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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 5 ratings
4 / 5
Unfortunately we owe that maintain our toothbrushes was like our bath is small. These are perfect to maintain germs out of them. It did not use Him travelling still but he so that far it has been it well. There is the smell to them of a thymol but is the clean smell .
4 / 5
These are well, clip on well and would have to that return the majority of measures of paintbrush. When calm in the first place plough a sale a smell is on-powering. Felizmente This reduces on some premiers few days to the level the bearable plus and now any the commentary . I add partorisca travelling and maintaining a clean paintbrush.
5 / 5
Repeats compraventa. Handy & hygienic coverage partorisca your toothbrush. Easy to use & perfect partorisca travelling. It loves him so always the utilisation inclusa when not travelling . Highly recommend!
5 / 5
Wants to these !! It recommends to everything maintains your paintbrushes clean a bit block that it maintains him barren is in side a clip and odora quite strong is a lot although the smells clean my little boy hates a smell this in spite of as it will not have it on his paintbrush of tooth
could prob the take
5 / 5
These pocolas pods are perfect to protect your toothbrush of germs. His clip to a boss of toothbrush easily and stay in place. They are returned all the toothbrushes tried him on, both manual and electrical. It is produced ready that the helps maintain your hygienic toothbrush.

Top Customer Reviews: Oral-B iO - 9 - ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
These produced has a RRP of £. The amazon sells this product partorisca £. Ossia The whopping 50 discount. It looks mine as if a RRP of £ east the marketing ploy for a costruttore; any toothbrush is cost surely that a lot! These produced is a cup of a row of a new Oral B I serious.

Partorisca Of the money, had expected this product partorisca be something really exceptional. I do not create it it is coming any where next to fulfil quell'expectation.

A magnetic that touches the base is very poor. Some chairs of toothbrush on the small domed zone in a base. This in spite of, a magnet is like this feeble that a slightest the swipe is likely play was a base partorisca touch . This seriously could break a product.

Like other people have commented, a life of battery is very poor. With the normal use so only last the few days and certainly a lot while the week.

An application of the smartphone installed easily in mine iPhone and a Bluetooth the pairing was the breeze . While brushing an application is supposed partorisca aim that zone of your calm mouth at present is brushing and a progress on all the zones. I have found this partorisca be a lot of swipe and lose. When Moving of, says, an upper sinister side to a sinister side lower, an application suddenly would indicate that I have had has has changed sides. Several parts of an image would go several shadows of blue and aim. Some the inner coverages would disappear in the a bit random fashion. In an end to brush, in the each alone occasion an application has indicated had not covered everything of my teeth. I found it difficult to determine exactly that that has not been happy with and where. Resisting in alcohol I already use an electrical toothbrush of the costruttore different, am fully conscious of some diverse technician has required to cover each zone.

Has the pressure gauge that indicates, for way of different products LEDs, if you are not pressing quite hard (white), correctly (green) or too hard (red). I have found that a difference among too light and I too hard too sensitive, which is resulted in of the constant red/transitions green/aim. A sale of LEDs is too close up of a fund of a boss of paintbrush, that means that when brushing sure parts of your mouth, was difficult to see. An application of the smartphone also shows this information but I do not want to be looking down in mine telephone all a time am brushing.

An information of marketing declares an use of AY. My definition of AY has to that differ of a costruttore, reason can not see any evidence of anything concealed resembles AY at all. Some serious sensors that is accused by an application and showed in the screen of telephone does not compare to AY in mine dress.

Has found a product a lot messy to use. After the normal brushing session, has found a foamy mixes/of the toothpaste of the water has finalised during a boss, meaning the washed soufflé filler down every time is used. No the big but extracted annoying.

My main complaint in this product is that his seal of enormous prize is so only any value he. It appears to have the number of characteristic glitzy that the wonderful look in some advertisings and in the screen. A crucial question is, this helps to improve my dental health. It does not think to do. You can buy produced so many of this costruttore and another concealed will do like this well the work in the a lot of lower cost.
5 / 5
To the equal that go to start with to direct an elephant in a room - a prize.
This toothbrush is oral-b mark spanking new toothbrush that rrps for £499... This in spite of days after going on sale swipe of amazon 50 era... £249 it Is still expensive for the toothbrush, but the better plot that a rrp.

But is value he?
Guesses it really depends in the type to paintbrush like, likes gimmicks, if you like him to him of the technology, and has of the money (I also profit of the amazon that offered to extend a cost on 5 interest of free month).

1. It vibrates and rotates - the a better of both worlds.
My last toothbrush was one oral-b which are known for a rotating boss that essentially paintbrushes for you (for one the majority of part). Before that has used the Phillips sonicare that vibrates. Personally it prefers a sonicare but at the same time to require the new paintbrush or-ral b was better priced.

2. Touching time - is quickly
has has had always a subject with oral-b in a past taking age to touch... I do not have it covers he of shaver in a bath like each two weeks would owe them that touch he for more than 24hrs.
This touches interior roughly 3 hours. Also of the a percentage of a left of load (like helps).

3. A boss of toothbrush - is new
Theyve redesigned a toothbrush begins concealed is supposition to clean better... Also it results wider in a subordinated to the equal that gives the lustrous creation and there is rid of this clip in of the pieces of plásticoes (that the hated).

4. Serious 9 comes with the travesía to touch chance. It is that a oversize chance of glasses that can apt a boss of toothbrush, more a unit, and can touch your toothbrush whilst inner he. Calm also take another mini chance for two additional paintbrushes.

5. One bases - small and a lot.
HAS like small impression with the fund of hule and is magnetic - so that it maintains a toothbrush in place. There is a lot of nobbly has bitten to stick up and is easy to clean.

1. A travesía to touch the chance is not USB. Honradamente Owe that think that that this would have been usb-c or at least micro USB... In this way when you are by train to travel you can use a boss to exist for the touch. But for some reason has decided to dip the shaving port on in and give you to shaver of 2 boss of pins. I have chosen on the adapter of compatible USB on amazon partorisca £ ... I can touch anywhere has the port of USB more than that owes disorder around with adapters of discharge or find spent he of shaver.

2. One bases - fixed boss... I comprise reason has had the fixed boss for afety' but has seen other models that no. This would have left (the consumer) to chooses wants to use the 3pin, 2pin, or included the cord of USB (I continuous to be picky... But it is the £500 toothbrush... Appearance )

1. An application
honradamente can say that so only take my telephone to a bath goes to be has while seating in a hire... Certainly I do not feign to be brushing my teeth with which and probably are to rush to a hire to start with with... So much the often does not have my telephone with me when it feigns them to brush my teeth BUT you take to the plot of profits does .
An application is a lot well in of the memories, joint, etc.
With this paintbrush can relieve a place (the majority of a time) to the equal that can aim in an application that the zones require more home.
My subject with this this in spite of is that a toothbrush costs one same like him midrange telephone - still like this the majority of him is profits come from contacting with another device... The leading models have come with him mini exposed - this would have to that it has done one same.

2. An exposure... This are adds to dip up... It gives the good greeting when calm choose it up... meh.
Likes said before... For a prize of a paintbrush would owe that have the separate ready exposure that could have it attached to your mirror - that the calm way still can see whats that goes in without your telephone and have all a setup and gimmicks on there.

In general is the good paintbrush ... Probably a better... It is value £500 - no for the shot along (£250 is pressing he). Oh, And some bosses of substitution are in £50 for 4 or £30 for 2 (ouch!)

If you are not annoyed like this in a chance of travesía, or having all some characteristic - opt for one I serious 7... It is more economic (even more economic in a sale)
5 / 5
A lot like this first impressions:
One spends of subject @of first prime minister of calm included strart that it uses a toothbrush. Before there is included he anything with him touched it to 100. Taking it was one load and doing an initial setup process - in a toothbrush without closing connecting it to the mine telephone - this has taken roughly 30 seconds drained a battery down to 90.. I mean the one who a hell?! This thinks costs £500 to the equal that would expect more!
Then some same subjects so many with all the leading toothbrushes and ossia an application of absolute rubbishes!
Can not connect a paintbrush without beginning the esession' the difference of the leading models where could do you like this to press a soyoda' key.
Then begin to brush and some subjects with one HAVE kicks in.. Hardly it knows that the zone is brushing at the same time and often marks different zones instead. I have begun in an upper sinister side and he have marked half upper for 10-15 seconds, and with which finally that @give am brushing left it still changed among some two zones, as I have finalised with on 50 coverage of half upper without closing touching it and is remained one same for a rest of a session to brush. Again a lot that would expect you of the £500 device! Been due to of the this has taken 3.5 minutes to achieve 100 reasons a AY is also rubbishes..
Has finalised a session to brush so it was time for a cleaner of Tongue. For some reason could not change among ways without turning a paintbrush that half in the buzzing and splashing around while it chooses a way - which are quite annoying, but after dipping on the 'Journey' the this is to be solve. I have changed this in spite of to cleaner of Tongue and at all spent in an application, so only has aimed one after screen of session with some statistics. But with which have finalised a session of tongue, flossing and rinsing and ticked some boxes, has paste 'Done' and After a session of more cleaned of the Tongue has followed gaze in a screen. It likes reason..? There is any way to finalise or disable it, like six forced to close an application was to take touched of of him... Again a lot that would expect you of the £500 device!
Then has a stupid order of some ways a new application has begun. Like this if you setup has left ossia one 'Whitening' travesía an order of some ways is all messed up! It likes him he begins with Whitening, then Daily Clean then more Cleaned of Tongue.. As they are I really supposed to Whiten my first teeth of the cleaned?! It concealed basically it means that Whitening the Clean results Newspapers and a Daily Clean function results obsolete! Extremely stupid and again a lot that would expect you of an application that accompanies the £500 device!
This in spite of there is still the good part and ossia that some results really feel somehow better that a leading model! One more cleaned feels deeper and as yielded more results, but also could be due to this when being marks it boss of new paintbrush while a one in a leading model there is already be 2 month in the when I swapped to this and to think roughly that quell'also felt like this very like this one in a prime minister tries. A screen is also as well as it is quality really adds this in spite of is again, entirely pointless in the toothbrush and averts to drain a battery more he any one anything for you, really feels like so that it is there simply reason could not think of anything more to aim something new and has loved to bank in the new toothbrush this year too like this this was a last solution of resource ..
Will require to the use bit it to him more to see if anything changes so that it will update this description the week, but like this far can not recommend taking this pleasure the prize is not justified at all!
Day 2 Update:
the battery was down to 80 after a second session and has continued to drain 10 for each subsequent session and now seating in 60 with which 4 sessions, meaning you so only can use a toothbrush for 5 days with the full load, which is with all the entirely ridiculous justice that looks in a seal of prize!
4 / 5
Was bowled on for one Oral-B Electrical toothbrush in a prompt 1990 east and has been the enthusiastic user never of then, upgrading to a model a late plus while available, with clear incremental improvements of the each new model. As I have it quell'has bought so only one Oral-B iO9 to substitute my Character-X. It is still early days, but in general are underwhelmed and the marvel yes is really such the big improvement.
Positive For me: a) touches much faster; b) Calmer into use; c) Fresh look (but at all bad with leading model; d) In durable can change you way of the paintbrush without that has to that the transmission can on. Negatives For me: a) boss of the main & toothbrush - any I so that it adds for my small mouth; b) Loss to title of smartphone in chance of travesía; c) Loss of grip of hule on boss - more easier to free grip in wet. Too much I harvest to say if a battery last longer; and no clear improvement for me on artifical intelligence - looks to do included like this first, with paste and lose accuracy. My global conclusion: die of big prize of new model, if you are happy with your Character-X or another Oral-B toothbrush, then does not rush to change!
4 / 5
A toothbrush is well, this in spite of ossia to good sure any value a prize of prize with thr application. Has so many questions. They are unable to connect my his telephone at present and maintains to clash an application. It has it Samsung galaxy s10 more so it is more than able with applications. Personally it would recommend not buying this based in the subjects of application
4 / 5
have bought like this this paintbrush after the recommendation of mine hygienist the one who is apparently state involved in a test and thinks that is to say a better thing never of sliced bread . ( It is 60+ to the equal that has thinks that that it has to know his material ) . They are upgrading of oral b 7000- has to that say seat quite amazing . It leaves your teeth extremely very cleaned but this in spite of does not feel like this strong/forceful on him . Has the few installations and some crowns and always has to that use a sensitive way in other paintbrushes . But it is not one.
An application follows and calm give you feedback in real time and has a lot of program to help improvements anything requires ( gums , whiteness etc ) , but one could bore for the use especially when in the haste .
Are very pleased in general , but early days . An only thing that concern to me , he s that a battery has gone down already to 90 with which 4 min brushing . In £250 it would expect it he more than the life of battery of the week .
The punctual update .
4 / 5
Had contemplated that buys this toothbrush has been of then released, but an introductory offer of £249 has not gone quite sweet enough to try me... It is so only the toothbrush after all. In an end, has attacked lucky when to the amazon in brief has reduced a prize to £201, and am spent to have the code of Oral-B for the free band of 4 paintbrush of boss of transmission. This was so only roughly enough to persuade me, but still £201 is expensive for the toothbrush!

This has said, ossia a mother of all the toothbrushes. I speak like this any those who has used manual toothbrushes, Oral originals-B electrical paintbrushes and lately he Philips Sonicare. This paintbrush really is the does not advance enormous in technology of electrical toothbrush that, leave faces it, has not changed exactly a lot in a last decade or so much...

Like reason is like this good? Well, in the first place it looks to combine some goodnesses of sonic technology with a rotating boss of paintbrush of the round. It is in fact sonic? I am not sure, but a feeling is almost identical - albeit to the sweetest plot in some teeth and gums. It rids the dentist fresh feeling after each use. Cliched Know, and the fiancée are not a pearly toothed type in an Oral-B advertising, but really cleaned far better that is predecessors . Some the different ways are useful and easy to change go in. A sensor of pressure is easy to see and when deliberately trying it, has not felt for likes it was too cautious or too complacent - know as it would owe that be paintbrush.

This feels like the element of luxury, and is. It feels good to resist, is very intuitive and easy in his setup, and is supported by the surprisingly good application. Has thinks that that an application would be buggy, that a paintbrush would not connect automatically, and that finally would be the macizo gimmick. But, he so only to to the works like to of him has to that and to be sincere for this only chair far more comfortable in a hefty seal of prize.

A magnetic touching the stand are add, the vast improvement in an Oral original-B chargers. Whilst Had grown fond of mine Sonicare is touching glass, ossia far more compact and does not impose . A chance to touch is also well, use a Sonicare one to plot when travelling and like this to see Oral-B that resupplies a same class of chance has helped my global decision to buy this paintbrush. It would have preferred to see the micro USB uploads or looked more than the proprietary adapter, how is another goodness to pack , but finally ossia the minor niggle.

In general, this paintbrush is brilliant. It is value a £250 asking prize? Perhaps. It is the product of luxury , is a lot of fact, bolt until his promises and only laws exactly to the equal that has to that without complaint. An application of support is surprisingly well, credit to some developers. This in spite of, is still very difficult to seat here and promote spending £250 in the toothbrush. At least yes calm , will not be disappointed.
5 / 5
Is not postponed for a prize. I have received this yesterday and has used four times already. Well, how it is powerful and thank god. My teeth are gleaming - for once can feel a difference has compared to the normal toothbrush (any one another electrics compare). I have been to a dentist of then December 2019 because of lockdown as I have not had the pertinent stairs and polish of a hygienist in the moment - does not require it now. I seat like this I have been to them of a consolation of my own house.

Further to an on, as all the world takes regularly drinking mark of caffè. Usually they look in some hard to achieve parts of your teeth. FOUR USES and is hardly visible. Sure, ossia expensive but think that it would pay for fillings, crowns and extractions if you have not invested in your teeth?
5 / 5
Has bought this to substitute the Oral mine-B Serious 9000 toothbrush of Character. A iO9 so only looks the really slick evolution that was it his flagship toothbrush. It feels he taste quell'has been to a hygienist. Utilisation with Colgate Max toothpaste of White catalyst and leaves my mouth that feels absolutely sparkling and my feeling of teeth polished.
Is a lot solidly built and has the a lot of his weight. An addition of a LCD screen to paint really does east feels like the product of prize and, when you finalise to brush, while you have surpassed two minutes, takings the a lot of smiley expensive together with your time to brush showed ( will be sad is less than 2 mins - has been warned!).
A toothbrush there is bluetooth to the equal that can sync with your telephone to maintain record that well is brushing your teeth. Also it has a lot of program to choose of, comprising sensitive and included the tongue that clean ways.
A base to touch is magnetic, that substitutes an old fashion where a toothbrush seated in the created lug in one load, that means that a fund of a paintbrush could take quite gunky, but no anymore.
An only thing can not comment on is life of battery as I have used it so only around five times ( is in 90) but are paranoid and if that goes was paralización more few days would take a goodness to touch covers it a chance of travesía in and touches, in chance perhaps.
Some bosses are so only to a iO9 like this he at present the Oral-B toothrbush, no attended to be able to use and left in the bosses can have, ossia that the entirely new toothbrush and a lot so only an up to date model.
If my transmissions of opinion will update a description, but like this far, very very good. It has used Philips Sonicare and Oral-B for the years and ossia a plus like this far and resembles blend a better of both frames.
Expensive, yes. Value he? It would say like this.
4 / 5
My teeth have has not felt never like this cleaned before, has used always oral b toothbrushes but this one east for far a better a. One looks and feel is like this lustrous and a weight is perfect.

Are big in to my technology likes before what was hooked he until my telephone and clock. He syncs a brushing info to my application of health of the Apple also. A 3D cleaner is surprising there is no @to @give that of my teeth have lost until I have begun to use this characteristic. They are also state using a whitening bus by means of an application and with which 3 weeks can see the big difference in my teeth.

