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4 / 5
It has purchased so only this album with which on 30 years without van halen, the memories add partorisca listen the vh with DLR in a 80s, there is prendido partorisca listen the vh in a 90s as so that it get obsessed with guns n roses then eminem the oasis & blurs but now the cant the stop that listens the vh with DLR again, has taken them 4 vh DLR albums in the playlist & im listening to them constantly now, likes van halen does not touch never old fashioned or out of dating different all a 90s material has listened them to, the gotta says vh was much better with roth then hagar, songs very better, papers very better & of music. vh Without roth was likes man utd with which ladies , a better vh the clues are gone in a roth was.
4 / 5
A wonderful album that shop windows so only reason Van Halen was like this special. An amazing electrical guitar that touches of Eddie Van Halen taking the majority of an attention of defenders of random music, and rightfully like this, but Van Halen really was the band of special talents. David Legge Roth is one of one all time more utmost frontmen and some pasts for big lyricist those who really transmits entertainment and good time. Alex Van Halen and Michael Antony is the section of the rhythm adds the one who helps a music immensely.

All of of the this is so only the long way to say east is one all time classical album that all the world would owe that possess.
4 / 5
One of a worse esmaestros' has not listened never - ossia the classical 70s radio mix, any one optimised partorisca systems of qualities of the his modern and CDs. Touched by means of the decent HiFi, these sounds like the be radio economic touched in a next room...

Technically that pause, this has been bad mastered; there is almost at all down 150Hz (the humans listen of around 50 - 20,000 hz), some frequencies keys for electrical guitars of basses, the bass take a picture . With small bass, this touches tinny and a lot bad; solos of drum a lot included stir a powder, has left so only shake a paving. Like another description said 'Warner Bros, would have to be embarrassed' - Like this true.

Van Halen really deserve far more than of the this. A band is on the forms and an album is one of a greats.
5 / 5
Averts of And A Cradle Mecer & All the world Loves A bit, has not listened never clues much more there of this album (in spite of being the VH defender!) And I can comprise reasons so many defenders hail this like this there preferred and reason is obtained the bit of the state of cult.

Of my ears, one first half of an album (Side A) is Eddie Van Halen. His sound of the electrical guitar is not never better that this album and some first 4 clues here are excellent to the equal that comprises Fools, possibly a heavier song VH has done.

Side B while it is more Dave Legge Roth, when being more sing-to the long of the type dips ready no too dissimilar to the his 1985 EP de Vega living room fashionable coverages.
One follows a feebler in an album is Loss Of Control, although a lot of descriptions have signalled this one was like the point has underlined.

A thing that comes to light in this album is a similarity to some clues of the album sooner for One The one who, specifically some albums Some Fast An and A The one who Sells Era.
Whilst No a better VH album in my opinion, is certainly in a cup 5 and this is to base so only in some first four songs.
4 / 5
Is almost impossible to express that I Van of amour Halen, and the one who better is that all some other bands of this era, this era, appoint one was! A combination of Roth, EVH, To the and so only blows all more out of a water.

So much, the 'Women and of the First Boys'. Hot in some heels in a that sells massively VH 1 and 2, and mostly written in visits, ossia the light start of a pop-the feelings concealed surfaced with 'Dance A Night Was' and 'the enamoured women' (the songs add that they were). This album is the movement to the sound the dark plus, climaxing in a stunning 'Look Justo'. This album contains some of some songs more are that Eddie and DLR has together writing, and does not say that slightly! 'Romeo Delicia' is the beauty, has all could love in the song of rock; Eddie mixes on some bluesy riffs with some touching in a start, spear in the storming alone and just sounds like the man having the plot of the papers is to touch also, the sound enough adds also! Kicking Was with '...And A Cradle Mecer!' And 'All the world Loves A bit', both utmost examples of the like the powerhouse quartet a youngster VH was, clue for a to a large extent unheralded but excellent 'Fools' - 'Fools! Alive with Fools!!'. Eddie Touches around with his electrical guitar, doing it his like this the motorcycle on 'Tora!Tora!' And this follows the 'Loss of Control', another little gem. Characteristic of acoustics of electrical guitar on 'Take Your Whiskey Marries', which is pure-Roth sleaze. ' It can This Be Magic?' It is the plot of fun, and illustrates a versatility that the must has done other bands feel likes to give up. Master 'In a Simple Rhyme' also, the really optimistic song that almost gives an impression that DLR has settled down with any one! Surely any one? Then it has the brief glimpse that could have it been - 'Growth', which has been feigned to go to a prójimo that has not spent never.

