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1 first Fitbit Charge 4 Advanced Fitness Tracker with GPS, Swim Tracking & Up To 7 Day Battery, Black Fitbit Charge 4 Advanced Fitness Tracker with GPS, Swim Tracking & Up To 7 Day Battery, Black Fitbit
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2 TEMINICE High-End Fitness Trackers HR, Activity Trackers Health Exercise Watch with Heart Rate and Sleep Monitor, Smart Band Calorie Counter, Step Counter, Pedometer Walking for Men & Women (Black) TEMINICE High-End Fitness Trackers HR, Activity Trackers Health Exercise Watch with Heart Rate and Sleep Monitor, Smart Band Calorie Counter, Step Counter, Pedometer Walking for Men & Women (Black) TEMINICE
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3 best Fitbit Versa 2 Health & Fitness Smartwatch (NFC), Petal Pink - Copper Rose Aluminum Fitbit Versa 2 Health & Fitness Smartwatch (NFC), Petal Pink - Copper Rose Aluminum Fitbit
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4 GRV Pedometer Watch (No Bluetooth,No App),Fitness Tracker Watch,Activity Tracker with Sleep Monitor,Calories Counter GRV Pedometer Watch (No Bluetooth,No App),Fitness Tracker Watch,Activity Tracker with Sleep Monitor,Calories Counter GRV
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5 Smart Watch, Fitness Tracker 1.69" Touch Screen Fitness Watch with Heart Rate Sleep Monitor, Step Counter Smart Watch for Men Women Activity Trackers IP68 Waterproof Smartwatch for iOS Android Smart Watch, Fitness Tracker 1.69" Touch Screen Fitness Watch with Heart Rate Sleep Monitor, Step Counter Smart Watch for Men Women Activity Trackers IP68 Waterproof Smartwatch for iOS Android Motast
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6 IMFRCHCS Fitness Tracker Activity Tracker with 1.1" AMOLED Color Display Smart Watch, 24/7Heart Rate Monitor, Indoor Outdoor Tracking, Sleep Monitor, 5 ATM Waterproof Step Counter Watch for Women Men IMFRCHCS Fitness Tracker Activity Tracker with 1.1" AMOLED Color Display Smart Watch, 24/7Heart Rate Monitor, Indoor Outdoor Tracking, Sleep Monitor, 5 ATM Waterproof Step Counter Watch for Women Men IMFRCHCS
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7 Smart Watch for Women Men, Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor, Activity Tracker, Step Counter, Sleep Monitor, Calorie Counter, IP68 Waterproof Smartwatch for Andriod IOS … Smart Watch for Women Men, Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor, Activity Tracker, Step Counter, Sleep Monitor, Calorie Counter, IP68 Waterproof Smartwatch for Andriod IOS … fitpolo
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8 CHEREEKI Fitness Watch, Activity Trackers with Heart Rate Monitor and Sleep Monitor, IP68 Waterproof Smart Watch with Alexa Built-in, Step/Calorie Counter, Pedometer Watch for Women Men (Grey) CHEREEKI Fitness Watch, Activity Trackers with Heart Rate Monitor and Sleep Monitor, IP68 Waterproof Smart Watch with Alexa Built-in, Step/Calorie Counter, Pedometer Watch for Women Men (Grey) CHEREEKI
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9 Activity Tracker Fitness Trackers Smart Watch with Body Temperature Heart Rate Blood Pressure Monitor IP68 Waterproof with Sleep Monitor Calorie Step Counter for Women Men Activity Tracker Fitness Trackers Smart Watch with Body Temperature Heart Rate Blood Pressure Monitor IP68 Waterproof with Sleep Monitor Calorie Step Counter for Women Men HOUAN
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10 FITCENT Heart Rate Monitor Armband, Bluetooth ANT+ Optical Heart Rate Sensor Arm Band, Rechargeable Fitness Tracker for Peloton Strava Zwift Polar Beat DDP Yoga Wahoo Fitness Garmin Watch (Black) FITCENT Heart Rate Monitor Armband, Bluetooth ANT+ Optical Heart Rate Sensor Arm Band, Rechargeable Fitness Tracker for Peloton Strava Zwift Polar Beat DDP Yoga Wahoo Fitness Garmin Watch (Black) Fitcent
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Top Customer Reviews: Fitbit Charge 4 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
An only 10k pursues (c. 1 now 20 minutes, incl. It covers and cool down) has taken a battery of 60 to 9

Absolutely a lot casualidad partorisca use this partorisca follow the half marathon, then...
4 / 5
Has taken this partorisca fact was waterproof and had built in GPS.

The initial conjoint arrives partorisca frustrate the be has looked for stuck on dipped on screen, but that has @to @give was partorisca return to screen of house, (do of clock) precise to softly resist any side of a screen – ossia also a tone partorisca all more – is in an of some papers so only resist both sides of a screen and calm goes back some levels in a paper – finally going back to a main screen

Easy setup, options of multiple exposure, easy to use, looks of GPS partorisca be like this attentive as of to the the applications likes them ‘to them the map My Walk' using a GPS of telephones

If that uses a car relieves activity a no active GPS, (like loving the map, which is reason I has taken), need to manually select an activity is doing

easy Sample partorisca read, according to face of clock and your eyesight, included in alone, fast and intuitive papers once volume in an initial ‘to the equal that goes back to a face of clock' SOFTLY RESIST BOTH SIDES OF THE SCREEN.
Battery with which two days is down to 56, but concealed is probably down the mine that touches with him constantly found all some bit and the pieces can do.

Global wanted with him, (so much has bought so only a woman an also)

the device has ordered Well, has extra applications, comprising a contactless payment that was the doddle to dip on, that can or can not use in a future but all I expected and would recommend

Active has had now one uploads 4 for the few weeks, still wanted with him, but there is remarked the pair of things, using a GPS for long periods (like him 4 walk of now), these still looks drain a battery quickly and precise touch each pair of days

Also the pair to time after beginning an exercise that goes one that follows has changed was, but think this have been due to having a too tight strap as when that dips my hand to the press on place, has touched both sides of a screen, and has gone back to main screen.
4 / 5
Really adds upgrade the now have GPS and warerproof but very annoyed that it is my sold like any closing has Spotify which is essentially dud advertising, will be to inform east.
5 / 5
Mine Uploads 3 left stranded have thought like this to choose a upgrade. Any that has been expecting.

Has dipped he in a cradle, looked to do. Once unplugged and connected, a device has died. I have tried it touches the again, any response. It gave it the few hours before the turn. I guess it is the new product and that these are teething questions or has had perhaps particularly of the bad regime. Taken another Load 3 for a be of time.
5 / 5
Has bought a Touched 4 characteristic has based in some announcing; Payments, Active Minutes, Spotify and Sleep.
This in spite of, on receiving these functions have not been present. I have to attended for the firmware update. That is really annoying not being any date on when a firmware goes to be liberto in United Kingdom.

Has based in this I am going the toss the coin to see or any to send it behind. Paying £150 for the tracker with some the majority of useful characteristics, in my opinion, disabled is frustrating. A grace of only saving will be a GPS .

Following on my annoyance a Fitbit has been updated to add all the functionality. The function of GPS drains a battery but is quite attentive. This in spite of, takes time to synchronise calm so need to ensure it there before it is beginning was.
5 / 5
The product adds, please remark an option of payment in Fitbit is limeted to a lot of few banks in United Kingdom. It would advise to verify a cast of banks sustains, if he something calms really loves.
4 / 5
There went it 4 days. Utilisation for mountain biking and walking. Dissapointed With a battery am taking 1.5 days in the alone load have run was today mid walk. I outrage concealed am happy with all some characteristics.
5 / 5
II has bought this for my partner and she could not be excited more. With an integrated GPS when you go for the career or other activities there is no more need to spend yours smartphone with you.
A free FITBIT the application is really the friendly and exhaustive user a same time like the statistician of different quota is resupplied (the heart rate has beaten, quality of sleep, the calories have burned, levels of oxygen etc...)

Last but much less, a creation of clock is really fresh and he also a lot too big and heavy.

Thank you FITBIT!
5 / 5
Has bought my prime minister FitBit and at the beginning, a screen would not answer so it could not be connected. I have left he for the day and hey ready, is coming the life. This in spite of, a strap has then broken and is fallen off my wrist whilst cycling and has been broken.
Like this, orders the new one and included again, a screen will not answer so it can not be paired. Perhaps I will leave it another day again.
Any way, so only has not been tried properly and is not robust if they will not remain in your wrist!
4 / 5
Has been the Fitbit user for the number of years, originally having a Flex 2 and more recently one Uploads 3.

I expósito, as another has had in an internet, that mine Uploads 3 is resulted increasingly frustrating and quite useless when calculating mine in current and distances of cycling. Growing never fallido, has transmission to one Uploads 4 in that listens Fitbit had presented one in-GPS has BUILT, in a hope that has it relatively attentive data.

In these earths, are not disappointed. A GPS is really a lot well, particularly so that it has paid. Prpers Having tried in in the number of cycles and different careers, predominately in forests, has found that it is very attentive (particularly in comparison to one Uploads 3).

Am not annoyed like this in a Spotify or characteristic of paid (is based in United Kingdom), which was another is grumbling roughly. In my opinion, love these classes of characteristics, would have to look for the smartwatch. It finds these orders quite gimmicky / useless is looking for the tracker of fitness that is not drawn to be the smartwatch.

Has had also any one some technical subjects that some look to have.

A battery is to good sure nowhere approaches like this well like charge 3. It suspects this is to be due to a GPS - which announce. There is remarked are that it has to that spent in mine Uploads 4 two times at least two times like this frequently like charge 3 (that goes for at least 3 careers and 2 cycles with GPS for week). This can be the little jarring yes accustoms a battery of the Load 3, but that considers a measure of a device with GPS that careers, think that the people are too many hard in a life of battery.

All-in-all, am pleased with a device. Fundamentally, it does not go you to leave course or cycle for 4+ hours that GPS of use (particularly in GPS that defies phases). If ossia the question for you, look elsewhere, but be conscious calm does not go to find the device that is like this slender and powerful. It would recommend that this device is looking for the slimline tracker of activity that is GPS there is enabled, law your heart-tax, has the sleep-tracker and league to the ready application. A prize and the look of quality to be near of-unrivalled in a field, as really it thinks has has some too strong critiques of this device.
4 / 5
I have ordered the Load 4, thinking it would be better that the Load 3. It is not partorisca a vital reason:

Uploads 4 has one in GPS has BUILT. This looks the good thing but is not . Using a GPS runs a battery down a lot quickly - the can not manage the big hike or walk of bicycle and drains fully in same careers of means. Calm can not run the marathon.

Has any option partorisca connect this to your GPS of telephone.

Like this neither does not have SKILL of GPS or calm so only can use this device partorisca cut workouts and will require partorisca touch a device every day.

One Uploads 3 leave partorisca connect to your GPS of telephone and to the equal that has the life of the longest battery and can manage everything.

Does not need a Spotify new or functions of paid, especially yes is spending your telephone with you in all the chance.

Saves of the money and buy the Load 3.
5 / 5
Has has had previously the Fitbit Blaze, but has been disappointed with his life of battery and finally a battery there is prendido partorisca resist load, as I have been interested partorisca see like a new Fitbit Uploads 4 has compared. In general, it would say that it is an improvement further of zones (although some are not like this well likes Blaze)! It maintains his uploads very better (although it is new) and is very partorisca day partorisca spend of day but a life of the battery with GPS is disappointing. It is supposition partorisca be until 7 days fray normal and 5 GPS of hours. He all depends in that active is. Probably I take 4 normal days (but law alfresco and rack on 10,000 no for 10am!) Partorisca GPS would say sure mark his fully touched in the first place and could do 5 hours.
Partorisca Begin with has not gone directly advances partorisca dip up and like all fitbits is not a lot if your width of the band of internet is down especially like all the support is on-line! There is not any way to manually dipped a time (which have found a subject when travelling by means of different time zones in some pasts)
has taken the moment partorisca take one uploads partorisca do (any smiley expensive) initially but thinks that is so only reason a battery was like this down partorisca begin.
A boss the touch is uselessly careers especially like the plot of a neighbour on need to be done whilst plugged in that resulted in mine crouched in a paving under a table lateralmente! One load is the I very better designs that give leading form like calm does not have to that take a strap and has the clip to close a clock to plant, which are adds calm once the take working!
In a course of a first week there was daily firmware updates how was the bit to annoy but now have one has announced work ( has not used Spotify, payment or any of some characteristic of the prize and I have lost when being able to control a music stored in my telephone ( I am old fashioned that way)).
Some bows comes with 2 alternative measures that it is useful but so only one has a band to maintain a free end in that is the bit of a forget. A strap is a lot plastic-and and no very comfortable. A material of the softest silicone would be better, but suspect this will be more hardwearing. A mechanism of the annex of the strap is much stronger that give leading form.
An exposure is black and aim and is very difficult to read in to direct sun especially likes incumplimiento the time of exposure is like this down (the car hibernate kicks in with which roughly 5 dry which is not quite time for my eyes to regulate to an exposure) and there is a lot always on option or qualified to retard a car hibernate. An awake action to create your needs of wrist to be quite done firmly and often fails. ( It was the ache when that tries to take a photo!

A screen is a well the measure and a functionality/ of key for this take the bit to take used to. I have found all a buzzing the little annoying and difficult to take an activity once was to progress he so that it would maintain to spend for the loop to take then saying me to press to finalise but when it has taken a DND/options of way of the sleep. I think it so only it takes the bit to take used to.

Like this on to some of a functionality...

A fitbit there is inbuilt GPS so that has any need to take your telephone and does not take a loss of same connectivity. It transports it To him it relieves workouts and can follow six activity in a device, but can modify in a dashboard/of the application for example can change an external activity to horseback that traces but he any one anything to modify some statisticians to the equal that would have been well. If you autodetect this in spite of GPS is not turned on, like this calm will not take the map. Diverse register of activity the different data but I was quite happy with a heartrate zones, elevation of energy of burned & distance. GPS drains a battery
As well as counting any Small record of Active Zone that basically rows your activity so that the main intensity workout in a cardio the zone of good heart rate fold the starts of intensities go down with heart rate in a zone in of the fat llamas. Has the daily aim of 22 an average of 7 days has divided of 150 minutes of weekly exercise. You can customise all your aims in an application.

Dream & O2- Fitbit of the one global punctuation for your sleep, aiming awake, light REM and periods of deep sleep. Having to that find a less deep sleep volume a more tired are, and he all looks to be in a start of a night! It has estimated my O2 fluctuations, but am not sure for me ossia of particular use, think a just likes touch with a sensor!

Female that follows and feed and water intake so only can not be annoyed with as his too much entrance of data for me and my fluid comes no only of water! I have tried it uses the to consumption of alcohol of the register this although I did to think in what and when!

The notifications can be enabled for calls and of the messages of text, updates of calendar but no WhatsApp messages ????

In general he that says in one beats and has the reasonably easy interface. Life of battery and improvement of need of the screen but are I happy? YES!
5 / 5
Absolute rubbishes. They are like this disappointed. At the beginning this has done wonderfully. With the accuracy has followed my heart rate, included in the hard career... But an only hard battery the day and the half with GPS on. I have loved also he for a tracker to sleep that it is reason has loved the life of the longest battery... Well a tracker to sleep fact for 5 days but has not been attentive. It would be he reads for 11pm awake in 6am and would say has slept so only 4hrs 50mins.

Then done two days are result unreliable. Yesterday it was unwell have me like this put to bed in 7pm and has despertador up in 7:30am, and has registered so only 4 hours of sleep... And it does not mean the long periods have had to that me wake on, which do not take yes was a chance ... Literally it began it so only follow my sleep of 3:30am until 7:30am. And it does not give the bookmark to sleep more... They are like this disappointed. Planning regresarprpers.
4 / 5
Took it on 24/05/20 and was a lot of disappointed like this half some new characteristics have not been present. Any sleep/of Spotify/etc life of the battery of the plus looked to be very poor with which 1 use of day down to 60 with gps was. 26/05/20 Has update a fitbit and now everything is to perfect all the life of the laws of battery is well. Alot Of the descriptions are previously to a later update was all some the new characteristics has not been active. If an update has had to come later would be them returned this device and has taken the load 3 that has attacked them of the star for a nave of device with last only characteristic gene and any date of drop for plenary actuating a device has fallen them so only lucky that an update was the few days with which rid
5 / 5
has has has wanted long he FitBit but now have one am a lot disappointed in this product that quantity to pocolos more than the half to take me to subscribe to the service of prize. Like an example, a onboarding with saying me roughly some characteristic that that helps to begin, which is reason has taken on an hour to take a format of right distance that the looks is not to connect to a setting of country. I seat like this it has potential but is not to value of the money frankly, the enough would use the a lot of the most economic device that so only last the year until I can resupply something far better that this.

• Does not connect my popular fitness and the favourite application (BitGym).
• Has failed repeatedly to connect the Facebook to find Fitbit friends there and so only said attentive to infinitum.
• A boss to touch looks so only to a device, as it adds to a clutters of the bosses have like this the can not use one in existent boss any owner.
• To the equal that write this, a Fitbit Uploads 4 has been that looks for my telephone which is thumbs was and with Bluetooth enabled this in spite of pode does not find, has completed this whole description whilst still is looking.

Considering this, because payment for the service of prize?

A characteristic of core of some looks of device to do well in spite of one covers constant for a service of prize in a fund of the each screen. They would like him annul some questions of the friends of then am returning but is not an option. They are also be that looks for to use a FitBit put web but with which 20 minutes to try and finally that directed to take a login page to upload, then takes ' is experiencing a question of inner server.'
4 / 5
Does not buy this until they have fixed a subject of GPS. A device can not find the signal of SAME GPS when external with clear heavens and the difference of a rest of a Fitbit the row has not connected GPS that it has to that use your telephone as it tracker and then at all aims in your device. Basically rendering he pointless.
5 / 5
Has had at all but question with one Uploads 4 of then receiving hard week. A stop of notification syncing to telephone constantly, has had to spend for the painful update to take some of one has promised characteristic, can not access a fitbit application to coach that a workout characteristic on application pointless and now the mine does not have any reset in tracker of mine in spite of the full reset and king-pair to telephone. Really disappointed and the desire had gone for the tracker of different fitness. I have it quell'has contacted also a crew of support but has had any response.
4 / 5
Has taken this he so that it could map my careers without spending my mobile. But taken roughly 1-5 minutes for a GPS to connect and does not connect at all of indoors. As I owe that go external, selects exercise, selects run, selects objective place, 5km and he then attended for until 5 minutes for GPS to connect. Then in an end of my career is very difficult to do a device finalises an exercise. If it press a key lateralmente once, for an exercise. Then the rolls of key of message of press to say displaced to finalise exercise. But you press also aim the just transmissions of a screen. And it attended too long some turns of screen of automatically. A screen is also a lot of dim and impossible to read in the direct sun and some transmissions of screen was with which so only the pocolos second. It looks to be any way to look brightness or dip like this screen always on.
4 / 5
Any value a upgrade of Load 3. So only have the election of two colours - black and clave of rose (dark plum) - an option to have the money and/or the election of gold would be good. It is still a lot I last to see a screen in brilliant sun and using a GPS to follow exercise this will drain to a battery likes last the only day or so much. Sadly it can not opt to turn a GPS 'was 'in a clock and use your telephone is but this apparently is looked when being in for Fitbit but does not expect the quickly fix. It is the shame a screen is still monochrome - would be it so better with the screen by heart.
4 / 5
Has seen an emission of this like this a upgrade to one Uploads 3, which has been doing well for a past 12 month, a profit of GPS and contactless the payments have touched likes a upgrade the value that goes stops.

A box and that the packaging is identical a concealed of the his predecessor with a period of extra strap and touching the boss has comprised.

So much for a photo, both apt bits are identical in creation , form and measure.

Setup Was easy as simply we instruct an application to find and sync with one uploads 4 more than one uploads 3.

After the little use of days, looks that this drains a battery far faster that his predecessor, the walk with gps on can drain a battery a lot quickly and this less than practising so it would require more than a tone in the daily base. This can be the firmware subject because of being like this new, this in spite of has been disappointed certainly in a life of battery (especially when a specification says it can last for 7 days) am not sure that...

