
The one who the disappointing film!

Like This is to be estimate 12 is FURTHER me. It contains scenes very violent, (comprising a main character in that has it roughly the teeth there is pulled was!) And constant, gratuitous threat and violence, especially to a goodness female character for his husband. Also it contains bad tongue - comprising a 'F' word and an intense, complex and plot that hastes - which doubt a lot 12 year olds has included could follow.

Is this REALLY a class to film would owe that be promote our 12 year olds to look??!! I do not think so and I can not imagine seating with mine 12 old year to look this any punctual time. Inferior line - this film would owe that it has been estimated 15.

Like the massive defender of Interstellar, am a lot disappointed. This could have been an amazing film , with an original and intriguing history.

4 / 5
Can not give a lot of spoilers, reason have not had any idea a plot of Tenet was for a majority of his longitude runtime.

There is a bit that lights of shine in this labyrinth of chaotic plot tiramisu.

Robert Pattinson are adds in Tenet and the attended and Nolan do more together, as I seat like his fashions cooperate with an another. A protagonist this in spite of there is roughly so much charisma like the circle of roofing insulation.

This film is wildly difficult to follow, especially like first law is done to so only be decipherable after seeing a second - as the VERY hard fact to take to. It could have turned a thing was after an hour so only out of impatience. A expositional the dialogue has used the stencil out of quell'I are supposition to be that it follows feels hasty, broken, and incomplete. It is not never clear the character knows that it is going in, and for one the majority to separate a main protagonist does not look to have Any motivation another it esomebody said bear me discover that a heck this cold war is roughly.' In any scene dates in law 1, has known no the one who a majority of a mould was, or the one who his motivations or the intentions were as we look to join his history with any introduction.
But a film has spectacle (as difficult how is to follow an action sometimes) and Tenet could have had some real potential a pretentious decision for the do like this confusing like this possible has not been done for knots.
Has been the big defender of basically all have seen of Christopher Nolan, but this falls short... To try too hard to be to riddle. This film is not a film of the travesía of Indian times likes First, where could loves rewatch quite the time to the piece has jointed a sympathetic. It is too long and chaotic for that.
A concept and worldbuilding surrounding 'inversion' is glorious and is textbook Nolan craftsmanship, is so only the harm that has been he has wrapped up in like this fragmented spectacle for me to no for the comprise never he so that it has done. And it has not helped that too many characters berated a protagonist (how was staring down a lentil in me) for any that follows that it is gone in.
5 / 5
An audio is atrocious. Tried the on two near ups. 2nd near it arrives to use speakers of reference of the studio (krk vxt 6s) and has any way to look this film without subtitles. There is not any setting can regulate in yours setup that will compensate for the deliberately terrible election to treat a like this bad audio. To the his of scenes of the dialogue likes him has been submarine has filmed. The sequences of action are like this in a cup in volume that will be to locate a volume throughout. An extremely disappoints it to experience which is the shame like active material has liked him probably a film if it had not been like this appallingly fallido throughout. Considering taking the repayment.
4 / 5
Has not liked Him looking this negative word has to that of mouth, The give the gone, enjoyed it really, the majority a centre of negative critics around the plot to confuse, has found this any to be a chance, is is not it popcorn the chairs of action behind and enjoy an action of cartoon of the atrocity like the mission imponible film, with east has to that listen to a dialogue, some of some scenes unfold breathtakingly like progresses of films and tie up really a lot well in a last scene.
Another negative has seen banded roughly was a fusion ,this is not a chance, a female character is not so only any stand of candy of normal eye-is centrical to a plot, Kenneth Branagh is outstandingly menacing without overdoing the.
One of this film will be to think in days after the see and are sure calm will take more out of him one more the calm time sees it
5 / 5
Nolan is undoubtedly the character and a yes fantastic mould. Especially a chemistry among a protagonist and Robert Pattinson character. Has all some ingredients to be utmost - but is not .

