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A music is delicate and extremely well. A polyphony is used immediately but in two different ways, with repetitions of some words of a voice to another and with a vocalizing of some vowels in some strategic words. A form this polyphony apresamiento is more often that of the cannon or the fugue.

Announces of the furthest developments but remains very simple. Some instruments, when they are not used like simple accompaniment, is used also like voice in the way and they enter a cannon and fugue form together with some voices they. But once again he all simple rest and one treating is very clear, light and in the way a-has amplified.

And a time still a composer does not doubt to use some big dives or big jumps in a music or a flange, a big-pitched the voice suddenly locates big in some stairs of the low plus-pitched voice or note. But these vocalisations and the effects are delicately and simply wrought averted all excessive ornamentation, each one if that tip to underline a syllable or word and not aiming a virtuosidad of a singer or music. It gives to musical evocation very pleasant of a birth of Jesus concealed does not love conjure any awe or excessive admiration in knots : it is more the good-looking history that an impressive miracle.

But these pieces of music are also histories and a main interest is a vision of Mary dates in this register. In a History navideña Mary is in the totally secondary place. It is a mother and concealed is everything . After a birth, a danger that comes from/comes from Herod is underlined by a fact that a three Magi goes to Jerusalem and Herod to announce a birth of the new King of a Jews. It is then Herod this trusts a Magi with finding a boy. They will do like this but it will not return to Jerusalem. Another element gives Joseph the function a lot of entity in a history. It is a a the one who is to touch with God by means of an angel in his sleeps.

For this learns that it has to that evasion in Egitto and then later on to go back. Mary is erased like this of a picture. In a next piece (SWV 333) has an Annunciation, to fold annunciation of then Mary takes a message of his future pregnancy and a time still learns that Elizabeth is also pregnant (the future John a Baptist) after an intervention of a Saint Ghost the one who goes to visit Mary later on. But any one mentions anything of a mission to redeem Mary takes then the free humanity of the sin of Eve.

A data of next piece for Reneacute; Jacobs (SWV 322) sees included further of then is an evocation of a visitación for a Saint Alcohol. It is reduced to dew and the rain of justice that plant the seed in an earth where can germinate it and grow in the Saviour. Mary is disappeared entirely and state substituted by earth.

Then in piece SWV 323 Mary is reduced to « dein Gewahl » for Joseph, ossia his together (usually and today is the masculine substantive , but here is used like the neutral substantive that you can he generically cover any woman or husband), and Ángel explains to Joseph that Mary is pregnant with the edges that has been propiciado his for a Saint Alcohol. Joseph is like this valorised to be an only character of weight in this history but also to call some edges of David. Some finals of register with two small pieces that so only sing a birth of Christ.

This general picture in this register of Mary has erased and Joseph the one who is has pressed looks to advance to represent the Protestant approximation navideña. We could compare with a vision of a Virgin in Hildegard von Bingen for chance that is entirely different of then Mary results an essential character of a history because it redeems humanity of his sinful fate.

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Heinrich Schütz is to good sure gives it composers that it lucido better benefited of the revolution gives registers instruments of the sud of period and give investigations of authenticities of his years 60-70 to the initiative of Nikolaus Harnoncourt and Gutav Leonhardt. It has discovered Schütz with His registers, sure enough printed of spiritualidad, give brothers Mauesberger to Lepzig (60-70), but lucido resorted to the vocalises and the modern sonorities overburdened this delicate music.

The history of the nativity has spent lucido relate give Writings that knows everything. This small oratorio Of has joined loable to the simplicity comprises 19 pieces. In the vocal Distribution will distinguish Andreas Scholl in his functions of a shepherd and of an angel. To the orchestration comprises some ropes, gives trombones and cornets natural to the hot bells, a orgue positive, gives whistle to bec, a luth and a dulcian (ancestor of the basson).
The Against-ténor and boss of orchestra René Jacobs is joins gives to imagine his plus aventajados of this renouveau of the interpretation 'to the elderly' of the baroque music. Averting Lucida the cheat gives conjoint minimalistes thins it the rich audible Texture gives œuvres, René Jacobs, as Philippe Herreweghe, knots the contributed joins relecture féérique of this nativity.

