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1 first Ultrasport F-Bike 350B, fitness machine for joint-friendly endurance training at home, can be used like an ergometer / exercise bike, foldable home trainer with eight resistance levels Ultrasport F-Bike 350B, fitness machine for joint-friendly endurance training at home, can be used like an ergometer / exercise bike, foldable home trainer with eight resistance levels Ultrasport
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2 Ultrasport F-Bike Heavy, Bicycle Trainer, Home Trainer, Exercise Bike with Training Computer and Hand Pulse Sensors, Collapsible, Black/Silver with Amazon Basics Batteries Ultrasport F-Bike Heavy, Bicycle Trainer, Home Trainer, Exercise Bike with Training Computer and Hand Pulse Sensors, Collapsible, Black/Silver with Amazon Basics Batteries Ultrasport
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3 best Ultrasport F-Bike Home Trainer 150 with hand pulse sensors, Exercise Bike with Training Computer and Hand Pulse Sensors, Collapsible Ultrasport F-Bike Home Trainer 150 with hand pulse sensors, Exercise Bike with Training Computer and Hand Pulse Sensors, Collapsible Ultrasport
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4 Ultrasport F-Bike Heavy, cycle trainer, exercise bike, fitness bike LCD training computer; foldable exercise bike; maximum user weight 130kg; pulse measurement; 8 resistance levels; towel holder Ultrasport F-Bike Heavy, cycle trainer, exercise bike, fitness bike LCD training computer; foldable exercise bike; maximum user weight 130kg; pulse measurement; 8 resistance levels; towel holder Ultrasport
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5 Ultrasport F-Bike 150, Fitness training, LCD training computer, foldable home trainer, maximum user weight 110 kg, heart rate measurement, 8 resistance levels Ultrasport F-Bike 150, Fitness training, LCD training computer, foldable home trainer, maximum user weight 110 kg, heart rate measurement, 8 resistance levels Ultrasport
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6 Ultrasport Air Bike, bicycle exercise bike with quiet belt braking system for power training, large fan wheel for air resistance when pedalling, with movable handlebar for arm training Ultrasport Air Bike, bicycle exercise bike with quiet belt braking system for power training, large fan wheel for air resistance when pedalling, with movable handlebar for arm training Ultrasport
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7 Ultrasport Mini Bike, Arm and Leg Trainer, Minibike; movement trainer Ultrasport Mini Bike, Arm and Leg Trainer, Minibike; movement trainer Ultrasport
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8 Ultrasport F-Bike 150B, bicycle trainer, fitness bike, LCD training computer, foldable exercise bike, maximum user weight 110 kg, heart rate measurement, 8 resistance levels, towel holder Ultrasport F-Bike 150B, bicycle trainer, fitness bike, LCD training computer, foldable exercise bike, maximum user weight 110 kg, heart rate measurement, 8 resistance levels, towel holder Ultrasport
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9 Ultrasport F-Bike Home Trainer 150 with Hand Pulse Sensors, Exercise Bike with Training Computer and Hand Pulse Sensors, Collapsible, Green with Amazon Basics Batteries Ultrasport F-Bike Home Trainer 150 with Hand Pulse Sensors, Exercise Bike with Training Computer and Hand Pulse Sensors, Collapsible, Green with Amazon Basics Batteries Ultrasport
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10 Ultrasport Home exercise bike F-Rider 2 in 1; including F-Bike, sports equipment for full body training, ideal cardio trainer, exercise bike, can carry up to 110 kg, green Ultrasport Home exercise bike F-Rider 2 in 1; including F-Bike, sports equipment for full body training, ideal cardio trainer, exercise bike, can carry up to 110 kg, green Ultrasport
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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5
My woman and I have bought this bicycle like the way to maintain active even whilst is both a lot busy and with two boys like this often unable to leave a house and go to a gymnasium. They are 5ft11 and is 5ft 3.

was both immediately very impressed with a consolation of a bicycle. It seats a lot comfortable and handlebars. Crucially, A height of chair is a lot quickly and easily regulated has spent like this both of us which is a lot of entity been due to our difference of height.

With 2 sleeping the boys in the noise of small house was a factor that the import is choosing the bicycle. I am surprised to house calm this bicycle is. I have been concerned that would require to dip a volume in a quite big TV for the listen in a noise of bicycle but is in fact a lot really necessary to dip a volume on at all.

This was the big worry for me when buying reason are to the aptest plot that my woman, albeit is been the few years of then have regularly has exerted. A lot of descriptions complained gave them grieve the workout. A main thing is to do sure comprise that it is buying and does not expect a bicycle to offer the control resembled a bicycle of exercise in the gymnasium. Calm does not take anything like a uphill feeling. But like the man of the access of 26 years finds an upper level give the good workout in the level can maintain for the long time. My woman probably will prefer to use the level he down plus.

finds a very simple computer. So only a key to move among some different options to avert any confusion. Calories and following distance and time all he very easy to dip clear aims that it is ideal when beginning the program.

Hanged & of storage
First question is that easy/quickly is to bend and unfold. It is like this simple as pulling out of the pin and then king-inserting it. If , I try, it will require to move the prime and after using it calm then will require to consider hanged also. The majority of men will find this easy to spend around. A lot of women probably will find it the little in an uncomfortable/side weighed like my woman. This in spite of is certainly a lot also weighed for a vast majority of women to move around.

the appearance is probably down in your cast of priority, but could come to the consideration especially yes goes to remain was. We find a white colour of a bicycle and a wry creation this the very attractive bicycle that access in well with out mainly mobile targets. After all more other bicycles are black and fold in a X form.

dipping a together bicycle is very easy and will not take you long at all. I took roughly 20-25 minutes and can be does faster concealed it.
4 / 5
Has taken this description to read that his abonos for big and shorter both. It is been 2 days has arrived.

Pros: Arrived quickly, good packaging. Good works for my husband 5'11 .

Gilipollas: The assembly takes time. Disappointed that legs of mine do not achieve a pedal. They are 5'1.
5 / 5
Loving this bicycle of exercise. Too dangerous for a oldie like me to cycle in of the streets around where alive now, but that the surgeon has suggested I cycle to strengthen muscles around the again substituted knee joint. Also it has it osteoarthritis in another knee and both cycling is helping to maintain me mobile without claves.
Has on dipped isolates transmission (assembly very easy) in front of television (has does!) My fitness and physio is advancing/coming from a lot well ... They are cycling in level of control 7 desire there is included state levels stronger.... But this remains exceptional value for money. Well chuffed :)
5 / 5
Adds well the compact bicycle has built. It is very easy to dip up with clear instructions. Has 8 levels of control, are the type of 31 years of half fitness and so only likes more mentioned here, level 5 is quite mine max in this moment in time. So only 45 minutes on he this darkens, has sweated the cariche and my clock of apple says has burned 400 calories.

To the equal that thinks that that a control is perfectly well for a half person, this in spite of six the gymnasium bunny then probably will not be . Included an economic looking the computer has agreed with my clock for a tax estimates which have been impressed for so that it has not expected any a lot of him.

Are 5ft 8 and have a chair some levels was a max setting, so he is a lot on 6ft the suppositions could not be right.

In general this in spite of, baring import a prize of this I thinks his add! It is also very noisy, slips to the long of quietly.
4 / 5
Precise knows are 72, woman, 9st, is and live so only in the hilly the city of country has been he walks the tents, friends, etc, but otherwise very a lot a exerciser these days. More is in lockdown again.

Has decided that something has required to change. Behind to coach with which 20 years. Eek!
L has Chosen my bicycle a lot attentively and am very happy has expected for east a. (Service of Amazon glorious, maintained informed and the aims of delivery once the fresh stock arrived)
was able to tug container upstairs I. It would be much more hard state had unpacked down like this first planned.
The assembly has taken roughly 30 mins, comprising unpacking. The main unit heavier, but good...

The bicycle feels very sure to use and looks stylish in my fourth spare - I has has not expected concealed!
An only question follows! Still, has years to discipline behind me, like this here go again.
Sited For window, irradiates still to rid, the cat has amused on shelf of window, to the left is goes.... Level 2 so only quite control...
Objective 2 x 15 minutes the day right now....

