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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 47 ratings
5 / 5
My last Fitbit was an original Flex model, which is lasted the very few years. Has has wanted to something with the life of decent battery, there has any a lot of point having an of these devices spends an hour the day in the cradle partorisca touch (like my Ready Clock, which any really cut the like this the tracker/of sleep of the fitness)
have of this model has had also HR that it follows, as has thinks that also would cost that has - that there is no @to @give was that a HR that follows is _continual_ - always is that it follows, which date a life of long battery, incredible meeting.
Was concerned slightly in a lack of the physical key (the old plus Inspires the model there has been the clicky/tactile key), but a a onboard one Inspires 2 is like this functional, has haptic feedback to the equal that can feel when calm pressed it and is like this functional like the fashionable key older.
A screen the touch is a lot of responsive and slips by means of some varied exposures with eases, but finally the device like this is partorisca the one of then gathers, any number crunching will be done in the laptop/of telephone, but some points of the data of pertinent real time is everything there (current HR, no partorisca day, minutes actuate, the burned calories and like this on)
A wristband is basic but a lot comfy (and more importantly, stable - he a lot of circle/of slide around a wrist), my initial thoughts were partorisca substitute a strap with something more, but after the few days of the spend, have @@give ossia is so only in legislation.
A comprised (the year along) FitBit the prize is the good touch , am not sure that the profit will take of this on and on a regulate FitBit paving, but the time will say. Some of some characteristic of look of prize partorisca comprise analysis of data of term along, like this perhaps this will try gain. But I dipped the memory partorisca annul a continuazione of automatic payment next year, in chance that are not quell'using.
In general very pleased, a unit is dipped joint really well and there is clearly honed a creation in a lot of iterations/of years, he seamlessly integrates with the application of the yours telephone and was the breeze to setup.
5 / 5
Has spent so only 2 hours to Fitbit helpdesk, likes fitbit is not taking notifications of mine iPhone HR. It is running IOS . I have been said with which to plot of messing around that has the question with Fitbit taking notification of IOS 13.4 and on. They have not had any response to when this will be to solve!!!!! Beware
4 / 5
Are quell'has bitten surprised partorisca read descriptions on here that says that it is prendido working or any no with iOS 14.

Has has had the only mine Inspires 2 partorisca the few days of course but like this far all the work exactly to the equal that has to that - included with iOS 14. A sync taking roughly 3 second every time and has not had any chance of a FitBit that waste partorisca do anything.

Tongues so much meeting so that it can Inspire 2 works perfectly and all love it to!
5 / 5
Salvation There! I have bought this partorisca my woman. Has the small wrist and she have loved that. I said that it comes with two straps of the wrist and she is using some small one which returns perfectly. The dimensions are has taken: the width of strap is 1.7 cm . The clock is slightly smaller in width that strap (around 1.5 cm) and the period is around and the height of . The no official measures but quite approximate to the equal that have taken quickly.

If you are well with a clock specs then ossia a one for you! It maintains to import that it is a gone in -clock of level but for my woman has better done that has expected. Now it is more active in the sports that are! An only thing is that it does not have the built-in GPS but calm can pair your mobile phone and clock to do that. In another hand, guesses a lack of the GPS his battery extracted for 10days without touching.

All a better!
5 / 5
Esees Has has possessed pedometers before and the follow my steps with accuracy in my telephone, this in spite of had been them recommended fitbit like this has thought them would give them a new inspires 2 tries it.
The fitbit inaccurately no of record. I can it appears 1000 any to drive for an hour with a fitbit in my wrist.
When the volume was my wrist and place he in my pocket is more attentive ,this in spite of, doing this mark a HR the entirely useless characteristic ?
whats A point of having the counter of any if his like this inaccurate. Of the one who Be fobbed has gone by fitbits 'fray he in yours less dominant wrist ' and reset a device. His all excusese to try and profit of the very bad fitness tracker.
5 / 5
Has been surprised to read some descriptions roughly he no syncing and notification not doing . Have IOS And is doing perfectly for me. They are very pleased with his functionality like this far. Has has loved it Fitbit this has followed my phases of sleep, and has been impressed with him to the respect like this far. A life of battery looks a lot well, and touching taken hardly any time at all. A smaller thing so only for me is that no it fulfilling that comfortable to spend, but then have wrists very small, and ossia prime ministers of mine Fitbit, as there is at all for the compare to.
5 / 5
Looked randomly for the tracker of fitness but no in the enormous prize. I have seen one Inspires 2 has been for launcher. A prize was decent and has covered to the to everything likes him the heart rate, sleep, to calorie that the burns etc. Used It today in a gymnasium and is invaluable state to follow my heart rate and burn of calorie!

An application is really adds and calm also take free access to Fitbit First for the whole year! To good sure would recommend this the people those who are looking for the tracker of fitness adds in the prize adds
4 / 5
Ossia prime minister of mine Fitbit. I have been pleasantly surprised in credit it has drawn is,like this easy to use and the one who the row adds of the characteristics has. An application is well, quite intuitive and writings of knots. A sleep timings surprised the one who attentive was also.
Has to that Have at all negative with one Inspires 2. Changing a wristband was easy to take one that exists one, the little harder to returned a new one but I have taken in an end. My personal preference would be for the squeeze to release clasp in a wristband more than a buckle to the equal that will be goring was quite frequently but there is third options of party for that.
Some looks of application to take a legislation of balance: no too complicated but full of useful detail. It is also clear roughly daunt and calm leave you to export your data (I am pleased like this is not childish in restricting to the exports likes them to them a bit companies ). It feels enough like an application of iPhone still although they are on Android but concealed is not to treat it big.
In general would recommend this to any one looking for the device has taken.
5 / 5
Adds to maintain clue of my health and aims of fitness. So only three stars to the equal that has taken the week to take mine Fitbit Inspire 2 to do properly. Absolutely any instruction has come with him. The screen of clock spaces remained or stuck, required to reboot the long to take it that does properly ( has discovered one @subjects on Tube and regarding the fix, any info on ). Then a strap is fallen off and has not had any idea regarding the dipped behind on (looked another video of Tube). It likes-me a product and when be run of a Fitbit the community together with friends is reason I has bought the Fitbit. But the initial experience was terrible. I have thought in fact a sample has been broken and went it to return. Some basic instructions and troubleshooting tips neither in a box or on would have helped.
5 / 5
Ossia A prime minister Fitbit has has not had never a honradamente are not concealed has impressed.

I alive in rural Ireland and drive the plot and some hundreds of accounts of the device of any of ghost when I am driving. I have researched this and he looks partorisca be the common question - I would have a @subject @ has had the way to disable a pedometer periodically or included turn a device was when I am gone in a car but there is not . I have taken partorisca take he of my wrist when among a car but still then still counts no - a lot of annoying.

has had a device for 3 days and has had to turn my bluetooth was and reset he two times so that the notifications have not come by means of. I am considering returning it if this persists.

Is the shame really reason without these 2 subjects have very happy with a fitbit. It is characteristic is add, so only does not look to be compatible - and of the on-line investigation does not look to be an only a. Wearable sports technology market. They are not the enthusiast of fitness and has bought to to this likes to treat the to motivate me to be more active... If it was any a lot of my fitness and the statistical fitness would be raging.
4 / 5
After reading a lot of descriptions in some diverse apt bits have decided is a be mid-vary thought that would be appropriate for my needs. After wake on this morning and before I included exited partorisca bed a Fitbit said had done 193 no, said also has had any heartbeat and has registered my model to sleep totally in with accuracy. Returning it today a lot disappointed.
5 / 5
Ossia My third (and more expensive) fitbit and whilst a life of battery is impressive, sometimes takes ages the sync with my telephone and more importantly can not look to follow my sleep (which is one of some main reasons have bought he). According to my fitbit I sleep partorisca in some prejudices of now he - how was to be untrue like the asleep tomb grieves my paste of boss a pillow and have some sleeps add. I usually sleep for around 10 hours the night in a weekend and roughly 7 a working week and whilst my sleep in the worknight can be interrupted for the travesías to one rents etc, tends to sleep entirely in a weekend to the equal that am disappointed really with this characteristic.
4 / 5
Maintaining clue of the steps have not used one to prize of the fitness still so only state walking and jogging more already clocked on 36 miles in four days and he 1/2
the Only thing is still require your telephone for conversion of miles and maintaining clue that eats and drunk thus new the fitbit so that it was still to comprise like all will try and control out of a prize for a year like free partorisca yea. ps Comes the small strap attached and the big strap detached in of the boxes
4 / 5
So only done for roughly 8 hours, then decrees syncing & any pair up. Tried all a client & of service of suggestions - far also complicated to try to solve the difference of mine leading fitbit how was simple & of confidence. A lot of dissapointed in for this model, would think two times now roughly taking another.
5 / 5
This produced are adds controls your heart rate, that of the a has not done and controls your sleep. You can link your clock to the yours telephone to the equal that can see your progress in an access has bitten application. When you Link your telephone to your access has bitten, also alert you when have the text or in the call. Also it has life of amazing battery, I mine of wear 24/7! An only down the side are does not think an is not to correct, could walk to a cookery to living room and do roughly 200-300 no. Ossia an only down side that does not think some are not corrected as well as they would owe that be. Highly recommend any to give this goes is suitable for age 10 and on in my opinion!
4 / 5
For a money, has been expecting the best and especially raisin counters more attentive. If you are with which SOME ACCURACY, would advise any to go thus produced. Account when they are entirely stationary: so only I owe that churn my arm softly and find several steps of hundred have added in a goes. Also it finds that it is not attentive when career. Some time counts more some time less any during my short 10-20 tests of no. find an application and some instructions are terrible and looking in a forum of application can see that they are not an only person the one who found the unhelpful. The desire has not bought this product.
4 / 5
A simple and any intruder feels, very better and that consolations that very leading wearable that had used. A detection of sleep and the is not much more attack that another. A life of battery is one a concealed has surprised me. 10 days and that go in a touch, an amazing a.

An application and his characteristic are a addon..
5 / 5
Has found a description of paint' white Lunar' misleading like the element has not gone at all white. I am returning an element simply because of a colour.
But there is disappointed that Hermes there is not coming when planned this in spite of has not collected an element.
4 / 5
Has bought element for the anniversary of the woman, first day spent it, registered whilst behaviour, has changed distance of any to try and improve accuracy but has registered still 120 a lot whilst sleeping. Also found has not registered the heart rate when I have dipped on correctly and also any record of sleep. Reset A unit likes advised but still any sake. When it Looked in Fitbit put web this looks to be the subject common with these models. Like this in general any one the good experience
5 / 5
I add little tracker of activity.
Does heart rate, any one and sleep and is fully waterproof.
The screen is very clear still in brilliant light.

The hard battery the very few days of constant wear.

Subjects so only has had was a strap has maintained partorisca fall off, but after sending behind partorisca the substitution a second was a lot.
5 / 5
Like an older Person has found the few things the bit puzzling has asked my daughter and she dipped me to us has begun very dipped the figures have not had any idea that informed to but when the battery has been down he righted he but the good tool All the round
4 / 5
has behind Envoy like this DND does not disturb maintains partorisca turn on for him. Calm can not see the clock or any of looks behind in or when or toe your wrist: just papers DND. Renders The Useless but to the amazon was fantastic roughly repayment/of substitution
4 / 5
has been disappointed really for of the this. One that follows was entirely has squandered. It would say that that has had warehouse 200 any before have to the left has included a house. Returning to amazon. Any one is faulty or any properly.
4 / 5
Monitor of the heart rate does not operate. Tracker Of the sleep does not operate. The service of client is any existent .
5 / 5
Has had to that send to mine behind the pleasure 3 times the week and the half there is prendido to read my heart rate. Now I have the bog the level inspires and is behaving up to now
4 / 5
love my new Fitbit. A lot of stylish, slender and girly. Also a strap is to exert so it does not nettle me by means of a night. Some faces of new clock am fresco also. Recommended.
5 / 5
Ossia The add upgrade in an Inspires. It uses it likes him my tracker of of backup and covers a basics.
4 / 5
Some figures are far to small to read. I can any one has read he in sun. With which 4 tentativas to sync the in a computer has given up.
Would not recommend this one at all and now the desires had not bought the.
4 / 5
Ossia inly Registering my steps and any very other elements. Some waste of monet
4 / 5
Really disappointed with one inspires 2. Teminice tracker. It is looked forward to partorisca take the new up to date Fitbit, liked really of one feels, has not been big and clumpy but a device was loosing some steps during a day, informed and tried partorisca solve, could do any the have sent like this for behind
4 / 5
Goes partorisca 3 weeks+ in the alone load and syncs quickly.
5 / 5
Has had to that send behind like this far too tiny and fiddly to use.
5 / 5
The work adds

Can not comprise some negative critiques. Works of mine and functions as it has to that! I add compraventa, especially a sleep that follows!
4 / 5
Total uselessness .
Still while the courier to choose up and turn
4 / 5
A Fitbit the ecosystem has developed exponentially in a past few years and one inspire 2 is a perfect addition for any that loves the tracker of the thinnest activity with all some profits of some others give form. Prpers Having used a Fitbit Uploads in a spent this model maintains all some same characteristics with the battery slightly the longest life and the profile the thin plus that it is more comfortable that continue for longer.

One inspires 2 among the small box with the boss to touch and 2 measures lost. I have required to change to a main measure and this was really easy to do just slide a small latch and one that exists some explosions was and repeat in reverse to add a new a. A desert is trace the colour is exactly like this of the shows of photos and looks a lot in person, some straps are soft to a touch and comfortable to spend the whole day and night. A sample is black and calm so much can change to some bands on easily likes them of the transmission.

A better part of a Fitbit is an application, dipping it up is really easy and calm of walks by means of the each step and explains all a sample can do without tugging on too much has has used already one. To connect your Fitbit you so only follow some instructions for plugging he in to touch and automatically updating it. It creates an account and enter you basic to detail which leaves it to calculate everything of yours statistical has based in your steps and heart rate.

An application is packed full of characteristics and with this device takes the test of years of a service of first that adds the sleep advanced that follows and another workouts and mindful services. Following a year he the car renews the month that in my opinion is the little expensive but more economic that the affiliation of the yes calm gymnasium uses it to the full potential of him.

A sample is easy to use and is a lot resembled another Fitbits with the screen the thin plus. It transports it To him awake when you stimulate your wrist although it is not always a fast plus to react, otherwise touches a screen or squeeze some sides. Striking on giving statistical yours access for a day and that the strikes down accesses some applications and settings. Some applications leave you to start with an exercise, timer, sees notification of telephone or do the exercise to relax.

One do one really well and is fast to slide by means of the different settings, the basic things can be done in a device with the majority of him accessible of a telephone. I think that that this does more, a syncing is a lot quickly compared to an old Fitbit.

In general am very impressed with east, a screen a small plus can not resist like this to data likes him the main charge, but touching a screen in some cycles of page of the house by means of all a data quickly. When being smaller is more comfortable that spend to bed and easily forget is by train of the spend.

Hopefully My description has been useful for you.
4 / 5
This fitbit on around your wrist with amazing consolation, and there is the second period of strap of wrist to return around those with the fattest wrists. Of 100mm to 125mm
comes on quickly, strokes it a side until him buzzes in a wrist, flashing a time and to date and the burned calories.
Then, brushing a face of a fitbit takes calm by means of some options … of footsteps taken, to the burned calories and has included that has walked far.
A fitbit has limited in fact in that can it to it do, which is reason calms has to that it downloads a (Free) application to take one the majority of of him. But still it can do to the things like to say calm of any notifications of your telephone, timers and stopwatch.
With an application can maintain clue of a lot of, a lot of things and see each one that like this clearly to the equal that go. There have it also the service of first that it is £ the month (or the free test for the year)
But ossia in a fitbit he.
This seats well in my wrist, that uses a main strap, which clips on with ease and of the stays in place.
Touching is done using a type of cradle uploads connector, USB that returns, which empty to plant in a underside of a device. Touching takes the few hours but in the full load this would have to that last perhaps the week.
A screen is tiny but easily read and as all a data is available in an application a screen is a lot so that fact.
A one has is a black chance with a lunar white strap, although has other colours to choose of.
In everything, the device adds to maintain clue of your diet to exert, your calories in of the llamas and more. So only dipped the and forget is there, until it love control in your progress via an application.
4 / 5
Fitbit Inspire 2 fitness & of tracker of Health: I am no expert in these types of devices like this difficult to resupply the comparison in any alike product. As he newby to trackers of fitness a Fitbit inspires 2 looks to resupply the good row of options to sustain the lifestyle more is presented in the stylish and comfortable to spend creation.

HAS it responsive screen to touch, and also sides, which cause and change an electronic exposure for several options to follow as well as time, given etc. A FOCUSED Is light responsive and will vary is brightness according to your background lighting. A strap is attractive and changeable, an additional strap is resupplied - this in spite of a strap disconnected without the mine that tries, like the precaution required to the equal that would be easy to lose yes accidentally taken whilst was and roughly. It is also to the equal that has said waterproof upto 50ms depth.

Offers the row of trackers of activity that comprises - At all, distance, elevation, wrist, sleep, sessions to exercise That will kick it in automatically yes more energetic that usual activity. Besides It Resupplies I release it 1 year Fitbit test of prize of the Application that agrees your diverse has has followed activity and also leaves the control feeds entered you once your personal details, which is then tallied against your activity.

HAS the row of alert and alarms - that can be dipped to wake calm with any one the reasonably strong alarm or to vibrate like this like this any to disturb another, besides will remark if you are in the sleep lights plus in firm to the yours wake on time and alarm then. Has the function of clock of the stop as well as and go them that gives to the alert fell it to you on one rear he is inactive partorisca too long. Also it can you alert the messages/of calls in your ready telephone and more than all calm leave you to dip aims of tarpaulin.

Was very simple to pair and place on a blue tooth and an application is easy to follow and resupplies the good row to follow and joint. A downside to ossia a visual exposure is quite difficult to read and is quite easy to touch without meaning to and then spends for the row of same exposures if any calm feign it to. It would say that ossia the well has bitten if box thus serious maintains fitters and a lot of gain to inspire these of knots any so many has bent of course. It takes the bit to take used to stops the novices but adds has perfected once.
4 / 5
I love my fitbit inspires 2. I have lost 7kg of then buying it! As it has to that be something legislation!

- I amour to the equal that can personalise some exercises and places in that you regularly (partorisca me, swimming, treadmill, elliptical, walk) how is easily partorisca begin that it follows your workout.
- Comfortable to spend and looks well with more outfits, very better that my old Fitbit HR, also can buy the different straps partorisca he want to .
- The screen can be done dimmer or more brilliant that adapt alfresco/ indoors
- Link until my telephone and vibrates when any llama or messages me - I amour this like my telephone is often in silent/ in my stock exchange like any I always listens it!
- The tracker Of sleep are to add and gives a lot info comprising heart rate, the asleep time and quality of sleep
- 1 byline of year to FitBit the prize is the really good addition and has a lot of characteristics.

- counter of At all is to good sure very attentive. I know it it would be more attentive dips dipped/that to him on my encircled instead, but taste of a HR the function and has to that be in a wrist for that. It is the calm shame can not turn a pedometer on and era. Usually I have embezzled 1500-2000 any to take the better idea that has done in fact, reason chooses on any when driving or so only any movement of arm.
- I finds are often accidentally actuating it. Reason express some sides of him for the wake on, sometimes so only bending my wrist the way sure can finalise in him when be pressed and then he buzzes - the bit to nettle. Has the does not disturb the function but this does not look for the prevent.
- With which the workout when I am sweating finds is not responsive the mine that expresses it and has to that dry hands and a tracker with the towel before I can wake it up. This looks the defect to draw for the tracker of fitness like this obviously the people go to be sweating when that spending. So only it would owe that have the key in a side in planting to be pressure/ of sensitive touch (this also would solve a leading point!)

In general is the very small tracker with the few things that could be improved. But work well for me and am happy took it. Motive to exit and still although I know is not 100 attentive all a time still gives me the global picture well of my progress and contrives my global health, which is so only that there is wanted.
4 / 5
Ossia My third Fitbit and has bought this after a screen fracasada in mine Big HR. Received a product today and is returned morning to the equal that has the failure with a screen and response of sensor. These always does whilst has connected to one load but once in your lacking wrist to answer roughly 70 of a time. Service of the client of the amazon has been excellent and is sending the substitution.
4 / 5
A good informative is that fitbit still is sustaining his devices and any that low of the cul-de-sacs of the ready clock
Unfortunately this model, like this usual with 'improvements' taking so many steps behind like this main - a physical key for example has been substituted by the touchy-squeezy husband, like this easy to accidentally actuate; some bands of wrist are questionable - one chooses on fluff like the magnet with spending filings - but does not have to that it spends in your wrist; a screen is more brilliant, but still no quite brilliant; it is waterproof; a calorie/of any that account looks attentive, although I owe screens of transmission; the sleep that follows is so only available in a byline (personally seats ossia pointless in all the chance); ways of multiple but the calm exercise requires connectivity with the ready telephone thus - like this usual ossia scaly and is an extra device in all the chance; very calm especially would owe that believe to 10 days without recharge.
Value the look
4 / 5
If you are unsure he or any he Fitbit goes to be for you then ossia the model adds to start with. I have had the Load 3 and has broken interior 4 month but I have to that say that a Fitbit service of client and after the service of sales is absolutely brilliant likes to please does not concern has any questions to the equal that will be so only too happy to help. This one is really so only used like the counter of any and that the tracker of sleep likes 9 year is by train to to use likes him his prime minister Fitbit. It is synced perfectly with his iPhone how is able to verify his levels of fitness during his sportive activities and I also can verify is taking quite any during a day. Catapult sports. A strap is sturdy and a device is comfortable in both his and me and a rose by heart of a an I has is gorgeous!
Are really happy to recommend this!
4 / 5
Has been using this Fitbit partorisca to the long of the month and found the good drawn and well has done. That The pairing with a telephone is easy and synching is effortless. An account of any and the account of sleep is sometimes dubious but for me concealed is not a lot of entity in all the chance. A battery last the longitude while. And an application is very drawn and intuitive. This in spite of, have tried also previously some alternative frames. This Fitbit is roughly two to three expensive times while lacking functionality. It does not relieve the enormous difference in of the terms of qualities. So much, if some other products are legit copies, probably will go for an economic plus some.
4 / 5
Has been gluing a strap of to the clock weekly likes him the wait three month to take the new looks are in the rear and calm order can very so only choose an up in a tent where has heaps! Still any one has been sent. Three month later. Ever Time says does the delay and will be was punctual. Also mine Fitbit so only shows a screen when touched and a lot on movement of a wrist. I have changed everything of some settings but he still does not operate. An application is good but if you can not spend a clock because of the lack of strap and if you can not see a face unless it is touched, a garmin is to good sure the better option.
4 / 5
Want to this and they maintain to take readier and readier.

For those of you the one who of the one who loves walked around the yours telephone to count yours gives a no east is a a .

For those to like you me any one follows your model to sleep ossia to good sure a a.

A life of battery is insane.
Lustrous and easy creation to run after uploading an application up.

One of entity downside is that he not having gps that follows so much would owe that hike your telephone around would like to of map your steps.

Adds in general.
5 / 5
Well and simple looking clock, my woman loves this little artilugio. The pleasant and elegant looks in his wrist, a lot of settings to take by means of liking control your sleep ( light or deep ) included some hours when you are awake or sleep now a lot of hours of sleepy or has had,to to the exercise likes him the bicycle,at all, running ,any newspaper, heart rate, walking miles and plots more .To to my woman really likes them this telephone ,his light and easy to slip by means of all some settings. Has the very long life battery ,2 weeks this in spite of that goes .
4 / 5
Long battery, syncs quickly, easy to dip up and use without even reading a manual. It would prefer the faces of sample concealed dips flush against a wrist, the little clunky and uncomfortable the lie on when asleep
4 / 5
looks and produced Add well. Comfortable to spend and like this far a battery is lasting well. 1 free year fitbit the prize is the prize adds . They are by train to use it Now in of the ways I didnt with my last fitbit, gives plots if excellent information. Fitbit Inspires calm to good sure inspire you

Top Customer Reviews: TEMINICE High-End ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
I have bought this partorisca my partner how was having the question that sees a screen in his clock of small fitness .

This clock is distributed with there is detailed the instructions and the magnetic USB upload , touching has taken roughly 1.5 hours , an application has used them the very a lot the times time the time called 'VeryfitPro'

An application is easy to install , once installed your request some basic questions, Gender, Age , height, hanged , then connect to a clock via bluetooth but that uses an application .

Has connected once an application updates a date and time and all your settings inside seconds .

That it has liked him to them one the majority of in a clock was some notifications and navigation of a clock , the more when being the brilliant clear screen in a sun .

A battery lasted all day , and has had them around 38 battery after the spend on 14 hours .

An application connects to the yours telephone neither manually when you launch an application or automatically , and shows your harm a step , heart rate , in common time of rest, and is a lot clearly dips is gone in a clock and an application.

An application was a lot comfortable to use and also comfort it partorisca spend a clock .
5 / 5
Are really happy has taken this ready clock . I have had the first successful week, and are not never taking he out of my wrist, is really light you a lot of included the feel.
A build is robust, waterproof, and a battery is lasted the week directly out of a box, is has arrived touched.

When I look You a clock with an application takes access to all some functions and characteristic:
- Heart rate
- monitor to Sleep
- felt of Wrist (the towers show on when calm a motion partorisca verify a time with your wrist)
- Find my telephone (coverages your telephone)
- At all and calories partorisca a day
- 4 dials of source partorisca choose of
- tracker of Activity. Has the wide election of sport, comprising spinning and yoga. When in an activity sees a time (which can take), a heartbeat, a level of the yours heartbeat (ie: warm-on, zone in of the fat llamas, anaerobic zone and like this on), some calories have burned, and a controller of music.
- Way of Relax (helps you any yours respite partorisca 1 or 2 minutes partorisca relax)
- Alarm (joint so only by means of an application). A lot of gain how is silent, vibrates in your wrist, like this calm does not agree on any more
- controller of Music (Works with spotify, included with my account of music of the amazon)
- Timer and stopwatch
- Settings. (Partorisca Change dial and a backlight of an exposure)
- record of Sport (partorisca see the history of the yours workouts).

