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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 7 ratings
4 / 5
If you are interested in some compositions and the work is of Richard Wagner, this together of boxes is value adds . A quality of a packaging is excellent and a quality of some registers is also excellent. They are very happy with this cost and can recommend to any the one who is thinking roughly buying it.
5 / 5
The one who the collection adds of Wagner in 1 box with some illustrations of elepé original to the equal that wel, and in the @subject youl
4 / 5
Another Amazon reviewer there is remarked that Sony tried partorisca be different of an a lot of other insiemi have issued around 2013 in a bicentenary. In fact it thinks that a truth is that Sony/RCA/Eurodisc has not had quite modern(ish) complete Wagner registers of work to do on top of the together complete, that lacking of Tannhauser and Tristan. Like this here further of 8 complete works and the complete law takings the dozen CDs of 'bleeding chunks' and arrangements for orchestra and duet of piano. But takings a Siegfried Idyll and a Wesendonck songs.
A commentary has been done that Eight Wiener was having the bad night in Meistersinger. In fact it is very acceptable. Any one touches likes is the low pair when compared with Paul Schoeffler in a 1943 Bayreuth action under Hermann Abendroth the one who splits of forms of an absolutely indispensable 'Wagner' Vision' conjoint of Documents. They are at present in the generous way in all chance that has listened on 31 March 2017 the Sachs for real having the bad night in ROH. It is Bryn Terfel in a hill? I add in first law, effective in second law but gradually falling averts in third law wisely giving a does not avert for a understudy in a last scene.
Looks to agree this cost forty something the pound when released. Now it can be bought for much less and is for real state said if you want to so only an of these actions are quids in to buy this together. A current prize of a Coverage so only is in a same while a Lohengrin so only will cost you much more. I have bought mainly for a Lohengrin which is entirely complete and has the wonderful Lohengrin in Sandor Konya. The professional descriptions have been has bitten it negative but want to it. A Coverage is among a better of everything. Lighter Of voice in bell that was the result accustomed to coupled with fantastically his orchestral translucent to the equal that would expect of a Staatskapelle Dresden.
The Dutch is good and a Parsifal is side resuscitating.
And then owe wide variable and diverse rag stock exchange to maintain you happy for hours.
Any the central recommendation perhaps but well the value that spent.
4 / 5
Better that one equivalen Green box, like value 4.5 stars! Some the complete works are all very good facts (although an end of Gotterdammerung underwhelms) and some historical elements (Flagstad/Melchior etc) is the property. A disk of the duet of the piano is has bitten it naff but the value is put like an interesting idea to another side of a man
5 / 5
This is the together very solid with actions of abonos to excellent. For a prize incredibly has asked it down would be both beast and ungrateful to have reservations roughly that. Like I Totally recommended no.!
4 / 5
A subject fantastic. Some actions are among a plus end has not registered never.
5 / 5
Included He loves so only an of these registers there is compiled calm here is quids in. I have imported an of a register recently, first of this alike compilation and paid more than two times a prize of a together integer. It would be that it surprises if you like everything of some offerings but among these dics has gems that I there is no known is existed. This could be considered an introduction to Wagner music, any one adduces is a definite introduction but in a prize is marketed has to it that be considered flies it and worthy of his place in any collection.

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 27 ratings
5 / 5
His Only Rock 'n Circulate
has had already a Solti Decca in both CD and the vinyl and is of course glorious. As I asked it bit it roughly buying this together, particularly in a price which is not economic. Well, I am pleased like this has done. A quality of his east really a lot, very a lot of - no like this precise likes dipped of studio but has the marvellously his alive chair with a flange throughout quite glorious. And of then it has been it has registered on four quite consecutive nights (more than in the period of 8 years for a Solti) has a irresistible felt of integrity with a work that unfolds and that grows so much listen by means of some four works. And forget some 25 minutes of hissing of a Bayreuth diagrams of smoke in a Rheingold Nibelheim scene - is really any one the intrusive and in some way in fact adds to a feeling to be there.

Another active also moaned the bit in a lack of libretto and a level of packaging. I can see reason for a prize would expect libretto, but frankly in age 60 with varifocals is almost impossible to read CD-sized booklets in all the house - more can download and print the big plus-sized (A4) version of all four libretto of a web of place that has done. They Liked him In fact so much a packaging and some of two excellent booklets that has some fabulous still photos of some actions. In the sense one of these sums of photographs up for me a way of a neighbour - is the picture of Master Keilberth, a three Rheinmaidens and Astrid Varnay, probably so only with which one of some actions, those who look like this are for to have take it very good.

Is really quite rock 'n circle. And it likes. Yes I do.

5 / 5
Fines to register of the classical mid-50s Bayreuth has launched superbly directed for the quite underestimated manager
4 / 5
A terrific dip which would have to that it has seen a light of day much more collects. This in spite of, each one that like this of three mid-conjoint of the 20th century takes a praise a big plus - Solti Coverage, this of Keilberth and some records of Ape for Furtwangler of 1953.
4 / 5
Calls the cynic, if it wins calm - you would not be far bad, of the recent times have grown to be a lot that with new release which have a dubious approval of has excited critic. Andris Nelsons' Recent record of Shostakovich' Tenth Symphony is so only such an example, as it would contend is Chailly cycle of Symphony of the Beethoven, any to mention a now, long-forgotten Vanka is, all the registers touted as 'the best this in spite of' that was all singularly was auditioned in LD Towers with lining of a lot of boss and furrowed brows. Like this to the equal that of the 1955 Cycle of the coverage of wins it focused for Keilberth that in the emission has seen some critique practically falling on his in adulation and plaudits? I mean after all, yes, one mould are add, but contain simply some usual suspects of a Collina Green of this time; Keilberth was a lot of manager too certainly, but was the hardly the Krauss or Knappertsbusch, the one who has directed one 1953 and 1956 Cycles in Bayreuth respectively; and yes, I am sure a sound is a lot also, although they are also of an opinion that would take it singular skill to produce the bad one in such the sympathetic venue likes Bayreuth. It has taken the long time for me to take round to listen to this together, but these are my thoughts ...

