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One of Billy the better films Wilder. A chance of the art that imitates the life presented like the class of Black-ish black comedy. The majority of some actors has touched to the big discharge. Swanson Touches a function partorisca age star of film of silent era that tries to do the esturno' that is that in fact it is. Erich von Stroheim Touches the manager partorisca film fracasado that read so that Swanson butler the one who has directed once his in the film that the arrivals pursue - how is which is. And for 1949, an a lot of-underrated actor Bill Holden had been under contract to 2 studios for 10 years and was fed up with being launched in a esmiling Jim' function and was, for then, very adapted to a part of a hard-on writer of cynical screen the one who appeals the eservicing' an ageing but rich Swanson the transmission for the pause of career (Holden later says like this there is it erviced' the number of actoras collects older on in his career). There is cameos of the number of well of to the known figures like Cecil Of B Of Mile the one who touches a manager the one who Swanson dips his seen on like the man the help has seen again his career; Of One thousand had directed Swanson during one was silent. There is also the short and poignant scene that looks 3 was fellow silent forward of star of the film of Swanson is comprising Buster Keaton. Decadence Bvld there is withstood a test partorisca time better that so only in any one another film of a late 40s and still frames partorisca oblige viewing. Has the surprisingly contemporary flange his. Visually Is beautiful; it is a bit Gothic setting belonging to a black gender and the aim and he well look so only partorisca admire a beauty of Bill Holden in his prime...
5 / 5
Was add partorisca see ‘Boulevard of Decadence' again, in this excellent ‘Collector' Edition'. A picture is pristine (also like Paramount is restored ‘Roman Holidays' DVD), and has very good characteristic extra also (which have listed in an end of this description).
This classical film, of legendary writer-manager Billy Wilder, is dipped in contemporary (1950) Hollywood and stars to William Holden likes Joe Gillis, an out of-of-screenwriter of regime the one who takes refuge in the lived seemingly deserted, on Decadence Blvd, while it evades the pair of men those who are looking the repossess his car. Gillis I early results have involved with ex-spear-of silent film Norma Desmond (touched with adds relish for Gloria Swanson) and his deadpan Max domestic (Erich Von Stroheim in the piece of cheeky fusion). Cecil B. DeMille, Another manager of épico, the one who has done his name in one was silent, has the cameo too - like this done Buster Keaton.

‘Decadence Blvd.' It is an intriguing look behind to the past of Hollywood. A history takes partorisca go well and quickly, and resists a legislation of interest of a start - although has the slightly surreal and morbid prologue that is to be cut of a film (that it can see it for calm in some characteristic extras). A script is full of wry humour - roughly of him aimed in a Technicolor talkies of a day - still like this a main irony has to that be that Swanson she, the once-the famous silent star gives the strong action in the function partorisca speak, and he sure enough done return it - sad, ‘returned in a process. There have it also the sly dipped to a reclusive Greta Garbo, still a does not require one in-knowledge of depth of history of cinema partorisca enjoy this film, as all is spelt was partorisca a spectator in Holden is articulates monologue.
Fantastically Shot in black-and-white, is so only the harm that ‘Boulevard of Decadence' has not been done in widescreen, but in a ‘full frame' 4:3 format of a time.

Some extras in this DVD comprise: a commentary of audio of And Sikov (the author of the besides Wild book); he 26 minute that ‘Does of' documentary; he 14 small featurette on Franz Waxman, whose final of orchestral bookmark underpins a film; to 13 house of small on Boss of Edith of designer of dress (which, incidentally, also can be found in some aforesaid ‘Roman Holidays' DVD, as well as Alfred Hitchcock is ‘partorisca Take the Thief'.)
Has the gallery of photo, and the map of street of Hollywood that calm leave you partorisca select bit of information on some of some locations of real life around Decadence Blvd. - And, as have remarked first, there is an original start (which has been takes after previews) in both the readable script version, and images without soundtrack.
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BOULEVARD Of DECADENCE [1950 / 2013] [the edition of the Special collector] [Blue-ray] Well, Gentleman DeMille . . . I am ready Partorisca My Prójimo-up! Billy Wilder is Meticulously the Cinematic glory has restored!

BOULEVARD of Billy of the Wildest ‘manager that ROWS of DECADENCE among some the majority of spicy satires of Hollywood and a cruel fickleness to film fandom. Intense, enthralling, and unforgettable, ‘BOULEVARD of DECADENCE' spears Gloria Swanson likes Norma Desmond, the on duty star of silent film, and stars of Holden of William likes Joe Gillis, the down-on-his-screenwriter so that she enlists to help his mark his triumphant esturno to a screen.' This mesmerising classical Hollywood has won three Prize of Academy®. Related for William Holden.

DONE of FILM: Prize and Nominations: 1950 Films of Reward of New York of Circle of the Critics: 2nd place: Better Film. 3rd place: Better Manager for Billy Wilder. 3rd place: Actora Better for Gloria Swanson. 1951 Prize of Academy®: it Wins: Better Writing, History and Screenplay for Billy Wilder, Charles Brackett and D.M. Marshman Jr. It wins: Direction of Better Art-Dips Decoration in Black-and-White for Hans Dreier, John Meehan, Ray Moyer and Sam Eats. It wins: Better Music, valuing of the Dramatic or Picture of Comedy partorisca Franz Waxman. Appointed: Better Actor in general Function for William Holden. Appointed: Actora Better in general Function for Gloria Swanson. Appointed: Better Actor in the Function Of support partorisca Erich von Stroheim. Appointed: Actora Better in the Function Of support for Nancy Olson. Appointed: Better Manager for Billy Wilder. Appointed: Better Cinematography in Black-and-White for John F. Seitz. Appointed: the Better film that Modifies for Arthur P. Schmidt And Doane Harrison. Appointed: Better Picture for Charles Brackett. 1951 Golden Ball: it Wins: Picture of Better Motion in the Work. It wins: Better Manager for Billy Wilder. It wins: Actora Better in the Work for Gloria Swanson. It wins: Better Original Bookmark partorisca Franz Waxman. Appointed: Actor Of Better support partorisca Erich von Stroheim. Appointed: More Screenplay paralizaciones Billy Wilder, Charles Brackett and D.M. Marshman Jr. Appointed: Better Cinematography in Black-and-White for John F. Seitz. 1951 Guild of Writers of Amsterdam: it Wins: it Operates Writing More American for Billy Wilder, Charles Brackett and D.M. Marshman Jr.