An audio is was, massively. The dialogue is very calm and a concept of inversion is hard to follow when a pro[spoiler alert]tagonist tries shoot in a scene of airport. If it knew it it has gone back there, reason still tries shoot knowing is?

Costs a hire, but does not buy it ... Follow my profile of description of the amazon for more insightful descriptions. :)
4 / 5
Tedious, does not know in Tenet.

Thank you Amazon for offering this in £ to rent, for this saving £20 for an entrance of cinema to the equal that would have been squandered to launch money in this monstrosity of the film.

Oh And at least to see in home has meant could look a sound to listen 10 of an inaudible convoluted dialogue in planting to seat in the cinema that listens to mumbling 90 of a time.

I bet Hans Zimmer has struggled with a composition of the bookmark of the film is a so it can not agree any notes of a clue of sound.
4 / 5
Really disturbed these films concealed is like this clear likes slime a lot on until 5 first minutes of an end then he all comes clear leaving you to untangle two hours of garbled atrocity in your boss whilst lose a rest of a film.
Supposition to be a film of cult of a year, thinks the ceiling spilt in documentary felting would top this mediocre excuse of the piece of production.
Everything around meh.
If yours a insomniac, is a medicine has been moment to, will be was like the light interior 5.
Whose Annoying hire the, will be free to good sure a lot prompt.
4 / 5

Top Customer Reviews: Lake Mungo (Limited ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 36 ratings
5 / 5
Lake Mungo is a exceptionally a lot-the horror done and cleverly film with the quietly unsettling undercurrent his. If so only you like him to him the horror with frights of jump and shock then this probably is not a partorisca you, but likes understated, subtly creepy of ideas and images then Lake Mungo will be right on your street.

A film is presented like the documentary in a death of the adolescent daughter. It asks services of together interest, glimpsed and images expósitas partorisca create a unnervingly realistic feels; some look of actors partorisca be that they improvise reasons his dialogue and the looks of the entirely natural delivery and unscripted; if you were unaware that this was calm fiction absolutely could create looked the characteristic genuine documentary. A film gradually develops the spent in some consequences of the death that rocks the small Australian community, and is unclear that it is and is not esal'.

This films really taken under my skin and I certainly would look it again. For a way - is essential to remain with east a by means of some credits of finals.
5 / 5
Properly creepy. I have looked this with interest and increasing apprehension. But a way has known really was a horror unusually well the film was that it could not stick my arm or leg out of low a duvet with which looked it. I have maintained to think roughly some of some things in a film and that they could be tug around in my house that there is not remarked still. Usually it looks the horror flick and turn in and sleep like a dead person. But with which this a, felt like this changing out of a light and that tries to take to the sleep has not been that there is wanted really do.
4 / 5
A film of only horror to never in fact scare me. There is A jumpscare, and any @@subject that the times look this film , will take you every time. A rest is totally tension, this calm film uncomfortable to a point is difficult to look. It is creepy the atmosphere is relentless. A film uses a paranormal to his better capacities, and in an end will think that that the ghosts are real. A film extracted ache, and is hard to look. It is not the happy film, and to good sure will leave you the little forlorn, but does up for that with as terrifying this. Of the first time see an organism died in this film, will impact you. A second time, is something will not forget never for a rest of my life. An Australian masterpiece.
4 / 5
Not going to held any with to synopsis of a film, as this is to write already on. But so only I will say that ossia the film of fantastic Australian ghost , with adding acting. Those spouses this film averts external is that it is shot documentary way , which in my opinion adds to a realism. Regarding a real product, think a film and he is the wealth of special characteristics well a prize adds in some contents of the edition limited of the surprisingly fat book in a film and some postcards all housed in the rigid chance. Then it results the any brainer. Released by second view, which is another fantastic emission for this company. Some Australians have done some breaking films/of Ghost of the Horror. This one is a lot up there with them. Spent this before it sells was
5 / 5
am Australian and has surprised constantly that we any a lot of in a way of advertising ours ours films. Lake Mungo is another films that are almost spend stops. Shot documentary-way, presents a history of the young daughter the one who goes to lose in the travesía with his family, and is found later has died. While ossia the tragedy in him, is the one who a family does not know in his daughter that is for real tragic. Ossia Supernatural horror , and builds dulcemente, gradually developing the number of impressive conclusions. A masterpiece - brilliantly fact and has directed. They are not usually swept up for films of horror but this one is sincerely creepy and well value the clock. It is a lot of 'Australian' and this can be something concealed any all the world will appreciate.

