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Top Customer Reviews: Star Trek 25th ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 2 ratings
4 / 5
I add partorisca listen his voices, some histories vary in qualities but good to listen
4 / 5
Ossia add it four CD spouse presented for William Shatner. Three adventures of audio - 'Company: One First Adventure', estrangers of a Heaven' and 'Bordos Final'. Looking Leonard Nimoy, James Doohan and George Takei. Digitally remastered Partorisca CD SOUND - a perfect format partorisca these thrilling works, effects of the his and original music.

These take me behind to some old days abonos - Walked of Estrella - an Original Series. There is the magic insurance qaulity that personally does not seat never has been equalled in some serious' later incarnatons or transfer-offs.

Rey-Alive these days once again with these works of audio. Material adds!

Top Customer Reviews: Star Trek: ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 8 ratings
4 / 5
When I have listened that Gentleman Shatner had written novels with both Captains was them suspicious that it could spend and which well this history could be. But it has them a lot of be happy with this history and some another in a series. A History is excellently writing and maintain you the page that turns well to an end. Eseeing' Kirk Behind a same time like Pickard act a lot well. I recommend this book to everything, but mostly to that has followed Walked of Star by means of all a series.
4 / 5
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4 / 5
This book is the a lot of very good conclusion to a second trilogy for William Shatner, would have been This in spite of better he two books in place of three but in all the chance, This pound aims that William Shatner really knows Kirk and that motivates. In the impressive transfer Shatner same parallels his own life in a book! One has to that read for all the defenders of data of Hike of hard Star.
4 / 5
An end of a second trilogy amena all full circle and then some partorisca our heroes. Tragedy, triumph, and the moments of wonderful character am comprised in the history that achieves far behind partorisca Hike displaced and ameno all until a present. Has write revises of everything of Shatner is other books in these serious and I will say again: down waiting for this reservation a way has used to look forward to some films. Everything is writing like this well in them and some characters are treated like this well that it can it the to you sees and listen them. In this last book of a second trilogy, Shatner and Garfield Reeves Stevens the pair presents the worthy history of two Kirks. Some mysteries have dipped down in the Dark victory is given some answered but at all never is for real the die was; in fact, there is even more mysteries. It thinks to hike of Estrella fulfils X-the files fulfils 2001, and ossia the one who this book is. There is some more surprised in tent for Kirk and company, but that surprise roughly these books is that included when there is all this activity that goes in, a time is taken always to treat all some characters with reverence. All the world takes the moment to shine . To to Kirk sounds likes him Kirk, Spock of to sounds likes him Spock, Picard to sounds likes him Picard, etc. To the episodes of Original series likes them the city in a Flange of For ever,Miri, A Corbomite Manoeuvres and A Syndrome of Paradise among another all of the sudden has validity of frames and new meaning. Included some chances of the hike of First Contact of Star is tonnes of data to mean and suddenly some chances have described in this film is given a feeling of weight that Berman and his people have been unable to transmit has taken of then in a franchise. It looks at all he reserves like this of the corrections on mediocrity. Some old friends of some of another Shatner books resurface here, and an end will have your draw that falls and probably the tear in your eye. After reading these books like this far, so only can not think that Rick Berman turned down a history for A Turn (the second book in this series.) That lacking of flavour and shows of initiative to this day in a bland, irrelevant, and boring soap opera that to the hike is resulted. I gurantee that if these books, beginning with A Turn, was remained to be fact to film, a franchise of the hike of the Star would be like this populate no more like this then was when Walked of Estrella IV is exited. In planting to go for a fast buck, yes give a fans that it wants to, can has to that spend more time and money on front, but you reap that sews, and these classes of histories would ensure this Hike of Estrella would live to see his 100th anniversary. How it is, I the doubt will see 40. Gentleman Berman, has left some big boys some films- clave with television. Left any backside of real writers in there to freshen things on, also. (Besides some writers of same TV.) It wants to see and agree that Walked of real Star is and see a continuazione of a current saga in a whole universe, takes everything of these books! Calm will not believe a difference in quality.
4 / 5
Preserver Is the good arrival to a Trilogy of Universe of the Mirror, ties up all one loses finals and leaves to plot that can be done in of the books of characteristic, also has some amazing transfers; A new enemy For a federation? A new ally in a Captain of mirror Kirk? You can see that a death of real life of Shatner the woman has effected a plot in this book and calm know expressed some feelings of his lose hard captain Kirk. This gives a book an emotional side can not having oterwise has had. A way Shatner he, Leaves to his thoughts, is a lot tastefuly done. I also like a way Shatner bonds in of the Planets and the chances of episodes have spent of a show of original TV intro his Books of Hike of the Star. Preserver (And A Trilogy of Universe of Whole Mirror) is the good bed for any defender of Hike of the Star.
4 / 5
A lot of some descriptions down harm was some BIG storyline has surprised. Calm the favour and read attentively.
This book is Shatner stronger still, and felizmente leaves one raisin opens for James T. Kirk In a future. Fast rodeo, this joins of the forwards 2 together books a lot well, and can not think of any unanswered questions of some premiers 2 books. I have read a whole book in 1 seating, which is scarce (and difficult these days) to do. 1 failure of entity is a simple fact that there is not reading some premiers 2 books, will have the little question that follows a 3rd delivery, and a lot a colgante of a prime minister 2 will be out of a window is read out of mandate.
A combination of Shatner (the one who knows Kirk better that one write the one who has portrait) and a Reeves-Stevens (intricate knowledge of a ST Universe) frames for the novel of utmost Hike. Hopefully Will have more to come...
5 / 5
There is enjoyed each minute of this history. Line of plot and excellent history that the real parties a lot of History of Hike of Lines of leading Star.
5 / 5
Jim and Teiliana that tries to find a truth to reason has been poisoned in his pair. Having a creature and all some possible questions a has beaten of boy or can not have.

