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Top Customer Reviews: Toshiba RDXV60KB - ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 7 ratings
4 / 5
Salvation, Thinks that ossia the good unit , Thank you Happy Friday. (And) ! So only a question a man of delivery takes out of me Rs. 4149 /-.
Thank you
4 / 5
1/ Any manual of instruction,with which 4 emails took it. 2/ A lot of some canals have been deleted. A reset of the factory has not rectified a question. Reason has been not dipping behind to his first original state of the sell?
4 / 5
Now have 2 of these cars and love his simplicity and quality of to the picture also likes to take with regulating VHS formed.
5 / 5
Registers of excellent quality, but finalising a DVD take PARTORISCA ALWAYS!! Much slower that Panasonic DVD/VHS combi. Another that that very pleased like this far.
5 / 5
Recorder works WELL but has had to that purchase to to another far control like him to him some of some keys have not done
4 / 5
the mark has spent new 2 years ago, any used a lot often and now take the message can not register in hdd code of error E48.
Toshiba I technicians can does not help me he like this has to that take to repair tent .

No very happy with this m/c the difference of mine Panasonic which is excellent

never again buy any do any for Toshiba. So much the also bought Toshiba camera of video the time and that buy me also question wiith questions.
5 / 5
John Kelly

take E48 code of orderly error and solved to the equal that has a subject same .

Top Customer Reviews: Toshiba RDXV47 DVD ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 28 ratings
5 / 5
One are by train partorisca approach-me 40 years and therefore officially unable to operate inclusos one the majority of basic form of system of entertainment of the house, has left so only one with so many functions like Toshiba RDXV47 (I bad, 'RDXV47', his name so only is your calm guarantee will not take never any of him to dreaded a worse same when it has added my basket of Amazon). But, partorisca reasons I still very fully comprise, in fact can take everything in this car partorisca do. That is more, took him quite everything to do, first time out of a box, with reference a lot small to a manual. A folks in Toshiba has produced something concealed is intuitive, and in fact all easy. Sincere.

To install it, has drawn the fast diagram of the as my old DVD the player was already plugged to that (TV, console of games, box of Heaven), then unplugged my player of OLD DVD, plugged in a RDXV47, has changed all has retreated on all still fact, and a Toshiba so only automatically has dipped ready in. It has dipped then in the VHS film of house, the game pressed and then paste a 'baptise' key my old VHS tape to a hard disk. It has then dipped in the spatial DVD, formatted he (that follows a simple on-instructions of screen) has begun to touch for behind a film of house of a hard disk and pressed 'baptise' again. A car has registered a film directly to a DVD. I maintained to say it would not owe that be this easy. I have it quell'has transferred now all of the mine lovely and fragile VHS images (pair, boys, etc.) To DVD and a HDD with zero stress or frustration. Some diagrams had paid for him already.

Then a definite test - that dips a timer to register something. Usually impossible for VCRs - the tradition has said hastens 19 keys in a strictly prescribed sequence, then transmission a timer on this in spite of neither register a wrong canal in a wrong record swimming. No like this here. It is all first of legislation of just dead person and works every time. I have not lost the game of baseball this season, and can return hundreds of them on some big HDD, especially yes records in way of Long Game.

Some diagrams also registers programs of television to a hard disk in an alone touch of the key (handy if the program comes on and calms that wants to register directly looking for tapes of spatial), also touches behind Looking and DIVX film. I can not estimate this device highly quite - he all calm the precise to do, and he like this simply and for men of the sure age.
4 / 5
Like this far is doing well. There is a question; had the disk has comprised detailed it like this to use a scheme - the can not be read, probably because of the scratch in a disk. For this have to that try start regarding the operate. I have had the a lot of the give form sooner but this one this dramatically different. It is possible that a disk, which has been sent simply inserted in the piece bent of A4 paper and was free in a packaging. A box has arrived in era 3 times a measure of a crew he and probably because of managing had burst open. An engine of the delivery there has been the difficulty adds that it downloads it and spending he in my house. It concealed it does not look for prpers having had any adverse effect in an operation - like this far.
4 / 5
Has purchased so only one of these, mainly for his capacity to copy of video to DVD. On it has arrived taken so only roughly an hour for the take all setup and working, which can look the long times but I have the difficult cupboard that requires to plot of messing roughly with bosses when the new device is added. Some forwards reviewers has said a booklet of instruction is complicated on, but found the a lot of too bad (and am basically a lot a lot well with books of instruction). I have not had the recorder video for the pair of years now so many will be adds to be able to register material again.

Has registered already felizmente to a HDD walk and has copied the a lot of cherished program of television (concealed will not be aimed never again) to DVD. This does not have the digital tuner as it can not register a program while looking another but averts of that and a fact that according to which can say is not big def (but my TV is not big def so that it does not concern me ) he all want to.

Highly recommended.

Update 19th Part 2007.
Actuate Now has copied felizmente hours and hours of video to DVD. An unexpected profit has found is that it register to -R (and probably +R also) has been able to copy the half show to a disk leaves it unfinalised and then the add another 1/2 now his show the few days later. While a disk is not finalising can maintain add to the -R disk until his plenary. Calm thought always so only could write to the -R once and this has been. Still a lot a lot happy with him.
4 / 5
Has bought this ages does and has forgotten obviously for the estimate. This in spite of, was one of only two recorders available this was also able to touch my old VHS tapes, but comes with a prize added to be able to touch and record in Dvd, and record and game in a hard interior-walk. Word to warn this in spite of: it does not have his digital receiver own interior, as so only can register the one who a television connected is eseeing' - this in spite of, this has not been the question, like the knots so only dipped the to the record was 'AV1', after dipping a television to dip ready to a program has loved also.

