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Top Customer Reviews: Yehudi Menuhin: The ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 2 ratings
5 / 5
EMI Has dipped neighbouring the collection boxed good-looking with the attention adds partorisca detail, worthy I believes of a quality has required to adequately represent an art of Menuhin in his whole career. So only two things could be be improve: in the first place, it was necessary has had at least a CD that contains Yehudi collaboration with Delighted Shankar, and as, my box has been run over in a corner, but felizmente any of a CDs has suffered harm. It was not WHO partorisca blame for a harm this in spite of, EMI, Amazon, or a company of nave, like this yes is purchasing this neighbour so only like the element of the collector, be poised partorisca a possibility that can has to that return he partorisca the substitution. Unfortunate, But true.

And so only the Word to that chooses to critique Menuhin work, leave me partorisca say as it Professional violinist, some critics are poppycock. Like an artist, was so only, and never can be substituted.
5 / 5
This box is the property . Menuhins The violin that the touches is miraculous in my point of view.

Top Customer Reviews: A Bride's Guide to ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 12 ratings
5 / 5
This was the present partorisca my prime minister the one who has loved the particular song on that that could not find anywhere more. Sadly It Finds a quite boring rest - but then does not take he for a reason all the world more - music of pair.
5 / 5
Good elections and has done in the player of OLD CD of the church!
4 / 5
A selection adds of music for pair and anytime listening. Spent my daughter for his to do his elections of pair
4 / 5
CD Really well for music of pair if you are not sure that would like me be touched. During D
4 / 5
Havent used it closing whose box of need feb but tried it and is very a lot everything of some clues
5 / 5
does not say when I have ordered to be lined slightly but still touches so only the little has bitten jumpy on some songs but another that that the very good bridal cd
5 / 5
the would not touch this with the barge pole, loaded side two to my computer, a cd imprint says lohengrin, clue for the voluntary trumpet, a imprint in a cd also classify a part of pair likes requiem for 2 voice of only for faure, has to say the has not bought he of amazon, has listened also the cd1 by means of a computer, a cd the information of installation is totally bad, naxos would owe that be embarrassed of them, a cd the information implanted is like this bad, imagines to choose your music of pair of a cd has touched by means of a computer, and a record touch something entirely different
4 / 5
Ossia a second description has given of this product that absolutely fabulous. I add to drive to the long of a M6 with windows wide open and quickly. Soothing for a soul.

Excellent service, produced and fast delivery in marking new Condition.

Thank you.


4 / 5
This CD contains music that could be touched in the church PA system. The majority of some pieces is orchestrated, which touches very good. If you are looking for the CD to help choose something for an organist to touch for you, would not recommend is one, but there is the plot of songs/ of pieces to listen his so much gives the comprehensible selection
5 / 5
Ossia the CD adds with the really good selection of music. It is probably more useful is planning the pair of Church, but there is also arrangements for quartets of serious etc. That it can use was having the civil ceremony. It was impressed really with a quantity of music in a CD for a prize, and covers the majority of a music has wanted to listen that it look he in some options for our pair of church next year. A lot another CDs looked has had so only one or two of some pieces am wanted, and was nowhere approaches to value like this well for money.
5 / 5
It was so only with which I bought 'A Fiancée' drive the Music of Pair' this I then discovered 'A Fiancée' Drive the Music partorisca Civil Ceremonies' as it find a leading prime minister, be warned that is to mean partorisca closings of church (although no specific this in a title!). A inlay the interior this in spite of is quite clear that a music is meant predominatly for pairs of church. Some very good known classics in here this is to be listen in lager advertising to the programs of the boys and therefore at all too original.
5 / 5
Ossia Fantastic album . Any so only contain all an a lot of used and has loved favourite, has very other elections. It is one the majority of comprehensible collection has found and joint of offers very useful in requirements of action also. Like the classical soprano the one who regularly sings in of the pairs, has been a immensely useful tool to leave to has has involved closings to help them take an idea that could him to it like comprise in his service.
For joint further on music of pair, see my web of place: [...]

Top Customer Reviews: William Walton: ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 3 ratings
5 / 5
A narration is glorious. A perfect blend with Walton extraordinary bookmark.
5 / 5
Ossia The terrific disk . Walton The bookmark has been written partorisca accompany Olivier wartime moral augmenting film and offers the emotional and powerful listening experience.
Christopher Plummer is the first-narrator of tax, that produces an epic, still unselfconscious fashion of delivery. An orchestral accompaniment is excellent and the difference of a Naxos CD (where some narrators tend to nano a diminutive touching orchestral accompaniment), a balance among Plummer and an orchestra is in his point.
My favourite section is clues 6 'A Clock at night' except a whole action is wonderfully inspiriting in every respect . Some final CD with the charming extract of Canteloube are ' Sings of Auvernia'.
Would not be without a EMI register with Lawrence Olivier and Walton responsible for an orchestra but the bookmark like these profits of the modern register and a Chandos engineers his proud. As Olivier/Walton the version is in prize of @@subject, would do you the favour and buy both versions of Walton bookmark to film more utmost and one of his compositions much more ends.
4 / 5
But a reverberant to acoustics of a venue of church gives a narration an unnatural sound and Christopher Plummer rids his lines in a glorious Victorian way, which can not be by all the world is flavour .

