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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 25 ratings
5 / 5
The element arrived in good order. Such the good album of folk popster Lindisfarne. The majority of enjoyable and has spent for behind a lot of memories partorisca this period.
5 / 5
Has arrived promptly and as it has described. A lot of packaged and in conditioning like this new, the one who could ask more?
One of some better albums never
5 / 5
An album was exactly like this described and is coming has wrapped well. Extremely pleased with a service.
4 / 5
This title was a prime minister Viny elepé has behind bought in a @@@1970s and with several movements of house has been walkabout. Has has had to that so only buy this when I have seen he in CD VERSION and like this happy I I strolls the majority of a time for my account. (I am Welsh but can not sing!)
4 / 5
Another sixties' group that was more than just the pair of value of songs partorisca listen. Recommended.
4 / 5
The full classical album of songs adds for Lindisfarne in a pinnacle
5 / 5
has Arrived punctually. Bought like present partorisca husband partorisca Navidad - very pleased.
4 / 5
Better album of lindisfarne/buy it!!!/goodservice/Thank you
5 / 5
Has Thought has ordered this product in vinyl. Disappointed partorisca have cd. But the music is still orders .
4 / 5
The good delivery in fact excellent like alive in in Shetland music as well as it agrees.
5 / 5
Bienvenido rear to a fellow old. Ossia One of mine a lot of preferred of the1970 is and with such classics like vendor of sleep and of course fog in a tyne would be necessary to spend it rear memories to any of this era.
4 / 5
Has arrived really quickly and packaged well, any complaint, excellent service, has arrived well before christmas like request for me. First class
4 / 5
has Bought a vinyl when it is in the first place exited this in spite of the have, has required a CD partorisca car use, so only wonderful material.
5 / 5
A good album partorisca complete a an I has in an old reel-to-reel which seldom uses now - I has known that have taken
4 / 5

To the equal that can see of an in the statement of poster has has has had to that blare of a treetops - Amazon is quite staggeringly kicks of system of bad attribution in again. Some explanation is required...

Included Yes use a legislation Barcode in a bar of investigation of the Amazon for an Original No. 1 elepé of United Kingdom of 1971 (724357990325) - is headed to some CD of king-frames with different illustrations and 'any' an original band or elepé (the illustrations of usurper has a five of his be for railings – some illustrations of CD and the original album requires is aimed in some pictures have resupplied down). A CD Remaster master is an official May 2004 CD Reissues in Charisma/Virgo CASCDR 1050 - Barcode 724357990325 - one 'the edition Developed' of Lindisfarne' according to album 'Fog In a Tyne' with two Clues of Prize have added on. You can require look for the and ask is on-line vendor to sell you a subject right. This says - here is a unclouded technical details for a 2004 Version...

United Kingdom has released May 2004 - 'Fog In a Tyne' for LINDISFARNE in Charisma/Virgo CASCDR 1050 (Barcode 724357990325) is one 'the edition Developed' CD Remaster with Two Prize Follows that the games was as follows (36:31 minutes):

1. I fulfil On A Corner
2. Well in a Night
3. Uncle Sam
4. Near For ever
5. Song of January
6. Peter Brophy does not concern [Side 2]
7. Song of city
8. Spending Ghosts
9. Train In G Of entity
10. Fog In a Tyne
Clues 1 to 10 is his 2nd album of Fog of studio In a Tyne' - the October has released 1971 in United Kingdom in Record of CHANCES of Charisma 1050 and February 1972 in some the EUA in Elektra EKS-75021. Produced for BOB JOHNSTON - an album peaked in No. 1 In United Kingdom – no EUA of map. Soyeet M In a Corner' and 'Train In G Of entity' written for Rod Clements - 'Well in a Night', esong of January', 'Peter Brophy does not concern ' [has sawed-write with Terry Morgan], esong of City', 'Ghosts of At all' and 'Fog In a Tyne' written for Alan Hull - 'Uncle Sam' written for Simon Cowe and 'Near For him always' is the Rab Noakes version of coverage.

11. Scotch Fog
12. Any Time to Lose
Clue 11 and 12 is both no-United Kingdom of album B-sides (B1 and B2) to a February 1972 3-Clues 7” Maxi So only for soyeet M In a Corner' on Charisma CB 173 (peaked in No. 5 In some maps of United Kingdom). Escotch Fog' Is written for all five band-members - 'Any Time to Lose' for Alan Hull.