A whole thing opens with this wonderful, down And Flat which is supposition to evoke some depths of a Rhine. With Krauss '53, a swishiness and vagueness of a sound resembles conjure on images of a fund to wash arrives bowl (although it improves markedly after), whilst Kna '56 captures an equal quantity of audience shuffles and to to noise likes him orchestra to arrive to this point. Here in 1955, I have to doff my hat to a Decca instruments of register - a sound is in fact a lot well, well a lot like this very so much with Solti in a studio the few years later, but still a lot well, extraordinarily like this for the alive register of such vintage (included can listen a soft hissing of Bayreuth infamous moke schemes', conjuring on misty images of a Rhine!). And like this on float a Rhinemaidens of Jutta Vulpius, Elisabeth Schartel and Maria Graf, like this well like any, although I owe that admit have still to listen the together bad of ladies to water my time. This in spite of, like this never with Bayreuth, of the commentaries a perfect balance among phase and hole, perhaps appreciated more than usual thanks to Decca his clear. Neidlinger Forest on like this Alberich, black and stabilise of the yours, one that that probably there is not today, but has done to exist in a 1953 and 56 Cycles (as well as in Solti/Decca), until some transmissions of scene and looks Hotter like this Wotan, noticeably wobblier that it was in 1953. Keilberth Is directing on until this point there was swift state and supportive - I in fact prefer my Coverage to be more than a fieriness of Krauss that an introspection of epic of Knappertsbusch, but still I baulked like giants practically goose-date a step to synchronise, such is Keilberth heavy touch in an accelerator to arrive to this point. Well, Levine is (in DG) slow-motion juggernauts is surely that the import miscalculation in a part of a manager in his Coverage has fulfilled, but in an opposite extreme, like the mine was Keilberth traders to accelerate here. A finer pair of giants of Ludwig Weber and Josef Greindl never is probably to find this in spite of, but more characterful Stages that Rudolf Lustig is . And he like this continuous , a rest of a mould done of stalwarts in Bayreuth of this time, finalising in that satisfies, if any exactly the earth that shatters Rheingold. And yes, cynical old was chuckling was ....

Dies Walkure explosions to a scene with some thrilling orchestral fireworks of a hole, Keilberth audibly conjuring on the a lot of the storm and a poden quite easily visualise a shattered Siegmund that explosions by means of a door and falling to a paving exhausted in Hunding fourth, a car of wind softly adding is own accompaniment , one spends clearly opens to aim an audience, as well as one auditor, some outsides of raging elements. Ramon Vinay is our man here; I know of course like this when being Toscanini Otello and done the very decent Siegmund, albeit that lacking of an intensity and anguish of Jon Vickers in a studio for Karajan (DG) and Leinsdorf(RCA ). In a Leinsdorf, Gre Brouwenstijn is also a Sieglinde, how is here also, any mine the majority of favourite of singers and certainly very better that Crespin for Solti, neither Janowitz for Karajan, for me. Greindl Is Hunding; exceptional - but then how is Frick for Solti, Talvela for Karajan and Moll for Levine. In Law II, Astrid Varnay is Brunndhilde - the inaugural hojotoho is is not quite like this spectacular to the equal that with The Nilsson for Solti and Bohm, but possesses the heat and talent that evades that Icy Princess and rival Queens Crespin for Karajan; it promises a lot for some later deliveries. Hotter is Wotan; it is to add - unless calm has listened for Krauss in 1953 where with hardly traces it of the wobble (ossia presents here), touches each god of fashionable thumb, his anger for real terrifying the an end of a Law and a start of a prójimo. Once again Keilberth behaviours conventionally enough; it does not match a heat and ecstasy of Karajan in Law I and his starts to Walk slightly understated (especially when compared to Leinsdorf), although it grows to satisfy climax. An orchestral passage to an end of a final Law when Wotan forgives his daughter and so only before it kisses was his godhead, is hasty and unsubtle - perhaps Keilberth answered to stage directions, but this is disappointing. Once again a sound is faith further for alive 1955, but once again this is satisfying more than revelatory.

A measure some of Decca swipe he in this Cycle of Coverage has registered can be gauged of a ploughing of Siegfried, one dark murmurings of Wagner paramount the forest that comes by means of with atmosphere and perfect clarity; remarkable. Mime Is a first character the one who looks and, as with Rheingold in this cycle, is Paul Kuen; his is the fine supposition of a function, less characterful that Gerhard Stolze for both Karajan and Solti perhaps (those who in any case is quell'has bitten too much in a cup in a Solti), but he enunctiates a good text and takes an exasperation of a nano like his ward taken absolutely any opinion of him. I have found Hotter to be in shape better in this work that previously; perhaps A Wanderer, more introspective that in some two leading works a lot aggrevate his wobble quite so many and has left to sing a text with probably more thought that more in a second the averages of a last century. His launches is broken by a eponymous hero, Siegfried and was quite bowled on for Wolfgang Windgassen supposition of a function here; in the freshest voice that was paralización Solti and Bohm later, more experienced that it arrest Krauss, Windgassen for me here perfectly takes a mix of heroism and youthful ardour of Wagner defective heroine. It is matched for his Brunnhilde, Astrid Varnay, whose tone, warmer and more feminine that a laser-like Nilsson, more animate that a stately Flagstad, is almost my preferred fallen half-god of everything, the pointed qualities incontestably in his scene to wake in Law III. If marginally it prefers his in this scene in Bayreuth in 1951 under Karajan, is so only reason his manager there, doing in the big plus canvass that would leave in Berlino some two decades later, conjures on an orchestral tapestry of almost Straussian richness that has not listened equalled elsewhere - a sound in 1951 although, to take loaned the famous sentence, is like gaslight to a glory in offers here courtesy of . This is not to attack Keilberth, calm alcohol - he no a work perfectly and a whole action amena enormous satisfaction. Some parts of sum of all this he then the fact the very considerable whole; it has been it has very impressed.

And like this in the Gotterdammerung, my preferred of a Tetralogy and enough possibly, together with Tristan, my preferred Wagner work of everything. Varnay And Windgassen, like this wonderful in Siegfried, does not disappoint in his Law I duet neither, like this resplendent like any, saves for Flagstad and Melchior under a cosmic baton of Furtwangler, in a excerpts of Covent Garden in 1937. In fact, I find it hard to choose failure in any of his actions here - ossia my preferred Siegfried and Varnay Brunnhilde would have been my favourite also, if it has not been for a tantalising glimpse of Frida Leider, electrifying in a oath scene in Law II, once again of another excerpt in Covent Garden with Furtwangler, this time in 1938. This has said, Varnay hot, can and comprising of a function, goodness to the quite ovewhelming Immolation Scene - an audience is quite stunned in an end, his applause so only beginning enough the pocolos second after a final note had died was. Felizmente, one is matched elsewhere, especially with Niedlinger Alberich and Hermann Uhde Gunther, a last still doing a sound to act that it interest ! Greindl, How has been remarked elsewhere, can be been matched in his portraits down some years, but his Hagen is still the formidable supposition, how is Gre Brouwenstijn Gutrune. Like this the cycle has progressed, Keilberth for me, has grown stronger and stronger and he no Gotterdammerung in the masterly way. Everything touches like this unforced and right, one adds Himalayan summits of Law III on the one hand of the funerals and one conclude of a whole work is approached of course and paste of house with a force that has to that. And a sound is once again flawless ...