Heinrich Schütz The compound joins œuvre dénuée of all mysticisme wise. He we replonge in the universe gives Soyystères' touched to the average-Age in front of his cathedrals.
To the sweet simplicity of this Nativity heads to all his Audiences. It can all also a lot listen it notebook in main games to impregnate of the talent of Schütz illustrating lucido relate évangélique, that leaves bercer pair the melody to the foot of the fir. Frankly, In affranchit quite quickly of the German.

The album is completed pair five motets in him same way and equally the pair inspired his time of the avent and navideño.

Remarce : The integrity of the Piece poured in this disk finds of the sud lucido blog DEBLOCNOT' (sees my profile).
4 / 5
All The alcohol of a Christian Christmas of antaño in this oratorio; singers, the boss and the orchestra are excellent and in the alcohol of the text; his singers are perfectly comprehensible (in Germans...), that is not Lucido always chance and his paste of interpretation to the text. At all Of vocalises was @@subject neither of course of speed, simply a glorious Christmas. An Indispensable disk.
PS: Lucida To the notebook so only comprises lucido Original text in German, but, touches those that any pause finds the translation in of the sud English lucido web.
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Wunderbare Vertonung, place dieser Qualität hatte ich bei give Bestellung gar nicht gerechnet. Sehr zu empfehlen.
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Quotes Klarheit und Unaufgeregtheit give Aufführung ist überzeugend, die Solistenstimmen sind sehr ausgewogen aufeinander abgestimmt. It is ist ein Genuß zuzuhören.
5 / 5
One remarkable tarpaulin. Jacobs & Has sawed. Door both a history and a music fully bolt. If you are allergic of faster that the normal time could wants to think twice. For all other lovers of Schutz, ossia the no brainer. So as I amour Bernius' rendition has to that say that I enjoy this a plus.
5 / 5
Schutz psalter Is turgid in better. This register is any how May! It is one of my favourite disks, to all the cost of season.

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This register is quite delicious and are by train of the enjoy the plot. It was the recommendation in BBC3 Informs Record.
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Although the recent spate of the Americans of television programs there is revived flange of next harmony, entertainment to concentrate killed a partsong. On until a mid 20th century, was the centrical part of our musical culture. In Austria in a start of a 19th century, like the culture has been forced indoors for a state chancellor Prince Klemens von Metternich, a artform thrived. Schubert, Never an animal of party, thank you with the number of winning examples.

Many of some works have treated in this new disk of Harmony Mundi has been composed for a eschubertiade' or fellow' meetings that is resulted a material of Schubert legend. Still in spite of some fine to sing and touching of this clutch of main Schubertians, am remained unconvinced that adapts the half has registered.

A partsongs and the pieces of party are the real rejoinder to these (comprising me of occasion) the one who think Schubert was the forlorn enciphers inside Viennese society. They are to a large extent jolly works, which require punch and pizzaz in action. Marlis Petersen, Anke Vondung, Werner Güra and Konrad Jarnot offers the suitably fizzy quartet, with Christoph Berner (in the Rönisch fortepiano) offering equally spirited support. It likes of a lot of Schubert jolliest music, this in spite of, feels likes is protesting bit it too much, the shiny veneer down that the darkest truths is lurking. It follows with which clue, one slaps it thigh Gemütlichkeit try the little hard to swallow.

Some actions are, this in spite of, wonderfully true to an alcohol of some compositions, any less a November 1827 composition 'Give Hochzeitsbraten' (a class of work of the miniature been missing). Here Petersen, Güra and Jarnot game on brilliantly to a innuendo in Franz von Schober text but, as some passages some plus bobos to Die Zauberflöte, he so only a lot quite translate to disk. Assisted alive, these actions undoubtedly would be endearing, but on disk a festivity has forced there was taking Winterreise.

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@Subject Massively so only partorisca Brigitte Engerer Chopin Nocturnal disks - Probably my preferred CDs never .... A rest is extra very

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There is something very emotional roughly Werner Güra yours of expressive tenor, draws calm to a same music when it calms does not comprise each alone word (although you take the very good booklet with translation partorisca each song). A sound of a fortepiano of Schubert the time is perfect bot partorisca his voice and partorisca a setting of this sing cycle.
5 / 5
Lately A Gramophone there is lavished praise in a Winterreise of Mark Padmore, the one who ameno the Schubert adds, mournful cycle of song a lot of years of formation and musical instinct. I have been interested partorisca listen the light lyric tenor come from a work, of that is a voice Schubert has written he partorisca, but a prize some paid is that some more desperate and the anguished songs are a bit shortchanged emotionally. Justo or no, tends partorisca attribute weightier feelings the weightier voices. Werner Gura the voice is like this light likes Padmore is and youthful-touching, also, like this befits the age of a narrator. But owe his to regulate the emotional Schwannengesang where Gura the passion and the anguish rid with the emotional impact adds without possessing that it thinks of like this voice 'right'. Partorisca me, his stands of art on Padmore is in an order of Lieder.

