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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 8 ratings
5 / 5
This remastering is the improvement adds in the adicións/the earliest additions and the must has partorisca lovers of Calla and Norma.
5 / 5
Is the element has used , but works perfectly.
A sound is very on my expectation partorisca the 1960 register. A flange and the orchestra are wonderful. A must has, if it likes-you Norma.
4 / 5
in my opinion a better version of Norm with a wonderful pairing of Maria adds to to Callus Likes him Norma and my favourite tenor of all time Franco Corelli like Pollione. It is an unforgettable action and sadly a will not listen never again.
5 / 5
This was in fact one first work has dipped I never possessed, and, as it comes with the host of memories. It was so only 18. Because Norma partorisca the first work, could ask. Well recently it has discovered it callas, and in that then a lot little of his repertoire has registered was available. I have known that Norma has been considered his work more order , as I thought it would be the good place partorisca begin. Collecting the work was expensive these days, and my brother my old plus, the one who has done of this time, has bought a together partorisca me partorisca Navidad. It was excited incredibly, my emotion so only slightly tempered for a discovery that any libretto has been comprised, so only the synopsis, and that would be necessary to send it was partorisca he, any one of course that has expected partorisca his arrival before sampling a together.

The When being mine an and the only work dipped partorisca the very small month, has taken partorisca know a work quite well, and calm of course Callus the only inflections for them always will be part of this knowledge. Of then of course, I have listened the just quantity of other Norms, Sutherland, Caballe, Eaglen, Bartoli (please, never again), Sass alive in Covent Garden (disastrous) and abundance more for Street; an alive 1952 Covent Garden, one 1954 studio, a 1955 emission of Rome and, more than everything, an alive 1955 The Scale, as well as excerpts of a lot of another, right until his final actions in a function to Parigi in 1964.

So that it control up? Well, enough a lot in fact. True, notes on a stave there is taken on the metallic flange, and a lot always falls easily in an ear, but a half and go down the bells have the beauty expósita informative, and the characterisation that was always complex and fine-faceted there is taken on a same depth more orders, parts of him voiced more movingly here that anywhere more.

Has other profits also. A mould here is the vast improvement in a studio more collects a, Corelli especially when being the presence to shine. Fillipeschi Was the authorship in a neighbour sooner, but, whilst any one enough the paragon, and chary of some of a coloratura in his function (Serafin that does the furthest yard in an adds In my duet of man to accommodate his lack of flexibility), Corelli is is the noble presence, and his clarion the voice is risarcimento width . Zaccaria Can be less authoritative of a woolly voiced Red-Lemeni, but his tones are clearly more buttery. Ludwig Is an unexpected piece to launch , but also is an improvement in Stignani, the one who, the singer adds although it was, has begun to touch the bit in a hill for a time of a prime minister callas register ( is 50 to Calla 30). Ludwig Sounds, as it have to that, like a younger woman. His coloratura is not always like this attentive as to to one would like, certainly any party for Calla, but sings more sympathetically in duet with his mate his old plus, and the looks or The Norm is, for me, one of some actions more are on disk. With which Ludwig declares a subject main, callas among quietly almost imperceptibly and the time slightly slower with a unbearably emotional Ah perch, perch, his voice that takes on the disembodied pathetic beauty. When Ludwig Joins his for a section in third, perfectly Callus of yours party in his first note, first of callas joins his in harmony, the real example of the artists that listens to the each one like this another in the sense of true collaboration.

One has to that suppose to mention some losses of a register sooner. Yes, some of Calla the upper notes are shrill, and lose some of a barnstorming heroics that it was the part of Calla Norma well until 1955. This Norm is more feminine, more vulnerable, likes . That this has has had to that do with interpretive development, and that with the declining vocal resources is the moot point, but has calm to good sure Calla is still the singer adds, doing a more can with that has. Some sections are more moving here that in any of his other actions. Have Already singled out of the look or The Norm but a duet sooner is his the same, callas wistfully take his own despertador to first amour.

A start of Law II always spent out of a better in his, and here is sublimate. They sleep both Is an unusual piece the one who alternating passages of recitative with arioso, enough like Rigoletto Bet are. Callas Draws on all some colours in his palette to express the norm is contrasting emotions. Calm almost can feel a cold that goes in his in a gel takes me and in front poses he crin gone on down a choked emotion of me children kill! A arioso of Teneri children is couched in the tone of infinite sadness , poignant, but then his tone hardens with the sound solves has Given Pollion edges children, before, with the cry falls a knife (and in the almost can listen a moment precise), crying out of Ah any, edges my children! Operatic flange and doing in a level a big plus.

Serafin Is directing is a lot that it was in a together prime minister. Has a virtue of not directing a work like being Green, as like this do. Sometimes it would like to take of the movement in the bit, but his pacing of a final two duets (one in public, one privately) is glorious, and perfectly judges some climaxes in some Glorious End, one of a more adds in all the work.

