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4 / 5
A simplicity of this product is brilliant.

A product literally so only connects your Transmission of Nintendo and starts automatically transferring audio in any bluetooth the device there is paired with him.
Literally spent and game.
Not touching or the batteries have required, is powered for a Transmission of Nintendo he.
Sends audio to 2 different bluetooth devices simultaneously.

LIGHT latency with audio, any enough for the normal person to remark, but yes listen a lot hard has less than half the seconds of the his lag.
Ossia A chance with ALL bluetooth devices for a way, but people of those who usually remarks his so that it is any in a telephone or listening the music.
5 / 5
This Bluetooth the the adapter is perfect for a Transmission of Nintendo to the equal that takes on like this he little litter that does not interfere with one managing of a console.

Was really easy to pair although I owe that confess has not seen some instructions (which are not very clear) until I have had already paired the to my wireless headphones and I headed to pair he for simply pressing and holding an or both of some keys (An or B) with the mix of ignorance and gross force - the suddenly said mine auricular 'paired the wireless dongle' and was was.

I really like a fact that this adapter is like this small this in spite of like this does with the second scrolling of looks of instant - I certainly there is not remarked any sound lag or interference when I have been touching games so that it is the 5 product of star in the mine in the my ears like to them the house can be here...
Also comes with another adapter for the leave to return to the USB to be used in other devices but I have has used so only he with a Transmission of then all my others the devices are already Bluetooth a Transmission would owe that it has been in a first place.
For each 100 Nintendo of things does well will do something wrong but this little adapter fijamente one of these olvidos.

To good sure would recommend it and could not use again the connection wired to headphones in a Transmission now.
4 / 5
Has taken this he so that it is enough bit it smaller that some alternatives, and previously took it Gulikit battery, and has been impressed by some of an attention to detail. Has one same little nubs that empty to a fund of a Transmission, although this he not returning in USB of my PC-C port.

Is still too big to stand up with a incumplimiento stand, but can dip a chance under a sinister side and looks quite stable.

I paired two pairs of Bluetooth auricular to try, and his so many appearances in-sync and with unnoticeable latency. There the has not looked to be any difference in quality of his (using QC25s with an adapter vs boss) but are not a audiophile. The pairing was quite easy, so only dipped some headphones in way of pairing, and press a key. There is the pocolos second of lag when pairing or resuming a Transmission of standby.

Has not tried he with a PS4, but work with an adapter with my PC.

In general, very drawn and adds. A precise same shame exists this in spite of, this would have to that be Nintendo has comprised !
4 / 5
Nintendo really has to that have included Bluetooth in a Transmission, is 2019. But it is Nintendo as his no. This full adapter that empty a lot well, and he a lot well. It adds hardly a lot bulk like this has to that still returned further of chance, but if it is not quite simple to take was and place in the pouch also. Partorisci With 2 different headphones so that any precise to animal-the pair loves transmission among his too much. There is not any drop in quality of audio, and to the latency is quite good but also will depend in your headphones. There is not coming with any instructions this in spite of, as you are trying imagines was as to pair he, press and resist one of some keys for roughly 5-ish as until it begins to blink quickly, and then dipped your headphones in way of pairing also and has to that hopefully find each one which so another. It comprises the very small USB-A to C adapter to the equal that can use he with a cradle also. Finally, it is quell'has bitten more economic that some another there which is a lot also. It would recommend it wants to use Bluetooth auricular with your Transmission.
5 / 5
Ossia A second Gulikit the peripheral of Transmission possesses another when being a cradle of travesía of excellent Transmission and upload. In a box receives a blue tooth dongle with coverage of powder in some colours of the Pokemon goes that it has thought them was the good touch, calm also receives it usb adapter so that I can connect your Bluetooth auricular wireless whilst yours transmission is in a cradle. A Dongle connects to a subordinated usb-c connector. Ossia A place a boss to touch attaches your Transmission. This obviously means that it calms can not touch your transmission whilst using a Bluetooth dongle unless his in a cradle. There is not any instruction to the equal that to that way around a dongle ties but has done more for me when some lights in a dongle row with a backside of a transmission sees picture if this is confusing :), that the pairing is turn really simple in yours together of boss has dipped he in way of the pairing and one attach a dongle to change , once a transmission is on he automatically will begin to look for, can see this like the light will begin to flash and once paired will go it solid, there is squared indent the keys in some subordinated yes wish the manually the pair so only presses one in still the pocolos second, there are two calm keys so many can have two headsets connected a same time, to pair a second so only press a square key that it is in a side of a dongle concealed is not lit. Some instructions are one some backsides of a plastic chance, is really small and hard to read has bad eyesight likes I so that there are them zoomed in and taken the picture for your ease and reference.