Was this is not one the majority of scholar of descriptions - but, hell! I love this album, and is the entertainment adds , exactly the one who VH would have loved me to think!
4 / 5
Absolutely loves this, my preferred, VH album. It is one of these records that stay with you throughout your life, that you always gone back to and does not go never of. It is the bit of the start of his premiers two albums and all some better for him thinks (although it likes VH Of I & II). Each song on here is 10/10 and less than the fiver really can any gone bad! Then shabby 'Look Justo' - according to better album his - so much is something of the piece to mate to of the one of the east one calculates.
4 / 5
An album of good rock. The good electrical guitar that touches.
5 / 5
Awesome Album. There it go it on happy cassette to substitute thank you
5 / 5
I have had this album the years of tape does and is like this well like retreat. Interesting addtion in any VH the collection would say.
4 / 5
Has begun my VAN HALEN of 5150 in 1986. Roth bacame My revelation ten years later and concealed has not been adds it one!!! It likes Hagar of voice. May... This one has taken control, included '1984' and little another considers better emissions that this one looking David Legge Roth.
Has possessed cd partorisca the long time. And so only the few years has bought that! A elepé the sounds perfect. I know I say that it is the new-fact s..., But these sounds of vinyl. Really! I enjoy a music on '5150' and his on 'Women.........'
4 / 5
This king-mastered Van Halen cd is like this clearer and stronger that an old cd . So only I owe that say people partorisca go and take this animal-mastered cd .
4 / 5
Odd colour, was blue and yellow but has touched well. The May has been the bootleg.
5 / 5
Has notes of the young visas? One of a better ad libs officially never.. There is does.. It has Bought this on vinyl ,on day of emission ,way behind in 1980,wow 40 years, imagine my surprise to take the plenary sizw poster of the hairy torso'd David Legge Roth has chained to the fence !!!! So only that a 18 year has required there is (ANY).

A music now this was the one who iwas while and has wanted but has had the thin difference after a firat 2 classical albums that follow-ups the regular personnel ( the musically excellent action notwithstanding) , this album touched to the equal that have been put neighbour in the pair of the hours and he have touched add.

Opener 'And A Cradle Mecer' is easily on some better clues they never registered but after a start of band that takes risks ,calm almost can listen some beat of empty beer ,bounced of Jack and box of the rubble of pizza likes them fire out of a chaotic(the chaos has organised of course) of 'All the world Loves A bit' drums of jungle and Roth swinging of a ceiling that does Tarzan impressions, 'Fools' and 'Romeo' Delicia' more than a same,'Loss of control' follows a same model whilst any when being any quite like this good.

If you hadnt @@give before Alex that of the entity and Michael was calm then now,he rythmn the section that resists it everything near likes Dave there is bounced of some wall with the variety of the vocal actions that diverse of breathless/raspy the vaudeville and all while Eddie is aiming of his only talent for mesmerising calms with his sounds of electrical guitar and the this so only.

Finally his all has propiciado the prójimo with 3 down estimated follow 'Take Your Whiskey Marries ','Could This Be Magic' and 'In a last two Simple when being quite majestic. A moment for real classical in VH history and well the value that listens to on and on again.
4 / 5
For 1980, Van Halen has been certified stars of rock. It had dipped two elepé (albeit quite alike touching to an another) to the equal that was achieved massively, has sold was visit of sand, and was resulted one of the prime minister of Amsterdam sells of hard rock. Like this when I have been to a studio the third time, wisely has chosen to stirs out of his sound and register the a lot of stylistically conjoint wider that songs that still had been listened for Van Halen defenders.

Listens the Van Halen discography in chronological process (a good practice to do with any band or musical artist, to take the glimpse of his street of career and musical projectory), the WOMEN And I FIRST BOYS is one of some the majority of record of entity his career, and tried to be both the transitional record and one of one the majority of underrated album of his career. His start has established a 'Van Halen' sound, and VH II has followed that his without the transmission on at all. It has Had his facts like the third time, has been an artistic misfire and a sale probably would begin to turn of public consciousness.

Felizmente, Van Halen a lot that. Instead, has has presented keyboards (the cradle Mecer has the keyboards have accused by means of the electrical guitar amp), the bluesy acoustic, almost folk number of the his (Could This Be Magic, one of one the majority of underrated VH songs never), some social commentary (!!) Roughly defenders of rock and his report to his parents and of the figures to be able to (the cradle Mecer), pieces out of his musical muscle (Fools), and the shows can write some plans-out of the songs of hard rock are (the delight of Romeo, Loss of Control, In the Simple Rhyme). While 'Tora! Tora!' It is more than the riff and a intro the 'Loss of Control' that the real song, some other eight songs try Van Halen is resulted the much more ambitious sale a third time around. It is true that you have to spend more time with this record that a forward two to fully appreciate a music, but is time very displaced, a lot he finding some different discharges to a music.