Mould: William Holden, Gloria Swanson, Erich von Stroheim, Nancy Olson, Fred Clark, Lloyd Gough, Jack Webb, Franklyn Farnum, Larry J. Blake, Charles Dayton, Cecil B. DeMille, Hedda Hopper, Buster Keaton, Anna Q. Nilsson, H.B. Warner, Ray Evans, Jay Livingston, Fred Aldrich (uncredited), Joel Allen (uncredited), Gertrude Astor (uncredited), Anne Bauchens (uncredited), Edward Biby (uncredited), Danny Borzage (uncredited), Ken Christy (uncredited), Ruth Clifford (uncredited), John Cortay (uncredited), Archie R. Dalzell (uncredited), Eddie Rocío (uncredited), Peter Drynan (uncredited), Julia Faye (uncredited), To the Ferguson (uncredited), Gerry Ganzer (uncredited), Rudy Germane (uncredited), Kenneth Gibson (uncredited), Joe Grey (uncredited), Sanford And. Greenwald (uncredited), Creighton Hale (uncredited), Spear Hamilton (uncredited), James Hawley (uncredited), Len Hendry (uncredited), And. Mason Hopper (uncredited), Are Johnson (uncredited), Jones Minuscolo (uncredited), Howard Joslin (uncredited), Arthur Lane (uncredited), Perc Lava (uncredited), Alan Marston (uncredited), William Meader (uncredited), Gertrude Messinger (uncredited), Harold Miller (uncredited), John kins' Miller (uncredited), Law Miller (uncredited), Ralph Montgomery (uncredited), Bert Moorhouse (uncredited), Jay Morley (uncredited), Bernice Mosk (uncredited), Howard Negley (uncredited), Ottola Nesmith (uncredited), Eva Novak (uncredited), Frank O'Connor (uncredited), Robert Emmett O'Connor (uncredited), Jack Perrin (uncredited), Virginia L. Randolph (uncredited), Bill Sheehan (uncredited), Sidney Skolsky (uncredited), Emmett Smith (uncredited), Roy Thompson (uncredited), Archie Twitchell (uncredited), Yvette Vickers (uncredited), Edward Wahrman (uncredited) and Henry Wilcoxon (uncredited)

Manager: Billy Wilder

Screenplay: Billy Wilder, Charles Brackett and D.M. Marshman Jr.

Producing: Charles Brackett

Composer: Franz Waxman

Cinematography: John F. Seitz. . (Manager of Photograph)

Resolution of Image: 1080p [Black-and-White]

Proportion of Appearance:

Audio: English: 2.0 Dolby TrueHD Stereo Audio, French: 2.0 Dolby Digital Stereo Audio, Spanish: 2.0 Dolby Digital Stereo Audio, Portuguese: 2.0 Dolby Digital Stereo Audio and English: 2.0 Dolby Digital Stereo Audio

Subtitles: English, English SDH, French, Spanish and Portuguese

in common Time: 110 minutes

Region: All the Regions

Number of disks: 1

Studio: Paramount Pictures

Andrew Blu-Informs of ray: Some inaugural scenes of ‘BOULEVARD of DECADENCE' is some of one the majority of famous in history of picture of the motion. With which some inaugural credits, a camera follows motorcycles and of the police cars as they pull until the Beverly lived of Hills where the face of floats of the organism-down in the group. Informing to a sad history of a dead man, he voiceover fiancées of narrator, 'Before it listen it all distorted and blown out of proportion, first of those columnists of Hollywood take his hands in the, perhaps would like me listen some facts, a whole truth.'

Joe Gillis [William Holden] is the B-screenwriter to film the one who can not find quite a lot of laws to maintain his boss in waters. When some men arrive the repossess his car, Joe Gillis directs them on the merry persecution that final with him pulling of a street and turning to a go of the @@@crumble lived old on Boulevard of Decadence. At the beginning, Joe thinks that that a relic is deserted. After all, a swimming pool is empty, a tennis court is in disrepair, and a ostentatious the house is very spent his prime.

But, researches it further, discovers that it is lived by queen of silent film Norma Desmond [Gloria Swanson], the one who is answered by his stoic, faithful butler, Max von Mayerling [Erich von Stroheim]. His so only another mate, the chimpanzee, has has died so only. Norma, once a favourite of audience, has been out of a spotlight for more than two decades, and now his sanity teeters in a flange. Joe Gillis first impulse is the extricate he of a situation quickly, but, when the note has money to be fact, devises the plan.

Norma Desmond has the script is readying to take the Cecil B. Of One thousand, but Joe Gillis can see in the gaze that is the disaster . For the cost, Joe offers to doctor he. With thoughts of the turn that shoots his imagination, dressed of Desmond of the Norm. But the plans to take of Joe a screenplay behind to his paving is aborted when Norma Desmond insists that it move in with his. It see like the pertinent substitution for his defunct ape, although Max go like this more than the stray dog. Early, Joe Gillis is living a life of the man maintained and the class of gigolo the one who has touch each need has concerned stops.

Is an existence Joe is comfortable with until the questions of Norma his time and the person are result too extreme. Joe Gillis @give need the way was when he finds has attracted to the youngster -be screenwriter, Betty Schaefer [Nancy Olson], any one has sawed-write the script with him. But a moment some dreads of Desmond of Norma jealous that can lose it, appeals to the drastic and melodramatic action.

Norma Desmond always is giving the action and his life is resulted the melodrama and, if so only in his own alcohol, is always in front of an audience. In a lot of ways, his newspapers mannerisms represent to grotesco parody of the silent film that read, and ossia that Gloria Swanson amena to a part. The final scene of a film, with the entirely deranged Norma goes down it the scale in front of newsreel camera, is simultaneously macabra, comic, and sad. It is once again in a spotlight, although it is unable to comprehend reason, and Max, the one who is situating a camera, is directing his for a Norm and final time Desmond is like this unaware of his presence how is of all the world-wide more is and thinks is touching alome' paralizaciones Of One thousand, and is ready for his prójimo-up.

Originally, Billy Wilder planned the a lot of paralizaciones inaugural different ‘BOULEVARD of DECADENCE,' and a film was to having begun in the morgue, with Joe Gillis cadavere, recently recovered of a swimming pool, that resists the conversation with another organism around lucido. Finally, it begins to say a history, relating to his inert mates. This in spite of, when the audience to try erupted in derisive laugh during this sequence, Billy Wilder king-has shot an inaugural, deleting everything in a morgue. In a final version, Joe Gillis narration is has has directed no in another organism, but in knots those who is seeing a film.

‘BOULEVARD Of DECADENCE' CHARACTERISTIC the number of faces very known in small functions. Cecil B. Of Games of Miles the slightly oftened' version of him, while in the real life was known amply as they throw it, but, as there is portrayed here, finds like this paternal. When visits of Desmond of the Norm during the shoot of film, Cecil B. Of One thousand Fact his best to leave down softly. The stars of silent film Buster Keaton, Anna Q. Nilsson, And H.B. Warner There is cameos likes partner of Desmond of the Norm that paper of touch, as well as Hopper of Hedda of columnist of touches of trick , front-and-centre for the final action of Norma Desmond.

