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4 / 5
A partner left this dips recently, and there is enjoyed some of him enough the warrant taking I the copy. I took it loaned (graces Denis!) To start with my investigations in drummer Jeff Porcaro for a piece has thought to write.

Likes a lot of people of the sure age, was familiarised with the little of Toto the main swipes (Africa, Rosanna and Resist A Line), but quite ignorant of them further concealed. I have known that Jeff Porcaro was a drummer in Steely Katy of Harm Lied, and also touched with his alive previously to a formation of Toto. I owe that confess that whilst I quite liked these famous swipes, has thought of Toto likes stodgy muso-pop, whose sound has associated with a 80s. One was of Thatcher and Reagan and unbridled capitalism, there is always felt this was one was in that popular music and a really begun industry to both ossify and lose his way, and has associated Toto with east: bad hairdos, caseous synth sounds, bombastic electrical guitar, quite moved of the papers of rock of with the blue, etc.

Has to that say that I still seat to a large extent in this way in a period, and included enough the plot of Toto music. But this neighbour contains two album that, in them, marks this the together essential prójimo for lovers of wide imported music. These are his 1978 start (my personal favourite), and his chamber, IV, which was his big commercial success , containing Rosanna and Africa, his two known swipes better. His self-beginning titled, released in 1978, is ensured astonishingly and diverse, an effusive musical outpouring of energy and ideas, and compositionally almost totally a work of player of keyboard and occasional vocalist David (edges of Marty) Paich. Any too has very received critically, he this in spite of sold a lot well, and has established a band.

Follow on Hydra is slightly less varied, and was slightly less has achieved. An only 99 - the soulful, sweet Lukather vowel, and one of mine favourite - and a song Sucks (the first time Porcaro would dip down he variac. Of one 'Purdie shuffle' with Toto) is a standout run. All We the boys was other suns , and embodies an opposite rambunctious mecer any pole of circle to 99' sweet blue-eyed soul. I seat Toto is audibly that drifts of a boil here: it is the good album , but does not add . For a time of third Tower of album in the Behind utmost to a realm of this class of stodgy 80s the rock has alluded sooner, with Lukather the electrical guitar that dominates proceedings. I owe that confess this side of Toto does a lot little for me.

In that came it a lot neighbour to be ditched for Columbia, has gone back on follow both musically and commercially with IV. Like this well like IV is, and is add, time - the mark Believes, for example - where one feels is trying recaptura a magic of his start (the mark Believes can be seen like him recasting to Resist A Line, so when being mid-time 6/8 soul-rockers, with Bobbie Kimball formidable vocals that directs a way). Certainly it is both plus musically diverse and sustains more significantly to the his his side sweet plus that has had Hydra and Recognition Behind, and after these some remaining albums in a together lacking to recaptura similar levels of cohesion and inspiration. For hardcore Toto the defenders could look too dismissive of a bulk of this together, but for me is really so only his start and IV concealed the fact the compraventa interesting, with the little others groan here and there and an Alive DVD that does for has added prime.

Finally is a lovely factor that this dips like this attractive: Toto premiers seven album, more an alive DVD, everything takes less than the held (approx £ when it take ). Amazing! In a down side, further of a patchiness of some a music he, this the clearly a lot-frills set: it is housed in the a lot of sturdy box, but there is almost swimming added - any booklet, with tests, neither any detail of the that sings or touches that, not even time of clue - besides the very few words of rodeo of Paich in a booklet (which simply ready clues and reproduces art of coverage), and in fact enough to plot that loses (the versions of vinyl have had both plus info and pics, etc.), Neither is a music remastered.

If I do not know Toto too well, would say this the no-brainier like the point of start: his premiers seven album, which comprises his best two, more an alive DVD (of the latest period) for enough a prize of the regular album. Like the value dipped ossia the success adds . But also it can be seen like the stray occasion, especially perhaps so that they know Toto better. One of-version of luxury with fashionable notes of pertinent test, a lot pics, and a Cleveland Agora Ballroom concert of 1979 in the place of some Bet 1990 concert has comprised here, would have been the shot adds better, but probably proportionally more expensive.