The one who WOMEN of frames like this wonderful is the one who naturalidad this expansion of a Van Halen the sound is. Has ambition more musical, develop his skills that writes song, and the churn directed only was one of his the majority of idiosyncratic record. While VHII to to sounds simply like VH has repeated, of sounds of to the WOMEN like them some real followup to a start. And while there is always founds 'All the world Loves A bit' quite sophomoric in a lyrical department, a music is exceptional. In the moral level, find me disagreeing with 'All the world Loves A bit', to a large extent because of a sheer promiscuity promotes, as well as in a very a lot of Roth is propositioning the prostitute ( says 'Look, will pay calm for him, the one who a f--?' 'In the Simple Rhyme', for my money, is one of a better VH the songs have registered, and would have to that it has been the swipe in to a level still likes him any of the his another famous material. Have Also had it always the partial 'Could This Be Magic', Van Halen' equivalent of Zeppelin is 'that Goes California'. That I bad for that is is the fantastic folk song for the mostly known band for hard rock (this in spite of Zeppelin has had the fashionable enormous variety and texture his work also).

In general, a Van of music Halen registered for this album are freer, funkier, and cover the a lot of the widest spectre of music that his leading two record. A music touches alive, lived in, and like a band is to be that it touches this music thus scarce period to time when a material is still quite fresh, but more than able to touch a material, and that aim where a sale has touched some songs so much have required so only the pause of him. Reason WACF is not more highly considered is further me. I think that that ossia easily his the majority of underrated album.

Curiously, when 'In the Simple Rhyme' final, the courts 20 according to untitled begin him notarises them. A name of this instrumental, nowhere listed in a packaging, is 'Growth', and originally has been to have the habit of clue like this inaugural to WACF followup. This followup resulted to be 'Look Justo', and an original idea was to use 'Growth' as the inaugural clue was abandoned unfortunately. Has some utmost, undeveloped potential.

Although a majority of a record can not be like this immediately accessible like some main songs of one 1978 start and 1984, in general is the record this develops more and more with each listen and develops to be the record with being able to like this durable likes any of this two @@@titan. Can take you the little has bitten to take to, but once calm , will be hooked.

