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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 6 ratings
5 / 5
Almost I have not touched never an amply recommended Dutoit version - was like this bland has thought did not like me a work. I have read then some leading descriptions of this version with Handley and immediately found the much more characterised and significant and very registered also. Thank you Leading collaborators!
4 / 5
Is not postponed for a modest prize or lack of the really big name manager or orchestra. Ossia Like this as well as the register of Holst the majority of famous work like any one. Vernon Handley and a RPO really comprise a music, spending was all a work and interior of delicacy. And a CD comprises the good prize of a St. Paul Continuazione and Green of Continuazione of Brook (some another register of Some Planets come with swimming more on at all).

Him the the Already has taken other Planets, would have to add this one yours collection. And have a lot already has taken a, ossia the very easy recommendation . Any way, any need to doubt.
4 / 5
This was the present for my sister, the one who has not said anything still roughly the, but thinks that has had this to substitute the neither shabby copy or on tape. I love A Continuazione of Planet I to the equal that am sure also will love this version. The container has arrived a lot of promptly, a lot of packaged. Thank you
4 / 5
絶対に離しません。Thank you.
5 / 5
Ossia One of some better actions of Some Planets done never with qualities of the his fantastic. A Course is hot fire and a Saturn has one the majority of climax of section meso powerful never. It takes this and calm will be happy.
4 / 5
Excellent treatment of the classical (Some few Planets) and two another Holst registers that exposed need more orders.

Top Customer Reviews: Elgar: Sea ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 2 ratings
4 / 5
This fascinating the compilation of the actions of scarce alive emission has touched of one Finds Orchestra under a baton of Gentleman John Barbirolli costs his weight in gold - no for some registers they, whose qualities of his this any better that a better available at the same time (1945-63), but to listen the master practitioner in the work with an orchestra has done his own and developed, in the period of on twenty-five years (1943-71), to one of Big Bretagna more final.

One first acts in a program, Elgar is esea Pictures', constitutes his fine plus foray to a world of songs with orchestra. Some songs in this cycle am drawn of the variety of sources (comprising Elgar woman Alice), little of the which are distinguished particularly. Elgar Has tended to shun texts for some poets 'utmost', that contests that has not required any help of him. Here, this in spite of, Elgar turns metal to base to gold, creating some wonderful songs like abbath Tomorrow in Sea' (which is drawn in fact of one of one has recognised more poets - Elizabeth Barrett Browning), and 'An Earth where Lie of Chorals'. As have remarked, a quality of register is of his time (1958 in this chance), but Test Shacklock the action of contralto is the revelation, and certainly an equal of Janet better Bakers-known register of a piece.

Much less familiar to the a lot of auditors will be And.J. Moeran Is eserenade', treated for Barbirolli and his orchestra in 1952. Again, has the better modern register far of a work for Vernon Handley and Ulster Orchestra (CHAN 10235X) with a prize of two additional movements - Air and Forlane - which has been ignored of Barbirolli historical action. But 'historical' is an operative word here. We require to cut by means of one goes he of almost seventy years (and a quality of his indifferent) to the time so only eighteen month after Moeran dead when this action has taken place in a Cheltenham Festival. Moeran The piece is sure enough the delicious and diverse continuazione orchestral, a bit after a fashion of Warlock Capriol Continuazione with his diverse ancient dance-forms. A point underlined for me is the sumptuous Intermezzo that objective Moeran spending his heart in his sleeve.

Barbirolli Was interprets it highly considered of Delius, and as poured in his work how was an add Delius Ladies of Thomas pioneering Beecham. There is to wonderful compilation of an orchestral soyiniatures', together with a substantial plus 'Appalachia', registered among 1957-71, in EMI Classics 5 65119 2. In a present register, Delius is represented by his esong of Summer' (broadcast in 1945), the late work, completed in 1931 with a help of the his amanuensis Eric Fenby, but still vibrant with all a traditional Delian fingerprints.
Another English composer adds championed for Barbirolli was Vaughan Williams the one who is returned a compliment to baptise 'John glorious' when it has presented Barbirolli with a Real Philharmonic the medal of Gold of the society in 1950. Friendship besides mutual respect bonded his report, some two men that fulfils for a final time in a Cheltenham Festival in July 1958, so only the few first weeks of the death of a composer. Barbirolli Directed one 'Fantasy in the Subject of Thomas Tallis' almost 200 times during his career. A register here comes from/comes from Bergen Grieghallen in 1963. There is, of course, a lot well modern register of this iconic work, but here have history in a doing for one of his his interpreters fines plus.