PS. I need to loan attention when looking in some still photos apresamientos - a devil is in a detail and ossia where a really chilling the moments arrive - does not write this an out of too much quickly
4 / 5
A good idea and a lot a lot doing turned to the mediocre history. Filmed in the 'documentary' looks of format to be that it says in a daughter the one who has seen his own future and the future of his first family of his death. While a concept is interesting, an implementation is positively drab. The interviews are all sees, done in hushed tones, unemotional, sometimes disjointed, progresses very slow. Some only things that maintains it all hover and want to three stars is actors ' action. Otherwise Was the waste of time. And waste of money. It was quite stupid to pay for him. Scary? The no. That interest? The no. Takes this idea and acting, adds more 'life' his, more than fund and special effects, and could have glorious state.
5 / 5
I really like this film. I have had to that verify halfway by means of that has not been the real chance. It has taken like this taken up in a history, was transfixed. It likes him-me the films that the frames think, disorder on an alcohol and he me to us go fries more then once. He any jump it to you but he will leave you thinking afterwards. I have been surprised peels that it liked me this film. It could have been the documentary in the real family.

More then has thought once that has known a response but he have maintained to twist.

Very good.
4 / 5
Looks to plot of horror and especially like a mockumentary/ gender of images expósitas. This in spite of, have to wade by means of the plot of dross. But when you find to to the the gem likes thnis costs it. For real glorious. Well fact, a lot of creepy and well has modified. Extracted supernatural but with ache and provacy. Recomended. But you want frights of jump (ugh) and gore, look elsewhere
4 / 5
This film for real is at all short of the masterpiece. They are the defender of film of the horror but I think that around 90 of them today are so only of the pure rubbishes. This in spite of, a bit those that that impresses to do so only that, and try this horror is the same crucial gender in an age of repetitious transmission-of the frights. This film is beautiful, tragic and immensely unsettling. I have not seen never the film concealed me feel like this uncomfortable like this one, and ossia exactly that loves of the film of horror. It was like this refreshing to be sincerely scared, something the horror hardly tries to achieve anymore with his increasing impulse to offer a spectator regurgitated porn of torture and do fault on increasingly laughable incident-value. Lake Mungo is not strictly Horror, but does a better work that any one. It is intelligent, moving and intensely that the causes have thought; it could not shake a film of my alcohol and has has had to that it look again. If you are looking for the powerful work that calm scare to a core and calm call to question the calm things never considered, then looks no further and look this criminally underrated gem of the film.
4 / 5
In the first place was,if any like you to them the films that is the burners lens spend in that look for tonight is this in spite of enjoys them then this in the very very done,slightly spooky mockumentary ossia a lot of value the sure reason is classed under a gender of horror,does not have any horror in Australian film ( incidentally some Australians some excellent horrors- brook of Wolf,A Babadook,Reef that is the small) looks to hurt,like the people treat it and like the secrets look once has wanted the one is with east is one ? Supernatural has said that it is the slow burner but was in fact hooked of a start to one a way,marks sure look some credits.
5 / 5
There is not enjoyed this film at all, has been done like the film of documentary type, the people that is interviewed during a film, he wasnt the film of horror for any half. It was different ossia sure but no in the good way, final very poor so only of the arrival was, left that thinks'those the waste of money that was'
4 / 5
looks in an internet, will see that this film is voted one of a better 100 film of horror, as it has taken to this place has not been , he more like the boring documentary, or one of some films of worse horror.
4 / 5