Some ancient aliens that beats or can not be doing decisions for a Federation. One odd happenings in other worlds. Acton Like this always maintaining you on a flange of your chair.

Read and enjoy.

Top Customer Reviews: Star Trek: Spectre ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 5 ratings
4 / 5
Ossia A prime minister in a Sage of universe of the Mirror for Gentleman Shatner (and friends). In an episode of original TV has called soyirror Mirror', Kirk promotes soyirror' Spock partorisca take commanded of a ISS undertaken and try and something partorisca change some ways of an empire that exists in a universe of Mirror. In this book listens that in fact spent when soyirror' Spock has taken his joint, without going to details of this history, is simpler that say, the things have not been a lot paralización soyirror' Spock and this history takes place when another comes from/comes from a universe of mirror partorisca take Kirk. Ossia Writing very good and has some towers and of the amazing transfers.
4 / 5
This book has the plot of the characters written well, the history adds.

William Shatner is quite simply the glorious writer, a lot imaginative. If you want to I add it read, read this.
5 / 5
Returns of Kirk of the captain in a 4th entrance of Shatner serious. A first entry in a trilogy of the universe of the Mirror is the sequela to a Mirror of FAMOUS COUGH ‘of Mirror of the episode' and DS9' ‘Crossover' that is an intriguing concept . A book rid in a front of action, with a lot of thrilling scenes and there is the section in the prison camp that was done well. His well to see Scotty in a TNG leaves of this series in last and the bones that looks more.
A subject has is the promise of Kirk Teilani. It is well in some other entrances, but here is an amour adds of kirk life and no the subject can spend of the longitude without Kirk door up and included Picard there is run over he in sound. Any only is this quite nettling, but directs Kirk to do wildly out of character, that justifies to any crazy action likes ‘ take Teilani' those harms this legendary character.
There is enough the few villains have looked in a book, but any one is die quite soiled to breathe . For the half way, a mirror Spock and one of these bad types has the minuta sparring party, hinting in the past confrontation, but this tread has fallen immediately. A mirror Picard has some the good scene is [like him a mirror Spock] although it would have liked him there is more TNG of characters of mirror [the Dark mirror of ‘Targets Duane', in spite of the derivative of plot of ‘Mirror of Mirror', has had some versions of the mirror adds]. A mirror Janeway looks and is quite that interests [in spite of kissing Kirk for any reason in a scene!], Having the rivalry against Kirk.
There is the something exerts for these serious-there the plot of fun, and an a lot of outweigh a bad, building to the fantastic reef-hanger.
5 / 5
Has had any rumours in Shatner any to that likes StarTrek, a lot of condier of the his dispelled. Everything Shatners the books that involves the characters of all A series of hike is brilliant, quickly paced, the very good writings. Of course it gives Kirk some better bits but the one who a hell expects.
Of the one who Be fooled for Shatners tentativas leading in entertainment, suc has law and flange.. It is the fantastic author ..
Has read this imaginative book, and then moves on to all some another.
4 / 5
William Shatner has created the masterpiece with this book. I advise any defender of Hike of the Star to exit one buys this book! To answer one of some questions in the leading description: the spectre is a first book in the trillogy stops . Shatner. A next book calls Dark Victory and a third and call them of final book Preserver...

