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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 28 ratings
5 / 5
MIDWINTER The THANK YOU is a first seasonal album for Masters. A figure of regular edition of 12 songs; traditional and some new some penned for Masters she, but has included some traditional some have been fixed for his and perhaps tweaked here and there partorisca give them his own personal touch. That is resulted is one of some the majority of successful album has created of the BEEKEEPER, in my opinion. Ossia The seasonal album that could you easily fallen partorisca listen to in any of time of a year.

That thinks that that Bulls has directed partorisca do that it marks this like this successful selection, is partorisca mix some references navide├▒as traditional (the Creature Jesus, etc.) With the flavour of a pagan, as going back to some roots of our religion and starts.
Also, has done an amazing work in some arrangements of some songs. A music is so only fantastic. These sounds, mine, so that Bulls has to that - with piano, orchestra and bells. It is a class partorisca touch which me the enamoured fall with his music all these years done.
Like this, now to some of mine favourite:-
esahora Ángel' - an original song partorisca this album. Ossia Simply beautiful. You grieve a intro has begun has known would love it. It is simply in an angel the one who spends a nieva each midwinter, but is gorgeous.
'A Silent Night with you' - another original song. As you can have guessed of a title, takes an idea of the silent night, but in the hands of Bulls results the song roughly agreeing the subject of amour in Navidad.
'Holly, Ivy And Rosa' - this song has a voice of the little daughter of Bulls, Natashya. Although it touches a lot corny that listens that, does not concern , laws having sound.
'Winter' Carol' - ossia another original . It is taken of 'A Princess will read, which think is the game has based on George Macdonald fairytale in those Bulls has assisted. Ossia Perhaps one of some stronger songs. Some papers are fantastic; ossia where a flavour pay looks stronger. But a music is also brilliant. He different time, and Bulls uses of his voice to a plenary is one. Absolutely brilliant.
'Our new Year' - a song of final, another original. Slightly different in yours, as this one east in a melancholy that also can accompany a time of year; while a new Year will spend you a one that is yearning.

Ossia Simply to the seasonal album likes a lot another listened before. In place of caseous songs which can do sing to the long of, but also you cringe slightly, this album ameno an element of sophistication to a gender.
Already, has been touching this album almost constantly of then I recieved the. And I am sure I will be still be by train of the touch so that the Christmas takes more afterwards.
5 / 5
One of my Albums navide├▒os preferred of all the times. I am not Never be the enormous defender of Master Bulls but this album takes traditional Christmas and no traditional songs and door something new. It is creative churn and no just out of some preferred navide├▒os old in a same old way but the frames listen to them again. You love it.
5 / 5
Has purchased like him Xmas special, ossia a lot of seasonal passage and like such 3 stars sustains this.
Master bulls is usually more varied in his albums but ossia that says in a focus soyid Thank you of Winter' likes a Xmas the season is good compraventa - Of him is Bah humbug give to lose it
5 / 5
Reason does not buy this CD when he in the first place type, last year..? Well.. I thought it that that can be the bit 'twee'..

Injustice! It is glorious - all some do any brilliantly, like this usual. Of an imaginative & loan reworkings of a traditional carols the again writ material. Like another reviewer has written, a duet with his daughter, Natashya, is spent was without any question at all.

Can not choose the favourite clue still - require the touch more - which will not be the question, in Xmas...!

Orders now, the calm doubt will take in time thus Navidad - but calm always could try.

Are adds. Recommended!
4 / 5
I amour to listen the festive songs to take in a way but an usual cast of favourite can result bit it repetitive. Here Bulls has dipped his own only transfer on some excellent songs where an original is weaved to the refreshing and Bulls has executed perfectly interpretation. They are so only the defender of any of Bulls but this tip his only creative powers.
4 / 5
Love this album. Bulls the Master music done really of the winter adds.
5 / 5
Like this aa term very long PARTIDÁRIO, ossia he masterpiece especially for this time of a year is quite pertinent.
4 / 5
Punctual service, produced to the equal that has described!
5 / 5
That attacked especially when I have listened to this CD for a first time was that immediately accessible is and this can separate be due to a familiarity of a content navide├▒o, but a pair of Masters with this law of niche of musical gender surprisingly well. Some critics of Masters describe his music like pretentious, thinks that is more than his voice spends it righteous his quality, which can be deceived for pretension, but ossia a beauty of this record navide├▒o better unlikely is everything roughly decoration and magnitude as well as terracings of subtlety, and requires the special class of vocalist to triumph in a delivery of such big subjects. Master bulls is one of this singer-composer and consistently soyidwinter Thank you' seat as it naturalidad and effortless union. He also harkens behind to one instrumental-fashion that has thought that the masters has had all but abandoned in of the recent albums.

A challenge of king-the working traditional Christmas carols has produced magic results for Masters. There is little other artists those who could change a lyrical contained to dip his focus so only possesses in a material, while still maintaining an integrity and only appeal of an original work. Had the masters has covered simply some songs without changing to alone lyric this album would not be half as entertaining, but that is to direct to achieve for often of king-working some verses while retaining an original heart, is to create something totally modern that this in spite of captures in entirety, an essence of this longitude-the time has established classics.

Laws of the piano driven this album. Personally it thinks that that a piano is one of some better instruments in transmitting the wintry-the quality and The Masters is the god in this zone, as all know, like the result is the collection of songs that @@@sparkle with wintry appeal. But there is much more the examples of instruments have used to perfect effect, that evokes the way that is adapted perfectly to a subject @@@subject.

My favourite clues in an album-

Clue 2- tar to ask ' - Like this traditional this in spite of like this Master. Character. (9/10)
Clues 4- esaqueja: Coventry Carol' - This song entirely transports an auditor to another was- it bespeaks of all some the immortal associations have with Tradition Navidad, reflection, the sure sadness. A better song in an album in my opinion. (10/10)
Clues 5- aint, Ivy and Rosa' - Felt has had to mention this clue for an inclusion of Master Daughter Natashya Hawley on answering vocals. A counterpoint of his voices does perfectly. A lot festive. (8/10)
Clues 11- 'Winter' Carol' - A lot of work of piano, hauntingly Kate Bush esque. This underlined for me in some bet that says history, felt likes has been taken on the traves├şa. Which is that Navidad is all I roughly calculates. (9/10)

has not gone yes 'Rosa and Glitter' and 'Our new Year', which to amazon mentions in a description, is some only clues that represents entirely new material for Masters for this album, but these were two of mine less favourite clues- 'Pink and Glitter' is an album' big-sell showpiece, but he no quite rid a knockout the heart feels deserves. Where I like this found 'Our new Year' to be the song to close feeble- in spite of one on-section of series of the time, does not direct to distinguish he among another classics in an album, as no the spectacular note to finalise on, but oh well, without any doubt is still the gem of an album.
4 / 5
Like aa term very long PARTIDÁRIO, ossia he masterpiece especially for this time of a year is quite pertinent.
4 / 5
Previously, Bulls the only master had listened was 'Possession of American Wrist ' and 'A Beekeeper '. Perfectly presentable album, but no really the special. On that, they are not the big defender of 'carols' and an integer Crimbo what. But after reading some descriptions, thought that it would try it. It results: ready movement.