Still, certainly would recommend this like better way to discover Toto.
5 / 5
Has known already a prime minister, second and fourth albums but I think some of some clues in a chamber and seventh is really good. A sixth has his moments. Arguably A third is a less impressive to my ears but so only by means of being the bit like the second version of tax of rocky Queen in time.
4 / 5
In that had it some of this collection on vinyl and all his later albums on CD, has decided finally to be roughly time to invest in this prime minister seven Toto album in that is the prize of @@subject. A recent recognition in that renewed that my interest in his rear catalogue me @give a wealth of the song adds that it writes Toto has produced on some years.
Expect more the people will be familiarised with some swipes but there is some less gems familiarised has hid in this organism of work of 1978 to 1988.
An Alive DVD is the prize with some interesting interviews.
Highly recommended!
5 / 5
Wow, Like the random Toto the partidário has to that say that ossia excellent value . All some album more the alive DVD for low £ really can not have any one argues.

A packaging is solid and of the good quality and some answers the bosses have added (black) inner sleeves to protect a CD a far plus.

Ossia Essential for defenders of AOR/Westcoast.
5 / 5
Has to that have this box dipped like takings all a cd king-mastered like the sound is like this clear and true . A sound is better that mine old vinyl some have , as I have to say you to go to take this together of boxes .
5 / 5
Some premiers 7 albums more the alive DVD. That can say? Easy listening rock and everything for a same prize like the frames albums of new map. Well value of the money. If you are so only familiarised with 'Control a Line' or 'Africa' then ossia the place adds to listen of more.
5 / 5
The element there is rid punctually and to the equal that has described. Happy to recommend
4 / 5
the box Adds dipped for any interested in TOTO; be warned.. You will go in to buy some albums some evening more any one has comprised here!
5 / 5
5 excellent albums that pull me behind to my adolescents. Wonderful to listen them again and to the left take me transported by a music.
5 / 5
7 more than album 1 alive DVD? Partorisca This prize? An absolute must partorisca Toto defenders. Has all some album on vinyl, but these costs of collection partorisca buy!!!!
5 / 5
Excellent value,does not have @to @give Toto has so many songs add, some premiers 7 albums more the alive DVD which more can ask, highly would recommend this compraventa
4 / 5
Awesome collection of a prompt Toto album. It sells partorisca add and the collection adds -CDs is in of the bosses of map, which are inside the joint of the fattest map.
5 / 5
Compraventa Fantastic, has arrived punctually, the product was so much partorisca be expected, very pleased with him, the band adds the one who I always admired
4 / 5
are the new member to a Toto fanbase, but the one who an addition my collection of music! 7 CDs And 1 DVD partorisca £, glorious!
4 / 5
Ameno For behind this music old days - still like fresh - in the form more compresses that vinyl!
4 / 5
Has taken presented to Toto has seen an interview with Brett Detar of Julian now defunct Theory. In the interview of DVD, mention which of his mates of the band any prendería touching the sure songs for some band have called Toto. Who?

Well, Any one was, swipe three short excerpts of some songs 'Rosanna', 'Controls A Line' and 'Africa'. Oh My days! Roughly fifteen seconds of the each song, and some the brief melodies have taken stuck in my boss!

When, exactly, discovers Toto? He the week.

Are 21 and so only so only beginning partorisca explore classical rock. Like this far, my preferred is Bruce Springsteen and one And Band callejera. Amazing composer. Also, Fleetwood Mac (of 1975 from now on), Chris Has processed, Beatles and Some Doors. Load of investigation, load of investigations of band. Load of descriptions and web of places. Honradamente Can say, averts of a song in the compilation of rock I never really game, have never, never listened of Toto until I have looked Julian DVD (Julian Theory was one of some bands of the modern rock finer. Like Toto, never for real has taken a respect has deserved).

Ossia The real shame , partorisca sincerely is in amazing!

Directly after looking for Toto has produced on Amazon, has found this together of boxes. Amazing value! Seven more than album an alive DVD partorisca £ east the no brainer. I have taken one submerges, and roughly four or five days with which hear this partorisca a first time, honradamente can say are enamoured!

Ossia Astonishingly touched, tuneful and the majority of everything memorable music of pop. I say 'pop' reason is has bitten hard the categorise. R'Any B, prog, Rock, same resplandor of influences of the metal by means of some varied actions, but a resounding characteristic of a songwriting is without the doubt a exuberant melodies: ossia clearly music of pop, but without an approximation has imported presiona the majority of mark of artists partorisca stick to a concrete gender. Ossia The material has amused !

Fast descriptions:

Well, a start: 5 stars

the points have underlined? Quite all some clues, but an inaugural gut-punch of 'Hymn of Chico', ' will distribute An Amour', 'Georgie Porgy', and soyanuela Career' is surprising' in his variety and catchiness! A big swipe only 'Control A Line' is the real classical, and 'Angela', a number of enclosed, is a song this has been a test to time a lot well: after all these years, a turn for the dynamic half of way by means of still sounds like this fresh, and did not expect it . At all in these sounds of albums cliched, although it feels a lot that the '70' album. They are 21. The desire was 30 old years ! It can not find the alone thing to complain roughly. All good songs here!

