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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 3 ratings
4 / 5
Like this always, William Christie shines in this repertoire, servants brilliantly to the sublime partition of Mozart.
5 / 5
Have had to has bought this CD, no for me, mine of mine has been referred that however it is there is of the splendid songs, corrected, depend the tastes, mine deserves!
4 / 5
Ossia Now an eighth register of Mozart is Mass 'add' quell'have (and has listened to several plus), and is one of mine favourite. A result is exceptional, with instrumentalists, choristers, and soloists all giving exceptional actions. In some 49 minutes, ossia one of a brisker registers there (many another fall of registers in a 51 partorisca vary of 57 minutes). But except one 'And incarnatus is,' has not felt never that some times have been rushed. Highly recommended.

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 4 ratings
5 / 5
When Hard has done the description of the Rameau the work has said that recitative has been used sparingly, now comprise that this has not gone quite corrected and is something that is showed well here. In these French baroque works and work-ballets some differences among recitative, air, the insiemi and the orchestral dances are everything quite blurred so that they melt to the each one which another, also a lot a recitative has the full accompaniment that does sounds of any pleasure an air. Really like this I approach especially when compared for chance, to some works of Handel where a distinction among recitative and air is very clear. It means that in place of a recitative be something to give support in a way to a prójimo air, or at least, something that mine, controls on a progress of some musical ideas, results the most integral course of a music.

This particular work has William usual Christie touch, is very dipped ready in the Rameau in my opinion and his soloists, heart and orchestra all sing/game with the beautiful tone and colour, phrasing all quite enchantingly.

A presentation is of course until an usual Erato level with the comprehensible booklet that comprises and test and libretto. Highly recommended!
4 / 5
Ossia Far a better emission up to now down all some appearances: voices, instruments, direction and any last quality of audio.
4 / 5
1st Obstacle to surpass, lucida notebook of Louis of Cahuzac: a brouet of niaiseries pseudo-maçonniques in that you will not find joins once of this poetry gives situations whose Schikaneder the titillé lucido talent of Mozart in lucido context ideológicamente near of the 'the Delighted whistle'. All résoud in 'Zoroastro' to swipes of special effects whose the primarité tristement modern approximations étonnament of the most visible part of the current cinematographic iceberg.
2nd Obstacle, the interpretation of W. Christie That looks to confuse XVIII and XVII CENTURIES: Lucido boss we déclame Edges Rameau like this of the Lully and, his singers that integrates perfectly to this conception grandiloquente, is happy to touch all ridicules it no the calm no. has included His bundle purely notarises them look désespérément figées and, when it dreams to the way of the one who one . Malgoire Would have been able to do alive His wonderful colours orchestrales of Rameau, the continue reason this genial interpreter is almost banni give recording studios while his aparatosos 'Flourishing Arts' to build joined discographie exponentielle.
Embezzles that his works of Rameau is not legion to the disk and that want to joins idea of 'Zoroastro', will have to spend practically pair there. Of where in the three games of stars joins interpretation that in the absolute would not deserve more than two.
5 / 5
Christie Scholarly & spirited interpretation of Rameau.

Top Customer Reviews: Lully: Les ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 7 ratings
4 / 5
A forward reviewer, Kicek&Brys has written fantastically of this wonderful cd, and has offered the description adds. This cd, looking 'the operatic scenes touched the offers have has selected pieces of Lully' works partorisca theatre of the music written during his function in a yard of Louis XIV, a King of Sol. The musical selections are of:
Amur Medecin
George Dandin
His Pleasures of the Ile Enchantee
the ballet gives Muses

His Flourishing Arts, down William Christie touches this music fantastically, empathetically and with the consideration adds the Lully own context. Some voices and the soloist are also brilliant. An I adds little information of offers of the booklet in some pieces, as well as all some words and translations that is the good touch. To good sure recommended.
4 / 5
Loves a music of a Yard of Louis IV, which looks a music of Lully. I have purchased a CD because while I have asked Alexa to touch a music saws Music of Amazon, would touch a lot modern horrendous music that has had to swim to say with a composer Lully that I amour!
4 / 5
This year has had to that study Lully like this splits of the course in some starts of Work. And Lully, with his monopoly in musical entertainment in a French yard, and for extension a whole of France, has created the French version of Work that has favoured the highly accented and declamatory recitative that follows some dramatic pronunciations of famous French actors and actoras at the same time.