Recommends to purchase...
4 / 5
This bicycle is lasted so only roughly 18 month. With which around three month a computer has been wrong and headed spouting gibberish. A computer has been substituted for a costruttore but a substitution have done immediately one same like material has to that it has had fault to wire. Gradually I Have remarked less control but has maintained to use the. Now some round of pedals of just transfer without holding at all. You are this has not been the particularly expensive bicycle but I would have expected it would be lasted longer with half an use of now daily.
5 / 5
A bicycle is add, this in spite of an economic (really cheaply fact) what of computer of the calorie arrived with a bit port of discharges of connector he in a sensor of the wrist broken. I have discovered so only this after spending 2 hours that gathers a bicycle. As I can not use a function to read of the wrist!

To the amazon will not send You was so only the thing of computer of the substitution and they say can not go in touch with a vendor to ask them for the (Errrm??!). An only solution for this part broken small is to send a rear whole bicycle. Which have said I no , reasons do not want to spend the hours that dismantles, then reassembling the new bicycle so only to discover a part is broken again ( can say the cariche of these will arrive broken, is really flimsy), also that affects nave all this arch around have on he half?? Reason can any one a lot so only sends out of the thing of new computer??

Has been said to email a company directly and ask one for amazon (how is that for service of client), of course a company has not answered never.

Like this am them stuck with the bicycle without the function of wrist. Like this Beware folks dread him very small with this product (like the missing ray or ray or something) will have to that pck on and ship a whole thing behind loves any do any roughly he at all. Disgraceful And such the shame because in a whole I in fact like a thing, has left so only the bad flavour in my mouth...
5 / 5
Has had several bicycles to exercise on some years. My last a had been one of one the majority of uncomfortable bicycles and more weighed still. I soldiered by means of maintaining the routine of regular exercise but because it has not been well to seat on and was endeavour to move to situate to use, felt actively discouraged for the appeal was for anything another the seeds-daily cycle.

Like this when it has broken down, was almost happy that has had a mission to learn bicycles worse appearances. This new bicycle has had already glowing descriptions, had not seen bicycles with this form to seat and one protects has looked to interest.

The construction was easy and a moment has seated in the, has known had done a right election. And it does not import the young you or the contingent is, never underestimate that one protects can do for like the young man found taking few pauses and dipping order mine although it was quite useful.

And a lot especially the one who startled join me the majority of era that light and compress this beauty is. Taken on like this little room and his very easy to unfold and take that it goes as it has meant the big positive transmission for me. First locate an old bicycle was an annoyance but now easily could me find the spending was for the fast cycle and dip the backside without committing too much to a whole task. I find cycling thicker and in fact that changes my routine like this before I go to do, jump on for 15-20 minutes whilst looking the show in my TV.

Hopefully My description gives some people the good idea in mine quite a lot of experiences of niche and perspective. It has been wonderful in the each way an only thing am uncertain roughly of course is like this resists up over time but will have to that see.
4 / 5
Has been expecting the light element but that receive is the good product drawn and strong. The assembly is the doddle which would have to that take less than 30 mins. Utilisation a cycle is smooth and very calm, any vibration at all. Some works of monitor of the good heart like this do a bit other functions of computers. When it does not use fold down to the good compact measure. Quite light for my woman to move around. Perfect house excercise bicycle
4 / 5
is lovely to have the bicycle with protecting it. With rheumatoid to the arthritis can a lot of pedal on anything another frames it two as it can not comment is but for a prize ossia the bicycle of exercise of good quality and especially comfortable the one who help him when calm has to that convince you for the trace. One of some pedal straps is start and does not look all this easy to go back on way that is an only reason does not take five stars but are by train to be hard.

Top Customer Reviews: Ultrasport F-Bike ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5
F The bicycle informs FULL Weighed

has has had now this bicycle partorisca the week and I used it every day ( was already returns in all the chance but can not exit a lot now have bought like this this). Usually I do descriptions quite short but considering this is £100+ I decided to spend for some of some questions and give some responses and of the recommendations. Here some people of things can find gains:
- I follows 5'2 / 157cm and weigh 54kg / 119lb. It uses a setting to seat lower and is perfect for me, if anything I same can use it when a chair is an elder of notch .
- Is a lot easy to gather for a person but obviously is faster with two people, one in the each side!
- Semi-detached is the photo of a bicycle: a bicycle when it is bent in the reasonably small space in my living room which is where remain until I take it ready to go in some evenings.
- A bicycle has come as it looked in a photo. Has a console and some bars of sleeve. There is any table of laptop or anything.
- Some sensors of wrists can be temperamental. In a start is quite attentive but to the equal that progress and it beginning that the sweats effects some sensors the bit and some readings are inaccurate. For me this is not a @@subject how is everything in mine Fitbit in all the chance.
- Has 8 settings in a bicycle. I usually the use levels 2 and 3 for the discharge and cool down and then roughly level 5 for my real workout. It is handy to have the television or the music that touches so that you did not hold with which the pair of days.
- When you are attaching a headline of telephone, dipped the like this big up like six able but the mark sure is still able to dip your telephone in first of calm presionarlo entirely. A reason partorisca east is reason a bicycle does not have the headline to bounce so that it is dipped my waters of boat lying in some two bars down where a headline of telephone goes! Has thinks that that the tip could be useful!
- Is a lot of sturdy. It was in a bicycle the few days in when having and there is @@give had left my towel in a sofa, has sustained in the fair has bitten for the take and a no same bicycle movement, the alone tip has left on!
- I highly would suggest to take the gel to the coverage of chair likes there is plan on using he more than the pair times the week but the mark sure is of Ultrasport and that orders a right measure! It takes the pair of mins to extend it on but is supposition to be as that! Otherwise A coverage so only could slip was. I have left some links to a an I has in a fund of this description.
- You can not change a distance. It is preset to kilometres. So only they are that it goes by km now but yes calms really wants to calculate miles then the fast google the investigation will do a trick!
- Some turns of consolations was with which roughly 4 minutes of inactivity. When you Go for your prójimo workout a forward workout the results will look (distance, calories, time etc). If it wants to begin the new workout then resists down a key in a console (there there is so only one!) And he reset more than spending on yours last workout. An only thing that no the reset is an odometer the one who just said the one who the kilometres have done in totals of all your workouts.
- Any noise!! An only sound he really the frames is the a lot of light humming. Calm still can maintain a TV in the normal level and does not disturb any one. I maintain the base of an upper paving of the blockade of pavings like this this was that it imports for me.
- A lot of discharges. Any pesky bosses. All precise is 2 AAA battery to power a console.
- So that they want to begin some class of loss of weight, ossia the good start for FITNESS. Of course it will help to lose hanged but 80 of the loss of weight is down the DIET. Like this calm will not be that it loses a lot he the calm weight still is eating fatty sugary stuffs all day.

