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Top Customer Reviews: Count to Ten ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5
Fantastically crafted Songs partorisca begin to finalise. I Vat listened in the first place while listening to Zero 7 fact a lot of years and has fallen in with loving his work of only, wants to Was of a same but different band Was work later Vat has maintained some his fashion. Another album adds that it does not disappoint , dipped he in a car and enjoy :-)
4 / 5
be in accordance with another reviewers, thinks that ossia a better emission still of Tina Say. All some songs have the lyrical integrity and the definite charm, without adicións/feeble additions. Musically And vocally thinks Tina Say has really excelled. Also they are mystified that is not quite-known in United Kingdom!!
A sound of Tina Say really has matured and this album absolutely fulfils a potential found in of the earliest albums. I think sound an interesting collection of the songs that examines different subjects, mainly of the perspective of uncertainty or personal confusion, or of inside a normal class of 'human fights'.
I really love a clue of title 'Account To Ten' - I thinks it excellently captures the sense to grow anxiety and proximity to some class of desglosa, with the vocal and instrumental intensity. ' You know Better' is also the glorious and deeply poignant clue, sung fantastically. 'Open width' is very interesting vocally and musically, and really catchy. Some papers are very emotional and once again, Tina Say sings it really well. Esacre Corazón' Is possibly one of the mine faviourite clues, in that the really with the accuracy has described the human dilemma and maintains a compatible quality.
Has listened Tina Say this the definite must-have, reason is matured really and there is rid the wonderful album. If any one calm has listened, gives this tries it!
5 / 5
A new album of Danish singer Tina Say, has to be his stronger - like this far. Extremely a lot of product and filled with strong personal songs. Musically Finds his in joins it same likes Sarah McLachlan and Sheryl Crooked; without enough having a vocal force of McLachlan or a skill to write to swipes likes him the raven - at least a lot still - In fact would not be surprised one or two of some songs in this collection adds he in fact to some maps.

Some of some songs have a bit immediate catchiness roughly him; as 'in a Career', soyy Dread' and perhaps , ' Is Better' - to the equal that after the quite first turns of the verses to the power add-burst ballad.

In general feels like the very personal album with the fine papers that extracted existential questions roughly finding oneself. Some songs will not have an immediate appeal of one has mentioned before; but an emotional and keytrack Corazón acrid', an a lot of ballad 'Open Wide', a half-acoustic 'Taxi at night' and any less a bluesy and soulful 'Cruel to a Sensitive Class' is likely grows on you. Somehow 'Cruel to a Sensitive Class' agree me of Sheryl Crooked are ' Create'

has really clue very feeble here averts - of one a-necessary underlying clue.

In general an impressive endeavour of Tina Say.
5 / 5
Perhaps better known for his collaborations with Zero 7, Account To Ten is Tina Say fourth album, and one follows until 2006 is To A Red. If there is any justice in a world (graces Lemarr) Tina Say finally could take recognised more for his own work.

If acoustically-tinged the pop is your thing then will have a lot to interior of calm delight some clues here. In a Career is the softly mecer follows that the movements of him is 60 is-esque the electrical guitar extracted backed to the stomping sing-a-heart along, My Subject is a swipe -Sheryl so only Crooked has been looking for for a past decade, All the world Knows is the emotional tear-jerker and the width has opened there is had my neighbour of next door that looks in a fence (quite literally) and in that ask me the one who an artist in question was.