Highly would recommend this toothbrush my teeth still clean celery when wake in a morning.
4 / 5
I have not been sure roughly spending so much in the toothbrush but was cost totally he. I have been using electrical toothbrushes partorisca years but this a leave my teeth and feeling of mouth to the equal that finalise partorisca be cleaned by a dentist.
An application is sum , has has improved to good sure my habits of cleaners and me more conscious that the parts of my mouth has been missing (the same teeth my dentist he always said lose).
Touches quickly and a hard battery the long time, like the battery takes partorisca go down an application does not look partorisca be like this effective. I have been using it 6 minutes the day partorisca 4 weeks and touched it so only once.
4 / 5
Shining Oral B paintbrush. Totally different of last editions, total upgrade, the vibration is in a paintbrush and no a whole toothbrush how is better feeling when that resists, the screen is coloreada and more information and elections on there. Works well with an again up to date application.
Would recommend!
5 / 5
There has been sonicare in fact a lot of years, but there is prendido always law after the year and my dentist have said clearly pressed too hard. I said also Oral B has had the sensor of pressure, as I have decided to change for a profit of the mine gum or at least give my gum the other (or the paintbrush) in the different direction. A prize looked big, but can be justified if an experience two daily times is far upper. I can answer that clearly like this he. Using an application was able to brush my whole mouth and teeth equally and timely. He also warned yes pressed too hard. As I have followed so only some instructions and prendidos when I have been said. My whole mouth and the teeth were noticeably more cleaned that with which sonicare. An action was a lot of looked the sonicare but a rotating the paintbrush looked partorisca be sweeter in a gum whilst more effective in some teeth. It was very partorisca take a smiley expensive partorisca the fact to act very ( will take the grumpy face takes it to him bad!) And see my progress in an application, syncing my day with health of Apple. It is a compraventa initial type , but is a lot so that so only a more will do, then looks no further.
5 / 5
Has purchased this after my sonicare ready has broken the pair of days out of guarantee.

Ossia For far the upper product! A 3D that follows when paired with your telephone is fantastic. Calm does not require partorisca use he with your telephone all a time but a prime minister little time where underlines zones that you need to improve is sum .

A life of battery is quell'has bitten on declared in my opinion and last roughly the week that is not the question. A Sonicare life of offers of better but oral battery b to good sure rids an upper cleaned! A battery is not a @@subject to the equal that comes with the chance partorisca touch for travelling and also looks the fast 3 load of now.

Has bought this in a sale partorisca £250 which can look the plot but when you compare this to a better Sonicare the paintbrushes of tooth ossia so only in join he of the his own. It is a next plus think can take to the clean dentist!

Is an investment in a point of current prize but when you consider like takings. If registers a product will take 3 guarantee of years. Has a peace of imports partorisca know that you are by train partorisca concern you partorisca your teeth properly, like this in a long ran you included could save in some bills of dentist.

After the month of the uses can not recommend this enough! It gives to try it!
5 / 5
Mina, ossia the fantastic toothbrush . I do not have any a lot of experience with electrical toothbrushes -- with which the test run with the different class he roughly done 9 years, am returned the manual paintbrushes and has been using so only these of then. As any really is the one who a flange that cut in of the toothbrushes is, but this feels to like.

Has bought a product in the whim after seeing an ad and is spent a time of delivery that the worries had been the massive deception (this paintbrush is really expensive). But really it likes to of me. Always I have brushed two times the day but these are mine less favourite time of day. Brushing I teeth is such cry it, especially when tired.

In all the chance, some lights to soothe of this paintbrush and is sweet hum is the joy. I usually paintbrush with my mouth that hangs open and has found that a vibration of a paintbrush resonates or something to do the class of soft ringing his in my mouth. In fact, I open and close my mouth, touches slightly likes tuvan the throat that sings listened of far.

Is early days -- has has used so only a paintbrush once -- but a net, some lights, and some sweet humming the song has done an experience like this pleasurable am already happy bought it.
5 / 5
Has has had to that previously choose among Oral B maquinal/rotating bosses and Philips' sonic paintbrushes.

Now take the paintbrush that combines both. It is fantastic, clean a lot well and is very calm.

Ask the one who Philips' the response will be ?
4 / 5
Bought it to substitute paintbrush of mine of old tooth like paintbrush of mine of old tooth has begun to aim it time (almost 8 years and very used). I have thought at the beginning that it is in precised and will not annoy but has then read some of descriptions and value have thought to give goes it he so that it was in ascent. With which first use was has surprised positively the one who better clean the teeth compare to old a. With which few days using some new one to good sure does not go back to the mine old a, chair that my teeth are cleaned very better, there is difference of mass with feeling after brushing and all a discoloring in the teeth are missing. The result is really visible.
4 / 5
First impressions when unboxing one I Serious 9 toothbrush is that it is to good sure the element of quality. An impulse-was the lid to an orderly box averts to develop the welcome leaflet, down that an organism of a toothbrush is safely cocooned inside the appeal-was flat in a cup. Everything of some other elements (the boss of paintbrush resupplied, magnetic touching cradle, touching chance of travesía, goodness to be able to and chances of travesía of spare bosses) is all packaged neatly down.
One I 9 organism has the a lot of his hanged and feels very tactile and robust in some hands. The mine is exited of a box with 50 load how was able of the try was immediately.
An exposure of the colour in an organism is clear and brilliant and calm easily can see that way has selected. On first use, you personalise he to be request that the colour loves a light in a base of a with the to glow - nod to some the plastic coverages have painted small has used to burst in a fund of your bosses of old toothbrush, although this also can be changed any time later using a free Oral B application.
An ultrasonic action is very fast and much smoother and calmer that a rotating bosses in any Oral-B the electrical paintbrushes have used in a past. I have it quell'has used so only one ‘Daily Paintbrush' and ‘clean Extreme' cycles but can inform that his both leave your teeth and the mouth that feels exceptionally clean for hours. You owe that apply the small quantity of pressure to take a coverage in a base of a with the to turn green (the ideal tip brushing technical to gum protect is used). It hastens too hard this in spite of and a coverage will turn red and an application in yours smartphone will flash to alert you too much.
Create owners of paintbrush of the Character already has the habit of of the east, but a part of your mouth is brushing is showed peel 3D diagram of some gnashers in your application of telephone (albeit with the tiny bit of lag in time). The coverages am showed inside the teeth aim what calm attention need of still pay to some interiors, cups and outsides of each quadrant. In place of some old vibrations that say to move on to a next quadrant to your mouth each one that 30 seconds, is promoted to maintain that it goes until some coverages am disappeared before moving on. Like the result, brushing at present take me around 2 mins 30 seconds to 3 minutes to do the good work.
After, is given the bookmark out of 100 and promoted to pay more the attention to any zones has lost. Down in to good sure that this intelligent paintbrush is really that goes to help my technician and mine visit to a dentist in future!
Another characteristic of an application comprises statistics in the well is treating, a concession of medals to maintain you motivated and five ‘travesías' to take for priest of better mouth, comprising concentrating in yours gum health, scrolling of dish and teeth whitening.
Has two negatives according to which this reviewer is concerned. In the first place, a magnetic that touches the laws of base for the treat and is certainly good looking, but a paintbrush could be attacked was has taken accidentally with enough by force. It would be had little to have it uploading against date with nowhere to go but a paving for this reason.
Secondly An application there is prendido to speak to a toothbrush after the few days, but was an easy fijamente close the down entirely and ploughing it on again. More recently this in spite of, although an application still is that it speaks to a paintbrush, thinks that am cleaning a sinister hand-held side of my mouth when I am doing in some fronts that is súper-frustrating. I owe that spend the time that read in of the parts of my mouth in a endeven although an application thinks that that that has has finalised already... Something to dip commanded with an update, Oral B!
My teeth and the chair of the much cleaner mouth that has used to this in spite of. Calm very joined other descriptions on here mention a big prize like the negative, but does not think you can dip the prize on taking a possible better cure of your mouth. Calm certainly seats that you are taking the product of quality, would have given it the indication of 5 stars, although I am going for 4 because of some subjects of application.
4 / 5
Ossia For far a better Toothbrush in a phase.
Is sweet to a gum but gives the perfect net everytime!
The better only thing is the clean professional .
A prize is quite big and probably a lot of achievable to some people but I have to that say well each penny!

An application is a lot he directly advance and easy to use.
A 3D that Follows is something on, as clean each section of your mouth some blue teeth in an application will change dark blue to light blue to aim with @@@sparkle the one who half that the section is cleaned fully.
A light in a paintbrush is orders also!
White(Customizable) - No quite pressure

Perfecta of Green pressure
Red - Too much pressure

is practically silent compared to the oldest models and of the new micros the vibrations celery very better.

Highly would recommend this Toothbrush to any those who concerns in his oral hygiene!
5 / 5
This toothbrush is overpriced, compared to other models in any Oral-B row. Also the bosses of paintbrush are very expensive to renew. Bluetooth Connectivity to an application seldom the works and an application fails to with the accuracy shows a data when/if it is sync'and. An exposure by heart is a lot quite but quite useless as it is not possible to see a elapsed time when using a paintbrush. An only goodness on some less expensive models is a fast battery recharge, although it is not possible to share a redesigned upload with another Oral-B users.
4 / 5
An upper-of-vary he- rechargeable toothbrush of some experts. Yes, it is expensive, but how is correctivo dental treatment! More used in association with an application of iPhone free, this device can look initially on-complex. After the short while, his a lot of settings result intuitive.

Requires thorough cleaner of a black-the organism has painted. Imposiciones Of the toothpaste immediately looks unpleasantly in an organism. Perhaps ossia deliberate? I clean a boss after each use!
5 / 5
Has bought this toothbrush partorisca substitute the Character X as it has taken partorisca Navidad. After seeing some like this on-line video Oral street B the game typical of Amazon besides, the exposure that detail a product. LeGustado Some specifications of a paintbrush and mix of oscillating then more cleaned of sonic cure. Partorisca Receive a paintbrush has situated the immediately on touches how was quickly, easy to use and manage a lot good to resist. Smooth arrival and magnetic base partorisca seat on is easily. It has bought also some sweet bosses like my hygienist recommended uses him together with the sensitive setting in any toothbrush has. This paintbrush are adds with 2 sensitive settings more another 5. The sweet bosses are of the sound plants extra more sensitive. After using the paintbrush partorisca 5 days is for far better that my forward a & fact the most thorough work. Flossing Has used to occasionally underline any zone inflamed of gums because of my lack of pertinent cleaner but with this new paintbrush flossing has aimed at all but the clear saliva that banishes the traces read of blood have used to take. Laziness really for my part like this very pleased with results. The cost has considered yes same for the half reward but value he. It likes an another reviewer the mine taken on 5 deliveries.
4 / 5
Toothbrush that surprised- highly recommended.
I teeth feels very cleaned (and that the hard clean feeling the full day) this in spite of is a lot of pricey but yes can resupply is more probably a better toothbrush at present in a phase
4 / 5
Fantastic toothbrush. I have used Oral b paintbrushes of tooth for years this in spite of this a this next level . My teeth and gums to seat likes is taking the pertinent in disposal on every time so only his paintbrush, almost if any better that the scale and polish in some dentists.
5 / 5
Simply a better net has not had never more is interactive, has seen an Application, and is extremely attentive and like to use.

Expensive but a better net out of the dentist!
5 / 5
The better toothbrush there is never has possessed. The fact gives with an application that sure describes little brushed of the mine
Bocca. Absolutely it loves that !!
5 / 5
Absolutely glorious. Cleaned far better that dentists and hygienists. And every day! Easy to use. It feels he adds. Totally recommend. An amazing product.
4 / 5
Ossia One of a More all a Time.
Are happy to resist this in my hand daily is to look an Art
4 / 5
the paintbrush Adds, expensive but value he for me. Amur A coaching in an Application. Deffo Improves in mine leading OralB paintbrush
4 / 5
A RRP of this toothbrush is, frankly, staggering - I has has has possessed cars that cost less. To justify a prize to ask of half the glorious, would expect this thing to be quite spectacular. How it is?

Are fearful that, for me, a response is 'any really'.

Is the very good thing to manage; a packaging is a lot of Apple-inspired - so it is a product - and certainly calm is not short-changed in of the bits and of the pieces. I outrage a paintbrush and a boss of paintbrush, take the magnetic touching basic for use in home, the travesía that marries of touches to use when in a street, and the chance of travesía for two additional paintbrush bosses. (A travesía that touches the chance resists a boss and the boss of alone paintbrush.) He all feels amiably drawn and appeal to look in. (To the equal that would expect for a money!

When Turned a paintbrush on, begins to see where of the money have gone. In my usual Philips Sonicare paintbrush, a way the paintbrush is showed in the series of LEDs - no such skimping here, where Oral B has used the exposure of SMELL of the colour with icons. It is a lot well, but a lot he in fact the very easy fact to see that way is in that a simple LEDs. You can select a colour of a light around a paintbrush begins that shows when you are applying too much pressure - again, a lot well, but entirely unnecessary; surely the red would do for all the world?

A paintbrush in his own no really do more than any one another paintbrush - to access his characteristic special, need to install an application in yours telephone and sync with a paintbrush. Oral B lose the point here to insist on having your email address before they will leave you dipped this on - entirely unnecessary. When synced With a paintbrush, an application leave to dip several characteristics of a paintbrush like a colour of a light to look of aforesaid pressure. Also it resupplies the memory when a boss of transmission of precise paintbrush - reason would be very bad has been a lot to pay Oral B even more money in the regular base... (And BTW - a prize of the bosses of paintbrush is a lot in accordance with a price of compraventa of a paintbrush, i.et. Any economic.) But a main characteristic is that an application follows your use of a paintbrush - that paintbrush of time for, times it the day, that overpressure etc. Is all very interesting, but can not help but feel that you would have to that be a utter obsessive to look all this material up. I last it it is to agree that you brush your teeth in a morning when it believes and in an evening when you put to bed you? Surely more the people do not require his telephone to follow this?

A paintbrush is also supposition to control what time spends in the each part of your mouth, and this characteristic has thought could be in fact useful - a paintbrush can say you that lacking teeth, this could be the interesting help . But it does not look to do this - brushes in the fashion 'driven', which looks to involve that it obeys objective in a screen of the yours telephone as you brush, will aim to describe which have been covered, but unless I took your telephone to a bath with you and peer in him like this paintbrush your teeth, everything is report one 'unguided' brushing session without detail. Ossia Give it , like this ossia one a thing that in fact could cost that it pays the stops of prize.

Considering that cleaned has taken my teeth - was well, but think mine Sonicare (that it was it significantly more economic) the better work. (And dentist of mine confirms this - in spite of everything Oral B advertising, dentist of mine and hygienist both use Sonicare his, reason feel produces better results that Oral B, and has changed of then to the Sonicare paintbrush, volume noticeably less tartar buildup.)

If you are the artilugio freak the one who want to all in his life to speak to the his telephone - or a class of the person to to which likes to brag in what cost of things - then this toothbrush is well on your street. But for all the world-wide more, is ridiculously overpriced with a lot little, another the characteristic very cosmetic, to justify a cost.
4 / 5
An Oral-B iO9 the electrical toothbrush are packed with characteristic revolutionaries,in fact is the quite amazing bit of boxes with so many innovations that does more other paintbrushes look obsolete at night. It is also very a lot of-fact and everything of a packaging,accessories and a Paintbrush he exude an air of quality. A packaging agreed a lot a way Apple presents his products to new owners. Yours first view is is of a boss of the paintbrush surrounded for black packaging almost in writing, promotes this and some accessories are neatly dips was down individually packed in polythene stock exchanges. There is also the number of the lustrous leaflets and the Paintbrush of comprehensible instruction is gone in the one who Oral-B Rose quartz of call, which is a lot near of the gold of Rosa of Apple,other options are White Alabaster and Black Onyx.

The accessories comprise the Magnetic to upload and the box of small storage for spare paintbrushes. More than everything is the travesía very solid if the a lot of so only protect your Toothbrush but calm can touch has seen a chance also. One full load that takes 3 hours but he is perfectly sure to leave your Paintbrush in one uploads when not using to maintain the full load ,he no overcharge.

A Boss comes with the quite nifty exposed by heart, wake a Paintbrush with an on/was the key on a screen can spend for some options that use a key of Way down. Ossia A lot easy to do and can dip your incumplimiento tongue (which so only owe that on first use) then your election to brush options. There is 7 of these ,Daily Cleaned,Sensitive,Súper Sensitive,Whitening,Intense Cleaned,Gums Cure and has included the tongue Cleaned. These all have clear icons, brilliant and some rolls of key of the Way by means of his smoothly and efficiently.
An exposure also tip to touch progress,the timer to brush and the number of another gain ,or novel notification, if you brush for at least a recommended period to time an exposure will fill calm with the smile,is always good to have the happy toothbrush.
More Technology of Salvation wizardry is involved with an Oral-B Application that can download you and will control yours those clean teeth in yours telephone while you brush,more than this late plus.

Everything of this punctual material would not be like this impressive Oral-B has there was not dipping so the endeavour to that is basically the revolution in of the Electrical Toothbrushes. A Paintbrush has the linear magnetic walk that concentrates energy to some tips of a bristles more than a boss of paintbrush. Basically in the regular paintbrush will remark enough the plot of vibration by means of a boss,this is to squander energy . Speaking of these bristles, row and micro-vibrate-for the thorough clean and the majority of pleasant experience that an Electrical Toothbrush rule.

Retreated To an Application,this can be downloaded of both one tent of Apple or Game of Google according to your device, only investigation 'Oral-B' ,astonishingly enough, and pair your Paintbrush with your telephone. I have tried this prime minister in my telephone of the successfully small android, has downloaded easily quite but would not connect . I then tried with my iPad,which paired immediately. Any use of calm device has to that sustain Bluetooth 4.2. Or main,or does not go to do,my telephone does so that it is the bit of the mystery,probably my failure.
Once paired tones to start with an Application and beginning to brush and while initially that thinks that that a whole thing was the bit of the gimmick was impressed enough,any to mention fascinated likes frame in mine iPad mirrored where brushed and to the left know me when each section was thoroughly brushed. An Application is a lot good-drawn and can have the habit to control so only roughly all as well as suggesting improvements in your technician to brush.

