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Rating: 5 out of 5 with 3 ratings
5 / 5
Sad to disagree with another reviewers here, but has found this quite disappointing disk in a whole.
Wonderful although it is to be able to listen one touching of such luminaries like Rachmaninov, Cortot & Harriet Cohen, founds enough the little of some register maquinal & emotionless.
Tends to be missing of a spark of, said, Angela Hewitt in his disk of Bach transcriptions.
Has bought he for a piece of Cohen of Harriet, and this was a better thing on according to which has been concerned.
Perhaps are.
5 / 5
Could not taking listening, each transcription juxtaposed effectively and all the world-wide the masterpiece. The full charming collection of brilliance and character. Highly recommend it!
5 / 5
Is the pleasure to join in a plaudits of fellow reviewers thus lovely disk. One or two of some actions are quell'has bitten too archaic in fashion for me but has the glorious cast of interpreters (Rachmaninov, Cortot and Artur Rubinstein to appoint so only three), a majority adds the clues is highly enjoyable and a point underlined of them all (IMHO of course), Harriet Cohen that touches his own transcription of 'Ertodt' some durch Deine Gute', well a price of compraventa for him. Not To Lose it .

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Rating: 5 out of 5 with 1 ratings
5 / 5
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pianist or the to anything more likes them the manager. So that it is there partorisca revise? Too much often
the amazon does not give any detail and like this lose potential sales been due to lacking likewise the
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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 1 ratings
4 / 5
He and joins It has chosen that the in can not leave say, is that lucida labels Andante practical the piratage. And I not having absolutely any bond with this editor. Sure enough His historical register that proposes is in lucida held public (the more games very a lot the time of another side touches true, his 50 years that spends to 70 years próximamente), but the quality of the remasterisation is exemplary and so only. Regarding the presentation and the Documentation incluses in these beaux reserves disks, is without assistance. If lucido the prize gives coffrets Andante is high he today, is that the production the summer prendido and that his collectors are always to the investigation gives documents lovely to give in him better the possible edges. He And The like this of examples that will gladden me of not quoting that some some : he Pelléas of Désormière, his Maitres Singers of Toscanini, his Fidelio of Furtwängler and Böhm, his Lulu and Wozzeck of Böhm, know it Matthieu of Karajan, Szigeti, Edwin Fischer, Gieseking, Quartet Pro Art, Klemperer, van Beinum, his Falstaff of Karajan and Toscanini, Gulda, Horowitz, Mengelberg, Stokowski ... And this present coffret Backhaus, to good sure thrilling, like The another. That possesses Joins very big left of the Collection can appreciate the difference of edges, has included alive to saw give official editions (thinks to the Pelléas of EMI example of pair), without speaking gives the numerous copy of copies has proposed sometimes to low prizes. In Lucida held of the recovery of ancient register, that Yerran no a step of equivalent. In him it can any that complains to any republising of these properties to economic prize, but the presentation could not have the same quality. He lacking likes spent His coffrets Andante when they were available to a prize abordable. That those that do not have does not launch the bone the Andante, does not have to that partorisca purchase to this moment there, and critique them the backsides without argumentation (and perhaps still without having them listened) creates of the pure and simple lie.