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'Vladimir Ashkenazy is been born in Gorky and his familiar moved to Fly when it was headed lessons of piano in an age of has entered a Conservatoire of Fly and in 1955 has won a second prize in a Chopin competition in 1962 livestock of joint with a British pianist John Oglon,in a Tchaikovsky competition in beginning Londra Leaves 1963 was an exceptional success.( It sees my descriptions of a CDs).His woman is an exceptional pianist has been married in 1963 a Soviets gave him permission partorisca live in Big Bretagna'.(Booklet) was manager of an Orchestra of symphony of Sydney until last year.

A box is done of fat map with pictures in black and white of a man he, that surrounds a box.unvosotros Dye differentials of Decca is also in a box. Some toes of open lid and is attached to a box for thickness the cast of fat paper of a CDs covering a backside and a lid,partorisca this semi-detached to a box for hule takes a cast of a box,taken of a glue,bends up and the place in an is another box partorisca protect a CD is.Some bosses with original pictures are done of map and the slip of a CD out of a backside is numbers of the clue and to the PRIZE is, more NUMBER of CD. A CD is money with composer and music partorisca be CD BESIDES TOUCHED is impossible to be stray. I know I have possessed this box partorisca me so only down the año.un the booklet is frail with details of pieces partorisca be touched,clue and CD NUMBER,the more believes it or no,English translations of one !STEREO And Digital. A sound is for Decca, which more can one says, is excellent.

Am spending for a page how is my usual practice ,with CD COMPOSER of number,piece partorisca be touched,manager and Orchestra without mentioning descriptions of one drives of Penguin 1977,1996,2008 and Gramophone 2009,descriptions further of a backside of a no good so only that gives the cast, need to know the one who another is thought on one is the logic to some registers, begins in 1963 by means of partorisca bend CD of Sleeve is also.

(CD 1) RACHMANINOV Concert of Piano Any 2. Fly Phil Orch cond Kondrashin.(1963).Concert of piano Any 3 Londra Sym orch cond Fistoulari.(1964).'This action is a lot has thought fuera.un touching is not never dull.'(CD 2)concert of Piano of the TCHAIKOVSKY Any 1. Londra Sym Orch cond Maazel.(1963)'This is an essentially lyrical show.A final is very fast and brilliant. EsCHUMANN Concert of Piano London Sym orch cond Maazel.(CD 3)MOZART touched partorisca two piano Frager-Piano. 'A music is cogently and gracfully has presented for Ashkenazy and Frager. EsCHUMANN Errando And variac. Partorisca 2 pianos,2 cellos and in cannon : BEETHOVEN Quintet partorisca piano and of the instruments of wind in And plans of entities,op 16.' They ensure a measure more orders of brillance.'(CD4)CHOPIN 4 Ballades. Esome The readings are thoughtful and unflashy'Prize CHOPIN Concert of piano Any 2 Londra sym Orch cond Zinman.'Ashkenazy' The compassion with a music is very obvious.'(CD 5)concert of piano of the MOZART any 8 and Sym orch cond Kertesz' soyagnificent actions.'.Touched Of piano of prevails it any 18.'immaculate Touching.'(CD 6) CHOPIN one 4 op 45. Barcarolle op SCHUMANN Fantasie in C that imports op 17.'A Rubenstein the register would be one first election has been no partorisca a glorious Ashkenazy disk and a beatifully has touched prime.'(CD7)PROKOFIEV Pieces of piano any 7. 2 pieces partorisca piano of 'Romeo and Juliet'. Touched Of piano any 8.' Give partorisca command readings of some two sonatas'. Impromptu. Mephisto Waltz Any 1.(CD 8)FRANCK Touched partorisca violin and Perlman.'A glorious is difficult to imagine a music that is more convincingly has presented.'BRAHMS Trio of horn in And plan of entity,op 40.' @Harm to some plenaries the ardent impulse of a music'. Prize. BEETHOVEN Sonata partorisca horn and horn. SCHUMANN Adage and Allegro partorisca horn and piano.(CD 9) RACHMANINOV concert of piano any 1. Concert of piano any 4. Rhapsody In the subject of Paganini. Londra sym Orch cond Previn.'His special quality of poetry,searchingly character,is in his the majority of illuminating in this coupling'.(CD 10) SCRIABIN Concert of Piano in F smaller acute. Sym Orch cond Maazel.'This is an admirable introduction the Scriabin art.' Poeme Of the Symphony orch Berlino cond Ashkenazy.' There is the highly touched feels to some actions'.