Of the technician standpoint, ‘BOULEVARD of DECADENCE' is not the film that earth of pauses, but manager Billy uses Wilder the visual elements of a film to good effect. The lived of Norma Desmond is aimed in all of the his @@@crumble, gothic glory. An eye 'fished'' shot of Joe Gillis in a group is memorable. And there have it included the short car persecution, which is the diverse start for Billy Wilder, the one who has not been known to film sequences of action. Franz Waxman bookmark of the film of the music represents a perfect musical accompaniment.

‘BOULEVARD Of DECADENCE' is considered' for some to be the black satire of Hollywood, for another to be “black film.” That all the world can adapt to, this in spite of, is that ossia one of a film more orders roughly Hollywood never dipped on celluloid for Hollywood he. Some resplandores of script with biting observations and memorables lines. Those who can any never forget a transmission among Joe Gillis and Norma Desmond, when it remarks, ' is Norma Desmond . You have used to be in of the silent pictures. You have used to be big.' Norma Desmond bitterly answered: ' I am big. It is some pictures that has taken small.' An acting is flawless, with each actor fully that lives a skin of his or his character. And a work of the camera and the music are easily wed to a project is other appearances . ‘BOULEVARD Of DECADENCE' represents a bone of centre in Billy Wilder glittering cinematic career. A brilliant, stylish cinematography of ‘BOULEVARD of DECADENCE' is absolutely innovative for a period of time and connected to some very interesting art movements of history, like German Expressionism, as doing some settings, direction of the art and other physical factors are of an order a big plus in fulfilling production and directorial questions.

‘BOULEVARD Of DECADENCE' is the brave look to Hollywood, and another masterpiece of William Wilder like adapting that has had the time when the actors have required so only his faces to treat, without requiring says the alone word. Yes, his no of the films like this anymore and probably never again. And reason would owe that one when we already have ‘BOULEVARD of DECADENCE' is already one of some American films more are all the time.

Blue-Quality of Image of the ray – the Paramount pictures once has given more the one of truth upgraded 1080p black-and-quality of image of presentation of white reference for this Blue-disk of ray and with a proportion of appearance really ameno out of a better for this BOULEVARD ‘of DECADENCE of the film' experience to see. Some levels of the presentation of the grain is totally exceptional for the film of this aforáis and like balance of the reference of the quality goes, all some levels in some ash of stairs are a lot until scratch. Tones of look of smooth flesh and very detailed and can see each texture of skin on all the world during a neighbour on scenes. The enhancement Of flange is nowhere to be found, and the levels of contrast are totally natural. Muck, debris, scratches, Hairs, is absentee because of some endeavours of Paramount Studios and his sterling work in preserving a negative. Like this in general, this presentation of big definition of ‘BOULEVARD of DECADENCE,' looks absolutely ravishing has seen the edition of this Blue Special Collector-disk of ray.

Blue-Quality of Audio of the ray – the presents of Paramount pictures with the 2.0 Dolby TrueHD Stereo presentation of Audio. This Stereo the clue do fault a film really well, and a dialogue is crisp and very dipped with a two front and speakers of centre and is integrated also really well with everything of some other effects of the his and the music expects with this classical film. And he all does here really well and has sucedido without not touching never too thin or tinny. Calm will not require never look a volume to listen the one who some actors are saying, which is wins it to the the strong this 2.0 Dolby TrueHD Stereo clues of presentation of the Audio really is the total winner all the round.

Blue-extra and Characteristic Ray Special:

Commentary of Audio for And Skivo [Author of “On BOULEVARD of DECADENCE: A Life and Time of Billy Wilder”]: Here And Sikov gives the reception to the his commentary of audio in a 1950 DECADENCE ‘of BOULEVARD of film.' And Sikov Also commentaries in a final yard of a film, after a prime minister disastrous preview of an original start of a film, where an audience could not taking laughing out of strong with some cadaveri the one who was all that tongue to the each one like this another, and also done of spicy commentaries in such the laughable initiates to a film, as some executives in of the Paramount Pictures have demanded Billy Wilder that come up with the much better and beginning more realistic to a film, so the regañadientes Billy Wilder is coming up with a start of a film that was like this more appropriate to the that the audiences have been ready to see. And Sikov Informs that some three collaborators for a film have has wanted to one this has given an idea to a backside-the-scene of Hollywood that the person had seen before. It is it has informed also that when Billy Wilder moved to to Hollywood Likes him Second world-wide War was ravaging Europe, as Billy Wilder solved in city of tinsel of 1934 from now on, and the commentaries was his type of city because it was the little has bitten hard, the little has bitten bad spirited, and is the place where could the to you big, or fall dead trying, and also the place where the sleeps come true and this was a chance with Joe Gillis [William Holden], which we of course testifica during a film. The paramount pictures were a lot of purveyors, the meanings likes to extend or promote an idea, view, etc., Especially with this particular film in the big way, and the a lot of daring thing for Billy Wilder and a studio to do, and given a bleak vision of Hollywood. Of course the Paramount pictures was where Billy Wilder done his last are film, and of course the Paramount pictures was like this sure in a manager Billy Wilder that the appeal, and like the studio has given a green light to go advances with a BOULEVARD ‘of DECADENCE of the film,' and again was at the same time ossia was one the majority of bitter film roughly Hollywood never fact and rests to this day. But And Sikov question that mark an even more prominent film, is a witty a liner that Billy Wilder really excelled in, especially when it comes the comedy. And Sikov Goes partorisca detail add in a Schwab establishment of Pharmacy that has touched adds to treat all the world-wide the one who has done in an industry of film and And Sikov goes partorisca detail add and also in a history of a place, especially of some of some famous actors that has been discovered there, those who use partorisca hang out of regulating in this establishment. Also another famous location And Sikov the points was, these cariche of agents and executives would hang was and that of course a golf I are to see in a film where William Holden asks to remain $ 300. And Sikov Habladurías At length in a Decadence of famous avenue Blvd., Which runs of Lake of Money in Pacific Ocean, where a sun dips each evening. But of course Billy Wilder does not lose never he casualidad, especially with a sequence of car persecution, where a repo persecution of men with which Joe Gillis, and is underlined included with a bookmark of brilliant film for Franz Waxman, the one who has Billy known Wilder his early days that reads in Berlino in a prompt @@@1930s, and of course so much to Germania sinister when a Second world-wide War has begun, and especially Franz Waxman after experiencing the really vicious attack in lucido personally for some bullies that there is almost has finalised his career for ever. And Sikov Asks, now is an element of casualidad, or fate, or both, finds Joe Gillis when finalising in the go sure after his wheel there has been the blowout? But of course with a wheel has broken to look to the time the blessing because it was able to avert a repo men. But then, ossia partorisca Joe Gillis to discover finally, especially when it finds some the mysterious women sees to look by means of a invidente in a window and Billy very inventive Wilder really conjoint on a scene, to invite to discover the one who these mysterious women is and like the spider, draws Joe Gillis to his world where order to take trapped without prpers prpers give. Also we fulfil of the mysterious butler, touched for Erich von Stroheim, those who of course was once a legendary manager, but because of the series of film that was failures of office of the box, has finalised to do parts of has bitten in B films, but sadly his life has been cut short with the tragic blunder very serious with a law with the guillotine that has finalised his life. But when Joe Gillis finally fulfils Norma Desmond and sells was as it is exasperated for the work to do in his mammoth screenplay and this has been the recurring the subject of Billy films Wilder, where the people are anxious to sell was, as they can take advances in a world, but of course without prpers prpers give, Joe Gillis dulcemente is drawn when being in an odd world of Norma Desmond. The people have commented a film is ways in “black of film,” but when we see Norma Desmond stands up in a light of a project, results the “film of monster .” But of course a point underlined of a film, and in this film all three main characters all the volume that loves in an end, but sadly Betty Schaefer take left out of a paid big era. Like this well Sid Sikov the commentary of audio and hopes there is enjoyed a picture.