By means of an application can see the graph of yours resting heartbeat by means of some weeks, as well as your quality of sleep, and a quantity to exert the the fact. You can be llama alerted of telephone by means of your clock (can any the answered but still useful). You can dip your clock with an application partorisca adapt you partorisca stand up each quantity of minutes prefers during the day seating in an office.
Still by means of an application can dip your notifications, called NS alerts' partorisca be sent your clock (so only if the clock is connected by means of bluetooth).
The notifications comprise:
- Calendar
- Emails
- Facebook
- Twitter
- Whatsapp
- Linkedin
- Instagram
- FB Messenger

Besides an application looks the tracker of period partorisca female users.

To good sure would recommend this entrance-level ready clock. Has a full cast of characteristics in calm so that it is exactly that is taking.
4 / 5
Is vey a lot looking, stylish and returns well in a wrist. A measure of a clock is well, much better that has expected. It is easy and sincere to use, light, and his a lot of comfortable to spend. A life of battery looks quite long too much. Happy to taken the.
4 / 5
Has had always garmins but decided to purchase this like this has liked him to them a look of a face and he have meant that the has not had to spend the clock a same time ( struggled to see a time in another without glasses). A creation is lustrous and resembled another branded some in a phase but the fraction of a prize.
Is comfortable to spend and he so that there is far has followed my activity, sleep and heart rate amiably. Some straps are good and soft. I went through it the night and has been for the touch this morning and has been still in 96 battery. There are mixed messages in a listing like this in an image suggests that it is appropriate to spend swimming and on another suggests that it is so only good to say taking splashed in a rain or washing your hands. Like the groups do not plough until september, am unable of the try swimming.an the application is free and easy to use although the little basic.
In general loves that and can finalise buy one for my daughter in christmas also.
5 / 5
There is remarked that some first calm time uses it calm has to that touch he for the actuate. And when it is touched has no any sign that objective in a screen. A dial of looks of clock well although there is so only 4 classes of the ways and calm can feel free of the transmission. A sale of wrist is quite soft and comfortable that does not think is done of rough material. And there is the value of details to mention reasons have drawn the transmission for you to take was and reassemble a band of wrist easily. Well, I have appreciated a magnetic to upload, which is convenient and does not require to struggle with a way to connect. When An end of a boss takes more afterwards to a point to touch in a backside of a clock, will connect automatically. Regarding a weight, the look bit it big of some pictures but when it is in my wrist I in fact feel at all annoying. What is wearable technology and give 2 examples?. I can not say it is a lot tiny but is not weighed in fact. A life of anxiety of hard battery one alone load. I have begun to use like 99 fully touched and still remains 49 with which 7 days. A situation is so only for ocasionally verifying time and any vibration of alarm.
5 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. You will require to download the call of free application VeryFitPro to sync a clock with your telephone and dip a date/of time and setup a clock to aim you your messages of telephone.

Has been using it now for 3 days and am enjoying that well it counts my steps and measure my heart rate. It can control walking, cycling and runnibg and calories of burned shows, time, no, lap and heart.

Has used he to swim and he still works, although like this with all the waterproof devices a screen is difficult to use when wet.

Touching is easy like the magnets snap together the lign on a boss to touch perfectly. Calm unfortunately need take a clock for the touch, dipping a port to touch in a side of a clock has the data more felt. Felizmente Although a life of battery is surprising, touched it to them when it has arrived and 3 days later still has 80.

Some straps are takes easily as it can be substituted with another designate.

Some turns of screen on when you tilt a clock to you but that the characteristic can be disabled in some settings.
5 / 5
Does not find this attentive product for any of some things registers ossia sleep, wrist, or the no. Has to that 12 week old creature and know precisely like little sleep am taking. This thing thinks that that I am taking 12 hours with 13 mins to wake to time likes so only of an example, which is a lot remote of attentive.

Has had a rose an and inside the month a strap had begun the discolour and has not directed for the restore behind has ascended it. Sadly Ossia now out of a window of turn (final purchased of august) and has launched was. Complete waste of money, is not fooled for some descriptions. All can think is that the people are by train to write them on a day receives a product and any with which gives it the just test the few weeks.
4 / 5
Has purchased a clock to follow my workouts - a description has said 9 activity, comprising Fitness. Well ... There is so only 8 and the fitness is a one missing! Like this a lot disappointed! Another that that, some works of clock, A bit of the bugbear is that it calms can not dip anything in a clock he - date, time, etc, etc. Chooses everything on an application - like this if you have not taken your smartphone with calm with an application has downloaded already .... A booklet of instruction is TINY and so only the pages of pair - has to that guess that to do and that... Absolutely ANY EXPLANATION averts of 'Downloads an application'! It is very you accustoms devices and of the applications, but if you have not been, would be has lost entirely. An application and a pairing looked to do well.
4 / 5
Some looks of good value concealed are adds for an entrance to a phase of ready clock. This partorisca my grandson the one who is so only 6 and has loved the ready clock for his anniversary.

No too expensive and looks good value of a principle. It is the a lot slender creation with the good blue strap this is to do of hule as it will not cause irritation.

Some looks of good value concealed are adds for an entrance to a phase of ready clock. This bear my grandson the one who is so only 6 and has loved the ready clock for his anniversary.

No too expensive and looks good value of a principle. It is the a lot slender creation with the good blue strap
4 / 5
A last Chinese clock has bought prendió do less than two years. It has taken this gizmo based in descriptions. This do not count no with accuracy and loses the plot of no. has tried the plot to time to actuate a sedentary alert. It does not operate. They are by train to ask me If some of some descriptions are fake. I probably cube this. Any one annoying .
4 / 5
After being the loyal user of the tracker of sure fitness partorisca the few years, has found his service of client partorisca be absolutely impacting when the product of substitution there was envoy resulted faulty and his refusal partorisca offer any form of service persuaded partorisca look for an alternative.
With which really that it wants to (but when being unable to resupply!) And Apple Shows I stumbled by means of this on amazon.
At the beginning impress them is far better that my tracker of leading fitness, some notifications come by means of of my seconds of telephone interior, some do not look to be in pair with my leading device 👍🏻
Very easy to dip on, synched with my seconds of telephone interior, has has had to that fiddle with an application and of the settings of telephone to do sure receive notification, but concealed is not difficult at all.
A clock is gone in the loan little box, a lot of packaged and am pleased really with a pink band.
Can control music of Spotify by means of my clock and skip clues or go back to the leading clue.
An exposure of clock is clear, has admitted any same quality of map like clockwork of Apple, but for a side does not think you can go wrong.
Is comfortable to spend.
Has been able to connect a clock to the mine Strava application, enormous prize for me!
One load is magnetic, my leading tracker has had to that be clipped in to touch upload, this has has caused questions with a screen that cracks, am pleased to say can not see that that spends with this clock.
Has not used a characteristic to alarm still, reason are in annual leaves, but judging of all more like this far am sure that will be it like this good.
My edges has been having questions with his tracker of fitness (the mark has included like my old a!) And there is has announced so only wants to use some of his money of anniversary to buy to one likes the mine in place of the his another reason clearly he better that an expensive plus a! As I finalise to order again! 👍🏻👍🏻
@In rodeo, is looking for the clock to say you your steps and receive notifications of your telephone for the prize of @@subject, ossia a a !
5 / 5
This is to be buy to substitute another mark of clock in a same prize but down has registered no for roughly 40 until 50. Because of that on this one has tried immediately some any rid to count for the few steps of hundred to the equal that has tried very attentive & a heart rate also has given alike readings like my fitbit blaze. A waterproof factor is also the consideration that fails in mine blaze meant when it was to rain or has included so only the washed a blaze has not taken place on. A face of the clock used for one announcing in the amazon is also very which can be changed to adapt your own flavour. It feels a lot of fact and a connection of load is very good.
5 / 5
Has bitten Disappointed.
Does not connect to my telephone a lot well. I do not have a better telephone there but still would owe that do a work.
He notifys me 3 dry after receiving the call, with the little vibration. The messages do not come on at all.
When it Ploughs it an application in my telephone can no to say me the one who my heart rate this and does not have any data has registered.
Maintains disconnecting still although both are less then a metre averts.
Is meant to register your sleep, but has has despertador up and aprently has been slept for 0 hours and wake for 0 hours of then turning it on yesteday.
In general in disappointing. Everything is to say me a time and heart rate in my clock with an application any really working.
The partner has the resemblance cost the apt bit and has any question and all his data is aimed .
4 / 5
Has bought this has loved like this the sample of basic fitness to control my process of daily fitness. I owe that say that I am very impressed with this gadget.un the clock is very easy to dip on easy to use although yours any one I so that it adds with technology.unla The life of battery is absolutely upload is also can buy extra straps for this clock. I have connected this to the mine iPhone for texts of calls and that it is works of application for the fast gaze in your wrist whilst controller of music a lot handy to the equal that uses spotify highly would recommend to buy this must has the daughter dress this has decided that that has loved a like this now have another when being tomorrow rid.
4 / 5
This looks the good, easy to use ready clock. Any one has had the along but the initial views are -
Good measure, has has wanted to something main that the apt band but no like this big likes some of a round have faced ready clocks
Good row of functionality, HRM, Tracker of Sleep, settings of Activity / of Different Sports, etc
Useful application that leaves a clock
Follows activity well with some possible exceptions - more in these prójimos

the things still am taking used to
the movement of Wrist has required to wake screen - still taking used to what tilt of a wrist is required. It looks more than him it would prefer but no a @@subject still
the heart rate that is still in of the levels of the big intensity can not be attentive. So only done the pair of short sessions to try this was and has been expecting my HR to be main that a clock has informed. Any taken anything to compare it against but will maintain an eye is and update. To be just to this clock, in following fast transmissions in HR is the question informed for a vast majority of this type of HRM

In general quite happy with one looks the short time that uses it!
4 / 5
Ossia The very comfortable clock and is very easy the setup and use immediately. It comes almost fully touched, as I have touched he for another half hour to plenary. Best wearable tech for fitness. Paired Easily with my iphone 6.

The screen is a lot of responsive and show that shines quite like this far. A real test will be in brilliant sun when walking a dog tomorrow!

Has lost some stars in a description to the equal that need the totally different type to upload like this loses it or the pauses owe that buy another in an internet, any generally in of the tents. Easily it could be be do to use the samsung the universal fashion that boss of touches. If he so that would have 5 stars.

Update:- Used external today in brilliant sun and also cloudy the time and the numbers and the exposure were easy to see without questions with or without glasses!! It has lost so only 7 life of battery and has been connected to my telephone for 24 hours now like any bad at all. I love a fact that there is 4 different exposure opted - 2 equivalent for us oldies and 2 tecleadas some all slightly different numeral measures like this quite election.
4 / 5
This clock is very good and easy to use quite attentive but a big thing that the leaves down is a lot automatically register each one any only record some steps of activities want to all the has not registered has to that manually dipped in way of sport a lot disappointed 😞
4 / 5
Wow, the clock adds for the reasonable prize. Having has possessed previously another tracker of fitness that died on me, the common question, and offering them discount it to me in another product I stumbled by means of of the this. I have read some descriptions that all read like the good product.

Received that the Wednesday and dip the on immediately. This was the very easy process . A clock is self is of good quality and like this easy to cruised. Included my edges, those who has has purchased so only a clock of apple has had to that adapt. Although any all the flange and dances, has quite a lot of options for the reasonable tracker, good and has saved £!!

A clock has 4 different clock expensive, 3 dimming options as well as , heart rate, notification of call and follows several sports. He that says in one has beaten!
4 / 5
This ready clock is APPLICATION adds is very easy to dip up and is coming 95 has touched like this touched fully any time.
A clock is slick, the colour adds one a screen, touch a lot well screen, responsive. A strap is soft and feels very comfortable
to spend and is very light. A clock is very easy to cruised produced really good and simple to use.

Has the Garmin really expensive Vivoactive which love of the only east concealed the leaves down is a monitor of heart, is strap with sensor your place around the your @@@cofre.

Is in a phase for the good ready clock. Then it would recommend this for a prize. Has no t estada cycling because of the
the times grieve can will try a tracker of cycling. The experience say that it pays bit it more on something and in an end he
in a that will pay dividends.. As it does not go for the ready clock for the economic ready clock then calms will not be disappointed...
5 / 5
Although this is not one of some frames of big name in trackers of fitness, is in spite of the add compraventa. A clock looks a business and has quite basic and easy to use functionality. One you hook he until an application takes so more. I have found this to be the really good entrance tracker of fitness of the level and quite easy to use when the synced clock with application. At the beginning it looks the little fiddly reason a manual of accompanying instruction is quell'has bitten too basic but after the game with him, quell'acts everything out of quite easy. More than everything, this can be synchronised with Strava and Access of Google. One stands out to buy for a prize.
4 / 5
So much- the quality of build is well, comparing my Apple Looks these one is súper light and because of being the calm light of the the cockroach of plastic feeling but is not . LCD Quality is not a better but in some costs of clock of the fine less than band of wrist of Clock of Apple in his own . LCD Touch is quite responsive . Has to the basic function likes them the function of activity, pointed recognition to Go this in spite of has any option to answer call, the only option is to refuse. Work well with WhatsApp, FB messenger and almost all the messengers, notifying in the new messages and these can be read of a clock this in spite of any option to answer of a clock.
The software of android is friendly user . The better surprise is life of battery , has received sample 2 weeks ago this in spite of has not been cariche of then , with which 2 weeks 22 left while a bad time has had to that touch my Clock of Apple 7 times . I recommend this clock as it can not be beaten yes goes in a quality/of prize.
5 / 5
Ossia My first punctual clock am looking to buy. I have tried several different types of several providers, some expensive plus, but these produced looks initially to be a lot pertinent. Just prize, synched the veryfitpro application in my mobile phone easily, and a strap returns my wrist. Another is neither be too much runs the strap and for this a too tight strap, or a connection of strap there is almost be 'to the rovescio' and for this feels a sample will fall off. Impressions like this initial is promising. Amazon, Like this always service of upper class. Ordered yesterday, there is rid today.
4 / 5
Has bought this Ready Clock reason was Economic and has had good Descriptions. When I received It I have Touched a Sample there is scanned then a Barcode this installs the application in your telephone. It could it does not take to install. Because of this I could no any pair my iPhone to an Application has seen Bluetooth. How it is it is returned immediately. As I can not revise this Clock. Enough
4 / 5
the creation Adds and easy to dip on when he in the first place arrived like didnt like a characteristic of regular exposure.

Really like a characteristic that stops your steps to be counted of movement of the wrist and an application to swim is astonishingly attentive.

Still to estimate this in the ramble or walk of bicycle but some walks of dog have been attentive and resemblances to the that my Garmin has used to register.

I also like a magnetic touching like his fast and simple the difference of my technician to run.
Has had Garmins a last pair of time but with one looks this has offered has thinks that would save some cash and give this looks the whirl.

Like this far like this good and will add to my prejudices of description of the most next bonfire with which have had more use of him.

The value adds for money and the lovely looking piece to time 👍
5 / 5
the wine has touched like this scanned and the application has downloaded to telephone of Android, quite sincere and easy to use.
Sometimes takes the pocolos second for a screen to touch in a clock to do except any @@subject big.
Can not comment too much in an accuracy of any one or ways to exercise so has did not use them really still, in interesting monitor to sleep this in spite of again can not comment on accuracy, although that the half has to that spend a clock to bed!
Has has not had never more the expensive trackers but would require to be quite remarkable to be like this well in of the lovely terms for money, this in spite of the time will say in of the terms of durability.
In general the bit credit of boxes in a prize and for those of us the one who does not have to that have a late and more expensive more branded box of technology and he a same work according to which can see!
PS: According to tentativa in taking my description on here......
4 / 5
This is to be spend for the anniversary of daughters has gold of trace after purchasing the black some hips.
There is wanted absolutely a colour and a sample is controlling his daily steps his heart rate, and using it when his coverages of telephone in handbag like saying you on telephone with which think 3 coverages like any one always pulling his telephone was to verify. Ossia For texts and notifications of means comunicacionales although I am not sure uses all some characteristics still.
Easy to dip up with an application and does exactly like this declared any subject @of interior a moment.
Currency a lot very partorisca to to money liked him a fact is a 2020 edition and nowhere approaches like this expensive like branded some.
5 / 5
Has directed to dip my Fitbit by means of a wash and tumble drier which left gutted! Required to substitute a clock as they like him verify my messages and maintain tabs of my steps and work outs. It is not an expensive branded clock but so that the volume in a prize is spare so that it requires. There are appearances lose of my old clock but does not love of the plots to pay again in chance I a same thing can be quite ditzy. Teminice high end fitness tracker. Account a lot enough with accuracy (compared with fellow), has received everything of my text and the notification is, can control music, has functions of heart rate and much more that some expensive branded the clock would do. Everything will say is raisin to wash and tumble dry this a too much will substitute with one same a.
4 / 5
Asks if this would be a lot a lot considering a prize and that has has had samples more expensive that is resulted to be terrible. He so that it tried it far to be really well, attentive and prevails it the mine is a strap is long enough more than another concealed looks to be remote too small. An a lot of looking clock . Something of delivery adds on. Had the bit of the fight that tries pair he with my telephone but there is of then down my age! And google touching on on me. In general really pleased
4 / 5
Easy to dip on, but does not act.

When Pressing ‘Deport', a screen goes spatial. With which rebooting a telephone, a cast of activity was then available, but punctual disappeared to the equal that had done before.

For like this, is now so only the clock that clue of mine heartbeat, and a lot that is to be promise in an advertising.

An application would not leave me use my account of Facebook to create an account, and when that come from to the record has been informed that my account does not exist - to the equal that has caused an error. Of course my account does not exist , is for this that have to record?

4 / 5
Fitness and tracker of utmost clock, all I need without a seal of prize of big final. Power of battery still in 42 with which 7 days. The accuracy is not far of mine monitor of pressure of the blood on heart rate, the is not resembled my application of tracker of the sports. Highly recommend
Good quality without a extortionate cost. 👍😀
5 / 5
It had been looking for the pedometer, - no reason are the fitness freak, but more reason like the factor, I the fair has bitten partorisca walk, and has asked so only the one who far.
This clock arrived with on 90 load how has been ready partorisca use out of a box. It is easy to pair with your telephone, and has the stable connection that partorisca me, has not fallen was once. Utilisation android.
Downloads a 'Very Apt Pro' application to your telephone, gone in the few details, name, sex, date etc and then go for the walk, course, cycle or more.
Also controls your quality of sleep, has said a time, calm aim you messages, your heart rate, and more.
Partorisca My use, asked would know has driven among calls in mine van, or register these travesías like any, but while I am driving, some stays of account of the step still, like servants the purpose for me.
5 / 5
Loves this clock. He a bit the things have loved partorisca. Accounts reps when formation by force (the accuracy is 50/50, but easily modified). The look of external activities to be attentive with distance, say you emotional time also, as it can say when you have prendido. Contador of is not well, can be more attentive has measured my steps. Eye to wake on that has done 40 any or like this already? Like this unless I sleep walk, concealed can not be right. It is all has loved in just a. To good sure recommend!
5 / 5
Alerts of call and the email so only any work has tried rebooting,has tried all was but still no
A lot of looking no of clock and messages And alarm all no any question
5 / 5
Really happy with this compraventa. An application was directly advances to download, a compulsory process to a clock was easy also. I have touched fully a first clock like the instructions consulting, has been using he for the week now and a battery has not required touching still, which is in prize , my leading clock ( the different mark) has required to touch each 2 days! A clock is light and frames for comfortable spending. A BPM, and the times of Sleep are attentive, has verified this against other devices, an account of does not look to be attentive as so only counts some very in fact took more than for movement of your arm. There are plots if ways of different sports, although I did not use him still.
5 / 5
Looked to purchase a Fitbit extracted with amazon alexa for the total of £. They are like this happy that I didnt and saved on £160.

This clock is excellent all the round, near easy on, looks a part, returns astonishingly and all that one extracted would do excepts control of voice and when being able to do payments (Fitbit pay)

If ossia the characteristic of the ready clock that loves, then this a can not be for you this in spite of afterwards except £to 160 I seat like him to him these is 2 characteristic that I can give support without, as he all more one extracted would do.

Am looking forward to constantly use this clock, and with a saving has could not be happier.

An only question has would be can the shows tie a lot ready of this creation he be compatible with this clock? It is something are still to discover.

But in general very pleased!
4 / 5
A clock has arrived a lot quickly. A clock was very presented in the good box. Setup Was quickly and easy using a QR the form of code in a backside of a manual. This calm take you directly to a VeryFitPro application.

The connection has seen Bluetooth was quickly and easy by means of an application that then syncs a time and date. A strap is very comfortable. Inside a box is the magnetic usb upload and a manual of instruction.

A sample can be dipped partorisca show one of four different house screens. This is to achieve by means of a screen of Settings in a clock. There are two screens of equivalents and two digital that has to continuazione more elections of users.

A clock comes with roughly 50 load but of need to be connected to one uploads to actuate and short on one remaining load.

An exposure of clock is clear and brilliant and a screen to touch is a lot of responsive. It can follow your sleep, your heart rate, notification of exposure and has GPS. The information of sleep can be be seen inside an application.

A sample extremely is comforting the wear and an active exposure I so that stimuli and turn your wrist. The life of battery is excellent and am very pleased with this compraventa.
4 / 5
Has decided to buy that this looks to read feedback like this positive. To good sure can say now that I have not been disappointed. In the first place, master pinkish colour of my clock. Secondly, A band of wrist is soft and comfortable. I can very included feel it that are by train of the spend in my wrist. It was very easy to dip up and install an application. They are really happy of a brilliant clear screen.
This clock follows yours all- the activity of day, has the monitor of heart rate, monitor of sleep, control of music and much more.
Very interesting is the relax way, as when it goes nervous taking can you he he the calm calm help down.

If that looks for the ready clock a lot highly would recommend east a. To the good calm insurance will not be disappointed.
5 / 5
Ossia The very good fitness tracker for a daily use. A life of battery is surprising compared to other trackers. Kinexon. Hard more than the week. The look of messages in a screen and an account of any and the control of heart rate acts a lot well. A reason for only giving gives 4 star is that sometimes it takes too long to answer. Especially it has it used it so only and it wants look in something again, takes the pocolos second to answer. It is for this that sent it behind but have ordered already another. It would recommend it, you are looking for the tracker to maintain you active, achieving your account of any of daily spouse and so only to have the quota that looks ready clock in your wrist.
5 / 5
For a prize is clock of tracker of good/fitness .
Has bought he for my daughter, dipped that on interior 10 minutes. A mobile application is easy to use, calm of the correctly information. A screen is quite big to read msg & notification, that is excellent how is unable to use his telephone in a pupil and with this clock are still able to notify so only before regime of an edifice.
So only downside would be a wristband discolouration 🙁 the start there has been it gorgeous pink colour, unfortunately after the month of every day uses (use of adolescent) does not look quite anymore. My daughter has tried to wash he of, any a lot of regime. It could require try something stronger that washing liquid.
Is not swimming in him but to good sure is test of shower !!!!
5 / 5
Are happy has decided them substitute my mamma is wheel fitbit (is not lasted the year) with this poduct.

The quality of product is glorious although a strap was the little big for the wrist of the mamma but is the very small.

The application is found easily and pairing of frames with a device the same breeze if you are not technical. Very characteristic in a telephone and the good sized exposure that is glass the clear frames that sees and using a very easy screen.

The life of battery is excellent and so only looses 2 to 3 the day with monitor of heart rate on all a time.

One of some compraventa better has done them this year.
4 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. I am impressed like this with this tracker of fitness has bought this clock as it has lost my fitbit extracted and has loved the alternative the most economic fast attentive my fitbit. It is excellent value for money. It connects easily with my telephone, the interface is easy to use, an expensive is glass and does not have streaky or broken, some straps are changeable, still can connect my music has seen my clock. An application not having enough enciphers like this a lot like this fitbit but there is more. Of then having this clock I havnt has lost my fitbit. Ossia Which well is.
4 / 5
Brilliant of ready clock! The value adds for money! And he one same like big final clocks more expensive. (A life of battery of 100 lasted until 3 and of the half days 4 (like that has used the, ie notification/of messages, dipping alarm etc)

am really happy with this clock!

This negative so only when yours that tries to settle down at night in a motion of your arm when you move changes a light on. But calm once is solved thinks to know yours solving for bed. And he no light . (His never wake arrive me for a light coming on at night).
4 / 5
First of all has had to the fast nave likes always with amazon that are add
.A clock is good and light and comfortable,so only a right measure for my wrist,when spending forgets is there after the little hrs
.A screen to touch is good and responsive and some colours are good and brilliant and very easy to use and so only takes the little bit of flicking roughly with him to comprise regarding the use,any complicated at all which is the plus
.An application is not bad like other commentaries say there so only any bell n whistles,well n directly advance him says or the one who precise knows
. It looks to be attentive but still any 100 has convinced coz comparing cals burned in a clock n a treadmill in gymnasium of mine tends to be around 20 cals was and any to sure when the formation of weight follows properly
.But I go to stick with him,so only really taken one to exit what cals I burn in acting n a gymnasium to the equal that can take an average,like this then can workout that I need to eat so it does not think any of these clocks will not be never 100 something in
.But it would recommend this product
5 / 5
Like this, in the first place was - I has bought so only this has concentrated like this to break a screen in my Clock of Apple and has not wanted to spend £150+ the taking repaired or £200+ taking the substitution.

Has decided to bear to the plot is cost less he punt on something that obviously has not been luxury but can so only all required it to do. It was very there is felizmente has surprised!

A sample well is looking, easy to use and is light. A touchscreen can be the little unresponsive - perhaps so only taking me has used his. But another that that very good.

Has been surprised by a number of the notification of application can spend on - Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Linkedin, as well as the call alarms etc. Functionality Really good.

A workouts the side of him really well too - like this in general is perfect so that it has required! My woman, the one who was a lot of sceptical ( has bought me a Clock of Apple), was impressed included and has suggested to buy one for the member familiarised!