Expect this helped and expect that I have answered the plot of some people of questions have asked. Also appearance some of some tips have recommended will help! If it wants to know where has taken my gel spent of chair for my F-the bicycle has weighed then go to this url and the mark sure selects a right measure!! A lot of people say any one records likes expected but has not been that of these people so only have not had an experience to be able to dip right returning gel spent in saddles of the bicycle and the one who have had sincerely the too small coverage!! Access of mine like the glove: />
In general, the bicycle adds for a paid of prize.
4 / 5
Are the 68 old year in 6ft 1inch and near on 20 bone and has found this model an excellent buy for a money. I have gathered he in roughly 25 minutes for my account and some instructions are easy to follow. Some eight levels of pedal power are spare for any the one who only wants to improve his physicist and levels of fitness. An easy to use the screen of computer controls your speed of street, the distance has covered, quantity of cycling of time, those times have been in the, the one who the calories are burning and, thanks to a touch sensitive tampons in some handlebars, yours have dipped imposed. These can be aimed on screen as going information or, to press the key, stay in any particular information. Resisting a key down takes all a info back to zero for register of individual session. In general this was a compraventa excellent , the value adds for money..
5 / 5
My bicycle has arrived the 06 July 2018. Having has used he for several weeks, has decided to buy another for my mother, which had arrived on 04 Aug 2018. Today (19 Sep 2018), mine a has not felt well, as I opened it up and expósito that a tape had snapped (Sees photo). Has has had so only he for just on 2 month and paid £ for him. A question is that a window to turn has had has closed already. Any one advise on like this to take the substitution or my money behind would be utmost. Thank you
5 / 5
Has Bought this bicycle to take some daily exercise, loses some weight and to help spend my pressure of blood down. It was easy for the daughter to dip joint and has comprised everything of some instructions. This in spite of, a key in a computer there is prendido to do inner few days. More than taking it all avert and the send behind the Amazon, I emailed a costruttore. It was the holidays of German bank , but has taken receives he for my email and a next day have had an email to say that the new computer has been sent was mine and would be with me the few days and that excusan. It has arrived, it substituted it and it has been that shines never of then. The 30 minutes the day, beginning on 3 and building until 5 at present, has lost the bone in weight (for dieting also) and has spent my pressure of blood a lot down to an acceptable level again. It is the brilliant bicycle , with the really comfortable action, and am pleased like this with him. I think that that it is to good sure value of the extra money for a version has weighed so only for a chair a wide plus!
4 / 5
Has thought also long and hard with a lot of investigation before I have bought a bicycle of exercise, and has paid was!
Ossia An excellent quality , big piece of boxes, and highly can recommends.
Is a lot of solid, a 130limits of kg of the weight of upper user are adds for the big plus chap/chapesse! A chair has the good row of place, are the 30 ' leg of interior and roughly halfway in some locks of possible chair.
Are 113kg and feels does not situate any stress in a car. It is a lot calm and soften in operation. I am recovering of the pair of need and operations of entities to take my wind and force of leg behind - and with which so only the week or to the equal that can say are sure feels some profits .
Was bit it daunted by an offer of 'expert assembly' - (is hard to gather?) - But I found it a lot easy to dip near... tho' Is the little frail or no good mechanically can love this option.
All some parts are labelled clearly, some assemblies/of the ray of the ray is loosely fixed near for clarity and of the clear instructions, spanner and Allen your east has distributed. Has all precise .
An operation of a keypad is quite intuitive and are in eases with him, my only niggle is that it would be good to have it backlit screen to touch - but perhaps that will go in of the newest models, and is not the question.
Bent Is roughly 30 smaller deployed it, and in 26kg is the just weight , but thinks more the people will situate it and use it in situ.
Well to be able to dip my name to a sincere recommendation, positive for a compraventa on-line,
Ossia the good compraventa !
4 / 5
A bicycle has been received and gathered in 21/08/ this 2 appearances to this bicycle of exercise. For a bicycle he, felizmente rewards 5 stars but to take any profit of a bicycle I need to seat in a chair and ossia a reason because fallen my indication to 3 stars. For me, a chair is too much width and of here extremely uncomfortable with which roughly 15 mins, with a need to constantly readjust on that. They are viril and have the 39' measured around a zone of buttocks and can not find the comfortable place that movements to a front or a backside of a chair.

Has considered to return an element, especially when I have found that it had had the drop of prize of £37, this in spite of all a packaging had been destroyed and a difficulty in repackaging a bicycle has gathered, sure turn, together with one £28, Force of Container, load of delivery, forced to consider that it tries to improve a chair. I have ordered a gel saddle and after a fight to cover a chair with east, has found a chair a lot slightly more comfortable. Where He no for a difficulty and side to return an element, would return it and look elsewhere, this in spite of, will have to live with quell'have in a hope that will take used his; still I have 10 days or like this first of a window of returns in firm. I a lot underestimate an importance of the comfortable chair and yes can find, in tent, first to purchase, strongly would recommend that it goes to try was to see if a chair is own for your anatomy.
4 / 5
Like this for me while it was weighed too much for this bicycle and could it to them remain couch potato lol.
This was like this easy to dip joint and is a lot of sturdy for mine 18 frame of bone. It is also a lot calm and the joy uses the a lot of to a distraction of my husband.
Now a whole family is by train for the use.
Utmost cost and the good impulse to the mine new me.
5 / 5
Has purchased this with aiming to exert daily. Arrived a lot of packaged, and was quite easy to dip near. A lot sturdy (I hanged 98kg) and has been surprised that a computer has done with accuracy although a whole poster is done out of plastic and the little flimsy. As be careful in managing a cycle. First time used it there is remarked that a chair was tremendously uncomfortable. To a discharge that was in hurting with which 10 minutes. Following the 30 cycle of minute an ache is lasted all day. This continues daily. Because of one in the wide chair is hard to take the rotation of full leg likes bone of paste of upper thigh backside of the seats how is reason is painful. It does not import where feel in a chair. If it has not been for a bicycle that is sturdy and also calm in the operation would be it returned immediately. Now they are that it looks for to purchase or has done an adapter as it will leave me to record in any cycle of chair of saddle so that it can exert without ache. I have written also to Ultrasport that recommends that they redesign his product with the normal cycle seatpost this leaves an user to change a chair. In all the chance, now require spend more to correct his inadequacy to draw.
4 / 5
A F-the Heavy bicycle has been rid without a mobile phone caddy and his box to fix. With which almost an hour in a telephone with Services of Client of the Amazon his apologetically has said there was unable state to fix for the substitution they and they instead dipped me by means of that has said was an agent of service of the United Kingdom for Ultrasport the one who have been said would be able to fix a substitution. In fact, as his friendly operative Italian has explained was apparently so only the third party outfit this has resupplied basic marketing & PR support for the business number that comprises Ultrasport in Europe and was unable to dip commanded a missing part they. Instead later we send me details of an email address in Germania and the cast of an information would require to comprise in mine email to this allocution that asks a substitution.
With which for the half the year, ANY of mine emails to Ultrasport the services of Product there is elicited any one answered another that an usual automated 'thank you for your email will answer interior 5 business days' received of response and still are that it loses an useful smartphone caddy. Ossia Clearly the company that has little respect for his clients and significant produced zero support.
The parts disappeared averts my partner & has been quite happy with a bicycle that is sturdy bicycle of basic exercise and has seen light use totalling around 30-40 minutes each day. Some papers and the exposure could be better draw you but in this prize that is not the breaker to treat although it reinforces the one who useful having the exposure of smartphone with the application of the trace of fitness in a bicycle would be!
Has bought this bicycle partly in a backside of a big number of the positive critiques and I think the people will not complain his compraventa while they receive the bicycle ossia complete and the free failure and does not require contact with Ultrasport Support of non-existent Product during his guarentee period. There is obviously the risk that calm neither will be miserable taste or find that of the failures develop, especially is planning into use heavy, as if you do not want to take to bet strongly would advise to look in of the different frames.
5 / 5
Update: Prendido that objective any data after the few months with using a lot small.
Reasonable bicycle for folk the one who so only needs to improve his fitness but a tension is far too light for me long-term.

Are by train to use it to go back ready with which too many years to drive and any exercise and is doing the a lot of quite a lot of work. Already they are that it finds a too light control for me, this in spite of and I once among the better form can does not imagine to do a lot for me.

Regulating a height of chair is an absolute ache and, when being much bigger that any more in my familiar this the fact that annoying to change on. I have not comprised never reason they always dipped a @@@knob for these in a underside of a slider where you pode does not see and in this car a slider is sticky and a lot difficult to vary.

Does not have any connectivity to telephones or trackers like this a lot of info of the start of the needs to be manually have registered. If you are the this class of what.
5 / 5
It would like to have given to the better indication, was easy to gather, quite strong to resist my weight, which was roughly 118kg, the now weigh in in 110kg, as it is doing and am losing them hanged. But it is very noisy, any to bad when it bought it to them in the first place but he now done a terrible clunking noise when the sound in the, has opened them on a pedal zone like another buyer has said had done but a tape has not been frayed and could see them any obvious reason for a noise that has worsened a time the ees has had this bicycle, reason the live in the plan on more has been them concerned a noise would disturb mine neibours like this has bought them the accident that absorbs kills to go under a bicycle, and like this far a neibours there is not complained, how is so only me when be nettled by the noise has said
4 / 5
Pros: These produced have arrived quickly and was very easy to gather so only. The folds was amiably too although his quite heavy. The variety adds settings that marks a workout quite diverse.

