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Top Customer Reviews: Armed Response ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 4 ratings
5 / 5
There is the plot ossia more supernatural waffle that esquíe-fi but is involving and terrible in equal measure. I look it to an end, has unnecessary gore, has any reason partorisca like any of some characters but has any product partorisca look drought and the four band of beer, is probably value the punt.
4 / 5
The film has amused well if yours so only looking for some escapism. The intriguing history with moving it well approaches an end, well doing and has directed amiably.
4 / 5
Some of a history so only has not felt. Easy clock, blood and violence.
4 / 5
DVD ANSWERED ARMED with Wesley Snipes the film adds partorisca look,good value and fast delivery.

Top Customer Reviews: Warrior ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5
A surprisingly involving film, “the warrior” takes a world of Mixed Martial Arts likes dipped partorisca this emotional and dramatic history of two brothers and his estranged father.

A film that could so that there is easily has followed a clichéd has normalised of like this melodramas of sports (particularly a gender partorisca box) this one directs partorisca add the few transfers that spends it on a norm has expected.
There is well actions of Strong and Edgerton like this of the brothers – a the professor that returns partorisca struggle because of financial difficulty, another ex-the soldato that honour the promise. A third factor is resupplied for Nolte, the one who dips in the very very measured, understated to the action likes them the sound recovering alcoholic father.
That marks a do one like this well is in a balance of compassion a plot gradually builds for each character; in my opinion is inevitably difficult to take sides, as you detail present and the situations have spent of the each character is developed and like the pair finds him in a tournament although it finalises in his definite confrontation.
Averts to be the a lot of-scripted piece, a camera-does and modifying of some scenes of thrilling fight - particularly a spectacle of a tournament - is dynamic and effective, doing for brutal, but obliging viewing.

An emotional and rousing film of sport, very considered and compulsively entertaining.
4 / 5
To say that this film is included close the Rocky is the joke and an insult to some Rocky films , some the Rocky films have had the heart and soul these rubbishes is for a section of cube of the charity marked down of 25p to 15p. If you are 8 yrs old this could amuse for 2 a lot the time dulls hours but took the brian the little older there will be you this in first of fast. Some scenes of fight are to dull and arrival with which 2 His min. all arm fence with which bars of the arm Dulls dulls . An only thing that has saved this end is Jennifer morrisons upper organism , his legs wow ! Tone hardys Trapeziues wow ....... The decayed tomatoes have this on in 83 = joke
4 / 5
the warrior is not billed like the film of the woman. But to look the character of surfaces of Strong of the Tone, is likes to see a miracle of the straw that is turned to gold. I have wanted to it loved/ it That. - The character of some hard swipes Tom has launched was paralización to aim it to a fight of competition, show a endurance of a human alcohol, - a film in his entirety is writing like this good and crafted, a less is more. Calm once comprise. A film is pure gold . Brilliant mould.
4 / 5
Is not sure state in this film as they are not the partidário big to box and wrestling in a first place, but has had such good descriptions that has the data tries. And I have not been disappointed.

This film is extraordinary. A MMA the world is in fact a fund of the gripping operates familiar. A history is powerful and resonates a lot the time after a film is on. All the characters, has included one the majority of minors some, has depth and a trio of main actors, Joel Edgerton, Tom Hardy and Nick Nolte gives the stellar action.