Ossia Simply the good-looking collection. Master bulls directs partorisca stamp his own fashion, his own meaning in that mainly begins was like this carols.

'Chico, Nowell' is near his' namesake, but other clues take more liberties. A stunning, oriental feels to esalquitrán to ask ' the calm cloths of the Oriental origins Means, before lifting to the agreement of entity partorisca a traditional heart, which impulses your feelings with him. Some good-looking, simple electrical piano, backing some oriental series.

'A Silent Night With you' - well, a title gives follows it quite big. Lush The serious and that the tubular bell backs the very quite a lot of song of amour. Yes, it is almost the Bing Crosby season.

'Harps Of Gold' - with the heart of 'In Excelis Deo', initially touches extraordinarily likes esolsbury Collina ', with resemblance uplifting agreements, first to break to the warm and joyful heart.

Ah, A Wolf has done enough the clue for description of clue, that does the redundant mine. But that I amour in this album is which, to take a basic feels, a basic premise of songs all know and has known of then infancy, Master Bulls headed to imbue his with moving it, different meanings that take of frames, and think.

Some arrangements are, in general, wonderful. Some horns in of the Roses and Glitter is gorgeous, the clear crystal (fijamente and directed for John Philip Shenale). A brass in a cup, then a saxs that slips downwards, velvet of audio, glitter turning of ball in a ceiling, slow and mocha moochy.

A lush serious in other clues; so only in flawless, a clear piano, fashionable bell and fantastically expressive. And, on all concealed, Master Bulls' differential and evocative vocals - has the fragility to touch and he phrasing ossia quite so only - pure Master Bulls.

To quote A Wolf - 'essential'. :-)
5 / 5
Is Bulls the Master defender will love this CD, wholeheartedly can recommend the cost . This in spite of, some questions have had to looks for to obtain this CD of Amazon left feeling like this angry that, in spite of several years of compraventa satisfactory and dealings with Amazon, goes to close my account hardly am ensured that a question has been solved. My joint: buy a CD, but buy elsewhere. Trying solves this subject left £ out of pocket, more a cost to purchase a CD of Tescos. Finally: Masters 5.0, Amazon 0.0
5 / 5
Frankly it mesmerising, wonderous celebration of amour, life, light and sprit. Gorgeous, Comforting, Heating.
Essential listening.
5 / 5
An Album navide├▒o so only will not require never possess. Bulls Does again!
5 / 5
Am not sure reason a description on states that Bulls does not have anything well of Scarlet walk, when Abnormally Attracted to the sin is one of his his albums fine plus. His phrasing and the melodies absolutely are in amazing. A Beekeeper and Possession of American Wrist is also until his level I for real adds in my opinion. Midwinter The thank you is something different - a 'avert' for Bulls (as all the album navide├▒os is), but his sweet and melodic songs are still enjoyable enough, and Master' take on a @@subject navide├▒o is characteristically unusual and pleasurable for an ear.
4 / 5
When I in the first place read that Master Bulls has decided to release the album vacacional of traditional songs, has expected that it was quite intriguing and dark - and supposition that, is. Bulls HAS the a lot of eerie, coldy the seducer feels his voice that leaves well to a way has chosen to interpret some songs in soyidwinter Thank you'. It has written also five new clues the one who apt perfectly in a mix. This album can compare to his earlier emissions 'Few Earthquakes', 'Down Some Roses' and 'Boys Partorisca Peel' to the equal that owes the differential baroque appeal same.

The majority of some traditional songs are interpreted a lot well. 'Chico, Starts of Marvels an album of reasonably of well and is gone on down tar To ask ' that is treated like this it folky song of pop with interesting musical arrangements. Esaqueja: Coventry Carol' is some my preferred in this emission how is very dark and shady, which is Bulls in his better. 'Holly, Ivy And Rosa' and 'Harps Of Gold' is quite catchy, a be last turned to an effective rock tinged song of pop. 'Jeanette, Isabella' And 'Emmanuel' is quite pleasant, but is not fixed in an interesting quite way for me.

In general, some the better clues are a some writings for Bulls she. 'A Silent Night With you' is the simple still captivating ballad with piano. Esahora Ángel' is another piano has composed well and the series has directed ballad which would be returned perfectly a lot on 'Down Rosa', his second album. 'Rosa And Glitter' is the 1930 is touching song of jazz. I have not listened never Bulls sings jazz, but adapted a lot well. 'Winter' Carol' is a point has underlined here and is the such the fantastically writes ballad with a lot of nuances to a song, like Bulls is portraying some unpredictable and instantly changeable times sometimes can have during some long winters. 'Our new Year' well an album in way, with the section of lovely intense series that intensifies an emotion of a song.

Ossia For far an album vacacional I better there is never has listened. Probably it go it included better he Bulls had chosen to comprise 12 of his own creations, but is still the turn adds to his original sound.
5 / 5
Like the longtime Master Bulls fans the one who comprises his transfer and of the elections of tower to do the albums in a @@@2000s owe that admit that it was the suspect of has bitten of of the this. Seasonal record more often that it is not quell'has bitten caseous but do this entirely his own and be Bulls, has has had to that of course have the conceptual approximation takes to this record. A music is good-looking and lush, emotional, intimate, melancholic and riveting. She king-the traditional subjects fixed so that they are more faithful to his historical origins and his original songs blend perfectly with them. It averts of a caseous front and illustrations of @@@back cover (also Photoshop for my flavour) a music is brilliant!
5 / 5
Now here is the curious preparation to be sure!
Carol-To the long of-a-Bulls. I have had to extend my alcohol
the unfamiliar forms to inclusos begins to fulfil
his meso-the way is one . It is the subject odd .