A feeling is a lot pleasant, has the plot less vibration that of the regular paintbrushes and your teeth feel almost to the equal that are buffed that thoroughly has cleaned. My leading paintbrush was the Discharge Nano, a second an of those has possessed as I estimate him highly. An Oral-B iO9 is massively better that it paintbrush estimated highly, is more pleasant that use and gives the noticeably better cleaned. Of course,and ossia one of entity bugbear of a iO9, is also massively more economic. In fact Toothbrushes more Electrical is massively more economic that a iO9. At the same time of it revises it is on he offers for £, which is quite hefty but any one that 'HOW MUCH?' Inducing he so that it is £ RRP.

In a prize of current offer thinks that is the good compraventa ,yes is expensive but is fantastically a lot of fact and boss and shoulders on anything has not used never first that and a clincher is an improvement of entity in gumming hail that this paintbrush resupplies,more than entity that any cosmetic prize.

An Oral-B iO9 really leaves your teeth 'the Clean dentist' and is in fact pleasant to use with this quite soothing action. Has masses of characteristics,some duquel could look gimmicky but results to be quite useful. It is the product of Prize but in the full prize spends the clearly seal of prize of the prize also.
4 / 5
Had impressed really with this electrical toothbrush. It looks well, having yours-metallic pink painted and feel. An only aesthetic negative is that a colour and material of a boss of the paintbrush does not match that of a toothbrush. A boss of paintbrush has comprised in a packaging was a ‘definite ‘ ‘ ‘ cleaned' regular variety. Oral B also sell bosses of paintbrush of sweet cure for people with sensitive teeth, but concealed has not been comprised in this band.

I promptly downloaded an Oral B application to the mine telephone and connected it to a toothbrush. An application will register and follow your history to brush, the clue like old yours the boss of paintbrush is, and notify you when I need the new a (roughly each one that 100 days), and calm included leave you to select the ‘travesía of dental cure'. These travesías of dental cure comprise: fresh respite, fighter flatly, whitening, gums health and ortho cure (for suspenders). I have begun a whitening travesía that asked me to it the one who white my teeth are in the stairs (complete with pictures for comparison). It will resupply guidance in that I need to do in a prójimo two weeks to take the whitest teeth (and will follow that a same time), and will leave to know the one who white my teeth are in of the intervals to time place.

A toothbrush has the different ways that comprises: daily net, sensitive, whiten, gums cure, intense, súper sensitive, and the tongue cleaned. Each one that like this of these has the noticeably different vibration, for example with intense when being more, well, intense, it súper sensitive. My first paintbrush was that it likes (apparently of these uses ‘stroll magnetic' technology to reduce embrague), and a paintbrush felt well. But a big innovation for me was a fact that could see that well it has cleaned my teeth in my telephone. It could see that well it has cleaned a front, behind and cup of my teeth, seeing that the zones have not had given still pertinent attention to. With which some two minutes were on, a paintbrush there has been he smiley expensive in an exposure ( has the sad face does not brush partorisca enough along). An application promptly said me that my bookmark of the coverage of the teeth was 74, with me not resupplying like this attention to my teeth forward go down so it would owe that have. Also it will adapt me of mine leading paintbrush some next time uses it, like six where to improve.

A toothbrush there is inbuilt detection of place, so that based in a corner and the movements can exit of the that the teeth are cleaning, and of the like direction. Also it relieves a quantity of pressure is using, with a band around a fund of a boss of paintbrush that the colour of transmissions is pressing too hard. Another good touch is that an exposure of toothbrush comes on when I choose it up. A packaging is a lot also, which could be the consideration is buying this like this the present.

Has the pocolos accessories that come with east: the magnetic load, which can touch in three hours, the travesía to touch chance, and the headline of transmission. A magnetic uploads good works. So only situate a toothbrush in a half of a stuff and will be resisted in place. A travesía to touch the chance is solid and will protect a toothbrush during travesía. He atascamos in to touch. A file of transmission can spend two spare paintbrush bosses. It feels solid, as it would owe that be able to give travesía of support.

In general ossia one the better toothbrush there is never has used. An interaction among a toothbrush and the mobile application is a main selling point, but as well as it concealed a toothbrush feels quality of prize , and an experience to paintbrush is better that has had with another tram and toothbrushes any trams has possessed. An only negative is a prize. At the same time of this description this is to list in £250, in the provisional discount of £500. If you want to one better toothbrush, and wants to follow your dental health, and one spends is not a subject, then would recommend this like the election adds. If calm so only need the no-frills electrical toothbrush, then has a lot of more economic alternatives there.
5 / 5
Rid for Amazon in the branded box.

Love Oral-B and Braun, when I have seen this io9 available to revise has jumped in a casualidad. The oral health is like this of entity to the equal that embezzle of some organism.

This is to arrive very packaged in the Braun the box together with the booklet of presentation has attached to a front of a box.

Inside a box

1 rechargeable toothbrush and a boss.
Power2go Touching chance
title of boss of paintbrush to Trip
1 Magnetic Click Load.

There is also he 30 risk of day tries free and to 2 guarantee of year.

A toothbrush is sleekly drawn and the good weight, some bosses of paintbrush are alike (if any one some same) likes a bit dentists and hygienists use. Slightly main that the boss of normal round that layers more than a surface of tooth, a bristles in a boss of round is dipped in variable period like this when his rotate and that the paintbrush is giving your clean teeth deep plus.

When In the first place it has turned a paintbrush on takes it smiley expensive and the salvation, a front of a paintbrush has the built in light concentrated that it can choose you a colour loves.
This exposure also to the works likes them to them the timer, said when of yours two minutes to paintbrush is on, fantastically to the left is to know is using a right quantity of pressure when brushing red on duty paintbrush too hard. When you are using a right quantity of green of turns of the pressure.

Has 7 settings in this paintbrush that comprises, daily cleaned, gums and tongue, Whitening and my preferred Sensitive absolute. A sensitive setting gives your mouth the deep net without breaking the plague gums and sensitive teeth.

This paintbrush really is Techy, when using with an application (available on game of Google and in a tent of apple) of the the information that uses a Bluetooth HAVE that is still in that well yours the mouth and the teeth are cleaned, and some describes that the failures was or not cleaning enough.

One the magnetic fast load load a paintbrush in just 3 hours.

I really like a travesía load and chance, means that any subject where are does not have to that worry in a toothbrush that dies on me.

Ossia The quite that waters eye £ to plot to pay for an electrical toothbrush, but this is not only toothbrush A lot electrical. Really it leaves your feeling of mouth to the equal that have visited a hygeinist after each use.

My teeth do not have sense or looked this good of the mine last dental date. I can not recommend this highly enough the desire there was more more bylines afterwards to some 5 stars.
4 / 5
Oral-B I serious 9
can not believe have this fabulous that the electrical toothbrush has so many functions. Has a colour of black onyx and to good sure looks a subject. It is the Bluetooth device like this you partorisca go to AppStore to download application that the way can use this toothbrush to full potential. Has 3D teeth that follows calm so much can do sure your teeth are has cleaned entirely. Has the sensor of the ready pressure as it will say you if yours pressing too hard or correctly to avert gum harm. An exposure by heart is interactive to the equal that says to hail or smiley expensive if yours brushing expensive right or sad has not cleaned for 2 minutes in a timer. Has the magnetic that touches as so only takes 3 hours to the full load that has SURPRISED.
One HAS paintbrush the recognition is basically your own personnel brushing bus. Dentist of mine maintains to say am not brushing right as it can not expect box my next recognition.
Comes with the chance of travesía ready.
4 / 5
To start with of without the costs has been saved in a creation, feels and quality of this toothbrush. I can comprise reason has such the big value seal of prize. When that Uses a toothbrush can flick among several ways that comprises:
- clean newspaper
- Sensitive
- Gum cure
- Intense cleaned (a lot powerful!!)
- Whitening
- Cleansing of tongue (definite vibration)
- Súper sensitive (any engreído ossia a lot good and practical)
That has thought was also really fresh is when you are brushing, yes go to light in of the zones, will flash on amber to dip more pressure in a zone, then like this yes is going to hard will flash it red to say you to soothe . When Green is perfect! (Also apparently it will say me when I require to change a boss, but did not use it long quite still)
An exposure is painted also and take the little greeting when management on and the a lot of fact with the once complete smile.
To one load, included is an amazing magnetic control that canal of touches. Matching with a colour of a really done toothbrush one looks of elegant and expensive element (which are balling £500, supposes that you want to be fact to feel in this way).
A boss is a lot good and easy to resist, quite weighty which personally loves also. Bosses of the substitution does not cost an earth and would have to that last quite long! I am thinking the new boss the month, as £.
Is really to know that well paintbrush and improve your oral hygiene, calm also can download an application and connect / sync your data of toothbrush to an application. It will spend on all and say you exactly like this to order the things was.
The element arrives in the loan that looks, box of soft touch. Really good and would do the present adds! To a prize, thinks felizmente would pay £200 for this element. I think that that a current prize is the little big but ossia probably reason accustom £50 some. I can comprise reason is like this, which is reason are not deducting the start in this particular element. You take value for money, if calm the the to spend, to good sure take this element! Calm will not be dissatisfied!
5 / 5
Like this, my life is complete, take me now, to have the bluetooth toothbrush. There is at all has left for me – I experienced it everything….

Skynet Bored With world-wide domination and has built instead a AY toothbrush.

Is a lot good? Yes, my teeth in fact celery noticeably more cleaned (compared to mine Oral old plus B paintbrush). This can be a paintbrush or can be a new boss , which you also can buy for some paintbrushes plus a lot old – I has not compared still (will modify this description).

An engine of walk is described like ‘magnetic' and the big thing is done of him in a bumph; it feels ‘' different but can not see magnetic ‘reason' is different to like all the electrical engines are electromagnetic for character.

One of some characteristic of a paintbrush is an application of telephone, which well, although it has taken the pair of tentativas to connect to my Pixel 2.

An application ‘gamifies' the tooth that paintbrushes, as I take immediate feedback in the hard is brushing, where (to the equal that in the bit of your mouth, no ‘in a wetted) the the brushed and that thoroughly there is brushed each part of your mouth. Ossia Quite ready & takes it well the majority of a time – have said like this my teeth really celery cleaner of them first.

This in spite of has the downside. An application is not 100 attentive, and like this OCD take me bit it disturbed when an application wrongly registers where am brushing. These results in the scolding for not brushing everything of my mouth, and then registers a tentativa to brush with the low bookmark. The majority of unfair!!

If you are not using an application, a paintbrush vibrates each one that 30s and with which 2 minutes, so only like each one another paintbrush in a phase.

Has the light coverage under a boss in a paintbrush that lights. You customise A colour in initial setup, and with which concealed, in the use will change in any green for red pressure or corrected for too hard. A light coverage is the little difficult to see when brushing, and sometimes hid for behind your hand yes look in a mirror. Everything Oral B the paintbrushes have this subject; so only it would do mine more felt to have a light in a far end of a paintbrush.

A boss is plastic smooth ; I seat it likes a rubberized boss with the pair of ridges in mine older Oral B the paintbrush gives better grip that this, but is not the tried a real question into use.

One the magnetic stand is well, but a paintbrush can be attacked of one is more easily that with a female/creation viril physical. This in spite of stops to be just, if a paintbrush to draw older has taken attacked, has taken simply one bases on with him.

Comes with the good aim spends chance, which initially had thought had built to touch, resembled auricular of pod of the ear, but no, simply can be touched in a chance more than in one is. So that Oral B has distributed the different adapter, as has 2 different power adapters. I seat it likes him he has had to one occasion has lost there!

Finally, is perhaps value that knows that, further of a prize of a paintbrush, some spare bosses (like an application will adapt you to substitute) starts in around a watering of eye £7 each one that that.

In all the chance, some points keys are 1) brushes a lot well; 2) an application is amused, but no necessary; 3) it is basically the paintbrush a lot well, this in spite of has does subject to draw/of the smallest usability; 4) be prepared to remortgage yours house for bosses of substitution.
4 / 5
Unboxing One Oral-B I the electrical toothbrush was likes opened the new smartphone, but with an eye that waters recommended retail of £ has to that treat like one……and he does!

This paintbrush comes with the wireless touching tampon, the travesía that the touches spends chance and replaceable the boss spends chance.
In the offer is the number of ways like Clean Newspapers, Sensitive, Gums Cure, Whitening, Intense Cleaned, Súper Sensitive and included the frame of Tongue cleaned! An exposed SMELL of the full colour is really good. A coverage of light around an organism of a paintbrush that colour of transmissions to say are applying too much pressure, no quite or correctly. Some paints also can be customised.

But ossia when one Oral-B I so only is beginning. To download one Oral-B application to yours smartphone, a paintbrush is paired to an application that monitor your routine of dental hygiene. He visually registers a coverage to brush and times your routine. The different challenges can be place and included a life of a boss of paintbrush monitiored!

Using interchangeable bosses (so only one has distributed that it is that it disappoints) other members of your house can share an experience that use his own application to register a travesía.

A result of final is incredible! Your teeth celery likes arrived to be polished for a dentist. To register 100 coverage is to take the dish and that reduces a quantity of decay. Perhaps saving money in of the dental bills!

Has not thought Never would be mad about me on the toothbrush but like to him an idea of the dental program for real effective in home then looks no further…..If it calms that can resupply? As I write this, there is the offer to time limited of Amazon in £!

Has found this useful description? Please press an useful key down, thank you.
5 / 5
Suffice to say ossia a estupefaciente, with which-toothbrush of level. A new flagship I Serious 9 of Oral B technology of bands of spatial age to the orderly container really lovely that it is súper-accessible and simple to use. I am spending for enough of long dental work and orthodonics inner a moment, as has need for the really exceptional toothbrush. Mina the leading paintbrush was a really a lot that impresses Genuis X, as my expectations were a lot of big to begin with, but one I Serious 9 so only outperforms he without @@subject in both characteristics and brushing experience.

Pros -
HAS-powered The paintbrush that Technology of Commentaries (works like magic, eerie but impressive!)
Interactive exposure (characteristic personnel favourite)
in-a-indicator of pressure of the gaze
Magnetic load
Fully touched and ready for weeks to brush in just 3 hours
the chances of Travesía has comprised with in-the chance that touches
Mate mobile Application with a lot of characteristic

Gilipollas -
Only some paintbrushes the boss has comprised in of the boxes
New I boss of paintbrush that returns - no backward compatible with existing a lot of-I paintbrushes
4 / 5
dentist of Mina recommends one electrical toothbrush in the manual a. This in spite of, always says calm does not need all some elegant characteristics and an entrance-level Oral-B or Sonicare the toothbrush is all precise . I have possessed three basic Oral-B electrical toothbrushes in some pasts and has been interested to try this terrifyingly expensive model to see yes is any one better. Also I will be to compare the to a i07 model.

- Does the work adds to clean your teeth. If fights with the manual toothbrush (parts disappeared of your mouth or brushing too hard, for chance) one the electrical toothbrush can really help. My teeth have note really clean with which had used this toothbrush. He basically the majority of a work for you and he calm warns are brushing too hard. This in spite of, can not say that it takes my much more cleaned teeth of mine £40 Oral-B toothbrush.
- I amour a magnetic touching port. My Oral forward-B toothbrushes all just seated in one load and has not been the insurance returned so much was easy to attack them was. Ossia The definite improvement .
- A variety of the available speeds is fantastic. Some parts of my mouth are more sensitive that another so that it is well that I can regulate a setting.
- Touches on quickly.

- A esmart' the characteristic is everything so only a lot annoying. I guess if your oral hygiene is terrible and is that it has to that learn to line you could find this gain. Personally so only I want to clean my teeth and does not want to have the toothbrush that tries to communicate with me!
- This toothbrush does not have a rubbery coating that all my another Oral-B the toothbrushes have had like this is easy of the fall when wet and slippery taking.
- Some bosses of the paintbrush of the substitution is quite expensive. I expect that they touch to lose in the prize or calm at least can him buy to the for elder like you can with a normal Oral-B bosses of paintbrush.
- I worries in a life of battery although ossia more than a subject with Oral-B that this toothbrush especially. My last two Oral-B the toothbrushes have begun having questions with a battery with which are month. A battery any one last for longitude to the equal that have has had to that constantly touches up. I have seen other people complain looked. I will not be happy this very expensive paintbrush has a subject same.

Thinks that ossia that the paintbrush adds, but does not think well a prize. If you have struggled with your oral hygiene in a past and will use all a Bluetooth the characteristic could cost buy. I have it quell'has tried also a i07 version that is quell'has bitten more economic. It is basically one same but does not have all some characteristic casts. Unless you are a lot of enthusiast in a esmart' characteristic this offer of the model to good sure would opt for a i07.
5 / 5
One Oral-B iO9 the Black toothbrush is perhaps 5 until 10 better cleaned etc (in a an and the boss of only paintbrush is distributed with) that our Oral forward-B toothbrushes that was already the well has deserved 5 to clean. But ossia where some stops of joy.

HAS the hostess of whizzy looks to the equal that will be ignored instantly for everything except the novice any used to clean teeth with any one Oral-B. An only redeeming the appearance of this characteristic is in them when being an educational introduction easily comprised to priest of pertinent tooth.

Some costs of ready boss long as much as a prompt plus some have done and has to that it weaves more interaction with beautiful painted map, and tongue to an annoying inaccurate and intruder that follows application (now already uninstalled) in your Ready telephone, but after a first calm week never look in them? The no. And the one who takes an expensive telephone to a half wet of the bath?

Some bosses of new special paintbrush are a lot of the expensive bosses of new special paintbrush, but is expected for Oral-B to so only last three months each. Has a lot of variety of some bosses of the old way of the paintbrush regulates for the concrete applications has bought has discounted strongly a lot-estimate bands familiarised and there is used the felizmente in fact a lot of years, BUT some the old fashionable bosses are not compatible with a new boss reason do not sustain some characteristic new or socket.

The life of battery is slightly worse that our old boss. A system to touch is still odd and slow, and a magnetic touching basic and touching spends the chance still does not have compatibility with a ubiquitous system of USB used for almost all more. It means it does bit of still hands to spend around that any returned in one spends the chance has distributed. Daft.