One of some better horrors has seen. An acting is like this brilliant that you totally think that is the documentary . Full of transfers and stupid economic jumpscares or rubbishes CGI, Súper creepy in an end. I trust calm will not complain looking this film
5 / 5
have the plot of the times partorisca films have taken. Yes an acting is not always adds and a documentary fashion can plod in time, but has some the interesting concepts have explored here, which the fact a lot of value the clock partorisca horror/chiller defenders. Has his failures, but there is enjoyed to the look unfolds.
4 / 5
Will not say any one a lot in a plot as I do not want to gives era. It is filmed documentary way , looking the familiar that tries to give sustain a death of his daughter. This is not the jumpy or gory film, but is cleverly filmed in the way that the frames resist your respite in anticipation. There is the pair of transfers, neither duquel has seen partorisca come. If you are the defender of Paranormal Activity or alike, could find this bit it slow. But you want to something concealed will remain with you and have you eyeballing some shadows then damage this the gone.
4 / 5
Ossia Far more. It begins like the mystery, resulted the thriller , then the horror, then he metaphisical work. Any image expósitas so only, but the odd formula: as he mockumentary disguised like this it docudrama or the newspaper report. And it is not so only a form(ula): it is a content (something Paranormal the activity has not had never and never wins).
Any marvel has not taken any success (not even the decent distribution): entertainment too much small and too profoundity. This in spite of is gripping although in the very thin way.
Does not lose It this time, but rig to an unusual approximation to storytelling
5 / 5
Good film,thin and any partorisca the people to to those who likes them to plot of action,some creepy the moments and was a lot of believable also could quite has thought easily looked a real documentary,the actors were a lot well to the respect,...
5 / 5
Has the very big dvd collection and has required them this in him. As he documentry the fashion films a lot of creepy, and look a lot attentively in a background thats all im saying. The frames think a thing then the the subject different. I have wanted to it loved/ it That.
4 / 5
Amazing and heart-wrenching. Ossia The history of ghost but is also the very realistic studio of ache and loss and some ways in that the people learn to move on tragedy. It is slow burning (and for so that pode can not appeal by all the world) but is harrowing and beautiful is own way . The sorely underrated masterpiece in my opinion. It has to that admit this film I me ameno the tears every time the the look. A way is filmed is like this believable and down the earth. A filmmakers has done an interesting to take on a gender of the images found to present the documentary element and the really works.

A underrated masterpiece in my opinion
4 / 5
Any that has been expecting... It would not call it the horror. Quite boring and very slow.
5 / 5
A film of Horror has better seen the long time and of then ossia mostly that I clock, this is saying alot. No partorisca a faint of heart !
4 / 5
There is enjoyed some transfers and of the turns, and a refreshing lack of frights of jump and another tired horror cliches.
5 / 5
Totally spoilt for murky his and ANY SUBTITLES. Any excuse partorisca east. I prevail Of the amazon would owe that concentrate more in requirements of client and less in maximising profits.
4 / 5
This film is the sincerely unsettling film. A documentary feel looks of frames as if the real, and not knowing that it is in fact the mockumentary will surprise the plot of spectators. Fantasticly Has shot, with the real cure that takes and is the perfect election partorisca look during Halloween!
5 / 5
Has to that it has looked the totally different film to all those that raved in this film in his descriptions because it was the totally bored load of old rubbishes. Has has had to that the give to 1 indication partorisca star so it was unable to leave this space partorisca the indication of star of the z/of the zero
5 / 5
has to that say that this film was the enormous disappointment .

A 'jumped real moment in a film, ossia if any one calm there is bored you for then and has fallen asleep!

