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Top Customer Reviews: Kiki's Delivery ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 9 ratings
5 / 5
One of my favourite Studio Ghibli film. Ossia A version has seen on Film 4 when I have looked for a first time.
This dvd has some the good-looking melodious songs begin and final of a film as we can expect of Studio Ghibli. Partorisca me One first English version songs have absolutely at all that some the original Japanese songs has.
Also less text partorisca Gigi likes the original Japanese version has. One first English version has given Gigi a cat more partorisca say that it has been has feigned originally. A cat expresses by means of tongue of organism like some cats done!
A scene of final with the cat is also different. In a prime minister Englosh tongue of Gigi of the version again. No in a Japanese version: Kiki is speaking to a cat symbolises his imaturity. In an end of a film is has spent concealed and has connected to his friends around the his instead.
Highly recomended
4 / 5
have confused considering some big indications partorisca this Blue-film of ray that considers an audio of character is in fact state butchered compared to an emission of DVD. Reason have decided the disorder with a clue of audio of LEADING DVD and "king-do" he partorisca a Blue-the version of ray is further me. A whole film was like, "that is bad with Kiki voice?" It is my speakers that touch gargly? It is a Blue-disk of ray? It is a player ? Then sure enough, I Googled the, and has, in fact, the question with a sound in a Blue-version of ray. It is hard of the describe, another that the voices that to to sound likes is vibrating in of a lot of scenes. I drove given. To to I Sounds likes him to him-the any one is pounding your @@@cofre in 10 times by second while you are speaking. Ossia A better way of the describe . A fact that a company has left this goes the production and in fact the take to the the phase likes concealed is so only inexcusable. For this reason, am returned a lot another Blue-scrape the Japanese films had purchased. Beautiful film, but messing with an audio is so only simple bobo. They think that that any would remark? Yes, it is thin, but noticeable, especially yes has seen an emission of DVD already.
5 / 5
4 / 5
Has bought this dvd expecting it was one same like the original version has looked in VHS like the girl, unfortunately has not been. It is a version with missing dialogue and of the Japanese songs. (Sydney Drunk.) I have asked the repayment and a company was quite bondadoso to do like this. I do not have any complaint in a product or how has arrived, he so only sadly has not been one one have looked for. They are posting this description for more to the to the one who likes is looking for of the particular version of a film.
4 / 5
An audio is not one same like original 1989 North American emission; there is literally the dialogue that loses of a film, mainly some of some better lines of Jiji (Phil Hartman - TEAR). I have tried so much a blue-disk of ray and dvd in a chance and his both have a subject same because of a king-emission in 2003/04. It is missing the big portion of a factor of nostalgia for me. Otherwise, This was the compraventa well .
5 / 5
Apparently a bluray the version has a defect of audio. To to Sounds like theyre of that tongue to the defender. A vendor are to add but a defect to manufacture extremely is that it disappoints and these products would not owe that be sold. How it is this has considered remastered. His destroyed. Take a dvd version.
5 / 5
Ossia The counterfeit copies. Has compraventa Ghibli film for the years and ossia the fraudulent copy. I have been to the mine local Walmart and has bought another for comparison. A one has ordered the on-line wine without booklet likes advised in a chance. A BluRay the copy is also any rule like this can see in a photo of comparison. It is almost blue/black. When that Pays a real prize of the Ghibli film, would expect a true a, no the forgery.
4 / 5
Has in the first place bought a DVD some years, then more has purchased Disney late blue-ray, now possesses this GKIDS blue-emission of the ray and I can say is a BETTER version still, reason ossia a scrolling of big definition , near (!) With an English original-has baptised voice of Kirsten Dunst and Phil Hartman.
Has seen this films long in his original of Japanese audio but an English has baptised the voices is for lack of the better word, Exceptional!
Miyazaki In his better history-saying, and subsequent kudos to Studio Ghibli to give these brilliant scrollings
Kiki Service of Delivery [Blue-scrape DVD] (Bilingual)
5 / 5
Ossia the gorgeous film that opens the beautiful and involving world-wide to a spectator. A DVD/BR is so only glorious. They Like him to him some Ghibli of films, Kiki is not the film with the clearly clear-cut history. Instead, it is a immersive experience, aiming you the wonderful world by means of some eyes and of the experiences of the young witch the one who is exploring it on his suitable for a first time. For me, an inaugural scene is an I game again and again so only reason is like this gorgeous. This film is that it animates heart and sincerely fill up with amour and beauty. A real extracted!