To the equal that has run by means of Gura new Winterreise with has has augmented expectations. Some first few songs develop the one who his strategy is. It takes aches partorisca offer small nuances of phrasing partorisca add interest to a repetitive strophic songs, and when given the casualidad, he dramatizes some songs with theatrical fashion. Another prominent lieder specialist, Ian Bostridge, follows a same strategy, but Gura has a goodness of the plus of course good-looking voice, any partorisca mention complete familiarity with his native tongue. When bostridge Underlines a poetry, chair that is applying partorisca gloss studied; when Gura a same thing, feels well reason there is the connection felt among text and music. The comparisons are invidious, and another can take one reverse view. I think that little they could contest against a beauty and force of Gura new version. It is tender and ouching of a principle and grows in height until it achieves a eerie hushed catharsis to Give Leiermann in an a lot of well. Nowhere to the long of a way is any emotion feigned or overblown to self-harm or melodrama.

Padmore The register was extolled for having a soloist fulfilled to to Paul Lewis likes accompanist. It would offer Christoph Berner, this in spite of far less known, like this arguably more final. Lewis curves in backward to be unassuming, while Berner apresamiento Schubert breakings of piano to be equal to the part of a singer. One listens like an independent voice, which was also true of Benjamin Britten when paired with Peter Pears in one the majority of wrenching and emotionally deep Winterreise was. Berner Is not quite Britten, finding less subtlety in this apparently simple music, but his musicality is the goodness adds here.

Finally, gura has to that be rented to find the variety of tones where like this the wind of singers arrives to give an emotional landscape that is too uniform and plaintive. A stray youth, the alive solitary results first of eyes, and ossia of the definite compliment in lieder flange. His Winterreise belonging among a better of a past.
4 / 5
Lately am beginning to discover a vocal side of classical music. After buying some CD is for Philippe Jaroussky has listened a Winterreise in a radio. Curious to listen have more does more investigation and has found this version. I love it, I have listened also a famous other versions but this one has attacked me of the yours and way. A register is clear crystal and Güra the voice is supple and persuasive. A fortepiano is not exactly of Schubert to era but still has a fortepiano his without the, often, was-of-his to dip ready like this fortpianos has to that an older generation.
Compared to other registers a way of this one convinced immediately. Mina he for real sounds like the young man the one who is desperate but tries humour he to drive out of some demons. Schubert Was youngster when it wrote it and he sung this piece he and this register re-creates in this way of mine.
5 / 5
Really is !All another east the leading register is to have any meaning for me .
Any one has't first touch me like this deeply, like this dramaticly , like this music of fourth duet. Ossia Mine Schubert !
Now knows them , it Schubert bad, when it has said to his friends in 1827:'Today my friends, will sing them for you terrible songs.'
Thank you Franz Schubert! Thank you Werner Güra and Cristoph Berner !
5 / 5
Technically almost faultless ossia a lot of convincing the approximation but the my ears so only bit it too heroic for the work that would have to transmit the sense of unhinged desperation and hopelessness. Still, the valid approximation in a lot of ways and fantastically has registered.
4 / 5
Wunderbarer Liedgesang. Yesterday trifft eine wohltuende Tenorstimme Harm richtigen Tonne für Liedgesang. It has dipped seiner Stimme ist W. Güra In giving glücklichen Lage, sämtliche Dynamiken und Stimmungen im Liedgesang herauszuarbeiten. Text und Phrasierungen werden give Dichtung bzw. It gives Komposition absolut gerecht. Ich kenne zur Zeit keine bessere Winterreise. Christoph Berner ist give kongeniale Begleiter für Werner Güra.
5 / 5
Gentleman Gura the voice is the strong clear instrument , which poden arriesgadamente stand with these other versions of this well know ask (Fischer-Dieskau, Goerne, Hotter, Hagegard, and the personal favourite, Pears). Maintaining require the version adds in English. It is there a lot there that it can it to it translate and do justice to this text. It would want to listen Gentleman Gura or Gentleman Goerne sing this in mine tongue. Has like this enjoyed Bach St. John Passione in English for Britten and Pears.
5 / 5
He At all more, so only to bulk on some numbers thus CD to add another 5 description of star.
Would add that a quality of his east orders, and that one 'hushed catharsis to Give Leiermann' mentioned for SF so only well a prize of a CD. Gura The voice is absolutely good-looking.
For me, this action is better that FD and very better that Padmore.
4 / 5
Has So much register of this together, probably Schubert the majority of famous lieder. I am not sure, out of all some elections, that drew to this register, but he garnered an excellent description in a Music put International web. Anytime the singer and accompanist can dip advances an interpretation that instantly ameno to import a much more of past of versions, Fischer-Dieskau or Goerne or Pears or Schreier, has one looks of has paid. A tragedy is that buyers of knots of music too often leave an old classical renditions to burn his way like this deeply our consciousness that the new offering can be easily refused or is spent for big. They are here to say you Gura and Berner do an exceptional work, the 'wow' work. Both offer incredibly committed actions, spending a poignancy of Muller poetry the life. It is like this easy to close your eyes and imagine a young protagonist in his wanderings so it contemplates an end of amour, an end of life. Highly it recommends this register!
4 / 5
Listens this in NPR likes music to listen in the night of dark winter and is for real adds. A clarity of audio is perfect (modern register) and a liner the long notes. A packaging is the fold was coverage of paper more than a box of stupid jewel likes done the good addition to the collection.