Was simply riveted my chair to start with to finalise! “The warrior” will result the classical sure.
5 / 5
This film is roughly more than MMA (was in just that, would not have enjoyed it so much). It is also in a report complicated among two brothers and his report pulled respective with his father. Although it is not explored in depth adds in a film, Tommy is a plus broken of some brothers, that follows the accident of friendly fire his time in Marino, duquel was an only survivor . His negation to speak roughly has me thinking suffer PTSD like a lot of ex-servicemen , and one struggling is his outlet. This does a more complicated of some brothers, more bitter in remaining to concern for his mother to die and so only generally pissed of in his familiar and his life.
Averts of a rear history this in spite of, some scenes of fight are surprising and Tom Hardy has transformed physically for this function, which is amazing devotion and certainly has paid was. I can not think of the alone function that Tom could not take on and execute perfectly, is an actor the one who deserves the plot more recognition. Nick Nolte are adds also likes guilt-the father locates that looks for to be there for both his edges, unfortunately probably too little, too late in his eyes.
Likes MMA, looks it, if it likes-you of the work that is has thought to cause and quite sad in of the places, sample yes, taste, so only likes look in Tom Hardy in just of the pair of the look reason damn is gorgeous.
The wont Disappoints is the film adds .
5 / 5
Has bought this together with another strong tone dvd to the equal that has looked for strong tone dvd that am not looked or bought and has found this and venom and bought him and are not disappointed at all like this amour a film this in spite of era to like please hug ur bro in a film whose fight but the supposition require to take he out of there of system for there of differences but has taken my happy final when his finally hug has been
5 / 5
This film is without any doubt one of some better films never. Struggling the scenes are of sound, launched wonderful. Now that marks this films really special is a combination of one struggling, thrill and an utmost soundtrack! Another films that beats to be this memorable of a same gene is Cinderella Man with Russel Crowe and Kidney. One the majority of clock! Beautiful has done.
4 / 5
Billed As 'All a Rocky has gone to one'. This could not be further of a truth !!! This film plods together with small action but the plot of dialogue. Some scenes of fight were bad choreographed which the unbelievable & amateurish.
Some actors have not had any charisma so it has not had any empathy with any of some characters. The warrior can not resist the sail in any Rocky film. It is boring, it has drawn it was with actions of forests.
5 / 5
A film adds that it deserves four or perhaps five stars-such is a quality of film to do and acting. A history has been said first like this in Rocky or more recently The Fighter, this in spite of, this trace on the all in mine dress and sincerely is moving,tended,exciting and the action packed with some scenes of fight add that it is extremely a lot of choreographed and has filmed. It would have liked him it has seen more than a life familiarised of some actors keys like his interactions familiarised were fascinating and has done brilliantly. Another describes that has underlined was a lack of blood. Without touching bloodthirsty, those of knots those who have looked and enjoys UFC is conscious that in a blood can flow sometimes. In this film a gore is maintained in control. Perhaps ossia reason a film is one defends mixed martial arts and does not wish the detract of a sport or the game to some delivery that considers a sport to be barbaric. For me , more the blood would be more true state and has done a sheer laws he even more riveting. A film in some ways there has been too big the history to say and Esparta the tournament felt a bit condensed- does not blame of a filmakers but, wow, if Hbo done this material to the thirteen parter then the one who the fine film experiences it would be! The this in spite of attributes it five stars like sheer experience to look this film had on a flange of my chair and has created the sense of the awe and the emotion have not felt for the while looking film and some acting is excellent and a lot of believable. Partidários Of fight and viriles of the alpha will love it and loves it look again and again. There are utmost extras in a DVD and especially blue ray that well commentary. This film is the law of class and the worthy addition to a gender. In mine dress possibly a film of better fight there,in spite of some unavoidable cliché. The Partidários to struggle almost certainly likes to of him. My number a film of 2011 and like this far, 2012.
5 / 5
Has bought he for my dad for Navidad the one who has been pleased with him, but said was the good film with which looked it on TV, before it bought it to them and very sure that the time is looked the, excepts is not my class of film. It has not taken too much long to come and was good value for money.

Top Customer Reviews: Star Trek: Lower ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5
This show is for real breathe he of fresh air. It is perfect? The no. But is hilarious. Filled with references, both common and darknesses, is a easter paradise of hunters of the egg. A first pair of fight of episodes partorisca find his pacing, but once finds it, flies a show. It is an animate show , as they are able to do more, show more, and generally be the plus outlandish that has not seen never in Hike of alive action before. Maintain an eye was partorisca an episode that ruthlessly lampoons some films, is fantastic. It is refreshing partorisca see that CBS/Paramount is has had to that do entertainment of Hike of Star in the light hearted way, while also treating a material of source with reverence. Abundance there partorisca partidários new and old equally. Easy looking, short episodes, give it shot it. Could like you.
4 / 5
Does not know reason this is taking like this hate. A creation of art is surprising, a development of the character during a first whole season is fantastic. It is not meant seriously likes to regulate StarTrek shows or has included an original animate series. Ossia Modern animation , is meant partorisca be humorous and whacky. It looks of people partorisca be in active his with a mindset that goes partorisca be as other shows of the hike and ossia so only simple injustice. It thinks of to the this plus like you to him Rick or space Of Finals and Morty, the merry aim which is meaning partorisca be fun partorisca look. Like Partorisca me totally is because of a TNG aesthetic.
4 / 5
Has thought Mariner was bit it a lot in a premiere episode, but like the season has been in and there is pulled some of some covers behind to explain, has begun to like so as a rest of some characters. Ossia Like this far a better Hike of a Kurtzman to era and am excited to see more in a future.