Quality of playback is extremely good and of a hard walk is no different of an original. DVD playback is also well, how is VHS, although a difference among a quality of DVD and HDD playback compared to the tape is a lot marked, but ossia a tape , more than a car.

Happy bought it.
5 / 5
There is so only some uses thus produced and ossia to programs of record TV and he that like this well. Enough out of dating now like this like this new digital artilugios in a phase. The this in spite of find this adapts my needs a lot well. I have had to buy used how is no longer does new.
4 / 5
Like other descriptions say that this unit is a lot good functional value for money and has ordered once some connections (sees down) a lot easy to use. It disappoints slightly with his rigid application of region and controls of copyrights like calm can not copy your old video to a hard disk and has had to buy the additional multiregion player to touch common Dvd.

A big surprise this in spite of era his failure to draw of characteristic/odd where a lot of of some options of the start does not sustain VHS playback. Calm is not warned in a spec or some instructions (and has included a Toshiba the line of help was any use ). If for example leagues to use a S-start of the calm video can not touch VHS video and calm (and a helpline) will think a unit is broken. So much I use a SCART exited and Him him he to spare SCART the entrance has left, everything will be a lot of
5 / 5
would like me gone back a recorder behind to vendor and take the repayment. It can not take to grips with an use of a car. I process it precise follows.
Have difficulty in reading a small impression of a manual of pdf asked by me so that it has not had one has comprised in a container.
5 / 5
Has had this the week now.
Is a lot easy to dip on - inside an hour had looked the divX CD, registered to a HDD and has transferred to cassette of video to DVD.
Register to a HDD is a lot easy and is possible to look the register while I register something more a same time. Modifying is time eating but quite simple whilst transferring the registers to DVD/of the cassette is easy.
Playback In a VCR is simple - has not tried registering to cassette, reason, frankly reason when the the HDD?
A main use has had for a VCR like this far is transferring registers to HDD, then modifying and in his scorching to DVD. Obviously, a quality of a final DVD is addicted in a quality of a register of entrance, but there is no real noticeable drop in quality.
A DVD playback is well and the register is easy. DivX The files can be touched behind, comprising of CD.
The maintenances that Says imple' and 'easy' to plot, knows.
In spite of some positive, there is a bit drawbacks - ossia three basic cars in a. I have it that has not possessed never he DVR or recorder DVD, like step changes in the functionality is enough for me, but be any one there is anticipated characteristic. As declared in a specs, has no EPG, and so only a tuner - you can not look a digital canal whilst register another. Be any 1080 upscaling or HDMi interface and has any link of USB.
Has known all that when I bought it, as they are well with him. An only real question - the big one for me - is that it is not interoperable with my computer. It does not recognise any Dvd has done in mine Vaio laptop, although I have not tried he with any Dvd burned using another Toshiba crew. I have contacted Toshiba the one who simply said 'laser mismatch' - said of another way, 'oh. nevermind. It lasted. For like this, I have not been able to try a dubbing to HDD of DVD.
Bizarrely, Tecla for behind CDs with DivX files, but can not be baptised to a HDD.

@In rodeo, ossia the good judge of the start schemes that it does more things a lot - with a scarce profit of enabling you partorisca modify and tranfer your video to DVD.
4 / 5
A product arrived in perfect condition. I have been using it to transfer old VHS tapes to HDD and/or to DVD. Has the big collection of VHS the tapes and this car is exactly that has loved.
4 / 5
Like a lot of some current descriptions have looked for a big internet and down for the product of substance. This Toshiba produced excels! It is sturdy, easy to use, my edges of 17 years there has been working 10 minutes after taking he out of a box, and good to look in. Has way (of the 'techie' point of view of people).

Thank you Amazon to resupply the product of quality and the swift delivery.
5 / 5
Well value of the money. An easy and excellent way partorisca preserve old video. Scrolling to DVD and then partorisca Lap/of PC-UPPER/flashes walk.
4 / 5
Thank you In the first place the soyadMax' has convinced me partorisca buy also. A manual is useful when using a 'extra' i.et. Transferring video to DVD/ HDD etc. And some touch of precise particular settings Dvdes in another crew.
There is disappointed in a fact that is not member' of the times change a device totally was, like a fact today, of here 4 stars and any 5.
Now in 2013 lost it his DVD that the copies have facilitated :-( for this reductions in estimating of 4 to 3.
5 / 5
Ossia Some knees of bee !

In some bloke way, am spent of the hours that records a coverage partorisca each last description of the each HDD/DVD/VHS diagrams there. This a consistently is exited of the cups partorisca characteristic And VFM - has blown a competition was!

So much, some good bits: it is really easy to dip on, absolutely everything is supposition partorisca do , is the breeze partorisca use (ignores an on complicated manual, oops bloke thing again) - and Is fantastic VFM. Like A hell his so much partorisca like this pocolos?

Bad bits: Any, averts of one in manual complex - but this looks pair partorisca a course these days.

Special mention for Amazon, the one who really excelled with this order. They were quite an economic plus (if you disclude the little a lot of-hopers like ebuyer, yuk). I have situated an order in the evening of Sunday, has arrived first sew Tuesday (using a slightly more has wanted to 'First Class' option). Calm can not improve that it concealed.

I a lot seldom give anything 5 stars; there have it almost always some pocolos niggle this takes a flange of him. This in spite of, this car is simply fab, and really merit of the upper frames.

A lot of fact Toshiba, the amazon does well!
4 / 5
...To complete my Toshiba 37' LCD TV (and SKY HD box) has has wanted to one everywhere dvd recorder/player (in this chance a VHS the record/of game was in prize )...
Is finally be for a Toshiba RDXV47 after reading some a lot of very good descriptions on here..