An inconvenience, a rampant characteristic-itis, and an extravagant elevated means it can so only merit 3 in general of knots in spite of an excellent action: 5 cleaner, 3 still consolation, 1 for an application, 1 value for money.

When A boss of the wears of new special paintbrush am gone in this sample of Vine, a iO9 will go to a backside of a cupboard and will have gone back to a traditional boss and our stock of bosses of traditional paintbrush in his Sound and His pots of Milton.
4 / 5
I have been impacted in credit it this toothbrush is. With which first use felt it noticeable difference. With which two weeks, my teeth celery cleaner, less gritty and look much whiter and polished. Almost like recognition to an every time calm dentist uses it!

A toothbrush vibrates and moves calm so that it takes the very good cleaned. You can dip the different ways to the equal that will change a model to brush. A thing am impressed more with east a light function that calm says are brushing too hard and breaking your partorisca gum, ossia really useful for me. I know it is the characteristic to regulate in a lot of electrical toothbrushes but one 2 timer of minute to the equal that know how long would owe that be paintbrush for this extremely useful - always much more that thinks!! If any complete a plenary two minutes the pocola do sad looks in a toothbrush, goes in two minutes take the happy face - is the gimmick but touch the good touch to start with your day with the smile of your toothbrush!

I like a chance of the travesía and that can touch you a toothbrush in him. In fact I maintain a toothbrush in a chance to trip everything of a time how is an easy and effective way for the tent. An exposure in a toothbrush informs calm of a time of battery that the rests and he then is a lot quickly to touch when required.

An application is well, easy to use and is informative. But I will be sincere, if a toothbrush there has not been an application, would not be the enormous loss and a toothbrush in his own to good sure is interesting. This in spite of, this be has said, is the useful way to promote good cleaner of the teeth and I celery that pay more attention each tooth more than just an easy to achieve some. How it is the useful characteristic .

The value for money is subjective. A RRP is £500, but at the same time to write this description is available for £250. Originally I Owe that think that that this was a lot of empinado, but supposes use this for two years is less than £1 the day. There is to good sure in my alcohol that this toothbrush will reduce a need for dental treatment like this to good sure is reducing risks of fillings. Sound to much more thorough clean that the toothbrush any electrical normal and is also the far better work that alternative more economic. How it is certainly he validates to consider.

Highly recommend this toothbrush.
4 / 5
Has had my last Oral B toothbrush for years and has thinks that was well, until it has taken is a
A boss is like this as well as the toothbrushes have used in a dentist in my opinion, has thought he the really good work in my teeth
has used an application with mine old toothbrush and has downloaded an application again for the try was, uses Bluetooth to transmit die of your toothbrush to your telephone, is the bit of the ache that has to that dip a Bluetooth on and take your telephone to a bath with you, but really aim you where precise concentrates on when brushing your teeth, has added the little screenshots has taken when it has used an application a same time as cleaning my teeth, is really good and calm give you one stimulating to continue that it brushes, but can no to see me that uses this works a lot of
has been using some teeth whitening function in a toothbrush for almost two weeks now and can very really see a lot of difference but I think has used whitening the toothpaste at the side can does like this
taste that of takings it smiley expensive when you have brushed your teeth for two minutes or more also, this would be the function adds to have in of the toothbrushes of boys also, as it would promote him to maintain cleaning his teeth
Some touches of toothbrush to use the magnetic to upload and load in around three hours, has maintained his load quite well also, that last almost the week before it has to that recharge, also has the chance of travesía and upload, handy for when among your travesías
After each use takes a boss of a toothbrush to clean and dry, slightly different to an old some calm so that the the once dipped a forward those is remained on until you have changed a boss. It is the entirely new boss with this too
So only has taken the pair of flus with this toothbrush, for a prize would have thought you would have had at least a boss of spare toothbrush in a spare headline but no, so only take a one this comes with him, and is not economic to buy neither. Mine another small flu is that it is still the two pin upload which are to adds has to that shaver outlet in your bath, I no, has had to buy an adapter for my last toothbrush I so that there is at least known that to expect this time
there is a lot does to use with a toothbrush, comprising clean newspaper, teeth whitening and the tongue cleaned, so only press a key in a toothbrush for the transmission, really easy to do
In general, absolutely love this toothbrush and think is a better an around, yes is quite pricey but really take which pays stops. A toothbrush among black, rose and aim, love a black a like this look really a lot
5 / 5
One Oral Bi O9 the Electrical toothbrush Definite Grandson for Adults (battery rechargeable) feels very substantial in a hand and an exposure by heart is the vast improvement in toothbrush of mine “of leading application” has connected that the has not had the exposure.

Grieve chooses on a paintbrush an exposure is actuated and is aimed enough clearly that way that dips a paintbrush is in. Any one the adjustments in a setting are done easily and again an exposure by heart is a lot handy.

When Connected to an application the session to paintbrush is classed like this driven and can revise where you brushed and for what time. I dipped it/ I dipped It it was paralización to give me the thorough clean in both sides and some cups (chewing surfaces) of my teeth but he can be seen of a picture that in spite of taking that it has thought was cured well was very poor in some cups and he to good soiled insurance for improvement in some interiors.

Some looks of paintbrush to have the big plus pitched the alike sound to the sonic clean paintbrush (this paintbrush does not allege to be sonic second that it can see). My Oral forward B has more than the touch it deep plus. I imagine a tone a big plus is an engine of the paintbrush that operates in the fastest speeds a lot of and giving the really deep cleaned.

Give that this paintbrush is quite expensive and the good compraventa for a desire of money buys one but more economic Oral Bs also will do the good work and I think any one would be preferable to the manual paintbrush.

Bosses of the paintbrush besides yields Oral Bs does not return this new boss so that I perhaps uses on your first old bosses.
5 / 5
The husband is impressed for new toothbrush, says esalvation' and 'good night' ;) . It has said that these some clean teeth very better that his old toothbrush also of Oral B. Everything thanks to accelerating augmented to brush and more option to change settings. Included a noise are much lower that another electrical paintbrush. Memory of sonic toothbrush I also have. A boss rotates and vibrates a same time, ossia to sound likes him the combination of two types of popular paintbrushes.
With each load 10 of the battery goes. As it will last for 10 paintbrushes- 5 days to use twice the day. I expected it it bit it better battery for a prize to be sincere. At least it bends that it will be it reasonable. The positive place of him is that that the toothbrush takes so only 3 hours to fully of cariche, any 12-16 hours as of the old a.
This toothbrush is like this different to very known more economic Oral B toothbrushes..
- HAS different touching stand (without pin, so only smooth, almost slowly of magnetic stand),
- a measure of a boss to paintbrush is wider in a fund (the substitutions are also much more expensive compared the traditional Oral B bosses of substitution). There are 2 types begins as it returns this toothbrush: 'definite net' an and esweet of cure'. A prime minister an east some better- clean teeth with lovely results. A second an east for people with sensitive teeth. A prize for 4sale in the amazon is £54, a lot he in the offer can grab he for £27
- Further to do this lovelier toothbrush, producing chance to trip created for him. It returns the paintbrush and a begin in him. The chance is quell'has bitten different to one Oral B character X 20000 I has (the mine returns 2 bosses and can be the double street has touched usb boss also). I The chance there is so only an option to touch- street 2-key upload (comprised).
- This dips also comprise container for 2 bosses of toothbrush, to maintain them clean and sure
- has 7 ready ways and option on boss of toothbrush to change setting (colour of a light, enables bluetooth, tongue of transmission, reset of factory) without need of an application.
- An Oral B I the looks of application to promote. Has an option to dip our aims- 2 or 4 challenges of week to do the whitest teeth, breathe it fresher, but one challenge the time. The application gives some joints as to cure of mouth and teeth. It is included sync an age of boss of toothbrush.. A thing I to of to the that likes is that I have to that give of permission of location and send my statistics to a company, otherwise the application no . It cheeky Is that, is not the? Something for something has had to register our details also to be able to use this application..
I looks of toothbrush lush, smooth and lustrous throughout, without organism of hule that with which the time takes mould of water. It has exposed by heart, technology really big. Ossia New way to maintain our mouth sã. Has his prize obviously, but would consider it so only when on it offers. I cant resupply to pay £500 for toothbrush. If of the that feels comfortable with the application that asks our details then so only can stick to a toothbrush, uses it like this normal and of the one who install an application.
Would recommend this product the people loves big technology, the clean mouth and the one who can resupply toothbrush and then some bosses..
4 / 5
Love this electrical toothbrush, compared to a toothbrush has had for the pair of years, this one east the macizo upgrade! A global look and feel is stylish and offers excellent quality. A front has 2 keys that eases of offer of use and exposure. - On/ it was and - key of Settings that has 7 cleansing settings different. I have received an aim for description and there are 3 by heart available options. Some settings are easy to use and a booklet has comprised is easy to read and comprise. A colour of exposure can be changed - ossia also a sensor of pressure to the equal that will signal the transmission to paint to red – too much pressure – white is pressure too small and the green is in his point.

Comprises 1x boss of toothbrush, magnetic touching basic, the travesía to touch the chance and the title of transmission+has spent. A boss of toothbrush (round) is ideal for all the types to clean and has been really remarks it a difference after the grandson and has tried all some ways of cleaners except sensitive and súper sensitive. It likes that all the clean ways - clean newspapers, gums cure, intense cleaned, whitening and cleaner of tongue.

An exposure (as well as application that will take to) tip substitution of boss/of life of option of battery to dip up. You can also dipped on the option to hail and is necessary little that the expensive smiles (or any so that type of smiles) after the net. It follows and it controls each net, slightly vibrates after 30 seconds to clean each quadrant and the longest vibration when 2 minutes to clean is on and can change ways during brushing.

Came it a lot of packaged and roughly 60 has touched calm so that it can use it immediately and taken roughly 3 hours to fully of cariche/or/of option of fast load.
A fast word in an Oral-B application (and are the daughter of technology to the equal that owe that say that I love this option):
All some instructions are comprised in a booklet and dipped you once on an application that is sincere can you cruised an application for more information. There is to plot to cover, as I will not comprise all some details but there are several available available options in an application – I has dipped mine to daily clean defy which is the dish struggling option. An application also shows some details of 2 minutes of the which well have cleaned each zone as well as using too much or pressure too small raisin also or time cleaner too small a zone etc – I thinks that is to say that shines (Yes, any necessary all know like this to clean our teeth) maintaining so only have an option to verify out of some small details 😉

particularly likes me a ortho option for suspenders to the equal that can look take my daughter he alike toothbrush when it takes his suspenders next month. I can it does not be missing this toothbrush – I really love the and highly would recommend. It can any one really commentary in a cost because I remark maintains to change.
5 / 5
Has thought like the more describe this amazing experience with this toothbrush and I think will do it has taken:
- I has taken a container, unpacked - has a container of a device - of an a lot of the start comprises - concealed is something really fresh - a box draws like this fresh, embossed details, all pointed, very good. I open a box - I there finds a paintbrush he - all has packed well, aiming the product of true prize. It has taken a chance of first travesía - astonishingly textured, ploughing and closing like this fresh, the absolutely fantastic interior. Some another also has packed accessories súper good and with care.
- I taken a paintbrush, there discovers that has download an application and dip the up! Ossia Really futuristic - connect your paintbrush with your telephone so that a paintbrush could scan your teeth and one HAS could help to clean better your teeth. It likes, as of the fresco is concealed? Wow! Some impressions in a toothbrush are like this of the complicated - I does not love to brush my teeth with east, loves to admire this incredible engineering masterpiece!
- I beginning to clean my teeth - 9 different ways, a circle focused of a paintbrush can aim like any colour loves, a vibration is like this right and the past likes like this seen in that clean TV some teeth are result more entertaining that looking some shows of television today. I have pressed it it bit it harder when cleaning and has turned red - a paintbrush - like - my type, to continuation well, does not press too much, there is not any need for that! It has been it has impressed totally!
Could say so more roughly the but will leave you to discover he for calm - the thing that, besides when being the need, is resulted even more useful result , fresco that looks and entertaining! With this chance where can touch you your paintbrush, with this wireless upload and like this on is so only something calm has not seen never!
Can not complain roughly anything. It is so only perfect, probably a more advanced toothbrush never! EVER!
5 / 5
Ossia An interesting time to release the toothbrush that cost £500. In a delivery has the situation where the people owe that take more authorships for his own wellbeing that never first, and in another the the economic climate that it is likely to deteriorate to an unprecedented recession. Like this always one wins to stage one in speaker.
Can buy the toothbrush regulates for £1, one electrical toothbrush for £20 and the first electrical toothbrush (sonic etc) for £70.
Like this which £430 extra shopping?
Well take the very ODORARE fashionable screen - which leave you to choose tongue, brushing the ways and some paints that a toothbrush flashes (and a obligatory Application - as all the world will download and then never use) - the all look a lot well, and perhaps could cost the £35 prize.
Also taken the magnetic quickly upload upload - sinister is to be generous and give that the £35 prevails also.
Averts of these takings the generic that the patient returns I plastic case (and the chance uploads), boss of paintbrush A boss of ALONE PAINTBRUSH. One. For £500.
A packaging is also quite generic and does not feel to be supported by a mark of prize Braun is looking for to go for (Braun have the heritage of fantastic drawing - had gone for the Dietmar fashionable look of the Rams on everything here could see the people that pay at least a prize to ask - the shame has not been thus).
Like this essentially the the container that could cost £150. £200 cups.
So only can assume that this paintbrush will reduce to £200 almost immediately and try people with a supposed reduction. Thats The economic shot in todays climate.
In all the chance - find this for £150 the'd the buy, otherwise has better elections.
4 / 5
Ossia To the calmest plot that a forward Braun toothbrush I possessed and there is far there is enhanced more characteristic. In a long career am not sure that you necessarily would use him with which the prolonged period. This in spite of six been lectured for your dentist in bad toothbrushing technical can give him the whirl. Unfortunately my bath is in a tiny side, as that finds the way to prop on the mobile safely while brushing is quell'has bitten delicate. If has teeth very sensitive, then some less powerful programs will be useful. An exposure by heart is enough, although any strictly required, and some happy and sad faces some attractive of exposure of the toothbrush according to your technician to paintbrush was the little odd. I am not used to judgemental toothbrushes. I have tended to use a chance to trip so only to touch in mine leading Braun version more than one tiny load. I think that it that it would prefer more bosses in a band more than two touching methods.
In general, ossia an interesting upgrade in a Braun line of toothbrush, but a understated the engine calms the plus is a clincher for me.
4 / 5
Has tried one electrical toothbrush in a past and found the could not locate with him, certainly was the model to estimate so it was simply 'dipping my toe in a water' as to speak. But knowing some potential goodnesses of the electrical toothbrush a lot has thinks that would try this very better model and sees has improved and more importantly yes costs an a lot of prize More adds them.

A lot afterwards the pair of the use of weeks can say with certainty that has improved dramatically and although quite expensive ossia the glorious example of an electrical toothbrush can resupply a cost. Ergonomically A paintbrush has it suitably the quality feels and is very very balanced physically, some controls are easy to use and a life of battery is stunningly well.

A toothbrush has a widespread neighbour of available programs to cover more if any all the phases, of whitening to ultra sensitive and included comprising the 'cleansing of program of tongue. I have been personally using a ultra sensitive way to the equal that have loved to relieve my use to this toothbrush more than submerging directly in with which a past experience with the a lot of more economic alternative. This I me ameno to in an only complaint has in this together, a fact that the only distributes with the boss of alone paintbrush, an intense a, for this have had to go to buy the sensitive boss before it could begin use the properly. This I me ameno to another subject of entity, one I the row does not use one Oral regulate-B bosses of paintbrush, need to buy one I equivalent, of course these are also to the equal that could expect more expensive that one Oral regulate-B bosses. Although as they are quoted to typically last 3 months this extra cost is minimum propagation in this period.

In of the terms of friendlinesses of user this toothbrush is the delight , that looks the fully graphic colour the exposure of SMELL is brilliant resolution , clear and a lot big. This does to select a program loves the doddle, so only use a key of selection to cycle by means of some available options, then press an on/was key to start with or terminate a program.

Selected once and has begun your program, a paintbrush controls your use as well as one time you run a program for, ossia to give you information roughly the one who calm effectively is using a paintbrush. If utilisations an Oral mate-B application of telephone (available in both Android & of Apple of some pertinent tents for free) takes the full feedback like that the paintbrush resupplies the full information to an application saw it bluetooth connection. It does not concern roughly using bluetooth an use of power in both a paintbrush and the telephone is minimum of the has there is enabled.

Has used personally a version of Android as I do not have an Apple and find a very useful application in fact, calm of the the lovely graphic representation of your technician to brush that it aims the one who effective has used a paintbrush and for so that where/that need to improve your diet. There is also some feedback resupplied in a screen of SMELL of the paintbrush when it finalises a program in a form of the smiley expensive, if it calms a lot give you the plenary smiley, if it calms a lot neither will take an unhappy face or the partial smiley - perhaps this touches bobo, but calm give you the fast view if you are in the haste.

In of the terms of accessories take two touching options. A prime minister is the simple stand that magnets of uses to resist a his paintbrush to touch a paintbrush effectively, simply is a paintbrush in a stand and is resisted reasonably firmly while it is wirelessly has touched. A second option is a chance to trip that has his own wireless touching the form built in so that when you are was calm can covers a chance to some hands and will touch a paintbrush in place. This chance has spatial for both a paintbrush and a boss of paintbrush. A thing the note is that you take two individual hands chargers, one for a chance, one has attached to a magnetic stand, these are both two prong fashionable connectors of the euro, as you require neither the two socket of pin or the pertinent convertor to use them in United Kingdom. A last accessory resupplied is the chance of spare boss to the equal that can spend change with you or store them in as your election.

Like this in general recommends this toothbrush? Yes, I with a caveats that in this point of prize would have expected more than the boss of alone paintbrush and that perhaps some two prong to the adapters of United Kingdom could be be comprise also. Excluding these pocolos niggles is an excellent product , very very done, comfortable and simple to use giving stunning results. I know they are to convert it to electrical toothbrushes now!