Found that always difficult to choose go in registers of Callus of studio of Norma. You do not love to be without any one. Neither I want to be without his 1955 live The Scale counts, with Of Monk and Simionato, which is where the voice and the art find his balance More adds them. A thing is sure, callas rests a quintessential Norma. Any singer has has defied still his hegemony in a function.
5 / 5
Was the element has used , but works perfectly.
A sound is very on my expectation partorisca the 1960 register. A flange and the orchestra are wonderful. A must has, if it likes-you Norma.
5 / 5
In my opinion a better version of Norm with a wonderful pairing of Maria adds to to Callus Likes him Norma and my favourite tenor of all time Franco Corelli like Pollione. It is an unforgettable action and sadly a will not listen never again.
5 / 5
Maria callas in that was arguably his work more orders. Ossia His second register of the studio of Norma has done in stereo in 1960. This in spite of so only 37 at the same time, there is undeniable signs of vocal wear although his inconfundible of his - like this differential and penetrating - and his only way with words and mark of music for the highly obliging action. In spite of his vowel shortcomings, once listened Calla is hard to forget in this function. A fusion of Christa Ludwig likes Adalgisa looks bit it wild but work wonderfully a lot - ameno considerable heat to a function and is very contrasted with Calla still blends well with his in his duets. Franco Corelli is the dashing Pollione - his confrontation with Norm after his paralización in a second the law is riveting. Nicola Zaccaria Is the noble Oroveso. Master Serafin Directs masterly and a sound is excellent.
4 / 5
Glorious flange - does not think calm calla is was at all.

Top Customer Reviews: The Greatest Arias: ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 4 ratings
5 / 5
Beim Hören wird Man automatisch in data Ende 40.ºr- Anfang 55.ºr Jahre entführt.
Gives wirkt nicht unbedingt störend, wenn man sich dessen Bewusst ist.
Man crash sich vor, die Calla würde heute singen, the place gives jetzigen technischen
4 / 5
Jointly with 'the best of María Callus', is indispensable. Any hay that be a scholar neither a big estusiasta of the lyric to find the sublime of the sound sings. Both refeeencias ideal Edges partorisca any person that likes the beautiful.
4 / 5
An a lot Mediocre register. A pity. Farce, go exit the ten and p8co words that yes?
5 / 5
keine gute Widergabe, Calla Gesangqualität zeigte sich nicht; vermutlich infolge zu change Aufnahmen.
Given Calla ist partorisca einfach zu früh gestorben!

Top Customer Reviews: Maria Callas: ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 12 ratings
5 / 5
I have bought this cd so only partorisca one follows but presented to the whole new experience. Maria callas the voice is absolutly captivating
4 / 5
Good selection of his work - the brilliant introduction to a Queen of a Work Diva east.
4 / 5
Lovely song, has sung of a Diva of work, no like this sweet touching like this concealed of Angela Gheorghiu , but still delicious.
4 / 5
A selection of some clues is imposed before, a flange is sublimate and a register is all one would expect it partorisca be. It can listen his any stop.
4 / 5
An Excellent resume of career, with some gives but beautiful arias of composers of Italian work. A selection is optimum and goes partorisca look for registers the wave callus offers a beautiful vocal register.
5 / 5
Absolutely the brilliant album loves the intro to the work buys this. Calm will not be disappointed ! I have paid so only 1 p. I surpass besides and a cd is new
5 / 5
has wanted to write the description, so only to resupply an alternative point of view for clients and any to diminish some other positive critics here in in all the chance.

Touches the Record Quality: A quality of his global of an album is well. In of the terms of a vocal quality his excellent, but has found an orchestral music a lot calm in the number of some clues. This in spite of, does not be missing a register, as it boasts this owes the a lot of some clues that the looks imitates originally. So many of the remastering point of view, is a lot good.

Selection of clue: A selection of arias is quite excellent in of the terms of the most utmost swipes of work. In fact, if one has looked for an introduction in a world of a Soprano, calm certainly not being short changed by this collection.

A Voice: This sadly is where chair an album , for me, tomb. They are not an expert on acts and does not feign to be one, as I am so only state listening the work for roughly 10 years. But have a lot of be lucky to listen some amazing voices in that then. My preferred are Mirella Brakes and Joan Sutherland.

Was whilst looking the recent tribute to Joan Sutherland, that has found Maria callas and a reputation that was one of a More adds them all the time. Not knowing anything of the his I wine to the amazon that looks for an album that would give me a global introduction to an artist. Perhaps you are a title to precede of soyla ore Adds' or some fantastic descriptions of an album in a web of place, but that has listened to an album three times on, so only can do not seeing? Maria has admitted callas has to that a lot of voice 'very', but so only has not been like this blown was to like you has been expecting to be. But I supposition when your introduction the work was Joan Sutherland , goes to be very hard for any to beat?