Gilipollas: After using he for the pair of month has some subjects. In the first place, a poster of the joint of the control there is prendido to do after the use of weeks of the pair; his a lot of some like this same battery when changed his no responsive. It is the subject smaller for me this in spite of as the utilisation Fitbit to follow workout loss/of calorie of the time etc. Secondly, when Using he for the commentaries of prolonged time squeakiness in a peddles concealed is not fixed with WD40. This in spite of again, ossia the subject smaller .

In general am very pleased with this product and I would recommend by all the world this is looking for the bicycle of house.
4 / 5
Has bought this bicycle to exercise after reading some descriptions, one especially was very detailed and useful. It is exactly like this described, sturdy and easy to gather and does not take on a lot of room (in a living room so it can cycle and TV of clock, as any excuse). Mina physio has suggested to use one to help the question of painful current knee. To start with pocolos small the day and building on gradually, am thrilled to say that several weeks later, a knee is stronger and much less painful, and am taking apter! I am pleased like this bought it; value each penny.
5 / 5
Am 60years with the prolapse 🙄 has has maintained always the reasonable level of fitness latterly with walking and that the prolapse has devastated king forms physical and joint and that the guidance in United Kingdom is pitiful! Finally it has seen Australia has been static bicycle advised or rowing car for aerobic exercise. This bicycle is fabulous 👌😍 accommodate mine burned with the comfortable chair, is extremely sturdy, a dial/of the pressure of the speed leave to locate and down like this to speak, it timer and the distance and is out of my rear door ready to go (easily the folds was but can not be annoyed like the utilisation every day) any costs of gymnasium (or that it has to take there before calm included begin) can does not recommend highly quite 👍🥁🥁
5 / 5
To the equal that follows 129kg (hopefully a lot much more!) And I have found this to be really comfortable and has the wide chair adds. Almost it has taken an expensive gel spent of chair but happy would not have been it the waste of money. His heavy plus that has expected has bitten his really solid and feels sure to be on and the folds neatly was. I have bought a ultrasport title of pill to the equal that can touch music, read anything to maintain me on a bicycle and not thinking that knackered chair and that reads brilliantly and value a £13 I has paid
really would recommend this especially for the heaviest people he a work.
5 / 5
This bicycle is sum ! A quality is a lot well, is sturdy and feels very sure to seat on. A chair is astonishingly comfortable like any precise mine gel shorts. It comes very good packaged and with clear instructions and is easy to dip near. It can be dipped near for a person but I have asked assistance when returning a stabilisers, so only for ease, but is manageable for a person. They are 5'2' and dipping to seat lower is the perfect access for me. The exposure is a lot well, can dip to a reading or the leave to scan by means of calm so that it goes. The bed of heart rate 5 beaten under mine fitbit reading, but at least tip when it is trace and falling. The control is well with 8 settings, and has broken was 10k in 31 mins in a dipping a low plus. It will augment to to a control likes him the aptest volume. In general, I add compraventa and highly would recommend. Amazing value for money :-)
5 / 5
has had this bicycle for the months of pair are them 109 kg like this has been them still east a so it sustains the frame it heavy plus, used it each one another day and he have done well for the weeks of pair but his begun doing the squeaking noise and is resulting quite difficult to pedal with the have on one dipping an easy plus feels as if it is in one the majority of difficult but two hard times, a bicycle looks one same as when it took it to them but feels entirely different has gathered them has said like this and never taken aggressive with mine workouts, has respected this car to the equal that cost to the prize but he looks did not respect me, like this can them does not recommend like this wishes them could them.
4 / 5
Could not be happier I absolutely could does not be missing highly the recommend this easy bicycle to gather a lot sturdy an only thing are am 5ft 2 and is the little bit of the fight to achieve some pedals but at all the pair of thickness has the habit of the trainers can not fix
5 / 5
This bicycle has arrived punctually and was really easy to dip near. I have directed to dip all near in roughly 25 minutes and was able to begin to use he of then. I love a chair in this Bicycle how is really comfortable and a whole bicycle is sturdy and has to that it has weighed. I have been using this for roughly 3 days now and still is that it resists on really well. I love a way has been comprised with the headline of telephone that it is a lot of gain while exerting. Also I love a way can change some train/of the tension and a monitor is really good to follow your fitness. When I Am done with exerting is very easy to bend and be the place was. 5/5 Of me!
5 / 5
Quality of German build. Taken roughly 20 minutes to build on pedals, it saddle and the handlebars but all the tools are resupplied and well engineered to do for an easy build. That The saddle is well, width and comfortable. Computer printout is clear. The action of cycling is smooth and calm. @@@Knob To hold clearly frames and turns with the solids and reassuring clicks and a transmission in control can be felt. I think it that it would be it possible to transmission even some pedals prefer to clip in when coaching. Bought a ‘heavy ‘ ‘' version of frame and takes my substantial bulk with ease. Really sturdy. Very pleased and highly recommended.
5 / 5
I have had a bicycle partorisca the pair of weeks now and has to that say that I am pleased really with him.
My husband has dipped joint quickly and easily. It is the really sturdy has bitten of boxes and very simple to use.
Use 3-4 times the week partorisca in meso 30 minutes the time.
Was the little concerned in a chair dates the commentaries other people this in spite of, find it very comfortable.

In general am pleased really with cost of mine and has thought was the value adds partorisca money.

The delivery was punctual also.
5 / 5
To the equal that have ordered this bicycle partorisca £150. I have expected like this long, it has maintained partorisca look in him partorisca month and in an end has decided to invest in has had any one creates roughly the very when being any big quality, especially after all these good descriptions. Now which receives? MISSING RAYS, @bruise during a bicycle, odd powder and some other material stains. Wow. My partner helped to gather it and was in incident, reason has purchased the bicycle before and has not been concealed parts broken and disappeared. Well.... It does not know that to say
5 / 5
This bicycle is sturdy & all is supposition to do . Silent operations to the equal that can look television Etc. This in spite of, a chair is precise very big & the gel has spent for long use. A a recommended does very apt- to small. There is not the gel chair that is really a right measure. I have bought a big plus DAWAY cover which can be facts to return for cutting a skirt & so only he roughly done a work. Amazon Technical dept has looked for to help but costruttrici very very useful. I have spoken to them & then emailed the question but still 5 weeks later any response. Service of poor client
4 / 5
Seats no very comfortable. I have bought the pair of gel still saddles consolation, but unfortunately DOES not RETURN , as they both will require to be returned. A last an I has purchased was like this near of a measure could see. A width of a saddle of bicycle is quite wide and for like this finding it extremely last to purchase the gel or saddle of cushion. It can please consultores that the saddle can purchase for this bicycle that will return. To give me some extra consolation. Thank you.
5 / 5
So the bicycles of exercise have the limit of weight of 16 to 18bone how was relived to find one for my weight.
Are probably a world-wide worse like self-walk of bands of the assembly so much was bit it anxious roughly dipping it hover but can that to him any one can was directly advance and simple.
Using is smooth and hardly done any noise, with 8 resistant levels that would have to be a lot take more people.
A bicycle is sturdy and well does
there is so only has begun so only use the like this far a chair is comfortable.
Has bought this to supplement my walking and also have an inner exercise if a time is bad
Like this he ticks all some boxes the small point and he can look nit choosing but any headline for water is a forget.
5 / 5
Loves this bicycle but fight to seat for longitude because a chair is very uncomfortable. The note to costruttrici pleases to find the most cushioned chair and you would take the 5 that estimativas especially when it is difficult to find the chair of substitution to return.
5 / 5
Good bicycle any squeaking like other descriptions control it expósito work very satisfied with him like this far.

Takes up in a space of the same paving when bent likes some chairs of office so that it is easy of the take was a way.

A chair resembles has been drawn to punish you( could be the motivational thing to take you apter faster) takes the coverage of chair, but no a a recommended as it does not return at all.

A chair is the big wide chair .
5 / 5
Excellent bicycle for a money. A lot of sturdy, easy to gather, good row of levels of intensities, comfortable pedalling has dipped.