Enjoys A Orville, Rick or Spatial Final & Morty has taken show. Especially you are fond of Hike of Estrella: A Next Generation also, but concealed is not the requirement.
5 / 5
Has not been the one who all these anti-LD folk this. But this show is phenomenal!

Has to that look any of one 'New Hikes', I highly, highly recommend the coverages Go down.

This show is one the majority of accessible Star to hike never released, my partner has not seen never Hike still to Star first, aimed him an inaugural pilot to Star Walked TNG and has been boring and postponed. Aimed his an inaugural pilot to Go down the coverages and was amused and was like this well that we binged a whole show.

Can not recommend the coverages Go down enough and expect that all the world takes a casualidad of the look all a way by means of.
5 / 5
In spite of being be burn of Discovery and Picard has tried to give this tip the casualidad. Some characters are all unlikeable, when being whacky and in a cup more than having genuine substance to them that would do any of them in any way likeable. I can not agree laughing once.

At the beginning felt quite sad for Ensign Boimler in this show, is seen so only like this that joke and has treated terribly for Mariner especially the one who always has to that take an on in lucido. An episode there is pulled especially a coverage out of low lucido when it has looked for likes it could be otherwise. For some episodes plus very late has finalised to give on top of those worries . I can see reason this show has struggled to take international distribution.

Is another tip as it does not feel to like Walked of Estrella.
4 / 5
Had not listened of of the this, has seen so only bursts up in my recommendations and when being the big defender of the hike of Estrella has thinks that would go to blind interior a moment. A worse could be it has thought is has left any one Hikes of turns to Star to Rick and Morty or some show of Coverage of the Cartoon - the results concealed is exactly that it is. Have enjoyed Walked of Estrella Picard so there has been attended for the amazons that boss of a licence but ossia unwatchable. It could any prints me to go besides long that 15 minutes is one the majority of generic sad 'OH MY TYPES of GOD RAAAA LOL' try hard sense of humour, any one his talent at all, dipped of just ram down your throat with way too loudness and in an upper quirky characters. It is at all he likes Walked to Star neither, really not looking forward to goes like more door was with a franchise, ossia extremely out of touching with a heart of Hike of Estrella, gave it to stirs it of manchildren and his honradamente he disgrace. It is worse for far that has included an original animate series. Bet Wheaton want to this a

also would like me say an Amazon of real reason there is prendido to comment in the descriptions is so that it could spew was contained of the rubbish like this easier and has left shills or some promise of types those who has not seen never inclusos of the indications of walk of Hike to Star more comunicacional true among an audience.
4 / 5
To the equal that have had my reservations and after a first episode has not been convinced how is all like this hectic and quickly paced. But after a second episode was hooked and is the really pleasant show with adds in of the jokes to maintain defenders in his toes.
With all a new Hike the meeting has like this haters and so only does not take it , loves the all and the Lowest coverages is any exception.
Is fun, acute, very very linked in with another Hike and the new direction the one who just enhances a lore of Hike.
5 / 5
Worse writing never... Poor jokes, bad plots...
An animation is quite very this in spite of.

Has been expecting the Spatial fashionable Star Walked Final... Instead it has taken this abomination ...
A last episode was a lot of this in spite of.
4 / 5
Is walked of stars, so only in name.
HAS decades of materials reads it that it could be entertains yes.
Uses any of him in the way that is entertaining no.
Is this the comedy, unfortunately no.
Is there a dimension of mirror of the harm where this program is in fact good and some writers of the comedy in fact knows like this to be funny, ignored.

Tries nano red instead, does not look this smeg.
5 / 5
Tries too hard to remain pertinent and be relatable to spectators that has on grown with a franchise of Hike of original Star this in spite of more like this with the youngest spectators those who can have seen Picard. Rod tries too hard to be as his Dad and in planting to exit in his own frames these references to fall behind on. It was really that looks forward to this show but has fallen the only plan on is expensive . It can not take his, is farce and just background noise . Easy looking but ossia roughly that. The gene has created the show adds, this so only is abusing.