Like this in general, ossia the richly rewarding Cycle of Coverage. It is more consistently sung that a studio Solti and Karajan, with his mid-flight Wotan transmission-overs and, with a lot of some mussels was, is in very better of the his that any of a Furtwanglers, as well as any Krauss '53 or Knappertsbusch '56 - in fact a sound here is more than the party for an alive Bohm and Goodall the accounts have done several years with which. Neither he Keilberth try a fiery incandescence of Krauss, or a magnitude of epic of Knappertsbusch, but exerts this Coverage to the integer to satisfy, a history that gathers any and intensity in his hands to the equal that has progressed, aim it I double-checked to listen to this time of diverse cycle. Well, I nit-has chosen the pair of moments of miscalculation on the one hand of a manager, but is probably unrealistic to expect to take well in such the long work; his is attacked really the formidable. That directs one to ask so only that would have spent, has had EMI Walter Law a lot showed such Phase-like this astute in joining like this of this mould to excluyente EMI agreements, so that they prevent Decca releasing this Cycle like this originally planned and rendering the like this useless likes Fafner guarded held .... An epic Solti the coverage is not never be then forged, at least when and like the knowledge to us ? Karajan Cycle of the subsequent coverage then has had to has done with a rest of a quickly diminishing battery of Wagner singers to the equal that has done ? Those who knows ?!! For me, Solti Cycle of Coverage, more easily available in the prize signals more advantageous that anything can offer it, is still a better place to start with that explores this wonderful creation, how was for me also although he callow adolescent youth; it is so only that in my opinion now, the Wagnerian connoisseurs would take infinitely more satisfaction in general of Keilberth in 1955 that probably anywhere more. As some critiques have not been bad then - for once !
4 / 5
Yes, these characteristics of together, like other fellow commentators there is remarked in his his notes in the place of EUA of the amazon, the majority of a luminaries of Wagner bordos in some consequences of one 1939-1945 european war (with a lot of of them beginning his careers some years immediately preceeding the, or during him) and in his absolute prime. Also it can be taken like the truthful and treasurable documentary of the his of the estaca of a Festival-glories of war that dips the shame his current state of subjects (and now more than ever, as he formally spent to some hands of the daughters of Wolfgang, if one a lot questionable Meistersinger staged for Katharina Wagner the recent years is the sample that has in tent for some coming years). But my opinion, this neighbour is the must for the people has interested to take to know that directing Wagner is roughly, that wants to take to the guts of a work of four part, his a lot of coffins heart of bone.

2008 Marked Keilberth 100th brithday, as he also marked Karajan is. And an approximation to Give Coverage of both managers can not differ further that does like this evidenced of this together (and Karajan had directed a Coverage in Bayreuth quell'handful of first years). For yes to a lot Karajan the work will be the magnet for his romantic approximation, beauty of his and general musicianship, Keilberth has aimed directly and mercilessly, as I have said on, in a work is a lot of coffins animates. So that this alive register the shows especially is the conception of solid long row and vision, little impaired for isolated episodes and always inside the solid perspective of a forest more than isolated trees, with the continuous sense of line and sense of direction. Romantic? Yes. Purposeful? Mostly so much. Ardent? Always. In fact, it could be said that this well could be one of one the majority of ardent Wagner renditions officially, Furtwängler has comprised. If have has wanted to encapsulate Keilberth resulted of final in the nutshell, could has to that choose a word 'passion'.

A sound (stereo, the curiosity and mostly the engineers of the his' toy behind in 1955) as taken for Decca engineers truthfully take a particular theatre accoustics, still slightly favouring some voices. Some qualities and orchestral touching practical still into use in a to Germania of a 1950 is underlines also in favour of a together, so that they are curious in old orchestral touching ways in today globalised and the mondo homogenised. Any one touches likes that today, included in Germania, more than any today directs Wagner likes that any one. Any one downloads this for living in a past, but any less the lesson for managers today toying with an idea to take to the hole of theatre and facing a Coverage.
4 / 5
Have 19 Coverages in elepé or CD (some some was in different masterings) and ,like another reviewers, finds that all have something to offer.

This in spite of to touch richness and quality, more interpretation and acceptable flange, without gizmo special effects, goes for Haitink,Sawallisch or (for Bayreuth),Barenboim. Eva Marton any one concern me so as another.

To sing interpretation.,Keilberth Is hard to beat . A sound, while stereo does not match a pleasant Archipelago in a Knappersbusch 1954 Parsifal or a Jochum 1954 has listened an Archipelago Krauss Coverage but the have commanded on (now apparently last to spend for).

For beauty and pacing Karajan, for clarity of words and music Janowski, for flashiness Solti, for global orchestral touching Levine.

Knappersbusch And Furtwangler quality to register any one a lot quite but the interpretations add. Goodall Too slow.

Bohm Too fast and Bayreuth registering too superficial.

Action more alive has seen (of 25 in the lifetime) Deutsche Oper Berlin 1997, Copenaghen 2006 or Thielemann Bayreuth 2006
4 / 5
was a lot of curious to listen this register, which likes him state hailed likes Coverage more orders officially. In a whole has thought that that it was quite well, albeit with some significant reservations.

In the first place, a flange. Of some goodnesses, Hotter is to good sure surer of is for Solti, has registered later (although he still the sounds bit it too woofly in time for my flavour); Windgassen give the terrific action, he like this fact Neidlinger; I have had the bit of the question with Varnay, that had not listened before - paste some big notes easily, but in some low notes looks to start with of low and class of swoop until a note (I assume ossia all the course of his technician, but found that a lot that dips was). A rest of a mould is very good.

Has thought Keilberth is directing was no-atrocity and dramatically effective. It does not draw his attention, so only leaves Wagner flow of music, which is the good thing . Of the Rheingold Is probably a less achieved of a cycle, clue to Die Walkure, but the clave with him likes each work in the tower improves, with Siegfried marking the real improvement, until Gotterdammerung, which is very impressive.

An orchestral touching is generally well, although (how is often a chance with historical register) a brass can be quite strident and takes the bit to take used to. There is a shrill trumpet that blares is gone in each instrumental showpiece, that dominates a sound, as if it has not been in a coverage of hole with a rest of an orchestra (hears to a hymn to a Rhinegold, an entrance of some of the to Valhalla, a walk of a Valkyries, or Siegfried Rhine travesía!).