Has had bicycles of exercise more expensive of need to be plugged in and have a lot of options for workouts, but have weighed, weighed and take on a lot of space. This one is much simpler, lighter, easier that move around and can be bent was easily. It resupplies the good option so that want to a bit cycling indoors but does not have any a lot of extra space.

Gathered it for my account less than 30 minutes, very sincere and easy to do.
5 / 5
Has bought this reason have loved to begin supplementing my exercise with some biking house (certainly in front of a television). I have bought this based in some descriptions and specs (height, hanged, etc.) And was surprised extremely in a quality of build, a quality of walk and facilitated of assembly for a prize. Verified all some boxes.
4 / 5
This bicycle has developed the failure after only 3 month of use. Bear in importing that this use has been sweet. A double bypass operation in the February this year there has been the significant impact in what endeavour could apply.
Has has contacted services of client for email and has taken a response has automated that indicates that any one would answer mine shortly. I have not received any response and like this contacted his again. East times any I volume still a response has automated that indicates that they have read an email but decided for the ignore.
Does not recommend that the people purchase any products of this company likes them the quality of product is very poor and the services of client is non-existent.
4 / 5
I have loved it folds it on bicycle but his usually of the one who hanged to control on 100kg. It was really happy to find this. It was quite easy to dip on, is sturdy & one seats it like this comfy.... Big 👍👍
5 / 5
his easy to gather, when being the shortie deep straddling to locate the little difficult at the beginning. Has knees of substitution and the hip but find on dipping 8 his very easy to use. I have bought a heavy one and the leave gathered in my space of small office. His calm and reasonably comfortable. If it has to that a lot of complaints like a tension in the More adds them but to price his the good compraventa and at least More the exercise of me
5 / 5
Uses he for cycling of winter.
Easy to gather.
Slightly clumsy to change a chair like this yes for a person to use then any subject like any need of the movement.
Is almost silent does not interrupt other activities of house.
The exposure adds and easy to use/comprise.
The value adds for money, bicycle really good.
4 / 5
Could not recommend this enough. It is literally silent to the equal that can look whisky of television that uses it a lot of @@subject. They are 275lb and a saddle is quite comfortable according to which the chairs of bicycle go. It is the really good bicycle and hopefully will not remain me 275lb for longitude.
5 / 5
The bicycle is a lot of sturdy and very balanced, found the easy to dip near, my only light critique is that a setting to hold the elder could be main. Global happy.
5 / 5
Ossia A description for a heavy version. Need to go back form like this this was a bicycle has chosen. The cycle headed to so only on 10 miles in an hour for my in the first place go in some settings some hard plus and are seriously out of forming so that it says it all that one dipping a big plus is so only a lot quite forceful. Minus 1 star for that.
4 / 5
Ossia The quality adds . It would owe that use this more often. There is at all bad with a bicycle. Unfortunately I have a lot of self wins and there is almost the year more has begun late use the pleasure the cloths
4 / 5
Beware is coming with a fittings done like this bad that a sinister pedal could not even ray in, rendering a whole thing absolutely useless. Bitterly Disappointing low quality workmanship.
4 / 5
A monitor is a lot of flimsy economic and the appearance of heart rate has broken on me with which the pair of weeks. (Used for just 25min for day 5 Days the week for the pair of weeks). Do a mathematics! A Bicycle is of better quality that a monitor!
4 / 5
A bicycle is well a question has had was with one that follows and delay and lack of the mine of information dates while it has expected them & expected - the amazon was useful finally a question was with a - say misleading information and mine of dates give you - quite dictate - I has written the leading description that the amazon has refused to publish so that it is to say all Im saying king this order - I follows also the first member - for now - no happy
5 / 5
Bicycle of lovely exercise, fold on neatly partorisca be business in a corner of a room. It is final advance weighed but any so that it can not be lifted partorisca plant. Very calm. It would recommend.
5 / 5
At all bad with a bicycle but some levels of control are pathetic. Any that.S Marginally the returns will find Level 8 way,way too easy the pedal. Other posters have signalled this was. Waste of money partorisca me. Couch Potatoes the only need applies. Disappointing.
5 / 5
Decent product , but recommend an alternative chair is bought . A one this comes with a bicycle is hard like heck and no comfortable at all . Each one another appearance of a bicycle is a lot this in spite of.
5 / 5
This bicycle of exercise is sturdy and very balanced with clear instructions partorisca to to the beginners like to of them. Easy to gather and comfortable to locate. Highly it would recommend it.
4 / 5
Has arrived punctually and the assembly was easy. They are so only 5ft 2inches but no the question. Hubby Is 5ft 11 thumbs and we regulate a height partorisca both of us partorisca use. Like this far like this good and dulcemente am building up for levels of fitness. Pleased with compraventa and would recommend.
4 / 5
Adds sturdy bicycle of exercise. Arrived in good time and was very easy to dip near for me.. Good prize partorisca the bicycle of quality. As some options of different control (Heart rate, calories, time and distance etc) as it can dip me different challenges.. Nizza comfy Chair and happy has bought is one.
4 / 5
Has bought this partorisca a house as we do not take never he casualidad partorisca take to a gymnasium.

Takes on upper of small space (still when unfolded).

My husband is 6ft 2' and finds it comfortable and sturdy.
5 / 5
Has taken my edges in law partorisca dip joint as it has taken 30 minutes , simple and calm to use
in the shell of die likes the part of mine maintains the diet of forms has lost 10 pounds of then buying this , a lot chuffed
4 / 5
produced Excellent easy partorisca gather has taken me roughly 15 mins for my account. The solid well seat his when utilisations the chairs is quell'has bitten hard as taking the gel has spent of the chair is the good idea I use he partorisca roughly 30 mins every day and any question a lot is thinking partorisca take a bicycle of exercise can recommend is one.
5 / 5
Ossia The sturdy the exercise does well bicycle and well value of the money. I have recommended to friends and familiar that this piece of crew is brilliant!
Is a lot of fact, easy to dip near and works like the sleep. A headline of telephone is really handy and a creation is well has thought was and the arrivals in the piece adds of crew

Top Customer Reviews: Ultrasport Mini ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 49 ratings
4 / 5
These products are adds partorisca a prize and measure!

Offers a control has required minimum; if it offers more, then is unworkable in practical, as that looks for to use in general controls that are the mecer roughly instead. This is not fault of a product. It is the limitation of a measure of a product. If it love the peddle bicycle, can not offer hold more effective that this without being too big. Any when being any too big is part of a point of a product. So much for striking a correct balance among the decent control and measure, a product has been done well.

A product does not slip in the carpet. A product can mecer or movement sometimes, but ossia again the limitation of his measure and weight. If steps £40 in the 2KG flywheel, of course mecer and move the little. If it calms master that to never of movement and like this resupply more the control needs a class of flywheel found in a bicycle to exercise that it is far main and heavier, and far more expensive (£100-400), with a sophistication of the canal.

For his prize and the measure is doing my race of heart, the difference of the economic one more has bought in a past which there has not been any control or flywheel anything, and so that it follows happy with him.

Agrees to turn a @@@knob to hold almost according to which will go, or will be too easy. Calm would be necessary has it near of a maximum will go reason anything more is too easy, included for me the one who has been doing any exercise for month with some muscles some toneless plus imaginable. While an upper setting resupplies a minimum control required for me, could comprise any the one who is disabled that loves less because of his harms.

I any bed to see if a @@@knob has settings, but really does not import , reason podes also dipped the on almost according to which will go. Some revises asked like a distance of computer measured - that so only does not import neither. The exercise is more does like the lifestyle (the doing when it feels like) more than as the cry planned, and like this measuring it would attack concealed. If I measure it I do like this in timing taken.

Does not know that this would do for any any one is the serious bodybuilder , but for any the one who is otherwise inactive would be necessary to give you that heart and race of basic muscle that augment your way, motivation and feeling to be is and ontop of things. Perfecto partorisca gamers, couch potatoes, people with inabilities, some elderly and the people that come from the rehab with some light exercise.