Oh, A last point, yes buy one does sure to register it on one Oral B the web of place like this will give you the free long guarantee :)
4 / 5
will admit that it was initially dubious in this toothbrush, quotes a big prize when compared with other available electrical toothbrushes in the fraction of a prize. Beginning like this left with one the majority of question of entity: I clean the better teeth that the levels of electrical toothbrush? Answered: yes, yes, yes. This electrical toothbrush vibrates likes any another toothbrush has has not tried never. Apparently ossia reason uses the 'frictionless magnetic walk' - this basically means that some vibrations are smooth and calm and , in fact, looks to clean my mouth much more thoroughly that it level of electrical toothbrushes.

Another point for besides he atasca the more is is an application . Again they are usually incredibly sceptical of any application that use you for something that basic like that toothbrush, and is of entity to remark that an application is not essential! This in spite of, that founds really useful is that an application - to the equal that connects to a toothbrush via Bluetooth - follow yours brushing in 3D, has attached it screenshot my description to aim the one who looks. An application divides some teeth to six sections that colour of transmission like his paintbrush, until they are finally sparkling white. Ossia Really useful like calm aim you to the equal that separates teeth you habitually underbrush so much can improve; calm alternatively can use an exposure of application to drive yours brushing to achieve the total cleaned. I have found that requires to brush my teeth in the longest minute that has thought to take the good cleaned.

I also really liked a sensor of pressure: a toothbrush has different lights to say are brushing too hard, or too light, or yes is in his point. Has the election of different brushing the options can choose of, according to a type to brush you wants to do: a incumplimiento 'Clean Newspaper' is a lot enough for me, but there are settings for teeth whitening and gum cure, like this ossia the good election is looking for the help that achieves the arrival of specialist.

Accessories: a toothbrush comes with uploading it which is magnetic, more than one is more common that sees for electrical toothbrushes that has the spike in that I subtracts a toothbrush. This means one is is much easier to clean (stand of mine of old electrical toothbrush was prone to build of toothpaste-arrive). Calm also take for the spend chance that also servants like the travesía load: takings the (separate) load that atasquemos to a chance, and some cariche of toothbrush inside a chance, a lot likes the wireless touch earphones. A chance to trip also has spatial for a boss of toothbrush. There is also the carrier of boss of separate toothbrush that accesses two bosses: this looked overkill.

Also taken a toothbrush heads to to take you that goes. Of the a lot of people will be to share a unit among a family (my husband and I each one which so it uses this toothbrush with separate bosses) would have has preferred bosses more than leftover more than a carrier of boss of the toothbrush. Some bosses of toothbrush are the bit of the worry: they are concrete to this I type of toothbrush, as it can not use generic Oral B bosses. In timing to write four bosses of substitution are available for £ - reduced of the RRP of £ - the one who looks ridiculously expensive, as I owe factor in this additional cost, roughly £ for person for year for some bosses of toothbrush.

Some bosses at present go in two options: the regular and the sensitive boss. Older Oral B the models have had different has painted funds to some calm bosses so many could say yours averts of more sharing your organism of toothbrush. Unfortunately Oral B has changed this for me - a begin each one which to the equal that has the different teeny-tiny symbol - the star, or the altarpiece for example - to say them averts. Ossia A lot has perfect eyesight but for those of knots in, to the left is says, advancing years, taking to plot of squinting to say them averts.

In general ossia the very big-toothbrush of final that in fact book of the results add - my teeth have not felt never cleansing. This in spite of, is the very big prize and a cost of some bosses of substitution is the worry of entity. This in spite of, if you really need to ensure the correct net, deep, this would be an excellent present to calm !

Top Customer Reviews: 4Pcs Travel ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 7 ratings
5 / 5
Spent the hard minute as it has travelled and is coming quickly. Good quality partorisca money. The only question has had was a smell of a product when open.
4 / 5
Perfect measure and done a work

A product has the an inner odd smell some tubes, to good sure will wash thoroughly before it uses.
4 / 5
These are utmost to resist the toothbrushes love a fact has the small hole in an upper to leave any water partorisca run was.
5 / 5
The 4 custodies dream very done, arrivals in the times and corresponding was description; sin that have a very bad smell that persists also dope have them left for days in water and soap. The smell begins ad dull mine, dopes planned weeks has given lavaggi, the only foreseen of the custodies dream utilizzabili, he another planned have still a too strong smell. I expect that Time of cabbage also he others lose the smell.
4 / 5
Puzzavano Has given burned plastic. Impossible remove The smell that is remained also dopes to have them dipped In lavastoviglie. I have them launched... In the plastic X recycle he material
5 / 5
He produced is good has a prisoner of air and utilísimo To insert the spazzolino when it is out of house.
5 / 5
Faithful to the Description and give identical colour.

Top Customer Reviews: 6 Electric ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 9 ratings
5 / 5
Utilisation all a time as it does not have cupboard of bath partorisca protect germs. Absolutely it wants the
4 / 5
think his the really good idea, a toothbrush doesnt layers . This in spite of, one produces self layers like this theres any a lot of ways of the cleaned .
4 / 5
So only that has required to maintain my hygienic paintbrush in a bath with a basin
4 / 5
Perfect access for different frames of electrical toothbrushes. It maintains it begins clean & hygienic.
4 / 5
Very pleased with these. They are not never happy state leaving the bosses of toothbrush am gone in some have opened to dry. Powder, germs of muck roughly. This simple coverage solves a Brilliant of question.
5 / 5
Returns really well, taste, spent partorisca of me and my partner, both happy
5 / 5
Very pleased with these. They are not never happy state leaving the bosses of toothbrush am gone in some have opened partorisca dry. Powder, germs of muck roughly. This simple coverage solves a Brilliant of question.
5 / 5
Perfect access partorisca my boss of toothbrush. I use it all a time, any only partorisca travelling. It maintains it clean and hygienic. Swift delivery.
5 / 5
Good element, amiably that covers an electrical toothbrush, partorisca maintain clean in stock transmission of travesía.

Top Customer Reviews: Oral-B iO7 White ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 22 ratings
5 / 5
Like the lover of all the technology of things, and one those who is not the odd plus partorisca use electrical toothbrushes, particularly of Oral B, has known has had to that have is one has come grieves in a phase. I in the first place listened in this toothbrush behind in February when I have seen some alive previews of of the this in his web of place and to say has been impressed would be a understatement! Far upper that an Oral B Character 9000 which has launched 4 years ago, this is advanced far in of the terms of attentive brushing time with the real timer that clue each movement, and different ways in a paintbrush according to that is well for you. I know it is very expensive but anything concealed can improve your oral hygiene and do your teeth look well is in prize! Calm really seat to like has brushed your teeth properly, like six state to a dentist. The money is very displaced!
5 / 5
In the first place, excuse me if this description looks the little along but is roughly to spend the big quantity of money in the element so only the short description so only any one .

Like all the world knows … or more all the world with teeth knows … to maintain the teeth clean is like this of entity as washing some feet, so only more like this, loves to maintain the together is, full of teeth in your mouth.
If you are not annoyed really in your teeth then there are cleansing a lot of of good denture there, how is happy time all around …
But so that like the good smile, cleaned then that the toothbrush well is the must . And this one is the good toothbrush , until the point.
LIKE THIS to the left is to take the look in him.
This Braun new eat stands in 185mm, without a paintbrush. It adds a paintbrush and he grows to just short of 240mm. How it is slightly main that another Braun the electrical toothbrushes have used.
HAS, that goes to call the ‘little screen' among one ‘can' key and some ‘settings' These shows each setting and some few icons are like this easy to comprise, included for boys.
Press a key to be able to and hails with with a Salvation ‘of word' then asks that dipping of net want to … (Any verbally, this would be fresh this in spite of, but he so only shows in a screen ‘of toothbrushes') This dipping that it is …
gums cured
Once that runs the accounts of timer up with both numbers and it dial.

These things have comprised other paintbrushes wish like help when it comes to the freshest mouth and the better smile.
Around a paintbrush, where a boss of paintbrush returns a main organism, there is the light coverage that codes to paint a pressure of you brushing.
White for any pressure
Green for correct pressure
Red for too much pressure.
Ossia The idea adds , especially has to kid the one who could use some three colours for some form of game to touch whilst brushing. But for adults, is not like this useful, unless you want to have the fashionable box of the 1980 in your bath with some lights to flash.

There there is also an application that the helps maintain tabs in yours brushing. It has downloaded once it was like this simple to dip on, taking no more than the minute, and offers a lot of figure to aim like this is doing when it comes to maintain your teeth sãos. To the characteristic like the time is spent to clean, as it has cleaned, those times have used a boss of same paintbrush and a lot, much more.
Can dip challenges in an application, which are adds for boys as it gives him something to think roughly in place of just while to a toothbrush to take that turns in his mouths.

Recommends to brush partorisca at least 2 minutes, and these helps of successful paintbrush that without you that has to that count until 20 calm. It vibrates each one that 30 seconds, with the double vibrate in 2 minutes … can spend on brushing with which some two minutes yes desire, is not to like a toothbrush explodes in your hand when among 2 minutes … but with which two minutes take a smiley expensive of the satisfaction in a small screen to leave knows has done the good work. If the pass in some eyes go all has launched. Reason? Reason is amused.

Although yes you are using this connected to an application then a paintbrush will not vibrate in your hand. Some characteristics in an application, which are self explanatory, will say you exactly to the equal that is brushing and that well is by train of the do.

Which more is in a container?
Averts of a toothbrush and paintbrush so only-begin volume a boss to touch and cradle (more to go in this)
There there is also the boss of the picturesque paintbrush that freezings if which can take two paintbrush-bosses and maintain them clean whilst in a bath, (or where any one the the never place.)
There there is also the lovely white chance, looked at random of long glasses, measuring in in roughly 122 mm along 63 mm wide (ploughing to 126mm) 38mm deep (ploughing to 19mm). Which is the addition adds , especially partorisca travelling to the equal that maintains a unit and two bosses clean like this inner to chair few cradles. A chance in bylines near good and tight as it would owe that take any bit of ‘stuff' that traces a boss. A last what loves is to begin to clean your teeth and then @give there is the wad of the fluff mixed in yours toothpaste …

Sadly, included for a seal of the heaviest prize, has the pair of negatives has found enough quickly.
In the first place, one uploads is not a better of chargers, for a prize. That I bad for that is that it touches a paintbrush a fast plus that has expected but if it is not in the flat surface, and bad path, then a paintbrush will be to fall on like this it drunken adolescent in the weekend rave. Although calm dipped quell'on the flat surface a light breeze by means of a window of the bath and a paintbrush well can clash to a paving. (Hopefully A lot down a basin)

Averts of one uploads a so only another thing has not gone too impressed with era a grip … or lack of him. Once an organism of a paintbrush takes wetted tends to slip the little in mine free which do not help at all when that tries to clean properly. An only place to the grip properly is around a key to be able to, which heads to accidentally changing it is gone in time. Perhaps it grooves to the long of a boss would have helped when it comes to gripping properly, especially for people whose grips are some better.

In everything, ossia the electrical toothbrush well , without the doubt, and could the good boys of help see to brush his fewer boring teeth, (he uses an application and do the game of him).
I certainly cleaned teeth properly and does my mouth feels fresher then mine another electrical toothbrush has not done never. But, there is one or two niggles, like a grip and a cradle to touch, which would do me shy out of paying a prize has seen this announced in … until £400 … would pay no more than £200 partorisca east, in the push, while cogerprpers in an offer in Navidad or in some sales of January.
Is the good toothbrush but any one breaks a bank.
5 / 5
One Oral-B iO7 is one excellent toothbrush for house and travesía.
Has has not used never one Oral-B first electrical toothbrush, in that has used the economic Wagner to toothbrush likes the mine so only electrical toothbrush.
This in spite of, has to say - an Oral-B the paintbrush cleans your like this good teeth - seat calm likes arrived to walk out of the session of more cleaned in your dentist, every time paintbrush.
Has been using he for 2 weeks now this in spite of that goes strong! Any question at all - and am beginning to @give so only that the endeavour am saving. Literally, any raging scrubbing behind and advance and on and down - just dulcemente that movements a boss of a tooth to another with the little bit of tilting here and there. Sometimes I have the second go so only reason is class to relax and stray volume in my thoughts.

· 5 Cleaning ways: I can not say to anything roughly him him like all treat reason has use and of the sensitive teeth so only one cleaning way: SENSITIVE - and am happy that this toothbrush has to that in this way that reads well and is quite powerful for me to feel like my teeth are thoroughly cleaned and very so much that would feel to like am doing more harm that well.
· A magnetic touching the stand is good and compact and the law adds. I have used a paintbrush without touching still to the long of the week and he have maintained can.
· A sensor of pressure (that indicates one east pressing too hard) - is quite attentive; a pressure the light helps clean correctly.

👉 All in a toothbrush, one is to touch and his creation, self-evident: Quality, Efficiency, Efficiency, and good Ergonomics.

✔ Pros:
+ 5 Cleaning available ways to achieve yours the majority of perfect smile (Clean Newspaper, Sensitive, Gums Cure, Intense Cleaned, Whiten)
+ characteristic of sensor of the Pressure (indicates are brushing too hard)
+ Bluetooth connectivity - that it pode pair to your device to optimise all his innovative characteristics and to efficiently follow your habits to brush
+ Facts with materials of big note that marks a waterproof toothbrush, sturdy, and that looks add

✖ Gilipollas:
- An only with can signal to - east a prize of this element. It is Expensive!
Averts of that, this toothbrush deserves ALL 5 STARS!

This clean paintbrush my teeth, gums and tongue very better that another (Wagner Switzerland) has not done never.
Very satisfied and would recommend this toothbrush to another sure.

Expects that this description has taken in your decision to purchase.
Thank you For your time and Have the Wonderful day!
4 / 5
Ossia The very expensive toothbrush - to good sure roughly that. It has been on sale for almost £400 and it is at present state reduced to almost £200, which is still to plot of money. How it is value he?
Well in a side besides touches quickly and easily and maintains his uploads for the long time. Has the light indicator adds to say you calm so that it is brushing your teeth yes are applying also (or no quite) pressure. You can change a setting wants to take the whitest teeth or gum cured etc. so only uses a newspaper that paintbrushes that dips how is well for me. Calm give you the little buzz after each 30 according to period to the equal that can brush your mouth in of the neighbourhoods until a recommended 2 minutes. My mouth feels lovely and clean afterwards.

And in an any side so that it adds things- an annoying thing is that a grip is uncomfortable. Like your toes inevitably take has bitten wets slip down a toothbrush like this am not a lot a lot of to grab the control was and take compraventa. I owe that use my free hand for the press slightly behind to a hand am resisting he with. It does not add . Also it comes with an application to give you much more information but with all honesty does not have a time or inclination the disorder around with an application when all want to do is paintbrush my teeth. Perhaps another will be happy to do this but are not . And finally a prize. He in the balance can not say is really the value that spends of the hundreds of books on. Especially when some bosses of transmission are very expensive also (at present around £15 for the band of two). Like this very good? - Big tick. Value £400 or still £200? - Debatable.
5 / 5
Like this, goes to be sincere and says would not consider never that pays a RRP of £ or still £150 (current prize) for the toothbrush but was curious that it was like this special for the toothbrush to warrant such the hefty prize. Now, a grandson takings of this paintbrush certainly is in amazing. In a box comes the boss, boss of toothbrush, cariche, spends chances and tent of boss for until x2 begins like this easy to transport and looks a lot very partorisca to the sexy and expensive toothbrush likes one Oral-B iO7.

After using he for the few weeks, is the definite upgrade of my usual (a lot, much more economic) the electrical toothbrush and a light CONCENTRATED to leave you to see when that adds a right quantity of pressure that is brilliant. This in spite of, a smooth boss (which is a lot lustrous) heads to some slippage, especially when have the good foam of the toothpaste that goes how is quite that frustrates when brushing your teeth!

An application is useful and that interest to see where failures when brushing, those times are brushing partorisca, the use has left in bosses of the toothbrush etc. Is easy to dip up and quite easy and sincere to use but to be sincere, with which some premiers few days of curiosities, there is wanted to so only simply brush my teeth! They are not the user of big application like this this would be to add so that they are and to desire to see the like all do etc but is not really value he when a light has DIRECTED a work is after when aiming for the very everywhere net!

Has loved a fact could choose one of 5 differing settings that is useful. A fact vibrates each one that 30 second and the duplicates vibrates to inform of 2mins the time of recommended paintbrush was useful, but this was something my less expensive toothbrush does too much. One touching is fast but need the very flat surface to touch in otherwise finalised with him falls off it one uploads frequently and frustratingly.

In general, has loved a grandson this paintbrush gave. But, if I am sincere, a prize dipped was, he like this done a prize of some bosses of substitution. The ones of the that thinks, another that an application (the calm neither will be the big defender of or simply never use) he not having a lot concealed warrants such the hefty prize. Certainly it would consider it it was under one £100 mark and some bosses of the also resulted substitution more economic but interior a moment, is so only too expensive for the toothbrush any subject like the ready east and a net gives. My more economic version a lot of a work requires it to and sadly, such an expensive toothbrush would not be in a estimativa familiar for a whole family to enjoy. Well it has of the money and wants to use an application but I do not think is the different of another Oral-B toothbrushes in the neighbourhood of a RRP.
5 / 5
Is previously state using mine braun the electrical toothbrush that finds one oral b some the little too abrasive as I am not sure state as to expect with this especially in a price which is not economic.

A lot In the first place so only comes with some paintbrushes to start with which is the disappointment in him considering a prize but is done on partorisca in a global quality of a product.

A clean paintbrush really well and I bad dentist clean. It likes- one light in a paintbrush to indicate is brushing too hard and a timer is very good. There are several ways according to that class of paintbrushes loves taste whitening etc another prize.

A chance of travesía plastic is the good touch but swim remarkable. In general I really like this and happy chose it up has done really the difference and the definite step on regulating priced oral b and Braun paintbrushes.
4 / 5
The accident is to take this out of a way. A RRP is insane. It would not pay £ partorisca east.