Inferior line: Still although VAN HALEN or 1984 or some premiers two logical places to begin to listen the Van Halen with Roth was in a band, for a newbies ossia the place adds to start with also. Die like underrated east, was well for the new auditors that says his prime minister VH the record was is one . I know the plot of people takes nostalgic in record that took him the different bands, and was a lot of if this was that record for more the people that is now, quotes his underrated been.
5 / 5
This a there is had three rock radio swipes on that. 'And a cradle mecer' , 'all the world loves a bit' and 'could ossia amour ' ( is radio swipe also) , is the enormous swipe , a third vendor of monster for this band in the row. This one has sold a lot of copies of millions and for good reason , has tonnes of a lot crafted songs of melodic metal on here. A sale always could walk the line among metal and the hard pop that songs of sounds a lot well. It likes takings both in the classical rock. A classical third of this type , this is not hard metal mostly , is very good hard rockin this in spite of and is a class of hard rock that some ladies can love too much. The type of the majority of 1980 of the metal like this was. A hard material was and still is thrash the metal and the mine concealed is not the so it has amused averages like this.. This has to that tickle your elegant.
5 / 5
Believe me, oh a lot of better beloved, ossia a plus refinadas VH records of them everything. So only once in his work approached to a gonzo character of 'WaCF' and this was with 'VHI'. An album is the cry . It is a impromptu cavort by means of the non-existent tunes, by means of papers (the a lot of DLR admitted so much) written in a backside of the container of cigarette, an album with production undressed to a minimum, with bum notes and DLR that launch his wacky wave in an integer have opposite. A moment when it begins to do chimp impersonations on 'All the world loves some little' rest one of my moments of favourite rock never. I maintain to listen his, although I owe that it has grown a lot the time does out of his childish leanings but can the no. is, for the mile of country, my favourite record never.
4 / 5
Him him To this point ( Reading this description), then is evident that has more esoteric and refined flavours in music of mecer that a half tendency and fad prone rocker of today would anticipate. Such distance is this album of any commercially pertinent music of today also would involve that calm already have the just experience of music of rock in his complete form, unsullied for tendency or sucedido commercial modern.
Resisting this in alcohol, is looking for the classical, seminal masterpiece of music of mecer to add to the collection, then looks no further. Of an extreme to the another, this album rids all the defender of classical rock could wish. To the Clues like "All the world Loves A bit!", "Romeo Delicia" and "Tora Tora" it exhibit a fast-paced, decadent and joyously music of defiant rock that so only Roth Van of era Halen could do like this well. Those clues of frames like these like this special is that they are like this original in his sound, has rests and a concept of classical rock likes Focused Zeppelin and Free, this in spite of is also fresh and rebellious likes punk the music was in that then. He blends some more utmost attributes of both was is and joins him to do this essential album that listens for any rock to consecrate defender.
While this album has been missing of a commecial hype of his two predecessors, Van Halen 1 and Van Halen 2, but that in no way involves that an album is any less significant or revolutionary.
Eddie is touching is still like this fresh and triumphantly experimental to the equal that was before, and some the a lot of facets of his sound are showed here. The sure songs sincerely the calm paste with the surprise, leaving you thinking " it is this the Van Halen song?". The examples would be some acoustics blues electrical guitar intro of "Take Your Whiskey Marie", which is something Van Halen has a lot previously experimanted with, no in an original song atleast.
" It can This Be Magic?" It is another example , is like this far of traditional VH song, that is sincerely dumbfounding: folk-the slide that touches in acoustic electrical guitar? You are sure ossia Van Halen? But it is, and work perfectly like this song and in a context of an album, brilliant.
"In a Simple Rhyme", a final song, is the song that the believe any defender of music would owe that listen. It is the emotional combination of the beautiful, sonorous and delicate melody seamlessly interwoven with ardent rock, and some papers are some of Roth is more surprisingly poetic to date " he a bit the mountains sing /Birds against a icy the heaven/to somewhere has listened bell ringing/ has thinks that has listened a sigh of angel..."
Some songs' remarkable and intrinsic beauty servants like perfect end to a understated and masterpiece of an album that recommends with adding earnesty.
4 / 5
Has bought these years of albums and does years on vinyl and, frankly, is still like this awe-inspiring today to the equal that was then. A eclectic the mix of influences is apparent, (listens to 'Could This Be Magic?' Afterwards to 'Fools' then 'Romeo Delicia'). To good sure this is driven by a talent inconfundible of a VH brothers, a flamboyancy of David Legge Roth and a devil-has sent falsetto of Michael Anthony. This music is definately born of the time when the image and the behaviour have created was the second in bylines to a music he. Yeah, Sure has had all a rock regulates 'any excess of circle at stake, and, could contest that the women and I First Boys is the really album very short. This in spite of, enough listen to the short album packed with adding big, fat, smack-in-the-tunes of type, that it rambling, ambling dirge concealed leave you feeling at all a lot at all, (a format very populate around then). Cela, supposes, is a calm simple album leave feeling like this behind to the time when the music could still for real that without craving universal acceptance in front of the poster of judges. Van Halen was peerless to arrive to this point and dipping level another so only could not match. So only the buy and feel the one who vital the closing is!
4 / 5
This was Van Halen third album (rel. 1980), that Follows an emission of Van Halen I (1978) and II (1979). These are all for real records add, with original songs, technical (at the same time to release in all the chance!) And the fantastic sense of alive action. A last comes from/comes from to Produce Ted Templeman impressive capacity to so only has left one touches of band some songs without the product on. Also Engineering of Donn Landee enable you to listen one infamous 'Brown His' of Alex Van Halen' Snare and Eddie Amp/ the electrical guitar has On Dipped.
But less than a history! As it was-only record this, likes like this another Van Halen record, there is brilliantly Songs of Mecer Last pure and in of the so many different fashions: Of a bad plus 'Fools' the clue of first 'And A Cradle Mecer...' The acoustic work on 'Take Your Whiskey Marries' and a (sinister' expensive he) odd masterpiece of 'Could this be Magic?'. These are impressive to an auditor reason a sale the all like this well.
Reasons to buy this record?? If your interest is in Van Halen, work of Monumental electrical Guitar, quality understated Bass and work of drum (Michael Anthony and Alex Van Halen is legends in his own legislations), Hard Rock, the songs add, scary harmonic-squealing of David Legge Roth, the wonderful ear for agreements of Eddie, has balanced registers... Ossia Certainly one of a better of a Group realeases, reason exhibit him that he that his more.
4 / 5
Has been there? You see? You know van halen has visited so only a uk 3 times? (1978 sabbath Of support, 79 to sustain vh2 emission and 1980 that sustains this emission)

was and is (he his has seen again nov 07 nyc) a show more adds on earth. Blessed with both a better guitarist of hendrix and one more frontman of james brown was always goona work. You are a terracing to the like doing and has left everyoned breathless this has surprised folks. Some so only cant included the mango. The His pity (deep down the chuckle in fact).