An application is also really good and agree me to plot of the mine old Fitbit application. Like this quite well again for the fraction of a prize.

To the What only would like to of the transmission is a source in a clock - looks the little dated, but another that that, for a prize is brilliant!
5 / 5
This produces ticked all some boxes for me when looking to purchase the ready clock for my anniversary of edges, how is many to the fitness was of entity of mine to do sure that a one has chosen was a lot of geared the fitness, this clock there is not disappointed - is lustrous, packed full of technology and a lot especially the value adds for money.

That I amour in this clock especially is that it is test to water to 5ATM so it can swim with him, and take it was to us is running, also resupplies notification of SMS (text, whatsapp) and also can control his music of Spotify that is touching in his mobile simply to use his clock.

Like this yes is looking the sample adds in a prize abordable, ossia a one for you!
5 / 5
Has had the fitbit which have to that admit that it has wanted but has died on me after 20 month. For a quantity that cost that it is disgusting. I have imagined this time would go for the economic ready clock . It likes to see my heart rate, counts my steps and astonishingly say a time. Oh He And a lot of the entity for me is one creates and movement funtion. Well This little creature has everything of that. Very easy to dip up>As it would recommend. It does not have a quality feels of a fitbit has to that say but there is not any opposition when it comes to the @subject compraventa.
4 / 5
Has loved big brilliant exposure reason was difficult to see my leading clock in sun. Any sunny today but thinks it will be good. It can regulate brightness in of the settings. Easy to link to an application. Shows 1st part of messages. Has has linked Messages, Messenger, WhatsApp, Topmast, FB & Instagram. Only day 1 but like this far am pleased.
5 / 5
Has has had always he fitbit and has wanted to try the different type of ready clock but has not wanted to pay the fortune for one (covid + furlough = skint) is for this that have been for east a.
After looking in a lot of some clocks in a prize of the category looked for has found they all looked to have some same functions and honradamente has been still east an only for a strap has painted different.
On receiving a product has found a very light clock and a very soft strap. A screen is in main plot that a fitbit has had in a past (load 1 and 2.)
Comes with a booklet of instruction and upload it goodness. One uploads the goodness has found to be very short and a booklet of instruction quite useless.
An application has downloaded is Very Apt Pro, a clock synced to an application really quickly and some looks of application to be quite easy to use, an application has thought helped with a remote clock more than a booklet has done. A screen of calm house points some main things eg your steps, activities etc, in a fund of a screen is the few elections, if you clique in the user there is the section in there partorisca FAQ (which have required for some of some neighbours up.)
Has linked my half comunicacionales social and of the texts to an application as well as my telephone. This part is probably be a better part for me for day to use of day of a clock, mainly reason can not access my telephone in acting so that there it is any messages has sent mine or of the calls take an alert in my clock. It has dipped also on alarm which are really be easy, there is to plot of options to call your alarms eg create, medications etc.

Some settings of clock.
Of a screen of the main clock yes attacks included there is 4 sport of options, heart rate, relaxes or alarm. What is wearable fitness technology?. An option of sport has 8 different options, a heart rate points he graph of the yours beaten by minute. Relax Calm give you options to breathe the exercises and he then has alarm.
In amazing right then on giving you some few options of timer, records of sports, settings and controllers of music. The settings has 4 different screens to choose of, here there is also an option to change a brightness of a clock and like an option for info.
Of a main ock the screen yes attacks has left takings an option of DND, when this is to actuate calm does not take any notifications in your clock. The wrist remarks that towers of a way some turns of screen on for emotional yours wrist, heart rate that towers of a monitor of heart rate and find telephone, when it touch to find telephone your telephone then begins the coverage, this can imagine for some is probably the option adds.
Of a main screen when you attack calm arrives to aim you different screens for different things eg the calories have burned, the has not walked.
Of a swipe of main screen down and volume to see your messages.

Like this far like this well for me, is not like this as well as he fitbit so it does not aim me the map of where has walked when I choose to run like an option but for a prize are has impressed really.
5 / 5
Experience for woman for control of clock and hail basic of function. Arrived like this description and punctually (First affiliation)
the delighted woman with, likes a colour although it has thought at the beginning that a pink colour was too brilliant but one has changed on and place on a screen coloreada and the clock all help looks a part .
The woman there has been several commentaries to admire of friends and is by train of the spend the majority of time. It has directed (any state the techie) to dip it on her also which is gone down well.
Some looks of application to do well and any subject, will update further in a future.👌🤞
4 / 5
Use the tracker of fitness to measure my steps. A prize is that it says a time! This tracker has arrived fully touched and ready to go. After reading a manual of instruction was very easy to dip up. When being light and comfortable to spend, find it attentive also. An application is a lot informative and always syncs when actuated. This tracker of fitness is exceptional value for money.

Top Customer Reviews: Xiaomi Mi Smart ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 22 ratings
5 / 5
Like the big defender of a Xiaomi Bandage 5 I could not expect take my hands in a Band 6, and does not disappoint ! All some original characteristics of Band 5 but but with the big plus, better & screen more brilliant. Also characteristic extra that comprises a SpO2 sensor that will leave partorisca take on some measures of oxygen of blood of something and also can be used when it change in a characteristic of quality of respite of sleep. Besides a workout the ways have augmented of 11 to 30 partorisca cover each type partorisca exert you can think of! It was also really easy to transfer a data of my old Band 5 using one My Apt Application.
Ossia Without the doubt one of a better wearable the devices can buy for a money! 👍
5 / 5
Really pleased with one My Band 6.

Ossia A prime minister wearable has has not possessed never.

Has paid a prize of day of the emission of £ that it is a subject absolute .

The screen is vivid and brilliant. The device is comfortable and looks lustrous.

A heart rate, spO2 and the sleep that follows all look partorisca be attentive - a sleep that follows is especially well.

A Mine the Apt application is decent, this in spite of a UI the creation could be the little better. It integrates with Google apt he quite calm would use concealed.

In my opinion in this prize signal can any gone bad.
5 / 5
One My Band 6 fact for roughly 1 now then a dead screen and was a lot of hot( I assumes something has burned was). I have contacted Amazon to try to take the substitution but with which on 30 minutes of pointless cat ( has has tried resetting the? Have quell'has tried touches to use quell'another usb port,etc. )At all could be fact and has been offered the repayment . A device is now more 50 expensive to the equal that will look elsewhere.
The amazon is usually substitute very better faulty the sakes but a service was a lot of poor this time.
Probably more to look elsewhere for this class of what
5 / 5
does not take never leaving stars it description but in some circumstances his deserved.

Has downloaded Xiaomi the wear that use a barcode. I paired a band. It has loved to download an update. An update downloaded but failed to install. Perhaps a battery was down but informed so only to ensure 10 battery AFTER a failure. A message of screen informed to pair again but an application and Bluetooth no. Bluetooth have wanted to me included to use the different application, Duh. A message of screen has said to do the reset of the factory but this was impossible to treat. A buttonless the creation is a @@subject here. It does not recommend buttonless.

To do the worse things I then conscious results of the Youtube 'quantified' revise which totally derrumbó a device' accuracy. Any one easy returning an element of EU of the Amazon. Behind to a joint to draw that it considers fitness wearables. It could bite a ball and upgrade my Fitbit.
5 / 5
Has taken delivery of my Band 6. The battery has aimed 2 to the equal that has connected an easy to use magnetic to upload goodness. A goodness is so only 40cm anxiety the uses with any one upload that has the socket of USB. It would be better been a goodness was another 10cm long when one load is plugged to a wall to avert that it suspends one my band in mid air...

When Mina the band has achieved 80, has used the Lenovo Ready M8 pill to scan a QR code of a manual of user. An application has refused to install. Any one compatible. Tried in an old Xperia XA (Android 7) ready telephone, and the installed and paired with one my band 6. It has taken then now further to update a firmware to . It could be my telephone to blame for slowness.

Once firmware has been updated, has tried to turn controls of continuous heart rate. It could see a Heart rate graph in an application of telephone that informs 'Any one dated, but no where was there the setting for the turn on inside an application or a telephone. (Update: a setting can be has Anticipated Heart rate >of Settings. I can not confirm)

Then has @to @give finally an application has downloaded called 'Xiaomi Fray', and that all youtube the video had studied informed to soyi Application of Access. I have downloaded once one My Apt application, was able to find and turn in control of continuous heart rate.

Can not comment on battery endurance this time. Using just continuous (each minute) control of heart and Not using bluetooth to constantly link to the smartphone (for notification), a level to be able to fallen of 100 to 90 in 24 hours. Update: With which 7 days, a level to be able to has fallen to 45. It is like this easy to connect a magnetic to upload to one my band, and has taken less than an hour (did not time he) for the restore to 100, a life of battery am extracted no big . Why is wearable technology important in sports?. (I relative was the one who has an old more my band 4 says is the bit of hassle to take a strap of wrist and connect one load.)

Has informs one my band 6 does not follow a lot correctly. I have read firmware can fix this question but does not quote me .
4 / 5
Has plot of characteristic in this band goes to mention so only some characteristic that use and find gain.

1. Control of sleep - is a lot require in controlling your sleep at night. Based in a data can look to improve your deep sleep, REM the sleeps prevails it also registers your power naps.
2. Control of heart rate - For incumplimiento is ' in questions' but can turn on 'always controls' way also. Obviously it will reduce a life of battery. I found it almost precise as compared to manually verifying wrist of mine that use an old school 'the thumb to one vetoes' method.
3. It exits control - can follow some burned calories during workout and sports. I am not sure that requires these ways are but gives a global measure in all the chance. A counter of rope of the jump in any one too attentive.
4. SP02 Controls - Ossia one of some characteristic newer. Little scaly but work. Can give you different readings b/w two consecutive measurings. It is the must has wants to verify your concentration of oxygen of the blood regularly been due to Covid symptoms.

1. Little uncomfortable to spend during a sleep. It can he seats to press against my wrist in a night that cause to wake on some time.

Could a lot really find more gilipollas. There is almost everything would expect of the ready band.
5 / 5
Was really that looks forward to this clock, has loved a brilliant cheery map, a band was comfortable and the very good battery life.
With which 3weeks has begun to be unpredictable, a counter of would not be reluctant to begin, solved for rebooting, the pair of days later a counter of does not have on touched again, east times a reboot the process has frozen entirely.
Sent it behind, with remorse.
4 / 5
Adds to control exercise and general health. Volume roughly 10 days of the alone load and a time the touch is a lot quickly. So only install a Xiaomi application of house and then take tried by other elements especially some stairs of composition of the organism that reads beside a ready band to give the wide diagnostic. That first time of the full medical diagnostic is done in this way?
5 / 5
Values really well for all he cant uses one My Apt application like any pair, an application of calm wear you consultores to download is well has bitten a lot basic, but a a has found them a work well and can take them all if no more given of him and any pairing of subjects at all. The life of battery is really good and calm once take it all dipped on link with googlefit and other applications also.

Has lost the star to the equal that has to that look for around for an alternative application to this of my access.
5 / 5
Has bought for my woman like the present my band 5(while fact) , and was happy with him. These times surprised with my band 6 like this now a happiness is full. Easy to use, access to his extra colored bands and is easy league. Happy with xiaomi produced :)
4 / 5
Alert always late or no at all bettery any last more then 4 days sleep no attentive and breathing not doing when sleeping tried the one who the instructions says like this very happy with this compraventa
5 / 5
Very useful and compact but coloreado my band, mine very first one. Has figure that fitbit and another overpriced clocks and offer of bands. Striking on and down is smooth. As I have bought two, both of is taking an account of any same and am surprised takings almost each characteristic master and one MY APT APPLICATION is free to use and doesnt any payment to take one the majority of out he.
To good sure the no brainer. A screen is AMOLED and can augment a brightness of an exposure as well as having the little useful exposure creations.
5 / 5
My word an exposure in this model is the ENORMOUS improvement in a Band 4. It is more brilliant and main.

A screen is the little in sensitive to the touches but I have taken has used his.

In general the very happy and very required upgrade!
5 / 5
Comfortable and easy to use but the life of battery is maximum 1 week. Any way is 14 days likes a bit the descriptions say. Also it thinks a stepper is of the bit to the equal that know has more does a lot today the one who that is aiming.
5 / 5
Is a subject calm better can take thus prize. At all bad to say roughly! So only agree concealed no with pills
5 / 5
Nizza and compact. Excellent application to go with. I love it.
4 / 5
First tracker of fitness of the brilliant time,would like me to customise my profile with the photo but only minor,maintains in my toes, compraventa excellent
4 / 5
Very easy to use, big exposure, the colours are brilliant and the papers are readable, multifunctional device. They are happy to use this device.
5 / 5
It is surprising in that does. Comfortable to spend to the navigation to his place.
4 / 5
Coming from the Xiaomi Bandage 5, has expected the paralizaciones fixed partorisca measure of heart rate (down estimating heart rate during HIIT was a lot of annoying), more ways of activities and a SpO2 has measured.

A Sale 6 looks of version partorisca be an improvement in almost each way.
A screen is main, a key in a fund has gone now, so only touch a screen and swipe; it is slightly more brilliant that an old version, how is easier that read.
Connecting a device when you are upgrading an old a more delicate that the east - has to that disable an old version in the first place of an application; then try pair a new device although a Mifit application. My application has required also upgrading to sustain a new device. Once paired taken the pocolos small to upgrade a firmware.
Unfortunately, your last 6 day FATHER the record is not retained, aiming like this spatial in a device, and some looks of application to restart a period of register.

A new incumplimiento the exposure has a time in a half, with bars of the indicator painted in the each corner, aiming progress of account of the step, FATHER (indicator of personal activity), level of load and something that could be side of calorie in an upper legislation.
Has a lot of ways of fitness, that adds several activities of dance, boxing, HITT, sport of racket, formation of core, cars of , etc to one that exists some.

Twists of jump, freestyle and the looks to walk in a same, function-wise, although there is remarked the plan of miniature of your street to walk looks in a band when you finalise, which is ordered. Also it calms it does not resist a key to stop down for the pocolos according to anymore, instead, resist a key to stop down to confirm an end of an exercise.

Of some new ways, has tried so only HIIT, which was previously that the import bugbear for me, with a Band 5 in freestyle way a frequently read heart rate like this baseline, or around maximum heart rate meso. These times have tried he with the modified bodyweight four circuit of round of Katrin Davisdottir, with 10 appeal-ups, 20 emotional press ups (on and of the step), 30 chair-ups and 40 squats of air (that resists the kettlebell). I have verified a heart rate after each exercise, a phase by force has registered like this anaerobic and a late plus some where have taken difficult was in a VO2 max region. Result!

A control of music of the mine telephone playlist has done automatically, and second that it can say all more like this first work.
A SpO2 the measure is interesting, has to maintain still and a clock takes the first reading to give you a percentage of oxygenated haemaglobin relative the total - is is, is more than the gimmick, has measured the mine after spent, roughly 30 and 60 minutes after a workout and again the few hours later (sees image). It is interesting to aim recovery; but it can be further to use to any the one who the suspicion has subject of health.
There is also the version of beta of the monitor of respite of the sleep, which consummates more battery, but gives the percentage that restful your sleep is.

Does not have anything to corroborate an accuracy of a device, but this one looks better that a last, and in the fraction of a cost of something like the Samsung or shows of Apple, has one argues to be able to resupply the upgrade every year or so much.
5 / 5
Ossia My prime minister Xiaomi the produced and is fab - typically are an Apple fanboy, but a Clock of Apple there is so only did not interest me never in this point for of prize my chance of use. It would say this product, in him prize, is ideal for any the one who @gives wants to result more mindful and intentional around the health and it beginning that it goes in a right direction - king: the random user. I have covered concrete points I amour in my Band 6 in a pros down.

Pros (For my use-wife and intentions):
- I really appreciate a factor of form, when being long and thin - like this this does not inhibit a movement of my wrist, and is like this light to forget it. What was the first wearable technology?. Ideal for me.
- For me, insists in of the screens of big quality as I do not have patience to use something concealed does not look that it surprises - this does not disappoint - a AMOLED the screen is beautiful and vibrant - and is perfectly responsive.
- Expensive of interchangeable clock - some fun options.
- The strap is very comfortable.
- The life of battery is expectedly very good!
- Some characteristic basic is perfect for my chance of use, specifically silent vibrates alarm for some mornings, raincoats for showers, has accepted that follows of heart rate and any (SP02 think is quell'has bitten unreliable - but good addition), timer very cleaned/ of account for behind appeal for productivity/ pomodoros during a day, notification easily readable tooth , blue control of music (game, skip, volume) for the music that touches in yours telephone - I use this the plot, mine the apt application is cleaned and easy to use.

- In this point of prize, can not find a lot of - he, fault of gps, etc. But again, ossia for the random user and is reflected in a cost.
5 / 5
In that used quell'one My Band 4 of then 2019 I thought it the good time to upgrade to a 6. A functionality added is well, but any I really uses one has added extra to the equal that stresses to control and levels of oxygen of the blood. An aggregated workout the options are a better thing tbh. A main disappointment is a battery . I have had to to some settings was like 4 of together, where would take 30 days among cariche, one 6, with the only step that follows on, am lucky takes 8 to 10 days. I appreciate one 6 there is had the screen he big plus, but really to a macizo determent of a battery, is not to value he.

Has found also that that follows the any one is not attentive, and massively under the accounts gives some any took. I have informed both subjects to Xiaomi and was unhelpful.

Like one My Band 4 east of tower in my wrist, one 6 east in a drawer.

Top Customer Reviews: Garmin HRM-Swim - ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 51 ratings
1 / 5
Some 31 days or so that I have used a HRM-Tri with the Fenix 5x was a lot. Then the data and my questions have begun. For a time I troubleshooted a device was out of a period partorisca return to a Vendor as I have had to that contact Garmin directly.

A system of the support of the Garmin is notoriously bad. I am spent a holding of now, that tries that I taken all some necessary steps to try and fix a question. Comprising that it has to that reset my Fenix 5x frame, included this in spite of all some other devices (tampon of feet and metre to be able to of the cycle) has done well.

Finally, with which have substituted a battery, an agent of Garmin has adapted a unit was probably faulty. Has has had to that then resupply test of compraventa, and are now waiting for a RMA number as I can send a faulty unit behind. If Garmin identifies the question, and have the unit of available substitution, will receive new unit. This whole process has/ will take weeks.

Never. Will. I. Compraventa. One. Garmin. Produced. Again.
5 / 5
New days with which have bought a HRM sensor, paralizaciones partorisca do. I bought it why a monitor of heart rate in mine Fenix 5 more result erratic. Read a course roughly that uses the drop partorisca wash on liquid once the week etc, but has not done. It have begun a process partorisca return a monitor and the request yes would owe that it has bought the FitBit in place of a Fenix. Giving a HRM a last casualidad, has dipped around 4 drops partorisca wash on liquid to the micro-fleece cloth doused manually hot water and has given a HRM monitor the good wipe down. It is done perfectly of then. I have tried one same in a Fenix and a monitor of heart rate has jumped the life, and is also be a lot of then. As I have revised my indications of zero to 5.
1 / 5
Ossia An excellent product partorisca give an attentive heart rate while not to impose you that prenden partorisca do after the few weeks. I possess four of them now, and is one same every time. It connects to the your wristwatch but then begins partorisca give out of wildly inaccurate readings like my recent hard 20rows of km as I am had of the means HR of 37bpm.

Has tried that it change a battery on all four straps, but does not have any effect. Clearly these things are not built partorisca last.

Will give Garmin the bit crediticio. His service of client is quite well substitute these when they break. But one some send by means of also result faulty after the few weeks. In general, it is so only any value a hassle more.
5 / 5
Works a lot (more attentive that a wrist hr in mine forerunner 235) like a way that once paired league automatically and when take of the cofre goes back one the wrist hr
4 / 5
It take thoroughly fed up with my Vivosport HR when doing exercise. Although quite attentive to rest heart rate, he underreads for 30-40 BPM for a prime minister 10-13 mins of exercise (sneakily Garmin says that you have to that 'Spent for 10 mins first to exert - reason ossia apparently that time this technology takes to take an attentive reading). In all the chance, has bought a price HR strap to take attentive data.

A strap is easy to regulate and the endeavour has required very small to pair with my computer of cycle of the Flange. A battery will last longer that your bicycle like any subject there! It finds it does not know they are by train of the spend and is quite attentive when compared against the physical account. It is very easy of the maintain clean like calm so only unclip a transmitter/;battery and take he in a shower. Very pleased with some results.
5 / 5
Remained with one 645 awesome. I date it it advanced it is like this adictivo and helping me form of transmission in place of the bus. Control that Garmin yours sustains it this in spite of.

A tab of connector rubs on me, but as I have not lost my man boobs still dipped that like this down to this. Some work partorisca plaster well.

A must yes loves an additional data.
2 / 5
Purchased in Feb partorisca use with my alive active hr. Used the newspaper and has done well until prompt Aug has been failed to connect to the mine garmin clock. Thinking it was a battery has opened on a strap of cofre to substitute it. Teminice avis. I have found the build on condensation inside a sensor, left it to air dry in a sun and he have connected with the new battery. Law once with the new battery and has failed to connect of then. No a quality of better build that considers a focus is the coverage of hule thin .
1 / 5
He a work but need to regulate a strap in an at all every time calm dipped quell'on. Of then writing a description the scarce that connects strap in a hrm at all there is disintegrated. Garmin Said does not sell him I like this need to substitute a whole strap that he the very expensive fact partorisca just the year. Bad piece to draw and wasteful also
1 / 5
I have seen mixed descriptions in this HRM. Has the Garmin Fenix 5X More. A wrist has based HRM is, partorisca dip it politely way of a mark in of the terms of accuracy (Yes, spends it correctly, cleans it etc).
This cofre has based HRM is far more attentive - I career, walk, HIIT/Circuits and CrossFit.
In the first place, an accuracy in of the terms of heart rate and therefore cost of calorie, coaching effect etc yes far more attentive and like this properly can see an impact my formation there has been and exactly that time of recovery I need.
Secondly, to to Another data likes him the cadence, of period of stride and balance of time of the contact of earth is excellent.
Will be interested partorisca see if these bands on some weeks like other people have experienced, but maintains partorisca do that it says!

This HRM has there is prendido now law. Tried all - cleaning some sensors, that changes a battery, he deleting and trying the reconnect. There is disappointed really.
5 / 5
I have struggled partorisca decide yes partorisca buy this strap or Garmin is more first one. In an end, happy has purchased is one.

Has been using this HR strap daily partorisca roughly 1 month now. Utilisation partorisca run, cycling, boxing, HIIT formation, rowing, and the number other activities.

Was initially has concerned that a strap would move or fall when doing the forceful activities that use an upper organism (likes box). When I in the first place dipped a strap on, sense partorisca the constantly moved pleasure down and was almost ready for the send behind. I have maintained for presionar the plus and more, until I gave red frames around the mine cofre when I spent it. This in spite of, have found that loosening a strap has solved a subject. Of then, I have found a do one in fact stay in place. To all the cost of am running , cycling, boxing or anything more, remains on, and rests in contact with a skin.

For interview, take an electronic element after each workout ( has remarked my rests of the clock of the Garmin has connected to a same strap when I have taken a strap was, if a strap is wetted - so it takes an electronic element ensures the battery is not drained). Then it washes a strap in of waters he and flat place to dry.

To enhance connection, licks some elements of first connection to apply a strap every time. This so only ensures good contact among skin and strap (but the look bit it odd is spotted!)

So only sometimes very scarce (once for 20 activity?) Has there is remarked a strap disconnect of my clock or aim any erroneous readings. And when this is to spend, is lasted for less than the minute.

A subject smaller has is that this strap has any soyemory'. For like this, Garmin different is more straps of price, if this strap disconnects of your telephone/of clock, does not save your HR during this disconnected period. For like this, when I some activities that hangs that I can not spend the clock (p. p.ej. Boxing), has to maintain my clock in my pocket to ensure is row of interior of a strap and, for like this, registering mine HR.

A final thing would say is that a strap is hard to regulate in period, because of a too complex triple-rear adjustor. For like this, dipped the measure and leave it. You do not recommend that it shares a strap among two or more people, like this regularly that rule a period would be to frustrate and (I imagine) wear out of a material a fast plus.

In general, very impressed.
4 / 5
I have bought this partorisca use with my Fenix 5s this in spite of of one uses can see some severe subjects that Garmin has decided any partorisca direct in his race partorisca take the raincoat HRM out of that is dipped specifically partorisca do with his clocks.

First of all - out of watering on trying found that to regularly fall my heart rate. I have assumed this has been due to any when being no in the water but is supposition to do in both. No a subject has with another branded has produced.

In a water has not had any subject with pairing he, this in spite of the difference of a polar one this no alive that runs a data and calm require you to have a sensor out of a water in an end of the each one dipped to take any of aim in a clock. Any to to the subject big him the pleasure any in of absolute using heart rate.

On when finalising a workout a clock is spent for the process to find and downloading a HR die and has begun an usual syncing of a workout to the mine telephone this in spite of when it has taken to the mine telephone and has opened an application there is showed any map of heart rate in a workout, so only a max and average. This a lot is that it disappoints and a main reason has bought a strap.

Further to this, Garmin do not count swimming to some minutes of intensities and because of a way a file of a heart rate is consolidated with a swimming workout, a heart rate will not upload to 3.as to the parties likes them to them the coach the summits and strava.

For a hefty prize of both some clocks and straps, ossia unfortunately any one the interesting investment and would consider to return there went it I known so only that bad was for advanced.

Garmin HAS the plot to do to do to take me to buy one of the his branded the straps again like this has been the enormous disappointment of such the big profile mark for accessories of data of the sports.
4 / 5
Has bought this element while it could use he for both swimming and that careers. Although I did not try it when swimming are a lot disappointed when it comes like this run has the number of failures that he the USELESS fact.

1) Any subject like attractive tight he around the your @@@cofre, he the slide down grieves to start with to sweat (that tends to spend when you run). I tried it 2-3 times and could any never 1 more-2 miles before it was down to my belly

2) a clipping is to the rovescio, in another model of Garmin inserts/to insert a plastic has bitten upwards and then prevents of sliding down and ploughing, this one is another way around and always finalises to open.