A sound has registered is 'a lot well for his age' - but there is not escaping that it is the register of him on done 50 years. Some favours to balance some singers, as you would expect of the Bayreuth register, but has the time when it calms can not listen that it is going in in an orchestra a lot clearly - like prelude to Give Rheingold, where some series so only touches muddy. There is the question of first order with a Nibelheim the scene Gives Rheingold, also, when the car of special effects hisses in a foreground like him vacuum cleaner for 20 minutes. It is it likes to listen to an old radio emission by means of static, and found that the distraction of entity during a scene.

So much, a pros: it is of a like this-the golden age called of Wagner bordos, and volume to listen some of a greats in his prime; it is the alive register , and takes an electricity of the alive action - and Wagner so only does not touch like this more. A gilipollas is that, as with any register, to calm neither like him some voices or calm no; and a sound is not without his questions.

@In rodeo, thinks a better way to treat ossia like the only register of the special few nights in a room jointly, and enjoy likes the historical document. But I need to be partnered with the very registered studio the version yes wants to listen all that is going in (there there is more to Wagner that sings so only!). Oh, And a last point - £ (the prize of current sticker) the look bit it empinado for an old register in a better of time, but any to comprise librettos in this class of looks of the prize of shabby.
5 / 5
Jahrelang haben mich Give vergleichsweise hohe Preis und Quotes positiven, aber auch oft einschränkenden Kritiken dieser Aufnahme vom Kauf abgehalten. Auch Quotes - schlechte - Version of mp3 hatte mich nicht überzeugt.

Nach erstem Durchhören Has given 55.ºr Coverages von Keilberth or. One. muss ich sagen: It was für ein Fehler!
Man kann sich getrost etliche eher mittelgute Coverage-Aufnahmen (Jarowski, Böhm, Levine, selbst Solti!) sparen und Given gesparten the euros have given Aufnahme investieren. Die Sänger sind großteils hervorragend, die Klangqualität überwiegend sehr gut.
Daneben benötigt Man nur noch 1-2 „Ringe“, die sich durch ihre besonderen Ansätze auszeichnen: Furtwängler, Karajan, Leinsdorf und hoffentlich bald einmal Petrenko.

Gibt Is Einschränkungen? Ja, aber has given sind gegenüber anderer Aufnahmen von geringer Natur: Bühnengeräusche, Bayreuther Grundrauschen a ruhigen Stellen, Phase und Sieglinde nicht optimum besetzt.

Give Dirigat von Keilberth ist nicht ganz Like this inspiriert, wie bei Furtwängler, Krauss und Leinsdorf - nicht immer bleiben given großen Spannungsbögen erhalten. Ich würde Is als „Böhm More“ bezeichnen. Mir ist Give viel lieber als give Aspired bei Solti und give Schmelz bei Barenboim or. One., aber 100%ig zwingend ist is mMn nicht.

Insgesamt aber 5 Sterne und eine klare Kaufemfehlung. Sie werden insgesamt keine bessere Aufnahme bekommen.

P.D.: Bitte lesen Sie auch Given Rezension von vully bzgl. It gives einzelnen Sänger. Of the kann ich Like this unetrschreiben.
5 / 5
A so only another Coverage I own is a Solti register of studio, which has been my reference for years.
A 1955 Keilberth the coverage has to that unmistakable emotion of the alive register, which easily does up for some noises of cough and occasional phase of an audience.
Some actions are stunning, and a quality of his east at all cut of miraculous for an almost register of 70 years.
Highly recommended.
5 / 5
In spite of Nomination has given Joseph Keilberth a lot was has given more notes come manager of orchestra, this edition of the 'Ring', peraltro registered benissimo with an amazing audible surrender, considered he year in which it is exerted the one who magic Festival (1955), is definitely one of the most good-looking that I personally have listened, perhaps mine preferred was for the direction esaltante and deep has given Keilberth, mine especially for him the mould has given singers for real exceptional.
Give purchase and No only for the wagneriani pure, mine for was the one who was partner Operates it.
5 / 5
So only see the distribution already gives shivers ! A fantastic sound partorisca be of the year 1955 ! This version empequeñece all those that He oido before.