Characteristic special: BOULEVARD of DECADENCE: A Start [2008] [1080p] [ / ] [22:47] Here take one in-idea of depth and discussion in a brilliant manager Billy Wilder and another luminaries, and also converged in a magnitude to be involved with a masterpiece BOULEVARD ‘of DECADENCE of the film,' and also especially in all the appearance an industry to film Hollywood he.

Characteristic special: BOULEVARD of DECADENCE: A Behind Look [2002] [1080i] [] [25:52] critical of Film, actors, historical of the film and other personalities share his experiences and of the curious histories in Billy have acclaimed Wilder masterpiece ‘BOULEVARD of DECADENCE' and his cultural importance to be one of one the majority of iconic Hollywood and revolutionary films never fact and the picture that still is a test partorisca time to this day. Also we listen on some originals of inaugural sequences, which was scrapped reason the audiences to try found quell'hilariously pleasant that was to feign to be. An add Cecil B. DeMille Participation, and like a terrific shot of a man that floating in a group, seen down an organism that looks on, has been fulfilled. This special characteristic has been poured in Billy Wilder (1906 – 2002).

Characteristic special: A Black Side of BOULEVARD of DECADENCE [2008] [1080p] [ / ] [14:19] Joseph Wambaugh, the forward LAPD Sergeant of Detective the one who is resulted the author that sells better of fiction and no-books of fiction, like “A Field of Onion,” “A New Centurions,” “A Choirboys” and very other titles. In 2004, Joseph Wambaugh has been the Glorious master appointed for some Writers of Mystery of Amsterdam. Joseph Wambaugh habladurías in-depth in his fascination with a BOULEVARD ‘of DECADENCE of the film' and his familiar' emotion on Gloria Swanson that has known of days of silent film. Joseph Wambaugh break his attractive to “film black” and like a BOULEVARD ‘of DECADENCE of the film' deploys technical “of sure film” black that really enhances a film.

Characteristic special: BOULEVARD of DECADENCE: it results the Classical [2008] [1080p] [ / ] [14:29] Again, many some same collaborators repeat the plot of some same commentaries of some characteristic special forwards on, offers his thoughts and idea on like a BOULEVARD ‘of DECADENCE of the film' trace the magnitude.

Characteristic special: Two Sides of Lady Swanson [2008] [1080p] [ / ] [10:37] A actora Lady Gloria Swanson is agreed for Brooke Anderson [Granddaughter of Gloria Swanson] and Pleasant Harrison [Actora] the one who has Sawed-starred with Gloria Swanson in an Airport ‘of film 1975.' They speak in-depths roughly Gloria Swanson that pause the life of a actora that has to that and out of a camera. Also they inform that a actora when not looking in front of a camera was one defends of touches to eat and he very thought of advance in the environmental subjects that take for has admitted today.

Characteristic special: Histories of BOULEVARD of DECADENCE [2008] [1080p] [ / ] [11:22] Critical, authors and habladuría of actors of the inaugural scene of a film and likes Billy done Wilder, but sadly has the plot of repetition in a backside-the-scene in an in disposal in in some considerations to a BOULEVARD ‘of DECADENCE of the film' that has listened in some forward on characteristic special.

Characteristic special: Crazy In Chico: A Portrait of William Holden [2008] [1080p] [ / ] [11:13] here we take one in-depths in an actor of Hollywood William Holden, the one who is born William Franklin Beedle Jr. (17th April, 1918 – 12th November, 1981) and the people those who has known like an actor and out of an industry of film, has said that has two sides his personality and in reality hated to be labeling like the star of film. William Holden there is starred in some of Hollywood the majority to populate and critically has acclaimed films, comprising such classics like ‘Boulevard of Decadence,' ‘Sabrina,' ‘A Bridge in a River Kwai,' ‘One Stirs Wild,' ‘Picnic' and ‘Coverage. William Holden has been appointed one of one 'Cup 10 Stars of a Year' are time in 1954, 1958 and 1961, and looked 25th in the cast of an Institute of American Film of 25 male launchings more are of Cinemas of Classical Hollywood. Out of an industry of film falls enamoured with a fauna and flora and is resulted increasingly concerned with an animal species that has begun the decrease in population. With a help of his partners, has created a Ranch of Game of Kenya highland and inspired a creation of a Foundation of Fauna and flora of Holden of William. But all the one who has known personally found lucido the very good and generous soul, and was very sad when the raisins was, but is not forgotten.

Characteristic special: registering BOULEVARD of DECADENCE [2008] [1080p] [ / ] [5:51] Composer Franz Waxman menacing and lyrical the bookmark is spoken for Andrew Sarris [Critic of Historian/of the Film] and Robert Townson [Producer of Album of the Soundtrack]. Also we listen on any tries record king and finally commercially emission Franz Waxman bookmark of music of the film for the 2002 compact disk commercial emission of album.

Characteristic special: A City of BOULEVARD of DECADENCE [2008] [1080p] [ / ] [5:36] here we take to listen seen on some the different locations see in some classical scenes in a BOULEVARD ‘of DECADENCE of the film' and one in-history of depth of the each location of entity.