Goes to return this element, a lot DISAPPOINTED
4 / 5
Ossia a Garmin only HRM own tape to swim grupal or swimming of open water without the wetsuit. A tape is very different outside in that has ask very small, is drawn to be tight past (and bad tight). By means of a front, rubberised gripper helps to surface to resist your skin, but the fact the ache to dip on like this dipping it on to the rovescio then that it slips it the round no he like this has to that be a lot tight. Garmin Alleges can be used by another sport also. Any one annoying , would be very uncomfortable to run or the cycling etc. Uses his in current of tri tape instead. Some clips have used to ensure a still look tie slightly flimsy and initially has thought that tumble the turning his would snap and therefore write of a strap. There is no happed like this far, like this probably better drawn that has there was fearer. Finally, to take it to pair with a clock to swim, precise use one Adds paper of Sensor. For other activities, automatically will relieve it. Caused some first confusion time used it he like this done in dry earth, but has changed grieves to swim way, he Garmin of no. would do very still to remark that in his leaflet of instruction.
4 / 5
A bit difficult to leave the full description to the equal that have directed so only the pair to swim previously the lockdown. I have it quell'has used mainly he to run so it will base my description in that.

My clock chooses it on hardly go to an activity
A gel controls to surface to a skin a lot of
Easy to dip in
Discreet low cloths
easily finds it so that it is blue and underlines of the mine another train of formation
Very easy to maintain clean with which uses

You can not be bashful, underlines when you are swimming (unless pass for the swim dress)
is difficult to know so only that stagnate of the place.
A sale is not a lot elastic that it has to that dip the correctly before you run - is to come undoes on me two times whilst that careers and has has had to that take the fasten the backside on (a lot to a distraction of passers for)

A device well that it is more calm the plot to swim. If your main exercise is run then take the Career of Garmin HRM
5 / 5
has used this strap with a Garmin Vivoactive 3

has used this product to swim and that careers. Veryfitpro myfitnesspal. To swim returns perfectly to all the types of organism, I figure. This in spite of some measures are a lot imprecise. It does not present any data for part of an activity of the sport and a data have presented is so only available in a statistical newspaper, is not added to an information of exercise, which a strap borderline useless.

A heart rate is not distinguished alive as you are treating but is downloaded to a telephone after waters of rooms.

A connectivity is another question he disconnects each one once and the moment for any apparent reason.

Has looked for to use he to run once, so only to verify would be better. Of a clock has a monitor of heart rate, is class of redundant, like this for sport out of a water, will not perceive any different that using a smartwatch so only. To career another question: he slides down in your organism and you have to that readjust.

This product was really the disappointment. I have bought the garmin original and is spent two times that some costs asistenciales to have the good product. A deception.

This strap is the BIG No.
5 / 5
Used a Garmin HRM today to swim for a first time and he would not connect to the mine looks which is the real harm reason returns amiably to an organism and does not slip he like this expected this in fact laws. Reason do the companies release these products and in spite of the descriptions of rubbishes continue to sell produced that it does not operate. Has the Garmin 645 clock of corridors and work perfectly but has to that question if one adds-ons is of a same level. I will try again next week and happy to update my description yes does otherwise a HRM will be returned for my money behind.
5 / 5
Has has wanted to this so that it could take details of my heart rate etc when swimming as well as doing other activities and he a work. I can not comment on durability as I have had it so only the short time, but looks quite sturdy. It is comfortable to spend when in place, but found bit it to it delicate to regulate and the take seating correctly. Prpers Having said that, has not done never the no. was quite expensive, but wants to be able to take an information to coach, calm then require it, and in a whole was the reasonable prize to go through this purpose.
4 / 5
Like this lovely thus extra feedback in a group.
Of then writing a description the scarce that connects strap in a hrm at all there is disintegrated. Garmin Said does not sell him I like this need to substitute a whole strap that he the very expensive fact for just on two years. Bad piece to draw. Disappointed with garmins the leaves of the response so only has left our clients buy the new an each one that 18-24 month.
5 / 5
Works really as well as the monitor of heart rate but thus really poor. It has extended now likewise in a dipping a small plus is very big on me. There is rubbed how is too big and now have scars of small/courses in my sides. They are not particularly small measure 10, @@@cofre 34'.
4 / 5
The excellent delivery that time, container of good measure, good quality partorisca a prize. Excellent vendor. Any one wants to something like this a better election to buy, highly recommended.
4 / 5
Even headed to accidentally wash this in 50 terracings and he have survived. Shining
5 / 5
has Tried this several times and has not done!! Has has had to that the turn
4 / 5
does not resist on
so only Can be used under wetsuit and can not be used in the group because of transmissions of direction
4 / 5
No really necessary unless you are the real stickler partorisca HR formation.
5 / 5
Nizza, any need of the turn on and the idea yes needs
4 / 5
I produce it adds, it has used 5-6 times for week partorisca almost the year (at all so only on 300,000m in a group in that then). It has used with a Garmin Fenix 3 HR, a data in league of Garmin is brilliant. Some arrivals of battery to run was and a strap is aiming some serious signs of wear. In planting to substitute a battery will be to buy to the another unit likes does not think it will last much more before breaking! It likes-me a product so that there is so only st has spent another.
5 / 5
I hats were the Garmin has created the product adds. It is certainly overpriced and is the worry that a strap can not be substituted but work perfectly. A strap is not elastic likes in a hrm tri and how is a lot snug which means does not move at all when you swim. With a tri can seats to tug in a water but this can not feel at all.
4 / 5
The second shot has had to buy , is not lasted the year, after moderate use and of the instructions of following cure!

No the surprised, as I have had all bondadoso of questions with my clock remained with experience of support of bad client.

Has produced of Garmin is utmost when a work, is the shame that no the majority of a time.

The one who bugs of software, the hardware and the subjects of reliabilities have had - is faith further.

No the product of the prize sold for the prize of prize. I will not be that it buys again to the equal that am changing marks everything near! Goodbye Garmin
4 / 5
This has done so only intermittently recently in spite of transmission of battery - there is so only 8 month and has been touching up for last two months - AVERT
4 / 5
First to order this HRM Correa has read some questions on and was emailed Garmin directly to control that would do he with my Vivoactive HR. When I have received a strap he paired until a clock easily and when I use a HRM for all the activities have transmission to a strap and a HRM in a clock has been disabled automatically. When disconnected A HRM in a clock is active result again. I add I have thought! My sucedido any last long.

I mine in the first place at all with a strap, has begun a sample exited of a water and gone in to start with the mine at all. As it has expected a strap disconnected and reconnected several times during an hour swim. A strap is supposed to store of then hangs periods of disconnection that then take transferred to a clock when the connection is avalible again. In an end of mine at all has pressed them a key of Pause in a Vivoactive and exited of a water. A strap reconnected like this expected and left it the pocolos small first to press a green tick (saves key). When I have verified Garmin Connects later in any HRM the data was avalible.

Tried it a lot the time of then besides courts to swim and in any point gave it me a lot of HRM given.

There is emailed garmin the support and a response has taken the week to be received, this is not acceptable. An email has has contained instructions on like this to pair a strap to a clock, this had done felizmente. They are a The PROFESSIONAL with 20 experience of years in an industry like this pairing Bluetooth is not the question.

Has is returned now a strap for the repayment. It would owe that be comprised that no another costruttore offers the alike product and in fact ossia Garmin first of this type. For this would have to that be considered the product of Beta and averted until Band of Service 1.
4 / 5
Are the swimmer regulate - 5 days for week.
After so only 5 month some lost is spending significantly - an elastic that hooks to a fastener is spent severely, and will require reparation - or a whole strap has substituted a lot prompt. A strap has extended a lot quickly _ very precise any of a three extenders has distributed now.
A battery expired after so only 6 moths - so that no a 18 life of the month mentioned in some instructions.
A very given product rid consistently to my clock - action like this intermittent for an expensive 'bit of boxes' - this could owe the decay of battery, as it has worsened so only before there is prendido to do altogether and has required the new battery.
4 / 5
If your form of organism is:
==•, =or• 😃😋
=&60;• 😒😞😭😤
5 / 5
before swimming says that spent likes the product of '2ª hand Like New'. In the description said that the box would be damaged, perooo... I arrived in his box and of the original stock exchanges, use it sin and sinned any type of harm.
Reason has decided to buy me of 2ª hand? The new tape look something expensive and he of this form has gone down the prize of the product considerably. Examples of wearable technology in sport. It was the first time that launched quell'concealed and up to now he partorisca say, that am a lot satisfy with the product.

Has a Fenix 3 HR with the Band/Pulsometro HRM Career (Wrist + in Dynamic Current) and has looked for another band partorisca measure and has reflected the show of my coachings has crossed in swimming pool. The tape sinned, has GPS (in open waters) and measure you distance in m. Swum (swimming pool and open waters), but any pulsaciones neither show.
There is doubted among the HRM-Tri (Wrist + in dynamic Current + memory) and this, the HRM-Swim (memory + of press). And I decided for east of then where more the measure does to the year is in swimming pool. I use it and creation of of the east, is mainly for swimming pool (cloths and material, in principle, is thought for the durability and hold the the chemical products like the chlorine).
So much have the memory of then is necessary to store the data because the bands while they are submerged Any one can transmit the one of then tent, to the clock.

Reason Any one has chosen the HRM-Tri?
In principle is the most complete of then would cost to run and swim (bicycle also). In that The cloth and the compound is identical the the HRM-Ran. It is thought more partorisca triatletas that at all in open waters, with dress of neoprene. Thanks to the neoprene, waters it any one will exert any pressure, that cause that the movement . Reason Any one requires that it regulates/encircles so as when we swim in swimming pool (usually the sin has spent). On the other hand, in the swimming pool will see affected in the durability of his compound/cloths, that any one is thought and/or developed to give sustain the chemical products of the water of the swimming pool.
Ossia, launch to the swimming pool with this band, first to do the prime minister along, is a lot possible that has it to us in the ankles and the use to touch daily in 'chlorine' will cause a considerable reduction in the durability of the materials that composes it.

Modification ; it links to the opinion HRM-Tri (has bought he for failure in the HRM-Run) >> />
Grieves is elastic and yes something wider (0,5cm. It likes quota) respects The the HRM-Run and HRM-Tri thought when regulating to the torso, the movement that have when swimming beside the pressure that exerts waters it. Another peculiarity that the difference of the others two tapes is, to silicone of plastic discharge/end that has in the inner type (that it is in contact with our torso) that contributes that neither movement . And they achieved it, neither it moves !!
At the beginning (50-100m. Any more) cost a bit adapt me of then has been habituado to swim it sinned at all exert pressure in this zone, but calm one do one a bit those that metres with his, any of the neither counts that calm the doors.
During the buses goes to store all the data in the pill of the band and calm once finalises the session, take the clock and is out of the water, synchronises with the clock that sends the data is. The additional data that contributes with respect L the data of the sale of clock sinned, edges mainly: cardiac Frequency, coaching effect, time in of the zones of FC, adding it the compute of totals of the general/data in Garmin pal (for example the minutes of intensities).
In definite, recommends the product the all those that want to has reflected his show during the entrenos in swimming pool and/or open waters.
Have been to him useful and liked my opinion. Thank you
4 / 5
Für Besitzer eines Garminproduktes Has dipped einer kleinen Leidenschaft fürs kühle Nass eine willkommene Ergänzung. Hatte Gives Gurt ursprünglich für meine Fenix 3 gekauft, nachdem ich vom roten Laufgurt bereits schon quotes gesammelten Leistungsdaten zu schätzen gelernt hatte. Herzfrequenz wird wie ausführlich On-line beschrieben, nach gives Einheit abgeglichen - yesterday sollte man dann aber auch nicht mehr Brusttief im Wasser heart oder die Uhr unter Wasser halten, sonst kommt is zu einem Abbruch. Ein erneutes Laden ist aber kein Question und ich habe noch keine einzige Aufzeichnung gives HR Date verloren. It is ist auch möglich sich zwischendurch gives Puls anzeigen zu lassen - wenn Man kurz pausiert und dann Brust und Uhr über Wasser hält.

Kurz zur Battery - ich hab derzeit (geschwommen) dipped dem Gurt weg - und bisher Given Knopfzelle (2032) noch nicht tauschen müssen.

Obi The man gives Gurt wirklich braucht - nein
Obi er eine sinnvolle Ergänzung zoom Garminökosystem ist - ja

Ich habe mich ertappt dank dieser kleinen technischen Erweiterung, noch lieber schwimmen zu gehen.

Hoffe Has given Rezension kann jemandem bei gives Entscheidung helfen.
4 / 5
The fascia Any one is elastica, except for a small fascetta “has given regulation” (goes chosen the bases was limit of the torace, for far go back the fascia S-M or L-XL).
He regulations dream sufficient To find the just “taratura”, in the way gives to be put and “adjusted” a turn in dosso.
Also slanciandosi Powerfully with the feet dope a virada, the fascia a lot yes moves, very posizionata and tightened.
Initially had tried that Gives Triathlon, the thought has given to explode it also for the course, the mine was a lot have chosen this, reason for him swim in Basque, that was motive for which the need has given this fascia, the HRM-SWIM is another world.
4 / 5
Ich selber habe mir schon Gives zweiten Brustgurt kaufen müssen, gives ich give ersten verlegt habe. Nutzen Kills ich Harm Gurt has dipped meiner Fenix 3 HR. Für Schwimmer finde ich Has given Gurt idealer aus folgenden Gründen:
- Brustgurt Hat eine Anti-Rutsch-Beschichtung
- Nicht like viel Gummi verabreitet, was beim Schwimmen hinderlich wäre
- Lange 'Akku'-Laufzeit
- Bessere Messung auch unter Wasser

Ein paar Mankos gibt is allerdings, weswegen ein Stern weniger:
- Brustgurt nimmt nur quotes Herzfrequenz auf, wenn die Sensoren leicht angefeuchtet sind
- Bei starken Wenden, gerade bei Sprints, verrutscht gives Gurt
- Data Plastikähnliche Struktur kann schneidet manchmal in Tall data

Wie schon gesagt, gives ersten Gurt habe ich leider verlegt, trotzdem hole ich mir einen weiteren, weil ich von diesem Gurt überzeugt cube!
5 / 5
Has bought he 2 years more, changes the sale directly with Garmin reason the elastico of the pass of strap and leaves . The second band lasted 1 year but and is in the same state. The eye clears it always and has done a good cure reason know that the chlorine. They owe that I transmission of Material.
4 / 5
Ich habe Has given Herzfrequenz Sensor jetzt seit einem Jahr, trage ihn nicht nur zoom Schwimmen, sondern auch zoom Laufen und Rad fahren. Anfangs War ich sehr zufrieden und er hat auch wirklich einwandfrei funktioniert. In letzter Zeit lässt er jedoch ziemlich nach; the battery dates muss andauernd gewechselt werden, teilweise verbindet er sich nicht mehr dips give Uhr oder zeigt HF Werte a, die offensichtlich nicht stimmen können. Of the Band fängt auch a sich aufzulösen.
Schade, hätte von Garmin eine etwas längere Haltbarkeit erwartet
4 / 5
Ich habe mir Gives Gurt zoom Schwimmen in giving ReHa gekauft, gives mich give Puls beim Bahnenziehen interessiert hat und mein transmission Gurt aus dem Container damals erstens daheim war und nicht wasserfest wäre. Also keinerlei Hochleistungsambitionen, sondern so only for fun und nahezu nur Brustschwimmen. Ich habe ihn aber auch außerhalb Gives Wassers genutzt. It gives Gurt sitzt straff und kann has dipped mehreren Abschnitten individuell eingestellt werden. Er sitzt natürlich fester und z.B. auf dem Ergometer kommt er dadurch nicht A data flexibleren heran. Wenn gewünscht, ginge Is aber. Im Becken hielt er Súper, allerdings wurde er bei mir immer langsam lockerer. Allerdings ist Is auch schwierig, gives beim Abstoßen bei gives Streckung mein Brustumfang doch signifikant kleiner war, als sonst... It is Hat bei mir zumindest immer für eine Stunde gereicht, wenn ich ihn vor dem Schwimmen nochmals zurecht gezogen habe, dann hat er Recognition of data gehalten und beim nächsten bad musste ich ihn eben wieder kurz justieren.
Gives Puls wird gespeichert und nur auf gives Uhr angezeigt, wenn beide Geräte über Wasser sind. It is ist allerdings sehr Fixed, teilweise reichte is, sich kurz vom Boden aus dem Wasser abzustoßen und is wurde in dieser Sekunde über Wasser bereits angezeigt.
5 / 5
Recently upgrading to the Garmin Forerunner 735XT Unit of GPS, Black and Grey I has loved really explode a heart rate funcitonality, which requires a compraventa of this Garmin HRM or one of a Triathlon some. I so only at all, as this a sense done.

The prime minister at all was returned a HR monitor while seating in my PC where I unboxed an element, has had a XL strap in his place tighter and the resemblance does not have on resisted in a group and although a 50m the tentativa has done well and has been read, has lost my main 800m together. So that I prejudice I am returned a strap of meso and has ensured was snug while it stands up, mimicking freestyle movements of arms too - a next day I 2 800m at all (at all then attractive) and has taken my heartrate given without subjects, fantastic! Meso HR Was around 150, summits of 170, a sample measures all more out of a group where the mine that rests HR is usually among 46-54.

Nettles a zone of skin the little has bitten to maintain it where calm the want, if ossia a subject for you would recommend to take the wet cup for your swimming and this can go in an outside, is mine comprising quell'still measured well. I have had some red frames but they have been spent of longitude a time of evening when I have verified in a mirror as I am not concerned.

Will follow on months of now a strap does not resist until 3-4 at all/week but for now am very happy with a solution partorisca HR swim measures.

MODIFICATION - with which so only are months, and are months in that it has not swum particularly regularly like me usually falling of 3-4x/week to perhaps 1-2x/week in better, a strap there was resulted like this decayed that had called Garmin the one who fixed for the substitution. They have not created the '2.0' version of this closing, as some subjects of strap will remain.

Felizmente Has it that fixed, although it can not be ideal for all the world-wide - buy the compressed-fashion rash guard to spend for yours walks to swim. I he and like this far is been absolutely perfect, does not have to that regulate a strap to the equal that tight likes rash the guard drastically under control by means of a zone of a @@@cofre a HR the chairs of monitor, those results less than wear in a material that a clasp goes to that in the mine is like this thin result goes to burst any day now was I partorisca take spending the rash guard.

A an I expósito that does perfectly for me is an O'Neill fashion of the short sleeve compressed rash guard, chose it up in XL included like my measure of mesh in spite of the opinions that says that they measure way too small and am happy has ignored these opinions. Yes, it Is a lot tight, but is supposition to be he so that it is partorisca compress way any mesh free fashion, calm once is in a swimming grupal calm @gives have a lot give/the piece and maintains a HR-Swim perfectly in place.

A ASIN for a cup has on elected is B004I44IAC
4 / 5
purchased It to use he in swimming pool and disappointed me. I think that that it is a model that will evolve over time. Wearable technology examples. Has two “peros” of entity:
The creation of the lateral buckles projects to Sell and rubs in the skin that arrives cause he of the wounds, especially in of the salt water.
Another is that in the free swimming pool constantly arriving even The emission. Any one resists the transmission of the pectoral volume during the inspiration and expiration. This arrives especially in the tonings and starts with force. I think that in the future it will add some system with suspenders that resists better the device.
Has said, Garmin has to that rectify so it is a model that any one has had to have the still on sale place to the equal that consider that enough it is a prototype .
He Spend the Control of the bus daily with your Garmin break “” like this any one can add the endeavour done in the swimming pool when prpers that having to that refuse.
4 / 5
Taken To monitor he swim. It validates For all the activities. This fascia cardio does not work coming all he others in water can not visionara the cardiac frequency directly My law has accrued the data that transfers when you have finalised the session has beaten positive is that have an extremely precise measurement. My sleep for real ricreduto In positive reason the fascia cardio remains exactly to the sweat dipped with advantage of the swum.
5 / 5
Auf dem umgestiegen als Ersatz eines verlorenen HRM-Tri, gives im Wasser leider keine vernünftigen Messungen liefern konnte.
• Elegant creation, schöne Farbe,
• absolut zuverlässige und genaue Messungen (wie von Garmin erwartet.
• ca. 500 Stunden, In 20 Monaten, teils strapaziösen Betrieb, ohne die feinste Behandlung, the hat is überlebt.
Leider aber auch:
• für Quotes Nutzung im trockenen (wofür ich is hauptsächlich benutzt habe: Laufen/ Radfahren/ Rudern) eher ungeeignet gives is fast immer scheuer Spuren a Tall data ließ (Gurtränder).
• ansonsten auch allgemein unangenehmer zu tragen als Quotes nicht like this breite, „stoffiger“ Gurten
• in Kontakt dipped Stoffen konnte is einfach abgehen inmitten einer Fahrt.
• Etwa längere Lebensdauer wäre für Likes ein Markenprodukt gern gesehen (Silikonschicht pellt ab, evtl. Wasser- Or. Elektronik-Schaden, Abbruch ausstehender Schraubgehäuse)
5 / 5
Habe Harm gurt in Verbindung dipped meiner Fenix3 und vivoactive HR+. Und Dipped beiden uhren gibt Is Null Probleme Was partorisca give pairing angeht. Of the einzige Manko ist meiner Meinung nach gives Brustgurt. Wenn Man sich zu wild bewegt (freistil) fängt er schon bad a zu rutschen. Of the ist dann doof wenn Man auf Zeit schwimmt und wirklich jede Sekunde rausholen . Ansonsten hilft meist ein Griff und etwas kontollierte Bewegung. Daher 4 Sterne und eine Kaufempfehlung.
4 / 5
The tape garmin the cement Touches the swimming in swimming pool is true a more especially when at all it twisted nude.
Sure enough, possesses equally the tape garmin HRM-TRI but the subject of the tape élastique and flexible slipped with a longitude of the twisted systèmatiquement to the each espaldarazo of the sud lucido flange (any one a lot practical).
One the difference of this tape HRM-SWIM possesses joined partorisca encircle of the one who subject adheres good truth to the skin and like this more any question of glissement the with a longitude of the twisted then give espaldarazos of the sud lucido flange.

Recommends animadamente this (HRM-SWIM) desire capter your battements of heart in swimming pool.
5 / 5
The band the recibí in his Original box and in mint condition.
Adapted well to the tórax but is less theástica that the Normal band and can result a bit incomoda the first time if the invernaderos many.
When giving the turn in the swimming pool resists well but with a lot of metres and of the turns have to situate it a bit.
Any measure in real time, but that partorisca the take and save the activity moves he of data.
5 / 5
For the first turn has to that write a negative opinion. It is The peggior experience has given On-line purchase has given always: 1 - the time has given attended for the clock (Forerunner 945) biblico. Orderly (Rome!!!) The fine November a lot has arrived for Navidad. 2 - afterwards I order The fascia swimming cardio (HRM-swim): he product a lot works (partorisca dye that they will ask: “it is a that no his changed a light bulb” ebbene a lot alas!!). Any one yes abbina to the telephone and neither to the mobile. 3 - NO TRIED One has CHANGED The BATTERY!! The guarnizione has beaten millimetrica stacca and A lot he attains the put and besides the 4 tiny bolts necessary for svitare and avvitare the capsule dream INCOMODÍSIMO. Abstain elderly in fact necessary Microscope.
In brief: the fascia is a disaster. Aldilà That A lot works (what grave obviously!) It has thought that a day a have to substitute the battery give of the all sconsigliata. 9/10 have the fortune that the fascia functions your guai will begin when it will download the battery.
ALAS have bought A very costly clock Garmin (Forerunner 945) and like this as I will try a replacement of the fascia to be able to swim. Mine can AVERTED he mark of the everything. I have seen auguro has given to have experiences A lot in another part (Polar etc. ) Especially Partorisca encipher like this elevate.
5 / 5
Dope 36 km has given swimming can say that it is a cost produced, has simple data practical regulation and body of the sud damage to associate was the devices Garmin (Forerunner 735XT) that smartphones (Samsung S7).
The only pecca is that the fascia is composed to a large extent gives material a lot of elastico therefore used during the course can created sfregamenti giving annoyance.
5 / 5
Give Gurt sitzt sehr Gut im Wasser und rutscht nicht. Dafür ist er natürlich auch etwas schwieriger einzustellen, aber wenn Given of man passende Länge gefunden bzw. eingestellt Hat sitzt er sehr gut. Aufgrund Give Materialbeschaffenheit ist er etwas unbequemer, als Die anderen „Laufgurte“, aber im Wasser merkt man davon nichts. Klare KAUFEMPFEHLUNG für Leute, Die im Schwimmbad ihre Bahnen ziehen.
5 / 5
Connect easily, measured all your activity under waters he, is a lot precise and the material is of a lot of big quality. The blue part has a type of ventosidad how was a hule sticky that adheres The body of tone a lot softly so that you can swim and does not move . Has several extensions and concealed that it can use it a small woman and a man XXXL sin the smallest question. It is a lot comfortable and, as I have said, any one movements when you swim. Calm also can use out of the water for other activities, I the use to do cardio, yoga and gymnasium and is perfect.
5 / 5
Has bought this band to have much more certainty of mine HR when doing swimming. Goring of sin, although in sudecripción of then is compatible with the Vivoactive 3, in reality are not has taken...L Forward corroborated for service of client of Garmin. Then , at least that is thinking to use this band with a device an expensive plus (roughly 13 one thousand hanged), any valley the pity purchases it.