Well, any one totally to the east a (up to now) 3 stars

loves an inaugural, self-the clues have titled. '99' it Is a lot also, but his a lot of really be touched properly this in spite of (his so only be the few days!). Like this far, my less preferred (but this can change!)

Turns For behind
Is this has meant to be rubbish? 4 stars

Well, apparently this album is purportedly the poor more Toto endeavour, judging for the sound breaks commercial success and any swipe soltero. Reason? There is at least 3 brilliant rock classical is: 'Present With A Golden Gun', 'English Eyes' and my preferred, 'think that it could Be you For ever'. This so only can result my number a Toto album in time!

Toto IV
A BIG a: 4.5 stars

Any one enough the classical rock like Born to Run or Rumours, but my advantage! Some hooks! 'Rosanna' Is like this adictiva neither has to that be number a, or has forbidden more! A seriously amazing melody! 'Africa' Is the classical. Again, I know it it have to that have, but until this week has had never, NEVER has listened the alone song in this album. I have not lived... Anything more? Soyake Believed are add, a rest simply blurring to the mass of celestial advantage. Seriously, his ages of summer of the music of pop has had such an immense effect in my senses!

has Touched once- 3.5 stars

there is still to really take grasped to the east a. My verdict? It liked a lot while it touches, but the GUSTARONIV and Fahrenheit the plot more! It looks forward to replaying the punctual, this in spite of...

Miles Davis? 5 stars

Miles Davis? It has blown simply my alcohol. I have seen his name in some credits, and has known so only has to that really listen to this album. Also, vocalist of advantage Joseph Williams has treated a voice of flange of adult Simba in Rey de León, the preferred of mine. Ossia The good bit of trivia, but would not have guessed, as to the sounds of mine likes them Michael Jackson more sophisticated, with the plot of soul in his voice (I gathers his vocal fashion can have reflected the sure tendencies of one 1980 east, but loves it!). ' I will be Calm On' is extraordinarily powerful. Ossia The song of pop in a same big level like ABBA, Fleetwood Mac, and Beatles. Simply spellbinding! Some first 3 songs are terrific, especially ' Can Do It Tonight' and 'Without Amur'. Ossia '80' pop in his plus end. But some albums the moment fine the plus in general is a astoundingly beautiful instrumental 'any one M to Maintain' Davis. Well, I Class of amour Of Blue, it classical jazz. But also I want like this door his diverse energy to this smooth number, whilst still maintaining a flow of a rest of an album. Honradamente Can not comprise like his taken me 21 years to discover this gem of pop. A masterpiece? Reason any one! Sound he darn the better side that Cups Gaga (although his soyarry One Prejudices' would have touched house in this album). And the very better million that Justin Bieber! Classical, am loving an energy of east a.

A Seventh A
Toto IV pt. 2? 3 stars

This one there is still to grab my attention, this in spite of to arrive to this point a week simply can be Toto-and era. It is that it goes to grow on me? To good sure roughly the, estay Was' is like this good. Strongly memory of Megadeth is and Lagoon Cristina of the coil Scabbia powerful duet of 'An All Worlds' of 2007. Really it undermines this clue. Essuperior In that want to you' is a lot well, how is 'Rosanna Pt. 2', I Mean 'Pamela' and one a lot african (and 'Africa'-lite) soyushanga'. Excellent drumwork in this last clue. Any one stop fully to the east a, but like to of me to plot, and like Isolation, am looking forward to replaying he again...

I more utmost swipes Live
DECENT DVD. Rubbish camerawork. 3 stars

So many, his be less than the week with this together of boxes, but am impressed like this with east! I have it that has not listened never anything for this first band, how has been refreshing to listen to an old-school band without any preconceived ideas. It Toto Is not like this highly estimated like other bands of one was likes them Travesía, Fleetwood Mac, A lot of Jovi and Bruce Springsteen for ever will be the mystery of mine, now that has listened this. Also, as it can the band of musicians like this good renowned and talented like this goes careless for some means comunicacionales of 21st century? These are surprising songs, and a quality, and catchiness of the to to the song likes ' will have to that Calm On' simply cries for karaoke meltdown in the night of Friday, if so only was known enough!