To be sincere, not fulfilling Lully music a lot that interests - I once tried to seat by means of the integer Lully work in a radio and for a half I has wanted to die. This CD then, which brings together some the musical scenes finer that his works, is perfect. Wonderfully Treated in energetic and 'some' Baroque way for a renowned His Flourishing Arts, door a music the life. It has given some CD four stars more than five so only because of a music, no an action.

Remarkable for me was a heart of Isis, 'The Winter That We Tourment', which probably inspired an a lot of resemblance ee, sees gather' heart of Purcell' dramatick work King Arthur, also available in the brilliant register of his Flourishing Arts (Purcell: King Arthur ).

Listens habladuría of people in Lully but does not know the one who a heck is on roughly (taste), then buy of this CD and your self-improve are dividends of sure pay . This register is also really useful for students those who require some examples for his course, and final examination, as CD liner the notes have a libretto of the each one of some scenes of work.

In the prime minister listens, calm find tiring of a music in this CD, give it time and listen to individual fragment. So only think that it would have been like has had has bought the integer Lullian work!
5 / 5
Considering to his historical importance likes them the founder of French Baroque work, perhaps is that it surprises that Jean-Baptiste Lully has not received a same terracing of attention on disk like his rivals and defenders. A renaissance of the French Baroque music that has been such the phenomenon in a last two or three decades there is so only has paid seldom a lot of attention. The look of auditors to find a harmonic daring of Marc-Antoine Charpentier or an incredible colour and imagination of Jean-Philippe Rameau far more to his flavour. Lully Dulce, a lot-crafted the music is refused often likes bland beside a music of these figures and that of Lully English defender, Purcell. But like this a lot-fill (78 minutes) disk of extracts of a whole row of his music of shows of phase, Lully was the considerable and innovative composer in his own legislation. If you are new to Lully, ossia an ideal place to start with .
A new register says a history of as this ambitious, and frequently cruel, young Florentine has transformed to the French and fellow citizen of 'Lucido Rey Was used to, has transformed like this an Italian work of a mid-seventeenth century to something uniquely Gallic. Lully Has begun to cater to a young King Louis XIV MANIA for dance with the series of comedies-the ballets written in collaboration with Grinded. Created of two of them, 'Georges Dandin' and 'The Amour Medecin' is comprised here, where an Italian influence is still strong with abundance of animate comedy. This phase of Lully the career finalised with an amazing five-now extravaganza, 'Psyche', in 1671. Two powerful hearts of this entertainment initiates a disk.
Be while he on 'Psyche' this Lully has fulfilled a librettist Philippe Quinault the one who was to be his partner forges it distinctively French form of work, one 'lyric tragedies'. Quinault' The contributo was vitally of entity of Lully acts of saws like an equal pair of words and music. A tone would be expressive recitative more than a show arias that has dominated an Italian erious work' of a time. A heart and that the ballet also would touch the part of entity in some entertainments that has finalised each law, offering it casualidad for Lully to aim of his musical imagination. Some of some better examples of these gone in some extracts of a work 'Isis' (1677) has comprised here. In fact one first audience found a music quite too much imaginative and has purchased early a reputation like the work for connoisseurs so only, 'the musicians' work'. One of some connoisseurs the one who has appreciated was Henry Purcell. A escene of Cold' inspired partorisca write a wonderfully atmospheric Frost Scene in King Arthur' (1691). You can listen immediately which appeals to a Englishman imagination - a chattering heart and shivering violins conjure on the vivid impression of cold extreme. It is followed quickly for the scene that describes hot scorching - a smithy of a Chalybes, where a ringing the percussion suggests a music of Wagner Nibelheim two hundred years later. But a more than pursues the music is lament for a Casserole of goddess for a nymph Syrinx, after his transformation to the reed. It is touchingly accompanied for woodwind and an organ. A characteristic Lullian blend of words and music (which is possibly a reason because very a lot of-French that pause the Baroque enthusiasts find the integers Lully hard work to listen to) is illustrated by scenes of 'Armide' and 'Roland'. In a last, a hero Roland looks for his stray amour Angelique. Lully Music conjures on the good-looking pastoral scene that use so only smoothly serious sliding, resulting more and more turbulent likes Roland learns names carved him some trees that his beloved has married his rival, Medor. Finally, Roland explodes to cholera, his turns of anguish the madness and some anger of music also. In 'Armide', a eponymous hero, pay it sorceress, there is lulled a Christian hero Renaud has slept as you can stab the death. This in spite of, when it sees lying defenceless, falls enamoured with him and can not spend to commit a murder. Armide The monologue has comprised here, where doubt among aversion and amour, is always be correctly considered likes one of some high points of an integer of French repertoire with his masterly psychological representation of a tortured enchantress. Some finals of disk with the duet of amour among Armide and Renaud of a final law of a work, clue for another dance, a macizo 'big passecaille'. His interweaving the musical lines have an extraordinary beauty, hypnotic.
Christie Is staging and registering of a work 'Atys' is has considered amply one of some diving in a renaissance of Lully and this new disk is generally a lot well has treated. Mine a quibble is with Rinat Shaham the one who takes a part of Armide - his voice is not really powerful enough to suggest an a lot of sorceress, especially when compared with Guillemette Laurens the one who has taken a function in a complete register down Philippe Herreweghe. But otherwise, highly recommended, especially to that have still to appreciate Lully considerable musical presents. (Brys)
4 / 5
Lully Has had to that be crazy enamoured Of Edges Rey Alone, the automobile is glorious truth . It joins time besides Williams Christie driven and directs with master his Entertainments of Jean Baptiste Lully, that in and would believe truth. In him it could not visit lucido castle of Versalles without having in his ears the music of the composer lucido more consecrated and preferred of Louis XIV. This would be Impossible to touch comprise, admirer, amour
or abhor gives it main monarchs of the History of France.
Is there, joins big action of Williams Christie and give Flourishing Arts to interpret to the best, join give musical pages to the French that has wished animadamente lucido Rey Alone. They are not A puriste and recommend this CD that that that can say. I touch, the essential is that Jean Baptiste Lully the left to the poseridad.
5 / 5
Gute Aufnahme - gute Musik sowieso. . Und Die Lieferung war auch a lot of- Danke
5 / 5
Ich liebe given Musik von Jean Baptiste Lully. Besonders wenn sie von Give Flourishing Arts unter William Christie aufgeführt wird. Auch Has given CD ein bereichernder Genuss.

