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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 24 ratings
4 / 5
Taken this CD adds in the memory of my better friend is song is Number 1
5 / 5
has Bought this like this partorisca bet , has to be a fact cd has listened to in my life ! And I have listened Cheryl alive School. Enough you touch the scrapping to fork the dish constantly , for a whole time I walk that never listen to this.
4 / 5
Mint CD, Coverage of Mint, Artist of Mint/s, Awesome Song S, very Touched, At all totally bad with this CD, Reason to buy it cos has loved them the music of Villages of/this Person.
5 / 5
This cd has been purchased for my edges. Has some catchy songs in the like this touch in my car.
5 / 5
Although his Star of leading endeavours in a hood and a Cloud 9 EP was a lot of grime album, Tinchy there is outdone he with Taking 22. In planting to stick to a grime his of his leading albums has incorporated much more elements of his pop and a sound simply is in amazing. Going to a mainstream the way of pop thinks was a better thing Tinchy could have done. Ossia Was easily a better album of 2009. Never of then in the first place the start has been blown has gone by some inspiring and motivational songs where Tinchy habladurías in his career and his life.
Has in the first place found Tinchy Stryder when I have listened partorisca Take me behind in a radio. I have not been the defender of this song but when libertas Number 1 with N-Dubz, this was when I has begun partorisca take serious interest in his music. After listening a calm brilliant is not so only has known has had to that purchase an album and of then has not looked never behind. This album is the masterpiece and yes is the defender of grime or pop or anything more, has something in this album for any one.

Some starts of albums were with the clue that looks 3 times in an album, as first song, follows 10 (halfway by means of) and like final self-the song has titled. A music is one same every time but some papers are different. These insiemi on a sound of épico for this album, it Tinchy looks to be that they say the history throughout. You grieve some take of the calm song was will remark which loan Tinchy is with his rhymes and ossia that drew immediately to an album. Taken was is one of a better and is an inspiring clue roughly doing to a cup. I take behind they are still any one the big defender of but is the pop quite well the song that looks Taio Cruz. Spotlight Is to add it touching clue where Tinchy habladurías in his career of music. So only like with any MC Tinchy boasts the pocolos the times but I like. Number 1 is a song that took to the music of this type how is an obvious favourite of mine. I love a sound and some ready papers. I shake it is not one of a better but is good and habladurías of like this feels likes is in the sleep. Stryderman Really taste, although it is of the big impulse to Tinchy ego. I think that that it is really ready touching. The opinion is another song adds where Tinchy said of as take left behind but still is that it pursues that it dreams. Some the motivational songs are a some More the amour. First place is another inspiring song in only solving for a better. Stop to face cleverly tomb the line of first place and Halo in immediately Halo is another of mine favourite where Tinchy boasts roughly like the daughters want to (again!). 'Once it has gone it has gone of for life' is some of some inspiring papers that done me amour this album.

Tryna Be me is the song that touch much more like his materials his old and characteristic more Ruff Sqwad the one who has looked in his leading endeavours also. Any to leave you never looking Amelle of a Sugababes is the swipe of pop and has some good papers for Tinchy. Taking dem looking Chipmunk is the plus grime touching song but I like a sound and a way a two habladuría in his careers. Calm is not so only is another of mine favourite and has the papers add roughly that the strong rests and moving on. The song adds. Preview inspirationally Has to that be a better song in an album. It is to good sure one of mine favourite if no my preferred of everything. A song is like this inspiring and Tinchy habladurías to an auditor the one who do to feel really a lot every time listen his. It is entirely awesome! After Taking 22 a clue of prize Expresses is another a lot of touching influential song where Tinchy say for prpers expresses cos 'included can impress'.

Any the one who buy this album surely does not complain it . It is to good sure one of a better that possesses and has been the influence adds in my life.
5 / 5
Takes 22 is a second album of studio of British hip-hop star, Kwasi Danquah better known for his name to synchronise Tinchy Stryder. Of the looks of albums of two number of the single, both desquels is collaborations . You locate the fame to Take me Behind that it is the collab with Taio Cruz. An album peaked in number 2 in some maps of United Kingdom.

An art of album is interesting. Deep down blue, comprises Tinchy surfing. Some clues and that write the song is good and easily can appeal to an audience of aim. One underlines the clues are not Never Leave you (Feat. Amelle) And Number A (Feat. Ndubs.)