The things take the little pedestrian in time, and calm find you that it wish that I Say mecer out of just the little has bitten more in time, but ossia still the very good record. Intelligent papers, catchy melodies and the voice to oblige, Tina Say has all could love spades
4 / 5
Tina Say would have to that be roughly like this big like any female artist there is. Reason is not so only can owe the lack of advertising here in United Kingdom - is massive in his homeland of Danimarca. Ossia The album adds but takes the little listens to sink under a skin. While lacking of a catchiness of Warm Sand, Gives In or One there is a bit I equally-add but the points have underlined less immediate like Open Widths, Taxis at night, knows Better, My Business & All the world Knows. A production here is also much richer that in a Red also - all an impressive plus reason she he she. Ossia The gem of real mature pop and one this would have to that have real longevity.
5 / 5
I Vat the prime minister has listened Say when I have been given 'in a Red' for my woman like the present. I have fallen immediately enamoured with some albums wonderful papers and moving melodies. Account to Ten, against some descriptions, movements in musically. Some papers, like this never, is of a heart roughly experience of life. Musically Thinks that this album is the little richer in of the terms of experimentation with different fashions and is adds for him. Vocally Is perfect and Tina rid another flawless and emotional album. It underlines the clues are for me ' know Better' and esacre Corazón'. See his alive and will remain without questioning like this to his Talent, stunning!
5 / 5
Already the defender of Tina Say, has been listening to this album a lot-stop for roughly 4 month now. It is the breathtakingly good-looking piece of work. I can it does not recommend highly enough. A way that Tina expresses his fears, faiths, amours, femininity and heartbreak is sincere and obliging. Tina has touched to vetoes it rich of creativity and a lot the times can continuous. His melodies kill me! Buy this record and give it time. It is the true force of character.
5 / 5
In that bought that a Swedish emission of an album before Navidad, and touched it again and again, can say that ossia the successor adds to 'In a Red'.

Is not quite like this dreamy likes clue to title to 'In a Red' or heartfelt like this of the clues like soyy Mirror', but is a lot of listenable.

There there is also one feels of Lloyd Scuola early in some of an electrical guitar - which is no what bad.

Have-liked you some leading emissions, buy it.

If this will be your introduction , will not be disappointed.
4 / 5
Tina Dress alive several times and she is always exceptional so better that the plot of a untalented singers that he big in some maps. Tina Writes beauiful songs that will grow on you and can listen to them repeatedly without any one tires it never to listen them. Has all his albums and EPs and advise any those who listens of Vat that together touch, goes and see, calm will not be dissappointed.
4 / 5
Accounts to ten is brilliant! This album is probably the little rockier that some other albums 'in some Red' and 'Far' this in spite of these are also excellent. Have in the first place seen his alive the few years done when it has sustained A- there is in Brighton. I have been of then to see his game the pair to time when it is here state. I recommend to any that sees to to his game likes cd is can be of the little accused, compared to the alive action.
Is also on ' Tube' etc yes need the sneaky peek first to purchase. It enjoys.

Top Customer Reviews: Whispers (Special ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 3 ratings
5 / 5
This special edition two adicións/excellent additions to an already glorious album. It asks Again it is the bittersweet paper of amour of the woman that anxiety the proposition... The amour is lost his the one who doubts... A narrative unresolved rest and an emotion is strong. It contrasts the spark offers the amazing, if refreshing transmission of any one, with Vat that bit it more noise that his usual calm self. The whispers was already the album partorisca break, and this special edition is in fact special.
5 / 5
All the world-wide the one who is drawn magically to the Vat Say action - any by means of some means comunicacionales social or live in any - will comprise a versatility and uniqueness of the music of both Vat and his action. The tongue is any barrier here; Tina transcends this easily with the passion partorisca his music that leaves for real listening. There is the fashionable plot here, but all the precise world finds a legislation Vat Say album partorisca his own cement that listens requirements. They are sure ossia that Tina has had to that import in all the chance!
5 / 5
Has been disappointed with this album - have Vat is another work but this album so only a lot anything for me - will maintain to touch and update a description the few weeks

Top Customer Reviews: In the Red (Deluxe ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 17 ratings
5 / 5
Aah, Tina Say. Where calms six state all my life ?

Had had this artist has suggested mine for a Project of Genome of the Music based in other ways of music like me. I have touched the bet and has bought this CD, and is totally state taken a-rear for as this impressive .

Ossia The calm and relaxing CD, one which could listen the on and on again. I find it really quite odd that has not listened never any of these first songs, that goes by the one who abonos his all are. As it Can such talent is has maintained underlying for like this long?

