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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 4 ratings
5 / 5
If fellow the the Hands of joy have had to that have it. Optimum press Of the Box without fruscii or scoppietti. Vinile Grey optimum
4 / 5
has required this album because they have Walked in the line is on that. I know it is Distribution of early Joy , a lot of punky.
Besides the album adds. This emission of vinyl is SUBURB ! Everything of a sound is there and in depth! I have been surprised in a quality of east of then is purportedly or was originally the bootleg or have listened like this with the poor quality but this pressing is One+ and fat money colored vinyl.
Already know in an album or like this punk/Distribution of Joy and is thinking roughly choosing this on, highly recommend do like this. The pressing adds of the scarce prompt JD album.
4 / 5
Finely Yard and trimmed solid of ash of vinyl that among the clear plastic vacuumed sleeve. A quality of his utmost east! The material of coverage is so only that would expect of the manufacturer of focus he of entity. Any extra inserts/inserts, and has the measure of coin of half dollar A/B-seal lateralmente officially with album and title of the only band with side has listed, so that the note lateralmente to any one asks the one who some looks of interior. But the shabby recommended, and a pricing so only the better fact!
4 / 5
The early versions are songs of Distribution of favourite Joy and is all my preferred

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 7 ratings
4 / 5
This album was the wonderful surprise . Some last five clues of his first session of register in July 1977 is rough and ready and a quality of his is not the sum but this was punk and is of his time. That really underlines is some first eleven clues of May 1978 - the development of a band in just 10 month is incredible, really underlining his potential. They are in accordance with another reviewers that some of some clues are 'better' those some versions of Distribution of Joy later, although it was slightly underwhelmed for this version of Transmission.

Is an energy of the majority of these registers that really impulses many of them, especially Leaders of the men and You have Walked on-line. Any Amour has Lost goes further that, in mine dress, is the classical. A longitude, complex, Neu-esque inaugural, spent for motorik drumming, embellished for electrical guitar and of the lines of basses that earth of pause, those careers to the fabulous version of a song. Any Distribution of the joy of the marvel was like this influential.

As well as when being a document of entity in a development of the band adds, is the really good record in his own terms, if calm like this classifies of what ... And I do!

A piece of trivia - there is Like this Said (clues 12) sounds like an early Kraftwerk notarises them and has looked in 1980, like this surely is the clue of Joy 'pertinent' of Distribution, more than the register of Warsaw - of the paralizaciones JD completists?

@In rodeo, is to good sure any one a place partorisca begin for any new the Distribution of Joy but well value a prize partorisca any the one who already has the
album of Distribution of Joy.
5 / 5
Has bought this under an impression was an official emission , specifically an album that was slated partorisca day of Record Tent 2018... This in spite of is not . He; it is infact the quite good quality bootleg/officious emission on 180grm vinyl.

I attack patiently partorisca an official emission.... Until then this will do. And a good thing is there is rid of this coverage of terrible creature
4 / 5
joy of Warsaw/ of distribution/ of Rigid kittens , 4 men with the sound fill with an anger and desesperanza of @@@1970s adolescent given the voice by means of punk and estaca punk new wave collected included perhaps goth , the songs and the music still attack the agreement 40 years later , touches no like this finalised likes hannet the productions but a flange were present while partorisca be stressed .
4 / 5
A fellow recommended giving is partorisca listen it. I have been he takes bust and has purchased he in ash of vinyl. Happy has done. The vinyl is a perfect way to enjoy this gritty, crude pre register of Distribution of Joy. Simply excellent.
5 / 5
Once again another record of a classical Warsaw gives and im any disappointed in fact im in a moon like record is black and average aim meso brilliant.
5 / 5
Can not add much more that that it is state said in of the leading descriptions, another it partorisca say ossia the document adds of a Distribution of early Joy that finds his feet and his musical direction. If one (unreleased) the album in fact had been released for RCA back in 1978/9, the one who knows that it would have spent? Excellent album, although some clues of prize (the 1977 has given) was bit it too believed partorisca my flavour, is for this that gave it so only four stars. Standout Clue partorisca me - a slow plus that 'Transmission' normal.
4 / 5
Any one looking for this album knows that it is in fact Distribution of Joy under his leading name. A lot of some clues on here look in of the latest emissions but one alternate the versions here aim his undoubted talent. Like this punk begun partorisca subterranean gone in a late 70 /punctual 80 is (is not never state was) and the new wave is surfaced, is remained the bands like JD partorisca spend a poster partorisca music adds. Ossia The glorious example of this era.