To good sure some auditors will prefer some a lot of modern register of some works in this program, but for those of knots of the sure age, the one who saw and listened Barbirolli treat in a flesh, will have a irresistible attractive to these scarce examples of some master laws, and to an a lot of other registers have issued down some auspices of A Barbirolli Society.
4 / 5
A romanticism and a lyrisme crazy. Of course ossia to the sud a less alluring Support. But it can do fi of of the east is a wonderful disk that Classifies to give the footpaths beaten.

Top Customer Reviews: Elgar: The Dream of ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 9 ratings
5 / 5
Very good!
5 / 5
The excellent action of the work adds of Elgar concealed - unfortunately - is seldom partorisca be listened in radio. Corazón, soloist and orchestra blend neighbours a lot well, while all the lines of melody can be listened well. This is not an easy work, as inside a main heart the small heart has the diverse function and frequently, soloist must they be listened on the big heart.
5 / 5
Has been alerted to this for one and revises that the mine looked partorisca be odd to say a less. Has the majority of some the majority of famous register of Gerontius with angels like Ripley Minton Bakers of Watts Coote Thomas and my preferred Hodgson. In a Gibson record Hodgson Tear and Luxon has partorisca longitude estada mine instrument of sleep.
Partorisca Some reason am spent for big a Handley. It is a manager has listened driven thicker 'alive'. In fact it is like this far it advances it is impregnable. A reason was his tenure of a place of manager of a Guildford Philharmonic whose fortnightly the concerts have fill my alternate evenings of Sunday in fact a lot of years. Catherine Wyn-Rogers is fresh in my memory of his actions in Britten Rape of Lucretia in Glyndebourne in 2015. His delivery of a line 'So only the Tarquin would gallop in the cobbled street' was value so only a prize of an entrance.
Ossia Another crew of sleep . Both Rolfe-Johnson and Michael George is glorious. Wyn-Rogers Was so only roughly 30 at the same time of this register and she a lot adapt me of another singer the one who is coming the prominence in this age, Kathleen Ferrier. It is not sophisticated that sings how is for which can have been undervalued. It is directly of the to heart likes Ferrier.
Handley Directs an equally paced action in the sympathetic acoustic like some engineers have taken to perfection.
This goes partorisca joint upper place partorisca me at the side Gibson and a Elgar Society Viennese action in German with Patzak. A last mentioned is no longer available on Amazon or Ebay but can be obtained of a Elgar Society - see his web of place.
5 / 5
Ossia Operates it with quell'I am very familiarised: both Barbirollis (Vickers and Lewis), Boult, Oramo and Hickox.

In this Handley version, Rolfe-Johnson is the light voiced Gerontius the bit partorisca be missing of in intensity. Michael George is also in a light side; it prefer more heft in some bass. Catherine Wyn-Rogers has the pleasant voice, if so only can control he- far also wobbling. So only it spoil a whole thing partorisca listen his wobbling throughout.

In general some laws of the action and the energy are missing. Gerontius Was too sweet and an angel has been missing of enough to be able to; we require Janet Bakers soaring voice and more in bylines gone. The bass of George bite been missing of. For me you are everything too sweet and has behind dipped.

For me a better Gerontius is Gedda/Bakers/Boult and Lewis/Bakers/Barbirolli. Perhaps edged for Lewis. This Handley the version is better that Oramo, but some way behind some another.
4 / 5
4 / 5
For John Quinn, in MusicWeb International

is pertinent that Liverpool orchestra and Huddersfield the heart would owe that it has been gathered thus register of then was his respective predecessors those who has done a first complete register of a work in April 1945. This legendary register (now reissued on and obligatory listening paralización all Elgarians) has dipped the benchmark which is not never state has surpassed entirely. It does not think Handley the action is quite an equalises of an original register (although it spends to think is the much more final and more perceptive Elgar manager that Gentleman Malcolm Sargent, the one who has occupied a podium in 1945) but this register is attacked still quell'quite considerable.