Initial setup was very easy - all plugged in /dipped ready and registering less than 20 minutes. Excellent - and hardly has has had to that included look in a manual...

Are the bit of the perfectionist when it comes the quality of picture (for this my HEAVEN HD) and my initial feelings were the definite drop in the quality of picture has seen the scart spend entirely when changing of ORIGINAL HEAVEN (SD)picture to start with of Toshiba.

A noticeable global softening of a picture.... This was again augmented when the register has been done in a setting of better quality and has behind touched. Again the second drop in quality. A register in playback has not been like this as well as I have expected - I presumed that have hardly any drop in quality - but has had. In the lowest quality that things of the records of levels are resulted included worse - does not go there !

One two combined - ossia a intial the picture that softens street scart connection and drop in registering quality in playback has given the picture that is (mine) so only in passable this day and age...

For 'day to the day' useage the only roughly fulfils my requirements.... It has thought of the turn and that goes for another mark but no - the'll uses he from time to time the backup any material of HEAVEN to DVD or to convert the little old VHS is in DVD....

Toshiba Has spent out of a same car with a HDMI and upscaling 'built would be' the winner - a RDXV47 is outdated for todays levels and precise the estáconstruido' - A Freeview tuner onboard also would do east the really súper car.... How it is - for £165-00 of Amazon - good value for money - is so only the harm a lot really give me any 'wow' factor...
5 / 5
Has bought this model and with which 16 month for the use has lost a part of video then 3 month later a hdd packed on the waste of good money, averts, chooses something more than confidence
4 / 5
has bought a RDXV47 done the week, that loves something concealed does not program it only current record but would copy mine a lot VHS tapes to DVD. It is there is disappointed a lot. Has the digital TV with inbuilt freeview and had not arrived mine that would be you unable to register a digital canal while looking another reason is a recorder equivalent . Ossia Certainly does not clear in a blurb roughly he on Amazon. I suppose that it could buy the freeview box and the link on, but has loved to simplify mine that sees houses no for the complicate , as they are fearful I follows to go to have to that the turn the Amazon.
4 / 5
Are the professor with 120+ tapes of video, full of programs I still use, but required to transfer to DVD, like some cars of video are making for stages is gone in my school. This car is brilliant and has directed to copy whole tapes to a HDD, then select these programs want to maintain, to be transferred to the DVD once has sufficient to fill the disk.
To register current programs, a HDD is excellent and a precision with those advertisings or invades of a register can be deleted is fantastic. Now I can produce the DVD with has titled program, the frames of chapter to underline concrete parts of programs and, more than entities of everything, can FIND a pertinent program quickly - no more the time has squandered winding video behind and advance. I have researched thoroughly before I have decided that marks to buy and this Toshiba the model was boss and shoulders on his far rival more expensive.
4 / 5
The response to one questions concealed has been domestic in this point would confirm them that ossia multiregion. Has a lot of tapes and Dvdes has purchased in some states and touch without question in this wonderful has them has has preferred tapes in dvdes to purposes records up to now,with one very versatile HDD record the have now with which almost 30 years finally registers abandoned on 200 hours to register available is far more adds often is them coming house to find my Panasonic recorder that has failed to register a DVD is dies the car or far has experienced them any question in operative this car.
4 / 5
This car all could wish stops. It registers and games behind on all three functions as well as copying among any hips (Baptising called).
A hard disk is his main goodness and register and touching behind is simplicity he. Besides, you can be record a thing while you playback something more has registered previously. There is TimeSlip concealed leave you to look that has lost it leave a room or take the call of telephone. Has full modifying to leave, joining, or the scene that deletes has registered program. It writes Dvd in all the formats with eases in Fast-XP-SP-elepé-the car that gives until 4hrs in the disk of DVD REGULATES. He quite everything.
Has loved a lot of cassettes of video that love copy (baptise) to DVD is easy and can modify while it calms he.
So that it is bad with him? At all it excepts that a manual of big form is far too complicated and confusing. That could take 3 or 4 any simple to explain is the place was in several pages with each variac. Conceivable listing in an along confusing diatribe. A lot manual is like this today but ossia one of a worse.
Ignores one confusing manual and buy a recorder, is the value adds ; I have bought two!
4 / 5
This recorder is the excellent value partorisca money has compared to other frames and considering has so many functions. I do not have any complaint like this far averts of a far control. Some keys are not clearly marked and some icons/of figures are almost impossible to see clearly especially in the dimmer light, which is often a chance when looking TV in some evenings.
5 / 5
Has bought this element that expects some questions very when being any altogether with him on technology. This element has been bought for my husband the one who would prefer keys to turn, those keys of press comprise my drift. In all the chance that has dipped the on and @@give regarding the use quite easily, I the short version for my husband and calm believes is now transfering the video is in dvd is calm like would not believe . Really pleased with this element. THANKS TO a prime minister reviewers that I me decide buy this element. They were a lot.
4 / 5
Has bought this car the year and still is going strong. Some the only subjects have is that it does not come with the DVB-the tuner and that does not leave the timer that agrees the cassette of video. It does not find a heavy manual, in fact taste that there is of sufficient detail in him. For a prize, this was and still is excellent value. My favourite characteristic is that I can label my registers dipped to grieve in a timer record paper, which is easy to use. I go to buy one for my mother for Navidad. It would not doubt for the recommend to any one.
5 / 5
A (mostly) rave descriptions here, and a decent prize, convinced to buy this car.

Well Has arrived today, and has to that say that it is the bit of the disappointment.

He, the mine is fines-region, region key 1 & 2 Dvd, tone of the copies of backup without question, MATE key & NTSC tapes, and registers unprotected material to DVD, HDD and VCR (all tried and confirmed).