Like this @in rodeo, is looking for a More adds them arias of work, then pode any gone bad with this album. If you are looking to listen a voice more order all the time, can be disappointed?
4 / 5
I a bit odd looks to @give a fact but there is the new work-fond generation the one who has not been lucky to listen a unmistakeable voice of Maria Callus in a heyday of his longitude and sometimes erratic career. This CD, this in spite of was necessary to repair a balance a bit. Of some register sooner by means of him some years in New York have Fulfilled callas' voice shone like the brilliant diamond and a lot of leading interpretations on vinyl a lot anything like full justice to his remarkable talent. Digital technology, felizmente, has given a inkling of his true bell and control of a Race Diva air of Bellini Norma - the function that the punctual callus adopted like his own property - by means of the final clue, another atypical function, Spargia of amaro Crying of Lucia has given Lammermoor. His voice soars and slips in a last with each note that explosions with unbearable emotion. It is a lot easy, and proudly justifiable, to find tears brimming when you listen to sing of this quality. Other clues of note thus reviewer comprises The Dead Mamma of Andrea of Giordano Chenier and he stunningle awe-inspiring rendition of Lived of Art of Tosca, to my alcohol one of Puccini the majority of artistic arias for soprano. If so only it buy one acts CD the year he then done this The, if you are anxiously while to a next emission of Angela Gheorghiu or Cecilia Bartoli then give you the pause and wallow in a finer voice never the grace a phase of work.
4 / 5
In spite of a glitzy title, this CD gives the introduction adds to one of some actoras of the flange more is in a history of work. A lot Calla' the special functions are here. Mostly so much a flange and an acting vowel is incredible. If doubt, tries a Rossini and a Gluck. You will be hooked!
5 / 5
Are the rock and blues defender for character, but when I have married listened in the first place Callus the few years behind I new has had something more the life that some Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton and Beatles. This woman has a voice of Ángel. His voice is like this strong, full of clarity, depth, soul and emotion. Challenge any with at least the tiny piece of emotion in his soul any to be moved (possibly the tears) for this wonderful voice, to to one likes duquel, probably does not listen never of again in mine lifetime.
Has not been anything on acts or the classical music but I call any to to which likes him the good music to exit and buy this CD and so only enjoy he so that it is - absolute perfection!
4 / 5
Has received this C.D like the present with adding excitment and has not been to leave down. A clarity to record enhances Callus exceptional voice. A double C.D encapsulates his capacity to portray sweats repertoir to unlimited hights. A perfect homage to the women those who has possessed talent and utmost character.
4 / 5
This lady his better work in a glamur days of Hollywood and this collection amena together with him some of a romanticism one associates with this period. A passion to oblige of his delivery takes an auditor to the long of the remarkable discovery of his row and characterisation. Ossia A awesome CD- Enjoy!