A lot Like the action is pairing adds was simple and the sound was decent. I paired 3 insiemi of bluetooth auricular of different frames with out any subjects, has connected them also 2 insiemi of headphones some same times and a sound am remained clear. It would say that you like him to them the strong sounds whilst touching, use he headset with control of volume in the like this this looks to spend for directing the one who a control of volume of the leaves of transmission.

The wise battery does not look to eat a lot of energy. Has an original transmission and with a headset connected the touched for just on 4 hours, is buying the newest version of a transmission with a life of the longest battery, you action with this dongle would owe that be longer, the does not possess the transmission lite as it can not offer commentary in that.

Obviously yes has dipped your transmission down for the minute or two and go in to standby he disconnect of a headset but he reconnect easily once actuated again.

In general would owe that say that his the piece adds of boxes in the decent prize, if yours travelling with people his utmost does not have to that listen yours game and is the father the one who is thinking roughly buying this for your boys surely will help your stress levels like this highly would recommend it :)
4 / 5
Buys this like this in some evenings sometimes will touch my transmission whilst my woman is taking up in shows of TV, and although I can easily the use wired auricular has loved to use mine AirPods.

The delivery was fast and well has packed.

The installation was directly advances for just plugging in a dongle to a transmission. If you are by train to use it docked there is also the adapter of USB. To the headphones of pair was so only the chance on dipping a AirPods the way of pairing and then that resists one of some two keys on front of a usb dongle.

The quality of audio was good and has not experienced any latency at all. They animate-paired quickly after a console has been turned was.

Love a fact can pair two separate pairs of Bluetooth auricular immediately and use like this simultaneously.

A lot of value the cost yes loves Bluetooth audio on transmission !

- Easy to install
- easy to headphones of pair
- can use two pairs of headphones simultaneously

- a lot like this far
5 / 5
Although any something am doing regularly the interior a moment has has purchased mainly this to connect to mine Bluetooth receiver in mine commute to and of work.
A fact that a device comes with the protective chance is brilliant thus purpose like this once unplugged of mine nintendo the transmission can maintain it sure.

The pairing is sincere with some instructions resupplied in a box and a backside of a protective chance. Next time I plugged he in and turned in some headphones have connected first time.

Like this far has not experienced any subjects or fall outs and a quality is brilliant thus cost.

My only flu (and has bought to know this) is that when I am back house and touching docked theb can cover to a fund of a console via a usb-c.

Is looking for The Bluetooth adapter for your nintendo the transmission then can a lot of recommended this highly enough.
4 / 5
Will take out of a way in the first place,
Paired with mine Avantree Pro headphone, which there is aptX-LL form, a latency of audio is terrible, like this bad likes to regulate it Bluetooth level of audio, included thou has said that is to connect invernadero aptx-LL. I have tried with the Sony WH-10000XM2, which any active aptx-LL and a latency is one same.
Has something wrong with this pairing of adapter at least and was able of the try! Has another Bluetooth adapter (big plus) that reads a lot of (low latency) when pairing a Transmission with a Avantree Pro Headphone.
This out of a way... So only I have praises for him:
A measure is sum !
A form is perfect, the fact almost imperceptive. Can leave it there and still it returns my protective chance.
Having Two paired the devices some time was is also utmost.
If more find the pairing a lot where a aptX Low latency in fact works, would recommend this adapter, otherwise, No!
4 / 5
A fantastic little box concealed is like this easy to use. Simply you cover to the your usb c space in a console and calms that can forget. It is slender like him still access in my chance with him plugged in that is well, but loves to unplug comes with the coverage that empty on some upper to protect a dongle.

Has used this with mine Samsung galaxy buds and was simple to pair, there is easy to follow the instructions have comprised also. Used his in the busy train and has had any interference other devices and work without subjects of them losing connection.

Some fantastic small products
4 / 5
Yes, is ridiculous that a Transmission does not have native support for Bluetooth audio. But felizmente has the solution! This USB-C bluetooth adapter of GULIkit is a slender and more discreet plus could find, and is in fact a lot compact. No really it adds a lot of bulk to a profile of console and still access in my chance while it has attached. It is also incredibly light like this really calm will not remark it . Has the so only has DIRECTED east flashes when looking for and stays on while connected, but is tiny and that expensive down so that any one distracts it at all. It is easy to dip on, connects quickly and maintains the stable connection, comprising in the distance and by means of wall in the precise chance dipped a Transmission down to do something more. There is a lot little ( imperceptible) lag/latency and quality of his east well. You can connect 2 pairs of headphones simultaneously for multiplayer and automatically relieves a profile of the his better (comprising aptX for compatible headphones). Have Still to really try an impact on life of the battery but I doubt it would be many.
In general am impressed incredibly with this Bluetooth the adapter and is to good sure a better one has found. Easy to recommend.
4 / 5
These products are add partorisca any to to those who likes him to of game in his transmission in a gone and does not want to faff around with wired auricular. A quality is order how is a row , to good sure the solid product. It is also incredibly low profile as it can probably returned to peel the softest chance while plugged to a transmission as it has done in mine.