But has two serious questions, at least a duquel is the failure to draw .

In the first place, when I reproduce tapes in a VCR, so only can take audio by means of a scart connector, will not take any sound at all by means of some goodnesses of audio. Yes, really ... I am not deceived. So much so that has the TV without speakers (i.et. Utilisation an outside amp), a VCR is essentially useless.

Has thought at the beginning that a unit was faulty, as I have called immediately a resupplied Toshiba helpline number. They have confirmed so only my fears. Ossia The 'characteristic' of a unit. Yes, deliberately/ they have drawn this thing to /any/ audio of start of a VCR by means of a RCA connectors of audio!

Undeterred, has decided to try leaving a scart signal to composite audio and video. Has the tonne of goodness in home, and was sure would find one this has done. Short response: No.

Is quite odd. When you Remain a scart signal, and feed an audio to an external amplifier, in fact take a signal of audio of both a VCR and a DVD ... /May/ ... A signal of television (in my Heaven of chance) exits noise like this white. After the bit of fiddling has discovered that dipping a 'decode' option in some canals setup the 'on' for mine (a) the fixed canal that question ... But it presents another ... Now a DVD and VCR the audio will not touch by means of one (breaking) scart connector ... So only I take a signal of television.

So that it is that then. I owe that choose among white noise in a signal of television, but DVD PERFECTO and VCR audio playback, or audio of signal of perfect TV playback, but total silence of a DVD and VCR, or perfect TV and DVD playback by means of a RCA connectors, but total silence of a VCR.

Then has my second question, and the imports of bear has has had so only this car for him whopping 2 hours like this far, like the list can take much more like the days spend of longitude. A second question is fast looking for in VCR resulted of tapes in the screen of spatial (a good shadow of blue). Calm once take to look for, and game of press again, some returns /of picture/ , but the bondadoso of frames a whole earch' characteristic of tapes of the entirely useless video. I have tried this in a 'elepé' tape, and astonishingly tip the picture while looking for ... But no in P' tapes (i.et. All pre-registered material).

Has to that assume that ossia a /real/ failure , like opposed to the defect to draw, but date an obviously stupid creation of this car, at all would surprise me.

In essence, a VCR the functionality is little more than a afterthought, and an extremely has actuated bad one in that.

Regarding all more, like this far he all does well, but are like this bitterly disappointed with a excruciatingly bad VCR support, that so only is attributing the 3/5.

My joint ... It forgets it, and buy an expensive plus Panasonic.
5 / 5
If, test, has boys and have the full cupboard of dvd is and vhs tapes then ossia a car for you.
Loves Toshiba product because of the his reliabilty and a fact that this car combines it vhs the recorder/player, the dvd the recorder/player and a inbuilt the hard walk has done this the product in ours soyust shabby' ready.
Has on dipped was fully automatic with a scanner of canals and yes adapted that a manual of instruction is big and along winded but like this car so much for you then concealed has not been to add it all can baptise(copy)of vhs tape to dvd or hard walk,of hard walk to dvd or vhs and of dvd to hard walk or vhs to appoint but the when I want to register your favourite TV the program because it is that podes any never find the spatial vhs tape?...Well Ossia where a inbuilt 160gb the hard walk comes selects hard walk,select a canal to record and then press more stray treet of Coronation'... There is! There is!... It is the utmost characteristic .
To the equal that says does so more to this car, for this a manual along but the majority of him can never use but in these stairs of prize is the fantastic car to have .
A commentary of what this although you hook this car until an old CRT the TV has to have it on vhs selection 'only' when a dvd the car is turned on and transmission behind to the yours the normal television canal likes the fact a picture in your function of TV of canals by means of a screen a hdd or dvd is has done with our old Toshiba the TV is obviously schemes it has adapted to insiemi digital new so only like this in ours digital LCD place a question does not signal never to remark yes still calm an old that I bad for of the this is that it love record BBC1 to a hard walk or dvd in a car and loves clock ITV1 in your TV then probably will not be able to use an old TV dipped reason some functions of picture when selecting the canals in yours would be interested to know if other people have found this question?..If like this then perhaps Toshiba would have to that mention this in his point of sale.
Highly would recommend this car this in spite of while has the new digital TV.
4 / 5
Has received mine Toshiba RDXV47 160Gb HDD/DVD/VHS Recorder today, has connected them he until my TV, changed it on and wasnt has hailed with a screen thats supposition to canals to scan of the car but the screen that has said to start with... (Expected 5 mins) has then said dvd error -side like this has them very selected, then another 5 mins of him having the message onscreen saying regulating setting of the system then would close down!

Has tried to take around this for roughly 90minutes but he have looked stuck in this loop, has looked for them to eject a dvd player - wouldnt ejects, has tried to insert it vhs tape - didnt game, so only stuck in this damn loop all a time. It looked in a unit and found to sticker in a backside - DONE IN CINA - I has thought had bought them it japanese units - wasnt Cina conscious Jap crew of companies, in that has had the little chinese unit by means of a rear end of last year (his mainly last roughly 2 month or less the expósitas - divx dvdes players mainly), the search to avert them they so that it is definately any built to last.

I row Toshiba helpline ( finds a number under a far - handy has them think so would say them will be to telephone regulate them!)

In all the chance adapted it would not owe that be doing this and there is advised to send the backside, like this is them gone through a procedure of returns.

Chinese rubbishes in my opinion, the ones of the that thinks to have the department of control of the quality that in fact tries some units.

Didnt Takes to do anything - only has had he for the few hours - very unhappy :(

has said in an advertising - done in Cina the definately has not ordered one.

My together - avert!
5 / 5
My dad has loved the unit that all, as my mamma still loves video.

