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Alexander Nevsky and Lieutenant Kijé Continuazione, edges two of entities, especially the first, and known works of Prokofiev. Any one has the habit partorisca come matched in the diverse register. Perhaps, it has it account , the version partorisca DG ome Original', the load of and the Orchestra of Symphony of Londra and some another. In the mayoria of the registers comes So only one of the two. In the Box that occupies, of the discográfica record of Reference, with the hearts 'A Chapel', of Camera and the one of the orchestra of the Symphony of Utah and this same orchestra, directed for Thierry Fischer and with the opposition of the half-soprano Alisa Kolosova, the result is convincente, especially in Alexander Nevsky where confluyen all this species. I estimate Any obstante the final product with four stars for the limited minutaje, '. It could have comprised perfectly a third work of the composer and give with a Box of round.
Especially recommended Partorisca people that initiates in Prokofiev. These two Edges of law a good start. Partorisca The other, boasts that have already these pieces in other registers; here, any one thinks that contributes at all special.
4 / 5
Prokofiev Is the personal favourite, as I have listened some of his works like a lot of youngsters, and when I have begun partorisca collect elepé was always in a lookout partorisca his works. This SACD of the registers of Reference have come my attention, and has bought he without has very thought. With a lot of few exceptions, has been happy with Registers of Reference CDs, and this one is no different. An engineering of an audio is excellent, and a SACD the noticeably better sounds that a discharge of CD, although a register of CD is perfectly well so that they can not touch SACDs.

Some two works here are probably go in Prokofiev the works sweat better, and for good reason. There is the plot of registers of both works in a phase, but Fischer the fine work to spend his own interpretation to some works. There is at all radical here, but a Symphony of Utah the solid action, and some registers find intrepid and clear, but no brash (which is a lot). As mentioned, has a lot of competition on CD of these works, but has been attacked because I credit this register finds when I have touched other interpretations in DG and Philips. Ossia The stand -registered in my alcohol, both for an interpretation and for a quality of engineering. It is not economic, but well validates he!
4 / 5
Has listened this Utah Symph. Version in NPR and has loved that. Justo excellent. If it likes Prokofiev, will love of this version of Nevsky and Lt. Kije.
4 / 5
Like sublime Action! To Look to to that likes to see spending.

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I have bought recently this CD partorisca substitute the copy of vinyl has spent that it has been it the way has purchased behind in 1989.
A combination partorisca Give me Kiri You Kanawa, A Mormon Tabernacle Corazón and A Symphony of Utah
Orchestra all that gives his better mark this the register of quality.
Has released originally in Decca Digital, have on 25 years, but is not the king-hash of some old and
questionable master tapes, but the still available album that possibly there was state overstocked, for this some
the vendors still have it like this new.
A Mormon Tabernacle Corazón, has registered here during a tenure of Dr. Jerold D Ottley the one who was Musical
Manager of 1974-1999 is on forms, with Julius late Rudel that directs both heart, orchestra and
Give Kiri, sings some classics like this, A Nun Corazón of Casanova, Or Divine Redeemer of
A Redemption for Greens, A Hallelujah of Christ of Beethoven in a Mountain of Olives, and the sweet
rendition of Home Sweet House in Kiri native Maori, more my personal favourite, In of the Wings of Song for
Has 13 clues in everything. Some period classics, and the pair of Rodgers and Hammerstein preferred also.

Has registered in a Lake of Rooms Tabernacle in 1989.
Decca Digital emission.
5 / 5
Has bought this partorisca my dad and is very happy with him.
4 / 5
An absolutely súper album. Substituted an old tape has has had to that was spent.
4 / 5
Has bought this year of the album done in recognition in Londra, and was still before I have had the player of CD. It is now all shabby and am thinking of the substitute, like this simply want to it the pieces. I highly reccomend the.