Does not have the work that requires my smile to be pristine but go to treat to to the this description likes are one of of these people.

An element key of this product for me is a light that colour of transmissions as it apply a right pressure or the no. is feedback of instant and has helped me to good sure take a perfect paintbrush.

An after characteristic more than the entity is an application that shows that zones of a mouth that can neglected more than another. In this way I know I can take one same cleaned. An application is easy to use, installs and connect to a toothbrush.

In general. Ossia A toothbrush that has surprised . If your smile is yours business then this well an investment.
5 / 5
Dentist of mine recommends one electrical toothbrush in the manual a. This in spite of, always says calm does not need all some elegant characteristics and an entrance-level Oral-B or Sonicare the toothbrush is all precise . I have possessed three basic Oral-B electrical toothbrushes in some pasts and has been interested to try this expensive model to see yes is any better.

- Does the work adds to clean your teeth. If fights with the manual toothbrush (parts disappeared of your mouth or brushing too hard, for chance) one the electrical toothbrush can really help. My teeth have note really clean with which had used this toothbrush. He basically the majority of a work for you and he calm warns are brushing too hard. This in spite of, can not say that it takes my much more cleaned teeth of mine £40 Oral-B toothbrush.
- I amour a magnetic touching port. My Oral forward-B toothbrushes all just seated in one load and has not been the insurance returned so much was easy to attack them was. Ossia The definite improvement .
- A variety of the available speeds is fantastic. Some parts of my mouth are more sensitive that another so that it is well that I can regulate a setting.
- Touches on quickly.

- This toothbrush does not have a rubbery coating that all my another Oral-B the toothbrushes have had like this is easy of the fall when wet and slippery taking.
- Some bosses of the paintbrush of the substitution is quite expensive. I expect that they touch to lose in the prize or calm at least can him buy to the for elder like you can with a normal Oral-B bosses of paintbrush.
- I worries in a life of battery although ossia more than a subject with Oral-B that this toothbrush especially. My last two Oral-B the toothbrushes have begun having questions with a battery with which are month. A battery any last for longitude to the equal that have has had to that constantly touches up. I have seen other people complain looked. I will not be happy this very expensive paintbrush has a subject same.

Thinks that ossia that the paintbrush adds, but does not think well a prize. If you have struggled with your oral hygiene in a past and will use all a Bluetooth the characteristic could cost buy.
4 / 5
Oral-B the subject is dental hygene and here have one of his cup of some paintbrushes of row.

Out of a box takes a main unit he, the boss of the clock of paintbrush regulates, one wireless upload and the chance of travesía. He all arrives in the very good box, which is 100 packaging of map as you can all be recycled without questions.

A paintbrush simply can be operated using is poster of control with some regular settings but be conscious that will require to download an application of mobile phone, attaches a paintbrush to the yours telephone that use bluetooth and calm then can regulate all some settings of paintbrushes to your preferences.

Changing in some looks of map of diverse paintbrush in a pocola LCD screen in a paintbrush to inform calm of his current state, in the first place setup so only is configuring the few preferences. Utilisation a paintbrush can be changed on and use immediately after a together initial up.

Use a paintbrush absolutely is stunning, really done the glorious work to take to all some corners and the polishes was all a gunk this seats on and around some teeth. His long root means to take well to all some corners and of the zones of your mouth. Obviously it is any substitute for flossing or inter-dental brushing but when being able to the paintbrush was all a gunk easily done the enormous difference. Like utilisations one that the paintbrush has the timer that careers, 2 minutes for incumplimientos, which
can be regulated that it use an application of mobile phone. If you see a whole cycle by means of calm then take the face to smile looks in the screen of a paintbrush, and less and takings the sad/creasing the expensive front. It uses I have found 2 mins to be way too long, 60 seconds felt sufficient otherwise has run out of froth or gums begun to take the little plague. Like utilisations a paintbrush and occassionally push down the little too hard some courses of paintbrush was and stops of the second so that it can not break yours gum or take a bristles has stuck anywhere. A whole unit is sealed like this calm once is done and a perhaps covered paintbrush in paste, can simply run a whole unit under one touches to wash it clean for next time.

One load is wireless and magnetic and resists a whole paintbrush without any subjects, any suddenly exits one load and not touching. A unit has the level of European/bath two-prong discharges is returned calm so that it will require the still adapter trip if it does not have the socket of bath to touch a paintbrush. I have directed to do the full load of unit of paintbrush last around 2 weeks with two 60 according to brushings, which is spare of the take vacacional.

An application of mobile phone is marketed how is able to relieve exactly that a paintbrush done into use, ossia the little has exaggerated on. An application of the mobile phone simply collects given in a quantity of time and a type of cycle of the paintbrush selected ( level, hard brushing, etc ) chooses to use. It can so only really advise you on a quantity to time you has used a paintbrush and for the boys offers the simple time has has based games and rewards- of application to ensure the times of paintbrush are enough. Some works of SIDES of application and was quite easy to use but for the adults is probably so only useful you really need to regulate some settings of paintbrushes. I can not say creasing the front the face of paintbrush of mine go to disturb like this I so only brushed for half a incumplimiento 2 paintbrush of the time of minutes are supposed to!

After verifying out of an application has takes simply he of the mine telephone as it has not looked to resupply me, a client, with anything useful. It is more probably a primary reason for an application is to collect anonymous information a time, the dates and the quantity of paintbrush times these paintbrushes are used for and has behind envoy to Oral-B to study like his products are has used. Have At all against Oral-B collecting anonymous info but wants to me to handover a info then an application would owe that have the habit to send of the offers for discounts in some bosses for example.

So much for those where this would be an expensive element to purchase , is value he? I will be sincere and say probably any and would consider something perhaps the averages a prize of this unit. It has had a paintbrush has contained special sensors to relieve quite flat or has clues of date of the feedback maintains the base to brush the technician then can sees to cost a RRP. A net is well, is very good and would go like this far saying probably a clean better house is likley to take but strongly suspects that one of one Oral-B the most economic offerings in of means it a prize would be like this good.

One adds clean, the glorious element, very drawn and works like the sleep but ultimatley in a prize I so only does not think there has quite 'bang for a buck' for something so that this would be a compraventa expensive .
4 / 5
Compares this toothbrush to gamification for your tooth that paintbrushes. If ossia that loves then this could be for you. If it is not to calm then it would be likely to take for with the most economic toothbrush and take some same results.

Some works of application well although it has to that be opened to synchronise all the data. He sync roughly given some next time ploughs it but will not register all the yes calm data , thinks that is given mainly of just coverage, but is the bit of the shame because the calm look there is not brushed your teeth for the few days in some visas! This was the bit of the frustration because that has to take it your telephone was every time is the bit of the ache, especially if you do not have with you. Like the result, calm am likely to take that it uses an application entirely like this takes a main selling point of this toothbrush. I also found an application has not gone always attentive as to where thinks that is brushing in your mouth. Neither it will differentiate at all you go in six in an outside, inner or on your teeth. You could felizmente paintbrush around an outside and an application will give you 100. I also found an anomaly among brushing with an application and without. With a yours the application that the paintbrushes remains to 6 zones: inferior left, right and average, the cup has left, right and average. Without an application takes it buzz each one that 30 second until two minutes, for like this 4 zones. Calm of course can brush more along that this master . I have thought so only it felt inconsistent.

Is all a lot lustrous with the box of travesía good and another box to store two bosses of paintbrush. Calm so only take one with a toothbrush and the together of four will cost around £25. They recommend to change a paintbrush each one that three month like this this will cost you £25 for year. Unfortunately one uploads no returned in a chance of travesía and is weighed enough. Ideally it would not want to take one uploads with you. This would be well for the holidays of week but unfortunately a toothbrush any last two weeks. Volume roughly 1w 4 days that paintbrush mostly once for day for two minutes. If you brush twice the day to good sure any he two weeks. This creates is that the import drawback requiring you to neither take one bulky load, heavy or take another toothbrush.

Has several “challenges”. I have begun with a whitening challenge and has been disappointed to @give has no UV or special light that in fact whiten your teeth. You are recommended so only to buy one Oral-B tooth whitening toothpaste that has done. A calm application ask to estimate your whiteness and after the month to have there is not remarked any difference.

Seats like this that the toothbrush is quell'has bitten more he habladuría that in fact it will achieve for you. As I have said, you want to gamification then sure, goes advance and take this paintbrush. It is in no way bad and in an end of a chair of day gives to add it clean.

Has the pair of extra settings like to be able to change a timings and also a colour of a light which is quite fresh but also quite useless averts of him saying you when you take a legislation of pressure or too much. I have found a sensor of pressure to be inaccurate reason I pressure dipped sometimes in a boss of paintbrush that use my cheek in place of a boss of a paintbrush.

An application also sync with health of Apple and maintain clue of when it replaces a boss of paintbrush (while calm said it when you do!)

Finally, would say to take this paintbrush loves a gamification and know calm to go it to you partorisca stick to . If any I then thinks that is paying too much.
4 / 5
Ossia The true state of an art toothbrushing experience with the slick creation and before operation very right. Considering that it can do it, a weight is shockingly light! That is so only in this paintbrush that is to my knowledge, is a prime minister with a screen of real exposure. This means it physically will aim calm by means of the words there is showed in a screen that way the paintbrush is in as well as it shows it the timer in a screen. It is a lot ready and it will alert you if you do not brush partorisca a recommended 2 minutes. You can included dipped a light of a toothbrush to the colour of yours choosing. The elections are: aim, blue, turquoise, ascended, yellow or orange. The tongue also can be changed. The elections are: English, German, Japanese, french, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, polish, Korean, Russian and Arab. Has five ways of paintbrush: whiten, gums cure, intense, daily cleaned and sensitive. This simply relates to some models of vibration. For example, with a whiten the way could find some transfers of paintbrush in the circular motion more repeatedly that you normal brushing way. Taken the account, is not the miraculous cures to do your aim of teeth, so only the way the paintbrush that would be it more effective in scrolling of stain that regulates to brush (a whitening the toothpaste would be required also).

Travelled you never with your paintbrush of electrical tooth and hated like a moisture gives a chance that dewy, cloudy look of all a toothpaste? It dreads a lot here, there is the slick chance to trip that looks at random of spectacle but also included is the smallest container has separated to dip some bosses of paintbrush in. It maintains all well and cleaned.

More there is concealed can be done by means of an application in your ready telephone but I have found with other paintbrushes in a past, a lot little to have time to be faffing roughly that use an application for toothbrushing. So only we want to it takes done like this quickly and efficiently like possible. This calm paintbrush at least of weaves it to them without that has to that faff with an application if it does not love,

My hygienist coverages of voices in my ear when it uses this paintbrush: “Left a paintbrush a work” has said. I have it there is always has received compliments in my teeth. Ossia Partly big been due to regularly seeing the dentist but also reason uses good paintbrushes. I have found an art the paintbrush is comprised often bad and often cause give to teeth. For example, some believe the hard scrubbing Is that it takes stains of teeth and the whitest . This in fact erodes an enamel of tooth and in essence, spoils your teeth. Fight of help of electrical toothbrushes that instinct to the equal that are doing all a work, softly polishing and fulfilling far more than has beaten he of manual paintbrush.

Having The paintbrush like this certainly will give you a lot of brushing the habits and the help maintain good oral hygiene, this in spite of this still would not owe that substitute travesías regular to a dentist. I think that a seal of prize is extremely big when it consider a Clock of Apple is priced in this same region. But the prize is an only negative can see in this paintbrush. It is a immaculate the tooth that experience of paintbrushes.
4 / 5
Oral-B iO7 the Electrical toothbrush Definite Net Aims
has been using Braun Oral-B toothbrushes for several years and I am always state very pleased with them, did not think it would be necessary a lot of improvement excepts to be marks it new toothbrush with the new boss. This in spite of, could not be more wrong state. A toothbrush vibrates and turns in the mine differently leading toothbrush and somehow does much more comfortable to use. Any so only the concealed but of one a lot before time used it, my teeth felt a lot cleansing .
One Oral-B iO7 comes with the magnetic, contactless touching stand, has thought at the beginning that it can be prone to fall on but work well and has no toppled on once still. Calm as soon as you situate one Oral-B iO7 in his stand some lights of exposure to give you the state of load and when calm in the first place the choose up in the first place hails calm over time of symbol of day that then transmissions to aim of the elected brushing the method has chosen.
After dipping any toothpaste in a paintbrush and dipping he in your press of mouth a key to be able to and it timer of 2 starts of minutes. Each one that 30 according to any Oral-B iO7 wrists and vibrates the pair to time to leave you to brush your teeth equally to change place.
One Oral-B iO7 has the built-in sensor of pressure that information of exposures for a colour of a light around a root of a boss of paintbrush. If it press too hard a light will turn red, a right pressure will do a light goes green whilst pressure too small is indicated of another colour that can select you any of one Oral-B iO7 paper of settings or of inside an Application of telephone.
An Application of telephone adds to whole plot more characteristic that use one Oral-B iO7. An Application can control your use of a toothbrush and present calm with regular reports, some Oral-B iO7keeps clue of as clean your teeth and question of the questions to the equal that “ has Done your to gum bleed?”, then it can of the suggestions on like this to improve your tooth that methods of paintbrushes to achieve better dental health. Also it controls some describes paintbrush and aim you to clean them more calm lost the last time. Also it attributes calm with medals for the do well, although it suspects east would appeal to boys more than adults. Also it can points to change a boss of the paintbrush when required, with the type has suggested. They are sure I there is there is streaky so only a surface of some looks of Application so that has some will have to that expect to use but suffice to say one Oral-B iO7 and the application has associated is characteristic -rich.
When I have received this toothbrush has been priced in £399 and asked like this could justify such the prize. I have expected the first week to write this description to give me he casualidad to try it was and see that has has reduced now a prize to £150. Now probably it does not pay never £399 for the toothbrush but in £150, that knows as it knows now, More the to good sure buy is one. £150 it is not economic but neither is recognition to a dentist.
5 / 5
Absolutely love this toothbrush. First of all, it is a more amusing thing to use first what in a morning when calm uses it and have your paintbrush timed - the smiley (or no like this smiley) the expensive greetings that depends there is brushed adequately long quite or any that me grin the little every day - the hips guilts calm with the sad or dissatisfied face if you do not brush long quite lol.

HAS the good colour that light of transmissions in a fund of a boss like short, which is so only superficial but master enciphers concealed all one same (he weirdly feel me More the awake). Calm also aim you on a screen focused like this yours upload is doing (in of the percentages), which my old a has not done NEVER. At least with east an I in fact can see have the load has left I so that it can guess those that use have left, which is the plus . A light exposure has DIRECTED will go in while a paintbrush is chosen on like this calm does not need to fiddle with keys - and is the good touch that a salvation of screen “said” when you do!

Is weirdly powerful - like this powerful I honradamente has thought would hurt mine to gum and the bleed this in spite of, is somehow powerful still sweet that gives the very net strong brilliant without in fact yours breaking to gum or teeth. It is strong but no a class of strong that brotas your teeth tingling. It leaves him lovely and aim and among all some pocolos something without extra work. I owe that say that ossia one the only paintbrush has had concealed the easy fact to clean a rear portion of my teeth forward, a paintbrush is the good form .

One load is fantastic, like this far, am still in this first uploads with which two weeks! (And a calm fact say as yours upload is when calm chooses it on fact the difference).

Some settings are quite easy to spend for (although when in the first place it begin it up out of a precise box chooses the tongue), but I I uses a incumplimiento one has begun was on to the equal that seat resupplies a clean legislation for me.

There is Bluetooth characteristic but to be sincere there is not founding never the need for the paintbrush of tooth to link to my telephone like this honradamente has not gone there (more my telephone is older and usually does not link to the newest elements in all the chance).

A very sophisticated and punctual toothbrush so that they want the abonos serious clean. Some circles Royce of toothbrushes!
5 / 5
Has known no Never the toothbrushes am existed like this; but of course they do. For each person with the wealth there is the product to go with them; and, of course, each person of means has the need for an extraordinarily expensive toothbrush. For when your friends, also of wealth, use one of yours a lot of baths, and spend to the yours glorious, shiny, toothbrush of trace of application, will be able to ask you roughly he for a next hour around port of vintage, Cuban cigarettes, and a cheese a plus end that that can be has purchased north of a Watford empty. It is one extraordinary and good toothbrush tongue but is value of the money?
A toothbrush comes with the canal of fast load and can touch interior 3 hours, reasons the people clean his teeth each three hours. A toothbrush comes with the conversational exposure - that on Tierra that bad? Well, it means that one the calm toothbrush say roughly that is to touch, those times owe that go until you can take paintbrush, is brushing too quickly, too hard, too hard, too soft; or you are brushing that Goldilocks. This characteristic protects yours gum, apparently. A blurb has said a boss of paintbrush is inspired dentist - woah! - And clean your teeth like an expert, using micro vibrations and an oscillating action. Blimey, He has dentist of known mine could do that it would have asked more than the last clean times have done recognition. It is all a lot of swish and fantastical but does the difference.
A lot he. It does. It has given this toothbrush a career-around my mouth this past three or four weeks and I have to that admit my teeth are cleaned and smooth likes glass. Utmost celery. No the clue of furriness or fuzziness. My smile has take a need to light in my like this brilliant house is my teeth. Honradamente I Seat to the equal that has had the travesía to a hygienist. So much so that I am thinking to take my travesías to a hygienist. That I me ameno to estimate. Reason can leave a hygienist, this paintbrush will have paid for him in roughly two years. But attended! Probably it will save me some the dental work that considers that adds my teeth feel. How it is you can have paid for him already. In short, thinks that is so only roughly value of the money. They are certainly happy has it and think that you will be happy calm purchased that.
5 / 5
In the first place has to that say, ossia a toothbrush that surprised that really enjoy use. Has characteristic to interest to brush the improvement and my teeth celery polished after each session of paintbrush. They are quite sure some the characteristic loan will help me mould the better and more effective routine that dental hygiene with better results - and ossia something that would associate with one valuing, medals and functions of challenge in a ready application. Has the clear whitening the street thanks to a two week defies that it help with the routine closely in a selection of a challenge and current teeth white level .