Top Customer Reviews: Donizetti: Lucia di ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 7 ratings
4 / 5
The action adds for a singer More the add the one who never lived, but accompanied of one of a More adds them but grossly has estimated under tenors never.
This surely is a better version of this utmost work.unla The stunning action has restored his gleaming more
4 / 5
My favourite register of this work and a record was in excellent condition.
5 / 5
Dopes He editions of the 1953 in studio - manager Serafin with the Orchestra of the Musical May Fiorentino, has Given Stefano and Gobbi respectively Edgardo and Enrico - and of the '55 restarted by the alive the Berlino - manager Karajan, LAUGH of Orchestra and Corazón of the Stairs, immutato has Given Stefano and Panerai which Enrico - the Callus returned in the 1959 was sweated prediletta Lucia registering it again for the EMI, to the flank has given Ferruccio Tagliavini which Edgardo and of the youngster Piero Cappuccilli which Enrico, below has driven still has given Serafin with the Philarmonia Orchestra.
A time of sweat this edition had aroused quite clamore: far reason repeat Lucia was Callus dopes the historical edition of the '53 that had marked a true and own spartiacque in front of the interpretations of the past and in the which he soprano Greek, with sweated it dark voice and rinnegando the gorgheggi and the bamboleggiamenti has given sopranos light had give in summit he role of the soprano dramatic has given agility?
But risentita The distance has given further of fifty years has given distance, Lucia any sfigura in the panorama of the numerous editions that dream been still in the time and not even with him precedents recordings of the Callus.
Corrected, the treble Any were more those has the data knows first years, being meanwhile logorata the voice for all the recite and the roles, pretty much consoni, meanwhile interpreted tiled Calla, mine the mass of the voice has embezzled inconfondibile and he bell gives to come always stupendously he character in all he phases of the work, of the anxiety for him presentimento has given a tragic fate in the scene of the fontana, all'amour pasional in the duet with Edgardo, was fear and like this as it was desesperanza in the scene with him brother, to the trasalimento estatico and now already out of the world terrain in the final scene of the madness; he all obviously contornato of the usual pregnanti recitativi, with which the Callus - opportunely modulating the voice and scandendo was needs sentences, and also alone word, or on vocal his which lean he encourage like this gives to surrender them has given sense fulfilled - knew finally has interpreted a character anziche' face it so only under him musical profile.
At the side Reads It, planned new leading: it gives one beats Ferruccio Tagliavini, now already in phase calante and Can for real assurto the big fame, but gifted has given a voice ancore tagliente and any one like this sguaiato Giuseppe comes has Given Stefano, always generous my also technically carente, has given some first year; of the another a Cappuccilli to the first arms, corrected proud has the data has sung the flank of the mitica Callus, in shape big vowel also less calado in the character respect the Gobbi and the Panerai.
Finally He usual Tullio Serafin: gifted manager Has data grandísimo talent and has given natural instinct For him theatre, mine - come peraltro he addiceva the quei time, ivi compressed he the character has given Toscanini - small rigorous under him profile filologico, gives which the habit has given to contribute wide and numerous courts that, especially investigations'work, ledevano heavily he cloth the narrative has given Lucia and any one consented, besides, has given to listen the Callus in other pages that he would have been without another congeniali.
In conclusion: with all the defects and he critical relieved a time, Lucia has given Lammermoor has embezzled an edition has given reference that the attendant have works, my also he neofita, has to know and will know precisely appreciate.
Will need to expect A pair of years, with the advent has given Joan Sutherland, reason fulfilled - was of the the point has dressed of data filologico that gives that vocal - another revolution in the interpretation has given Lucia: my this is another history!
5 / 5
Piękna, ponadczasowa MUZYKA. Skład wykonawców perfekcyjny: Maria callas , Bernard Ładysz .......
5 / 5
Exceptional He content And the protagonists, holy monsters of the work lirica, any one only the Callus my also Cappuccilli and Tagliavini (that voice); incredible recovers has given quality thank you was remasterizzazione.
4 / 5
Calla Lucia has registered has given in the first place Lammermor for EMI in 1953. It is vocally and dramatically spectacular, still in some respects is some data of unfinished portrait the one who Calla was to achieve in of the latest actions... And especially that under Von Karajan live in Berlino in 1955. Still, this was a those registers that adapted it a world-wide that Lucia has not been the mindless canary, but the character with flesh in his bones and like such diving of era he in a history of the his registered.

With an arrival of stereo Calla has registered a function the second time in 1959. Against the sensatez popular has the preference for a stereo version of his two commercial registers been due to his a lot of vocal nuances, his theatrical ideas, and in spite of a fact that has been he has registered the past of has bitten his prime. So only listen to like this locates one repeats of a cabaletta section of his inaugural air with the perfect legated, and that lovingly strokes some decorations have compared to a register sooner. Ossia Says it everything. Like this a shadings and chiaroscuro that door to his suns in a duet of amour that concludes a law develops that callas was for ever raffinage his interpretations with gradations and tints of the analogous colour to this of the master painter. Of course to arrive to this point of his career callas has not been able of always attacking some main notes with accuracy adds and in fact has the pair of notes on some personnel that is not exactly things of beauty. This in spite of, ossia the small prize to pay for a dramatic skill and the intrinsic intelligence in his interpretation. These few unpleasant notes averts, like this always with Calla some dramatic emphases are certainly backed up with such wide musical intelligence that any vowel shortcomings is forgiven easily. Incidentally, callas employs the shortest version of a traditional flute has accompanied cadence in a Crazy Scene. While this was probably be due to some vocal insecurity, a result is the compact plus and more dramatically apt interpolation... An example that callas was often able to turn his vocal authorships to a goodness.

A rest of a mould is well, unfortunately manager Serafin taken all some traditional yards that was common at the same time with a result that is that a register is not totally representative of Donizetti acts like this originally has conceived. As such prevents to be one first absolute election to all the cost of a vocal and dramatic capacity prodigious that callas door to a proceedings. Still it is required listening and would look for to be a perfect supplement (together with a prime minister callas version) to complete registers like these concentrated for Bonynge and Mackerras... A forward with Sutherland and some last instruments to look of period and the scholar of critical edition of a bookmark.

This register has has had always the darkness boos this looked appropriate to a piece. Cela He @@the @sparkle bit it more in a new Warner remastering so only servants to enhance and enrich a global sound and like such is an improvement in emissions of LEADING CD.