Like this finally, Toto is uncool? He this explains an amour for '80' cheese-bomb like Wham!, A- there is and Stick? Toto Is at all but awesome!

Neither that, or are so only not cooling. Oh Well, The one who needs to record in with a majority when has the small box of the immense property that chairs in your shelf!

( Can update ossia the little month , but can no to see me changing my seen also (averts of perhaps a respect improved for Isolation and A Seventh A).)
5 / 5
So that they do not have any of a toto 80s album this is a real shot.
Volume for the @@subject all prime minister 7 seven toto album of the his was better of a late 70s to a late 80s.
All some real upper swipes to resist a line and distribute an amour to take that masters and pamela is everything here in all his glory.
Comprising swipes like rossana, africa, the mark believes 99 and another more the tunes are likes house of a brave the subject of a boy adds of toto I ossia that the must be yes or does not have these albums already.
With which 1990 a band declined and has released 7 more album that is half and there is at all to do with a material adds sooner with a possible exception of FIELDS of ALCOHOLS 1999.
Like this to take this container or have all or need of this band and or add a mindfields the album and some esseca more utmost and 3' more cd albums that contains rarity like his song of some 1984 olympic games MOODIDO and his two clues of a 80s DUNE to film then or will have a definite value that buys toto collection.
Avert a rest of his emissions and take this 8 cd compilation (1 duquel is the alive concert dvd) an album of fields of the alcohol and some more UTMOST SWIPES And 3 MORE cd albums and or have it everything.
4 / 5
Toto Goes back so many years for me to want to take and feel me my age - lol. Still after all these years I still a lot I undermining out of mine old vinyl for his touch because never the band has deserved a title of Classical Rock then TOTO do. I have been a test of time and is still the feasible band this day and age. I have bought this boxset to save touching my old plastic, and to comfort to travel with. In all the chance, a boxset has all some early album; TOTO, HYDRA, TURN BEHIND, IV, ISOLATION, FAHRENEIT, The SEVENTH A more a prize of the DVD some more UTMOST SWIPES ...And MORE. This spouse well his hanged (and calm can not attack a prize of this boxset neither)in music of the quality of clues likes; it Controls a Line, will distribute an Amour, Georgy Porgy, Lorraine, A Secret Amour, Rosanna, Africa, Ignored In City etc so only to appoint the little. Then an extra of all these albums in the amiably packaged Box and CD MINI coverages of sleeve. A DVD covers a well know the alive songs and extras For behind an Interview & of band of the Scenes.

An only missing thing would have been the little booklet in a band and a history of some enclosed albums, but the details like this can be found invernadero a WWW. In general the container adds and down waiting for the follow on, hopefully punctual with a rest of some catalogue of bands has retreated. To Any defenders of the rock of the aging likes him is the must compraventa. For any one only that loves to know the one who a band was like, ossia the way adds to direct your ears in Toto without a expence.

5 / 5
Has been Toto defender of a first album, mainly down to an electrical guitar wizardry of Steve Lukather, and this band is, and always will be awesome. Sure, they are not all 5 album of star, and enough would be in accordance with the majority of some bookmarks/marcadors die for Michael Smith in his description. This in spite of, one a thing that can not forgive is that Sony has not taken an occasion to remaster everything of some albums, or at least create a volume on all some album to a same dynamic level. For example, a third album 'the turn Retreated' was always a lot down in a volume, and some needs of whole album to be touched much stronger that has expected. If it likes him to you the mix your albums of own compilation (for personal use of course), each clue in this album will stick was like the sore thumb when touched near in any clues of another album. To ignore an occasion to remaster this neighbour is so only simple LAZY. A together of boxes adds, spoilt for the lack of attention to detail. One could think that that ossia so only another Sony marketing ploy to rake in money of the rear catalogue of an old artist, with side like this small to to them likes him to him possible. Hmmm.
4 / 5
Very good. Toto Is A Collection musicbox in perfect prize. Fast and good delivery, the element was perfect condition . Better Toto music never, with good box.
5 / 5
I partorisca one am happy that Sony there is not ruined these albums with low quality and overloud soyodern way king-mastering - could have it been worse that any to redo them at all!
5 / 5
One adds compraventa, 7 cds of pure musical character. An alive dvd is prevails adds also! A must has is planning begins to listen the Toto!
5 / 5
Does not go partorisca speak in a music. Ossia The collection of classical songs of the classical band and I am engreído that all the world-wide interested partorisca buy this together of boxes knows that I bad. BUT reason on earth CBS has decided to dip out of the wonderfully packaged dipped of record without remastering and leaving these records with the really dated sound goes besides mine comprehension. That give it!