So only for the first Law of the Decadence of the ones of the already Fences in the pity buys this jewel, a present some partorisca the senses. Some 10 paralizaciones Decca and . Also partorisca Amazon for his fast and effective service. Thank you !
4 / 5
In my modest opinion one of the three better nets has published. A distribution desquels never more will have. The direction, different the the ones of the another two that considers in the podium Kna 56 and Furt 53, but think that to the height of the work. And of the sound that in Bayreuth in his more glorious period. As I say INDISPENSABLE!!!
And the servico of Amazon flawless. Faster in receiving it impossible.
5 / 5
In the sleep believed when the published, after more than fifty years of latence, joins tétralogie integrate them registered in stéréo pair Decca the Bayreuth in... 1955 ! It has maintained finally lucida sheep to five legs, the chimaera gives chimaeras.
In fact, joins spent times them legitimate excites initial, will fail well admit, and this is not that logical seen the amplitude of the work, that all registering of the Coverage is a commitment , any one a lot that can the to him be better of the sud all plans him and in all his components. And this any déroge at the beginning.
His properties do not are missing sure enough any one : it is not partorisca Question of dédaigner the alone occasion partorisca feel, with the effect of real of the stéréophonie, and first of his decadence, his last giants : he Wotan besides Hot, the Brünnhilde of Varnay (all two more regulate that in 1953 with Krauss), the Alberich definite of Neidlinger, his low black of Greindl. Ossia Of another side, as in his another tétralogies bayreuthiennes give years 1950, the alone singer to look in four postigos, as lucida the coverage discovers the figure turned joined around the identical harm and immuable by means of his récurrences. I quote him of Distribution still he Siegmund of Vinay, the genial Sieglinde of Brouwenstijn and his Gutrune, he Mime of Kuen, he Siegfried of Windgassen (finally fresher vocalement that the ex-baryton Melchior and although Lorenz, artists of another gifted and charismatic way pair elsewhere), he Gunther of Uhde. Milinkovic, with which Malaniuk, comes this in spite of agreement That Bayreuth had not found of some Fricka this time, and the bird of Hollweg will not do to forget Streich.
These disappointments that is quite minimum In Consideration of the together, that beats- like this pause this tétralogie games trôner to the sud the discographie ? It joins musical Direction, everything simply. Keilberth Maintains The orchestra, sure enough, but he no done that accompanies his singers, that is quite tragic in acting joined where the orchestra touches one such function. Other bosses have has opted touches to give the alive conferences, clear and cursives. But in Böhm The linéarité has created an effect of anchorage that would look for vanamente here, where each moment is that atomisé. Regarding the saisissantes half that jaillissaient under The wand of Krauss, his source cruellement defect, and in Siegfried more although elsewhere (the clear-dark of the forest, the incadescence of the curtain of fire, he réveil of Brünnhilde). In him it can any not even say that this efficiency to profits of term of the yard to the dramatisme of the Dusk, especially yes on compare with Solti, another boss pectaculaire', but that has created at least a frame épico.
In rodeo, also little convincente That looks lucida conclusion, here is a Coverage that the little next to any does not substitute, but that does not substitute no more any one. His wagnériens will not be able to spend neither of 1953 (Krauss) neither of 1958 (Knappertsbusch) touches his big 'alive' bayreuthiens, in spite of the audible quality. In fact, this coffret enough of the assistance to Solti (Decca equally) likes première of version' or 'of base' game of the followers occasionnels or néophytes to that will designate to join alone version. Of the sud this créneau, shares sure enough the place of première with twin of edges of seal in studio, of where the fifth star, obtained of accuracy.
5 / 5
His commentateurs the precedents indicate with shrewdness a prérequis Indispensable before all the evaluation of the interpretation joined of the complete Coverage : in him it will not be able to be emballé pair everything. It would not be-that, although the together knots embriaga and raisin, have already knots favourite moments and those of the as it would want that they are careers besides...
Then to Leave of the like criteria 'objective' aforar this disk to the numerous promises ? It would say essentially The audible quality and that of the interpretation : singers to Separate joined, boss and orchestra of the another. And The objectivity takes a Swipe, obligatoriamente, of then on answer all give different things of the music and of the philosophy that down-tend an election of apresamiento of edges.
Begins Pair the artistic Appearance : the orchestra of the Festspielhaus has lived faithful to him-still, stupendously averted to this music that he the at length practised but any obligatoriamente redeems of everything reproaches, in the already said regarding the version Kraus. But this creates of the detail. The Direction of Keilberth is very subestimada : his looks of vision to concentrate sure enough to the sud his 'episodes' and his spectacular in délaissant roughly little the vision of together (lucido strong point of Furtwängler), but she and wins in teatralidad and in life, everything simply. His Time of Keilberth not having at all to envy to those of Kraus in term of liveliness and knows diablement use his sobresalto of intensity and of nuances -- perhaps more mine in valuing here also thanks to the apresamiento of edges. We say That Keilberth directed without affèterie, his hands in him cambouis, and it thinking very lucido the coverage gives leans a lot well this treatment : this music féérique and wins a bit this charm that his the ways directs and sobrios confers to the popular histories in literature, without looking drier that touch so much. It finds there That concurrencer Furtwängler, in another gender all simply, joins another personality. I have not been able to never stick to the Coverage of Kraus, whose direction look game lucido swipe survoler totally operates it without depth a lot -- and lucidos edges calamiteux any consultor in at all. Considering Goes, has not appreciated never his parties-took artistic Of enthomologiste with report to the direction : the lisibilité orchestrale, that leaves it to the discretion of the engineer of the edges ! The music is perhaps give Mathematician, but he and the one of the chair of the sud lucido skeleton. As I Touch this version Keilberth is joins discovered good-looking.
His singers, useless of and go back : it excepts some couacs smaller (of those who lucido more uncomfortable is Phase), maintains there his interpreters of sleep of the cycle.
Lucidos Edges, finally : clarity and balance milagroso touches this period. His Types of Decca décidément of the good work (cf. He soyefistofele' under the direction of Serafin that is of the same water). Appreciating More lucida alive transmission that to the studio, am happy to find join alternative valid to Solti in terms of audible consolation (but does not hear never this version also 'firewoman' -- touch lucido swipe, lucida Coverage any one a need of past of of the east ! -- And to the The vocal plateau too little satisfactory). Finally It Can feel in some clear edges and that shine these legendary actions bayreuthiennes give years 50 ! Sometimes A little Saturation to the sud his voice in some parties and give branches (trompettes especially) a bit too strong and hurlants, but this is not incompatible with the alcohol in that are to employ in his passages fff ; out of the east, look simple to spend of the sud the noises and unavoidable cough of scene (is of the alive !). It will complain instead, sure enough, lucidos edges intrusif of the car to smoke or no-is-that in the 3.ºt Scene of esingold'. This Passage would have been able to be the pendant has registered his repetitions, without the effect mécanique bruyant.
Has joined Version that is not like this without defects, but that maintains as me them his fiancées and join me has contributed a real happiness of listens. It joins Alternative to the version Furtwängler with the RAY (like those some edges pourri does not prevent obligatoriamente to appreciate the beauty of vision has joined... And Of him the interpretation has joined, reason no, the orchestra of the RAY is at all also apocalyptiquement bad that this that would want to believes ; this in spite of lucidos the edges is very better, and almost well, in the expensive but version very successful of Pristine Classical). It can so only to complain lucido prize, a bit high be die he packaging modérément has cured. But it Maintains there it joins stood out main, that contributes a lot of happiness to the melomaniac and that possesses a real magnétisme : a bit like the version Kubelik of 'Parsifal', finally.
4 / 5
Nachdem mich Quotes Verkaufspreise give Einzelausgaben jahrelang vom Erwerb has given 'Ringes' abgehalten hatten, schien mir has given Gesamtpaket eine willkommene Alternative zu heart. Aber mehr als 120,00 € für 14 CDs bezahlen? Für Aufnahmen, die nicht mehr give Urheberschutzrechten unterliegen und angesichts einer ganzen Reihe hochkarätiger Konkurrenzprodukte (Solti, Karajan, Böhm, Krauss), man of data für given Hälfte (und weit darunter) bekommt? It gives wollte ich doch erst einmal genauer wissen, worauf ich mich einlasse. Also besorgte ich mir zunächst mp3 of data-Ausgabe dieser Aufnahmen von Cantus. Auch wenn Has given äorßerst komprimierte Version kein wirklicher Klanggenuss ist, like this vermittelte sie mir doch einen Eindruck von give hohen Qualität give 1955.ºr Keilberth-Ringes, und ich beschloss, gives hohen Preis zu zahlen und has given Box von zu erwerben.

Nun ist üDrink Date Qualität dieser Aufnahmen schon vieles gesagt worden, gives ich yesterday nicht im einzelnen wiederholen möchte. Soviel nur Know gesagt: Wenn ich to the entscheidenden Faktoren zusammennehme (Dirigat, Interpretation, gesangliche Kompetenz, Aufnahmequalität), place dem guten Dutzend Ringe in meinem Besitz vergleiche und mein ganz persönliches Gesamtresumee ziehe, dann ist give yesterday für mich give derzeit beste the coverage are Markt, ungeachtet einzelner Aspekte, die anderswo vielleicht (noch) besser gelöst heart mögene. Ich The sage dies auch bei einer ausgesprochenen Vorliebe für Birgit Nilsson und George Londra, quotes one has given Aufnahmen nicht mitwirken, und meiner ansonsten eher zurückhaltenden Meinung üdrink Hans Hotter und Wolfgang Windgassen, die ich yesterday beide brilliant finde.