SCRAPES JACKSON - Favour Vocals, Mandolin and Harmonic
ALAN HULL - Goodness Vocals, Acoustic, 12-Serious and Keyboards and electrical Guitars
SIMON COWE - Acoustic, 12-Serious and electrical Guitars, Mandolin and Backing Vocals
CANE CLEMENTS - Low, Acoustic, 12-Serious and Violin and electrical Guitars
RAY LAIDLAW - Drums and Percussion

A gatefold slip of paper that read like a inlay goes no further that offering some illustrations of elepé original - for inside and for out. Some photos by heart of the ours Newcastle hero lollygagging in the bank out of a salubrious 'Britannia storing' is still there - as well as taking them the cuppa inside his 'Rooms of Tea'. It is the damn Virgin of shame more - this was the Number An album fro the sake of the god and the a lot of populate one in that - some hindsight would have been good - sleeve of foreign picture for soyeet M In a Corner' perhaps - but alas. This CD/of Charisma Virgo reissues has used a eseal of Roll Rosa' variant of 'A Focus of Famous Charisma' in a CD aping an appearance of a scarce 1st pressing elepé British (the copies of majority was represses in a Crazy Hatter variant of focus). Down one sees-by means of FLAT CD is one announcing for his start 'Amiably Out of Tunes' of November 1970 and his 3rd album 'Dingly Of the of September 1972 (this CD unfortunately uses different illustrations). It is good to look in but the desire there was more...

For way of risarcimento this in spite of take KATHY BRYAN NEW CD Remaster does Subject of Abbey of real tapes - and man this sake of the his of the what. When being essentially the Folk-the law of Rock has based around the electrical guitars of 12 series, mandolins and of the occasional sweet Harmonic only - a music is the dead-ringer for decent remastering and ossia in fact that takes. Lindisfarne The sound has echoes of Matthews Sud of Consuelo, Brinsley Schwarz, Cochise, Fotheringay and same traces of John Martyn and a scrolling here is lovely.

To the equal that can see of a detailed rule on - Alan Hull takes the action of a lion of songwriting credits - but two of my beans-raves is in fact Roseau Clements songs - a swipe very populate so only soyeet M In a Corner' and a Bluesy gem of elepé 'Train In G Of entity' (he also penned a fabulous 'the street To Realm Comes' in a 'Amiably Out of Tunes' elepé of 1970). In both clues Ray Jackson takes goodness vocals - Hull dipping to the full stunning piano on 'Train In G Of entity' first of a band all converge in the boozy barroom the rock was. Hull, Jackson and Cowe all the favour of action on 'Well in a Night' - take he-me-like this-I-am Acoustic romp that favour a lot amiably Simon Cowe glorious 'Uncle Sam' - the strangely quite song in press of soldate-ganged to struggle. Devious Pocolos bugger Begin him was all strumming sweet - but then jumps to the endeavour of the fantastic band anchored for fresh and harmonic piano. His country-consolation-spent of Rab Noakes' 'Near For ever' (sung for Jackson) and Hull own ong of January' (sung for Hull) so much look something concealed is not rented quite - a to Inghilterra CSNY his harmony to touch vocals has added to the each clue.

Side 2 ploughs with 'Peter Brophy does not concern ' - the Hull has sawed-write with Terry Morgan in the monocle-the man faced with disdain for all normal life. '... They are too be long travelling in your train...' - Hull Complains on'ong of City' - ailing of indifference of cold metropolis - yearning a heat of the garden and boys and the lady that the first day for all (magic harmonies in this gem forgotten of the song). An enormous sound emanates of some wall of acoustics on 'Ghosts of At all' – the calm- no- there is-song of habladuría that arrive him with the Grave line concealed threatens to do for your cones of speaker. I am surprised any one has thought to cover a brill Acoustic Blues of 'Train In G Of entity' – perhaps Marc Cohn when the round that takes his 1971 album of version of coverage (master to the man me – like Marc calms with the C). It finalises in a brilliance of Hull talent where our heroes are seating in some café ucking sickly the sausage sees contemplating a Hurts row while crooked coffin-the costruttrici are looking for to be his partner. All this and his time for the stab (has adapted the papers of this song title this description).

As if an album is not quite – take two Prevails sincerely adds Clues – some scarce no-albums B-sides to a soyeet M In a Corner' so only. Escotch Fog' Resulted to be the Mandolin notarises them rave-arrive where Lindisfarne sounds like Fairport Agreement or Horslips having the laugh (the Audio is that it surprises). But better is one 'the time is half-past new' outtake 'Any Time to Lose' where you can not help but think this song easily could have done an album.