Top Customer Reviews: Ashes of Eden (Star ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 7 ratings
4 / 5
Ossia Another example of Gentleman Shatner the one who he well, taking a universe knows partorisca and dipping his personal transfer on as you go Kirk has spent partorisca develop a television and Film. A history is main, some personalities are a lot credible. A history is dipped six month previously to a launch of a Company B (film of Generations) and the adventure of Kirk with the soyysterious young woman' (date of blurb).

A history takes the transfers and the never turns of visas in a screen. Sound the damn value and reading of good adventure. Calm then can begin books that has followed is one.
4 / 5
Ossia One of the together of three books for William Shatner, partorisca any defender of the hike of the Star would recommend these like the must read
4 / 5
Captain Kirk is facing his crisis more order. His career is on. His crew disbanded. His ship taken was. Kirk Is the man in investigation of the purpose. A casualidad partorisca some last looks of mission partorisca be his salvation, but is things really that look?
Has dipped shortly after the hike of Estrella has SEEN: A undiscovered country [and purportedly based in the tone refused partorisca the direct sequela to this film for Shatner]. Some works of plot as well as the studio of character of Kirk. I see almost uneasy in his afamada [his missions are now holodeck simulations], that feels the failure in his personal life [ sees agreeing Carol Marcus takings his way of edges] and the man that looks for the purpose. While Shatner can not resist some ego in fond moments [Chekov thinks ‘the one who a captain ' when in the crisis], bear see the side much more human to his character of the icon and he is utmost to see. To to An appearance liked is that of a COUGH the crew is dispersed in a start [resembled a fallen prolongs to Star the hike SAW], meaning they all take there moments, although Chekov [a bit reimagined like the badass] exits that it want to and his report with Sulu works in several levels. While the bit of the slow burner to start with [ is for the half way by means of when really it takes to go], well quote with the end of thrilling spatial battle.
As well as a pacing, a villain is one of this ‘old ‘ ‘ rival the one who is not never state mentioned in all this time' characters. There is tentativas to fall to Kirk backstory has seen references to Star Walked III and an episode Errand of the mercy but is the little unconvincing. The investigation of Kirk involves the battle for paradise that, while in my upper opinion to Star Walked: Insurrection, has the weakly characterised opposition faction and develop it which can be the little underwhelming [although it seats returns a quite good plot]. But it is the fun walk for defenders [helped by collaborators Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stephens encyclopaedic knowledge of a show.
One wraps around insiemi of history on a [upper] is still in ‘A Returned excepts is is a enjoyable novel the one who read like quell'good epilogue to a crew of COUGH.
4 / 5
WELL, this was a prime minister William Shatner rids that there is not reading never and in a whole can say that I enjoyed it. A book is dipped in two periods of time (almost 3 !) - Justo first of a Hike of Estrella: film of Generations and the short time with which. Kirk, Bored of life in a Federation, looks for an adventure in a dusk of his career. And when the good-looking young woman gives an offer to liven on his transmission of life in a casualidad for a last hoorah ! A book reads smoothly, and a history in a whole is quite good and sticks to a main history that a lot of the defenders of Hike follow. An interaction of Spock and McCoy controls to form. It spoils it this book for me was a ego of Shatner this finds in a begining and again in an end. Spock Cryings for his partner, Chechov and Sulu constantly asking they like a do one, the interest of amour of Kirk that says his life will not be never one same. Gentleman Shatner, please maintain to the yours writting, but try any to overplay a ego ! Kirk is not a Federation !!
4 / 5
To be sincere, ossia the history adds read for william shatner and was the help of definite band for knots Trekkers when James has died, but ossia so only yes calms that can take. I ordered it and Anita has taken bakers!
5 / 5
Think that that this was shatners book of better hike. A rest od some reservation he so only looked to be the way to have kirk in a TNG was and that never really done for me.

This history is so that it would owe that be, kirk, in a COUGH was, with a crew of COUGH.

While A Undescovered the country was final TV fairwell the original series, ossia shatners.

Some characters are very written and all return perfectly according to a show of TV (with an exception of Chekov the one who looks for to be resulted the hard ass, but thats written to a history.)

An only thing the didnt like you was that it has had a awfull weaves of refferences to the oldest histories, which is usually finr to dip on the rear history, but in this chance so only looks that Shatner is says ' hey hey! Look In me!! I rememebr Each history in hike and im fresh!!' The doesnt really laws for me.

In general tho was the fun history and there are them enjoyed very read the.
4 / 5
Ossia William that it interest Shatner novel. Although no my personal favourite William Shatner novel the the consider to be one of a more writes some in context to the way of him. I am feigning to result the writer a day I and the learened to the plot of him is stucture. A book that the still lovely reading.