(CD 11)CHOPIN 12 studios, op 10. 12 studios,op 25. 'Touching of total order and excellently has registered.' (CD 12) MOZART concert partorisca two piano' partorisca three and Crazy Ts'ong. cond ECHO/Barenboim. Concert of piano of the MOZART any 20 LSO cond Hans Schmidt-Isserstedt.(CD 13)Concert of Piano of the BEETHOVEN ANY 3 and 4. Chicago Sym Orch cond Solti.' It is one of a plus refinadas of the his complete Solti is fiery and intense,Ashkenazy is introspective.'(CD 14) PROKOFIEV) concert of Piano any 2 'This is the masterly action.'And 3. LSO cond Previn.(CD 15)Touched of Violin of the BEETHOVEN any 9 'Kreutzer' Touched of Violin Any 5'pring'.Grammy Reward 1978 better chamber Action of music(Complete sonatas).(CD 16) RACHMANINOV Continuazione partorisca 2 pianos. Continuazione ANY 2 partorisca 2 pianos. It prevails Symphonic Dances partorisca two pianos.' Taken with wonderful imagination.' Ashkenazy And Previn.(CD 17)RACHMANINOV Prelude in C acute smaller op 3. 10 Preludes,op 23. 13 preludes,op 32.'His poetic feeling is as to any one.'(CD18)SHOSTAKOVICH Continuazione In of the poems of Shirley - Quirk. Quintet of piano of the prize in Quartet of G.(CD 19)SCRIABIN Touched of Piano any Pieces op 56. Touched Of piano any 7. Two dances. Two Poems. Touched Of piano Any 10. Touched Of piano of prevails it any 4. Touched Of piano any 6. Touched Of piano any 9.'These is a lot is throughly house in a minatures as in some sonatas.'(CD 20) MUSSORGSKY A Nursery. PROKOFIEV An ugly duckling. GRECHANINOV Five boys is . RACHMANINOV 6 songs,op 8. 6 songs,op 38. Elizabeth Soderstrom reward 1979-vocal prize only. Edison Rewards 1980.(CD 21)TCHAIKOVSKY Manfred Orch.'This supberb,inspiring account dips a focus in his acertó.el French prize has given Rimini Real Phil Orch cond Ashkenazy.(CD 22)RACHMANINOV Touched of Piano Any 2 in B flat smaller. 8 etudes -pictures. Variac. Of prize in the subject of Corelli. ' It touches with feeling and virtuosidad utmost and a result is recognition to force-second touched of piano'.(CD 23)
TCHAIKOVSKY Sym No orch. Concert of Violin of the prize Belkin the New violin Phil orch. cond Ashkenazy.'A freshness of his approximation,his natural feeling for lyricism in one a hand and for work in another,constantly is obliging'.(CD 24)concert of Piano of the MOZART any 21 and concert of piano any 17. Philharmonia orch.(CD 25)BEETHOVEN. Sonatas Of Piano of the sonatas 1,5,6,7. Touched Of Piano of prevails it any 20.' Door to some early Sonatas some no struck qualities have concentrated that done his registers of some sonatas of violin with Perlman like this obliging.(CD 26)SIBELIUS Symphony Any 2. Prize . Elizabeth orch.'His is the lecturaardiente, volatile,in a lot of ways the very Russian view of Sibelius.(CD 27)'TCHAIKOVSKY: Symphony a lot of Orch. Prize Elergy in minor of G partorisca serious. Romeo and Juliet-fantasy Phil Orch.'To the equal that in his another Tchaikovsky record,this whole action is pervaded for freshness and spontaneity.(CD 28)'BEETHOVEN that Yerra favourite in F smaller. Touched Of piano Any 29 Touched of Piano any 21 Waldstein.(CD 29)BEETHOVEN Sinfonia Any 5. 'It is urgent and vivid. Esymphony Of prize any 7 Philharmonia Orch,' is equally spontaneous'.(CD 30)BARTOK Touched partorisca 2 pianos and percussion. Concert of piano Any 1. Concert of Piano of prevails it Any 2. Londra Phil Orch cond Solti.