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 7 ratings
5 / 5
Like a forward reviewer, are the 'quite old' defender of Sleep of Tangerine, the mine was preferred in general when be one 'Atienen the Sorcerer' a, covering a mid seventies. I have continued to buy each album on emission and substituted them on CD (and now a remastered disks also...!!!) But although I have enjoyed a later start of his 'Virgin' years, his sound (and instruments) has evolved out of this sooner, way more experimental. It is interesting to remark that some defenders' the favourites of one was of look of early eighties to be some two alive albums, 'Logos' and this a, which has some music adds on that.

A register was always very well in fact and a elepé is and ORIGINAL CD has touched excellent to my ears. An original CD has left follows was (the companies records could a lot of - or no - extend the alone disk that time of touches besides a recommended 74 minutes these days) and like the time of touch was roughly 57 minutes. This estáalmacenado' the time of version is gone in around 77 minutes - good, like this roughly 80 minutes usually can be felizmente has expressed on without committed.

An only complaint has with this subject is the light moan regarding a king-mastering east times around. A level of volume is quite main that a prompt 'Jive' CD I has and there looks to be the little sprain in some bass, more noticeable in a drum of has fallen in the start of a first clue. If have has had to that augmented it to it volume, could be softly been done after a first half of this clue, when the things soothe ....

A music is exceptional this in spite of and recommends this disk to any that wants to explore one 'early eighties' incarnation of this band... It is not the preferred of defender to swim!
5 / 5
Ossia An album of an alive concert that has taken place in of the temperatures of minus five terracings in December 1983 in a Stadium of Gel of Warsaw. It was touch -and-go if a do one in this temperature - or although a band would be electrocuted! A line-up was Froese, Franke, and Schmoelling. It comprises four long pieces, but differs of a double original-album for cutting of a four-small still in an end of a third clue, so as to take an integer to a disk.

A prime minister, a clue of title, is twenty-two minutes long. It possesses the typical TD ploughing: slow, stately, expectant. But everything is not that looks with loan, sudden but no seamless transitions to new soundworlds like the rhythms spend an auditor to the long of in the step bondadoso. Prpers Having said that, one first half of this clue is the layered advance, superbly built of materials to base to the moving and finally frenzied edifice. A rest, this in spite of, is not I so that it adds.

A next clue, a twenty-small 'Tangent', looks unable to solve to the winning and feasible sequence, but there are some interesting sounds this in spite of. We attack money in a second the averages. A fourteen-small 'Barbakane' has a same question as 'Tangent'. Like this sleevenotes say, for a lot of his period ' rests in first train ... A lot of pleasant improvisations but any a lot of to take your teeth to.'

An end veintiuno-small 'Horizon' is better, this in spite of. Some finals of show in the big note, the mass of a music receding the mix and leaving the solitary sustained.

In general, gives this album four stars. Certainly some first and fourth clues cost this indication, but an album like the whole is perhaps too long, with too many longitudes that looks to go nowhere. But the one who can begrudge that they love the memory of a concert, that was there and seated by means of a concert with gel in his trousers?
4 / 5
Poland, is the alive action superbly registered, originally in double vinyl, in a fashion that the sleeps of only Tan can create. I have on grown with electronic music, likes llama , especially TD, if you are new to TD, then this album is the perfect introduction , is rhythmical heavy arpeggios, is contagious, which is adapted of a TD his, his better period without the doubt, the buy, will be hooked, likes has been of tower in 1972!!
5 / 5
Such an out of place the piece of music would be hard pressed to find.