There is enjoyed this album, would suggest that it check up in his free ep.
4 / 5
For any the one who definetly is not the defender of Brit Rap or Hip/Hop ossia different. An album is mainstream quite still appeal to to the the people like to of them (defenders of pops) and there is quite orginality to maintain his base of core. Paste with which Paste in an album that is besides brilliant. Of an excellent to a sublimate this album has it and more in axes. It buys it, it loves the reason stryder is the character and star it the one who will be around for years to come can maintain this level of quality on all the albums
4 / 5
are not usually to this class of music, but never has won of an album and has listened his, has begun taking his. One of my favourite songs in this album is estryderman' and 'Express you' think these two are treaties more alive also, as I have won gone in to see in concert, and is changed really my opinion of this type of music. His music is awesome and to the equal that takes a crowd that goes is awesome also. This album has obtained the partidário new! To good sure recommend this album to any concealed is looking for something new to listen to and take his. They are sure any one likes!

Gema C
4 / 5
One of some better albums of 2009. Each song has papers to surprise shows it his talent to write of song. In all some songs is speaking in a street of the success and that tries to achieve your aims in life that the plot of people can relate to. Quell'The amour in Tinchy is that it speaks in things that is the real life in the people of way can relate to and rids some the murderous semence concealed is almost likes date. In my opinion Tinchy is trace to a cup of british urban music and has the plot more talent to aim. An only thing that of has done this better album is there is the song roughly reports/of amour like each looks of song to be in a same thing. In general it would give them this album 9/10 and to good sure think these costs of albums to buy.

Gema C
4 / 5
has bought this album after listening Tinhcy in Taio the clue Take Behind. I have wanted that song soooo a lot of, then after buying this album have fallen enamoured with the pair other songs also. Any to leave you never ft. Amelle Is one of my favourite songs of this year for far. There is also some classical songs in an album that want to loves dance like Stryderman and are Landing - Two underlines clues of an album. If it likes Tinchy, Of N Dubz, Taio, Chipmunk.... You will WANT TO THIS!
5 / 5
When you Listen to this album can see reason tinchy stryder is a number a selling artist viril of 2009. His songs are like this catchy and is utmost to listen to! My preferred has to that be 'calm is not so only' a sample of Olive touches to surprise in a clue. rebecca F
4 / 5
This album is for far a better grime the never released album and builds in a quality of Tinchy leading albums, although his werent like this big of the success commericially. This album contains two number of the single ( number 1 , never leave calm ) and very upper 10 paste that has bought a uk grime scene out of some shadows and firmly to a limelight. If your new to this type of music then theres any point of better start that here. Evry Grime/Must Of Partidário urban hav this in his collection!! jack q
4 / 5
Bought this album to the equal that has loved a song 'number 1'. Absolutely love this album and cant the stop that the tone. It is permenently in mine cd player. The clues of sum take the bit to take has used 2 but well the value that shabby. Looking before 2 a nxt album.
4 / 5
I have expected paste with which paste in this album with his prime minister little realeases when being really good! But some songs have released is for far a better in an album, as it is not expecting more map toppers partorisca Take 22. Still the good compraventa this in spite of, with Never Leave and No.1 When being fantastic songs.

Partorisca hardcore The defenders will find has moved out of his 'roots' and result more poppy. True, but still a lot effective and has obtained alot of partidários new. Partorisca me This in spite of, one more mainstream, the material of poppy is that it is everything roughly.

Looking forward to some new material partorisca a Stryder man, any less the second good album.
4 / 5
This album takes loaned like this strongly of well known tunes of some last 15 years or like this, concealed in of to the sounds of points likes him is rapping his in front of of a mirror of bath whilst listens to the his fav playlist to to that likes to listen to the pysche he until exiting clubbing of an evening. Partorisca Say his mark of summer to sounds 'produced' likes him Fraser, or Do or of anything, has resupplied some class of musical accompanyment; there it has you grieve anything concealed is original in any of his very known clues in of the terms partorisca back clues. At least a grime-gone back attacks of pop of Dizzee is still the original music touched for a big hitters dance today like d. It threatens And To the.