There is so only 2 what can recommend / warn you roughly that will help still to enjoy his use:

1) recommends pair your headphones with your transmission (the first time) while in home to the equal that will be easier. A reason partorisca east is that there is not any key that initiates pairing of a device, the way has entered so only of the pairing a moment inserts/inserts to an USB C port and power in a Transmission, and any headphone approximations also in the way of pairing would owe that link up. Doing this in the public setting with more the interference other wireless devices will take more time. Once paired to one of some 2 canals (An or B) this in spite of, is good to go.

2) does not insert/to insert or take a device to a transmission while it is on like this sometimes can clash a game. This will not spend has dipped a transmission in stand for and then insert/the take. I have had this spends to little time, are in an old 2018 model bought of a transmission.
4 / 5
Has been looking for ways to take bosses of my life and a Transmission is one of some last zones to take a snip. Weighed on pros and gilipollas of some different adapters, and a lot of people looked positive in a Gulikit so it has ordered. A product and the chance is really amiably drawn and has been surprised the one who slimline is when semi-detached to a Transmission. Paired With headphones any question and a connection looks quite stable.

This in spite of, a subject main is that although any one another reviewers said, there is noticeable lag among the actions that takes place on screen and a sound that paste. I have tried this with two games knows a lot of - Súper Mario Mondo and Bad Resident 4. In both chances, there is the empty among paste a key and a sound of Mario fireball / the gun of Leon that goes era. I have tried this with two headphones of low latency - Apple Airpods 2 and Sony WH-1000xm3, which there is aptX to reduce latency. In both chances a lag is clear and quite bad to spoil some games for the dork like me. In both games there is a lot lag the street wired auricular or by means of some speakers of Transmission. If you can give support that then well but for me is the dealbreaker and will be to stick to me boss for a Transmission.
4 / 5
Love a creation of him so that it is like this resembled a Transmission he. This in spite of, connecting my AirPods his has taken me roughly 15 mins. It has connected once an audio has maintained to take every second or two, as I disconnected and has connected again as looked to fix he for roughly 5 mins until I have begun to listen sounds of odd interference. I king-paired my AirPods and was exactly one same. Also, while touching the game has situated a transmission down to the soft surface like my duvet and a connection has been gone almost every time, lifted a transmission of the mine duvet and the connection is turn . I have purchased Genki to try and compare it the GuliKit and a difference in quality of the audio and the latency is like this enormous that are to return GuliKit and has maintained my Genki. Spend the little more in a Genki the adapter yes can and love experience of better user.
4 / 5
Has taken this for my grandson the one who has has wanted to he for his transmission of Nintendo. It is gone in the little plastic case with a “L” shaped connector and a real adapter. It has connected to the his Bluetooth auricular immediately grieve he plugged he to a transmission. It has done in the seconds and says a sound is adds. Berry has cleared. It means I do not owe that listen all a noise of him when touches in ours thank god! Good piece of crew. It thinks that that it adds and ossia all these subjects suppose
4 / 5
A GuliKit Air of Street Pro Bluetooth atascamos of Adapter the hole that, for all intents and purpose, has to there is not . A lack of Bluetooth the connectivity in a Transmission of Nintendo has very caused the furrowed brow but in the loss of a Transmission in this profit of adapters.

Although any concrete instruction is resupplied a súper slimline and discreet bluetooth the adapter is easy to dip up and works directly out of a box. Dipped your headset the way of pairing and a Gulikit link up without @@subject.

Has been using mine for the few weeks now and really is the bit adds of boxes, paired with my Sony auricular wireless can relieve the light lag among the key presses and a sound has associated that is to receive but are more than comfortable dipped a failure in mine headset door. Once at stake a lot lag can be been remarked is forgotten quickly to the equal that result engrossed in any one is touching.

Packaged With a Bluetooth the the adapter is the USB the USB-C adapter and the mic. A mic going in useful partorisca to to games like Fortnite if you are in of a movement and have the connection of good internet.