Has spent often for big coming with which 2 perfect emissions, this album is still better that more sell better work. A enthusisam, the discipline and the talent is still there , and while some excesses are kicking in, his havent taken on still. Has the 1st use of Eddie of keyboards and included some acoustics blues/folk number which add to some balls out of songs, murderous riffs and virtuosa electrical guitar. And in In A Simply Rhymes, the some bands better song and DLR better papers.

An if any one is interested, an original lp clues rnning the order is:

1. The cradle Mecer
2. All the world Loves A bit
3. Fools
4. Romeo Delicia
5. Tora Tora
6. Loss to Control
7. Take Your Whiskey Marie
8. It can This Be Magic
9. In a Simply Rhymes
4 / 5
After a lack-Van of polish Halen II comes this album of épico.
In the first place has taken this in a summer of 1980, and so only blows my alcohol. Eddie Never touched better, Diamond Dave ego still under control with Michael and Alex that comes from the room of formidable engine.
Sounds FERMI to surprise with which 33 years, he really done!
5 / 5
Ossia One of a classical Van Halen album. Such the diversity adds songs. Some songs almost touch alive and some sounds of band as 'hover'. Some points have underlined:
- the cradle Mecer : prompt use of synth (by means of a MXR phaser, I supposition) for EVH. Has a sound of the only.
- All the world Loves A bit! : DLR sleazy The stain spoken is a lot matched for EVH sleazy sweep of train & of electrical guitar. To to I Sounds like to of him has looked in the tunnel.
- Romeo Delicia : pure energy. A bit desglosa after an only fantastic is pure brilliance , adding the entirely different dynamic to a song. EVH HAS the real ear for gorgeous agreement voicings. Some drums/of basses have the class of mesmeric quality during an amour this song.
- Take your Whiskey Marries : an acoustic intro is the very small piece
- Could This Be Magic : one of the mine favourite VH registers. DLR Has been done thus type of songs. I add 'noodled' electrical guitar of slide.
- In the Simple Rhyme : unusually tender papers of Gentleman Roth! A lush desglosáis.
4 / 5
An album really adds. They are new the Van Halen and has not been disappointed, loved it absolutely! To good sure recommend this.
5 / 5
Beware This European 180vinyl of g reissue - number of Catalogue 8122-79793-9 Barcode 0 81227 97939 3 Manufactured in Et.ou.

Entirely yellow heaven & that shines different blue coverage with the laughable sticker in a front that proclaims 'Packaging replicated to a detail a plus end' - Of then when it has done this emission not having never these illustrations by heart? It looks the a lot of fact bootleg.

Contacting Warner Bros Registers United Kingdom for more the information is absolutely impossible & Amazon is of any help anything.

Steps Attentively!

Top Customer Reviews: Rockabye Baby! ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 1 ratings
5 / 5
An only idea produced for any-less than Dave Legge Roth twins where the clues of rock am transformed to glockenspiel infused lullabies. I have bought this Van Halen Rockabye Baby Lullabies CD partorisca boy of new born creature of the mine own and also his sister 2 old year. My sister recommends this highly. It looks that Van Halen in any rocks of form!

Top Customer Reviews: VAN HALEN women and ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5
There is probably at all new that one can write on Van Halen album partorisca begin, or an impact that EVH two-the electrical guitar rid that the touches had [WELL knows that all the game of guitarists with two hands, I , but not liking EVH] concealed is not already state writing, likes stop here listened him to him all and read the all before. But if, I like him-it is me the VH virgin whose interest has been sparked for a untimely died of Eddie Van Halen then this can be useful before it buy your prime minister VH album.

When I Say that they are to Van Halen virgin, would have to admit the already possessing his '1984' and soymena that ... Flight. 1' album and so that to the virginity is binary perhaps really would have to me describe like the novice. But a truth never are there is has had really an interest in Van Halen that spends a late '70s and punctual '80s stuck in the punk/he surca wave new and has not been until I have lived in some States in a mid '80s that VH has crossed my radar and he then was all roughly, David Legge Roth a motormouthed vocalist and he all looked frankly the bit bobo, bit it showy and also [in the word] American.

But after this informative sad week of EVH no, and that listens again to '1984' and one 'Plus of ...' I have decided to explore further, and for this spent of mine a bit late of 'Van Halen', a Van Halen band' 1978 album partorisca begin, and to the equal that seat here listening partorisca a third or fourth time this afternoon owe that admit to having confused, reasons frankly is taste all and at all has listened before, and a lot really comprise reason is so that there is highly has considered.