Top Customer Reviews: Game Of Death ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 17 ratings
5 / 5
With Wesley Snipes in him, as it can fail. A good history, well has done. I recommend this highly.
5 / 5
when being the defender of Wesley of then passenger 57 I has wanted to see that it has been it until lately and am happy to inform that an informative is very very good. The only defect was has not had any explosion. But scenes of the fight to notch upper has on fact for that.
5 / 5
That the good film of this year like this very so much of some early days of the films done with passenger 57 and double crew with dam of van but because the did not give it to five star is because it uses so many shoots of dances with, that the any to see never reload to a gun likes calm to do with classical films like james bond or a hard serious data with bruce willis but this suitable film of a steven seagal hard film partorisca kill in all this film and doing of wesley and a mould was a lot well although it looks the copy of steven seagals film 4 out of 5 stars
5 / 5
Ossia the really odd action film . They have run perhaps out of way of part of the money by means of, or perhaps so only has not known the one who has done. When it Is a lot it is a lot well, some scenes in a hospital are tense and sincerely unsettling. A cinematography is that it takes eye, all swooping shots of helicopter, prowling laws partorisca film that thumbs of careers on a tarmac. There is good use of the course down but impressive Detroit. Oddly There is also plentiful the visual effects have inserted partorisca any obvious reason. A mould is well, mainly people of trick, but a script so only does not give them anything a lot partorisca do with. Has thinks that that Zoe Bell was well, touching Gloria or Floria, does not look never quite sure.

In a heart of a film is Wesley Snipes touching the quota impassive BLACK CIA opps agent, taken in a wrong side when a rest of his crew goes prays. This would be well, but a film uses the quite sentimental framing the device where is saying a whole history in flashing behind to the priest. Like this while a film chooses on any punctual moment comes to clash behind down to the earth with some dulls and unconvincing habladuría. Basically Snipes so only does his way by means of killing all his leading mates one for one, likes to shrink work of band by means of his plan to fly some millions. Some last ten minutes are particularly underwhelming. A plot really any a lot a lot of sense, if they the bad types there was so only says no Snipes that they had killed his mentor, and the little another fibs, undoubtedly helped him.

With some decent transfers, or some characters have concerned you roughly, or included the clue of the average of decent plot, this could have been enough well, how is this spends a time, but loses the majority of his moment in a halfway point, never for the recover.
4 / 5
While it is easy to on-analyse the plot of film and has simulated any action film to be predictable or caseous, the game Of death has sucedido where in fact tip to have sucedido. Wesley Snipes Are adds in a main function, in fact his better action of some last few years, and some controls of global film on a lot against another of this type.

When you Look in a current action absolutely dead scene, the defenders of a gender owe that turn the 'old hands' of the to scene likes to van Damme, Snipes and Lundgren (all desquels still is pumping out of straight action flicks in the good tax)and a estimativa some subjects of big plus of Stallone and(punctual)Schwarzenegger.

Too many People today suffer to condition it which celery like require to look the caseous action film to complain in a lack of realism, a lack to time a hero reloaded his gun, or an unrealistic character in of the types that bad is attacked is gone in theatrical fashion. If you concealed you are, calm then will want to complain reason ossia exactly that goes to take of Snipes and has sawed here, although my personal opinion is film of look so only to complain and ruin your calm own experience neither would owe that find the gender of different film to enjoy or perhaps exited of a house and enjoy the life bit it more ;)

films of calm only action of amour and lose actors of real action films, Wesley Snipes is to turn here to that always do more; one calm, any-like this-talkative heroine with the past.
5 / 5
Likes -you Wesley will love this film. Although I seat Wesley Snipes the better shines in of the works, his skill in the martial arts so only can not be ignored - you so only has to that respect that can do it and he he damn well in this film.

His opponents are much more intelligent and formidable that habituáis in this film and this tends to maintain you that little it bite further of a flange of your chair. It begins of the little slow, but is very very winning when he all paste a defender and does not leave up. Following all of a question in Wesley Snipes his personal life also good to see looking well in a HD screen - age well and has to that maintain game forms upper to pull of this class of tricks.