A creation and the papers are identical to the his predecessor also and is easy to cruised once know a creation, an election of the screen forward are also adds, when being able to see in the gaze some calories/of any etc without that has to that delve to a paper.

Like this declared, one the big plus has left down is a battery and the contact has been done with Fitbit to ask reason drains like this quickly, according to a response and if this can be fixed will help me decide if ossia a upgrade will maintain up with or find something more.

A Fitbit the row is extended and his groups of support are fantastic (many sustain the contacts are enthusiastic to help each one which so another in some forums) which is the good transmission .

In general the good upgrade if a subject of the drain of the battery can be rectified.
5 / 5
7274 calories Is a max has burned the alone day according to east. I think that that it is sure partorisca say not even has come remotely afterwards to this. A counter of is not also any one a More adds them like the simple law partorisca create my hand adds to some any one quite often also. All more work well but this 2 characteristic (the main reason has bought a device) there is rendered the almost useless for me so that they are not that it takes a correct data. It will be to return for the repayment.
5 / 5
Has ordered for my anniversary to substitute my Fitbit uploads 2 which still is that it goes strong but has liked him to them an idea of SEPARATE GPS.
Excitably Has Opened all arrive but couldnt the take the synch with my telephone... And then the discovered reason. Need of android 7 or on. My ZTE the leaf is running v6.0 Without way to easily upgrade. There is advised Amazon to change his wording as so only says 'Android of need or Iphone' but no specific numbers of version in his description.
Was bit it disappointed with a 20 manual page that has said all the classes of things but any one which to in fact the turn on!! Had so only the saying of link downloads this application. One 20 manual of the page in 8 different tongues was so only the waste of paper.
A product looked well with a lot of options. Unfortunately unless the upgraded my telephone has not been to do. How it has gone back. Amazon Now refunding although myhermes has taken the week for the rid behind. It could have walked there and for behind faster.
5 / 5
A big snag is a fact that in alone alfresco an exposure is almost invisible, like this calm can not use or the see when you are in fact alfresco! A life of battery is alleged to be until 7 days, BUT with gps on is in fact so only five hours! There is not any exposure for gps aiming where in fact is although you could see an exposure. Not even he lat/ long figure. A later plot in an application has directed so only once regarding logging way of part by means of a career. It alleges to have a spO2 sensor, but does not have any exposure of a figure neither in a Fitbit or an application. A sensor of looks to sleep mostly well, but there is has alleged occasionally that it was sleeps light when I know was to wake.
5 / 5
Quite disappointed with east to be sincere. Apt is good and is adds that Fitbit now comprise both period to tie vs that has to that order a right measure.

In a downside, does not have any integration with IOS Health - in any direction. This means that the has not counted of a telephone and one Uploads is not combined and is followed for separate - calm surely would owe that be able to select more devices.

The seguace is also woefully inaccurate - particularly for sleeps to follow. I have used a Oura coverage that gives far upper accuracy. For example - with which some the terrible nights sleep full of disturbances, a Oura with the accuracy informs restlessness and sleep of poor quality. A Fitbit give me one 83 “sleep adds” to mark which is so only ridiculous.

Fitbit Pay is limited to a lot of few banks of United Kingdom (to be just this is detailed in Fitbits put web, but still is that it disappoints to have such poor adoption).

Really any value he. It will be to return the.
5 / 5
Was to grieve able to dip on a fitbit at all, with which roughly 8 hours of test and error, trying it multitude of the different ways that diverse officials setup, a way descibred for fitbit employed in some forums and he handful of the different ways have explained of other buyers, could dip it up. Looking in which complaints and forumthreads is piling on the each one another in a fitbit community, can not say are so only with this subject.

This in spite of once dipped on, a device is doing well. A touchscreen leaves to plot to be wished, he doesnt relieve my entrance correctly to plot of a time and feels like a lack of device to accuse has beaten to be more responsive.

Some lives of battery is nowhere near near of some 7 days have announced.

Can not recommend this in a prize asks. There are better alternatives for a lot, much more economic.
5 / 5
Has been that uses a Big HR for the years and I have a lot of be happy with him. This in spite of has taken old and would like me have it waterproofed one with GPS, as it has taken the Load 4.


A reliability is poor like the heart rate goes mental very thick. I have been spending both devices to compare them, has uploaded here a one of some comparisons for the career. Of one has to that upload of the pictures clearly tip that Big HR is obviously more attentive, Uploads 4 was so only crazy, and was a lot of misleading when it has run like the notification was on like this he buzzed, has scared for the little dry when I have seen heart rate 209. Happy spent Big also, which has aimed 160. Has prisoner and measured in some point, Big was quite attentive. A video is another example , was still, Uploads 4 has aimed 133 when it was in fact around 60-70, ossia the enormous difference ! It uploads 4 it gave it often spikes in an application also when it looked behind, some last aims of photos concealed. It has begun of then It Uploads of use 4, mine cardio bookmark of the fitness in my profile is spent for 10 because of a inaccuracy of detection of heart rate when it has run, unbelievable!

Control of Spotify never done neither, has update a firmware but still not doing . Never alcohol. It does not have memory, as it will owe that it play of telephone or other devices anyways.

Touchscreen Is quite fiddly, some ways of exercise are preset, can very really be regulated, the faces of clock am limited, etc. But those are smaller so only , would not import these a lot of if a heart rate is in an acceptable attentive row, how is the fitness a lot of factor of entity for me to control.

A GPS is not bad, quite attentive. Sometimes it disappears for any reason when my telephone still has a signal, like cycling of mine or that runs the records would have the straight line for these bits, but does not annoy me very a lot, at least a lot still, as it has not spent like this often.

In general am a lot disappointed for Load 4, really any one value a prize! It likes my big old HR very better, also looks better in my tiny wrist, unfortunately is not waterproof and does not have any GPS.
5 / 5
Ive Recently updated of 2 to 4 - a profit of the transmission of entity is a GPS that follows as it does quite a lot of - of the that expects it to do automatically calm this in spite of - has to that expect at least 20 first second to exit a house of GPS in in your location - but that has done like his quite attentive and mean you of the that has to that spend your telephone to follow your street.

Averts of that there really isnt a lot the transmission of leading versions in of the terms of functionalities. Work of does not cost and theres bit it more flexibility in an application - a function of sleep is useful and for me looks to do better that one 2 never - but averts surprises no real. Theres Any option to have an always in writing, one of some updates of upper asked software - personally I of the that finds it the question but for some users can see reasons would be a subject . The life of battery is quite good and collection up in the each one three days (and his fast in all the chance)

Upload 4 uses a system of same strap likes 3 to the equal that can use some old straps or maintain like this of the backups - a system of strap is to good sure an improvement on 2.

A really annoying thing and that require to the control is fitbit pay - unless you bank with a very United Kingdom banks known a lot of some another maintains - unless pass to bank with some that any one has listened more than. A list to the equal that of June 2020 doesnt has to that to banks likes them to them Barclay, Firstdirect, Halifax of etc - like this he banks with them fitbit pay so only isnt available. A fitbit the forum has been full of estacas of users of United Kingdom for the pair of years now asking his bank to be added - Fitbit so only ignore them (aka 'down consideration') or question of the people to contact his bank for the ask (yep ossia really that goes to do isnt he). Compare a cast of EUA of the banks sustain given to United Kingdom one and calm can see where Fitbits the priorities are. A lot frustrating and no very enough. If the cars have been sold like this calm would think that a salesman was bit it dodgy - somehow the evasions of technology with him.

Like this in general his class of good, but that frustrates that some transmissions could be facts that to good sure would do east the winner - and this could be fact with a hardware to exist, any for transmissions of software or more importantly Fitbit doing his bit to do the transmissions spend faster. Until then it would suggest that other competitors cost to look in before you decide.
5 / 5
Has Had the load 3 that keeped touching arrives to having said like this a last transmission now Google possesses has taken this no very to contact to a telephone taken the little gold to time then updates to a clock two trys now can not see in a sun at all a battery maintains to the transmission has bitten measured to those that remain is that software or hardware. But a worse part is one the month to unlock all some characteristics that is there for behind the neighbour coming on Google does not use to have more money then you kno which to do with. Big prize so that it is not to the value has not turned on GPS to the equal that says in a box 3 hours with him on life of battery
4 / 5
has bought to like me to do the variety of exercises. No. no when doing hanged, something to do with him moving of your wrist, meaning no with the accuracy measures your heart. Raisin with both mine and my another half when knots a lot of class to exert concealed is not that it runs. A GPS neither does if any taken your telephone with you, or is the battery is not on 80 - which is for roughly 10 mins after touching. In general, it is the pedometer glorified in an Application that measured likes sleep.

Take the Garmin.
4 / 5
Gutted. Expected several days for delivery and when it has arrived on done an hour touched it like this advised and with which 30 seconds there is prendido only law.

A product was in the box sealed and looked to be the new mark but to good sure broken.

Has telephoned Fitbit to see yes something wrong and a type in his services of the client has not gone massively useful - has touched there is bored further.

After speaking me by means of that has to that reset he and concealed not doing said to to turn likes his faulty.

Are like this disappointed. I owe that it finalises to go with another product. Now I owe that try and return this product in a half of the lockdown.

The UPDATE ‐ has received the substitution inside the few days. These some works and like this far like this good. Amur An application to sleep especially, but also am feeling much more motivated to take backside of mine by train in planting to seat in a sofa that the television looks all a time.

Cara of clock is simple but clear and some looks of application to be incredibly informative. It would recommend.
5 / 5
I will be partorisca return east. Reason?
1) He significantly in any of accounts, especially when driving. I have had yesterday 2000 any extra logged whilst behaviour. Googling A value of years of shows of @@subject of FitBit the users that complains the FitBit in this @@subject this in spite of has any ‘way of behaviour' or another fixed. Whilst Has seated partorisca tend to the zone of small garden, my movements of arms logged 1500 no. dips law I logged 150.
2) An application is good but is not one the majority of intuitive and can be delicate to find die / of things
3) an application insists on comprising BMR (imposed metabolic basal) in a burn of daily calorie (and this can not be changed), like this every day burns mine 1800 calories (so only for living being) and any burned additional calories is lumped to these totals that do it hard to know the one who the additional calories have burned partorisca walk and no only of living being! Another question has documented well in a Fitbit the message boards that Fitbit will not change . Frustrating.
4) the life of battery is well. 1 day of ‘normal' use (any gps) takes it down for 20.
5) Diverse another miscellaneous irritations that has lost frankly one excites partorisca document!

Is so only a lot quite a bit of the technology has been expecting; perhaps ossia down to my own expectations, but is really any I so that it adds like this had thinks that that such technology would be in 2020.
5 / 5
Is looked forward to my prime minister fitbit. It has been it bit it anxious roughly is quality after reading negations like this critical in the amazon but my brother was happy with his fitbit uploads 4. Unfortunately one the screen of prime minister a fracasado during a neighbour on process. I have contacted a Fitbit service of on-line cat and with which failed troubleshooting the process has decided to ask the substitution.

Has received today a second a. It has turned on and the device has registered well but unfortunately has had 2 subjects:
1. Have subscribed to a service of prize by means of a Fitbit application, after initial uccessful' message, a turn of service of the prize inactive. One signs still show like acive in mine Google playstores section of byline, and has been confirmed by a Fitbit agent of cure of the client, but any of some services, comprising some programs in a Fitbit the application of Bus is active. An agent has promised to try to order it was.
2. Another subject big is a quality of poor build of a tracker he, when there is remarked empty in some plásticoes casing around a screen (seen in a photo). There is 2 notch in some upper and another rough prominent zone in a right side, unpleasant to touch when strike your toe in a screen to touch. In general, a lot it disappoints it first and second experiences with Fitbit. Suspect, of a launch was during COVID-19 pandemic, has been rushed without control of pertinent quality.

Felizmente A service of client was quickly to access, and hopefully a process of the turn by means of Amazon goes smoothly ( is the hustle to return elements during lockdown). Fitbit HAS the plot to do to do to convince some clients in a quality of his products because there is more and more competitors in a phase.

Has expected for years for the product that ticks a lot of some boxes for me , as I will give Fitbit a last casualidad
5 / 5
Of inaugural a box that contains a Fitbit Upload 4 you can not help but when be impressed with lustrous slender creation and there is anticipated characteristic but for me is way too dainty like my woman that / careers the partner at present is spending and giving me his sincere opinion.
Comes with two (big & small) one which are easily swapped on for measure of wrist. After the touch fully, which is a lot quickly reason was already in 70.
He syncs easily with a Fitbit the application where enter all your pertinent details so as to take feedback of attentive data.
Has been in first ours career today, my woman that spends one Uploads 4 and me with my Suunto 9, A distance would owe that it has been identical, this in spite of my clock said and his has said !, As I am thinking that step his will take apter!!!!
After the week to touch that spends a clock, knows without asking that really it likes, to listen to of music in the to control his models to sleep, so that he the does not advance massively of the our original Fitbit and the worthy upgrade. Thumbs on
5 / 5
I upgraded of the load 3 to the equal that have loved an integrated GPS as I have not had to link to my telephone. Unfortunately a GPS has taken for ever to find and connect, added to this a battery has been of fully touched to down when it was for the walk. It is announced likes 7 battery of day the life but I have taken 1 day; hardly a upgrade of one uploads 3.
4 / 5
Has bought this has to that me way that has wanted to maintain in clues with my fitness. The yogas and walking and thought it would be adds to see where had been with a gps. It is easy to use and is to adds wants to look at the same time and to use likes him the counter of no. BUT and is the big but a battery is rubbishes has anything more than careers. I do not owe that the messages of my telephone, has turned was almost all this could drain a battery that comprises having a heart rate in even only to exert this in spite of me so only last for 2 days yes are lucky. It is run out of battery in the pair of my career that is like this frustrating. I have not bought the look of sport so that there is has not thought required that but the desire has had now like this does not look to do that I want to unless calm touch he every day. My husband has the sports look like this done the triathlons and his hard battery for 7 same days with all his formation.
Like this before it buy one thinks on that it wants to use he partorisca and the one who calm often loves the touch. It likes- one shows how is smaller that the clock of the sports but I celery the bit has left down to the equal that can any one a lot unless calm touch he every day. It is not fooled for one until 7 battery of life of days, would have to imagine it so only that calm leave it on a bedside table.
have the real amour hates it report with this clock. I have gone back to do recently and my walks have taken more courts as it could return him my day. I have directed to take 3 1/2 days out of 1 touch which have been pleased with. Today it is mine 3rd day after the load, has been in a 5 walk of one thousand and was on another with 46 life of the battery left and has run out of battery 3 miles in.
If a battery was better this could be the lovely clock , taste all more roughly the but of again remain to feel bit it disappointed with him.
4 / 5
Some states of life of the battery until 7 reality of days declares each one that two days this is entirely out of the battery neither is faulty or is saying lies
4 / 5
taste fitbit and use of the load 3 I. One 4 was the present for my desire of the partner had not annoyed. It looks very resembled a 3 with discharge looked this in spite of has the built in GPS and battery enhanced purportedly life that thinks would be adds. To be sincere does not squander your money. A battery any last very long at all GPS has not given the mapea unless connected to to an application so only likes one 3. We have had to turn all was to take 2 battery of life of days out of him. Buy the load 3 takings the better clock for your money. Had of the has had subjects with application syncing with both a 3 & 4 with sustaining very small of fitbit
4 / 5
Add little tracker, hardly remark yours spending it .. It comes with two straps so many of the thin small wrists of my woman upto mine chunky the wrists are accommodated 👍😁
A GPS is attentive but eats your battery.. When I am walking some dogs do not take my telephone ..Like this when I take league of house and syncs while it takes boots of mine was ... It is state to add a last month or the life is a lot very has not taken 7 days out of him, but is alot better that mine old tracker... An exposure dipped to the car is visible in all brightnessess ..
Is the prize adds also
4 / 5
A tracker of decent fitness. At all more. And so that it is paying, and while Fitbit is around state, would expect more. A fact that you can not take voice cues on distance, no, etc. when you Begin it workout of a clock is absurd, and second looks of the easy fixed. Then, when beginning a workout of an application, loses some of a functionality to follow (ie heart rate the view detailed is not available, neither is linked to a street). We are in a fourth iteration of one load and can very included take the basic fitness that follows functionality and integration among hardware and software? You are better bought the most economic option that does exactly one same. Or spend more and take the pertinent ready clock with apple. I will spend it and take so to the equal that can out of the this, begrudgingly. But he my final Fitbit.
5 / 5
Has bought with the bit of trepidation king commentaries on battery and GPS, this in spite of am pleased like this has done. Has has wanted to this so that it has not required to take my mobile in of the careers (the woman has Extracted 2 without GPS). Happy to say a life of the battery in the mine is well, does not find me the touching a lot at all. At the beginning it has been it bit it concerned in a GPS that has not taken my whole career, this in spite of this so only has spent two times in a start but now does every time. We live in the seeds the rural zone and I pursues 9k in common earth and by means of forest in a half of nowhere and chooses on whole street, comprising altitude. So only downside can see is that sometimes it takes the bit to time to sync, so need to expect for your statistics, but is speaking 5 - 10 mins here, any hour. Very pleased with east.
5 / 5
It has taken partorisca a GPS that follows partorisca run but are that it has to that return reason is so only very a lot enough. Really it struggles to connect and connects is a lot inaccurate. It has informed to to the career likes 600of m far that really it was and this was so only he 5k to career likes some statistics there is ruined .

A spotify characteristic a lot in fact anything, is so only the way to control your telephone like calm still has to that spend the telephone. If I am spending the telephone can also so only do a course with him, is far more attentive that this device is.
5 / 5
Thinks that ossia the product adds for all the world-wide any one follows basic and daily activities advanced, has been using the access has bitten produced for a last 2yrs daily (load 2) and thinks that is the substitution adds for the clock, light in a wrist, leave me to follow no, heart rate etc. One uploads 4 has the screen the big plus, fully waterproof, can use to pay for things. It surrounds daily and this has been I adds to follow all some appearances of my career. A life of battery is very solid like calm does not have to that touch he for 3-4 days, has has not improved compared to one uploads 2 but at all to complain roughly like this still the life of good battery. Highly it would recommend this product for the daily use and a point of prize is a lot so only for the product of quality that will last the long time. Also they resupply 2 straps now for the smallest wrists that it is really adds so it will return any wrist. Highly it would recommend this.
4 / 5
My experience with Fitbit has been horrid of an introduction of load 3 to the equal that has had alot of subjects like overcounting and insane calorie inaccuracy and trust me calm does not want to treat Fitbit service of client (is so only a definition of useless and horrible client service). This in spite of era has had to that to give fitbit uploads 4 test he of my leading experience with load 1 and 2 was a lot. Like this far they are not disappointed, the step that the accounts looks quite attentive and gps is the lovely characteristic informative, this in spite of, exhausts battery a lot quickly but this is to expect with alot of half row gps clocks. In general, good improvement of one uploads 3 in of the terms of software and accuracy of algorithm. 4 description to star reason the others characteristic new likes him the control of Spotify and the payment do not do like this of today. I do not concern that a lot in these two characteristic but am conscious some do any.
5 / 5
Is any surprise that a Fitbit is useless without an application of telephone, and is not really the surprise that some frames of application believe an account, but was unexpected that calm force to join the useless Fitbit social coverage. And have settings to daunt that leave to hide the majority of your information of this social coverage, but a lot everything. I a lot quite so only tick the box to no for the have at all, but concealed is not an option.
Regarding a Fitbit he, an interface is the bit inconsistent. There is at all to indicate if those strikes in the one of particular direction anything, like your better bet is often so only that strikes during a place to see that it spends.
Has found that when it has run, an useful information was hid often for useless commentaries like “good cardio!”, But it results it is in fact possible to turn that it was can find a setting.
A GPS sometimes takes age to connect. Apparently if it has not connected with which ten minutes, gives up. But it does not say you that it is given on - the closing says “to connect”.
Finds that it counts my steps in my boss, a total in a Fitbit is lower (and there is not any way pursues 9km less than 8000 step). In another hand can run on hundreds of any while in fact seating in the car behaviour, like this perhaps the balances was.
An alert that warn has been too sedentary for a last now is useful, but the calm desire could configure he in planting to be stuck with the aim of 250 no. Or calm perhaps can, but can not find a setting.
A battery last varied days among cariche. That quickly you run the down will depend in that calm uses it, but usually touch it each one that 4 or 5 days and he is not down to 0 when I do. It would be a lot it had it so only the port of USB in place of a thing of proprietary cradle boba, this in spite of.
5 / 5
Unfortunately this clock is not able to back on his capacities of software. Any Spotify still although a discretion of product said it that can use. Very few banks have connected. Economic looking black plastic shell. It averts of GPS is basically the load 3 with the economic looking shell. I am returned mine to the equal that felt a description of the product was dud
5 / 5
Very disappointing ,A life of hard battery less than 1 day in spite of being the new mark to the equal that has so only bought it so only , one load is very sensitive and a lot always uploads in spite of being clicked to situate like this for instructions & when it press a key lateralmente to light a screen he a lot always laws , also when attack by means of to exert function that neither first time and can take take several swipes for the take to do that it is frustrating for some costs of money 😌
4 / 5
A device are add, an application is brilliant. But a battery is not to return for purpose. With a GPS on, and moderate exercise (two 2 thousands walks), has lost -80 load in 24 hours. Going to touch he until filler again and course with a GPS disabled. But if recently I last the day and the half with moderate exercise, then thinks the'll be by train of the turn.
4 / 5
CALM GPS a battery in of the minutes, a device is useless as it tracker.
To good sure will return it and behind to mine Uploads 2 that does not disappoint me never so much.
4 / 5
I own fitbit uploads 4 for 2 days and I want to has it more imagines then fitbit charges 3 and has had fitbit charges 2 previously the be my backup to fitbit uploads 4 taste the zone that coaches his ideal for working house during covid 19. If calm never own Fitbit before it would owe that buy Fitbit uploads 4 as yours the prime minister can any gone bad with him.
5 / 5
Has taken this look it in fact weeks and I quite like this he like this far. It likes that it comes with 2 wristbands to return of all the wrists. It was easy to dip up and link to the mine iPhone with sincere instructions , simple. Like this far it looks to be more attentive counting my steps and the distance have travelled included when I am pressing a pram has compared to the mine old garmin vivofit which is well.
A thing I desire was bit it better is a life of battery. Only hard the pair of days and although to be just is quickly and easy to touch.
Like me a bit options to start with that follow your workouts although it did not use them that a lot still. It would want to see the one who attentive is to swim but obviously with lockdown at present has not had an occasion to try concealed.
In general am pleased really with a product. Amur An option to see messages of telephone in a clock to the equal that with running round after the 2 old year a lot often have time to see my telephone but can see it on a sample quickly to see is something of entity that requires to answer immediately.
Like a product and that looks forward to to use the more. It is comfortable to spend and sleep with. Whenever it interests to see details on sleep and heart rate.