The So only can be thirty five minutes long but ossia times enough for a band to mix an anger and assault of punk with franticness of Motorhead (' are An One'); a bluesy roots of Free or Bad Company [are I an only person the one who thinks DLR to to the sounds like to them Paul Rodgers on 'Runnin' With A Devil'?]; A heaviness of metal but with lightness of poppy ossia metal of hair more American that NWOBHM; Reigned-lite moments of caseous silliness [ soyun of Freezing'] with a sophistication of Focused Zeppelin; and some eleven clues are to a large extent original but there is nods to his antecedents with the coverage of a Kinks' 'has Taken Me Really' where EVH goes situates that Dave Davies could so only sleep of, to right old pot-pourri of sounds familiarised.

But the one who the different fact and does this stand of start-out of a crowd is EVH; reason down he all EVH done his own thing with this crazy electrical guitar, in his own on 'Eruption' and with, but disconnected of and complimentary to, some grave and drums elsewhere; and everything a moment quite big in a mix to be at the side and to a left of DLR vocals [I knows another there is complained in a production and that mixes the quality but east reissue works for me with EVH in my sinister ear].

A first side, of opener 'Runnin' With A Devil' to ' are an One' is a strong plus, is more attention grabbing and more commercial containing three of some four single of an album, and comprises EVH so only 'Eruption' the east follows amiably to 'has Taken Me Really'; a second side this in spite of is more than the mix and less involving. But by means of him all there is the allegro cheesiness that grates and is for this that would be three stars of me but for a work of extraordinary electrical guitar of EVH concealed well an extra star [or two if any one knows like this to turn down DLR].


PS. If you are for to buy your prime minister VH album then of mine albeit the experience has limited would recommend '1984', is the better and more compatible album IMO.
5 / 5
Has done with the band to Dublino in 1978. We were young, opened-imported and little dreamers likes all the world-wide more. Included now (almost 40 years after a chance) animadamente can agree a visceral sense of emotion felt when I dipped in the first place our ears to develop in a sonic assault that it is 'Van Halen' - the zippy-lick electrical guitar-sister of still like this another clearly deranged mother.

Although of course any have @@give he at the same time - his self-the February has titled 1978 album to start with was the transmission of game - less a lot of all this wine-was-of-nowhere plank-spanker Eddie has called Van Halen. As his wild failure-work and harmonics is coming to shout out of one 'Eruption' instrumental in still like this another character Ted Templeman production (the man that'd has spent a world-wide a beast that was soyontrose' behind in 1973 and A Doobie Brothers 'A Captain And Me a same year) - I can agree everything to look in the each one another. We were absolutely gobsmacked. Like Hendrix and Rory Gallagher first of the his and later Stevie Ray Vaughan (in another format) - is there state gawking in a elepé of vinyl that turns around and around on Jimmy Meade turntable in his nave-come-test-studio and asked - to the equal that in Godzilla the name is this American cheeky chappy taking 'this touched out of the Cellotaped electrical guitar? It has known no – neither know our hammer-ons of our hammer-and-nails. But we knew it excited and different and has known has loved more than him...

I desire could express a same class of knee-knobbling emotion in this bog-regulate 'Warner Remasters' CD of 2000 or his farcical reissue masquerading like the '2015 Remaster' - when his obvious bleeding is a same version done behind in 2000. Here it is a devilish details and comparisons...

United Kingdom has released July 2000 - 'Van Halen' for VAN HALEN in Warner Brothers 9362-47737-2 (Barcode 093624773726) in a 'Warner Remasters' the series is the scrolling of SINCERE CD of one 1978 Start of 11 clues elepé and the games was as follows (35:31 minutes):

1. Runnin' With A Devil [Side 1]
2. Eruption
3. I took Really
4. It is not Talkin' 'Extreme Amur
5. They are A a
6. Jamie Cryin' [Side 2]
7. Atomic Punk
8. It feels Amur Tonight
9. Little Dreamer
10. Man of ice cream
11. On Shoot
Clue 1 to 11 is his album to start with Van Halen' - the February has released 1978 in some the EUA in Warner Brothers BSK 3075 and April 1978 in United Kingdom in Warner Brothers K 56470. Produced for TED TEMPLEMAN - it peaked in No. 19 In some the EUA and No. 34 In United Kingdom.

A gatefold slip of paper that to laws likes them a inlay - done a basic necessities and bugger-all more. And while CHRIS BELLMAN Remaster does in Bernie Grundman Mastering is material fantastic - only that amplifies that astonishingly free still precise Ted Templeman production - an in general feel here is one the WB 'could escape with' without being downright abusing.