Top Customer Reviews: My Neighbours the ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 38 ratings
4 / 5
Hmmm... It is hard of the give so only two stars, but to the left is partorisca be sincere... I have tried to look he with my boy (only 3I!) And has did not finalise it never.
Is both Kiki, Totoro, Arriety and Ponyo defenders, but partorisca look this film, really think precise to be older of is now and love Japanese culture in general, boss especially... This in spite of something more.

Am trying again some time of years.
5 / 5
Thinks of to him likes him Simpson of Japanese with some usual ghibli attention partorisca detail, the girls can nit enjoy it very like this classics.
5 / 5
Really want to this. It is the series of the episodes that life of discharge in a normal Japanese family. Sometimes it is amusing, sometimes outrageous but more often is bittersweet. Ladies and Crown Yamada hardly communicate emotionally at all, as it can very really fulfil each one which as another precise, this in spite of gives support some questions that perhaps would be better shared, offering each another practical support and maintaining all the world is bolt to go . His edges is dimly conscious of a fate that expects like the salaryman, and Gentleman Yamada looks almost fearful to admit to his secret private sleeps - sleeps that there is casualidades very small to be has praise. The episodes are linked for snatches of Japanese poetry.
My annoyance has left this to any and forgotten the one who left it to. It can it has to that buy another copy. It likes so much that Of I .
4 / 5
My Neighbours a Yamadas looks of clips of small chances that arrives in of the lives of a Yamadas. Small chances that has any massive importance, but small chances that it is of entity to a Yamadas - and perhaps the families everywhere - for example; when being late for work, that decides as to have for tea, and having annoying bikers that does the external racket! Initially we see things by means of the eyes of the boy but harvest to take to see life of house by means of some eyes of all the world in a family.

This film is probably better very known for a pause in way that for a real content of a film. A whole film is presented in dye of cake with a lot of white space. A film looks a joint of animate history, operates it in progress. There is a lot highly detailed backdrops or characters - but a animators closings directed transmits exactly that it is the required using basic but effective facial expression. This the look looks 'rushed' to reflect a fast step of modern familiarised life. Some fashionable transmissions in brief for the scene later in a film - will know it when calm see it like this looks a video of music for One-has is '80s the classical pop 'Take on me'! A film also employs use of highly symbolic iconography - for chance when that pause roughly the life when being the travesía , see a family in his living room on board the ship that pauses by means of some waves.

One baptises is a lot Americanised, and has to that the variac. Among one baptises and a subtitles. Prpers Having said that this in spite of, some look of voices to match some characters well in a baptise, although it recommend to look an original Japanese soundtrack with an English subtitles. A calm thing a lot really look until you are looking the scene with small dialogue is a lack of soundtrack. There is an of course - but is not always apparent. There are a lot of scenes the one who has to the moments of silence, and like a doodle visuals almost seat unfinished, but also add to the real plus-reflected of life of life familiarised - after all, calm is not followed around for incidental music.

For an end of a film will feel that you know a Yamada family quite well, and will recognise similarities among them and your own family. Ossia An interesting film with this rodeo of a fashion and the art are the result accustomed to with Studio Ghibli. Although have enjoyed a film, look to tug in the points and I has not been like this enthralled to the equal that was with another Ghibli titles. Has an individual charm and a force of this film is not that it underlines some cultural differences among the typical Japanese family and a family of a spectator - but that unifies families some world-wide on to aim some characteristic that all active in common.
5 / 5
The laughs familiarised are yes can laugh in calm like some points was all some the embarrassing things can do in life and some occasional nuggets
4 / 5
the rarity said, soyy Near a Yamadas' is perhaps one the majority of normal Ghibli the film there is so that it is the portrait of a normal family and his day the life of day. An animation is simple (but ossia breakings of his charm) often looking the bit like the 'Peanuts' the game of the comic excepts the cake painted and more artisitc. Some can be postponed this film been due to a quirky looking the animation and a fact does not have the real plot, is the series of sketch. I admit that it was one of these people, soyy Neighours a Yamadas' was inferior of my cast of Ghiblis to buy (this in spite of first of a one am seen already or a a based in a book there is not reading still) but that careers out of films to look of a studio have been and ordered it.