Top Customer Reviews: 3DFitBud Simple ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5
I have bought the counter of any he roughly done 3 years, which was one you clip in your tape, and was absolute rubbishes to the equal that has thinks that would give is one, which hang around the yours with the, the try and is brilliant. It has arrived hardly they are trace my treadmill partorisca the try was. I have counted my steps until 100 and was exactly well. I definately recommend this counter.
4 / 5
My counters of any forwards on some years have all be of a class some clips to the waistband or tape. It likes 3DFitBud the system has taken the bit partorisca time partorisca take used to. It is a lot any partorisca have to that the take was, or be very careful does not fall off, when 'visiting a wetted - different the pedometer spent in a waist. ( I have broken more than a pedometer for accidentally leaving it partorisca fall the tiles of bath!). Spending the pedometer in the lanyard around a with the, or situated in the pocket, is more convenient. Neither he a reset of contadora of the step he on-easily behind to zero, as used partorisca be a chance with a waist-shabby type of pedometer if one is spent partorisca touch a @@@knob of reset for accident.
A provider has resupplied v useful follow until an order and emailed the PDF of useful information in a product.
4 / 5
Has two of these and has decided to see if his both give some same readings. Teminice fitness watch. I have run test in several distances and several terrains. In the mixed walk of 10000 no like this the pocket of the past hip has read point of interior 18 percent. In the course looked a pocket of the shabby hip and another with the have spent they clocked 10409 and 10428 respectively - the simple 19 difference of any on on ten thousand no- astonishingly well.

Want to something simple, very easy to use and read, very done and in my tests, resupplying the guidance of compatible confidence in calm distance creates will struggle to do better in a prize - and a service of delivery and packing is also excellent. - Of here esimplica exceptional'.
5 / 5
With which misplacing my original pedometer – I opted to try the different mark. This one looked to have good descriptions the big and easy exposure to operate (like me any precise to use my glasses and a key to reset). I have not been disappointed with cost of mine. Speedy Rids more the email of courtesy with a file of PDF ATTACHED for operative instructions (although the booklet is coming with a device). But ossia a pedometer of idiot test – attractive just a plastic so that beginning a battery and was to go. You can hang calm round you with the (with a cord distributed), clave he in your pocket or using the pin of security and attach it to your cloths, and like this far looks very attentive (better that my forward a) also among way to sleep when calm is not active. defiantly Recommends this.
5 / 5
Exactly to the equal that has described. Easy to dip on, counts some any takings and thats the! If calm so only love the counter of any, ossia a one for you. It goes the way to sleep prendes to move and restarts when apresamientos the pair of no. has received the useful email of a company before it has arrived and another the week with which has arrived so only to do sure was happy with him. Highly recommended.
4 / 5
Has think that my little pedometer would be the fad .... You are weeks later is more than an obsession and now my fellow better! He the really good work to maintain clue of your steps for day. He sometimes forest' for the bit and so only that the sweet tap will wake an exposure on him so that it goes back on screen. Really easy to gather, attractive just out of a plastic to actuate a battery. My mamma has has ordered of a too and is the really good way of calm motivator to try to maintain form that knows that you are short of a magic 10,000 no! Well value of the money. Arrived a lot promptly (Graces!). Recommended!
5 / 5
Ossia Like this simple does not know was to start with. It rids next day. That The packaging requires good pair of acute scissors to take the open container, but once cut down a a side some falls of contadora was. Interior less then 1 small has actuated he partorisca pull a tab of battery was and has take a plastic of the advance of protective screen, a screen has on lit with the big figures was able of the see immediately without glasses, very clear. It has attached a lanyard and was has been. I counted it it was 30 steeps and an exposure has aimed 30, looks to be quite attentive. Any one finding this difficult I a lot now the one who a response is. In timing to write this has not looked in some instructions, will do hardly have time, but which more can these say me to knots, has received also the 'useful information' .Email of pdf shortly after ordering. In general you love the simple to use counter of any does not take easier that this. Goodbye The Now.
4 / 5
Has ordered this element a lot late in an evening and he have arrived a very next day! Fantastic service!
Is the counter of any simple and does exactly which numbers he of any volume during a course of a day :-)
is very easy to dip a lanyard, take a protective plastic of a screen, attractive a bit of plastic out of a coverage of battery ( is the white arrow like calm can not lose he) and calm was to go! Yes really it is that easy!! I am loved with him and a big exposure a lot clear the easy fact to read also, perfect for those of knots with questions of vision.
To good sure would recommend this counter of any to all the world!
Julio of update 2018 Unfortunately a dead battery and when have take a coverage for the substitute something has broken the interior was and could not dip the new battery in! Considering did not have it the year this in spite of has to that say that I am a lot disappointed :-(
4 / 5
Easy to dip on, sincere to use. I have begun with him on a clip comprised but has concerned roughly falling he in a hire. I have then tried a lanyard, has then bought the breakaway lanyard (how is surer of the fixed a); yes it could it has read easily but it felt too conspicuous. Maintaining I wear he inside the tape to run under my cloths: a 3DFitBud is small and light, is already in place for the jog or cycle, this in spite of like this is still noticeable enough to adapt me to walk more. One first battery is lasted 24 days.

Does like this announced and has not had any subject. Any active when they are in the automobile or seating, neither to reset accidentally. I am not concerned if it is not totally attentive (this in spite of reviewers looks to write positively after trying this), considering me is a comparison of totals of any that maps any progress - I finds taste having of the half of charting progress.

Some instructions are writings clearly, and is in the source of decent measure (any tiny impression). They are very pleased with this pedometer. Recommended.
4 / 5
These works of pedometer in the most advanced principle that a method of returns and old pendulum reasonably resulted attack. I have used to use Omron pedometers, but ossia much simpler & his only function is to count reset of no. of the Precise press every time loves any record otherwise the so only will maintain to add to a total of leading days. I have bought this to compare no with my clock of fitness. Surprisingly, they register acceptably total alike. My test of fist was to walk 1,000 any and count them to me. A 3DFitBud has registered 960 (-40) and a sample 950 (-50). Both devices do not register some premiers 10 steps (possibly neither can complete to an end of your walk?). A next walk was 7,230 any approx (has not counted these). Myfitnesspal garmin connect calorie adjustment. Both devices were withing 3 of the each one another this time, which is surprising. A distributed lanyard is a characteristic of entity IMO like the a lot of pedometers are lost when his loose of your tape. Sure a cord to the tape hoop or so only the spend around the yours with the. Also it will do a lot spent in your pocket. It produces quite well if not to impose you basic & simple.
4 / 5
Really like it, well the screen done , clear and that loved it to, no more, any less. As with all the pedometers they a lot always left with exactly a number of the step taken but looks quite good and I so only required to know roughly to compare day for day.
4 / 5
My old faithful pedometer has failed finally. After it has to that return the tracker of fitness of the wrist, reason was too big for my wrist, has decided that the plain, the simple pedometer had been a lot enough for all these years, as his narrowed down to three, then plumped for east a. Of then it has arrived , it spent it every day And it LOVES It! There is at all any to like.
Looks like this robust and a colour is lovely. The limit is very easy - just take a sticker of a screen and attractive out of a battery insulation tab. The mine has aimed already 10 any this in spite of has not changed when I have walked around for roughly 20 no, as I have pressed so only a key of reset, a screen has been to the z/to the zeros and I was well to go. To try it, counted some steps in my boss to the equal that has walked around, and trace and down stairs, and can say that it is very attentive. Every time you move, it does not begin to count your steps until you have done 10 no, then adds these to a total. Ossia To prevent movements that is not the steps that looks in a total. When it Seats lie/ down, some strikes of screen was, to preserve a life of battery. A screen is measured adds and like this easy to see, although you are walking or that careers. If you want to begin your account of again a next day, has to manually reset a pedometer, but this takes the pair of seconds.
Can clip a pedometer your dresses, wear he in a lanyard, (that the comprised), or pop he in your pocket or stock exchange. A clip is good and strong and a headline is shaped so that a no free pedometer when you are walking or that careers. It could wax lyrical in this all day! Like this pleased with cost of mine. I will update this description the few months, with considerations the life of battery.
UPDATE: Of then buying my pedometer, spent it a lot of time while it runs in a rain and is a lot of rainproof. Also, I have while tried seating in a car, in the quite bumpy travesía, and has not registered any steps. It is so only the brilliant little pedometer.
4 / 5
In a past has had more any advanced technologically the counters but has had his drawbacks. One of some questions of first order have found was that some counters of any reset his during a day go down me or the pressure accidentelle has been applied to a face. It was like this frustrating to almost achieve my aim and then find a counter of has not had reset. This counter of any one any reset he unless deliberately you resist down a key of reset for 3 seconds, which is located in a backside of a device. Another question has found was metal fastenings. When being allergic to nickel, has struggled to spend counters of no. This has the cord lanyard and the plastic clip and for this any metal touches my skin. In last I have found the simple still counter of any effective.
5 / 5
The attractive just out of a tab & was to go. Ossia The add little counter of the no. Highly would recommend to leave that you see that it can any the day. Reset & Your loan for a next day. Like this easy to use.
5 / 5
Some times have answered the pre-diabetes run in that has been it to resupply with counters of any to promote to exert in the regular and frequent base. I have found a counter to be unreliable and inaccurate and like this bought the 3dFitBud to do a work. They are in a short side with legs to match and like my period of stride is around 2' 6' that compares to around 2100 one thousand/of the no. that Use my automobile mileometer, has measured the handful of walks (three to four miles each) by means of some routes around where alive and has compared some measures to some readings of device. I have been pleased to obtain the interior of correlation five for cent and has continued spending a 3dFitBud and remarking some daily readings of then. This has helped to maintain my diabetic control of low readings and has reduced my weight for around some laps. My only critique is that an exposure of the recently begun device to aim fragmented the figures that he difficult, if any impossible to read. I have contacted 3DActive Support of Client and entered to the very useful transmission of emails with Kurt the one who has suggested that a question could be caused by physical accident (falling) or moisture and, as it had not fallen a device but had been spending he inside my shirt in the humid situation, has suggested I submerged he in dry rice for 24 hours to see if this would absorb any moisture and rectify a question. This there has been no obvious effect and like this continued a diving for another pair of days again without transmission. After informing some results of my endeavours Kurt, has offered to send the device of substitution, one offers which have accepted, and has arrived interior forty-eight hours and is now into use regulate. It would recommend a 3DFitBud to another but suggest is not spent too close up of a skin, particularly in warm time. It was impressed more with an immediate response for Services of Client to mine initial and following emails.
5 / 5
Has received this pedometer when a an I has has ordered looked to have the failure. A company could not have been better with his service of client, has substituted a faulty an immediately. This has been perfect, remarking a lot, the distance and the calories have burned. Wearable biomechanics. It is ideal for any the one who does not have the smartphone, but would like me maintain an eye in his levels of fitness. It would recommend.
4 / 5
Liked a fact that has the big face and some numbers in a face of pedometer is easy to see and work. Has poor vision so that it is to say the real help . I also like a lanyard; I know some people prefer to spend his pedometers in his waistbands but I that. With the lanyard his easy to access a pedometer and verify a number of has not covered. Another main profit is that he no miscalculate and count a movement on the train and the travesías car like no. This is to spend mine with the leading pedometer and he have done the atrocity of some readings.
5 / 5
All I need to know is what a lot of path the day, is the simple question. I have done my way by means of four ready clocks in so many of a lot of years that will register 40 any when you were yours delivery , but any when paths to resist the stock exchange of compraventas.
Eureka, Enters a 3D FitBud. Just drop he to your pocket or clip the yours tape and is the demon to have accuracy.
After reading some descriptions, has bought two, for me and a woman. The has not registered after the walk is identical in both FitBuds.
Maintenances Mina in my pocket all day and has developed the flange of one to ten, which is a minimum number of any to take before he FitBud starts to any records. If I require to take walking before 10 no, I course in a something so it does not lose registering each little no.
Love this device, all the world would owe that have one. Highly it recommends a FitBud.
5 / 5
Laws perfectly. I have used the pedometer that has measured so only roughly all but I found it fiddly and has complicated on. This measure no, and ossia and is perfect to do so only concealed. Has the lovely clear exposure. Also it likes that you reset of him the time of yours choosing is not automatic.
4 / 5
This device is very easy to use. A sensor of motion wake it up and calm was to go. On 4 travesías in a same street esatta has registered 4430, 4607,4669 and 4580. To good sure does not count each one which so and each step, walk 20 will not aim 20 at least 9 out of 10 times. But it does not take it never right 100 of a time. But, for a prize his accuracy is satisfactory.
Can clip he the spent, or shoe or wear around a with the or maintain in the pocket.
5 / 5
Ossia The good, easy to use, any frills pedometer. It is very easy to use and looks partorisca give the very reasonably attentive account. Has Has days when some looks of the abnormally big account but thinks that is reason have forgotten to reset a counter of a day before. I have not tried he with a lanyard, I so only dipped he in my pocket.
5 / 5
Am wanted with this little gem. It is simple and effective with screen very clear and big numbers. Like a main person to to which likes to maintain form, are really adds. I have begun for just counting the day the time but there is has decided now that it would be it to it effective to look the full week. I know that it could add all some together totals but is promoting to see a total mountain up!
He exactly that it expected it and exactly like this described in some notes. A lot thank!
5 / 5
My woman has loved the esimple' contadora of any and this 'looked' to return a bill. 1.as The impressions were well, but a battery has run was after the few weeks. Substituted with a energiser the battery and this have run was after so only 19 days.
Would have expected the quickly run down if a counter was in CONSTANT ALL DAY USE - but has not been. My woman spent it so only that goes in his daily walk of until an hour!!!
Has had still a packaging, would be to return he for the full repayment!!
5 / 5
Has bought a 3DFitBud like this felt bad that has not walked or exerting. I have it that has not used never the counter of before but am pleased like this with east a. I dipped the aim of 10000 minimum of any one the day and like this far like this good. An element has arrived a lot of promptly and included was able of the take doing in 2 minutes. Surprised but has pleased that a company contacted to see was happy with an element. Any explored everything of his eases still but am happy with him already.
4 / 5
A slightly raisin counters more expensive that some available but am impressed and happy I leading amazon law descriptions to compare this and other produced first to order.
Such the simple step counter to use. Tecla so only the reset each morning. Big clear exposure and the strong clip well the fasten to the yours waistband. I have not used a lanyard up to now.
Has tried a step counters many times to count the mine step. Until 100/500 and counter of At all looks attentive to with just the pair of no.
Follows on emails of the service of the client has been a prize has added also.
4 / 5
Are an older person and has loved the simple to use counter of any, has found this very easy to use without that has to that the start has has complicated instructions. Work immediately and give me the good idea of what walking excersise am going in the day. It gives the graces for the good product.
4 / 5
Has used to have the Fitbit to the equal that has broken finally, but expósito that all have used he partorisca has counted my steps as it felt was the plot of money for the elegant pedometer. Some the long times have had the digital pedometer very small, but is hard state finding a that small of then! This does a work, some numbers are clear and a key of reset is in a backside without risk of accidentally resetting your steps. I prefer to clip my pedometer my bra (too many incidents of him that explosions of mine waistband!), And although this one east the little in a bulky side is mostly unnoticeable. Myfitnesspal vs chronometer. I have not used a lanyard resupplied to the equal that will go in a way in work, but is the good alternative if the people struggle clipping a pedometer his cloths. It feels very robust and a clip is strong.
5 / 5
This counter is totally inaccurate. The waste of money. State seating in a reading of the sofa and he say me has walked them 41 a lot
4 / 5
An element is exactly that has loved - easy to use and quite small to spend in my pocket. It counts any with the transmissions and the good accuracy was when there is any movement to save a battery. I have it quell'has bought already two of these (a pleasure the present) and both are doing perfectly well. Very pleased.
5 / 5
Has used a pedometer quite daily for roughly 6 month when suddenly he prendió to do. I have changed a battery but he still have not done. I have contacted a company the one who promptly sent quell'new element and politely has asked that return a forward one his so that it could have the look in him. I have received my new pedometer very fast and was also refunded some have surpassed to return an original. All the communication is extremely state courteous. A pedometer is the really brilliant help to the calorie that exercise / of accounts, easy to use and the motivator adds. Highly recommended.
4 / 5
I have purchased this element the account steps like looks partorisca do ,to the satisfaction of my woman. Our selection has been done with helping to inform leading partorisca this product.
Can not swear to an accuracy of a counter but certainly gives the reasonable indication of a quantity of the activity during the period has selected. Easy to use and distributed with elections of place of optional wear. Abundance of information of joint and pertinent user. Well with which lean of sales. Realistic prize.
5 / 5
Suddenly that has been unable to walk a lot well because of the degenerating has launched for behind my complicated fitbit is gone in disgust and can does not find! Has then @@give that a number of era not even more that imports now more than resultant sedentary. I have found one he 3DFitBud is perfect for my needs now. It is of confidence, very done,easy to read and like this simple. To my horror there is @@give that has done like this of the pocolos a lot for the day was certainly SEDENTARY! There is not any pressure with this little chap and gradually am doing my way until the decent number of any to maintain some the old legs rounds your with the or clip he on and is was. If I can do my way until 5000 a lot that I me 'down-actuated better that esEDENTARY'!!!!
5 / 5
Swift arrival of sakes in spite of some questions with coronavirus - so the delivery done well section.
So only that has required, something compact and any noticeable when that spending. Interior of accuracy a moment - add. All have has wanted to was the has not counted a lot many other decorations therefore ossia perfect.
4 / 5
Has bought this pedometer after googling soyost attentive pedometer 2021), and seeing this number has appointed 1. I had it it has tried it also the pair of looks of different fitness to the equal that has found to be really inaccurate (especially with some any one counted). They are happy has given this the gone! When I opened It in the first place, I have walked and it has counted 111 no around my first house to look in a device and was exactly well. It hangs comfortably around the yours with the in the lanyard, or can use a clip to attach it the cloths instead. So only that has required! Thank you.
4 / 5
There was has wanted absolutely with a counter. It can be in the pocket and of the still works with accuracy. This in spite of, with which 3 weeks there is prendido to do, included with new battery. I have contacted service of client and his responses and the resolution were all does like this quickly. We send me to us the counter of substitution, and am now entirely alentador. I will leave it is. But a service of praise of merit of the client for his speed and desire to help. Thank you. Very unusual this day and age - please does not change !
4 / 5
In that bought that this element to start with the routine of fitness of the walking, has been impressed that so only comprises that I use - 'A Pedometer'. I do not want to , or require the monitor of pressure of the blood, the quantity of calories has used etc' - I so only wants to know what has not taken - and this little artilugio does so only concealed.
Has tried was another day , and was has impressed particularly that he a lot esupposition' that had taken, neither account 'All the movements' like the no. has walked ten any before it has begun to count - excellent. So only that there is wanted. Thank you!!
5 / 5
Has bought one of these have loved like this the step counters this was easy to use and simple to dip up. This FitBud was exactly concealed and really motivated me partorisca continue a movement. It liked so much it gave it then to of my husband the one who has required to motivate after the knee op and has ordered another on its own name. I have had the light question with a second a but the services of client were utmost and a question has been solved a lot quickly and my satisfaction. His friendly emails harm to touch and information on like this to contact them. My email has been answered to almost immediately and was very impressed. Steve wright serious jockin. They are now behind to count any and mine dipped FitBud in the each morning without failure. I add!
4 / 5
Ossia A counter of any amazing ! It is súper easy to dip on, very light and compact and has been spending it clipped to mine trouser waistband and forget is there although it calms that can hang around yours with the prefers . I have had the subject light with one that has ordered this in spite of Tania emailed me immediately and has sent the substitution immediately and the lovely email that it is glorious .. I love this counter of any and go to take the pair more like this present like better that the box of accidents ! Shining the really is and has won;t be disappointed
4 / 5
Delighted with this pedometer, has tried diverse economic plus of concealed them is not attentive or no hard. It is good to have the election of lanyard or clip, am using a lanyard the interior a moment like this adapts me better. Easy to use, the instructions are clear, a company sent has included an email to go in the touch with them has has had questions now or in a future, is good to treat the company the one who worries in his products and of the clients
5 / 5
Really pleased, is like this simple to use so that it alleges. An exposure is easy to read. I spend it on a lanyard under my cup, is comfy and discreet. My only worry was that in a car, could count swipes of street like any, but this does not look to spend at all.

Returning to add the note in a service well this company resupplies. Mina Fitbud continuous to do well although I had it a lot to the long of the year. Unfortunately a an I bought for my husband there is prendido to do after roughly new month. It has been substituted, entirely free.
4 / 5
It has a lot of state disappointed with this element like the inaccurate meeting. I can walk 10 any and he the registers say 24. It is difficult to see yes is attentive any time without constantly counting the no taken and verifying a result in a screen. I have contacted a company partorisca ask the substitution but I do not look for having received the response. He purely the accounts gives some any calm so much has to that clear a screen daily is that it wants to know your account of any newspaper. There is not any clock or measure of any to do for advanced - something the desire had remarked them before it has bought them an element.
4 / 5
Contador very attentive, maintenances he in mine trouser pocket, these produced help me to be more conscious of my account of any, I to plot any way been due to my work, lovely clear numbers, and a colour the lovely blue looks and brilliant, promote me and to move more. Today I 18972 a lot of then 8follows. Has no experimented with him in of the different places in my organism or in of the different corners, but resisted it the little while to look that it counts my steps with accuracy like path. It has not lost any one. The reset to each morning. Hope This has helped, very simple, attentive, any fuss that says in one beats and rewarding to try and has beaten your bookmark every day!
4 / 5
Has bought 7 3DFitBuds now - for mates of work and family. All think that that it is utmost, has taken all emotional and doing other things to take apter (eating less etc). For accident I clicked in Cousin of Amazon (delicate to avert) like the deliveries have all be astonishingly quickly. Service of excellent client, any that required it but a lot reassuring.
5 / 5
Has purchased this device after a Bluetooth in my clock has failed to connect to my telephone. I have required an immediate pedometer stopgap until I have found the substitution. Ossia foolproof To use and is attentive. I have not bought he for load of functions. Server a lot of
4 / 5
has had the small question with mine 3dFitBud when has in the first place purchased that it was quickly and efficiently has solved when I have contacted a vendor.
Ossia The a lot of easy stepper to dip up and use. I have used another more complicated and expensive some but this a regime of the cups, loves it. Always it has in my house of pocket and walked, very easy to read without all another information I no really need.
5 / 5
This counter of is not excellent value for money and very attentive. It is of entity to ensure fixed a counter firmly the cloths so that it does not swing around - I use a lanyard but the ensure down dressed as it does not move around. This does the big difference and, when sure, is the accuracy is excellent. I tried it several times against my counter of mobile phone. It is also very easy to dip on - you so only pull a tape out of a compartment of battery and take a protective screen and is ready . I produce it adds. It would buy it again.
4 / 5
Recommends that this simple step counters a lot highly. It averts all a (hideous) complications that has involved to dip often on these few cars. This one takes as to operate and looks to be very attentive. It is like this a lot that has has ordered so only the second a for my woman. A provider resupplies an excellent after-service of sales also. Marcos upper all the round!
4 / 5
Ossia The very simple step counter without has added characteristic or link to applications that is exactly that there is wanted. Has the big to show which is easy to read, is simplicity he to use and looks to be very attentive. If you want elegant calm characteristic never looks to use elsewhere, but like of calm so only loves something these works without too much of endeavour, ossia for you.
4 / 5
Like this has produced the plot.....

Was easy to dip on etc. has loved a concealed has not been connected to my mobile.

Want like the help to walk any to spend all a time but my aim is to walk at least 3 miles the day and push until 5 if it is good day etc. Wearable technology future. Are the walker to the equal that will be to do more when out of rambling.

I hooked a lanyard around the mine waistband loop and clipped the my container and felt that it was very sure!

Asked the one who true to give a no for the account would be and has thought would have the little difference in measure but walked with my brother the one who has the GPS of Garmin and his both have had some same results!! 18250 no like this on 8 miles today!

I dither among a 3dfitBud Contador of At all Simple and another some! So much to choose of!

Altogether Are very pleased with cost of mine.
5 / 5
He Love of the in passing attentive counters ossia, while it calms does not love all your steps that accounts. This does not begin to count a lot until you have walked 10 any consecutive then has fallen in, but if careers of the shortest distances then 10 says of room the room these any is not counted, which did not nettle me any end, and are finally is returned a product fallido and disappointed in him.

Top Customer Reviews: Wahoo TICKR Heart ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 4 ratings
5 / 5
Previously it has used the Fitbit partorisca dice of heart rate while cycling, but found the to be a lot inaccurate. I think an optical sensor has not done well partorisca me. A Wahoo TICKR is like this better. A data is attentive and a strap is comfy. They are quite light, but does not slip down still although it is not too tight. Once it is on I forgets is there, which are adds. It is also quite flat and partorisci easily with my Wahoo computer of bicycle, so to good sure would recommend it.

An order has arrived quickly of Amazon, but thinks a box already had been opened. This has been a chance in the little of cost of mine of Amazon, as they are usually reluctant to purchase things of them, but likes TICKR was out of stock everywhere more has had to take he of Amazon.
4 / 5
My use of a Tickr is paired to Polar clock to substitute an optical sensor.
Mainly uses for careers and circuit traing and is comfortable there is remarked also a Tickr the measures reacts faster, while an on-the sensor of clock has tended to aim big figure.

Only niggle now is to buy another strap as to alternate among days of wash.
4 / 5
Fantastic piece of boxes, better that Garmin. Like a leds and interface, the work adds Wahoo.
Service of slow delivery of Amazon
4 / 5
In the first place one is lasted two years - has been dead condensation and found in him. Never state is gone in a rain like this basically poor selaing.

According to a tuck' in 255 HR.

Tercero some now just drops connection to Wahoo own ELEMNT with which 5 dry. It connects well the iPhone Wahoo Utility but now useless for Wahoo computer.

Goes elsewhere.

Top Customer Reviews: Realalt 3DTriSport ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5
As it has not taken Bluetooth or the connection of USB, but like that. Any all the world wants to or need to have these materials clogging on his pills/of telephones!

Comes with the lanyard and the small screwdriver to the equal that can change a battery.

Dipping it up takes so only the pair of the minutes and a device then follows daily steps, any total, KCals burned, the distance walked (based on period of any one any GPS) and time of exercise in 24blocs of now that it can do you behind by means of paralizaciones until 30 days.

Personally neither needs neither love connections to 3.os servers of party that can or can not have security and pertinent privacy. If it do not love a whizzy material then this does the very good work.