The only question is the cant looks to find the way of the do multiregion to touch all his Mash Dvd :(

Any one knows some codes to do east??
4 / 5
Ive In fact turned in my computer so only to write this he any what DVD To VHS vice versa,dipped your material has saved on more than heaven neither his big Hard Walk or on to disk or vhs, he everthing, but sadly loves toasted to mark thats an only down the Mint of fall, the Upper notch an upper Bllocks, Spent Now or his yours loss......

But ive has taken a like this the whose priest wat or do.

He This in spite of
4 / 5
has built any in digital receiver (a neighbour separated the upper box is required), a player of disk has whistle he of the yours big when touching the disk and the game back quality that use an ease of hard disk is poor.
Oh And mine toshiba television far (32wlt68) does not operate it when changed to dvd or vcr settings.
Like this now have it zapper for my conjoint upper box, one for my t.V. And one for a dvd/vcr three entirely.
To register the program to an ease of street of hard disk a neighbour the upper box is likes cross a M25 on foot blindfolded and walking of backside.
A backside of the mine t.V. The unit is like this spahetti intersection also.

Top Customer Reviews: Toshiba DVR20KB - ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 7 ratings
5 / 5
I add very happy with DVR20KB ossia a second a has had them. Still have my old a so only a cassette of video not doing . Television and WORKING DVD
4 / 5
produced of the substitution partorisca the alike model has possessed previously. The condition likes declared by vendor, pleased with this compraventa.
5 / 5
His quite complicated to operate VHs to the disk but a quality is quite well in a register.
Looks good value for money
5 / 5
This product is doing in OLD technology. It is not possible to dip the program to register of inside a EPG without a unit that the transmissions were the standby when a key of timer is pressed. Ossia A way VCR accustoms to operate in 1980 east. The fault to press some results of key of the timer in AT ALL when the be has registered.

Considering is all has used to use Heaven and Freeview +. This Toshiba the device leaves the plot to be wished in some bets of technology.

Has been unable to delete the register of a DVD that use a system of paper. Like this once again this device to the left is his self down dramatically. But perhaps it is missing something.

Quality of picture of tape and DVD playback is a lot quite so it is a picture of an auricular TV.

In general am not impressed by this product of Toshiba in the term of his technology was dated and his way of operation.

Has left expensive he, would have to be able to dip the program to register without a whole unit that has to that that the transmission was to facilitate this function.

An ease to baptise looks to operate successfully.

Does not have any way of quickly moving down or on a EPG to use some keys of transmission of the Canal, which does to use a EPG very slow. Neither it is there a capacity to move advances 24 hours. One a lot was dated EPG.

The functions of tape are equivalent to those would have found in an early 1980 VCR . Like this at all early there neither. This in spite of a player of tape is quite calm and smooth.

Can amend this description like my transmissions of experience with use of this car.

Finally would say 'Toshiba - could do you better'.


has discovered as to delete things of a DVD and used it now long to copy things of tape to DVD - I active upgraded an element to 3 Stars
5 / 5
Excellent to dip up and games like this dvdes and video t has had time to try scrolling of video to dvd but am sure that will do well.
5 / 5
Any a lot of these lefts and like me still tapes of video of the use, are adds. Ossia A second an I has bought.
4 / 5
When I ordered It, there is no @to @give that the has not comprised HDD registers that it is wants to have has wanted to really stops.
Has been returned.

Top Customer Reviews: Toshiba RD97D - ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 5 ratings
4 / 5
Ossia My in the first place launch hand of Recorder DVD/HDMI waters & a lot of investigations before buying this player, has the Toshiba 37' LCD so that I swung me a bit. I have had any of some questions written on for another reviewers, has been easy to partorisca dip has treated up without the hitch in every aspect,well A quality of build is'nt adds but global good value partorisca money I also uses partorisca learn the far to control all a system like the far original is not required.

Considering a prize & all some characteristics have thinks that has taken the good compraventa & at all disapointed therefore it gives it 5 stars.
5 / 5
Has to that admitt has not bought this piece of crew by means of Amazon how was the last compraventa of minute in Xmas Eve but felt has had to that write this description as I used them in a past. Taken the house has looked for to dip it on at all so only a Toshiba fines of welcome screen of boxes of history after Xmas. Exchanged he for another in a 27/12 plugged he in and was has been and in the pair of minutes was to arrive and that careers. Tried all some ease in some prójimos three days, EPG has been missing the averages a info in some canals, changing the canals was lens and a handset has not been need some time has had to that press a buttom two times especially a key of UPPER PAPER THAT looked to have the alcohol of him is suitable, a handset was also difficult to read 'of aim in black'. A reception of the canal has not been orders in time but a HDD has done well and also a record option to DVD. There is any control of volume in a handset and so only can look a calm canal at present is registering, a lot of fustrating. So with which three days have decided enough was quite and is behind gone in transmission for the Humax 9200T our second and the fine piece of crew is too but any DVD!