Top Customer Reviews: Couperin: Leçons ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 9 ratings
5 / 5
Voice (): with a good bell, so only a bit forced in of the occasions.
Continuous (): creative and with a lot of good criterion, rapes very well gives shrimp, very balanced with the voices.
Librito (): A lot of pulcro, with text of the readable Lessons and in four tongues.
Complementos (): Very scarce (the hard CD 48 minutes less), but the Four Versículos sound
for real good-looking.
Other appearances : the stanzas of Tenèbres are indexadas in the CD (can access directly the a lot of
of them, as well as sabre because the stanza goes). Pronunciation of the Latin gone French in surplus.
Estimativa Global : a good-looking version that can it a lot of the one of Cohen (Hyperion). The stain The paper
of too cold : it has said of another way, is a more next version to the liturgy that operated it to him (personally
prefers these last).
4 / 5
The Lessons of tinieblas Edges some works sensacionales. With a together Vocal and orchestral minimalista, so only one or two sopranos sustain die for a continuous of rapes of shrimp and keyboard (organ or clave), this soberbia music of Couperin is uploaded to force detail spiritual and delicate.

Does recently one listens compared of the version of Daneman/Petibon/Christie with the one of Nelson/Kirkby/Hogwood and the one of People/Piau/Rousset.

The truth is that the three have his strong points: in the one of Hogwood, for me the strong point is the Kirkby, and although it treats of an a lot good-looking version, can result of expressiveness something happy and cold. The one of Rousset result to Him-me warmer, of the sopranos offered a more diverse interpretation, with details here and there, impulses and unemployed, leave spend for the music and that these flows (to one like him to me especially Véronique People, although Sandrine Piau also is glorious). The alike impression produced the version of Daneman/Petibon/Christie, that offers one approximates also very rich and expressive for the sopranos, as well as a continuous of clave that confers a swipe a brilliant plus and that turn a very complementary touched the to him with organ of Hogwood or Rousset.