And in of the terms of rap papers his fashion often the sounds like his mamma read them too Dres. zeus Books when it was pocolos :

swam but the fast thing
games of boys, persecution of kiss, so only the fast fling
now are them by train partorisca expect you never go missing
now are them by train partorisca say you, can resist this coverage, to show likes glistens

these are some of some lines of the his his swipe big plus partorisca date, and like a together inaugural of his lines grieves included rhythmical a line, so only the fast fling leaves slightly stumbling with which some first two rhymes that read like the cast of the dictionary of rhyme. Later in a quartrain, some of some words hardly rhyme at all, has listened now of view and rhyme of half rhyme etc. But this is to do hardly partorisca effect his fact simply reason quite frankly can not write papers very good to apt - I has seen freestyle and was very better but think that was before the sale was. His hardly same rap to, four lines is not even an introduction to a subject, Dappy an artist looked says more lines in of the totals in this swipe.

This album (and coming partorisca think of him that facebook song for a nnnn-baptise) to to the sounds like to of him has been written for Bill Bailey on Separates Troll when it sings a song with some semence ' will fulfil calm to Argos, or that the curry is, these are my worries ', which partorisca say likes is, would not touch out of place in any of these so has has called songs that reads like this of the adolescents texting each one which so another partorisca say each one which as another benial of his day. And you know the one who the people have laughed in a song Bailey has sung (he he partorisca effect of comic that is the comedian and all) but and now does not see a prophetic character of a to, which now has described one 'british urban hip-hop culture' that, partorisca quote another reviewer, Tinchy is supposition to having achieved a pinnacle of... It listens his calm is not never state and has seen Ben Elton is Mecer, reason otherwise is hypocritically that pays a Globalsoft Undertaken, and taking a world-wide one steps one more prójimo to Shopping centre of Planet.

Thank you
5 / 5
Some first time have listened Tinchy was in the tune of Craig David 'Where is an amour' and was daunted in this young man of Londra. The some researches on the and found the pair more songs partorisca listen too much. I am daunted. I am 29 years old and it can not taking touching Tinchy album. I love Number 1 feat NDubz (the one who loves also), Halo is the dead ringer partorisca jamming, is not so only, and any to leave you never. Damn A whole album are adds. Calm say you alive Barbados. We do not take music of United Kingdom here which is sad but be sure that will extend a world of Tinchy Stryder.
4 / 5
This album is awesome! You owe that definately take it, and is a lot of value his money!
4 / 5
I Amour tinchy, has to them that admit the wasnt the enormous defender of rap & hiphop before the listened tinchys faviourite the song is a number a song, any to leave you never!! rachel in4merz
4 / 5
This new album contains paste afer the swipe that comprises a mega NUMBER unexpectedly 1 ft N Dubz
Sound have to that partorisca any defender
Also sure checks was in the aim of visit partorisca these swipes that are alive treaties

4 / 5
the album Adds, the value that shabby! It expects big things of tinchy to the equal that locate to stardom :) Naomi in4merz
5 / 5
Tinchy the songs are up to now be of sound, as they are really that looks forward to his album! They are sure he is full of the clues add so only to the equal that sweats another some were! :) Sophie In4merz xx
5 / 5
can not expect until this is liberto! With 2 it numbers some already this year, ossia 2009 better album ! :]
4 / 5
Tinchy Stryder Is undoubtedly a worse thing to never spend the music. You are the predictable, simple has imported fool spent these rubbishes.
5 / 5
Rubbish, listened it cos my m8 has it seriously an only good song is partorisca take me behind!!

Top Customer Reviews: Cloud 9: The ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 3 ratings
4 / 5
Cloud 9 was Tinchy Stryder first only EP after an emission of the his first album of only Launches in a hood. I think that that ossia a partorisca some defenders some serious plus like the majority of the clues are not until qualities of albums. A EP has 9 songs. There is the few really good songs here and is in good sure values to verify was. Some illustrations is simple but quite powerful with Tinchy when being in front of the dark fund with clouds peering behind him.