Top Customer Reviews: TEMINICE High-End ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 19 ratings
4 / 5
Amur A simplicity of a function and the work adds.
A strap is slightly rigid but is not postponed for that has to that pull a strap was with force.
The turn adds and comfortable to spend.
Some utmost functions and would say is the device adds .
A bit those that pictures that shows the one who useful a tracker is this in spite of has other useful functions.
There is also to the picture on likes to touch a tracker to the equal that can confuse another initially.
Would say has bought this in the prize of @@subject and would recommend to another.
5 / 5
One first what precise is league with your telephone and upgrade firmware the v16. Has the life of battery adds and economic prize as compared to another heart rate control also can take mobile notifications in a band but so only partorisca lean given applications
5 / 5
has been trying the east was partorisca the few days now. It has not Wanted to spend of the cariche in an of some more expensive frames. Happy I any so that it is to say like this good. I can follow all my steps as well as some burned calories and I also amour that can control it my sleep, as they are not the very a lot of sleeper. Highly recommended!
4 / 5
Very easy to use clock of fitness, first what was to connect to your telephones Bluetooth and then connect to an application VeryFitPro which is really easy to use and see one of then is automatically synced while memories to dip your BT has retreated on. All has been done with ease. A clock is good and slender as it does not take in of the things to the equal that has in a past with leading clocks. It is comfortable to spend and any need for bosses like calm only precise give a strap the strong tugg and develops the usb, please see image.
5 / 5
Has bought this wristband to substitute an old plus, another branded the look of sport that had failed that after three years. On take a packaging, was impressed more with a quality of build of both one strap of wrist and a unit to remark he. Far upper quality to a (maintaining) defective one and with the rechargeable battery. In several occasions there was unable state to change some batteries in a leading band immediately and has has lost days of data of exercise, which, when you enjoy to dip personal aims, disappointed. Like this far an application of the software and a sample have both have treated well and a device is backed for the lifetime has guaranteeed, which, the police to hail of the date of amazon, is excellent.
4 / 5
Easy to use and pair to telephone. Monitor of heart rate is an Addition like This tracker of fitness a lot so only can control quality of sleep.
5 / 5
Good product. Attentive measure and the hard battery long time. Comfortable of the spend light weight also. Useful tool. It looks quality like this good and durable also.
4 / 5
Has used this for a week, mainly to register my night that condition of sleeps. Work very up to now and no expensive indeedly. I have taken so only it was while raining and the raincoat has done to wash hand or rainy day.
4 / 5
Is my tracker of prime minister of fitness . It has been it bit it curious roughly he of my brother take a Samsung Access and. A majority of his look very expensive considering his functions and some “economic” some are missing functions of entities like a monitor of heart.

The interior a moment has received seats like this to to the little boy likes has been for to try something new. One first what there is remarked was that it is a lot comfy compared to a a that my brother has taken. For me it conceal it is a lot of entity as they are not the big defender to spend things in my wrist to the equal that in a long career, raisin to be uncomfortable mine. And when being comfortable to leave me for the spend the majority of a time.

At the same time where thought in the tracker of fitness to buy, a disadvantage of entity has seen was a fact that a strap has not looked very of confidence or strong. In this sense, has to admit that it was wrong…I sport of amour and of the has has touched football, exited and done some boxing and he a work quite well.

With considerations his functionality, was impressed enough with some fines-the sport that follows so that it can relieve a map where has run and concealed to promote me to run longer that defy a tracker. Still, need to try more sport, thinks it will be amused.

Finally, I really like this element. Of a day took it would give the 10 out of 10. A lot of recommendable.
4 / 5
Originally has purchased the resemblance, but tracker very economic, to Wish which also done with a Veryfit application, was total rubbishes, as it was the little sceptical of of the this. It has required this in spite of the tracker without paying the prize of prize. Some descriptions win me to us on and am happy took it. The value adds for money, everything says in a box. Initially it was the little inconsistent, particular with a monitor of sleep, but there is @@give then that it can you to it require to refresh a data from time to time (swipe down in a screen) then this has populated a data. Any totally sure in an accuracy of a counter of calorie, often tip More the calories burned on doing 10,000 step ( roughly 45 mins walk) that the plenary 1 hanged of now workout or 30 small hiit session. For workouts and cardio the relatively attentive looks as to those that realistically would burn (for example tip 200 calories for 30-40 minutes+ cardio). The life of battery is excellent, the battery is lasted almost the full week of 24hrs the use of day. An application could be bit it better, perhaps refresh more often although to this perhaps likes the life to quote of battery, also for a desglosa weekly has the map for workouts that has done more than any just (although you can go to individual days to see that it has done it the sure day). In general certainly the value that takes.
5 / 5
Very easy to use clock of fitness, before what was partorisca connect to your telephones Bluetooth and then connect to an application VeryFitPro which is really easy to use and see one of then is automatically synced while memories partorisca dip your BT has retreated on. All has been done with ease. A clock is good and slender as it does not take in of the things to the equal that has in a past with leading clocks. It is comfortable to spend and any need partorisca bosses like calm only precise give a strap the strong tugg and develops the usb, please see image.
5 / 5
has Bought this wristband partorisca substitute an old plus, another branded the look of sport that had failed that after three years. On take a packaging, was impressed more with a quality of build of both one strap of wrist and a unit partorisca remark he. Far upper quality to a (maintaining) defective one and with the rechargeable battery. In several occasions there was unable state to change some batteries in a leading band immediately and has has lost days of data of exercise, which, when you enjoy to dip personal aims, disappointed. Like this far an application of the software and a sample have both have treated well and a device is backed for the lifetime has guaranteeed, which, the police to hail of the date of amazon, is excellent.
4 / 5
Originally has purchased the resemblance, but tracker very economic, partorisca Wish which also done with a Veryfit application, was total rubbishes, as it was the little sceptical of of the this. It has required this in spite of the tracker without paying the prize of prize. Some descriptions win me to us on and am happy took it. The value adds partorisca money, everything says in a box. Initially it was the little inconsistent, particular with a monitor of sleep, but there is @@give then that it can you to it require to refresh a data from time to time (swipe down in a screen) then this has populated a data. Any totally sure in an accuracy of a counter of calorie, often tip More the calories burned on doing 10,000 step ( roughly 45 mins walk) that the plenary 1 hanged of now workout or 30 small hiit session. Partorisca workouts And cardio the relatively attentive looks as to those that realistically would burn (for example tip 200 calories partorisca 30-40 minutes+ cardio). The life of battery is excellent, the battery is lasted almost the full week of 24hrs the use of day. An application could be bit it better, perhaps refresh more often although to this perhaps likes the life to quote of battery, also for a desglosa weekly has the map for workouts that has done more than any just (although you can go to individual days to see that it has done it the sure day). In general certainly the value that takes.
5 / 5
Loves this tracker of fitness. I add abordable and easy to use. Link to an application that download. Then in an application can follow your model of sleep with several maps.
A date of exposures of the clock and time. As well as the monitor of heart rate. Also it has the sep pedometer that can verify you during a day. Like this far it looks attentive. A sample also shows the stopwatch and has an alarm.
A sample also can aim the messages have sent to a telephone has linked. I add for if yours does or a gymnasium and does not have your telephone to rid.
A sample also can say if you have not had a lot of movement in the integer that promote to be more active.
Touching a tracker is like this easy, any extra boss. So only take some straps and has the USB covers it so only in.
Some straps are really soft and feels comfortable to spend.
An Exposure of clock is clear and easy to read.
Global fantastic value for money.
5 / 5
Ossia An extremely useful piece of boxes. They are very impressed! It is very easy to touch and has so many functions on comprising it the very attentive heart the monitor and feels very comfortable also. An absolute must is considering . I love it!
5 / 5
Has required to download a corresponding application in mine first telephone, was simple to do and some instructions are clear.
I like a face, but an exposure does not remain on while it would have liked him. Some have not looked to be reasonably attentive, has had to dip a clock up for my short small legs, period of stride, but look to match an application that has in my telephone. It can follow course or cycling or other activities to adapt anything is doing.
A clock has vibrate when you take the text or call, included when has alert in of the half comunicacionales social. Ossia Handy reason can have your telephone turned to calm any to disturb any this in spite of calm still know when any one is trying to contact you. It likes-me a monitor of heart rate; it is useful when that tries to press calm to an optimum fat-way in of the llamas, has little point in exerting to plot if you are not taking to a zone.
Has the stopwatch in a look which have a lot of expósito useful to time activities in a gymnasium. An another looks which can be useful for some, is the little alert of inactivity when you have gone too much has seated long. Some of knots need the sweet poke to take emotional, when this raisin, calm only need to create and walk roughly for the little while.
4 / 5
Has bought a tracker of fitness for my daughter of 11 years to the equal that has has wanted to one for awhile and this has looked an ideal candidate and she likes them a look of the way and that they can do. It dips up it was really easy and an application is very dipped was and easy to use and comprise follows activity of sleep, and can follow several routines of exercise and clues heartbeat also, more a capacity to receive texts in a clock more other notifications other places of half comunicacionales social is the good touch, some returns to tie well and still has the pocola notch has left has wrists really small, touching is really easy that attractive a strap of a main clock feels rigid but does not concern so only the neighbour the appeal while wriggling the the little of the will release so only does sure when you tie a clock to the usb upload that he tie a right way reason podes propiciadas a wrong way and he can break a device, avenges fully has touched to be add and pairing a clock to a telephone was easy and some instructions receives is very dipped was and easy to comprise. To be sincere for a prize ossia the any one Buys it now!
4 / 5
An access is utmost , forgets is included there and ossia of any the one who can not be spending the clock. Some functions are all very useful. Some colours are brilliant and vibrant.
Desire that avenges with the boss of extension of the USB that would do it the little more convenient that touch but does not treat it enormous. I love a fact that can he so only discharges in any USB to touch which are to add and a lot handy.
5 / 5
My tracker of prime minister of fitness and the subject in a prize. The mine is to come touched and once had installed an application to mine Huawei P ready was easy to connect them. The setting on my details was easy also while you know height ,hanged etc ( at all those the common of the people do not know ) . A tracker is light and hardly knows is in my wrist. I recommend this tracker, Yes.

Top Customer Reviews: Fitbit Versa 2 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5
I have used Fitbits in fact a lot of years - all a way behind to some days of a prime minister Fitbit Flex. Have upgraded On some years to one Load, one Uploads HR, Uploads 2, and now one Extracted I and finally an II.

Fitbit Treat 2 is significantly better that looks that a Fitbit Extracted 1. A screen there is less bezel, and does not have to that ugly Fitbit logo in a fund. Although a measure of the screen is not the massive increase, feels like this is because of a glass rounded. This gives it the much more to the prize feels. A screen is also now he AMOLED show which means it will resupply a wide quantity of brightness and utmost acute colours in some utmost alfresco (compared to a model FOCUSED of Extracted 1).

was the defender of a three system of key an old Extracted has, he then the look was. Calm now has to that trust more in some swipes and of the taps in a screen a big more cruise it. I quite like this look more polished to the equal that results sleeker in mine dress but any all the world can have this opinion.

One HAVE a bit new tweaks like the dashboard that enable you to dip way at night, does not disturb , brightness and yes have the screen that wake on movement or manually. Ossia Quickly useful to the equal that in a past has taken the little more taps and was clumsier procedural. Global has found them on some years a Fitbit the sleep that follows and the exercise that follows for still be amused to use and more in the class has compared to other trackers. A system of the bookmark of new sleep dip all a together information to give you the singular number to compare you sleep in the daily base.

A Fitbit Extracted 2 is a lot of snappier thanks to a upgraded internals. Whilst Scrolling by means of, can say a response to touch to a screen is much faster that a leading generation.

A Fitbit Extracted 2 has the new to upload hub, which mean you can not use an old extracted 1 touching boss. Fitbit Wants to do new products that is not compatible with old chargers. Whilst This is disappointing, at least one extracted 1 straps are backward compatible with Extracted 2. Like this calm at least concealed them to him. Some faces of clock are also compatible vs an old plus Extracted, he so that there is already the macizos that exists library for you to customise your experience.

not having really that many the new characteristics have compared to a Fitbit Extracted 1. A value of main addition that mentions is Alexa capacity really so only. Unfortunately it has discovered them that needs to maintain a Fitbit the application opens in a fund. It looks to have any question that chooses on that am saying. I have found Alexa to be the bit of the gimmick like the connection is not always of confidence. Often I say that there is any connection of the internet or an application is not to open and for this Alexa does not operate.

According to some specifications a life of battery is supposed to last 5 days. Ossia 1 more than an old model. After the year with an old Extracted, the decrease resembled in life of battery, but this is to expect with the oldest devices. I will update in this description once can dip to a full test. This in spite of, Fitbit on some years has lived until some specifications in the each device has possessed them (excepts of course yes is defective). It would expect it to last a plenary 5 days to the equal that has announced. Ossia Far more along that a lot Fitbits competitors there.

OWE calm to TAKE IT?
If you already possess treats it, and still laws well, then no - probably no. But has the defective or bashed on old on, then could consider a upgrade. Material dates a unreliability of Alexa and connectivity that is required to access these ready characteristics, loses 2 stars for me. This in spite of, ossia hopefully the update of software out of being remote far better. I will update this description has to that anything changes.

If it is newbie to Fitbit, then thinks that ossia the good judge to start with to take to a Smartwatch/game of clock of the fitness. It is less ready that some of the to to some competitors there like to them the clock of Apple and included a Garmins, but he that says in one beats, is of confidence and in an end of a day the ecosystem of name of the house that a lot of your friends will be part of.

UPDATE: With which 6 days to use, a battery is still in 32. Fitbit There is outdone his with a life of battery. Some questions of the connectivity with Alexa is still intermittent, but the found the partorisca be slightly more than confidence that when it has begun them. I also found a heart rate to rest sensor to be quite different of one Extracted 1. I will continue to control, as it has not changed as much as he usually done in 1 period of the week with mine Extracted 1.
4 / 5
Pre-Has ordered this and the delivery was punctually.
In a box takes a clock , load, and some straps. There have it also a booklet of instruction, but is quite basic. To start with calm properly precise download a Fitbit application, with which the one who an application will take calm by means of a process of installation. Be warned that there more probably be it firmware update to spend for prime minister, so need to have a Fitbit on uploads.

Like the boss to touch is the boss of USB does to commission purely for a Fitbit. An industry the boss regulates would be better been - just a less boss to direct.

A clock is easy to use. I suggest to buy the face of the clock done of commission ( can do this street an application. Some faces of the clock done to commission resupply to plot more info). There is to plot of customisation can do. Has an exposure dips was, and a clock will change in an exposure if it join you action with your wrist to look in a clock (any 100 perfect this in spite of).

Looks Of life of the battery to be very good. I have used a clock at length for the 24 period of now like this far, and a battery is in 84.

Modify: a life of battery is awesome. I touch it once the week, included then calculates could take the pair more days out of one uploads to exist.

One the negative big plus for me is that a clock can remark when yours exerting and beginning to register an activity. The only question is concealed is works for some types to exercise so only p. p.ej. It has not done paralización when I formation of weight. Has an option to manually add an activity, or beginning has seen a clock, but given a prize of this clock has to that it registers automatically.

Another subject I expósito is with an application. Some faces of clock require a code of limit. This so only can be done invernadero settings of face of the clock in an application, which is not sustained still for one Extracted 2. Modification: this is to fix now.

Another subject I found with an application is that it does not register the walk properly when using GPS. I stress ossia a subject with an application and not looking. That raisin is some starts of application to register, and then in some stops of random point logging using GPS, but still resupplies a statistics corrected, so only that according to a part of GPS of some statistics a walk has finalised long before it has done.

Will update to to this description likes delve more to of some characteristics of this clock.

Modify: A clock registers your heart rate to sleep, but Fitbit touch the prize for you to see YOUR DATA. Any one has impressed. Ossia Some stars attacked of
4 / 5
declare you can download music to clock and game of clock, this in spite of does not mention an additional £ month for an application to do east. Also to follow a way to sleep to follow disorders of the sleep is not in United Kingdom still but will touch thus service when it is. I have had FitBits for some years now but will be to move to another clock.
5 / 5
This Monday has arrived. After the tortuous setup process that has taken, in an end, almost three hours, resets of multiple telephone, resets of multiple and multiple clock a/reinstalls of a Fitbit application, I finally directed to take this thing that read.

Tomorrow of Tuesday some notifications have prisoner to do. I have had to that delete and reinstall an application to take them that read again. Late of Tuesday, some notifications have prisoner to do; same process. Tomorrow of Wednesday some notifications have prisoner to do. And the Wednesday takes. And morning of Thursday. And the Thursday takes. This in spite of, the Thursday late I reset of factory a clock, has deleted an application, and has sent a thing behind to Amazon.

A worse experience has not had never with the product of technology for far. Any help of Fitbit lean neither. It is the shame because I think his fitness that follows the software is point and averts. All more is terrible this in spite of.
4 / 5
Has received the mine extracted 2 Burdeos this darkens. I have it that has not had never he Fitbit before and was has bitten has scared like this to measure and would like . You grieve knots unboxed the, a colour - Burdeos and copper gold - is stunning and a Fitbit is a lot lustrous. It is the a lot of looking clock!
To the equal that have said, ossia prime minister of mine Fitbit and while they are not the total Nanna, are not particularly technology savvy like my partner helped to customise a face of clock ( has the row of options in a web of place) and take familiar with like this acts.
Have an iPhone 6 to the equal that has dipped on my text and WhatsApp notification to come by means of the Fitbit. Calm can not answer to some messages but calm can read him in full which is handy.
There is complained at the beginning he like this had any manual of instruction to speak of in a box but is everything in an application/Fitbit so only follow that. Had installed and place on a Fitbit the earliest application a week to the equal that have known was to order one extracted 2 has been once released and was basically so only the chance to go in an application and looking for a Fitbit street Bluetooth. It has taken roughly 30 second and then so only the customise to my preferences.
Aaaand Ossia According to which have! Like this far like this good....