In a downside the now looks to have the pair of serious defects, one in an electronics, and one in a creation of a clip of tape.
My counter does not choose on a fact that traces and down the plot during a day but any of these does not take registered at all. A sensor can not determine this type to give one a lot at all.
A clip of tape is too short for a half viril trouser the tape and is very easy for a device to twist was and fall off. If you are lucky you something he, if any then is now of to buy another unit. Using the lanyard is not always the feasible option and like the clip of precise tape lengthens.
4 / 5
Against some revise has found this very easy pedometer to dip up. Instructions very clear is resupplied with a pedometer. I have received also a aftercare email with link the to an on-line explanation is necessary. Has has has used pedometers to be announce a lot of years and that have tried this a today is attentive and effective and can see it will last for the long time (this is not a chance with a lot of pedometers in a phase). I adapt it possibly it is not attentive to an odd step or he 1/10 of the second but resupplies more than satisfactory information for any the one who is not coaching for a next Olympics.

Is comfortable to spend ( used a clip resupplied), but there is also the lanyard or could simply dipped he in your pocket.

Would suggest that it is the very good option to record data of exercise for people that does not want to one annoying that they have to that information to download to the iPhone/of computer etc.
5 / 5
This pedometer of the quality is not controlled for Bluetooth or an application is fantastically simple and very easy to dip on thanks to the email a lot of gain sent when I purchase a pedometer, an email has arrived a sail a pedometer and has been packed with all an information has required to dip on a 3D Trisport 3D Pedometer, like the correctly measure your distance of any to have ready yours height, hanged and a distance of any in of the thumbs or cm. A good thing is yes and when you lose the calm weight easily can change a pedometer to your new weight. I choose it on each morning with him all ready reset for a day likes resets for the half at night daily, I walk, and walk in the field of sport I circumvent a flange and like the aptest volume adds another circuit, interior a moment I walk 6 k the day the next month will add another circuit. I have bought the pocolos pedometers all with applications and Bluetooth which are the waste of the money to the equal that of the data eats your pension. Spent this one calms will not be disappointed.
4 / 5
Love this product! I have loved the pedometer that has not linked the technology, there is wanted to so only follow my activity. This rids perfectly. A company has sent an email previously the delivery with the video that explains like this to dip up and use and also ways to contact them is necessary. It has arrived sooner that a date has expected. Very easy to dip on closing for me the one who is technologically desperate! Take your information ready before starts,hanged,period of stride etc(the information resupplied say like this to calculate this) and follow any one a video or a propiciado by clear information and is the doddle. The pedometer comes with the strong clip and the lanyard for election of regarding the spend. You can revise until 30 activity of days,the exposure is very clear, calm included can see those that calories your activity of days has used master . One produces adds in an excellent prize and I really recommend to buy the.
4 / 5
Has has not purchased never anything remotely to do with 'exercise' first but has been need said to up my walking gives a no each day to assist with loss of weight, then , to the murky world of 'things wot account' I ventured. Of an available myriad has solved partorisca east a simply because of some descriptions that's that of prize. They are not 'this' role to walk to wish to spend the fortune. The descriptions looked good and the functions looked quite basic without that has to that register an atmosphere on Mars and some measures of waist of a total of sum of a Chinese population. It has arrived a day been due to, has preceded has to that be said by an email of a vendor with the plot of useful info and link to assist the places up has required . It dips up it was in fact really really simple included so only to use a distributed simple to follow instructions, a course a harder measured my stride and this have bitten was easy. How it is on, a day in, and are both have surprised that it does not do and also that simple this device is to use, I so that it adds, highly recommended and thank you.
5 / 5
Fed up With fitbug subject of application and mobile phones to the equal that has thought would try this 'any bluetooth' option with a lot of good descriptions. Easy to dip on, good measure for my pocket in work. It has had so only short use today so that the delivery was today but looks quite attentive, my husband now has his on order for delivery tomorrow I so that it recommends this and also think is cost a lot well , especially an option/black ash.
5 / 5
The one who a device to anger! It is maddening to dip on because of the his 'ten-as' the cup was so it is faffing around soyiss' a moment and has to that begin again. WELL, you can spend for your settings quickly but is still I so that annoying. Secondly, A estep' the function so only failed to do. At all. Once. Like this reprogrammed the. What types of wearable technology are there?. Same result. It has been walking on carpet upstairs? It has been spending trainers? It has been reason has spent in a wrong place? The one who knows. Walked the local tents and behind and around those used to notch on the handy 3K no. In this device? Zilch At all. Any one. The service of thought of the client has been meant to be v.G. Like this emailed. At all. I perhaps finalised to be miserable and is faulty device, perhaps I my-programmed (but quite sure I any). If he - and a lot of reviewers has liked him really this pedometer - perhaps are adds. No thus reviewer. It does not recommend .
5 / 5
Has received the useful link for email previously to an arrival of mine 3D TriSport pedometer of a vendor. It weaves it to them of investigation previously to do my decision that considers election of pedometer and this one has been all that that could have has wished stops!! I have asked several questions of some community on Amazon and received some good responses but of then that has dipped the on, all my questions have been answered.
Has based in a period of attentive stride (which is easy to calculate – and all more fails, apply a recommendation of measure of any for a vendor) counts no with accuracy, registers aerobic steps (quite - and adequately enough for my use that takes the possible 10 tax of error) and is enough of confidence with trace and down stairs. It does not count some premiers 10 no – and will not register so only stepping of One to B or like another buyer of Amazon has said ‘to take a boat of cookie'!! You owe that do an endeavour to walk 10+ any and will take the account these have not been done.
These were questions has asked also your department of Reports of the Client and indicated it possibly not being totally attentive as it could register steps 'random', but think the work a lot - and in a base of all these activities, would be more than happy of the recommend to any one looking for the pedometer. In fact, the partner of the mine today invernadero the mine asked to purchase one for them and of the places the up!
A clip is ideal and the meeting resists my trouser waistband a lot of (another of my personnel prerequisites as I do not have pockets), a lanyard when being the characteristic of useful security likes I loop the my jacket. A pedometer also counts no in my pocket of jacket; it would not have thought that! It does not choose on movement in a car like any dud reading.
Are the quite active person and was immensely has surprised I 7,000 no in meso daily! – This in spite of, is the good motivational tool in that will inspire me to it to him to achieve a golden 10,000 aim of no. am sure if any one is looking to augment his level of exercise or for quell'start of an a lot of start, would be of the profit adds. It is also entertainment adds to look a progress done during a day in of the terms of account of any, distance, the burned calories - and is an excellent timekeeper/clock.
Is so only be the few days, but am pleased with cost of mine. A vendor, Realalt offers first service of client of the class, good instructions in some neighbours on procedure and follow on invernadero email.
4 / 5
Has bought two of this plus in fact two years and my woman and I have been using them constantly every day never of then.
Comprised once like this to dip them on a lot of - resupply accesses to the video to help that has difficulty in sympathetic some instructions. .
Found the partorisca be a stimulating excellent to exit and take the little more exercise. A hard battery for more then 12 month and is relatively easy to substitute.
A service of client is excellent and when I have had the question with one of them a response was punctual and very positive.
Has given the plot of fun and would recommend them to to which likes the control his account of no.
4 / 5
This is to arrive a lot quickly he so that it was able to take his while it was still has shot up!! It was like this like this simple to dip up. I found it very easy in fact so much has to that be easy!! It is very easy to use and comprise. Has thinks that that I can take fed up very quickly but is like this simple to the use am informing his all a time. Now my husband loves one, seeing mine that well is! I have not loved the Application has complicated a, so only the simple ' that says in one beats' the type and ossia that has. It counts your steps with accuracy and has not had any question at all. Thoroughly It Recommends this element.
5 / 5
Calculated has required the pedometer of then resulted it couch potato. Read 2,000 is not bad informative 5,000 is good and arteries of the helps of the exercise remain sãs and that the helps avert etc etc.
This are add, reassure me, said when I require partorisca locate a treadmill or go for the walk/ of bicycle of the walk etc. spends it to Them clipped my band/ of waist of the tape all day and partorisca any ossia well. Read to somewhere this type of devices can count pedal turns like the steps and still am doing in that.

Like this inner a moment the device adds partorisca gives a not counting and after all calls the 'pedometer'. I said when I require partorisca begin to do something more energetic.
Verifies out of another 1-4 commentaries partorisca star again a fact are am not interested in total accuracy. It does not think an account is attentive but is a lot enough for me inner the pocolos a lot any way. I spend the whole day it and memory to exit more, trace a treadmill, bicycle to exercise etc. When I do not exit any clip the my tape without a lanyard also when be ensured to a tape. Like this yep need to be careful in just clipping the. Also any commentary in K accounts of the calorie and the active minutes are not interested. Mike

4 / 5
has not loved the esmart' tracker of fitness. One of these some concealed calm am using you GPS or has to that link to the application of the mobile phone etc. has loved so only something concealed would be attentive when counting the no. has tried the pocola another band of trackers of wrist of type and counters of any - all maintain to be attentive. This can look the little has bitten old fashioned or bulky compared to them but does not have any comparison when it comes the accuracy. Ossia One the majority of attentive pedometer has has not used never. It was easy to dip on - I has loved so only he partorisca gives a not counting but law the burned calories, time, km etc. not even am looking in these a lot of to be sincere. If it love a counter of any attentive - then take this. Calm will not be disappointed.
4 / 5
I really like this pedometer. Impact of wearable technology on participation in sport. It does not have to that the capacities/ of interface of computer of connectivity, to the to the equal that likes. I simply dipped I the daily aim (mentally) and go for him! If I fall short, I simply the maintenances gone!

Ossia The perfectly uncomplicated way to control any newspaper without all another material that you simply very precise . (I.et. It does not control quality of sleep. Before read, turn of your telephone, has the bath, read the book, gone back a light is gone in the decent time, etc., Etc. is not science of rocket!).

@In rodeo: utilisation a pedometer the help maintains movement of daily / exercise in clues, then adopt common sense like good diet, taking to bed the decent time, and like this on and like this advance.

Remain well!
4 / 5
Loves this. Reason am disabled and walk with limping because of arthritis and substitutions of pedometers of hip a lot usually laws for me. Patient to pay for fitbit the clocks owe that it has bought 3 on some years. Tried the most economic version has broken. It thought it that it would try this. It does not have very expected. I LOVE it. I have found place on has bitten it delicate, but this are to go not looking vineyard of him. It is dipped on, is on, WORK. At all to download in my telephone . It follows calm the the everywhere place. I dipped it/ I dipped It on my bra when I exit no master loses. This thing is like this easy to use. It dips on, clip on, and WALK. Work. They are like this happy bought it. I have been convinced could not use one. Compraventa And enjoy. Utmost vendors.
4 / 5
Has tried this element today. It spent it around a house, going upstairs and down and generally walking around. Spent around the mine with the he clocked on 3 times more steps it that has taken in fact. Tried the attached to my trousers, pocket and same strap of bra and every time is fallen off. Useless element. I go to return Now.
5 / 5
Colour : it has ascended

has has purchased things to exercise before but never the pedometer, has used economic some before that has received for free but was always rubbishes. I recently decided to try to take apter, and to do this for upping my daily steps, each day to assist with loss of weight the d to feel is then , to a deep darkness murky world of 'pedometer I ventured. Have has wanted to one this was attentive and didnt requires blue tooth. Of some a lot of hundreds of different of the available has solved partorisca east a simply because of some a lot of excellent descriptions and a cheapish point of prize.

Has not loved to wish spend the fortune in an element could give on on. Some Descriptions looked really good and any acts basic gaze and abundance quite he also touched quite easy to dip up. It has arrived a planned day how has been bought with prime of Amazon . It dips up it was in fact really really simple included so only to use a distributed simple to follow instructions, a course a harder measured my stride has used so only info in a book distributed and this has bitten was easy. How it is on, a day in, and are both surprised the one who any in fact do, I the plot more has thought then the do. This device is to use, and very attentive. Excellent element realalt. To good sure would buy again. Only negative is stray clip of tape on first day to use so that it is far to lose, likes to please use lanyard has distributed
4 / 5
all master is an electronic pedometer with the useful row of logging characteristic, then ossia the good election . One 3-the axial sensors mean that in can be used in any orientation, and works perfectly well if so only slipped to the yours trouser pocket.

Require for aforarlo attentively, preferably to walk the short walk where knows an exact period, and then regulating your period of any in a device, so that a known period matches a number of no. Simply doing it on 10 or 20 no in the flat surface is not really the longitude quite period for attentive calibration for your period of no.
Is easy to dip up is a sequence in a leaflet of instruction.
Some on-line video am not very a lot of use. Really they require that they register animals with the native English speaker. Any English or American British do American, but an audio in some current video is not easy to comprise.
5 / 5
User and utmost Service-friendly Pedometer/s. No a power in any one another Pedometer but certainly would recommend this product that offered very personal and the calm use once learns your way around is a lot of user-friendly. Teminice fitness tracker reviews. Experience two 3DTriSport, a black and Money and a black. An email of support has been received of Realalt, when it had situated an order with Amazon, with directions to dip-arrive and near of estaca-on video. Both video were invaluable and some Pedometers have been dipped on top of any time at all. The email Realalt for explanation on two subjects and these were answered positively to for turn. I can not comment in the alternative pedometers but I to good sure would recommend a 3DTrisport (to two times them gustandos has been purchased).
5 / 5
Exactly that has loved, stairs of accounts that is that it imports taste uses the plot in of work. Easy to read exposed. Lanyard Is the decent period that enables he to be spent around the yours with the. The clip Of tape is good and strong. Also it can so only pop in the pocket also . Easy to dip up.. A big plus is that he no record movement when seating if you fidget. This means the most attentive reading. Measuring your period of is not of the on dipped entity on, this gives the account of any corrected. Any need to link to the mobile. Totally reccomend.
5 / 5
This was a box navideña prompt for my husband so that it is to say his description . - A piece adds of boxes. I found it to be extremely attentive and full of characteristic useful. But I have found a subject, for this some 4 stars, and concealed is, concealed, a creation of a tape gripper the clip is so only too short to accommodate one the wide plus mentions the tapes would owe that it has been drawn much more. There is always the danger that a tape gripper the clip could locate up and slip of a tape and taking lost for ever. Has round this for looping a lanyard around my tape like an extra precaution and like this preventing a pedometer to slip a tape and the be has lost.
But that averts, wholeheartedly can recommend a Realalt 3D Trisport Pedometet for his accuracy and characteristic.
4 / 5
Has has wanted to this like the counter of any, at all more. Has another characteristic, but does not use then, except a clock, which maintains good time. Quite easy to dip up. Any applications of telephone. Booklet of good instruction, and helpline also available, yes has required.
Orderly and discreet with the clear slips to your pocket.
The diverse accuracy. The sincere walking is quite good. But no like this well ignore another movement that no. of walks When Driving, for example, he usually record abundance of any although situated in a chair of passenger. Ridding a topmast (my work) causes all the classes of dud is easy to reset to zero and only record some bits of basic walking and then add them up. As I am reasonably happy with him.
4 / 5
Has bought this reason looked to do all have required as well as any that has to that something has does not love (load/sync the to an electronic device). It was pleased initially with him, but prompt clear result that a clip was inferior. Sure enough, in spite of taking precautions, has lost a device inside just the few days because it is fallen off . It had tried it clipped to mine trouser waistband, but is fallen off every time has been to a basin, and then my bra. Although a last has not been ideal ( had clearly one odd shaped swipe under my upper), has thought that was a place a sure plus. This in spite of, a day he so only losing, like this clearly had slipped was. A force of a clip is something had not considered when reading descriptions and, in fact, to the amazon does not give that like an option to revise, but forearmed is forewarned from now on.
4 / 5
Has had so only this out of a packaging - run more delicate that a whole thing.

Has done then a neighbour-up. I have had to go around the pair to time to take the correct things, but averts of adjustments to stride and hanged, looks to be there.

Has taken then he for the walk of test. I am unfit like this dulcemente am building on distances of the low level to improve my fitness for an eventual operation.

For this a compraventa.

Looks to do well. Hanged and just stride the adjustments have required probably.

Also, this screwdriver so only is while to take stray. With an interior of packaging a moment together with some instructions but I celery that is joined to disappear first of the transmission of battery is required. That roughly some class of mini stock exchange to maintain this joint neatly!
4 / 5
This pedometer is BETTER WAY that leading some in the alike prize. There is more characteristic, has the better clip to clip the tape etc (also comes with the lanyard) has more memory and a video setup drives of realalt marks exceptionally easy to dip up. Mainly it uses this to control my daily steps and the distance walked although his useful hips for the burned calories and the time is spent actuate - a last two detail will owe that be taken with the small 'bit of rooms' but at least, if used sensibly, give me the decent idea the one who ive done of day to the day - ossia, after all, only clip in the device that cost 16 crux! This in spite of am very happy with a info resupplies, the prize for me is concealed resists some last 30 days of activities info which can see a lot easily. A real winner in the each sense. Active has BOUGHT of one for my woman, couldnt be pleased more.
5 / 5
Has taken this for daily use to see the life like sedentary is resulted because of subjects of health!!

Has thought at the beginning that pedometer of mine was faulty - is resulted that stride of mine is very short and this has caused an inaccurate reading. As my joint is: setup is crucial. Adidas wearable technology. It has liked him the setting of the shortest stride, this in spite of is doing reasonably well in a low plus.

This has solved, is doing the good work. In fact the partner is impressed like this, has ordered another for sound. It is an opener of eye (that pocolos walks these days) and loved it to spend out of my competitive character with me, like this now am adding any extra to take some numbers up. The work done and hopefully the apt plus me :)

UPDATE: My friends are impressed like this that has has ordered now 2 more.
4 / 5
Has bought this has loved like this with the accuracy follows my no each day without has to that use the tracker of fitness that quotes the felt required was unnecessary,ossia the simple device ,which registers no,the miles/of km have used,gave it to them the test run of 100 any and has registered 100 minus the side is a time dates to the each phase of programming(only 10 second) has to that have all a info ready , has had to reset the the little time but I have taken there in an end .His enough of entity to register your period of any corrected or some will not be wrongly there went it the few days but im has pleased with him like this far
5 / 5
has used it Fitbit for almost 5 years andhavebecomemoreconcerned asto an accuracy of his readings. I complete a same circuit daily this in spite of like this a variance in of the readings was incredible, as I have decided to revert the “Old School”.

In prime minister of mine and subsequent circuits some readings have been 99 attentive. A Realalt the pedometer looks robust and can be situated in the pendant or clipped to a person, or my preferred particular in my pocket.

Has been impressed by a company follows up and like this far looks an excellent device, attentive. I will inform behind way that the time spends of longitude.
4 / 5
Are very satisfied with this pedometer. It is main to look which drew his was that it stores information for 30 days the difference of my Weight Watchers pedometer that negotiate only 7 days and resets he sometimes before I can revise some results! I have found this easy to dip up and regulate some settings was with my toes and eyesight which are mine very spent prime. A pedometer is very attentive to remark some steps and no precise the way to stop to the transmission was while it locates the bus or travelling in the automobile that otherwise registers each sobresalto like the step or any multiple (the difference of a Weight Watcher pedometer) - attentive until you have done 10 any consecutive in normal motion until registering but also does sure that an initial ten any one are has registered properly. A provision of the lanyard as well as that the clip means that you can securely pass a pedometer with a lanyard around the yours with the or by means of the loop of tape, without a danger to lose a pedometer a clip acts free of the yours trouser sale of waist (for chance). Some people in Realalt is also very friendly and useful, and there is useful info in a place of web to assist that it dips on, or resupply guidance on walking to take record. I am pleased to say that a compraventa of this pedometer has has augmented really my motivation to exert more frequently to walk and like this lose a weight obtained for leading relative inactivity.
5 / 5
Would have given this 5 incident has been disappointed could no any reset during to to a day likes to him the resets he for the half night that is uncomfortable for me like this Im the worker of tower of the night to the equal that owe that jot down my figures or he reset of car and has lost that it had done until then :( An exposure (any main exposure) is mine quite small eyesight is quite bad like glasses require to read a small source. Another that that he a work and far more economic that a type of wrist. I buy if this takes stray or broken? It will see like this I locate and the one who attack a counter of calorie is. The jury is was inner a moment.
4 / 5
Looked well when I took it in the first place but has preferred my forward one which sadly died like the result of falling to the lake! With which so only the little month there is remarked that every time it looked in pedometer of mine has said a wrong time. Any @@subject that dipped it often well. This a lot really annoy me so that it has thought, while I mine any in 24 hours is well. But it looks that every time he resets a time he also looses a record of no. thought it that it could be it a battery but it changing has done any difference. It does not leave me see any day now leading. Totally frustrating and has given now up with him.
5 / 5
Very pleased with this compraventa. Shortly after that it had situated it that my order has received the estaca useful-email of sales that sends all a neighbour on pdfs & link the demonstration of Youtube. I have found that all very useful more a tranquility that sustains of the good client is in fact there has required .
&62; The setting on my pedometer was very easy and like this far, like this a lot – I really like a pedometer and especially a fact that read equally well when spent around a with the as in a waistband. It looks very attentive and a 30 memory of day is very useful partorisca my magazine of exercise . Like this in general I am wanted with a plus of pedometer has chosen a magenta paints that I amour!

5 / 5
The woman uses it. It is a lot it excepts it is possible to confuse two of one presses and think you there is more does/less a lot that calm has. Any sure reason, probably any one the fault of a product, but sometimes does not remain clipped in the cloths. Verified the against the Samsung monitor of Health in the Samsung Commentaries 4, and in several steps of hundred, a difference in has not registered was very small - roughly 3 difference of any in 500. And like the triple control, has counted. Reassuring!
5 / 5
Has bought this to try to aim me to do more exercise to help my slimming the plan and is doing! A pedometer is easy to dip up with instructions very clear, and the video, sent for email when I have situated an order. It was able of the place on a lot quickly and has verified an accuracy in the walk where has known already a distance and he was something on. A clip is handy to nail to the tape or band of waist and is small and quite discreet without a clip to slip in the pocket yes prefers. It likes that it retains of record for several calm days so many can verify your progress and seeing some burned calories is the way adds to decide has walked enough to eat the bar of chocolate! In general, it has pleased extremely.
5 / 5
These looks of pedometer very done and robust. Some functions are looked my leading pedometer that has lost has found it like this very easy to dip up. This in spite of, included without a leading experience, this pedometer is quite easy to dip up. It likes-me the walk at least 10,000 no the day and this pedometer done simply a work. It is attentive on gives a not registering giving an exposure fishes easy and with your weight and stride info inputted say you the burned calories and the distance walked or run. Whats More, say you a time of day. He automatically your zeros any newspapers and calm records you forwards daily exertions. For me, it is so only a work.
5 / 5
In the bed those a lot of descriptions in pedometers and trackers of fitness and spoken to friends, has @to @give there is wanted to so only the quite simple device that I can dip in my pocket and will help me so only maintain clue of what excercise follows to take. These steps of measures of the pedometer, the distance and the burned calories. It does not link to the application of telephone and concealed to adapt me well. Account a lot on and down stairs (I knows a reviewer thinks this is not a chance but he ). This in spite of, will not begin to register until 10 any consecutive is facts, like this in a tenth a lot, takings 10. This means registers the a lot of no lower the imposed that my application of telephone has excepted seating so only is counting a lot that is to walk for real and no shuffled around a house. History of wearable technology in sports. Also, it is in my pocket or clipped to mine waistband and so that it is not that I count that acted to arm like some of a wrist-has spent some do. It is quite be to motivate me to do sure walk the sure distance every day, included when I am doing of home so that the value done each penny.
5 / 5
.... I doubt to come with this level of support - I has received an introductory paper that explains had both writing and information of available video to help with a setting on a pedometer and regarding the use, with information on like this to contact a company if the furthest help has been required. I have found a very clear video and literally takes calm by means of a setting on indictment any to any, which have followed and has had any question. As the one who am conscious is registering a data with the accuracy and a device is small but with the clear screen and easily read and convenient to use so that it can be has spent/spent in the variety of ways. It is the recent cost as it can not comment into use half/ of term along, this in spite of data a level of punctual support has any reason to think any future questions ( be any) will be treated a lot differently; in this base are very happy to recommend this product to any one has interested to buy the decent pedometer.
5 / 5
After a first week to use and repeating run of exercise , has found enormous discrepancies in a number of any in a same distance . A reading was 16k , then in a course still has registered 14k , and like this on . I found it entirely unreliable and now does not use it . I bought it recommended by a Daily Telegraph and will be to inform my findings to them .
4 / 5
Global - think that is to say the element adds if your intent is to count no.

Other elements have spent in some looks of wrist to count any same when you are seated in your chair that writes era.

With this pedometer, I clip the to my trousers and account a lot when I move not writing. It requires 10 to be taken in the short period to time to add to the yours total (Technically has taken nine any and has then seated this new a lot never accounts, takes ten or more and all ten (or more) is addition to the your total).

Has tried another but ossia a one has found more than confidence.

Only downside is is old school and has any application so that the data is stored simply in a device and maintained for 30 days, but as so only am trying ensures attainment my daily aim is the sacrifice will take to have confidence in a pedometer.
5 / 5
My woman and I have both have tried a 3D TriSport Pedometer and is happy that a Pedometer is resupplying the good indication of some any one took during the day. Whilst Situated in the pocket there is differences in account of any when that repeats a same walk and with time looked for each walk. An example is the two walk of now with some dogs that has had the first reading of 14,044 any and the week later a same walk was 12,533 step (a difference of around 1500). This in spite of, neither of expect a same reading every time ( will vary to walk puddles of round rodeos , light, etc) and use a Pedometer like an indication to surpass 10,000 no the day, like this @in the rodeo is happy with a Pedometer.
5 / 5
This pedometer was easy to dip up. It appears to register my steps with accuracy. It likes that I can spend it around my with the, more than clipped on to the tape.

