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Top Customer Reviews: My Fair Lady ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5
In last musical classical east takes a presentation of recovery/the total has like this long deserved, also 7 month after an emission of EUA, a film finally takes the blue United Kingdom emission of ray. A quality of the picture totally is stunning, this together with the again restored and there is enhanced 7.1 soundtrack a wait partorisca this recovery a lot of value he.
Sadly An only downside of an emission of United Kingdom, is that it is missing a second disk that contains all some extra add, glimpsed and material of archive that accompanies an emission of EUA.
Is looking for A presentation of definite/recovery of this film, ossia an emission partorisca you, if calm this in spite of are looking for some multiple extras that is available, will require partorisca choose on an emission of EUA.
4 / 5
One of my favourite films. A 4K the version projected in a Optima UHD 51 in the 6ft the screen looked was extremely acute and some paints looked is better that his never has looked even in his original emission when I have seen he in a Warner Cinema in a west end of Londra oh like long fact!!
5 / 5
Absolutely looks of fantastic scrolling how has been done yesterday is the shame all 4k is not like this very like this.
A lot is written on quality of picture on 4k not having Dolby the just vision hdr10+ and the look so only adds any models of grain very acute in William Morris wallpapers underlines detail in prof hogging jacket a wrinkles and creases in Stanley Holloway expensive
has Done in a @@@1960s in his film which buy 4k stops.
Has looked on 4k Samsung 50frame of thumb Qled
And 4k Panasonic player
So only gorgeous
4 / 5
Ossia quite possibly one of a better Blue-Ray transfers the has not possessed never and has possessed them alot of Blue-Rays, would give it to them 10 stars could them to good sure he 4K scanner in this blue-ray, is crazy like the oldest films is better quality in blue-ray that issued of modern day, and a quality of audio is also exceptional… likes Eliza would say that it is Loverly!!!
5 / 5
Ossia An excellent recovery with crisp and clear and excellent pictures seven sound of canal. I have found a question with a Dolby True HD soundtrack - has had the question of synchrony of the lip when using the Panasonic Blue-player of ray with the Yamaha surrounds amplifier of the his and the Serious 8 Samsung TV; a sound has directed a picture for roughly 1/5 second. When I have tried this with the projector and Sony Blue-player of ray and a same amplifier, all was a lot of and has had any 'lipsync' questions. It looked to a setup paper in a Panasonic player and expósito that was possible to regulate one 7.1 sound of canal to correct for lack of synchrony. It has dipped a sound to the delay of 200mS and this has corrected a question. I have it there is not founding never this question before it excepts' saving Ryan has deprived' done some years.
Averts of this niggle, correctable, ossia an excellent film .
5 / 5
Is buying This film, am assuming is the defender . If you are, you know that it is roughly. If you know that it is roughly, all wants to know is costs to buy. It is. It looks to stun in 4K. Easily one of a better 4Ks in my collection. Place for a year like this far, sure. Probably dipped on all some years. It looks it it could be be do yesterday.
4 / 5
One of my favourite films and some pictures are like this clearer that my dvd version. Spent this, dipped he in a player of video, take the glass of wine and some bites and have take it add
5 / 5
doing use of an entertainment of Blue modern house-treatment of ray, this 65mm the impression restored of the classical (and one of
last he) Hollywood musicals is of a class to gratify of quality that adapted of just that very looked in a big screen.
Treatment and upper songs, upper stars and all this has been with them are in shows here. Soyy Cups Justo' never
looked more beautiful! Everything for any one the plot more than a fiver that Alfred P. Doolittle Has asked of Professor Higgins for his
daughter Liza company! Luverly!!
4 / 5
Has arrived the Day later after an Order Fantastic Service,
I Cant expects to try this is gone in my cinema of house, has looked this when it was the very young girl , Oh Gosh,
are so only reliving my young life again :)
Audrey Hepburn was alive today, WOW I sure would want to say Salvation in person, the one who the wonderful quite the woman is the understatement...
5 / 5
An old favourite of mine, which has had a lot of emissions on some years. This 4K UHD is a lot well, considering a lot of elements had deteriorated on some years, before all some recoveries. I am not sure like this 4K the disk has been prepared, but is a lot a lot of fact. 3 disks in a box.