Strangely Beautiful in fact.

Has considered always Master Crown to be one more
sinner that the saint (the very better class of
press of sinner to add!).
His Saint Night is, for like this, he revelation.

Soyidwinter Thank you' Is roughly like this far out of
the usual obligatory album navide├▒o of the celebrity
how is possible to be. His heart is clearly in him.

Included some of some the majority of songs familiarised is dates
reworkings like this startlingly original that listens
his as if for a first time.

'Go : Coventry Carol' with his warm piano
and fixed of the brass is jarringly beautiful.

My seasonal melody preferred own, 'Emmanuel', is
dies it stately and mesmerising action.
A thin use of serious, bells and percussion
is magic.

A self-penned 'Our new Year' ameno the welcome
touch of doubt and darkness to a project.

Esahora Ángel' is simply and starkly delicious.

The master of cups has created really something quite
extraordinary here for believers and unbelievers equally.

Ossia Like this after the realisation of something
approximating an idea of 'Alcohol navide├▒o'
that never again is likely to find.

4 / 5
A fab the addition to a music Bulls has released during his career. No an album navide├▒o typical, but attentive anything less than Bulls!?

Any classics revisited and fact in Bulls unmistakeable way and then some self penned festive tunes. Way of Bulls of the Only again and of me continuous in a music adds Bulls is in a habit to release. It likes him he says in a DVD of prize has to that dip his transfer in the to do this value of album that , and work.
4 / 5
An interesting point of view, different in Christmas carols' tradition. An interview explains clearly an idea of concept of an album, locating behind to an origin 'pagan' of the majority of some flange.
An unusual selection of pieces, those arrangements of surprise, and good-looking new songs for Bulls as 'Rosa and glitter', the real homage to some big bands' transmission! Really !
5 / 5
So that amour Bulls but also so that any one know , ossia the xmas carol the selection done for a unuque way Bulls does music!
Wants to spend the silent night with you singing a Saint and a flange of the ivy with his daughter is like this perfect ! It recognises more traditional carols still, has sung and treaty in the 'Bulls ' way, fresco,but warm, likes always - inspired and calm taking inspire behind! Ossia The wonderful album ,partorisca xmas and each one another day !
5 / 5
Finally, Bulls looks to be of tower to something like his old self after the quite lacklustre seven years of the walk of a glorious Scarlet. His past three album - A Beekeeper, Possession of American Wrist and a recent Abnormally Attracted to Sin - the mediocre pop suffered-arrangements of mecer that comes from too hard to touch like other artists, and far too many substandard songs crammed to a disk.

This album of winter sees the turn to a classical side of Bulls musicianship, with in big measured orchestral arrangements throughout - only three of some twelve clues here look his band prominently, but sparingly. Elsewhere, gorgeous arrangements of serious, brass and harpsichord is an order of a day, and a result is celestial for those of us the one who have longed to listen this side of Bulls again. The songs are a lot of-writings, fantastically fixed and extracted, and of the rests of sound to breathe for a first time in of the years.

Is done the remarkable work of king-interpreting varied a lot-known carols, going back to some pagan roots of both words and music, and blending his seamlessly with his own additional papers from time to time. It does not expect sincere renditions of such a lot of-has has loved-levels like this In the Three King, Holly and An Ivy, Coventry Carol, Veni Veni Emanuel etc. Under scholarly and imaginative direction of Bulls these old carols is reworked in the quite magic way; it directs to spend some advances of pagan roots in the way that the frames listen these songs again.

An album also contains new original Bulls, among them esahora Ángel', the song written for his daughter Natashya (the one who also sings in brief in a record - does not concern , work!), A stunning 'Our new Year' and the thoroughly enjoyable the number of big band has called Rosa and Glitter. A better new clue this in spite of is 'Winter' Carol', which have to be one of some better things is done never.

Ossia A lovely plus , more affecting Master Bulls Record in of the years. If you are the defender , will be loved. If calm so only is looking for the album of winter that is not in Frosty a Snowman and Saint that kisses mommy under a mistletoe, this so only could be what yours.
4 / 5
The christmassy album, unsurprisngly given a name, with the little quirky coverages but some original compositions also. Better bulls, but still owrth verifying out of
4 / 5
Navidad Lovely music , alternative - frames the transmission of Reef of ladies and Slade!
Perfecto to seat that he christmassy works or dressing a tree. It classifies of him it liked when in the first place I have listened his, now of me AMUR he - to good sure the grower. Bulls Does well!!
5 / 5
Are the enormous [punctual] Bulls defender but looks to be that they take blander, less intimate and more charmless for an album. They are for real he saddened that I can very included to take by means of this album in a seating. If you want to listen Master Bulls sings songs navide├▒as then this will adapt you well, loves something more substantial that his, goes back to a start of his career. [Cry]
4 / 5
Likes Bulls defender doubted the bit when I have listened in this album. But I am pleased I bought it!
Is deliciously Bulls, as it know. And the Christmas so only has taken bit it better!
5 / 5
This contains the DVD of prize with content of interview excluyente, two clues of the prize and a booklet have developed.
5 / 5
The word for advanced is that this will be the Deluxe CD CONJOINT DVD, imported of a Ue hopefully;
like opposed to some the USA

Top Customer Reviews: Me and a Gun / ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 1 ratings
5 / 5
Ossia The must has partorisca any bulls collector! Me And the gun was an alone prime minister of Small Earthquakes. It has been reissued that Silent All These Years. All some songs are utmost but my preferred is Thoughts . This only good song a prize of a CD.