Like this until Toshiba take his together law would give a RD970 lose it.
4 / 5
Yesterday, my husband has bought this recorder DVD to go with our new Toshiba TV and, on paper, looked the good compraventa . 250GB Of spatial of hard walk, the reasonable prize. On taking it home and dipping it on, obvious result that everything has not been well. It is noisy with the really audible humming noise. Trying press the number of canal in a far has not looked to do, has @to @give then that it was reason was like this slow to answer. A far control is done of plastic plastic and not even soften in that! A recorder really feels cheaply fact and looks it has been put neighbour in some third world-wide country. Needless To say, has gone back to a tent this morning and has bought the Panasonic instead! Curiously, has think that a Toshiba humming the noise could be due to a fact that has the hard walk but our new Panasonic is calm, as it is not a reason. Already we have another Panasonic Recorder DVD and am impressed really with Panasonic, is really easy to use and, if calm also the the Panasonic TV, can use the characteristic excluyente the Panasonic: Register of Direct TV: if you are looking the television and calm @of the really record master that has begun it looking, press the key and some DVDES recorder records automatically that is looking.
5 / 5
Has bought this I so that has the Toshiba HD TV. Very happy with a TV, this product is poor papers , poor , poor setup, poor HDMI connectivity. He in fact better fact by means of SCART that HDMI. Included simply touching the DVD has caused flickering in an upper and pottom 4 to 5 pixel when using HDMI.
4 / 5
Ossia Very easy to use and easy to dip on, an only draw behind deep is that it is closed on zone 2 and any where declares that until calm receive it.

Top Customer Reviews: Toshiba RD99DTKB ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 12 ratings
5 / 5
Well done the Amazon partorisca his usual speedy delivery; a recorder arrived a same day like Toshiba Regza television that has ordered a same time as it has done a setup process like this easier. A unit is really slender and looks fabulous. An enormous 250GB the capacity is the big selling point for me so much means can register in general quality without concerning roughly that careers out of spatial.

One first what has has had to that do after can it up was partorisca read a manual to discover regarding the tune. Ossia Reason for some times have had sussed like this partorisca enable a HDMI is exited, an option partorisca dip ready on first can have had arrives a lot the time is disappeared of then. Tuning of car of a DVB was then quite sincere (the equivalent is disappeared now of our zone) and all a Freeview the canal has looked in the small or two.

A capacity to register the HDD or DVD of a EPG is a lot of slick and is easy to access the calm register once exits that a 'Upper Paper' the key is a door . Calm also can change a time of final while a register is in progress.
A tray of DVD takes the veritable age to open and near after pressing an eject key that also a lot automatically spend a unit out of standby.

Now a first bit of bad informative: a Freeview quality of the picture is not sum and nowhere approaches like this as well as native picture of a plenary-HD TV he. It looks esmudged' to all the cost of him has dipped 720p or 1080p upscaling.

Secondly, A far is extremely bad drawn and the bit of the minefield. Particularly I hate a way Toshiba has covered a pause-alive-television. Any one annoy pressing a key of prominent pause - has to that spend half-one-the hour that finds a tiny lip of Key to Time that is also attentively hid in a manual. A worse thing in a far is can does not use to control a volume of television, etc. Still although both units allege the esgza Links' described - anything concealed is so that it is described nowhere.

A main piece of bad informative, this in spite of, is a unit has failed with which four days of use have limited. A digital switchover has meant has has had to that retune four days after setup. This has been WELL, but a day that follows some canal had disappeared and has has had to that retune again. A tuning of television is stable as it is not of the questions with a transmitter. A next day a past same thing and has has had to that retune again. I am disappeared now again and some waste of boxes the retune at all, how is entirely useless.

Has asked the substitution and I expect is so only prays the unit but I have to that say are a lot disappointed. First impressions are always of the entity and the mine is not well. Now the desire had bought a Sony.

UPDATE: the amazon has substituted a faulty unit a lot quickly and all of some failures have been deleted for a new unit. A tray of DVD ploughed quickly and a tuning is very stable. A quality of picture is now indistinguishable of that of a tuner of television.
Now that has had a unit for several weeks, can comment in the pocolas other disappointments.
Register of Link of the series of a EPG are not adds. On some series, a EPG recommends the alike and calm programs take those also yes calms want to him or no. The a lot of annoying. I have selected also the Canal 5 serious and he registers all a king-pursue also, comprising those on FIVER. It is impossible the override this. Terrible creation.
5 / 5
Has found this really easy unit to dip up and cruised except a thing. As oh as Prendes a unit that change to a canal that dipped you until record. I can be look a program , then the message comes up in a screen that says that a canal is ready to be change to a a has dipped them until records. Once a unit begins to register, a canal automatically changes to that an and can not be transmission to another until the neither take a register or look a program to an end, which attack a purpose to register he in a first place. A lot frustrating!!

Has looked for a manual for guidance, to any avail. If any one can help, will be eternally thankful.
5 / 5
Does not know reason a bad seen again, like this far is to declare very calm once exit a control
5 / 5
take this hdd to go with our Toshiba TV but has wished early has had somthing more.
Of a start finds it difficult and confusing to use but estaca with him while it takes used his begun to lose the programs dipped to register first to pack on totally with a blue screen of .
Has behind envoy for the repayment.
The service of amazon was fantastic this in spite of, and this whole episode has to that any to dip has purchased the different hdd of them.
4 / 5
Very pleased with this element. Easy to use and quality of build very good. The quality of products squares a lot well in mine Samsung 42' LCD TV. No really remarked a lot the difference with a upscaling of Dvd to 1080 but still the very clear picture and probably is an improvement in mine recorder LEADING DVD. Copying of the hard walk to disk is easy, the papers are good and quite intuitive, registering of Freeview is very easy to choose a program has required that it use a key of Drive and has cut so only pocolos second in an end of 1 or 2 registers when the programs have run evening (calm always can use an ease of register of the Timer to ensure a continuous register besides long that a program has required yes is necessary to avert this question). In general, an impressive piece of crew that would recommend.
4 / 5
This device, although it has bought them he of the tent any amazon, is functional, with the big walk and a lot of gain of hard disk and good big definition. A upscaling is quite unimpressive, this in spite of the are not an expert in this subject, like this can them does not compare to anything more. A main complaint, and is massive, is an interface of user, (An AM YACIDO) baisically a system of paper for those no in a knowledge in a launched. It is very very ugly, and no only that, is hugelt confusing, especially when registering, and like this the wouold recomend buying something more.
5 / 5
Has spent this hdd/dvd recorder so only with which christmas a prize was a lot of very at the same time.
Has used both hdd and dvdes recorders and find them both good.
A car was easy to dip up and caused any question.
4 / 5
For a prize this dvd the player does exactly that says in one has beaten. Has the 250gb hard walk (endless storage) and built in freeview (all these canals to record).
Has found he súper easy to dip the - has - there was arrive going in 10 mins without inaugural a insruction manual. The ones of way that there is far has registered the few films, has used a deries link to register the weekly work, has modified some advertisings was and transferred to disk - close any one has opened a manual.