For the start, boasts a sound has registered more final that any version of a work that has listened. A heart and the orchestra are very balanced against each another and the abundance of detail can be listened without any suspicion of potlighting'. Some soloists, also, is very taken and occupy his correct place in a picture of his global. Finally, some registers of part of organ of entity fantastically. A bit those that the examples will suffice. An organ underpins an integer near more effectively goes in ' a name' partly A (CD1, follows 17, 2'02'). Again, it shows some calm still sounds of cavernous bass in an end of the heart of a Demon partly Two (CD 2, follows 6, 3'33'). Also it have to that be said that a glorious, build until 'Praise to a Saint plus' (CD 2, follows 8, of 1'27'), whilst mainly a tarpaulin of Handley, has to a lot to a fine work of engineer, Mike Hatches the one who faithfully reproduces each edge of Elgar a lot of-layered texture here.

Another very big plus point for this register is a work of a heart he. Handley HAS a luxury of two good hearts that the together law. I guess it has to that it has had it for on two hundred singers this in spite of a heart does not touch never unwieldy. In an advantage until 'Praise to a Saint plus' that has has mentioned already some ladies really do his like this the Heart of Angelicals likes Elgar described him in a bookmark. Generally, the attention the dynamic is scrupulous, although a very scarce macula arrives to an end, in oftly and Softly' where a first entry of a heart viril (CD 2, follows 14, 1'47') certainly does not touch pp mine. This in spite of, ossia an isolated chance and otherwise a Huddersfield and Liverpool the singers are the credit adds to Brian Kay and Ian Tracey, his masters of respective heart. I am joined to say, this in spite of, that as with more other hearts, the heart of his Demon (any of my favourite passages in a work) is the little too very sung (CD 2, follows 6). One is adapted of Barbirolli famous rebuke to the heart ('is not to bank employed the Sunday outing; you are souls sizzling in hell'). It inspires a heart in his register to touch properly demonic but, for comparison, Handley the singers are quell'has bitten a lot of mannered, how is more other hearts officially.

Some seeds-heart, which is to deploy enough the plot for Elgar, sings well. Prpers Having said that I have to that say that any manager there is matched a (the composer is) idea of Benjamin Britten in his Decca register. Britten There is pulled was something like this to use a heart of the university of King, Cambridge for his seeds-heart and a very diverse bell of his voices, more a distancing has achieved of a Decca engineers, produces the magic, otherworldly effect unparalleled on disk in my experience. This in spite of, Handley has his own successes to the respect. For chances, when some seeds the heart sings his prime minister plainchant sentence partly A ('Noë of some waters...') Handley Opinions, as no another manager quite like this effectively, that his first gone in is mf and one having sucedido, looked some are marked p (CD 1, follows 16, 2'55'). A small point, perhaps, but tip a cure and has thought that has gone to a preparation of this register.

Of course, Gerontius stands or falls for some soloists. In a function of title Anthony Rolfe Johnson excels. It sings an a lot of lyrical passages with lovely, honeyed the tone but has a force and steel in his voice to do full justice to some 'big moments' without tension or forcing. His very inaugural sentences (CD 1, follows 12) presages the thoughtful and sensitive interpretation. In fact, it suggest that his well can be one the majority of elegant and lyrical account of a function to be registered of an incomparable Heddle Nash (for Sargent in 1945). It can not have an ardent still lyrical force of, said, John Mitchinson (although it does not think his voice was quite in his better for his EMI register with Rattle) and no door to a function an individuality and ideas of Peter Pears (for Britten) although many will prefer Rolfe Johnson is more interpretation 'centrical' to this of Pears. This in spite of, Rolfe Johnson consistently sentences poetically and done the lovely sound. It is the more convincing Gerontius. His esanctus fortis' (CD 1 clues 15) is splendidly affirmative and he husbands his resorted more effectively for some ardent climaxes so that it does not have any tension at all in an upper A paving in 'do the death.' ( It follows 15, 1'32'). Trying this in spite of Elgar' the writing is in this piece of music, Rolfe Johnson is fully the same to a challenge and gives an admirable action.