For 1984 the majority of partidários of the sleep of the Tangerine has asked that in the earth was bad with his preferred krautrock band. Some albums of studio have interested, but that lacking of in an emotional entrance of his earlier work. So much the one who next?

Well, has released the alive album has registered . This register has been done during a cold War, while Russia and Amsterdam have looked for to imagine each one which so another was. Felizmente The sleep of Tangerine has looked of the Germanic trio the one who was more more interested develop an alcohol, more than some flanges of any data superpower.

This in spite of some the Soviet powers have taken it dim visas of Sleep of Tangerine and, like the legend has it, has left so only the averages a planned concert to be touched. In spite of a turn to form aimed in an album has been received with excites small, and objective dissapeared to obscurity.

Are an old skool defender of Sleep of the Tangerine. Phaedra and Zeit is my favourite albums, this in spite of master Poland, probably reason so only does not return in with a norm. If it likes you escaja' am calm sure will appreciate Poland.
5 / 5
Sleep of the tangerine comprised of Edgar Froese, Klaus Schulze, Chris Franke, and Schmoelling has visited Communist Warsaw 9 December 1983 during one of some winters plus a lot cold in Poland officially. In spite of being able to outages and frigid Poland of time was politically in the 'thaw' and TD has had a privilege to be one of a first 'rock' western bands to treat there in a @@@1980s.

And like backdrop to the east a-of-one-the concert bondadoso there has been the dramatic, atmosphere of spectacle that TD has run with in his together prime minister, unceremoniously still unironically appointed 'Poland.' Sleep of tangerine, masters of one 'prog' subject of rock of progressively that builds the musical tension here develops to ecstatic heights during a together of now half. TD Has touched four total of songs, which was realeased at length, 83 minutes long, for Jive Electro as 'Poland: A Concert of Warsaw':
1. Poland 1: Poland
2. Poland 1: Tangent
3. Poland 2: Barbakane
4. Poland 2: Horizon

This was also TD first any album released in of the Virgin Records, and marks his first record of some like this-called 'Blue Years'. A year 1983 was arguably he pinnacle of music of rock. A scheme of the drum and the synthesizers have had has broken in the enormous way and MTV had done his start so only wo the leading years. The people in some countries of oriental blockade were perhaps tangentially conscious of an increase, and a draw of the external popular music 'to Curtain of Iron', and some powers looked to satiate it restive public. A sale can be regulated with breaking the geopolitical flanges spend this 'consciousness' to the Communist nation. In fact, three early years more, TD has had a distinction of a 'first' western band to touch in Berlino East: a censorship left TD slide by means of. Of course TD was and is so only for his state like the together of popular music devoid of papers or for any derivative or the message involved or easily political' identifiable. This in spite of, looking the still photos of a screen of phase of 'western' manakens and an occasional oriental-blockade McDonald restoring, an implication is clear that TD is the almost exotic herald of western culture, the cultural transmission to be had by a citizenry during one 'thaw' of these years. Bereft Of any 'dangerous message' different probably mecer groups more western, TD has been given of full access to the jointly Polish venues. The entrances for dates have sold was a lot for advanced, and his recognition achieved in surplus of 100,000 people.

According to a reviewer of an album, Klaus Schulze and a band has had to spend woolen gloves to protect his hands like the phase has not been heated. Because of extreme ice cream his crew has failed several times, also.

But one 9 concert of the December to Warsaw remains the gem - my personal favourite of some concerts of the sleep of the Tangerine has released like this of the records and has registered reasonably good (any-bootlegged) on video.
4 / 5
Has some special moments that approximation a magic of Hyberborea (this individual TD highpoint). In general the album a lot well/action.
4 / 5
Poland for sleep of Tangerine.

The alive album adds, so only go for the take.