An equally excellent (and way more political) 'Dingly Of the the September of album been still in 1972 with his fourth 'Circle On, Ruby' in December 1973 – but for such time – small has listened. That The charisma has issued the Best Of compilation of the vinyl called 'Lindisfarne' the Finest hour' in October 1975 (the charisma MARRIES 1108) this has looked four course of a populate 'Fog In a Tyne' - while on quitting a band Alan Hull has released the pair of album of suns of the quality - some past for big 'Pipedream' in July 1973 on that the charisma MARRIES 1069 and esquire' in May 1975 in Warner Brothers K 56121.

But when the people think of Lindisfarne – his inevitably grin of ear-the-ear in a thought of 1971 is 'Fog In a Tyne' that like Some Expensive 'Ooh The The ' album in 1973 and Dr. Feelgood' alive Spouse tupidity' in 1976 – was an unlikely but the number has justified totally 1 map topper in some maps of elepé British.

In spite of some years of any and one closes of fog in - 'Fog In a Tyne' is in fact all yours - still that tugs there in your series of heart again. Now yes it calms so only it can nail down a legislation friggin CD little in walling to somewhere...
5 / 5
One of some first albums of vinyl have bought when in pupils. It had forgotten so only that the add one is. Shame on me. A king-mastering acts like this well, some 2 additional clues a lot, in my opinion, adds extracted to add but a quality of some resplandores of original songs by means of. 'Uncle Sam', esong of City', esong of January', 'Well in a Night', soyeet me on a Corner' - heck is all very (same 'Fog in a Tyne' in spite of a Gazza butchering of some years of the latest song).

If you have not listened give listens it (shows some clues). If you are of the sure age then this well the little £ of any one is money . Fantastic.
4 / 5
Lindisfarne Has not spent very long in a cup of his particular corner of a scene of music, and his premiers three album were his best, with east one that represents a summit of his career. All gelled - some songs, one touching and, any to having spent for big, a glorious production c/or Bob Johnston, which looks for having spent out of a better by all the world has concerned.

His early years, Lindisfarne has comprised Alan Hull (6 & 12 seriad acoustic electrical guitars, electrical guitar, keyboards and vocals), Simon Cowe (6 & 12 seriad acoustic electrical guitars, electrical guitar, mandolin and vocals), Ray Jackson (harmonic, mandolin and vocals), Rod Clements (grave trams, 6 & 12 seriad acoustic electrical guitars, electrical guitar, violin and vocals) and Ray Laidlaw (percussion & of drums). That the add lineup, any less because of one adds underpin of Rod Clements' fretless tomb, has taken here to fine effect.

This in spite of short in only the hair on 31 minutes, every second of these accounts of wonderful album and now, thanks to very good remastering of the original register of Ken Scott in of the Studios of Trident in some hands of Subjects of Bryan of Kathy of Abbey, is better that never. Listen this album, buy it and enrich your life.
5 / 5
Ossia The classical album for the band with an original and distinctive sound - the collection to break good songs with thoughtful and witty papers that just rock to the long of. All has been written of members of band except Rab Noakes are ' Near For ever'. A desire vocals and soaring harmonies of Alan Hull, Ray Jackson and Simon Cowe has the feeling of timelessness while a sound is always strong and rhythmical, driven by the glorious bass that touch of Rod Clements and imaginative percussion of Ray Laidlaw. This instrumental trick is mainly acoustic and comprises harmonic, mandolin, violin and electrical guitar of twelve serious supplemented for keyboards and occasional electrical guitar, which does not dominate never. A result is music that is original and vibrant, hid which is the regional identity that has turned a band to the Geordie icon and clue to title to the Tyneside hymn.
Has two clues that has not been in a elepé original, but looked in a B side of a swipe so only soyeet me on a Corner'. Escotch Fog' Is the allegro instrumental in fashion of Scottish dance, complete with the parody of a true drumming fashion. 'Any Time to Lose' is Alan Hull song much more in a fashion of an album, with good harmonies, harmonic and mandolin.
Lindisfarne Is resulted some good material with which this, but never quite achieved a summit of 'Fog in a Tyne', like this yes go to buy so only one of the his CDs ossia a a to take. There is not the bad clue here and ossia an album that still touches fresh and exciting more than thirty years on. Ossia Good value for money and is thoroughly enjoyable, that wins an undoubted five stars.
5 / 5
'Fog in a Tyne' was Lindisfarne' as the originally released album in record of Charisma in 1971. It contains his alone prime minister-paste soyeet M in a Corner', and an album is spent a lot of weeks in some maps. It is popularity has spent included his first album 'Amiably out of Tunes' behind to some maps. Interesting that his second alone swipe 'Lady Eleanor' has been taken of his start adds-album.