In £ you could not choose on the better bit of technology for a prize. Light and quite unnoticeable when semi-detached to a Transmission a Gulikit is now the mainstay in my “must haves” when it leaves a house to direct the work.
4 / 5
Produced excellent. Easy to connect and do like this described with my Bose QC2 headphones. His very good quality and a lot noticeable lag. Tried with Animal Intersection and Witcher 3 and both have had the audio adds. So only downside is an elbow shaped USB-A to C adapter to attach device to a jump which does not return if a Transmission is wall is trace. Has a TotalMount and has had to buy the right adapter to do work. No the subject of entity, but the plan uses this in the transmission of trace of wall can has to that buy an alternative adapter partorisca around £5. No the economic product but returns a way of Transmission the hand has held fantastically like this value of the cash yes needs a Bluetooth connectivity.
5 / 5
Has not been that to say, averts that awesome this produces in fact is! I found it always the massive ache that has to that it changes among my AirPods and my wired auricular, but this accessory finally mean can enjoy your games in his full glory, complete with his wireless.

Really easy to dip on, and easy to follow the instructions means that I do not owe that turn down console of mine in audience again. An accessory is powered for a transmission, and has minimum impact in a measure of real console (sees has has attached pictures)

is loving the Bluetooth accessory for your Transmission in the estimativa, ossia to good sure one to consider.
5 / 5
A product adds! It is tiny, included when compared to a HomeSpot. Measuring in the meagre 5mm in thickness, an Air of Street is discreet and will leave a Transmission to return further of the same chance when left plugged the USB of a console-C port.

A process of pairing is incredibly easy and leaves upto two bluetooth devices to having connected simultaneously. They are a lot of audiophile, but with SBC, aptX and aptX low latency all that maintains , has not relieved a lot of noticeable lag in mine regulate aptX sustained Sennheiser HD . When into use, a favourite codec will be indicated by the light CONCENTRATED in a receiver - this is not so only informative but the looks cool also.

An Air of the street does not sustain passthrough touching. This means it will have to that be disconnected each one which so and every time wish jump a console or load via USB-C boss. For me personally this was no real worry like the majority of mine playtime is in a gone, with a Transmission so only a lot when never being docked once the day when I take house .

More than all an Air of Street comes with the USB-An adapter. This leaves a receiver to having connected to any of the three put you of USB of a cradle so that I can use your headphones when touching in docked way.

An Air of Street is the must yes is exasperated to take touched of of these wired auricular.

A highly recommended piece of boxes and service adds also.
4 / 5
He no economic just to take bluetooth the headphones that reads, but he a work adds. Nintendo to wish in fact actuated it so only they!

In all the chance, this produces that it says - dipped covers it to you small in a headphone jack, and a bluetooth auricular in a base (or an USB has comprised the bluetooth adapter when docked) like him both way the hand held and docked.

Has tried has been with some MPOW bluetooth the headphones that use fortnite, and he like this the sound of the utmost phases so that fact voicechat.

To good sure value a compraventa
5 / 5
A Bluetooth the adapter for one the majority of part is easy to dip. It covers so only he in and is in your way. I have been using he with AirPods and for one the majority to separate a connection is stable, so only occasionally some drops of his May resetting solves a subject.

Has created so only a transmission with Bluetooth built in.

So only be conscious that like this propiciada a port to touch of a transmission, like this calm can not touch with headphone and uploading against a same time without docking.
4 / 5
Has 3 Bluetooth devices in my house - 2 speakers (a Logik soundbar and the Sony SRS portable the) and 1 pair of auricular (Jabra Elite 75t). Ossia My experience partorisca connect Transmission of mine to each like this of them:
Soundbar - the audio is in sync and looks partorisca do a lot
Sony portable the - the audio is in sync but his only randomly the cut was, sometimes partorisca the pocolos second, sometimes partorisca ages
Jabra Elite 75t - the audio is among 0.5 and 1 seconds for behind an action on screen. Exasperated to look the video or gaming, as lag is really noticeable; it is it likes look the bad film has baptised. Has the little bit of lag with these headphones have connected to my telephone, but is worse using a Gulkit and Change near.

As it appears to depend on device and (I am guessing) which Bluetooth use of protocol. Some do well, some no. could be a lot but probably calms will not know until shabby and the try was.
5 / 5
An Air of Street is such the addition adds to a transmission. A dongle is tiny and is very discreet the difference of the little of another some have seen.
This means that can spend around plugged to a transmission in one spends house as there is always has taken with me. You take the handy spends the chance with him would prefer the travesía with him likes that, and of east comprises the usb adapter. Has paired several Bluetooth auricular to a dongle now and every time he perfectly without noticeable latency.

To pair some calm headphones simply dipped your headphones the way of pairing. It covers in a dongle to an USB C port in a fund of a transmission and press and resist a key for 4 seconds to enter way of pairing. After the pocolos second are ready to go.

Has has used also an adapter of USB has comprised to try this in diverse other devices like my laptop and he have done like this well.