You will not be disappointed with east, is one can aim the fellow or partner and say know good films.
5 / 5
Has chosen this DVD because when I taped the on fresat the only half of a company was available to the equal that have had to discover that has spent.
Ii Was the first film of class with Lesley Snipes. Tyt To guess an end.
5 / 5
That the crap final!!! Had a potential to be the film adds, and Wesley has loved Snipes in him saying his woes to the priest to relieve one load but he all so only finalised without conclusion or explanation like the plot of descriptions has concluded was that all of the sudden has run out of money and rushed some scenes to finalise.. 1hr 34mins Of my6 the life will not go back .
5 / 5
Ignores that a prodcut the description has said that OSSIA One 18 Any 15 (Although it is the 15 in Ireland but concealed does not import ) is your typcial Wesley Snipes Down Bugdet action film Because Snipes does not have does is very normal theatrical realeased film of then Brooklyn more Final realeased 2009/10 and first of this Leaf: Trinty 2004 reason decree because of evasion of tax. Some guns in a film all active silencers on the ones of way that any a lot a lot of explosion of estimativa big or not even the brilliant history (at least one would be a lot) but overally good but can does not like you . In all if a history is in this Agent of CIA Marcus Jones has been assigned to infiltrate a trafficante of Smith of the international arms appointed (Robert Davi) and spend the justice during a midst of the transmission of money. Unfortunately for Marcus and so only roughly all the world-wide more in a film, the smith suffers the heart-@subject of attack -- so that the pair of CIA has disillusioned operatives (Gary Daniels and stuntwoman Zoe extraordinary Bell) begins the full assault on Marcus and Smith equally, determined to the walk was with the bus-full of moolah in his pockets and the morgue-full of the cadaveri in sound wake.
5 / 5
This is not a better calm action film will see this year but is far from a worse. Wesley Snipes Touch Marcus Jones, a undercover agent of CIA the one who takes burned by his own crew when they go dirty in a tentativa partorisca take rich. An action mostly takes place in the hospital where Marcus; the one who is masquerading like the bodyguard, took refuge with his main when has the attack of heart in a sooner botched tentativa partorisca snatch him. Some bad writes all arrive partorisca take and cue an action. Snipes Takes involved in the plot of 'Bourne' the next fashionable fight to the equal that spends was with reasonable aplomb but sometimes is the little too the poker has faced partorisca be realistic, calm is not Brota anymore Wesley. A storyline is predictable but an acting is perfectly good and an action well staged. My blue the ray was acute pin and a soundtrack immersive with the use regulates rear canals partorisca music and of the effects. Some the only extras were the featurette and some previews. No the bad film in general.
4 / 5
These falls partorisca film to some same cheats that a slew of Seagal and JCVD the emissions in a last decade have suffered - the estimativa down, the poor script, and the second manager of note ensures that the reasonable idea, and the talented mould, is squandered.

In a side besides, Snipes looks acute and able in an a lot of little fight concealed arrives in a film, but really would owe that have more action in a thriller of action. It take a diverse that feels that they have had to that piece a lot of pieces of neighbours feigned been due to limitations of estimativa, and so only tried to extend that it have left to comprise a whole film, fill some empty with laboured pacing of some scenes of exposure.

Also, whilst Gary Daniels is the fine screen-struggling (perhaps one of a better), his action of main villain is wince-inducingly bad, and, perhaps more unforgivable of everything, when a fight of final comes around (Snipes vs Daniels), is shockingly poor, with that would have to it has been the fantastic confrontation among two martial arts upper the actors have reduced for the dull, writing and the subject has filmed bad.

This really is the occasion has squandered.
4 / 5
Know, am obliged seldom to write the description of the film. This in spite of, after revising roughly commentaries in a place tonight, has decided to stick my point of view.

Any one has said once that one would have to that look for to judge the film on 5 levels. These levels are his aesthetic level , his emotional level, his ethical level, his worldview level, and his spiritual level. This person was Tony Watkins, in 'House: An Art and Soul of Cinema', (Milton Keynes, Bucks: Half comunicacionales True, 2007). As it suggests, to a does not have to that like everything in the film. Still we can appreciate different appearances of the film and @give that competently it is done.

Has looked everything of Wesley Snipes laws. It is an actor so that I, generally, has the big consideration. His recent work has concentrated around MATERIAL DVD of Action.

Without the doubt, ossia one of Snipes is film more recent.