One gives Aufnahmen selbst habe ich also nichts auszusetzen; it is handelt sich a eine für Wagner-Hörer epochale Seeöffentlichung, jedoch verlangt ein solches Ereignis auch nach einem entsprechenden Rahmen, und give ist für einen Preis von üdrink 120,00 € etwas dünn geraten: Geliefert wird eine mäßig stable Box (gives Karton könnte ruhig etwas dicker heart), und zwei the booklets dipped einigen teils unscharfen Photos, jedoch (wie heute leider üblich) ohne Librettos. Die CDs selbst stecken ohne weitere Schutzhülle in dünnen Papphüllen aus rauhem, grauem Karton (wenigstens sind has given to dip Photo und Inhaltsangaben bedruckt). Bei Häufigem Herausziehen sind Yesterday Kratzer vorprogrammiert. Nun werden einige sagen, 'warum wechseln Sie Quotes nicht gegen gefütterte Hüllen aus, kostet doch nichts?' Ja, aber wofür bezahle ich denn dann Like this viel? Of the wäking alles In Ordnung - handelte is sich a eine Presupueste-Ausgabe z.B. von hining' - und zu einem entsprechenden Preis! Yesterday dagegen kann ich nur feststellen, dass sich Quotes Macher von Will - offenbar in Anlehnung a eine give Haupteigenschaften give Nibelungenringes - zoom Wucher haben verleiten lassen. It gives Herstellungspreis dieser Ausgabe Dürfte kaum mehr als 20,00 € betragen haben (wenn überhaupt), Ein Verkaufspreis von 60,00 € wäking für mich dies absolute, vertretbare Obergrenze. Wenn Man sich z.B. It gives Karajan-Coverage ansieht, gives von einem profitorientierten Of entity-zoom to Focus halben Preis angeboten wird und selbst als Wiederveröffentlichung (in giving 'Original'-Reihe) vorbildlich ausgestattet und verpackt ist, dann ist give, was some yesterday für give Doppelte vorsetzt schon ärgerlich, bei go musikalischen Qualität.

Daher yesterday keine wanted to Punktzahl. Aber künstlerisch und klanglich ist dieser 'Coverage' natürlich fantastisch, gar keine Frage.
4 / 5
5 / 5
4 / 5
Any one exists in all the, musical universe a work that deepens in all his complexity in the generate human and this version is upper
4 / 5
Vor Stunden ist quotes Lieferung eingetroffen und ich wollte nur kurz reinhören, nachdem mich the euphoria dates sehr hörgierig gemacht hatte.
Begonnen habe ich Dipped dem 3. Akt Walküre und sitze nach Stunden immer noch Dipped schwitzenden Händen, hoher Anspannung und Tränen Give Augen.
Has given Aufnahme ist ein Wunder und meine Aufnahme für Quotes einsame Insel. Mozart Klavierkonzerte dipped Serkin und Abbado müssen dann wohl yesterday the Hamburg bleiben. Auch ziehe ich Has given Aufnahme dem Wiener Coverage unter Thielemann oder dem Coverage unter Janowski dips give betörend schön klingenden Staatskapelle Dresden.
Musik dieser Qualität höre ich Are liebsten place Kopfhörern (Sennheiser HD800 dazu PLAYER of Big Final CD und Kopfhörerverstärker).
Atemberaubend wie Give Klang Animate und sinnlich strömt.
Sänger sind Geschmackssache und ich War zuerst überrascht, warum Hans Hotter gar like this berühmt ist und nach seinem estage, hör' habe ich keine Zweifel mehr. Viele echte Sänger Dipped intelligentem Rollenverständnis wirken dipped. Und Is ist echt Alive: kaum geschnitten, wie give ebenfalls glorious Böhm-Coverage von 1966/67. Und manchmal knarrt und trappelt Is durch Die Bewegung auf dem Bühnenboden. Ich habe Give Gefühl Are Bühnenrand zu stehen... Hups Einsatz verpasst, Sieglinde: egal Is geht weiter ... immer weiter.
Wenn etwas gibt, wie Given gute tall Zeit und sie like this klingt, dann cube ich gern rückwärtsgewandt und waystation inne - staunend, genießend und bewundernd.
Klare Kaufempfehlung für nostalgische Klangfetischisten - mir erscheint Give Preis Fair wie für 4 Eintrittskarten ins Festspielhaus.
4 / 5
「指環 対訳」で検索すると、無料の歌詞日本語対訳がみつかります。