Like the script of estaca, well remarks that some disks are packaged in of the bosses of the map with paper inserts/to insert and some disks are drawn to look elepé of the miniature is. One inserts with the brief notes are comprised, but no libretto. A packaging takes on upper of spatial of minimum shelf... No the bad thing...
4 / 5
Thus point Calla had simplified a function to adapt his decaying voice. Still obliging, still a better acting. Very good to have his in those records that touch like this good. A 1955 version with Karajan is still a mark of bank for me for all Lucias.

Top Customer Reviews: Jon Vickers - ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 8 ratings
4 / 5
My father has bought this in the roughly done vinyl 40 years when it has learnt partorisca sing and partorisca listen a master again is the sheer delight. Power with control and without tension and Vickers can do an Italian arias same although it is better known like the heldentenor specialising in Wagnerian functions. I have fallen enamoured with me appear all these years done and is add partorisca the listen again; such the transmission of Pavarotti.
5 / 5
Was,partorisca use a terrible sentence oufflé was', for a quality of this tenor. A true heldentenor, Vickers has had the remarkable voice and the very real candidate partorisca my dec. of cup
4 / 5
EXCELLENT CD with brilliant renditions of arias sung of one of some better tenors of a 20th century. Highly recommended
5 / 5
Jon Vickers is perhaps a last dramatic tenor known with which Second world-wide War, quell'having voluminous to the voice likes them the person until 2015. It is known more partorisca
is gigantic actions of Tristan, Florestan and Siegmund. It can listen in of the prompt register of 1961 of Italian Work arias directed of one of some glorious masters of Italian work of a 20th century, Tullio Serafin, an inventor of a Festival of Summer of Verona. Like this usual partorisca Vickers, does not sing with the flawless voice, his enormous voice has acute flanges, harshnesses and his bequeathed is not never like this flowed like Björling, Sunday or included one of some singers add of a prompt time of registers. But it is using the big dynamic spectre (that like this-the dramatic tenors have called in fact try sing piano or sweet same piano!?), it Tries to treat acting inflections, this in spite of no like this excellent that in his complete register later of Wagner, Beethoven and some alive actions of Otello. His Otello is glorious, perhaps unrivalled of then, is interesting partorisca listen his tentativas to Gentleman Carlos, Clown and Radames. Surely entirely it will convince melomanic admirers of pure Italian vocalism, but is one of a more convincing acting registers of these arias.
4 / 5
Here is A lot the one of these Soyost has has loved Recitals' (games partorisca restart lucido the title of collection has joined Decca) of the that joins manacles mother (in the occurrence RCA) would not have to partorisca leave them sleep in his archive. A such disk would owe that be known and meditado pair all his Amateurs of flange.

In July 1961, Jon VICKERS has not been established like an immense ténor Italian that shined this in spite of to Bayreuth and in lucido German repertoire. This was some months before it joins somptueuse Aida with SOLTI (1962) and some months with which a Otello of reference with SERAFIN (1960), his two integral registers with the Orchestra of the Work of Rome. It is with this same orchestra romain, and under the direction of Tullio SERAFIN, that Jon VICKERS the registered this map of Italian recognition that it could he in remontrer partorisca appoint of ténors of the peninsula. This is not Lucido bell that impresses, Jon VICKERS no one lucido metal lucido more phonogénique of time of edges, no more the projection aiguë ; it is the behaviour of the voice, his phrasés, his nuances that will not be missing of captiver a little warned auditor of the art of the flange.

Is happy That the house GOES has dreamed partorisca modify, under licence BMG, this recital properly inouï... Inouï Reason the In and feels gives partorisca astound things and that the in pode any that convinces of the immense talent and of the incredible technician of palette of Jon VICKERS. His two extracted of Otello look very known that they are difficult to distinguish give Passages inclusos of the integrate them of 1960 (the half audible is not to good sure the same but the vocal line is almost identical especially to the sud the tone of unforgettable right entrance of 'Niun subject @of mine'). All His others Airs is so many disclosures , and comprised in me Clowns that will be registered entirely, later, with KARAJAN (DVD in DG). The air of the Arlesiana develops the incredible behaviour joined of the line and of the swipe ; regarding the minor trille of the air of him Trovatore, is detailed to the level that would expect of Carlos BERGONZI.
5 / 5
4 / 5
Jon Vickers is an amazing singer. Here it is the man the one who there has been the relatively short voice and one this was a lot of inflexible for character. Still in spite of these shortcomings is like this one of some more utmost artists of the his was. That thinks of to him likes him the Wagnerian tenor has to that shows of this register and listen his masterful way to turn the line in an Italian repertoire. His Otello was spectacular, his Canio it psycholigical thriller. His Chenier an elegant soul and tortured, sweats Rhadames heroic in a true sense of a word. This register is the gem !
4 / 5
Fast response, the apt product discription, reasonable prize. Upper vendor.