A setup was easy. An only part I expósita difficult was screwing some legs in with a washers. If it had not annoyed with a washers, would have been easy. They are still unsure of a point of washers when like this other products do not annoy with them. I did not imagine it it was like this to use a spanner in a peddles, but has not required to. I twisted him so only to some holes with my coffins hands (which has taken the moment) and has done well.
5 / 5
The clunking the sound when used.
Ideal so that it has wanted but a noise means it can not be used when looking anything.
A monitor also looks quite arbitrary more like a afterthought that leaves of a creation..
Takes the time used and you reset anything this goes back to zero but any everytime use you itso builds on and gives an idea of what time the week or the calm month used it.

The noise is beginning to concern me so it can require turn and substitute.
A distance is irrelevant to the equal that nowhere has said that one east of measures. When being German I supposition is metric but could be run , miles or has included furlongs for all was.
Then take 2 insiemi of revoltions done. One is a never done total in a car and so only can be reset to take a battery was. Another can be reset to press a reset then resets everything except a total pedal has said arbitrary.
Finally see his more guesstimate of those that calories have used.
Personally would prefer to know some the total calories have burned of that buy that it revolutionise them pedal but is that it is.

So much without a clunking the four stars with better thought in an exposure reads was five star.
4 / 5
There is internally the identical models of these different frames falls like this beware first to buy yes look alike. One first question with east is that a control is using embrague so only (using the tape internally) and in spite of being passable in a start, a control inexplicably reduces a lot quickly in some premiers few days of use and can not be improved. I have taken it has included it averts to see could that to him improvement and although calm would be likely to improvise some his hack, was obvious that a mechanism has not gone quite strong to manage any control adds (the metal that pulled a tape has bent the plot and can very really manage anything better). It looks a mechanism so only takes feebler and feebler until a control no longer can be improved.

Secondly, An electrical counter has not operated like this described in a manual (the must there has been some spec 'improvements') to the equal that has had to imagine was as it has done. Also a red key has been recessed in the corner empinado in place of horizontal (and sometimes has operated erratically or in his own) and when I have fixed a key after the open on, is not remained in this way and returned to his original state a lot quickly.

A third point is in spite of me when being very inner a 100weight of kg the capacity declared for on 20, an advance of leg snapped while it uses to do the totally useless. In that inspects this pause, was apparently that is to be do with economic and feeble plastic and required more reinforcement. An on the one hand broken plastic has bent far too easily and has not been drawn correctly.
5 / 5
This Mini the bicycle is a lot well, is compact and no heavy, can be used anywhere and an exercise is like this very good.
Are 80+ and suffer with my knees, a Physio has suggested that take the mini bicycle so that I can use outrage some exercises that there has been given me, find it very effective and always can feel a profit for the use, am very pleased that I purchased it, and am sure that last moment I the precise.
Can recommend to any with a need to exert to be had indoors, takes one and find a difference when used regularly has found that the has not gone too expensive compared with another that looked in, law was Time, Distance, Pedal Towers, the calories and the Total turns have Burned, how is very comprehensible, an only thing has lost is spending mango to the equal that would have been useful.
5 / 5
The way adds to exert house. Simple to dip near sturdy and easy yours that can take softly yes precise be add for any the one who is ailing and struggling to exert, tends for the use whilst that TV of looks that way a time and flies of the distance for me has been using daily and with which so only the few weeks already am beginning to feel and see the difference. Has a lot of be patient and has looked for a product to exercise that would not be difficult too use, a better part for me is able to do like this or like this little to the equal that can direct and that does not take on upper of the plot of spatial.
4 / 5
Is quite well, but has the defect of entity in those some bases are not weighed enough for you for the use down holds big.
Often would wobble roughly when quell'using and arrival in different place, has included on carpet (perhaps am them dipping too much force on he)

does not think would buy it again for £35
4 / 5
produced of Fantastic exercise that of the the really very workout in your wheelchair. Robust, sturdy, solid, but reason there is athetoid Cerebral Palsy movements roughly slightly when they are cycling , as I owe that reposition any bicycle or I the little time each session. Also, a front of my feet sometimes touch of a stand of base of the in front of revolution because it does not direct to dip my paving of feet when the cycling but they am slightly downturned. And I have confused still in an information of exposure that calm say you roughly distance and revolutions. Revs Is well, but is KM or of the miles? Calm really would have to that say. But altogether that the shines buys like me never remorse. Totally fresh, very returned.
4 / 5
Has bought this in a 15th of Part 2020
has broken in a 18th of Part 2020
has bought this reason had had an operation in my arm
has has wanted to something to take some force for behind
Of a start he never right fact
Every time has turned a @@@knob to control
And has begun to the use began it to move
Tried all the classes of things to try and the piece
But I a lot of
has it on a table
the using and has flown so only out of my hands
And landed in a paving and one of some plastic legs has broken was
was the waste of money
4 / 5
Him him them feet he big plus that United Kingdom 7 can you he finds the paste to a paving likes rotate, was a lot of stops of small feet but has not had any way of presionar some bows of feet so that the foot has maintained to slip by means of. With which roughly 3 weeks have had questions augmenting control.
4 / 5
This pedaller is relatively decent, is reasonably comfortable to use (this in spite of exerting your weapon highly recommends to spend gloves), and a computer on is relatively attentive and has abundance of ways to adapt all the flavours.

In a downside one of some edges in some pedals was slightly imperfect which that the enormous cry to attach, I finally directed to attach it but is coming quite near of messing on an edge in a process. Calm besides need be extremely careful with your, so it has included the small swipe ( is fallen off sofa of mine to a paving, the height of only 2 feet) as it does not take any very like this to surrender an useless computer.

This in spite of as a product of works to exercise well.
4 / 5
I have purchased he partorisca some excercise as I am closed in my house done partorisca be clinically vulnerable. A bicycle is quite economic but he a work. I have gathered he without any subject. I have been that uses he whilst seating in the dinning chair. They are so only 5'1” he so that it owes the vision dipped in a chair and work well. I have turned a @@@knob right to an end and is quite control for me. 20/30 mins Give a satisfaction to do a bit start more than just eating and seating all day. It would recommend it to all that is not left to exit for the excercise.
4 / 5
Like the fool has ignored some opinions by other clients that there is the failure in a manufacture of a pedal threaded accident spigot. A pedal will not attach like this entirely useless. And, to add insult to hurt, a unit has received has had obviously declare returned to the amazon and has had simply shipped it so only was again mine. If you want to be a next person to receive this faulty the unit then goes advance and situate an order. Spitting Nails.
4 / 5
Wow - A night and already felt a profit to reduce swelling in my lower legs
4 / 5
An element arrives partly dismantled but with all some pieces attentively packaged together with the abonos fine-manual of tongue.
Also distributed is the screwdriver has finalised dual small with the Philips returning in an arrival and the plan bladed engine in another end. Also resupplied is the small open finishing spanner. A stand has to that be returned to a bicycle by means of rays and some pedals by means of a spanner (obvious really).
Returning some supports to an organism was fiddly but manageable, this in spite of an engine of ray is almost useless : using Cross has begun Philips the screwdriver was nigh impossible reason an engine just transfers in a boss of ray when any pressure is required to turn a ray... A flat boss was better but reason a measure of a boss of engine was like this small to again has meant that no the real pressure could be applied.
Some pedals were uncomfortable also reasons a strap had been bent in such the way to the equal that to prevent one returning, and again a spanner was like this small that that applies any pressure has meant a spanner yard to my hands. -Wrapping a spanner in the cloth has solved that the question but is still too small to dip any effective pressure in some pedals.
In that said the one who, once all has been together looks is returned to do quite amiably. This in spite of the word to warn!. If has big feet this could not be for calm - Included with my feet firmly in some straps have maintained still paste an earth and a backside of my heels maintains to attack a piece of rear cross.
This thing is admirable for people with the smallest feet, has said measured 8 or less, but take the different measure, main that that, for this my paste of feet a paving.
4 / 5
Has bought one of these mini bicycles like this after when being in the clinic of management of the ache and using a that has thought would be the good idea to have one for use of house. They are not the gymnasium bunny and have any intention to result one, but required some form of easy and marries usable exercise for my legs and of the knees, this element is so only a thing for me. More any one having to that exit in a half of winter to use one in a gymnasium.