Top Customer Reviews: The Last Night of ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 3 ratings
4 / 5
the concert Adds! Of the legislation of classical start, fantastically fact, gradually builds to a exuberant Principle Britannia and an almost-was-of-the audience of control sings-to the long of. Afterwards to be there.
5 / 5
Was in this concert with the partner of Liverpool
as it can confirm that this CD is an excellent record of
a fabulous occasion!

Fixed of Forest of Henry of the gentleman of Bach Touched and Fugue
in D smaller is decidedly NO for purists - but is
enormous entertainment! Bryn Terfel Action in 'Belshazzar'
Banquet' is still a plus was in this work and I was on
the flange of my chair when listening, as it was in a Room.

Evelyn Glennie And Michael Davies shone in his respective
pieces for Miki and Massenet and then was time thus
traditional final! A career-by means of of a Elgar is
perhaps quite ( has has had no less than three in a RAH) and
during some Songs of Sea can listen your for real giving a
stentorian bravo after a Hornpipe - ossia so only before I
flooded in of the cryings during 'Goodbye, Ye Spanish Ladies',
a number like me particularly amour.

No National Hymn? A deception, chair; it was certainly he
in an evening.......... And a small flu - in those careers
the time of me knows something has to that give, but could any Gentleman
the tongue of Andrew has been comprised? It is such the brilliant
communicator as well as when being the glorious musician and if 'Principle,
Britannia' is has had to that to be sacrificed does not think I active
state unduly has concerned !
5 / 5
The concert adds! Of the legislation of classical start, fantastically fact, gradually builds to a exuberant Principle Britannia and an almost-was-of-the audience of control sings-to the long of. Afterwards to be there.

Top Customer Reviews: Walton: ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 5 ratings
4 / 5
Ossia My favourite version of Belshazzar the banquet and I have a lot of register. Any I really is in accordance with a description for Geoffrey as it finds it like this thrilling like another version and in a 'writing in a wall' section (touched slower of usual) more chilling. A register is terrific how is an accompanying booklet with his biblical illustrations of Gustav gilds and other photos. Has think that a spacing of some agreements in an end were absolutely well. With terrific couplings ossia the wonderful disk .
4 / 5
A register that interests this! Everything is clear crystal , grandson-cut and refined in the very English way. A heart looks the tad small, or at least lack of intensity of the yours in time. There is not any lack of walk, and sure a lot of sluggishness, but a cumulative effect is down-powering, compared with a better Belshazzars on CD. It is everything too CofE partorisca me. Walton Has wanted to more passion, surely, as his shows of own register. Gwynne Howell Is the final soloist, although his tone is quell'has bitten misty, how was his way . A Philharmonia games superbly throughout.
A sound has registered is excellent, clear and focussed, if the tad that lacking of power of fire. This can be due to a fashion of action, this in spite of.
Some two farce, a Coronation You Deum and a Glory so much goes well and perhaps answer better the Willcock is typically English Cathedral School way.
To to I A lot of auditors will like a Willcocks of way with Belshazzar, but is not for me, are fearful. Test Previn!
4 / 5
Box of bel the audio is a pò intubato mine the execution has given willcocks results still powerful and evocativa. Beautiful he touch compact of the heart
5 / 5
Is true that this music is not still timid auditors, and am personally happy roughly that. Walton Belshazzar The banquet is the banquet for some ears: very thrilling, full of transmissions in time, volume, and feel. Some games of music was almost like the bookmark of film (and bad that in the way a lot a lot), perfectly that takes a meaning and emotion of a text. In fact, sound like him some of Walton technical create a way has had the habit of the discharge adds for a lot of composers in of the bookmarks/marcadors to film later.
A good thing in a music is that it is definately modern touching, using forceful rhythms, dissonance and elements of jazz, but is still a lot of accessable, never abondoning melody for a sake of novelty.
Some actions, for one the majority of part, is very good. If some details take slightly muddled in the pocolos something scarce, a global sound and feel the actions do up for him. A real masterpiece of music of 20th century.
5 / 5
A very dramatic work. Willcocks Always ameno out of some points have underlined so much in a choral flange, soloist and thrilling and in absorbent.

Top Customer Reviews: Dormi Jesu: A Caius ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 1 ratings
4 / 5
A new integer, chilling (in a way quite - ANY 'chilled', man) take on winterlude music. An inaugural carol well buy in his own: one the majority of intriguing version of then, well, the sting this.

Top Customer Reviews: On Christmas ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 1 ratings
5 / 5
One of a better,wants to listen them to this album,well the value that buys