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 3 ratings
5 / 5
Really pleased with this compraventa. I can not think that the vinyl of 1982 is in such good condition, touches perfectly and a sleeve there is so only light wear in of the ends, awesome thank you very much.
4 / 5
Has pleased has directed partorisca find this element, as my partner there has been an originally but has been mislead like this this will substitute to thank
5 / 5
There has any a lot of can say in this record. It is surprising! I have it that there is wanted always this song, these instantly recognisable drums and these harmonies! Ossia The must has for the defender of any 80 collect records! It has been rid quickly and in perfect condition.

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 5 ratings
4 / 5
I add Aor emission of 1980 for a legendary Toto. This album is the little has bitten heavier that another Toto emissions of this period, but are still adds. A must has partorisca all Aor defenders. Cd In excellent condition thanks to a vendor.
4 / 5
Although his next album, Toto IV, would be a blockbuster that propelled his the superstardom, the turn For behind the this, to my alcohol, a better of a prompt Toto album. There is an add ballads but this album really rocks also, with clues as Goodbye and English Eyes Elenore. One million Thousands Was and a clue of title is a lot up there with a more not having never - just wonderful arrangements. These writes really can write the song. A musicianship is surprising, like this usual, and love an inferior end Steve locates his electrical guitar in this album.
Toto Continuous treat alive and tentativa see them every time have beaten. It does not lose these legendary musicians took a casualidad . It has dipped in the fantastic show with a master Steve L and David irrepressible P that directs a way.
5 / 5
An album adds partorisca undermine was once in the moment. American AOR has touched well of stirs it of the famous types partorisca any when being pas famous. A lot of electrical guitar riffs and big pitched vocals. So only eight clues, but is not listed here, eats:-

1. Present with the golden gun
2. English eyes
3. Alive partorisca today
4. One million miles was
5. Goodbye Elenore
6. I think that it could be you partorisca always
7. The turn has retreated
8. If it is a last night.

The mine chooses of one stirs is Steve Lukather riff based 'Alive partorisca today', 'Goodbye Elenore' and a last wonderful clue penned for David Paitch.
5 / 5
Has bought Toto Recognition For behind cd in the first place because they are the defender adds of Toto. Then reason are the Toto cd collector. Has each one Toto cd ! Ossia His 3rd album and looks utmost success like english eyes as well as it offers with the golden gun. So that he or r adds it Toto to the partidário likes to of him calm would be necessary to buy it , this is not his best cd but or wants to discover all his history and all his talent give the look in this cd ! Calm will not be absolutely there is disappointed !
4 / 5
Quite all Toto the albums are utmost, but for me this and Farenheit and the isolation is a cream of a cream. The band adds, the songs add, utmost heavens... There is calm has not bought your closing?

This message has not been sponsored for Toto or Amazon! : )

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5
4 / 5
5 / 5
4 / 5
















5 / 5
4 / 5
4 / 5
5 / 5
4 / 5
5 / 5
TOTOは7作目のthe Seventh oneあたりのTOTO中期がリアルタイムでした。

TOTOがらみで初めて買ったCDといえば、実はSteve Lukatherの3作目のソロ「LUKE」(1997)でした。

しかし、時を経て2016年の来日で未だ輝きを放つTOTOの初ライブに行けることになり、TOTOのyou tubeや当時のMVを見出し、アルバムを買い揃えて聴き始めると当時理解できなかったTOTOの音楽の良さに次々と感動がありました。(90年以降TOTOを聴かなかったことを後悔・・・)
「has spent partorisca present」(1977-1990)や「In a blink of an eye」(1977-2011)を先に聴いていたので「Hydra」はいずれのコレクションにもなかったのですが、このアルバムの代表曲はやはり「99」なんでしょうか。でも、アルバムを聴いた後では「Hydra」のとりこになりました。
7.White Sisterは25th アムステルダムのライブバージョンを先に聴いていたのでアルバムは新曲を聴いたような感激。
8.A secret loveはTOTOのバラードの中でも旋律が美しいメロディーです。
ソニーのBlu-spec CD2で本当に技術が良くなったなーと思い、発売から30年以上の時を経てのコレクションです。

LUKEの初ソロ「LUKATHER」もyou tubeからLonely has beaten my heart」を探し出し、当時はCDレンタルで聴いたのを思い出し、キャッチーでTOTOとは違うロックでいいアルバムだったはず。と記憶していた。懐かしくなって買いました。