Top Customer Reviews: Piano, A - The ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 8 ratings
5 / 5
It is this glorious? It is.
Is complete? No really. It finds that some many of entities rar(er) the clues are missing here, like Garlands (follows it so only available in a special edition of 'A Beekeper'), Indian Summer (which is perhaps my Master of Bulls of the favourite follows never), Seaside, the habit of Apollo, and Rub├ş By means of a Glass partorisca Look (only available in the CD has titled carlet is Hid Treasure' and this comes like this splits of a 'Bienvenido to Sunny Florida' DVD. These songs are of the era of walk of a Scarlet but has finalised a lot when being no in an album, a reason does not know reason, of then some of these clues are far better that some of a some present in Scarlet Walk. Search to imagine record of focus....
Having Read says, this is not so only the collection adds so that they are not familiarised with Master Bulls but also so that they already know his music to the equal that contains a lot of b-sides and alternate mixes that could interest the defenders of Bulls. It finds that, especially CD1 (a long version of 'Few Earthquakes' and CD5 (b-sides and give) is real properties.
A booklet is ordered enough, comes with photo of Master Bulls and some utmost info on some of his songs. It was a lot disappointed when has of then some papers to some songs there is not coming with a booklet this in spite of. I enjoy to spend time with my music, listening his and reading some words to some songs. Sure, I have had already the majority of some papers that come with all his albums, but that they have to take another cd booklet to listen to this collection is so only sad. It has been it concealed having some papers to some 80+ songs present here, in this collection, would take the plot of spatial, but had cut down in the number of photo and has extended a booklet the little has bitten this could be be fulfil, creates.
In general, ossia attacked add and in my opinion a lot of value of the money. So you are that it wants to take familiar with world-wide Bulls or so only looking to take the number adds of the his b-the sides without that have to that purchase ALL OF THE SINGLE in that is content , ossia a way to go . It is the alternative sum and wins it beautiful to one of one the majority of good-looking composers, prolific/musicians of our time.
4 / 5
Comprising 1992-2006, A Piano: A Collection gathers 86 clues on five CDs, joining material of Atlantic sound and the ├ępico catalogue. A lot it follows the mixes of alternating offer or remixed versions of classical favourites. This box dips also looks a totally poured disk in enormous Bulls catalog of B-sides as well as previously unreleased the clues scattered throughout. The special packaging houses scarce photos, in-depths liner notes, and a clue along-for-commentary of clue for Bulls.

An only and uncompromising the art of Master Bulls has dipped a groundwork for a phenomenon of female singer of composer of a mid to late '90s. His stunning 1992 start, Few Earthquakes, has presented his pursuing and emotional voice and lyrical storytelling with an intensity that has surprised. Door a piano behind to a forefront of rock of cutting flange, and in a course of his career to dare resulted one of some the majority of influential artists of his time. Intimate, confessional, poetic Touch , Master of songs in self, family, religion, femininity, ache, and amour with the alcohol to look for.
5 / 5
Has bought this like the present for my husband the one who was entirely in a moon with him. It say that it was brilliant having all all near.

A must for Bulls defenders!
4 / 5
Has been the Toriphile for the few years now and there is almost everything of his rear catalogue. In spite of @giving that this together of the boxes would not contain eveything, considered it still like the compraventa necessary.

First of all has a beautiful packaging - this looks to be the characteristic of the work of Bulls generally; it tends to look well. While a box of piano can be fragile, is quintessentialy Bulls. Then it has a hardback the inner book has comprised; this for real is a prize added. There is the forward for Lorraine There, which calm to give you the mini biography of Bulls. This is to follow for an album and commentary of clue for Bulls she - this does this value to purchase of the money, so only partorisca east.

A neighbour contains 5 CDs. Some looks of premiers in his first emission of album, 'Few Earthquakes'. A clue, flying Dutch, which looks in this collection has been fallen of an emission of original start. Some finals of collection with CD 5, which exhibits some of Bulls B-Sides. Also it comprise the leading clue, like a for real good-looking orta Fairytale', a song that took hooked in his in a first place.

Like the seguace the one who there is almost everything of his work has released, still can see a value in this colection. There is the little follow how was unable to take anywhere more - soyerman' probably when being my preferred. This in spite of, in that said the one who, there is B-Sides that is missing. Has the lyric book for Bulls that loans the clue, 'Rubies and Now a lot', which have been unable to find anywhere. Some papers are good-looking, like this in the way am disappointed that the has not comprised some of the his hard plus to find songs, more than B-the sides to this only is still easily available. The toes have crossed, this will be something decides to do in a future?!

Has comprised also very any of his coverages, which can be for real glorious. Ossia The shame , like the recently arrived would not be conscious of these. When Bulls The coverage, has a capacity of the do his own, while not taking anything out of an original - wants to see that I bad, test and take your hands in the copy of his CRUCIFY EP, which has 3 coverages, a duquel is esmells Like Alcohol of Adolescent' for Nirvana.

If you are new Bulls and his music, this could be the add compraventa. Partorisca Around £50 that that would be taken your hands on some of one the majority of original music to has been inner created some last 15 years. When you Consider that it go it producing the music of such the quality adds for this longitude, perhaps is any surprise that included this collection of 86 clues a lot quite do justice!

Highly recommended.
4 / 5
While it have been adds to have some of the versions of coverage of Bulls in this together of boxes, still thinks this together of boxes is the a lot of attainment and so only goes to aim that an east of incredible talent. You can say that Bulls has dipped the plot to try a collection - a packaging so only is that it surprises and an interior of book is beautiful (more than 50 pages of pictures, notes and commentary for Bulls, everything in the lovely hardback book). Along and the endeavour is also be clearly dipped to a way a music is presented - no only a tracklisting and commanded interesting in a CDs but also some alternative mixes. It can not have the enormous quantity again or unreleased the material but that has are adds. A demo medley is the real idea to the creative process of Bulls and something all fans will want to listen. It contains the good-looking version of An Arisen Fairytale too much.
4 / 5
Everything in this collection is for the treat, of a 'piano' amazing packaging and hardback booklet (a present in him), to some rarities, extraordinary reworkings and new modification of a cream of the repertoire of Bulls, curated for Master Lady she. The point underlined for me is a bit disk of Earthquakes, but there is numerous other gems have hid on here, some new mixes infusing old classics with new life. It can not represent the complete library of his work, but there is to spare rich here to underline the one who the very special artist Bulls is.
4 / 5
Love this together of boxes. It comprises everything of mine favourite, and previously unreleased songs. A must has for defenders. Bulls Is a better!
4 / 5
If this was a complete has has collected works, comprising each one of the his generally glorious b-the sides then would have been very tried. If it was a complete b-sides, the few new clues, and some signals underlined of career remixed, then also would have been very tried. How it is it does a lot previously officially released b-sides, and at least one follows written for the compilation (of a MI2 album), concealed the fault of this collection - a source suggests on 30 clues are missing - roughly losing the clues are included better that a some have included in a 5th disk.
My feeling is that ossia another (and perhaps any hard) tentativa to extract the big sum to charge to die partidários hard for a new material comprised and there really ought to has been the sixth disk in this collection to cover all of the his b-sides to date. In a upside, if you are new to a work of Bulls, and there is still to buy anything, this represents good value for money - but is still so only that goes to take 2 stars of me.