Top Customer Reviews: Xanadu - Musical - ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5
Ossia One of some calm worse films any summer never. Terrible acting. Laughable Special effects was for some levels of a time. And the script second looks put together when some writers of script were holidays. And still … it has something curiously endearing in an all-comprising naivety of this atrocity. Calm have that asks meant that to him in fact partorisca be this caseous, or yes was simply the chance of a mould and crew so only agreeing it all, of then looked it one of some hotter stars at the same time in Olivia Newton-John, and one of an industry the majority of has has respected members of royalty of Hollywood, in Gene Kelly. I mean, the one who has been partorisca dare look in some daily hastes and say “think that ossia total craps.” Answered? Person. Plot-wise does not have any a lot of to say. It is some class of history of amour with a lot of skates it roller, gaudy dresses, and a unrelenting confusion in a musical and cultural @@subject that has wanted to transmits it. Pop of part, Transmission of part, Rock of part, cookie of part. It is like they have it so only he up in the aim, with each moment packed with ailing-conceived and odd ideas, filming, and production. In truth, an only sincerely the good thing is a soundtrack , which was very achieved at the same time, and in some respects gives it the semblance of substance and the good shot in that would describe it like the genuine Of Musical. Still in general, calm can not help but admire a childlike innocence of this tentativa disastrous in godknowswhat. If you are it-year the old boy has drawn the terrible picture of his Mamma with pencil, would not say was rubbishes , calm? Calm instead would be heart-has animated that it had tried to do his happy Mamma. And ossia that Xanadu done. So to the equal that know is absolutely terrible, he still bondadoso of calm leaves with the warm feeling, which is more than can be said for offerings more cinematic these days. My boss incident said of zeros. My heart has said five.
5 / 5
WELL, how is one 80 s right? First of the special effects have computerised is gone in. It is in the place of boxes to skate of roller. Odd history in the muses that gives was inspiration and moving on.

Any of these subjects. Some songs add, some sequences of dance add, and some 'interesting' outfits.

There is far worse films (and other ways) to spend 96 minutes, like six tried for the give the gone, can be pleasantly surprised - likes era. Gene Kelly still has it, more ONJ parties to dance and he beats to sing. Yup, can not be 'fresh' (anything concealed is) but is entertaining and entertainment, and ossia better way .
5 / 5
Has in the first place seen this in terrestial TV, cradle 1985 and felt uplifted.
Xanadu A song always touches order to the equal that has taken this DVD with which have bought
the album of soundtrack.
Had been researching in angels for the weeks after my mamma am past
is gone in August 2014,
and some muses that awake in a start of a film the ELO are ' am Alive '
just looks and feels like this angelic.
A history of a film is a lot animating of to the heart likes him Sonny (Michael Beck)
to instrument up with Danny (Gene Kelly)mine [ the favourite actor of the mamma ]
to create the union of past, present and future in the renewed derelict edifice
there is renamed Xanadu.
You both find to have so much in common, but taken some aiming
of Kira (Olivia Newton-John) to take them to join and fulfil his sleeps.
Quite the plot of different fashionable fashions and the clues of music are crammed to the
96 min of a film but he the fact like this enjoyable.
Pictures of the people on wall come the life (I am Alive) or turn of people of real life the
to to Disney likes them the animation (does not walk Was) - inspiration for Aha perhaps.
Time of cross of charming and spatial muse to inspire artist and enamorar
has followed of song of main film that cups some maps of United Kingdom - the mannequin has tried that
formed and bingo !
The boy fulfils daughter of totally of amour and of conquest of different funds all -
This films so only feels like this TITANIC.
Xanadu Is any Citizen Kane, but the one who concern reasons in a heart of him all
is an exploitation of a human condition.
Is everything in an alcohol of sleeps and an alcohol of the amour and this crown a lot of
weaves any time.
5 / 5
Has arrived quickly and a lot of packaged. Xanadu Is the punch in a face of 80 nostalgia. A film ( sinister is to be sincere, is rubbishes) but is full of catchy songs and acting and big camp evil deeds. Some look of special effects is done for the buses of chimpanzees that pencil of use. If you are of the sure generation and enjoy 80 cheese then highly recommended. ( M, well personally loves it. Some brilliant tunes of ELO and Olivia Newton John) well value of the money
4 / 5
A film is the FAB the classical camp. Unfortunately a down the load was VERY PROBLEMATIC has stuck so only 2 mins to a film and would not continue , with which roughly 40 mins to go behind and leading to some the diverse places have given up and has looked another film. A next day has tried again and although we have taken by means of a film there was 6 buffering @@subject- has paid and half comunicacionales Virgin for a speed of better download, has has not had never the question before of any of some services that use, (this comprises Netflix & Disney+) and this was a first time has had something of tent of Amazon. We will be to think twice roughly ordering of this again!
4 / 5
These games in 4:3 in my TV of loan, elongated picture and black bars any side, and that it has to that in 16:9 in my clave of old fire.
So much has to that change to one sticks to clock this, which is not that it would have to that be.
Any another first film give this question
4 / 5
Happy to have Xanadu in Blue-ray, and the the must has said that it is fine region, games in mine United Kingdom Panasonic player.
The quality of picture is the on a DVD but no the enormous one and a sound is better.
The picture is Widescreen, as it returns your television mark fill without the upper black bars or fund. The sound is 5.1 DTS HD English Master, the Spanish Surrounds, French DTS Surrounds.
The characteristic of prize is the documentaries and trailer.
4 / 5
Some four stars is really for a Blue quality of ray more than a film, which has not been I adds on emission and has not aged well. Musically ELO And Olive extracted well and she his material to the equal that would expect. A HD the picture is that a 80s the video in a lot of place in colour terms, brilliant, vivid with a lot of bad hair. Quality of his east well. A film to sleep by means of with the image of good quality.
4 / 5
A history is not that it adds but a soundtrack is surprising! It is not the critic, so only seats behind and enjoy a music.
5 / 5
Ossia The bonkers, the musical fantasy , with the music adds, the stunning main lady and laughable special effects (was for a time) but for all his failures will have the time adds. It is the quite simply a more film probably has seen never.