In general ossia the addition adds to a transmission and is to good sure the value that shabby!
5 / 5
Very happy with this element, I recently splurged the little for some wireless earbuds and has has wanted to one the majority of them to use them a lot so only for music but partorisca gaming, little know a transmission of Nintendo lite there is not coming with Bluetooth, as I have found this little device and the question have solved, his brilliant! A lustrous and small creation of this product the only fact perfect when using a transmission I included forget his there, there is the light lag with one touches which have not known was common with bluetooth earbuds to the equal that has so only did not use him never for music, but some investigation and yes ossia entirely normal like this in general are the very happy client and will continue to touch hours of animal intersection during this Covid 19 pandemic like his taking me by means of some days amiably :)
4 / 5
has been surprised when it has seen a measure of him, is quite thin any to be obstructing, really easy the setup so only attach, press the key and everything does.

Quality of his this quite well, has been surprised with a minimum delay in his, no really noticeable.

Among the very small box with also the usb adapter.

Basically can use your AirPods with anything concealed there is usb enough.
4 / 5
Excellent piece of boxes. Easy to dip on, will be ready to go interior little small. Among the good chance, protective that it is use adds for when you are travelling. It has tried so only with my Sony auricular, and quality of his calm east so that it would expect yes calms had them plugged in with the boss

Works also in Laptops/of PC as well as a PS4 and Xbox Some consoles.
4 / 5
There is enough the few questions, a bit that it was conscious of before the buy (likes any in that has raisin he by means of to touch a swith) this in spite of that has not expected was that everytime wants to use my headphones that has to his pair as if it had not been paired on before. These arrivals to take the moment, has to dipped some headphones the way of pair, which then annuls my leading connections with mine other devices (was although my headphones can connect to multiple devices) and takes the moment for a process to complete before I can use some headphones. Plot of troubleshooting involved and imagines ossia possibly because of them when being Bluetooth 4 and any 5.0 but could be wrong. If it concealed it is not a chance then so only has the very poor pairing process.
Could look to a genki to see yes do very better with pairing
5 / 5
A title says it everything really. This has bitten of boxes (neatly packaged in his own box for easy storage - also easy to dip in your pocket) leave to connect your bluetooth auricular yours Transmission of Nintendo. No more bosses! That is more, is returned my accessory of grip of the console also, doing this the addition adds for on-the-gone gaming.

Has an included adapter that leave you to connect the headset to the yours PS4 also, which are adds to consider the one who pricey wireless headsets for a PS4 can be. Ossia For the fly in comparison.

A sound is crisp and clear, and has not had any @@subject at all. I can see it is when being the a lot of accessory has used, and are has pleased really took it. All the round, is the fantastic piece of boxes.
5 / 5
An element was better that has expected. It was a lot of packaged in the hard plastic container inside an external box. There included the cushioned inside a plastic box to prevent movement in traffic.

An element feels a lot of fact and of the good works. Easy to pair with bluetooth auricular and discreet when attached the transmission of Nintendo.

Highly can recommend this product for any that wants to use bluetooth auricular/earphones in his Transmission of Nintendo.
4 / 5
Really happy with east! It is gone in a pictured the packaging and an adapter is utmost to have to that it wants to use he in a cradle of transmission. This law adds with my AirPods pro. Simply the chance of pairing and has no lag. Tried with the pocolos play different and really pleased with him. Probably I will take out of a chance and tent he in my transmission marries soft. I touch it they are it adds also.
5 / 5
A Bluetooth the transmitter is coming a lot of packaged in the small plastic box with the foam inserts/inserts for the maintain sure, something will maintain in still travelling. My main use partorisca east is commuting, as it always uses wireless headphones but can any one with a Transmission, as this solves a question or spending a pair wired old also. They have on connected really easily and have quality of his well without any lag, would recommend for more the one who has moved on to wireless headphones also.
5 / 5
I produce it adds. My edges had unpacked that and doing any time at all. I access his Transmission and is hardly noticeable and a quality of his this really good. My edges partorisca always have broken his boss headsets, hopefully with east and wireless headset all will be well. Less clutter also means the surest gaming experience.
5 / 5
A work. Had the pair of party according to dropouts but has not imported and could be interference other things.
Using them with Cambridge Melomania earbuds and RHA t20 wireless earphones.
Well and small like any concerned roughly in the astounding when touching the transmission reads, does not want to break a usb port.
4 / 5
A Transmission of Nintendo does not have bluetooth connectivity for audio out of a box, as to pair your headphones your Transmission of Nintendo needs the bluetooth the device of transmitter has taken.