Top Customer Reviews: To Venus and ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 16 ratings
4 / 5
Master bulls is an amazing artist , point and averts. While she probably never be mainstream (concealed is not the bad thing) undoubtedly is one of one the majority of talented artists of our time. Of course, like a EWF, am biased!

To VENERATE And BEHIND, Bulls offers the different sound to his leading albums. Here, a music could be described more like this electronica in of the parts, this in spite of is still able of the lucida way all of its own and sound. As with a lot, if any everything of his albums, calm probably will owe that listen to of the this offering the little time before you are able to fully appreciate a complexity and a sense of him. Partorisca me, a one follows that instantly it underline it another was '1000 oceans'. It is the one of beautiful truth ballad and perhaps one the majority of accessible song of a whole collection. Other preferred of mine comprise esuede', which has some of one the majority of the odd music has not listened never - is hard to describe this song. Also it likes 'Lust', which of again is another good-looking ballad. 'Datura' Is also another song partorisca do my favourite cast. Datura Is partorisca plant it which has hallucinatory held, but a wrong quantity can be fatal. In one the majority of recent biography on Bulls, is quoted like that says that a song compares this plant to men, that can esometimes [...] Calms ameno gold and sometimes can be a bearer of poison. . . If taken a right quantity , will walk to a garden and result the woman, but yes too seeps in a wrong way and a wrong time, kill you' ('Beautiful Good Years: A Biography of Master Bulls' for Jay S. Jacobs).

After, has to also commentary in an alive disk that it is has comprised. Ossia The advantage adds partorisca have . When Have in the first place bought this album, has not had Bulls seen never extracted alive as it was the cherished element. It is sum partorisca see , if taken a casualidad calms really would owe that see. An alive disk has songs of his start of only, FEW EARTHQUAKES. That will discover is that any one simply re-create these leading songs; enough she revisits his, doing change here and there, perhaps underlining the different or his word, perhaps leaving some sections was. Mina, this tip his creativity, that does his music the most flowed experience that something concealed is dipped simply in bone and result to the particular recipe. I have seen recently he on visit partorisca his AMAERICAN POSSESSION of WRIST the album where extracted 'Precious Sewing'. These looks in an alive album here, but touches a lot different to as the treat recently.
Likes another has said, an action of 'Cooling' is brilliant. Almost value all of the money so only partorisca that. Partorisca This song, all some other members of band any an appearance, is Bulls so only and his piano. Absolute heaven - '... It is your place in value of heaven that gives on kisses' (Master Bulls, Cooling).

An amazing emission. Two disks partorisca a prize of one. That is while to?
4 / 5
This Lady so only spends of long force partorisca force to the must like him to him Master Bulls
5 / 5
the fourth album of Bulls that has been recorded in a height of his creative powers and contains like this excellent material was liberto like the double album, a disk of clues of studio and a disk of material alive scarce.
A unreserved, five compraventa of star.
Simply Glorious.
5 / 5
This album is up there, with some better works of Master Bulls. A nr2 cd, is all alive and together with some songs of studio in cd1, a value of album that spends money on.
5 / 5
The element arrived with the numbers written with bookmark in both disks, one of some clues have not touched, one first page of a booklet has been rasgada, some disks can not be resisted properly because of a tray that is broken, and a backside of a jewelcase is dirty and sticky. You are announced like this when being in the 'A lot of very' state, and is to good sure any one a chance partorisca east.
5 / 5
1. Bliss 10/10
2. Juarez 10/10
3. Concertina 9/10
4. Gloria Of One 80 10/10
5. Lust 8.5/10
6. Suede 8/10
7. Josephine 8/10
8. Enturbia poof 10/10
9. Datura 9/10
10. Haze Of cradle 10/10
11. 1000 oceans 10/10

this one looked partorisca divide bulls fans the little, at the same time this was an album of the his which has looked his melodies of piano of the byline a less, although they are present still (ie: 1000 oceans), a piano was substituted mostly with a synth but is the master in both, the totally love this album, his joined you concealed me the enormous bulls can see them reason the defenders of his earlier work can have been disappointed with a loss of the his 'classical sound' personally the think all his albums have touched some same was quite 1 dimentional and boring, like this the give his credit to take the risk and moving on, this calm album take on the traves├şa of spatial type and thats reason loves it to them 5/5 stars
5 / 5
has discovered that the majority of amour of people, or simply a lot like this the album has compared his another. 1998-99 it exhibit it my Master of Bulls of the favourite 'was' - a electronica Bulls.

Ossia The masterpiece - the better album of Bulls.

'To Venerate and Behind', begins with an alone advantage in some the EUA, Bliss. Ossia Bulls the majority of accessible advantage so only like this-far, but this is not the bad thing. An only song peaked in 91 in some the EUA, and has not been released in United Kingdom. 'Juarez' Is one of mine favourite. It is electronic Bulls very dark and is in a place where two daughters were raped repeatedly, in New Messico. It is quite he spooky song, in fact. 'Concertina' Is a favourite of defender, but to be sincere, this is not one of mine favourite, but is defiantly so only-worthy, and in my opinion would owe that it has been released so that the alone advantage in United Kingdom, in place of 'the glory of a 80 is', which is the song adds and taste more than Concertina, but is so only of any one very accessible, and the majority of some calm times can not comprise that Bulls is saying. An only peaked in 46 in United Kingdom.

'Lust' is another of mine favourite. This song is that it marks this better album that the walk of the scarlet and Few Earthquakes, which are said to be among the better works of Bulls. It is such the beautiful ballad, and probably my favourite Bulls ballad never, and one of the mine favourite ballads never. It is not electronica, but access in perfectly this in spite of. Esuede' Was one of mine favourite early. It is the very dark song and very atmospheric and sooooo odd! 'Josephine' Is the song adds and another of mine favourite. It is not electronica, but like 'Lust', is an excellent song. 'Enturbia Poof' Adapted me of Bulls' leading album reason is so only so that it was-of-control and very crazy. Calm can not comprise that it is saying the majority of a time, and still although a song is a lot inaccessible, is still the fun song. A melodic 'Blossom... Enturbia poof' Is sung adds and ossia my second favourite song of this album.