In my opinion, if it likes them-you to the artists likes him to him Annie Lennox, Tunde, Norah Jones and Katie Melua like main-has has appointed examples, will fall enamoured rectum with pure Vat and wholesome sound.

The favourite clues in a CD are 'A City', 'Give In', soyy Mirror' and 'A .
4 / 5
Amazing album. It can not explain like this I love a ambience and dipping creates every time I the tone, is very personal.
Especially recommends because of an Alive prize CD, this action is like this glorious.

Thank you Tina to be one of some main composers of a soundtrack of my life.

Of Uruguay.
4 / 5
Master, never the song is sung of a heart, his words are significant. It is an amazing composer and has the voice of an angel.
5 / 5
shows to Have this an after read a glowing descriptions, but sadly is the bit of the disappointment. In fact, has the strong and feminine voice, but where is a @@@sparkle of originality some real here? Some songs are formulaic easy in active pop, sings with flavour and depth, but without real emotion. There is catchy tunes and reasonable tunes,and some the musical arrangements resupply the accompaniment to back without never really involving. Obviously a singer established and competent,this is not never poor or unpleasant in any way, but there is so only at all quite different here or quite special to warrant the prize of big star. Sometimes it have it a bit it dips ready quite good and the harmonies that goes in, but is really all this special? Some songs are quite well, perhaps 3 stars is the pocolos hard,perhaps his value 4, but to resupply some balance to in excitable big indications, 3 will be he of this reviewer - ossia all so only too normal and no special or quite differential. Enough like this in spite of. 6.5/10.
5 / 5
A mate in work, the one who undermines on the darkest laws, mentioned last week this Danish marvel.
I some investigation, has looked the pocolos clips on Youtube, has seen the significant start of a prompt noughties, and has bought this album. Still it has the music DVD.
Am enthralled for a quality of his voice, and a sultry melancholy of his music.
Is an attractive addition my library and I celery sure warrant a lot of games in a car audio.
5 / 5
I Vat listened in the first place on Zero 7&x27;s 2nd album and has fallen enamoured with his voice. I have seen his game in a 12 Club of Bar in Londra and she blow me to us was. Of then, I&x27; it sees bought 'Far', which is glorious and recently bought 'In a Red', which is praise more than his prime minister. Initially an album didn&x27;t grab me, although Tina&x27;s the voice has underlined like this when being point and averts. With which REALLY listening to 'in a Red' the pair of time, a record drew entirely in. Tina&x27;S the voice is quite different any more&x27;s: feminine, powerful and earthy, likes first quota, this in spite of has no peer. This record is captivating once comprise his vocabulary. Some songs are good-looking, sincere and heartfelt, full of hope, heartbreak and amour. I can&x27;t to listen his. Appearance Tina&x27;s the next record is like this well, perhaps with more than presence of a band for behind his fantastic voice. In a moment, buy this record because you have won&x27;t be disappointed, and if takings casualidad , sees Vat in concert while he&x27;s relatively easy to do like this.
5 / 5
After listening to Tina Say EP "Far" it was originally marginally disappointed for this album, look to be missing of something that a EP has had. That lacking of this one 'presence' of some musicians to back.
Ossia Any bad thing to reflection, as it enables one to concentrate in a talent that Tina is blessed with. Has the very flexible voice that this album gives a casualidad to exhibit.
An album is one that any the one who there has been the report broken immediately can identify with. It is the vocal newspaper developing the emotions are everything familiar with and is written with words that immediately conjure on images of happinesses, sadness, melancholy and possibly relief.
I hope that one on the commentaries any his sound of album dour in any way, is anything but concealed. It is produced very good and has taken a place of my favourite album of this year. Can see it remaining there for some time to come.
Operates excellent Vat........... Please he any one maintains while also yearn a next album.
4 / 5
Shows to have this an after read a glowing descriptions, but sadly is the bit of the disappointment. In fact, has the strong and feminine voice, but where is a @@@sparkle of originality some real here? Some songs are formulaic easy in active pop, sings with flavour and depth, but without real emotion. There is catchy tunes and reasonable tunes,and some the musical arrangements resupply the accompaniment to back without never really involving. Obviously a singer established and competent,this is not never poor or unpleasant in any way, but there is so only at all quite different here or quite special to warrant the prize of big star. Sometimes it have it a bit it dips ready quite good and the harmonies that goes in, but is really all this special? Some songs are quite well, perhaps 3 stars is the pocolos hard,perhaps his value 4, but to resupply some balance to in excitable big indications, 3 will be he of this reviewer - ossia all so only too normal and no special or quite differential. Enough like this in spite of. 6.5/10.