One first clue the Full effect is a lot grime touching and more than a Tinchy of old. Sad or is? It is the point underlined and perhaps a better clue. Figure Chipmunk and has the good sound and some ready papers. Among another Are 4 fire has a intro this represents that these songs are not entirely polished and has done seriously. It is probably a blandest song in a record. Line in up has adds beat and his fun sound. A background sound during a whole song is based around the téléphonique ringing! The thump that looks Nav is another point underlined with the soft heart, powerful , romantic and some strong papers for Tinchy in some verses. The patient in a boss has the a lot of lighter way his! It is to good sure catchy although a heart is repetitive. 16 writers that looks Fuda the type is quite the serious song with the droning rhythm. It is everything roughly conflict and Tinchy says ' is 16 writers more'; informing the Ruff Sqwad band. Sample ur retreated to look the Soiled danger has another ape intro with the repetitive heart but is another quite catchy tune. Mina 95 east looking Quickly has the a lot of his rhythm. He singns was with the quite placid vibe.

This album is so only a EP but is much more easily available that his album to start with! Also it is going economic used like this certainly would recommend it!
4 / 5
Ossia Tinchy stryders Grimiest Album, like this for any defender of tinch that loves step out of his plus mainstream side of pop, looks no further! This Cd goes hard
5 / 5
Mint CD, Coverage of Mint, Artist of Mint/s, Awesome Song S, very Touched, At all totally bad with this CD, Reason for the buy cos has loved them the music of Villages of/this Person.

Top Customer Reviews: Star In The ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 6 ratings
5 / 5
Tinchy Styder Launches of album of the start in a hood (aptly appointed in my opinion), which is also his name of mark, is simply the grime album. Different with Tinchy material sooner with Ruff Sqwad this material is polished enough well and incorporates to the others to ways like to them the pop and dance even (Dances 4 maintaining). Some illustrations is quite simple and is leaving a music one in speaker. I do not have any idea because this album is like this scarce! When I took It in the first place, it was unavailable in And-bay and has included now there is so only 3 CD has used available of independent vendors! It can comprise this if an artist was listened hardly of and has had has not done the included mainstream but ossia the artist that sells millions! If podes recommend that calm downloads it!

Is the quite decent album and still although a lot it prefers his material pop has influenced to Take 22 this album to good sure has is good moments . Some starts of albums were with a title follows like servants like a intro so much to a music and the Tinchy. Perfecto that time any on steps it likes the tongue roughly he; any of a better. Breakaway Really taste with of the vocal woman a lot well in a heart. He a lot of habladurías in his roots. It follows it is quite standout with this droning beaten (if no for a quantity to time a word 'follow' is repeated!). Workin' For the days changes a way. While the majority of an album is so only in Tinchy these habladurías of song in fights and black oppression. It is the good transmission . Hands to time which also has the vocal woman is quite good and almost has the reggae has beaten roughly that. Taking 'in is more serious; roughly wars of violence/of the band. It is the standout clue and still although not to say it was one of a more he to good sure fact aim it and claves in your boss. Something in your smile is probably one of a better with the good vocal woman, those daughters of pause his attractive and his pessimism roughly that. A heart is strong and there is the sound of his pop. The marvel is much more grime with effects of the his on some of a vocals. Bundle 4 now is a lot dance it influenced for obvious reasons. Any of mine favourite but his experience with works of music of the dance. To the Stereotype likes with the a lot of droll of heart for GoldieLocks and a to impressive also. Really it speaks that the artists and the people is masses the categories and courts for him. Any to like the stays in a subject same, with some ready papers is a lot of grime. It trusts on they are one of, if no my favourite clue in an album. Has the a lot of his sound, the good papers and is very sincere. It is quite powerful. Some clues of the prize is not so that it is in of the terms of qualities and Xtra is very experimental touching, looking Ruff Sqwad, with the quite crazy heart. Mainstream I money is quite well with Tinchy that speaks in his travesía the stardom and that goes to do with a money!