(CD 31)BRAHMS frame of Piano A lot orch cond Cello Touched A lot Harrell Cello.' Give commanding it and magisterial the account of an only separates concealed is full of poetic imagination. An action is very impressive in fact.'(CD 32) RAVEL Gaspard of the night. Pavane I games joins noble boy and . Debussy.el Isle Trio for piano,violin and violin and Harrell Cello. Grammy Reward 1985-Better Classical Action-Instrumental soloist.(CD 33)MUSSORGSKY Pictures in a exhitbition.(Version of original piano)Pictures in an exposure (Ashkenazy orchestration).' Do this after feeling disatisfaction with Ravel transcription.'(CD 34)BRAHMS Marco of Piano Any 2. Vienna Phil cond Touched Any 2 in f. Lynn Harrell cello.(CD 35)RACHMANINOV Symphony Any 1. Dances of Symphony of the prize. Concertgebouw Orch.'An action,ardent and volaitle,is intensely Russian.'(CD 36)RACHMANINOV symphony any 3. It prevail Some Bell. Corazón of a Concertgebouw orchestra.(CD 37)BEETHOVEN: concerts of Piano Any 1 and 2. Touched Of piano of prevails it any 27.(CD 38 & 39)PROKOFIEV: Orch.'Ashkenazy Takes excellent results of an orchestra.'(CD 40)SCHUMANN Arabesque in c op 2. Symphonic studios. Touched Of piano of prevails it Any 2 in minor of G,op 22.' Has toe(s) in a wrist of the inspiration of Schumann'.(CD 41) Ladies of STRAUSS of RICHARD of some sects goes Him of alome'. Prize. Also sprach orchestra.(CD 42) PROKOFIEV Symphony Any 5. Sleeps op Orch. Symphony Of prize A lot sym orch.(CD 43)Concert of Piano of the BEETHOVEN Any orch piano and manager. Fantasy Partorisca piano,heart and orch.(CD 44)SHOSTAKOVICH Marco of Piano Any Ortiz marks Any concert of Piano Any 1. Real Philharmonic orch.(CD 45)BRAHMS Trio partorisca Clarinet,cello and piano. Quintet of piano in F smaller.(CD46)MENDELSSOHN Symphony Any 1 and 5. German symphony Orchester,Berlino.' It is unfailingly musical and fresco in his approximation.'(CD 47)SHOSTAKOVICH Symphony Any 7 'Leningrado.' St petersburg Philharmonic.(CD 48 &49)SHOSTAKOVICH 24 Preludes and prizes 1999 Soloist action instrumental better. Edison Prize. Diapason Of Or.(CD 50)BEETHOVEN 33 variac. In C of entity in the walz for Diabelli. 12 variac. In Some of entities in a Russian dance. Touched Of piano of prevails it any 28. I expect that you enjoy this dips so as have.
4 / 5
Is the collection of good quality, worthy of collection.
5 / 5
Has taken these 2 months does and this in spite of listening some the disks each few days. A monumental collection of exemplary registers. I wont work with the long description. It suffices partorisca say his excellent throughout and his the calm box dipped will be pleased you own. Has the little another DG together of boxes and because of this one has has not opened included some another still.
5 / 5
A lot of variety here. I can not say that they are the defender of Prokofiev, but a register, in any case, is very good.