Like that is familiarised with his voice could expect, particularly comes to the his own in some more reflective passages. It is, for example, more affecting in 'Novissima the hour is' (CD 1, follows 16, 4'15') and achieves this effect by means of very simple, intelligent flange. The easy does this sound of passage but, as any singer knows, these few bars are the test to try technician. Sample, hips, his sweet-toned eloquence in an opening of Part Two (CD 2, follows 2) and, in fact, all his contributi subsequent to a dialogue with Ángel.

Is with Angel that coming to that for some will be a controversial part of this register. When A first register has looked a distinguished critic, Alan Blyth, writing in the gramophone was one the one who was critical of Catherine Wyn-Rogers. I owe that say that I have disagreed with this view and, in of the general terms still do, this in spite of in the reflection thinks that that I see that Blyth has taken in. Where Listen nerves and a like this-still like this the incomplete interpretation listens the simple delivery, sincere of a text and some notes. This in spite of, am not sure that Wyn-Rogers enough transmits a full row of the emotion required for Ángel. In his defence I marvel to that spent has been spoilt for an unforgettable interpretation to Give me Janet Bakers. But other exponents of a function, as Helen Watts (for Boult) and Yvonne Minton (Britten) is also state more eloquent Angeles. Wyn-Rogers Any 'do' so much with some words he like this done Rolfe Johnson. This in spite of, his action is blessedly free of the affectation and is very of confidence. For chances 'a presages fallen to thee.' (CD 2, follows 4, 4'20') is eloquent and warm toned and she blends well with Rolfe Johnson when it joins his in duet the few bars later. In fact, a whole dialogue among Ángel and a Soul of Gerontius is a lot of fact, although I can imagine some auditors could find restrained.

This in spite of, in all the frankness has to that admit that, as well as it is, Wyn-Rogers does not invest any sentences with a sheer witnesses to Give me Janet. Some the passages keys am not like this memorable so that the baker his fact. Quell'Auditor the one who has experienced a charisma of the baker can any never listens 'He, for a moment...' (CD 2, follows 7, 0'27' in this register), less still a heart-wrenching ' had the mortal the one who is now on...' ( It follows 8, 0'00') without taking some only inflections that ameno the such passages? Wyn-Rogers Sings a lot well but is not in a Prime minister League. Or perhaps it have to that say are not when this register has been done. Perhaps, as Alan Blyth has suggested, has not gone enough ready then to register a function. This in spite of, have to say that his is the very musical supposition of a work that gave me to it like on some years.

A line-on the soloists is completed for Michael George. Here I owe that express the little remorse that, how is usual, so only a singer has been used for some functions of basses. As Dennis Noble and Norman Walker there is showed superbly in a 1945 register, really require the different singers for some functions are very different and lie differently. Ideally, The function of a Priest (taken for Noble in 1945) requires a heroic baritone, big while Ángel of an Agony asks the dramatic plus, sonorous voice of basses. I can comprise that two singers would be an extravagance in the concert but some costs of two singers surely do not break a estimativa for the register. Trust Walter Law (the 1945 producer) to be an only one to do question of this detail! How it is, George is noble and dignified in 'Proficiscere' (CD 1, follows 17) and is the powerful Angel of an Agony (CD 2, follows 12).