This in spite of soyeet M in a Corner' has been writing of Cane Clements, is singer of guitarist and still goodness Alan Hull the one who is a personality to dominate with the his songs adds likes them ong of of January', 'Peter Brophy does not concern ', esong of City' and 'Ghost of At all'.

Has compared to his start, a global feeling in this album is more acoustic and although a lot of songs are to arrive-time of beaten, has the a lot of relaxed and pleasant feels to an album.

One two prevails them the clues are utmost of sound ; especially Alan Hull final B-side 'Any Time to Lose'.

Like his start 'Amiably Out of Tunes' , ossia one of mine all-time favourite albums.

The sound adds in this new remastered emission of CD.

Highly recommended!
4 / 5
Gloriously Geordie, gloriously Out of tune and another of mine all time favourite records - the fusion among folk and rock but with the very own identity of some inaugural harmonies of some alone brilliants Fulfil me on a Corner to some last agreements of a clue of title.

This album has comprised a lot one the majority of endearing Lindisfarne moments. Alan Hull is there is remarked sharply songs, Ray Jackson excellent musicianship was a lot to a fore in an album felt warm and that receives roughly touching in a local pub in a start of a @@@1970s. The utmost albums have feels he of the his own. This has feel and hammer of atmosphere
4 / 5
One of a prime minister Lp has bought, behind in 1972 like him 15 old year.
Ossia Lindisfarne In his summit. It is not so only a clue of title and Fulfil me On A Corner that underlines, is the strong collection .
45 years have undermined on out of a vinyl and the boy still touches well.
Also have a CD which also comprises an add b sides Scotch Fog and Any Time to Lose.
Alan Hull, Ray Jackson, Cane Clements, If Cowe and Ray Laidlaw I health calms for this timeless masterpiece.
5 / 5
Some animal albums-mastered is the revelation. I seat this king-mastered the version has spent too much long in some hands of the digital studio friki.
Like the result can listen all some instruments but the can not listen a music.
Will dip this in ebay and look for the copy of CD of an original version.
5 / 5
More fulfilled a thier first outing 'Amiably out of tunes' and stronger in material that 'Dingley Of the , ossia Lindisfarne' classical album. Released in 1971 and looking his attack his big plus, a wonderful soyeet me on a corner', this album has the allegro and beer-and atmosphere in of the places, but still directs to look Alan stray Hull is touch calmer and retrospective. I have used this album to teach I mandolin like this Ray Jackson fines to touch characteristic throughout. Some sounds of the production of him is time and hangs together really amiably like an album, more than the series of clues. Highly recommended.
4 / 5
Averts of a wellknown Fog in a Tyne', and soyeet me on a Corner', a rest of a cd was frankly a lot particularly unmemorable songs you wouldnt wants to listen the again. Quite disappointing.
5 / 5
Lindisfarne&x27;S Swipe More the add and more populate that a charming, folksy subtleties of Amiably Out of Tune, this album has a lot the commend that.
Like first album has taken a turn to some roots the traditional music in a heydey of psychedelica, as this, a second album is atune with a time like presents of the youngsters resumed his report of long term with alcohol. This album for Lindisfarne is his equivalent of a second alive album Thankful Dead person, derided for New Musical Express like this boogie Died. Well Ossia a drinker &x27;s the album and I say concealed no in the derogatory way.
Fulfil me On Some sounds of Corner like a hymn to the trafficante undermined and begins an album while a famous Fog In a Tyne that parco in a famous original a boozy rowdy city of Newcastle in Tyne with this wonderful refrains, can have the wee-wee, can have the wetted in a wall. Among although some songs take on the most robust perspective while retaining an essential folk-sound of rock. Any Sale of Incredible Series here but certainly some sounds of some urban poets in some means forged in shipyards and coal mines and transitory factories while the industrial decrease was to dip thousands out of work.
A connection with drinking is a lot strong in a North East of Inghilterra. In fact a Saltgrass folk club in Sunderland has been housed in the pub afterwards to the shipyard which there is overwhelmed a heaven and where shipyard hard-working, exiting of his turn slake his is with the pint or are before going house to eat before returning to the local pub later in an evening. Some early days of the deindustrialisation in some properties stray consulting of the hand of Goddess of Tyneside with his soulless uniformity and treeles seen, then an only alternative to the conviction the perpetuity in a hurts was drugs and alcohols, a Lindisfarne the album was appropriate more for a time. In fact when visiting roasts of an album, the drunk has been taken aplenty for interpreters and audiences equally while one bundle was robust also.
All of some songs in this album have a lot the commend him. Alan Hull especially paste his stride here with papers stagnate with the political message and of the songs, which outsiders could not find extend but daughters of Benwell has beaten.
This album is like this folk-rock like any Fairport album of Agreement but while a last reflects the plus genteel, view of Inghilterra half, Fog in a Tyne is North by means of and by means of. Fog in a Tyne also is certainly more populist and has obtained a sale the strong venue that follows evidenced for a house packed in a prime minister farewll concert in Newcastle Room of City where all felt likes part of a Lindisfarne along familiar and a fact that this could be repeated by full houses in fact a lot of years afterwards in spite of breaking ups and reformations and a decrease in national popularity.
This album has a endearing his quality that still exists to this day. Like this opened on the boat of Newcastle Brown Ales dipped in your shoes of dance and enjoy.