'Datura' Is a plus along, odder, and better song of this masterpiece. I can very included begin to explain this song, but will try. It is appointed after the very strong hallucinogen, which Bulls has taken probably during registering this album. An ape (good, any ape, but quite odd) history: In 2003, the known German student so that 'Andreas W', to Find yard of his own penis and tongue with the pair of shears of garden while under an influence of datura. Neither the organ was king-has attached felizmente. Behind to a description, to an end Bulls sings 'dividing Canaán...' To the equal that can time that will feel you really odd. Espring Haze' Is another standout and preferred of defender. A heart is so only like this uplifting and some verses are utmost also, and this song really amena behind some good memories. '1000 Oceans' is the beautfil song and an excellent more afterwards.

10 / 10
5 / 5
bulls does not fail never to surprise me. Although all his albums have the alike fashion, is everything incredibly varied. At the same time to write is, the own "of a choirgirl hotel" and "boys to peel" both which are utmost albums . I prefer FTCH more reason has an electronic sound, which "to come and for behind" has. A piano is still there, but is contrasted wonderfully with an electronics and drums in a fund.
standout The clues for me comprise "bliss" which is my favourite song in an album, "juarez" for this simple originality and "1000 oceans" reason is the for real good-looking song , both lyrically and musically. All some songs in this album are brilliant and any to be stray.
Disk 2, an alive album blew was. It has not seen Never (or listened) first alive bulls to listen to this cd. Now I am them determined to see his someday. The start was with "lovely things" a darkness of a piano and backing the band dipped a scene thus cd. Masters some few alive versions of "cruel" and "bells for his" - they were like this amazing. Like A person can be like this talented is further me. Totally brilliant.
Shabby east maintaining. It does not think two times. So only the take.
4 / 5
Could I be Bulls so only fans this there has been the question with 'The Venerate and Behind'? Of a voluble praise of some other descriptions can be so much. Not To Take me bad here, an album is brimful of ideas, perhaps so much so that finally sudden.

Master' 5th album of studio (sixth is counting 'And Kant Bulls Reads' defenders in fact) sees in wildly different territory. A lot very perhaps a lot of wildly different. It leaves to face it, an emotionally frank naïve focus that looks to follow around has been spilt basically with which down Rosa and some complex arrangements and the electronic was around in both Boys partorisca Peel and Of a Choirgirl Hotel as 'to come and Behind' is perhaps less than the start that some people have alleged and more than the natural advance to new territory. Prpers Having said that, is still enough the accident to a system of a Defender of Bulls of the average, and in no way and was and was sucedido.

But sinister start with a good material, and has abundance. Some first are clues in fact are absolute gems. An insidious beauty of 'Bliss' underlines particularly, with his environmental crackle rumbling Master basses' dramatically going the smallest agreements. A question soyaybe is bliss of another class?' It can enough with accuracy summarise a whole appeal of his music. 'The glory of a 80 is' also is whipsmart. A sonic mainstay by means of Master' the past life as it chick of complete rock with obligatory references of acid, is enormous entertainment but also, likes all his better songs, lyrically and melodically multivalent. Quite the one who Concertina has directed any to annoy a cup 40 is further me he like this subtract one of some the majority of perfect pieces of music of the dreamy pop has not listened never and a lyric ' was some lies for real among one 1st and one 40th drunk' so only can finalise in mine headstone. But enough of a frivolity, there is a bit seriously the dark forces do here too much. 'Juarez', He masterstroke of gothic electronica refigures an unexplained tragedy of a Mexican bordertown - a place of bookmarks/marcadors of killers and rapes no solved - like this some class to terrify fable. When Master sings cause'Justa' to the empty likes the flesh of young daughters' is hinting in this tension in a fulcrum of a report among some American people and a landscape that would come to dazzle fruition in his masterpiece the walk of the scarlet , an effect is chilling and thrilling. A dry sultry throb of uede' absolutely convinces like bondadoso of dark sexual narrative that underpins an identity of Master' transmission later ego Pip of Possession of American Wrist . Some papers are immediately sleekly playful and submissive 'call me the harm call 'the tide is on you side' anything that loves' and also strident, provocative and downright soiled 'boy and if maintenances your silence silencer on will speak you well when exiting of the hole to mine bayou'. They are sure he there is enough the few boys there to to those who liked him to him the traves├şa to Bulls bayou after listened uede'.

Sadly Ossia where some magic ends and a rest of an album veers of drab to downright unlistenable. Even '1000 Oceans' hailed as it Note it Bulls ballad looks lyrically trite in comparison to complexes heartbreakers like 'Cooling' or 'Cina' and a less say in a rambling 'Datura' and Incite to riot Poof' a better another that to signal was that they are both spectacularly dull and difficult to listen to; such disorders a pair of them that touch and feel the averages has finalised. A flimsy whimsy (hey that rhymes!) Of pring Haze' is quite good but Master Bulls fans the one who considers this like this one of his precise better tunes he speedy reissued by means of a rear catalogue.

An alive disk is the better proposition and resupplies some seriously that interest reworks of classics as 'Precious Sews' as well as an occasion to take to grips with some minors of the known compositions likes some fantastically dark 'Present Purple' but here too much has questions. Perhaps it is so only me but I chair to the equal that was around this time that Master' the delivery of the sounds of vowel is totally be out of control. Some of some words here are like this distorted is to grieve recognisable. Some can say that ossia the only facet of his vocal fashion but the time exits like this downright created, and, as that satisfies like the alive album is, can not take even an apex of an experience of in fact seeing the masters extracted. My joint is, is looking for an alive experience, take his in an Abnormally attracted to Sin Recognition, will not complain it .