Has bought this on-line in an end of the week in that I had bought two pedometers of local tents. One in £25, of Boots, suddenly begun to emit the strong howl (any characteristic of alarm has been listed) which forced to leave a bus has travelled on; it could not taking terrible noise until it has taken home and the battery takes. A second, of the tent of local sports in £10, was WILDLY inaccurate. It has Had this one for the pair of weeks now and all going well.
4 / 5
It has looked for an economic way to follow my distance partorisca run. As I have not required one of these all singing and dancing wearables this requires an application, a 3DTriSport 3D Pedometer returns a bill. It has arrived promptly and was a lot of packaged, suggesting the product of good quality. Has-liked me a colour has chosen and a big digital readout. I have had some setting of question on a device initially so much was useful to be able to follow some available video and no only confidence some instructions written. It comes with the lanyard love the spend around the yours with the but I prefer the clip the my cloths. A lot sure - it has had any worry roughly in the loser. Specifically my distance in of the kilometres (or miles) when that career or walking. Another that the no calm account can see your burned calories and the one who the minutes are spent in active. A pedometer resupplies thirty days of data partorisca those of you the one who want to see your progress over time. I gave it four stars so only reasons a prize was the little elder that would have liked me has spent in the pedometer but I has been pleased with a global good product that that I require it to do and more. Also it would be necessary signals was that I have contacted a department of cure of the client for email regarding the surgery in a guarantee. A response was punctual and courteous and has received included the email to follow to discover like this got along with me a device. Like this good to have support of good client!
5 / 5
A lot really loves the pedometer this has had to that be connected to an application. I have wanted to so only it knows the one who far walked each day. These produced is perfect. It is easy to dip on, simple to use and attentive. And a prize is very competitive. If you are thinking to buy it, does not doubt. To good sure would recommend it.
4 / 5
Big(ish) the screen is easy to see.
A unit was easy to dip up and the file of useful pdf has been envoy invernadero email with which shabby.
Some looks of pedometer to be quite attentive when compared to other units.
HAS the number of characteristic that is to explain fully in a pdf.
An only thing that that can be the question is that you have to that agree to king-dip an account in an end of a day.
This in any extracted big and so only requires the press of a key.
Recommends, YES.
4 / 5
Am using to a pedometer likes one all day measured of number of any, especially when exerting. It looks to be attentive. A subject only has is that when using a clip is too easy to press some keys, but ossia the smallest question . Has has had to that enquire in a way the reset the to zero to the equal that has not founding some clear instructions, but now everything is well. For me very better that a sample-pedometers to write that also a lot other things, there is wanted to so only this function. The clip the the cloths in a morning and forget it until transmission dressed. It has put on the spreadsheet in my computer to register some daily steps before resetting.
4 / 5
Enough there is wanted simply a uncomplicated device to measure my steps and a distance have walked daily. With which dipped on, has travelled like the passenger in mine car and a device has registered several steps of hundred to the equal that have seated passively with a pedometer around the mine with the. In a travesía of turn has taken was and has tent he in a @@@glove compartment with a same result. Teminice high-end fitness trackers. A whole point of this device is that with the accuracy distinguishes and no of measures. I have contacted a company in his email but has had any response. The amazon there is agreed to this in spite of accept my turn of an element.
4 / 5
A pedometer in an excellent prize that rids accuracy and the row of characteristics. One 10 delay of any before it begins to the account is the characteristic sum likes stoops of an odd step little any during a day like careers by means of the room to add to a daily account. Like your final figure is the account of genuine exercise . A 30 memory of day is a lot well too like this another only tent some last 7 days and some very at all. A service of client was glorious. A product has arrived quickly and has received to follow it on the email that asks if a product had arrived and has done well. Obviously they estimate his base of client. Although I leave the free mine in my pocket all day, a clip in the characteristic and a strap of with the would be very useful.
Has bought one for my woman and love his - and no only because of a pink colour.
A capacity to dip the aim of any newspaper and see your build to progress to an aim for a LEDs in a left of an exposure is the good characteristic and when it begins to flash know to have there.
In general the pedometer adds for a low prize, and use in preference to a characteristic of account of the step in mine FitBit look which cost on 10 times a prize.
5 / 5
Has added motivation to move rear an office or chair. I am mediated in Virgin challenge of 10k no for the day and I enjoyed it really. When The challenge has finalised, I immediately fallen 3k stepps for day. This counter of any new take me out of my bum and in my feet - I now again actively look for and flat as to have 10 k for the day done. The accounts have spent of tent 30 days are the real prize – I likes to verify and record that well am doing. And he clips amiably the bra, as his always with me.
4 / 5
Has impressed enough with this little artilugio. I have bought he for my missus like the present of anniversary but is not his anniversary so only still has to that way that be it spending round in my pocket to order for the try was, looks quite attentive and once take used to some ways is easy to comprise, in the first place in a paper is yesterdays any, then any total of then was last cleared, then today any, while you have walked far today, then the burned calories and finally some minutes that something active. It is easy to clear all and beginning again of scratch. If yours to maintain the clue of your activities costs to buy one.
5 / 5
Ossia The pedometer of lovely slender line. It is easy to dip on, this in spite of, need to take everything of an information required for him ready before it seats clipped perfectly to a pocket of small coin in mine tejanos. It appears to be very attentive. They are very happy with east. Has an ash of colour of the money. To good sure would recommend it. Value a lot well for money.
5 / 5
Has been using this pedometer for the few weeks now and am very pleased with him. My work means that I seat in the office almost all day and has not had any idea that/exercise the one who small has taken. He maintaining has any work of supposition. A pedometer is not hard to dip up has read some instructions. There is the gain youtube the video and link them additional has been the mine sent for a lovely Realalt crew. I dipped the aim of 10,000 no for day that really isnt too much to do. Although has has some days have left this house and any one have achieved any aim anything.
This pedometer give everything of an information loves without costing an earth. I have looked in a fitbit but enough honradamente has not been interested in everything of some characteristic (or a prize).
A pedometer comes with the clip and with the lanyard - a clip is not foolproof and a pedometer had fallen off as it would recommend to be in the pocket (where is like this attentive) or use some another method to anchor yours/yours cloths.
In general highly would recommend this and I to good sure will be to buy this so the present for my fellow better and mother.

Top Customer Reviews: Polar H10 Heart ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 47 ratings
5 / 5
Update, looks that a H10 dual transmit in Bluetooth which are adds. I have discovered accidentally when my concept2 has chosen on a signal and my Clock of Apple ⌚️ maintained it too much..

My H7 has taken beating it on roughly 6 years, be it has used at least 3-5 times the week partorisca run or rowing in the concept2. It is given finally on a ghost to the equal that has thinks that would treat. It was the bit miffed partorisca be spending money in an apparent identical substitution but has some subtiles but updates very useful concealed work partorisca me.

These updates:

- The BIG a partorisca me is a dual transmission on Ant+ and Bluetooth. This means can register a workout in my Clock of Apple has seen Bluetooth whilst that sees my HR in a car partorisca row a same time. It is the small but big difference partorisca me.

- Number 2 is that has has TAKEN FINALLY rid partorisca require the coin partorisca open a compartment of battery. Now he flicks was with the small screwdriver. My lid of battery has taken like this chewed on way that loves this new way.

- A strap now has hule soft bobbles in an interior. You can very really feel them but utmost in not leaving a movement of band of where has dipped the.

- Again in a band, a small plastic click is better that a hook of metal and buckle.

- A sensor is now the bit flatters to direct at least obvious profile when spending.
5 / 5
Has bought this mainly to use on duty classes in a gymnasium and formation of circuit. Really it is the monitor of wonderful heart rate.

Initially, when have in the first place begun the use thought it that it was faulty and the Polar support contacted to the equal that has maintained disconnecting several times during the workout when I have revised a session in an application. I am using an Android Xiaomi Mi9 the telephone and has tried all some different recommendations for Polar Support, p. p.ej. disconnect, reset, reinstall Etc etc. Any of this fact. Every time it has failed it it was when it had selected 'Train with Polar Beat', he like this has to that have a subject with Bluetooth connection with Android. Veryfitpro strava. If I choose esave HR with sensor' instead will register my session faultlessly and has not had any subjects with him that loses any sessions of then.

A H10 is really comfortable to spend and very attentive. I am pleased really that I bought it and help me to follow my progress.

My only drawback is an Application of Android. For the few months now when I connect my H10 to an application of Beaten Polar says does an available update, still when I try download, always fails. My friends in a gymnasium does not have this question with his Apple ios applications, as this has to that be the bug with an application of Android. This in spite of, a H10 still extracted brilliantly, but are the bit has concerned that Polar looks to be a lot of lens in fixing bugs and subjects with his applications of Android.

In general this in spite of, does not leave this place were. For real it is the wonderful Heart rate Monitor and works perfectly with a esave HR with Way of Sensor. Highly recommended.
5 / 5
June of update 2020 With which more than 6 month

has been using this monitor for last 6 months and this still is going strong. A sale still resists in place and a lot there is not a lot of @@subject with to to clips like him some of a reviewers there is remarked. A statistics in an application is easy to comprise and find it extremely useful to follow my fitness and pending progress of the activities of different formation. To That I also the gustanuno the majority of in this monitor is that I can choose first different activities to begin formation p. p.ej. Running, bicycle, cricket, tennis etc and then follow my heart rate and recovery against a same activity for weeks and of the leading days.


Looked to buy the monitor of heart rate partorisca sometime and looked to applications and of the different frames but has not wanted to spend to plot of money in Shows of Apple or Garmin. I have had some worries in a strap that the results lose while moving and running has to that way that has wanted to use this monitor for my formation of cricket of the pre-season and coverages. I owe that say that I have expected takes few first months to write the description to the equal that have has wanted to do sure has had an occasion to use produced first to share my experience. Some stays of strap in situating while batting, bowling or fielding a no too that annoying at all. A data of application is attentive and am happy with one my fitness progresses like this far, with data of the heart rate much more attack that my Fitbit Big or Load 2.
5 / 5
After doing the thorough investigation in trackers of fitness, am coming to a conclusion that straps of @@@cofre is way more attentive of any class of devices of wrist. This in spite of, ossia so only when it comes to measure HR. A Polar H10 strap of @@@cofre is done for people to spend during his workouts so that I can measure your action in of the terms of HR and the calories have burned like your workout. This in spite of, Polar H10 strap of @@@cofre is one the majority of the inaccurate device has not seen never in my life. Usually I a bicycle to transfer still 30 min workout and burn around 300 calories, gives or take, according to intensity. According to a Polar H10 strap, I always burn more than 400 calories. He overestimates for more than 25 which is ridiculous. It does not spend your money in this strap. I recommend a Whoop sale of wrist like the fitness and tracker of calorie. I have taken hard the week and he is the million times better that any Polar product. Beaten polar the application is really very this in spite of. It is so only a device that is extremely rubbishes.
5 / 5
Like the personal trainer I amour produced Polar. This in spite of this is to be sell as having the measure of strap of M-XXL but has been sent one with the very small @@@cofre strap and has had to that send for the substitution. I am expecting to see yes concealed also arrives with the small strap!
Update: I have it quell'has received now my substitution and a strap is a same measure as so only can assume that although they are the 38 -40' the Polar @@@cofre consider this to be xxl to the equal that has has extended according to which will go and is a lot tight. It looks I will have to that buy to 3rd strap of party also now which will add to a cost
Update.. Fact faultlessly first 4 sessions.. Today constantly losing connectivity. As any the one who laws in HR describes this has interrupted entirely my session. Envoy behind.
4 / 5
Correa of good heart rate. Very attentive (ie: if I compare manually verifying wrist of mine then is something on with some readings of this strap of heart rate). Some beaten the application sometimes can say that a Polar H10 can be connected to another application and for this he no sinister see your heart rate in that then (that that can be annoying reason has not connected to any one another application). I owe that then any turn of bluetooth in my ready telephone and then some beaten the application will say that the beaten Polar wants to connect to bluetooth or has to that restart my ready telephone). Any works of way. I spend my Polar H10 strap during a day whilst are law (I follows the professor of behaviour to the equal that am seating alot). I use it like this to maintain the general eye in my tax of wrist (I suffers with the sweet form of CFS, as I sure I rest if wrist of mine goes the big for me). It is comfortable but the odd times can tend to undermine my skin (any painfully, so only bit it uncomfortable in that then). Although I can pull a strap out of my skin (a small) and then is comfortable again for several hours. It is hid under my shirt like this any one knows are by train of the spend. I any precise to wet it he so that it suggests reason chooses on wrist of mine easily without wetting some sensors. It is possible that has had some type of lube in some sensors of hule that can remain it comfortable during a day (has not tried he). Sports tracking technology. In general I recommend this especially for his accuracy!
5 / 5
Master! But I think that that it is quite expensive. The utilisation to see what time spends no in a red zone, is gives the motivation adds and will speak yours (has earphones connected to the yours telephone) and will say you if you are in the zone in of the fat llamas or the no. want to fall £70 in the monitor of heart rate, he because it is the good hr monitor.
5 / 5
Is the swimmer does not spend the penny is, no in a water like electrodes short circuit and Bluetooth high tides he no at all. Real shame as they sell it like this something partorisca swimmer also... Shame on you Polar, communication really poor and cheeky marketing (he day in a manual concealed is not well to swim). First and last I produced will not buy never of Polar
5 / 5
has had this monitor of @@@cofre for the month now. I have bought it has had like this an ICD installation the little month done and has wanted to have something concealed gave an attentive control in my heart to the equal that has exerted. I have it quell'has used so only he in a way to walk but is really excellent. It gives mine of feedback Motorolo Pode of telephone G that has bought a same time to the equal that could be exited continuous like this walked . An application of Polar Android is excellent and gives the full report in an activity to exercise that it is to store in a telephone. It has to that it weaves other bells and whistles that I have not researched still. My @@@cofre is 44/45'. A box for a H10 said is M-XXL and with a strap has developed fully return me perfectly. A subject only has found like this far is that a GPS can fall have - has had was this spends perhaps once in mine 7km once - so that no the subject frequent. It resembles the only drop was in cloudy conditions and so only in the piece of mine walks which is by means of the quite fast forest. In general this in spite of excellent tool that fulfils my needs exactly.
5 / 5
Has the 41” @@@cofre and has ordered a Sr-XXL measure. Included regulated to his main diameter that fulfils that it is still the tight access.

A Polar Application (iOS) looks quite basic and has one the majority of annoying synthesised American emphasis. I will not be using this - I prefers SportsTracker.

Like this far looks to be relieving my heart rate with accuracy. Also it looks to connect the crew of gymnasium automatically (TechnoGym) but a HRM there is showed is different to a tax showed in mine iPhone. Odd.

Did not use It enough to try a life of battery, for this giving it 3 stars to arrive to this point.
5 / 5
Bought this heart of strap of Polar @@@cofre monitor partorisca the anniversary partorisca do edges mainly with the Concept2 Ergo and wide crew in a gymnasium.

Easy to dip up and do via both Bluetooth and ANT+ as it connects to telephone and Ergo simultaneously.

Has not spent personally the or has used a Polar application but my edges says is a lot light and some works of good application.

Has researched when purchasing and versatility, accuracy and life of the long battery of the main mark is that it has been takes.

Has marked this in spite of the down to 4 purely how was the bit pricey has compared to some frames of competitor key.
4 / 5
Has not had any end of question with straps of Polar @@@cofre. His simply cut in and out of registering. The majority of my record of sessions less than 50 of some real workout. Ossia The question partorisca continue with a H7, as has thinks that would take a H10 to the equal that are like this well has revised. There is prendido partorisca do inside the month. I have written the Amazon partorisca ask the repayment and has said partorisca speak the Polar. I have spoken the Polar the one who gave touches on like the estápuesto the'. I this several times, has has changed battery several times and paired he with the different application (in the chance is a sample ossia faulty - V800). It has not imported that I , has maintained was it of still fall. Shouted The surgery of reparation with Polar and has sent was - to the along in fact the month. You MAINTAINING say that his office is closed because of COVID-19 to the equal that can very included confirm that they received it. All quite so only but perhaps mention that before the sending was to be repaired? Like this now I have any strap of @@@cofre and any one creates yes or when I will not take it never behind. I have directed to undermine out of an old H7 - I has 5 - and take it up and that careers again. They are like this fed up with Polar that will be to change to another mark.
5 / 5
Polar H10 Heart rate Monitor has surpassed my expectations. I so only required to control my heart rate during exercise, but this produced (remained with mobile application) gives so more. It has done instantly and listen the tax is 100 attentive. I am exerting 5-6 times for week (rebounder, cycling and swimming) and this element is all I need to control my progress. I did not try it while swimming, but am sure would be adds in the group also....
5 / 5
Has had the years of sensor in fact of polar heart rate, but has not been able of the use once has taken Polar m400 clock. This sensor is súper easy and quickly to connect to both mine telephone and clock. And an accuracy is something on!
Already... You could go for the clock that has the built in sensor of heart rate, but honradamente this sensor of heart rate is way more attentive then any sample built-sensor of heart rate.
A quantity of data has been able to take is phenomenal! Never of then I hooked the up is like my clock is new mark with way more characteristic to use. 10/10 it would recommend it to it this!
4 / 5
Bought like the substitution. It results a Polar to say a tape so only last the year. In £30 for the every year concealed tape a cost of property very big. As no the very compraventa.
4 / 5
Has taken this he so that it was to feed up with monitors of optical heart rate and his readings of suspect, has tried Garmin, Scosche, Huawei ( one the majority of expensive and worse). I have used to have the Wahoo strap of @@@cofre but there is prendido to use that with which having an installation of the heart returned like Wahoo has not been tried with my implanted S IDC and really has not loved an accident accidentel, unlikely like this is. What devices do professional athletes use?. Any way a Polar has been tried with Scientific Boston S ICDs so the comfortable chair that spends this and his record of clue is well.
5 / 5
Like H10 is the heart rate controls very good. Armies a lot pending, @@@stretching, running, those walk and martial arts - generally returns amiably and snugly in a @@@cofre during all physical activity - that can forget you that it is on.
Connection with smartphone during registering exercise - is a lot well, can the free connection is using another application that requires an access of GPS, calm then needs to refresh an application (polar beat - just refresh) like another wise he prenderá law been due to some subjects with multitasking and sharing step in a ready telephone. Big is work very option of use of one registering an exercise with a H10 sensor of heart and download after finishings. Work well with clock, any question at all, any loosing signal, very attentive.
A software and the application is extremely good and the friendly user, resupplying a lot well analytical date, and information that you need in good easy to read formed. Compared to a Sunnto, and software of Garmin - a way like a data is collected and has presented was that it want for me to choose a heart rate of Polar @@@cofre H10.

As there is has not had casualidad to try he in a water likes swimming - can not comment in that. Work well in a rain and time of storm when you are there is drenched entirely tho :)

A strap is good measure with control of period. It is has some silicon clashes that it help for the maintain good and comfortable in a situate, as it does not move around during some exercises of big activity.

Is very easy to change battery - as this product last very long.
Tried it connected to a clock and smartphone a same time to the equal that sustains simultaneously connection to twin to some two devices a same time!!! As well as it can do with a device, and in his own, any need to take telephone with calm - you clicas in a register to start with of the application with a sensor quite register of life with an application, then so only can go with a sensor and when you finalise so only download an information to a telephone.

So that it would recommend it.
4 / 5
Has had the estimativa HRM, but has not done with monitor of gymnasium and has been paste and lose considering connecting with a telephone. This costs the chunk more, but has done perfectly like this far. It connects automatically with my monitor of bicycle of the gymnasium, telephone and garmin without me requiring the fiddle around with settings.

Is comfortable to spend and looks of good quality. Recommended.
5 / 5
The amour that use my HR monitor the calorie of paste workouts or cycling. It finds his well to press calm to burn more calories when your formation so only.
Could have taken a measure up for comfort it like my strap of @@@cofre is in a measure of final but is still quite comfortable.
When Connecting does not connect it to the yours telephone Bluetooth, turn in your telephones BlueT then go to a Polar application to connect he by means of there.
5 / 5
Ossia My prime minister hr strap. The bloody Amour he
has taken because of boxing and that it wants to see like a HR was and Cals etc. Is adds to have dry for dry results. My bus to box loves it also. Each session of formation has tried and has beaten a last session Cals.
A H10 like this like this more elections of sports on that. A partner as older one and a lot still. But it does not have elections like this a lot of and is so only the few more economic pounds.
4 / 5
Purchased this to pair with my Bowflex M& At all elliptical car, how had been goodness partorisca think that both a H7 & this H10 is compatible.
On received of a unit, has tried and failed to sync a device with my M7. He paired with an application of Beaten Polar perfectly.
Partorisca Cut the short long history, sure record mark partorisca an account in an application of Beaten Polar, then leave an Application partorisca update a device. A device now does perfectly and with accuracy with my Bowflex M7
4 / 5
A reader is very attentive; this in spite of there is deducted to the stars like to join has bought has been supposition partorisca be average to 2Xl and frankly, would say that I am lucky is the small to half! Felizmente Is not too tight when left fully was but partorisca people with @main @@cofre that mine, can struggle still consolation.
5 / 5
Am surprised in credit it these works of what. I anticipated it when being uncomfortable or sliding roughly, but place of rests and calm absolutely forgets is there, included when that does the session partorisca box of big intensity. A view of zone of the heart rate in Beaten Polar HR the zone that the easy and effective buses, and a row of sport can follow is very big. That Wanting to!
5 / 5
With which 6 month a HRM has begun partorisca give walking readings of any when it was sprinting uphill. It was sporadic and annoying.
Has read a T&Cs of Polar a strap is meaning so only to last partorisca 12 month. Please consider this BEFORE shopping or like me will be constantly that buys the strap again @@@cofre.
4 / 5
Has purchased a Polar H10 like the substitution partorisca a Coospo HRM
This in spite of when it is was Cycling of street a data of GPS and HRM both yard was after 10 or 20 or 30 minutes that is frustrating as all a data loves tend partorisca be of Cycling partorisca the few hours

5 / 5
Has used a product 6 times now and am very happy with a compraventa. An accuracy is a lot well, a consumption of calorie and all more the looks perfect. It was very easy to connect the iOS device, some works of application a lot (could have bit it more given). I have been surprised of a measure, has bought he partorisca box workouts and does not annoy me at all is very small and compact, a strap is also very sure.
5 / 5
Is use this monitor beside a HRV application, is for far a monitor of upper @@@cofre to an older version has used, An application always chooses on a Bluetooth monitor, highly would recommend.
4 / 5
Has used this when it has looked for to follow my sleep and my heart rate. It is quite useful. But yes it calms that wants to spend to follow your sleep a first day can be quite uncomfortable. But it is a lot of gain especially has a correct application.
5 / 5
A monitor is well. Utilisation with my iPhone. It would be a lot so only partorisca have the calm simple wrist controls could pair he with this in spite of.
A strap is annoying and will extend over time, would be simpler could exit the work of you when being able to open he in a front. Yes I know calm movement he around your organism, but does not add when hot and sweaty,
5 / 5
Works with our crew of local gymnasiums, like this a lot handy. But a strap is relatively short - I are the 44” @@@cofre and is the piece.
5 / 5
Two month with which have bought this, partorisca do!

Has contacted Polar, has said to topmast he and they would repair it interior 3 weeks!!

Any offer of the substitution in a moment
5 / 5
Works perfectly wiith my Garmin Forerunner 35, and more importantly, a Concept 2 rowing Car, adds it compraventa.
5 / 5
Easy to connect. The dual connection is the very useful. Calm easily can connects to Clock/of Apple of the iPhone and the computer of bicycle (I Garmin of use Embroiders 130 and any question at all with connection.) It calms also it can connect to a device+ of Ant. A strap is comfy in both that career and cycling and is easy to wash. A colour is also more stylish that those other frames. In general, highly recommended partorisca corridors and cyclists.
5 / 5
The product has done directly out of a box. Synced With zero endeavour partorisca Pray bicycle of echo and suunto clock. Account of calorie among application of beaten polar, screen of bicycle of the echo and suunto look out of only for +/- 1 or 2. Still partorisca hr bpm like all well.
The only flu is an interface of horrible user in an application of beaten polar. The data is everything there but a look and feel need the plot of work.
4 / 5
Works of good product and connects to Polar application on iPhone and rowing car.

Quite expensive for the basic device, but done a work.
5 / 5
My edges is the kayaker and has been asked to take this for his bus. Perfecto for on and of a water, attentive and easy to use
5 / 5
Really attentive, connects to everything quickly, and found his very attentive. Any one has used he in a group still.
Inner a moment, I train 7-8 times the week, and roughly 10-12 hours. Best buy sells fitbit wearable technology products that track a persons activity. for example, the fitbit technology collects daily information on a persons number of steps so that a person can track calories consumed. the information can be synced with. Found a battery has run was after 3-4 weeks - I suspect is is is remained connected to my clock when I have not been the using.
5 / 5
Brilliant artilugio, work well and very attentive. Works seamlessly with application of partner
5 / 5
This has changed a start of the way and I really motivate me. A corresponding application is sum ! The just desire there was function to enter your own activities beside a presets
4 / 5
there is Prendido to do after 2 month. Contacted his service of the client and they maintained me while now for 2 weeks. I will be to return a product how is useless.
4 / 5
Any one annoy taking east. No with the accuracy measures your heart rate. Take a Wahoo Tickr instead.
4 / 5
Was realy has concerned roughly pairing with my samsung telephone to the mine samsung application of health - easy and flawless...
4 / 5
This does perfectly. Joined to the mine Garmin Fenix 5 and used in a Gymnasium. Very pleased.
4 / 5
Has taken this partorisca register my heart rate whilst swimming. A software tends partorisca fail to download a data of a device, very thick in the loser. They require partorisca fix this.
5 / 5
Ossia soooo Much more attack that using the monitor of wrist has based. With which have been the spending the pocolos small, forgets is there.
Easy to pair with Polar m430
4 / 5
Can please send me a unit that in fact works?

Am spending more the time that connects that using an element.
4 / 5
After a month of use am satisfied generally. Had a time this in spite of that there is prendido partorisca count during an exercise (likes frozen in an indication). Of then, it is doing well.