Characteristic special: Franz Waxman and a Music of BOULEVARD of DECADENCE [2002] [480i] [] [14:27] here we take the most next look in a composer of music to film that shines Franz Waxman and his contributi to a bookmark of classical film for a BOULEVARD ‘of DECADENCE of the film.' Franz Waxman has pursued his sleep of the career in music in spite of his familiar misgivings and fact for several years like the bank teller and paid for piano, harmony and lessons of composition with his salary. Franz Waxman later moved to Berlino, where continuous his studio and progress like the musician and was able to sustain he to touch and fixing for the band of popular German jazz, Weintraub Syncopaters, in a late @@@1920s. Like the Nazi clouds have darkened on Europe, Franz Waxman has begun the new chapter in music of film of Hollywood and has been asked by a Whale of James of English manager, roughly that currency a Fiancée ‘of film of Frankenstein' [1935] for Universal. Then finally moved on to Paramount Pictures by means of a first half of a @@@1950s and garnered his two Oscars in rear--the-rear want to partorisca ‘Boulevard of Decadence' [1950] and ‘A Place in a Was used to [1951]. Franz Waxman died relatively young, but because of his start in bylines, and his music is still maintains the base of for the new generation.

Characteristic special: Morgue Pages of Script of the Prologue [2002] [1080p] [] With this special characteristic, taking to see some pages of two that exists versions of a script for an original morgue prologue, this is to be cut after a first exploitation of preview. Some two script have been transcribed exactly to the equal that have been written, with all some “intact” deceptions. It has selected the images have shot for this prologue has been incorporated to some pages of script for one 21/12/1948 version. When you see a “symbol of camera” of the film, press one ENTERS key in your far control and some shots without cutting original are visas, but there is not any sound and some images see has been situated near like possible to some corresponding pages in a script. Like this which takings to see is an Original Morgue Prologue 12th December, 1948 and Revised Morgue Prologue 19th Part, 1949. With second script of prologue, calms any volume to see any images of one has has deleted scenes. To see that it is distinguished, has to use a RIGHT and SINISTER arrow tones in your far control to read by means of some pages of script. Pres POP ON PAPER to return to a morgue paper of prologue any time.

Characteristic special: the scene has deleted: A Paramount does not want to Me Blues [2002] [480i] [] [1:26] here we take to see fun extra ossia the musical number deleted of the archive of film of an academy of picture of the motion. A number is sung mostly for Ray of composers Livingston and Ray Evans, touching they (Jack Webb, likes manager of assistant Artie Green, sings the few words with a crowd) and was cut purportedly reason the Paramount brass considered it too inner “” reason the Paramount brass considered it too “film” of the never done interior roughly Hollywood. Instead, in a final film, Ray Livingston and Ray Evans is listened singing the especially-tailored to the final refrains of his Keys of Bonds “and winning song.” A scene takes place in a party of Eve of New Year in Artie walk where Joe Gillis [William Holden] has escaped to escape romantic evening with Norma Desmond.

Characteristic special: Map of Location of Hollywood [2002] [1080p] [] Here volume to see the black-and-white map and that it is click in some icons of concrete map that has the yellow star against his and takings to see the video in some different and calm locations take the narrator that of the some really fascinating the fact in the each element sees. Some real elements takings to view is Joe Gillis' Paving; Schwab' Tent of Drug; the car of Norma Desmond; Paramount Pictures; Bronson Door; Dreir Edifice; Phase 18 and Getty Purple.

Characteristic special: For behind Doors: A lot [2008] [1080p] [ / ] [5:05] here we are to present with the backside of promotional look in a history of as the Paramount pictures have begun and like a plot of wonderful Paramount Pictures has grown begin humble of the his early Black-and-White films to some by heart modern films.

Characteristic special: Edith Boss: Some Paramount Years [2002] [480i] [] [13:43] here we take the very personal tribute to a designer of Boss of Edith of legendary dress during his years that resupplies dressed for some films of Paramount studio that comprises ‘Boulevard of Decadence,' ‘Roman Holidays' and many another during his distinguished career that lasted more than six decades and has won his eight Prizes of Academy wins among 30 nominations more.

Characteristic special: Paramount in a ‘50s [2002] [480i] [] [9:33] here we take the brief retrospective of films of Paramount Pictures of a @@@1950s from now on. Paramount pictures in a decade during a 1950 is so only he would not have been one same without Billy Wilder and has released of course the film that has defined a lot so only his career, but an industry of whole film that was of course ‘the boulevard of Decadence Can very a lot of be a film of definite Paramount Pictures. While some icons have finalised his careers in a 50 east, other icons' the careers are been born. When Audrey Hepburn had first starring function in ‘vacacional Romano' [1953], and was a success of instant and has won the Actora Oscar Better. Included his has sawed-star Gregory Peck has known the one who the paste was allocated to be and has insisted that she be given the same billing his. One 1950 is was was gilded to good sure partorisca Alfred Hitchcock and has begun is gone in the big note with ‘Rear Window' and is of course be to mark three other swipes of Office of massive Box.

Characteristic special: Galleries [2002] [1080p] [] Here take the selection of three stunning black-and-galleries of white image and is Production [45 images]; A Film [25 images] and Advertising [16 images]. Instructions of gallery: utilisation a RIGHT and SINISTER arrow tones in your far control to see some images in some Galleries. The press has ENTERED to return to a paper of Galleries any time.

Theatrical trailer [1950] [480i] [] [3:16] Ossia an Original of Theatrical Trailer for a DECADENCE ‘to film BOULVARD.' It is part related for William Holden.

Finally, ‘BOULEVARD of DECADENCE' is the thin, savage and insightful but with such the big heart with him when being like this emotional how is informative in a value to do art of moving images. A clash among old and new Hollywood is reinforced of one contrasting acting fashions; the minimum naturalism of Holden and Swanson is exaggerated the expressionism is a context for the majority of famous line of a film: ' I am big,' Desmond says Gillis; ' it is some pictures that has taken small.' The paramount studios has done an absolutely remarkable work restores a quality of image of the picture his leading glory of a @@@1950s and would have to that be looked for was immediately for your Blue-collection of ray. A lot Highly Recommended!