 録音:1955年8月 バイロイト祝祭劇場[ステレオ]
4 / 5
I bought it advised for external opinion.
Has considered that it was a good option .
With which one listens, any one would go back partorisca buy.
One the any one very a lot of register, joins the resplandor of a lot of cds.
The walkirias go back excessively chillonas.
Any one would go back partorisca buy.
5 / 5
4 / 5
『新版 クラシックCDの名盤』(文春新書)で、3人中2人が推薦している名盤。
5 / 5
Well, has broken finally down and has bought this together. This marks mine 15 1/2 register of A Coverage (Gergiev frames on one 1/2). They are like this happy has done. I do not go partorisca add a lot to the like another said in this action. I have wanted to so only launch my vote in favour this remarkable register. It is for real spectacular. A sound, directing, orchestral touching, and especially singing is wonderful. Varnay Will light your heart on fire. It is been the very good year for Coverages this year, with taking this and Karajan is (that I wrongfully and lamentably refused like horrid done 10 years). Of all my registers of A Coverage, could not live without Solti is, Karajan is, and this a here!
4 / 5
A Coverage of a Nibelung was one of some two earlier pieces of the music has not listened never; it remembers the emission Fulfilled of when it was six (!). There is did not leave me never and agree an emotion to listen 'give Rheingold' behind in 1959, in a Solti register, spending for behind associations and old memories. Of then, I have listened and it has purchased a Solti, as well as listening a taped Bayreuth Coverages in WBAI of 1961 until they have ceased a Bayreuth transmissions behind in some Seventies. I roast own and treasure a 1960 Kempe Coverage of Bayreuth, a Furtwaengler RAY of 1953 (adds to direct, but poor orchestral touching and register), a Krauss of 1953 Bayreuth (my first election has been no for a a down informs) and finally and pershps more significantly, one 1955 Keilberth, down revises here.
I readers will remark that it had purchased some 4 works for separate when they were first released in 2007. Seeing a good-looking coverage of a new integral spouse, could not resist the buying. I plan to give some four separate albums to the partner. I think that that it felt well the container a Coverage in the together complete, as one would have to that possess a whole cycle.
And the one who the action ossia! First of all, in spite of some real tarpaulins of a studio Solti version, there is at all likes to listen a Coverage in the alive register of Bayreuth. Each one which Bayreuth that registers which there is eer listened has this thrilling tension and atmosphere that simply can not be taken anywhere more. A balance among singers and orchestra is absolutely perfect, and in this register, done in genuine and superbly naturalidad stereo sound, surfaces in all his glory. Decca Has created the sound with an orchestra in your lap and some singers on, onstage. It prefers this class of the his focused , balanced to a class of pectacular' sonics of registers of studio, comprising a Solti.
Considering some actions, as I have said previously, does not love never leaves with mine other Coverages, this in spite of this one is clearly a winner. First of all, Joseph Keilberth, one the majority of underrated manager of my experience, door the vigour And subtlety his interpretation that is in join he with Kempe and Krauss, to appoint another exceptional Bayreuth managers. His sense of when it takes still to relax and when for presionar is unerring in the each moment. Regarding a mould, is everything in his full glories. Hotter is The Wotan of my experience, and aims it here. Neidlinger Likes Alberich is always glorious, but has an extra has bitten of urgency and splendour that does king of Alberich is. Like this, Kuen Mime has not touched never better and finds like the real meanie, any one some pitiable nano. Vinay And Browenstyn (sp?) Like twins Siegmund and Sieglinde is like this ardent, calm really empathize with his plight. Greindl Like Hunding and Hagen especially has not touched never like this polished and bad like this here. Windgassen Siegfried Is for once really heroic, still extend and poetic. Regarding Varnay Bruennhilde, is a better in any one together. I do not comprise reason was like this sorely unappreciated in a Praise. Comparing his in a sooner Krauss together, touches included fresher in this action last! Have Always ranked the like this one of an upper Bruennhildes, but here, bars a field!
Therefore nomination this like ESSENTIAL Coverage.
Arrived to listen to a together, would like me add some details. First of all, it wins it there is trimmed a cost to ignore a libretti, although they can be has downloaded easily; included better, this in spite of, would be to buy a version of Spencer of the Stewart of some texts complete and a lot good English translation. Secondly, Has a subject of Law 2 of 'Die Walkuere.' When it has grown on, it was fashionable to denigrate this law and especially Wotan dialogue with Bruennhilde like overlong and repetitious. In reality, this law is a pivotal leaves of a whole cycle, like tip Wotan is evolving divisado of his own place and his awareness of the his helplessness. So only some actions much more is to develop this law like supreme course of a work, and ossia perhaps one much better performence of them everything. As I have said, manager and launched in a much less the same one much more, and in some moments, surpass them. But with Hans Hotter Wotan and Astrid Varnay Bruennhilde, has interpretations that is unequalled in my experience. And with him it has repeated it to listen, would add Windgassen Siegfried and Greindl Hagen to this cast. That can one says? This has to that be a Coverage has required . Hotter, Varnay, Windgassen, Greindl, Keilberth and Bayreuth RULE FOR EVER!
5 / 5
Are a audiophile and for me judges the register in 2 appearances of entities, a quality of an action and quality of a register. I will leave it check other sources for opinions in an action, (in my opinion this action dips a regulate), but a thing can say roughly is a quality of a register, if has the good system, this calm register of the the transparent and big loyalty view to an action and a venue that is scarce and wonderful. The only small disappointment is that it buy each one asks seperately (a bit more expensive) taking the libretto, if it buy it in this way calms no, ( can download yes of the view of wins it but is not like this as well as the form a).
5 / 5
Was the groundbreaking register. Yes the majority of a flange is incredible- a main reason to buy a together. He a Solti the irrelevant coverage? Of course any one!
Peter Andry (the one who produces this register ) looks to think that state released in some late 50s a Solti would not have been never fact.
A lot To the left is real taking here :
Joseph Keilberth maintains things moving well but any he (or some engineers) can not control his section of brass. Some trumpets especially govern
this register was with his crass and thin out of touch of tunes. An end of Rheingold is the disaster to the respect.
A point that is that Solti Rheingold the register has taken to imagination of an audience of classical music in the way that Keilberth is not never would have in of the sonic earths so only. And it concealed it is not an only reason. Like this to the left it is to leave this fantasy on some relative merits of some two registers
in his own designates one '55 coverage is the property trove of the utmost singers that do his thing! And then it has the averages of a second cycle of 1955 Much better touching for one the majority of part. And to listen Varnay and Modl trading big material in Law 3 of Walkure is the real emotion !! Then it has Hotter!! Fabulous In both cycles and take Gunther in Gotterdammerung of a second cycle!
Obviously this is not the detailed in depth the description but I find to plot to enjoy in this coverage and the half- I so only does not think is a coverage to finalise all the coverages. There is no similar register.
Still finds a Knappertsbusch 51 Gotterdammerung boss and shoulders on Keilberth laws here.
Does not lose that one!
Steve Causey
ps In reference to a description for esubicación- John Culshaw has had at all to do with this register. Peter Andry was a producer.

Top Customer Reviews: Die Walkure ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 8 ratings
5 / 5
A quality of an action is to good sure has included to take account of Knappertsbusch occasional idiosyncrasies . A sound is quite remarkable with synchronising very small or noise of audience. One legendary mould is on forms throughout. I have not bought Gotterdammerung as has 1951 dip as with an exception of Alberich has an identical mould. A remastering is quite exceptional and in mine dress surpasses both Krauss and Keilberth ( not comprising a 55 Stereo dipped on Will).
4 / 5
My ex-the woman said roughly Wagner, was fond of him, and has learnt to appreciate. Bombastic? Perhaps, but it touches a lot incredible. You listened once Wagner, will recognise is music always.
5 / 5
This register of DATA WALKURE documents a historical emission of December 23, 1961 (I in fact can take, as we have maintained some radio on home the Saturdays in that then specifically to listen emissions of Metropolitan Work). It is, enough simply, glorious. With which almost 51 years purchased it on CD, and has to that be ranked approach a cup of extant WALKURE registers. It was part of the Cycle of Coverage down Erich Leinsdorf, aired during some months of December 1961 and January 1962, this has looked a pairing of such glorious artists like Birgit Nilsson, Jon Vickers, Gladys Kuchta, Irene Dalis, Gottlob Frick, Eight Edelmann, Jean Legno, and George Londra. In this WALKURE Nilsson, Vickers, Kuchta, and Edelman take some honours, each one which as it excels and, thinks, servants to inspire some another, like this the action in fact results the living, throbbing together presentation. I have it that has not listened never the more outing for Edelmann, an artist is not always fond state of. His baritone/of basses in Wotan According to Narrative of the law is smoothly fact, mellifluous, and full of character. Included his 'Leb wohl' in Law III, in spite of the crack in his voice, totally is that it satisfies (in fact, a crack so only augments Wotan anguish). Kuchta Is an artist I almost forgotten, but here his Sieglinde is exceptional and captivating. Jon Vickers, of course, need any introduction. It rows with Windgassen and Melchior like one of a plus end Siegmunds of a twentieth century. So only listen to the his 'Wintersturme' in Law I, or a 'Todesverkundigung' scene in Law II: it can any one another heldentenor be compared with him? Finally, there is an incomparable Birgit Nilsson, with his immense, clarion voice, sweeping all before that. He perhaps lack of the bit of a heat of the Flagstad, but here fully comprises an incredible power and passion of Brunnhilde, as no another artist has been of able to do.