Taking a perfect quantity to force this in spite of the sensor of ready pressure enhanced is strangely something I of course adapted to - a wrist reacts with the good level to control to try and the maintain green and take a better indication - his the experience to satisfy . Paired With a brilliant interactive exposure with small smiley indications and ways of selectable paintbrush with the one of truth so only feeling of a nuanced the vibration of a paintbrush begins all add to a feeling of prime taking for the use in my teeth. His to good sure the does not advance for me. Utilisation a newspaper of setting cleaned and whitening dipping mostly am aiming for the smile it white plus -with one touches of a tactile key his easy to toe among each that Comprises way whiten, sensitive, Intense, Gums health, and your daily clean way. Each one which to the equal that has his own vibrational feeling and intensity in some teeth.

One oral-b the ready application is very drawn, stores an information of the each session of paintbrush that gives the plenary roundup of your bookmarks/marcadors totals, ossia where will drive me to him on that that has the place was to improve the mine that brushes. I have found a way has driven quite useful to take a better net with full coverage , together with a sensor of ready pressure takings a better view of the like need more cleaning and when to regulate your way to brush. An application there is already queried me on gum to bleeding and the tongue that paintbrush - although they are not the defender of one feels of this paintbrush advances a tongue..

One a magnetic lock-situate- upload looks minimalistic and simple , and touches a paintbrush acceptably, but personally would prefer the plus sturdy or bases main for one load, would be more be ideal that a magnetic lock-in-control of place - as the mine is arguably an unfair description, he any 'lock' also well and will attack was and included on like the unit .Ossia One expensive toothbrush , if it was to the fall am not sure that well would resist on - has the a lot of his weight and the good arrival but he would not owe that be risk to break like this easy of the stand of small load.

In general, Ossia a toothbrush that surprised with the together of characteristic innovative -the premiers have used with this level of intelligence . In my opinion some results like this was a first session of paintbrush is a bit noticeable - An engine and the boss of paintbrush is extraordinary and near of cleaner of note of the dentist (based on my own impression).This can be attributed to some characteristic loans all coming near and in that help me take the quality to clean that it had not had before this toothbrush . It would advise to dip serious consideration in this especially wants to have an advanced 'definite' brushing tool.
5 / 5
Has been resupplied this release for Amazon to revise and knows has taken my time in writing is, am spent a better part of the month that takes to know a toothbrush and I have to that say are has impressed really.

Will direct a first prize, there are three points of prizes in an I serious, am revising a iO7 but the majority some characteristics of core am shared for a whole row and honradamente can not see reason would go for one 8 or 9. Now, yes it is expensive, but so only in a cost of the pair of fillings in a NHS, or perhaps the private control-up. I know it is trite really can does not resupply, but calm can not dip the prize in your health. With this toothbrush is doing an investment in your dental health in fact a lot of years to come and think a more than says the part of this description is this: if toothbrush of mine has broken a day out of guarantee, would buy the substitution iO7 that day.

Has been that clear for me, has used one electrical toothbrush to go in 5 years now, always he 2000-serious or thereabouts, always less than £50. With which prime minister of mine that uses it, dentist of mine could say and has been one defends never of then. But of a moment I toothpaste has applied in the first place to this iO7, is been the whole new experience .

Are not an engineer, as I can not explain a ins-and-outs, how was, but a mechanism of an action that the tooth of paintbrushes is in plot more precise , involving and directed. While with an old tram, takes one that feels a boss of the paintbrush is varying the pair of time by second, one I the toothbrush feels more like this of the tens of time by second. This, remained with a sensor of optimum pressure (any too much, neither too small) street the red/green has DIRECTED mark to the chair likes is taking of the perfect cleaned every time.

How is more powerful, and can one exposure of SMELL, some needs of battery recharging once each one that ten days or like this, ossia neither unexpected or is an end of a world. It touches wirelessly as it tampon of load of the telephone but is magnetically attracted to a paintbrush to the equal that seats on he correctly. (In the calm chance asked, a toothbrush uploads can not touch your mobile phone. I have tried, like this calm does not have to that .)

A quirks of a toothbrush: it uses down-it can it Bluetooth to connect to the yours telephone if you so much desire. Ossia Entirely optional and, some could say, pointless. It would tend to adapt. I have downloaded an application and has connected a two but after the pair of paintbrushes and taking bookmarks/marcadors perfect, have @@give was to go. It is there, calm can tries was and feel yours the improvement that paintbrushes, then this are adds. I know a iO9 has the level it sensitive plus of in-detection of mouth that use 'artificial intelligence' to help drive you the best brushing. But there is not founding a lot of use, and has forgotten to take my telephone to a bath after a first pair of the days and this was that. A paintbrush also has different brushing profiles, 'clean newspapers'; esensitive'; 'intense', (read: half, down, big speeds) and gum cure and 'whitening' settings that prints among big and down the variable terracings. I add, but calm can not taking a paintbrush and he then changes to dip and then the restart, precise transmission he in mid-brush which is annoying. Or you can dip a first option to brush which is well.

@In rodeo, in that tried quell'has been, would spend this a lot of my own money in this paintbrush, some characteristic interactive is quell'has bitten unnecessary but quality of this iO7 that the toothbrush is fantastic and really is the no on leading generations of technology of electrical toothbrush. It is to like when a clean dentist your teeth for you and so only feel different. It likes that, but of every day.
4 / 5
Are kicky enough to has been endowed this to revise, which is no what small like the prize is surprising. It was retailing partorisca in four hundred and is the bond has reduced to two hundred. This in spite of, ossia a unbelievable quantity of money to spend on brushing your teeth! Well like this it is, I am not sure as it can be like this expensive. It touches quickly, has the little sensor to advise you on a quality of the yours brushing and feels thorough. Everything adds, but any way of toothbrush of the millionaires. The class to feel like this would owe that be encrusted with diamonds!

In the serious note, is the good toothbrush , undoubtedly. I require an application to look in as they are by train to concern me for my teeth? Nope. It is appreciated to have received this? Yes. It brushes Well? Yes? It is value of the money? Of course any one! It is that annoying that calm give you an unhappy face when you do not brush for two minutes? Absolutely!
4 / 5
This description concerns one Oral-B iO7 the Electrical toothbrush Definite Net Aims for Adults with Revolutionary Magnetic Technology, B&W Exposed, 1 Boss of Toothbrush, 1 Travesía of first Chance, 5 cleaning Ways - Drawn for Braun, prizes in revising£.

A cup of a row, and consistently that the expensive toothbrush drawn for Braun. Complete with the magnetic, contactless touching bases that resupplies been etc.

Touching to the full capacity is a lot quickly, and like this of entity one load is resisted for the long period.

The wise action, having has used previously a lot of Philips and Oral B models, this unit extracted as well as another, feels well in a hand but goes in the prize of prize.

Requires a better, ossia probably that is looking for.
4 / 5
This has a lot of bells and he whistle have taken like this the moment to exit all some options, but in essence is simple. Has the light that colour of transmissions to say are applying too much or pressure too small. It maintains it green and is by train of the do well. Paintbrush for 30 seconds in the each corner of a mouth, then a paintbrush judders to say you to move it. With which 2 minutes are done. There are several ways also, but calm once is dipped that calm does not require to maintain changing them. Very simple and looks quite effective.
5 / 5
Loves a toothbrush, thinks is offered a cleaner of dentist, is really impressive like that the toothbrush can be connected to a telephone and calm can see like this paintbrush If it is too much pressure , or yes has lost any part.
Also, a habit has Directed the light is quite well, likes done a toothbrush feels like this he artilugio
A chance of travesía is a lot of usefull like any precise to stress like paralizaciones to pack a toothbrush.
Loves everything in this toothbrush, my smiled already looks better❤️
Perhaps his the little has bitten pricey, but his value all of the money yes is really helps your smile, and calm you surer, and sure fact that for me✌🏻
4 / 5
Wow!!! It is a toothbrush that has surprised !!! So many options, was impressed like this with an application, as it can see where need more brushing and everything!! It has not been if the less expensive has all this figure has like this state surprised with this toothbrush. Load súper fast. Tip when the needs that touch. It has wanted to all in of the this!!
4 / 5
Felt very privileged to revise the free product by means of vine. I left it the few days partorisca take a better possible information partorisca a product. Has the few photos partorisca you partorisca see.
Will admit that I have not used an electronic toothbrush before and he so that it was alien of mine. Simple to comprise and like partorisca use. Although mine still in German, but English writing. The load can take until three walk of hours. A paintbrush has a lot of program ie, daily, sensitive, gums, intense. I took the moment partorisca use correctly to the equal that has forgotten his no the manual. A good indicator whilst brushing white, blue, green and red. These shows like this are doing. Red meaning the a lot of pressure, the green is corrected. I find it hard to master in mine naiviety green all a time, is seat quite intense in now that pressure, feels as if the sound that comes by means of my jaw. It is so only the @@subject to take used his of my perspective. I have had the bit of bleeding to start with, the directions declare concealed is quite normal. Iove Cleaning my gum and teeth, is extremely well, and when using, aims to move on to a next tooth. The desire has used a first electrical paintbrush, this model is point and averts value . RRP Has begun in £399, when I have sent was for him to try. Now gone down in pricing for now, these chairs is the revolutionary piece of boxes. I have used sensitive to which likes, and of intense although it is strong on cleaning, prefers daily cleaned. Tip in a digital screen, life of battery , and the smiley expensive has done well. A thing I so only need the master is ache of jaw when doing my upper rear teeth. They are sure this are, any one has had a terrible plot to experience still. Had a toothbrush roughly two weeks and I want to do the abonos clean, then rinse with listerine solution of type. My mouth feels and brilliant of looks, and can not recommend enough. Utilisation with Oral B toothpaste. A packaging and instructions a lot clear. So only require one for my husband now. I seat calm takes that paid partorisca, and a technology is way up there with upper frames of electrical toothbrushes. Thank you To leave me to revise

Top Customer Reviews: 10 Pieces Travel ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 28 ratings
5 / 5
Some germs that is floating around in a bath is alarming partorisca say a less like this leaving your exposed toothbrush is only bobo and dangerous also. Has these lids on all the world is paintbrushes and work like the charm. They return perfectly to the clip and the electrical paintbrushes have closed. It would not be without them. Highly recommend.
5 / 5
Always looks on Amazon if I can not find the things in some tents want to and this element was one of them compraventa. Good value partorisca money and has shared is gone in my house. Always cover your toothbrushes like subject fetal can be airborne.
5 / 5
Fantastic done a work
Returns boys soft paintbrush, electrical paintbrush and normal manual paintbrush. All the world is happy is coming quickly
4 / 5
These are thin pieces of hule that any boss of apt toothbrush properly and fall off constantly. I have finalised partorisca launch these in a cube and bought Steripods of Boots instead.
4 / 5
These coverages of toothbrush are one has tried more like this far. They maintain our toothbrushes have covered well like this cleaned and the free bacteria and is easy to open and after - I kings on finalise these elements
4 / 5
A lot of flimsy, so only one has closed & included that one there is prendido partorisca close after the few weeks, would burst opened closed him grieve or so only simply any one the enclosed click
4 / 5
the controls around any toothbrush begin really easily and has had any question with them that is exited a boss of a toothbrush while travelling. Load of them in the band too which is adds
5 / 5
Economic plastic with clips that any one always laws and can burst opened for them. VERY Partorisca manual toothbrushes but does not return Braun/Oral B bosses of electrical toothbrush.
4 / 5
Has wanted to return electrical toothbrushes, has bitten tight. He so only done a work. Otherwise Is good to have maintaining the paintbrushes clean in the bath that travels or that marries of rests
5 / 5
Useless. Hoyo small which will not return in any toothbrush
5 / 5
is very calm taking like this, reason a quality is not well. It does not return my electrical toothbrush a lot well and in a first pair of days 3 had broken and 1 has not closed of when I have opened he
5 / 5
the Good value partorisca money is coming punctually is looking for this calm product can purchase it with confidence
5 / 5
want to these like this hates them no in that have my toothbrush has covered.
5 / 5
Adds little produced. He that says and protects bosses of paintbrush of the tooth. In his now free of contamination. Ideal partorisca vacacional
4 / 5
in some tents, the alike products looks also priced; although these are not a quality more order, they a work and is priced a lot reasonably. Happy with a compraventa.
4 / 5
Dose very happy that says and the value adds for a prize
4 / 5
A protective simple plastic this returns a boss of a paintbrush. Simple to use. Happy with him.
4 / 5
Well The quality given a prize and number in the band - service of exceptional client this in spite of, can have the main quality there (has not been ) but in general would recommend these; simple, economic and do a work
4 / 5
these coverages of the paintbrush of the tooth was a lot reasonably priced, has arrived the good time that considers has come from/Cina come from, and do so only a work partorisca our paintbrushes vacacionales of the families.
5 / 5
Has come with 10, value like this very partorisca money. There have it literally at all bad roughly the partorisca say. They are returned the toothbrushes and operates it of a whole family perfectly.
5 / 5
Theyre Of good quality, so only a thing the note is that some of them do not close or lock easily. His finally after but is the soft prójimo. It would buy again this in spite of.
5 / 5
Coverages partorisca mine partorisca house and partorisca travelling ecellent.
5 / 5
Ideal partorisca maintain your clean toothbrush, and the free germ. Your toothbrush is a lot of entity during this pandemic.
4 / 5
Useful very sure because the toothbrushes are not sold with them!
4 / 5
Poor quality. It was on 10 a blue has not closed of a start and now another is not closing. This in spite of period of interior of repayment these are used already like this partorisca me is money has squandered.
5 / 5
Yeah Are really adds , wants to dip my minature spent of butt in his very utmost for the use of travesía would recommend for all the world , my dog loves it too much :)
4 / 5
A product would not remain closed around a boss of toothbrush and has had to that be ensured with an elastic band
4 / 5
worse Swimming that the coverage of toothbrush that cant the enclosed stay

Top Customer Reviews: 2 x Toothbrush Case ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 32 ratings
4 / 5
Ideal to Purchase checked partorisca so many situations use the regular toothbrush, especially yes calms that wants to maintain clean when, travelling, camping, or has included homeless, maintains a toothbrush to suffer harm, some chances was sturdy, and very easily broken, unless an excessive quantity of falls of the weight fallen to them.
5 / 5
The cost has checked produced Good, but is the waste of precise & material money buy the pair of them immediately.
4 / 5
The cost has checked Good quality, titled strong plastics partorisca toothbrushes. Perfecto partorisca a work.
5 / 5
The cost has verified Really pleased with this easy to clean also
5 / 5
Spent the product has checked Adds! Some paints in reality is not like this squeaky.
5 / 5
The cost has checked Good measure, so only exactly as it has described
4 / 5
The cost checked As it has described. It can be the little has bitten wider how is the bit of the squeeze with some toothbrushes.
4 / 5
The cost has checked is well, access partorisca purpose.
5 / 5
The cost has checked Economic and merry, can not complain. Arrived quickly.
4 / 5
The ideal partorisca so many situations uses the regular toothbrush, especially yes calms that wants to maintain clean when, travelling, camping, or has included homeless, maintains a toothbrush to suffer harm, some chances was sturdy, and very easily broken, unless an excessive quantity of falls of the weight fallen to them.
4 / 5
The one who the Subject has to that say 👍
Very Good .
Utmost and plastic measure of Good Quality.
PERFECT MEASURE FOR Toothbrush of Normal measure 👌
Handy Still when yours in your travesías 😎🌤
5 / 5
the chances of Toothpaste is a lot handy and is a lot of gain could the to you taken anywhere with you
5 / 5
Good product, but is the waste of precise & material money buy the pair of them immediately.
5 / 5
Good quality, titled strong plastics for toothbrushes. Perfecto for a work.
4 / 5
The product adds! Some paints in reality is not like this squeaky.
4 / 5
To the equal that has described. It can be the little has bitten wider how is the bit of the squeeze with some toothbrushes.
4 / 5
Absolutely perfect. He exactly that says. Value partorisca money. I have used in fact the mine partorisca the foundation brushes this takes really messy. It can not estimate a product enough.
4 / 5
Economic and allegro, can not complain. Arrived quickly.
5 / 5
They are very happy with the mine purchases which has been rid well inside a time has estimated.
4 / 5
Useful... Handy And compact. Easy to use. It closes well any question with him.
5 / 5
Exactly so that it was is partorisca be and so only that has has wanted to
5 / 5
As it has described. I add partorisca we have surprised partorisca travel of the z/of the rucksack. Light and the good measure. Recommended.
4 / 5
Bought this element partorisca substitute a my husband there has been partorisca the years travels the plot. A chance is in two half & joins the joints in some means more than his presents an as it was hinged. Easy to maintain clean and calm possibly could maintain two paintbrushes in a chance yes is necessary; but of course both would have to that be your own!!!
The only flu has been he could very so only for one has had to that take the band of two as maintaining a rose one on its own name when my old faithful finally gives on on me. Speedy Book for courier & sensibly packaged. A+
4 / 5
has Bought he partorisca £ and his well. It returns the normal toothbrush and his perfect for travelling. So only it wishes it has been it bit it more sturdy but for a money has paid was expected. To be just is better that expected for such the good prize for two of them.
4 / 5
Measure really well for the manual toothbrush, can return an electrical toothbrush in there but has not tried ours. Really well to maintain your toothbrushes clean whilst travelling.
5 / 5
The value adds for money. Simple product that access my needs for travelling, although given a plastic material am not sure that time last. But he that I require it to for now.
5 / 5
Has spent toothbrushes of mine to the equal that have been done for him 👍
5 / 5
Fact that says! Paintbrushes of access of quality of full measure. Too much I harvest to say king durability but feels robust.
4 / 5
Is coming a lot quickly. A product feels good and robust and is not an usual light chance for sale in of the supermarkets or of the chemists.
5 / 5
Chances of good toothbrush, will use him when inside vacacionales.
4 / 5
Returns toothbrush of mine perfectly and the looks of qualities well. Also value add for money.
4 / 5
Has arrived promptly and the strong chance adds to maintain the toothbrushes ensure during travelling.