A look of lustrous and modern unit, discreet in black.

Does not take the one who calm more can loves. It ignores some bad descriptions and give this shot it.

5 / 5
Things that is well:
1. It looks well.
2. A cast has registered well is aiming the preview that is registered.

To the Things do not like :
1. It looks to have any/inner memory has limited, as has the yard to be able to or accidentaly the transmissions was to lose everything of a series/of calm programs dipped it to register. You owe that go back and his throughout again.
2. A paper of the navigation for one drives is a lot of clunky in fashion and does not look very good. It is also I does not add to use when you want to register something, too many keys to press, any fast way to some systems, and then has to that exited out of each screen again.
3. Having has bought also the toshiba TV, I expected (like my old sony instruments) that a far would be able to control a TV also partorisca to the things likes them to them the volume and on/was. Sadly He no.

Could return this and buy one of the costruttore different then I (and like this a TV has bought a same time!).
4 / 5
I have loved the HDD that would be easy to use for my main parents. This Toshiba was easy to dip up and is also simple to use. Calm also can register to the dvd the disk yes prefers. Very happy with this product.
4 / 5
Terrible unit! Fiancées the plot, pound pocola. The one who has drawn this? Sound like the unit of warp of the time his simple tasks like this old is to the functions likes them to them the copy of DVD the HD and the aims extracted is frustrating. 'Dubbing !' That a hell is concealed ? It agrees he of the recorder tape has had in 1981....

The only Copies of DVD the HD in real time ossia 1 now dvd apresamiento 1 now to dip in HD, the one who the joke!
This HDD is also preoccupied with legislations of copy managment, like this yes register the program of television, calm so only can do the copy of DVD once etc. Touch the harm some designers didnt prioritise friendlinesses of user and work instead!!! His slow when decoding DIVX, far control pudrido.je so only wants to rid of him.

Some papers are like this bad, has to be that the ready papers are very protected and Toshiba wont pay to use them.

Gives the thanks to the god has purchased of Argos with 16 day satisfatcion guarentee, his in rear right disposal.....
5 / 5

Top Customer Reviews: Toshiba RD98DT DVD ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 8 ratings
4 / 5
Produced excellent, very easy to install and partorisca use. Upscaling Laws partorisca treat it. Like this well it likes him the heaven HD.
Runs very calm with 250Gb Hard walk. Thomson Sky HD the unit has tried was extremely noisy with only 160 GB is.
This unit is partorisca me a better option partorisca see 1080P images.
4 / 5
Apple quality very poor, with blocky pixel, slow transition go in funtions, the cluttered far control economic bad, useless EPG and
the manual structured and incoherent bad.

Has on dipped is not difficult (although another says) in fact could not be easier.

Has purchased this because has a compatible REGZA LCD TV, the desire had not annoyed. A television EPG are not to add but a one in a recorder is a worse that has not seen never. A picture by means of a TV (included feed) is something on, by means of a recorder is a lot, a lot, a lot poor. An image has registered is like this bad if any worse. Has the recorder DVD and the VHS recorder and has included a VHS (old fashionable tape) is better.

Oh, almost has forgotten, an announced upscaling does not look to do and an image strobes in pre-has registered DVD playback, seemingly likes upscaling tentativas to do. Dark, light, darkness, light, darkness, the joy!!

No annoying with this element, spent anything more and almost calms certainly will do better.

Takes a like this calm star can not give less.

has THOUGHT SO ONLY would give you an update. 1 Run 2010 & a recorder is broken, the clock reads 4 run 2010 and any reset, as any timer that record happy days
4 / 5
had read all some descriptions of these recorder DVD before shabby and of has known here his pros & gilipollas, but after using he for roughly 2 month now his pros of SD the television quality of picture has registered, 1080P upscaling of Dvd, facilitated of use, etc. Far outway an identified gilipollas (lack of entrance of USB/DL register). Sound give it that a EPG is different in appearance of the mine new Toshiba LCD TV (40ZF355D) and that scrolling to a DVD recorder street gone in a Regza links it taken like this long (a lot the screen flashes like recorder prepares for a start) but in general am very pleased with a recorder and thoroughly the recommend.
4 / 5
Will see some descriptions vary that I suspect reflects an experience of owners.

For a way some two models {RD88DT/RD98DT} is identical averts of a measure of hard disk.

Has the little niggles but when you master some controls a schemes really comes to the his own.

A trick is to register to a Hard disk and then modify out of some advertisings - very easy to do with the scene deletes.

Maintaining has the election - can select you the big speed that baptises as it will burn DVD is in SP { maximum two hours } or normal copying in maxima { of elepé four hours } - sadly has any three option of now but the elepé is not bad.

Dubbing Of big speed the really final work and some register are excellent - his only the no available shame in speed of elepé.

Please note when you select Big accelerates to baptise you will not see a material but will have the bar of the indication that objective his progress.

He Raisins to be register something directed { or street the scart the boss } and calm dipped that to register an hour ' a pause no ' but there is the way can take around he - only maintains to press the record until a mark of now disappears and calm then can use pause.