Has found at the beginning my attention that decreases, but has taken the pause and has gone back his another day and has begun again. Enough I have @to @give punctual to the equal that can relate to some characters in a film, which found to surprise like this apparently somethings is universal grows up in an east or in a west, and was engrossed. There is not any plot, but each segment described of the pieces of familiar in the way concealed ome Simpson' used to first of a writing has taken wacky. It can be highly amusing in time, touching in another and sometimes goes 'hmm thats so only like my familiar'.

A more has bitten this in spite of has to that be an end rendition of 'That that will be will be', which is a uplifting and returning final to a film. My favourite character is perhaps a curmudgenly and fearless granny the one who stands up to the noisy motorcyclist while a father shys was. The the row soyy Together a Yamadas' with 'Pom Poko', the thoroughly enjoyable title for Ghibli defenders but yes is looking for the film familiarised to look with some girls, 'Whisper of a Heart', or 'Kiki' Service of Delivery' is probably a better election.
4 / 5
Film very interesting, and the good transmission of 'traditional' Ghibli. Like the self-has confessed Japanophile, some scenes portrayed (although comic and quite fantastical) is fascinating.
4 / 5
Took To him the moment to want to takes this film. As it does not look too appealing at the beginning but now is my preferred out of his all like this far!
Finds to be funny a lot of and can relate to the people know! :Or
Too much me it his plus of mini histories in the familiar so many of those who be postponed for like this looks ossia the must has!! :)

Will say no more than way that does not want to give anything was so that they did not look it.
4 / 5
A fashion of the animation used thus film is more different that any one another Studio Ghibli the film has done this in spite of conceal no the fact much less enjoyable, the side besides is that it is also more than the comedy that mark the transmission.

Like the title suggests that it is in the family has called a 'Yamadas', a history basically follows them on his daily lives and has the plot of pleasant moments.

I really enjoyed this Studio Ghibli film, stars like this upper of me!
5 / 5
Pleasant in time, but this is not reason the purchased this in spite of another ghibli. Still although a scarce animation has had time when he shon avenges nowhere afterwards to compare to a awesome & operates it stunning done in other titles like spirited was & princess mononoke to appoint so only two. Included interested, approximation this like the totally different experience, any while any one anything but the compilation of incidences of comic with some touching moments.
5 / 5
I love Studio Ghibli and have all his films to the equal that think that that they are everything brilliant and this one is any exception . I have looked he with my sister and we both thoroughly there is enjoyed this. You are funny (especially a grandma) and very drawn. A fashion is a lot basic but think that so only adds to a film. To good sure recommend it to defenders and of the families with girls.
5 / 5
This Studio Ghibli the film looks a lot memorables characters that has to weaves of the together fun interactions and a humour is like this pleasant that is probably an ape more Ghibli film partorisca date. It is one of the mine favourite Ghibli the films concealed is not directed for Miyazaki.
4 / 5
Grandma Of the amour in this animation is very funny and sweet. It gives the lovely idea in the Japanese life although it is in the comical way. I recommend this but no partorisca the youngest boys as they can not read a subtitles or comprise some jokes.
5 / 5
Although different outside Ghibli film, ossia still the strong ghibli contend, the volume has used to a fashion partorisca draw of different character and learn to want to a bit interesting bolt of the each character
4 / 5
A good blue emission of ray with boss, Yamadas hands in comedy, work and entertainment. Sometimes I last partorisca look in a goes because of a episodic formed of a film but enjoyable all one same. A must for Ghibli lovers.
5 / 5
Ossia Like this pleasant, is a lot the value that sees. Eye this together with mine 12yrs old each little month and have the good laugh :)
4 / 5
still another animation adds of studio ghibli. History of the life familiarised typical pleasant and entertaining girls a lot well enjoyed it.
4 / 5
Looks to film well, a DVD is coming with out the chance covers which there is no @to @give , has bitten to annoy of then was purchased like this splits of the collection, but the delivery was fast
5 / 5
My edges has asked this like this one of his anniversary pressies.... As it take - arrive like this required in good condition.
4 / 5
A lot pleasant, and perhaps he quirky introduction the average of life familiarised in Giappone.