Some people could try the disparage he to allege is 'estimativa low'. That in the earth is concealed has meant to mean?

Are sure this film would be cost several million dollars. How it is concealed 'estimativa low'? You try to create several million dollars for the film and see the one who calm far volume, Gentleman Criticiser. You are that it suggests that the good films can not be done in the quote/unquote 'estimativa low'?

In all the chance, to my points: Something which have found an absolutely wonderful viewing experience, aesthetically, was a palette by heart of this film. It is for real lovely. It is it likes swimming have seen before. There it is seen panoramic add of Detroit - the city with amazing and good-looking architecture (a lot of duquel arrived to go to squander). Some shots of interior of a Church emphasise lovely autumnal alone. A car persecution to the along some streets develops to surface it which is clearly a lot was -of-commanded. A final scene develops incredible brickwork in an amazing that build which there is no @to @give existed until I have seen this film. Thus only, I am appreciated thus film.

For real, an aesthetic quality of this film is wonderful. It is glorious. A cinematography is like this striking, still dread that that that can be lost to an insensitive spectator.

Another excellent element of a film is a mould and a level of acting. Snipes Is joined for Gary Daniels, the one who order the plot of a film (in some ways, is almost _his_ film) and is in an of his better functions never. It looks he adds here. Toned, gaunt, Hard. In character, is the very bad man , and has sucedido in dominating a man the one who is meant to be for real bad, of 'the Redvale Undertaken'.

Daniels Is character, has to be said, is like this bad that shoots innocent people for any reason - the plot of them - and was that annoying with this element of a film.

Other remarkable actors of height comprise Hernias to Hudson likes him the priest, and Robert Davi like another bad type. Zoe Bell also impresses like the physically dangerous woman murderous.

Emotionally, coming to concern for Snipes is noble character. A positive ethical element that the shoot out of a screen is Loyalty (the loyalty of Marcus to a CIA, which knows goes to ensure goes to be A lot afterwards some finals of films) and also Justice, which reigns down to some bosses of some bad types (all of them).

And has powerful spiritual elements of Redemption (Marcus is) and Christianity (ossia an only film has not seen never where the prayer of a Gentleman is recited of an extreme to the another - and ossia really something to assist).

My 'complaints' so only in this film: In the first place, a heist the crew is so only too relaxed roughly everything. Here they are, in a turn of some edifice is looking for to rob, and Gary Daniels, a Leader, is roughly failing to included upload of the money to some stock exchanges. 'Hey, Awake on types. Ossia The heist. The busy look! Stop sauntering!'

Secondly, The fight arrives in a hallway of the hospital roughly 10 minutes after another accident, and a clock in a wall follows a same time to the equal that was 10 minutes ago. Calm does not have writes the one who is paid good money to do sure this class of goofs does not spend ?

The summarise, using Tony Watkins' 5 measures: Aesthetically, it is excellent. Emotionally, he grabs me. Ethically, it Is quite reasonable in a sense that all some the bad types are sent a next world to do his excuses. Worldview, does not know . Spiritually, it Is to good sure take something that goes in...

Advisable: it marks any one deception - ossia the violent film , although it is not gory. Has the plot of profane tongue.
4 / 5
Ah, That is to begin to take older, the men of action of one 1990 is would have to that grow old gracefully and take on film that has spent his age does not try to be they so that it was fifteen years ago, sad he didnt grab me at all
4 / 5
usually enjoyed this type of film and with Gentleman Snipes thought it would be quite well, this in spite of a filming, storyline, doing, well quite all was terrible. Seldom it gives up in the first film of an end but with which 30 minutes have begun to think roughly that goes to clean some windows for some emotion and stimulation. Gone to a tent of charity! Please does not squander your money with east a.
5 / 5
Liked wesley snipes in of this film,different some stars the one who have flashy shots of cameras to do them well of look, can in fact fights!!
5 / 5
It have to that it has learnt it my lesson for now roughly looking Wesley old Snipes film. So only they do not stand up for today of levels in any way (and partorisca be just, has had better behind when also).
This in spite of, again, some scenes of fight were partorisca laugh out of strong ape...
4 / 5
When being the defender of Wesley of then passenger 57 I has wanted to see that it has been it until lately and am happy to inform that an informative is very very good. The only defect was has not had any explosion. But scenes of the fight to notch upper has on fact for that.