The unpacked, touched It on the bit and then plugged he to a Usb-C space of my Transmission and he the pairing has entered immediately way. In Marley bluetooth auricular has dipped he the way of pairing and with which some seconds both have connected. Work perfectly, is very small, and leave me to have the sum of portable experience. 5 stars of me.
4 / 5
This are to add as has the small profile when semi-detached to a transmission leave to use the stand without question. A bit delicate to connect initially but once is connected is adds. A quality of his good east and does not remark any lag. Like this well it has taken another for my partner. It would recommend.
4 / 5
Has been buying things of Amazon for 10+ years, all the classes of things, but especially technology. Ossia, without the doubt, a worse thing has has not bought never. It does not operate, plain and simple. The course of audio was after the pocolos second and will not return . I have tried resetting a connection to a playstation, a connection my AirPods, has restart a PS4, I absolutely all could and some results were some same every time. They would connect, they would do for roughly 7 seconds, and then an audio would cut era. An absolutely disgraceful has produced. Thank you To squander an hour of my life, and ruining my evening.
5 / 5
Shining little device. Hooked He to the pair of Sennheiser MB660 the headphones and he have joined immediately.

Any delay of the his like this looks to sustain all some later levels, and can now game in a train without bosses! No an economic plus, but taking like stops of pays.
5 / 5
After looking for enough the moment for an adapter for my transmission that wasnt that it goes to the estaca was or so only do an ugly console, has found this. It seats flush to a console, easy to dip up and while the Bluetooth auricular with the low latency there is any delay in sound.
So only with this that the can not touch a console while this has attached.
4 / 5
Begins up for those of calm with the transmission lite: this does perfectly with him and does my commute much more enjoyable. A transmission lite is thinner that a model of base, as it expects this bluetooth adapter to stick out of the tiny has bitten! No the question has a orzly chance this in spite of, as these have the little cranny in some subordinated pary where a bluetooth nests of adapter quite well.

The quality of audio is force and the upper notch of the signal is quite good.
5 / 5
Very pleased, easy to dip up and just works. Very discreet same in my Transmission Lite, solves the very mysterious and disappointing omission in the otherwise fantastic console. Using with AirPod Pros.
4 / 5
The better accessory has not bought never for my Transmission. Happy has expected takes Gulikit to evolve of a model of prime minister has done to this slender adapter takes now. He blends well with an aesthetics of a Transmission. It has had to cut the empty in my chance of grip but totally currency he. And no noticeable lag in audio but tbh has not tried any rhythm has has based games to be sure but are not that it characterises of gamer in all the chance, a sound was excellent in all some games have touched.
5 / 5
Perfecto slimline bluetooth adapter partorisca Transmission, amiably presented in his box of own storage and comes with the USB a lot of gain A - USB c 90adapter of terracing, fact prefectly covers so only to USB partorisca change c port, and key of press partorisca connect
4 / 5
This device the good work in adding the characteristic the cloths of majority would owe that it has been in a transmission of a start. It is extremely small and propiciada a fund of a transmission. It leaves two insiemi of bluetooth auricular to having connected immediately but has has tried so only he with one dips as it does perfectly with.
4 / 5
Is such the shame that a transmission not having Bluetooth built in but this has been the lifesaver in of the trains and other places want to listen with his but does not have the boss wired. Sometimes it falls it was but he the majority of a time!
4 / 5
A latency is unusable. There almost he 3 according to delay among a console and my airpods. Perhaps it has taken the faulty the unit but is terrible
5 / 5
has taken! Finally I can use my transmission of Nintendo in a television and habladuría to my friends.
A thing am not sure of of the this reason a sound maintains to break on when in only 2 metres out of him consolations? They are I doing something wrong? Perhaps wrong setting?
5 / 5
The work adds can use receiver wirelessly so that the girls are happy, easy to connect and a lot of flush in a fund like this wouldnt remark it, also comes with adapter to return in a transmission whilst in a docking canal
4 / 5
is to good sure any value of the money, this in spite of is very easy to see you and connect Bluetooth headset, and a lot the effective time this does a product around the big 3 star and the low 4 element of star. My main question is does a lot always uses on microphone at stake with that is comprised in this container. If has a transmission of the money and calm does not require to use the microphone then for everything means to buy this, but is not the necessity.
4 / 5
Slender and lustrous works treat it, the connection adds and any drop outs ! The piece adds of boxes and highly recommended. Gulikit Has dipped a mark of bank for Bluetooth adapter in a transmission !
5 / 5
Been using this in of the flights with BT the noise that annuls auricular. Works really well, there is no lag and a slender profile the easy fact to spend (and lose :)).
4 / 5
Setup In the transmission is very simple, covers a dongle to a transmission and just pair your headphone and will do immediately. I have not been able of the take to do in a PS4 in spite of has said that read for PS4. A headhone paired to a dongle but PS4 does not recognise anything.