Level 14mm chance of WHITE DVD with 'poster' small of Studio Ghibli Film.
4 / 5
This film is like this sweet, has some lessons and the good morals and the generals everywhere film amused roughly life ups and downs inside the normal family.
4 / 5
Has simplified illustration without losing any power to some characters or of the few histories.
A lot pleasant some recognizable situations. This small 'the divers done' in life that suitable partorisca maintain prendiendo attention to a moment lovely.
5 / 5
It is brilliant. One of some better creations of Studio Ghibli. In my cast, is very up there with pirited Was'. I have laughed out of strong! And any a lot of things can do me that. Interior a moment, so only a book 'Bad Science'.

'A Yamadas' is realistic, psychologically attentive, ape, human, and, obviously Japanese! Packed With bonzai trees and Basho haikus. Oh...

Those who has said that the animation has to that be elaborated? In 'A Yamadas' is schematic, but is that, is so only quite so that it is trying to say. Perfecto. It likes him the ceremony of tea - at all excessive.

Is in familiar and perhaps is more accessible to those in fact already loaded (or blessed?) With him.
4 / 5
My Neighbours A Yamadas is not the 'boy' film.' There is no magic elements, any real plot or line of history, any special chance. It is so only the familiar that bolt his lives and learning of the each one another that to do he by means of. The parents and other adults will take the plot more out of him that boys, of the majority of a humour has to that do with life familiarised of a perspective of adult: pair, boy rearing, midlife crisis, included facing a process of unavoidable aging. I agreed strongly of one of this show of sketch of the television specials this was like this populate in a 70s; the series to gag and jokes that do to laugh reason prpers recognise or those know well. Many of a gags has the point, a point that is that yes calm remain you near and accept each one which so another, can do he by means of. Calm does not have to that look entirely in a seating, which is well, reason roughly 30 min first of an end some looks to film to lose rhythm. In a point where Takashi chairs in a park and of the sleeps roughly when being the superhero, something looks to retard a whole thing down. An end has looked so only patched on. It was it likes you have known no that to do for the arrival. Some colours are good-looking, a totally different animation to any one another Ghibli film. It is not riveting, but has found that people I show with master take a film and react, episodes of action, and speak life. Subject of good conversation.
4 / 5
Although an acceptable film for him, this film is DEFINATLY that lacking of compared to a rest of a ghibli collection. Although some illustrations there is alot that goes for him there was little storyline and has had any breathtaking/tearbringing moments that is coming them to expect external ghibli to to film like spirited was and red pig.

The value that looks, but swimming of individual
4 / 5
has bought this like the present navideño for my sister, the one who collects and Studio of amours Ghibli films. This film is sweet, ape, crazy and quirky (as always). A must has for the studio has consecrated Ghibli defenders!

A product has arrived quickly and in the condition adds. Result in the very happy sister.
5 / 5
In that looked that the to an end, a bit will feel that it go it there plants alot of thought and his endeavour, but another that that, is different in every aspect external Ghibli films.

Artistically, Is different, really different and will admit, in an interesting/refreshing way. A film is divided to small sketch of episodes of daily life for the family. Calm to good sure will recognise scenes of your own family and I admit has laughed the little time.

In that said the one who, has not felt almost like this content, as I have done with another Ghibli film.
Agree of 'An Office' classifies of. So only a lot as 'in a flange'.

Where Another Ghibli the films usually can be enjoyed for the wide variety of age. I doubt the girls would find any entertainment is, like the humour is class of, 'looking behind on life'.
4 / 5
The way of art is sketch rougher/ the type has compared to an artistic plus scenery external fashion ghibli film. Like the book of comic?
Any of mine favourite but any one some worse.
5 / 5
Ossia Without the doubt at all like any one another Ghibli film there. A fashion of animation, which remains true to a Yamada roots of band of the comic, is understated still beautiful. Some touches of films was like the series of sketch that show a life of a family, and resupplies the humorous idea to the looks it to be the modern Japanese family rule.