Top Customer Reviews: Scottish Tradition ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 3 ratings
4 / 5
Has has had expectations partorisca these bases of music in recognition to Lewis some years when I have seated in a midst of a beautiful psalm that sings found in some churches of this island. Perhaps it was remebering the best that was, but this register has not been like this as well as I have expected. It did not take me behind to an experience agrees
5 / 5
This has to that be one of a bit those that register of the true Scottish indigenous music. It is skin -tingling. You can comprise it is similarities the music of mouth, and Irish is, this in spite of like this speaks of more than that.
Some singers go back to some roots of human music - a voice was a first musical instrument and here his showed to perfection.
4 / 5
... Probably it would touch like this, a musical recitation of some Psalms in Gaelic for Calvinist congregations in some far Isle of Lewis in an Outside Hebrides. This is not the CD the majority of lovers of polyphony of the renaissance or the Baroque work will find artistically appealing. A row of voice of forceful the clamorous; appearances of the classical vowel and the technical joint is deliberately eschewed. Like material jointly, does not compare at all to a flange polished of professional Corsican near likes Barbara Furtuna - In Saint At all - but is not feigned for concertizing. A flange preceptors, Murdina MacDonald and Donald MacLeod, is coached highly and specialised in his cement of musical gender. For far one the majority of interesting (and listenable) the clue in a CD is a fifteen duet of minute for Murdina and Effie MacDonald, reciting portions of Psalm 118, using the hardly recognizable ballad the melody has called Coleshill.

This repertoire is the living fossil , the class of musical coelocanth. Some 16th and 17th centuries, Calvinists in Big Bretagna undressed his churches of ornamentation and his music of self-conscious art. The congregations have been promoted to sing with or in place of his hearts. An aim was utter simplicity, intelligibility, and 'excites.' Some Psalms have been translated to ballad metre, to be sung a note for syllable. The historical sources suggest that any endeavour has been done to ensure that all the world has sung in a same tone, while they have shouted some together words. This was a format of the religious music has spent in Inghilterra New, where resulted finally a base of hape-remark' flange.

Of a lot of members of Lowlands the congregations were illiterate, Scottish Calvinists has presented a function of the tutor, essentially the leader of heart, the one who would sing out of a text to be repeated by some another. When Some Psalms were other times has translated in Gaelic for Highlanders and Hebrideans, the questions have looked with a ballad metre, which was absolutely foreign the music and Gaelic poetry. It is extremely difficult to choose out of any regular metre, has left so only ballad metre, in a flange will listen in this CD.

A thing to oblige in this repertoire is his demonstration that reads of evolution the music so as with DNA. A fashion to sing that it has begun he for explicitly banishing to the polyphonic ornamentation has evolved, for a mechanism of isolation, to the class of rudimentary polyphony. It is one same 'effect of island' these elephants of the nano produced and flightless geese, and is also the first example of evolution 'convergent', an independent discovery of the no derived polyphony other repertoires. Singers of a Isle of Lewis has been chosen thus register because, ironically, his fashion is more 'ornamental' that a norm of congregational flange during region that speaks Gaelic of Scozia.