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This chance is the bit of the mixed stock exchange. I dipped it/ I dipped It on my transmission and really liked one feels of him and durability when using he way the hand has held. A question was when I is coming partorisca dip he in his cradle. With a chance on grieves access among a console and calm risk to break your screen. According to him any cradle properly been due to this a lot tight access. Like this now I am stuck with the chance has to that take was and on depend that I am using of the transmissions as it is not so only annoying but also a lot like some vendors of this state of chance. To good sure look for the better chance elsewhere that it can it to it do both hand-held and way of cradle seamlessly.
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The mine has arrived today, a box sealed has been opened, can be the subject of delivery or can be has been them sent any one is gone back without properly reseal.

The grip is not done of a piece of material likes a bit the images could suggest. A joycon the boss in the each side is glued to an average of plastic piece.

The quality of a product is acceptable, and im sure protects your transmission of scratches and falls smaller. But one 2 that imports to sell points of this product is not to praise:

1. You can jump your transmission with a grip on, But does not return to plant, does not touch a transmission. If you pressure down your transmission to a cradle, a cradle will have the light park green, but will not recognise your to be of transmission docked and touch. If it press firmly down to jump your transmission, be careful when taking he out of a cradle, need of use some force for the take was.

2. You can take your joycon was with a grip on, but the one who other descriptions was missing to explain is that it is VERY A lot of fiddly to take your joycon out of in this way, almost to a point of reason annoying.

Is buying This for a dockable and removable joycon characteristic, would suggest them look further. But yes it calms simply it is looking for the chance of grip to protect your transmission, the think this will do well. It feels good quality , is comfortable to resist, is thin, and some keys of shoulder am exposed which compare to another chance of grip of alike drawing, is quite good to be able to press L R without hampered by a chance ridge.
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Has taken of a Transmission of Nintendo has found holding for has extended the periods in portable way my accident of hands on top of bad. This chance really helps with those thanks to a support added for your hands in a backside. He also still access in a cradle when it loves touch in television.

Excellent chance, easy to install. Add the protective screen and your Transmission will be sure.
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The grips utmost celery with the crazy has arrived. Estimate 5 star but a joy with east is hard to take has finished to cut some few blockades in a backside for the easiest that take a joy with east. Still with this downside the still chair adds in my hands and feels sturdy when situating to a cradle.
5 / 5
Perfect chance for a transmission of Nintendo.. A chance is easy to dip on and take of.. His add reason calms does not have to that take a chance to jump a transmission.. Amazing value
4 / 5
Adds some yours extra consolation transmission, as well as I protect of drops and scratches. A Material in a joycons is slightly different to a main organism. I change still access in a cradle and I have any doubt my screen is still sure of scratches. Still access in my chance to spend also.
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Marie protective excellent for a very comfortable transmission and concerns any access in a cradle perfectly and easy access to joycons require to take them out of a protective sleeve.
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This element is not dockable like this announced that. Shame as it looks well. The failure that announces.
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Is using In this way the hand has held so only, is the economic option for something concealed done a transmission the bit comfier to resist, ossia according to which his advertising takes well this in spite of.

No properly with a cradle, has to press it down quite hard and a lot always connects.

A joycons is almost impossible to take, like another description on here, has had to cut the chunk of a chance around some keys of scrolling and also around a cup where is covers a fund of a trigger of a joycon so only have had like this something the grip when it takes.

Has has not had to do my own modifications, would give these 3 stars to be economic and comfortable to resist. When I Know I will not be docking a transmission for the moment, probably will use this.

Is looking for Something that you will not be taking was again, spent something more.
4 / 5
Ossia The chance adds for a prize, and have a lot of be happy with a quality like this far, and a general feels of an aggregated bulge in some grips.

A smaller thing so only has found the bit to nettle, is a Joycon push to release the keys are very difficult to press in when a chance is on.
I personally cut out of a part of a chance that has spent some keys, to obtain the easiest accesses to them.
This has done takes a Joycons far, far easier.

Another that that, does not think calm would be disappointed for 10 crux.
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Although my order has arrived promptly, an element was defective. A rear zone where one is for one changes to the start has this hard plastic ic residue that would have streaky or has broken one is of console of mine yes has spent on using it. Also, it is not dockable. Face to use a cradle to the equal that have prendido so only use the altogether. Finally, a difficult chance to take a joycons was. I love the repayment to be sincere.
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A chance a work and frames gripping one comforts an easier, but can not take a joy-gilipollas was with a chance on reason covers some keys of emission.
4 / 5
Excellent protective case partorisca a very comfortable transmission and concerns any access in a cradle perfectly and easy access the joycons require partorisca take them out of a protective sleeve.
4 / 5
Returns well, protects very some stars was why he he difficult to take a joycons.
5 / 5
Has taken this chance of grip partorisca my edges and a orzly chance of grip on its own name. A orzly the chance is quell'has bitten fatter like this more comfortable that resist and the offers more protect but any cradle and take chance partorisca take the joycon is the ache. This in some other hand-held cradles a lot of (I assumes partorisca have the screen of glass revenido protective if not taking a) and joycon is removable without taking a chance was. Also access in a Tomtoc chance partorisca trip so it assumes it will return in there slender also but has not tried that. It is the bit snug in a tomtoc chance of travesía but like the upper compartment is like this big has wide room. I have not had any along playtime with him still how is the present partorisca my edges but I has had to that try walk everything for him ;)
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has tried a Skull & has Sawed. If of first grip of east an and was rubbishes. One feels was horrible and hated likes some keys of shoulder are covered so much is harder that press.