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4 / 5
I will not beat in a shrub-ossia the really splendid disk in every respect.
Stefan Blunier Is a manager of the born boss Swiss of this typically well German orchestra, which shows all some characteristics expect -your warm brass, rich series , silky and first precision of tax-and takes an interesting, and dare said The, exciting approximation to these works.
A collection opens with the final version of Mahler partorisca Give Klagende Lied of 1890, in the first place treated in 1901 and which is shorn of the his Waldmärchen prelude.
Ossia A same version in that I has expressed the terracing of disappointment in a recent Goes/VPO register, but here my satisfaction is in reverse proportion my disappointment with one Goes.

Blunier sensibly Does not try partorisca do to to the this sound likes 'vintage' Mahler, but underlines that of east is an earlier piece over time swifter, the pointiest rhythms and the less approximation massively-no those some sounds of action in any way undermanned, far of him, but a lighter approximation leaves more detail partorisca be exposed and an emotion partorisca be whipped on repeatedly, juxtaposed with sensuous touching and interspersed with musical effects that is really creepy in this action.

Some soloists am a lot well the excellent-Lioba Braun half is a lot expressive and dresses Nathalie Stutzmann, Mauela Uhl is the a lot of Wagnerian soprano, with an occasional ugly note but even more thrilling some, and more than everything, Werner Güra is quite simply a expositor more final that a function of tenor has has not listened never!

A Czech Heart of Brno is glorious, and perfectly balanced, and a contributo orchestral is glorious. A offstage the band is taken wonderfully, and Blunier takes this a lot of quickly in fact giving is the very sinister air - has been them adapted of a music of Berg especially.
A register is stunning in stereo and SACD.
This now would be my upper recommendation for this version of a work- a Goes sounds of action staid and overblown for comparison, in spite of a presence of my beloved VPO.
Those looking for a need of complete work looks no further that Chailly/BRSO.

A program follows with the a lot of affecting rendition of Blumine, and this is to follow for Mahler last fully completed and orchestrated work, an Adage of a 10th symphony.
This also is a lot well, in the more the advances that action of movement that is always a chance. This action has to that compete with those for some orchestras add of Berlino, Vienna, Dresden, Munich-and Bournemouth!-And although it is a lot well, it does not surface like the first election.
This in spite of is the welcome addition to this collection.
Can not stress quite mine excite partorisca east registers it action to Give Klagende Lied transforms of a Mahler early does seminal that one wants to listen occasionally out of almost of academic interest, to the bravura the laws of emotion adds and totally invigorating music that one wants to experience again and again!
Unreservedly Recommended with 5 more than stars! Stewart Crowe.
4 / 5
Stewart Corvo has has covered already a essentials in his comprehensible description, as I will add the little cheapo thoughts.