@In rodeo, and the leaves of sin to appreciate the a lot good-looking version of Nelson/Kirkby/Hogwood, my recommendation goes the the pair touches him to him French (Christie and Rousset) for his plus of hot, of imagination and of interpretative details.
5 / 5
Any my soffermo estimates of the sud of the 'Lecons of tenebres' because I think that those who approaches the this incisione have very clear the importance that has the music has sworn in acts it to it has given Francois Couperin and know benissimo what represent he 'lecons of tenebres' in the Christian liturgy. And meeting almost superfluo speak to estimate it of the esecutori seen that we speak has given William Christie and has given his His Flourishing Art, authentic institution in the field of the baroque music. I signal therefore So only that this is an edition of the Erato, like this as optimum for surrender and cleansing of the sound, and that lucido foreseen splendid voices that surrender only this test dream of the French Patricia Petibon and of the English Sophie Daneman, planned sopranos skilled in the the holy repertoire has given matrix baroque.
Curatissimo He libretto With the texts of the lessons and the usual inner Note, obviously any in Italian.
4 / 5
Extracted has given an of the better executions among which that have listened. Also The recording is superba with optimum spazialità among the instruments and a sound opaque May!!!
4 / 5
His three lessons give ténebres of Couperin, contemporary composer of Charpentier, is considéré it is it worsens; to just title likes éso much the apogéand of the gender of the French baroque music.
The reussite of the Vision of William Christie comes to a large extent owing to having chosen game his sopranos his celestial voices of Sophie Daneman and Patricia Petibon, sublimate, &worsens; écouter lucida late the the glow gives sails...
A trés register of Bel.
4 / 5
bonitísimo cd Has given new recording with an optimum reproduction of the sound For a for real economic figure optimum ratio optimum produced price purchase!!!!
5 / 5
Still A disk that no A sufficiently does date. Extracted this in spite of of him the music has joined genial pair , interpreted of big artists (without forgetting Patricia Petibon, very a lot), full of spiritualidad. It is a moment glorious of music.
4 / 5
This 1997 emission of William Christie and his neighbour His Flourishing Arts of Francois Couperin “Lecons of Tenebres” (1714) looks execution of action like this technically to praise likes them one could expect stops. Some two sopranos, Patricia Petitbon and Sophie Daneman, has your beautiful and is always in yours, doing with some forces notarises them small that do on a low continuous to create sounds that is beautiful and has prepared throughout. This technical perfection is particularly of entity to Tercero Lecon, where some two singers join neighbouring to treat the sequence of the marked duets for Couperin is there is structured attentively the suspensions and the voice that directed.

But I also found the real lack to feel and expression in this interpretation, a dynamic and coloristic row hemmed in for his technical perfection. I have compared this register to a a Veronique People and Sandrine Piau has done with manager Christophe Rousset (Decca), with the approximation resembled this of his Flourishing Arts. People Especially infuses a second Lecon with the palette more bells of orders and, more fundamentally, the note it strong plus of emotion. I have found a better work in some emission of Flourishing Arts to be rid for Sophie Daneman, an English soprano known for his actions of period, the one who resupplies the strongest impact that any Petitbon or Christie near. In spite of, when I have done direct comparisons of his second Lecon with People' and an excellent emission in Erato directed for Laurence Boulay, has found his work to be less expressive and less powerful of any alternative.

While a “Lecons” is stoic music, pure, with the sense of placidity far of any tragedy or joy, he rendition like this one of some Flourishing Arts dilutes a Lecons to the flat plain of unfeeling technical. It is so only too much. Like this register, which is helped by his engineering very end, is beautiful this in spite of a bit superficial. Given a strong competition in of the registers of a Lecons, estimate to this likes 4 of stars, the solids but defective endeavour.
5 / 5
Last year have fallen enamoured with a French Baroqe, especially Lully, Rameau, and Couperin. Ossia A first disk of Couperin has possessed (has listened previously to Couperin works of my local public library). That can say like this far, in my test Couperin has not been I so that it adds the composer like Lully and Rameu. But have enjoyed this disk a lot. I feign to buy more Couperin, although it was hard to find work for him with vocals. Ossia The relatively short disk . Any to plot of variac.. But a quality of his, everything digital, is excellent, some voices are excellent, and is for His Flourishing Arts, which does not disappoint never.