Top Customer Reviews: The Story of ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5
A remaster of this film to Blue the ray is well with colour and of the clear audios. It is disappointing to this familiar with a film that has run or modification to an original presentation. This well can be due to subjects of copyright or perhaps ossia an American presentation . An original title is changed, how is sure passages in a Test for extracts of Jury. A film is very good and a very said history, and a reissue is more welcome, but partorisca any reasons, any restored to an original.
5 / 5
Whilst A lot strictly factual, this in spite of to good sure has elements for real in this fictionalised earls of Gilbert and societies of Sullivan, is still an example of British Cinema in his better with acting production , big fine values and Robert Morley and Maurice Evans as G S both convincing and can facially not being quite the party, but have his perfect characterisation. Especially the glorious music of Sullivan is the very big and good-looking cherry in the very desirable and rich cake of the film. I have seen this in years in fact several television and enjoyed it a lot, is such the shame that has had to expect like quell'anxiety to look on DVD. A remastering is also highly achieved and a film is now in pristine condition.

If you are an admirer of G S or no, these needs to film to be seen.
5 / 5
Fantastically Filmed in prompt 1950 colour, a blue-the ray looks a lot striking and is enjoyable to look. Morley And Evans is very launched like this G S, although a screenplay tends to gloss on and sentimentalise some of some difficulties in his report. Some commentators there is remarked that this edition of a film is slightly shorter that his version of original full period (does this account for a fact that some of a less successful G&S Utopia to Go of the princess/of works has Limited/A Glorious Duke does not take for the mention?) But a film feels long enough. And his paper of sound an use of plentiful created of some mostly have treated works for some utmost Martyn Green to resupply the nostalgic record of one Of Oyly the mapea that extracted way and tradition - which so only leaves G S to the partidários likes them to of them craving for more.....
4 / 5
A lavish production, glorious acting, especially for Robert Morley and Maurice Evans. Wonderful music.
Has on grown listening to Gilbert & Sullivan, and my late mother treated in several local productions. It has taken a function of goodness of Elsie Maynard in a Yeomen of a Guard, which still door the tear to my eye. Martin Green, an add Savoyard, is immense likes Jack Point - a scene of enclosed is like this immotive and poignant.
Likes -you G S at all, calm absolutely will love this film, of 1953.
4 / 5
Has seen a part of final of this film done a lot of years in television but has decided to find the then on Amazon which have done and like him devotee of G S enjoyed it really, his music certainly brightens this sometimes dulls world of the ours up.
Hard to believe this film has been done in 1953 likes fresco now how was then, well the music and the papers sung for artists those who has known as to sing and a fusion in a film is before class, 10 out of 10 is my vote, a lot thanks.
5 / 5
Ossia The a lot of entertaining account of a collaboration among Gilbert and Sullivan to produce his a lot of famous operettas. The levels of production were big and a work is interspersed for excerpts of to the the musical numbers likes him to him the history unfolds. Calm does not have to that like flange to enjoy a film, but is everything does a lot well and can forget your questions whilst luxuriating in a Technicolor world of Inghilterra Victorian late.
5 / 5