In general, slow and predictable.
5 / 5
No the film of horror or has included the supernatural thriller, but the a lot of-does mock paranormal documentary. Fact a lot well, likes raisin.
4 / 5
A+ DVD is brilliant, and partorisca the very reasonable prize.
Surpasses very fast. Any question at all. To good sure would use this vendor again.
5 / 5
Big deception, the lesson has learnt, read more attentively in a first film.
5 / 5
There is enjoyed while looking but was under the impression has been taken of true history. This has not been a chance and he am spoilt he for me.
4 / 5
Has maintained while to something to spend! He no....
4 / 5
Thinks that was the victim of a hype. It is the very small film of horror, but no an exceptional one the plot of the descriptions of critique has suggested.
4 / 5
Now here is the very small gem of Oz that sells the punch and is a lot of value the view.
5 / 5
Like this boring! Very slow, and full of blurred images. It averts.
5 / 5
I have enjoyed really this, has maintained my attention all a way by means of. Value it viewing.
4 / 5
Good film but DUD DVD: harm or fault a n understand 16 film done unwatchable

Top Customer Reviews: Tenet [4K Ultra HD] ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 32 ratings
5 / 5
Given a state of cinema was saving this like our film of Day of big Boxing.
Will be sincere.. We take less than half way by means of. A Dolby the mixes of audio has meant spends the averages a time that careers to a screen partorisca listen a dialogue and another half in external current to refix a rooftiles this was dislodged during some explosions. Totally detracted of a history duquel is partorisca say early on 'of the that tries and the comprise'. Others his descriptions obviously the pot but the pot of the amour and a boat has the very better mixes of audio. Returned.
5 / 5
A overlong film that drifts among time zones, spent recent,
present and to the time still to come.
Stars Denzel Washington eldest to to John David likes them the protagonist
the one who is Neil assisted for (Robert Pattinson)
(Denzel is among my favourite actors, John David in any one the course approaches his
equal in my opinion)
has a lot of sequences seen probably in present times that
is completed further down a line.
Has found a lot one doing enough of forest and a script bitty in truth.
Felt a film has looked for to be too ready.
Bought it on 4K in the believer would benefit a quality to see, this in spite of
the desire had bought he less lateralmente in a Blue-formed of ray.
Any one the film will look again for some time.
4 / 5
Was like this gutted could not take to a cinema to see this am expecting that it takes the second career, but I digress a lot of messing around here (and yes ladies and gentlemen a lot superhero is) which is in prize of entity of where am seating and Disney' implication like this immediately was was at the beginning add arent ???
One mould are adds especially Robert Pattinson and place simply ossia an insane time absolutely ridiculous bending masterpiece this so only has to that be seen to be believed is so only awesome the rite of one taking goes
So only the buy on 4KUHD can thank me afterwards
10 outta 10 that Shine
4 / 5
was a lot of disappionted with this film. I owe that say seating by means of of the this has had to look clock, he wishing finnish. In this one a filmmakers is looking for to be too ready. Probably it will be comprised bit it more for me after 2 or still 3 viewings. A question with that is there is not ANY WAY could convince me to do that.
A film would owe that give a roughly entertainment on first viewing so that the latest viewings are then more probably. You know that I bad, when the film there is enjoyed and calm looks it the second time, calm chooses on even more information of him.
This film this in spite of need to be looked 2 or 3 times immediately to comprise it and enough honradamente the one who can be
has annoyed especially in 150mins runtime, would require to look he for the minimum of 5 hours (or 7.5 Hrs).
Has to that add that it is not so only me. I have spoken with some different friends and collegues ossia more intelligent that I and the majority of them has said a lot fully the comprise, some adding 'oh well is so only the film'.
There is included the scene with the engine of jet that the flies was, that at the same time has not looked enough a lot that follows some own logical films to time to move in reverse.!!!
Anywhy, With all this time in of the reverse rubbishes, those who in the earth would enjoy to look a excellentl crafted battle
scene . . . . In reverse.
Complete waste of the time and the desire could take this time behind - In Reverse !!!
1 Out of 10 of me.
5 / 5
Tenet Is to good sure the look of precise film 2-3 times for fully take a whole thing in. These rests of films down for a sound that mixes, is almost impossible to listen some the actors that speaks in same time with the Dolby Atmos system, which really has impacted my entertainment of a film in general.