Update: have enabled now Alexa. Has an election to do a key lateralmente active Alexa or Fitbit paid (which there is not dipping still on or used but calm say you that can use anywhere this is to take a contactless symbol so that handy). Have enabled my key to access Alexa.
Has on dipped was very easy, calm so only goes to Alexa in a Fitbit application and register in your account of Amazon. Ossia! Some needs of telephone to synch to a clock and was to go! Reason am pressing the key (or icon) to launch Alexa, calm does not have to that in fact say “Alexa” in a start of a question too which feel me like less than an idiot when that speaks to my clock. Spear quickly and answered quickly. It has dipped some memories but there is then @@give that I have not had any way to know that it would dip like this I Alexa has asked so only and has listed all my memories in a screen. Any sure he in fact speaks too much so it has not taken wireless headphones still but is all a lot clear in a screen.
In another has linked on texts/WhatsApp to alert in a Fitbit, also alert me when my coverages of telephone that it is adds. I have forgotten to say, there is no real application in a Fitbit for some texts/WhatsApp, so only aim you new notifications that disappears (of a Fitbit) for ever once clear them, calm can not spend for the messages have spent on that. Any the breaker of extracted for me so that it is to say the one who some stops of telephones!
4 / 5
No in devices of Android that not having at least Android 7 ( would have to that say calm).
An application of Windows a lot at present leave you to dip on this particular device.
Is returned.
4 / 5
Control of the heart rate does not operate, has tried using a troubleshooting and fitbit forums. It will be to return for the repayment. Really disappointed to the equal that has has wanted to this for age
5 / 5
is a clue of better fitness smartwatch can take. (At all attentive, the sleep that follows, heartbeat etc...) It has had to that annul my mandate with Fitbit taste pre-ordered it and of people those who has ordered a launch day received it first. Ossia An only downside: service of terrible client of fitbit, is side that pays more in Amazon. It was excited really in an awake loan but is not doing still, when I have turned one alarms only row in a normal hour. Still the really a lot of smartwatch, value he!

Has the UPDATE after the week there is remarked Fitbit on is counting my steps for thousands! If I cycle that use an exercise of clue of the car or although it begins it to me will add like any when I in fact so only walked of my house the nave of the bicycle and the bicycle spilt to my office. Fitbit Knows a question how is posted in his community of forum but so only will say you to reset a device and mark a @@subject to the equal that has solved.
5 / 5
Please ensure that has a current operating system in yours telephone or calmer will not be able to install one Extracted 2. Also the reasonably up to date telephone i.et Android 7 or on. With which two weeks use does still some subjects of connectivities (Bluetooth mainly) has compared with Fitbit is other trackers. I need the update of software like the subject of urgency.
4 / 5
Like this decided to upgrade to the smartwatch of mine Fitbit charge2, are in fact really disappointed in a smartwatch the functionality is extracted 2.. Unless has Spotify or Deezer can not use he for skipping clues in another streaming to to services likes him to him the music of Amazon, something there is wanted specifically he partorisca in a gymnasium, he considering has built in Alexa ossia the macizo has left down.

Like this when I have on read in this clock the point to sell has been says has the payment calms so much can pay for stuffs to use your contactless shows with Fitbit has paid.. THIS In spite of... That he no said is not that it does not accept Any banks of United Kingdom of entity rendering another smartwatch the entirely useless function mine.

Unfortunately thinks will be to return to to a clock likes so only a lot warrant that it pay £200 when in fact in of the reality has to that to a same functionality likes to regulate Fitbit trackers of fitness but with the screen he well plus.. Calm literally is that it pays for a screen! Any difference anything to mine uploads
5 / 5
Whilst Has to that confess that ossia the good piece of the box and a life of battery is the massive improvement in Blaze, a reason am giving is estimates of stars is reason deliberately are exited of his way to ensure this joins concealed is returned a blaze would not return one extracted. I have bought several different straps partorisca Blaze and is everything still in perfectly of good condition, this in spite of FitBit has decided that doing the little extra crux partorisca some third vendors of party the one who sells the straps of substitution was more than entity that a happiness and satisfaction of his clients. They could it does a lot easily it has drawn it one Extracted partorisca ensure that the straps partorisca Blaze were compatible but no, has has had to that rasgar of his clients instead. It has had I known this for advanced, am not like this sure that would have bought one. Service very poor FitBit, very poor!!
4 / 5
My clock has arrived the few days does. They are almost 71 but found the easy to dip up. Load of useful information in an internet takings has stuck. I so only googled to the equal that has looked for. I have downloaded the faces of sample concealed to adapt me and can see in the gaze some updates in my activity. It was free! Pairing My earphones has taken the bit to imagine was but has had too many bluetooth the ploughed of applications. Changed a telephone one was and has found a earphones immediately. It is quite slow downloading music to a clock but doing bit it a lot like this often works of slow time for me. A monitor of heart is reassuring in my age and dipping the realistic aims for any and the stair locates the day is doing well. A tracker of sleep is attentive, has known always are the very light sleeper and this has confirmed that. I am loving a Fitbit function of paid, saves fumbling around with my telephone or that tries to find the paper of debit. My technology is all the Apple but has has not had never a clock of Apple and would have taken that the street but is far too expensive. This in spite of, as the one who can say that one extracted 2 measures on a lot well for the very good prize. I have not had any subjects that links to the mine iphone, iPad or Macbook. We are Alexa family and there is a lot extends on two houses and that application of Alexa of the use is handy also. Always it adds my cast to purchase on Alexa before I forget, lol! The summarise, would buy again, easy to use work of sound.
5 / 5
Has loved like this Extracted 2, has done really. This in spite of for me was a worse experience has had with the product for enough the moment. As it is ready to be returned and substituted it on my wrist with my trusty Uploads 2.

Pros: A clock looks lovely and an interface is easy to use. Big profit in mine Uploads 2, but ossia for me
- account of any erroneous - big accounts while I am driving to do and seating in my office - mine Uploads 2 never that.
- Big lag while I am walking before some looks of account in a face of clock - mine Uploads 2 always shows to each step likes me he
- record me so much sleeping while I am looking sad record TV , broken, but mine Uploads 2 doesnt that
- I maintains that it has to that force closes a Fitbit application and then registers behind in to do a clock sync - rubbish
- Sometimes could control my Spotify in mine telephone or Amazon Firestick - and sometimes no. Oh, And roughly would owe that pay another £40 for the piece of software that converts songs of Spotify to a correct format to upload in a clock. Otherwise Does not have any capacity to the off-line current and would have to that spend my mobile with me while exerting - bondadoso to squander an object. This is not clears in a marketing of one Extracted 2
- tin a lot at present the paid with to a clock likes him the number of the papers of United Kingdom can use is very small - certainly does not comprise any of mine.

As no the good experience all the round. Behind to a joint to draw....
5 / 5
A device is not happy to connect the wifi - loses connections consistently and the Bluetooth. At all more the time that extracted a device that exerting. My Fitbit Ionic was very better. A desk the application does not recognise my same device although it is listed in mobile application for a same account. Of here of I cant music of load. I am likely to return he in this tax.
5 / 5
Has very bought , ready clocks more economic some years but ossia some better. Some another has required to touch every night. This a hard at least four days. Has all some notifications on mine telephone to my clock. An exposure of clock is always on and everything uses one the battery but I still take four days . They are very pleased .
Says that it has walked it far (for me is miles as well as any) those that the calories have burned. That paths are trace . My models of sleep. Heart rate by means of a day . When My telephone is in my stock exchange, take a message of the text showed in my clock to read , the one who sent it. Calls of telephone to these clear in a clock but calm can no to answer them which is well with me. Alexa Does also. It has given to 5 indication of stars to consider me this clock has achieved all have loved !
4 / 5
Like this first things in the first place am revising the sample this has prisoner doing shortly after dipping it on for a first time. This does not go to be A description of goddess for like this more reason concealed it!

Screen to touch for me there is prendido to do shortly after that taken this clock. The support was reset “ he” a lot concealed has not done any and now everything says is “failed to erase the data tries again” every time try a hard reset likes instructed for Fitbit Support.

Alexa only looks to do is in and out of an application of telephone. I have had to take my telephone was and open an application the majority of time has gone for the use.

A screen is not really impressive with the 5mm bevel that is quite big in the clock so only 37mm situates entirely. There is remarked also some faces of clock go in a flange and is hid.

Apparently has no gps but can not confirm this so it can not use a clock correctly without screen of working touch.

A barometric sensor is also inaccurate looks.

Fitbit Pays no with almost all a Santander of United Kingdom of the banks of entities is an only name will recognise in a cast of banks can use.

Oh And of course Fitbit love the byline of you to access everything of a data a clock collects roughly you!

In general has to that say that this clock is a overpriced piece to crap. If it love the fitbit device because your mates have one goes with a Fitbit bands of fitness that says a time. If it love the ready clock then looks elsewhere.
5 / 5
Like the user of time with a longitude of a Fitbit flex, am very happy with east. Any sure can the connect to the mine Samsung S9+ for call and notification of the text but ossia still to be discovered.
4 / 5
There is disappointed really with one Extracted 2.
Is the lovely looking clock, that can not deny. Has has had so only a clock for just to the long of the month and already my account of any and for like this all my statistical fitness, is massively distorted reason I cycle and commute to do.
To all the cost of if this Fitbit the car identifies there is hopped in my bicycle or that am using a way of the exercise of external bicycle has connected the GPS, this Fitbit is adding the significant quantity of any one my account of any when my feet a lot touch still a paving.
Am speaking an additional 8000 of the 30bicycle of tope strolls.
Has contacted Fitbit on done 2 weeks, up to now have any fixed.
Are a lot disappointed. In a half daily commute to do, am obtaining 6000 any extra that has not taken.
Is this that would expect of the tracker of fitness? If it is, please the cost treats it 2, if no, please suggest an alternative and attentive tracker.
4 / 5
Beautiful feminine look which, sadly, with which 2 weeks to use, has decided to return for the full repayment.
Main reason: no the good value for money, subjects of massive connectivity, resulted to be so only the quite the counters in passing that it would accept it has not costing almost £200..
1. User friendly Application (free 3 prize of version of month, would not pay £ for him this in spite of)
2. The sleep that control quite attentive in my opinion
3. Beautiful hardware
4. Brilliant exposure that surprised (100 better times and clearer that Garmin for chance)
5. Comfy Correa, any subject with irritations or of the allergies that are prone to

1. Importing one - any connectivity, unable to dip on notification for my Huawei p30
2. On counting any and calories - I wake up without on! They are quite sure I do not sleep walk!
3. Falling bluetooth connection all a time
4. Unable to control music when exerting changed in
5. Syncing So only when an application is open
6. Lack of GPS (although I have known that when I have bought he)

When all one on the subjects is directed and an application is free, will be happy to return like the Fitbit client. For now, under underwhelmed and a lot disappointed to the equal that liked really of a sample.
4 / 5
Extremely inaccurate.

The Like this strongly undercounts and in any of the accounts according to quell'I am doing. Have toggled With that wrist I wear he on and yes dominant or no dominant and has not solved a subject.

Included a monitor of heart rate is far less attentive of mine Uploads HR 2. It was in a treadmill and aimed in 150 like looked quite attentive if the little big, I upped a speed and a control and he have collapsed well down to 108 and is remained there still although physically it could feel my increase of heart rate.

And a neighbour up! Ossia One 3rd Fitbit has purchased and first time that experiences a subject with planting up. It has taken literally the whole night to the equal that has said “has failed” every time before miraculously doing.

I probably gone back and try the different and included device if it does not locate with abandoning one extracted 2 which is the shame , like the extra star is for as beautiful and that shines a clock and the exposure really are.
4 / 5
To the A lot of things did not like on this product. It is very difficult to use it. Other subjects comprise bluetooth connection while syncing & touching music. Also, notification partorisca iphone is not aimed in clock. Besides, any support partorisca tongue of Arab. Using Alexa that has taken partorisca dip the memories is not doing, has dipped the memory partorisca 4:00 pm, and volume a memory after hours of sides!! Total waste of money!!!👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼
4 / 5
Very happy at all with east and is returned the Amazon.
A setup was the nightmare and I was unable to connect to the mine mac partorisca transfer music, although I appear need an application with the byline although this had done. But I have squandered 2 hours that tries to do this work and in any point could mine mac see a clock. I have downloaded a mac desk the application and he have aimed each Fitbit the device excepts one extracted 2. I do not expect partorisca be given this class partorisca frustrate runaround of the device that is supposition partorisca do my easier life.
An election of screens is very poor and the majority partorisca need be has paid stops. It could not take my screen has selected partorisca show partorisca more than pocolos like this before he reverted to the basic equivalent or digital exposure. It looks that when it says always on it means in way of basic exposure. And a real exposure is focus of has surpassed sized. A clock looks lovely but the big part of an exposure is bezel.
My bank is not sustained partorisca fitbit has paid. So only a bank of United Kingdom that the imports maintains (Santander).
Does not see reason would owe that require pay the byline partorisca access date is collecting of me on a device I already has paid stops.
Very impressed with east, was the waste partorisca frustrate of my time.
5 / 5
Shows a lot lustrous (lived and is trace now a lot one), looks a lot well, this in spite of, dipping up was the ache. My clock resembled disconnect of the mine telephone although it was so only three metres or he so that it was like Alexa function no . If alive in United Kingdom so only one the bank of entity is connected with Fitbit paid (any one my banks) as it can not use that neither, to to looks like is mainly partorisca of people in some the EUA and the pocolos other countries whose banks have bonds with a Fitbit has paid. In general, there is disappointed partorisca consider a prize as it sent it behind and so only has taken the sport of looks of fossil as it looks better.
4 / 5
I upgraded mine Fitbit HR to this version. Easy to install and the majority of plot advanced that my last a. More characteristic and clear screen. Very happy with this buy.
5 / 5
Ossia Almost the clock adds but there are too many annoying subjects for him to deserve this state.

Some the very characteristic is a fashion and appearance of a clock. It looks to add and a screen is excellent. There is quite big bezels but these do not look that noticeable, especially using the face of clock with the black fund. An exercise and the activity that follows is in an excellent integer, this in spite of like this with everything Fitbits a step that follows is way too optimistic. To contrast some pavings are trace to follow is something on and a sleep that follows is quite nifty too much. The works of GPS have CONNECTED surprisingly well. I have found previously this characteristic after the useless in other trackers of activities. It is occasionally inaccurate in the terms of distance have measured, but this could be a telephone supposes. The life of battery is generally WELL. Eye to be that it takes around three to four days this in spite of occasionally and for any obvious reason decides to gobble on a battery uploads against the a lot of imposed main. At least it touches on a lot quickly. Some 'applications' has limited enough but those that are present is a lot has thought was and personally does not like me owing the vast collection of applications in the clock, as has any question with that. The faces of clock are the swipe of has bitten and lose especially the third celebrates some, as I stick with a free Fitbit some, which all look to do well. Fitbit Pays work a lot well, although in United Kingdom a selection of bank is mediocre. I have taken so only out of the account of paper crediticia of Santander so that it could use it and that also works for Paid of Garmin.

To to Some things do not like is mainly of subjects with connectivities. They are quite sure that to plot of notification that is supposition to come by means of any and controls of the music and To Alexa frequently does lacking like the application says a sample has not connected to a telephone, when it is that it is (otherwise like him sync an exercise that follows given?). When The notifications come by means of a clock manages him well, as you can answer in a lot of chance, and.G,. For inaugural a pertinent application in a telephone. As it spends this characteristic of the connectivity is not that of entity of mine but can be for another, so that it can be considered the serious defect. A subject I really annoying is that some of a data to sleep registered by a clock, specifically heart rate during a night and esstlessness' is deliberately suppressed in an application unless paid for the byline of first that then gives to plot of the to to other services like has driven workouts, of plans of fitness and like this on, any desquels is to interest mine. Quite only to pay love CHARACTERISTIC EXTRAS but to have that pay to access characteristic that is ALREADY in a clock is simple profiteering. Have complained directly to Fitbit but his fobbed was with the patronising 'to properly dipped your expectations, looks which comprise to sleep the heart rate and the restlessness is [sic] for users of prize so only' - Ossia an a lot of the thing complained roughly like my expectations certainly have not gone properly place! Neither I like him To him a strap of the silicon distributed for several reasons. After the few days results quite manky and need to be cleaned. Also it seats in the crazy corner to a clock, like this calm can any the plan dipped in the surface when it takes. I have solved this question to buy the strap of point of the steel of Amazon to fall held it, but would have been a lot if the decent strap has been distributed in a first place. Final niggle is one load, which is the owner one which create the only works with an extracted 2 and is drawn in such the way that you pode any the plan dipped in a table when that touches a clock. It acts this in spite of.

Have come a lot of neighbour to return this clock for the repayment but has decided that on balance some characteristic good outweighed of the bad and to be just looks to be working better after the few weeks that has done in a principle. Also a prize of current Amazon is has discounted amiably.
5 / 5
Has taken this for my anniversary and I have been using the month now. Ossia Prime minister of mine Fitbit to the equal that can very really compare to some other models but like an individual product is adds.

Bought it to promote me to walk more and has been using he for mine couch 2 5k careers, fulfilling looks quite attack and of the automatic workout the sensor is very fresh although it took it bad a time and has thought was in a eliptical when in fact it has run lol! But each one another time has been corrected in remarking am running or walking.
A function of sleep is very fresh and looks to be attack, finds it that it interests to verify each morning!

An application is order although the times can have question SYNCing the to my clock, always solves with which turn of bluetooth and reconnect but can take the bit to annoy. An application is order this in spite of, can find information more thorough in your cycles of sleep, your steps, the distances have walked, your workouts and more, can follow your period and the symptoms and he will predict when you are foreseen after on, calm also can follow your birth conrol pills etc. The calm desire can follow your calories and a lunch have eaten or a water there is dank. There is the community section and can add your friends to motivate and sustain each one which so another that is very good. There are a lot of applications to choose of, there are applications for kegel exercises, for meditation/mindfulness, for toothbrushing etc.

Has the function of prize but did not buy it, by means of of the this has access to workouts etc but for me personally has not been has had to that pay for him of some descriptions has read looked overpriced. Another thing has read is aparently a tend to break use in watering as be careful of personally take it was to rain etc so the mine is not to value a risk. It likes-I use it to me spotify by means of my clock when running/walking like the fact so easier to skip by means of songs more than pulling my whole telephone was!

In general am very happy with a clock, looks adds, has taken a pink colour and loves that! It looks ready and it goes with each outfit and folds up like the good accessory as well as when being functional. To good sure motivate me to maintain active and master all some functions and additional applications, would recommend it!
4 / 5
Has some characteristic is that it does really well but also some software I really annoying subjects that really would not owe that be there in the mature product.
To the Things like:
- A monitor of heart rate is really attentive, has verified some readings whilst exerting in the xtrainer that spends the strap of @@@cofre.
- An account of does not look to do WELL, taste that of me still any of the account yes forgets my telephone when it was for the walk.
- Roughly of some motivational appearances of an application are very good (when his ) and help, although I ignore him from time to time.
- A control of sleep is really interesting and in fact looks to do
- A life of battery is good and as announced, has changed now of a 'always on' frame as it is not required really, now take 4 to 5 days among cariche.
- An application syncs reliably with mine Withings Application for readings of weights and MyFitnessPal for alimentary/calories.
To That that does not like :
- A car relieves characteristic of type of the exercise no reliably, if at all.
- GPS syncing with telephoning sometimes does not do or the drops were during the walk or walk of cycle
- the cycling does not update of the active minutes - a lot of facts for the pocolos second, then when an application updates a data of street an application clears some minutes. It is really odd as walking, workout and types of law of elliptical exercise so only well.
- Uses the cycling the application of plus/of confidence to walk that MapMyRide and sync the, some looks of data in a cast of exercise together with a data of the heart rate but this are not used to update minutes actuate or calculate the calories burned neither updates some 'days to exert'. Little point in syncing really.