Andrew C. Miller – Yours Definite No.1 Ardent Film
Lucido Cinema Paradise
United Kingdom
5 / 5
A blue the ray is staggeringly economic for such the for a film he all know is in reputation likes one of hollywood more add and a recovery he proud, is an excellent,first acts of tax. Then on that has the whole raft of extra that goes in for ever! Unbelievable Value for money. If any calm the the or calm possess it on DVD then this blue the ray is the must has. Highly recommended.
4 / 5
All film the enthusiasts would have to have this already in his collections. I am thrilled to have this version with one has added extra - some details duquel was already conscious of, for example, Mae West, Pola Negri & Mary Pickford has been approached to touch a function of 'Norma Desmond' before Gloria Swanson has landed finally a part. This in spite of, this was 'fusion of sleep' in like this far like this Swanson was able to persuade Cecille B. Of One thousand & Buster Keaton among another for the touch! Look in a billing that William Holden is die been of star , like this Swanson is not sure be a film there would be sucedido. Holden Has to that one doing of his career Gloria Swanson, as it was given an option to choose his main man.
A good touch in some characteristic special, is commentaries of Glenn Near, those who has touched Norma Desmond in a Lloyd has acclaimed-Webber musical version of Boulevard of Decadence.
In general, included this in spite of more people those who have seen a film long, this king-mastered DVD with some aforesaid extras, resupplies a lot of ideas that perhaps is previously unaware state of.
The excellent value for the delivery & of money was extraordinarily quickly.
4 / 5
To start with to finalise ossia for real one of some better films to exit of a Paramount Studio is, or any one another studio come to think of him. Gloria Swanson, in an action more orders of his career, gives the brilliant portrait of as narcissistic and out of touching divas can result maintain the base of past successes. His in a character of Desmond of the norm of cup is the delight to look - at least of this side of a camera - and a so only can expect that modern divas can see him in Swanson action. Looking the stellar mould of William Holden as down-on-his-writer of regime, Erich Von Stroheim like discoverer, ex-husband and butler and Nancy Olsen like young attractive writer the one who help Holden have arrived the script of Desmond. Cameo Appearances of some utmost Buster Keaton, Cecil B. DeMille And Anna Q. Nilsson Boulevard Of Decadence of the mark the film of clock of the must for any any one the films add. Directed for Billy legendary Wilder, the boulevard of Decadence is an iconic cinematic experience that straddles send-up with more than the touch of reality of Hollywood.

A dvd has the glorious crystal clears quality of acute macula of free viewing and an ape the sound of audio adds. The extras comprise; one Doing Of Boulevard of Decadence that is the a lot of informative 26 documentary of small, he 14 small featurette on Boss of Edith of designer of dress, and he 15 small featurette regarding a music of Boulevard of Decadence. Original Morgue pages of Script of the Prologue where also volume to see silent scenes that has been cut of a film is an excellent inclusion , how is a Map of Location of Hollywood. Together with a film, everything of these really good extras and one 3 small 13 trailer of second does this dvd the fantastic container to possess. I can you do not recommend highly enough.
5 / 5
The one who more could have touched a part of Norm with such conviction? Gloria Swanson is sublimate. If you can look a final scene without the tear in your eye then your heart there is prendido beating. Gloria was a star , in real life, of a silent screen and spent all a pathos that has to it has been to shine like this brightly and then be virtually forgotten for that had adored the and that has had profitted of his actions. Wyler Do his unflinching magic
5 / 5
have a film previously on DVD and was the little dubious like this to like this can be improved to, but like the partidário of blue the ray and the films of vintage thought that it would give it the gone. I have not been disappointed at all!
Looking better that never, glorious blacks, aims and greys and in the pristine condition with the clear crisp soundtrack.
A disk is uploaded with extra also.
Ossia The film some classical that it was necessary to be in the each one films buffs blue library of ray!
4 / 5
This film of turns of the film of traditional Hollywood-doing in his boss. Looking an absolutely classical opener in that a circle of credits to a street of title. EsUNSET BLVD' Is not in of the brilliant lights, but stencilled in a gutter. William Holden resupplies the voice-in narrative with a class of laconic black-humour more typical of filming black. A quickly short camera to the cadavere that floating in the swimming-group. It is Holden again. The dead man that speaks.

A rest of a film explains the one who the things have come to such spends it. A writer to struggle the possession taken of for one ageing silent-the film stars the one who has turn to next obscurity and can not accept a fact. Alive so only in one the majority of the splendid isolation fed for his delusions of the magnitude has continued. Gloria Swanson has a function to the tee. Erich Von Stroheim Games a part of the his created monosyllabic. It is the butler, housemaid, engine, and enamoured with sound. It was once his manager and also his first husband. His place is one the majority of ambiguous and less has comprised easily.

And also see another side of a camera. Some hundreds - if any thousand - to struggle wannabes exasperated for the piece of an action, to do his mark this in spite of small. Of the each corner is an indictment of a narcissistic self-absorption this has been a room -mark of surplus of Hollywood.

Has a mould of excellent support that comprises Cecil B DeMille, Hedda Hopper, and included Buster Keaton - the star of genuine silent screen. But a plot finally distils to one of the only goes-tragic character the one who can not come on hire purchase without that has all want to. Cut to Michael Jackson.

Ossia The classical that quote slowly of psychological film in of the llamas of 1950. It is filmed in B&W, is announces 106mins and comes with the indication of PP, this in spite of has no bad tongue, explicit sex, or graphic violence. A DVD distributed for the amazon was crisp & clear.
5 / 5
Classical, iconic, breathtaking, pathetic (in a true sense of this word) is so only the little of some epithets heaped in this film. The on duty accident of leading film, Norma Desmond, can any one quite coming the grips with an idea that the fame is fickle, a world of film is formed out of falsehood, and that sometimes a delusional the psychopath can very always take that it loves.