While a film there is comical overtones, with the quirky, almost satirical sense of poking entertainment in some nuances of life familiarised, this so only servants to take you was guard during an occasional touching moments. A scene of the hospital with a grandma is an example a clear plus, and leaves a spectator that feels even more strongly for some characters. In a signal, a fashion of transmissions of animation to dictate the transmission of serious way. Small technicians like this suprise and excite in equal measure.

To suggest a film is dynamic is the lie by means of your teeth. It is normal life , and movements in such the step. A good-looking animation of an inaugural sequence is perhaps misleading, but this is not to the day a rest of is not incredibly enjoyable. A crowning the glory of a film is is Haiku, which close a lot of sketch and ooze a charm showed during a film.

Goes to this while Spirited Was and will exit disappointed, if no the bit has confused. But then, you would be the closed-imported individual this was a chance . That appreciates the more relaxing the experience of cinema would owe that enjoy My Neighbours A Yamadas immensely. For me, it is one of the mine favourite Ghibli film, and ossia saying something has like this enjoyed each only a.
5 / 5
My neighbours a yamadas portray life of half class suburbial how is in Giappone or another part of a ball thus subject. Directed for Isao takahata, this experimental studio ghibli the film is different any of his leading films. A collection to court viñetas, aiming daily life of yamadas family, My neighbours a yamadas spends look of games of comic of newspaper. Fault of all an usual detail, fine lines and photorealistic deep of another ghibli film without losing any depth or appeal. Successful watercolour digitally works of look of the wash so only well for a fashion of a film and mark visually attacking and different of any one another studio of the work has not done never.

My neighbours a yamadas is fill with humour, satire, ache and enough possibly all more the experiences of half class. The accidents of daily life can relate to and the situations can identify with, mentioning a lot of duquel here, can spoil an entertainment so that havent seen a film.

Look of leaves in a dvd now. My neighbours a yamadas spends to be an only studio ghibli the films have released for disney like the alone disk dvd. Presented in anamorphic widescreen, quality of picture of some looks of disk absolutely crisp and flawless and how is a sound . Like this usual, both English and Japanese clues, rendered in dolby digital 5.1 is available in a disk. English baptises to look some voices of Jim belushi, Molly shannon and another doesnt disappoint and is quite decent. The characteristic of prize comprises it esar a microphone' featurette (approx 6 minutes) aiming a english process to baptise and original trailers and TVs something that run the little more than 15 minutes. The defenders of rough animation would be has wanted to see a trailer of prime minister, which aims a complete segment of a film in of the drawings of the line without any colours has fill. The film has been PP ESTIMATED for sweet thematic elements.

What disappointing only, little can find, in this disk is a storyboards. Different all leading ghibli emissions, has any integer storyboard version of a film here. Instead, for some odd reason, is the gallery of tiny sketch that you cant included expand. Inspite Of him all, the interesting disk and adds spent also, so only for a main characteristic he.

With an experimental film like my neighbours a yamadas, studio ghibli once has tried more the one who versatile his artists are and the one who simple, still unusual and as a whole appealing, his election of subjects could be. My neighbours a yamadas is the simple and beautiful, amused-film filled without any sugarcoating or formulas of modern day.

A disk adds to look and own.
5 / 5
All this studio ghibli the touches turns to gold. They have triumphed in the each ambitious project that has not shipped never to and ossia any different. A film portrays a normal family in the way of comic, but is also a lot of endearing. It is like this easy to relate to some characters and although some of a humour can be lost in the western audience there is a lot of scenes that for real is entertaining and amusing. An end of a film is wonderful to look, and one is the good touch that some finals of films in the disagreement among a family more than a happy sing-one-longitude. A film is essentially the series of sketch in the familiar spent the life in the fashion by heart of wonderful water. It does not have a substance of Princess Mononoke or Tomb of a Fireflies, but is the worthy closing of the clock. Another wonderful production of a glorious studio ghibli and Isao Takahata.
4 / 5
You are quite old to agree an animation of 'A wall' for Rosa Floyd?, Or Urotsukidoji? So only to give you the pair of examples.