Conclusion: If yours has interested in general fitness and motivation then ossia the product adds . If yours the really enthusiastic cyclist and love of confidence that follows and analyse, look elsewhere.
4 / 5
Like the person of gymnasium I quite like this he! It is not like this ready like clock of Apple but is quite ready to help treat few things while in some gone. I add synch with Mate of fitness, any question with iPhone synch like this far. The battery is the winning took it yesterday take it with 60 battery with the neighbour on, full use of some characteristic to the equal that has touched around has 55 today! I can not be happier:) the sleep adds that it follows, water intake, health of women:) it has it Revolut the paper adds synch with contactless payments:)
Chances of pops of calendar of the Apple up in a screen also! Lustrous look And a lot of very soft strap-súper comfy same when sleeping:)
Like this far like this good!
5 / 5
The majority of some characteristics is useless.

Can not use to pay with contactless so only A pair of the banks in United Kingdom are has comprised.

Can not use for music as it will not connect toDeezer still although I have had to pay for him Deezer accounts and paired the. It does not use iTunes so that the application is useless.

Could not take Alexa to do.

Does not aim details of qualities to sleep unless paid for an account of the prize and I feel is the cheek to have that pays an extra byline to use when a sample is expensive.

Pros: The alarm is good and wake up with vibration.
I like an application of Relax.
Variety of faces of clock to choose of.

But in general unimpressed like this really is so only an expensive clock with the counter of no. Now that goes for the turn and the clave with my step of mine the economic plus counter which has characteristic better for the fraction of a prize.
4 / 5
Delinks Each one that 2 minutes have bought this so that it has not been so that it connects onu the telephone that is inner achieves when it operates or walking encircled of time and money
5 / 5
I love my new clock. I have had the little Fitbits before but changed to the Samsung tracker partorisca better integration with my telephone. A thing there is remarked very quickly, this in spite of, was that it has not followed any a lot of with accuracy. This follows each volume of has spent so only. If I walk 100 it does not count 100 no, I am resisting the stock exchange (or helmet of motorcycle) or have my hands in my pockets. These were two things that looks partorisca confuse a Samsung shows. An only bad point is that Fitbit looks partorisca give me the little extra of hundred steps the day when I locate a motorcycle. A heart rate always looks the little big also, otherwise a clock is attentive.
An application sometimes looks partorisca struggle the sync with a clock, occasionally in habladores questions with spending notifications of some telephone to a clock. An application requires the general update and esort was' in general in my opinion. An alimentary that follows is brilliant, with the ENORMOUS catalogue of available lunches partorisca enter with just the barcode. If it have been partorisca leave to enter our own lunches with the barcode (partorisca an odd missing element) would be the better plot still. Samsung Application and connection of telephone is 100 better times. Samsung Also offers Very free excercise paving and tips of fitness, Fitbit has chosen to do these looks 'Prevailed that is a very worse thing in Fitbit in general. Ossia An only way that Samsung is better that Fitbit.

A clock looks lovely. Really I want look in him and he feels very comfortable 24 hours the day. Some looks of arrival of the very big quality. This one of some reasons has chosen this in another Fitbit models.

Some functions of clock as well as the tracker of fitness, clock and calendar. A screen partorisca touch the utmost look and feels adds partorisca use. This clock motivate partorisca maintain moving all day, in that help me take apter and lose the little hanged.

In general ossia a better sample has not possessed never and is a subject absolute .

Update, 4 month with a clock has lost 2 bone. I a lot have especially has lost the plot of fat of the organism and the muscle have obtained. This was down to continuation a lunch in an application and maintaining down some calories had burned. I have not been fat and has not toilt partorisca this May having all in an application helped @to give that bad!
4 / 5
Upgraded Of Blaze old of the edges ( has been Apple) Always be the defender of a sleep that is still in Fitbit, which is one same likes Blaze old, because of a fact uses a same Application in your ready telephone. An exception is life of the battery is simply excellent, without using an always in expensive, am taking roughly 5 days of cariche, compared to Blaze which has required to touch each morning whilst raining. (My Clock of Apple of the edges S3 is on touch each one that !) It did not verify it it was all some applications still, but really that loves a sleeker creation, a fact can spend in a group or shower, any precise to agree press a ‘water proofing' key like calm on Apple S3 Shows, to to just wear likes is of the clock! A mobile application is clear, there are not applications like this a lot of so many in the Apple to download- but the half concealed is simple to use, easy to take a hangs of, and enough frankly EXTREMELY GOOD VALUE in his point of prize. If you are not the date of defender of estimativa and hard Apple some pence in your pocket, one Extracted 2 is your tracker of perfect fitness!
4 / 5
Ciao I has had to that return this element as it would not download to the mine telephone this in spite of while to the repayment
4 / 5
Like this really like clockwork, ONCE took it in fact doing. Still after the hours are spent on cat with Fitbit, was just toil to dip up and especially to take a notification, the messages and call them telephone to look in a clock. So much to learn of Clock of Apple, dips up out of a box, this was the nightmare . It was inside minutes to dip behind in a box and sending it behind. Poor creation, the application dips up and support of technology. THIS In spite of... I took it a do one, with which some resets of multiple factory and doing behind by means of some dips on, he suddenly sync'd with my Samsung S10 and perfect fact never of then. Precise perseverance but has pleased has done.
5 / 5
My report with FB has been turbulent in minimum. A forward Extracted all there is prendido immediately follow hourly activity. Control to sleep prisoner and has counted in my heart rate. I have been closed his for 3 days in a tentativa to order it was. It could any one and support mearkt reoeTed all had done has been the user in fact a lot of years and has thought has comprised some dark arts to take the thing that read with which there is prendido to do for any apparent reason I beans up. A new extracted 2 is beautiful to the look has bought to cover which highly recommends for the active users will hate it when a face of clock takes lined and he . A sample there is alexa built in unsure really if ossia the personal profit to the equal that have alexa unit in the each room in my house to the left is to sees does in a street. It is fresh commanding your clock to dim your light and dip your television on but have to that change a device to exist for a pleasure. Of course an application is one same and sadly fitbit pay is so that it was useless in United Kingdom to the equal that forgets to use your Amex HSBC the papers of the bankers or The Lloyd for the start, clave with your yes calm telephone like this bondadoso of what. A clock has 1 in place of 3 keys that is moderately easier. As the one who can say little difference to a treat and at least for a moment have more accuracy. I have not discovered still if the sleep that informs functions as it has done with an any one deal of byline. In general it likes. If youre upgrading one extracted 2 is not the significant upgrade to one Extracted an election is of course yours. A strap is easier that fix which is in prize . There is taken on an hour to take my telephone to speak to a clock that takes and downloading an extracted 2 application, yes has one and that restarts a clock, sonetjmes this can be as
4 / 5
Update: 16 August 2020

No the happy bunny like the clock has burned my wrist and left it sore and itchy (sees photo) to the equal that will be to return the backside the Amazon. I have used record of silicone before and has has not had never any class of reaction like this and have attacked like this the star was for this reason.

Has bought a version of the special edition earlier a year but I sent it behind the Amazon because of some questions of connectivities with my telephone of Android. I have decided this time to buy an edition regulate like this according to which can see does any real difference among east and another version averts of a halftone wristband and the second band of silicone that is comprised with one . I am pleased to say that they are still to have any question at all with a same forest! A sample remains connected and syncs without any questions.

A clock is comfortable to spend and extracted well during sleeping and exerting. I admit I only walk for the exercise but is by train to give me the quite attentive picture of like this am doing. It is not to perfect for any half but for me he a work.

Has take a star so that it does not think is so only to have to that paid partorisca to the prize and I leave well without requiring this characteristic. IIRC Some characteristics of prize were of the free times to use although it could be deceived.

The wise battery are to add so it has spent it now for 3 solid days and the nights and a battery is down to 44 at the same time to write this description.. Ossia The winner in my opinion and the reason adds to buy a Fitbit Extracted 2.
5 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. It shows my video. Ossia More concealed in attentive. I have left he for 20 mins in the table and he have registered still the heartbeat of 60bpm without being on me. It has said also there it was the fact gives a very today... I so only created of bed and perhaps had done 100 any to take caffè of my cookery and behind? How it is so only not doing he so that it alleges does. Sad Fitbit.
4 / 5
Has taken one submerges and has bought this clock for Navidad - loves the finally the sample can read my messages on without my glasses - constantly is controlling my heart that interest to see that it traces of frames and down. I add to follow your steps and calm rewards with the firework exposed when has objective of paste for a day. You can ask Alexa questions memories of spouse all good entertainment. It will say you what dream yours taking and that type can subscribe to learn more but is something has to paralizaciones of has paid. You can change a look of your face of clock to download the new creations there is many release one is. He so more follows the one who there is posting on Facebook etc. so only downloads an application to the yours telephone and connect to your clock for the dipped on does not take long - the come with the full strap and an extra side of one joins how is longer in the chance has the wrist the wide plus. For the touch up comes with the place usb docking canal that the ploughed of cradles the look is returned the mine there is not coming with discharges he but has had felizmente the small to rid - has to that touch he for roughly 12 hours before I use how is the ache but value my battery has been durable anything of 7 to 9 days. The looks Of clock adds like good like any Apple. It likes to have Ben Big in yours looks of wrist loan like this more.
5 / 5
Bought to update my Fitbit, has had the Load 2
Really love this Fitbit and although he quite one same like my old Fitbit, looks so better and me gustanuno can change a face of clock to adapt, can store until 5 types of clock and change any time. The majority is free so that well. It is really difficult to change straps this in spite of I so that it will be to maintain a a wine with on, as I have very broken nails to try to change one joins
the Main reason has bought this one east that is resistant water like this once the swimming pools are of open tower and is sure, will be to use the to follow my swimming
4 / 5
Like the personal trainer has the enthusiastic interest in wearable technology for fitness and in general one Extracted 2 offer the good balance among smartwatch and fitness/of health and is the good upgrade of a prime minister extracted. A screen is much more brilliant and always on is useful. Battey The life is good and an application has load of data and looks quite well for accuracy, especially a tracker of sleep but yes love the deepest ideas, for example recovery among workouts, has to paid for the byline - still a free data is probably better that the majority. This in spite of, has some other defects. Still calm can not change an advance of measure or zoom in a screen, so he precise of the glasses, can struggle. Fitbit Pays is after the useless in this country and does not cover any of some British banks of entity so first control if ossia the dealbreaker. Alexa Is a lot of swipe and lose and the speaker for Audible notification would have been a lot of gain like any always seat some vibrations are occupied in a gymnasium. And for some odd reason, does not find this like comfortable to spend like the model sooner in spite of him when being almost a same measure. But these are all the minors niggles and in general, is the really good piece of the box and I to good sure would recommend it.
5 / 5
Everything in a clock is something on (the attentive sleep that follows, notification of application, calls, memories of exercise) except a counter of any one! I am not sure that in estimates my steps (perhaps for 50 or more); it is súper sensitive that included when driving fitbit counts a movement of wrist likes no. Also that goes to a basin at night registers the whopping 60 any when it is probably so only 20 a lot behind and advances in my room. 😅

Has the relatively small wrist to the equal that have taken concerned when it has bought extracted 2 but when spending, has @to @give is not like this big as it looks. It has taken this that present he in my sister and that sees that the laws done partorisca buy me one on its own name also. It likes like this it has to that you different dye to choose of. Some straps are easy to take calm so that it can change him while you want to. ❤️😊
4 / 5
For some time has arrive and drinking my caffè in some mornings his registered on 600 no - have probably does a lot the hundred - the monitor of heart rate maintains partorisca take and alexa will not connect the majority of a time. Besides an application maintains partorisca fail the sync. Suggested I reset of factory (in the device so only the few old days) which has done partorisca the few hours - took like this fed up with him am returned he partorisca the repayment. You would think in a prize is touching that Fitbit there would be it well.

The five thousand travel it car and he have added in the 1,000 no. has done the 4 travesía of the hour and I had achieved my aim of 10,000 no.
4 / 5
has obtained 80 a lot brushes it my teeth and 200 has not seated partorisca look TVs.. Totally inaccurate. There is prendido also my seated nav doing properly in of the travesías longer. They are a L technology like this tinkered with all some settings partorisca hours and has tried he in the each phase partorisca try and he more attentive/he takes interfering with my seated nav, everything to any avail. An only way to take mine partorisca say nav doing was uninstall an application. Complete waste of time and money. Also a database in a tracker feed is highly inaccurate and the burned calories are based in the did not take that it is dud. If you take fitness seriously ossia so only the gimmick and will not give you anywhere approach an accuracy has required partorisca achieve your aims.
4 / 5
In first do first really like a look of a clock. It resembles a clock of apple in a lot of ways and I really cant fault a quality of build. Some looks of metal of gold of has ascended classy and a whole thing feels like the quality has bitten of boxes that was happy to spend.
I upgraded of the much more economic Huawei band, while the enormous improvement, but another that the few unnecessary bells and whistles, am not sure took it.
In the first place, an exposure. Shining partorisca have the wide election of downloadable faces. This in spite of using an always in the exposure drains a battery in just to the long of the day. Not using always on is an option, but the difference of leading bands, these looks partorisca require the press of key partorisca see, more than turning a wrist. A small, but annoying point.
Alexa has built is also unnecessary and looks quite gimmicky.
Has been excited to be able to control Spotify of a clock, but a time of reaction is is slow and frustrating.
Gives a not counting look quite attentive. I have been this in spite of disappointed to find that a clock has no in GPS BUILT (the difference of the mine far more economic Huawei) and confidences on connecting to your GPS of telephone, as any map to run/streets to walk estaca available workout.
A last straw for me has been concealed after the few weeks of use, looks to be that they struggle to maintain connection/sync with my telephone. The regañadientes are by train to send it behind and will stick to a Huawei!
4 / 5
In a lot of ways this clock are adds. It resists load much more that my Looks of Apple has done. A screen is quality adds . It is much more robust that a product of Apple and leading Fitbit is. It is a lot quickly receive notification. It is a lot light and like the comfortable result.
Like this, that is bad with him then? A time is always bad for juezas of start. A sample that can not say a time! An only way to ensure a time is well is the sync he with an application of telephone this in spite of an application is like this extremely bad that you can has to that sync long before included it agrees to copy a data on does not import never dipped a clock. But surely once a time is well remains well? No, any he casualidad! When A low battery 10 risk to lose a time sync. It can be calm sails take it behind. An only way to struggle ossia for the touch every night which entirely attacks an object of having the clock that clues of sleep.
Another question of first order is Alexa . This is to consider the enormous selling point on here, of course, this in spite of is terrible. Alexa Does so only has Alexa application opens in your telephone, All the time! So much, if in a casualidad wants to use a functionality of timer of excellent cookery, the trade has gone by having the telephone that goes dish because Alexa is constantly on.
Like this, in short, is sold in the clock that knows a time and can converse with Alexa. Look Elsewhere
4 / 5
Ossia mine 3rd or 4th FitBit, has begun with an original!
Blaze, was almost three years when really it has not resisted the load. It has to that condition of heart and use it to follow my heart 24 /7, and is quite darn well!
Ossia Blaze different . Ossia Like a silt of FitBits. Very impressed. If has question with applications and dipping technology on - this could not be an easy plus to manage.
Am touching with him, trying this and concealed - and reason are, the life of battery is short. BUT, once it takes to touch with all some applications(just verifying to see that it is like) - and dip the on, am sure a battery will last quite well.
Likes to be able to uninstall some of some applications that is going in the, and a capacity to try an application and uninstall if it is not that I want to.
Think that future FitBits will be really amazing - if this unit is anything to spend of longitude. It loves it. Amur A capacity to change clocks, to add or take applications, and to be able to have the variety of straps to use with him.
Give the casualidad, take it slow - and calm then will see a magic!
One joins as it is coming with one extracted 2, has been tad rigid. So much, I have decided to drench the to see would soften on, BUT a bad time, has tried my strap of skin of Blaze, and surprised - all of Blaze bows is returned one Extracted 2!
5 / 5
Has taken this like the present.
There is prendido to do after 1 week of use. Really disappointed with a product, but a worse part was service of amazon of client - I has been offered the reparation (for the clock that have almost has paid 200 pounds). When it has it it has ASKED the new clock has been said to contact Fitbit for me and has been the form sent of contact for fitbit.
Has bought a clock fr amazon, as I am expecting to have the solution of amazon, no in that has 5or contact fitbit for me.
4 / 5
Fitbits Treat 2 is the loan that clock of looks, is light, does not nettle calm is skin and is type of the new screen much more is pleasing, but Fitbit has gone was any company has to that that it is the moneymaking service of byline that offered absolutely at all the transmission has called Fitbit first, to the swimming prevails roughly the calm so that it will discover like to be sure to annul a free test, has has changed also an experience of whole application and is has been of an entertainment, application coloreada and clear to the more dull down boring messed arrive application, an accuracy is a lot although that clean my car was deceived to locate the bicycle, and yes the movement is arm behind and advances while seating is suddenly in 140bpm accruing any pleasure Usain Ray while it is has seated in fact eat it chippy with is the heart relaxed, there there is also wallpapers for one looks how is fresh but any look to ask.... Calm guessed it MONEY, although a Covid 19 one is free, calms memories each one that 60 min to the wash is delivery so it decides any to listen to a government again then at least listen to fitbit and to stop that people murder. It is the snazzy ready clock for a gymnasium or exiting the cycle/of career but is not to perfect and with him that results the cow to charge sadly is losing his appeal.
5 / 5
Well, has tried a serious Apple 5 Clock for the week (returned!) So only first to purchase is one. In of the terms of technical promises are quite looked this one is included better reason has a sleep that follows.
Few different things this in spite of that Apple of frames bit it more for advanced that another is one looks .
1 - In of the terms of esthetics this clock is not a lot at all, so that to to the men will like :( a full screen is not covered when aiming a time, has the black class of square around that disturb me to plot. So only it spent third vendors of party some background clocks for Fitbit, perhaps will be lucky to have the full screen has covered.
2- A main key is in a sinister side. I A lot ANNOY especially Spend a clock in a sinister wrist. A key would owe that it has been in a right side (more practical) the clock of Apple leaves calm that to change your bands of wrist is necessary (another point for the but his prize is crazy big)
3- An application is confusing. An user is lost mostly in a start and can not it begin workout without knowing a clock well before hand! :(
4- Finally the prize is still bit it big same although it is half prize of a Clock of the apple there is much more samples in a phase down 50 £ offering characteristic same
5- Alexa in my clock to test has not spoken , not being any speaker in a telephone, so only written a info, I always glasses to need read, a lot annoying.
5 / 5
Has been the Time of Pebble that is long wearer, but has has wanted to something bit it more current, and has been interested in that measured he of heart rate. The life of battery is order - easily 5 days with constant use, and so only an hour or two to touch behind up. I require to owe my telephone on me in all the chance during the walks/runs etc. Like this GPS has connected is well for me. An application is packed full of information, although I will say that an interface is the bit to confuse - only tries to touch on all and there there is often more the data has hid behind. I am finding a estimativa of calorie and feed logging functionality really useful and has lost the pair of books after so only the pair of weeks. A heart rate and the sleep that follows has tried more than interests that has been expecting. The visibility of screen is a lot of indoors, alfresco. It is quell'has bitten plasticky to be sincere, but am not concerned really on some looks in all the chance. The notifications do well, and give you qualified to clear of a clock, and for some applications delete, opens in telephones etc. (I are on Android). There is very driven workouts and things of an application of telephone that has not tried still, but my free test of Fitbit to the prize did not convince me a lot £ the month still. The connectivity is absolutely be well in the Pixel 3a (Android 10). Amur An alone key in a sinister side of a clock (I are right-handed) - simplifies interface, and means does not take the slope has pressed accidentally of the press-ups, handstands etc. is not the computer powerhouse like clockwork of clocks or Active Galaxy of Wear of the Fossil in of the terms of election of application etc. But personally does not want to touch around with applications in the tiny screen, and a lot that has to that touch every day is an absolute clincher for me - I so only does not love me discover of home unexpectedly for example, with the dead clock reason did not touch it yesterday. In of the terms of accuracy, to good sure has the tendency to record movements incorrecly like any one - I follows the drummer, and has to take it was am practising /touching otherwise adds thousands of any extra! This in spite of, in general
am very impressed.