Is to come rid in the box of map (buying a pleasure the present to please notes that a box among him says that it is, as if in the beau to be the present for any in the home same like them to them the lives could dip two and two together).

Easy to gather, mini the screwdriver comprised and easy instructions to follow to. Found the easy plus to situate on table and gather there like any so much that down has required.

A mini the bicycle is an excellent way to do a bit light exercise, comes with the timer of battery has operated that shows the one who the calories/of miles have burned etc which is also easy the reset. You can change a control for just turning a @@@knob in a centre of a bicycle, so that really I can feel yours be of the legs is start .

Is weighed enough for emotional, no an easy light car to so only choose up and movement of room the room, Alot easier that that it has to find room for the bicycle of exercise of full measure this in spite of. My leading one has finalised to be more than the horse of clothes that a schemes of real exercise. This can not spend with this be so only an inferior half of the bicycle.

On using solid rest and a lot of wobbly, some pedals have straps around those that I for a find easier when using any barefooted or with shoes on.

For a prize the very lovely element to maintain form with and included able to look TV whilst doing exits it, so that then the exercise results the pleasure and something that you no @to give calm is doing so much of. Not creating prompt for a gymnasium and a cost of him more economic that more affiliations in of the local gymnasiums.

Has been used any only for me but a whole family now with reports that well is, the daughter could not believe so only that economic was but like this well has built. Edges a lot he so only said has a record of the use a plus.
5 / 5
Has chosen is a reason a blurb said has the 2kg flywheel.
Well, The mine has arrived today and there is no discernable flywheel the effect according to which can say. It will not spend for directing a place of stand-off without the conscious endeavour for my part for the advance of kick with an upper foot and/or backward with an inferior foot. This is not the natural movement.
Ossia The serious disappointment . It has expected it could be able to use he in preference my main static bicycle in some circumstances. Alas, suspicion will not use it almost like this often to the equal that would like to.
5 / 5
A minibike is perfect to do the little has bitten to exert when have a time.

Is easy to dip near, and (more importantly) stores like this opposed to the bicycle of full exercise. There is an option to augment a control of wheel that reads really well.

Finds that I am using this newspaper during a lockdown. I can quite felizmente chair in mine Xrocker (basically the low gaming chair) and use this like this I neither games of game or TV of clock. ( It is quite easy to forget is by train of the do.)

A lot of value of the money.
5 / 5
The order has come a lot quickly, schemes very easy to gather and the work of word goes.
Bought like the present, the user says a lot of comftable, and easy to use and comprise all an exposure has directed.
Adds for arms and of the legs a lot sturdy boss to spend, and utmost measure for storage like any bulky element that takes on uploads of spatial.
Highly recomend this product.
Adds to keep in shape espesially during this hard time while the gymnasiums and everything are has closed still.
4 / 5
Has ordered this in july

30 mins the day, 7 days the week, intense pedalling.

The advance of leg broken and snapped was today (october 3nd)

now taken to buy another..... Certainly any of this costruttore.
4 / 5
Bought it to use under an office while writing. While an office is big quite his gain but probably more useful for upper organism i.et. Arms been due to his light weight
If some legs are weighted down with something has weighed then his no too bad to fall an office or some legs
The cant substitute the real bicycle, adapted an elderly relative the one who can do a leg pedalling dulcemente while seating looking TV, but need the weight to resist he in place.
5 / 5
With which paste the plateau with the loss of weight has learnt that my sedentary lifestyle is a reason because they are by train of the find like this last to lose hanged.

Can not resupply the treadmill office to the equal that has taken this instead and probably will finalise always using this in place of the treadmill office because I can burn cycling like this a lot of of calories in planting to walk.

Has lost more than 1kg a last week and I have has augmented slightly my feed intake. Everything is cycle this partorisca 2-3 hours whilst acting and will burn among 400 and 500 calories. The desire has ordered this more collected
4 / 5
has Bought this to take some softly exert when the poor times & can not exit for the walk and also mine of help 69yr harms and old knees of leading leg. They are at present roughly 200lb like this required that the mini bicycle that could take my weight albeit would be to seat for the use.
Looked around in different mini bicycles to find one this has adapted my requirements but no expensive. I have decided that it is an after read roughly descriptions.

A mini the looks of bicycle sturdy, easy to gather and easy to take used to an electronic exposure.

There is bamboo flooring which has to that to an effect still likes him the paving of forest and yes, a mini the movements of bicycle slightly but has found that is depended that quickly it was rotating some pedals. Certainly the has not been inconvenient for me for the reposition after 10mins to continue pedaling.
A dial of tension can be presionada to do a stronger tension. I do not require it to be a lot stagnate like suitable. Material if any one is looking for a bicycle to exercise the pedal fast with a lot of extra to exercise more the physicist then would owe that buy the full bicycle. But this bicycle is drawn likes seat he in the chair while pedaling to help any the one who is recovering of surgery/of harm or for an elderly and do a lot well.
Has been using he for almost the month and happy with cost of mine.
4 / 5
This was the product adds that helped with which my substitution of knee, used it daily which helped to take my movement of knee behind to that it would have to be it, very light and easy to move of room the room
5 / 5
Where to start with in this piece of useless crew.

A box has arrived grieves sealed and resisted together with some clear tape. Any documentation contained inside a box.


Has bought this element for my aunt the one who is resulted the little rigid in his knees and of the ankles. Has thinks that that this element would add the little mobility without any stresses in his joints.
A schemes constantly moves roughly when it is used and has had to jam he against a wall for the take emotional. When you Augment a tension to augment a workload a car is unusable.
Some pedals are useless and impossible to take your feet have situated to without assistance. The pedals of cycle would owe that it has had the habit of adds stability and facilitated of use.
The digital exposure absolutely useless and no the value that annoying with or trying use.

Have the mine possesses personal and state gymnasium using crew of sport and has coached for 35 years and in professional level.

Seats entirely rasgado has gone by this piece of rubbish. I have read all some descriptions before I have purchased. As I declared it it was for my aunt to assist with movement and mobility.

Had purchased of this tent of good catalogue known that could have is returned immediately after seeing an element when it takes of a packaging.

Please please please avert buying this product to all the cost.