Like this, sincerely can recommend this WALKURE, as I also can recommend a RHEINGOLD, SIEGFRIED, and GOTTERDAMMERUNG in this cycle. Master Leinsdorf Fully comprises Wagner and some games of orchestra Fulfils well. His well during a cycle.

For lovers of Wagner, in fact, for any lover of work, these actions are the must .
5 / 5
Material wonderful. A stellar mould and the very excellent manager the one who takes a better out of an orchestra that is the plot in fact. Shuard And Vinay is so only like this as well as Walsung twins and Varnay is in the voices adds like Brunnhilde. I register quality quite well although in the headphones can listen the voices that has propiciado some place in some intestines of Covent Garden!! Any to be stray.
5 / 5
Gentleman George Solti was one of some utmost managers of a last century and an exceptional Wagnerian manager. A longitude that feasible done touches a production of registers of Wagner works. Of the technical and musical perspective, was still the challenge adds to do the register of studio of a cycle of coverage like perfect like possible. Solti And a DECCA the technical crew has selected Vienna Philharmonic and brought together some of some Wagnerian singers more utmost that a time especially Birgit Nielsen, like Brunnhilde, and Queens Crespin. Like this Sieglinde to register a Walküre, likes part of a cycle.
A quality of a sound of this “old “ “ “” (digitized) register it analog is surprising. Some engineers of sound have had has has treated miracles. I doubt that a lot of register of present day is of such quality!
Walküre Is a centerpiece of a cycle. Among a prime minister to a last note of this almost four hours operates long, a music covers a whole spectre of emotions of tenderness and passion, to bellow and fury, and compassion and forgiveness. Solti Directed it faultlesss interpretation of a centerpiece of a cycle of Coverage.
Solti Walküre Is A comparison with that of Wilhelm Furtwangler, a Wagnerian manager more adds of the time everything . Ten first years of Solti, Furtwangler had registered for EMI a Walküre with Londra Philharmonic and to the such legendary singers like Leonie Rysanek (Sieglinde) and Martha Modl (Brunnhilde). Sadly, Furtwangler Has died before it could complete a register of a cycle of whole Coverage! Solti The interpretation can be in comparison of Furtwangler is. It remains it splits key of Solti legated musical exceptional. Ossia Music that would listen to still always!
5 / 5
Excellent quality offered Tiled Walhall For a watched the Bayreuth that if it finds recensita quite negatively gives that critique hostile to Wagner and that it would want to strindberghianamente was contorto even a Thor in the record has given to call the collected the clouds.
Exited that accomuna I Planned interpreters épicos Knappertsbusch and Furtwängler, it visione 'tragic' has given which induces has given for is the natural, deep introspection, coming the Dutch has given Klemperer, coming represent Eschilo or Sofocle was thaw and was letter, without orpelli modernistici. Of the rest had Say it Sinopoli (jokingly mine any too) that one turns known Wagner if it can also tralasciare Freud...
This Work of the 1957 if it plants among the planned cycles has given reference of the Coverage has given Knappertsbusch and musicalmente a lot if they note substantial differences. Individual - And perhaps only - is instead the option of the interpreters has given Siegmund and Sieglinde.
The Nilsson - practically to the esordi - if it plants among the purezza cristallina has given a Grümmer and the vibrant passionalità of Crespin. Total mastery of the emission And of the fraseggio and clear presages of the singer that will be has given there To writing.
The interesting comes with Vinay: - a lot of if it is writing of the sweat logoramento vocal. But, own true (Scarce) swings in the big register, some 'spoken' emission exited surrender sweats Siegmund foreign (and the no perfect diction concursa), foreigner and wild - fuorilegge and diverse. Born Windgassen (1956) born Vickers (1958) can surrender such peculiarities fondanti The humanity and the event has given Siegmund. Vinay, besides, is tenor Has scarce data personality that his come and when take licences for has given more in a role that well knows. Of the moment of the nocturnal recognition has given Sieglinde, the planned twins lovers veleggiano on the maestose wave orchestrali arriving the aterradora intensity espressiva and the Nilsson writes an almost incomparable page.
Understand The part, afterwards, would deserve the Ad has given died.
Perhaps He more Intense that the discografia here hands. The Varnay is splendid in the now Austere inflections now smarrite in the the chaos has given feelings while Vinay is he belluino hero that in the moment in which it comes the know he own the fate has the data has died dipped brutally he tacere the daughter has given Wotan so that he sleep of the amadoa do not disturb .
Hotter and Greindl and Greindl.
Personally consider Hunding perhaps too anchored was tradition that wants to it bieco and torvo. Have An only exception in the discografia pervenutaci: Weber in the Ring has given Furtwängler The Milano in the 1950. The Milinkovic sings a lot very - a Fricka swipes of May or under him lines.
Said of the optimum riversamento of the Walhall, Embezzles gives to add the prodigious shortage has given interiezioni nevrotico-bronchial.
Has given three cycles Of the Kna The Bayreuth (1956/7/8), the Walhall there is extracted only work so only of the last planned. It is like this as possible compose he own Ring assemblando gives that and gives there, being able to also had the homogeneity of the preparations.
To conclude: wanting to considered direction and orchestra my reference is sublimate it Walküre has given Furtwängler registered in studio in the 1954, being to the interpreters mine preferred is suitable this.
5 / 5
Valley substantially what written in my opinion of the same operated restarted in the 1958. In this execution of the 1957 Knappertbusch is swifter respect the what will be it a year dope. Part of the vocal Mussel is changed, mine the surrendered is equally extraordinary. He touch, pure being slightly less soft, is but incredibly ancore better (more Present and mayormente clear and clear-cut) respect was restarted of the 1958. In definite among him walkirie available of the sud direct market the Bayreuth (1956/57/58) gives this immense master surely this of the 1957 printed by the label walhall is, causes the surrendered audible for real incredible for the period, the best at all.
5 / 5
Record a lot well, the unknown singers but the still flange is well.