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5 / 5
There is some available register of Shostakovich' Stepan Razin and some of them am very well in fact. Gerard Schwarz reading in Naxos comes partorisca import. This one of Ondine is special because present the Chinese bass-baritone, appointed Shenyang, those who has won recently the competition or two. I can not give any idea if his Russian is Russian, but a flange is a lot good. They are always state impressed for Ashkenazy registers of Russian repertoire this in spite of likes to think behind in timing when directed Rachmaninov here in a Concertgebouw. It directs this quite unknown and underrated Stepan a lot well and takes the brisk time that has dressed a good work. A register is a lot well, a rattle of percussion a lot very executed and a timps really his like this timps. Zoya Is all realism of patriotism more socialist. A hero, the part, the tear jerker and that concludes on timing rousing subject. So only the way to win of the money was that Dmitri has thought, thinks. A Continuazione in the Finnish subjects is all folkloristic nostalgia and same like the Dutch has recognised a Finn folk tunes. Probably they are quite casserole-European? Fact a lot very Ondine!
5 / 5
Has found An Execution of Stepan Razin really thrilling and stimulating and to good sure would recommend it. I do not know any one a lot in Shostakovich music or a writing of Yevtushenko but has thought a music and a poetry have done really I powerfully near. It have not listened to any of a music in a CD before and are so only a lover of the music interested but think that this would be the good introduction to Shostakovich music. I will not comment in some other pieces that there is enjoyed also. A main reason has bought this CD was to listen the Shenyang that sings a part of Stepan in an Execution of Stepan Razin. This in spite of, feels like the collaboration really add all some together artists that has finalised in this wonderful dramatic work. There is work adds in Shenyang interpretation. It transmits some emotions of a history with such beauty in some passages some calm and plus fill-throated sound in some more strident sections. More admire his capacity to sing in Russian which have to that be very defiant. They are the defender consecrated and find his extraordinary voice and the sound that sings like this significant. A work is augmented for a flange of a heart among some passages of solos and one in leader of Vladimir Ashkenazy door a poem the life. An orchestral touching is really thrilling, with contrast a lot of in way and dynamic, varying the fashions woven together, sometimes touching more Russian, sometimes like wild Arab dance with tambourines and sections of wind really quickly, sometimes more meditative and more like Britten or music of 20th century.
A CD comprises the boooklet with a poem in Russian and an English translation at the side, essential unless it comprises Russian. A poem has described to to a scene likes Razin is propiciado of his place of execution, his thoughts and that is going in around lucido. It is thought-causing and realism of mixes with symbolism and myth. Razin Is not fearful, same defiant rest after dead person likes to last bars of a music triumphantly proclaims.
5 / 5
Surprising cd. I can you do not recommend too hghly.
5 / 5
Have the very old copy of An execution of Stepan Razin in a supraphon focus and had not listened the ones of fact a lot of years. This register is really excellent. A Zoya the continuazione is new mine and are well has impressed. Again excellent action and excellent singer.

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ラフマニノフ(Sergei Rachmaninovs 1873-1943)の作品を精力的に啓発してきたアシュケナージ(Vladimir Ashkenazy 1937-)による、ラフマニノフの未完のオペラ、「モナ・ヴァンナ」の、ゲンナジー・ベロフ(Gennadi Belov 1939-)による補筆版の録音。モスクワ音楽院の学生からなるオーケストラと合唱団を指揮しての録音。キャストは以下の通り。

Monna Vanna; エヴゲニア・ドゥーシナ (Evgeniya Dushina ソプラノ)
Drive Column; ウラディミール・アフトモノフ (Vladimir Avtomonov バリトン)
Mark Column; ドミートリー・イヴァンチェイ (Dmitry Ivanchey テノール)
Borso; エドヴァルド・アルチュニャン (Edward Arutyunyan テノール)
Torello; ミハイル・ゴロフシキン (Mikhail Golovushkin バス)

また、併せてアシュケナージのピアノ伴奏とフィンランドのソプラノ歌手、ソイレ・イソコスキ(Soile Isokoski 1957-)の歌唱により、ラフマニノフの以下7編の歌曲が収録されている。







7編の歌曲が収録されているのが嬉しい。アシュケナージは、スウェーデンのソプラノ歌手、エリザベート・ゼーダーシュトレーム(Elisabeth Anna Soderstrom 1927-2009)と1974年から79年にかけてラフマニノフの歌曲を全曲録音しているので、すべて再録音となるが、今回は有名曲を中心にピックアップしてくれているので、聴き易い。


5 / 5
Rachmaninoff the works are a flavour has purchased . This small torso, unfinished for a composer is no different. Those while lush the melodies can be disappointed partorisca find the plus chaste speaking way any too far take out of Debussy Pelleas. If he never blossoms advance the real arias, his true rest presents a work effectively. One an exception to ossia his earlier work Aleko, the endeavour the traditional plus.