4 / 5
Tina HAS the scarce talent, exceptional, and how has been said, have at least one is- was clue in this album that calm touch.
Prefers a version of "Warm Sand" of "Far", but my preferred is another king-the clues "My Mirror". One follows of the title is sublimate also.
Unfortunatley, Some clues am not "poppy" enough for our blinkered emisora radius to touch during the summit that listens time, but hopefully these alrady in a knows will spend in a torch.
Averts of "Far", the mark sure finds time to look for other albums, "Fuel" & "Notes". Calm will not be disappointed.
4 / 5
Tina Say has known more like the vocalist with Zero 7. Now tip the one who the talent adds is to write the glorious album that literally grows in calm with each clue is excellent although my preferred is 'A .One follows on the album is promised for next year and when it spent Rojas you to good sure will love a prójimo un.un DVD of Vat in concert is also available calm to look for it and is also the value that shabby. The music adds!
5 / 5
A third album of studio of Tina Say is the must own album in my opinion, to start with to the arrival is triumph it real . A real successful history in his to Danimarca native, Tina Say the music deserves to to recognition likes them the music that really barriers of gender of the crosses. I find it very difficult the categorise the and probably like his even more been due to of the this! Produced for Chris Potter (Urban Hymns - A Verve), 'in Some Red' has the a lot of relaxed feels roughly the and is perfect after the hard day in work. Tina Say HAS the a lot of soulful voice that is exhibited well in this album - my joint is for the buy and enjoy. Although a whole of this album is glorious, particular underline the songs for me are 'A City', 'In a Red' and 'A .
4 / 5
Tina Say Is arguably a better thing to exit of Danimarca (Musically that pause) of then Lena Marlin. In fact, although these two artists would be dipped in the same gender, Tina Say has more than the presence and embroiders his voice and has the far better row in general. One underlines the clues are a clue to title &x27;In a Red&x27;, which is stunningly beautiful, &x27;Room With A View&x27; and &x27;A&x27;. Ossia Obviously the very personal collection of songs for an artist and I defy you to you a lot to choose out of the song that is appropriate to something concealed is spent your in your life.
Zero 7 has discovered the gem here, and I just hope there is a lot of more album of this quality to come from Vat Say. I NEED this album in your collection!
5 / 5
Tina Say&x27;S warm Voice , alluring in Zero7 left anxious to listen his endeavours of suns. Already I have 'Far,' those more personal looks that 'In a Red,' but has developed less. 'In a Red' is the melancholic album that perfectly balance catchy hearts with relatively of deep papers. He doesn&x27;t underlines on in the first place listen, and think that some of some songs, espcially his new version of 'Warm Sand', is modified on, but certainly grows on you. 'Tent of boss' and soyy Mirror' is particularly well. It checks it Was 'Far' also, this in spite of. I say HAS an exceptional voice and I can&x27;t expects to listen his alive.
5 / 5
Was always the composer of singer in his own legislation of the young age, in winner of numerous prize in his country of house. Zero 7 has been given a contributo excellent of this artist and with east his first full period album of the studio in United Kingdom there is showed has continued imaginative creativity. His voice each differential of the song and the Warm sand were to be always the winner. Creating iconography with words he which she more.
5 / 5
Have come to to the this album the like all some another has done on. I had it that has not listened never his name before but has known a voice of Zero7. It suggest that you are remotely intruiged for reason has all has estimated this like this highly calms then would owe that order this and prepare for the treat. I can not comprise reason this no he never enormous, especially when has so many poor albums selling number big. Calm the favour and order this. Calm will not complain it .
4 / 5
Has has not annoyed never write a description in a past, but decided to do an exception for this album. It is absolutely beautiful, full of some really pursuing and etherial melodies.
Looks his time with Zero 7 there is rubbed is gone in this album, as some of some clues have a bit was feels.
I stumbled in Vat Say music for incident and are absolutely stunned for him.
5 / 5
My expectations can have been the little too big for this album after looking his youtube video. I recommend his music! It is wonderful. His alive material thinks is better.