Simple creation.
Nizza Feels and grip.
Still access in my chance of small protective zip.

Can be the bit snug in a cradle so the mark sure has the protective screen in chance perhaps.
My Bluetooth the the adapter does not return properly way the hand held but so only need the trim was roughly 1mm of a fund of a chance around an USB C port of the widest.

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They take a work done, any súper the big quality but his are not broken still (2 years in) so that gotta account partorisca something.
5 / 5
No with Microphone and portable. Helmets partorisca listen works. Micro At all.
Loves A repayment.
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I bad, does not have any one a lot his. Always it thinks that it is funny to read/write descriptions in cords, but this a class of warranted has based in a fact that there is no known such the thing is existed.

Has had an old Razer headset for PC gaming and has thought to use it on PS4, which has not done of then has had a two jacks (one for audio and a partorisca mic). I googled around for some class of splitter/adapter and BAM, here was.

Laws immediately perfectly without any setup in a PS4 paper. It looks he taste will last while I require it to and sounds to add (of east is in some headphones, but still. I have had first BAD cords).

Highly recommended to any with the subject alike.
5 / 5
Has had an idea that perhaps could use my headphones of Studio of the Beaten with my xbox has been of then touching Fortnite, in planting to purchase another headphone likes beach of turtle with a mic. I have had some lapel mics dipping around a house, as I thought that it could rig he on some way. It likes I some investigation and there is of then could use an Audio splitter to achieve this. As I have purchased this product, and the law adds. I can listen an audio of the game and my friends can listen me by means of a microphone, without @@subject. It is economic and looks a lot also. I recommend.
5 / 5
This boss leave to leave cellphone or computer that has the combo port for both mic and headphone.

Loves record music on Surface of Microsoft Pro. It has done the plot of google and can not find the real response. I imagined it finally it was. With this boss, leave me to use external microphone, a same time, disable a build in microphone in poster of control---his, now can register his of big quality and the music that the external uses is Locate NT1A.

For a way, sometimes, the windows does not relieve your external microphone and ash out of a setting of microphone in poster of control, all has to that do is still to unplug an outside mic and then discharges in this slitter first boss, then discharges in some outsides mic to the this adapter.

To to record Software likes him to him the audacity, so only can dip mapping of of windows.
Attended this calm tip helps.
5 / 5
Has bought this reason my gaming the laptop so only has an audio in jack and my gaming headset has the entrance of speaker jack and the entrance of separate microphone jack. Before I have bought this adapter, so only could use some speakers in mine headset and no a microphone that has forced used me a built in microphone of webcam in mine portable. This adapter is exactly that has required so that it could use both some speakers and microphone in mine headset by means of a an audio jack in mine portable.

An adapter is excellent. It looks and it feels he likes quality of the prize and some connections are a lot stagnate to which like him to him the plot. I have not experienced any reduction in quality of his for some speakers or microphone neither. I produce it adds in the prize adds!
5 / 5
Has bought this and a Zalman ZM-Mic 1 () the attached to the mine wired auricular and use them with my xbox a controller. The works add and to the equal that would expect.
4 / 5
Has ordered this splitter to use auricular and the microphone for separate in the PS4 controller.

Have the pair of Monolith M1060 headphones that loves use with a mic of a level PS4 headset.

This splitter toes a TRS coverages of connector in a port of microphone - like this some speakers in a PS4 earpiece start to a coverage of microphone and vice versa. Although it could take soyic' signal to spend for a earpiece to blow or touching in a headset speakers, he no pic on any signal of a headset microphone.

The starts to signal to some auricular (M1060) WELL but has the hiss and some noise presented for this splitter concealed does not arrive directly of a controller (Which are able to drive some GOOD headphones when plugged in directly).

In general, this produces any that I thought it would require it/ to.

Be wary of a setup paving to use with him, the a lot of people as it says have there has been sucedidos with this product and a PS4. I am not sure I have received the defective product, or a splitter only works when the consecrated mic is plugged to a port of microphone. This has said, if some goodnesses were flipped - thinks it to them would do in a way has expected.