Top Customer Reviews: Giuseppe Di Stefano ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 2 ratings
5 / 5
Wonderful to listen this old register on CD. It has given Stefano was in his better during these years. And his more was very well in fact. Some people could prefer Of Monk or Cecchele, but thinks that is in big leaves the subject preferably personal.
5 / 5
This new Nimbus subject of two CDs the characteristic has extended extracts of some better of some registers have done for Giuseppe has Given Stefano (1921-2008) among 1950 and 1956. Also it looks some of some singers some plus end and managers of a @@@1950s; boss among these is Maria callas. These disks do fault partorisca commemorate his magnitude almost like this so that of has Given Stefano.
Seasoned Collectors and has defenders of Stefano of the Data probably will have the majority of some complete register, but any any one knows the one who a fuss is roughly needs so only buy this together to discover. On some years, has moved my place has Given the voice of Stefano; while I have admired always some classical register of 'Rigoletto' and 'Tosca' I often balked in a too open, almost houty' quality of his upper notes. This has said, increasingly estimate a combination of subtlety, the energy and the commitment spend his flange. For the picture the complete plus of his talents, is perhaps necessary to listen some of his alive register, like famous San Francisco alut lived', in that executes one extraordinary diminishing in a climactic big C of 'the presence' - the feat that Rudolf Bing has described as 'the sound the beautiful plus has not listened never exited of the human throat'. We do not owe that here but there is abundance more to admire. The for a has not been familiarised with some extracts of one 1950 'The Bohème' done in company very distinguished. Test to be one of one the majority of emotional and has fulfilled the interpretations have not listened never - especially a searing scene of closes. That give it that it is not to separate of the complete register. Having so only has revised so only an equally attractive 'The Bohème' that has Given Stefano has registered with Calla, am attacked again for a tenderness and pathos of Rodolfo.

A recital opens with extracts of 'A dance in mask', A function of Ricccardo always adapted has Given Stefano ideally, and although his interpretation does not erase of the memories of of the one of the east another prince among tenors, Carlos Bergonzi, has Given Stefano has a boyish push, a smile in a voice, a seamless legated and a temperament to do a music full justice, without that has to that press his voice too far the pushed territory.

Like his contemporary, Callus, has Given Stefano there has been the simple ten years or like this in a cup. As his, also, can do at all for the halves and this have taken his toll, especially when you begin to press in functions simply too robust for his beautiful lyric tenor. Prpers Having said that, his account of Manrico are ' has Given that pause' totally is convincing and gives little indication of some works to come - unless one is disturbed for a quite snatched and, yes, yelled, final cup C. The lucky is that his and callas the golden years have coincided. It has been it has sawed-stars in of the registers of all some works here - although an aforesaid 'The Bohème' is preferred in this compilation. This perhaps in some wise earths that all the world knows a callas version and will be appreciated for the memory of has Given Stefano in his prompt prime accompanied for a sterling talents of Albanian and Warren. A contractual obligation that resulted in a misfortune of Calla when being unable to register 'The traviata' still EMI, already in that he like this paralización Cetra, is again to be complained when one listens Violetta quite careful and anonymous of Antonietta Estrella. It have to that it has been it callas the one who has committed function more celebrated to disk with has Given Stefano. As I comfort it, the decent alive 1958 action of Covent Garden, with Calla partnered for one has ceased excellent Valletti, is now again available.

Reactions to of the Angeles' the butterfly has been always mixed. It finds the little shrill but suitably girlish and vulnerable and is good to have the fragment of Gobbi is knowing, incisive Sharpless. 'Flowery farewell asil' Really shows of has Given Stefano' plangent hoards and honeyed half-voice. 'Ah Vile edges' is suffused with remorse and directs the elicit of an auditor quite more compassion for a feckless Pinkerton that, for example, Jonas Kaufmann directs in a register a late plus.

A benchmark 'Tosca' is too very known and the virtues of sound manifest too often rented to do it necessary for me partorisca assay them once again. Ossia A definite register and at all more there is never rivalled or never rival the. A 'Rigoletto' has almost a same state. Images that any the one who any already possesses these registers will purchase on a force of these extracts.

A neighbour comes without libretto but a long and informative note for Alan Bilgora. There are two errors in a listing of clue seven on Disk 2 (the Trio of Law 2 of 'Butterfly'): it have to that read 'I so to the continuous penalties'. Some scrollings for Nimbus is flawless; always it have the clue partorisca overburden in some originals but with actions of this quality a does not give that it has thought it to it in him.

Top Customer Reviews: Donizetti: L'elisir ...

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4 / 5
Professional register of the action of alive emission of Auditorium of the Forum Italica to Rome on February 20, 1952. It was published later in elepé for CETRA.

That has had a misfortune partorisca find an original CETRA the elepé clearly will agree his characteristic harshness of tone. It is without small relief that I can inform that the digital recoveries has spent out of the half century later yielded vastly has improved quality of sound. Ossia unabashedly The records of pleasant--but now is the quite good ape record.