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Bought this partorisca a last world of clue in union this in spite of thinking his to add
4 / 5
ホルスト作曲の「組曲惑星」のジュピターを元にした聖歌・愛国歌「我は汝に誓う、我が祖国よ: Swears To Thee My Country」を大ヒットさせたキャサリン・ジェンキンスの先駆的役割を果たしたカナワさんの「ワールド・イン・ユニオン」は1991年以降ラグビーワールドカップのテーマ曲となり、ヘイリー(ウェステンラ)にも引き継がれています。
 1. オラトリオ「サムソン」-輝ける大天使(ヘンデル) Handel: Samson, HWV 57 - Leave A Brilliant Seraphim
 2. 歌劇「フィガロの結婚」第3幕-楽しい思い出はどこに(モーツァルト) Mozart: He Wedding has Given Figaro - Immersed Sleep
 3. ヴェスペレ(荘厳晩課)-ラウダーテ・ドミヌム(主を讃えよ)(モーツァルト) Mozart: Vesperae Solennes Of Confessore, K 339 - Laudate Dominum
 4. アヴェ・マリア(バッハ/グノー編) Gounod: Bird Maria
 5. 歌劇「椿姫」第3幕-さようなら,過ぎ去った日々よ(ヴェルディ) Green: The Traviata - Attend, Of the Past
 6. 歌劇「トスカ」第2幕-歌に生き,恋に生き(プッチーニ) Puccini: Tosca - Lived Of Art
 7. 歌劇「ジャンニ・スキッキ」-私のお父さん(プッチーニ) Puccini: Gianni Schicchi - Oh! Mine Babbino Cher
 8. 歌劇「アドリアーナ・ルクヴルール」第1幕-私は創造の神のいやしい召使いです(チレア) Cilea: Adriana Lecouvreur - I Edges The humble Ancella
 9. 歌劇「つばめ」第1幕-ドレッタの夢(プッチーニ) Puccini: The Rondine - The one who He Bel Dream has Given Doretta
10. 歌劇「ルイーズ」第3幕-その日から(G.シャルパンティエ) Louise: Of Lucido Day
11. 「レクイエム」-ピエ・イエズ(フォーレ) Fauré: Requiem, Op. 48 - 4. Wry Jesu
12. 「オーヴェルニュの歌」-バイレロ(カントルーブ) Canteloube: Songs Of Auvernia, Serious 1 - no.2, 'Baïlèro'
13. ミュージカル「ウェスト・サイド・ストーリー」-トゥナイト(バーンスタイン) History lateralmente west: Tonight
14. 歌劇「ポーギーとベス」第1幕-サマータイム(ガーシュウィン) Gershwin: Summertime
15. ミュージカル「オー・ケー」-優しい伴侶を(ガーシュウィン) Gershwin: Any partorisca Look me
16. ミュージカル「ロバータ」-煙が目にしみる(カーン) Roberta: The smoke Among Your Eyes
17. 映画「艦隊を追って」-レッツ・フェイス・ザ・ミュージック(バーリン) Follows One Fleet: Expensive Accident A Music And Dances
18. ミュージカル映画「上流社会」-トゥルー・ラヴ(ポーター) Big society: Amur Some
19. 「リヴァプール・オラトリオ」-あなたが生まれ出てくる世界は(マッカートニー) Liverpool Oratorio: A World is Coming The
20. ワールド・イン・ユニオン(ホルスト/スカーベク編) World In Union
4 / 5



5 / 5
has been enjoys it Kiri You Kanawa voice in fact a lot of years and have many of his registers. Consistently, This is not some first time have listened the sound sings some of these arias and songs, but this CD resupplies an ideal sampling of his art. As you can see of a listing of clue, covers an earth of Handel and Mozart, by means of Puccini and Charpentier, all a way the Gershwin, Kern, Berlino and Porters. In the way, a song of Porter, True Amour, of a film Big Society, is a main surprise. Raisin composed It specifically for Grace Kelly, the one who there has been an extremely limited row. Kiri Of course has an enormous row, this in spite of his rendition here is lovely, included moving. I suppose it it would not owe that be surprised, this in spite of, like this different the majority of crossover singers, has sung this class of music, in some clubs of Auckland (where has lived and is worshipped), before it has operated listened never. Highly recommended (although has all his others registers - you can not maintain everything of them in yours automobiles).

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We owe this CD to a generosity of Obert and Grace Tanner, the one who has endowed the series of concerts of free gala in a Mormon Tabernacle in Salt Lake City. Decca There is compiled this album of three Thanksgiving-themed actions in prompt November 1991, when a Tabernacle Corazón teamed up with a half American-soprano Frederica von Stadium, an organist John Longhurst and an Orchestra of Symphony of the Utah under a direction of Joseph Silverstein.

Some details of clue are:
01 - Handel - A Messiah - Hallelujah Corazón; 3:54
02 - Mozart - Vesperae solennes of confessore K339 - Laudate Dominum; 4:19
03 - Mendelssohn - Elijah - Thank you Be in God; 3:40
04 - Gluck - Orpheus and Euridice - That lighthouse; 3;40
05 - Puccini - Madama Butterfly - Humming heart; 3;14
06 - Vaughan Williams - A Song of Thanksgiving; 16;14
07 - Handel - Zadok a Priest; 5:02
08 - Schubert, fixed for Chris Hazell - Bird Maria; 6;47
09 - Canteloube - Sings of Auvernia - Bailero; 6:38
10 - Mozart - Bird verum corpus K618; 4:05
11 - Copland - Old American Songs Simple Presents; 1;37
12 - Copland - Old American Songs - I bought the cat; 2;40
And finally, likes twisted of squash to finalise a banquet of Thanksgiving, two encores chosen for Frederica:
Soiled of 13 Carol, fixed for Chris Hazell - Jenny Rebecca; 3;18
14 - Bernstein and Sondheim, fixed for David Cullen - the history lateralmente West - To somewhere

Well, SLC concert-goers was treated certainly to enough the mix before I am home be to his turkeys! A handful of upper-of-the-explosions the saint and profane hearts, an interesting piece less familiar Vaughan Williams, the soupcon of Frederican feeling and that a lot - and sadly are no J. B. Steane - For me, is mostly Frederica contributi that marks a value of disk that shabby. A glory of a Laudate Dominum - a grave beauty that lighthouse - a romantic desire of Auvernia the song of the shepherd - a purity of an old Shaker tune - a comedy of a cat - a tenderness of Jenny Rebecca, the song that Frederica like this amours that appoints his big daughter with which he - or, especially, a desire, beauty that heart of pauses of the some place: these are that persists in my longer memory. Frederica In his favourite repertoire is in fact bit it special.

A CD that the amazon is offering here is an American version has imported. The mine is an emission of original United Kingdom , which imagine so only differed of a CD of EUA be retitled A Song of Thanksgiving. A disk of United Kingdom is coming with the booklet that has ignored teste or translations, but has comprised three pages of notes of program and two photographs of Frederica with a heart. Decca The digital register was also engineered like usual, and a Tabernacle the audience was, as you would expect, extremely good behaved.