Dipping a timer to register of a tuner only is quell'has bitten odd as seeing a EPG will alter it a desire of canal to register.

I personally use it to burn DVD is of V+ unit and Humax PVR { two process of first record phase to Hard disk and then the straight burn has advertising that need to be cut out of }

Sweats a Recorder only DVD that has has possessed concealed has had 100 successful tax in in to call them DVD-R is.


Possesses several PVR is but with the Toshiba RD98DT his Recorder DVD the better plot to the equal that can material of archive to DVD and he so that far it has burned it 400 DVD-R { commentaries also burn DVD+R }

sure a book of instruction could be calm better - precise use the common sense but he will do all wish ' just clave with him '

If any one the any interest in DVD in of the llamas is then really this is not a car for you { checks out of the Humax PVR }

will buy another like this really could any one without him

will go for his brother his big plus - the Toshiba RD99DT or the Toshiba RD100 - the main hard walk and socket of USB .

His a recorder better DVD has possessed { ossia my fifth recorder DVD } and certainly one the majority of of confidence. It does not listen a walk at all.

Sure could do with the booklet of better instruction but you cant have everything.
5 / 5
Toshiba RD88DT Freeview+ 160GB Hard Walk Recorder DVD 1080P Upscaling

has Bought this player today and has thought would share my experience.

Has decided to give on my lovely Sony Freeview player (VTX-800) and LG RC185 DVD VCR combi for an integrated Freeview and HDD player.

- HDMI scaling Is amazing quality. Has the DVI-D in mine LCD and has bought the compatable directed how was the doddle discharges he in.
- Easy to register in the touch of the key.
- Lighweight

Far - any interface of television, and.Control of volume of the g, control to be able to.
Has on dipped - I are the bit of the friki when it comes to electronic, this was the bit to defy to dip up. Especially when in the first place a HD scaling was bad in mine television and has launched the barmy. Directed to fix he well. It is quite squarish and no ergonomically suitable for those with the smallest hands.
- DVD playback - one the majority of terrible, big pitched noise, almost silent and discreet, as if my ears were ringing. Asked the few people to listen was for him and a person have commented concealed ' sounds like the player of tape'. Any impressed at all.
- Freeview EPG - With my forward Freeview the box was far more upper, qualified to jump around one drives without a canal that movements like this one and was easier that use.

As no the pleasant experience at all. I can see reason the like this has produced people but unfortunately has not been for me.
4 / 5
Has bought one of of the one of the east look it in fact weeks. In general impressed with him. Very easy to install. Enormous HDD. Very easy to baptise to DVD. Very impressed that it could copy my elderly VHS tapes. Now have them on DVD - that shines. Quality of glorious viewing when looking DVD FILM. Quality of out airs to record is WELL.
One drives to program this in spite of is so only really drawn to dip on registers, as any ideal like the digibox substitution (as for leading description). When Using drives to program to dip on the registers looks to lose a first as or like this of a start of a register. I thought it that it would be it link in the times of emission!
When you have dipped he until record programs it and then dipped in standy way, a defender quite the plot of noise. Felizmente This so only spends in timer record way. Also it has any ease to verify that fill a HDD the walk is - the little map of cake (Windows XP) would have been useful. Oh And a manual of instruction is like the novel! But like him VHS the substitution is light year is at the head of this technology!
4 / 5
Has bought this that that the prime minister goes in a HDD/DVD recorder PHASE, while the majority of characteristics was A lot of and the quality of picture was a lot etc. has had a defect of entity: it is impossible to change a canal that uses a EPG without registering!!
Know this touches stupid, but apparently has not gone so only the failure in our car. In spite of a fact that a manual of instruction have said regarding the , has not done. So much, I have telephoned Toshiba the technical support and said to knots that this model so only a lot that!
If I can not use a EPG to choose the canal, this one 'pause alive TV' function quite useless and calm mean still need to maintain the conjoint upper box to look the alive TV (taking rid of of the this was one of some purposes to buy this product).
In an end has has had to that the send behind, as it is unfit for a purpose has bought he partorisca in the loss of has surpassed a way, now are while I can buy the car of the different mark that will not disappoint me quite so much.
5 / 5
Has so many things this dvd recorder can do that they are still learning .

Top Customer Reviews: Toshiba DVR16 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 6 ratings
4 / 5
It has taken the little has bitten partorisca exit to start with but once had taken the place has directed on record VHS tapes and 8mm camcorder tapes to disks. Any all some keys in some far but the calm work can press one some in a car so that it has required.
4 / 5
Has bought this partorisca baptise old VHS tapes to DVD, and was able to begin to baptise interior five minutes of inaugural a box. Some instructions of Fast Start and the manual of an Owner is easy to follow, and a far control is simple to use.

Has abundance of options of connection, and although limited partorisca register on DVD-R/RW, concealed is not the question partorisca me.

The quality of register is excellent, and has not produced any coasters still!

Requires the simple car, calm will not go wrong with east, but checks that you are happy with some means comunicacionales of the register has limited.
5 / 5
Has bought this car 2 weeks ago and I positively surprised for a global quality of some registers has obtained on tape and on DVD. Copying of one sustains to another is directly advances. Compared to other models in a phase this DVD/VHS combi is a lot a lot silent (in DVD inaudible WAY) although there is enough the defender in a backside. So only I lose the HDMI connector to be comapatible with future devices.
5 / 5
Has Bought this 10yrs done with a Toshiba 39.ºn TV And has had any question with any one. And has has sold so only both to the working order a lot well
4 / 5
any one has the copy of a manual of owners and manual of easy start
4 / 5
all second hand-held elements have sold would owe that comprise manual owners like my combi recorder has not had one, any a lot well with out he