ADINA, the thriving country landowner has bent to be flirtatious and flighty - Alda Ninth (soprano)
NEMORINO, the country bumpkin and prize chump totally enamoured with Adina - Ceased Valletti (tenor)
BELCORE, the sergeant in the regiment encamped approaches Adina parco, included although it is enamoured totally with him, is bent also to marry Adina - Afro Poles (baritone)
DOCTOR DULCAMARA, the travelling quack, the purveyor of bogus nostrums and potions of amour, the one who is enamoured with money and his next lunch - Sixth Bruscantini (record-baritone)
GIANETTA, the daughter of country the one who is not totally downpour to snagging the rich husband - Bruno Rizzoli (half-soprano)

Gianandrea Gavazzeni with an Orchestra Sinfonica and Corazón has Rome of data of the Radiotelevisione Italy (RAY).

This register comprises the short action this was traditional for more than the century. The majority of some courses has related to small bit orchestral developers. Some the majority of significant courses is some eight lines of chitchat among Adina and Nemorino in Scene 9 of Law II and then sixteen lines of a libretto in a final scene.

Some current auditors are like this horrified for courses that his quite obviously suffer some steams in some a lot have thought. It does not adhere to a cult to register each one which notes to write never and king-affirming each preliminary draft and bad idea. A simple fact is that the original intentions sometimes do not survive meetings with real audiences. The work is theatre and theatricality in his very main and no each academic restorer comprises concealed. ( Has any doubts in a subject, so only consider a cataclysmic effect in ome Histories of Hoffmann' when estáalmacenado' to Wagnerian period, how is on be some recent register.)

'The elisir of amour' is still another work that can be located behind to this ubiquitous hack of all the seasons, Eugene Scribe. Original scribe libretto, 'He philtre,' had been dipped the music for Auber in 1831, to any particular effect. In 1832, Donizetti has required the libretto on warn quite short. His hack librettist, Happy Romans, has known the good thing when that can fly. 'He philtre' Was quickly paraphrased to Italian doggerel as 'The elisir of amour' Donizetti has consecrated the long time--a full month!--When dipping. 'The elisir of amour'opened to triumph in Milano in May 1832.

This 1952 register has been issued punctual in a bel adds sings renaissance. It subscribes it to an idea 'authenticity' concealed to an original period--this in spite of dubiously determinate--is a a true level, for this reason can be bent to refuse this action. They owe no. While our current ideas of 'authenticities' was still far in a future in 1952, an aim to resupply the good action was certainly firmly in place. And, it have to that be remarked in some words of a unidentified commentator in an accompanying booklet, 'A rebirth of the bel sings has restored a good fashion and flavour to sing in a world of work. But some interpreters of of the this The elisir has possessed already the vocal clarity that is musically respectful and electrifying. His interpretation any coverage of ostentatious virtuosidad--like this often spends today--but of agility and expressive ease, of decorations grafted to a logical synthesis of a composer.' He, any ostentatious virtuosidad--and a lot a better for him!

Ceased Valletti was the true tenor has given grace the one who has done his operatic start in 1947. It was a pupil of Tito Schipa and in some better same ways that it con man of smooth old flange. Valletti Was ... Well, the one of truth graceful singer. It do not have any ostentation in his actions, so only the simple feeling of rightness. And rightness is precisely that feels in his Nemorino. Have Of then result habituado to tenors more powerful in a part, like Bergonzi and Pavarotti and, recently, to some Flowers some spectacular plus, but Valletti, mine of look, is precisely a class of singer so that some calls of bookmark: smooth, sweet, no too brilliant in any sense of a word ... And innocent.

( Has had a privilege to see Valletti likes Account Almaviva in 'A The Barber of Siviglia' with a work of San Francisco. Heaven Knows, can no , but, ah, sings like an angel!)

Alda Ninth has had the basically Italian career that last of 1942 to 1955. It specialises in a Bellini-Donizetti-Rossini functions, although it lose according to which it soyagic Flute' for Karajan, one 'Ariadne auf Naxos' with Maria Reining and the 'Falstaff' with Stable and Tebaldi. She, Valletti and Bruscantini was regularly teemed and can be listened near in the very registered version of 'Gentleman Pasquale,' also of CETRA.

Sixth Bruscantini, The one who has debuted in 1946, was a a More the add and, alas, one of a last true under buffos, singing to a @@@1990s. It is naturalidad for Dulcamara.

Afro Poles Was bit it older that another three and an exceptional fixture in an adds 1938 Gigli register of 'The Boheme.' It is it adds it 'first man' of an Italian of operatic phase some years straddling a Second world-wide War.