To somewhere to the long of a line thinks that Master' fanbase, - duquel are the proud member - has decided that it is not well to speak his work in any critical way. Toriphiles Does not like to admit that his start has summits and troughs like any one another artist; but it does. 'To come and Behind' is a lot the record of 2 half. Some first half rows among some better and more provocative of his work. Emotional briskly of refeshing, euphoric electro pop the hard sexual violence and frank introspection. A second half is the disorder and so only rivalled for the Odd Small daughters for one the big plus loses of his career like this far. This in a final analysis is still to four description of star and really, there has like this to enjoy in this record but is not fooled, is not any 'Few Earthquakes'
4 / 5
I amour Bulls, still while has the new album was to take me the little goes to take that it is doing. This album was any exception . Some clues take me to us imediately (1000 Oceans), but after going back his again and again I finally 'taken the'. I love music when it is easy to listen, automatically pleasing, but a better music is when he takes the moment to take under your skin and permeate some discharges of your consciousness. The Venerate and behind is a work of the true character. A hook of piano on 'Lust' is like this simple still enormous, a song written of a POV of Napoleon (odd but some folks) - Josephine - is lyrical delight and harrowing with him. All of some songs are few pieces of a not developing never universe that is Master Bulls.
An alive cd are adds to listen, cooling when being mine beans clue and Sugar the second pr├│jimo. The sounds of voices of Bulls slightly tired, but this adds a flange for me. A bit spoken-to-the-the steps insert/inserts is fresh - is not a normal daughter, is?
The Venerate and Behind is an album that the controls have hid treaures, and is available for those quite brave to wade thru a miasm of 'quirky Bulls' preconceptions and crying for some days of Small Earthquakes to go back (is not never spending, has wanted to). You take to places (come perhaps?) You have required long to go.. And the one who knows, can does not love never gone back.
5 / 5
This daughter so only maintains to improve. With the Venerate and has produced For behind another sonic banquet and his darkness of plus that the sounds register still. It can not be very easy to listen too much in time, but certainly is rewarding. Bliss And the glory of some eighties is glorious, how is Suede . But a real mouth that fallen stunner here is the Oceans of Thousand. One the majority of emotional and perhaps a simpler song has has not registered never. These costs of albums to buy so only for this clue so only. Especially of of the this, calm also takes the alive album. Registered during his last recognition (which has looked the band to back for a first time), ossia to the prize adds . It comprises actions of Cornflake Daughter and Things of Lovely, simply stunning. With so many rubbishes roughly in a world of music these days, is reassuring to know that there is still sincerely talented and advances to look to the people likes them to his Master Bulls still there.
5 / 5
This album is the prime minister for Master Bulls and the scarce thing for an industry of music; it is an album of totally of new material coupled with another CD of alive material, which is essentially something of the container of the swipes more adds. When Have in the first place seen this asked if a new material was too much feeble to release in his own and has had to be buoyed up with some of his leading glories. To the little listenings to an album has found my supposition was bad, any only is a strong album, but felizmente, treads where any of his leading albums goes.
On &8216;Of a Choirgirl hotel&8217;, there is dabbled with electronica; on &8216;The Venerate and behind&8217; I use he constantly to startling effect during an album. When One listens a word &8216;electronica&8217; some pictures on images of the horrific 80&8217;s new romantic band (especially when one of some songs calls &8216;Gloria of one 80&8217;s&8217;). Calm felizmente can dispel these thoughts; some discharges of synthesisers is dense and slinky and give an atmosphere of album. Any only is a music of big quality (writing and product for Master Bulls), but also a vocals has been given of considerable attention. Bulls Has to that it has been in shape well when registering this album as it paste any estupefacientes highs while maintaining treats it well of emotion.
Some plough of songs&8217;t perhaps like this strong like those on &8216;Choirgirl hotel&8217;, that lacking of a vast emotional clout of this album and the songs likes them &8216;Playboy Mommy&8217; and &8216;Black Has submerged&8217;. Instead we take brooding and sulky vocals. So only a paste of song to to an agreement still likes &8216;Choirgirl hotel&8217; and ossia &8216;1000 oceans&8217;, the harrowing song in the daughter any one his partner so much that although it is by train to leave, cry 1000 oceans to take home without accidents. The partidários a lot of of his material his old plus this can be his song preferred of then he wouldn&8217;t be out of place on &8216;Few Earthquakes&8217;. Of his newer fashion, some first three songs are some better, &8216;Bliss&8217;, &8216;Juarez&8217; and &8216;Concertina&8217;. Each song is sweeping and dramatic and calm interest-you which she didn&8217;t emission one of to them like him the suns. True to Master Bulls, dips in a song that is typically last to take to, in this chance of the albums is &8216;Enturbia Poof&8217;. His any that he&8217;s the particularly bad song, but is like this of kilter with a rest of an album that the only doesn&8217;t apt. A song that follows it, &8216;Datura&8217; more than frames up for him this in spite of. It is the wonderful song with abstract papers mostly appointing plants in the garden of the like a perpetrator has to that leave (Adam and Eve in a Garden of Eden?). A music is quite staggering, the true landscape to touch the one who turns wonderfully gothic in some songs second part. Another remarkable song is &8216;Suede&8217;, at all in a British band, but in the black hole that devours his star of mate. This can be the metaphor for domestic violence where a continual battering of the woman robs his of his self-confidence and wins to live.
That can be has said that &8216;The Venerate and Behind&8217; it is not Master Bulls&8217; the majority of the accessible album and ossia true. For which want to one his introduction would be better to look in &8216;Few Earthquakes&8217; or &8216;Of a Choirgirl Hotel&8217;. This album is fascinating and the tentativa brave to add synthesisers his traditionally the piano has has directed songs. Thus value to love for money this album is damn well, of then comes with the alive CD of some of his better work and some new songs. A production is generally well, the few songs go in for the little too long, but when they comprise some for real solos of inspired piano, a really can&8217;t complains.
5 / 5
Likes Bulls enormous Master defender, expect each new album in trepid anticipation. Every time it directs any to disappoint, offering brave, those interest and causing music with his differential touch. The Venerate and behind is any exception. Masterful, polished This in spite of fresh - I has loved that. And for all diehard defenders, an alive album that is comprised is the must.
5 / 5
Buy this album for an alive song "cooling", if for another reason. It is the masterpiece too beautiful for a clumsiness of modern living, redemptive in his lyrical virtuosidad: "...The amour walked until Liking, has said knows does not like you of any one a lot, to the left is to go for the walk. This ocean is wrapped around this tree of pineapple"
challenge any to not falling to blind, brokenly enamoured with Bulls after listening to this song.
Oh, And a rest of an album is glorious also.
5 / 5
Well, an Alive CD is much more better that a new material. But in all the chance, Bulls is of tower and ready partorisca go to visit and ossia that is of entity. Songs like uede' or 'Lust' really currency he... An Alive part remember so many sweet moments have had with his, with the sound really a lot of (any one the bootleg !!). Yes, I need this remembers !
5 / 5
Has listened So only to 2 of his albums, but has been them pleased when it has listened them is one.
The prime minister cd is better,reason he isnt alive.
Or is the music of deep female artists(partorisca eg alanis morrisette),you probaly want to this.
Recommends it,as I add it easy listening album.
A particular favourite would be haze of cradle (for me in all the chance).
Be so only 13 I, the definatly gives to listen it.