Top Customer Reviews: iGANK Simple ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5
The woman read to somewhere that 6000 no for the day was is, can take the application of contadora partorisca a telephone but loved the basic consecrated gizmo ,any frills,this element is.
Easy to read and reset,door in pocket or slip the bra( press of woman partorisca add).A key partorisca dip and reset,screen of big numbers ,ticks all some boxes.
4 / 5
This little artilugio is exactly like this described and think reasonably attentive - has no difficult programming the attractive just out of one touches of isolation of the battery and calm was partorisca go. To Perfecto likes of calm is not too well with technology. It could not be pleased more with this little gem.
5 / 5
Has used wearable trackers of fitness and applications of mobile fitness but like this really used them so only partorisca follow the has not found that they have to that spend the telephone all a time or agreeing partorisca touch some bands the drawback in timing like this opted partorisca the simple pedometer. This device is like this light - explosions in your pocket, attaches to the canal key or loop of tape and calm a lot included know is there. These accounts of device gives some any only to the equal that will require partorisca be reset each day or the next occasion is used so it is looking partorisca follow a lot on month/of days, this can not be partorisca you. There is the key of reset in a backside that the times can be has bitten it fiddly - looks the press of only work in the something concrete, this in spite of, no quite of the nuisance the detract of a device and he could be so only me. In general, I am pleased with a product and I would recommend master something simple to follow your steps.
4 / 5
Does exactly that it would have to do it without EXACTLY of ACCOUNT of the complication because some costruttrici have to complicate such the simple question goes further me.
To good sure would recommend ,leaves in your pocket and see how much do not complete each day, will be surprised.
4 / 5
Really easy to use pedometer.
Has purchased recently and has used daily of then.
At all of just accounts and a lot easily reset.
Sturdy Clip For clipping the trouser loop.
Ideal for purpose!
4 / 5
Has bought two of these: an each one regarding users viriles and woman.
There is swapped and compared and has counted.
Does reasonably well for the male in the loop of tape.
The works COST joined to the shoe with tips.
FAILS to register all the steps when semi-detached to the strap of bra. The LADIES DO not EXPECT to REGISTER THE MAJORITY OF YOUR STEPS that ATTACHES To your BRA Or BE PREPARED to DRESS Like A MAN.

Accuracy: 50
Ease of uses to spend the dress and the shoes of the women: 0
Value for money: negative 100 because of a his so useless fact and has not been drawn with environmentally of import of responsible disposal
4 / 5
after looking at all classify of wearable technology, has chosen this little artilugio because he one a work has loved in fact fact. It is extremely simple to use, has the big exposure, clear and have accuracy. I spend mine in the loop of tape or in a little inner hip square pocket of the mine tejanos.
4 / 5
Adds likes car, clips the loop of tape. Like this easy to use, any long instruction to follow
5 / 5
Of my own experience, would say “no shabby!” It is quite useless.
Has been attracted by a fact that this pedometer so only registers only steps. Ossia Exactly that has loved... If it had done.
Against those some users have said that the has not registered all his steps, the mine has registered still gives a has not taken.
Spent it on my tape but every time I moved (i.et. Seated in my computer, not even that creates , just movement) the new steps have been registered. And when I have walked to do, has not registered all some steps. How it was? Has the application of in my telephone.
Like this, I dangled he in the serious and the swung softly for the experience and he have registered no.
For this is sure to assume relieves movements, no .
£ (In timing to buy) is a lot expensive for the a lot basic pedometer that any that it is supposition to do . At all record!
Are a lot disappointed for a product.
Does not think that can send behind as I have launched an original packaging. Oh Well.
For a way, has taken a purple a. Perhaps other colours are better. It has not been to except I think that to buy that this pedometer is likes to buy the paper of scratch. It can win something or calm can lose your money!
Takes your casualidad but can does not recommend.
5 / 5
Has bought this for my uncle the one who is almost 65 and knows precise to exert. This fantastically handy little artilugio has has motivated really to start with walking. It has gone to do 2500 no the day to almost 10,000 no the day in almost 2 weeks. And it is helped partorisca lose some weight how is lost the integer of notch in his tape!! And now it is pressing to do the little more every day to the equal that are adds. It is it has motivated also to look in his diet to the equal that can better to feed his organism to take more energy. A artilugio is small and like this easy to use to which likes, thinks that is of attentive how is to win wins for us. Thank you.
4 / 5
I have bought this partorisca substitute the counter of any that has lost recently when it was - characteristic works very better, because of creation, will not take stray (can be hooked the tape, loop of tape, etc for security). Easy to read, the only question is, ossia counter of any only , will not give you the distances have walked, only quantity of any, as I need more accuracy, perhaps any suitable for you. If you know roughly that it does not walk in the mile, then is possible to do rough calculation.
5 / 5
Has arrived súper quickly. It is the very simple to use, counter of At all small add👍
5 / 5
has purchased for my dad the one who is in 80 is has tried different some but they add no only for moving around the this is very attentive and simple to use has purchased them one in Nov but when there is prendido last week substitutes a battery but he is not doing right starts and for like this of has purchased them another in a prize is has taken 5 use of month daily
4 / 5
An utmost little does not counter like this light and easy to use, and more than everything, any precise to control your heart rate or your quality of sleep or gather and store a lot another unnecessary on-line data (the one who knows like this the data is used). I have bought this to motivate mine 10k the steps and is perfect for that. Everything needs to do is reset after each walk or running session - for such the simple piece of boxes, is some dogs ' bllx in mine estimativa.
A device of clip is like this useful to attached the straps of waistcoat or loops of tape or maintain it on your keyring like the gone anywhere device.
4 / 5
Very pleased with this bought one on its own name then has taken the second a for my husband, to follow his steps while walking a to buy the 3rd, has washed my husbands in a washing machine, there is prendido to do like this ordered the new a, but when it has dried was done. Teminice smart hrm bracelet. As you can leave he in the pocket to take wash lol
5 / 5
Exactly that there is wanted. It has looked for the very simple step the counter and ossia perfect. I do not have any desire or need to record heartbeats or pressure of blood etc, and spending my telephone everywhere is to disturb it. I have spent a telephone and counter of any for the few days to compare for accuracy and has been pleased that some results were like this near. I so only hook he in mine tejanos every day and the forget. Press and resist a small key in a backside every day to reset he. The free question.
4 / 5
Simply horrifying and absolutely USELESS - a pedometer no unless I stamp with each foot - person that, would be terrible for some neighbour - and then when the jumps of work advances eleven no! Utter And complete waste of money. The worse thing there is never has squandered my money on. Any way to contact manf/vendor.
5 / 5
Quite rubbish to be so only. I am spent the whole morning with him hooked in my loop of the tape and he have not registered the alone step in spite of walking to do and that spends the averages the turn in my feet that career around a paving of factory that does my work.
Does not register no with accuracy, has counted 60 any and has counted so only 40 of them. There is also the delay in a counting, does not begin to count box with which 10 any or so much.
Only poor.
4 / 5
Very happy with east. It has been by means of diverse complex plus and far pedometers more expensive, fitbits etc. Has to that agree to zero this every night but take to like this casualidad in a morning when I choose it on again. Any fiddling with keys and measuring my material of stride - this is to dip already up. Any does not give you of the attentive distances etc but so only wants to know that I have done my minimum every day.
5 / 5
Ossia Ideal for my elderly relative the one who does not use of the Applications/of mobiles. Prpers Having had to that send rear clocks with too many too difficult functions/ to dip on/screen too much small to read stray hope in finding something my 88I the relative could use immediately - but this was a solution ! It is sturdy, feels a lot of fact, easily attaches to the tape or can go in the pocket. It is into use daily and it is it adds it small tracker
4 / 5
I have been using the pedometer partorisca years that has has failed now. I am 80 years old it walked it 3 miles
(6000 steps) partorisca the past year and this new pedometer have aimed the total of 1038 a lot on 3 occasions!!!
Can does not return I so that I am housebound interior a moment.
4 / 5
Has not had this partorisca much more that the week, but looks partorisca be quite attentive and I really like a way can clip he to my trousers. The difference other devices that just slip in the tape or cup of some trousers, does not have any way this can fall easily.
Is much more attack that that I previously used, is simple to operate and, if all want to is the simple pedometer, certainly done a work. If it love time and distance also, will require the different device.
5 / 5
At the beginning for the few days was very pleased with this product, but enough there is quickly @@give that when pressing a bit key in a backside to reset the to zero would take it stuck and not releasing. It was so only after several tentativas that could take it to zero. Now I can it does not take to at all. Like meeting so only counting no of yesterday total , which is not satisfactory. I bought it to recored my no whilst spending 6 weeks in Spagna, that does the plot to walk, as I will be to return the when I go house.
4 / 5
Has been using this for 12 days now and am very impressed with this simplicity , so only pulled a tab of battery for the begin that it says 0 and was to go, there is the small key in a backside to press for 3 seconds to reset have retreated to 0. Has mine in my stock exchange and work well and like this are them to walk can see them how much a lot has done them
wants to do more walking and having this will promote me to walk further too
4 / 5
Ossia the pedometer , plain and simple. Be any one has added characteristic, calm so only said that that has not done, which is all has loved in all the chance, and when a day is does the little key to press to start with on again. The calm supposition could fix this to the lanyard but the meeting is easier the clip he my strap of bra and then the forget box bedtime!
4 / 5
So only that has looked for. Any techy material, so only the simple to use raisin-counter. It is very attentive, has one transports- was still to show when I remain to save life of battery and the key of reset in a backside. It is hanged like this light , that has likes the permanent fixture in my tape-loop for the full daily account of no. one same in yours trouser pocket. Highly I recommend it.
5 / 5
Has chosen this he so that it was smaller that other pedometers and I has liked him a colour! Have has wanted to one this says my steps and at all more, like this ossia perfect. An only down the side is that there is remarked does not do very a lot he clipped to your trainer. My starts of now have registered so only 450 + a lot this morning. Better work clipped the trousers.
4 / 5
This is not a more economic pedometer and has the very basic function. But it is simple to dip up and easy to use and king-dipped. Work a lot clipped the cloths or in the pocket. An ease to change battery more than launching was and substitute a whole element, although any tried still, is environmentally the good thing. Simply I give the realistic picture of my daily steps and for me so much motivates me to do more.
5 / 5
Has two of these , 1 blue and 1 red like this live in ours trouser pockets: with which samsung has changed an application of mobile phone

Agrees to clear an each day with the push with a longitude of a small key in a backside,.
Can be bit it slow start but looks to do in ten unit of any, and then is well.

Very pleased with them
4 / 5
A very simple step counter. Clip To trouser loop and was to go! It is easy to convert any one the miles want to (the just look on date etc in an internet for estimativa) a lot prefers it to a clock the mobile linked has had previously as so only counts no. Any bluetooth, any mistaking hand-held movement to walk. Adapted well.
5 / 5
I have bought this pedometer because I have loved the counter of any simple, without frills. Has-liked me a measure, look and clasp on that. Unfortunately, he so only registered roughly 1/10th of some steps, took on a first day of use. If paths really briskly looks to choose them on but no lens or moderated is not counted. Teminice watch. They are a lot disappointed.
4 / 5
Has this to mediate in a Walk for everything leaves campaign of Cancer of Investigation of United Kingdom of Cancer. I have wanted to so only the simple pedometer, as they are not necessarily that goes to spend in Leaves further (although I am planning to). This does exactly that need - I clip he in the loop of first what of tape in a morning, wear he during a day and maintains the clue that it has not taken. The different models earlier, this a neither is fooled to be has shaken up and down or rattled in a bus, or another such movements. A very good product and value a prize, easily.
5 / 5
Perhaps was a way used it, but neither has not counted all my steps, or counted him on. I have looked for to attach a counter to several parts of mine waistband, but has not done any difference. A hook of annex has to that has come averts in some point because a counter is fallen off whilst has run some second time used it and lost it.
4 / 5
Light and simple to use. Clip Justo he to the loop of tape or in the trouser pocket and was to go. Accounts your steps and concealed is, any complication. Press a key closely of the reset in a start of the each day. I add to take your very up. It does not link to the telephone or iPad, so only the counter of any simple. So only that there is wanted. I can not spend to the clock like him me itch like this for me ossia perfect.
5 / 5
Found it to be the little unreliable, the walk extracted adds in a country on often terrain quite rough and he sometimes looked to lose the clue of a distance cover. No like this bad around some streets.
4 / 5
I really expected this would do and save me that it has to that spend my telephone everywhere. I tried it at the side my application of telephone that knows is attentive and Gank the pedometer is wildly was. I have tried attaching it to several loops of waist, in the lanyard and in my bra. It is desperate so only. I have thought how it was such the together simple up would be effective. Disappointing.
4 / 5
Ossia The brilliant piece very small of boxes for some random walker. It aims number to walk the no taken and no more than that. It is not concerned with small, beaten of heart or in fact anything more. Raisin with you when walking and when another walk is to be taken a leading number can be zeroed for the key in a backside and some starts to count again.
4 / 5
Was a lot of but finally an account showed has not aimed properly. In an end has taken the application of free pedometer of a tent of game to dip in my mobile phone. I have tried that it change a battery in the and has seen the bit to rust. It has forgotten to take it was once when I am gone in a shower . You cant the take wet.
5 / 5
There is wanted to so only the very basic model for the challenge of no. is the good prize and registers your steps. Ossia Roughly that. Perfecto so that there is wanted. It is also quite sturdy and a clip is a lot so that I am not scared will fall off it my trouser loop.
5 / 5
Has not done on me, but fact in my husband. The only way could takes to the work was the dangle he of my toe!
5 / 5
Bought partorisca try and maintain me active and doing the sure number of any one the day has discovered quickly this is not the very attentive counter, at all. Probably too economic. I count it to them on 800 any and has had so only 4675 registered in a counter.
5 / 5
This simple pedometer work a lot well; neither I maintain in my pocket or in the strap around the mine with the. He exactly that says, counts your steps, no more and much less. The delivery was punctual and am very satisfied.
4 / 5
No own partorisca an elderly, or any with the very soft gait. The has not been counted hardly and there is binned the. Shame.
4 / 5
Is in a cube. With which 30 min walk . Apparently I 15 no. has tried he partorisca the week in a gymnasium and was compraventa. It is useless.
5 / 5
Has purchased two, a pleasure the present. I have tried one of them and expósitos that some very clear readout, any equal a number of any that was to take in fact. I tried it on several days. Appearance a one this was the works of present or will feel very ashamed.
4 / 5
Does not look partorisca do that well. Teminice uk. Sometimes tip 40,000 step which know does not have does
4 / 5
has not loved the ready clock, and has does not love one of these pedometers that you absolutely has to that clip your tape like the cloths peg. This one can slip to your pocket or hook he on something. Easy to read and operate. Recommended.
4 / 5
Quite well , this in spite of finds that apparently it directs to walk anything until 50 places while seating still , very odd, has to dipped to first zero to do any walking. Once walking look well.
4 / 5
First day,adds, has been for the walk and pottered roughly in home, on 6000 no. According to day,the terrible time,TV to look remained the majority of a day,on 9000 no,And dipped that yes behind to zero.
5 / 5
A basic pedometer, counts your steps and at all more. Easy to read exposure, door in pocket or attach the loop of tape. If all want to is your has not counted he a work in minimum cost.

Top Customer Reviews: BIGGERFIVE Fitness ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 47 ratings
5 / 5
Perfect communication and fab like a company checks your happy with following the on email directly.
An element is the fabulous has measured, abundance of room partorisca growth and amazing prize. Helping my little boy learns numbers and time also which is a prize added . Monitor of sleep is fantastic in in fact that sees that takes and the one who credit the sleep. It is very susceptible in any movement the one who stop in the car is the little bit of the cheat, this in spite of does not effect too much.
A down the side is my little boy is not quite old to have his own telephone to the equal that have added an application to the mine telephone and unless it register on with him after mine every day a lot all is synced and has registered.
4 / 5
Has ordered these the few first weeks of Natal, so that it is reason my description is now, has loved my girls to spend them for the few weeks before I my description! It was very happy when they have arrived, looked good and was very easy to touch, my boys ( ages 10 and 7 ) was in a morning navideña of the moon! They have loved the Fitbit but when being the youngsters loved to have the most economic version and see like trace, has to say am impressed some boys wants to spend his and a measure of wrist is perfect for girls, a sample does not return my wrist of adult to the equal that are to good perfect insurances for boys, to good sure would buy again has required also!!!
5 / 5
Ossia The product adds for mine 10 and/or, perfect for a time/of date and of course in following his gives a very etc.
When it Is in 7 and/or the wrist is brilliant, loves it, can use it easily and is perfect for him, broke it this in spite of two times in a same place where a strap fulfils an organism of a device, usually when it is trying to take a strap to touch, has had a substitution, and a same thing is spent, but now can not look for the take substituted/refunded again.
4 / 5
The clock adds for boys! Life of fantastic battery well to the long of the week! It is not bulky, like this looks correctly in the childs wrist, my girls are 9 and 11 & returns them perfect. Some do not change with some movement of arm but no too bad for boys. A tracker of sleep is useful and the boys enjoy 'paste' his aim of any, certainly his movement done more! It links easy to the telephone and also alerts for calls etc. Easy to touch literally the strap of attractive was and discharges directly to the usb socket. It can not lacking still a prize!
4 / 5
Some vendors have achieved was mine in a backside of my description. They have offered the strap of substitution, or the repayment.. I have accepted a strap of substitution this in spite of have not had the spare strap in a green colour to the equal that have sent a full element. Fabulous Service, and happy daughter! Again his no a better quality never, but add like the judge of the tracker exited of no.

has bought for daughter of 10 offer of years navideño. It has loved the fitbit, has not loved to spend too much in the like this a lot sure was phase . It has loved that.. It has wanted to that follows his steps, dreams etc. has failed to register in the few occasions this in spite of some arrivals to tie to break. He maintaining will buy a real fitbit now.
4 / 5
Has ordered like the present navideño for mine 8 old year, loves a clock and that follows his steps. A clock has broken are April and has contacted a vendor the one who substituted it immediately in any cost takes! They have answered very fast and have sent the new clock and my edges has thrilled. Service of excellent client, easy to use application for a clock to control his progress.
4 / 5
Takes my boys each one of these for Christmass. His so that there is far all the wait. My only worry is which well a port of USB will last reason is a real tab that some accesses to tie on. It is the ready idea and taste, but will reserve to try until we have had to touch them several times. Some atenga gone back on a lot of snugly, which are add, but again leaves room to break to a port of USB due to the fact that hard has to that pull to take a strap was for the touch. Interior a moment, both devices are doing well and some boys are impressed.
4 / 5
Has lost my Fitbit but reluctant to buy the new a so it is expensive. Invernadero This one and has not expected any one a lot for a prize but am really happy with him. A strap is better that a Fitbit and a hard battery much more
5 / 5
done 2 days I to die this product 5 stars, this in spite of when it have been to touch he for a second time yesterday looks that a port to the touch has to that a bit the way has broken like the screen is not coming on, and is not there a red touching the light 🙈 like my daughter is now unable of the use.

Has not been if ours was so only the faulty an or no. And to the equal that have said, before this was a lot impress. I think that that we were so only miserable
5 / 5
Mina 7 old year loves it and tries to beat his account of any every day how is adds to promote an active lifestyle. It loves the when it vibrates to say is achieved his 10000 a lot of
4 / 5
Experience partorisca edges in Christmass. Amado the but the few days done the screen has been spatial. The clock is full touched and still has registered no in an application. Tried to contact the vendor but the email have received behind in Chinese!! Edges a lot disappointed.
Following posting this revises a company contacted and has sent the looks of substitution how has been received a next day . Excellent service. The edges is wanted. Thank you.
5 / 5
Has update my original description after this product has broken with which 6 month where the strap connects to face that it was very disappointing. This in spite of, when I have done a costruttore conscious, contact to us immediately and send the substitution really quickly. The excellent service and in the now have the new mark Fitbit like my daughter is wanted with so that it spends it every day. Thank you!
5 / 5
Has purchased three of these for my three boys. Has a lot of be durable and good for small wrists. Teminice fitbit. A very good value clock and counter of no.

has had the light question with one of some straps - but YT United Kingdom was that it shines to solve some subjects, that sends the new strap immediately .

I to good sure buys they again!
4 / 5
This has has broken - the strap there is snapped in all opposite chance of port touch - emailed company to the equal that comes with 12 guarantee of month- any response!
4 / 5
Has bought for my edges for Christmass. It was the really lovely clock , but four month in a screen has turn so that bad was impossible to see. Have tired resetting, but at all fact and now has to that be binned. A motorcycle ‘compraventa economic, spent two times', comes to import. Like the product comes from/comes from Cina (which there is no @to @give ) there has any one a lot in a way of guarantee. Save your money to spend more and that buys the better mark with the guarantee.
5 / 5
My little boy loves it, has the Fitbit and ossia like this well in a fraction of a cost. It is also fond when being able to say a time, more massive for one 8 old year
4 / 5
Love a simplicity and stylish look of a tracker/of clock. My daughter has taken one for his anniversary and I have has had to that so only take one on its own name. Easy to use and fast sync to VeryFitPro Application in my telephone. Has all a necessary info has has wanted to has registered. It loves it!!
5 / 5
The clock adds. My edges is very happy with him.
Uploads in hard the week some amours that pode until your telephone.
To good sure recommend and is the value adds for money.
4 / 5
The daughter has loved that, has won once some questions with an application not doing and any when being pas intuitive. Sadly After so only two month of sweet use, a component of the clock snapped inside a strap that the fact worthless like this included the new strap would not solve a subject. Window of the returns of the amazon have closed after so only a month that does the difficult turn.
5 / 5
Has bought this like the present for my edges 8th anniversary and is wanted absolutely with him. A fact that follows his steps for a day is to promote to exert more. I love a fact that can dip an alarm to wake in planting that has to go it his room to physically wake up. I am impressed like this am thinking to take one on its own name. Thank you The million!
4 / 5
I have bought partorisca look three strap of month has broken. Contacted YT has answered quickly, some agreed to clock of substitutes without any questions. I owe that say the service of client adds would buy they again.
4 / 5
This look fab partorisca some girls I especially like a usb be of the point of the load has incorporated, any need partorisca bosses.
I boys go partorisca want these partorisca Natal
5 / 5
has received the clock of the substitution of a provider likes strap of the clock of my daughter snapped recently with which 2 month.
A sample are partorisca add and my daughter spent it all a time of then receiving it as the present navideño.
In all the chance, there is wanted to so only say thanks to a crew for his service of client adds!
4 / 5
This clock is ideal for my daughter of 10 years is quite robust and maintains interested to be active. We have had a subject with a breaking of strap, this in spite of a support of client was before class . 1 fast message to sustain of the client and they have ordered the new one any quibble with the communications add. Highly it would recommend this product to any one!
4 / 5
Has purchased this clock for my edges of 10 years that there is wanted, but has had a subject with a point to touch in an after so only tie the few weeks. This in spite of, after contacting a provider and informing of a question has sent out of the substitution immediately my delight of edges and a crew of Service of the Client could not be more useful state. Highly it recommends.
4 / 5
Has Had the subject light with a first clock. A service was excellent with a clock has substituted any time. I add Comms and fantastic company, a lot of thank you.
5 / 5
Perfecto so that it requires for - the clock of fitness to motivate my daughter to move roughly in this lockdown.
4 / 5
Has had the question with a delivery of this product and after contacting a vendor has been rectified immediately and a clock has arrived a next day .
Has has not tried still a clock, how is the present navideño , but looks to be the good quality and I think it will return my daughter of 10 years perfectly.
Has given 5 star has based in his service of client and am sure that a clock will be adds!
5 / 5
Was really happy with cost of mine so much has bought like this another for the present. This in spite of in Saturday my biggerfive has broken a strap is start and the piece of a plastic is stuck to bow so that so only have purchased to the 24 February would like to send behind and have release it to please advise me like this goes roughly to do thank you.
4 / 5
Has purchased like the present of anniversary for the glorious daughter, in bad feedback, looks, everything well.
5 / 5
Tracker Of utmost fitness partorisca my daughter, simple and easy to use.
Unfortunately a strap snapped after 2 month, this in spite of a vendor was very useful and has sent the substitution.
4 / 5
Tracker Of utmost fitness partorisca girls. Easy to verify account of no. The controls touch really well.
5 / 5
A product there is prendido working. I require partorisca exchange it.. I purchased it so only the month behind.. A sample is not beginning and any exposure. Amiably mine very gone back in a subject.
4 / 5
Has bought this like present partorisca my Granddaughter thinks them that will want to. The service adds of vendor A lot of thank you.
5 / 5
Has bought this tracker partorisca my edges of four years partorisca undertake the challenge of the charity and he returns perfect.
An application is easy to download and screen of tracker a lot clear to read!
Easy clock partorisca use too much!
4 / 5
Has bought this partorisca my edges and was brilliant but after the pair of weeks a screen there is prendido partorisca do and has not gone back never on again. A lot disappointed.
4 / 5
Very Partorisca my adolescent with small wrist. It is pleased with him.
4 / 5
A counter of any newspaper is faulty, partorisca walk 1 aims of accounts of KM of any of around 5000 which is bad

A main purpose of a product is swipe because of this
5 / 5
With which little have used a strap broken and my daughter was like this unbalanced.
5 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. I gave it to my edges and pleasure of a lot.
5 / 5
I have bought this partorisca my daughter partorisca his anniversary and loves it. Like this easy and quickly to touch and wants to count his steps. We have had the subject light with a strap but was like this easy to treat and has sent the substitution immediately. It would not doubt to use them again!
5 / 5
Perfecto for my daughter the one who is 6. It loves it and it maintains to verify his steps. It has bitten to Annoy he like this cut around a house to beat our account of any one!
4 / 5
Lovely product. My daughter of 10 years loves it! Easy to use. It can go several days without requiring touch. What is the best wearable technology?. Good quality for prize.
4 / 5
Was the present navideño has done first uploads now at all looking on screen but vibrate when that resists a key down has taken the a lot unbalanced daughter league to the mine telephone and aim me what a lot of and all but with not aiming anything in a screen of an only black clock
5 / 5
has bought the tracker of fitness of the girl to the equal that has wrists a lot slender but mainly reason has does not love anything has complicated also. This all I need, returns my good wrist and help me to maintain clue of my daily & weekly activity. Highly recommended.
Pat C
4 / 5
has Bought this for my grandson of 6 years those who there is clocking on prójimo to 20000 no for the day adds little tracker of simple fitness to use and life of good battery
4 / 5
Excellent value for the money bought for mine 8old year loves the.