Top Customer Reviews: GRV Pedometer Watch ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 33 ratings
5 / 5
I have wanted really the tracker of fitness that was before simple , sincere and a lot that connects in Bluetooth of an application. Ossia! I often walk without the smartphone, that prefers to use the Nokia fashionable old simple without internet and BT. Too many Interruptions, but still wants to know some details in my action.

This tracker has all some works and basic functions autonomously without any external devices have required. Some the main functions for me are a calorie and contadora of any one, And areally main - been due to some simple functions has the life of the longest battery that some other types with BT and connectivities of application.

A clock of pedometer among two pieces: a form and a strap. To return a form of clock, calm simply inserts/inserts to a location of strap and pull a stretchy molding of strap in a clock. Touching is resembled other types of smartwatches, and precise covers it an end of a form to the port of USB.

Has found that one touching was the bit fussy. Some of the mine USB chargers would not touch a sample at all. At all but the face of spatial. Another spent in an indicator of load in a face of clock immediately. Some instructions declare to do sure is plugged in a right direction, was conscious of of the this, but still any difference. Would have think that all the points of USB would have done, but apparently no.

All some functions have looked to do well. They trust in quell'add an information on age of weight/of period/ of height/ of stride/ of gender, as these are part of some criteria to calculate the calories and that take the better distance the calculation in no.

A screen is clear and brilliant and also has the sensor that luzca a screen when it stimulate or tilt yours delivery for the see. To the Another characteristic likes is that a clock is light, waterproof and does not take against of your bosses thanks to a smooth integrated strap of some pieces

In £19, I really like a simplicity and life of long battery these offered and I would suggest that it also would be suitable for young boys that does not have the smartphone, how is entirely self-has contained.
4 / 5
Has taken this for a main relative, any one maintains active. To this discharge returns a bill like the stand tracker only that it does not need the Ready telephone to do.

A upside is that it is quite simple to dip up. You can have imperial measure. It touches without requiring the boss. A screen is quite clear and colour.

A downsides is that a strap is uncomfortable, and quite feeble around where take a clock to touch. In fact a whole process to take a clock in and out of a strap is quite fiddly for people those who could have arthritis.

In general, ossia the economic way to follow activity. Calm can believes to the week among load. I can it does not think it it will be possible to substitute a strap, which will limit a life.
5 / 5
Has thinks that would try this is gone in the ‘no-technical' relative like this the pedometer does not look the telephone has associated potentially complex application.

A lack of an application means that it is more economic that a lot pedometers but in a face of him there is the number of characteristic. It has included it Is, as you would expect, the counter of any one, but this given also can be translated to the distanced the warehouse and the calories have eaten. A last is informed for weight, sex and data to age that can be easily gone in to a same pedometer without an application. Also it has included it is the controls of sleep how is operated manually - the will not actuate is so only inactive after the concrete time at night. A pedometer has limited also protect waterproof.

You Also take some characteristic levels of the clock and date which well.

Use an exposure is clear and work well. I can not comment in an accuracy of some steps or data of sleep but both reasonable look. I can comment in a life of battery, forecast to be 7-days. These looks to be in optimists to the equal that with use, comprising that it selects several options during the load, to to these looks to be more like 3-of days. Ossia Still reasonable this in spite of.

Reflecting a relative ease of use, clear exposure, and reasonable prize, this pedometer is the good election for any the one who does not want to examine a data in detail and relate to the row of another data of health.

In general the strong four stars.
5 / 5
my animal of suspicions a tracker of sleep is a bit state has confirmed.
Has had last night the sleep of the restless night because of the headache and sore throat. I have dipped to wake, but still this in spite of like this a clock has registered to that like the time of sleep. It would be more attentive in to my view to describe likes them a way of inactivity or something alike. If you are looking in the tool to register a period and quality of your sleep (that it would be it to interest to know) then this is not the.

Has been attracted to this clock of tracker of the fitness to the equal that looked to offer an interesting involved among the simple digital pedometer and the fully-fledged sensor of the application based-clock of fitness of the type. It is quite simple and limited in the sound that is: time, dates and day; number of the step taken; the distance has walked; the burned calories; and time of sleep.

A whole clock is removable of a strap (easy to burst in/out) still enable he to be touched for USB. Annoyingly, A way inserts/to insert one touching has bitten of a clock to the USB-to-3covers of pin means that it calms can not see a level of load in a battery while touching he without the prime minister that takes. A strap has the good level of adjustment and is quite soft, but somehow a clock does not feel all this comfortable for me. I think it that it has to that be a sample so that it is rigid and like this wide (long in fact) at least like my wrist. It is not the subject grave to the equal that have directed to sleep with him on well, but commentary Casio economic digital clock far less. It is a lot light this in spite of and waterproof (IP67) also, which like this far have tried so only for the courses down the tap. Calm apparently can swim with him on, this in spite of as the counter is for any one and any one shot am not sure that would register if anything.

Dipping a sample up is in some respects simple ( there are few elections and of the few ways), but is this in spite of fiddly. When you Look in a clock expects a whole face to be the touchscreen, but is not . Calm instead touches a bit circle in a subordinated that it is a sensor and you cruised and roll by means of pages for the series of short and a lot the time presses. Practice ossia the bit of the ache and has taken much more that it has to that because of a difficulty in entering details of setting (p. p.ej. Date, hanged etc.) And a lot accidentally in volador spent a setting/of page loves. In his defence takes easer with use - at least entered a yours time place. More nettling still this in spite of is a ridiculously short time that information (time of inc.) stays in a screen of clock. Calm sometimes can reactivate he with the sobresalto a lot forceful of your wrist, but yes actuate a screen thus method or touching a circle of sensor a screen goes spaces a lot quickly. I take that he probably the helps save a battery, but if ossia like this then he 7 day the operative time is not a lot impressive.
Some settings are quite the minimum selected once imperial or metric, but has taken taken was with a date how is pointed and has entered an American way with month before day. If you are selling the clock or the clock in United Kingdom takes with a program!

In of the terms of some real no-experiences of the functions of the clock am mixed. It is a lot handy to have to that the recorder function has built to the clock, but an accuracy is debatable. I say that reason have walked sometimes enough the pocolos a lot of indoors and at all has been registered. I have expected the moment has walked some plus, looked again and had jumped on the big number of looks of no. needs the moment to think roughly he sometimes, which is not well is looking for feedback of instant. I spent it on the longest walk outside in the hard surface where my has not looked to be more reliably has registered. I have looked the has not augmented, but still then he sometimes prendido and then jumped on the pocolos a lot and my global conclusion is that it is laggy and perhaps any one the majority of attentive contadora. Has any reason to doubt a counter of distance, but how is measured of some any one took the necessarily would be like this of confidence like this is.
A counter of calorie is taken more with still pinch of rooms in all the chance and has not paid too much attention to this.
A counter of time of the mine of sleep interested and allege a sample contains the built-in sensor of sleep. I am not like this sure in that or like work and was difficult to escape an idea that the so only could be the clock to stop in reality to the equal that owe that manually the turn on and era. Enough like clockwork ‘it collects the quality of respite of a human organism and physical information to identify a state of sleep and register your time of sleep' does not have any idea and are sure calm can comprise my scepticism in that.

Does not have any way to download your step, distance, calorie or information to sleep to maintain the record in the longest period reason a reset of settings for the half night. Ossia The shame , but is orientative of a basic character of this clock, which is more than the pedometer that tracker of fitness in heart.

Some instructions are the minimum of has bitten without the question of shoots and is more describe like this clearly pertinent. In a box takes a clock , strap, manual of instruction, touching drive and drives of fast start.

Is light and a strap is soft and has abundance of adjustment.
Some functions are basic, but easy to comprise and use (once you master a sensor along and short that touches).
A way of sleep is intriguing although they are a bit sceptical of him.
I good looks and an exposure and the icons are both a lot clear (while they have had to in a screen!)
Is handy to have the clock and pedometer (more has joined other functions) has combined.
Any need for an application. Or to give access to the yours telephone to some 3rd software of party.

A clock was the little uncomfortable in time because of his period and rigidity.
A neighbour arrive and method of inputting the information is the bit fiddly.
A date is in an American format - at least give an election!
A screen, while clear, goes way of spatial too quickly, which is annoying.
Does not think that that it has to recharge (albeit for only 2 hours) each one that 7 days is a lot convenient for some characteristic resupplied in this clock.
These chairs of clock among the digital pedometer and the fitness of clock of plus looked fully of tracker in of the terms of the like offer, but am not sure that a prize reflects his relative simplicity and his failures.
Some frames of toe of shows of screen and looks it will line quite easily.
A counter of is not laggy and a lot probably to be all this of confidence in his register of your activities.
Am bent to think that a tracker of sleep is perhaps hokum.

In spite of his failures find me that continues to spend this clock every day and for the use to control a number of am not taking. This in spite of will be quite happy to go back to Casio how is more comfortable that spend. With a monitor of sleep I probably still wear that at night how is the bit of a X what of Files for me and I guess that I want to believe :)
My edges has expressed an interest is and think that that it is more convenient and useful (this in spite of possibly less attentive) that the regular pedometer. If anything this in spite of this me @give that perhaps it has to that has the data taken a casualidad to try the fitness of tracker of plus done fully, especially yes precise touch less thick. Unfortunately, it would be difficult to recommend this clock to the equal that can see that for the little £s calm more can take comparable clocks that also have heart rate or pressure of blood the monitors have built in (assuming is attentive). All-in-all this has an interesting mix of characteristics and is useful after the fashion, but perhaps is not quite a better option there so much could have been bit it generous with 3 stars.
4 / 5
Modify to say Iv Downgraded to 2🌟 likes battery any one last 3 mismodys first to require recharge, and a counter of does not stick like this obviously is not that acurate, also has said that is to be sleep for 30minuites whilst down am doing a washing up.

Reason is rechargeable in place of a normal leathium would beat a clock will last me longer.
But is not so only the lovely digital clock is the pedometer how is quite handy that knows those that miles walks so only around a house.

Was sooooo easy and sincere dipping this up., so only it has to that dip a first time then
Google yours (metric/ imperial) the entrance your hanged and height, also your stride to walk no, your age and gender; (man or woman ★any third gender unfortunately★) like the pedometer will be that much more attentive.

Is light in your wrist that calm do not comment it like this there there is hardly any one his weight.

One adds little look of handy/pedometer concealed to go in in a prize abordable and a thing adds in of the this is that there is no Bluetooth and like any one precise to concern roughly that takes an application has connected.
SO ONLY LOVES It. The developer done well, so only improve in a battery, contadora and monitor of sleep and then this little artilugio would be perfect.
5 / 5
Good creation, economic and mostly of entity : work independently without Application to download.

Has possessed the pair of smartwatches and did not use him never a lot of reason have had to that maintain a Bluetooth on all a time and download an Application to go with him.
I finally found the smartwatch as it did not require me to download an Application.

Luz, good colour, a lot easy to touch. It does not come with the boss. A sample has an USB separates like this need simply to be take of a hule pink watchband and load in the door of USB.

A clock aims a time, day (any one a year-the screen is quite small), no of feet, km store, kcal burned, the asleep hours and there is also has taken some settings where can regulate you time, day, sex, age, metric or imperial, height, hanged.

One hard load enough the moment, in three times of weeks has has had to that the touch two times so only.

Estimativas Well.

In general am very satisfied for this recommend it.
4 / 5
This clock of the tracker of basic fitness are adds. Really simple to use and cruised. It follows your steps, distance, calories and sleep. It is really easy to setup and a better part is that easy is to touch. I want that it does not come with still like this another type of boss or upload, instead can take a face of clock of a strap of hule and has the usb the clave has attached. For calm so much can touch a clock in any port of USB that comprises your laptop. It touches quickly and easily. An only with to a clock is to leave a battery to die, will owe dipped the on again of scratch, ossia time, date, age, height, hanged, etc. This has not spent mine still but are extra cautious like some instructions helpfully warn against that. In general, I show it adds! Access well, work well, súper easy to touch and place up.
4 / 5
There be enjoyed to use this clock, his simple daily clock that the one who calm require it to do without a need to be connected invernadero an application or Bluetooth.

HAS all some the regular functions have built he of tracker of activity to sleep monitor, and is a lot easy to take place on and create and that careers. A battery is surprising and last an extremely long time. Has a key that controls everything, so that you can spend for some the diverse characteristics has.

Comes with the strap that well and comfortable to spend. Obviously his a lot of so that I want to something bit it more powerful and the characteristic has packed, but his to good sure an ideal clock master something simple, this clock will do a work. Recommended.

Expect found my useful description.
4 / 5
Ossia Quite fiddly to dip up but once dipped on laws well. An exposure is easy to read and does not look to count the movements of random arm like the no. has not been that or if some works of function of the sleep this in spite of like this there is not any way could spend a terrible strap distributed for any period of time. It is not soft silicone but quite rigid, especially more after a face of clock, and finds it extremely uncomfortable. I have possessed the pair of clocks of the fitness and a silicone has has not felt never has taken.

So much is the a lot of artilugio that uploads easily for direct connection to USB but rests down for an economic strap.

Would not recommend it .
5 / 5
Thinks that ossia the good present for any the one who has the 'hail craze' which can not last that long, or if it does not like using of the telephone. Has no Bluetooth and does not require mobile connection. Like this he súper simple to use. It is also súper easy to touch. Bought like the present for my young brother. It is the decent alternative to fitbit if I can not resupply something like this expensive.
5 / 5
Him me like this reason any need an application down uploading partorisca he partorisca do. It is easy to dip up and no of clues, distance and sleep as well as showing a time. An expensive is quite easy to read with decent sized numbers. Touching is via boss of USB, which is distributed, the need burst a clock of a strap to do east. Like this far like this well Any question.
5 / 5
One very simple and easy to dip on shows of pedometer, which there is neither needs to be dipped up with an application in your telephone!
This little clock has the majority of a 'Fitness' the sections have built his and all precise is touching on while three has painted watchbands pink and black Green and down £19 the very reasonable bit of boxes!
5 / 5
For the basic ready clock ossia perfect, especially for boys where calm of those who owe worry in an application or bluetooth.

You can not compare this to the main ready clocks but some characteristic law perfectly.

Perfect judge of start for any one no used to smartwatches
5 / 5
Ossia the really basic tracker , does not link to telephone or require an application; it is the good idea for the people the young plus or that does not like him technology and wants to control his levels of activities.
Comes amiably boxed and very easy to use
4 / 5
Ossia the looks of fitness how was súper easy to dip up and resupplies the no quite attentive has measured. A life of battery is good and is comfortable to spend. Good value.
5 / 5
Joins no good of for life of battery of big wrists a lot like this declared but less badly gives it 1 star
4 / 5
Looked for a contapassi simple without bluetooth and this is optimum, easy gives impostare, have bought it for a present and afterwards also for me
5 / 5
Ich wollte einen einfachen Schrittzähler ohne application und Handy. Leider zählt dieser schrittzähler Schritte Quotes garnicht gelaufen wurden. Ich hatte meinen Arm auf gives Beinen liegen im Sitzen und gewackelt und schon cube ich laut Uhr schon mehrere Schritte gelaufen. Schade ging zurück
5 / 5
Sehr Simpler Schrittzähler, einfach in giving Anwendung, für gives Preis aber total in Ordnung.
4 / 5
Has in Lucido time but think that the clock is of the good quality has haste to offer it my small chip
4 / 5
Ich habe nach einem ganz einfachen Schrittzähler gesucht, ohne Application und ohne Handy.
Und Yesterday ist er. Einfach In giving Handhabung und sehr angene
4 / 5
Apsettiamo has given to see the autonomy, for him side for now very
5 / 5
As it shows fence, partorisca the others activities any one is a lot of abordable
4 / 5
Die Uhr erfüllt ihren Zweck gut. Ist leicht einzustellen und Man braucht kein Handy dazu.
5 / 5
4 / 5
4 / 5
5 / 5
4 / 5
Has purchased this after active has had multiple Fitbit devices in fact a lot of years. I have LOVED my Fitbit is, but has begun having the plot of ache in my arms and of the shoulders (typically in a side in that I has spent my Fitbit). After reading multiple pieces in EMF harms, and experimenting with changing arms, etc., has decided gone 'cold turkey' and take of the mine Fitbit.

Liked an accountability of having the tracker of any, and was of something has not wanted to give up. I have purchased the soyechanical' counter of any, and has lost a lot of my steps, and has has had to that do sure has not fallen off my waistband. I have purchased this tracker, and while it does not have all some bells and whistles of a Bluetooth Fitbit devices, he the work adds to follow my steps. More, no longer have an ache that has not looked to have an explanation. For a cost, does not think you can go wrong with this tracker!
5 / 5
Totally love this little gem!!! Any wifi or the smartphone has required, lol. Works perfectly after neighbouring initial up. Also, sure mark to measure your period of any for an account of any attentive - has been impacted that the mine was 2 feet !!! I am surprised in what a lot I every day too much!!! Any to mention the miles hikes and the calories have burned. It is the motivator adds for me and are súper happy with him!!!
5 / 5
The one who the blessing to find the tracker looks concealed does not require Bluetooth connection. The works add!!
4 / 5
Love this tracker of fitness. He all require it to do and is very easy to program.
4 / 5
Is hard the reset. It is always the day behind. The desire would turn to the new day for the half night, any 12 midday!

Top Customer Reviews: Smart Watch, ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 43 ratings
5 / 5
Like this smartwatches in a phase and a lot last to choose a legislation one but thinks could find a legislation a. Any expensive at all but he all some functions of entities partorisca activities of daily sports. This waterproof fitness smartwatch comes with the good paving, letterbox-friendly container. (Any hassle to queuing external of An Office of Delivery of Real Topmast!) Inside a box, has the manual colour English with pictures and of the explanations, the load of magnetic USB, and the fitness smartwatch with the soft-touch rubbery strap, and the QR code partorisca an application of Glory of Apt fitness partorisca your telephone. Charing On a lot quickly takes roughly 2 hours to has touched fully. This smartwatch is light, almost weightless, no too big, and no small. Very comfortable to spend and the a lot of very ' thumb TFT quality a lot well the screen of the all necessary information. Navigating A clock is easy. It likes management a clock to look in a screen, awake up. If taken the notification , awake on too much. You can press in the notification to read it, or calm so only can attack them was and movement on to a prójimo a. If it press in a notification to read it, calm then can move for up and down. With which have downloaded a Glory the apt application to your telephone can choose of abundance of the dials or you can do your own. Calm immediately can register your activity of fitness, heart rate, pressure of blood, and activity of sleep. You can choose your activity of favourite sports and ready to go. This smartwatch registering your activity during a day and synchronise with your smartphone and you can analyse your data your free time. A smartwatch doing for roughly 10 days without touching which is the very good result . I have tried to compare a metre of pressure of the blood for my Omron the device and I am exactly an included result which is fantastic! They are very satisfied with this device in general and felizmente are when spending!
5 / 5
Has been that uses this clock for 2 weeks now.
Here is my thoughts like this far....

Pros: A life of battery is sum.
A strap is comfortable.
Effective punctually notification for messages, emails, and other notifications of application.
Brilliant exposure.

Gilipollas: I can not read some messages or zoom in so many has to that look in my telephone in all the chance. A writing is tiny imo!
Pode Any skip on to a next song in a music, that key and does not operate.
The vibration could be the little stronger taste any the commentaries sometimes.
4 / 5
I good looks and feels well, still, roughly 50 of a time the control, a heart rate is spatial and some are not much less that has expected. It has used previously the Fitbit and neither that extremely on-read or this a down law. For example, 10K in the car to run, the weapon has extended in bosses, so only tip 2000 a lot afterwards 48 minutes that layer 10K. It can not be corrected. And a monitor of sleep aims that I have not had a minute to sleep purchased that of then he on done the week.

But looks well.
4 / 5
Has thought would try the economic smartwatch a lot that there is never has had a before and initially was very impressed with a product. Easy to use except these instructions have required the glass to augment to read!

This in spite of, objective dscovered that some readings of the pressure of the blood was far too big and has warned subjects of hypertension. Verified against the pressure of controls of pertinent blood to the equal that has aimed a true reading.

