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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 17 ratings
5 / 5
Lost an original of of the this in the house moves like this happy to take another copy to cold was.
5 / 5
Has Had this album but lost it so it has had to that has it behind, as thank you.
4 / 5
Amur, amour, amour Unkle. His controls was, will not be disappointed.
5 / 5
To the band adds liked partorisca of years. Ossia Almost like this as well as 'Never does not land never'
4 / 5
Bought in a backside to see them like this very so many Histories of War the one who the d definately reccommend.
5 / 5
That can write in a fashion of music another that has did not listen him never and like this electrical and the rock then gives it the gone
5 / 5
has Bought in a backside to see them like this very so many Histories of War the one who the d definately reccommend.
4 / 5
Habladuría In only and sexy. Any a lot me, means this album. They are the enormous defender of DJ Shadow in all the chance but when his skills are remained with production and of the the ones of master of utmost singers the masterpiece. This the scarce and good-looking darkness and racked cd. Sublime pauses n beaten, subterranean edginess and highly skilled melodies.
5 / 5
Healths of Thessaloniki, Geece.
Has received a cd and I sad to @give that it was not new. A digipack has bent and shabby corners. A disk also has the no deep but long scratch. It is obious has used. I am not pleased. It can buy the used one of a beging with the plot estimates lower.
Has taken some photos the proove that says here.
5 / 5
Exactly like this described, boss and record in mint condition. A lot it thanks, it will be partorisca buy more..
5 / 5
This album there is alot of potential. Any one necessarily give this potential everything of a time. But when he , the appeal was perfectly. Partorisca me, his Dj the shadow fulfils the cinematic orchestra fulfils radiohead; the collision that can be swim but good. The collection of songs adds interspersed thus more left in a paving of cutting room. Collaborations with Thom Yorke, Richard Ashcroft and Chico has drawn Hardly leaves an album he more acessible side. A music often is eating and edgy. A enjoyable album that force a listner partorisca seat up and attention of paralización.
4 / 5
Travesía Hop Pioneering D.J Shadow and Breaks veteran/ Me it Boss of Wax James Lavelle joins forces partorisca create the musical master piece, an album (in my opinion) which is unrivalled in both beauty and production.
Partorisca Try categorise this album would be bad, this album simply challenge this process. An attention partorisca detail and some values of shines of expert production throughout, of a quirky ski-fi samples to a awesome lining of Shadow he. This album has been released to the critic acclaims, with an album that does a cup 20 album of a year in the a lot of publications that comprises Mixmag and Transfer.
Simply dipped ossia one of some more utmost albums never partorisca come to fruition - the gender that defies, endlessly listenable and lovingly crafted. An album bounds of gender to gender with each clue that resupplies the strong example of this fashion, some touches of albums in a hip partorisca bounce hop beaten of wipe - Drums of death, leaves 2' looking some rhythms of Mike D of a Beastie Boys, a travesía sublime hop beaten of olitary Alma' looking Richard Ashcroft, a rock of the Goth believed of 'breather of nursery' and a morbid, the piano has directed moan of Thom Yorke in 'Rabbit in yours headlights'.
In the word - essential...
4 / 5
Could so only adds on this album with that a word. Bought the in a base of him when being an only thom yorke-the music has related the didnt own and the has not been disappointed. When being slightly biased thinks them 'rabbit in yours headlights' is one follows better on there, this in spite of slightly disturbing when accompanied by an odd promotional video partorisca an alone.
Richard Ashcroft-lumbered with olitary soul' is another standout so it comes from can leave his voice to any fashion of music. Partorisca Control to try further was 'the test' with some chemical brothers!Any one the defender of a cup ten swipe of incident (commentaries a sarcasm) 'be there' (feat ian brown) would not be disappointed partorisca purchase this album! Mecer In of the places ('nursey rhyme'), hip hop/dance in another ( soyain subject of title') and in of the parts extremely chilled was ('chaos').
Love my rock but everything dance the music has touched like this thinks them goes considers partorisca change my alliances!
5 / 5
Thinks that a title says it everything really. I am coming to this band quite late on,as decided to take some of his rear catalogue. I have chosen this one because of some artists those who has done on that. This in spite of, on in the first place listen has asked them that rubbish another reviewers has spoken, as it touches well, but besides far listens @to @give was a lot. It is not really the strong albumn in comparison to some of some another. Which is the shame really considering. The value listens it but no a compraventa essential.
4 / 5
Taken this album in 2004 in that listened that a Be There so only with Ian Brown the one who was them the enormous defender of. On in the first place listen the @@give has had them has not listened never to the to anything likes before, A Orb been like this near like this to of to the comparison likes could think them of. An album does not leave an auditor relaxes, has his attractive odd ossia a lot gratifying and so only leave to listen to a music and enjoy anything more yours doing. Taking touched in of the scarce occasions now like this to not spending out of some memories add and images some clues invoke mine of some years when this cd was to regulate he in mine cd player. I found it odd in mine a lot first listen like him naive the student fact 10 years, the now listen his and to marvel like them some people my age now has not listened never of , Dj Shadow or James Lavelle, his loss second the one who can see them. Standout The clues for me are Bloodstain, Solitary Soul, A Swipe (Drums of death Pt 2), Unreal (Instrumental to Be There) and Rabbit In yours Headlights but all the clues contribute to an album immensely and disagree with some this says that some clues are filler , an album like an album is glorious how is, and wouldnt profit a lot if some clues have been takes. This album headed to Entroducing for DJ Shadow that is the masterpiece aswell and perhaps slightly better in some chances. If in any doubt roughly buying this album all can say them so it is that it calms would be necessary to give it the little listens first and whose judges on in the first place listens, some can find it add first listen and some can feel indifferent but im sure with which 3-4 listen will come to cherish an album and his travesía musical.
4 / 5
The good blend of hip hop, travesía hop and sweet sounds with the strong of DJ Shadow odd Clocks, have to that for any DJ Shadow or travesía hop defender.
5 / 5
Ossia Of a place, and I integer-heartedly dresses, for once:

'LISTEN: OSSIA THE ONE WHO The MUSIC to business sounds likes him. A chatter of manager and A&Rs and lovely, 'talent' elusive. A blips of numbers of ex directories in of the digital transmissions. A flutter of pages in bulging Filofaxes. A alchemical conversion of hot air to heartfelt resonance. An accumulation partorisca satisfy of extracted to extracted partorisca treat these arrivals - the few months, the billion of years, down a line - in a music, a product. To somewhere deep in there, moving endlessly, obliquely, behind all a music of insignificant cutting flange-manufacturers, there was mentido a visionary fixers, maintaining control in a zeitgeist.

'Psyence The fiction Gone back a subject of music in his boss, in east posits one has sawed-ordinator, Me he'founder of Wax James Lavelle, likes creator, intrinsically more interesting that a shiny variety of musics has summoned partorisca do his bidding. A tortuous gestation of UNKLE album partorisca begin already is when being mythologised for Lavelle like the class of wracked, psychotic exploitation of a human condition, with him - the clubbable boss of focus with good ears, in essence - in a black heart of a project. Tempting material.

A reality, perhaps predictably, is not quite like this as well as it thinks that that it is. Sure, if 'Psyence Fiction' for real reflects some flavours and preoccupations of Lavelle, then has the prodigious and uncanny affinity for quite all fashionable in Big Bretagna right now. For this an album - totally be supported by take-'90s, estaca-tribal eclecticism - brings together cut'any paste electronica and old-skool hip-hop styling with the rock is at present unbanishable air of melancholy and self-importance. And containers he with abundance of retro ski-fi place. It is the boy of Wars of Estrella, this in spite of bad wants to believe in a Force.

An air to prevail of 'Psyence Fiction', this in spite of, is one of clumsy engaged more than mutual inspiration. Overwhelmingly, Has one that feels that DJ Shadow - the one who builds almost all a music here - is uncomfortable in to his function likes them the collaborator; it conceal this deeply solipsistic artífice seldom helar with Lavelle is of chooses them the singers or he still comes on hire purchase with a song (like opposed paralizaciones to groove) formed of a lot of a material here.

Richard Ashcroft cameo, esolitary Alma', is typically problematic. Marcos of shadow splenetic beaten, together with solemn series orchestrated for the attack Massively forward fixed Malone, mostly loiter awkwardly around Ashcroft skeletal vocal line. It is not until a beautiful 'Unfinished Compassion'-fashionable tail, when Ashcroft the drifts was on one, trancing and extemporising, that a music rouses he and finds a confidence to be for real empathetic more than submissive.

Ditto 'Bloodstain': Alice Temple (previously of Eg And Alice a lot of-afamada) looks to do a bit few trite allusions the heroin, the suns of the bad electrical guitar that takes sampled of AOR hell, and a global effect is like Sade that does the hip takes-hop turn. Included a reliably supple engineering of way of DJ the shop window of the shadow instrumentals, 'UNKLE - @@Subject of Main Title' and 'Unreal', is undermined for intruder (and often suspiciously gothic) the pauses of electrical guitar concealed betrays an obligation to conform to a project ostensible the aesthetic rock.

There is far too many electrical guitars here. Two sample-mecer thrashers, 'A Swipe' and 'Rhyme of Nursery', fronted for Mike iconic D and Chico has drawn Bad stranger (the one who coincidentally shares the manager with Richard Ashcroft), respectively, is full of good ideas and digital brutality, still strangely unconvincing - like facsimiles of annoyances of action of the art packed more than some definite pieces. 'Rabbit In yours Headlights' at least has a virtue of axe-free subtlety, when being all bleak lines of piano and rhythms of jazz of the fight. But his success depends in your tolerance of Thom Yorke, and here - estápreocupado of a spotlight', as he muses - is - in his the majority of clenched and self-parodic.

One the majority of successful clue, for some distance, is 'Psyence Fiction' is less rock-friendly. On 'the Scorching guns', veteran MC Kool G Rap laws furiously in a midst of a apocalyptically murky, futuristic hip-hop rains no the difference of a start of current nude-skool Flow of Company of the heroes. Ironically, UNKLE The legend suggests Rap the recruitment was a one A&R the decision done for DJ Shadow more than James Lavelle, which probably explains reason 'the Scorching guns' is an album' only moment of complete cohesion...
And that inexorably heads to @to give , of a swipe for everything, that an odd character of DJ the shadow does not need any that says as to do. If 'Psyence Fiction' is the failure, a suspect that there was mentido of failure squarely with Lavelle more than a patently the women and the gifted men have employed the flesh out of his nebulous concepts, these plenaries-in the creativity has been stifled for an adolescent-dream-come-true to form the supergroup. Cela, in an end, is a subject paramount of this intermittently brilliant but finally self-aggrandising album: no a universal soul, but a sense of big seriousness, stairs of epic and star gathered to be simply an end in them. Like the glorious, bloated, egotistical madness, says all calm does not need never know in a state of a subject of music in 1998.'

Possesses, and like this, would have to feel very ashamed.

Top Customer Reviews: ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 1 ratings
4 / 5
I have bought this partorisca a song 'Ugly', because I have listened he in a awesome 1990 ski-fi the film called 'Darkness Ángel' in an alien druglord, the one who overdose of causes, flies endorphins of a craniums of humans, then calms, partorisca sell rear house in a phase.

Scrapes partorisca smile!