The can not have a pizazz of the modern all digi cgi film; he a lot his age and correctly like this, but involves one, draw on to, and finally stifle one in a not closing never, tragic world of Miss Desmond.
4 / 5
This really is the film buena.un glorious portrayle of fame decending the madness with the conjoint obsession launched and tip a way a lot of Swanson is the bit in a cup,but to touches likes him to him his character well can have done in real life. I have seen Betty Buckley in a musical and touches it very closely the Glory Swanson both of them a class partorisca film you can look the little time,which partorisca me is the sign of well has done histories,ossia a test of time.
4 / 5
Never seen before and was a lot pleasantly has surprised. Wonderful portrait of Hollywood with standout action of Gloria Swanson - his eswansong' also, perhaps - his biography is fascinating
4 / 5
ossia the work said in some very better interests. william holden And glory swanson gives the stunning action. Norma Desmond (Swanson) is when ageing film of queen of big silent screen of star & William Holden is the writer partorisca struggle the one who is resisted in thrall of his madness. A film aims a dark & desperate side to 'Hollywood' Erich Von Stroheim touches his butler and later confesses to William Holden that it is his first husband . A film is related for Holden that begins with the shooting to an end of tragic climax in an end of a film. The truely remarkable film and first tax that read. Ossia The first film of tax and a lot enjoyable partorisca look deserve is 5 stars of gold and correctly so much. Maintain the look was paralización Buster Keaton & also Cecil the one who has the camero leaves in this film
4 / 5
had not seen this film partorisca 30 years but with which reading Tricia Welsch biography Gloria Swanson - I follows ready partorisca my prójimo arrives', has thinks that would take another look in Billy films Wilder that black of shines, esunset Boulevard'. It was included better that had agreed he - fabulous, memorable script, has sawed-written by the Wildest direction , glorious for Wilder and memorably and impeccably has launched.
Found the one who interest that although Wilder has been in a numerous mark so only films further never launchings Swanson again in any of them, perhaps reasons a character Norma Desmond was too resembled Swanson own?
Highly recommended.
4 / 5
This film is the classical partorisca the reason. A look that heart of pauses in that raisin to the fictional launches of the screen of money of Hollywood when his decreases of popularities, some deceives that the vanity directs his to and a support that really cure partorisca sound. Wonderfully Done for Gloria Swanson.
4 / 5
Classical film partorisca my eclectic collection.. The must partorisca any defender of old films...
4 / 5
Fantastic film ,dvd full of extra , If it likes-you Hollywood of one 1940 /1950 is then this film is the must , Gloria Swanson is an absolute jewel in this film.
4 / 5
This film really can rid the swipe in your same face after all these years. A current world is included fuller that fame-the obsessed celebrities that was when definite and dark Hollywood self-the parody has been done in 1950, which Billy Wilder is esunset Boulevard' all a pertinent plus. Fantastic actions for Gloria Swanson, William Holden and Erich von Stroheim spends a film, a flawless script with black undertones offers no the pocolos surprised, but a film is predominantly the entertainment adds.
5 / 5
My preferred all time (so only on Casablanca) black and aim. The script adds, utmost fusion, adds all and a real life back history of earth with William Holden and Gloria Swanson (That beauty and magic) in glories displaced pertinent and dead careers.... One wins partorisca say to an old (and mostly adds but hated) system of star of Hollywood and was it a lot the time gone of American cinema that has has drawn millions weekly to a screen of money.
4 / 5
Justo perfects. You trace in my Cast of Favourite Films. There is a lot of meaning and reason for behind an acting, overacting, recommends to look a film with a commentary, in characteristic special, first. Some another characteristic of special help also the more comprise a film.
4 / 5
Has know of this film partorisca a lot of a lot of years (on 40 and thank you partorisca not asking ) but did not look it never.

Is in my cup 5 film now - the one who the history adds and the one who brave of Gloria Swanson partorisca portray such the character, and like this brilliantly. Some investigation of background actor will enrich.

If you are younger that me, google up in his (actora paid highly in a 20 is the one who is spent ¢7,000,000 of his shows because his partidários have expected to. And Cecil B DeMille

Cecil B DeMille
DeMille is a subject of a lot of legends of Hollywood. According to a famous history, DeMille has directed once the film that has required the enormous battle, expensive scene. Filming on location in the valley of California, a manager dipped on multiple cameras partorisca take an action of the each corner. It was the sequence that so only could be fact once. When DeMille yelled 'Action!,' Miles of the extras that the touch soldered stormed by means of a field, shooting his guns. Riders in horseback galloped on some hills. The cannons have shot, pyrotechnic the explosives have been blown on, and turns of the loaded battle with the soldate have come toppling down. A whole sequence has been he was perfectly. In an end of a scene, DeMille yelled 'Yard!' It was informed then, to his horror, concealed three of some four cameras that agrees a sequence of battle had failed. In Camera 1, a film had broken. Camera 2 had lost that shoots a sequence when the clod of muck has been kicked to a lentil for the horse hoof. Camera 3 had been destroyed when the tower of battle had fallen on that. DeMille Was at the end of his talent when suddenly it agrees that he he the camera there was still 4, which have had situated together with the camera in the next hill partorisca take the long shot of a sequence of battle. DeMille grabbed His megaphone and called until a camera, ' volume all concealed?' A camera in a hill churned and has behind shouted, esady when you are, C.B.!'.
5 / 5
An obvious thing in Classical Films, is that they are classics for reasons very good! Innovative storytelling is everything with Boulevard of Decadence! A narrator is the cadavere floating ! Priceless!
4 / 5
Am doing my way by means of Billy films Wilder, and am daunted of some script. A manager is that it shines to dip on simple but mysterious phases. Like the writer I, could feel for William Holden and his need to exit of the hole. A macabro humour, some defects of the character and a place are intertwined fantastically. It is also the wonderfully poignant portrait of as all result yesterday launches in a doing.
4 / 5
A blue-the version of ray is excellent. Any looks to film very better and has the quantity adds of extra. To good sure values on-grading of some normal dvdes.
5 / 5
Boulevard Of decadence the for real classical film of 1950. I am wanted to to have in last obtained the DVD of Billy the excellent film has directed Wilder.
5 / 5
This film is legendary. A true example of black film in his better: exotic, erotic, creepy and so only downright lacking. A trivia available thus film is almost like this well likes film the and resembles so only go hand manually with the film that arrived to be the spicy satire of an a lot of industry, system and studio that produced it. To good sure the value that looks for any film fanatic.
5 / 5
OMG Has loved this film. It was to add, a lot of intrigue, and such an opener of eye. William Holden is such the actor adds , did not expect it has been concealed has died. Appearance conceal is like the plot of the actors feels when they do not take anymore works. It is such the shame !
4 / 5
Aim a rear history a curtain of the film of Hollywood Adds.
4 / 5
A lot ossia a film that the majority of some bosses of studios have hated to aim Hollywood to the equal that was then,but full frames the Glory Swanson to take an act which she excelled a film that has done William Holden the interesting extras with this blue=scrolling of ray also
5 / 5
Amur This film after seeing he in the west end of Londra. Like this happy have a history in his original format
4 / 5
A deserved classical of cinema. This film would not owe that be stray, with the stunning action for Gloria Swanson
4 / 5
Classical once and past to the fellow the one who has appreciated also this film of quality.
5 / 5
The decadence looked only boulevard and was glued to a TV. I love the black film and ossia one of a more has not seen never. A studio of the character of one has been star of film, his delusions and frailty can not help but take your emotions. A scene when she swans to some studios like a queen thinks that is, is both enthralling but also saddening, as it feels like this enveloped in his character for then and his vulnerabilities that I cringed that it can hurt he for reality.