Needless To say ' paid so that takings' supposes.
5 / 5
Touching the boss has failed to touch clock, to the amazon contacted the one who gave the small repayment, more than the turn.
Look, any easy to setup with a telephone of Apple, failure to vibrate when receiving msgs or txts on iPhone. It does not look to love information of action with application of health of the Apple. The accuracy is questionable. This is to be buy for my woman, has a same telephone in black that vibrates and communicate with my iPhone, although the accuracy is still questionable in my clock.
4 / 5
Looks the product of apple, amour a creation and in general feel of a clock. Some applications fence in could be better.
A first day was to add all has done then literally a next day at all would look. After restarting a device and following instructions a device has looked prendió all near.

Levels of the oxygen and the pressure of blood has maintained to interrupt like the data could not be collected and a monitor of heart rate has maintained to the turn was randomly
4 / 5
This was the substitution for an identical device that has failed after so only 8 month because a life of battery has reduced suddenly to just 2 hours.. Wine with GloryFit software more than Zeroner like the first dress has not looked to do that it has wanted but is resulted to be really quite good. I have not been enthusiastic in a pink strap but this was to substitute easily for a strap of a device has failed. I will update a description if a battery in east a failure.
5 / 5
Is better that my last ready clock but concealed does not mean any a lot of. Ignore an image of some weights of lifting of the lady as it concealed is not one of a workouts that can you to it use... And I have bought specifically he for that!
The supposition has to that always read each part of a description (although so only says etc there).
But a lot especially look in some images attentively like this was although it owes the image there is not the weight workout in a map.
5 / 5
This clock are add, well value of the money Until after 2 month and a battery that fails to resist his upload a company does not honour his 2 guarantee of year. They offer the substitution but calm has to that pay a nave of wherever comes from/comes from, as his no like this economic to the equal that looks to be conscious would advise them to purchase one of another company.
Reason the volume surpasses free of amazon in an initial sale but then has to that pay shipping when his defective, this is not a lot of - the joint is does not buy it so that it can be the detective likes the mine .
5 / 5
It can not think that a lot of ossia partorisca a prize, has wrists very small and often fights with clocks but this one has cariche of options of measure. A life of battery is surprising there were three days and touched it probably 30 mins max entirely and is still in full battery. I want that you can customise an exposure of screen and all some characteristics are like this useful. One touches partorisca any one purchasing, connects one uploads whilst pairing he with your telephone although it looks does abundance of battery
4 / 5
A pedometer is way was. I have behind walked and fore my cookery this morning and a clock is by train partorisca say me that has walked 573 no!!! Having has had the APDO 24 test of now can confirm that some readings of APDO of the clock is way was. It averts of those good looks and has quite a lot of options on he partorisca me but I doubt an accuracy of them partorisca arrive to this point.
4 / 5
A ready clock is really good and fashionable. But unfortunately I can very fully dipped the on - the few things are synced with a mine telephone ( android ) - and the few things are not !! I can take notification and everything, but any step, any heart rate, any slepping date !!! So only I need some help is possible. Thank you For advanced.
4 / 5
This clock is terrible, an only good thing is an application of sleep and a date and time. If you can spend more take the expensive a.
4 / 5
Has received my new clock, am happy with east a, reason I working outside in sometimes the bad time and this clock is waterproof.
Now can them see as I call and like text me with out to any mine used phon.
4 / 5
Life of good battery
touching easy
the sleep controls very a lot
screens of Clear house with the available good variety
monitor of At all looks attentive
the pressure of Blood looks doubtful
the call that warns very useful much more so much that expected
the sleep controls very useful
In general excellent value partorisca money and upper to a lot of more expensive models
function of difficult Message partorisca read but time, date and day of a very clear week to the equal that is been of battery
touching a lot quickly and convenient
5 / 5
is looked forward to the glory Returns ready telephone, a lot disappointed has been struggling partorisca the take all dip on tried many times , is gone in to or tube partorisca follow the instructions was the failure .
5 / 5
Has spent this clock partorisca roughly ten days. Touched and place on wrist. Suddenly taken a lot of heat in backside to face which has burned my wrist. It would not recommend , melted like this by means of in cube. At present that speaks to lawyer roughly taking vendor partorisca court
4 / 5
A clock offers the good row of characteristics, but a course that really leaves it down is an ease of message. It shows the messages of applications likes them whatsapp, but a text is microscopic, filling 3 tiny lines in place of a whole screen. I have contacted a provider the one who there is advised partorisca look in mine telephone he was too small - ossia a whole idea of having a clock! Sadly, This will be to return and will look for the better model.
4 / 5
Really good or can change a face in a clock your pressure of leaves of blood is the one who there is ringing you on your value of telephone of the money happy client
4 / 5
A lot looking, looks partorisca forget that it would have to that be do in time, hopefully the latest update will order this. Good row of functions, if all does well then this clock is the subject .
5 / 5
Loves this ready clock.
Is like this cleaver and Big in technology. Every day it was that that has not done.
Now can control my activities of sleep.
Primo absolute- is waterproof, spent all the weekend in a beach, has been paralizaciones to water and did not leave me down.
Besides is a bracelet. Soft And very comfortable.
Option to find the clock or your telephone are absolutely adds.
Battery last age and touches a lot quickly.
I amour wants to loves it.
5 / 5
The life of battery was the subject of the few hours more than days, in spite of meticulously that follows some instructions. This does a product worthless, & of has has had to that the here send for behind
4 / 5
has required to substitute my clock. This an absolutely adapted my needs. A hard battery longer, a screen is the good measure . Reason pays more.
4 / 5
Box quite decent for £50 that some the main frames do for less than a money, regime of a box and an application is the quite sincere for the third application of party. 5 stars for just that that needs to and the life of battery is orders in 5 days also.
5 / 5
Easy to use, ready clock that reads with my iPhone of Apple 11 and is waterproof!
Has purchased to follow my account of any and heart rate during exerting.
Also leave is when you have received the message or your telephone is ringing.
He Love the simple ready clock for the newspaper then would recommend!
4 / 5
Has given to my young grandson to the equal that offer. It loves it and it finds it easy to use.
5 / 5
Am loved with cost of mine.
Is all have loved!
4 / 5
It is the creation adds , comfortable to spend but so only can be used like the clock, with life of good battery. No of to the some ready characteristics likes them to them the sleep, or the counter of heart rate is attentive. Like this although it is the look of the product adds and feel, some characteristic of ready clock is useless. Of here because I have had to that return an element.
5 / 5
Really disappointed with a service some one has flown obviously some elements out of a box before I took it a lot a lot at all the bad service so that pode a lot really give the description in a shame of product has touched like the ready clock a lot
4 / 5
the only hard battery the few hours. Messages a lot always come by means of. Only part of some shows of message, like this calm precise look closing in your telephone. Any notification of email.
5 / 5
The clock adds as well as step cornter pressure of the blood also Adds compraventa.
5 / 5
Is not bad but a sleep that follows simply registers when you put to bed you and create which already was, thank you. Has the small wrists like this the clock was enormous, was free and could does not join properly. Too bulky for me and some another characteristic has not been impressive neither.
4 / 5
Shows lovely I just desire could have more memories to alarm that 3 . Reason have the limit .
4 / 5
This my first ready clock, am pleased really, especially a look of a clock. It is easy to use. A clock has a brilliant colour. I am surprised really for a life of battery. I will recommend this one to that wants to buy the present for there loves one. On all am them happy. It is the sample adds . Thank you!
5 / 5
This clock is life of battery very good . Very easy to install an application and Bluetooth the connection is very good and easy to contact with telephone. So many functions are in a clock, all well and doing properly. Personally like this it looks
4 / 5
This clock is good quality and stylish. He all the expensive more one has beaten. It has taken this in joint of the doctors and he can do exactly that is to be require.
5 / 5
A calculator of calorie is a lot inaccurate . An application is a lot of clunky and is particulates poor to use. It says I burned 7 calories in. 60 session of minute of sex. (I are Romeo, this in spite of has offended of 7 calories) This in spite of my Fitbit said has burned 200?
5 / 5
Bought this like the present of anniversary. I complain it. It will look for the access has bitten 🤦‍♂️
4 / 5
My partner loves it, uses it all day every day, first clock perfect loan
4 / 5
A buckle has broken in the with which had been spending he for roughly 3 hours. The vendor has contacted the little time but has had any response at all launching like this finalised he in a cube. Impressive product and impressive service also
4 / 5
is the lovely clock to look in, and there is some a lot of characteristic. Battery quite good durable 5 days or more.
Does not find an application that informative.
5 / 5
Is not that attentive and a time to the sleep is not measured
5 / 5
A product takes roughly 10 hours to touch the full battery but then so only last roughly 3 hours in the full load. Any value he

Top Customer Reviews: IMFRCHCS Fitness ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 9 ratings
4 / 5
I have decided that that has required partorisca exert more, and has required the device partorisca promote me, with aiming what has not taken during a day, and setting I 10,000 a lot at least the day. Of then purchasing this tracker of fitness has to that well sure focused me partorisca obtain an aim, and can see me upping a punctual aim, is been 3 days have touched of a battery, (which is easy to do, is the usb the goodness and another end is magnetic this attaches to a clock) and is still on 95 has touched. There is the mobile application that download, which calm to give you elections of creations of different face, which is the good touch , calm included can have the photo like your creation of face. They are very happy with him, and in the good prize.
4 / 5
Fully Recommend! It can @give all-the exercise of day that follows and control of sleep. Also it can I spent by means of vibration when they are in the meeting. I have had the Fitbit before. Partorisca Be sincere, this tracker of fitness has all some characteristics of Fitbit, but is much more economic. It would recommend it my percentage.... The photo is no just justice but such the good-looking colour
5 / 5
has bought this clock partorisca my woman and Or has to that say that a quality is up there with a better. My woman has had previously the fitbit and has said a quality and of the uses partorisca east is like this well if any better and an exposure is clear crystal . Measure your heart rate, sleep, any and more. A Happy woman and im in some good books !
4 / 5
This clock is very easy to use. Some programs are friendly and attentive user .
An Application was easy to download and a simple device partorisca connect.
Is controls with this device is not controls of you.
Loves my clock.
Like an update in this clock. Everything of an on excepts that a strap there is discoloured bad. It would be he adds to be able to buy the spare strap.
4 / 5
Ossia The fitness really adds tracker, especially for a prize. He all would expect more more. I love a colour and he is comfy to spend. It was really easy/fast to dip up.
4 / 5
Has loved the little clock to follow my steps and my models of sleep but there is not wanted steps of the hundreds of books in the chances did not use it a lot. This returns really well, all loves it to and an application is orders also. It is the beautiful and easy colour to dip up and use. Very happy with cost of mine.
5 / 5
Are very happy with this compraventa! I received it yesterday the evening. Has wrists very small (roughly 5.5') and this was an only ready clock could find that in fact it returns comfortably. As you can see has has had to that it presionar enough the bit but felizmente has holes on almost a whole strap. I have slept with him last night and it was súper comfortable. Like this far all some readings look attentive, heart rate, pressure of blood, level of oxygen of the blood and pedometer. Some notifications are doing properly. I can not comment in a life of battery up to now, neither a way of sport but am sure will not be disappointed. An application was súper easy to download and install and everything looked a lot he directly advance and easy mine. It felt he like that has not required to spend the ages that dipped the up! Like this in general, I am very happy. I have bought a bordeaux the colour and think is a lot enough. Highly it would recommend!
4 / 5
Very pleased with this tracker has has had previously 2access has bitten 3/4 in some last few years is harder and harder that take the substitution when a screen goes spatial the one who looks to spend in the each one 6mths . So much it has purchased them this more economic version and am very pleased with him so only a critic is that he no sinister know when I need to be recharged the just stops that reads otherwise brilliant.
4 / 5
Like the family has had the little of this type of clocks and this one east, thinks, a lot of stylish. It is small but easy to read. It likes-me a magnetic method to connect one load. This so much better that that it has to attractive of a strap to access to a connector likes some of some other clocks have. A strap is comfortable and there is enough the plot of adjustment. I love a colour has lived. An application installed easily but so only for your information could not take a clock to connect without leaving an application to run in a fund. This is not the question to the equal that need an application to use a fitness that follows but could use on your battery of telephone faster. In general I am pleased with this clock.

Top Customer Reviews: Smart Watch for ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 6 ratings
5 / 5
Excellent tracker, attentive, easy to use and life of long battery much more that Apple Saves
4 / 5
Happy in general. Well partorisca the sleep and the activity that follows, the registers of application am detailed info daily and the big level has taken weekly base. It says waterproof but did not try it like this also says no splash. Neither it can use in seawater.
5 / 5
Has satisfied really. A good clock with an accessible prize.
5 / 5
Can not imagine was like this partorisca answer calls or messages of text in a clock, but some laws of sample partorisca surprise
5 / 5
Love a fact this element is like this easy to dip up and use
5 / 5
A product was all has expected takes is exactly that has required a pink colour is lovely and the looks adds with wear of sport . Client very happy

Top Customer Reviews: CHEREEKI Fitness ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 9 ratings
4 / 5
A vendor maintains partorisca send the emails that offer £40 deletes my bad description. Sad I are not when the be corrupt. One produces is not like this well like show of descriptions and now know why...

Is not attentive. It runs in and it has gone with registers. It does not dream record, Alexa a lot anything . A black strap turned less than 24 hours. An only thing is very partorisca east saying a time.
5 / 5
So only partorisca be clear - ossia a CHEREEKI frames that in a box come as 'GT Band' in a tiny manual.
Has taken an element more than pair in fact days, mainly because of an addition of Alexa. Synch And all was easy but with which 48hrs the use can declare a following:
1. Google Apt - does not do like this alleged that. Law of Google Apt but with VeryFitPro, any VeryFit.
No well. It has comprised 'account behind to 10' but ask anything more (p. p.ej. Time, account behind 10 min) - nope, the constant message has question comprising.
3. Exaggerated gives one no tale. Agreement in account of any one a first day. It has not adapted a second day. It has alleged also it has walked 5 hrs when in fact it has walked max. Google Apt and my Maps of Google timeline confirmation I warehouse ( was the leisurely walk). A VF the application has alleged has done in any and (). It is that 7K-10K the does not look and the time takes. I have used to do work. No an hour or walk like this lazy the Sunday.

Has based in some 3 points on, does not go to think other readings like this simply does not create them .

2 starts like the bracelet in general is good but he then -is so only the bracelet and has not bought he for his looks but functionalities. It has failed unfortunately.
UPDATE 25/06/21
Of then returning a tracker in April, am bombed with emails (different email address every time to the equal that can do not to filter them) with asking to take my negative critique. They offer of £10 to £40 risarcimento. Ossia Practical unacceptable and has tried to speak to the amazon but the email address have taken for the inform was bad. I am going down to a 1 description of star for additional spamming for a vendor.
4 / 5
Has been thrilled to receive this interior of clock 24hrs to the equal that had bought the resemblance one of Amazon and has been the spending the just while. This new clock was well to look in and would have stuck with him has had some basic functions good summer. I said that it had burned it the load of Calories and facts to plot of any minutes of interior of him when being in my wrist and connected to an application! I have walked around with him for the pocolos small more thinking perhaps is the glitch but nope some Calories were too many big. I am not sure state that some have not been a lot neither. A Sa02 has not looked to do although to be just had not been all this fussed in that. Harm because all some functions would have been brilliant value for money. Perhaps it was so only miserable. I am returned he without any fuss.
5 / 5
Has bought this for my edges those who is 10. It loves it. It links until his iPhone by means of looking it how was really easy for him to connect up. An application has quite easy to comprise look. It has not been that some works of monitor of the stress but he was useful and looks to follow any good. We do not upload Alexa application as it has not taken his account of own Amazon as it can not comment in that. It is light weight and does not create any excess sweat and is comfy enough for him to spend every night to follow his sleep, that . Again - no sure like these works but looks to be logging very like this far. The so that it likes is no of precise to have your next telephone for him to do like this this means can follow his steps when we go for the walk along and does not need his telephone. It adds little clock for the prize adds, and perfect it calm does not want to risk that it spends to plot of money for your boy.
5 / 5
Am spent the long time that looks for the substitution for my device to exist that use Veryfit Pro which is an excellent application .
Some descriptions for this tracker are mixed, some excellent some poor. Has has wanted to one to follow my inpool swimming. Sadly he no properly, is a subject of application or question of device? I do not know . Prpers Having dipped he for the 25m group, to 1 distance of one thousand times has registered so only. I have tried also dipped the to 30mins period, but continuous career. To finalise this has to that reset an application in your telephone. Although you sync first of resetting does not register inpool swim like an activity. Activity to walk, workout looks to be well. With limit of wrist in a hard battery so only the pair of days, with out hard 7 days. To leave an application has to that stop by force, any sake.
Some settings are also in a device, can change a brightness 3 levels, limit of wrist on or was, way at night on or era. Also it has the characteristic of torch! In spite of having the notification on could not enable a Memory of Call. You can receive notification in a device with an application that careers in your telephone. It could not find like this partorisca enable the notification for incoming has called, has lost only calls. It has done for WhatsApp messages, email etc.
Depend that master of this tracker neither will be very happy or there is disappointed.
Buys again, yes but so only for basic use.
Has arrived yes next day. I have contacted yes vendor with my surgeries, and yes his refunded my money, as it would recommend him for his efficiency and promptness treat my surgeries. I gave it 4 indication of star for vendor.
5 / 5
Ossia One 3rd clock of this 'type' has has had. I have wanted to it loved/ It To it mainly like the pedometer & to register my yoga that & at all & activity. A clock is well, I like an option to take limit of the wrist during one prejudices & a low lighting is well An option of yoga is well, easy to use & start. This in spite of, an option to swim has found to be a lot of erratic, sometimes will not leave me to exit a function in an end of my session & has to that force to stop in an application that disorders on a data. I have found also that registering a lot, activity & of calories to be a lot of erratic, vastly different results for a same activity esatta in of the different days. In general it is well, but it does not register like this efficiently to the equal that have expected.
5 / 5
Like this far a battery is lasted 6 days with 2 sessions of gymnasium and registers of sleep. Pairing With an application (ios) is of confidence and has not failed like this far. It offers all the characteristics for free, the difference of fitbit and others mark writes that requires byline on an expensive device. A screen to touch utmost work, any subject. They are the light user , and delivery more than has expected. I suggest to go in a web of place of real mark and buy the strap of substitution, like the people complain some roses some layers ( is the bit pricey this in spite of). Like an improvement could show a life of battery in a device and no only in an application. And the manual of user would go in handy, but is intuitive to take around. In general I estimate a lot very partorisca content!
4 / 5
Has found this to be the simple effective piece of boxes to follow different appearances of fitness like any and sleeps etc.

Is simple and lustrous in his creation, and a wristband is good and comfy. It is options of the exposure mean can see your results of fitness have selected easily.

One of my favourite things is a workout has opted that leave to see those that calories follows to burn and my heart rate. There is to plot of options to choose of also which have found handy in a gymnasium.

In general the clock adds for the basic fitness that follow this in spite of seat an application could be improved slightly. Also although it is quite easy to use, some instructions comes with still the together initial up could be the little more detailed.
5 / 5
Has bought for seven year the one who has loved the Fitbit to the equal that are all an anger in of the colegialas. Looked was more roughly maintaining on that anything. This model has been mine recommended . It is in fact slightly too big for the wrist of girls in of the terms of the measure but the controls ensure in a final of notch. Be ideal for an adult. Has all some functions would require. At all/partorisca time/Heartrate etc. Connects easily to his iPad and almost dipped he up. Easy to download to write of new clock of sounds to choose. Easy to touch to pull of a strap and inserting directly to port of USB. The battery is lasted roughly 5 days to use first to require recharging.