Although Nolan has has said of then that a sound that the mixes was deliberate so that a spectator pays more attention to a history, left so only fallido and has confused the averages a time. This could be Nolan classical for any, but is not for me.
4 / 5
An idea of unusual plot, with timing to move and can run things in reverse to achieve his aims, but left mostly the bit has lost on first viewing and that has read another on-line revises ossia common! Perhaps another 2-3 goes will help to ask he near.

My complaint is a sound in a 4k disk. Has the decent 7.1 Atmos dipped up and has had any subject in other films. It researches with which looked it has underlined it another has experienced issues also.
A tongue is in the volume the low plus, like management until listening well, some sequences of action blow your boss was! .... Very strong and strong bass, would be the épico excepts has had to maintain the regulating .... It is quite the dramatic jump .... As I have had to turn volume up for any scenes to speak and then down again when he ramped on the scene .... Frustrating. It has to that that does not have to that that really ..
5 / 5
Hmmm, Any to be looked for a first time after copious quantity of Brewdog (other frames are available but really is bored enough for comparison), bounces he of Pol Roger and the pair of alone malts And yes is of the sure age...

...All could think of era a rear episode of Nano Red. His this films in 30 mins. The backsides (inverted) like the feat! It can not help but think this film is the little retard ripoff. It can regulate my indication when I am sober and then again perhaps not causing this film feels way too long with the plot of boredom inbetween and honradamente, has not concerned me for any of some characters neither. A main surprise was that I triumph it has not done an appearance to allege has saved a world.