The animation a lot always means 'cartoons', any always means 'for boys'.

Ossia The film of the animation adds full of sensatez and depth, this will be enjoyed for adults more Japanese (for cultural references) and some Western some.

Has to that admit that one 2nd half of a lack of film of a dynamic of a first half, but is such the charming and touching film that all is forgiven once a circle of credits of the end.

Always will maintain in my memory a scene where a whole family loses a small daughter in a shopping centre. A mamma, a dad, a grandma and a brother an old plus. His all the panic because it have lost. But it does not look too annoyed, has said a lady in reception that, instead, lose them. Unforgettable is also a scene with a pig and an umbrella.

This film aims the one who fragile knots the adults are, tip our insecurities, sleeps, frustrations, limitations... Tip the one who resembled the boys are. It can not say how long I have smiled while looking this film.

Some morals of a history is: any subject like imperfect you or your family is, will be well; it does not concern , any one is perfect.

The film adds to look and the action for a pair has imported open.
Perhaps, so only perhaps, ff is down 30, calm could not be able to fully the enjoy.
4 / 5
Has directed for Isao Takahata ('Fallen of a Fireflies', 'Pom Poko') in 1999, these centres around some varied members of a Yamada family, which look of the boy, the daughter, his parents, his grandmother and a dog familiarised. His all alive near and a film is essentially sketch with which sketch boba in that some quite daft the things spend.

Even So only looking in some illustrations of coverage, can say that this is not your typical animate-fashionable work. When be based purportedly in the series of comic of some class, soyy Near A Yamadas' uses the digital method to describe that effectively it looks work of animate watercolour, and in fact does quite well and is surprisingly charming.

Does not have any plot like such; it is so only like the series of the short sketch that extracted daily incidents that arrives in a Yamada family.

Has had some failures that prevent giving is to 5 indication, would be more notably (a) is quell'has bitten too much long-winded to seat by means of a whole thing in one goes, as it can be advisable to look he in of the parts; and (b) the pair of some sketch requires the knowledge of Japanese culture, as it can be lost on in the foreign phases.

Test; so only it can like you sees the Japanese animation with the difference. And it is in some hands of the master to the equal that Isao Takahata, as to the plot of people would be necessary to enjoy it included with some very only illustrations.
4 / 5
Ossia Films a lot thoughtful based in Yamada family in Giappone.

A film is divided in the small differnt histories that spends significant history and only line of the normal life of this family.

Also Like Me some illustrations of this film which he the fact visually so only compared to other films of animation. There is some interior of pleasant bits and he well look!
5 / 5
Extremely different of a rest of a Studio Ghibli collection but no a less entertaining.
Well The value that takes to complete your collection, but he probably wont be one of the yours more looked dvd is.
5 / 5
Really enjoyed this film, rests to small comical sections. This in spite of six to look this would recommend them look in two part like this the found I wishing it to finalise. In spite of, the interesting addition to a studio ghibli collection.
5 / 5
Ossia For the dull film. So only reason there is Ghibli in one beats any one the value done your moment. But worthy. Better films of this studio. It goes clock parenthood.

5 / 5
Well And simply has drawn. The animation adds. History of every day life familiarised, worries and interactions familiarised. Very pleasant. One to look to acclaim you up.