Had seen this product announced in some small ads in some newspapers partorisca £ would have expected this class of of Amazon !
4 / 5
A bicycle has come punctually and was relatively easy to gather this in spite of, for my needs, was any use at all. I have been advised to use the paving peddle bicycle to knees by force but does not have any tension at all, any one @subjects that has tried. An only reason am not returned is reason could not face taking avert and it packing up. It will not buy another.
4 / 5
Was so that it looks forward to to receive this element. It was easy to gather but has not been able to have 30 second more in the,
tried it in the first place in my paving of forest with the mine that dines on first of seconds of right interior. It took it to a hallway where has what. They are a lot disappointed in this product. Encircled Of time and money.
If any one has any ideas to the equal that to use the lease of tip left to know. Hank You
4 / 5
To the equal that has arthritis in legs of mine, finds that the sweet exercise is very useful. This mini the bicycle is a lot of sturdy and very balanced, as it does not slip around when you peddle. Although it has it guage in a car to register milage etc. has found this quite uncomfortable of the place, but certainly has not interfered with a workings of a bicycle.
5 / 5
The container arrived without Allen yours, spanner ray or washers to the equal that can take these has substituted?
4 / 5
Is good but there has been attended main. It has used so only the little time bought it of then reason a pedal motion is not like this smooth to the equal that have expected, is quell'has bitten clunky. Also I owe that dip something weighed in front of him for the take main sliding, included with one any hule of slip kills has bought a same time. It would not say it is it adds to use of the soda, very better of the chair to dine, but suppose that it depends in your height and in your type of sofa. I have had to dip three cushions behind me partorisca spend me advances when I have looked for to use of sofas. Perhaps well for a lot of slow rehab but no really for fitness
4 / 5
Like this far like this good. I have been using this like this rehab diet of the exercise partorisca the bad knee has begun was 15mins the day but has it like this expósito easy to use and like this advantageous has progressed enough quickly to 30+mins the day -when I can locate concealed is like the boys enjoy to do the whilst looking his telly also! Calm know you can not beat exiting there but hey when a time is bad or the the question and calm can not exert in an add out of doors this is the feasible option, small, compresses this in spite of sturdy, noise very small, any electricity required and highly adictiva!!! I wish all exert was likes that for me!!!
4 / 5
Has bought this after my husband physio the sessions have finalised like the way to help his muscles of leg to continue that it improves. It has helped to achieve this and enjoys to use the. It has been also useful for me I so that has 'dodgy' knee and joints of hip. Easy to seat with the caffè and TV of clock or read whilst peddalling was. We are 81 and 78 respectively and I found it quite directly it advances to gather.
4 / 5
Has ordered this and is coming roughly 2 days later am gone in the fastest fact that is to be say. It has been inner of together place 10 minutes. Absolutely I want to it is disabled and can not walk a lot without maintaining seating for rests but a same time I need to exert to help my muscles and ossia ideal to the equal that can exert seated as it loves it. They are very limited to that can do and has tried other things this is more expensive and is the waste of money like raisin more the time that remain that exerting be like this limited like this in just in £33 I can locate with exerting without maintaining that it rests as obviously also means precise more time because of rests but no with this like this any the one who doesnt has load to time his more also the ideal can look TV be in telephones etc a same time lol like this @@subject! Has the few failures although a rear support (the little bar in a backside) finds maintains to take my feet in the when Im pedalling and have small feet like this any with big ish the feet will locate has not been more a right pedal is hard to take your foot in so much is that it goes gone all a time. I havent has tried he for arms as it can not comment in that. He also memorisers that the on does has other things have tried any like this when prendes/dry arrival of the which have done but this does not maintain the record was all like this he to yours like and likes has beaten that calm previously can.
4 / 5
Easy to gather, and reasonable tension to take some house of light exercise. Calm obviously can any cycle to the equal that holds fast or big to the equal that in the bicycle to be but is well until the reasonable tax. One bases is not very heavy as it tends paralización to wobble , like this highly would recommend that it uses the foreigner of hule to avert sliding and wobbling. I have used one of some doormats of hule fashionable of the honeycomb and the boss have joined one bases his.
4 / 5
Like this far like this good. I have it quell'has had so only a Ultrasport Mini Bicycle for the pair of weeks to exert my knee in preparation for an operation on he the little time of weeks. It is very easy to use and chair that is maintaining my joint of knee to stiffen up. A @@@knob in a front of a bicycle has the habit to stiffen a pedalling motion to do a work of the hardest knee but looks the loosen up after the moment or more my knee is taking stronger. I use it every day and the have in a carpet where does not move roughly but stays in place. They are sure a bicycle will be used even more after an operation to the equal that think that is an ideal unaggessive exerciser.
4 / 5
Has had one of this first and lasted 6years like this has taken them my self another on like this headed to goes cranky on me.
I recived this does the week but was adds to take my legs that reads ,but has begun the sound to attack the witch is not good but hubby could be able to fix like this the cant be bothed for the turn
4 / 5
has bought this for my main mother the one who there is osteo-arthritis in both knees. This condition has left his with muscles of feeble thigh by means of lack of exercise. This small 'peddler' does a trick in that has taken has begun. You would owe that remark that calm the only works in a mid-row of a thigh (quadriceps). It does not have a full row to seat he-on bicycle. This in spite of, my mother is not until the bicycle still, like this ossia the a lot of in the first place-piece of level of boxes. Appearance take touched of of him once my mother has bit it more force in his legs. It would have given five stars except some bosses/of the timer of the counter was disconnected when a car has arrived . This has required the bit of fiddling roughly the reconnect. I directed it but some any, of here four stars. It is cost £29 comprising delivery, which have thought was the value adds.
5 / 5
Has found this product to be the idea adds in the theory but practise it is no good at all. It is too unstable when use to be a lot well. Very disappointing!
5 / 5
Like the lazy person has thinks that that this would be the compraventa adds this in spite of finds there there is so only any quite a lot of control while pedalling to do value while. An exposure is also useless.
This in spite of is small and can be tent out of a way and calm so only can seat in a sofa, the TV of clock and pedal was for an hour or two.
5 / 5
My woman Loves this Mini Bicycle! I dipped it/ I dipped It near downwards 5 minutes,which is no small feat for me so that it follows the Traumatic Brain uses this both for an upper organism workout and the organism the lowest simply dipped a bicycle in a table of cookery and then dipped the in a paving( has dipped the up against the baseboard) and the pedal is very satisfied! Saved we the affiliation of gymnasium that would cost 700 Euro the year.
5 / 5
Nizza Little car partorisca a prize. Quite weighed to remain situate while using it on the carpet but quite light to move to dip it was and quite small to not being in a way in my small room. So only the shame does not say you the one who some units are for distance and also a @@@knob of the control does not have a lot of markings so much is impossible to know the control is dipped in. Another that that they are to add and is very calm also.
5 / 5
Brilliant piece of crew. Quite easy to manage, no too heavy. Very easy to gather. Works to treat it, easy to use both in a paving and on knee for exercises of arms, and easy to use and comprise a computer on board. Highly recommend
4 / 5
the fact of good and easy element to gather with the tools have resupplied. Instructions in English in easy rear book to comprise. My woman and I have tried it already was and glorious work, can take the bit to time to comprise a computer. Ossia A reason gave it to 5 indication of star( is both 70 ) and the find easy to use. :-)
5 / 5
Any to feel you never would owe that be something while seating in a sofa, for hours, looking some films? With east, can do both. It is very easy to gather, in fact scrape you so only in some two pedals and ossia - your loan to go. Has the good row of levels of control, and calm leave you to easily to stop to the diet of good exercise while seating in a consolation of your own house.

Fast book, big quality, simple to use. Excellent so that so only wants to inject some exercise his life.
5 / 5
In that had it both near substituted knee (2 years averts) has bought this with which having the second complete knee substitution of joint.
Has asked a surgeon and a physiotherapist was WELL to do this class of exersise - his both gave it the big 'thumbs on'.
Used it (softly at the beginning) each one another day - he certainly.
Would say that it has sent times of total recovery for the month. It has been it was and roughly 35 day after an operation.
Maintenances he for a bed - the hardly takes on upper of any room and his there still - ready and while in a morning
I still use he for ten minutes three times for week - the certainly maintains my new joints supple.
Obviously - would be necessary to consult you your first doctor to do east is using he for a same reason
5 / 5
These pedals are the way adds to maintain form in home especially has questions of knee. I am disappointed with this model this in spite of;

the readings of computer are hard to see when seating on the and measure a wrong thing - is trying his systematically the builds on forces and fitness needs the speed and The Distance covered in this session - no those calm revolutions the the one of then has bought !

Also, a abitliy to augment the tension is vital one east trying improvement. This model has the very basic ray that there is not marking to aim a level of tension, as if the lessen to do in some arms can not return to a leading level for legs with any accuracy, and calm can not augment a tension in any way sistémica. A ray on mine (after so only the little use of weeks for a person) is stuck now and can does not turn much more there although I know is more tight state when it has arrived.
4 / 5
Has used for substitution of knee of the estaca rehab. A lot very partorisca east. This in spite of need to be butted against to wall or have the broomstick/piece of forest. Situated by means of two heavy table legs like this this can butt until to slip in of smooth/forest flooring. Otherwise Is impossible to use. Perhaps well in the carpets but in the does not have any to try on.
4 / 5
Has bought this reason am disabled and fast dipping on hanged! Certainly it helps to exert to a point of respite and marks the rhythm cardiac augmented, which so only can be good ( has did not use it really like an arm exerciser still).

Am expecting that ten to fifteen minutes for day and then perhaps more along, will help me to maintain bit it more in trim. It is a lot of fact, and an annoying thing so only is that changing a setting is the swipe of has bitten -and-lose and will continue to return the espuede' the half short by means of all some settings in the repetitive base, a lot nettling.

I persevere with him and the wait will do 'that says in one beats'!
4 / 5
Very easy to the pedal does not look quite wide to comfortably take sure footwear in but can regulate.
5 / 5
Ossia The really decent product for a money and easy to gather. It feels sturdy and is perfect to use in my chamber to give both my arms and legs the workout. Very pleased!