To That likes on this register is his freshness and energy; I have not listened never of an orchestra, two of some soloists or a manager - that was it? - But they the fine crew, unafraid to leave a youthful Mahler spends his heart in his sleeve in an almost sentimental, but finally really charming 'Blumine' and the really unzipped action of a later version of 'Give klagende Lied' which does not try to do this early on-sophisticated but revels in some a lot of motives like king surface in symphonies later. Therefore a waltz-travesía of rhythms and transmission and some sounds of forests are almost naïve in his directness.

Some soloists are not one the plus calm end has not listened never, although Werner Güra is especially sweet and spirited in a bit has to that do. A soprano has his acid and slightly wobbly the moments and of the big is quell'has bitten blowsy but both are exciting and committed singers. They are very sustained for a Czech heart equally enthusiastic of Brno.

A sound is extraordinarily well: warm, full, balanced and there is detailed. A really interesting program is finalised unexpectedly with an Adage of the last symphony of Mahler. It resupplies the shady balance, sober to an exuberance that precede it. It is a lot very touched without a weight and sheen and classifies really upper the orchestra can spend to this the majority of heart-rending of the pieces but is still a lot very touched and has directed.

A enterprising, in absorbent disk; if it love an earlier version of 'Give klagende Lied', first stop would owe that be a Chailly with upper soloists.

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 2 ratings
4 / 5
The music adds, has touched well with an excellent together, soloist and heart.V
5 / 5
Was Captain Bligh on informing to a crew of a HMS Bounty or a fiddlers of a Concentus Musicus Wien? The suspect is a last. On some years he hard - the stint in some oars in the Romans trireme would be more be easy that when being the violinist in a CMW during a studio of Bach Cantatas and further. In fact, some marvels because the Fletcher the Christians there is still partorisca arise rows. While Harnoncourt is the diligent, perceptive manager with integrity - the Showboat Billy has not been - his interpretations seldom frames partorisca easy listening with his explosive emphases, eschewal of charm and wilful time. The difference other practitioners of practice of period, Harnoncourt any shy out of magnitude like the light vampire - to talent, an end of Winter in this register with his evocation of a Last Test - but is always in his own terms. Harnoncourt The palette is unmistakable and sometimes unbearable. His triumphs notwithstanding, has to drive any plenary-blooded the crazy violinist.

Ossia Harnoncourt According to taking on a Data Jahreszeiten. It is less acerbic that an old Teldec that record that Gresham Law, operating in reverse, there is extirpated Haydn: Some Seasons (Die Jahreszeiten) . In light of his fate, some if it marvels because Sony bankrolled another exposure: it is laudable all one same.

Harnoncourt Attacked it here is uneven. Lamentably, it pulls out of a skipping twists in an introduction partorisca Declare: our lunar neighbour has more atmosphere to his name (and an even could be said of the his counterpart in Autumn). But instead, one air this follows (Gives muntre Hirte versammelt nun) with some horns is persuasive. Predictably, a Storm is fury embodied and a Trio with Heart that sees was the summer is evocative. Beginning to Winter, had been that dreads that Harnoncourt ladies a Nikes partorisca a famous introduction but felizmente defy my expectations: in fact, a sonority invokes in 2'22' is surprising. A Kavatina that Janowitz has sung like this ravishingly under Karajan is spoilt for fast time (Joseph Haydn: Die Jahreszeiten . I have it that has not listened never the more rendition of 'Ein Machen, gives auf Ehre hielt' - bravo to Arnold Schoenberg Corazón.

Of some three singers, was impressed more for a Christian baritone Gerhaher with his stentorian declamations.

Ossia The Seasons to admire and respect that amour. It is the interesting acquisition . Like this always, Harnoncourt - the man adds - resupply it rollercoaster experience with exhilarating emotions and dip it belie his height. First election remains Karajan classical version of 1972 (Die Jahreszeiten ). There, one directs less in of the stylistic considerations and more in this Eclogue insiemi the music.

And until this day when he CMW jumps of violinist to his feet and cry ' are in hell, are in hell' as famous mutineer, long can that he music of this continuous outside.