@In rodeo, meh.
4 / 5
Has bought this recently finalises to see the when it is exited on Cinema of Heaven recently. Trying my best of the be still in a first career by means of him left so only with enough the plot of questions. So many, decided to purchase this to look in 4K TV in a grotto of man and has looked it of then look it more the time that pay them bit it more attention to a dialogue and he now fully felt. It is an excellent film . An action and an acting is very good and a global concept is that it blows alcohol, Nolan typical, but that has looked Inception and Interstellar (and classifies those easily in my cup 10 film never!) It felt that this a slightly loses a mark been due to like complicated is. It thinks need of film to be seen once and be comprised. My woman, for example, would have seen this like the waste of the pair of hours or so many! M? Has has wanted to this, but so only after the pair of viewings. An extra content with a blue the ray is good and a picture is fantastic. I recommend this in general.
4 / 5
The film is the game in a premise of cause and effect of here reason his title Tenet bed one same behind like this forward is.
A DTS HD levels of the dialogue of master soundtrack is well. A film has been critiqued for having the audible conference in a cinema. 4K UHD The picture is acute pin and does not have any ad is to seat by means of before a start of film is.
The value that buys so as a Matrix will look it the little time before it felt.
4 / 5
I really the desires had read some of some descriptions on here first to spend £ in 4K Blue-version of ray of this film, has based on all a professional film critique it concealed has estimated it like this well. Also the really hard meeting to think that included a writer of the script of this film has comprised in fact that in the earth is gone in, that with a far too excessively complex plot, all an alternating temporally backward and forwardly confusing entropic chance, and such the liberal sprinkling of inverted balls.
He Elected to invest hard won cash in this film, so only can recommend while the moment, and that spends the little crux in the copy of tent of the charity, then giving it behind to be sold again for the little more crux, for this creating money for the far causes more worthy.
5 / 5
Orders of new addition to Nolan collection. Any question with 'audio of bad voice', has turned so only a mid-row in a centrical canal on the notch. Just need partorisca find the pair of hours partorisca look a 'extra'..!
4 / 5
Has looked a film two times now and my boss still hurts. A disk of extra is sublimate detailing a doing of a film.
Kudos To Gentleman Kenneth Branagh that in the earth learns partorisca speak English with the Russian emphasis BEHIND.
To good sure will be partorisca look this film again and again like this so much is necessary goes in. 4K Picture and DTS-HD the sound is both stunning (although so only 5.1 any Atmos).
4 / 5
Loves a fact that has been rid a day has been released in Blue-Ray, but any excuse for a disk to be free inside a chance and a chance he to suffer harm. Do better.
5 / 5
In timing a dialogue was difficult to comprise so it was a plot . Some the special effects and the photograph were excellent. Different the majority of 4K blue emissions of the ray there is no Dolby Vision or Atmos . Material I need to look a film again the pair of time and perhaps my opinion will be more favorecedora.
4 / 5
Fantastic film, there is enjoyed really some characters and an imagination of Nolan. 4k The picture is beautiful, Imax the scenes are qualities of reference and just good-looking. The most appreciated film with 5.1 joint on, bass of frequency under unreal that tension of cause during a film. It enjoys and the cost of must for 2021 !
4 / 5
Fantastic scrolling, Unparalleled soundtrack (that does very touched beside the muted earth of planet or blue planet also) A film is brilliant, Sound an experience and a like Im happy to have in UHD.
5 / 5
Be conscious that a uhd the disk so only has English dts-hd audio.
Him him I Sleeps the sound takes very clear visuals but any sound like unfo the sleeps does not decode dts of any bondadosos 😞
does not take taken was like this has done them.
5 / 5
History the small confusing, any helped by a quality of his poor in vocals. The quality of picture adds so it is special effects .
4 / 5
Very good 4K picture and his, confusing plot but gripping
4 / 5
any more feels that a background noise is way the strong and riadas out of a dialogue? I owe that have a volume down really down in a 4k version been due to a background noise and like this hardly can listen a dialogue.
5 / 5
A pair of viewings is rewarding. It is the good blockbuster emission.
5 / 5
Any a lot of the films am gone in covid 2020 but ossia in some better a,the buy.
4 / 5
The film adds and included better with a 4K version.
Could has to that look the little time partorisca comprise
5 / 5
the Excellent products as described and received inside a timeframe has declared.
4 / 5
Version of cinema of the the cut of United Kingdom for 9 seconds partorisca avert 15 indication. A version has censored will be used in disks of United Kingdom
5 / 5
quality of his Terrible. Especially like the actors are in of the masks in a lot of scenes. It would not have liked him to having paid partorisca of the of of the east in a cinema. At least in Blue scrapes the the subtitle option.
4 / 5
Tenet Is the memory that blockbuster filmmaking has not died and will continue to exist for while to to the managers like to them Nolan presses some flanges.

Tenet Is convoluted and confusing and a lot inaccessible partorisca a half moviegoer.
But to the 2nd viewing, takes so many details have lost before and depends in some audiences' patience and disposal to unlock a puzzle and all some references in a film.
4 / 5
The one who the load of old dross.
1) Horrifying Acting
2) the Atrocious sound that mixes
3) Too complex and entirely unengaging
4) Terrible bookmark
5) Pretentious

the Favourite part was when some credits has begun partorisca go.

Does not squander yours the hard money livestock of this loss of old rubbishes.
4 / 5
Because oh because he this 4K the film adds of Chris Nolan so only in DTS 5.1 ? So only I will buy a blue-ray now. Such the shame
5 / 5
Terrible audio - background music too strong

the concept are partorisca add but a music is JUST WAY TOO MUCH strong all a way by means of - struggle to listen a tongue
5 / 5
Thoroughly enjoyed it.

But Gentleman Nolan, because oh because a need to change proportions of appearance like this time?! Incredibly it is annoying and bit it amateurish if I am sincere.
4 / 5
To the equal that Can have the descriptions in the DVD concealed is not liberto this in spite of