So only does not film like this anymore. It thanks God his then.
5 / 5
Has seen these years but had forgotten the one who the powerful film ossia. If it likes him-you the old films and has not seen this, then give it the gone.
5 / 5
That can be already state said in this a lot of entity and astounding Swanson as pure embodiment of tone of fatal woman his function easily and convincingly. The history of interior of Hollywood as seen by means of some eyes of Billy Wilder. A lot entertaining and involving but the majority of all educational. I love this film. It is classical @@@1950s film , which in mine dress all the world would owe that see.
4 / 5
Iconic film in erstwhile Hollywood adds. Gloria Swanson is excellent, but William Holden is better.
4 / 5
This old classics is so only the real gems and is good to be able to take them now on DVD. Sometimes it is more partorisca seat behind and enjoy a film greats, Gloria Swanson gives the súper action as has-estada star partorisca film that bolt in his own world and an unusual transfer of as the history is said is excellent. A real favourite. The service adds.
4 / 5
Exceptional film. The mould adds with a quality of scrolling and excellent picture to blue-ray.
5 / 5
Likes one of my favourite classical films, has had to that have this in Bluray. It does not disappoint - acute picture, his add - and the fantastic numbert of EXTRA. If calm like this the film will appreciate this Bluray presentatiarn.
5 / 5
Ossia One of the favourite films of my mamma of all the times has spent like this this for his, that knows that we can look this together! A timeless film and one of Hollywood adds classics. Any the one who is the defender of the classical films have to that possess this!
4 / 5
Prices of must together with a better could any never has done better!
5 / 5
Does not go never to see this masterpiece. Perfectly launched and fact and Directed with the masterly hand. Pitched Like this perfectly so only cut of 'in an upper' absolutely is convincing and intensely moving. Undoubtedly one for an upper drawer and seeing repeated - everytime you something and appreciate another new appearance of consummated skill.
5 / 5
Excellent film that has very good acting and adds storyline. Gloria Swanson really madly good and William Holden there is so only a rectum in hack of cynical studio. Bully Wikder The glorious direction.

Top Customer Reviews: Ashton: La Fille ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5
If it love the version by heart fill of the bad Daughter Gardee then buy one 2005 DVD starring starring Marianela Núñez in a function of title. But this 1962 video is also well the value that shabby. In the first place, a legendry manager of ballet John Lanchbery was manager of a music. Secondly Of the dances is glorious. Thirdly, And very especially, has Nadia Nerina in a function of title.
Dance he of Nerina is excellent. But it is his ACTING that this action like this memorable. A lot a time Read (The Daughter) is not dancing, but doing with and REACTING To that some other characters are doing. Nerina This to perfection. Especially it has the seemingless limitless variety of facial expressions. Ossia Something I occasionally see in of the singers of modern work (eg Rule Muhlemann) but had not seen never in the dancer.
4 / 5
This has added my collection of DVD is of this series that there is me enabled partorisca discover dancers of the was earlier. One bundle of Nadia Nerina is simply sublimate and deserves the widest recognition. In all his functions in these serious (His Sylphides, Coppelia, Giselle and The bad Daughter Gardee) is the perfectionist in his movements and those who is a lot expressive in his acting is the pleasure partorisca look in this DVD as on all some another.
Also,dance he of David Blair young and one Bundle he of the clog of Stanley Holden is excellent. To Alexander Grant likes him Alain is touched to perfection. It would recommend this DVD in any lover of ballet.
4 / 5
Yes, ossia black and aim, but concealed does not deter of such the lovely ballet - an original race had been king-gathered partorisca this register and objective David Blair in a height of his capacity - really was the brilliant dancer and his transfers were incredible. Nadia Nerina has danced fantastically and partnered David Blair well, but a accolade has to that go to Stanley Holden those who was that it shines - his characterisation as 'the give me' was wonderful and amusing and his dance of clog hilarious. Like this, a dance of inaugural chicken was a lot well and ably treaty and dip a tone of an integer lighthearted ballet. Lovely music for Herrold and Ashtons choreography unsurpassable - a lot of watchable
5 / 5
A real amour partorisca afficionadoes of the ballets of Ashton. A register of fifty years as not perfecting for any half partorisca line of quality of his May a picture is clear calm once regulate your together partorisca 4:3 proportion. And the one who would have thought Osbert Lancaster has drawn dress. In this amazon prices the real to treat for a cost of the entrance of alone cinema.
5 / 5
The wonderful occasion partorisca see some dancers on that this ballet has been done in his original functions. An excellent clear register with abundance and his abonos of prójimo ups. I add partorisca see that a choreography of Ashton of the original is one same today. Has all an available dvd of the Daughter and has seen a Real alive exploitation this year. Well done to ICA classics. It maintains on a good work partorisca restore historical actions.
4 / 5
Ernesto Oppicelli - Genoa
4 / 5
An art, a sheer exuberance - just the privilege to look such the classical, danced for Nerina and Blair the one who has created some functions and dip a level.
4 / 5
Is quite wonderful to see so only like one the current dance is spent on to an on and coming principals of today
4 / 5
present Lovely and appreciated for my mother, the defender of ballet, taking the golden age of classical ballet with the terrific mould
4 / 5
Still although it was in black and white, and filming of ballet for television was in his early phases, was wonderful to see once again a choreography of Ashton of the original with almost an original mould. Stanley Holden and Alexander Grant especially am not never state equalled in his functions.

Top Customer Reviews: Daddy Long Legs ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 4 ratings
5 / 5
I am attacked always for a @@@1950s and prompt sixties and as it has represented 'idyll' among the man and the woman in a (mostly Hollywood) film. Such histories abound; 'Expensive Pleasant' (also with Fred Astaire), 'Charade' (with Cary Stock exchange), 'Roman Holidays' (with Gregory Peck), 'Parigi when he sizzles' (with William Holden) and still 'to take the thief' (with again Cary Grant). Like A man of half age is 'teamed' with the youngster, naïve (or no like this naïve so much in a chance of Kelly in TCAT) and the one who romance blossoms before the ours a lot of eyes. Almost quite disturbing to the twenty-first alcohol of century schooled in feminist and stick feminist philosophy. It snatches it cradle in fact!
Astaire Gives his usual action like the esophisticate', soyun of a world-wide', and Caron dance with grace and aplomb likes naïve choolgirl', although any to a same heady heights to the equal that has achieved in 'An American to Parigi' (with Gene Kelly).
Took To him so only behind the evenings of Sunday that look an old film (to my alcohol) in television, which an invariably broadcast BBC like the estaca-prandial or estaca-the pub amuses-mouth. It has imported hardly that a film was in black and white; our familiar has has had no quite taken around to paint television. This is coming later in some early seventies.
5 / 5
Liked everything in this film, a history was the little far fetched but of the dances has on fact for him. One of Astairs better films. If it required it it would buy this film again.
5 / 5
Yep Of course has loved them that . Of course ive estimated it Fred big Astaire a man the one who has danced how was on air such precision in his movements there is enjoyed a film.
4 / 5
Fantastic film, not liking that anymore !!!!