Presiding On everything is Vernon Handley the one who is the totally convincing and idiomatic interpreter of this bookmark. It is scrupulous in his attention to subjects of balance and dynamic. Crucially, does not lose any of an enormous number of variac. Thin Of time (often, as in all his bookmarks/marcadors, Elgar modification a time almost of a bar to a prójimo). Here we have the masters Elgar manager in the work and inspires an orchestra to touch on they. So many, for example, a serious that touches in a start of Part Two (CD 2, follows 1) is translucent. In another end of some stairs, patiently in that built quell'on a texture and a tension in a lot of preceding pages of a bookmark, (CD 2, follows 8 of 1'27') Handley ensures that a sum of choral explosion in 'Praise to some more Saint' frames his full effect (clues 10, 0'00') . Ossia One of some utmost moments in all choral literature and here is like this thrilling to the equal that have to that be - as if the pair adds the doors of bronze has been has launched opened to leave a riada light in (the engineers ensure that an organ is a lot of 'present' here, as it have to that be). Handley Is achieved like this in a rest of this heart. This can look a anticlimax (I takes an opinion of writer of a danger of him degenerating to a bondadoso romp in 6/4 times) but Handley is alive to all some dynamic nuances and ensures that interest never flags for the second. A section to conclude for double heart of cue 89 in a bookmark (clues 10, 4'17') is not hasty and like this Handley achieves admirable clarity without loss for now. Another passage that has taken particularly my ear was an orchestral build until 'Take me was' (CD 2, follows 13 of 0'48'). Ossia Majestically rid for a RLPO brass and Handley done he daringly long dramatic pause (1'16') before a blinding flash of orchestral light that precedes Gerontius' awestruck explosion. Ossia Quite glorious in leader.

In my experience any register of Gerontius is absolutely ideal - is that possible? Some, this in spite of, has come enough near, particularly Barbirolli and Sargent (1945). Britten Action, hips, whilst certainly any one the centrical recommendation, has a lot of to teach roughly a bookmark (the ideas of one the composer adds that it interprets an external work). You situate Handley account quite big in a cast also.
4 / 5
A Sleep of Gerontius was Elgar first oratorio, although it have written the earliest cantatas. A text is based in the poem for John Cardinale Henry Newman the one who was the mid-the 19th century converts to catolicismo. This action has tenor Anthony Rolfe-to to Johnson likes Gerontius, half-soprano Catherine Wyn-Rogers likes Ángel and of some bass Michael to George likes the priest. Any soloist is backed for some Real Liverpool Philharmonic the orchestra focused for Vernon Handley. That version of 'A Sleep' wants to live with this a lot of an individual election, usually according to some soloists. I have lived felizmente with this version for the pair of decades.

Elgar To the touched Of Organ is an early piece and seldom listened , has composed included before a Enigma Variac.: You are the competent organist he and also could touch a lot other instruments. I have listened this work also in his original form. A lot he so that it likes me a sound of an organ, a texture, perhaps a lot surprisingly, touches much more like a Elgar know and amour in this orchestrated fijamente for composer Gordon Jacob, the one who has done in a piece in a recommendation of Gentleman Adrian Boult. In fact, it can be taken like Elgar Zeroth Symphony, likes Bruckner is. In another hand, has some touches some modern plus of orchestration to the equal that touches more the pleasure also could be considered as 'Elgar' 3rd Symphony' has been no for a version reconstructed of a real 3rd for Anthony Payne.

A orchestrated to the touched of Organ has received his first action in 1947 for Boult with an Orchestra of Symphony of the BBC. Here, this fine work is touched in a CD in this original register for a Real Liverpool Philharmonic the orchestra focused for Vernon Handley. For purists the one who object to this arrangement has left not forgetting that Elgar has done orchestral transcriptions of several very known works for Bach, Handel and Chopin. So that they know a touched of organ in his original form but has not listened this orchestrated version I unreservedly the recommend.
5 / 5
Has ordered this register without that has in the first place the listen, based in an excellent mould on paper. It is the disappointment adds -- a quality of his are distant, one in the leader is flaccid and that lacking of in any work or walk, and some soloists dutifully trudging by means of his parts in the entirely routine way. Clave with some classical elections of Boult or Barbirolli in EMI, or go with Hickox in Chandos for an excellent version in his digital.
5 / 5
The extract listened in Radio 3 which I really beloved and then bought- but GLOBAL CD a lot that adds. Quality of CD of the company was a lot of was more than the musical disapointment