Top Customer Reviews: Sofia the First: ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 8 ratings
4 / 5
I want to Sofia particular dvd. Has the lovely history and there is always the morals to a history. An episode is a right period partorisca treat it , ossia a first episode or film and says a history of like this Sofia is resulted the princess ! I have enjoyed the rainy evening in a couch with my toddler and this!
4 / 5
Any seen a series as it does not know the one who some ossia his but my hijade 4 years loves this film. It is 45 mins long how is very partorisca the young boys' the attention has turned. Also well that it is in the princess of young daughter (his mamma marries a longitude in that he glielo princess in prejudices), as no the sexualised find me the princess of type of the prince. Also a lot also scary - a villain does not scare my daughter a way another films baddies do. And the moral end a lot roughly brothers of any and the sisters that learns partorisca leave. Also it has the cameo appearance of Cinderella like delights my daughter. And a lot Minnie episodes of Mice like this of the cousins imagine which go down well with my boys.
4 / 5
My daughter of 3 years absolutely LOVES Sofia a Prime minister. A show is all would have to that be - beautiful map, heartwarming and involving histories. To my edges of 6 years likes too - although it would not admit concealed to his friends! Disney in is more.
4 / 5
Rewards a lot of - ossia a prime minister of Sophia histories in chances any one has confused! Also it has it a bit sing to the long of segments with some words that my amours of daughter more than a main part and the Minnie segment of Mouse also
4 / 5
Fantastic value. Speedy Delivery. Mina 4 old year wants to has seen in disney canal and really loved the on dvd so that it is reason has taken the to us. Has the clocks uploads of time and does not look never partorisca tire of him. It is in the little daughter whose mamma marries the king and she results the princess. Fantastically it is writing and a cartoon is lovely to clock
5 / 5
has bought for mine 5 yr old daughter like the present to do well in his school report. His partner had seen the in Disney Canal and my little daughter have maintained to ask to take it. He so that it looked it far 4 times in two days. And both and his little brother loves a Minnies Bond Toons in an end. Lovely history and like another has said that it is refreshing to see the young princess that teachs boys in ways and friendship.
4 / 5
This was the present for our daughter that loves everything to do with Princesses. Our daughter loves an addition of Sophia to the
the collection of princess has. A dvd is very good and says a history of the little daughter the one who resulted the princess and he has to that accept
new life. Recommended for any young daughter any one his princesses.
4 / 5
In an hour a lot of film of time roughly sofia. If calm left it run in his own touches a film and extra without you that requires to do anything.
A film is roughly like sofia is resulted the princess, and directs to express in the morals or 2.
A lot of girly DVD, probably suitable for age 3-6. Calm does not require to know the one who is to enjoy a film.

Top Customer Reviews: Tom and Jerry ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 3 ratings
5 / 5
They are a partidário avid of Ski-fi, Disney, Japanese Animates & the Animate films & have bought this like an addition to the mine along BLUE/DVD-Ray/3D collections. T & J Until his usual antics - the entertainment adds
5 / 5
A grandkids tone of amour and jerry
This was quite pleasant.
5 / 5
My favourite edges film those who love Tom and Jerry runs more car around a world!

Top Customer Reviews: I Corti Di Topolino ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 6 ratings
5 / 5
It joints this collected has given short has given topolino The all the lovers of the tope famous of the disney and has given his friends, my hips to the lovers of the good animation in general

the style is nice and accattivante he histories dream brief my funny and have a rhythm that any annoia, animated will manage flowed, with a classical style in the aesthetic my modern in the technicians has given animation, with a regal curatissima, and the typical quality has given produced disney has given fascia big.

He short of the events For another is modern and ironic, and can like also the dye that has usual data prefer another the type has given animation

in family has liked the all, grown and small, and I have adored it personally!

A defect glie wants to find it is in the preparation, in the sense that the graphic of the cover is good-looking, the mine there is so only a guard and a box, an elder cures of the globalità of the product come a more researched guard, ojalá in metal or a some foglietto has given presentation of the the line has given short, could surrender this box a true piece gives collection; it embezzles however a purchase more than advised reason the contents deserve has given to be seen.

He my Vote is he maximum 5 stars because the one who presents majority produced is the one who purchases, and the quality has given contents is very tall
5 / 5
is passionate has given animation 'I short has given Topolino' dream a product gives to have, gives legustado, gives saved and concern!
I draws have given characters and the script dare a lot of rifacendosi also to the prime representations has given Topolino & has Sawed.

5 / 5
A dvd has given funny cardboards, of the like a po retro', sleep liked a lot. Produced Gives to advise
5 / 5
A Brilliant Topolino has given Ours Days That does not lose Sweat Fascina Almost Secular!
4 / 5
I short has given topolino exceptional dream, also for adults! It gives spargere! Genial He the talent has given Paul Rudish that there is created these new histories.
5 / 5
Absolutely Gives Not losing! Comprateli, guardateli, @fare know The those who any bed has May seen! He restyling has given Topolino & has Sawed. Fact Gives Paul Rudish is exceptional and brave. He dvd Italian has an only very small pecca: it translates this that Any one would go translated. The elder the part has given these short - especially those with vocation obviously interculturale (In French, Japanese, hindú, Portuguese etc.) - Sleep PERFETAMENTE comprehensible also Any one translated. From time to time, instead, soyickey' and some another arrived - attention! Only some arrivals! NO the whole cardboard! - It comes inexplicably translated In Italian. With result fastidioso For the one who, coming me, read there is amadoes in original version. Mah!