So that that the here is an incendiary start of five launch album - the genuine Rock helter Skelter - given the five-star Remaster but housed in packaging of two stars. Van Halen the partidários has taken bit it excited in 2015 when the web of place of a band announced '2015 Remasters' except this subject in Warner Brothers 081227955243 (Barcode was) there is exactly one same crappy slip of paper and 'any reference' anywhere to the new 2015 date of copyright or remaster - so much is so only an included bloody thing costing partidários more squandered readies. Some have said that a sound is slightly better - but when I have had my copy could very honradamente the listen. This in spite of - and have to that emphasise this - Chris Bellman move (which to the equal that say that I am sure has been used in both subjects) is mecer - an absolute belter. To the left it is taking to a music...

Can risk suggestions of the frontal lobotomy of defenders for this - but yes am entirely sincere there is never really liked 'Runnin' With A Devil' as to dip ready. Compared to character like a simple Rock riffage of 'Little Dreamer' or an amazing speed that opens of ' are An One' and a sale so only rasgando to this 'Van Halen' sound - has thought always 'Runnin'...' Never like this slightly naff. No such questions with some volcanic spew of 'Eruption' - an excuse for pyrotechnics of electrical guitar - one instrumental that always take me behind to this moment in 1978 when in the first place we pull a propiciado by tarpaulin of Harley Davison of the band. Gone on down the one of fantastic truth 'rawk' version of A Kinks classical 'has Taken Me Really' - Van Halen has dipped his focus so only in the song that a lot has thought too familiar for far. That listens animal his now is the explosion - and is Claro and Dee Dee (nomination-checked in any thank you credits) some daughters that groaned to an end?

Titanic riffage Continue with his own 'Is not Talkin' 'Extreme Amur' - the example sincerely adds of Hard Rock and he slayer of the only (and a lot you just amour that so only melodic). A Side that has surprised 1 finals with an amazing piece of Eddie Van that to show Halen touching on ' are One One' – wild electrical guitar soloing likes Read Roth 'has does there is is' his vocal way by means of typically of humble papers roughly like all some ladies would be privileged frankly to have the bit of Dave generous microphone-stand in his lives. Another goodies on Side 2 comprise 'Atomic Kitten' it Warner the brothers dipped in a B-side of 'has Taken Me Really' in February 1978 - a Van to start with Halen 7' so only in United Kingdom (Warner Brothers K 17107) and EUA (Warner Brothers 8515). And of course that lethal a-two paste of sucker concealed is 'Little Dreamer' and an old-timey Rock 'any Circle of soyun of Freezing' - in fact one of mine beans-raves in an album.

Utmost on - is buying the Remaster would suggest to plumb for one 2000 subject how is available on-line for peanuts. Or if like this bent and is has had to that to discover to the only van like good Halen was - go for a 2013 box of six conjoint disks tudio Albums 1978-1984'. Calm give you one 2000 Remasters in six singular paper sleeves with one much more of one Dave Letto Roth period for him nadge down fifteen crux. Included Is a underrated displaced-album 'Diver Down' of 1982 and an enormous '1984' elepé with 'Jumped and 'Panama' this correspondent his global and Dave flight to an air with his fragrant tassels dangling in a wind.

'Atomic Punk' and 'In Shoots' - the song titles that adds on 'Van Halen' - this beast of the record that astonishingly will be 40 young years in February 2018. It gives the graces for some boys of party...
5 / 5
Ossia The description for one 2015 remaster CD.

First of all, a music takes the minimum 5 remarkable start album that (mine at least) still touches fresh and that shines a estupefaciente 37 years with which is exited. They are sure a lot another habladuría of descriptions in a music and calm will know that to expect.

A remastered sound: Any the noticeable difference of an old plus digitally remastered CDs this is to exit in 2001 (I think). It has touched glorious when I touched it in the first place and was really happy, but has then touched my older version and concealed has touched glorious also! Some to good sure will say to have ears of cloth, but both sound of versions to touch to had listened this prime to buy, so only would take me mine old plus remasters. This goes for 1984 which is also state so only reissued. I will not be buying some newer versions of some rests 4 Dave album of era when they take gone to them later this cradle.

Like reason so only 4 stars if a music is like this good? Well, a CD is in the luxury any, the plastic chance regulates... With one the long booklet has packed fill no, booklet of two pages with exactly of the same pics of some a lot of clues forwards of prize... oh Any extra content at all. Now, they are not the massive defender of prizes follows concealed coming with a lot often listen to them once and then any to touch them never again, but has had any comprised, is at least be one stimulating to buy. Or included a booklet has developed to windy me in. So only 4 stars for some second looks pointless reissues, so only to bolster (or piggyback on) sales for a Dome of new Tokyo alive album (which to good sure recommends).

Perhaps some of some other albums will benefit of a remaster, but join them to him old plus a (the mine is 9362-47737-2), would not annoy with east a.
4 / 5
Does not go to revise this clue of album for clue. It suffices to say a lot probably for the cost will be familiarised with a blistering start of big energy of one of some laws of the heavy rock more is all the time.