Top Customer Reviews: Cornflake ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 4 ratings
4 / 5
I took the moment partorisca appreciate 'Cornflake Daughter' so that it is - the piece adds of music of piano with papers quite odd. Although it is not one of my favourite pieces for Masters, a reason has bought this CD only was more for some 3 coverages that also look; 'A Chance of tea, 'If 6 Was 9' and estrange Fruit'. The defenders of Master will be conscious that the coverages is something has the particular fashion for - you so only has to that listen the esmells Likes Alcohol of Adolescent' of the his CRUCIFY EP to @give concealed.

Personally, thinks a better a here is his coverage of Joni Mitchell is 'A Chance of tea. Bulls' The voice and the piano that the touch is both fantastic; a quantity of the emotion inside this piece is glorious. Like another reviewer has said, am sure Joni would be proud that Bulls has done his song.

'If 6 Was 9' shows Bulls of the rockiest perspective. On its own name, it is a feebler song out of a clue has comprised, this in spite of tip an adaptability that Bulls has - is not so only the musician the one who feels in home touching slow, understated clues of piano.

trange Shows of fruit Bulls in his plus aswell. With Bulls so only and his piano, feels quite scarce in the way, but these shows of his 2 talents perfectly. It is on 1 minute before it begins to sing, and then like she momentarily the stops that touch - an effect is quite beautiful. While some papers as not living upto those of Joni is, chair that Bulls the good work in enfusing he with feeling.

For Bulls defender, this CD is the must to add his collection. A word to warn this in spite of, like this ossia an old CD now, order this of second hand, sure mark that is taking a CD with some clues loves on that. Although the amazon has listed CD2 eats having 8 clues in a CD, this is not a chance. Has 2 character CDs which have 4 clues in the each one.
5 / 5
All of these songs are the joy to listen to, Cornflake Daughter, some coverages A Chance of you, If 6 was 9 and the Lacking fruit this Edition Limited Digipak an absolute must has!
5 / 5

1. Cornflake Daughter
2. If Of You
3. If 6 it Was 9
4. Odd fruit
5 / 5
Cornflake Breakings of Daughter so only 2 comprises my favourite coverage of his: A Chance of you. If 6 it was 9 also it is that it interests and the Odd fruit will leave calm with colds. An art of album is also extraordinary.

Top Customer Reviews: Hey ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 6 ratings
5 / 5
This EP objective that Master Bulls loves his defenders, partorisca east is for real the magic collection of songs. Dakota version of 'Hey Jupiter' somehow directs to be even more beautiful and powerful that an original version of some Boys Partorisca Peel CD. In the Then have four alive actions that really the personal interaction to signal Bulls has underlined with his audience. Personally it presents a prime minister three, while members of audiences chaotically the cry was a question of song with which another. Esugar' Is the wonderful song that inexplicably never looked in the full album. Another alive action of ugar' does his way on to his later To Venerate and Rear emission, but this at all to take out of a classical action has offered here. Afterwards it is 'Honey,' those Bulls describes like his favourite song of a Down an album Rosa--this in spite of, a song was cut inexplicably of a final emission of this CD (reason, Bulls admits, was the 'ding-a-ling'). 'The honey Deserves his place among Bulls is songs very better. One the majority of interesting (and odd) clue in this EP is one Allegro Widow version of 'Professional Widow.' A song begins quite dulcemente and darkly, accompanied by the Gothic fashionable organ, and an essence of a song constantly builds until the raucous final. This alive version is quite different that will listen in of the Boys Partorisca Peel. Finally, Bulls rid the soft, mellifluous rendition of Judy the song of mark of the garland. I consider Judy Garland to be a singer more adds to never alive, and usually would lumber with time of prison for any coverage of interpreter one of his songs, but the version of Bulls of 'In a Rainbow' is the sensitive, respectful, and perfectly acceptable rendition. In this chance, EP stands for essentially perfect.
5 / 5
Ah, My preferred maxi so only!
Some 5 clues on here is not the songs can grab in any albums of Bulls is so that it is that it marks these suns that extra of leaves more essential.
'Hey Jupiter (Dakota Version)' is the tear that induces version of a glorious song, adding the a lot of eerie and atomspheric loop of drum and some beautful laws of organ. His reason enough to buy so only to the long of for this 6 epic of minute.
On quell'have alive b-sides of ugar' and 'Honey' that comprise little chirpy histories and is beautiful renditions. Also it has included it is esomewhere In a Rainbow' those Bulls hands in a calm plus of voice.
A soyerry Widow' version of 'Professional Widow' has and always will divide Bulls' defenders. Calm neither will love it or hate it. Personally I love it and his so only an extra reason to but this so only.
With which some albums, grab these pr├│jimos!
4 / 5
Mina all-preferred of Master of Bulls of the time alubm is 'Boys partorisca Peel', the phantasmagorically wonderful album! This EP is a lot up there with to this album likes one of mine all-emissions of Bulls of favourite of time. To this day, some 5 clues in this album - a wonderful awe-inspiring 'Hey Jupiter (Dakota Version)', a beautiful'ugar', 'Honey', and esomewhere In a Rainbow', and a for real that alcohol of swipes and intense soyerry Widow' - closings give me goosebumps. I'vel has loved this EP for on fifteen years, this in spite of love it! 'Hey Jupiter - Dakota Version' and 'Professional Widow - An Allegro Widow Version' okay a prize of a EP so only.
4 / 5
This CD is to add it the small disk that comprises any alive B-sides of Bulls. It was in fact in a concert where has touched "Sugar" and it has surprised! "In a rainbow" it is perhaps he bit it slow and no my favourite version of a song, but a "Hey Jupiter" remezcla is fantasic. Essential partorisca Bulls-phile.
4 / 5
Amazing addition in Bulls Master Collection. A mix of Jupiter is interesting. The z/The sugar and The Honey live are to add ( is wonderful alive). Professional Widow alive is absolutely chilling, pursuing, brilliant. To somewhere In a Rainbow is sooooooo the sweet has spent rasga mine that has required today. Thank you Bulls, external adoring & partidário fond.
5 / 5
Element very fresh.. Ossia An on done of question cd. It looks so only like a digipak version but printed for the chance of jewel. I love that!