Top Customer Reviews: Activity Tracker ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 11 ratings
4 / 5
Experience partorisca motivate my grandson partorisca result active. Easy to dip until scanning an application for his telephone of android. Easy instructions to follow.
Has taken the decent mix of operations p. p.ej. Pedometer, Calculator, control of sleep.
Has helped with a motivation as you can see your progress each day. 🏃‍♂️🎽
4 / 5
Has had so only this for 2 days but find his sleep to register when I have seated with television on and wake on the prejudices is not registering is alleging was slept all the night for on 12 hours but was on prejudices and so only law for 9 hours a lot well in my opinion. As any insurance that can trust it all a reading in this element
On dating a counter of any is not a lot like this registering a lot when I am not moving. Corazón, pressure of Blood, the looks of oxygen to be that it does well up to now but some settings of sports that reads well for me hope this help
5 / 5
has spent this when I took it and did not take it was. Lovely and slimline and has the temperature that dips how is handy a current time. I want to maintain clue of my steps and like this is perfect. I can use an application to sync a info to my telephone. I have chosen black and not spending never the clock is spent is also handy to have a time.
4 / 5
Has said monitor of pressure of the blood in description but does not have such the characteristic. Poor show. It has had to that return after giving likes the present.
4 / 5
The element arrived inside the day. For a side an element resupplies the value for way of money to control parameters of basic health that the mine is like this of interior of entity a moment. There is the host of the activity has based to control as well as alert. It is easy to use and place up. An only downside is a scrolling of a strap to touch can be uncomfortable. Otherwise Very happy with this product.
5 / 5
Like one looks no sure the one who attack some readings look the pocolos low but on to to everything likes
5 / 5
of the characteristic Is and near easy on, the clock of the good quality in the prize adds
5 / 5
Ossia the clock adds . I have begun to run this year and my sister bought this like the present. There it is helped me really clues my exercise, time my careers and register my step to run that it is an extremely useful tool to follow progress. Very easy to use and partorisci with the convenient application in mine telephone to the equal that can see all a data. Thank you!!
5 / 5
Has bought 2 of these for husband and father for Navidad - can not connect application to telephones (both correct spec) and is the complete of rasgar of any available help . No shabby is the tear was and useless tool and squandered £90
4 / 5
A prime minister an I had does not have has wanted to remain connected to an application, an application has maintained to the kick has been, this in spite of afterwards contact a vendor has sent the new a delivery of next day and like this far is that it remains has connected.

Download needs an application loves any statistics, without an application still can use some functions, but things like this of the memories, and statisticians, cycle to sleep etc will not be measured over time.

An application is free to download of game of Google, and installed in of the seconds.

A downside - is not medically attentive.

Examples -
temperature - at the beginning he kep in that say me that my temperature was 34 terracings C that impossible unless I am defunct.
Now fluctuates around a 36 mark of terracing - again the temperature of normal human organism is 37 terracings .

Pressure of blood - take 3 readings an after another will take wildly resulted variable, included in rest.

Oxygen of blood - a day has maintained to say me my oxygen of blood was in 96 - which is quite down - felizmente have the pulseOx and relieved to discover my oxygen of blood was in fact in 99 % where would have to that be for any one my age.

Marks the rhythm cardiac - the rests gives readings until 113 and in summit ( hight of excercise) had in 60 - I can dimly agree the longitude of far time when it was young, access and sportsman where my summit can be estada 60 - but again, has confirmed with my pulseOx and my heartrate was really 77 in rest and 112 in summit, as no, this device is not very attentive - as please a lot of himself the calm panic of the the result that is way that is expecting.

Memories - I finds a water (drunk something) and exercise ( sedentary alert) characteristic to be súper useful.
Am surprised in like this can go the whole hour without emotional of one something ( generally knitting think) and is súper, like this simply vibrates in your wrist, beeps in you and has the message to say - exercise! - And I like this do.

Has not tried a call téléphonique answered/not answering characteristic ( I am not sure that will be it suepr useful as if they are quite prójimo to the mine telephone to speak to any one has to that it presses called of response in a clock ( does not have any microphone, simply answers one ask on your telephone, like this calm still require your telephone to speak) - I am not very technical like this perhaps can link until auricular ( these pocolos earbuds that all the world-wide looks to have) so that you can answer a call and speak in this way - a profit creates is different some headphones so only, this clock would owe that show the one who is calling, which of course helps to decide yes calms in fact loves anser a call.

There is also a characteristic of SMS - I has not used that still - my eyesight is not like this well, as I think that that I will stick to my telephone where can have it the type and the mine read of voice, but for the youngest people, or at least those with decent eyesight, this can try gain. Of some instructions create does not aim you a whole text, but a firt the line and the one who is texting calm - again useful information to leave is wants to read the now or later, and need an immediate response.

A function of sleep - well , a, no.
has tried my best, but simply looks to register you not exerting like this sleeping, then , is seating in the train, in the car, or likes to knit, looks for the record like this of the sleep and I think it so only estriba your cycle on lack of movement , like this apparently was the deep sleeps whilst looking the film on Amazon - which am not saying has not spent never, but this time was to good awake insurance! In this chance looks like this way that would be it necessary be it, that seats ossia probably down to error of user - calm perhaps require dipped something on, has had so only the look in a graph resupplied ( invernadero an application in a telephone) and has had the good chuckle to me.

To be sincere has bought htis to the equal that have loved to maintain an eye in my pressure of blood - and there is no automatic graph for this - has the graph, but has to that press a clock, click by means of the pressure of blood, attentive whilst says to try, and then registers some results in a graph, meaning you has to that physically this during a day, to take the graph.
Prefers, if he this in preset fashionable intervals an exercise or drunk remindsers, this would be far more useful.

Has chosen also is one, on another, reason has a sensor of temperature. Again,t he graph resupplies is has generated so only based on you , regularly, during a day, that spends for some same steps as I have mentioned on for pressure of blood, and only records that the date when calm physically the generate.
Again, thinks a system automated of timed the measures would be better, especially these days, dondequiera ensures that you are still 'uncontaminated' how was.
Although I can use a clock to aim any that yours temperature of the organism is not in a zone of danger, yes has required.

Liked also that has had of the memory of yoga.
HAS all a normal fitness to the characteristic of clock likes him measured of your steps, measuring yours running, measuring the burned calories ( but to the equal that knows concealed is the mystery of mine - the only fact, calm gentleman;t need to dip anythign arrive - and confused totally at the beginning,becasue has thought a symbol of the temperature of Llama has meant, but any one is calories has burned, a one for temperature is a thermometer).

You Also can customise a face of a clock ( using hte application) choosing of the selection of pre-has prepared expensive, of the simple and expensive date of time, the a lot of statistics, to date and time with swirly images.
Has been the paralizaciones simple, as) needs of touch by means of some options to do a testing in all the chance, and b) finds an exposure in a telephone ( invernadero an application) the easiest plot to see.

Are sure has a lot another characteristic that has forgotten them to mention, or has not discovered still, but has thought would mention a some on to the equal that are one some have tried or think in the to another would like. Again - very happy that the and/the yoga is in there and no only running/no.

To chage the, requires to attentively snapp some straps of clock was and grazed them in the sure place, take a face has bitten so only, and when you direct it on to look in a backside, there is prongs exiting of the each side where a strap of clock has been attached. One of these prongs has games of metal in the, ossia a bit that access to the USB that space of touches on computers or hub, or in my chance has a goodness of extension with empty of USB in frames so only sure to space he in a correct way around - will aim it the battery to touch for the little as when calm the the right way areound ( returns so many ways, but so only a way in fact uploads)

has had a together of face ( invernadero an application) to wake on when I lifted my arm. I warned when I have selected htis option that this option will do hte the career of battery was more quickly, and has run was inner 2 days of has touched fully.

Has then decided that I have not required to to this function the like all has to that do is softly touch of a fund of a face of clock and some lights of screen, and of a second load still is in active strong days later.

Sof Air My experience of service of client ( prime minister and tone foreseen a flaking was) has been excellent.

Like the summarise a abov and- the realy is súper useful , and still have plots to try was, but does not trust medically on some of some results.
5 / 5
Lustrous, fashionable and functional fitness tracker. Amur This to the equal that has some better characteristics! With the accuracy registers multiple daily activities like any, distance, the burned calories, be of sleep and much more. Included that can register your temperature and heart rate that is fantastic. Has the different ways according to activities likes them walk, course, spinning, yoga etc. Some settings easily can be regulate by means of an application that can be installed in your telephone. Compatible with IOS and Android. My favourite characteristic is that it is waterproof which is extremely useful mine so much like to swim. Very effective as so only takes 1-2 hours to fully of cariche but can last until 7-15 minutes in standby.

Top Customer Reviews: FITCENT Heart Rate ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 9 ratings
4 / 5
Before you have read my description has to that know does not have any interest in a Functionality of Application, as I am not informing to any of that. Sad.

That it can say it is that this connects street Bluetooth my Nordictrack s22i and a RW900 rows, so that I can see my Heart rate on screen. In of the terms of accuracy, spend the Samsung Galaxy Watch3 and a BPM is one same, included during HIIT would call it attentive.

Is very light, and comfortable; calm no @partorisca give you calm is spending he - I wear he in my opposite arm (to a Clock of Galaxy) in a thumb and average under an interior of my elbow.

One uploads comprised was the pleasent surprised in that is very better that has expected given a prize. It is it likes the readiest clocks where precise the source of USB and a tracker is situated on, likes opposed to try the returned the boss in. For me there it is any subjects of battery, although they are by train of the touch each one that 10-12 I has not tried is limits - I does not love a risk of him that the careers was on me.

Happy with east for use of car, and to think seriously considered to spend much more in the Polar.
4 / 5
In spite of the concrete information that suggests that a monitor would do with a Bicycle of Crew, has been unable of the take to link up. If a Bicycle of Crew + has is different or a launch of Crew the own monitor has something to do with this unclear. If any one has this model and work with Bicycle of Crew +, to the left know me.
4 / 5
Really attentive very easy to dip up with Bluetooth.
Use in inner trainer and was cycling of door. Life of good battery
4 / 5
In general thinks that ossia an amazing tool want to specifically aim your zone of burn, so only a right quantity of has created heartbeat; too much and registering an organism that/age and too small = no in the zone of burn and the bit of the time squandered if that wants slender down.
Are everything for consistency in an intensity (I exercise every day) but the sure level of intensity has balanced is the must for some results. A gradual and sweet augmenting more than slaughtering an organism 3 times the week and recovering for days. Ossia The workout paving of practitioner of martial art.
Seats this controls does my workouts highly scientific. They are not the pro, are the professor of the and/of the yoga described this in spite of. (Mina pro the fellow athlete has used to use a @@@cofre controls which have found that dips /restricted). Ossia Friendly, easy to dip up and use it and I would say attentive.
Taste am taking of my own personal formation to my own hands.

Did not like Me a strap has painted red at the beginning but is in fact fresh. I can easily something where has left the and taste on also. After all it is the tool any one the accessory of cupboard. A strap is quite soft, easy to attach/wrap. Washable. In an a lot of the use of fist has no the found comfortable, (any they was taste spend the jewels) but with which 30 mins has forgotten is in my upper arm. Has quite slender but muscly the arms and am able of the spend there, any sure could has the really big bicep), another option would be the scarce an elder of a forearm.

Would be adds for an usual cardio the material but has combined inner exercise for this have chosen some beaten of Polar application reason averts of cycling and in the current also offers an option of 'another inner' those looks to do well for my big intensity faster pilates workout (low impact) more pieces.
Whilst An application has been maintained open was able to see a bpm the fluctuations and I found it highly in interesting.
Law some legs in the first place, then arms, glutes, core and behind. Some legs workout feels the bit to tire and am often out of breath when doing big has controlled has has balanced kicks but a heartbeat had in an only big plus 143bpm.
When I have done weapon (which find really very easy, wrist and repetitive movements to the comfortable piece that causes a burn of muscle) respite of mine was has affected no, but some beaten of the heart has been that maximum 189bpm and has begun to vibrate to say me are on some limits). It has felt my heartbeat big when notified but a lot of worryingly, without an application would not remark . I have maintained to go and has taken the little more buzzing/notification and in an end my arm workout was in fact a big plus 8 burn of minute out of all workout has done. So much, I am not really sure the one who attentive is with some insurances of concrete movements (the most next weapon to heart? Movements of forceful arm?).
Is possible for a heartbeat to be like this big this in spite of breathing usually?
My heart to rest the beaten is quite down to a half person but am comfortable with him. (102/60) Any really is if some works of application with him or using some half numbers.
Are súper intrigued to remark and opinions more when consistently using it. He a workouts more interesting, ossia sure. Of calm also can compare some days regarding an intensity, an application gives little graphs etc.
Add little tool! I love it. Value a prize. And an application is sum , also.
4 / 5
Has used Polar heartrate monitors with the strap of @@@cofre in a past. I have been finally abandoned because of discomfort or has broken. This Fitcent the monitor is much more easily semi-detached, in my chance so only on an elbow, where has found the comfortable. A location has suggested alternative - an interior of a forearm - was at all likes like this comfortable to the equal that have found has had to be too tight still consolation, or otherwise has slipped down my arm.

Be conscious that a strap resupplied - the no-stretchy the neoprene backed with the Velcro-write fastener - has limited period. I think that that my arms are on means for the 6 male of feet, but there was little additional period to spare in a strap for the take on my elbow. Rey-threading A strap would be the possibility , but delicate to do a-rid and the bit of the ache altogether.

WELL, now is spending, that roughly in fact taking some data? A unit does not have any exposure to the equal that has to that be paired with an Application of some class. Some controls are very sincere, gone back he on and a FOCUSED flash (lived apparently, but difficult to say any difference of a subsequent blue flashing once paired) and is ready to pair.

This was where I has experienced some questions. Cast the series of compatible applications - X-fitness, beaten Polar, Strava, Zwfit, Runtastic Pro and club+ of career of Nick. Any I at present uses any of these and has failed to pair with a prime minister two applications of Android have tried. Weirdly, there there is clearly something unusual in a bluetooth the signal generates so that it is not chosen up for Android or my Mac when they are in way of pairing.

This in spite of, he look with Application of Control of Skilled Mission for my eBike (any of one has has listed applications). The pairing was very sincere and some readings were second that it could say to measure wrist of mine of wrist - beautiful attentive.

So much, when it operates, work well.

Commentaries that I also downloaded and Beaten Polar installed (one of a compatible has has listed Applications) in my telephone of Android and he also paired faultlessly with that and has done.

One load is small and orderly. It returns in one uploads when attached to a strap. A boss for one load is roughly 30 cm long and retains some soyemory' as any paving of lie. Reason a FITCENT unit and upload is like this light is a boss that determines where had mentido in a table. There is the gain FOCUSED light to indicate one state to touch (red/green when touching, the green when touched).

Estimativas-Wise ossia probably pitched in right and is comparable with the available alike sensors in a phase in a £32-38 row. Has docked of the stars for subjects of compatibilities of the Application. If utilisations one of one has listed the calm applications then would owe that be GOOD. If it use Control of Mission for calm Specialised then would owe that be GOOD. If utilisations anything calmer then is taking regime of pot ... It would have preferred some class of the compatibility declared been due to use of the particular BEES (which is that it will determine that tongue to, or does not speak to).

But, when he look, work well and is comfortable to spend.
4 / 5
A FITCENT the monitor of heart rate is the good but monitor of basic heart rate for any the one who does not have the smartwatch or tracker of fitness. It is the lovely orangey red colour and very comfortable to spend. Has the velcro fastening so much is easy to dip on and take was a-there is rid.

In his small plus, has the circumference of wrist of roughly 7.5” (19cm) and in his big plus roughly 12” (). So much, calm can has to that it spends more on your arm that usual has to to the smallest wrists like .

The Apparently works with on 200 heart rate that control the applications but I have not downloaded any additional applications to the equal that writes directly to data of Health in mine iPhone 12, using iOS 15. It connects to your telephone has seen Bluetooth BUT your needs of telephone to be in row of a band otherwise loses the connection and calm has to that manually connect again by means of your telephone. Neither it retains any data of heart rate when it has not connected to a telephone, as all this data is lost yes loses Bluetooth connection.

Flashes Blue when it has connected felizmente and writing die to the yours telephone and flashes purple when he disconnects. I need to maintain that it verifies a colour of a flashes has like this expósito that has had sometimes disconnected when there was no @to @give took me basically spent takes at all.

Has been spending it on and has gone for almost 3 weeks in the alone load, like the life of battery is excellent. An only thing are has any idea that remain of cariche, as it could go is gone in any minute. Of course it is not the question to so only the give the fast load has has wanted to do sure would not go of mid-exercise, so only would be good to know when it has gone down on can.

Are by train to estimate it to to 4 stars like to take the big tick partorisca consolation, life of battery and when being easy to use but would be perfect has had a capacity to retain die when out of row and also indicate level of battery.
5 / 5
My M/CFS has been that takes to worse plot and has decided finally to look to pacing with my heart rate, as in any to go on the tope sure to avert PEM. First what was for the touch and some chairs of battery perfectly his base to touch with the sweet magnet to resist he in a correct place. To exit my tope anaerobic (IN), I 220-agex0.6 And it has taken 114.6. Taking a strap on and in the place is quite easy, but has had to use my teeth with my hand for the presionar or take more to do he for me. I have opted for an application of Beaten Polar like this has aimed a heart rate clearly.

Curiously, has found my heart rate has shot up for roughly 30bpm when I stood up and drove mad when it has moved around a house, as if he to plot of exercise. Ossia The symptom of POTS and felizmente this monitor chose it up for me because I can maintain an eye in my heart rate constantly. Now they are that it follows this in the daily base to present to a doctor. In of the terms of connectivities, has lost the connection am exited a room and the pair in fact the days have struggled to remain connected to the mine telephone while it was in a same room. A band is quite comfortable in my arm for short periods, this in spite of, precise to be slightly tighter to maintain where is situated for the longest periods. Also it can be that annoying when bending my arm after the few hours and a maximum have spent he partorisca was roughly 4-5 hours. I have compared also some measure to two other devices and his all looked very alike. In general, I am pleased really with him and thankful underlined it the potential of medical question.
5 / 5
This clock so only can take heart rate and no, which is more the paralización when calm in fact is doing exercise. It is not drawn like the ready clock for you to spend the whole day and this follows your sleep and the one who the flights of trace of stairs.

A clock is comfortable to spend, to better plot that straps of silicone but does not look like this durable like some straps of silicone.

A strap is fully adjustable with velcro in some finals. A period of a strap is drawn for forearm or the upper arm that spends more than in a wrist how is also yearn more crowns' wrist.

Has the cradle of touch has comprised work with magnets, which is quite handy.

Has the cast of the data of compatible applications in an instruction, tried it one for one:

X-fitness - no in Playstore
Wahoo forms of the physical - works
beaten Polar - works
Strava - precise link to the application of fitness that went already using
Zwfit - device not looking
Runtastic Pro - no in Playstore
Club+ of CAREER of Nick (Club of Career of the Nike??) - No in Playstore (Club of the career of the Nike is but could does not take to do!)
DaFit - Does not operate
Veryfit - does not operate
WoFit - does not operate

am sure has to that it weaves other applications of fitness that would do too much but calm will not know until you have bought a clock and the try was. It is in plot of messing roughly in my opinion to the equal that will require to register an account in each application before you know is doing or no.

Unfortunately, an application that loves this to do on has not done with this clock.

Has compared mine £30 ready clock side-for-side, both aiming a heart rate of same instant, and my casts of clock to plot more.

For the £35 band of fitness that does less than mine £30 ready clock, give this clock three stars for his comfort and light.
5 / 5
If I have not taken never this to do my heart rate already would be tall.

Is really the device to frustrate, a monitor looks very done, and has been found by my main mobile; the pixel of Google - but a device any pair.
Any code has presented.
Has looked for to install an application, there is the cast, a prime minister there is not coming on recognsiably in a Tent of Game of the Android, another has not done, refused to recognise a device or has has wanted to me money to touch to use them.

This already there was on taken more than the time that has loved and not even had found the working device. I have taken an old plus Samsung to pair, but again any application has has wanted to do.

Is possible with persistence and time - or signing up for the application has paid, could have done this work.

Butfor The monitor of simple heart?
Also one has paid the applications have been drawn to measure more metrics, another loved to agree to to the raft of permissions looked that included the promise to sell them mine born prime minister.

Then has a question of wearability. He simply very returned around mine fore the arm likes indicated in a diagram.
Are not the enormous type, when bus of mine fore-the arms have been main still, and this so only any one returned.

Can not recommend this product in any metric.
Was the ache to dip on - addict on third applications of party, and clearly drawn for people of slender has built weapon.