Ossia An album has purchased two times already. Once behind in 1979 on Vinyl in a pricely adds of £ of the long gone Sundown Record in Wolverhampton another outside a lot the time gone MVC like quell'HDCD partorisca in the held .A Vinyl was of course long gone and another CD has suffered harm. As I have seen this '2015 Remaster' and has been for him.

A quality of sound was of what excellent but could not relieve a lot, if any difference among him and my much more yield Remastered edition.

Like the quality of sound was (still) excellent and a music was still AWESOME still with which almost 40 years. Like reason so only Three stars?

A packaging and an inner sleeve is ABSOLUTELY BLOODY TERRIBLE!

Any paper, one the majority of basic of the bad information impresa in the cloth of thin and fragile piece of paper .ANY ONE mentions at all of '2015 Remaster'. Like A hell knows has to that fact has taken one 2015 remaster or no? Well it would not know to look in a info thats sure...

If you are new to Van Halen and this stunning album and does not possess a HDCD the copy already then buys it.

If you already possess the playable more collected remastered the copy then does not squander your money.

Five stars for a music and quality of his

Some stars for a packaging and the information have resupplied.

Three stars is...
5 / 5
This compraventa substituted a version of original vinyl has possessed way behind. Unfortunately, I have left he with my parents while it has lived abroad and his 'lost' he (together with all mine another vinyl) in an of his a lot of movements of house. This in spite of, has touched like this well, if any better, that an original, particularly a reduced hiss and another vinyl-the noise has related.
5 / 5
This album represents the pivotal moment in Rock. With which a jaded noodlings and ramblings of Prog Rock in a prompt 70 is had an unavoidable Punk Backlash and a 'Anti-Hero of electrical Guitar' (Any one the lack of respect has feigned, Ladies Jones(is)!! Of raging stabbing powerchords but ANY ALONE Or ELEGANT MATERIAL!!!
Has then come Van Halen (A Band and a axeman) and has confused everything. It has Had a big energy and economy of song (mostly 3 minutes long) but boy that the electrical guitar dazzles, cry, flurry, . Had an assault of a Pistols, a speed of Motorhead, A heaviness of SABBATH and a melodicism of in one 30 container of minute. Any need for now long albums. This one has changed a face of electrical guitar of Rock and music of Mecer for ever with 8 original songs have packed with sheer class, attitude and PURE ROCK, 2 Coverages (Man of Ice cream and a Kinks You Really taken me) and one defining ...The more defining-is moment of then 'the haze Lived' eshape of things' ...... My old man is the dustman!! Where Eddie has INVENTED one 2 there is rid to touch of ERUPTION!!
In a WORD (Or THREE) BUYS IT NOW!!!! Any defender of electrical guitar, or defender of Rock or, in fact the defender of music would owe that be without this groundbreaking album!!
...........And it has arrived in interior of perfect condition 3 days. Thumbs on, Eddie and Amazon!!
5 / 5
Has bought a vinyl of of the this. It was a Van Halen 10x Start of Platinum ReMastered Of An Analog Original Tapes180g Vinyl acquers Courts For Chris Bellman in Bernie Grundman Mastering (comes with the saying of sticker this in me thinks French) regarding a prize was very pleased. An only better one would be Kevin Grey a but doubt any one buying in the amazon would be able to listen a difference (comprised me).
Is the lovely record .
5 / 5
Still a start of better hard rock of all the times.
The songs add and the action adds for all a band.
This fresco still touches all these years later, so only timeless.
Edward Van Halen is so only on fire (forgive pun) in this emission, his electrical guitar that the touches is so only the masterclass of the rhythm and the goodness that touch. Included after all this sound of years to touch so only is that it surprises in this album.
5 / 5
In that bought that this Album on 'Plastic' in 1980 and then substituted in 2000 with CD VERSION, has to say that a remastered the version take well behind my youth and of the tentativas of rubbishes in copying EVH!

The mine Adopted of 13 years has only Van 'expósita' Halen and ossia his favourite album . Considering is 32 years and that Chico of 13 years classifies like his Beans, sound the reflection of like this stunning this work is. In 1978 it was years at the head of his time, at all more there could touches.

Likes quota another has said, so only the buy, calms that has to that have and is the prize of @@subject . It hears to Man of Ice cream and say me did not blow you was ! Included asks Atomic Punk and are on fire....

Buy the, remembers to crank he up!
4 / 5
Avert this product at all side. I have compared this esmastered' edition with an old plus cd, is likes day and night. An old version is very better. So only they are asking, if has any shame to sell one of some albums of better rock of the time everything in such quality of poor audio, unlistenable, the noise levels very big