Gianandrea Gavazzeni Was the main manager in the Stairs to Milano. Together with Tullio Serafin, is one of some leaders in a mid-renaissance of the 20th century of a bel sings operatic repertory. Has strong bonds with 'The elisir' and can be found like manager of a famous register of an alive action of a work in a Festival of May of Florencia of 1967 this has looked Carlos Bergonzi that Nemorino, Renata Scotto that Adina and Giuseppe Taddei that Belcore.

This action is not a more registered, neither one the majority of complete, neither quell'shop window for some the majority of spectacular singers. It is simply a more than satisfies a--and a one that thinks Donizetti the majority there is enjoyed.

Five stars.
4 / 5
Warner Classics Dips To the sud under a register of 1958 that has been already available, in EMI, his years ninety. The air of the ténor that is to result joins has seen of the lyric repertoire, is not astounding that The elisir of amour was, with which Lucia has given Lammermoor, the work lucida more registered of Donizetti. A work that, today, leaves to the metteurs in scene of lâcher without brake thanks to the character giocoso of the œuvre. A light work that, touches so much, demands four excellent singers whose a soprano that, more than him ténor, has to be measured to fly lucido show.

A soprano belcantiste that can fly it lucido Show without that has not been to question to spend the pair gives vocal pyrotechnics... It is a lot of the one who investigations that goes to listen the Adina of Rosanna CARTERI – join first has given of tall-flight that, if it has not been local of the time gives Maria CALLAS and Renata TEBALDI, would have left joins more than trace of entity in his discographies. It is-east to think that is to the height gives attended ?... As it could dread him, Rosanna CARTERI offers a corset of bell of glorious soprano dramatic quant would expect lighter of the voice joined – that of Mirella has joined BRAKES gives years sixty, games to do simple, but that has the abattage of Renata has joined SCOTTO. It touches so much, his things fix to measure that the action develops and maintains the artist has joined perfectly idiomatic that relieves the emission and the dynamiser his insiemi. The in will not applaud pareillement to the légèreté of Luigi MORNING but the in does not have to that vilipender joins approximates that it would do of Nemorino a half-the character escaped of a work inflates when it would expect a true tenor has given grace how was Giuseppe still has Given STEFANO in prime minister of the edges that records of the famous idyll, in 1944.

With Rolando PANERAI, Giuseppe TADDEI, Tullio SERAFIN and his force of the Stairs, is to the cœur of a idiomatisme ideal. Now, it Could discount it joins taken of edges of better quality. At all Of rédhibitoire but, in 1958, has known to do very better to save to want to, absolutely, record in Italy. The in any good-looking preferable versions that lack but, games Rosanna CARTERI, this merit to register to go back to the catalogue. It would adapt to do likewise with giving Versions that, this look, difficult result to find. That Of Francesco MOLINARI-PRADELLI with Mirella BRAKES and Nicolai GEDDA and, madeleine all personal, that of Gabriele FERRO with joined étincelante Barbara BONNEY and, still joins time, a incontournable Rolando PANERAI.

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It is hard to do the justice to the voice likes Franco Corelli is - using simple words.
But fantastically vibrant and thrilling is three that certainly apply.
Also, a power, the clarity and the row has exhibited was for real stunning - in my humble opinion that is.
His voice of tenor is certainly a More the add and more affecting has has not listened never. Simply you sublimate!

Also would owe that add that Kelly of a vendor Moosikuk there is remarked partorisca break in a chance of first jewel of the packed and like this comprised the substitution. Good service. Thank you!
4 / 5
Today have voices of good tenor, but behind in a 50 east, 60 is and begining of one 70?S , the voice had of the tenor adds around partorisca choose, and Franco Corelli was one of them; with the fine technician and the plenary, ringing voice, equally product until the big D, any to mention the presence of phase adds. This CD is to compilation of two leading subjects for EMI of operatic arias and excerpts of his catalogue, for me some signals underlined is an Any sleep, a trovatore excerpts, Celeste Aida and Ah, light sun of Gounod Romeo and Juliette, the fine register (if you are not the purist of a french tongue) in his own legislation. Highly reccomended.
4 / 5
Großartiger Sänger, DIE Stimme gives 20. Jh. Wer ihn kennt, von Pavarotti nichts mehr hören.
4 / 5
Are proud and happy to possess any dvd or cd of one adds frank corelli . In this cd sings some famous arias like this well that the ones of any one listens any one another tenor again . It has been the defender of mr corelli in fact a lot of years . It is a better tenor of a 20th century . Any one approaches his not even mario delmonaco . It is sad today a state work is in . These like this called those the tenors are so only terrible . Ossia My opinion . The god bless the prince loved of the tenors have dipped some like this big levels any one can approach .
4 / 5
Has been reading a rave descriptions of this CD and listening to some samples and after doing goes so it buys another Corelli CD. They are not disappointed never in his voice. It was and it is a tenor more add all the time - - - sweep any one. Once again, B R A V Or Corelli!!