Top Customer Reviews: Welcome Back ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 9 ratings
5 / 5
If has no closing finds Vat of Danimarca Say, Tube of test partorisca his video of acré Corazón' (comprised in this double CD).

Has been vocals on Zero 7 according to album 'When it Falls' in 2004 that in the first place captivated me. The control was Zero 7 action of 'House' on Jimmy Kimmel Alive and will see reason.

Has not been never jealous of the stand of microphone before!

Is good-looking. But how it is his voice . And how it is his music .
5 / 5
The collection adds songs. I have wanted to Tina Say in Zero 7 no quite paste one something but still good to listen to like you to them his talents.
5 / 5
The writer of song adds with papers very original, versitile melodies and good-looking voice! It has seen his alive and was more thane has impressed! Highly recommended!
4 / 5
Has arrived to go back of Copenaghen and seeing Tina D alive has thinks that would purchase the CD. Ossia Was the election adds and can not think reason has not taken is gone in United Kingdom. Tina D is resembled Ellie Goulding like this giver try it.
5 / 5
Brill Album. Never listened of his main hand. It has taken the punt and lucked was. bum
4 / 5
Has to that nail my colours to a clave quickly and has done like this in a 'title'!

This this in spite of another glorious album of TD - some old, some new etc but everything to a level is coming to expect of the his now.

Some things to fright is that it is has included he better bolt so any lucky enugh to have his looking prójimo to them in his 2011 calm recognition the massive favour and leave - I still am considering travelling to Manchester or Birmingham to take.

His continuous voice slip easily by means of some 2 disks and to give an impression of him all coming like this of course his - I am sure is not a chance but only looks that way.

For any TD partidário - buy it.
For any no TD defender - try it
4 / 5
Ossia an excellent compilation and the perfect entrance thus new to the work of Tina. They are the enormous defender with several albums and has seen the sound extracted alive (which can 100 recommend). Friends that has presented his music to, sometimes find the little meloncholy, and a second CD here could fall to this category. This in spite of, finds his music constantly uplifting, and like this tune to my state of way in so much time as to be spooky. Has the good-looking voice, and aim the genuine closeness to his fan which is scarce. It has to that fantastic skill to take time like this different in my life in his songs. His papers are moving and real. Buy this album and I guarantee you to you will be hooked.
4 / 5
Mina Vat Dickow to the fascination has behind begun in 2008, where has bought a box 'A Start, A rodeo, An Open End'. And it was hooked instantly. His voice adds and big talent to write songs that calm touch the deep interior is sublime. Then I taken 'A Street to Gävle' and now 'Rear Colour Bienvenido' (WBC), considering to buy some other albums also... It knows it is without the well of doubt. These looks of albums of two cd is - 'Arrive' and 'Down', where one locates of time and down, there are songs older and new, but all new-has registered. And it is good to listen his moving the bit out of all a melancholy and taking bit it more mecer :) I love both ways.

Has answered the concert resently in a 'WBC'-recognition and the one who the experience adds - like , of calm to good sure would have to that go too much ;)
4 / 5
Ossia the music adds . Nizza Vocal and good music. We listen it to knots when it was is driving all a time. It buys it.