Finds this more satisfactory orchestration and more stylistically interesting that an alternative a presented in a register sooner. Ossia Also far upper in registering quality. Soile Isokoski The contributo can be considered like this farce and little more. It is quite decent, but probably will turn few bosses in this direction.

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 2 ratings
5 / 5
It touches one gives ardent support of Chostakovitch, touches a 'defender' of Leiferkus, touches an enamoured of Orgonasova, of Söderström, of...(If In it has not been he first, in the results to him listens he), is an immense pleasure of several hours. Excellent idea To having presented his two interpretations (with orchestra, with piano) gives sonnets of Miguel Ángel. So much The music that his voice spent but has to that confess that it is especially Touches his three first disks that bought coffret. This will be my Nième Version of these those that will discover here his sonnets of Miguel Ángel (a lot does not know that his bosses-of work in lucida held pictorial), will be able to afterwards listen this that has done Debussy, Wolf, Britten, mark of France-Music of the ...
4 / 5
ショスタコーヴィチ(Dmitrii Dmitrievich Shostakovich 1906-1975)の声ものの作品を集めた5枚組再編集セット。まずは収録内容を記載したい。

1) クルイロフによる2つの寓話
2) プーシキンの詩による3つのロマンス作品
3) 6つのロマンス
4) ユダヤの民族詩より(管弦楽伴奏版)
ラリッサ・ディアドコヴァ(Larissa Diadkova 1954- メゾソプラノ)
セルゲイ・レイフェルクス(Sergei Leiferkus 1946- バス)
リューバ・オルゴナソーヴァ(Luba Orgonasova 1961- ソプラノ)
ナタリー・シュトッツマン(Nathalie Stutzmann 1965- コントラルト)
ネーメ・ヤルヴィ(Neeme Jarvi 1937-)指揮 エーテボリ交響楽団 エーテボリ歌劇場女声合唱 1992,93年録音

1) 日本の詩人の詞による6つのロマンス
2) マリア・ツヴェターエワの6つの詩
3) ミケランジェロ・ブオナロッティの詩による組曲(管弦楽伴奏版)
リーヤ・レヴィンスキー(Ilya Levinsky 1965- テナー)
エレナ・ザレンバ(Elena Zaremba 1957- メゾソプラノ)
ネーメ・ヤルヴィ指揮 エーテボリ交響楽団 1994年録音

1) レビャートキン大尉の4つの詩
ディートリヒ・フィッシャー=ディースカウ((Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau 1925-2012バリトン)
p: ウラディミール・アシュケナージ(Vladimir Ashkenazy 1937-) 1991年録音

2) アレクサンドル・ブロークによる7つの詩
エリザベート・ゼーダーシュトレーム(Elisabeth Anna Soderstrom 1927-2009 ソプラノ)
p: ウラディミール・アシュケナージ
vc: アイオナ・ディヴィス(Iona Davis)
vn: クリストファー・ローランド(Christopher Roland) 1983年録音

3) ミケランジェロ・ブオナロッティの詩による組曲
ジョン・シャーリー=カーク(John Shirley-Quirk 1931- バリトン)
p: ウラディミール・アシュケナージ 1976,77年録音

エカテリーナ (ジノーヴィーの妻):  マリア・ユーイング(Maria Louise Ewing 1950- ソプラノ)
アクシーニャ(使用人):  クリスティーネ・チーシンスキ(Kristine Ciesinski 1952- ソプラノ)
セルゲイ(使用人):  セルゲイ・ラーリン(Sergei Larin 1956- テノール)
ジノーヴィー(ボリスの息子):  フィリップ・ラングリッジ(Philip Langridge 1939-2010 テノール)
農民:  ハインツ・ツェドニク(Heinz Zednik 1940- テノール)
ボリス(商人):  オーゲ・ハウグランド(Aage Haugland 1944-2000 バス)
チョン・ミュンフン(Myung-Whun Chung 1953-)指揮 バスティーユ歌劇場管弦楽団、合唱団 1992年録音