One excuse coloreada to sing-one-longitude with a lot of G&S preferred. Maurice Evans touches Sullivan, rasgado among worthy Cantatas and winning Operettas. Peter Finch is underused like this Of Oyly Map. Robert Morley touch (Gilbert) and Wilfrid Hyde White is a father of the daughter the one who will not marry Sullivan (reason maintains to write shows unexpectedly with Gilbert), as it comforts Sullivan with bouncing he of port whilst call Arthur.
Utmost visual moments when a mould that comes alive and sing advertising posters.
4 / 5
Four stars purely for some musical routines and a gorgeous conjoint . A plot is very thin and there is not any depth to some characters averts of Maurice Evans portrays sensitive of Sullivan. Peter Finch is squandered like this Of Oyly Map and Robert Morley cries, pouts and overacts like you Gilbert . This in spite of, a history is purely an excuse to present some long extracts of some works of comic and is the joy. It was pleased particularly to see Martyn the green that treats so that it has not seen never 'alive' ... I have discovered a D.C undertaken the year with which Martyn left it. A DVD is to a lot very compraventa in a very good Amazon reward it and I will give regulates it seeing that it use of the 'fast-advance' key to skip one weaves to take one to some musical offerings! John W.
4 / 5
Tuneful, colour, Quite attentive, can be enjoyed for defenders of Gilbert and Sullivan, as well as that knows little roughly him. Excellent actions for Robert Morley, Maurice Evans and Peter Finch and members of Of Oyly Company of Map, like Martyn Green and Round of Thomas. A bit those that the minutes resemble has been cut of an original in common time of 109 minutes.
5 / 5
Has bought for the enthusiastic defender of Gilbert and Sullivan, the one who also enjoys to sing. It was very pleased to receive a film.

Top Customer Reviews: My Fair Lady [DVD] ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5
The one who are a cads the one who has attributed this DVD less than 5 stars? They would owe that be horsewhipped!
Lerner & Loewe The songs have has not left never my memory; the work begun so only, almost done 60 years when ‘My Just Lady' opened to Londra, so only around a corner of me in Drury the route and all the world whistled some tunes.
This Blue-the disk of Ray is the joy with a colour enhanced and sound – my favourite sequence is ‘A Ascot Gavotte' with some ready papers and a supremely there is bored looks in some faces of a snooty race-goers.
But averts songs and some brilliant actions of all a mould there is lovely a-liners: Colonel Pickering (Wilfred Hyde-White) enquiring has any ‘pline cike', Professor Higgins (Rex Harrison – no my preferred but glorious actor in this) in an accident of marbles, ‘ has abundance more!' And his dismissive, ‘ there is, is not taken any mamma and dad', entirely to Eliza is (Audrey Hepburn) a lot evocative final lines, ‘ washed expensive and ‘ands'.
A luverly disk.
4 / 5
This 50th Anniversary remastered Blue Ray is in the alone word that STUNS!....If you go to buy a blue ray of this classical musical PLEASE the CALM MARK SURE TAKES The 50th ANNIVERSARY REMASTER and VERY any of some other blue foreigners versions of available ray (inner a moment this is not available in United Kingdom - but this import of EUA is FREE REGION) to the equal that are informed to have the image of terrible picture.

A now 2:40:1 image is like this acute as it nails, a colour pallette is rich, smooth, vivid and lush without obvious DNR and a smaller quantity of filmic grain that so only adds to a pleasure. It runs this together with alvation Dolly', 'A Sound of Music' and a remastered 4k 'Oklahoma' is probably one 4 better looking blue rays a could possess and one @gives that a lot of HD beats and would have to that look - he so only another distributers would take a time to ensure his emissions looked like this good.