Tinchy First endeavour in an album with 13 clues and 2 clues of prize is in general the success. It is feebler in of the parts that another but also has some memorables songs and some ready papers. When being the defender of Tinchy is of a behind was to Take 22 material has not gone very impressed for this initially reason is much more grime, but has grown on me and now can see his positive. It has been add if it was much more easily available this in spite of!
5 / 5
His hard to comprise reason bo mc dizzee has signed a Newham General and no Tinchy but after listening this elepé I now know. Stryder Is has taken skills... Crazy skills and Dizzee was has scared probably that stryder overshadow his 'boss.' Unfortunately (and felizmente for rasket)the same what can not be said in a duet of D-Double And and Footsie. Anyways, Behind to an Album. Tinchy The rhymes are like this always is, treble, crudes and directly on grime (the evident majority in soyainstream money' 'xtra' and 'any to like me .') This in spite of his papers and lyrical the contained is deeper and the tightest productions that some prójimos mixtape. Thanks to DaVinChe, Tinchy flagship tune omething in your smile' was the big commercial swipe and was that he desperately required to seperate this star of a hood of a unfortunate fate besides grime mc is the one who enjoys a hype like the boy but fall for a wayside when some deals do not come . An only way is up for Tinchy and while it maintains his a lot of has produced tunes (how is here) and is in fact saying something in a cabin (likes here)that of the success is so only around a corner.

Better tunes in an album
esly on me' - 10/10 - catchy hook, good production and deep papers. A way grime would have to that be.

'Perfecto that Time' - 9/10 - Stryder' the flow is directly on foul is one.

Soyainstream Money' - 9/10 - has not been crazy in this tune at the beginning but his a lot of product and his real. His all in a p fam.

'Xtra' - 9/10 - This hype the tune is up there with Pow and gives rest of them.

omething In your smile' - 10/10 - biggle. One limits in Tinchy career and types... Of the that Tries and all stush is or loves that!
4 / 5
With which Kano Marries album of Sweet House has been them moment to another album of United Kingdom grime scene.
Still feelin dizzee rascal Doing his thing but something has been missing. It was not never the defender of Lethals album/mixtapes
..But to one likes of Stryder and Tinie Tempah is a future of hip of United Kingdom hop. Stryders The album so only is in amazing. Each clue is upper and some subjects speaks roughly is real directly up. Included behind some days with ruff sqaud every1 has known so only Tinchy was to blow big cos his lyrical the flow and the contained is so only on point. Like a doubt can spit for man of days his serious.

Upper clues...
Almost the all but still
1. Hands of Time (Prod. For Fast) - Serious hol tite or in an or so only loves to kick behind and listen to a realness of stryder
2. Doing For Days (Prod. For XTC) - habladurías Real is one.. A more serious tune in Black ethnicity. Some beaten adapted a @@subject and his just on signal all throughout.
3. Breakaway (Prod. For Davinche) - Big tune, every1 knows this man
4. Perfecto that Time (Prod. For Davinche) - More than the hype talent to dip ready the dice have beaten. Something for a whip brap brap Stryder the calm man
In your Smile (Prod. For Davinche) - At the beginning the wasnt that feels this clue . It was to gurly lol but after listening it with which the sounds for the moment to upper tune. Habladurías Real is one can relate them. 'I This Babes'
6. It trusts On M (Prod. For Soiled Danger) - 1 of mine favs. Memory of kidulthood for some reason. The papers have very deep
7. Bundle 4 Maintaining (Prod. For the Fast Soiled & danger) - A drop and the tomb in this tune is serious
8. Any to like me (Prod. For Fast) - Better tune of an album. Fast ur big for east a. Stryder ur The flow is raw juice . When I am pumping this tune every1 is moving his any joke. Grime In his better.
In an integer this album is so only to serious. The clock was for stryder in a future. Ruff Instruments all day zoop zoop
5 / 5
these albums add! It is not always state grimes the partidário it big plus that comes from/comes from more than the hip hop fund, but has thought the d gives this tries it after seeing alive to sustain kano. It do not disappoint me , full of the tunes are, catchy beaten and hooks and tinchy the flow and the fashion grows more and more on me every time the listen.

standout The clues are confidences on me (better tune in th album), breakaway, doing for days, stereotypes, any to like me , mainstream money and star in a hood. Doing for the days so only is that it surprises, calm is not usual grime tune, in fact has to that bad and the beaten perfect to match.

Global the highly would recommend this album in any defender of music, tries something new, could like you, has done them!
5 / 5
This album in fact is that it surprises, and represents United Kingdom some flavaz. Basically ALL of some clues are bangers, and thats 15 full clues, soooo value
4 / 5
has has listened so only 2 of some songs, but is both amazing R&B/Hip Hop tunes with both rapping and the flange and I can not expect for an album. It forgets to try to buy legal mp3 is for them this in spite of - no really like Ytunes or Spent personally.