Top Customer Reviews: Futurama: Season ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 9 ratings
5 / 5
It is really pleasant but because it is a game all the option in a fund? At least it has one, the difference of some serious earlier.

Commentaries, does not leave of the small boys , impressionable sneak on behind you and the look, can result impressed and say his siblings the 'bite (his) shiny metal', take a point .
5 / 5
Knows is not really a last season, but has not known that at the same time they? Resisting that in alcohol, this was the wonderful way to finalise . It is where all a promise of one (slightly defective) first three seasons comes of the joints; each character is developed and quite a lot of phases have been created partorisca leave almost anything to spend. Importantly, For a fourth season has an emotional investment in some main characters also, which leaves to feel, intelligence and comedy of upper class to combine perfectly.

I points have underlined of the season for me is 'Leela' Homeworld', an almost unbearably heart-wrenching 'Jurassic Bark', 'Crimes of some Heats', 'A Sting', 'Obsoletely Fabulous' - which is the brilliant idea the Bender seen of a world, Treehouse-of-Horror-esque episodes 'A Farnsworth Parabox' and 'Three hundred Big Boys', and one astonishingly inventive, inspired and inventive more after, 'A Devil' the hands are to Go them Playthings' - I raisin to think that a Devil of Robot is one of some creations more are in history of comedy to the equal that am biased, but the one who an amazing episode to finalise with!

Ossia The fantastic culmination of an original career, and comparisons with other shows animated is not necessary; ossia perfect all on is adapted.
4 / 5
Before they have released all eight seasons in a together of sweet box, has collected some individual seasons of Futurama. I have been the defender of a start and some commentaries of the audio in some first four seasons is the joy to listen to.
5 / 5
Although, for now, ossia a final season of Futurama and if anything is better that anything concealed has gone before. I do not think that he the duff episode among any of them. My preferred has to that be an episode 'Where any defender has gone before' the total send-on guest of Hike of the Star staring all a surviving mould of Hike of Estrella: An Original Series with load of Hike in-of the jokes. Futurama Is to good sure one of these shows that has been murdered was before his time and I so that it expects some rumours of new episodes are true. Any with the half decent sense of humour would owe that look this show.
4 / 5
There is prendido in a fourth series so that it has begun to take interesting. Like the plot of people have come the Futurama properly has seen DVD so only in that saw it never the few episodes and considering like Simpson soyinors siblings. Ossia My loss and deserve all some raspberries of Futurama the defenders take for ever that thinks that. At all more to say but everything in this show are adds.

Oh, And the clue: Some last pocolos small of Jurassic the bark is up there with a More adds them never committed to film or video. But have several cloths ready and prepare to cry cubes.
4 / 5
Bender A legendary robot & a futurama crew. Well boxset. Good prize . Abundance of fun!
4 / 5
Has deleted the scenes add the few extra jokes that any has not been funny or has been cut for reasons of time. Storyboards And the tests of animation can interest some. Otherwise Is so only that have expected and my only critique is really does not require to see look of copyright after each alone episode.

A chance for this edition is enormous (4 full measure dvd husband for just 4 disks) to the equal that has launched my chances were. If you go to maintain he in a box perhaps another editon would save you some spatial.
4 / 5
There is always felt sad for futurama, is always state compared to Simpson when it is at all likes Simpson and is not of the meanings to be. Futurama Is far more pleasant and more sophisticated. They are like this sad this show has finalised, to the partidários likes him to of them can not take enough and this together of boxes have by means of a lot of nights of insomnia! lol!
5 / 5
This boxset there is almost all mine futurama favourtes.
Has episodes more emotional, as you are looking for the real good laugh, perhaps has another boxsets.
A apprantly 'final of some serious' the episode is also here, which is also a lot touching.

Takes this, is not so only well, is really really good.