A soundtrack has been also given the mark-on to 7.1 Dolby True HD sound and is full bodied and enveloping and the joy to an ear. This in spite of whilst a film is alleged to be in 7.1 and mine THX amp tip that there is in fact 7.1 canals present does a lot of pocolos concealed uses a sound of some speakers lateralmente (averts of a occassional explosion of music in some inaugural credits) mainly is so only one 3 front and 2 behind doing it in reality so only 5.1. And like 7.1 Dolby True is an only option there is any way for a amp to upscale when numbering it big plus of canals. Not even in a famous wraparound Ascot effect of the his of the race one has fallen sides in. His the shame ....But that have here is the fantastic soundtrack in all the chance. Also when seeing there looked to be the sync question with a sound but in the most next inspection and comparing to a DVD regulate this looks to be so only when Audrey Hepburn (a lot Marnie Nixon) sing - no the chance of poor lip syncing for a star like Marnie Nixon vocals has been added With which Audrey had sung in an original soundtrack - his simply the chance of a crew of the his a lot of when being pas able to sync some two stars on a lot of a lot of - in a King And I, Nixon was dipped on with Deborah Kerr a whole time how was abler that match his vocals to perfection - to a point where a lot of beliewved that was in fact Deborah Kerr sing. In a chance of my Just Lady, Rex harrrison vocals and synced left of image perfectly - as all the world-wide more.

This Steelbook the emission contains a blue ray of a film more the region 1 DVD and he blue the ray that contains the wealth of extra documentaries and imagine concealed is more interesting. The majority there is apeared before on DVD EMISSIONS but has one or two adicións/the new additions think (sad has not had time to fully of control with my version to Regulate DVD).

Audrey Hepburn never equally beautiful and Rex Harrisson can ' strolls down that street again' knowing full although one of his the majority of treasured the accione has been given a classy merit of treatment.
5 / 5
Has been the defender of my Just Lady of then has in the first place seen a film in a 1960 east. I have possessed he in VHS and in an American import DVD this is to be do to celebrate his 50th anniversary.
Has bought so only a Blue edition of ray with DTS 7.1 sound and HD.
A coverage of a disk is writing in Italian but concealed does not import like the calm place up leave to touch a tongue of your election. I am not sure reason United Kingdom of Amazon sells this disk with a coverage in Italian but to the equal that are Italian speaker does not import mine, the suppose ought to be clear fact in a description this in spite of.
Of course can see that a coverage is in Italian you zoom he.
On to a disk: a sound has been polished and some colours of some flowers around Covent phase of flower of the Garden in a show of initial introduction was fantastically like this do some dresses.
There is remarked that a Blue American the import of ray is also for sale in the slightly main prize and I marvel if any one has seen a film in this disk and is better that a European version.
Sometimes has the difference.
4 / 5
Has been remastered like this contrast and colours and really very very compared to another dvd the versions of this I have of then went it turn and dull.

Liked also see glimpsed in of a disk of characteristic special, more the interviews of the still photo at the same time, the versions of Audrey of 2 of some songs more plots more.

Is cost the good bit more than some versions of alone disk but is the defender then is a lot of value that spends an extra for this version.

One adds to buy and very happy.
5 / 5
Eliza Doolittle (Audrey Hepburn) is Cockney the daughter that come from the meagre orders to sell flowers to some Rich in a West end of Londra. His Father Alfred (Stanley Holloway) does not do and only visits to try and take any money has beaten to spend on beer. It fulfils Colonel Pickering (Wilfred Hyde-White) and during this Professor of conversation Henry Higgins (Rex Harrison) overhears the and is intrigued for his purely on like tongue and is horrified to listen English spoken in such the way 'this is a tongue of Shakespeare, Milton and Bible'. Higgins Scommette Pickering that in 6 month could spend was like him Duchess in a Ball of Embassy to give Eliza extension of vocal formation to bribe his with Chocolates and he luxurious room in his house in Wimpole Street, begins to dream of the better life and leaves for his house.

To the equal that spends of month Higgins tries multiple methods to teach his pronunciation (Some desquels is verging on cruelty) while Cabbage. Pickering Looks on and warns any to press too hard. After the breakthrough decides that it is ready and would have to that go to his mothers (Gladys Cooper) box in Real Ascot and initially impresses one of big class there comprising Freddy Eynsford-Collina (Jeremy Brett) the one who falls enamoured with his, this in spite of a façade fails in the humorous way and Eliza remain devastated.