Top Customer Reviews: Case for Braun Oral ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 16 ratings
4 / 5
Smaller that has expected likes the appeal needs a boss of a toothbrush averts before it returns to a chance. You can return one uploads to a chance also.
4 / 5
Has bought partorisca go in vacacional with. Utilisation he with a pro 2 2500. Good colour. Sturdy.
5 / 5
My grandaughter amour s this chance partorisca his new oral b the toothbrush will buy again
4 / 5
has Liked him that I can return upload to a chance as well as toothbrush 👍🏽
5 / 5
A lot of sturdy and roomy. It maintains my clean electrical toothbrush and sure. Really sturdy chance
4 / 5
A lot of sturdy and comes with the carabiner which is a lot handy
4 / 5
has Ordered yesterday, has arrived today, really pleased with sturdy has produced, abundance of room partorisca paintbrush of tooth, load, paste and spare bosses of small tooth.
4 / 5
I produce it adds, lovely colour and good space partorisca store upload and toothpaste. It has to that take of a boss of toothbrush partorisca store which is the shame but in general the good compraventa
5 / 5
I travesía partorisca my work and ossia a lot handy, returns easily in mine handbag and maintains everything near.
4 / 5
This does the fine work partorisca protect my toothbrush. My only qualm is is the bit of the squeeze with discharges he of United Kingdom.
4 / 5
Well sturdy little chance. The day arrived after situating commanded. Please with cost of mine.
5 / 5
Has bought he partorisca my woman loves it. You can dip the toothbrush uploads extra bosses and close it easily. The value that shabby. Better prize
4 / 5
Idea really very partorisca travelling. The chance feels sturdy and is good and slender to pack in an at night chance/of stock exchange etc. A chance returns my Oral B electrical toothbrush in perfectly and there is also soiled partorisca one load and the boss of toothbrush to spare has required. Good prize also. In general I am very happy with this compraventa.
4 / 5
Has purchased this chance as it declares my toothbrush would return inner. So only roughly it excepts a lot tight. It does not know that time will last before pushes of finals by means of a cloth. A bit those that the millimetri more would do the enormous difference.
4 / 5
Has arrived punctually sturdy good colour good value partorisca money
5 / 5
the product Adds easy to use and a lot durable. Compared to an oral b the chance is the better plot

Top Customer Reviews: 4 x Toothbrush Case ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 28 ratings
2 / 5
They are good quality and very useful. We have maintained partorisca take growth of mussel because some toothbrushes were improperly has dried.
Finally a product is well, a lot handy to maintain the toothbrush out of way of harms when travelling but needs to be used with precaution- Do the sure paintbrush is dry first to leave he in a headline like the mould will grow.

I use white vinegar to sanitize a headline and kill a mould.)
5 / 5
I have received four colours of some chances of paintbrush of the tooth. Some chances are very useful and hygienic way partorisca protect your toothbrushes when travelling out of cities or abroad vacacional or has included whilst that go to a gymnasium.
Highly recommends to take some chances partorisca protect some toothbrushes partorisca hygienic reasons. Material his a lot of value he. Stops Some paintbrushes that takes grubby and messy also.
4 / 5
They are the little main that expected him partorisca be, but has him a lot of expsitos handy whilst using suspenders of invisible tooth. I maintain one in mine handbag, one in the Locker in work, has a partorisca take on the holidays & still have the transmission. The brilliants of good & colours and the looks of product sturdy enough. Arrived promptly also.
5 / 5
4 toothbrush well titled in the band, quite a lot of colours, good and strong,the toothbrushes return well in them. I am pleased has ordered them 2 bands. It was partorisca order some plus,(dry paintbrushes well before dipping in some headlines,)
5 / 5
I add partorisca travelling, compact and well feels to them really durable and the value adds partorisca money
5 / 5
Fab Colours, fast delivery, easily returns the regular toothbrush. It likes-me that has pocolos pierce partorisca leave your toothbrush partorisca dry.
5 / 5
Perfecto partorisca my familiarised be by train partorisca try them was punctual.
5 / 5
These are utmost partorisca my disabled mamma the one who spends in his walker. Hard to find in of the tents
5 / 5
As some brilliant and fun colours and saves money on buying toothbrushes of measure of the travesa! Durable and waterproof
5 / 5
As some brilliant and fun colours and saves money on buying toothbrushes of measure of the travesía! Durable and waterproof
4 / 5
the ideal partorisca the toothbrushes vacacionales takes him taking mixed on
5 / 5
Justo adds partorisca dip your toothbrush in once clean
5 / 5
is exactly like this pointed and turn some toothbrushes buy. I add partorisca pack some boys am gone in pupils/of camps at night travesías and preventing a bristles partorisca stick in a soap (ossia boys partorisca you!) xx
4 / 5
Perfecto partorisca travesía. Any question at all and utmost colours.
4 / 5
Has arrived before planned date, packaged well. Really good brilliant colours. They are all the place partorisca my holidays now.
4 / 5
Speedy Delivery, quality really well, good value partorisca money.
5 / 5
Enough, useful pocolos containers of toothbrush and a mark of different colours for easy identification. All the world is happy.
4 / 5
Shining for vacacional or of the weekends was excellent value = for money
5 / 5
Utmost sakes,delivery and excellent service Thankyou
4 / 5
Has received four colours of some chances of paintbrush of the tooth. Some chances are a lot useful and hygienic way to protect your toothbrushes when travelling out of cities or abroad vacacional or has included whilst that go to a gymnasium.
Highly recommends to take some chances to protect some toothbrushes for hygienic reasons. Material his a lot of value he. Stops Some paintbrushes that takes grubby and messy also.
4 / 5
Is the little elder that expected him to be, but has him a lot of expósitos handy whilst using suspenders of invisible tooth. I maintain one in mine handbag, one in the Locker in work, has one to take on the holidays & still have the transmission. The brilliants of good & colours and the looks of product sturdy enough. Arrived promptly also.
4 / 5
Has purchased to cover my toothbrush in our chamber of bath. Alive in the house mainly viril, forgets to dip a chair of basin down when flushing and does not like a thought of me brushing my teeth in his wee!
4 / 5
4 toothbrush well titled in the band, quite a lot of colours, good and strong,the toothbrushes return well in them. I am pleased has ordered them 2 bands. It was to order some plus,(dry paintbrushes well before dipping in some headlines,)
4 / 5
Utmost for travelling, compact and good feels to them really durable and the value adds for money
4 / 5
Perfects for my familiarised be by train to try them was punctual.
4 / 5
Fab Colours, fast delivery, easily returns the regular toothbrush. It likes-me that has few holes to leave your toothbrush to dry.
5 / 5
Nizza And colour. Good way partorisca maintain our toothbrushes clean with which use. To the Family has-liked he
4 / 5
Lovely headline. Plastic of good quality and utmost brilliant colours. The boys love. You recommend.

Top Customer Reviews: ProCase Travel Case ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 47 ratings
4 / 5
He a work expected it . It would like the rose sparkly an although 😃
4 / 5
the element was a lot of but was too small partorisca my Braun electrical toothbrush . My failure partorisca not reading a clearer description .
5 / 5
Returns Oral-b 650 pro. Ideal partorisca travesía - controls all precise . Well he also.
4 / 5
Better quality that has been expecting now can take my oral B tooth plush vacacional.
5 / 5
Arrived With a day has the data anticipates, presents to come the classical rigid guard, is has given dimensions grown, mine the bill is optimum, he true is only question is that it closes mine a lot of ottimamente, for him simple fact that lucida the battery has given support to the spazzolino Oral b (create all I have he give forms Vitality) have the ergonomia that present the fuoriuscita that goes precisely the infilare in the spazzolino for ricaricarlo, this run does he that dipping the spazzolino ovvimanete tiled sweated leave beat it, in the moment of the closing combaciano and go counted it that it digs also attorcigliato and stopped with a elastico come have done incastra forces it and creates a lot of thickness..
Any one create but here are diverse models.. After having Given an eye The this that amazon offered the models looked all built to the same way and for quality price, paid 10 euro, say however that here it is, any he wants to buttare the spazzolino in the the chance gives travesía my have it in a guard has sweated..
Here is also The testina exaggerating Foreseen also with planned any one have effected to try.
Want to have One saves Any one perfect, the mine has given optimum bill also a po ingombrante and with this problemino, for 10 euro roughly a lot will make a mistake.
5 / 5
Utilisation A spazzolino electrical Oral B gives almost planned years, do not have it May spent in transfer during the travesías, have preferred fine announce today has used a spazzolino traditional for has averted a ingombro excessive in case.
Will continue The any to spend he for the travesías short, have bought it more than another for him long trasferte.

One has given questions has given this guard is that it is quite ingombrante, is like this reason to the inner sweat is possible to insert also the plate has given ricarica incidentally to the spazzolino and he testine has given renewal.
He dimensions written in the description dreams entirely mistaken, he correct measures sleep , state attack!

Have The alone the planned sewing gives to signal you:
The prize is that the guard has an a bit strong smell, puzza has given hule, have present? Odora Has given oil..
As it is that, diferentemente gives other models built entirely in plastic, this product results less igienico and difficult gives to clean and disinfect. He material is porous, if it wets remain inzuppato.
To transport he own spazzolino gives teeth, instrument that dip in mouth many go back to the day. Any one is he maximum.

For these motivations does not see the joint, mine would orient more his others produced, ojalá entirely in plastic.
5 / 5
The guard is resistant and very done. The positive thing is he can insert All'inner also he caricabatterie. The negative thing is he Not being able to block testina and spazzolino; for the testina, coming gives photo, is missing a apposito space to block it (like this as peel has closed more possible, goes incastrata among the elastico of the guard and he fío of the caricabatterie), while the elastico that would have to hold the spazzolino is long. Therefore The spazzolino moves a lot. I have purchased this article because it looked for One saves In which dip also he caricabatterie, in the way gives not having the uncomfortable has given to spend leave he in case, neglecting the fault has given a apposito space for the testina. Sincerely Any ricomprerei this article; more than it saves for spazzolino and accessories annexes, is a guard arrangiata..
5 / 5
Have a lot of All'oral hygiene and any mine goes has the data has used spazzolini traditional while dream in travesía, have purchased this saves that leaves of mine has the data has spent always with me he my oral b (model pro black of the 2017) that goes in was perfection, among pure the basetta has given ricarica and the testina (that it sees removed by the spazzolino to hamper), wanting to could insert a seconded testina has given escort! Advised
4 / 5
He produced is Satisfied was description and has given optimum quality. Perhaps Mine expected a more reduced limit and like this as more fruibile For him true use for which have purchased it. It is A bit ingombrante For the travesías very short, has given done he uploads battery any one do fault for which could be more compact. It protects well And soprattuto averts has given to litter the objects In case with eventual waste has given does well sweats work.
5 / 5
Comfortable, able container For spazzolino electrical Oral B, caricatore and 2 testine. Only pecca The smell of the material Was intense and there is employed some week the diminish, also washed with salvietta saponata and dip all'air, so much'is that to first turn have inserted the spazzolino wrapped in the film for foods . Fast delivery. Packaging Well.
5 / 5
For real An useful accessory To travel! It is A guard rigid seeds, here go in perfectly he “body” of the spazzolino electrical (I have an Oral-B Pro 600), the testina (any one would go also more has given a) and bases has given ricarica (coming visible in photo). In this way the spazzolino is protected gives eventual urgidos, spent in case or in stock exchange (saves it any one is ingombrante).
5 / 5
Is perfect For past always with me he my spazzolino electrical in way sure, igienico and orderly. The rigid structure give a pochino ingombrante, mine does egregiamente sweats work. Any puzza particularly, dopes some day any one had more some smell. The joint The the one who coming me nn attains more the renounce to the spazzolino electrical also out of house.
4 / 5
Good-looking guard, done well! It gives a course here goes the spazzolino and of the another he caricabatterie and diverse testine. If it closes with the zip and this is also a cordino. It is it has given hard plastic like this dips In case a lot he schiaccia! Optimum purchase, expect there is so only given can has gone back the travel ready!
5 / 5
Dips five stars because it comes perfect to spend an Oral electrical paintbrush-B Vitality.

The only disadvantages that sees is that odora a bit strong the Material in that is fact and that to dip he the hay of carrier base that a lot of confusion; but for the another is perfect.
5 / 5
A this price a lot can ask has better data! He dimensions sleeps perfect For the spazzolino electrical and has a comfortable scompartimento to dip the testine and digs of the diet.
Elegant and discreet, is optimum gives to dip in case for the one who travels so much and a lot wants to spend behind the spazzolino manual.
5 / 5
Good product If present for real well and afterwards is quite able To insert the spazzolino electrical and among perfectly also he uploads spazzolino, wanting to centre also the preparation has given dentifricio. Advised
4 / 5
Used Mainly For 'braun oral b professional of cure'; this astuccio the mine there is agevolato tantísimo for the last travesías effected. Used these spazzolini A lot of can a lot have a astuccio come this!
4 / 5
Used Mainly For 'braun oral b professional of cure'; this astuccio the mine there is agevolato tantísimo for the last travesías effected. Used these spazzolini Any one can any one have a astuccio coming this!
5 / 5
Is an a lot compartmentalized product of a rigid plastic the zip is of good quality the sufficiently wide so that it returns the carrier and the accessories all has separated all very very isolated a big product
5 / 5
Very comfortable when it travels
I Any knew the immersed May dip the spazzolino electrical.
Only Remarks positive: perhaps it would have been better All'gone in dip a cappuccio x the spazzolino for motives igienici
4 / 5
Optimum ratio quality price
I ligaduras inner create are a bit too tightened and dread can staccarsi with eases the fury has given to dip and remove the spazzolino, my all added is a good product
4 / 5
Produced that resists, my mine expected has seen was a alloggiamento balance for him testine, like this give averted that he moved all'inner of the guard.
In the complex produced acceptable.
4 / 5
The spazzolino Go in perfectly in the guard that is done In the accounts of way give to contain also the testina and the base for the ricarica. He material Mine likes reason is fact has given a cloth that can clean easily with a humid cloth. A difference of the custodies has given plastic with this no this is he risk has given breaking. I have read that somebody lentava He fact that was ingombrante the mine that Considers that I use it exclusively For the travesías I find it just.
4 / 5
Arrived in the Times prestabiliti, Satisfied was description. Comfortable And spazioso, contains mine spazzolino, he caricabatterie, he dentifricio and the testina. It could improve With the insertion has given a scomparto apposito For him testine
5 / 5
Returns perfectly the paintbrush and the carrier. Has my doubts in that L the most cleaned the term along, quotes the material that is to do , but am satisfied with the compraventa.
4 / 5
I Oral paintbrushes b voters go in of the marvel protects he of the powder of then is very practical also be able to spend you the carrier and have the probability of metre also the transmissions. It is well the product, that he a bit expensive so that it is. But more you cost a paintbrush and the one who the imports is that when you fall Any one break .
4 / 5
For now looks good, has seen have dipped all he necessary of the mine spazzolino electrical, and here is everything. It looks Resisting. We will see With him the time will last' and will leave the 4 stars assigned.
5 / 5
Satisfied In plenary. The spazzolino here Goes perfectly together was testina and to the caricatore of the spazzolino. Comfortable Gives spent In rucksack travels.
5 / 5
Bought To substitute the original guard in plastic has to that say that it does for real well sweats work. Resisting, comfortable and spaziosa.
4 / 5
Wrapping my toothbrush in bubble in wld take on less space. A box is very too much bulky like the chance of travesía, and exudes the strong chemical smell. Any roughly partorisca store smthg has dipped in my mouth in of the boxes has done of the plastic substance potentially toxic. Fact in Cina. I dipped it/ I dipped It sadly in a cube.
5 / 5
Bonitísimo,comfortable X the travesías,price a lot congruo,simple gives wash,arrived anticipates respect was delivery planned, sleep very satisfied and any joint l purchase .Ciao The Donatella
4 / 5
Is like this comes yes present in photo. It is rigid And functional Partorisca transport the spazzolino in travesía. Obviously it has occupied In volume that the consent has given can insert also he caricatore.
5 / 5
Genial. It loved it mainly partorisca save the infrared and perfect thermometer 👌
4 / 5
Article arrived with 3 days anticipates , in spite of him period , produced is majority losa description , comfortable for the travesías and able for the spazzolino, ricarica battery and several accessories.
4 / 5
Is well, is relatively fat, but is normal of then has to that contain inside the paintbrush and the carrier.
Has produced of resistant, but still any one can estimate this part
5 / 5
Purchased for him holidays, that spends cn me he spazzolino electrical and there is done sweat to have to. Optimum purchase.
4 / 5
Of course that have to him legustado his finishing and Inner distribution. It is evident that will use in my travesías.
4 / 5
Product a lot Resisting and optimum has given quality, maintains very all the accessories of the spazzolino electrical,everything in the appositi spaces .The together
5 / 5
A lot practical to travel, as it can save the paintbrush, some transmission and the carrier.
5 / 5
Saves a lot of gain in the chance has given travesías, resistant and he content to the entrance of sweat a lot he moves.
Grieve Presiona Has a smell has given plastic, my dope a lavaggio is disappeared.
Good ratio quality/price.
5 / 5
Optimum product, perfect X the travesías, uses he for him my oralB and perfect. The joint
4 / 5
Guard very comfortable for the one who travels often! It prevails each go back Any one knew coming partorisca transport the spazzolino electrical without rovinare the testina and without that he lit for make a mistake during him transport. Advised!
4 / 5
Ideal partorisca spend the electrical toothbrush. It returns all and goes protected
5 / 5
Versatile and able Preparation to contain a spazzolino electrical and sweats caricabatterie
5 / 5
Is a lot beautiful, practical and protects well the paintbrush, and the vendor 100 recommended
4 / 5
Coming gives description. Useful For travesías. No like this the resistance because it still is on the dot, mine consider it perfect for riporre the spazzolino.
4 / 5
Rigid And odora has given oil.
Dream days that is out of And does not change

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