Touch a day of a ball that follows the few hard labour weeks and Pickering for now is engreído that a bet was the big deception and would have to that take before all 3 is ashamed but Higgins is cocksure and has each faith in his capacity and of the methods. His confidence is vindicated when it is the big success and spends a definite test to the long of a way, When they return Higgins' goodnesses of ignorance the tension among him and Eliza mainly reason that is to result the rests of crown to try to treat a crisis of identity and an uncertainty in his future, has seen probably this already or could guess like arrivals but suffice to say sweats the emotional end with one of some songs more are writings never for the musical.

Look some memorables actions of some two goodnesses. Rex Harrison deservedly has won Oscar for his portrait of Prof. Higgins I is in accordance with people those who say that a professor does not hate women so only. Still it admits in a film that extracted all the world with a same disdain (averts of Pickering). When being incredibly biased has to that say that a star of a show is to Audrey sure good and is Eliza definite Doolittle. Some people have attacked his first character of a transformation but you cant help but loves a roguish the amours has given ('GARN!') And personally his emphasis is a lot of reason his together in the romanticized Edwardian Inghilterra like his intangible really. When it Results the crown this in spite of few people will contest the one who spectacular his action is, Audrey was always modest in his acting but an elegance and the vulnerability has spent his has done chair that touched it two separate characters .One allegro Cockney daughter of flower and a insecure, fragile polite woman. Like this a lot a actora and singer that Julie Andrews are does not think has a capacity to treat one to the to last pocolas read like to them Audrey has done. His the shame has not won Oscar because it has deserved he for some last ironic scenes that Julie has won a actora Oscar better (Mary Poppins) when this would have to that it has been appointed. Lady of touch of Cooper of Gladys Higgins with aplomb and Jeremy Brett is wonderful like lovesick Freddy, the sound that amuses to see Sherlock Holmes in such the different light!

A production was enormous and has to that be impressed by a sheer quantity to do dip his, yes look in some insiemi and of the dresses (resupplies for Cecil Beaton) an attention to detail is immaculate to some gloves some ladies are spending. Andre Previn creates the memorable bookmark for this picture of mammoth, a modern DVD has the rich video and a sound really gives it justice.

Settles down in the dark night with the cup of something warm and enjoy this visual/audio extracted now did not conceal to be loverly?!
4 / 5
My Just Lady.(1964) Blue-Ray has printed Restored.
In last the worthy impression of the film adds. One of a last add musicals .Restored of 70mm impression and the new 7.1 his remezcla.
There be enjoyed to look the again in all his glory so only to see Audrey Hepburn in an of his more utmost circles. Ido is my copy of OLD DVD to the tent of charity.
5 / 5
Probably one of a plus memorable of all the productions of musical film, with some of some actors plus a lot of end of a 20th century a lot, sadly, no longer with us, particularly Audrey unforgettable Hepburn, one of a more adds legends of female screen, renowned for his beauty and elegance.
Was has wanted that this dvd has been done available in such the reasonable prize in a web of place - same although a reverse side of a sleeve is in Italian and a picture of coverage is slightly different. My mandate was despatched almost instantly of Torino and has received interior 72 hours. Some essential details of perfectly understandable; a dvd games in English ( appearance, region 2 MATE) and a quality of a recovery - as the one who am concerned - is excellent. Technology permitting, this film now will live for generations. Highly recommended for lovers of the classical good quality musicals.
4 / 5
My Just Lady is an excellent musical adaptation of Bernard Shaw Pygmalian. A mould was a lot of very in fact. I particularly appreciated Rex portray he of Harrison of Professor Higgins and that of Stanley Holloway Gentleman Doolittle. To to Audrey likes you Eliza was also very good but for me a fact that has not sung spoilt his portray the little of Eliza. It would have preferred Julie Andrews. This in spite of ossia the very personal view . In general this film is a test of time.
4 / 5
All the world would be necessary to see it at least once in his life !!
To the entertainment of joy and songs adds
Eliza takes it his way in an end but takes his time
tip the money is not an only response
Roughly three hours of the classical MUSICAL
4 / 5
His lovely, but that can say it? All the world knows concealed! His one of a Greats of all the times and in that see it again - wonderful. In the most mundane level a the disk has done directly out of the pristine box. That I not having @@give was that it was in Panavision which has meant that our usual livingroom the TV aimed it small measure to return letterbox. But this will be to order hardly take a box rearranged - require the big big screen so that a picture exits full measure in all his marvel and width an evening for a projector.